March 10, 2010

More Jihad Jane Tracks on the Internet

Verum Serum:

did a little digging of my own and discovered a radical Islamic web forum that “Fatima LaRose” posted extensively on last year in the months leading up to her arrest. In fact, given that this web site seems to have been only very recently taken offline..

...You can find a complete listing of LaRose’s postings on this site using the available Google cache links from this search. But here are the most notable comments that I was able to find (and for those that track this sort of thing, grab screen shots while you can):

This shows the kind of thing she was regularly saying online. As to the beheading and torture of Muslims and Kufr in terrorist videos she says
“there are many sisters that i admire that have strong Imaan & & also have no pity/mercy for the kafir animals…Really the 1st time i saw a video like this was off a kafir site. They call it barbaric when someone gets beheaded…I think that it is too humane for the enemies of Islam….they suffer very little & it’s over for them…..Inshallh they are then fuel for the fire”
Nice lady huh?

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