March 08, 2010

Report: Hundreds of Christians Massacred in Nigeria

Truly disgusting. This NYT blog has the story lede as "Violence Is Not Religiously Motivated, Nigerian Archbishop Says" but with absolutely no evidence that this is the case. In fact, all the evidence points exactly to religiously motivated jihad.

What else do you call hundreds of men, women, and children butchered to death by people shouting "Allahu akbar!"??

And what video does the NYTimes embed? Al Jazeera.

Of course there are underlying economic and political motivations to this kind of ethnic cleansing. But there are also religious motives. Because for many Muslims Islam is not simply a "religion" in the Western sense of the word. It is also an economic and political system.

It's more than disingenuous to claim that these kind of Muslim vs. Christian massacres are not religiously motivated: it's propaganda.

But what did you expect from the New York Times?

From The Last Crusade:

Unconfirmed reports indicated that 500 people were killed in the attack at Dongon Nahowa.

Authorities say the invaders were Fulani herdsmen, who seek to establish Nigeria as an Islamic republic ruled by Islamic law....

Reports from the village said the 2-hour attack Sunday caught the villagers unaware. Several villagers who escaped said the invaders used guns, swords and knives to cut down their victims, including children. Some victims were beheaded and burned, reports said.

Bishop Andersen Bok, national coordinator of the Plateau State Elders Christian Fellowship, along with group Secretary General Musa Pam, described the attack as yet another "jihad and provocation on Christians."

"Dogo Nahawa is a Christian community," the Christian leaders said in a statement. "Eyewitnesses say the Hausa Fulani Muslim militants were chanting ‘Allah Akbar,' broke into houses, cutting human beings, including children and women with their knives and cutlasses."

For the sake of honest discussion, there have been several similar massacres of Muslims by Christians in the same region over the past few years. But nothing on this scale. Not like this.

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