March 03, 2010

The Islamic Republic of Britain

Here is the UK's Channel 4 "Dispatches" expose on how the Islamic Forum of Europe is secretly infiltrating the Labour Party in an effort to bring down British democracy from within. I don't think you'll be shocked to learn that they're using the East London Mosque to spread their vile anti-freedom Islamist message.

Guess who's preached at the mosque in the past? Anwar al-Awlaki. The American traitor who inspired the Fort Hood massacre and the failed Christmas Day airplane bombing.

The Islamic Forum of Europe says attacks against them are attacks against Islam. But the good news here is that it is Muslims themselves taking the lead against political Islam. Kind of hard to call them Islamaphobes.

If you're in the UK you can watch it here. If not I've embedded the YouTube version of the video in five parts below from the Support Geert Wilders channel. If you don't have time to watch them all skip through 3 & 4 which mostly covers local London politics, but make sure to watch parts 1, 2 and 5.

Thanks to Square Mile Wife.

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