June 30, 2013

Entire Fire Crew Perishes In Fire

Please pray for the families of these brave heroes. They risked their lives to save others and to save property:

The Prescott Fire Department lost nearly its entire crew today - the Granite Mountain Hotshots - with 18 firefighters dying and one surviving.

A Prescott Fire spokesman told The Daily Courier the crew was battling the Yarnell fire, which has resulted in evacuations as it has grown to an estimated 1,300 acres in size.

UPDATE (Thanks, Mo):
All 19 have died. It's a terrible tragedy in itself. But to happen to one community is just devastating.

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Speaking Of Creepy Ass Crackers...


Secret FBI files exclusively seen by the Sunday People reveal Michael Jackson spent £23million buying the silence of at least two dozen young boys he abused over 15 years.

The documents – case numbers CADCE MJ-02463 and CR 01046 – were not passed on to prosecutors in the King of Pop’s 2005 trial, when he was cleared of molesting a child.

But they throw a disturbing new light on the megastar’s insistence he never laid a finger on any of the scores of kids he invited to his home for unsupervised sleep-overs.

Agents have thousands of pages of evidence dating back to 1989 indicating Jacko groomed and molested children – sometimes right under the noses of their starstruck parents.

(Source: The Mirror)

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The New Arab Spring

The Obama Administration opposes this one because it is against the oppressive, Islamist Muslim Brotherhood government Obama helped put into power.

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War P0rn: You Should Face Your Fears

Unless you fear 125mm tank rounds...

(Warning: Graphic)


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June 28, 2013

Zimmerman Trial: Headline Fantasy Versus Reality

Fantasy from Reuters: "Eyewitness describes Trayvon Martin's fatal struggle to Florida jury”

Reality: "Eyewitness describes Trayvon Martin beating Zimmerman"

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Everyone's a Critic

In comments someone noted one of my recent boobie posts was "No Kate Upton."Very well.

We do do requests....


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Arab Spring: Muj Blow Up Cross Worshipers Food Line

Ironic isn't it, we've all seen the lines outside bakeries in FSA held territory adn accusations that al-Assad's forces target (sunni)Muslims in the bread line.

But now there has been a suicide bombing outside a Greek Orthodox Church in Damascus. The bomber blew himself up in a line where the church was handing out food.

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Muslim Revolutionaries Hang With Not So Young Muslim Communist Revolutionary at Whitehouse


Forget Paula Deen. There are far more dangerous bigots and poisonous haters spoiling the American landscape. They cook up violent rhetoric and murderous plots against our troops, our citizens and our allies 24/7. And they have direct access to the White House.

Earlier this week, the indefatigable Investigative Project on Terrorism blew the whistle on the Obama administration’s latest flirtation with Muslim jihad. Sheikh Abdullah bin Bayyah bragged on his website that he had met with Team Obama on June 13. IPT reported that bin Bayyah was invited by National Security Council official Gayle Smith “to learn from you and we need to be looking for new mechanisms to communicate with you and the Association of Muslim Scholars.”

Someone associated with bin Bayyah deleted his website reference to the meeting, but the Internet is forever. The White House has now ‘fessed up to the confab. According to Fox News, a senior official spun the troubling event as a discussion about “poverty, global health efforts and bin Bayyah’s own efforts to speak out against al-Qaida.”

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Shabaab Splinters

Omar started a movement, the everyone knows Godane is a dick movement.

Mr Aweys left al-Shabab territory after factions within the al-Qaeda linked group clashed last week - the first deadly infighting since it launched an insurgency in 2006.

Elders from Mr Aweys' Haber Gedir clan, which is powerful in the Galmudug region, told the BBC they had been trying to mediate his surrender after his arrival in Adado.

The exact cause of the al-Shabab split is not known, but there has been a long-running internal power struggle between its leader Ahmed Abdi Godane and those seen as more moderate who oppose links with al-Qaeda, analysts say.

There are conflicting reports about the fate of the second-in-command - Ibrahim Afghan, the al-Shabab founder - following last week's fighting. Initially, sources told the BBC he had been captured and was in al-Shabab detention; subsequent reports in local media say he has been executed.

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June 27, 2013

War Porn: Achmed's RPG

You know despite everything, I'm really starting to like the Iranians.

Keep killing Muj like that and I'll send ice cream.

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Syria: Rebels Behead Two Civilians in Khan Al Assal, Aleppo

Fucking Bronco Bamma's freedom fighters.

If he had any sense he'd order a damned BLU-96 Fuel-Air Explosive Bomb be dropped into the middle of that crowd.

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Where is Dr. Rusty Shackleford?

He's in Lebanon where he is experiencing homophobia for real.

He then made me take off all my clothes and looked at me, told me I’m a faggot, insulted me, threatened me.
Coincidentally that's usually what Vinnie does to, you know, turn Rusty on.

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Ministry of Irony: Creepy Assed Crackas Are Racist Edition

Start at 7:15

UPDATE By DMartyr: In the George Zimmerman case, the State's star witness describes conversation she had with Trayvon Martin the night he was shot:

The prosecution asked Rachel Jeantel what Trayvon Martin was complaining to her about on the phone, as he walked home.

"That a man just kept watching him," she replied.

After the judge overruled a defense objection, the prosecutor continued, "Did you say anything back to him or did he say anything back to you?"

"Yes," Jeantel replied. "I asked him how the man looked like. He just told me the man — the man looked creepy."

"He said the man looked creepy?" the prosecutor asked.

"Creepy, white, kill-my-neighbors cracker," Jeantel replied, and when asked to repeat her testimony a few times, added, "He looked like a creepy ass cracker."

"He told me the man was looking at him," she added, "so I had to think it might have been a rapist. Might have been a rapist."

Jeantel's testimony bogged down for several minutes because the defense and the court reporter were having trouble understanding her testimony.

This would be hilarious if one young man wasn't dead and the other fighting for his freedom.

BTW, for anyone following this trial, Legal Insurrection has some great daily summaries from a lawyer's perspective.

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How Much Does A US Citizenship Cost?

200 Eggrolls.

An immigration officer has been indicted on charges that she took bribes in cash and egg rolls from immigrants seeking citizenship and green cards.

Federal prosecutors say 47-year-old Mai Nhu Nguyen was indicted by a grand jury on Wednesday on three counts of solicitation of a bribe by a public official.

Prosecutors say Nguyen took 200 egg rolls from a citizenship applicant and received $1,000 and $2,200 bribes from two other immigrants since 2011.

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June 26, 2013

In Other News

While we're all distracted by the Supreme Court DOMA decision and Paula Deen news (yes, I'm guilty) let's not forget that Obummer is cutting our military strength.

I will still sleep well knowing that if they live in the right state, Rusty and Howie can get married and receive full federal benefits.

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The Strange Case Of Paula Deen

In court testimony, she admitted to uttering a racial slur. 30 years ago. Now she's been fired by the Food Network and Wal Mart has severed ties with her, among others. What I can't understand is why? She's a faithful liberal Democrat who loves the Obamas.

 photo 866_zpsac721db6.jpg

Virulent fake racist Paula Deen with real virulent racist Michelle Obama

So why are her fellow travelers throwing her under the bus? My own theory? She's a white southerner who has a southern accent and makes food that the left thinks is unhealthy.

I bet Paula Deen goes Republican next election. After all, a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged and sees the light.

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UK Home Secretary Theresa May Bans Robert Spencer

Jihad Watch:

In a striking blow against freedom, the British government has banned us from entering the country. Muhammad al-Arifi, who has advocated Jew-hatred, wife-beating, and jihad violence, entered the U.K. recently with no difficulty. In not allowing us into the country solely because of our true and accurate statements about Islam, the British government is behaving like a de facto Islamic state. The nation that gave the world the Magna Carta is dead.

UPDATE by DMartyr - THIS is what May wrote to justify Spencer's exclusion:

You are reported to have stated the following:
  • "...it [Islam] is a religion and a belief system that mandates warfare against unbelievers for the purpose of establishing a societal model that is absolutely incompatible with Western society because media and general government unwillingness to face the sources of Islamic terrorism these things remain largely unknown."
The Home Seurity considers that should you be allowed to enter the UK you would continue to enspouse such views. In doing so, you would be committing listed behaviours and would therefore be behaving in a way that is not conductive to the public good.

Spoken like a good dhimmi. Read the entire letter to Spencer HERE.

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June 25, 2013

Report: Tweeting for the Caliphate: Twitter as the New Frontier for Jihadist Propaganda

What Twiiter? A platform for Islamic Terrorists? Shocking....

Combating Terrorism Center at West Point:

Almost all forms of online media allow, enable and empower users to generate their own content and interact by posting comments, questions or responses. Online media platforms facilitate a blend of audiovisual media interspersed with writings that further sanction and explain specific ideological dimensions of jihadist activity.[1] As the range of online platforms has expanded, jihadist groups have increasingly used sites such as Twitter,Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr. The role of the “media mujahidin” has been approved, sanctioned and encouraged with the release of suggested strategies, although not all jihadists have perceived the move away from the traditional discussion forum websites as positive.

The classical jihadist discussion forums remain the vital hub for authoritative and cohesive propaganda online.[9] The importance given to Twitter by jihadist groups, however, was highlighted in the 11th issue of Inspire magazine, which was released by al-Qa`ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in May 2013.[10] Indeed, within the complex network of interconnecting sites, Twitter has become the main hub for the active dissemination of links guiding users to digital content hosted on a range of websites, social media platforms, and discussion forums.

This article discusses the emergence of jihadist social media strategies, explains how the Syrian jihadist group Jabhat al-Nusra (JN) has used Twitter to disseminate content, and analyzes content shared by JN. Using an interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of jihadist propaganda, this article demonstrates how jihadist groups are using Twitter to disseminate links to video content shot on the battlefield in Syria and posted for mass consumption on YouTube. Data for this article is derived from analysis based on more than 76,000 tweets, containing more than 34,000 links to web-based content. Through the mining of this data, this article identifies a content sharing network of more than 20,000 active Twitter accounts and a collection of YouTube video files that have been viewed nearly 450,000 times.

Read the rest.

Here is twitter's response to a complaint I wrote about twitter providing services to the specially designated terrorist entity al-Shabaab.

We understand that everyone has different levels of sensitivity towards content, and that you may feel uncomfortable with the posted content. However, Twitter provides a communication platform, and users may use our service to discuss controversial subject matter.

Here are some quick tips to help you with your situation:

* Do not respond to the user. We have found overwhelmingly that responding to a user who is intentionally attempting to aggravate you encourages that user to continue their behavior.

* Block the user. You can block the user using the blocking feature described here: https://support.twitter.com/entries/117063

* Learn more about how to deal with abusive users: https://support.twitter.com/articles/15794

If you believe the content or behavior you are reporting is prohibited in your local jurisdiction, please contact your local authorities so they can accurately assess the content or behavior for possible violations of local law. If Twitter is contacted directly by law enforcement, we can work with them and provide assistance for their investigation as well as guidance around possible approaches. You can point local law enforcement to our Law Enforcement Guidelines here: https://support.twitter.com/articles/41949.

So what to do about this?

Well specifically the Department of Treasury's OFAC needs to get off its ass. Contact these providers who knowingly host terrorists and seize the sites, fine and sanction providers who continue to provide these services to specially designated entities and persons despite orders to cease or fail to do due diligence after and order is issued.

And if the spooks don't like it, that's just too effing bad. Because the spooks aren't the ones getting their legs blown off.


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Active Shooter in Willimantic Connecticut


A Willimantic police officer has been shot in the arm, according to law enforcement sources, and police are looking for the shooter.

Police said crews, including local, state and SWAT vehicles, are responding to Tunxis Lane in Williamtic.

I've no more details at this time.

Update: Shooter is in custody. All clear. We'll update when we find out what happened.

Update II: The suspect is one Andrew Samuolis.

Samuolis has been charged with criminal attempt of assault, criminal attempt of assault on a public safety officer, threatening, breach of peace and interfering with a police officer.

Hat Tip: Laura.

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Obama Administration Condemns Christian Copt Protest In Egypt

Obama fully supported protests to overthrow the relatively friendly Egyptian Government of Mubarak. U.S. support paved way for an Islamist takeover by the oppressive and violent Muslim Brotherhood.

Now those suffering the most under this brutal Islamist rule want to protest, and the Obama Administration is trying to prevent it.

As Egyptians of all factions prepare to demonstrate in mass against the Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi's rule on June 30, the latter has been trying to reduce their numbers, which some predict will be in the millions and eclipse the Tahrir protests that earlier ousted Mubarak. Among other influential Egyptians, Morsi recently called on Coptic Christian Pope Tawadros II to urge his flock, Egypt’s millions of Christians, not to join the June 30 protests.

While that may be expected, more troubling is that the U.S. ambassador to Egypt is also trying to prevent Egyptians from protesting—including the Copts. The June 18th edition of Sadi al-Balad reports that lawyer Ramses Naggar, the Coptic Church's legal counsel, said that during [Anne W.] Patterson's June 17 meeting with Pope Tawadros, she "asked him to urge the Copts not to participate" in the demonstrations against Morsi and the Brotherhood. [...]

So why is the Obama administration now asking Christians not to oppose their rulers--in this case, Islamists--who have daily proven themselves corrupt and worse, to the point that millions of Egyptians, most of them Muslims, are trying to oust them?

What's worse is that the human rights abuses Egypt's Coptic Christians have been suffering under Muslim Brotherhood rule are significantly worse than the human rights abuses that the average Egyptian suffered under Mubarak--making the Copts' right to protest even more legitimate, and, if anything, more worthy of U.S support.

Among other things, under Morsi's rule, the persecution of Copts has practically been legalized, as unprecedented numbers of Christians--men, women, and children--have been arrested, often receiving more than double the maximum prison sentence, under the accusation that they "blasphemed" Islam and/or its prophet. It was also under Morsi's reign that another unprecedented scandal occurred: the St. Mark Cathedral--holiest site of Coptic Christianity and headquarters to the Pope Tawadros himself--was besieged in broad daylight by Islamic rioters. When security came, they too joined in the attack on the cathedral. And the targeting of Christian children--for abduction, ransom, rape, and/or forced conversion—has also reached unprecedented levels under Morsi.

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Muslim Man To Leave Australia - Angry He Can't Freely Beat His Wife

Yeah, it sucks when you can't express your religion by beating a loved one.

A Melbourne man who bound, gagged and repeatedly struck his wife with a piece of garden hose - and also shaved off her hair - has voluntarily bought a one-way ticket out of Australia.

Raidh Janabi said he had respect for Australia and its laws, but 27 months since beating her he has declared: ''I'm not going to stay here anymore. (I'll) feel better when I go far (away).''

But his departure will be delayed until he serves the next two years in a Victorian prison for recklessly causing serious injury to his now former wife.

(Hat Tip: TROP)

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Facebook Bans PFLP

About time.

press spokesman of the PFLP General Command of the management of the social networking site "Facebook", closed all accounts of the Front for the second time within a year, without any legal justification.

No legal justification? Actually for the period the PFLP was using Facebook, Facebook was in violation of the law for providing material support for a specially designated terrorist entity.

PFLP is considered a terrorist organization by the United States, European Union, Canada, United Kingdom and Israel.

The PFLP has generally taken a hard line on Palestinian national aspirations, opposing the more moderate stance of Fatah. It opposes negotiations with the Israeli government, and favours a one-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. The military wing of the PFLP is called the Abu Ali Mustapha Brigades. The PFLP is well known for pioneering armed aircraft hijackings in the late '60s and early '70s.

In their stereotypical style the PFLP promptly blamed the Jews and threatened to file suit for damages.

File suit for damages? See the terrorists consider their web presence an asset. These Assets should be seized and frozen, intelligence exceptions should be few and far between.

Its seem that since the Boston Bombing and the beheading in London the policy has begun to shift. Shame it took that.

Hat Tip: A Zionist Internet Spy.

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3 Honor Killed For Enjoying Rain

More evidence of Islam's hatred for females. A mother and two daughters were gunned down for the offense of enjoying rain. In a cultural world that keeps innocent women and girls forever enslaved, even a simple pleasure is forbidden.

A family video showing two teenage girls enjoying rain in their house led to their murder in Chilas on Sunday night. Their mother was also gunned down allegedly by her stepson and his four friends.

Five masked men barged into the house of retired police officer Rehmat Nabi and started firing, killing his wife and daughters, aged 15 and 16.

According to police, the crime was motivated by a video clip circulated on mobile phones and showing the girls overjoyed by rain in the lawn of their bungalow.

The video, recorded six months ago, was circulated in the area four months later probably after a relative sent it to his friends.

Police believed that the girls’ stepbrother Khutore took it as an "assault on the honour of his family” and tried to “restore the family's honour" by killing the girls.

Obviously, seeing two young girls happy was just too much provocation.

(Hat Tip: TROP)

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Peace? No Peace


Taliban militants attacked key buildings near Afghanistan's presidential palace and the U.S. CIA headquarters in Kabul, a brazen assault that could derail attempts for peace talks to end 12 years of war.

The Taliban, who have said they are willing to take part in talks with the United States and Afghan President Hamid Karzai's administration, said they launched the early morning assault, which triggered a 90-minute firefight.

A U.S. envoy was in Kabul on Tuesday to try to smooth the way forward for the stalled talks in the Gulf state of Qatar ahead of the pullout from Afghanistan of most of the NATO-led troops next year. He had been expected to meet reporters at the U.S. Embassy, but the conference was called off.

Karzai was also due to attend, but his whereabouts were not known. A palace official said he was safe.

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France Detains Six From Radical Islamic Terrorist Cell

Wow it looks like they've dropped the term Asian Youth.

Police have detained six people in the Paris region suspected of plotting terrorist attacks in France.

The Paris prosecutor's office said Tuesday that the six are being questioned by anti-terrorist investigators, and are believed to have been part of a radical Islamic terrorist cell.

Prosecutor's office spokeswoman Agnes Thibault-Lecuivre says the suspects were detained Monday and remained in custody Tuesday, she said. They can be held up to four days under France's anti-terrorism laws.

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About That Progress KY Story

Yeah that's pretty much Elizabeth Flock's story.

She's also famous for getting fired from the Washington Post's blog. You can be fired from a blog? Who knew?

And also Food Stamps make a for a great Thanksgiving. And Mitt Romney Mitt Romney is using a KKK slogan in his speeches.

Editors’ note: This posting contains multiple, serious factual errors that undermine its premise.

But the story on Progress Ky's IRS application is about 30 days old which means NPR thinks people are stupid enough they can run it now and we'll all just swallow it.

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June 24, 2013

Attn: Youtube User Deen Ul Haqq

Heh, last week Youtube told me they couldn't find any TOS violations.




Deen Ul Haqq was a major Youtube channel by Salafi Media with dozens if not hundreds of videos. Its was also closely connected with Anjem Choudary's Al Muhajiroun group. He brought it to my attention via a tweet. It carried many videos that skirted just below Youtube's TOS while still preaching the same intolerant violent doctrine practiced by al-Qaeda, Adebolajo and Anjem Choudary. Although Choudary often states his exception to a few points (living under covenant of protection in UK) while at the same time promoting and supporting a more radical view.

Thanks to all who helped.

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Little Johnny Syria Before And After

Little Johnny Syria before.

Little Johnny Syria after.

Warning Extremely Graphic

Any questions?

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Putin Takes His Turn

Sore yet Mr. President?

Former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden's whereabouts were a mystery on Monday as Russia defied White House pressure to send him back to the United States and stop him fleeing Moscow on his globe-crossing escape from U.S. prosecution.

Snowden, whose exposure of secret U.S. government surveillance raised questions about intrusions into private lives, was allowed to leave Hong Kong on Sunday after Washington had asked the Chinese territory to arrest him on espionage charges.

The 30-year-old flew to Moscow as a transit stop before heading elsewhere, several sources said. But reports that he would fly to Cuba were put in doubt when witnesses could not see him on the plane, despite heightened security before take-off.

Putin reportedly described Brono Bamma as very bendy.

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CAIR Volunteer Rapes Child, Claims She Seduced Him

From Seattle PI:

A University of Washington student accused of having sex with a 12-year-old girl he picked up in the University District has been charged with child rape. [...]

According to charging papers, Abdelbadie told police he met the girl walking near University Avenue and claimed she was dressed "provocatively."

Adbelbadie is a noted CAIR volunteer and vice-president of Bridges (the University of Washington's Interfaith Council).

Any faith, race, ethnicity, or culture can have its share of child molesters. But as David Wood writes, Muslims are unique, not only because they profess a higher standard of morality, but also because their perfect example of conduct condoned such behavior:

Of course, perverts can come from all sorts of backgrounds. The point here, however, is that Muslim preachers keep telling us that Islam is the solution to Western immorality. With so many recent cases of Muslim pedophiles targeting little (non-Muslim) girls, I'd say that Muslim preachers have lost the right to tell us what Islam can do for the West. When a religion glorifies a man who had sex with a nine-year-old girl, allows its adherents to rape female captives, and calls anyone who rejects the religion "the worst of creatures" (Qur'an 98:6), it will never benefit societies with large populations of unbelievers.

(Hat Tip: TROP)

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Madonna: Guns Don't Kill People

People kill people:

Pop icon Madonna isn’t known for her conservative ideology, but when it comes to guns, she has taken a decided right turn.

In a recent interview on “Good Morning America,” the “material girl” defended her mix of guns with choreography during her latest onstage antics and said she would never tone down her theatrics — and lose the weaponry — because of anti-gun pressures.

“That would be like asking people to not have guns in action movies,” she said, as The Blaze reported. “I mean, the thing is, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. That whole first section of the show is like an action movie, and I was playing a supervixen who wanted revenge.”

Hat Tip: Jeff.

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Dearbornistan: McDonald's Discontinues Halal Menu


It appears reaching out to Muslims is more costly than expected. It's a one way street with Islam - either you submit completely or you pay the consequences with jihad, in this case, financial jihad.

McDonald's decided to get out while it could.

There have been only two McDonald's restaurants in the U.S. that have offered halal food. Both were in east Dearborn, Mich., which has a sizable population of Arab-American Muslims.

But after a contentious lawsuit that accused the restaurant chain of selling non-halal items advertised as halal, McDonald's has yanked its Halal Chicken McNuggets and Halal McChicken sandwiches off the menu. The move brings to an end a unique product that made the two McDonald's restaurants popular with Muslims.

(Hat Tip: TROP)

Dearbornistan: McDonald's Pays Jizya

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Egyptian Democracy: Mob Of 3000 Publicly Lynch 4 For Being The Wrong Kind Of Muslims

(An angry mob surrounds and beats one victim)

A direct democracy, unlike the representative democracy we enjoy in America, is nothing more than mob rule. A majority of the population decides the fate of the minorities.

This is a perfect example:

Sunni Muslim villagers killed four Shiite men on Sunday, accusing them of trying to spread their version of Islam, according to Egyptian security officials.

The four were beaten to death in Giza province, near the capital, Cairo, in one of the most serious sectarian incidents in Egypt in recent months.

The Health Ministry confirmed the death toll, adding that scores of Shiites were seriously injured in the attack.

About 3,000 angry villagers, including ultraconservative Salafis, surrounded the house of Shiite leader Hassan Shehata, threatening to set it on fire if 34 Shiites inside did not leave the village before the end of the day, according to the officials. When they refused, villagers attacked them, dragged them along the ground, and partially burned the house, the officials said.

So, Egypt, how is that 'democracy' working out for you?

(Hat Tip: TROP)

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June 23, 2013

Sunday War P0rn: Syrian Rebels Versus Angry Bee

I'm sure it was a Jewish bee...

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June 22, 2013

Autopsy Confirms Boston Bombers the Laurel and Hardy of Terrorism


And now, more famous last words: Sure, Tamerlan, I know how to drive a stick shift:

The cause of death of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev has been determined to be "gunshot wounds to (his) torso and extreme blunt trauma to (his) head and torso," Team 5 Investigates Kathy Curran reported Friday....

Police said Tamerlan had been run over by his younger brother Dzhokhar during his escape in Watertown.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:47 PM | Comments |

Muslims in Pakistan Murder 14 School Kids for Being the Wrong Kind of Muslims

Just another sunny day in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan:

At least 14 people were killed and 28 injured in an attack on a Shiite religious school in northwestern Pakistan on Friday, police officials said, while Taliban militants claimed responsibility for killing a provincial lawmaker and his son in the southern port city of Karachi.

In the northwest, three attackers, including a suicide bomber, tried to storm the school in Peshawar, the provincial capital of restive Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, just before Friday prayers. A police guard tried to stop them in a brief exchange of gunfire and wounded the suicide bomber, said Liaqut Hussain, the Peshawar police chief. The injured bomber, however, managed to get inside the compound and detonate his explosives.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:32 AM | Comments |

Is A Criminal Still A Criminal If The Law He Broke Is Waived?

The Gang of 8 promised rigorous background checks for all illegal immigrants seeking amnesty. They claim those with criminal backgrounds will not qualify.

But what good is that if the Amnesty bill waive crimes - some felonies - for illegals that would punish U.S. citizens and legal immigrants up to 15 years in prison?


I guess it's easy to pass a background check if any laws you broke are ignored...

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

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Syrian War P0rn: Allah Will Guide Your Bullets (No Kill Edition)

"Ammo shortage? What ammo shortage? Brother Obama gives us all we want!":


More war p0rn below the fold.

Okay, who gave Muhammad a gun?

Fatimah offered herself for sex jihad only to discover it was her son's platoon!

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June 21, 2013

Democratic Congressman Demands Removal Of Terrorist Pictures: "Offensive To Muslims"

(Hat Tip: IHateTheMedia)


Congressman Jim McDermott wants the FBI to remove bus ads that display the most wanted terrorists:

Always-unfiltered Rep. Jim McDermott penned a letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller Wednesday claiming a Joint Terrorism Task Force 'Faces of Global Terrorism' ad is racist.

McDermott, a Democrat from Washington state, voiced his "deep concern" about the ad, which shows mug shots of international terrorists, and asked the FBI chief to "reconsider publicizing" it.

According to McDermott, the "ad featuring sixteen photos of wanted terrorists is not only offensive to Muslims and ethnic minorities, but it encourages racial and religious profiling."

Who needs facts when your party runs on political correctness?

Below the fold, the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists.

Napolitano: 'Profiling Muslim Men Not Logical'

NOTE: This image is from 2011. Some suspects may have since been removed or added. For an updated list, click HERE.


(Click to enlarge)

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Ministry of Jiggly: Thrilling Palette Cleanser

Yeah I know that last post is disturbing even if its a fake image. So to help clear your minds.


Ola Ray, the female lead in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video, still looks stunning nearly 30 years after the release of the epic 13-minute short.
Ray released new photos Wednesday to promote a tribute to Jackson she is debuting Friday.


The 52-year-old model and singer is clearly proud of her figure. In one photo, Ray reclines on a black leather sofa, wearing a short red dress that accentuates her curvy legs. In another pose, she straddles a chair while donning a revealing black leotard and stilettos.

Ola posed for Playboy back in the day (NSFW)


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About that Crucifix Rape Image

There are some tweets going around saying that this image is of a Syrian Christian girl raped and murdered by FSA rebels.


But if you google search you can find this image reported as a rape of a Coptic girl in Egypt as far back as 2011.

The image is actually from a horror film called Inner Depravity from 2006.

Just in case you were wondering if it was real, its not.

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Vegan Jihad

Vegans have created a website to name and shame vegan apostates. Seriously. Stop laughing!

(Hat Tip: Legal Insurrection)

The spirits of the billions murdered have risen to deliver: The Vegan Sellout List – an online directory of those who have regressed from moral consistency to moral depravity.

It's just a matter of time before they start beheading meat eaters and stoning salad sharers, all in the name of saving lives.

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Jennifer Crabbe Certainly Named Appropriately

I don't think this rises to the level of a hate crime like CAIR is pushing for?

But not only do I feel really sorry for her boyfriend, if I were Abdikar Aden I'd have thrown the bitch out of my cab too.

I once worked with a lady named Crabbe, knew a sheriff named Crabbe. Um, same same.

By Howie at 09:27 AM | Comments |

A Racist Speaks Out

Paul Weston is a racist and proud of it!

(Hat Tip: BlazingCatFur)

By DMartyr at 09:23 AM | Comments |

Omar Abdelbadie Held on 100k Bail For Second Degree Child Rape

American Islamic Relations:

SEATTLE - A 22-year-old University of Washington senior is accused of raping a 12-year-old girl he met in Seattle's University District.

Court documents say Omar Abdelbadie, who is on the University's dean's list, saw the girl walking on "The Ave" Sunday and talked to her because she was dressed provocatively.

According to CBS affiliate KIRO-TV, the victim told investigators that she disclosed her age to Abdelbadie.

They allegedly smoked marijuana and had sex at his apartment.

The station reports that according to Washington State law, sexual intercourse between a 22-year-old and a 12-year-old is considered second-degree child rape.

The girl was a runaway who had been reported missing by her guardian. Someone who saw them together called police Monday, and Abdelbadie was arrested.

Abdelbadie is a member of CAIR and Vice President the University of Washington's Interfaith Council.

Hat Tip: Evil Blogger Lady.

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Problem Solved

The judge in the Nidal Hassan trial noted she was "unaware of any threat to any individual or group." right before she denied Hassan's argument that he attacked soldiers at Ft. Hood to defend the Taliban.

Shortly afterward...

Someone threatened to bomb a county courthouse near Fort Hood unless officials met the “demands” of the Army psychiatrist charged in the 2009 shooting rampage on the Texas Army post, a sheriff said Wednesday.

After the Wednesday morning call that mentioned Maj. Nidal Hasan, law officers evacuated the historic courthouse and Bell County Justice Center, but found nothing after searching extensively with bomb-sniffing dogs, Bell County Sheriff Eddy Lange said. The jail was put on lockdown.

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Spain Arrests 12 Recruiting for al-Qaeda


Spanish police say they have arrested eight people suspected of recruiting jihadist militants for al-Qaeda-linked groups in Syria.

The Interior Ministry said the arrests were made early Friday in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, which is located on the northwest African coast, surrounded by Morocco on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other.

A ministry statement said the group was suspected of sending dozens of potential fighters from Spain Morocco to Syria, some of whom had carried out suicide attacks. It says others had been sent to training camps.

Just then Obama walked in from the G8 summit and said, "I don't think these freedom fighters can kill infidels with those handcuffs on?"

Shut up kid.

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U.S. Citizen Indicted for Conspiring to Provide Material Support to a Foreign Terrorist Organization

ALEXANDRIA, VA—Eric Harroun, 30, of Phoenix, Arizona, was indicted by a federal grand jury today on two charges related to his alleged fighting alongside an al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group in Syria.

Neil H. MacBride, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, and Valerie Parlave, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, made the announcement.

Harroun, a U.S. citizen who served with the U.S. Army from 2000 to 2003, was indicted on the following charges:

  • Conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization
  • Conspiracy to use destructive devices overseas
The maximum punishment for conspiring to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, as alleged in this particular indictment, is 15 years in prison. The second count, conspiracy to use destructive devices overseas, carries a maximum punishment of life in prison.

The indictment alleges that Harroun fought with Jabhat al Nusrah (al Nusrah), a designated foreign terrorist organization. Al Nusrah is one of several aliases used by the “al Qaeda in Iraq” terrorist organization, and since November 2011, the group has claimed responsibility for nearly 600 terrorist attacks in Syria.

According to court documents, Harroun allegedly crossed into Syria in January 2013 and fought with members of al Nusrah against the Bashar al Assad regime in Syria. The documents allege that Harroun participated in attacks with al Nusrah and carried and used various firearms, including a sniper rifle, an AK-47 style machine gun, and a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) weapon.

This case is being investigated by the FBI’s Washington Field Office. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Carter Burwell and Lynn Haaland are prosecuting the case on behalf of the United States, with assistance from the Justice Department’s National Security Division.

Criminal indictments are only charges and not evidence of guilt. A defendant is presumed to be innocent until and unless proven guilty.

Source: Alphabet People.

A copy of the complaint is here(pdf).

Some discussion here behind the scenes about how can we indict this fellow for fighting with al-Nusra and then turn around and send weapons and support to Syrian rebels. Weapons and support that will of course end up in the hands of al-Qaeda?

Um, Because the Obama administration are f*cking idiots doubleclutch?

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June 20, 2013

Racist All White Jury Seated In The George Zimmerman Case

All white except one single Hispanic.

Of course, I don't really think it is a racist jury. I just thought I'd preempt the inevitable accusations should they find Zimmerman not guilty.

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James Gandolfini's Wounded Warrior Legacy

This is an older report, but it shows what a great person James Gandolfini was.

The documentary is on Youtube. You can view part 1 HERE. The other parts are in the sidebar by the video.

By DMartyr at 01:33 PM | Comments |

Constitution Teacher Goes Ballistic

I don't think she quite understands the concept of the 1st Amendment...

Boy, do I feel dumb. I never knew the word "car" was two syllables. I've been pronouncing it incorrectly all these years. We are never too old to learn from fine public school educators like the teacher in this video.

By DMartyr at 12:33 PM | Comments |

CAIR Attacks Professor For Stating Facts

Uncomfortable facts, very uncomfortable facts. The kind of facts that CAIR calls "hate" and bigotry"

I guess that when Matusitz states that in the Middle East that Osama bin-Laden is treated like a rock star from Mars that's some sort of insane misrepresentation based on Islamophobia and bigotry?

No, no it isn't. But don't ever expect to hear CAIR speak out against or even mention that.

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Zachary Chesser Final Report

A case study of online radicalism by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

(Hat Tip: B'emet Or)

Click here if the embed is having issues.

An alternate site to view the PDF is HERE.

By DMartyr at 10:11 AM | Comments |

Obama's Inept Secretary of Defense Asks Indian Audience Member If He's A Member Of Taliban

Maybe he just meant the "moderate" Taliban?

Imagine the outrage if Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney had made a racist comment like that... But no, since this RINO Chuck Hagel is a member of the Obama Administration, the left and the media will brush it off as a harmless joke.

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

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Be On The Lookout For Someone In A Blue Shirt


That should be enough of a description to locate the suspect. At least according to some looney New York Democrats who decided profiling is so bad, police can't use race, gender, or age to look for crime suspects.

Cops might as well wear blindfolds if the City Council passes a bill that would let them use little more than the color of a suspect's clothing in descriptions -- or risk being sued for profiling, according to this provocative new ad (pictured) from the NYPD captains union.

The ad asks, "How effective is a police officer with a blindfold on?"

And the answer is not very, says the NYPD Captains Endowment Association, which is fighting the measure, claiming it would handcuff cops and send crime rates soaring.

Union President Roy Richter -- who is seen in the ad wearing a blindfold in Times Square -- told The Post the bill is dangerous because "it will ban cops from identifying a suspect's age, gender, color or disability.

"When we have wanted suspects and patterns of crimes, those are very important descriptive terms to let officers know who to look for."

The ad warns that if cops transmit a description of a suspect that goes beyond the color of his or her clothing, they could be sued for racial profiling if the proposal becomes law.

The ad will appear in tomorrow's Post, in addition to the union's Web site, Twitter and Facebook -- and provides links to contacts for City Council members to sway their vote on the measure.

The bill's sponsor, Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn), and Speaker Christine Quinn are going to bypass normal committee process and bring the measure directly to a vote.

One of the ads:


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US Helped in Libya, Why not Syria?

Um..... uh...

Bombs destroy police station in Libya's Benghazi

The al-Hadaiq station in downtown Benghazi was completely destroyed by explosives at around 0300 a.m. (0100 GMT). The blast was so loud it could be heard across the city.

On Saturday, six soldiers were killed and five injured in clashes between Libyan special forces and armed protesters outside a special forces base in Benghazi.


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Obama: Islamic Schools Encourage Division, Block Peace

He really said this about Catholic schools...

If towns remain divided—if Catholics have their schools and buildings and Protestants have theirs, if we can’t see ourselves in one another and fear or resentment are allowed to harden—that too encourages division and discourages cooperation.

The liberal media is ignoring the remarks. But imagine if Obama had said this about madrassas!

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Where's Rusty?

He's at the beach.

Checking out the beach babes.

By Howie at 08:09 AM | Comments |

Peaceful Misunderstanderer of Islam Threatens to Kill Mom Over Pork Chop

The Smoking Gun:

A Pennsylvania man allegedly threatened to kill his mother because he believed she tried to “poison” him by serving pork, “which was against his Muslim religion," investigators report.

At one point, Coffey went to the kitchen and retrieved a 10-inch kitchen knife. He then returned to the bedroom and “held the knife in a threatening manner,” prompting his mother to “flee out the window of the bedroom onto the roof.” Sherri Coffey subsequently called 911 and then went to a neighbor’s home to await the arrival of officers.

According to cops, Coffey held the knife to the throat of Mark Blair, his mother’s boyfriend, and threatened to kill him if his mother called the police

What a tragedy, this could have all been avoided of only his mother had bought Prophet Brand Pork Chops instead of an inferior store brand

That's right, Prophet Brand Pork Chops. Just like Imam used to make.


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June 19, 2013


James Gandolfini, best known for his role as Tony Soprano, passed away today.


I was a big fan of the show and of the actor. Just a few days ago I slipped a Sopranos line into one of my posts. Not sure if anyone caught it.

R.I.P., James.

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Interview with Michelle L’Heureux

Boston Herald:

A Boston Marathon bombing victim hospitalized for weeks after the blasts lashed out at the mother of the accused bombers, calling Zubeidat Tsarnaeva “vile” for her jihad-laced rants and denials.

Michelle L’Heureux, a 38-year-old John Hancock consultant, told the Herald yesterday it’s time to stop being “politically correct” and speak out — making her one of the first victims to stand up to the terror-talking Chechen family.
“I feel a little bit of hatred towards her. I think she is a vile person,” L’Heureux said of the mom. “If you don’t like our country, get out. It’s as simple as that.”

To come in and hurt all these children and people. ... I don’t know any other religion that kills for their religion and think they are going to heaven. That part’s tough to understand,” she said.

Full video here.

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Outrage! Bloomberg's Shadowy Liberal Group Mayors Against Guns Mourns Tamerlan Tsarnaev Death

Daily Caller:

During the rally, supporters of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns read the names of those “killed with guns” since the Dec. 14 Newtown shootings — and Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s name was memorialized among the names of the dead. (Tsarnaev, of course, was killed in a police shootout.)

“Some of the loudest shouts came when a reader spoke the name of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects who was killed by police during a gunfight.

Apology accepted Captain Needa.

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Yes We Scan!


Thanks to Jamie Wearing Fool.

Contest for Fatwas? Yes we can.

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Man Faces Charges for Beheading Muslima in UK

Daily Mail:

A 20-year-old man has appeared in court charged with the murder of a young woman who was beheaded in a knife attack.

Aras Hussein appeared at Sheffield Magistrates' Court today accused of murdering Reema Ramzan, 18.


Miss Ramzan, who was from the Darnall area of Sheffield, died on June 4 following an incident at a property on Herries Road, in the city.

Detectives said she suffered a severe knife attack resulting in fatal injuries, including the severing of her head.

According to previous reports Aras Hussein and Miss Ramzan were in a relationship and living in the same flat.
Neighbours said they heard screams as 18-year-old Reema Ramzan died in “horrendously violent” circumstances at her flat in Sheffield, South Yorks.

Emergency services said the murder scene was among the worst they had ever witnessed.

They said the woman had been “repeatedly slashed” in the attack on Tuesday.

After the murder Hussein stabbed both himself and five emergency workers as he was taken into custody.

Hat Tip: Creeping Sharia.

By Howie at 09:22 AM | Comments |

Sex Jihad


A new fatwa permits Muslim women to have sex with Syrian rebels:

News emerged a few weeks ago in Arabic media that yet another fatwa had called on practicing Muslim women to travel to Syria and offer their sexual services to the jihadis fighting to overthrow the secularist Assad government and install Islamic law. Reports attribute the fatwa to Saudi sheikh Muhammad al-'Arifi, who, along with other Muslim clerics, earlier permitted jihadis to rape Syrian women.

Muslim women prostituting themselves in this case is being considered a legitimate jihad because such women are making sacrifices—their chastity, their dignity—in order to help apparently sexually-frustrated jihadis better focus on the war to empower Islam in Syria.

And it is prostitution—for they are promised payment, albeit in the afterlife. The Quran declares that "Allah has purchased of the believers their persons [their bodies] and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain (Yusuf Ali trans. 9:111).

On the basis of this fatwa, several young Tunisian Muslim girls traveled to Syria to be "sex-jihadis."

Prostitution, rape and sodomy - all permitted in Islam if done for jihad.

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A Black Democrat Leaves The "Government Plantation"

I'd be very proud if Elbert Guillory were a Senator in my state.

By DMartyr at 01:43 AM | Comments |

June 18, 2013

Cornhole Watch: Abdella Ahmad Tounisi, Khalid Ouazzani, Sabirhan Hasanoff

Abdella Ahmad Tounisi: A suburban Chicago teenager has pleaded not guilty to charges he sought to join an al-Qaida-linked militant group fighting Bashar Assad's regime in Syria.

Sabirhan Hasanoff: Australian accountant Sabirhan Hasanoff turned to al-Qaeda.

AUSTRALIAN accountant Sabirhan Hasanoff had a good life before he "threw that all away'' and became a jihadist.

For the first time since his 2010 arrest, the Adelaide-raised father-of-three has publicly revealed what turned him from a respected accountant to agreeing to conduct a surveillance operation of the New York Stock Exchange, hand over tens of thousands of dollars to al-Qaeda associates and seek out how he could fight alongside other Muslims in war zones.

Related: Khalid Ouazzani who awaits his sentencing on terrorism charges was apparently found during the investigation of Sabirhan Hasanoff.
A Kansas City man supported a “nascent” plot to bomb the New York Stock Exchange, an FBI official said Tuesday at a Washington D.C. hearing.

Deputy FBI Director Sean Joyce said federal investigators used secret surveillance warrants to identify Khalid Ouazzani, who is awaiting sentencing in Missouri on terrorism-related charges, as part of the scheme.

Its unknown which if any programs resulted in these disruptions.

I would think a standard FISA warrant would have been sufficient as Hasanoff was in contact with known terrorists in Yemen.

Update: Damn its good to be a gangsta.

NSA Claim of Thwarted NYSE Plot Contradicted by Court Documents

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Daha Mohammed Charged in Brutal Murder of Wheelchair Bound Brit

The disabled victim's throat was cut.

London24: Gary Cook, who lives in the flat above Colin Greenaway’s in Abbotts Close, said he rushed down after one of his neighbour’s carers knocked on his doors in floods of tears on Saturday.

The 56-year-old, who was confined to a wheelchair having had toes amputated due to gangrene, was found dead at 2pm, having had his throat cut.

When one of his carers came to my door in tears I got dressed quickly and rushed downstairs. I saw him lying on the floor and he wasn’t breathing.

“It was clear nothing else could be done for him.”

Daha Mohammed, 51, also of Abbotts Close, was charged with the murder of Mr Greenaway and was due to appear at Bexley Magistrates’ Court today.

He was described by his sister as resembling Jesus.
The 53-year-old mother-of-five added: “He was so genuine. He was the nicest person.

“He would give you the last pound in his pocket.

“He was so lovely.

“He really reminded me of Jesus.

“My kids used to say ‘that’s Jesus isn’t it’?”

She went on to say she was “heartbroken” over how Mr Greenway - affectionately known as “Coke” by family and friends after his father found him eating coke fuel from the coal shed as a child – died.

Ms Greenway also thanked neighbours who posted online tributes praising her brother as “kind” and without a "bad bone in his body".


By Howie at 02:55 PM | Comments |

Obama: You Can't Understand The Complexities Of Syria

President Obama says anyone outside his situation room wouldn't be able to understand the complexities of Syria:

"What I'm saying is, that if you haven't been in the Situation Room... Unless you’ve been involved in those conversations, then it's kind of hard for you to understand the complexity of the situation(graphic) and how we have to not rush into one more war in the Middle East."

Apparently, he understands it enough to send weapons to the FSA rebels.

By DMartyr at 02:02 PM | Comments |

Anti-Terrorism Surveillance Hinders Muslims From "Freely Practicing Their Religion"

From FNC via Jihad Watch (all emphasis mine):

Civil rights lawyers say they plan to ask a federal judge to declare the New York Police Department's spying programs directed at Muslims to be unconstitutional, and to order police to stop their surveillance and destroy any records in police files.

In a lawsuit being filed Tuesday, the lawyers say the spying has hindered residents from freely practicing their religion. It is the third significant legal action filed against the NYPD Muslim surveillance program since details of the spy program were revealed in a series of Associated Press reports in 2011 and 2012.

The lawsuit says Muslim religious leaders in New York have modified their sermons and other behavior to not draw additional police attention.

The NYPD did not immediately respond to a phone call and email asking for comment.

No terrorizing the kuffar while Big Brother is watching!

Laws against child marriages, spousal abuse, and sex trafficking also hinder Muslims from practicing their religion. I wonder how long it will be before a "civil rights" group begins protesting and suing over those?

By DMartyr at 12:56 PM | Comments |

10 Radical Muslims Held in Murder of Frenchman

If you're an English speaker you'll read all about the Muslima claiming that she was caused to miscarry after being attacked by "skinheads" for wearing the veil in france. You might also notice the only reports that police have found inconsistencies in her story do not contain the word Islamophobe and visa versa.

You won't hear about much about attacks against french police.

And you certainly won't know that French police have arrested 10 Islamic Radicals in the murder of a gay man in the city of Nimes in 2010.

Police in Raid IFNU and SRPJ Montpellier have made a series of arrests on Tuesday morning including buildings and neighborhoods Pissevin Valdegour Nimes. 10 people have heard about the murder of a young man found buried in Nîmes scrubland in July 2011.

Ten people are being heard for the needs of an investigation into a murder committed two years ago.

A source not officially confirmed, the people heard in the context of this case belong to a movement that can address a current or radical traditionalist Islam.

Hat Tip: Blazing Cat Fur.

By Howie at 12:42 PM | Comments |

Pregnant Muslimah Miscarries After Encounter With Islamophobes

Color me skeptical. Sounds like another faked 'hate' crime to me.

From The Local:

A young pregnant Muslim woman, who was allegedly attacked in the street for wearing a veil has lost her baby, her lawyer announced on Monday. [...]

A police source involved in the investigation also confirmed the miscarriage to AFP but did not confirm that the attack was the cause of her losing the baby.

In reporting the attack to police she described how she was set upon on Thursday morning by two men in the middle of the street, just after she had finished talking to her mother on the telephone.

She initially blamed the attack on two "skinheads", saying the two men "ripped the veil" from her head and tore part of her clothing.

The prosecutor for Pointoise, Yves Jannier, also said the woman had been kicked in the hip before she managed to flee.

French daily Le Parisien said police sources had some concerns over "inconsistencies" in her account.

I'm not sure what the reporter means by "initially." It implies that the story may have since changed. The article doesn't say if it did, but that may be one reason the police had concerns about her claims.

Paris Police Attacked for Enforcing Burqa Ban

By DMartyr at 12:19 PM | Comments |

Video: Islamist Extremists Training in Syria

I'd call this a target rich environment. Seriously who's gonna know and Assad will take all the heat. Its puurrrrrfect.

Thanks to DMartyr.

By Howie at 11:47 AM | Comments |

Anjem Choudary's Natty Day

Anjem just can't seem to catch a break.



And nary a Xerxes was required.

Well played good sir, well played.


By Howie at 09:01 AM | Comments |

Ministry of Grunge: TSA Edition

I don't get why the TSA officer was upset, its clear the young lady wasn't hiding any bomb.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is investigating a report that one of its officers allegedly humiliated a 15-year-old girl wearing leggings, a tank top, and a button-down, telling her she should cover up as she went through an ID-check line in the Los Angeles Airport Sunday.


Besides that flannel is effing cool doubleclutch.

By Howie at 08:39 AM | Comments |

Future Stars of Censored31's Blog

Those of you who are long time readers know of Censored31 the Sharia4Belgium propagandist who runs the premier Islamic Dead Baby Porn site on the internet.

An al Qaeda video posted online in late May and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) shows masked Muslim teenage boys undergoing military training and indoctrination at an al Qaeda camp inside Syria.

The video shows the teenagers shooting handguns at a large photo of Syrian leader Bashar al-Asad. It also shows them stating that their leader is Abu Bakr al Baghdadi (the head of al Qaeda in Iraq), and then singing joyfully of their desire to overthrow both Asad and his sister Bushra, of the valor of al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri and of al Qaeda’s success in blowing up the World Trade Center towers.

Soon we shall see these kids broken lifeless bodies on his blog, claiming that these innocent children were murdered by Assad and urging Muslims to partake in violent Jihad.

By Howie at 08:12 AM | Comments |

Police Response to Man With RPG Unimpressive
Police Response To Youtube Video About Unimpressive Response Impressive

Most impressive.


An Arizona man on trial for sending his 16-year-old nephew into a busy intersection last summer with a fake grenade launcher has been found guilty on endangerment and criminal hoax charges.

Sentencing is set for Aug. 8. Prosecutors say Michael David Turley could face anywhere from probation to more than five years in prison.
The 40-year-old filmmaker made a YouTube video of the July 28 mock terrorism scenario during rush-hour traffic in northwest Phoenix.

In the video, the teen was dressed in a sheet, had a scarf wrapped around his head, made erratic movements while in a crosswalk and pointed the fake weapon at vehicles, prompting motorists to call 911.

According to CNN Turley's attorney says he didn't really mean it.

The anonymous video is still up.

By Howie at 07:49 AM | Comments |

June 17, 2013

Maryland Epicenter of Gun-O-Phobia

Maryland where interrogating five-year-olds till they wet their pants is not child abuse. You know, unless their parents did it. Then they'd throw the book at those tea baggers!

School officials in Calvert County, Maryland have denied a request to expunge the suspension of the kindergartener who brought a plastic cap gun on a school bus last month and then wet his pants during a subsequent interrogation.

School district officials had no comment about the decision.

The entire country has seen an epidemic of anti-gun hysteria in school settings involving things that somehow resemble guns but aren’t actually real guns. However, the state of Maryland seems to be some sort of epicenter for the phenomenon.

Last week, Anne Arundel County school district officials denied an eerily similar appeal to have Baltimore-area second-grader Joshua Welch’s suspension expunged. Welch is the eight-year-old kid who was suspended for two days in March because his teacher thought he shaped a breakfast pastry into something resembling a gun.

By Howie at 01:48 PM | Comments |

FBI: Investigating Terror-Linked Mosque Not Part Of "Outreach Efforts"

The FBI visited the Boston Bombers' Mosque, but only as a part of the Obama administration's outreach program. Despite warning signs and Russian urging, they did not investigate the Mosque's radical teachings or links to Islamic terrorism:

Upon questioning by U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, FBI Director Robert Mueller admitted that the FBI did not investigate the ideology of the founders of the mosque where the Boston bombers were radicalized, even after they were tipped off by the Russians that the older of the brothers, Tamerlan, was a security risk. Although Mueller says that the FBI was in the Tsarnaev brothers' mosque before the bombing, he said it was as part of the FBI's "outreach efforts."

If the FBI would have investigated the Islamic Society of Boston, they would have found that the mosque was founded by Abdulrahman Alamoudi, who also served as its first president. Alamoudi, a former advisor to President Clinton, is now in prison for terror financing al-Qaeda.

(Hat Tip: Front Lines Blog)

By DMartyr at 10:22 AM | Comments |

There is No Compulsion in Religion?

Or so they will say about Koran 2:256.

So did Boko Haram just not get the memo?

Garuta also told newsmen in Maiduguri, Bama road Motor Park yesterday that after torching another church in Hwa’a community, the gunmen also killed Rev. Jacob Kwiza (rtd) of Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN), while picking mangoes at his father’s orchard on the hills settlement of Hwa’a.

He said: “as the gunmen threw some explosives at our church, they forced the retired Reverend to renounce Christianity and be converted to Islam, but Rev. Jacob defied the gunmen’s threats of being killed, as he insisted on being a Christian among his people on the hills of Hwa’a. They slit his throat with sharp objects; and we started to flee for safety, as we don’t know the next targets of these gunmen.”

So if someone brings up the little verse above you can tell this this story and point out to them that this is only for People of the Book who submit, declare Islam as superior and pay the extortion or Jiizjah.
Rahman then presents the position of Nawab Siddiq Hasan Khan in Fath al-Bayan:
... one should not say of a person convened to Islam under the shadow of the sword, that he was compelled to the Faith for "there is no compulsion in religion". Another construction ... confines the verse to the People of the Scriptures who submitted to the Muslims and agreed to pay jiizjah (poll-tax) but excludes the idolaters from its scope. In the case of the latter, only two alternatives are said to be open - Islam or the sword - on the authority of al-Shabi, al-Hasan, Qatadah and al-Dahhaq.[11 Then Rahman cites Ibn al-Arabi's work Ahkam al-Qur'an, adding thereafter his own objections to this interpretation:
He (Ibn al-Arabi) declares dogmatically that to compel to the truth is part of the Faith, on the authority of a hadith:
"I have been commanded to fight people till they recite the declaration of faith ...", which he considers to have been derived from the Qur'anic verse: "And fight them until persecution is no more and religion is for Allah alone." (8:39; 2:193)[12]

Jiizjah is often interpreted in the west a poll tax, which liberals have a huge problem with except when its imposed by Muslims. But lets be frank, the Jiizjah is extortion of funds under threat of violence. Its as much extortion as any protection paid to any organized criminal gang.

In the end Rev. Jacob Kwiza was left with no option to remain faithful to his religion and also live.

He is a the true Martyr. May the Lord accept and keep him.

By Howie at 09:30 AM | Comments |

Feel Good Story of the Day

Mom runs into pole to stop carjacker, then runs him over with her minivan.

He is expected to face charges, once he recovers from "serious injuries".

Such a nice lady.

By Howie at 08:44 AM | Comments |

Baby Dies for Lack of ID Number

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads, that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name.

Thousands of Bosnians gathered in front of parliament on Sunday evening to mourn a three-month-old baby who died after failing to get timely surgery because a parliamentary wrangle prevented her getting a passport.

Berina Hamidovic was the first victim of politicking over identity numbers, which has united Bosnians in protests against the institutional paralysis that has blocked post-conflict reforms and the country's path towards the European Union.

By Howie at 08:38 AM | Comments |

Meanwhile, One Sunny Morning in Allepo


Al Qaeda's affiliate inside Syria is now the best-equipped arm of the terror group in existence today, according to informal assessments by U.S. and Middle East intelligence agencies...

With the growing strength and support for al-Nusra, U.S. concerns are growing about its influence to further destabilize Syria and potentially pose a greater regional threat, administration officials have told CNN.

"They are making desperate attempts to get chemical weapons," the analyst told CNN, noting that in the past few weeks, security services in Iraq and Turkey arrested operatives who were "trying to get their hands on sarin."


By Howie at 08:30 AM | Comments |

Xi Jinping Make Sex With Obama Messiah

After the summit in Palm Spring Chinese President Xi Jinping thrust his pulsing member upon the Obama Messiah.

HONG KONG - In a show of protest against U.S. surveillance programs and in support of whistle-blower Edward Snowden, several hundred people marched Saturday to the U.S. Consulate General and the offices of the Hong Kong government despite drizzly weather.


"I think it's not acceptable for the (National Security Agency) to spy" on everyone, said Patrick Cheung, who has been upset by claims former NSA contractor Snowden made about the agency's data gathering from U.S.-based Internet firms. "It's our right to have our privacy protected."

"Shame on NSA! Defend freedom of speech!" chanted marchers, who carried signs written in Chinese and English and wrapped in plastic to keep out the rain. "Protect Snowden!"

The happy couple.
Word is that Xi Jinping is looking to get some as the G8 summit this week as well.

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June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

By DMartyr at 11:20 AM | Comments |

Obama's Newest Peace Partners

(WARNING! Video is graphic!)

(Hat Tip: IHateTheMedia)

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June 15, 2013

Just Another Sunny Day in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Meanwhile, in the other "Islamic Republic":

Gunmen have attacked a hospital in the western Pakistani city of Quetta, hours after an explosion on a bus killed at least 11 female university students....

An extremist Sunni militant group, Laskar-e-Jhangvi, told the BBC it carried out both attacks...

The latest violence began when a bomb exploded on a bus carrying female students at a university....

Later explosions rocked the medical centre where the students were being treated.

Militants armed with grenades were positioned there and exchanged fire with members of the security forces who rushed to the scene.

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said a subsequent siege ended after security forces stormed the building.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:03 AM | Comments |

"Reformist" Winning in Iran?

The official results aren't in, but word out of Tehran is that the "reformist" candidate has enough of a lead that there might not be a runoff election. But what is glaringly missing from the WSJ article on the Iranian presidential election is the fact that the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, gets to personally approve each candidate on the ballot. And this isn't just some formality, a lot of opposition candidates were "disqualified" from the ballot this year, and each and every candidate must swear loyalty to the Islamic Revolution.

So, rather than being a true reformist, Hassan Rohani is just another Islamist with slightly different views than the current Islamists in power. He doesn't want to separate mosque from state. He doesn't want secular government. He does not believe in freedom of religion, speech, or of the press.

Think of the differences between the "conservative" and "reformist" candidates as the difference between Marxists and Maoists, or between Stalin and Trotsky.

So, no, I'm not hopeful that if this guy's elected things change in a big way. If the guy truly was a reformist, as the media keeps insisting, he simply wouldn't have been on the ballot. The fact that he's on the ballot at all suggests that the the Mullahs in power give him the stamp of approval.

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June 14, 2013

Why The West Loses

I think Yid With Lid is very very onto something here.

One of the things we at Jawa Report have tried to do over the years is to not only follow and fight online terrorist propaganda, but to tell our readers what the terrorists really say.

Its one thing to hear on the news that Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, Thomas Tucker, Kristian Menchaca or Tom Fox were brutally murdered by terrorist in a sanitized sound bite on the evening news or to hear the selected quotes from the latest Zawahiri tape.

Its quite another to see for yourself the butchery of a terrorist snuff film or read the complete message from an al-Qaeda leader in its unfiltered state.

But the vast majority of the American Public have never seen or read these things. Which leaves them vulnerable to false impressions created by a politically correct and sanitized sound bites about a Religion of Peace, misunderstood oppressed Muslims and the its our fault narrative about so called American Hegemony and Imperialism being the root cause of terrorism.

So this article Why The West Doesn't Understand Islamists (They Don't Read What the Radicals REALLY Say) is spot on the mark.

Notice his different angle on what for the Western author would be a tale of Western imperialism and on the technological and organizational backwardness of Muslim peoples. Al-Qaradawi does not put the emphasis on Western strength or even injustice but on Muslim weakness. He does not flinch from facing the humiliations of the situation. He promises--as the Arab nationalists did sixty years ago--that his doctrine will bring rapid development and tremendous power. Like Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev once said, al-Qaradawi pledges to the West, ""We will bury you."

Islamism is a formula to turn inferiority into superiority, to make the Muslim world number one in the world. It uses religion and is formed by key themes in Islam but ultimately it has nothing to do with religion as such. This is a political movement.

Al-Qaradawi is not upset by recent U.S. policy but by Western policy for well over a century. This bitterness is not going to be conciliated. The problem is not in Western actions—which any way cannot be undone—but with the interpretation of these actions. They are seen as rooted in a desire to destroy Islam, as being based on a permanent enmity, and no gesture by contemporary Western leaders can lead to the end of this view. On the contrary, such things will be interpreted through the prism of this view, as a trick or a sign of retreat and weakness.

Read the rest, you'll be glad you did.

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Fatwa Friday Continued: Hunting the Green Birds of Paradise

Everyone knows that silver bullets kill werewolves, but these babies take care of those pesky green birds of paradise.

So how do you deal with religious extremists who believe that dying for their faith is an Express Ticket to Paradise? Killing them seems to just give them what they think they want. Only wounding them, as in this recent case, leaves the messy business of a public trial,

Its time to put some ham in Mohammad.

A company in northern Idaho has come up with a culturally sensitive approach. Jihawg Ammo has developed a proprietary system for infusing ballistic paint with pork. The special pork-infused paint is then applied to the bullets of loaded ammunition. The inclusion of pork in the paint makes the bullets haraam, or unclean. Under Islamic law, anyone who comes in contact with any haraam item is then unclean and must engage in a cleansing ritual. No unclean person can be admitted into Paradise. Do not pass Go. Do not collect 72 virgins.

Hat Tip: Media Matters. ;-)

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On The Effectivness of Searching For Islamic Terrorists Among Southern Baptist Tea Party Members

Its a pretty effective strategy if you your main goal is to win Neo-Commie votes and please CAIR:

The White House assures that tracking our every phone call and keystroke is to stop terrorists, and yet it won't snoop in mosques, where the terrorists are.

That's right, the government's sweeping surveillance of our most private communications excludes the jihad factories where homegrown terrorists are radicalized.

We do know the panel was set up under pressure from Islamist groups who complained about FBI stings at mosques. Just months before the panel's formation, the Council on American-Islamic Relations teamed up with the ACLU to sue the FBI for allegedly violating the civil rights of Muslims in Los Angeles by hiring an undercover agent to infiltrate and monitor mosques there.

One of the Muslim bombers(Boston) made extremist outbursts during worship, yet because the mosque wasn't monitored, red flags didn't go off inside the FBI about his increasing radicalization before the attacks.

I mean people will die from this policy, but at least we won't offend Muslims, because if you do, well people will die.

Hat Tip: Pat.

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Explain This: The Burka

I was reading this very absurd article (with very entertaining comments) about a mother who was mortified when her child playfully called a burka clad woman a "ghost":

Wrestling free from my grip, he tore over to her, arms outstretched, fingers pointing and yelling at the top of his voice: "Mummy! Mummy! What's that? What's THAT?" [...]

I smiled apologetically in the direction of the woman's face (her eyes not being visible behind the fine mesh of her veil) and tried to drag the kid away.

Of course this only made him more determined. To my utter mortification, he started tugging on her burqa -- even trying to crawl underneath it while giggling: "It's a ghost! I want to play too, mummy. Help me get under the sheet!"

Here's your challenge, Jawas! Explain the burka. So a three-year-old could understand it.


I may give out fatwas for the best explanations.

Sil, cheer me up, babe!

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Afghan Parliament Upholds Child Marriages, Sex Slavery, And Criminal Charges For Rape Victims

Passing the measure would have been contrary to Islamic principles.

Afghanistan's parliament has rejected a measure that would have barred men from marrying girls younger than 16, saying the proposal ran counter to Islamic ideology.

The measure also would have banned "baad, [the] traditional practice of buying or selling women to settle disputes," and outlawed criminal charges being imposed on rape victims, Breitbart reported. Rape victims in Afghanistan often are charged with fornication or adultery.

This is a religion that Western Muslims (mostly converts) insist honors women. Strange how these converts, especially female, never want to live under the draconian laws of Sharia. Yet, by supporting Sharia from a safe distance, they have condemned millions of women and children to a life of suffering and abuse, all in the name of Allah.

Outraged Muslims Protest Ban On Wife Abuse And Child Marriages

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June 13, 2013

State Department Listed Supporters of Terror Used Chemical Weapons on Different State Department Listed Terrorists

So the Syrian regime, which is on the hook for its support of the terrorist group that has killed the second most Americans, has been using chemical weapons against rebels who now seem firmly allied with the terror group which has killed the most Americans. And now we must intervene? What. Could. Possibly. Go.Wrong.

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about all of this. I tend to think of this in terms of a decision matrix based on probabilities.

If we do nothing there is a high probability that a known terror supporter remains in power.

If we intervene there is a slim probability of a democratic regime to replace Assad; a slightly higher probability that a different group of terror supporters will assume power; a medium probability that a "moderate" Islamist group will assume power (ie, The Brotherhood); and a very high probability that chaos and ethnic cleansing will be the result (at least in the near term).

So, there you have it. It's kind of a lose-lose situation. So, which is the least bad option?

The suck: embrace it.

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The Salmon Return to Capistrano

Ok, I got some flack for mentioning the salmon returning to Capistrano in another thread. Seriously, you guys have never seen Dumb and Dumber? Are you kidding me?

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Superman Joins a Union

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Fortunately, No One Saw It

At least not until it hit Youtube. Then the Twitchies were unleashed.

MSNBC's Chris "Fallen Soldiers Are Not Heroes" Hayes tried to revise history by changing the political party of former Alabama Governor George Wallace:

A woman in Wakarusa, Kansas was mistaken for an MSNBC viewer, but she insists she was only changing channels.

(Hat Tip: IHateTheMedia)

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Boston Police Training For Right-Wing Terrorism Shocked And Surprised By Muslim Terrorism

Boston police were preparing a training exercise for right-wing terrorism when a couple of Muslims ruined the narrative by planting and detonating real bombs. Police are still at a loss as to what might have motivated the Tsarnaev brothers to set the explosives.

From The Boston Globe via Jihad Watch:

The scenario had been carefully planned: A terrorist group prepared to hurt vast numbers of people around Boston would leave backpacks filled with explosives at Faneuil Hall, the Seaport District, and in other towns, spreading waves of panic and fear. Detectives would have to catch the culprits.

Months of painstaking planning had gone into the exercise, dubbed "Operation Urban Shield," meant to train dozens of detectives in the Greater Boston area to work together to thwart a terrorist threat. The hypothetical terrorist group was even given a name: Free America Citizens, a home-grown cadre of militiamen whose logo would be a metal skull wearing an Uncle Sam hat and a furious expression, according to a copy of the plans obtained by the Boston Globe.

But two months before the training exercise was to take place, the city was hit with a real terrorist attack executed in a frighteningly similar fashion. The chaos of the Boston Marathon bombings disrupted plans for the exercise, initially scheduled for this weekend, forcing police to postpone. Now officials must retool aspects of the training.

To paraphrase Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch, "frightening similar" except that Islamic terrorists are and have been a real threat, while right-wing militia terrorists are virtually non-existent except in the leftist imagination.

But don't worry. Boston authorities, with the help of Homeland Security, have vowed to re-schedule the exercise, promising to use the same scenario as they initially planned - 'racist' right-wing extremists targeting Americans.

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Ministry of Boobies: KU Sends Cease and Desist Letter to @KUBoobsBs

Viral Read:

It seems that the University of Kansas has some issues with a Twitter account called @KUboobs. The feed for this twitter account has scantily clad females showing off their assets with the KU emblem on them.

click for huge boobs

The school has sent a Cease and Desist order to the owner of the Twitter account. They aren’t messing around:
But school officials have reportedly had enough of the so-called “boobment,” and they fired off a cease-and-desist order to its overseer, Ken Soap, on Tuesday.
As explained here the basis for the order is KU's copyright and the fact that KUBoobs sells or did sell T-Shirts and Wristbands to raise money for Breast Cancer.


So the uptight boobie hating Jayhack administration is trying to shut down like the greatest twitter feel every on the planet.

But you don't have to buy a Tshirt to to help, you can donate to the cause here.

So far these young ladies have raised $270. That's shameful really for all they've put into it. So help save the KUBboobs.

Hat Tip: The Other McCain.

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Anjem Choudary's Natty Website Down Again

It wasn't me!



Pinky Swear!

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Zo Gets a Fatwa

He got the coveted devil will do ZOreos from your body fatwa.

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Confirmed Edward Snowden Shopping US Spy Data to China

Nope he's certainly not a hero.

Alleged NSA leaker Edward Snowden claimed today to have evidence that the U.S. government has been hacking into Chinese computer networks since at least 2009 – an effort he said is part of the tens of thousands of hacking operations American cyber spies have launched around the world, according to a Hong Kong newspaper.

The newspaper, the South China Morning Post, reported it had conducted a lengthy interview with the 29-year-old former NSA contractor, who is hiding out in Hong Kong after revealing himself to be the source of a series of headline-grabbing stories about the National Security Agency's secret, vast surveillance programs. After their unveiling, those programs were acknowledged and defended by top Obama administration officials.

The Post said Snowden provided documents, which the paper described as "unverified," that he said showed U.S. cyber operations targeting a Hong Kong university, public officials and students in the Chinese city. The paper said the documents also indicate hacking attacks targeting mainland Chinese targets, but did not reveal information about Chinese military systems.

I'm certainly now surprised that Glenn Greenwald's scoop came from a traitor. Birds of a feather you know.

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US Muslim Leaders Complicit in Terrorist Attacks?

I was reading this story about Mike Pompeo calling on US Muslim leaders to say more about rejecting terrorism.

Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) on Tuesday said the failure of Muslim leaders to repudiate acts of terrorism done in the name of Islam makes them "potentially complicit" in these attacks.

"When the most devastating terrorist attacks on America in the last 20 years come overwhelmingly from people of a single faith and are performed in the name of that faith, a special obligation falls on those that are the leaders of that faith," Pompeo said on the House floor.

"Instead of responding, silence has made these Islamic leaders across America potentially complicit in these acts, and more importantly still, in those that may well follow."

Sounds reasonable enough I guess.

But then I read this part.

Pompeo said Muslim leaders must state that there is no justification for terrorism, and must denounce radical Muslim clerics who seek to justify terrorism. He also called on these leaders to refute the idea that there is justification for violence that can be found in the Quran.

"Modern Imams must strive to ensure that no Muslim finds solace for terrorism in the Quran," he said. "They must cite the Quran as evidence that the murder of innocents is not permitted by good, believing Muslims, and must immediately refute all claims to the contrary."

In other words he wants them to like, you know, lie about the Koran(Quran). And also to ignore the Sunnah and Hadith.

Um, Good luck with that.


Also I'm not sure how this helps with people who actually read the Koran, Sunnah and Hadith?

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June 12, 2013

What could possibly go wrong?

The headline kind of says it all: CIA’s deputy director to be replaced with White House lawyer

Also, I'm on my annual trip to California to see the salmon return to Capistrano. So, I have only kind-of-sort-of been following the Snowden affair. I do have some thoughts on the subject, but the hopeful starlets out by the swimming pool have been keeping Producer Rusty Spielbergo pretty busy on tanning oil duty.

But one thing struck me the very first I heard about this guy was that he was fleeing the US to go to China because of that country's long standing commitment to .... free speech.

Something aint right here, folks. No sir, not by a longshot.

So, while you think about that go read Ace's excellent piece today with plenty of links as to why this guy is probably going to turn out to be a first class, grade-A douchebag.

I'm also guessing that a lot of the stunning "revelations" as to the NSA's ability to monitor any and all emails is going to turn out to be more hype than anything else. As I tell my students, there is a big leap between ability to collect data and ability to analyze it. In other words, the fact that Vinnie's midget porn collection is sitting on a supercomputer somewhere is a mighty far stretch from an actual human being taking the time to look at it. We should always remember that what could happen usually doesn't, not for lack of intent as much as for lack of ability.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:58 PM | Comments |

Video: Muslim Youths Attacking White Girls in UK

From what the media tells me, Muslims in the UK are in hiding & living in fear.

Well except for these two. The Commentator:

Tensions are running high in the northern English town of Ashton-under-Lyne after a video circulating online showed a gang of what is reported as British-Pakistani youths attacking young "white girls" at a bus stop.

The incident, which occured in the town just outside of Manchester, has led to a number of groups calling for a 'march' or 'rally' in the town this coming Saturday, with the English Defence League quickly setting up an 'Ashton-Under-Lyne' branch of the group.

The video, which has been removed from YouTube but can still be found on LiveLeak, describes the incident last night as, "This is a video that has been taken in Ashton Under Lyne, England that shows a gang of Muslim youths attacking a group of white kids. Just before the filming had started one of the muslim youths had punched one of the white girls in the face. This is becoming a regular occurence on the streets of the UK."

While there have been reports of arrests after last night's incident, Tameside Police are yet to confirm this to The Commentator, though police services for the local area have said that they have received, "Lots of messages about the video, it's being investigated arrests are being made. We have no further comments until after the investigation." The force also tweeted that it arrest four people for "minor public order offences" after groups gathered in Ashton town centre last night.

The contrast between YouTube's treatment of the video above and its treatment of terrorist videos is interesting. Jihadtube removed the video showing Muslim on non-Muslim violence, suppressing truthful information about the incident.

Yet this video below glorifying Mohammad Merah, which is owned by a member of the Ansar al Muhjahideen forum, remains. Despite the fact that Mohammad Merah specifically targeted and murdered Jews in an attack driven by Islamic racism against Jews.

By Howie at 03:55 PM | Comments |

5 eHadis Arrested in Spain

I have mixed feelings about cases like this. On the one hand, they've been arrested for posting things online that the state disapproves of. That is usually a bad thing.

On the other hand, when an al Qaeda sympathizer goes to jail an angel gets its wings:

Spain's Interior Ministry says authorities have arrested five Tunisian men living in Barcelona after they were discovered spreading terror propaganda on social media networks.

The five were detained on accusations of praising terrorism after they allegedly put on the Internet speeches by Osama Bin Laden, explanations on how to make bombs and videos showing Islamic terrorists training and firing weapons and carrying out executions.

I hope someone has the wits about them to videotape when these five have their cornholes violated for the first time in prison. That would be internet gold,and an appropriate karma for guys who like posting beheading videos.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:50 PM | Comments |

To: doesn’t_matter@you’ll_read_this_regardless_of_the_address.com

From: zombie@z0mbietime.com

Dear NSA,

Constitution Allah Ackbar Tea Party bomb abortion patriot gun IRS Islam dog whistle Obama prayer tax surveillance.

To make sure you get this message, may I also say 9/11 Eric Holder birth certificate Bill Ayers drone Orwell Anonymous leak.

Gee I wonder of he'll get a strongly worded reply asking that he stop clogging up the filters?

I mean, you did like notice we don't run Email a terrorist thingys these days didn't you? If our goal was to be annoying, um yeah.

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Mosque Refuses Shipment of Delicious Bacon

I find it deeply saddening that such a genuinely delicious slab of magic could be let go to waste like this.

Update: Why would CAIR delete a tweet like that? I find it deeply saddening that they are stifling interfaith dialogue.

Here is the original story.

By Howie at 11:37 AM | Comments |

Ansar al-Mujahideen Experiencing Multiple Technical Difficulties

Via @inteltweet.

Two of Al-Qaida's top-tier forums, Shamukh and AMAF, appear to be suffering critical connection errors due to an ongoing DDOS attack.


Hat Tip: Switched.

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Obamaphobes Unite!

Right Scoop:

Sen. Ted Cruz is shrugging off criticism of his comments that President Barack Obama stands in the way of immigration reform and welcoming the charge that he’s “Obamaphobic.”
Retweet this.

By Howie at 09:09 AM | Comments |

Ministry of Irony: Royal Bitch Deluxe Edition

This shit’s about to go live..... bitch.

he customer seen berating Dunkin’ Donuts employees in that viral video your friend sent you today is a 27-year-old Florida woman who has previously worked as a video spokesperson for such establishments as Happy Wok restaurant and an auto repair shop.

Since she had not purportedly been given a receipt, the Broward County resident cited a store policy that supposedly guaranteed her free food as a result of the oversight. Over eight minutes, the boorish, arrogant, and cursing Chapman (seen at right) records herself berating workers and even accosting fellow customers.

Um yeah,

Before ending her recording, Chapman tells another customer that her video was heading for YouTube, where she hoped it would “get a million fucking hits.” Which, as it turns out, might have been an underestimation on Chapman’s part.

Chapman who has deleted her Facebook page, could not be reached for comment.

Ahhh fame, such a fickle and fleeting mistress.

By Howie at 08:54 AM | Comments |

This Time They've Gone Too Far!

Two Muslims attack a man on the subway for eating a Ham Sandwich.

It sounds incredible but it is being treated with great seriousness by the police in Reims police station (Marne). A 23-year-old man filed a complaint on the 8th of June after having been attacked the previous evening at 9.30 pm in a city tramway by two strangers. They struck him several times on the face because he was eating a ham sandwich. The two attackers, who claimed to be Muslims, said they were offended by this consumption of pork in front of their eyes before attacking the young man. A witness, a friend of the young man who was present when the incident occurred, has been interviewed by the investigators and has confirmed the reality of the attack. The two attackers, who fled, have not yet been found. The CCTV tapes in the tramway are currently being examined.
You did notice I capitalized Ham Sandwich.

Yes it means that much to me.

By Howie at 07:31 AM | Comments |

June 11, 2013

Good News al-Qaeda thought to Have Russian SA 7 Surface to Air Missiles

Or at least the instructions to use them, Its odd though that so far none have turned up, been used.

I would have expected them to turn up by now.

Update: I stand somewhat corrected. There is quite a bit of evidence of SA-7's in Syria. But if those were taken from the Regime or from Libya is unclear. As well as how many there are in use.

Update: Attn Censored and MTB:

By Howie at 01:45 PM | Comments |

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Murder Boy 14 For Insulting Prophet

The boy sells coffee for a living, he refused his friend a free coffee by saying that he would not even give the prophet his coffee for free. I'm told that Muhammad was a merchant, so I'm sure he'd pay for his coffee and probably practice the same. Yet the terrorists saw this as an insult.

Daily Mail:

An Islamic group shot dead a Syrian 14-year-old boy in front of his parents for blasphemy after overhearing him say he 'wouldn't even give the Prophet a free coffee.'

Mohammad Qataa was shot in the face and neck a day after being seized by members of an Al Qaeda-linked Islamist group in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

A photo released by the Observatory showed Qataa's face with his mouth and jaw bloodied and destroyed as well as a bullet wound in his neck.

images (8).jpg
Mohammad Qataa

Today it emerged Qataa was working as a street vendor in the al-Shaa district of Aleppo when three members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, a militant group that started off known as the Nusra Front, overheard him arguing with a friend over a bill.

...The gunmen took Qataa on Saturday and brought him back alive in the early hours of Sunday to his wooden stand, with whiplash marks visible on his body.

People gathered around him and a member of the fighting brigade said: 'Generous citizens of Aleppo, disbelieving in God is polytheism and cursing the prophet is a polytheism. Whoever curses even once will be punished like this.'
'He then fired two bullets from an automatic rifle in view of the crowd and in front of the boy's mother and father, and got into a car and left,' the report said.

Here are the images of Mohammad after al-Nusra murdered him


The second image is pretty graphic so I've left it below the fold.

@Censored31 was unavailable for comment. Imagine that. A dead child he won't post (for obvious reasons).


By Howie at 01:01 PM | Comments |

The CIA Likes To Watch

Yeah so we disrupted distribution of one issue of AQAP Inspire's for like on week.

U.S. intelligence operatives covertly sabotaged a prominent al-Qaeda online magazine last month in an apparent attempt to sow confusion among the group’s followers, according to officials.

... “It’s obvious if people are calling for crazies to murder a U.S. citizen, why wouldn’t you stop it?” said one former official, recalling the debate in which National Security Agency Director Gen. Keith B. Alexander argued on behalf of disruption.

In that case, the administration decided against action, in part because the CIA preferred to use the site to gather intelligence. In subsequent debates, the danger of an imminent threat “really made the difference” in terms of whether to disrupt issues of the magazine, according to a former administration official.

Its a bit early to be spiking the football on this methinks. Cause I dare say in its history Jawa Report has disrupted more terrorist propaganda than the entire federal government ever has, and that's taking into account that since Obama took office taking out online terrorist websites and videos with terms of service complaints has become much more difficult. Way more difficult than under the Bush administration.

Its almost as if someone is protecting terrorist websites and propaganda afraid that they'll miss something? But as we've seen allowing unlimited, unmolested terrorist propaganda to spread creates more terrorists than you can watch.

Its time the word was put out that if you host the propaganda of or advocate for a specially designated terrorist entity that you WILL BE TARGETED, DISRUPTED and prosecuted. Its also time to let providers who knowingly provide services to specially designated terrorist groups that the cost will be far more than what they earn by providing these services.

Of course there are certain high level forums where the intelligence value may outweigh the cost of a takedown. But for the vast majority of terrorist propaganda this is simply not true. In such cases what intelligence can be gathered should be done quickly, followed by offensive countermeasures to remove, disable, disrupt and humiliate the lower level terror propaganda.

The benefits, less terrorists being radicalized online, the rest of the cats herded so to speak. The downside, breeding resistant pests. Serious players will harden their sites and redouble their efforts, which yields a list of serious players.

See how this works?

Yes we can limit and thwart the propaganda of al-Qaeda. The problem is, for the most part we don't.

By Howie at 12:06 PM | Comments |

Allah Protects Shias From The Disease Of Being "Sodomized In The Anus"

And he protects them from having Smurf babies too!

By DMartyr at 11:18 AM | Comments |

Intelligence: Islamic Terrorism Doesn't Exist

I was reading this article on the OODA website. OODA is an open source intelligence group.

State Department 2012 Country Reports on Terrorism: “The al-Qa’ida (AQ) core, under the direction of Ayman al-Zawahiri, has been significantly degraded as a result of ongoing worldwide efforts against the organization. Usama bin Laden’s death was the most important milestone in the fight against AQ, but there have been other successes – dozens of senior AQ leaders have been removed from the fight in the AfghanistanPakistan region. Ilyas Kashmiri, one of the most capable AQ operatives in South Asia, and Atiya Abdul Rahman, AQ’s second-in-command, were killed in Pakistan in 2011. AQ leaders Abu Yahya Al-Libi and Abu Zaid al-Kuwaiti were killed in 2012. As a result of these leadership losses, the AQ core’s ability to direct the activities and attacks of its affiliates has diminished, as its leaders focus increasingly on survival.

Leadership losses have also driven AQ affiliates to become more independent. The affiliates are increasingly setting their own goals and specifying their own targets. As avenues previously open to them for receiving and sending funds have become more difficult to access, several affiliates have engaged in kidnapping for ransom. Through kidnapping for ransom operations and other criminal activities, the affiliates have also increased their financial independence. While AQ affiliates still seek to attack the “far enemy,” they seem more inclined to focus onsmaller scale attacks closer to their home base. Both al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and al-Qa’ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) have taken steps to seize land and impose their brutal authority over local populations.

While reporting some of the Obama administrations talking points about al-Qaeda being "decimated". The report goes on to list many major and minor terrorist threats.

But sadly they cannot bring themselves to use the term Islamic Terrorist or even use the word Islam at all.

In the report includes a mention Mohammad Merah who gunned down many in in France and has been linked to many Islamists, including those of the group Sharia for France. The report describes him a violent Lone Wolf extremist.

Lone Wolf” violent extremists also remain a concern, as we saw in March 2012, when violent extremist gunman Mohammed Merah went on a multiday killing spree in Toulouse and Montauban, France. Seven people, including three children, lost their lives before he was killed by police. “
As if his actions took place on a vacuum and he had no contacts or relations to French Islamist groups where are sympathetic to al-Qaeda. Nor any mention that his attacks were targeted against Jews.

Islamic terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and their sympathizers antisemitism is well known, yet there is no mention of antisemitism in the report. Because, you know, pointing out the terrorists ultimate Islamic goal of genocide against Israel might besmirch their reputation.

By Howie at 10:40 AM | Comments |

Prince Harry Wows Crowd At RAF Air Show

Who would have thought a soulless ginger would be such a badass?

By DMartyr at 08:57 AM | Comments |

Liberal Pansies Need Counseling After Seeing Anti-Obama Graffiti

That's the title I would have used for this article (emphasis mine):


A San Fernando Valley high school has been vandalized with hate messages, including threats to President Barack Obama, authorities announced Monday.

The graffiti was discovered around 7 a.m. when staff at Leichman High School Special Education Center, located at 19034 Gault St. in Reseda, returned to campus.

The damage included pictures of bombs, anti-LAPD rhetoric, swastikas and a "KILL OBAMA?" statement scrawled across the side of a main building. [...]

School is currently out for the summer and no students were on campus when the crime occurred, Trivino said.

"Our maintenance and operations team removed the graffiti. Counseling is offered to staff," he added.

Seriously? The staff needs counseling for graffiti? Does this mean some of them will now suffer from PTSD whenever they see a mark on a wall? Will some apply for (and probably receive) disability because they are no longer able to function?

Sadly, I think so.

By DMartyr at 08:51 AM | Comments |

Proof Edward Snowden is an Idiot

Snowden left the young and hot Lindsay Mills at the alter so to speak.

Daily Mail: The whistleblower who leaked the NSA's secrets thought about marrying his girlfriend and had previously taken her on a romantic break to Hong Kong - where he was last seen fearing arrest.


Family friends told MailOnline that Ed Snowden, 29, wanted to be with stunning pole dancer Lindsay Mills for the rest of his life but took the decision to throw it all away to expose the US government.

They were deeply in love and on her blog Mills, 28, dotingly called him her ‘man of mystery’ who she had followed around the world for the last four years.
On Monday she took to the blog - where she has posted dozens of photos of herself semi-naked - to tell of her heartbreak.

Mills wrote: 'My world has opened and closed all at once. Leaving me lost at sea without a compass.

Her blog is called lsjourney.com its introduction reads "Adventures of a world-traveling, pole-dancing super hero."

And he left this girl, to save the world from itself? Um, yeah.

Her blog includes images like this one.


The blog also includes writings but that's not important right now.

By Howie at 08:17 AM | Comments |

June 10, 2013

Cornhole Watch: Six Man Circle Jerk Edition

Jewel Uddin, Omar Mohammed Khan, Zohaib Ahmed, Mohammed Hasseen, Anzal Hussain and Mohammed Saud have at least 18 years to get to know each other better.

Six Islamist extremists have been jailed for a total of more than 100 years for plotting a gun and bomb attack on an English Defence League rally that could have sparked spiralling communal violence in Britain.


The six travelled to Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, for the rally attended by several hundred people with a car full of weaponry including a pipe bomb, two shotguns and knives but turned up too late to carry out the attack.

As they drove home to Birmingham, one of their cars was pulled over by police because a plotter failed to fill out an online application form properly and the car showed up as *having no insurance.

Now is the time at Jawa Report when we dance.

*Grandpa always said that insurance was a Zionist plot.

By Howie at 02:29 PM | Comments |

Meanwhile in Aleppo: Rebel Leaders Executed by Rival Group in Aleppo, Syria

The video is of al-Nusra I believe killing two members of Jeish Muhammad.

I believe the murdered men are from the Iraqi Baathist group Jeish Muhammad, not the Pakistani terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed

Related to our Feel Good Story of the Day?


By Howie at 12:43 PM | Comments |

Feel Good Story of the Day
Belgian Jihadi Dies in Syria
Brother Arrested

Daily Star:

A young Belgian man has been killed in Syria while fighting for an Islamist group and his brother was arrested on his return home from the war-stricken country, newspapers said Monday.

Belgian authorities and Islamic groups have become increasingly concerned about a growing number of young men leaving to fight in Syria against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, some of whom are suspected of war crimes.

Tarik Taketloune, 20, a car mechanic from Vilvorde, a suburb of Brussels, was shot in the head and killed on Friday as he slept in a house near Aleppo, the Flemish newspaper Het Nieuwsbald said, quoting his father.

The bestest part is.
He may have been shot by a fellow fighter after saying he wanted to go home, his father said.

The house was occupied by members of Sharia4Belgium, an Islamist group which has sent several young men to fight in Syria. Sharia4Belgium has formed its own brigade which is under the command of the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra front.

Taketloune's older brother Elias, 23, was arrested on his return to Belgium on June 3 and has been detained on suspicion of terrorist activities, their father said.

By Howie at 12:15 PM | Comments |

Yes Sir Officer Obie, I Cannot Tell a Lie...

I put that sidewalk underneath that anti-Muslim graffiti.

Watford’s MP has written to the Home office after anti-Muslim graffiti appeared outside a West Watford infant school.
Scene of the Crime there was five police officers and three police cars,
being the biggest crime of the last fifty years, and everybody wanted to
get in the newspaper story about it.


By Howie at 11:53 AM | Comments |

Let the Wookie Win

For some reason this guy raised suspicion among TSA agents.

Transportation Security Administration agents in Denver briefly stopped ‘‘Star Wars’’ franchise actor Peter Mayhew recently as he was boarding a flight with a cane shaped like one of science-fiction’s most iconic weapons.

Airport officials say they wanted to inspect the huge walking stick before allowing Mayhew, who is more than 7 feet tall, on the plane.

TSA agents hard at work trying to figure out how to confiscate Johnny a new toy.

BL2NeU1CQAAJvN6 (1).jpg

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Taliban Behead Two Boys 10 and 16

They murdered the two boys for scavenging for food around coalition checkpoint.

Taliban militants beheaded two children in southern Afghanistan, a provincial governor's office said.

The beheadings occurred in Kandahar province, the provincial governor's office said Monday.

One of those slain was a 10-year-old boy. The other was age 16.
A press release issued by the office said the militants caught and beheaded the 10-year-old Sunday after he had collected food waste from a trash bin in the area of a security checkpoint.

By Howie at 09:38 AM | Comments |

Astroturfing Islamophobia

I keep a Google alert on Shaima Alawadi because I've been following the story for some time.

So this morning I get an alert, I'm was hoping its news on Justice for her murder. But sadly it was just CAIR and New America Media spamming old stories of Islamophobia.

El Cajon Killing Revives Fears of Islamophobia

Though police have yet to announce a motive, those in the community suspect Alawadi was targeted for wearing the hijab, a traditional headscarf worn by many female Muslims.

Although we know this narrative is completely and utterly false and that her husband Kassim Alhamidi is awaiting trial on murder charges That doesn't stop the disinformation campaign about her murder run by CAIR and New American Media.

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Ministry of Jiggly: Putin Porking Alina Kabayeva?

Mistress Kabayeva is not only smoking hot.


She's also very bendy.


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June 08, 2013

Jihad Definitely Ruled Out in Mass Shooting by Guy Who's Last Name is "Zawahiri"

I'm not saying John Zawahiri was motivated by jihad. He might just be crazy and distressed over his parents' divorce.

But, as I've noted in the past, there is something like a reverse jump-to-conclusions when it comes to Muslims accused of crimes. Assuming that everyone will jump to the erroneous conclusion that the Muslim was motivated by his faith, the media immediately informs its readers that the real reason said accused Muslim committed the crime was something else. Indeed, anything else.

This is the case when there are no known motives -- as in the present case -- and even when the motives become clear -- as in the Boston bombings, when media personalities continued to parrot the party line that it might have been mental illness or alienation that motivated the killers long after it was becoming clear that they were religiously motivated.

It's as if the media doesn't realize jumping to conclusions works in both directions.

It also misses the more interesting and nuanced truth that mental illness and motivated by jihad are not mutually exclusively categories. Or that many terrorists are both motivated by jihad, but also have a proximate cause for why they are committing their violence at a particular point in time and space.

In other words, jihad and I'm pissed that my wife left me are also not mutually exclusive categories.

People's motivations are often a mix of a lot of things. I'm not assuming Zawahiri was motivated by jihad, but let's not rule it out either:

The gunman accused of killing four people in a Santa Monica shooting rampage Friday was apparently angry over his parents' divorce and had some mental health issues in the past, a law enforcement source told The Times.

The suspect was identified by five law enforcement sources in Washington and Los Angeles as John Zawahri, in his 20s.

Other sources with knowledge of the investigation said detectives believe the shooting was sparked by a family dispute of some kind but emphasized that the investigation was still in its early stages....

Firefighters later found the bodies of two men inside the house. Police sources said the men were Samir Zawahri, 55, the owner of the house and the father of the alleged gunman, and one of his adult sons....

the gunman allegedly fired at a city bus from front to back, shattering the windows. Passengers dived to the floor for cover...

Campus police intercepted the alleged gunman on the edge of campus and exchanged gunfire with him, authorities said. They continued to trade shots as the man ran toward the school's library and shot a woman outside the building's entrance before disappearing inside.

The woman outside the library later died at a hospital.

During the rampage, five people were wounded, two seriously, police said.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:18 PM | Comments |

Fwance Subsidizes Art Honoring Terrorists

I believe in artistic freedom. If you want to support terror with your art you are free to do so. Just don't expect me to subsidize it and, if we happen to meet on the streets, don't expect me not to punch you in the face:

A Paris museum subsidized by the French government opened an exhibition of photos of Palestinian suicide bombers, which the museum calls freedom fighters....

According to CRIF, the umbrella body of French Jewish communities, the people commemorated in the photos are “mostly from the [Fatah-affiliated] al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades [of Hamas] and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.” All three are designated by the European Union as terrorist groups.

When you use taxpayer money to support your enemies, your own doom cannot be far behind.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:24 PM | Comments |

June 07, 2013

Debating Beheading

Or discussing the relative merits of savages:

Here is the problem when it comes to the aftermath of events such as beheading of one of our soldiers in Woolwich recently. It is not that almost every Muslim community spokesperson didn’t come out and say that the beheading was bad. That is what they have done before and will continue to do after – and quite rightly so. It is of course a pretty low place to position the bar. Applauding anyone for coming out against beheading is just a symptom of a malaise: “Hurrah – you’re for us keeping our heads.”
There is a video of some Belgians fighting with al-Nusra in Syria murdering a captive by beheading. They're not very good at it. But that doesn't stop the Allahu Ackbars.

Its AQ Iraq redux.

By Howie at 10:54 AM | Comments |

Interview With Shafik Hammami

Shafik is the father of Omar Shafik Hammamiaka Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki.

CNN: While others enjoy the approaching summer, barbeques and baseball, one American family scours the internet looking for clues to whether their son is alive.

U.S. authorities also want to find him but not to secure a happy family reunion.
Their son, Omar Hammami, is a wanted Islamist terrorist fighting -- or barely surviving -- in Somalia with a $5 million bounty on his head.

Now after an apparent assassination attempt on their son, the family opens up in an exclusive CNN interview about how their son grew up to be a terrorist, how their lives are changed forever and how their joint faith has seen them survive burdens that could have destroyed other families.

Read the rest.

CNN's interview with Shafik is here. I've uploaded a portion of that interview for embed here.

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Ministry of Jiggly: Kate Upton Edition

NY Post:

Kate Upton is busting out all over the big screen.


The bombshell struggled to contain her plump cleavage in an unbuttoned camisole top and lacy yellow bra on the set of the Cameron Diaz comedy, “The Other Woman.”

Jiggly Kate slideshow here.

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Remains of The Church of St Elias in Qusair Syria


Syrian government forces have been consolidating their hold on villages around the key town of Qusair which they seized from rebel fighters on Wednesday after a two week offensive.

A descrated image of Christ in the Church of St Elias

The fierce fighting over Qusair reflects its strategic importance as it sits on a key route north from the capital Damascus and close to the border with Lebanon.

See below at 1:47.

All the Christians were "cleansed" from Qusair by um uh... freedom fighters.

Here is what the rebels did with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here is an image of a similar church in Syria before.


And here is what similar churches used to look like on the inside.


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Pamela Anderson's Boobies Banned in UK


A risque commercial featuring the actress, 45, has been banned in Britain for being “sexist and degrading to women,” according to The Guardian newspaper.

By Howie at 08:20 AM | Comments |

ICRC Delivers Letter From Bowe Bergdahl


BOISE - Family of captured Idaho soldier Bowe Bergdahl released a statement on Thursday through their personal media spokesperson, Col. Tim Marsano, concerning a letter sent to them by Bowe.
Here is the Bergdahl Family's latest statement about what they received:
“Through the International Committee of the Red Cross, we recently received a letter we’re confident was written to us by our son Bowe. Our family is greatly relieved and encouraged by this letter, which gives us hope that Bowe is doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances. We thank the ICRC for all their assistance and support over these past four years. We want to also thank the many individuals, private groups and agencies who are working to support us and bring Bowe home. We hope Bowe’s captors will again consider his parents’ plea to release him, but in the meantime, we ask that you please continue to keep him in good health and allow him to keep corresponding with us.
The report goes on to say the letter was censored but the family believes it is in his hand. The letter was written approximately two months ago.

Read the rest.

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June 06, 2013

D-Day: 69 years ago today the forces of freedom invaded Europe.

69 years ago roughly 160,00 allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy to free a continent from the Third Reich....the outcome was very much in doubt. Generations owe their freedom to those brave men who stormed the beaches.... Utah...Omaha....Gold...Juno...Sword. their sacrifice will not be forgotten.


By Matt Damon at 04:04 PM | Comments |

New Sandcrawler Category: Ministry of Jiggly

Bikinis have been banned from the Ms World contest lest Islamic rage boy gets, well you know.

So we've seen that last of this.


But on the bright side we have a net category. Ministry of Jiggly in which we study Eastern culture. (below the fold)

By Howie at 01:18 PM | Comments |

Syrian Rebels Capture Syrian Army Weapons Cache

The news isn't all bad for al-Nusra and the FSA.

Here they are going to fight brigade 61, which as far as I can tell is infantry attached to the Syrian 5th armored division.

And here are the Iranian supplied Soviet Weapons they found. Including the Soviet RPG-29) anti-tank weapon.

The RPG-29 (NATO designation: Vampir) is a Russian rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launcher. Adopted by the Soviet Army in 1989,[2] it was the last RPG to be adopted by the Soviet military before the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. The RPG-29 has since been supplemented by other rocket-propelled systems, such as the RPG-30 and RPG-32 "Hashim". The RPG-29's PG-29V tandem-charge warhead is one of the few warhead systems which has penetrated the hulls of Western composite-armored main battle tanks in active combat.

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June 05, 2013

Feel Good Video of the Day: al-Qaeda Gets its Ass Kicked

You know I kind of enjoyed when AQ bit Assad in the ass, considering how many terrorists he let come into Iraq from Syria to fight US. Still watching al-Qaeda get its ass handed to it in Qusayr, also pretty effing enjoyable.

Also you have to admit that the Shia vids have a better beat.

Hat Tip: Brown Moses.

(sound of popcorn popping)

Update: What I was finding so entertaining when I posted this.


Heh, they sound pissed, no?

By Howie at 03:49 PM | Comments |

Locks Around Boston Reservoir Cut

From The Global Dispatch via Gateway Pundit:

The padlocks to hatches of an aqueduct outside of Boston that supplies drinking water to the metropolitan area were found cut Monday, leading to local concerns after there was a trespassing incident.

Officials say the drinking water does not appear to have been tampered with.
Every water droplet may translate in money as Maryland is instituting a "rain tax" photo D. Sharon Pruitt from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, USA

The CBS affiliate is reporting the details, noting that three padlocks were cut from separate access hatches located at approximately half-mile intervals along the aqueduct. Police say there is evidence of an attempt to cut a fourth lock.

State Police are investigating, though they say "there is no evidence of any crime other than vandalism."

There's nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

MA: 7 Caught Trespassing at Quabbin Reservoir
Perps From Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Singapore

By DMartyr at 12:24 PM | Comments |

Is the Tsarnaev Fan Club Lending Financial Support to Terrorism

So if Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are linked to the specially designated terrorist entity knows as the Caucasus Emirate and the Boston bombings were designed in support of the Caucasus Emirate, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

Then it stand to reason that all that financial support he claims to be receiving should be a violation of law.

Alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has told his mother that people are sending him money and that someone opened an account for him, according to a new recording of their first phone call from prison.

When his mother asked if he is in pain, Tsarnaev replied in Russian: "No, of course not. I'm already eating and have been for a long time," according to a translation by Channel 4 News in the UK, which first aired the audio. The call took place last week.

"They are giving me chicken and rice now, everything is fine," he said.
Dzhokhar also told his mother that he has received at least a "thousand" dollars in a bank account that someone opened for him since his arrest. The mother says the family has also received $8,000 from individuals pledging their support, according to Channel 4 News.

Should these accounts not be seized, the contents used for fines and restitution to the victims and the contributors prosecuted for material support of terrorism?

By Howie at 12:19 PM | |

UAF And Muslims Destroy Flower Memorial For Lee Rigby

The United Against Fascism, which opposes the EDL, helps Muslim protesters destroy flowers left for murdered soldier Lee Rigby. They then throw the flower pieces at counter protesters, all while under the watchful eye of police.

In others words, this group against fascism only wants to allow displays in which they approve.


By DMartyr at 11:56 AM | Comments |

Eleven Year Old Boy Suspended For Daydreaming of Saving His Class

He was overheard using the work gun as he was day dreaming of saving all his friends from evildoers.

I ask you, even you Democrats and heel-dug Obama defenders who are committed to the man because you invested your trust and franchise in him, either because you bought his bromides and bullshit, or because Rush Limbaugh’s talk about Obama phones reeked of racism, and you refused to be part of that (though evidently, the institutionalized racialism in the Civil Rights Division and at the Justice Department wasn’t a factor in your decision making): is this the country you imagined you lived in?
The father of a middle schooler in Calvert County, Md. says his 11-year-old son was suspended for 10 days for merely talking about guns on the bus ride home.

Bruce Henkelman of Huntingtown says his son, a sixth grader at Northern Middle School in Owings, was talking with friends about the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre when the bus driver hauled him back to school to be questioned by the principal, Darrel Prioleau.

“The principal told me that with what happened at Sandy Hook if you say the word ‘gun’ in my school you are going to get suspended for 10 days,” Henkelman said in an interview with WMAL.com.

So what did the boy say? According to his father, he neither threatened nor bullied anyone.

“He said, I wish I had a gun to protect everyone. He wanted to defeat the bad guys. That’s the context of what he said,” Henkelman said. “He wanted to be the hero.”

Really what about the glue gun or maybe rivet or grease gun in shop class?

We've become a politically correct parody of a once great nation.

By Howie at 11:39 AM | |

American Spring! The Vast Right Wing Republican Insurgency

Bob Owen:

We now know that the White House has used the Internal Revenue Service as a weapon against “enemy” political groups, in a naked example of tyranny so extreme that when the IRS Inspector investigated, he found it worse than even Richard Nixon’s attempted abuses of the system. He call the targeted political terror campaign, “unprecedented.” It is an abuse of power never before seen in our nation’s history.

News is confirmed that the Environmental Protection Agency was also used to target activist groups.

Attorney General Eric Holder personally authorized using the Espionage Act—which has been used to put spies to death—against members of the press, and then lied about it in Congressional testimony.

We have seen a perfect storm of abuses at the hand of the Obama Administration, and the government itself has been exposed as rotten to the core.

That changes scenario immensely.

When I wrote WYSIR, I could never predicted that the government would self-destruct in living color before a revolt against tyranny ever began. Incredibly, the federal leviathan became so bold in it’s overt corruption that it has self-destructed, without any external help, before the first shot has been fired in anger.

Read the rest.

By Howie at 11:35 AM | |

IRS Reinstated CAIR's Tax Exempt Status Despite Delinquent Filings After White House Visit

Counter Jihad Report:

In a strange twist of fate, it appears that the IRS targeted Iraq War veteran David Gaubatz who was involved in exposing the HAMAS front group Council on American Islamic Relations(CAIR). Based upon Gaubatz’s book Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret World that’s Conspiring to Islamize America, Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., and other congressional leaders asked the IRS to investigate CAIR. Gaubatz’s book called attention to CAIR’s missing IRS filings and foreign donations.

World Net Daily reports, “At the same time the Internal Revenue Service delayed or denied requests for tax-exempt status from hundreds of conservative non-profit groups, it was quietly restoring the tax-exempt status of an Islamist front group accused of collaborating with terrorists. Last year, the politicized agency reinstated the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations’ tax-exempt status despite years of delinquent tax filings. CAIR officials had met with officials inside the White House before the decision was made.”

To add insult to injury.
In an email to WDW Gaubatz states, “Once my book (Muslim Mafia) came out in 2009, I got a letter from the IRS for an audit. They wanted a copy of my book, info about the Center for Security Policy, World Net Daily, etc… and then slammed me with a $146,000 tax bill. I had always completed my taxes on time and paid what I owed. I had two accountants go through my tax info, and in actuality the IRS owed me, but I am too small to fight the govt. Now they take it out of my disability pension (from war in Iraq).”

By Howie at 10:40 AM | |

Al-Rahma Mosque in London Burns

BBC: Abubakar Ali, from the centre, said: "The Somali community is in fear.

"We are all shocked about what has happened and we strongly condemn the attack on the centre. As you can see, the situation is a very serious one indeed.

"We are appalled and deeply saddened by the horrific and foolish act against a peaceful community. While no one was thankfully physically hurt in the attack, the effects of this crime will be felt very deeply."

First of all, arson is a crime, so whomever did this needs to be prosecuted. We need to keep an open mind and go where the evidence leads. Wherever that may be, we don't have a perpetrator holding a firebomb confessing on video.

Second, Islam is not a race.

Taking a page from Anjem Choudary, rather than condemn the burning of a Mosque we need to look deeper into the root cause....


Um, yeah.

By Howie at 10:05 AM | |

Awww Shucks

By Howie at 09:43 AM | |

Fatwa This! #FreeFemen Edition

Yeah I know, but I'd rather run #freefemen than #FreeJahar or #FreeAbuMuwahhid.

click for larger
Femen' feminist organization militants demonstrate and pray next to the Tunisia embassy in Paris, France, on June 5, 2013, asking for the liberation of their fellow militants jailed in Tunisia after topless activist actions. Photo by Ammar Abd Rabbo

More Fatwa seekers below the fold(NSFW).




click for larger

By Howie at 09:23 AM | |

Iranian Gets 25 Years For Plot to Kill Saudi Ambassador

Creeping Sharia:

A U.S. citizen-turned-covert Iranian operative was sentenced to 25 years in prison Thursday for plotting to kill the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States by bombing a Washington restaurant.

Manssor Arbabsiar, a former used car salesman from Corpus Christi, Texas, had pleaded guilty in October to two conspiracy charges and a murder-for-hire count alleging he was directed by the Iranian military to hire a Mexican drug cartel to carry out the assassination. U.S. agents disrupted the plot.

Defense attorneys sought to convince the judge that their Iranian-born client deserved only a 10-year term. In court papers, they had argued his crimes were “the result of a severe mental breakdown caused by a long-standing, untreated bipolar disorder,” and that he had no previous involvement in terrorism or “international intrigue.”

Arbabsiar, 58, asked for mercy before hearing his sentence in federal court in Manhattan.

“What I did was wrong,” he said. “I take responsibility for it. … My mind sometimes is not in a good place.”


By Howie at 09:05 AM | |

This is Madness!

Obama selects Samantha Power as new UN ambassador.

a woman who once said that the US should send in its military to Israel to enforce a Mid East peace.

How long do you think it will be before Power uses that board as tool to de-legitimize Israel?


Power was a foreign policy adviser to the Obama campaign in 2008 when she blamed the Jews for the criticism of then Candidate Obama's foreign policy platform.

Susan Rice will move to the post of National Security Advisor.

OK so we're not just doomed, we're f*cking doomed doubleclutch.

By Howie at 08:54 AM | |

Conrnhole Watch: Another Jihadi Arrested in UK Abu Muwahhid

Brothers in UK are now under great fitnah, Raise your awareness!


Apparently his house is currently being searched. I found out because the Jihadis have already started a free Abu Muwahhid twitter tag. Because you know, there is no evidence.

If you're wondering what kind of guy Abu Muwahhid he's one of those radicals from SalafiMedia.

Here's a video from his youtube channel.

Here's his twitter feed. and Facebook.

Here is one where he calls interfaith relations a conspiracy.

By Howie at 08:19 AM | |

June 04, 2013

Cymbal Fail Win!

By DMartyr at 09:49 AM | |

Syria: A Crime Against Humanity

Both sides are taking crimes against humanity to new levels of brutality.

Syria is in free fall,” Paulo Pinheiro, the chairman of the Commission of Inquiry investigating the hostilities in Syria told the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. “Crimes that shock the conscience have become a daily reality. Humanity has been the casualty of this war.”

There was a disparity between the abuses and crimes committed by government forces and militia and those conducted by rebel groups, he acknowledged, “but this is a disparity in intensity, it is not a disparity in the nature of the crimes.” He added, “They are the same.”

So what we need to do is get all up in the middle of that shit?

I think not. Let the Culture of the region pay the price for the culture of the region I always say.

By Howie at 09:31 AM | |

Livestream: Conservative Groups Testify On IRS Scrutiny
C-SPAN Is NOT Showing It On Cable, Hearing Only Online

It starts at 10:00 AM, you can watch it live here

Update: You can, finally, watch on C-SPAN here. I was beginning to wonder if they were going to cover it.

It is not on cable, I wonder who decided that?

My question answered above.

Witness List

Mr. John Eastman
Chairman, National Organization for Marriage

Ms. Diane Belsom
Laurens County Tea Party

Ms. Becky Gerritson
Wetumpka Tea Party

Ms. Karen Kenny
San Fernando Valley Patriots

Mr. Kevin Kookogey
Founder and President, Linchpins of Liberty

Ms. Sue Martinek
Coalition for Life of Iowa

Rep Dave Camp (R-MI)
Congressman Dave Camp, (R-MI), Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means, today announced that the Committee will hold a hearing featuring organizations targeted by the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) based on their personal beliefs. The hearing will take place on Tuesday, June 4, 2013, in Room 1100 of the Longworth House Office Building, beginning at 10:00 A.M.

In view of the limited time available to hear witnesses, oral testimony at this hearing will be from invited witnesses only. However, any individual or organization not scheduled for an oral appearance may submit a written statement for consideration by the Committee and for inclusion in the printed record of the hearing. A list of invited witnesses will follow.


The Committee on Ways and Means has led a two-year investigation into whether the IRS treated certain applicants for tax-exempt status differently on the basis of their personal beliefs. The agency now admits to the practice, and the Committee is continuing its work to determine how the practice was established and why it was allowed to continue.

In announcing the hearing, Chairman Camp said, “While we now know that the IRS began targeting individuals based on their personal beliefs three years ago, we still need to know who began this targeting and why, and we need to understand how individuals were affected by the IRS’s abuse. This hearing will provide a voice to those Americans who wound up under the IRS’s political microscope on the basis of their beliefs.”[More...]

Related: "We’re the San Fernando Valley Patriots, not Occupy Oakland"[PDF]

By Stable Hand at 08:52 AM | |

Archduchess of The Sith!

Sith Ladies are our specialty.


By Howie at 08:52 AM | |

Ben Stein: Declaring end to War on Terror is surrender

I don't agree with everything he says but the overall point is spot on.

By Howie at 08:26 AM | |

Shocking News! Anjem Choudary is a Terrorist

Jawa Report has only been pointing this out for about ten years.

The Sun:

HATE preacher Anjem Choudary has been filmed claiming murdered soldier Lee Rigby will “burn in hellfire”.

He also told followers that Michael Adebolajo, accused of killing Lee in Woolwich, South London, is “a nice man”.

Police have repeatedly failed to arrest Choudary over his inflammatory outbursts.

Vile Choudary told his followers Lee deserves no sympathy — but insisted those accused of his barbaric murder are martyrs.

By Howie at 08:18 AM | |

Sooper Mexican: Surprise Scandalpalooza Special Prosecutor

Thus we bring you, Samuel L. Jackson… Special Prosecutor!!!:

Finally after weeks of stonewalling, the Obama administration has decided to name a special prosecutor to investigate all the 57 scandals involved in Scandalpalooza. When the first pop star president suggested they do something "hip" like allow the interwebz and twitter choose who it is, American Idol style, calamity struck!!!

Thus we bring you, Samuel L. Jackson... Special Investigator!!!

[uncensored version available if there's enough public clamor for it!]


By Stable Hand at 08:18 AM | |

Egyptian Court Convicts American NGO Workers

Lurch & Morsi met 10 days ago

I'm sure Lurch will get right on this

More than a dozen American aid workers have been sentenced to prison in Egypt after a court convicted them of stirring up unrest in the country.

At least 16 Americans were among the 43 NGO workers who were today found guilty of illegally using foreign funds and given jail sentences of up to five years.

Most of the Americans left Egypt last year, and are extremely unlikely to serve any prison time.

The convicted aid workers include Sam LaHood, son of the U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who was sentenced in absentia to five years in prison.

The court in Cairo also issued judgements against the U.S. non-profit groups where the defendants worked, including the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute and Freedom House[More...]

Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) is not pleased
Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, issued the following statement condemning the verdicts rendered by Egypt against international and Egyptian non-governmental organizations (NGOs):

This is another assault on Egyptian civil society. As if these trials were not bad enough, the Egyptian government is pushing a new law targeting NGOs that will further suffocate civil society. President Morsi should immediately reverse course and allow for Egyptian domestic and international NGOs to work toward a democratic and secure Egypt.”

All of this will be ignored as Morsi will continue receiving our hard earned tax $$$$$ thanks to dhimmis in our government.

By Stable Hand at 07:57 AM | |

Good News! Obama’s Appointees Using Secret Email Accounts, Demand $1M for Information

The word ethical is not in this administrations vocabulary.


The Associated Press has been trying to uncover this information through FOIA requests. Remarkably, this incredibly corrupt administration demanded over a million dollars for the information. Wash that one around in your mind for a minute. Information from people whose salaries we pay is withheld and they have the balls to demand what basically is ransom for the information to which we are entitled. The fucking balls on these people.
Some of President Barack Obama’s political appointees, including the Cabinet secretary for the Health and Human Services Department, are using secret government email accounts they say are necessary to prevent their inboxes from being overwhelmed with unwanted messages, according to a review by The Associated Press.

The scope of using the secret accounts across government remains a mystery: Most U.S. agencies have failed to turn over lists of political appointees’ email addresses, which the AP sought under the Freedom of Information Act more than three months ago. The Labor Department initially asked the AP to pay more than $1 million for its email addresses.

It's the Chicago way!

By Stable Hand at 07:19 AM | |

June 03, 2013

Australian University Censors Speech Offensive to Islam, Threatens Students

dhimmitude for dummies2.jpg

Bend over dhimmis

June 3, 2013 - NEW YORK - Australian National University (ANU) administrators have given student board members and authors of the school's newspaper Woroni an ultimatum: retract a recently published infographic satirizing Islam or face disciplinary proceedings that could include expulsion. Not surprisingly, the students responded to the school's threat by removing the image from the Internet, having already published an apology to "any readers who felt victimised, while stressing that the piece was intended to be satirical."

The infographic was the fifth in a student-produced series that satirized aspects of different religions, preceded by installments on Catholicism, Scientology, Mormonism, and Judaism. Only the piece on Islam drew university censorship, following a complaint by the International Students Department. According to ANU vice-chancellor Ian Young, the Chancelry (administration) "felt [the piece] actually breached the rules of the university in terms of student conduct and . . . breached the rules of at least the Australian Press Council principles to which Woroni abides." Young denied that the censorship was an attack on freedom of speech and asserted that previous cartoons on other major religions were permissible because they did not attract formal complaints.

The implications of this are troubling: the Chancelry has effectively endorsed a policy of selectively restricting speech deemed offensive to Islam, and Islam alone.

[Continue reading]

If you thought the above couldn't happen here, think again: US Attorney: Anti-Muslim Postings on Social Media May Be a Federal Crime.

By Stable Hand at 04:33 PM | |

Woolwich Butcherer Michael Adebolajo Asked To Be Known As Mujahid Abu Hamza In Bizarre Cornhole Watch Appearance

Teh ghey

He's proud to be a terrorist

A man accused of murdering soldier Lee Rigby made a bizarre appearance in court today and demanded to be known as Mujahid Abu Hamza.

Michael Adebolajo, 28, constantly interrupted proceedings during the ten minute hearing at London’s Westminster magistrates’ court.

Dressed in white T-shirt and trousers, he held a copy of the Koran and had his left arm cased in plaster.

He smiled and blew kisses to a lone supporter in the public gallery and both men then pointed at the ceiling of the court in a gesture similar to the victory sign given by Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt.

[Coninue reading]

By Stable Hand at 03:37 PM | |

Report: One Christian Killed Every 6 Minutes for Faith

Where'd I get the 1 Christian killed every 10 minutes figure from? DMartyr ran the numbers. If the figure quoted below is correct, then:

100,000 killed a year
= 274 per day
= 11 per hour
= one every 10 5 - 6 minutes

I'm not saying there isn't such a thing as Islamophobia. Clearly, there is. But is it a big deal? As far as I can tell, the vast majority of Muslims who are killed for their "faith" are not at the hands of Christian or Jewish bigots.

No, the vast majority of Muslims killed for religious reasons are killed by other Muslims in "sectarian violence" (ie, one type of Muslim killing another type of Muslim for being the wrong kind or Muslim), for "apostasy" (which gets you the death penalty under traditional Islamic law), "heresy" (ditto the death penalty), or for being "puppets" (read: fighting the Taliban or other Salaafists).

Fox News:

"Credible research has reached the shocking conclusion that an estimate of more than 100,000 Christians are violently killed because of some relation to their faith every year," Vatican spokesman Monsieur Silvano Maria Tomassi said Tuesday in a radio address to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

"Other Christians and other believers are subjected to forced displacement, to the destruction of their places of worship, to rape and to the abduction of their leaders, as it recently happened in the case of Bishops Yohanna Ibrahim and Boulos Yaziji, in Aleppo [Syria]," Tomassi said.

So grow up and stop whining about "Islamophobia", a concept so utterly devoid of a good definition that it is applied to both real acts of harassment equally with political satire or honest criticism about traditional Islamic teachings and history.

UPDATE by Rusty: Apparently my ninja-math skillz need work, as 11 per hour translates to something closer to one Christian killed for their faith every 5 - 6 minutes, and not every 10 minutes as I wrote earlier.

In my own defense ..... uh ...... I blame DMartyr! Yeah, that's it.

Thanks to Rick for pointing out the error of my ways.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:48 PM | |

C-SPAN3: IRS Hearing On Targeting Conservative Groups

You can watch it live here

"Before Congress spends one more dime on the IRS, we need to know how it spends the money it has already." -Rep Crenshaw (R-FL)

Rep Serrano said the IRS needs more funds to properly do it's job, says lack of funds will result in "more scandals."

Rep Serrano (D-NY) also said he didn't care who the groups targeted were and that no one should be targeted.

All I can say is the dems are all Citizens United!!! This hearing is getting nowhere.

Oh and, Blame Bush!!!!!

Rep Crenshaw (R-FL) brings up Obamacare and the IRS implementing it. He also said the stories about the targeting of conservatives keep changing all the time. "The IRS has betrayed the trust of people".

Rep Rogers (R-KY) speaking about bonuses given to those same employees who were at the helm of the targeting. He asked the acting IRS commission about bonuses over 25K need to be approved by the president, did he approve them? IRS acting commish didn't know. "Should they not pay those bonuses back"? Acting commish will get back to Rep Rogers

Gee, wonder why no employees would say who ordered this clusterfruck:

Probably because their supervisors were present when they were questioned

Congressional investigators have questioned the manner in which George conducted his interviews with employees. For example, Holly Paz, a senior official in the Cincinnati and Obama donor, was allowed to sit in on many of the interviews
That would put a one in a position of gawd, I wanna say but that bitch is sitting right here.

By Stable Hand at 02:04 PM | |

Progressive Twitter Twit The1AmberDawn Who Wanted To 'Take Out' Concealed Carry People In Chicago..


All that's left of he/she/it is a Google cache

It's not nice to tell people you will take their concealed carry away and shove it up their ass and pull the trigger.


By Stable Hand at 10:50 AM | |

Shocking News! IRS Commissioner's Wife Susan L. Anderson is Obama for America Activist/Netroots/Occupyer

Well kinda almost sorta shocking really.

We already knew that former IRS commissioner Doug Shulman’s wife, Susan L. Anderson, worked for a liberal activist group, Public Campaign.

And we briefly mentioned that at one point she had some kind of connection to the Occupy Wall Street movement:


We didn’t know until now, however, that she also worked for Obama For America (see tweet above).

Nor did we know that she talked smack about Karl Rove’s group, American Crossroads.

Read more on Susan L. Anderson's radical leftist views.

Update by SH: A few 'choice' tweets of hers:

Romney supporter was targeted by the IRS and she appeared very happy about that fact

Another target of the IRS:

Apparently she was 'relieved' when her hubby gave dishonest answers to Rep Issa

Her last tweet was May 12th, about the time when the IRS investigation started to heat up. Coincidence? You decide.

By Howie at 08:55 AM | |

Arab Spring! al-Qaeda Leader's Brother Noted Terrorist Abd Al-Wahhab Muhammad Qaid Running for President in Libya

You know what happened in Benghazi is not the only thing Bronco Bamma doesn't want to talk about in Libya.

The brother of a top Al Qaeda commander killed in an American drone strike in Pakistan last summer is emerging as a strong candidate to become Libya’s top elected official.

Image credit NY Times who describes Abu Idris al-Libi as a moderate Islamist lawmaker

Abd Al-Wahhab Muhammad Qaid is a former member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), jihadists who struggled for more than two decades to overthrow Muammar Qaddafi and mounted an insurgency in eastern Libya before seeking sanctuary in Afghanistan. He was nominated for the presidency of the country’s parliament, the General National Congress (GNC).

The killing last year of Qaid's brother, Abu Yahya al-Libi, is thought to have been one of the motives for Libyan jihadists to attack the U.S. consulate in Benghazi last September, an assault that led to the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. Al Qaeda’s spiritual leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, focused his annual 9/11 message on America’s drone war just days before the consulate attack, eulogized al-Libi and called on “Libyan brothers” to avenge the loss.

Previous: Jawa Pic of the Year: Osama al-Libi in Tessawa South Libya.
Abu Yahya al Libi aka Al Hussein Mohammad Abu Baker Qayed Funeral Pics.

Note on that second link the pics of Abu Yahya al Libi's funeral in Libya and the story they were with has been conveniently tossed down the memory hole.

By Howie at 08:26 AM | |

June 02, 2013

Comments Are Closed. Nice Job, Gheyrooster *Sticky*

Sorry, but if you want to voice your opinion on a particular post, you'll just have to follow us on social media.

Facebook page.



Stable Hand



By Vinnie at 11:13 PM | |

Facebook Blocks 'Star Spangled' Cover by Conservative Rockers


Yes IRS progressives, Facebook is with you too

Indie bands like Madison Rising need the power of social media more than a Radiohead or Rolling Stones. So when the conservative rockers' cover of The Star-Spangled Banner caught fire on sites like Facebook and Twitter last month it was very good news, indeed.

That social media love abruptly stopped, and it took weeks before the band's manager Richard Mgrdechian found out why. The answer has Mgrdechian wondering if the band's conservative bent made it a target[...]

The social media giant finally offered its rationale for the blockage earlier this week. The link in question was incorrectly identified as spam and blocked, but the problem had been rectified.

[Read it all]

As Howie said a couple days ago:
A search for the terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra on Facebook today returns about 55,400 results and somehow I doubt those are all folks advocating against Jihad

By Stable Hand at 01:07 PM | |

Celebrate Israel NYC


Proof Juice control teh NYC!

Livestream of Juice and their supporters (& pretend supporters) invading NYC

Israel turned 65 on April 15th. See! where I taxes go?!?

Israel 65 birthday.jpg

Seriously, Mozel Tov Israel and those who support her.

By Stable Hand at 12:20 PM | |

Carcinogenic Cunnilingus Cures Cancer

Michael Douglas explains better than I ever could:

Asked whether he now regretted his years of smoking and drinking, thought to be the cause of the disease, Douglas replied: "No. Because without wanting to get too specific, this particular cancer is caused by HPV [human papillomavirus], which actually comes about from cunnilingus."

Douglas, the husband of Catherine Zeta Jones, continued: "I did worry if the stress caused by my son's incarceration didn't help trigger it. But yeah, it's a sexually transmitted disease that causes cancer. And if you have it, cunnilingus is also the best cure for it."

By DMartyr at 10:47 AM | |

Brit Muslim Convert: 'I Am Going To Kill Prince Harry'...

Ashraf Islam

No one can say this convert (aka 'revert' as some Muslims believe everyone is born a Muslim) is very bright

A WHITE Muslim convert walked into a police station and told cops he was going to kill Prince Harry, it was revealed last night.

Ashraf Islam made his chilling threat a day after the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, South London.

Islam, 30, is now facing ten years in jail after admitting threatening to kill soldier Harry, 28, who is third in line to the throne[...]

Scotland Yard allegedly later found a laptop belonging to Islam showing internet searches for kidnapping, guns and vans.

His internet history is also said to show he had been on terrorist and firearms websites.[More...]

Most likely another student of radical preachers Anjem Choudary and Omar, the goat humpiing, Bakri Mohammed.

By Stable Hand at 10:42 AM | Comments |

Anti-Gun Group Director Arrested For Domestic Violence

Fortunately for Tio Hardiman, his wife was not armed. But then again, if she had been armed, he might not have had the bollocks to beat her in the first place (emphasis mine):

CeaseFire director Tio Hardiman (and HufPo contributor...SH) was released from jail after posting bond on a domestic battery charge. [...] Hardiman was arrested Friday after an argument with his wife allegedly turned physical at the couple's hillside home.

"I am Mr. Ceasefire and I got caught up in a situation and I am not here to point fingers and blame nobody," Hardiman said. "The verdict is still out. I can't really speak about the case. Things happen for a reason and liberation comes in many forms."

Funny how batterers always think they have good reason to abuse their spouse. But before you can abuse someone physically weaker, you must first disarm them. Because guns are a great equalizer.

If anti-gun advocates take advantage of an unarmed spouse as Mr. Hardiman did, it makes one wonder what the greater agenda is. Gun control isn't for a non-violent world as Hardiman claims. He's proven that in his own little private world.

Gun control is to prevent citizens from fighting back. It's about the abusers maintaining control of their victims. It's about keeping an unfair advantage.


By DMartyr at 10:22 AM | Comments |

Jew Wins Wrestling Match Despite Bad Sportsmanship By Muslim Opponent

(Hat Tip: Kenny)

Like unruly, spoiled child who starts throwing toys when they don't like the rules, the wrestler from Egypt was unable to compete in a respectful manner.

Israeli wrestler Ilana Kartysh won a gold medal Saturday in the Golden Grand Prix tournament in Italy, but her historical achievement was marred by a very unpleasant incident, when she was attacked by her Egyptian rival during the semi-final. [...]

In the semi-final, Kartysh met the African champion, Anas Mostafa of Egypt. At the beginning of the match, Mostafa refused to shake hands with her. During the fight, she broke two of the Israeli's fingers and bit her in the back - causing her to bleed. At the end of the match, unsurprisingly, she refused to shake hands with her again.

Golden Grand Prix tournament officials will turn a blind eye. Because Muslims are the problem child of the world. The kid with ADD that runs wild in the classroom, disrupting the studies of all the other children, beating the other students, and refusing to be civil in any way. The teacher knows if she tries to punish the child, she will be met by angry parents with howls of "racism" and "intolerance."

And the honor students of the world better toe the line. For if they even so much as nibble a pop tart into a politically incorrect shape, they will be crucified.

By DMartyr at 09:49 AM | Comments |

June 01, 2013

RIP Jean Stapleton

Another star in a show that couldn't be made today has passed at the age of 90.

By Vinnie at 06:01 PM | Comments |

Letting the Wookie Win

An interesting analogy:

If the Star Wars reference isn’t obvious, the point I’m trying to make is that liberal progressives have absolutely no problem trashing Christians in social media on a regular basis because Christians don’t pull arms out of sockets or hack people to death in broad daylight for that matter.

No, it's not an anti-Muslim sentiment. If anything it is a call to treat Muslims like adults. When we practice the not-so-soft bigotry of carving out exceptions for Muslims, we give in to terrorism.

I was in Las Vegas early last month and noticed signs announcing that the Broadway musical "The Book of Mormon"was coming to town. Oddly enough, no one in the Justice Department was looking to prosecute Trey Stone or Matt Parker for violating the "civil rights" of Mormons.

And even more curious, no one has threatened to kill them over the play lampooning Mormonism.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:00 PM | Comments |

What a Wonderful Smell You've Discovered: MSM Finally Notices Convicted Online Terrorists Posting from Prison

Younes Abdullah Muhammad & Zachary Chesser Whine in front of White House

We've been talking about this for six months now. It's about time someone other than us noticed the disconnect of jailing militants for their online shenanigans and then giving them free reign to continue their digital jihad from prison:

Jesse Curtis Morton, a convert to Islam who writes under the name Younus Abdullah Muhammed, posted a lengthy tract opposing U.S. drone policy, on May 21, on the www.islampolicy.com website that he launched in 2010.

Morton is serving a prison term of more than 11 years in a Pennsylvania federal prison after pleading guilty in 2012 to conspiring to solicit murder, make threatening communications and "use the Internet to place others in fear."...

Another American militant, Zachary Chesser, who was found guilty of conspiring with Morton to encourage attacks via the Internet on the creators of "South Park," has also posted material while in prison. His postings appear on another website www.aseerun.org and mainly air personal grievances, along with some political material.

Chesser is serving a 25-year prison sentence in Marion, Illinois, for the "South Park" case and for attempting to join the Somali militant group al Shabaab.

Convicted Terror Supporter: Help, I'm Being Oppressed!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:42 PM | Comments |

Illinois Passes Bill To Allow Concealed Carry


The Illinois legislature agreed Friday to allow people to carry concealed guns, which if signed into law would make the state the last in the country to allow the public possession of concealed firearms.

The compromise plan by the House and Senate followed a federal appeals ruling that stated Illinois' concealed carry ban is unconstitutional and that the state must change it by June 9.

Gov. Pat Quinn, a Democrat, has not said whether he will sign the legislation into law. However, the bill has enough votes in the legislature to override a gubernatorial veto.

[Continue reading]

A twitter lefist twit is none to pleased.

Gee, progressives are so non-violent.

Stupid beotch

By Stable Hand at 12:55 PM | |

Cream? Sugar?

How about a grenade with that cup of coffee?

Deirdre M. Daly, Acting United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut; Kimberly K. Mertz, Special Agent in Charge of the New Haven Division of the FBI; and Bridgeport Police Chief Joseph L. Gaudett, Jr. announced that Morris A. Roberts, 42, of Bridgeport, was arrested today on a federal criminal complaint charging him with delivering a modified hand grenade concealed in a coffee cup to the Bridgeport Police Department in February.

Roberts was arrested this morning at his residence. He appeared before United Magistrate Judge William I. Garfinkel and has been ordered detained.

As alleged in the criminal complaint, in the morning of February 27, 2013, outside of the Bridgeport City Hall annex located at 999 Broad Street, Roberts handed a paper coffee cup to a witness and asked the witness to deliver the coffee cup to Bridgeport Police Department’s Office of Internal Affairs (OIA). The witness subsequently delivered the cup. When a police officer assigned to OIA looked in the cup, the officer discovered a modified hand grenade and notified the Emergency Operations Center. Law enforcement officers, including the Connecticut State Police Emergency Service Unit, responded to the scene, the building was evacuated, and the grenade was safely removed.

Subsequent examination of the grenade determined that it would not have detonated due to its poor construction. However, explosive black powder, which is not normally present in the type of device found, had been added to the grenade.

The rest of the press release is below the fold.

h/t @webradius

Subsequent examination of the grenade determined that it would not have detonated due to its poor construction. However, explosive black powder, which is not normally present in the type of device found, had been added to the grenade.

The investigation has included analysis of several videos recorded on the morning of February 27 in the area of 999 Broad Street.

The criminal complaint charges Roberts with possession of an explosive by a previously convicted felon and with making a threat or conveying false information concerning an attempt to kill, injure. or intimidate a person or unlawfully damage any building by means of an explosive. Each charge carries a maximum term of imprisonment of 10 years.

Acting U.S. Attorney Daly stressed that a complaint is only a charge and is not evidence of guilt. Charges are only allegations, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

This matter is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, the Bridgeport Police Department, and the Connecticut State Police. The FBI’s JTTF includes participants from the Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations, Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Connecticut State Police, Bridgeport Police Department, Norwich Police Department, and the New York Police Department.

This case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Anastasia E. King.

Watch your cornhole bud, again.

By Stable Hand at 09:42 AM | Comments |

UK Shopkeeper Forced To Remove "Obey Our Laws" T-Shirts - Incites Racial Hatred


South Wales Argus via Gateway Pundit:

Matthew Taylor, 35, the owner of Taylor's clothes store on Emlyn Walk in the city, printed up and displayed the T-shirt with the slogan: "Obey our laws, respect our beliefs or get out of our country" after Drummer Lee Rigby, 25, was killed in near Woolwich barracks in London last week.

But following a complaint from a member of the public, police came to his store and threatened to arrest him unless he removed the Tshirt from sight. [...]

A spokeswoman for Gwent police confirmed: "We did have a call from a member of the public. We visited the shop and asked him to remove it (the T-shirt) as it could be seen to be inciting racial hatred."

Stick a fork in 'em.

By DMartyr at 06:48 AM | Comments |