March 02, 2010

LOL: "Coffee Party" Founder is a Tea Party-hating Obamacrat

But but but she spoke in such warm, inviting, dulcet tones in the fawning profiles in the NYT and Washington Post (who both ignored the Tea Party movement until it was too big to ignore).

Per usual, a few minutes on Google would have revealed who this worm really is...and she's a former strategy analyst for the NYT, no less! DAMN YOU, GOOGLE!

She's an Obamacrat - a rabid one, at that (read her Tweets). This is nothing more than part of the ongoing, endless, perpetual Obama campaign. The campaign this time, however, is to distract and deflect your attention from what a cataclysmic failure he has been.

And it ain't working, sweetie.

IMPORTANT ACTION ALERT: Nancy Pelosi - call your office. There's some astroturfing afoot in your party!

ht: Legal Insurrection

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