May 31, 2012

LiveAction's 'Gendercide' Part II Reveals Sex-Selective Abortion in NYC's Margaret Sanger Clinic

Previously, Live Action released an undercover video of Planned Parenthood in Austin, Texas showing support for gendercide. Earlier today the House defeated a bill, introduced because of their video, to ban gender based abortions.

Via BigG:

Carry on comrades.


Want to see the REAL War on Women?
Live Action Video: Planned Parenthood encouraging gender-selective abortion, Medicaid fraud
Update: Congress Votes on Sex-Selection Abortion Ban Tomorrow

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Bizarre Obama Ad Claims Little Girls Won't See Their Dreams Come True If They Don't Have Access To Free Condoms

...Or something like that.

When I was around 6 years old, me and my friends found a box of condoms. We thought they were balloons and we filled them with water and threw them at people. I guess we were using them wrong, 'cause obviously if we had used them correctly I would have fulfilled my childhood dream of being a Disco Queen/Hippie Commune Leader. Yeah, that career just never took off for me.

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Sunny Day, Sweepin' the clouds away! On my way to where the air is sweet...

Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street?

Come and play!
Everything's A-OK!
Friendly neighbors there.
That's where we meet...

Can you tell me how to get
How to get to Sesame Street?

It's a magic carpet ride,
Every door will open wide,
To Happy people like you!
Happy people like
What a beautiful

Sunny Day,
Sweepin' the clouds away!
On my way to where the air is sweet...

Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame street?

How to get to Sesame Street?

This is brutal. Who knew Americans could be so cruel?

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Day by Day by Chris Muir


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Popcorn Time!

Syrian Rebels have kidnapped some Lebanese "pilgrims" and are demanding an apology from Hezbollah.

Syrian rebels said they were holding a group of kidnapped Lebanese Shi'ite Muslim pilgrims, and accused some of the hostages of opposing their revolution against Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, news channel Al Jazeera reported on Thursday.

The insurgents added they would not start negotiations for the release of the hostages until the leader of Lebanese guerilla group Hezbollah, an ally of Assad's, apologized for a recent speech.

At least part of the Sunni led insurgency against the Syrian regime are known to have connections to al-Qaeda in Iraq and other terrorist groups. Some but not all, that is if you really count these sorts of minor *distinctions.
Upon hearing the news of their capture residents of the southern suburb of Beirut, a Hezbollah stronghold where the hostages live, took to the streets in anger, burned tires and blocked roads.
I for one think that a strait out fight between al-Qaeda and Hezbollah would be both in American interests as well as very entertaining.

They do exist, example Iraqi Kurds, where some are great, and good friends with US. Others, well not so much.

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John Edwards Verdict?

Appears the Jury says not Guilty on count three and is hung on all the other charges. And is sick of the whole affair.

Hat Tip: Rick.

I've been holding off till the news becomes clearer but it looks like its not going to get any clearer.

Update: ABC confirms via email.

Breaking News from

John Edwards Verdict: Not Guilty on 1 Count, Mistrial on 5 Other Counts [4:20 p.m. ET]

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Few Thousand Macedonian Misunderstanders of Islam Protest Arrests in Murder of Five Christians

Kill the Cross Worshipers!

Back in March, PI reported about the numerous outbreaks of violence between the Muslim-Albanian minority and the non-Muslim-Slavic majority in Macedonia. Currently, the situation appears to be heightening once again after a series of murders of Christians. As Austrian news magazine “Unzensuriert” (“Uncensored”) reports, in the Macedonian capital city of Skopje, slogans like “Allahu akbar,” “Death to Christians,” and “Jihad” were shouted by several thousand Moslems in a demonstration parade after the traditional Friday prayers. The special thing about this is: Skopje is the home of the German “exemplary” imam Bajrambejamin Idriz. His father has preached lifelong as an imam at the Jaja Pascha mosque from which the current aggressive demonstrations start.


Even though the evidence for the offenses by three arrested Moslems is “earth moving” according to the Macedonian interior ministry, masses of Moslems demonstrated against the arrest of their fellow believers.

Of course infidels are like cattle under Islam. Under some interpretations Muslims can butcher any Kuffar any time they see fit, just like they were an animal. So long as that animal is not property of another Muslim. Then the Muslim would have to compensate the owner. So what is the crime here?

See how wonderful Sharia is? I mean wonderful for the Muslims. For the Christians and other non-Muslims its not so hot. So who are the misundertanders of Islam, the Macedonian authorities or the thousands of Muslims protesting the arrest of these murderers?

Hat Tip: 1389.

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Ann Romney on World MS Day

Even though the Romney campaign paid for it, the donation link at the end is to the National MS Society. Classy.

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Dear David Axelrod : Your Lack Of WIN In Boston Is Disturbing

Via LauraW

David Axelrod has been dispatched to Boston to deliver a press conference at the State House. This is not just an ordinary campaign launch; it is calculated as a symbolic blow against Romney right in his former stomping grounds.[More...]
Romney supporters totally spoiled the day for Obama campaign staffers. Photo-ops also proved to be a problem for Axelrod:

More lack of WIN here

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Netroots Nation Speaker, Democratic Consultant, Mixed Up w/ Convicted Domestic Terrorist

I'll let Stacey McCain connect the dots for you here, but the short of it is that cyber-hacktivist of the Anonymous stripe, former speaker at The Daily Kos's Netroots Nation conference, and Democratic social-media consultant Neal Rauhauser was seen entering the courtroom with his buddy the convicted domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin.

But I'm sure that Rauhauser only considers Kimberlin just a guy who lives in the neighborhood or something

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Liberals Hate New, Accurate Obama Commercial

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

Liberal critics are complaining in the strongest terms about the "propaganda" video, yet, oddly, they don't offer a single inaccuracy in the video:

Today's version of the morning show featured an anti-Obama video that resembled propaganda films from 1930's Europe more than it did responsible TV politics of today.

And the remarkable thing was the witless crew on the couch that serves as hosts for this show had the audacity to present it as journalism and congratulate the producer who put it together.

Out of four minutes of fast paced Obama criticism in the video, that's the extent of charges against it. It "resembled" propaganda films and the Fox And Friends crew commented positively.

BTW, David Zurawik, the critic quoted above whining about Fox bias, gets his information from Media Matters. He admits it in the post.

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IDF Celebrates It's 64th Birthday This Week

A compilation of video footage from the IDF's 64 years

On May 26, 1948, the Israeli government — then less than two weeks old — enacted an “Ordinance establishing a Defence Army of the State of Israel.” Signed by then-Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, the ordinance said that the Israel Defense Forces would be comprised of “land forces, a navy and an air force.”

The decision was officially put into effect on May 31, 1948. This date is the official founding date of the IDF and is celebrated each year. After the IDF was established, the underground organizations that operated during the British Mandate — the Palmach, Irgun and Lehi — were disbanded and merged into the IDF.

Read more about the IDF turning 64:

Happy Birthday IDF!

This is an excellent video celebrating Israel's 64th Birthday. Yom HaAtzmaut began in the evening of Wednesday, April 25, 2012, and ended in the evening of Thursday, April 26, 2012.

Am Yisrael Chai

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Nigeria: Abducted German Engineer Killed by AQIM in Failed Rescue Attempt (Updated)

Details of the rescue attempt are still sketchy, Edgar Fritz Raupach was abducted in January by al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghrab aka AQIM (kidnapping is their modis operandi). Last month, these terrorists released this video showing Mr Raupach pleading for his life:

Via BBC.

A German engineer abducted in January by gunmen in northern Nigeria has been killed during a failed rescue bid, security sources say.

Edgar Fritz Raupach was seized in the city of Kano.

In March, a British and an Italian hostage were also killed during a similar attempt to free them by British and Nigerian forces.

The latest developments came as the authorities said an Italian engineer had been kidnapped western Nigeria.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.

May these terrorists be sploded, soon

Video: Save My Life: Message From Edgar Fritz Raupach Prisoner Of Al-Qaeda

Update: According to this it wasn't a rescue attempt, the bast**ds stabbed him to death thinking it was a rescue attempt:

KANO, Nigeria (AP) — Kidnappers stabbed a captive German engineer to death Thursday as soldiers unaware of the hostage's presence raided a home in northern Nigeria, officials said, five months after his abduction by proclaimed al-Qaida-linked terrorists.

The killing of Edgar Fritz Raupach came as authorities acknowledged the kidnapping of an Italian working for a construction company, part of an increasing number of abductions targeting expatriates working in Nigeria's north and central regions.

Soldiers launched a raid Thursday morning in Kano, the northern city where gunmen abducted Raupach on Jan. 26 following a major terrorist attack there that killed at least 185 people. The mission targeted a home that soldiers suspected held "an ongoing meeting of senior commanders of the terrorist element," military spokesman Lt. Iweah Ikedichi said in a statement.

Like I said, bast**ds.

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Radio Host Attacked with Knife for Insulting Mohammad

Russia Today:

A radio host has been hospitalized after being cut 15 times by an unidentified criminal. Two weeks ago the journalist ventured to criticize the founder of Islam, the Prophet Mohammed, on air.
Sergey Aslanyan, 46, was brought to Moscow’s hospital with numerous non-penetrating knife wounds to the chest, neck and arm.

According to the police report, on late Monday evening an unknown man called to Aslanyan’s flat over the building intercom and called him outside for a talk. When the journalist stepped out of the entranceway he was knocked over the head with a heavy object, after which the assailant brought the knife into play.
Aslanyan claimed that the attacker was shouting “you are Allah's enemy!” while slashing at the victim.

Police say the abuser was a slim man of about 30, while according to some witnesses there were several attackers.

So what got him a Fatwa?
Still, Izvestia newspaper made a guess that the attack could be linked to recent statements made by the journalist in a radio show. While discussing religion in general he made some “from zero to hero” remarks towards the Prophet Mohammed.

“The Prophet Mohammed, as we know, was not a religious figure. He was a businessman, but after getting considerable financial support built plans as to how to get to the top,” Aslanyan disclosed. He also said that the Prophet “rewrote the Bible” so that “now everyone would know the Prophet Mohammed was not a market shopkeeper, but an outstanding political figure.”

According to Aslanyan, the idea of Islam was a “business project from the very beginning,” and turned out to be successful due to “handsome financing.” Besides that, the journalist, who was an external expert at this radio show, speculated that the Prophet had some sort of sexual disorder.

Oh you mean the Mo's tiny penis thing?

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Liberal Hate on Twitter

Given the discussion of late of certain liberal activists and their false accusations of threats its probably appropriate to look at what they do to those they disagree with.

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Gay Porn Actor Murdered Man, Posted Online Video of Dismemberment to Gay Porn Site and Sent the Body Parts to Canadian Conservatives

UPDATE by Rusty: Alternate post title, "Where's Howie?"

Rusty FTW!

----Begin original post---

I think its safe to say at this point he disliked conservatives.

uthorities are searching for Luka Rocco Magnotta, 29, who they allege is responsible for a human torso discovered in Montreal, thought to be linked to a human hand and foot that were separately mailed from Montreal to Ottawa.

Magnotta, also known as Eric Clinton Newman, is a Montreal resident who allegedly knew the victim, identified only as a white male, Montreal police spokesman Ian Lafreniere told reporters Wednesday.

The suspect has no criminal background, and his image and information related to him were later recovered from a "very graphic" website, Lafreniere said.

Anyway here is this freak's picture, if you see him call the police immediately.

120530083858-luka-rocco-magnotta-story-body (1).jpg

Update: Interpol has issued an international warrant for the suspect. It is believed he has fled Canada.

Luka Rocco Magnotta, who is suspected of posting body parts to political party offices in Ottawa, has been added to Interpol's wanted list.

Montreal Police Commander Ian Lafreniere said there was reason to believe Mr Magnotta may be in a foreign country.

"He left a letter on a website mentioning how to disappear for good, and secondly our investigation brought us some details that might let us think that he could be away from the country," he told reporters.

Unnamed sources say he may have travelled to France, the Globe and Mail newspaper reports.

And also this assmaggot is known to have posted a video in 2010 in which he suffocated two kittens in a plastic bag.

Maybe he'll be recognized in some French neighborhood full of radical Islamists?

One can only hope.

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Omar Hammami Interview Houston We Have a Problem

Christof Putzel was able to speak with Abu Mansuur al-Amriiki this past weekend. Christof sent files to Omar that contained questions Omar sent back recorded answers to those questions.

In the interview Omar defends al-Shabaab's Taliban like brutality against the Somalis calling Sharia swift and merciful.

I've placed an embed of the video below the fold. The interview is audio only, there are no images with which to verify Omar's location.

The interview ends with African Union Troops approaching and Omar's final message to Christof was typically American. "Houston, we Have a problem." (See video below at around 7:20.) He says he has three wives and five children in Somalia and he hopes that if he is killed his father can find them and bring them to America to care for them.

Ironic that in the end he is hunted by those he purports to fight for and asking his family and America to pass along his last words and to care for his family. That says a lot about al-Shabaab, no?

I hope that for his mother and father's sake he is not killed but captured by the African union troops. But Omar seems determined to go out in a last futile gesture of stupidity. Dying for Allah is one thing, but dying for al-Shabaab murders wrapped in a false cloak of Islamic piety is another.

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Fatwa This! That's One Sexy Koran

Its not often that I get to mix Fatwa This with Ministry of Boobies.

click for larger

Fatwa? Or should I say Fwapwa?

The above was in my Yahoo feed, Everything on Flicker Tagged Breasts the other day. Its pretty good feed except for the cross dressers and unattractive folks who feel the need to post slutty pics of themselves. What's up with what?


Credit Vinnie our resident Fwapping expert for coining the term Fwapwa.

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Chavez Gravely Ill

Reports are this morning the Chavez's cancer has spread and the prognosis is dire.

This reporter has been told that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that has "entered the end stage". The information and the quote come from a highly respected source close to Chavez and who is in a position to know his medical condition and history. This source says the prognosis is dire and that Chavez is now not expected to live "more than a couple of months at most." Chavez is running for re-elec tion in Venezuela but several sources--including the one who revealed the exact kind of cancer-- have told me that they believe it is doubtful the dictator will live to see the results.
Inappropriate snarky comment declined.

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May 30, 2012

CTU brags: 'We're front-and-center with Occupy Chicago'

CTU aka Chicago Teachers Union.

"Don't let a good crisis go to waste"

Elgin Jobs with Justice 2


Chicago Teachers Union Promotes Strike Action May 23, 2012

"No the don't pay us", except for providing transportation, food, shelter and...

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Another Reason I Love Israel

Check out that .... M4.


Thanks to someone.

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SWATing Finally Getting Television Coverage

Of course only on FNC so far. This is in regards to the apparent Brett Kimberlin(ooops, he who should not be named) ongoing saga involving Aaron Walker, Patterico, Erick Erickson and others.

Via Legal Insurrection:

Patterico explains it all
SWATing a CNN Contributor, Who's Next Beotches??
Update: Former DOJ Attorney: Eric Holder Could Stop SWATings 'in 48 Hours'.

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Calypso Louie Farrakhan Warns America: Submit to Islam

Because Shariah law is so just and stuff and if we don't Allah will kill us or something.

Via The Blaze:

Calypso Louie is nuckin futz.

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Walker Freed, Was Arrested for BLOGGING

The news that blogger Aaron Walker was arrested for writing words on the internet was so astounding that, to be honest, I didn't want to believe it. Due to conflicting reports as to why Walker was arrested I had hoped that it was due to some ill behavior on his part in the courtroom. That hope was founded in the utter disbelief that anyone -- anyone -- could be arrested for engaging in behavior clearly protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. A judge should fundamentally understand the First Amendment, right?

Wrong. Walker was arrested for simply writing words on the internet.

Patterico clears some up some of the earlier reports that Walker had been arrested for either assault or contempt:

Aaron was not arrested for second degree assault, contrary to some false reports floating around....

It does not appear that Aaron was held in contempt for his behavior in court today.

He was, in fact, arrested for BLOGGING!

From an IBD reporter who as at the hearing:

Here’s what seems to have happened. Although Kimberlin’s first peace order against Walker was eventually thrown out on appeal, it appears that while it was in effect Walker wrote a blog post about Kimberlin. This triggered a Google Alert that Kimberlin had set up. Kimberlin filed criminal charges based on that, apparently claiming that constituted “contact.” The court apparently agreed, and Walker was arrested.

I cannot believe just how stupid the judge is in this case. I'm talking criminally stupid. Both of the Constitution of the United States and of the internet, in general.

The Google alert was set by Kimberlin. That is, the thing in which the judge considered "contact" -- the Google alert -- was initiated by Kimberlin himself. How could Walker be guilty of "contact" when it was Kimberlin who initiated said contact?

As DMartyr said in an email:

So the 14,000 'contacts' the judge mentioned must have been various blog posts on "blog brett kimberlin day", of which 13,999 weren't Walker.
Exactly! Walker didn't even write most of what constituted a violation of the judge's order. Walker didn't contact Kimberlin. He just wrote about the ordeal Kimberlin had put him through. Both are public figures and therefore both have heightened, not lowered, First Amendment protection over what can be said about either.

Kimberlin is a convicted domestic terrorist. He is a public figure. Bad things are said about convicted domestic terrorists. They must expect that.

Under this ruling, the leader of the KKK can take out restraining orders against people who don't like the KKK. It's utterly insane!

For a good legal analysis of this miscarriage of justice, see this post by Hans Bader. Here's a bit of it:

Blog posts that criticize a convicted terrorist for misuse of the legal system are protected under the Supreme Court’s decisions in Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444 (1969) and Hess v. Indiana, 414 U.S. 105 (1973), even if some outraged readers make death threats as a result. Judge Cornelius J. Vaughey needs a remedial course in the First Amendment.
For the legal angle see also: Volokh here and here.

This, too, from Patterico -- also a victim of Brett Kimberlin:

It’s a Catch 22 for people who want to blog about public figures. You either go to court and risk arrest on a bogus criminal charge, or stay away and risk default on a bogus civil claim.

The combination of frivolous civil and criminal actions is a creative abuse of process and it’s bound to be repeated — until judges start noticing that Kimberlin repeatedly makes false statements in the course of filing flurries of court actions against his critics.


If it's that easy to get a restraining order, and you can violate that restraining order simply through blogging or tweeting about a public figure, then the days of free speech are over and goodbye to the internet.

Which is why even those on the Left should rally around Walker's cause. Michelle Malkin links to this post by Popehat which lists the reasons why all bloggers need to be worried about this kind of lawfare and the attack on free speech it represents:

Kimberlin's success in this regard will embolden other practitioners of lawfare, and allow them to chill and deter speech they don't like. Consider Aaron's dilemma upon being informed of the new and overtly bogus peace order: was he to cease speaking on an issue of public interest regarding a public figure, or was he to spend money on a lawyer to try to get the order lifted? Now imagine lawfare practitioners demanding such protective orders in multiple jurisdictions far from the writer. Imagine the costs and legal risks, and ask yourself how many people will be willing to incur them.
There's much more at this link, so go read it all.

The only good news here is that, as I predicted, Walker was arrested and then promptly released.

Every one ought to be frightened by the judge's decision in this case. If it stands, then the days of non-commercial direct reporting and opining -- which is essentially what blogging is -- are over.

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This Is How The Zombie Apocalypse Begins

Only, it isn't a virus that causes the undead to feast on the living, it's bad drugs.

Imagine driving down the road minding your own business. Near an off-ramp, you spot a person hunched over another man. Thinking someone needs help, you stop. As you step out of your vehicle, the man hunched over looks at you, growls, and then continues eating the face of the man now writhing on the ground.

You have just witnessed the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse. Expect more gruesome acts.

Graphic image below the fold.

SH: Waaaay below:














Gawker has close-up pictures of the victim's face. But I warn you, they are EXTREMELY gruesome. View at your own risk.

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150+ Cherokees Form New Group To Challenge Elizabeth Fauxahantas Warren

Via Legal Insurrection

A new group of over 150 Cherokees and growing has formed with the purpose of forcing Elizabeth Warren to give up her false claim to Cherokee heritage.

The group has a new blog, Cherokees Demand Truth from Elizabeth Warren, and corresponding Facebook page

Mission Statement:

Cherokees Demand Truth from Elizabeth Warren is a group of authentic Cherokees and descendants devoted to sharing the truth about our history. Our mission is to help people understand what a real Cherokee is and to show why Elizabeth Warren claiming to be Cherokee without proof is harmful and offensive to us.[More...]

Heap Big Lie Fauxahantas has to answer to those who are "true" American Indians.

h/t MFS-The Other News

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!"~Sir Walter Scott

Update: From BigG: Warren to Cherokees, Go Away and Stop Bothering me is reporting the latest bizarre twist in the saga of Elizabeth Warren likely false claims of Native American heritage. In a statement that would make Richard Nixon blush with shame, Warren has, effectively, told the new Cherokees Demand Truth from Elizabeth Warren group launched this morning by Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes and fellow Cherokee David Cornsilk to go away and stop bothering her
She has an election to run, can't be bothered with telling the truth!

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The Organized Effort to Make Obama Look More "Presidential"

Go read this over at Blackfive about the organized effort to make Obama look more Presidential by "revealing" the fact that he must personally approve each and every drone strike (something that was also true under Bush).

A leak is when one or two unnamed sources confirm a story. But how are 36 named advisers being interviewed anything like an inside story or a "revelation"? It's not. This is a political campaign maneuver, the only kind of maneuver Obama is good at or seemingly even capable of.

I support the drone strike program, but it is a program which was set up by Bush and was widely criticized up until January, 2009. The only change? The guy now in charge has a "D" next to his name.

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Most "Moderate" Arab Country Rife w/ Antisemitism

And by "Zionist" you mean "hooked-nose-kike-jew-boy", right?

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Obama Uses Force to Make You Your Brother's Keeper
Millionaire Pres Not So Good at Actually Taking Care of Destitute Brother

Via Daily Caller:

"Barack Obama claims he’s his brother’s keeper. Fine. So before we allow him to become our keeper too, let’s at least see how well Barack is taking care of his brother, George Hussein Onyango Obama
Dr Wolf's website here

Dr Wolf: GAME ON: My Daily Caller video series Episode 1: Our Time for Choosing
Obama's Conservative Cousin Starts Family Feud

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Liberal 'Groupie" of Rep Allen West Calls WWII Vet 'Nazi' & Another F... You!

Protesters carrying signs show how they act once inside the Rep West Townhall Meeting.

The Vets wife didn't take kindly to FU & being shoved, then it gets even crazier with harassment of "Joe Blow Weatherman Channel 8"

"Joe Blow" explained via BizPacReview

When asked to explain his “military incident” where he was disciplined for shooting a gun past the head of a terrorist nine years ago, West replied by explaining that he would do it again if given the choice because he was saving the lives of his men.

He then added, “If you guys want to talk about me nine years ago, let's talk about the president doing blow and smoking dope.”

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Zuck Sucks

At least in the realm of tipping.

The owners of the kosher restaurant in Rome's Jewish Ghetto – a historic quarter in the centre of the city – were surprised when Mr Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan walked away without leaving a gratuity.

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Another Cheap Trick Played on Iran

They're loosing sleep. They're in too far they're in way too deep over youuuuu!

Step aside, Stuxnet: Newly discovered espionage and information-gathering malware known Flame, Flamer, Skywiper (sKyWIper), and Wiper appears to be even more sophisticated than the Stuxnet virus discovered in 2010, and to have long infected PCs in numerous countries including Egypt, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Syria.
I will be the flayyyymmmeeee!

Update: Iran admits they're PWNED!.

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Mmm drugs are bad Mkay.

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Where's Rusty? Cloners Edition

He's working on his Lego Star Wars collection.

OK this is getting out of hand.

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Yes, But Was He Comfortable Using The Word?

Obama honors entertainers as 'heroes':

President Barack Obama gave the United States' top civilian honor on Tuesday to musician Bob Dylan, novelist Toni Morrison and 11 other people he described as his heroes because of their powerful words, songs and actions.

No comment from Chris Hayes as to whether that use of the words makes him comfortable...

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May 29, 2012

FRONTLINE: Al Qaeda In Yemen


Must watch documentary.

Link here

Anwar al-Awlaki & Samir Khan's former haunts before they were droned.

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Obama 'Changes History' by Calling Nazi Deaths Camps 'Polish Death Camps'...

Poles Demand Obama Apology For “Polish Death Camps” Comment

The president referred to “Polish death camps” while awarding a posthumous Medal of Freedom to Polish professor Jan Karski, a hero of the anti-Nazi resistance.

The remark, which barely drew notice in America, is all over the Polish news today. On the country's largest television station:[More...]

I'm sure he "misspoke" or something. Gawd...

h/t Obama is a stuttering clusterf*ck of a miserable failure.

Update: Via ZIP

(ABC News) — ......Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski also tonight tweeted a link to an Economist story noting that “few things annoy Poles more than being blamed for the crimes committed by the Nazi occupiers of their homeland. For many years, Polish media, diplomats and politicians have tried to persuade outsiders to stop using the phrase ‘Polish death camps’ as a shorthand description of Auschwitz and other exemplars of Nazi brutality and mass murder. Unfortunately this seems to have escaped BaracK Obama’s staff seem not to have noticed this.”

National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor said in a statement, “The President was referring to Nazi death camps operated in Poland. The President has demonstrated in word and deed his rock-solid commitment to our close alliance with Poland.”

A little bit more from the article he linked:

Even in the middle of the night, the reaction in Warsaw was incendiary. Poland wants Mr Obama to apologise to prime minister Donald Tusk. America's most important ally in the ex-communist world already feels bruised by the administration's shilly-shallying on issues such as missile defence (back in 2009 Mr Obama's administration chose to announce its backtrack on that on September 17th, the anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland. That was akin to giving America bad news on pacific security on Pearl Harbour day). America has not lifted visa requirements for Poles (who can die alongside Americans in Afghanistan but not visit them without humiliating bureaucratic hassles). And instead of providing the promised Patriot missile battery to protect Warsaw, it sent some toy rockets as part of a sales pitch. (That, at least, is how Poles see it).

#Julia forgot to fix the #TOTUS for our dear leader


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Blogger Arrested for ... Blogging?
UPDATED -- Another UPDATE: Arrested for Assault?
Another UPDATE: IBD at Hearing "1st Amendment Muzzled" a Google Alert?

I'm not sure how a restraining order can stop someone from blogging. Isn't that the very essence of the First Amendment which reads:

Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press
The very essence of the First Amendment is about protecting political speech, not porn -- which is what most of my students tend to believe.

So, how could a judge issue a restraining order against a blogger for simply writing? It boggles the mind. Even under a hyper-originalist view of the Constitution -- which sees the First Amendment as simply forbidding "prior restraint" of speech -- a restraining order is, by definition, prior restraint!

So I don't see how blogger Aaron Walker could possibly have been legally detained for speech written on a blog about convicted domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin! But that's exactly what Stacey McCain is reporting.

I certainly hope something else is going on here. That Aaron Walker did something outrageous at the hearing that merited some jail time. Because if his only "crime" is one of writing about a domestic terrorist with an affinity for filing lawsuit after lawsuit, then I'm afraid that the Brave New World we are living in is not one I feel particularly safe in.

UPDATE: I'm still not 100% clear on the facts of this case, but I'm being told that Walker's "violation" of the restraining order was that commenters on blogs that linked to his were threatening Kimberlin.

So, if that's true then: a) Walker didn't threaten Kimberlin; b) Those linking Walker's blog didn't threaten Kimberlin; c) It was commenters on other people's blogs/twitter feeds that made threatening statements to Kimberlin; d) The judge is holding Walker liable for what someone who read someone by someone who linked Walker had said?


It isn't even guilt-by-association. It's guilt-by-association once-removed. As if Charles Johnson became a judge.

Michelle Malkin sent this link along to the original restraining order. She also has a great summary of the twitosphere's reaction here.

One of the bizarre things about this case is that the judge is retired, and that he chose to come out of retirement to hear this case. Is that common? <---UPDATE: Jeff Quinton and Kim Priestap email saying that due to increased caseloads that this is quite common, actually. So, that's one mystery solved

I don't see anything in there restraining Walker from writing and I don't see how any rational person -- even a judge -- could connect dots so disparate as that to come to the conclusion that the restraining order was violated.

But then again, maybe we're missing something here? I certainly hope so, otherwise we are in a bizarro world indeed.

Also, I'm banning any one who posts any personal information about any one. Period. I did the same thing for al Qaeda member Samir Khan, I'll certainly do it for the likes of Kimberlin.

UPDATE: Ok, so the facts seem to be coming out. It seems that the judge ruled that it was the tweeting that did Walker in -- maybe. He kind of hems on that, and says that after he left maybe Walker was held in contempt for getting out of line with the judge. But this is a start.

From a guy who says he was at the hearing today:

Then the Judge ruled. He upheld the Peace Order, and he further stated that Walker was in no way allowed to harm Kimberlin–and by harm or contact the Judge sending blog posts or tweets. The latter was justified, in the Judge’s opinion, on Walker’s supposed “mob” having issued “death threats” to Kimberlin.

I left at that point. But apparently, Walker couldn’t quit while he was ahead, kept talking, and was arrested for, I assume, contempt. I hope contempt, and that he didn’t lose it further.

If it was the former, and not the latter, then this is insane. The judge clearly has no concept of the internet, and if you read the entirety of the above post you'll see that it's true.

And as Decency points out in the comments, there is ample precedent protecting a blog owner from liability for what is said by others in his comments.

UPDATE: Ok, The Blaze is reporting that the arrest was for second degree assault over an incident in which Walker grabbed Kimberlin's iPad. Which is really stupid. Assault isn't what most of you think it is. Most people think of battery when they think of assault. Battery is when you physically touch someone. Assault is just intimidating them. And, to be honest, I've never heard of any one being arrested for second degree assault. It's usually the lowest level misdemeanor available in a state (Class C or something equivalent).

Or, if they are, they get out of jail that same day. The kind of thing where they book you, then let you go since the penalties are so small and the risk of jail time slim to none. So, is Walker out of jail already?

The Blaze:

According to the clerk, he was arrested on second degree assault charges that were previously filed by Kimberlin when Walker, following a separate court hearing, took and held at bay Kimberlin’s iPad.
Here's a video of the event. It's kind of long and drawn out. I wish we just had the video without the commentary. But worse case scenario is that Walker took away Kimberlin's iPad because Kimberlin was taking pics of him. But I'm not sure how that violates a restraining order since the pair were actually outside of the courtroom when the event happened. It's kind of hard to be X number of feet away from a guy when you both are coming out of the same room -- a courtroom.

And wouldn't Kimberlin's actions be those considered "harassing" in this case? Walker was just responding to Kimberlin taking his picture. I guess it's not cool to grab the guy's iPad, but to get arrested for this? (if that is the case) Give me a break!

Thanks to Howie and J for the links.

PS -- The National Bloggers Club has set up a fund to defend Walker.

Update by SH: Investors Business Daily's David Hogberg was also at the hearing today:IBD At Kimberlin Hearing: Walker Handcuffed, 1st Amendment Muzzled Google alerts?

Here’s what seems to have happened. Although Kimberlin’s first peace order against Walker was eventually thrown out on appeal, it appears that while it was in effect Walker wrote a blog post about Kimberlin. This triggered a Google Alert that Kimberlin had set up. Kimberlin filed criminal charges based on that, apparently claiming that constituted “contact.” The court apparently agreed, and Walker was arrested.
Read it all

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:44 AM | Comments |

Video: Solyndra Just the Tip of the Iceberg
Plus: The Socialization of Risk and Reward
UPDATE: Another Video Added

I'm featuring this video over at Blogs4Mitt. If you think Solyndra is the only taxpayer funded "investment" that went bad, then you don't know the half of it.

While the video focuses on Obama's failed loans to his political allies, I think the problem is more fundamental than that.

In a capitalist system private risk is rewarded with private reward. If I invest my money and the investment is good then I make even more money.

But the same is also true if the investment goes bad: I lose.

What Obama has done is tried to fundamentally change our capitalist system away from private risk and reward into one of socialized risk. His administration uses our money to bolster favored industries. This seems all well and good if the investment turns out to be a good one. You will hear endless platitudes from the President in the coming months about the "success" of GM.

So, the fundamental problem with Solyndra isn't necessarily that the company -- and those like it -- are firmly in the pockets of the Democratic party. No, the problem is that when the government invests in private companies it does so at the risk of the public expenses.

Further, do you really think that the Department of Engergy or any other governmental agency knows a good investment when they see it?

Under a capitalist system investors who make bad decisions are punished. It's supposed to happen that way. We want that to happen. It's necessary for the system to work.

But when the government makes bad investment decisions all of us are punished.

It gets worse, though. The Left is constantly complaining about the power that corporations wield in Washington through lobbying to change rules in their favor. This is a valid complaint. Government should not be used to line the pockets of powerful interests.

However, that threat is magnified exponentially when the investor in question is the government itself. Do you really think that the government can stay neutral when it is the government itself which benefits from rules benefiting those companies into which they have invested?

It removes the lobbyists from the equation, but only because those making the investment and those running the government are the same people.

We would never allow a major investor in GE to also run the department of Defense. Yet that is what we do when the government "invests" in private companies that it also regulates.

To believe that government will not attempt to protect its investments in the same way that private corporations do is to assume the impossible: that human nature is suspended when your paycheck is written by Uncle Sam.

Which is why the only way to solve this is not more government "oversight" of .... the government. Who will watch the watchers when we clamor for the watchers to watch themselves?

To paraphrase WOPR from War Games: The only winning move is not to play.

UPDATE: Two things for this update, the first is this very relevant video via Hot Air from American Crossroads on the topic above.

The other item is this comment by J, which is spot on:

To clarify, in socialism, only risk gets socialized, rewards are still private. Take Solyndra and other "green" companies for example. Who ripped tax payer money? Who got paid bonuses even after bancruptcy? Commie-O's pals. Who got stuck with the bill, the taxpayer.

Think of it as a scam (which it actually is), head - I win, tails - taxpayer looses.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:14 AM | Comments |

Want to see the REAL War on Women?
Live Action Video: Planned Parenthood encouraging gender-selective abortion, Medicaid fraud
Update: Congress Votes on Sex-Selection Abortion Ban Tomorrow

Obama Campaign Slogan

Did I move to China and no one told me I did?

Want to see a real war on women? Not one defined by the opposition to the imposition of a Hubby State and subsidies, but one in which women of the future are systematically eliminated? Live Action went undercover last month at a number of abortion clinics across the nation [More...]

Margaret Sanger, eugenicists, and founder of Planned Parenthood.

Obama hearts Planned Parenthood, his HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius hearts Margaret Sanger.

Texas tried to cut funding to Planned Parent and lost: Court rules State of Texas must fund abortion business

Nuff said.

Carry on Comrades - FORWARD

Update: Via Life News: Congress Votes on Sex-Selection Abortion Ban Tomorrow

By Stable Hand at 09:49 AM | Comments |

How This All Ends

If you want to vote for Barack Obama this fall, first you need to take a look where tax and spend has taken his home State of Illinois.

Illinois sacrificed paying its bills on the alter of tax and spend politics. This year another round of tax and spend is before the legislature of the state with the worst credit rating in the nation.

Sixteen months ago, Democrats pushed through the largest income tax increase in Illinois history, an unpopular decision that was billed as a crucial step to put state government on the road to financial recovery.

Yet last week lawmakers made deep cuts in health care for the poor, and this week they face tough votes to raise the cigarette tax, strip away public worker pension benefits and slice spending on social services. Despite all that, the giant pile of unpaid bills that has loomed over state government for years is expected to keep growing.

So why didn't the roughly $7 billion more a year the state is collecting from that income tax hike fix Illinois' money problems?

Its simple really in Illinois tax hikes are used to make the minimum payment on more debt, to finance more spending. Its like the old cocaine monkey, I tax more so I can spend more so I can borrow more. And over and over it goes.

The real kicker is that every time Illinois welfare state goes to the well its on the backs of those Democrats claim to help. The poor, those on fixed income pensions. The declining tax base of smokers. Oh of course they will claim the cigarette tax is for the children but its really about the money. But it won't make much money because many smokers will buy their tobacco in a lower tax state, and their gas, and their groceries. And the revenue will fall again. They are taxing themselves right into bankruptcy court.

What has happened is that the State is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Chicago Democrats, by Chicago Democrats for the Organized Chicago Democrat Community.

I'd be somewhat receptive to the argument that the pensions are too generous except its like a mortgage holder complaining his payments are too high so foreclosure is unfair when he never made the first damned payment. How can you complain now about the hole you dug skipping the payments entirely?

What this is about is robbing people who worked all their lives to pay for housing, healthcare and food for the masses of those who never worked the first day except for election day when the community organized bus arrives to take them to the polls.

You hear about Greece being a huge financial risk every day, but what about the news that Obama's home state with one of the top five largest economies in the nation stands on the edge of bankruptcy. What will it do for our national economy when Illinois finally succumbs to its fiscal problems?

By Howie at 07:38 AM | Comments |

Too Good To Wait 'Til Sunday War P0rn

It's just a big bird!

Below the fold, up close and personal. Not safe for young'uns.

By DMartyr at 12:07 AM | Comments |

May 28, 2012

If You Are Able


If you are able, save them a place inside of you and save one backward glance when you are leaving for the places they can no longer go.

Be not ashamed to say you loved them, though you may or may not have always.

Take what they have left and what they have taught you with their dying and keep it with your own.

And in that time when men decide and feel safe to call the war insane, take one moment to embrace those gentle heroes you left behind.

Major Michael Davis O'Donnell
1 January 1970
Dak To, Vietnam

By DMartyr at 11:59 PM | Comments |

We Must Fight

(Hat Tip: Breitbart)

By DMartyr at 10:44 PM | Comments |

I Fought the Ma #BrettKimberlin

ma won_day by day.jpg
Day by Day by Chris Muir

You will find Brett Kimberlin in our assmaggots archives.

And on Twitter hashtag: #BrettKimberlin

By Stable Hand at 07:34 PM | Comments |

MSNBC's Chris Hayes Is Uncomfortable Calling Fallen American Soldiers 'Heroes'

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

The Blaze has more.

"The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him." ~GK Chesterton

True soldiers are heroes, because they fight, not for selfish reasons, but for the country he loves, for the ideas and values that give freedom to all. A hero fights for those he loves, and for complete strangers. They fight to the death to protect and defend what is behind them.

You leftist assmaggots, Chris Hayes, selfishly fight only as a means for self-preservation. You speak with more reverence for the raping, murdering, piss-flinging #Occutards than you do for soldiers. You appease the enemies you fear and then, like the coward you are, take swipes at those who have sacrificed their own lives to give you the freedom to say they are not heroes.

You are not worthy of being American. Unfortunately, the price we pay for our greatness is having to tolerate filth like you.

Happy Memorial Day, maggot.

Update by SH: VFW Demands an apology from Chris Hayes

Update II by SH: He has issued an apology, kinda.

Geoff “Stolen Valor” Millard of the Iraq Veterans Against the War reached out to Chris Hayes on twitter. You know, to give him pointers on troop bashing.

Milblogger Jonn Lilyea has a few choice words to say about that.

By DMartyr at 12:11 PM | Comments |

Romney: “Every Veteran is the Greatest of His Generation”

I posted this over at Blogs4Mitt, but it's so powerful I thought I'd post it here, too.

Inspired. Truly inspired.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:42 AM | Comments |

Iran Behind Terror Plot to Kill Americans

Iran wants to kill Americans? I'm sure this is part of a larger "right-wing" plot by the notorious wingnuts at the .... Washington Post to beat the drums of war:

A plot to kill Americans had been uncovered, the message read, and embassy officials were on the target list...

The plot had two strands, U.S. officials learned, one involving snipers with silencer-equipped rifles and the other a car bomb, apparently intended to kill embassy employees or members of their families.

Both strands could be traced back to the same place, the officials were told: Azerbaijan’s southern neighbor, Iran...

But U.S. and Middle Eastern officials now see the attempts as part of a broader campaign by Iran-linked operatives to kill foreign diplomats in at least seven countries over a span of 13 months. The targets have included two Saudi officials, a half-dozen Israelis and — in the Azerbaijan case — several Americans, the officials say.

I love how the American Left is constantly worried about the rhetoric coming out of Washington about the Iranian threat. In their minds, this is another Iraq: the "sexing up" of evidence about Iranian threats which is designed to start another round of Middle East adventurism.

I'm not for military intervention in Iran. I think the Israelis are perfectly adept at handling the problem on their own.

But while the extreme Left is engaged in endless navel gazing about our rhetoric in an effort to blame all the world's problems on the US, they overlook the very obvious fact Iran's actions are what are really responsible for increased tensions in the Middle East.

I'm just not sure how covertly sponsoring the assassination of Americans or overtly supporting terrorism is somehow less worrisome than some report coming out of a D.C. think tank.

And if you continue to read the Washington Post article it goes on to suggest that we've known about the Iranian assassination plots since last year but they were deliberately covered up by the Obama Administration in an attempt to ease tensions with Iran.

So, if anything, the powers that be are doing the exact opposite of what the Left often suggests: they are downplaying the Iranian threat in an effort to reduce the likelihood of war.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:26 AM | Comments |

Explosion in Kenyan Capital

A very large blast hit downtown Nairobi, Kenya's capital this morning. At least 28 are injured. Early reports have the police blaming an "electrical accident" while the Prime Minister is blaming Islamist terrorists.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:34 AM | Comments |

Photographer Beat Up By Justin Beiber?

Yeah, I'm not really sure how its possible to get beaten up Justin Beiber.

Teen idol Justin Bieber is wanted for questioning by Los Angeles County Sheriff's investigators - after a paparazzo complained of being roughed up by the young pop star at a shopping center.

Wow that's a pretty good Matrix pose. But Beiber, dude if you're going to scrap then you really need to tie your shoes. And also your GF has slurpies methinks.




On the bright side at least you didn't get your striped socks all bloodstained.

Update: Although its a lot of fun to make fun of Beiber, it turns out Beiber was trolled into this by a leach looking for a big payday. The leach is pictured here at TMZ.

By Howie at 07:30 AM | Comments |

May 27, 2012

SWATing a CNN Contributor, Who's Next Beotches??
Update: Former DOJ Attorney: Eric Holder Could Stop SWATings 'in 48 Hours'..

erick ericson_red state.jpg
Stupid bitches
Last week we spent a lot of time writing about Brett Kimberlin and the incident involving blogger Patterico where someone spoofed his phone number and told 911 he had shot his wife.

Tonight, my family was sitting around the kitchen table eating dinner when sheriffs deputies pulled up in the driveway.

Someone called 911 from my address claiming there had been an accidental shooting.[More..]

Erick Erickson's phone number is unlisted.

erick erickson_phone number_swatting.jpg

File this under Brett Kimberlin or copycat assmaggots

h/t Aaron Worthing

Update: Via BigG

Former Department of Justice attorney J. Christian Adams took to Twitter in the wake of the SWATing of Red State's Erik Erickson and declared:
Eric Holder or an ethical USAttorney could stop this swatting in 48 hours. Violates 18 USC 241. Online efforts should be directed at #DOJ.[More...]
The ball is in your court "nation of cowards" Eric Holder.

Remember, this is a Free Speech issue, think Fairness Doctrine and the U.N.'s push to control the internet

Did I mention Brett Kimberlin's so-called non-profit groups receive funding from the likes of George Soros, Barbara Streisand and Theresa Heinz Kerry? How about NY RiNO's proposing a ban on, clearly unconstitutional, anonymous online comments?

This is a Free Speech issue!

Update II : Via Michelle Malkin: A post-Brett Kimberlin blogburst to-do list[Read it all]

"Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil"~Thomas Mann

So ironic, we are honoring the fallen this Memorial Day and these assmaggots want to take the freedoms our finest and bravest fought for away from us.

I refuse to let them.

By Stable Hand at 10:22 PM | Comments |

Oh, Brett, Is That You?


He hunts Jawas. How cute. Let's let him know how we roll.

By Vinnie at 08:14 PM | Comments |

Bombs Away

bombs away_kimberlin_day by day.jpg
Day by Day by Chris Muir


If you don't know what this is all about then you haven't been paying attention

By Stable Hand at 08:02 PM | Comments |

RIP Sandy Dahl

Sandy was the widow of Captain Jason Dahl, one of the pilots on United Flight 93. Crew and passengers on United Flight 93 fought back and foiled the attempt to crash the flight into the US Capitol Building.

By Howie at 12:18 PM | Comments |

#BrettKimberlin: This Memorial Day Remember Nam Veteran Major Carl David De Long

carl delong.jpg
In Honor of 39 yr old Vietnam Veteran Major Carl De Long
Kimberlin was convicted as the so-called "Speedway Bomber," who terrorized the city of Speedway, Indiana, by detonating a series of explosives in early September 1978. In the worst incident, Kimberlin placed one of his bombs in a gym bag, and left it in a parking lot outside Speedway High School. Carl DeLong was leaving the high school football game with his wife when he attempted to pick up the bag and it exploded. The blast tore off his lower right leg and two fingers, and embedded bomb fragments in his wife's leg. He was hospitalized for six weeks, during which he was forced to undergo nine operations to complete the amputation of his leg, reattach two fingers, repair damage to his inner ear, and remove bomb fragments from his stomach, chest, and arm. In February 1983, he committed suicide.
May Major De Long RIP and may Brett Kimbelin be haunted every day of his life for the misery he caused to Major De Long and his family.

h/t IOTW

BTW, Brett Kimberlin, you are a convicted bomber and a assmaggot of all assmaggots!

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Rolling Thunder's Ride for Freedom 25th Anniversary

Rolling Thunder isn't a biker gang or a club. It's an organization that supports POW/MIA families while embracing the service that veterans and active duty military have provided to the country. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Rolling Thunder movement.
Here is a video from a couple days ago showing their ride to Washington D.C.

Rolling Thunder Washington D.C. website

And most importantly, this is their official music video they use to raise awareness to the issue of POW/MIA:

Rolling Thunder at Twitter has more videos, images

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Our Favorite Saudi Muslima

They are scared of her methinks.

Hat Tip: Pat.

Update: Pat is going for a Fatwa again.

By Howie at 09:37 AM | Comments |

For Them, Every Day Is Memorial Day

The Patriot Guard Riders honor our fallen soldiers with every funeral.

Buy the movie.

For this Memorial Day, please make it a point to do something good for our Troops. Donate or volunteer time to help. There are a lot of great organizations out there, including the Patriot Guard Riders and the Wounded Warrior Project.

By DMartyr at 09:35 AM | Comments |

12-Year-Old Boy Raises Money to Build WWII Normandy Memorial for WWII Veterans

Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend video via FoxNewsInsider:

God Bless this patriotic young man and the WWII Foundation for their commitment to our finest and bravest.

This is from their website:

Pennsylvania’s Jordan Brown appeared on the national TV news program Fox & Friends to talk about his role in the WWII Foundation’s Richard Winters Leadership project. It was great publicity for the project and for our junior fundraiser Jordan, who has been an important part of making the leadership monument project in Normandy, France a reality.
Main video at their website:

TimGrayMedia YouTube Channel

About World War II Foundation

The WWII Foundation produces award-winning long format HD documentary films focusing on the veterans of World War II. Tim Gray Media handles corporate and video production.

By Stable Hand at 09:19 AM | Comments |

A Marine's Last Ride

Posted before, but worthy of a Memorial Day weekend repost.

By DMartyr at 01:37 AM | Comments |

Charles Johnson worries about his connections to Brett Kimberlin

Ah Chuckie, twitter screencaps aren't your best friend.

If you don't know who Brett Kimberlin is by now, go to our assmaggots archive.

h/t Boiler Room Worker

By Stable Hand at 12:31 AM | Comments |

May 26, 2012

Idaho Field of Heroes

Amazing story behind this.

Video from yesterday:

NBC news video here. I couldn't post because it is on auto. Be sure and watch as it gives a lot of background on this.

Idaho Field of Heroes website is here

RIP Heroes, you will never be forgotten.

By Stable Hand at 09:34 PM | Comments |

Brett Kimberlin’s “Non-Political Charity” Tries to Intimidate Its Critics

Via Aaron Worthing(aka Aaron Walker), who is one of Kimberlin's victims :

So yesterday we had an EverybodyBlog About Brett Kimberlin day and I was profoundly moved at how well things went. People keep thanking me, but they have it all wrong. I have to thank them. They have seen the what Brett Kimberlin did to Patterico and I, yet hundreds of bloggers and thousands of twitterers and who knows how many Facebookers, etc. all participated, knowing it could happen to them. It’s not brave to run into a minefield unawares; it is brave to run into it knowing it is a minefield. And so the praise belongs to those people, not me.

And just this morning, we get to see more of Brett Kimberlin’s intimidation in real time. At the Justice Through Music website (anonymized link), you get this lovely entry (in its entirety):

Thanks For All of Your Support!


May 25, 2012 - We want to thank all of you for your tremendous support this week. Keep those donations flooding in so that those opposed to human rights and progressive values will see that their malicious attacks on youth, women, activists, Muslims, and the 99%[yes, Occupy..ed] will not be tolerated in our beloved democracy. Please note that we are working closely with both state and federal law enforcement officials and have given them lists of all those who make inappropriate statements[huh?..ed] or contacts. Again, thank you so much for all the donations. We feel like Planned Parenthood after the attack on them.[More....]

Read the rest, Mr Walker explains fully this tactic.

If anyone comments they want to kill or do harm to Kimberlin, his buds or his charities.. take note, this will not be tolerated.

Aside from that, I've posted about him and he doesn't like anyone to bring up anything about him. I didn't post any gossip, just facts.

So be it.

Stay tuned, I ain't done yet.

File this under assmaggots, yes assmaggots.

Weiner's Wanker Was an Inside Job![Yes ,related]
Kimberlin Funders Stunned to Discover they Fund Kimberlin

Update via Ace who also posted on this. Below is an update on Mr Walker's continuing harassment by Kimberlin:

Meanwhile, his latest abusive filing -- seeking a Peace Order against Aaron -- is scheduled to be heard in court Tuesday morning.

In this hearing, convicted bomber and perjurer (and filer of 100 lawsuits, by his own count) will endeavor to demonstrate to a judge that he requires some sort of protection from non-bomber, non-perjurer, sub-100-lawsuits Aaron Worthing.


Update: I didn't see this yesterday, but well worth the read: Top Signs You're Being Harassed By Brett Kimberlin

By Stable Hand at 04:49 PM | Comments |

Weiner's Wanker Was an Inside Job!


New York congressman Anthony Weiner resigned in disgrace a full year ago, admitting to having sent lewd photos to female fans of his on Twitter.

But for one corner of the Internet, Weinergate is very much not over. A group of liberal bloggers believe that Anthony Weiner was blackmailed by Andrew Breitbart into a false confession, and are carrying out a lonely Twitter crusade to spread their theory — in spite of the fact that Weiner himself has never claimed this to be the case.

Fire can't melt tweets! Eleventy!

By Howie at 03:10 PM | Comments |

Arizona: Flashlight's Used As IED's?

Rigged flashlight sent to California lab for analysis

Evidence from a rigged flashlight that detonated at a Salvation Army warehouse in Phoenix has been sent to California for further investigation, officials said.

The material is being analyzed at a crime lab in Walnut Creek in northern California run by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which is overseeing the investigation.

Among other objectives, the ATF is attempting to determine whether the flashlight in Thursday's incident is rigged the same way as two other flashlights that were also packed with explosives and left outside businesses in Glendale earlier this month. In each of the three instances, the person who picked up the device suffered minor injuries[...]

Preliminary evidence suggests the incident could be linked to two other explosive flashlight cases in Glendale on May 13 and 14.

The flashlights found in Glendale were each described as a 9-volt yellow hand-held flashlights, left outside near businesses, according to Sgt. Brent Coombs, a spokesman for the Glendale Police Department.[More..]

Oh my..

Rigged device explodes at Salvation Army; 2 hurt
2 flashlight bombs explode in Glendale causing minor injures

Though the two detonations caused only minor injuries, experts said the flashlights were designed to cause serious damage, Coombs said.

By Stable Hand at 02:20 PM | Comments |

Chris Matthews a little tired of ‘horse’s ass right-wingers’ mocking the thrill up his leg

ABC via Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin.


MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews lectured a fellow television reporter when asked about his 2008 comment that a speech from then-candidate Barack Obama sent a “thrill up his leg.”

Chris Matthews: Jackasses, Stop Asking About Obama Speech from National Cable and Telecommunications Association on

Great story regarding Obama's rise to the presidency? Sure, with the help of OMFM, whom made sure any of 'his past" wouldn't see the light of day. If something was revealed the cry of "racism" was used to silence Obama's critics.

Tingles and the rest of OMFM continue to try to make sure his past still doesn't see the light. One problem - New Media and Twitter. Obama campaign and OMFM are on the defense, making excuses, a lot.

By Stable Hand at 01:06 PM | Comments |

Customer Reviews of Elizabeth, Fauxcahontas, Warren's Submitted Recipes to "Pow Wow Chow"

Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren's submitted "recipes" to this cookbook appear to be very popular. Or, how to ruin a good cookbook by pretending to be part Cherokee.

Top Reviews from Pow Wow Chow: A Collection of Recipes from Families of the Five Civilized Tribes : Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole (Paperback)

The most helpful favorable review

582 of 598 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars raves from fellow faculty members
I've received nothing but rave reviews from my colleagues after whipping up treats from this cookbook in the faculty lounge kitchen. Admirers of Pow Wow Chow may also enjoy Bow Wow Chow, a Indonesian-influenced cookbook from a former professor now in politics.

The most helpful critical review

294 of 299 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars A few good recipes
Overall this selection is lacking and has just a few good recipes inside. One for Humble Pie and another for Roasted Crow.

h/t KLSouth via Warren, I'm Native American Because My Mother Told Me So.

Read them all


By Stable Hand at 11:40 AM | Comments |

Teenagers killed as gunman goes on rampage in Finland

So much for gun control

REUTERS - A gunman opened fire from a rooftop in a Finnish town centre in the early hours of Saturday, killing two people and wounding several others, police said.

An 18-year-old man wearing camouflage clothing was arrested after the shooting in Hyvinkaa, a small town 56 km (34 miles) north of the capital Helsinki.

The motive for the shooting was unclear. It followed a series of shooting sprees in Finland in recent years and came less than a year after anti-immigrant gunman Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people in a rampage in neighbouring Norway.

About their new and improved gun control laws:
Finland has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the world and a series of mass shootings prompted the government to toughen its gun laws last June. The suspect in Saturday’s case did not have a license, police said.
Enough said.

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Egypt Elections: Muslim Brotherhood claims revolution 'in danger' .

Egypt's first democratic election doesn't play well with the Muslim Brotherhood (aka Freedom & Justice Party). Democracy is a dirty word for Islamists except when pretending they are for it before they become against it when they are in charge.

Via France24

The Muslim Brotherhood called on Egyptians on Saturday to "save" the revolution by backing its candidate Mohammed Mursi in a presidential run-off vote. Mursi is expected to face off against Ahmed Shafiq, a former PM to the deposed Hosni Mubarak.
If Mohammed Mursi is elected Egypt will become another shithole of Shariah or Islamic Law. Listen to this rally for Mursi led by Egyptian cleric Safwat Higazi:

Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi Launches MB Candidate Muhammad Mursi's Campaign: Mursi Will Restore the "United States of the Arabs" with Jerusalem as Its Capital
Al-Nas TV (Egypt) - May 1, 2012
The Facebook Caliphate[Mark Steyn]

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Lawyers Suspect Kenyan Police in Terror Abduction

So, what's the problem?

Human rights officials accused the Kenyan police Friday of eliminating suspected terrorists after armed men dragged a terror suspect out of a car. He was the third terror suspect to be abducted since April.

Lawyer Mbugua Mureithi said Sylvester Opiyo, also known as Musa Osodo, is the "usual suspect" in terror-related investigations. Opiyo was abducted by armed men Wednesday after the car he was traveling in with five other people broke down in western Kenya, Mureithi said. Police have denied they are holding him.

"When the police begin to say we are not holding that person, that is a very dangerous sign . People are never seen again when police say they don't know where the suspects are," Mureithi said[..]

Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe said Friday the allegation that police are responsible for executions and abductions "is the work of fiction."

The three abductions are not the first time Kenyan police have been accused of extra-judicial actions against security threats. In 2007 the government-funded Kenya National Commission For Human Rights documented the executions and forced disappearances of more than 500 youths associated with a gang known for beheading its victims and running extortion rackets.

Police say Opiyo is one of hundreds of Kenyan youths who are sympathetic to the Somali militant group al-Shabab, which has vowed to attack Kenya in retaliation for its troop deployment.

Shame on the Kenyan police if this is true!

I fibbed on that last part. I don't like the African Taliban and their sympathizers, especially when they behead people. Missing could mean the African Taliban has them or something or dead. Yeah, dead is good.

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Flags For Heroes

Via myFOXdc:

RIP heroes, you are gone but not forgotten.

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Woman Who Sent Innocent Man to Jail and Bilked Taxpayers Out of 1.5 Million Wants to Keep The Money

All Things Considered.

Five years in prison. Then five years of probation and wearing an electronic monitoring device. The shame of being a registered sex offender. Not being able to get a job. His dream of playing in the NFL destroyed, possibly forever.

Brian Banks, now 26, has gone through all that.

...Then Thursday, the California man's rape conviction was dismissed. His accuser, who last year sent Banks a message on Facebook suggesting that they "let bygones be bygones," had been videotaped saying she lied about being raped. Wanetta Gibson's previous statements to police about the alleged 2002 incident had been the only evidence against Banks ...

It gets worse.
As for Banks' accuser, she hasn't been willing to repeat to authorities what she said on the videotape (made by a private investigator) about the accusation. In fact, the Los Angeles Times says, she "recanted her video statement." Her family had been granted a $1.5 million legal judgment from the Long Beach, Calif., public school system because she had claimed the rape happened on school property. Now, Brooks told the Times, she doesn't want to put that money at risk.
Wanetta Gibson and her mother, if living, needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And Mr. Banks and the state need to be compensated for these women's fraud.

As for the accusations that this is all because of the R word, I disagree. Its due to the war on men™, where the law is skewed to protect women. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. Women should be protected but remember advocacy groups think their job is to advocate for and support the victim lest vetting deter victims from coming forward.

The problem with this is that victim's stories are never vetted. People are encouraged to become victims, to legally steamroll innocents. There needs to be due diligence in such cases which at this point can only be achieved by having your day in court assuming you can get competent legal representation.

I've seen it many times, stories of abuse levied against men by women of questionable credibility, supported by victims advocacy groups, melt away at a proper hearing under penalty of perjury and cross examination.

It would be interesting so see more about how any judge could have let Mr. Banks do this at the time of the trial in 2002. But the only reference left I can find in 2002 is this La Times article.

Google News searches for the date range of 01/01/2002 through 12/31/2002 are now sparse, except for the mainstream media's current narrative on the exoneration of Banks (save for the one La Times link).

Memory hole win.

What's even more depressing is that Bank's exoneration is shown as "proof" the system works and an example of "the racism inherent in the system". The destruction of Bank's future in the context of a sexual allegation is seen as acceptable collateral damage.

That's just unacceptable, Brian Banks should have never served a day in prison for this non-crime. He certainly didn't receive equal protection under the law but that was mot on the basis of race as both he and Ms. Gibson are black, no Banks was railroaded on the basis of sex by a system that did not properly cross examine Ms. Gibson's alleged victim status.

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Calling Freud

Even with the help of a teleprompter, twice Obama referred to "sons" when mentioning to his daughters while discussing contraception options for women under his health-care mandates.


Does he subconsciously wish he had had male children instead of female children? Or does he condescendingly view the citizens of the United States as children - his children - whom require a parental figure to care for them and make decisions for them?

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A$$maggot Douses Australia's Eternal Flame At Shrine of Remembrance

Guaranteed to get your blood boiling:

From The Age:

A man who snuffed out the Eternal Flame at the Shrine of Remembrance could face additional penalties under laws designed to give the war memorial special protection from vandals.

Police have released security footage of a man using a fire extinguisher to put out the flame.

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

After watching, this quote was brought to mind:

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." ~John Stuart Mill

The man extinguishing the flame is a miserable, selfish creature. He fights a coward's war of covert destruction for no reason other than to wreak emotional havoc on true patriots. I pray a squad of Diggers locates this man before the authorities, and give him a hard lesson about respect.

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May 25, 2012

UN Inspectors have located radioactive traces at an Iranian underground bunker

ahmadinejad_radioactive levels.jpg
It's for peaceful purposes, honest!
VIENNA – Inspectors have located radioactive traces at an Iranian underground bunker, the U.N. atomic agency said Friday -- a finding that could mean Iran has moved closer to reaching the uranium threshold needed to arm nuclear missiles.

In a report obtained by The Associated Press, the International Atomic Energy Agency said it was asking Tehran for a full explanation. But the report was careful to avoid any suggestion that Iran was intentionally increasing the level of its uranium enrichment, noting that Tehran said a technical glitch was responsible.

Analysts as well as diplomats who had told the AP of the existence of the traces before publication of the confidential report also said the higher-enriched material could have been a mishap involving centrifuges over-performing as technicians adjusted their output rather than a dangerous step toward building a bomb.[More...]

Technical glitch?


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Today will be a day long remembered.

It has seen the return of Shackleford, soon we shall see the end of the Rebellion.

And also I'm old.

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Glenn Beck Interviews Patterico & Aaron Worthing Regarding #BrettKimberlin

Via The Right Scoop

Patrick Frey aka Patterico:

Aaron Walker aka Aaron Worthing

>>Crickets<<< from MFM

Far left >>>>crickets<<<<

Are they afraid of Kimberlin?

Update: Mean Kitteh gave a link to this blog dedicated today to the memory of Carl Delong. He was a 39 yr old Vietnam vet (Major) that eventually took his life due to injuries he sustained from one of Kimberlin's bombs.

By Stable Hand at 05:49 PM | |

My Contribution To The Brett Kimberlin Blogburst

If you were consumed in flames and rolling around on the street, I wouldn't piss on you to put it out.

As far as I'm concerned, domestic terrorists are on the same level as jihadist ones. Whale shit on the bottom of the ocean.

Good day, sir.

BTW, my address is 72 Dirt Nap Way, Mogadishu, Somalia. You're welcome.

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Rusty is Back: A Tale of Two Cities

Where was I? One awesome place one miserable slimehole.

The awesome place: London, England.

The miserable slimehole: Paris, France.

In the first 20 minutes in Paris I watched one guy get his wallet pick-pocketed and another one, a buddy of mine, catch a guy pick-pocketing him.

If I witnessed both these crimes with no particular training or acumen, then the police in Paris have to know what's going on and ... they don't care. So long as the pick-pockets stick to robbing the tourists and leave the Parisians alone, then what's the big deal?

That will be the last time I ever visit Paris or knowingly send any money France's way.

But London? London is always a pleasure. The English, as always, prove to be more than helpful and always as nice as can be.

I can't begin to describe the differences between the two cities -- London and Paris. I've never felt unsafe or threatened in London. At no time did I ever feel like I didn't have to be on my guard in Paris.

Londoners get a bad rap, in my estimation, because their hurried pace from one place to another gets misinterpreted by those outside the city as an uncaring attitude. But it's not. Every time -- and I mean every -- I've ever stopped someone on the streets and asked them for help or directions they've always gone out of their way to be helpful.

Also, in the past decade or so London has really changed for the better foodwise. In the neighborhood we were staying in, near Farringdon, there was food galore. Within two blocks we had three Italian restaurants, three kebab shops (you have to know, I am a big take-out kebab kind of a guy), and a dozen or more other ethnic restaurants. Even the pub-grub gets better each time I visit the place.

Sorry I didn't do any updates while I was gone, but my wifi on my iPhone went to crap. I think it's physically broken. Which kind of sucked while I was abroad with no internet connectivity (have you seen the international data rates?!?!?). But you know what that means? Time for a new iPhone, baby!

So, I'm back. What did I miss?

Bonus video footage of my trip below the fold (thanks to Howie).

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Texas Senate Race : David Dewhurst, Illegal Immigration Enabler

dewhurst.pngIn the latest round of the hottest U.S. Senate primary in the nation, establishment candidate (and zillionaire) David Dewhurst is spending his millions attacking conservative challenger Ted Cruz with a claim that Cruz supports "amnesty."

This is a curious line of attack coming from Dewhurst, who never opposed in-state tuition for illegal aliens and actively worked as Lieutenant Governor to block bills banning sanctuary cities and supporting e-verify adoption. Mark Levin sets the record straight on Dewhurst here, and has more here.

Below the fold, a word from Maria Martinez, a well-known immigration activist in Texas who has tangled with Dewhurst many times:


I can't tell all of you how important this Senate race is to Texas. I'm sure that you remember how hard we worked during the last 2 legislative sessions in Austin to get a single bill passed to stop or even slow down the effects of illegal immigration. IRCOT met with Dewhurst's staff in 2009 urging him to get behind an E-verify bill but were politely shown the door. In 2011, we brought him the Texas Tea Party Coalition Letter on Illegal Immigration signed by nearly 3,000 Tea Party activists and never heard a word from Dewhurst. Dewhurst had every opportunity to do something to pass an anti-sanctuary city bill and DID NOTHING. When he could have used the rule to suspend the "blocker bill" and yet chose not to! This was even the most watered down bill that could have been written, and still he allowed it to be killed.

Many of you may have supported another candidate but we so need to defeat Dewhurst and keep him out of Washington where he will again do nothing. I think it's important to get the truth out that the very person who has accused Cruz of amnesty is the very one who was part of the "team" that killed all legislation to address illegal immigration in Texas for at least the last 3 legislative sessions. He must be defeated and I urge all of you to get the word out to your contact lists that Dewhurst is the real enemy on illegal immigration. He must be forced to a run-off.

Maria Martinez
Please note this is a personal note and does not necessarily reflect the views of IRCOT or its Board Members.
(For identification purposes only)
Executive Director
Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas (IRCOT)

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 01:47 PM | Comments |

Bogart Barry?

Buzzfeed (lol)

Barry also had a knack for interceptions. When a joint was making the rounds, he often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted "Intercepted!," and took an extra hit. No one seemed to mind.
For shame! V!

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Democrats Launch "Get On The Tour Bus, B!tch" Campaign To Counter GOP's 'War On Women'

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett attended a Democratic rally and condemned the Republican's "War on Women." Immediately following that rant, gangsta rapper "Proph" performed.

Proph sang his most popular song (which no one outside his minuscule fan base knows), "Sucka Mc's" about "b!tches who ride me" and "make a nigga comfortable" and how "cash make the b!tches shake their asses."

The song ends with the repeated phrase "put the mic down and get on the tour bus, b!tch."

Gateway Pundit has more.

Republican Party Animals has even more.

If you are masochistic enough, you can hear the entire "Sucka Mc's" track HERE. Other songs from this "artist" (which were also performed at the rally) are available for preview as well.

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Convicted Bomber Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, Ron Brynaert and Their Campaign of Political Terrorism?

Today is Everybody blog about Brett Kimberlin Day so here's my part.

If you read just one thing today, make it this post by conservative blogger Patterico [Hence my title in this post comes from his]

You’re about to listen to one of the most bone-chilling pieces of audio you will ever hear. At least, it was to me when I first heard it.

It’s a phone call that could have gotten me killed.

In this post you will hear that audio clip. You will also read about a months-long campaign of harassment carried out by at least three individuals: Ron Brynaert, Neal Rauhauser, and Brett Kimberlin — much of it directed at critics of Brett Kimberlin. This harassment includes repeated references to critics’ family members, workplace complaints, publication of personal information such as home addresses and pictures of residences, bogus allegations of criminal activity, whisper campaigns, frivolous legal actions, and frivolous State Bar complaints.

And finally, you will hear a comparison of one of those men’s voices to that of the man who made the call that sent police to my home. And you’ll read a declaration from a forensic audio expert comparing those two voices[...]

[ Continue Reading, a must read in it's entirety]
Oh, and this group of anti 1st Amendment activists want to know Ace's true identity
You know who cares about Ace’s identity? Brett Kimberlin supporter @BreitbartUnmask. He has written entire posts about Ace’s identity. And before I was swatted, someone threatened me by email. That person threatened one other person the same night: Ace of Spades
From AceofSpadesHQ
....It's as long as an Ace of Spades movie review, but it is a shocking exposition of just how nefarious Kimberlin and his henchmen are alleged to be.

It also includes some references to our favorite Ewok and provides a good reminder of why what Maet mentioned in the ONT last night about this being no laughing matter is absolutely true. Ace:

Now, when he eventually does sue me, I am of course counterclaiming for everything he might still have, as well as having a special master appointed to keep track of any payouts to him from his, um, charities, so that any judgment is satisfied (and not evaded, as a previous victim judgment was).

But understand this: I am going to be sued, and my life is going to be one of constant harassment and intimidation and fear

Please do not put me in a worse position than I've chosen to be for the sake of some silly blogwar joke.

This is not a blogwar. This is not Amanda Marcotte. Amanda Marcotte does not write lists of people to be murdered.

No, this isn't a blog war, this is about protecting our 1st Amendment rights. Both Right and Left[Update, linked for naysayers in comments]
[Patterico]One more point that I have made before and will make again: this is not about partisan politics. Kimberlin thuggishly went after a left-leaning attorney who represented Aaron pro bono. He went after the lefty author of the book Citizen K.
of the aisle have been hit with harassment from this group. I didn't say all leftist.

Washington Examiner has a excellent must read piece up regarding this. How to Kill the First Amendment.

Update: Awesome link fest from the All American Blogger: Who Is Brett Kimberlin, Why You Need To Know and The Biggest Linkaround EVAH!

Also follow this hashtag on Twitter: #BrettKimberlin
Michelle Malkin's Free Speech Blogburst
Meet Soros Funded Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin
BigG: The Conservative Blogosphere Introduces Kimberlin 2012
Kimberlin Funders Stunned to Discover They Fund Kimberlin
Why The Brett Kimberlin Story Is A Bigger Problem For Progressives Than You May Realize

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Accused Child Molesting Former Priest Now Working For TSA

Certainly, not all TSA agents are child molesters (accused or otherwise). But one has to wonder why a governmental security agency doesn't vet employees better. Any potential employee who will come in physical contact with clients - especially children - should undergo extra scrutiny before being hired. But it appears the TSA doesn't even have a minimum standard to protect passengers.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The CBS 3 I-Team has learned that a Catholic priest who was removed from the ministry over sex abuse allegations now holds a sensitive security post at Philadelphia International Airport.

The security checkpoint between Terminals D and E is a busy place where thousands of people – including lots of kids – pass through every day. But you might not believe who the I-Team observed working as a TSA supervisor at that checkpoint this week: Thomas Harkins.

By DMartyr at 09:52 AM | Comments |

Chris "Tingles" Matthews: Right-Wingers Are Big, Gay Poopy Heads!

Chris "Tingles" Matthews strikes back when asked if the "thrill" is still there:

Matthews wasn't thrilled with the question.

"I hope that you feel satisfied that you've used the most obvious question that is raised by every horse's ass right-winger I ever bump into," Matthews responded, after defending the comment. [...]

"Perhaps I shouldn't have said so because I've given a lot of jackasses the chance to talk about it," Matthews continued.

"And usually they say 'tingle' which says something about their orientation, but that's alright," he added.

I just got a thrill up my leg. No, wait, I think my leg just fell asleep. False alarm.

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Brett Kimberlin Top Ten Domestic Terrorist of All Time?

Hey its blog about Assmaggot Bret Kimberlin day!

he Left has a long history of embracing unrepentant, manipulative sociopaths, felons, terrorists, and mass murderers – anything goes, provided that they share the same political ideology.

In fairness, most liberals do not feel affection for the worst of the worst among leftists such as Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Che Guevara, or Peoples Temple founder Jim Jones.

But there are a few domestic radicals who have attained a kind of folk hero status in left-wing circles.

“Speedway Bomber” Brett Kimberlin isn’t famous enough yet to have a cult following on the Left but give the determined, energetic activist time. A few short years after his release from federal prison the radical leftist has been embraced by all the right people, winning grants from the George Soros-funded Tides Foundation and wealthy celebrities.

He’s earned the confidence of leftist luminaries such as Teresa Heinz Kerry and Barbra Streisand who have sent money to his activist group, the Justice Through Music Project.

Read the rest of Frontpage Mag's story about Assmaggot Brett Kimberlin.

Assmaggot Brett Kimberlin
Assmaggot Brett Kimberlin
Assmaggot Brett Kimberlin
Assmaggot Brett Kimberlin
Assmaggot Brett Kimberlin
Assmaggot Brett Kimberlin

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Where's Rusty? Sniff it Edition

I know I should write some insulting line about Vinnie here, but I've early morning blogger block.

By Howie at 08:03 AM | Comments |

May 24, 2012

Cornhole Watch: Waco: Domestic Terrorist Pfc. Nasser Abdo Found Guilty in Ft Hood Bomb Plot

Traitorous AWOL bitch! Previously he had applied for conscientious objector status claiming that Islamic law prevented him from killing other Muslims and the Defense Department gave it to him!


Update 4 p.m.: A Waco jury found Pfc. Naser Abdo guilty of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, attempted murder and four other charges Thursday afternoon. The AWOL soldier planned to detonate a bomb in a Chinese restaurant popular with Fort Hood soldiers and shoot the survivors. Sentencing is set for the summer.

Abdo, who was flanked by five U.S. marshals as the sentence was read, showed no reaction to the verdict.

Jurors deliberated for just a little over an hour before reaching their verdict, which followed three days of testimony from about two dozen witnesses. None would talk to reporters afterward.

h/t Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser: Pfc Nasser Abdo is an unmitigated traitor to the United States


Naser Abdo, Soldier Accused In Bomb Plot, Attacks Officers In Courthouse Elevator
Nasser Abdo & the Iraq Veterans Against The War (IVAW)
Anti-War Groups Responsible for Abdo's Radicalization?
Naser Abdo's Taqiyya: Yells Out Nidal Hasan's Name in Court
Naser Abdo's Father Was Deported To Jordan For Solicitation Of A Minor (Updated-Criminal History Of Both Parents)
Moderate to Radical in Less than a Year
Fort Hood Suspect Hearts Bradley Manning (And Has Some Supporters)(bumped)
Breaking: U.S. Soldier Arrested Over Concerns of Possible Second Attack On Fort Hood (Bumped/Updated)(Rebumped)

By Stable Hand at 11:12 PM | Comments |

Texas: Muslim convert gets 20 years in prison for trying to give al-Qaida drone, GPS documents

bujol_terrorism support.jpg

I'm not familiar with this case but Rusty did a post on this last November. You can view it here The PDF of the indictment is here.

He was another long distance student of, now dead, Awalki. Wanted to set up his own "non traceable" jihadi website.


HOUSTON — A Texas man[Muslim convert..ed] convicted of trying to sneak out of the U.S. to give al-Qaida restricted military documents, GPS equipment and money was sentenced on Thursday to 20 years in prison — the maximum punishment he could receive[..]

Barry Walter Bujol Jr. was also ordered to pay a $10,000 fine during his sentencing hearing before U.S. District Judge David Hittner.

Hittner sentenced Bujol to 15 years for the charge related to trying to provide help to a terrorist group and five years for identity theft. The judge ordered the sentences be served consecutively.

Prosecutors said Bujol, a U.S. citizen, sought to join al-Qaida and provide it with money, two nonpublic restricted-access Army manuals related to U.S. drones and GPS equipment. He was arrested in May 2010 following a two-year investigation after he used fake identification to sneak into a Houston port and board a ship bound for the Middle East[More...]

Good riddance!

Oh, and:

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Omar Hammimi: "Did Someone Say Bullwinkle"?


This is the image of Omar Hammami (aka Abu Mansuur al-Amriiki) & Bullwinkle @abuamerican didn't want you to see. It is recent as compared to the old one Abu M is passing off as new.

Thanks to B'emet Or cyber sleuthing skilz and to Elmira Viking for the lead.

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"Just One Minute" for murdered Israeli Olympic athletes (#justoneminute)

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Communicated by the Deputy Foreign Minister's Bureau)

Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon released a one-minute video as part of a new campaign, titled "Just One Minute" (#justoneminute), in which he calls on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to devote a minute of silence during the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games in remembrance of the massacre of eleven Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

In a new campaign #justoneminute , Deputy Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon calls on the International Olympic Committee to dedicate a minute of silence during the opening ceremony at this summer's London Olympic Games in memory of the eleven Israeli athletes who were brutally murdered during the Munich Olympic Games in 1972.

To sign the petition please go to this

To go to the JustOneMinute Facebook page click on this link:

h/t American Power blog

Mohammed el Ja, Kevin and 0007. Any comment you may make, let me in advance say: F*ck You bitches!

By Stable Hand at 05:01 PM | Comments |

S.E. Cupp Discusses Her Photoshopped Hustler Picture On The "View"..

Hustler's Jubba Flynt

Via Daily Rushbo:

Color me shocked! Srzly, good on them!

As for NOW? Those feminazis are too busy boycotting Rush and stuff to stand up for all women.

Jabba the Hutt of Porn Has a Pshop Image of S.E. Cupp

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Man with ties to Al-Qaeda arrested after deadly Beirut standoff

Via The Daily Star

BEIRUT: A gunman with ties to Al-Qaeda was arrested Thursday in Beirut after an hours-long standoff with Lebanese soldiers that also claimed the lives of two men, security sources said Thursday.

The apprehended gunman, Hani Ash-Shanti who holds a Lebanese passport, is part of a 13-member group affiliated with Al-Qaeda and is said to have been linked to the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, the sources said.[More...]

Linked to assassination of Hariri? Hezbollah is responsible for the assassination, which they deny and blame Israel.

Hezbollah and al-Qaeda, a marriage made in Hell.

By Stable Hand at 02:16 PM | Comments |

U.S.-Flagged Maersk Texas Thwarts Attack in Gulf of Oman


Reaching out to Maersk Line, Limited, which is the jones act arm of Maersk and owner of the Maersk Texas, the company confirmed the attack and offered gCaptain the following statement on the incident:
Maersk Line, Limited confirms its U.S. flag vessel, Maersk Texas, thwarted an attack by multiple pirate skiffs at noon local while transiting the Gulf of Oman, northeast of Fujairah. All hands onboard are safe and unharmed, and the vessel is proceeding on its voyage. Numerous skiffs with armed men in each boat quickly closed on Maersk Texas. Maersk Texas activated defensive measures per the U.S. Coast Guard-approved Vessel Security Plan. Despite clear warning signals, the skiffs continued their direct line toward Maersk Texas and the embarked security team fired warning shots. The pirates then fired upon Maersk Texas, and the security team returned fire per established U.S. Coast Guard rules of engagement. Many small craft and fishing boats were in the area and were not involved in the incident[...].
MAERSK TEXAS is currently sailing from Shuaiba, Kuwait to Beaumont, Texas, according to the Maersk-Linie website.

UPDATE: The U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence has just released a warning for the area of the attack on the Maersk Texas. The warning does not mention the attack specifically, but warns of some odd behavior by skiffs in the area, possibly indicating a new pirate tactic that could address some of the rumors we heard previously of the Maersk Texas attack.

Now this is the kicker:
Follow up reports on the incident indicate that the Maersk Texas was assisted by an Iranian warship immediately following the attack, as well as later by the Australian frigate HMAS Melbourne.
Iranian official news, FARS, story on it. "They saved it"!!

Google News:

Iranian news agencies reported that the suspected pirates fled when Iran's navy intervened after responding to an emergency call from the American ship.
The article is from an hour ago. The one site I linked above states several rumors are floating around regarding this.

It's nice if they aided Maersk Texas, but you better believe they are gonna use this for all it's worth.

FARS new link h/t JustOneBullet

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I Dedicate This Video To Twitter Twit Abu M


hammami_twitter_abu m.jpg

You FAILED miserably akhi in providing proof Omar Hammimi (aka Abu Mansuur al-Amriiki) is still alive.

By Stable Hand at 10:31 AM | Comments |

PA daily op-ed expresses hope for Israel's destruction

Ahh, so called "Palis" love Jews so much they feel the need to spread their love:

Via Palwatch

An op-ed in the official PA daily published on May 15, the anniversary of the founding of the modern state of Israel, reiterated the Palestinian Authority's consistent denial of Israel's right to exist and its hope and expectation for Israel's destruction.

In the op-ed, Israel's establishment is demonized:

"The greatest theft in history... the most criminal act that humanity has ever seen... [the establishment of a] fascist state upon the ruins of the Palestinian people, which has suffered the greatest and ugliest ethnic cleansing known to modern history."
The op-ed continues with the anticipation of Israel's destruction:
"We remember you, all of Palestine. You are present within us... until we return to you, oh Haifa, Acre, and Jaffa, all of historical Palestine... and all the temporary ones [Israelis] will go away... May their [Israeli] independence collapse, and may Palestine come back to life."
This post brought to you by:


By Stable Hand at 10:03 AM | Comments |

New Hamammi Photo?

Note the Youtube account associated with Omar Hamammi aka Abu Mansuur al-Amriiki yesterday linked this photo of Omar holding a laptop displaying the banner page for his autobiography.

5-23-2012 12-24-02 AM.png

The assumption being that this is proof of life. The photo was first posted to Facebook, however the Facebook account to which the photo was uploaded was flagged down (sweet! whomever you are) forcing the user known on Twitter as Abu M to update the Youtube account associated with his last known video with this link to the original .jpeg.

Downloading that file and checking the metadata associated with the file we find the make and model of the camera along with the date taken of 07/17/2011.



So it basically proves Omar was alive almost a year ago. And who said taking down web pages isn't useful?

By Howie at 07:59 AM | Comments |

Imperial Good News: Taliban Shadow Governor for Nuristan Province Dead

Long War Journal:

Coalition and Afghan special operations forces killed the Taliban's deputy shadow governor for Nuristan province in an airstrike today. The deputy shadow governor was killed just one week after ISAF captured a liaison to the Peshawar Shura who also served as a facilitator for the Taliban's shadow governor in Nuristan.

The International Security Assistance Force confirmed that Jamil ur Rahman and another "insurgent" were killed in a "precision airstrike" today in the Waygal district in Nuristan.

ISAF described Jamil as "a senior insurgent leader in Nuristan province" who "provided leadership and support to insurgent forces throughout Nuristan and Kunar and coordinated insurgent activities across eastern Afghanistan."

Mohammad Tamim Nuristani, the governor of Nuristan, confirmed the death of "Sheikh Jamil" and described him as the deputy shadow governor for Nuristan. Abdul Hakim, a "militant commander," was also killed in the airstrike in the village of Amshosh, according to Pajhwok Afghan News.

If you were wondering just what he looks like.

He is the guy leading prayer in this Jihadtube video that was uploaded April 12th.

By Howie at 07:32 AM | Comments |

Muslim Cleric Abu Hamza Coming to America

Abu Hamza.jpg

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that extremist Muslim preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri can be extradited to the United States to face terrorism charges. No schedule has been announced.

Reportedly, Hamza will be held at the super-max prison in Fremont County, Colorado. And, Hamza will lose his hook.

Meanwhile, Abu Hamza's pregnant daughter-in-law, Chaymae Smak, 28, has been sentenced to 12 months incarceration for attempting to smuggle a mobile phone SIM card into Belmarsh Prison so Hamza could communicate with his followers.

By Mr. E. Blogger at 07:26 AM | Comments |

May 23, 2012

PA TV teaches kids: Christian and Jews Are Inferior To Muslims

Via Palwatch:

Yah Obama, side step Congress again and give these people? some more of our tax dollars so they can berate us!

By Stable Hand at 05:25 PM | Comments |

Dr Wolf: GAME ON: My Daily Caller video series Episode 1: Our Time for Choosing


Just what the doctor ordered:


If you don't know the original Ronaldus Magnus "A Time for Choosing" speech, seriously, take the time to watch it. [Interestingly, in this monumental speech, the Gipper mentions Rice County, Kansas ... my boyhood home. Maybe, just maybe, Ronald Reagan was trying to signal -- 7 years before I was born -- that eventually he intended to pass the torch to me. We may never know.]

Swing by The Daily Caller to check out my accompanying op-ed An all-American family feud [More...]

Obama's Conservative Cousin Starts Family Feud

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Jabba the Hutt of Porn Has a Pshop Image of S.E. Cupp

Hustler's Jubba Flynt

Giving head [Graphic]

The Blaze has been alerted to a fake explicit image apparently published in Hustler magazine depicting GBTV host and conservative commentator S.E. Cupp engaged in a sex act with what appears to be a penis in her mouth.

Under the headline “Celebrity Fantasy,” the text beside the picture asks, “What would S.E. Cupp look like with a [d**k] in her mouth?”

Jubba Flynt's Hustler did issue a "disclaimer" saying the image wasn't real but...

She's a conservative so "fair game". NOW doesn't give a rats ass either cuz "she's a conservative". Obama State Media (OSM) doesn't give a shite either cuz "she's a conservative".


Update: S.E. Cupp discusses this with Glen Beck, I just didn't think to embed when I posted this.

Thanks to Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder for the link. I really didn't want to go back to The Blaze to get the embed. The image they have is blurred so as not to show Jubba Flynt's fantasy. Still, it's disgusting.

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HUGE Opposition to ALEC in Charlotte, NC

h/t RBPundit

Where to start, how about ALECEXPOSED.ORG, besides Michelle Malkin, of course:

Conservative consumers stand your ground

Get in the battlespace, people.


Conservative consumers: Stand your ground
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2012

Who is Rashad Robinson? And why has his fringe, race-baiting organization been able to pressure several major corporations into abandoning a pro-limited-government legislative association — all for a few cheap social-justice brownie points?

Conservative consumers need to get informed, get active and stand their ground against free speech-squelching progressive activists who have demonized the American Legislative Exchange Council. This isn’t just a battle over ALEC. It’s a war against the left’s shakedown artists taking aim at our freedoms of speech and association.

ALEC, as I reported last week, is the four-decade-old policy organization of state legislators and like-minded business people who believe in “the Jeffersonian principles of free markets, limited government, federalism, and individual liberty.” They are under fire from a longstanding network of liberal groups — tied to the Democratic Party — that are unhappy with effective conservative opposition at the state and federal legislative levels.

Anti-ALEC hypocrites seized on the Trayvon Martin shooting case in Florida to blame ALEC and Republican lawmakers for their advocacy of Stand Your Ground self-defense legislation[More...]

No, I am not behind on the times just haven't posted about this. I imagine Van Jones wished no one would.

Whois on ALECEXPOSED.ORG below fold.

Domain ID:D162272949-LROR
Domain Name:Domain ID:D162272949-LROR
Created On:14-May-2011 20:03:27 UTC
Last Updated On:01-May-2012 16:00:13 UTC
Expiration Date:14-May-2013 20:03:27 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:pair Networks, Inc.d/b/a pairNIC (R103-LROR)
Registrant ID:PB9941
Registrant Name:Patricia Barden
Registrant Organization: Center for Media and Democracy
Registrant Street1:520 University Avenue, Suite 260
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Madison
Registrant State/Province:Wisconsin
Registrant Postal Code:53703
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.6082609713
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:+1.6082609714
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Admin ID:CR83080849
Admin Name:Patricia Barden
Admin Organization:Center for Media and Democracy
Admin Street1:520 University Avenue Ste 260
Admin Street2:
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Admin City:Madison
Admin State/Province:Wisconsin
Admin Postal Code:53703
Admin Country:US
Admin Phone:+1.6082609713
Admin Phone Ext.:
Admin FAX:+1.6082609714
Admin FAX Ext.:
Tech ID:CR83080848
Tech Name:Patricia Barden
Tech Organization:Center for Media and Democracy
Tech Street1:520 University Avenue Ste 260
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Tech Street3:
Tech City:Madison
Tech State/Province:Wisconsin
Tech Postal Code:53703
Tech Country:US
Tech Phone:+1.6082609713
Tech Phone Ext.:
Tech FAX:+1.6082609714
Tech FAX Ext.:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:

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The NATO 3: Morons With Molotovs

From left to right: Jarred Chase, Brent Betterly and Brian Church

And their Facebook accounts

Update: Names corrected, had them in the wrong order.

By Stable Hand at 11:33 AM | Comments |

Sharia In America

Semi-related to my last post.

What "The View" would look like if the women there weren't hypocrites.

By DMartyr at 11:05 AM | Comments |

It's The Atrocities, Stupid!

(Hat Tip: Jihad Watch)

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry, in an interview with Egyptian writer Mona Eltahawy about her article Why Do They Hate Us, is reluctant to help expose abuses of women in the Islamic world because it might make Muslims look bad:

“I start with a little bit of trepidation in this conversation, in part because I know some of the critiques of this. The very idea that Western press, those that are not from these nations, who are not Muslim ourselves, who are not part of these traditions can look at your article and say ‘ahhh, look at how horrible those men, or those societies, or that religion is.’

“And that is part of the reason why, for example, we have an under-reporting of rape and domestic violence in African American communities. Because we know the violence enacted on black men by police, so we often don’t call. Right?”

Harris-Perry is then joined by Harvard professor Leila Ahmed who also condescends Eltahawy for exposing abuses of women in Muslim societies, adding that such publicity only gives "fuel, fodder to people who simply hate Arabs and Muslims in this climate of our day.” Eltahawy responds:

“That’s the whole point. It’s not me that makes Muslims look bad. It’s those atrocities that make Muslims look bad. And as a writer, it’s my job to poke the painful places.”

The entire interview:

One other thing, Eltahawy made the point about how "women of privilege" - women who have never experienced the abuses Muslim women experience - tend to discredit or downplay claims of systematic misogyny in the Islamic world. Right on cue, Leila Ahmed reveals her own privileged existence by suggesting the abuses have little to do with gender, as young men face equal oppression according to her.

By DMartyr at 10:53 AM | Comments |

Gloria Allred Dumped Client Like a Hot Rock

FOXNEWS: Super lawyer Gloria Allred cares more about cameras than clients, according to the buxom banker who sued after getting canned by Citigroup, allegedly because her assets were a distraction to co-workers.


Debrahlee Lorenzana, who was fired in 2010, said Allred dropped her right around the time the press did, leaving her to take on the bank in arbitration.

By Howie at 07:23 AM | Comments |

Pakistan Sentences Man Who Located bin-Laden to 30 Years in Prison

Our allies (cough) Pakistan.

A Pakistani doctor accused of helping the CIA find Osama bin Laden has been sentenced to at least 30 years in prison, television channels and a local government official said.

The official said Shakil Afridi was charged with treason for running a fake vaccination campaign that helped the American intelligence agency track bin Laden in a Pakistani town, where he was killed in a US special forces raid.

Al Jazeera's Imtiaz Tyab, reporting from Islamabad, said that Afridi was very well known as a doctor in the Khyber area.

"He was picked up about two weeks after the bin Laden operation on suspicion of assisting Americans," he said.

In addition to his jail sentence, he was fined 320,000 rupees ($3,500). The doctor had worked for years as a surgeon in lawless Khyber, part of the Taliban and al-Qaeda infested tribal belt.

Note to WSJ. If you want a link, you'll have to kill the paywall.

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Six Reasons Not to Jihad With Shabaab

Courtesy of Omar Hamammi.

If you are a young American male considering joining a foreign terrorist organization in general and al-Shabaab in Somalia in particular, I highly recommend you to read Omar Hammami’s autobiography (available on the Internet, but not yet on Kindle). Unfortunately for Hammami, he arrived in Somalia before the release of al Qaeda’s (Mis) Adventures in Horn of Africa. Had he waited until after the summer of 2007, Hammami could have read al Qaeda’s primary source documents from 1992-1994 and diverted his plan. Al Qaeda’s internal documents ’92-’94 read just like Hammami’s bio from 2012 – tales of suffering, betrayal and defeat. (For some highlights from the 90’s AQ documents, see this post) The irony is that Bin Laden learned from these Somalia pitfalls of the 90’s and I’m certain they influenced his decision to block a Shabaab-AQ merger as debated in this new Abottabad document released this month. (See SOCOM-2012-0000006-HT)

In follow up to yesterday’s post on Fazul-Hammami connections, I present 6 reasons for why joining al-Shabaab or any extremist group in Somalia appears to be a particularly bad idea; above the obvious point that joining a terrorist group in general is never a good idea. So here it goes:

#1 – Betrayal

This reason more than any other should be the biggest deterrent for those considering joining al-Shabaab. If malaria, dehydration, starvation, rival clans or foreign armies don’t kill you, other members of Shabaab will.

Read the rest.

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May 22, 2012

Who Is Brett Kimberlin? (Updated)

Why, a convicted terrorist! Who just happens to enjoy stalking right wing bloggers too. Why this clown isn't still in prison is beyond me, but I'm happy knowing that he served enough time to have his asshole stretched 16 ways to Sunday.

Update: Oh, and Brett? I'll save you the trouble. My real name is Yousef al-Khattab.

Update by Stable Hand: Via Michelle Malkin - Free speech blogburst: Show solidarity for targeted conservative bloggers

Via Hot Air: Free speech moment: Standing with Stacy McCain, Patterico, Liberty Chick, and Aaron Walker

And many, many more.


By Vinnie at 06:49 PM | Comments |

Dead Florida Voters

The Florida Secretary of State has found the names of 53,000 dead people populating voter rolls in the state.

How could 53,000 dead voters have sat on the polls for so long? Simple. Because Florida hadn’t been using the best available data revealing which voters have died. Florida is now using the nationwide Social Security Death Index for determining which voters should be purged because they have died.

Here is the bad news. Most states aren’t using the same database that Florida is.

Of course, the dead people have to be assisted when operating voting machines and, thus far, nobody has explained how that occurs. (More....)

By Mr. E. Blogger at 04:35 PM | Comments |

Ahmadinejad, Farrakhan & The New Black Panthers....

Shocking New Details on Their Meeting & the ‘Beast’ Axis That Was Forged[Audio]

The Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers, a rouge Iranian regime with nuclear capabilities and fifty radical Imams collude atop a Manhattan hotel. Sounds like a great setup to a Tom Clancy novel.

the blaze_nbp_iran.jpg
Farrakhan, Ahmadinejad & Shabazz

However, this meeting actually happened and the alliance was forged between the groups against their ‘common enemy’ is very real.[More...]
I am listening to it right now.

h/t Intel Girl

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Pilot on approach to Philadelphia Int'l Airport reports blast

Via ABClocal:


h/t Dan (si)

By Stable Hand at 02:26 PM | Comments |

Hey BDS Beotches: Boycott This

Via BNI:

This is just a snapshot of what Israel has done for the world. What has Palestine, or the rest of the Middle East done for the world, other than terrorize and kill?

Why are you protesting against Israel? Are you anti-science as well as antisemitic?

h/t ya'akov

This post brought to you by:

Am Yisrael Chai

By Stable Hand at 01:21 PM | Comments |

US Airways Jet Held on Runway Due to Security Issue

The flight was escorted to the runway by fighter jets. There is a passenger described as a security risk.

CNN: A US Airways jet from Paris was diverted to Bangor, Maine, on Tuesday after a passenger showed "suspicious behavior" on the flight, federal authorities said.

US Airways spokesman Andrew Christie said the Charlotte, North Carolina-bound Boeing 767 landed in Bangor about noon because of an unspecified "security issue." The flight carried 179 passengers and a crew of nine, airline spokeswoman Liz Landau told CNN.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command said two F-15 fighter jets were scrambled to escort the jet to Bangor.

The aircraft landed after a passenger "exhibited suspicious behavior" during the flight, the Transportation Security Administration said.


Update: A female passenger claims to be carrying explosives.

A flight from Paris bound for Charlotte was diverted to Maine on Tuesday after reports say a passenger claimed to be carrying a bomb inside her.

ccording to CNN, a French woman on board the flight handed a note to a flight attendant, claiming that she had a surgically implanted explosive inside of her. The woman was traveling alone, CNN said.

It is known that al-Qaeda's chief bomb maker in Yemen has been looking for ways to implant bombs in human beings.

No word yet on if the woman is a Muslima or where she is from.

Update Doctors are said to have determined there was no bomb...

CNN: Doctors aboard examined the woman and saw no sign of recent scars, according to the office of Rep. Peter King, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. And a senior federal law enforcement official told CNN that authorities have determined that no bomb was involved in the incident.
Welcome to America lady, please have a seat in the showroom. We'll be with you in 25 to 30 years.

By Howie at 12:36 PM | Comments |

Selling America Out to China Never Easier


China can now bypass Wall Street when buying U.S. government debt and go straight to the U.S.

By Howie at 12:32 PM | Comments |

China Marine: A final performance for 4th Marine Band

From 1927 to 1941, members of the 4th Marine Regiment were stationed in Shanghai, China, protecting American citizens and their property in the Shanghai International Settlement during the Chinese Revolution and the second Sino-Japanese War.

At a time when the Marine Corps was smaller than the New York City Police Department, China was arguably the most desired duty station in the Corps.[More...]

On Nov. 29, 1941, the final element of the 4th Marine Regiment marched to the city's waterfront led by the 'Last China Band,' bound for the Philippines. It would be their final performance. World War II and Korean War veteran, retired Master Sgt. Donald L. Versaw, describes the scene on the streets of Shanghai that day.

Learn More:

Video by:
Sgt. Andrew Milner

God Bless our heroes..

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TSA Grope Fees To Increase


House democrats move to charge passengers more to be groped by TSA:

The Senate Appropriations Committee on Tuesday moved forward with legislation to increase airline passenger security fees, beating back a GOP attempt to keep them at current levels.

The 2013 Homeland Security appropriations bill would increase one-way fees for passengers from $2.50 to $5 in order to close a shortfall at the Transportation Security Administration.

Still cheaper than a Walmart hooker...

By DMartyr at 12:25 PM | Comments |

IHateTheMedia - Writing The Headlines Other Blogs Fear

...And asking the pertinent questions no one wants to ask, but everyone wants to know.

By DMartyr at 12:08 PM | Comments |

EAG"s Kyle Olson on FNC Discussing NC Teacher Tanya Dixon-Neely's Classroom Outburst

Note, the teacher Tanya Dixon-Neely, was suspended yesterday...with pay

Kyle Olson is founder and CEO of Education Action Group. He has this message to students:

EAGNews to Students: Keep Recording Your Classrooms

MUSKEGON, Mich. – The recent case of a North Carolina student who taped his teacher ranting in defense of President Obama exposed how much can be learned from hidden cameras in the classroom.

And these days, most high school and college students carry cell phones of some variety, with video and audio capabilities.

Americans now have a window into public school classrooms, and teachers have a reason to watch the way they act toward students.[More..]

NC Teacher Screams at Student: It’s Criminal to Criticize Obama

Update: Video of student who recorded the outburst, and his mother, on Fox and Friends this morning:

Via BreitbartTV:

The student involved in that incident, Hunter Rogers, and his mother, Gina Rogers, spoke out about this matter on today’s Fox and Friends.

By Stable Hand at 11:44 AM | Comments |

DC Comics Superhero To Come Out Of The Closet


From BuzzFeed:

Over the weekend, at the Kapow Comic Convention in London, DC announced they were reversing their position in regards to changing the sexual orientation of established characters, citing President Obama as their inspiration.

Co-Publisher Dan DiDio was quoted as saying an established character would become "one of our most prominent gay characters."

Add your speculations and reasons in comments. I'd have to see the superhero's apartment first. Every one knows gays are meticulous housekeepers (not that there's anything wrong with that).

The obvious choice is Batman. He's just a little too close to Robin and Alfred. But then again, he does live in a cave, which no self-respecting gay guy would ever do.

I'm assuming it will be a male superhero, as a lesbian superhero would be a non-story.

By DMartyr at 11:22 AM | Comments |

DVD "The Synagogue of Satan" For Sale in Midtown Manhattan

synagogue_of_satan_cover_austin texas twoofer.jpg

Texe W. Marrs[9/11 twoofer...ed] is an American writer, who runs a Christian ministry called Power of Prophecy Ministries, based in Austin, Texas.
Via Algemeiner
“People buy anything controversial,” Ade Onabajo, the vendor selling the DVDs, told the New York Post.

The Rothschild film was produced by Texe Marrs, a minister from Texas {Spicewood Springs..ed) known for preaching anti-Semitic theories alongside David Duke, the leader of the Ku Klux Clan.[More...]

I'm sure 0007, Mohammed El Ja and Kevin already have the book as well as the DVD.

This post brought to you by:

BTW, Mohammed El Ja, Howie issued a fatwa to you. Well deserved, I might add

By Stable Hand at 10:19 AM | Comments |

Suicide Bomber Kills 96 Yemen Soldiers

It appears you can see the blast center in the video. 96 fatalities and 200 wounded seems like an enormous amount of carnage for one suicide bomber. The death toll is being reported by multiple sources, so I have to assume most the victims had been removed when the video started.

From New York Daily News:

SANAA, Yemen — A Yemeni soldier detonated a bomb hidden in his military uniform during a rehearsal for a military parade, killing 96 fellow soldiers and wounding at least 200 on Monday in one of the deadliest attacks in the capital in years.

Al-Qaida's branch in Yemen claimed responsibility, saying in an emailed statement that the suicide attack was intended to avenge a U.S.-backed offensive against al-Qaida in a swath of southern Yemen seized by the militant movement last year.

The bombing left a scene of carnage, with scores of bleeding soldiers lying on the ground as ambulances rushed to the scene. Several severed heads were on the pavement amid large pools of blood and human remains.

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

Update: Liveleak has video showing the immediate aftermath, including many victims being taken away moments before the above video starts. Many of the dead left on the scene appear to have small holes in their bodies suggesting the suicide bomber used shrapnel to increase fatalities. Just be warned: the Liveleak video is much more graphic.

Update II: Another Liveleak video shows the parade formation and the moment of the explosion (though not the explosion itself). From this video, you can see how densely close to each other the soldiers were during the parade.

By DMartyr at 09:41 AM | Comments |

George Lucas' Revenge

Remember when George Lucas' neighbors whined and bitched themselves out of a state of the art movie studio?

He was forced to abandon the project by environmental retards who insisted that the site be residential and repeatedly raised spurious environmental concerns about the commercial use of the property.

So Lucas decided to develop it for residential use. He opted to build low income housing. The county where the property is located considers a family of four with an income of 88k low income. Now the neighbors are upset he'll be polluting the area with "those poor people."

Well played Mr. Lucas, well played.

By Howie at 08:31 AM | Comments |

Hot Chick's Huge Boobies Too Big to Work for Lingerie Shop

Her boobs are too big to sell bras? WTF?

She was ”too hot” -- to work in a lingerie shop!

A buxom 29-year-old New Jersey woman claims managers at an intimate apparel outfit told her to tape down her breasts, before firing her because she was too sexy for the office.

“It was very shocking, very humiliating,” said Lauren Odes, who filed a complaint against Native Intimates to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

”It was a crazy experience, unlike anything I’ve ever been through.”

Odes and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, said she spent one humiliating week at the Fifth Avenue garment business in April.

You thought this story was filed under Ministry of Boobies but no its Ministry of Irony.

And I'd think she'd be a good selling point, if our bras can hold these..... And also that top button can go doll.

Video below the fold.

By Howie at 07:43 AM | Comments |

Pakistani Fatwa Declares Western Women Working for NGO's Fair Game for Sexual Slavery


ZFormer Pakistani lawmaker and cleric Maulana Abdul Haleem recently issued a fatwa (Islamic degree) against secular education and justifying honor killings of women.[1]The fatwa was issued in a sermon during a weekly Friday prayer in Kohistan district in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Haleem also threatened that women from secular NGOs who visit Kohistan district may be married off forcibly to local men. In a similar incident, a cleric announced a fatwa in a mosque in Noshki town of Pakistan's Baluchistan province, justifying acid attacks on women who use cell phones.
Its just their culture.

Hat Tip: Jihad Watch.

By Howie at 07:31 AM | Comments |

Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: #Occupy NATO Edition (Fatwas Issued!)

Caption this image of three idiots in black shirts that were arrested in Chicago.


Fatwas will be issued.

Update: Fatwas Issued!

The "i will cut ur neck" fatwa issued against Stephen Macklin for:

"Many observers have noted that Tea Party membership is predominantly white." – NYT
The "devil will do meetballs from your bodies" fatwa issued against Colsmeag for:
Holy Crap balls batman those are some huge meatballs.
The "why u insult holly quoran" fatwa issued against Mohammed el Ja for:
Come to my house and I'll cut your head off.
* And we all started jumping up and down with Mohammed yelling, "Kill! Kill! Kill!" Just then the Imam walked in and said, "You're our boy!"

* Because if you can't laugh at advocacy of genocide of the Jewish race wrapped in the cloak of a religion of peace what can you laugh at?

By Howie at 07:24 AM | Comments |

May 21, 2012

What Does Democracy Look Like?


By Vinnie at 06:56 PM | Comments |

Welcome to Seattle

Please enjoy your longer than expected stay.

On the bright side I hear Chinese hookers make big money in Seattle.

Just trying to be helpful.

By Howie at 09:32 AM | Comments |

Iftikhar and Farzana Ahmed Deny Murdering Their Daughter

The hole in their plan was they forgot to murder an eyewitness, their other daughter Alesha.

The sister of a Cheshire schoolgirl who went missing in 2003 saw their parents kill her, a court has heard.

Iftikhar Ahmed, 52 and Farzana Ahmed, 49, of Warrington, deny the murder of 17-year-old Shafilea, whose remains were found in Cumbria in February 2004.

At the start of their trial at Chester Crown Court, the jury heard Alesha Ahmed witnessed the killing.

By Howie at 08:42 AM | Comments |

Islamic Terrorist Calls for Murder of German Anti Sharia Group Members for Insulting Islam

Jihad Watch:

"Far right" in this story and other mainstream media stories means opposition to Islamization and Sharia. "Islamist calls for murder of German far-right party: media," from Expatica, May 20 (thanks to David):
A German Islamist is calling for the murder of members of a far-right party that regularly provokes ultra-conservative Muslims using cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, a newspaper reported.

According to an article due to appear Monday in the Tageszeitung daily, an Islamist from Bonn in western Germany has appeared in a video on an Islamic forum in which he encouraged "the killing of all activists from the Pro NRW party".

Members of the small extreme-right political party held a campaign event using anti-Islamic caricatures ahead of an election in Germany's most populous state North Rhine-Westphalia on May 13.

In his appeal, the Islamist urged the collection of personal information on Pro NRW members, including their home addresses and work schedules, with the goal of attacking them.

The terrorist in question is Abū Ibrāhīm al-’Almānī’. Here is a copy of the threat uploaded to Youtube here by Jundullah Studio.

You can find more about Abū Ibrāhīm al-’Almānī’ here at Jihadiology. Note the second entry in this category.

Jund Allah Studio presents a new video message from the Islamic Movement of zbekistan’s Abū Ibrāhīm al-’Almānī: “Yes, We Are Terrorists
The group is upset over Pro NRW's counter protest against al-Qaeda supporters in Germany.

During the counter protest the Pro NRW displayed this image of Muhammad with a bomb for Turban.

By Howie at 08:05 AM | Comments |

Obama 2012 Wants Your Feedback

Darth --

This campaign is ramping up, and the decisions we make right now will shape our path to victory in November.

That's why I want your input, because you are the ones building this campaign on the ground in your community. We want to know from you what's working, what we could be doing better, what you care about, and what you're hearing about the President and this campaign.

Click here to fill out the survey:

Jawa Report cannot be held responsible if your feedback results in a trip to re-education camp during the next Obama administration should he be re-elected.

By Howie at 07:46 AM | Comments |

Why Russia is Cool

Who else would think to arm a flying bomb with a machine gun or a flying machine gun with a bomb, whatever.

Eat your heart out Q.

By Howie at 07:43 AM | Comments |

May 20, 2012

Bee Gees Robin Gibb Dead At 62


The Bee Gees music was never my type, but it is still sad to see some of the entertainers with whom you grew up pass.

Robin Gibb, along with his brother Barry, continued performing up until 2010. So, I really had to search around for a clip of one of their ealier performances. I found this one, which includes one of my favorite songs (though, I prefer The Wallflowers version).


By DMartyr at 06:17 PM | Comments |

NC Teacher Screams at Student: It’s Criminal to Criticize Obama

Via BigG

A YouTube video uploaded on Monday afternoon apparently shows a schoolteacher from the Rowan-Salisbury school district in North Carolina informing a student that failing to be respectful of President Obama is a criminal offense. Breitbart News has uncovered that the student is a high school junior, and that the teacher is apparently one Tanya Dixon-Neely[...]

The teacher yells -- literally yells -- that Obama is “due the respect that every other president is due … Listen,” she continues, “let me tell you something, you will not disrespect the president of the United States in this classroom.” She yells over the student repeatedly, and yells at him that it's disrespect for him to even debate about Romney and Obama.[More..]

Video via The Right Scoop BigG has the video but I wanted the YouTube one:

By Stable Hand at 01:15 PM | Comments |

Richmond, VA Welcomes Home their troops, May 19, 2012

Welcome Home Richmond 051

Welcome Home Richmond 056

While the #Occupy, #noNATO and #IVAW etc crowd were creating mayhem, including arrests for domestic terrorism, phony IVAW Ranger tossing medals at NATO, Richmond was honoring their troops.

Milblogger Jonn Lilyea was busy taking pictures and filming this:

OK, let me try this again. Sorry it took so long, but uploading 200 pictures and a 28-minute video takes a while, I guess.

It was indeed a beautiful Spring day in Richmond yesterday as you can see in this video (by the way, my videographer, Shakey McShakes of Shaketown is now looking for work if you’re interested in hiring someone who can simulate a Zumba Fitness Party during an earthquake). The video is 28 minutes long and covers every bit of the parade.

[...]I could go on and on about the parade, but you’d probably rather see the 200 photos I took at My Flickr Photostream.

Afterwards, under the shadow of the World War I Memorial, local organizations set up a Veterans’ Resource Center and displayed what they offered veterans. In fact, if there’s anyone out there looking for work in Virginia, I can almost guarantee you a job, especially if you’re a school-trained instructor. One lady in particular was begging me to find her some veterans to work at Fort Lee. So, if you email me, I’ll send you her contact info.

God Bless America and God Bless our finest and bravest.

Related from Military Times:
Va. capital city parade honors Iraq veterans
From Richmond Times Dispatch: Thousands turn out to honor veterans in Richmond

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Chicago: 18 Men In Hoodies Enter Restaurant, Use Hammers & Nightsticks To Attack Patrons

We can't profile men in hoodies. That's "racism"!

From Chicago Sun-Times

Police call the melee at the restaurant a targeted assault by a mob that Winston said wielded metal batons and hammers. Ten diners were hurt in the attack, and three of those were hospitalized.

Tinley Park police had five suspected assailants in custody, and Winston said 18 young men, all wearing hooded jackets and obscuring their faces with scarves and other coverings, stormed into the restaurant.

Update: It is being reported that the attackers - "anti-racists" and possibly #Occupy participants - were there in response to a meeting of white supremacists.

This is still America. People have the right to peacefully assemble no matter how contemptible their ideology. There is no excuse for such violence, especially in a public place where innocent bystanders are at risk. But I don't expect Eric Holder and his Justice Department to prosecute this case with any enthusiasm. The victims aren't "his people."

By DMartyr at 10:25 AM | Comments |

Lockerbie Bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi


TRIPOLI, Libya -- The former Libyan intelligence officer Abdel Baset al Megrahi, who was convicted of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing, has died in Libya, his brother told AFP on Sunday.

"He died an hour ago," Abdelhakim al Megrahi said, putting the time of death at shortly after 1:00pm local time.

By Howie at 07:49 AM | Comments |

Breaking From Iranian TV: Bin Laden died of natural causes

Looney Tunes, I kid you not

Yashar added that the CIA abducted one of the bodyguards, Sami, before the announced killing of Bin Laden last year.

He says the bodyguard disclosed to the US the exact place of burial in the mountains.

“There was no assault. I know the American operations from the inside: they find the grave, dig out bin Laden and tell everyone about this. They need to show how technologically the security services worked, how each step was controlled, and then present it as a great victory to show that taxpayers are not paying taxes for nothing,” he said.

Washington announced on May 2, 2011 that Bin Laden was killed by US forces in his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

The lack of transparency over bin Laden's death has cast further doubt over the announcement.

Crazy shite.

Update: This crazy story is a year old. @PressTV plagiarizer!!

h/t @ChallahHuAkbar.

Update II: Ah, Fars News did it! Shame, just shame on you Mad Mullahs for plagarizing worstest!

Again, h/t @ChallahHuAkbar

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May 19, 2012

Unrepentant Domestic Terrorist Ayers: Join Me and Help Drive #noNATO Out of Chicago May 20th

bernadine dorn_grant money.jpg
Bill Ayers(L) Bernadine Dohrn(R)

The Weather Underground's "Communist Manifesto"

Flashback, via BreitbartTV:

Recorded at the University of Oregon on April 26, 2012.

Click link below for updates:

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Belly Dancing Channel Banned In Egypt

So, how's that 'democracy' working out for you, Egypt?

From Southeast Missourian:

Egypt’s vice police on Thursday arrested the owner of a belly dancing TV station on suspicion of operating without a license, inciting licentiousness and facilitating prostitution, a security official said.


Early Thursday, Egyptian vice police raided an apartment in central Cairo where the station’s owner, Baligh Hamdy, had been running the operations and recording most of the videos, the security official said. Police confiscated tapes and video equipment and arrested Hamdy.

Confiscated? Yeah, that's the ticket ... The police need to "investigate" the tapes further in private. ;)

Gateway Pundit has more.

Now banned:

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UK: Muslim Family Murders Pregnant Daughter-In-Law; Blames Death On 'Jinn'

The young mother-to-be was unhappy living with her new husband through an arranged marriage and his family. She called her own family in Pakistan to complain. She was murdered the next day.

Now the murderers want investigators to believe it was 'jinn' that really killed her.

A pregnant wife was smothered to death by her husband, his parents and his brother-in-law who later all claimed she may have been killed by an evil spirit, a court has heard.

Nalia Mumtaz, 21, was pronounced dead at hospital after being rushed there by paramedics who found her lying lifeless and ashen faced on a bed at the family home. Her unborn child died with her.

Her husband Mohammed Mumtaz, 24, his father Zia Ul Haq and mother Salma Aslam, both 51, as well as his brother in law Hammad Hassan, 24, all deny charges of murder and manslaughter.

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More Terrorism From #Occupy Protesters

Yet the media still protects them, Obama still supports them, Pelosi still blesses them, and Alex Baldwin still thinks it's good.

Gateway Pundit has more on the latest terrorism charges.

Below the fold, the checklist.

tea party vs occupy unpatriotic2.jpg

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#Occutards Protest Chicago Radio Station Believing It To Be Rush Limbaugh's Office

Well, his voice does come out of the radio, so he must be in there!

From The Blaze via IHateTheMedia:

A crowd of Occupy protesters in Chicago descended on Rush Limbaugh’s “office” Thursday to air their grievances about the conservative radio host.

The problem? Despite their references to”Rush’s office building“ and ”Rush Limbaugh’s studio,” they weren’t in the right place — not by more than 1,000 miles.


It wasn't Rush's EIB studio, it was an office of a radio station that airs Rush's program. Meanwhile, the #Occutards' New York counterparts gathered in front of the big screen in Times Square to give Mitt Romney a piece of their mind the next time he makes an appearance.

I'm with Pelosi on this - bless their hearts. They try so hard. They can't help being retarded. It's who they are.

The Blaze has more pictures of their march to nowhere.

Wasn't there a study a few weeks ago that claimed liberals were the smart ones?

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Student Dies, 7 Hurt in Blast Near Italian School


ROME – A bomb exploded Saturday outside an Italian high school named after a slain anti-Mafia prosecutor, killing a teenage girl and wounding several other classmates, officials said.

The device went off a few minutes before 8 a.m. in the Adriatic port town of Brindisi in the country's south just as students milled outside, chatting and getting ready for class at the Morvillo-Falcone vocational institute.

The school is named in honor of prosecutor Giovanni Falcone and his wife, Francesca Morvillo, a judge who was also killed in a 1992 highway bombing in Sicily by the Cosa Nostra[...]

There were no immediate claims of responsibility for the attack.

Italy has been marking the 20th anniversary of the attack on the Sicilian highway that killed the prosecutor and his wife, but it was unclear if there was an organized crime link to Saturday's explosion[...]

Interior Minister Anna Maria Cancellieri, in charge of domestic security, said she was "struck" by the fact that the school was named after the slain hero and his wife, but she cautioned that investigators at that point "have no elements" to blame the school attack on organized crime.

"It's not the usual (method) for the Mafia," she told Sky in a phone interview. The Sicilian-based Cosa Nostra usually targets specific figures, such as judges, prosecutors, turncoats or rival mobsters in attacks, and not civilian targets such as schools.

[Continue reading]

Terrible, just terrible. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by this.

h/t Laura

Video from Sky News below fold:

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Three arrested in NATO raid charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism

Update on Oh Noes!! Chicago cops start preemptive arrests before NATO Summit

Via Examiner
According to National Lawyers Guild (NLG) attorneys working for three men in police custody they have been charged with three serious charges each. All have been held since a raid on an apartment in the 1000 block of West 32nd in the Bridgeport neighborhood late Wednesday night.

Apparently, the arrestees are accusted of making or having supplies to manufacture Molotov cocktails to be used during protests. Bottles, phones, and computers were seized by police in their raid. William Vassilakis, who lives in the raided apartment said that he is a home brew beer hobbyist and that all the police confiscated was his beer making supplies.

Beer making supplies, yeah that's it!

Kevin, that doesn't quite fit the narrative. Remember beer making, beer making supplies.

Chicago Sun Times:

The three men were identified by police and their attorneys as Brian Church, 20, of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Jared Chase, 24, of Keene, New Hampshire; and Brent Vincent Betterly, 24, of Oakland Park, Fl.

They were charged early Saturday as dozens of dignitaries from around the globe are heading to Chicago for the NATO Summit. The men have a noon bond hearing Saturday, their lawyers said.

The men have been each charged with three felony counts: possession of an explosive or incendiary device, conspiracy to commit terrorism, and providing material support to terrorism, said Harrison District Police Lt. Kenneth Stoppa.

Update: The arrests resulted in a month long investigation:
Three out-of-state men arrested in a Bridgeport apartment raid days before the NATO summit considered hitting President Obama's campaign headquarters, Mayor Rahm Emanuel's house and police stations with "incendiary devices," prosecutors charged in court documents[...]

The arrests were the result of a month-long investigation into a group suspected of making Molotov cocktails — crude bombs usually created by filling glass bottles with gasoline, according to law enforcement sources and police records obtained by the Tribune.

Update II: BreitbartTV: Chicago police had informants inside the house. Scroll down to bottom
But undercover Chicago Police officers infiltrated the group of NATO Summit protesters in recent weeks, watching as they allegedly made Molotov cocktails — bottles filled with flammable liquid that are used as firebombs, sources said.

We have people watching them do it,” one law enforcement source told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Update III: PDF [via MSNBC] of full charging document here

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SpaceX Launch

I woke up kind of aggravated that I didn't get up before the sun and watch the SpaceX launch.

Now I'm glad I didn't.

Engine pressure issue caused an abort. Sigh, a new era or something....

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Colorado School Boots White Kid For Portraying Martin Luther King, Jr

And the kid didn't just decide to portray the civil rights leader, he was assigned to play Martin Luther King in a school project! But one teacher found his costume offensive because it included dark makeup on the boy's face.

From The Daily News (emphasis mine):

Controversy erupted at a Colorado elementary school after a student arrived in blackface as part of a Martin Luther King Jr. costume for a class project. [...]

Each student in the class had been assigned a historical figure to dress up as for “wax museum day” at the school, the station reported.

Sean's mother, Michelle King-Roca, told Denver’s 7News her son was really excited about the project.

After complaints from a faculty member that took issue with the blackface, the principal asked Sean to remove the face paint or leave the school.

Sean’s parents, who had come to school that day to watch the presentations, decided to take him home.

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Bill Maher Wishes He Had A Thuggish, Dopehead, "No_Limit_Nigga" For A Son

NewsBusters via IHateTheMedia:

On HBO's Real Time Friday, host Bill Maher actually said, "I just want to say if I had a son he would not look like Trayvon Martin, but I hope he would act like him" (video follows with transcript and commentary)

And I'm sure Bill would also much rather that son get molested by a child predator than end up in a schoolyard fight with other kids.

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May 18, 2012

Evil Incarnate: Canadian Bus Beheader Ate Flesh of Victim
Update: 4 Years Later He is Now Allowed on Outings

Update on Rusty's post from 2008

Police have identified the man who murdered and then beheaded a passenger on a Greyhound bus yesterday as 40-year-old Vince Weiguang Li, of Edmonton. The victim was 22 year old Tim McLean who witnesses say was asleep when Li attacked him with a knife.

Here's a piece of information not making it into the MSM who are describing what Li did to the body only as "desecration": Li ate some of his victim's flesh.

From a police scanner recording of an officer at the scene describing events as they happened:

[Li is] at the back of the bus, hacking off pieces and eating it[Police scanner audio below fold...SH]
Now this man is being allowed to slowly integrate into the community, or whatever the hell you want to call it. Canada has gone effin mad!

Via SUN News: He took a life and they're forgetting

h/t Odel Roo

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Oh Noes!! Chicago cops start preemptive arrests before NATO Summit?

From Putin's mouthpiece no less.

They are terrorizing them now!! Disappearing them even!!

Aweome, more arrests please!

Bubba & Kevin regarding The Jawa Report comparing Muslims to Jawas. Read Washington Post much? Jawa Defamed in WaPo: Yes, Let's Follow the Money (Sticky/UPDATED)

Kevin, you really are a lousy troll, you know that?

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Indonesian Police Close Website Hacked by Terror Suspects

Jakarta Globe

A Malaysian website that was hacked and plundered by Indonesian terrorists to finance their activities has been shut down, an investigator from the police’s antiterror unit said on Thursday[...]

All of them[Agus Suprianto,Rizki Gunawan, Andri Kurniawan &Dedy Irawan..ed] have been named suspects in terror cases, including the Sept. 2011 suicide bombing of the Kepunton Church in Solo, Central Java.

Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Boy Rafli Amar said the suspected hackers used the money they stole to fund terrorism.

The Rp 225 million ($24,300) they siphoned off was used to buy firearms and pay for paramilitary training in Poso, Central Sulawesi, and Malino, South Sulawesi, as well as for the Solo bombing.

When are you going to be arrested LionessOfJihad aka MujahidBonita aka whatevers?:

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Oh Noes!! Headline: Conservative Hashtag Games Are Ruining Twitter

"Butthurt eh?

No fair, conservatives are ruining Democrats/Obama/MFM talking points!! screen capture 2012-5-18-12-15-27_treacher.jpg

Comments on the article are as hilarious as the hijacked hashtags on Twitter.

Why Conservatives Must Join the Battle for America On Twitter

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Dear Miriam Goderich: 'Fact Checking Error'--Again, and Again, and Again...


Yesterday afternoon after Breitbart News story broke about Obama's bio:

Miriam Goderich, who helped edit a 1991 booklet for Barack Obama's then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel, which erroneously stated that Obama had been born in Kenya, has issued a press release--first reported by her own client at Political Wire:[...]
Fact checking error! But what about this, Miriam Goderich?
Goderich's statement fails to explain why the "fact checking error" persisted for sixteen years, through at least three different versions of Jane Dystel's website, and through at least four different versions of Obama's biography.

It persisted, in fact,more than two years after Obama became a United States Senator, and until after Obama had declared his campaign for the presidency in 2007.

So fess up Miriam Goderich, inquiring minds want to know.

To be continued

BTW "Bubba and Kevin",

you will find this post under Categories as "Obama", not "theh ghey".

Oh and:

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Obama 2012!

The fourth greatest campaign in history! And we've not even really gotten started yet!

Hat Tip: RW Sparkle.

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Attn Youtube User 1Alramy3



Update: Also another of Abu Dujana's accounts died.

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Where is Dr. Rusty Shackleford? Grease Edition

He's giving an interview to the National Inquirer about that time that John Travolta, you know.

I was in shock for about a week afterward thinking, 'I can’t believe it! I had sex with John Travolta! I was hoping to see him again after that, but I never did.
Sad how Travolta just used Rusty like that and never called again.

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Debra Hammami Misses Omar


An Alabama mother whose son joined an al Qaeda group in Africa said she can't turn her back on her boy even though he advocates attacking America and hasn't been in direct contact with her in years.

"If I could touch him for five minutes, I would be thrilled," Debra Hammami of Daphne, Ala. said of her son Omar who this week published a 127-page account of his road to terrorism from a small town in the American South.

"The silence has been devastating," she told ABC News. "I don't agree with the ideology of any of that, but I do love my son and I do have that motherly love."

By Howie at 07:15 AM | Comments |

AP Described Obama as Kenyan as He Took Senate Seat

Apparently Drudge has overloaded Gateway Pundit's server a bit, patience.

AP: Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations.


The allegations that horrified fellow Republicans and caused his once-promising candidacy to implode in four short days have given Obama a clear lead as Republicans struggled to fetch an alternative.

Oooopsie daisy! I think the memory hole's warranty must have expired.

Update: Damn the thing has totally broken down now.

Someone get a Minitrue technician! Stat!

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Terrorists Kill Five in Baghdad


Three roadside bombs exploded Friday in quick succession at an outdoor pet market in Baghdad, killing five people and wounding 31 others, police officials said.

The bombings took place at a market where young men buy and sell pigeons in Husseiniya, a poor Shiite neighborhood in southeastern Baghdad. This type of market, popular in less affluent neighborhoods, tends to be very busy on Fridays.

In February 2008, 99 people were killed by bomb attacks at two other pet markets in Baghdad.

But probably it was orchestrated by Assad to make the resistance look bad. Or the Juice.... you know.

And also I'm really Mary Poppins.

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May 17, 2012

Channelling The MSM


By DMartyr at 10:39 PM | Comments |

Obama's Kenyan Whoopsie!

An old booklet promoting Barack Obama lists him as born in Kenya, while Breitbart's opinion is that the President was born in Hawaii he has been presented at times as born in Kenya. So the source of the confusion is Obama and his promoters themselves.

Breitbart : Andrew Breitbart was never a "Birther," and Breitbart News is a site that has never advocated the narrative of "Birtherism." In fact, Andrew believed, as we do, that President Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on August 4, 1961.

...we discovered, and now present, the booklet described below--one that includes a marketing pitch for a forthcoming book by a then-young, otherwise unknown former president of the Harvard Law Review.

It is evidence--not of the President's foreign origin, but that Barack Obama's public persona has perhaps been presented differently at different times.


Read the rest.

By Howie at 01:50 PM | Comments |

Harriet Sherwood’s Munich Massacre story follows Guardian rule on obscuring Palestinian terrorism

From CIF Watch guest post at Huffington Post Monitor:

....One of the rules which Guardian journalists often observe pertains to intentionally unclear causation:

They use passive language which may obscure the fact that an intentional act of violence was perpetrated by a Palestinian terrorist against innocent Israeli civilians.

Harriet Sherwood recently published a report, titled “London 2012 Olympics: IOC rejects silence for Munich victims” (May 15th), which is quite consistent with the Guardian rule detailed above.

Sherwood writes:

“The Munich attack began in the early hours of 5 September 1972, when eight members of the Palestinian military organisation Black September infiltrated the Olympic village, and took 11 members of the Israeli team hostage. The attackers demanded the release of 234 Palestinian prisoners in return for the hostages’ release.

By just after midnight, all 11 athletes, five attackers and a German police officer were dead.” [emphasis added]

By midnight, they were dead. Not “killed“ but “dead“. Sherwood fails to distinguish between victim and perpetrator, and offers no further explanation about how the Israeli hostages lost their lives.

In fact, the Israeli athletes were murdered brutally and quite deliberately by Palestinian Black September terrorists.

International Olympic Committee Rejects Minute of Silence for Munich Victims

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Mayo Clinic Fires Pediatrician Who Supports Female Genital Mutilation

Dr. Hatem Elhagaly (a.k.a. Hatem al-Haj) was a pediatric doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Elhagaly is an advocate for female genital mutilation which he calls "an honor" for a girl.

He stated:

"Scholars have differed on the ruling on circumcision. They have agreed on its legitimacy for both sexes, but beyond that they have differed. Some--most famously the Shafi’ites--believe that it is obligatory for both sexes. Some believe it is obligatory for men only, and some believe it is recommended for both. At the very least it can be said that for women it is an honor, and for men it is sunnah [i.e. it is in accord with the tradition of Muhammad]."

Female genital mutilation is a felony in the United States.

You can view his lecture about the issue HERE.

Jihad Watch has more on the case, including information about the petition that help get this "doctor" removed from his position at the Mayo Clinic.

By DMartyr at 12:29 PM | Comments |

The Union Racket - Teachers Speak

Like many teachers unions around the country, the Wisconsin Education Association Council, or WEAC, would lead us to believe they speak for teachers. They would like us to think they have all the answers and know what is best for students and the teaching profession. They'd like us to believe their members stand united behind WEAC's agenda.

Well, it turns out they're not.

WEAC's moves to stifle reform and recall elected leaders that stand up to the union have provoked teachers and school board members to speak out against the union.

Here, has given teachers and education leaders an opportunity to sound off on union tactics, their profession and what's best for the children of Wisconsin.

View more at

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Donna Summer Dead At 63

I really love that soul music from the 70's.


By DMartyr at 11:01 AM | Comments |

#Occupy Protesters Shout Slurs At Police

And, strangely, the MSM media is completely silent.

(Language NSFW)

If Tea Partiers used such language, the media would be playing it 24/7 and the liberal left would be OUTRAGED! But since it's #Occutards, the left ignores it.

(Hat Tip: Breitbart)


Obama supports these #Occupy protesters.

Pelosi blesses them.

@AlecBaldwin thinks its "good".

By DMartyr at 11:00 AM | Comments |

Hopefully, Police Will Counter-Protest With A Thousand Tasers


#Occutards Clowns plan to protest NATO Summit with 1000 pies:

CHICAGO (CBS) — A group of clowns plans on taking part in protests in Chicago during this weekend’s NATO Summit.

The ClownBloq, as they call themselves, will be a group of protesters who will appear in clown suits.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports, while some protesters might throw a bottle of urine, the clowns say they will throw a pie.

“Joy and laughter and celebration is resistance,” one member said in a Hyde Park café.

I know there will be plenty of 'joy and laughter' at my end when the videos of police officers cracking Bozo's skull get posted on YouTube.

Update by SH: Oh goody! The Taliban will be more than pleased these clowns are joining their call to protest!

By DMartyr at 10:39 AM | Comments |

IVAW & Other Far Left Groups Join The Taliban in Protesting the NATO Summit in Chicago

The Taliban (aka The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) announced on their English language website(yes, it's still there), a call for all Americans and NATO member countries to protest the NATO conference.

From via The Voice of Jihad

The colonial game of the Americans is a total failure in Afghanistan. We call upon the nation of America and the NATO member countries to arrange large scale protests prior to the Chicago conference.
The far left group, Iraq Veterans Against the War (aka IVAW), are joining in and some members will be returning their "medals of honor" (bullshit) to visiting NATO Generals
Democracy Now: Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will join thousands of protesters this Sunday at the NATO summit in Chicago. We speak to Iraq Veterans Against the War’s Aaron Hughes, who’s among a number of Afghanistan and Iraq war vets planning to return their medals of honor[bullshit] to visiting NATO generals. "[Veterans] have to live with [the] failed policy [of the global war on terror] on a daily basis," Hughes says. "
Milblogger, Jon Lilyea at This Ain't Hell, takes to task this "veteran" and the bs he spewed in the video at above link.
We talked about Aaron Hughes the other day. He was a truck driver stationed in Kuwait and drove supplies into Iraq in the early months of the war and now he’s the head spokesperson for IVAW in Chicago based on his unique view of the war in Afghanistan.

Tom sends us this video from Democracy Now! in which Aaron is interviewed by Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh because he’s threatening to throw his GWOT Medal and his Army Commendation Medal at NATO this weekend in Chicago.

Every far left group imaginable have joined with the Taliban to protest the NATO summit. Even clowns!

Well, in reality, the Taliban were late to the game. Their call to protest was yesterday.

Why waste a good headline?


By Stable Hand at 09:59 AM | Comments |

Saudi Arabia: Man Auctions Off Son For Suicide Mission

Brought to you by the Religion of Peace™.

A father auctions off his own son to be used in a suicide mission. The end price was a million and a half riyals, which is equivalent to around $400,000 in U.S. currency.

What a sick culture that would make a man want to auction off his child to be killed, and then treat the man like a hero...

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

By DMartyr at 09:03 AM | Comments |

May 16, 2012

GOP Rep Demands Copy Of Report On Awlaki EMails With Nidel (SOA) Hasan

nidal hassan_awalki.jpg
Soldier of Allah Butt Buddies


In a letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller, Republican Rep. Frank Wolf has demanded a copy of the still-classified report about the alleged Fort Hood shooter's email exchanges with Al Qaeda operative Anwar al-Awlaki.

That report was compiled after former FBI and CIA director William Webster was asked in December 2009, following the Fort Hood massacre, to review the bureau's handling of the emails between Maj. Nidal Hasan and the radical [DEAD]cleric al-Awlaki.

The Webster report is complete, but the FBI has so far refused to put a time frame on the release of a declassified version.

In the letter, Wolf, R-Va., also pushed Mueller to explain the cleric's mysterious return to the U.S. in fall 2002, as first reported by Fox News.[More]

I'm sure Mr PC Mueller will get right on it, maybe.

By Stable Hand at 10:37 PM | Comments |

Omar Hammami aka Abu Mansuur al-Amriiki Autobiography (Exclusive Must Cite Jawa Report)

Was just uploaded here.

I found it using the same Youtube account where he posted that he was in fear of his life by members of al-Shabaab.

In the Name of Allaah the Most Beneficent the Most Mericful. Indeed all praises are due to the Lord of the Worlds and may He send peace, blessings, and salaah upon His Messenger and upon his family and companions, as well as those who follow his guidance until the Day of Judgment.


Due to the unpredictable nature of the environment in the lands of Jihaad, I decided now is as good a time as any to release the first part of my auto-biography. Although nothing special, I thought my addition to the Jihaadi library could at least provide some benefit. I find the advice of Abu Muscab as-Suuri1 that we should document our history extremely important for a number of reasons: 1) events are happening more rapidly in the age of Globalization, 2) the war of narratives has become even more important than the war of navies, apalms, and knives, 3) with the internet, recording events and spreading reports of them has become extremely easy (so we should take whatever we can get).

Due to the necessity of security the first part of this auto-biography only reaches up to my affiliation with Xarakah ash-Shabaab al-Mujaahidiin. I'm sure everyone can understand the need for such measures. But in all reality the lands of Jihaad are all similar and history inevitably repeats itself, so I would imagine that the following information is enough of a glimpse into reality to provide the foundations for future insight.

Still alive and well (by May 16 2012),
Omar Hammami

Gee Omar I don't know why you keep reaching out to Huffpo, they just ignore you. Hell they even use my copy of your video? What's up with that Ahki?

Update: Omar and Christof Putzel upset I beat them to press. U snooze you loose, losers.

Back to Omar's Autobiography, a self indulgent record of second grade recess. Also he tells how the Zionist Masons and Illuminati that control the massively profitable Alabama heating and cooling industry oppressed his hip hop ass, forcing him to abandon his wife and child and run off to Somalia for er, uh, greener pastures.

In the beginning the AC job was actually looking like it might be cool (pardon the pun). I actually fixed a friends AC by myself and I started filling up car ACs with refrigerant. But I found out that the whole business is run by Masons or something. If you don’t know the super duper sly snake under folded bi-forked tongue handshake you aren’t going to get the job no matter how smart you are..
He goes into great detail in a document that says, "I have a whole lot of time on my hands." House arrest must be so much fun.

Anyway, its full of childhood and family details only Omar would know so it's probably authentic.

Another time, Brandon, who was supposed to be my friend, decided to kick me in the nose with his cowboy boots. I never understood why he did that.
Way to go Brandon!

It says little about his status except that he's alive, very bored and apparently he's now allowed to access the internet. Although publishing this seems like he may have his doubts about how long this will be the case.

If you can get past the blow by blow account of Grade School, Jr. High and dropping out of college he eventually talks about Jihad and has a Q&A session in which he muses on the similarities between he and the late Steve Jobs. I shit you not.

Both you and the late Steve Jobs (of Apple Computers) were born to a Syrian father and American mother. Both of you dropped out of college, and both of you emerged as respective leaders in your chosen fields. Do you feel the both of you share any qualities that cause you to "Think Different"?
Oh and Huffpo, Suck it.

Update II: Here is Current TV's 's account of its exchanges with Hammami.

It appears Hamammi has been in communication with Christof Putzel of Current TV who also blogs at Huffpo for some time. Jawa Report intercepted the upload as Hamammi added a link to the description on his last known Youtube channel today.

Once considered a key figure of Al Shabaab’s leadership, posting videos on YouTube of leading battles in the field and recruiting other Muslim westerners to join him in Somalia, Hammami appears to have fallen out of favor with Al Shabaab and is currently alone in hiding. In March, he posted a video in which he described his fears that Al Shabaab may plan to kill him.

Hammami has been indicted on terrorism charges and is wanted by the FBI.


The Story of an American Jihaadi

By Howie at 03:35 PM | Comments |

Evidence: Trayvon Had Bruised Knuckles, Zimmerman Broken Nose

Racist call from MFM in 5...4...3...2

The medical report from George Zimmerman’s family doctor after the Trayvon Martin shooting shows that Zimmerman’s nose was broken; he also had a pair of black eyes, two lacerations on the back of his head, a bruised upper lip, and a back injury. He was examined by the doctor the day after the shooting. The three-page medical report will likely be used as evidence for the defense.

Meanwhile, the Trayvon Martin autopsy shows that other than his gunshot wound, the only injury on Martin was that the skin on his knuckles was broken. Combined with the evidence from Zimmerman's medical report, the logical conclusion is that Martin was beating up Zimmerman severely before Zimmerman shot him.

In other non racist news:
The attorney representing Trayvon Martin's parents said Wednesday a medical report detailing injuries sustained by the man who said he shot Trayvon was leaked to bolster his claims of self-defense.
"Bolster claim of self-defense? Hell yes, asswipe. MFM was quick to state Zimmerman had no visible signs of injury until they had to report it after pressure from New Media.

I can't find the article where I believe a mortician? stated Trayvon had no visible injuries. This came out shortly after this case blew wide open. Maybe it was on MSNBC, but can't be sure.

Update: It was the funeral director, thanks to thunderb and wtd.

The Conservative Treehouse has a lot more background on funeral director Richard Kurtz. Such as reminding me about this:

It should also be noted this is the same autopsy Trayvon Family Attorney Benjamin Crump filed a previous motion to suppress.
Kurtz spent a "decade of leadership as president of the Broward County chapter of the NAACP" Check it out, it's a must read as it connects all the dots. Think Pigford Settlement..

By Stable Hand at 03:33 PM | Comments |

WikiLeaks Responsible For Iranian Execution

But don't expect any remorse. The man executed was accused of helping Israel.

WikiLeaks may have been responsible for exposing Majid Jamali Fashi, the 24-year-old kickboxer who was hanged in Tehran on Tuesday morning after “confessing” to assassinating a nuclear scientist on behalf of Israel, a British media report said.
By DMartyr at 01:47 PM | Comments |

Disgusting: Bill Maher Believes Accused Bullies Are WORSE Than Child Molesters

Bill Maher appeared on the Conan show and announced the bullying allegation leveled at Mitt Romney is WORSE than child molestation.

Maher stated (emphasis mine):

But as far as this bullying, you know, this made me think of the Michael Jackson situation. Because, you know, he was accused of being a child molester. We'll never know because he's gone, but even his worst accuser never said that he did anything like actually have sex with them. It was grabby, grabby under the covers. Which is terribly wrong.

However, when I was 12 years old, I was beaten on the playground. Just like the Mitt Romney thing, I was held down and somebody just punched me in the face while other kids watched. And if I could go back to 1968 and trade that experience for being gently masturbated by a pop star I would do it in a second.

It should be noted that the allegations against Romney are only second-hand accusations - family members of the alleged, and now deceased, victim have no knowledge the incident ever occurred.

So, we'll never know for sure, because, like the accused molester Michael Jackson, the alleged victim in the Romney case is gone. But that double standard doesn't even compute with the liberal likes of Bill Maher.

Video of the exchange with Conan at NewsBusters.

By DMartyr at 01:20 PM | Comments |

Jihadi Presents 2nd Issue of Al Qaeda Magazine Entitled The Hallmarks of Al Qaeda

Googlish translate of info about "magazine" below fold.

Do they really trust "any" download method?

Exclusive - the second issue of the magazine jihadist (Al Qaeda Airlines) entitled (the hallmarks of al Qaeda) Peace upon you my brothers the Mujahideen offer you the second issue of the magazine titled Jihad ( HALLMARKS OF AL QAEDA ) ( hallmarks of al Qaeda ) we have chosen in this issue of the magazine title (hallmarks of al Qaeda ) view of this the words of a special resonance for us Mujahideen, what of the jihadist hit the enemy in the killing - or where a touch of creativity, but, and we find the top news headlines and research centers, military strategy - and we'll talk in this issue look military simplified one-tenth of jihad carried out within ten years ago, of course, there are operations of jihadist are many, but we would like this process because of the professionalism and creativity of jihad - and also to have had at the time of halo huge media and that was fuel for ten years past of terror to the enemies of God, do not go through years, but contract the West horror and curse - case orange ( very dangerous ) security, economic, and whether successful operations of the Mujahideen, or did not complete the details revealed for some reason - we are in this issue we tried to clarify what happened in those invasions The positives and its advantages - did not lose sight of the negatives and errors experienced by those processes - to become all the process of jihad to come more professional and accurate, such as these clarifications will help the new generation to develop his ideas and took lessons and the expansion of the pros and try to avoid the negatives that led to the exposure of some of the processes - and also in this issue show some of the methods easy that may benefit us in our jihad as it will appear in the last issue
Image credits: Bandwidth beotch

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Vietnam Hero To Receive MOH Posthumously

Vietnam hero to receive Medal of Honor posthumously
On May 16, President Barack Obama will award Specialist Leslie H. Sabo, Jr., U.S. Army, the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry. Specialist Sabo will receive the Medal of Honor posthumously for his heroic actions in combat on May 10, 1970, while serving as a rifleman in Company B, 3d Battalion, 506th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division in Se San, Cambodia. On that day, when he and his platoon were ambushed by a large enemy force, Specialist Sabo immediately charged the enemy position, killing several enemy soldiers. He then assaulted an enemy flanking force, successfully drawing their fire away from friendly soldiers and ultimately forcing the enemy to retreat. While securing a re-supply of ammunition, an enemy grenade landed nearby. Specialist Sabo picked it up, threw it, and shielded a wounded comrade with his own body - absorbing the brunt of the blast and saving his comrade's life. Although wounded by the grenade blast, he continued to charge the enemy's bunker. After receiving several serious wounds from automatic weapons fire, he crawled towards the enemy emplacement and, when in position, threw a grenade into the bunker. The resulting explosion silenced the enemy fire, but also ended Specialist Sabo’s life. His indomitable courage and complete disregard for his own safety saved the lives of many of his platoon members.
Well deserved, RIP hero.

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Obama To College Women: 'You Can Be Good At Other Stuff Besides Fashion & Looking Beautiful'

President Barack Obama announced plans to start "The Barack Obama's Center For Beautiful Women Who Want To Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too."

Of course, the women at Barnard College's all-female graduating class ate it up. 'Cause, they always thought style and fashion was the only thing they'd ever be good at.

President Obama prepares to address the female students of Barnard College

I'm filing this under the Ministry of Boobies. Only it isn't anatomy I have in mind for it.

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Obama's Conservative Cousin Starts Family Feud

dr wolf_daily caller_family feud.jpg

Dr Milton Wolf:

Our goals are modest: Beat Jon Stewart at his own game and save America from Barack Obama.
The Daily Caller proudly presents Milton Wolf, Barack Obama’s conservative cousin, in an upcoming exclusive video series.
Breaking: Something Big Happening at Daily Caller

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Van Jones Admits He And Fellow Environmentalists Kept Quiet
During Gulf Oil Spill Because Obama Was President



[ZIP].......You’ve never seen the environmental movement more quiet during an oil spill. I guarantee you, if John McCain had been President, with that oil spill, or George Bush had been President with that oil spill, I’d have been out there with a sign protesting. I didn’t, because of who the President was.....[More..]
Ooopsy, the former Green Jobs Czar admitted this in a C-SPAN video [Powerline]

Update: The Blaze has video of the part when Van Jones admitted this:

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Reward Offered For Stolen Sex Toys


What the article failed to mention was the numerous other posters put up moments after the one above. Their 'rewards' range from $105 to $125, no questions asked.

WHO stole £1000-worth of sex toys from a flat in Gilgal, Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire?

The 400 aides were nicked some time between 9 and 10 May 2012.

Kylie Jones, 24, tells media: “I’m not seeing their logic in terms of why they would want to steal them."

I'm not seeing the logic of why anyone would want them back! Ew, eww, and EWW! You don't know where those toys have been!

By DMartyr at 10:19 AM | Comments |

May 15, 2012

Turkey Suspects Bird of Being Spy for Israel

bee eater_mossad agent.jpg

We at the Jawa Report demand the immediate release of Agent R65 NOW! Along with, who was tortured, Agent BeeEater!


h/t El_Grillo

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Minstry of Boobies: Madonna at 31, Gasp Smoking

Gee the controversy about Madonna is that she smoked a cigarette or two in her day? Back in the day, that wasn't really the controversy I recall.

Anyway a pic of Madonna's boobies (circa 1990) sells for £15,000.(NSFW)

That's a lot because the Brits are one of the few that haven't been totally tricked into using the Euro. And the're not scared of boobies, they let you have them in newspapers.

By Howie at 07:38 PM | Comments |

More Drone Strikes Against AQAP in Yemen

This is getting interesting.

Long War Journal:

The US launched two drone strikes today in a city in southern Yemen that is currently under the control of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Seven AQAP fighters and eight civilians are reported to have been killed in the airstrikes.

The first strike targeted "a militant hideout" in Jaar, a city in Abyan province that is currently under al Qaeda control, CNN reported. The eight civilians were killed after they attempted to recover the bodies of AQAP fighters, apparently after the unmanned US Predators or Reapers launched a second salvo of missiles into the hideout.

This follows airstrikes and Yemeni military activity against AQAP over the weekend.

Read "civilians" as "people who just happen to hang with al-Qaeda on a Tuesday afternoon."

Come to think of it even the al-Qaeda are "civilians", they are unlawful belligerents.

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Former Domestic Terrorist Receives DOJ Grant Money, Claim Watchdog Group

bernadine dorn_grant money.jpg
Bill Ayers(L) Bernadine Dohrn(R)

Bernadine Dohrn, to be exact

The Obama Justice Department awarded a group headed by a domestic terrorist, -- and one-time FBI fugitive with close ties to President Barack Obama -- hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars "to reduce racial disparities in the juvenile justice system," according to a leading Inside the Beltway watchdog group.

"This is a story you likely won’t see in the mainstream media, but a reputable political magazine exposed it this week," according to officials at Judicial Watch, an organization that investigates and exposes government corruption and abuse.

According to Judicial Watch's Corruption Chronicles, the Department of Justice has already given $400,000 in grants to an organization that blames disproportionately high criminal behavior among minority juvenile delinquents on discrimination. the **San Francisco-based nonprofit describes itself as a leading organization in the field of juvenile justice and ethnic and racial disparities reduction.

The Weather Underground's "Communist Manifesto"

Among the institute’s board of directors is Bernardine Dohrn, a longtime Obama supporter and fundraiser and proud member of the Weather Underground[Continue reading]
Nothing to see here, Billy & Bernadine were just a couple that happened to live in Obama's neighborhood.

Move along, err, FORWARD comrades.

Sergeant Edward O'Grady and Officer Waverly Brown

were shot and killed by heavily armed members of a domestic terrorist group, the Weather Underground
**SFPD Sergeant Brian McDonnell
succumbed to wounds sustained when a bomb exploded in the Park Police Station. Although Sergeant McDonnell's murder was never solved, it is believed the bomb was set by members of the domestic terrorist group Weather Underground.
Yes, nothing to see here. Move along..

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Obama's Complete List of Historic Firsts (Updated)

Thanks to JaWannaB, First Bigot Deluxe comment on my previous post.

Via Director Blue

Yes, he's historic, alright.

• First President to Preside Over a Cut to the Credit Rating of the United States Government

• First President to Violate the War Powers Act

• First President to Orchestrate the Sale of Murder Weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels

• First President to issue an unlawful "recess-appointment" while the U.S. Senate remained in session (against the advice of his own Justice Department).

• First President to be Held in Contempt of Court for Illegally Obstructing Oil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

• First president to intentionally disable credit card security measures in order to allow over-the-limit donations, foreign contributions and other illegal fundraising measures.

• First President to Defy a Federal Judge's Court Order to Cease Implementing the 'Health Care Reform' Law

[Continue reading, it's a long list]

First president to insert himself into bios of past presidents is another.

FORWARD Comrades

By Stable Hand at 04:12 PM | Comments |

Obama Inserts Himself in White House Bios of Past Presidents

Obama Leading The Troops Across The Delaware

Obama, our narcissist-in-chief:

BigG: The White House website has always featured biographies of past presidents. The biographies are largely designed for students, so they can research the history of the White House occupants; the text is taken from The Presidents of the United States of America, by Michael Beschloss and Hugh Sidey.

Now, however, President Obama has decided that those other presidential biographies weren’t complete without a sentence about him. Seriously. As it turns out, all past presidents are just a window into President Obama’s grand accomplishments. Here are some examples:

President Calvin Coolidge: “On Feb. 22, 1924 Calvin Coolidge became the first president to make a public radio address to the American people. President Coolidge later helped create the Federal Radio Commission, which has now evolved to become the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). President Obama became the first president to hold virtual gatherings and town halls using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.” The creation of the FCC wasn’t even one of Coolidge’s top ten accomplishments as president. But it allows Obama to brag about how he uses Facebook, so now it’s one of Coolidge’s most important achievements.[More...]

The RNC has a response via Twitchy:

Check it out, just click links in embeds above.

Shakes head as to what's next?

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Use The Force!

Pretty sure this is the best Youtube video ever made. But then again I always say that. I'm fickle.

By Howie at 01:27 PM | Comments |

VIDEO: U.S. Army soldier brutally beaten in South Tampa
Tampa PD seeks public's help in identifying attackers


they're all in their late teens to early 20's. Two were black men with an average build, police said. One attacker was possibly Hispanic, also with an average build. The fourth man was also black, but with a heavier build.
Via Jim Hoft

Police want your help finding four men who teamed up to beat a young U.S. Army soldier in a South Tampa street.

It was an awful welcome to Tampa Bay for a young soldier. Police say the victim of a violent beating caught on camera is 24 years old and has lived in Tampa for less than a month.

He’s a U.S. Army soldier assigned to MacDill Air Force Base and lives not far from the base at Dale Mabry Hwy. and Interbay Blvd.

Police say Sunday morning, at around 3 a. m., the soldier’s car broke down a few miles from home along Westshore Blvd.

The attack came when he was walking home and using Iowa St. to get from Westshore to Dale Mabry. At the intersection of Iowa and Renellie Dr., the man came into the view of a neighbor’s motion-activated security camera[...]

Police are hoping someone knows about this brutal beating and will call Tampa Police at 813-354-6600 to help them find the attackers.

Slide shot gallery of attack here at WTSP


Tampa PD news release below fold:

For Immediate Release

For more information contact:
Andrea Davis, Tampa Police Spokesperson
(813) 276-3253

Detectives Searching for Violent Robbery Suspects

Tampa, FL May 14, 2012 -

Video available at

WHEN: 05/13/2012, 3:30 a.m.

WHERE: Renellie Drive South & Iowa Avenue West

As the victim was walking eastbound on Iowa Avenue, the suspects approached him and one of the suspects asked him for a dollar. As he replied, three of the suspects began to hit him in the face and upper body causing him to fall to the ground. Once on the ground, all four Suspects hit and kicked the victim. They went through the victim’s pockets and took his cell phone and wallet. They fled south on Renellie Drive. The victim eventually got up and was able to knock on a neighbor’s door and call police. The victim sustained facial injuries and was transported to a local hospital. He is still hospitalized at this time.

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#OccuPorn - #Occupy Police Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

Below the fold, an #OccupyWallStreet Police Brutality compilation that proves anything can be funny when the Benny Hill theme is added.

By DMartyr at 11:16 AM | Comments |

Breaking: Something Big Happening at Daily Caller

My right wing co-conspirator inbox:

From "Washington Times columnist. Physician. Author. Free market champion", Barack Obama's conservative cousin Dr. Milton Wolf:

[Stay tuned]It’s almost here.

The world breathlessly awaits this new project that will change everything. Behold: We have reached a before and after moment in the history of humankind. The fate of the republic hangs precariously in the balance. (No, it's not this ... but that's pretty cool too.)

[Continue reading]

He said not quite Dancing with the Stars cool, but that it's kinda cool.

Including in my inbox, figured you male readers would enjoy this....for the boobies!

The New Daily Caller launch is scheduled for tomorrow. I figure Obama ain't gonna like this..

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James O'Keefe: NC Non-Citizens Voting, Dead Offered Ballots, UNC Officials Embrace Voter Fraud

Please make a donation to
In North Carolina we find people who are listed as non-citizens according to Jury refusal forms and who are also registered to vote. We get their comment and are offered their ballots. We are offered a ballot in the name of a dead man, and interview an election Judge who says he only wants to uphold parts of the state constitution. We also interview the following officials at UNC who seemingly embrace voter fraud:
Terri Phoenix -- Director - UNC LGBTQ Center
Dean Blackburn UNC Assistant Dean of Students
Adam Limehouse - Director for the Coalition to Protect All NC Families.

North Carolina Raw Video - UNC Officials

James O'Keefe, a thorn in the Democrats side which appears to be impossible to remove. Good on him!

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AQI Decides Damascus Bombing Bad for Business

The leaders of a group called Al Nusra Front today decided that an earlier announcement that they pulled off a terrorist attack in Damascus made them look bad.

So the leaders who are most likely in Iraq issued a a statement to the press today saying "We never received any confirmation, acknowledgment or denial from our military sector in the front." So its kind of a non denial denial. But CNN ran it anyway even though they, like al-Qaeda in Iraq, are far from the front line fighters and have trouble getting information from inside Syria.

The leadership would like to do those kinds of attacks, they have done those types of attacks and glorified the outcome. But if the world wants to save them some bad press with Damascus was an Inside Job BS al-Nusra's leaders I'm sure are happy to play along.

We ran the claim earlier and our copy appears to be connected to Kavkaz Center which is a known Jihadist outlet that has demonstrated connections to front line militants in the past.

I seriously doubt that front line al-Qaeda fighters spend a lot of time worrying about what the leaders in Iraq think before they blow stuff up.

By Howie at 10:01 AM | Comments |

Obama 2012 Reno Speech

Iowa Hawk Edition:

Now that's what I call spirit - Reno spirit. American spirit! Yessir, what you folks might lack in numbers, you make up for in enthusiasm. Just like Reno is the 'Biggest Little City in the USA,' I've gotta say you folks are the Biggest Little Garage Sale Crowd in Reno this afternoon. So give yourself a Biggest Little Hand!
Read the rest.

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Obama2012 Attacks Layoffs by Obama Contributor

Its supposed to be an ad attacking Mitt, but the layoffs mentioned in the ad which features in the tank for Obama union labor talking about their oppression were actually laid off by Obama bundler Jonathan Lavine.

Its quite telling how Obama plans to run his campaign, no hope or change, just forward in spite of facts.

And why worry about facts when feelings are more important. If the facts of an ad aren't quite true, the Axe (David Axelrod) can Astroturf new fake facts for you.

By Howie at 09:37 AM | Comments |

Somali piracy: EU forces in first mainland raid

About time

EU naval forces have conducted their first raid on pirate bases on the Somali mainland, saying they have destroyed several boats.

The EU forces were transported by helicopter to the pirate bases near the port of Haradhere[...]

The EU recently agreed to expand Operation Atalanta to allow forces to attack land targets as well as those at sea, and this is the first time its forces have used the new rules to attack a base on the mainland.

The attack was carried out overnight and, according to the European forces, no Somalis were hurt during the action.

The multinational forces used helicopters in conjunction with two warships to leave five of the pirates' fast attack craft "inoperable".

The European naval mission issued a statement saying: "The focused, precise and proportionate action was conducted from the air and all forces returned safely to EU warships on completion".

The below video, dated March 26th, discusses pros and cons of above. Of course, I'm pro but Al Jazeera is con:

The EU recently authorised its ships and helicopters to carry out missions to fight pirates inside Somalia. Can the new, expanded mandate end piracy or make matters worse for the African state? Guests: Yusuf Omar Al-Azhari, Will Geddes, Afyare Elmi.

By Stable Hand at 09:19 AM | Comments |

SCREWED! by Dick Morris & Eileen McGann

In SCREWED!, Morris and McGann expose a massive scandal: how foreign countries are ripping America off and plundering our economy, with the help of our own political and business leaders. The premise of the book stems from a detailed examination of the end-of-term treaties that Obama and Hillary are negotiating with the UN and the EU, which would:
Enact comprehensive gun control,

Ban space-based missile interceptors,

Require us to pay a UN body half of our royalties from off-shore drilling,

Establish a legal right to US foreign aid,

Ban use of our military without U.N. approval.

Create a legal right to welfare.
These measures have all been proceeding in secret...until now!

You can purchase Screwed! directly here at this link.

By Howie at 08:58 AM | Comments |

Where's Rusty? #Occupy Buffet! Edition

We're scraping up bail money....again.

A 53-year-old Mequon man was arrested for disorderly conduct for protesting against the limits of an all-you-can-eat fish fry.

According to a police report, the man ate 12 pieces of fish at a Thiensville restaurant Friday, May 11th, when he was told the fish had run out.

By Howie at 08:51 AM | Comments |

Dead Guy Was Security Supervisor at Newark Airport

The man is identified as Bimbo Olumuyiwa Oyewole. His co-workers knew him as Jerry Thomas.

We're the Government, we're here to help......

Hat Tip: Kenny.

By Howie at 08:02 AM | Comments |

Samir Khan's Jihadi Summer Camp

AQAP has released a magazine detailing Samir Khan's summer camp with AQAP experience.


His advice?

Remaining clean throughout your jihādī career should never be overlooked due to the problems that may arise. In some cases, you will be staying with a few brothers in a tight room or house. In order to avoid unnecessary problems, encourage yourself and your brothers to clean the room(s) on a regular basis. As for yourself, a daily shower is ideal but not possible in many cases. Water supply can sometimes be an issue in the place you will temporarily stay in. Thus it is important to remember others before yourself in such situations. In other words, if you don’t need to use a large amount of water, then don’t use it.
And also, "Watch out for drones."
Facing aerial bombardment from the enemy is nothing new. The mujahidin in Afghanistan face its threat on a daily basis as well as in other countries. When facing it for the first time, it certainly will be a life changing experience.
Life changing experience, LOL.

And also I think Sammy might have been missing the good old USA. Jihad is hard, why not just stay home.

I strongly recommend all the brothers and sisters coming from the West to consider attacking America in its own backyard...
Of course that hasn't worked out too well for AQAP either. Its hard to get a comfortable person to blow himself up you know, now a dude that's been living bath free in Yemen for a year, he's hoping for a quick and merciful drone strike.

Jawa Report has a copy of this file. If you would like to read it email Howie. I also have Inspire 8 and 9 but its harder to make available due to all the how to ...... stuff.

By Howie at 07:48 AM | Comments |

Inspire 9 Different Editor Same Anti-Semitism

Some basic analysis of the differences between AQAP's Inspire 8 and Inspire 9.


l Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's release of issues eight and nine of its English-language terrorist magazine, Inspire, serves as a reminder of the group's continued effort to target western audiences.

These issues, released on May 2, 2012, are the first since Samir Khan, believed to be the principal author of the magazine, was killed in a September 2011 drone strike along with popular jihadist ideologue and magazine contributor Anwar al-Awlaki. At the time, their deaths led to speculation of the media franchise's demise.


Inspire 8 is dated fall 2011 and does not address the eight-month delay of its publication. The feature article, written by al-Awlaki, offers religious justifications for attacking civilian populations. The article was written in response to reader-submitted questions, the most prevalent of which apparently concerned the religious authorization for attacks on civilians.

Awlaki condones and encourages the use of explosives, firearms, poisons, and chemical and biological weapons. The only limitation he apparently places is a prohibition on "the execution of women or children when the target is clear."

The article concludes that some of the material claimed to be authored by Samir Khan and Anwar al-Awlaki differs in editing style. Also discussed the above ad which appears with an article which urges Muslims to carry out acts of murder in the west which uses the Obama 2008 campaign slogan, "Yes we can!"

By Howie at 07:27 AM | Comments |

May 14, 2012

Daily Beast Cartoonist Depicts Israeli PM Eating Obama's Limbs...and
Raping Him?

@elivalley is gloating over the comments about his so-called "political" cartoon. Apparently the cartoon was meant to depict no matter what Obama does it is never enough for Israel/Netanyahu/Jews.

BigJ: Eli Valley, artist in residence at the far-left, Obama-supporting Jewish Daily Forward has created one of the most anti-Semitic cartoons ever published. Placed at, the radical website dedicated to anti-Israel rhetoric,
The hater in the sky / By Eli Valley
[ for the full cartoon or use BigJ link above] Eli Valley, Artist in Residence at The Jewish Daily Forward, is a writer and artist whose work has been published in New York Magazine, The Daily Beast, Gawker, Saveur, Haaretz and elsewhere. Eli is currently finishing his first novel. His website is and he tweets at @elivalley.
File this under assmaggots.

By Stable Hand at 08:41 PM | Comments |

Dailymotion, France's Leading Video-Sharing Website – A Jihadi Video Repository

No reason, just this image makes me laugh cuz they're dead..especially Sammy

I know we have covered this before but MEMRI has an excellent report and must read regarding some of who's who of online jihads and their nice, comfortable home at Dailymotion. Even after France's recent crackdown on "incitement" such as these jihadis create, they live on at Dailymotion.

This is just a snippet of the article, so be sure and read it all:

Jihadi Forum Members Explain Dailymotion's Advantages

In a thread on the Shumoukh Al-Islam jihadi forum on methods of uploading to video-sharing websites, "Abu Qudama Al-Muhajir" set out the advantages offered by Dailymotion: "For your information, my brothers, the Dailymotion website is excellent, as it accepts videos in most formats, including rmvb, and it accepts any amount of time. I uploaded the film la tukalif ila nafsak[5] in its entirety, without dividing it up [into segments]. One of [Dailymotion's] advantages is that it is less oppressive than YouTube, as the latter has declared war on anything that has to do with jihad by erasing its files. It also provides the option to withdraw [files] from other websites, such as Hotfile, 2shared, Filefactory, Sendspace, Megaupload, Mediafire and 4shared."[6]

A Shumoukh member going by the handle "zarqawi1" noted to fellow member "Ma'askar Khalden," who had created a YouTube archive of videos of Al-Qaeda commander Ayman Al-Zawahiri: "Don't forget to create a channel with the same videos on Dailymotion, since YouTube will eliminate your channel after several days[well not quite, but we try...ed], and all your hard work will be gone. So create a channel on Dailymotion and you will be pleased."[7][...]

Dailymotion is among the most prominent of these websites; videos produced by the media companies of Al-Qaeda and its affiliates inciting violent jihad and depicting violence are uploaded to the website on a daily basis[..]

Bringing Jihadi Propaganda to French Speakers .....

Pretty much sucks like Google's YouTube. As noted in the article, Dailymotion has removed some videos but like rats, they keep breeding.

So check the article out and the "references" at the end. Interesting links, I might add.

Daily Motion Smackdown!

A friend once pointed out to me, "We breed resistant pests." Flag terrorist off Jihadtube and he pops up somewhere else where its bit harder to get him. This also tells you something about his dedication.

By Stable Hand at 07:04 PM | Comments |

Meet Obama's New Sekrit Service Detail

Its called Hooker Proofing.

During a campaign stop in Reno, Nevada, President Obama announced that from now on, the Secret Service would only hire sexless, elderly couples to protect the President. The move comes in response a recent scandal involving young, stud-muffinly, male Secret Service agents paying women for sex during a Presidential visit to Colombia.

The latest hires, Fred and Ethel Mertz of Reno, Nevada, have been married for 45 years, and last engaged in an act of physical intimacy in 1990.

Well I guess that works as well as my Eunuch idea.

By Howie at 03:20 PM | Comments |

NYPD Officer Seeking To Name Street After Fallen Cop Told To Get Muslim Approval

The fallen officer was killed in a Mosque 40 years ago after Black Muslims from the Nation of Islam called in a fake "officer down." When Officer Philip Cardillo arrived at the Mosque, he and his partner were ambushed by at least 15 men. Cardillo was shot point blank. Members of the Mosque then locked the doors so other officers and medics could not help the dying man.

Only one person was arrested for the crime. No one has ever been convicted.

Now, Officer Carillo's son and fellow officers want the street named after him. But the city wants permission from the leaders of the very same Mosque:

A New York police officer seeking to rename a Harlem street for a cop gunned down inside a Manhattan mosque 40 years ago was told by local leaders to seek the blessing of area Muslims.

NYPD Officer Philip Cardillo was shot dead in an infamous 1972 incident in which police responded to a fake “officer down” call from Muhammad Mosque No. 7, the New York headquarters for the Nation of Islam. The accused gunman was later acquitted, and the city's perceived unwillingness to back the police has long been seen as a low point in relations between city government and the police department. After four decades, NYPD Inspector and local Precinct Commander Rodney Harrison wants a section of 123rd St. named after Cardillo.

"It's been 40 years," retired NYPD cop Randy Jurgensen, who was at the mosque when Cardillo was killed, told "It would be closure for the Cardillo family and the police officers there that day."

In New York, the City Council typically approves street namings on the recommendation of local Community Boards. But members of Community Board 10, which represents the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, have effectively blocked Harrison's plan by telling him to seek the approval of local Muslim leaders.

This PC insanity has to stop.

By DMartyr at 02:31 PM | Comments |

Are You President Enough?

You know what they say, 'idle hands...'


By DMartyr at 12:15 PM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Linking or Reposting Jawa Content

We like having fans. We really do. We love it when you share our stuff pretty much anywhere. We're so flattered when that happens.

That said, we have a couple of rules, just simple manners really, we'd like to ask that you to follow.

One, we would like a link. If you are quoting our site, we'd like a link back to the post. Its something we try to do, give links to works we reference or discuss. Thus the term linkwhore. We really like links.

Second please don't re-post an entire post in a context where it appears to be your own work with no link, credit or mention.

That's really super rude internet etiquette and it makes you look like a total dickwad.

I'm looking at you Jarrad Winter.

I gave you 24 hours to post a link. Remove the posts. Trim down the quotes. You did none of these things. Dickwad!

Our original post.

Write your own effing posts son.

By Howie at 11:32 AM | Comments |

If Its Not in Our Archives

It doesn't exist.

I’m told by a staffer for a House Judiciary Committee member that a senior FBI official contends that the FBI’s Counterterrorism Analytical Lexicon represented in the graphic used by Gohmert and linked below doesn’t exist.

Well, here’s the entire 14 page lexicon, published by the FBI on January 28, 2008 (I obtained this copy on Cryptome):

Memory hole malfunction.

By Howie at 08:17 AM | Comments |

YouTube Update: Coming Soon! Auto-Biography of Mansoor Al-Amriki

This "update" was posted yesterday on Omar Hammimi's original video, "urgent message", by user who uploaded the video:

al amriki_youtube_update.jpg

Also, somalimuhajirwarrior questioned al-Shabaab mouthpiece HSM Press:

HSM is surprised by the video of Abu Mansoor #AlAmriki that surfaced on the internet recently claiming that his life is ‘endangered by HSM.

A formal investigation is just underway and HSM is still attempting to verify the authenticity as well as the motivations behind the video.

We assure our Muslim brothers that #AlAmriki is not endangered by the Mujahideen &our brother still enjoys all the privileges of brotherhood.

HSM Press Office.

Harakat Al-Shabaab Al Mujahideen.

golbourne1234 1 month ago 17

Why didn't the HSM twitter feed deny the recent rumors that al-Amriiki was slaughtered? Isn't their silence a bit strange? Or maybe it was too much to write a sentence on an unofficial platform like Twitter?

somalimuhajirwarrior in reply to golbourne1234 12 hours ago

American traitor Hammimi's saga is getting stranger and stranger. Beheaded and dead? That is the question the African Taliban have refused to answer.

Stay tuned..

h/t @siteintelgroup

By Stable Hand at 08:17 AM | Comments |

Double Your Pleasure

It was a wonderfully productive weekend.

On Saturday Superdrone took out 11 AQAP.

Two missile strikes by U.S. drones killed at least 11 suspected al-Qaida members in Yemen Saturday, security officials said.

Oh but if that doesn't brighten your Monday quite enough.

Yemeni military kills 24 suspected al Qaeda militants!

Government troops in southern Yemen on Sunday attacked al Qaeda hideouts, killing two dozen suspected militants in the latest push to clear the area of the terror organization, local security officials said.

I can't wait to read about this in the next issue of Inspire. If there is a next issue of Inspire that is.

Everyone feeling Inspired?

By Howie at 08:03 AM | Comments |

Newsweak Outs Obama

Well, he couldn't be the first black President. Bill Clinton already has that title.


Gateway Pundit has more.

By DMartyr at 06:04 PM | Comments |

MSM Polls: Romney Leads Obama, Except With Military, Woman, Men, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Europeans, Gays, Heterosexuals, Etc

The media is in a frenzy over a recent Rasmussen poll that show Romney way ahead of Obama.


But the media can't handle the truth! They've resorted to an independent, unnamed poll "result" that claims Obama is well ahead of Romney with military voters.

Not content with the results of more experienced and specialized polling companies, the AP has started it's own polling, which concludes women, blacks, independents, and other minorities prefer Obama over Romney.

It's all an amazing work of polling manipulation when, collectively, the population chooses Romney in a landslide over Obama, yet individually the numbers are reversed.

BTW, I conducted my own presidential poll. Romney wins in a landslide in my poll. Except among the cats, who say Obama's past cuisine choices gave him the edge. Ironically, its that same issue that has the dogs favoring Romney.

By DMartyr at 09:39 AM | Comments |

May 12, 2012



I've started a new website called / The site will aggregate pro-Romney, anti-Obama blog posts. It will also serve as a traffic driver to bloggers who have important / interesting things to say about this election. If you would like to join the webring and be added to the blogroll, please email me at

More info below.

I've actually had the site up for a few weeks, but haven't done much with it. I'm still not 100% sure what I want to do with it. I really could use some help.

My intentions are to start a blogroll / link list with blogs that support Mitt Romney for President. Corporate bloggers are welcome, but my intentions are for this to be independent of the Romney campaign and geared toward the vast majority of bloggers who do this in their spare time and with little or no pay.

I also wanted something separate from the other social media, such as Twitter and Facebook campaigns, that I know the Romney people will be covering.

I'll post some, but then put up a "best of" post or two from those on the blogroll. And, of course, links to posts about why we should be supporting Romney and why Barack Obama should be a one term President.

If you'd like to join Blogs4Mitt, please drop me a line at I could really use some help, especially developing a button or logo that members of the community can post to their own blogs. I could also use some help tweaking the Wordpress template.

At first I didn't know if I was going to do this under my real name or under my Rusty Shackleford pen name. In the former I'm a Ph.D. in political science from a decently ranked institution. In the later guise my name may come with some baggage, especially given the low brow humor and the sometimes intentionally offensive nature of some of our posts. Let's face it, unlike Mitt Romeny we aren't exactly a class act around here. But I've decided to use my Dr. Rusty Shackleford name since it's the name I'm known by online by other bloggers.

I haven't been this passionate about an election since 2004. If you are as passionate as I am about making sure Obama is a one term President, please consider joining Blogs4Mitt.

Again, to those bloggers interested in joining with me in the Blogs4Mitt effort, drop me a line.

From a post over at the site, here's why I started Blogs4Mitt:

The primary season is all but over and Mitt will be our nominee. In 2004 bloggers rallied around George W. Bush and I was part of that movement. Together, we helped President Bush beat the challenge by John Kerry.

It’s time for us to do the same for Romney. Can we really afford four more years of Obama’s failed economic policies?

The legacy he is leaving our children is one of perpetual debt to China and dimmer job prospects to be able to pay off that debt.

In 3 years the Obama Administration has managed to borrow more money than the previous administration did in 8. And what does the country have to show for it? Higher gas prices, unemployment at record highs, and an economy so sluggish that at this growth rate it would take another four years just to get us to pre-recession employment levels


Santorum is a good man. Newt has big ideas. But neither of them will be our nominee. Romney will be our nominee for President.

If we want to defeat Barrack Obama we need to stop fighting each other and unite in our fight against him now. That means turning the blogosphere’s attention on Obama, and the man who will replace him — Mitt Romney!

I’ve been part of collectives like this before, but I’ve never run one. “Doesn’t play well with others” is an apt description of me. But since I see no one else in the blogosphere doing this, I’m forced to do it myself. If you have any suggestions for how to do this more effectively, just drop me a line.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:43 PM | Comments |

What Does a Open Garage Door & a Teleprompter Have in Common?

Obama Garage Tour 2012 in Reno, Nevada:

obama garage tour 2012 (1).jpg
Obama at his finest

Mr President, nice crowd you drew there. Standing room only?

Funnies thing I ever did see. Guess Renoites aren't Obama fans.

h/t TheLibertyTree via Astute Blogger

By Stable Hand at 10:10 PM | Comments |

CEO of Melaleuca, Frank VanderSloot, Says He Lost Hundreds of Customers After...
Obama Campaign Publicly Targets Him For Donating To Romney Super PAC…

Image credit: Melaleuca

Weekly Standard via ZIP:

Last month, Mr VanderSloot was awarded Idaho Hometown Hero Medal

[S]ponsored by the National Ethic Coalition of Organizations, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor award is presented each May to “remarkable Americans who exemplify outstanding qualities in both their personal and professional lives, while continuing to preserve the richness of their particular heritage.”[...]

[I]n 2011, two brothers from Pakistan who immigrated to the United States—with little money, but with big dreams—became the first Idahoans to receive the prestigious honor. Wanting to pass on the tradition of recognizing those who give of themselves in service to others, Naeem and Fahim Rahim created the Idaho Hometown Hero Medal to honor deserving individuals, those whom Fahim calls, “Idaho’s finest.”

Obama, who's the bully?

UPDATE: These Obamabot assmaggots are even targeting his kids:

h/t Jim Hoft

UPDATE II: Hmm, I wonder if this was started by PDF of complaint from lawyers of Metaleuca to Pride depot

Jody May Chang now blogs at It's full of stories about Romney and VanderSloot.

Ah: Vandersloot is Romney's "sugar daddy": "Just in case you missed it, those reporters Rich is talking about (yours truly included meaning May-Chang) are featured in Glenn Greenwald’s Feb.17 piece"[read it all]

By Stable Hand at 12:56 PM | Comments |

Jabhah Al-Nusra Claims Damascus Bombing


BEIRUT (AP) - A video posted online in the name of a shadowy militant group late Friday claimed responsibility for twin suicide bombings in the Syrian capital this week that killed 55 people.

In the video, a group calling itself the Al-Nusra Front says the bombing was in response to attacks on residential areas by the regime of President Bashar Assad.

"We fulfilled our promise to respond with strikes and explosions," a distorted voice says, reading black text that rolls across a white screen while Islamic chanting plays in the background.

The video's authenticity could not be independently verified. The Al-Nusra Front has claimed past attacks through statements posted on militant websites. Little is known about the group, although Western intelligence officials say it could be a front for al-Qaida.

Here is the video which consists of a Nasheed and a screen shot of a statement posted to a terrorist forum.

Here is a high quality video from Jabhah An-Nusra announcing their existence and goals. Note the video is very similar to videos from Ansar al-Sunnah (aka Ansar al-Sharia) and al-Qaeda in Iraq's productions. It appears to mix some footage from Syria and classic Iraqi footage. It even has English subtitles.

And here is a video that hits on the same Jabhah Al-Nusra tag on Youtube of the free Syrian Resistance, you know, chopping off heads.

Nah...... can't be terrorists.

By Howie at 07:57 AM | Comments |

Sandra Fluke's Colposcopy Video Released

A video of Sandra Fluke's colposcopy, which shows the sad state if her most recent diaphragm after only a few uses. The video highlights for the need for $3,000 worth of contraceptives.

By DMartyr at 07:01 AM | Comments |

May 11, 2012

‘He’s Gone Above and Beyond’: Man Claiming To Be a Navy SEAL Exposed as a Fraud After Seemingly Fooling CNN

File this under assmaggots:

Via The Blaze, who has more on this.

h/t Laura

By Stable Hand at 08:04 PM | Comments |

Video: The Media Is So Dam Shameless

"What about that damn turban he was wearing on his head"

"When did he eat the dog" "He ate a dog dammit" "The people that had the dog meal with him, did they eat Alpo'?


h/t Obama is a Stutttering Clusterf*ck Of A Miserable Failure

By Stable Hand at 07:32 PM | Comments |

‘Anger, Shock & Revulsion’: Jewish Campus Posters Defaced With Swastika & Anti-Semitic Message at Portland State

Meet PSU's antisemitic socialist assmaggots: (and Portland's MSA, as Odie-Wan Kenodie reminded me)


Decades after the Holocaust unfolded at the hands of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party, some still choose to use swastikas and other related symbolism to disparage and intimidate Jews. This is exactly what seems to be unfolding at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon.
Stakelbeck's response:
PSU's CUFI chapter has put up posters around campus to promote the event, which is open to the public. The posters feature the American and Israeli flags, plus my picture and bio. Well, as you can see below, vandals defaced the posters, drawing swastikas over the Star of David and scrawling pro-Palestinian slogans. Here is one example:

Where to begin? First off, a Christian student initially discovered the defaced flyers. But imagine the anger, shock, and revulsion Jewish students must have felt to see the symbol of Nazi Germany--perpetrator of a Holocaust that nearly eliminated their people from the face of the earth--superimposed over the Star of David. What did every Jewish student on the Portland State campus feel when they were greeted by such a menacing image?

They have clearly been marked for harassment and intimidation, if not worse. It also sends a chilling message to Christian supporters of Israel, including myself, to watch their backs: "You are not welcome here."[...]

Anti-Semites beware: This is not 1944. Bible-believing Christians will not sit idly by in shameful silence and watch as Jews are threatened, once again, with extinction. As my friends at CUFI so often say, quoting the Book of Isaiah, "For Zion's sake, I will not remain silent."[...]

In the meantime, I strongly encourage you to support the brave and vital work of CUFI on Campus. More details to come here after the speech.

h/t @KredoO

Flashback PSU Free Palestine group:


Wael Elasady, from the above video "hearts" Obama and his minions!


Extended version of the above:


By Stable Hand at 04:25 PM | Comments |

Polka-Dot Bra, Red Fingernail Polish and Outrageous Boobies

Don't know about the bra and fingernail polish, but it's suspected the boobies are Mediterranean in origin, maybe Muslim. Thanks RTRKOF.

Caution: Extended entry is likely NSFW.


For the sake of retina cleansing, here is a cheerleading squad in wet T-shirts.


By Mr. E. Blogger at 03:22 PM | Comments |

Good News!! U.S. foreign policy on Iran sub-contracted to The E.U


Antisemitic Catherine Ashton is negotiating, on our behalf, with Iran

Via Kenny:

....."Ashton represents the United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany in dealings with Iran".

You do remember Catherine Ashton, yes ?

If not, then click here[click link above..ed]: European Union’s Catherine Ashton compares Toulouse shooting victims to children in Gaza


and European Union Foreign Minister Ashton: Jews building homes in Israel are “an obstacle to peace”.
This will end well, NOT.

By Stable Hand at 02:50 PM | Comments |

Facebook Co-Founder Renounces Citizenship to Avoid Paying Tax


NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Eduardo Saverin, one of Facebook's four co-founders, has renounced his U.S. citizenship, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

The Brazilian-born Facebook co-founder has been living in Singapore since 2009, but the United States requires its citizens to pay income taxes no matter where they live. Saverin, who provided some of Facebook's initial financing, has not played an active role in the company for many years.

Gee I wonder if that's less that his secretary pays?

By Howie at 02:17 PM | Comments |

Flag From a Father

1st Lt. Phillip M. Downey has a unique gift from Afghanistan for his soon-to-be-born son at home. He is sending his upcoming baby boy the Stars and Stripes, which flew 50 feet above the Task Force Leatherneck compound.
Amen to that.

By Stable Hand at 02:12 PM | Comments |

The Family of John Lauber Unhappy About His Portrayal at WAPO

Looks like ABC went fishing so they could jump on the bandwagon.


When ABC News showed her the story, Christine Lauber’s eyes welled up with tears and she became agitated.
She described her brother as a “very unusual person.”
“He didn’t care about running with the peer group,” Christine Lauber said. “What’s wrong with that?”

Betsy Lauber, one of John Lauber’s three sisters, spoke with ABC News Tuesday night regarding the accuracy of the story.

“The family of John Lauber is releasing a statement saying the portrayal of John is factually incorrect and we are aggrieved that he would be used to further a political agenda. There will be no more comments from the family,” she said.

Oh but there's more
Breitbart: But Lauber, at least according to his obituary in the South Bend Tribune, led an incredibly full life. He graduated from Vanderbilt, became a member of the British Horse Society, had his seaman papers, was a licensed mortician in three states and head chef at the Russian River Resort in California, and even served as a civilian contractor to the troops in Iraq. This does not sound like someone crippled by a supposedly crucial incident back in high school.
But as we find out on the train, only Barack Obama is capable of or allowed to evolve.

That's not to mention the context of the 1960's. Not to excuse any hazing of hippies. My parents were kind of hippies, more like folkies. While my grandfather was a WWII vet who absolutely hated men with hair and Democrats. Trust me there was er, uh, friction.

I've run into friction a few times myself back in the days of Goat Ropers vs. Heads in my youth.

But hey we've all evolved and learned a bit. I dislike redneck goat ropers a lot less these days. Especially once I got out of Bumfuct a few times and learned that out there in the world if you can start a tractor you are a redneck goat roper anyways longish hair be damned.

By Howie at 02:01 PM | Comments |

The Muslim Brotherhood Gets a New Jingle!


Jawas Muslim Brotherhood archives. Check out the robot our hard earned tax dollars paid for!!

By Stable Hand at 01:01 PM | Comments |

LatmaTV: Mofaz's stand up routine and Peace Now's Zionism

Latma's Tribal Update brings you Shaul Mofaz's stand-up routine, Oxford Don Yusuf al-Mahali shows tolerance and explains why winter nights are long, and Peace Now CEO and great Zionist Yariv Googleheimer defends Israel

By Stable Hand at 12:53 PM | Comments |

House Dems Trained To Make Race The Issue


Trained? I thought race baiting is in their genes

House Democrats received training this week on how to raise the issue of race to defend government programs, according to training materials obtained by The Washington Examiner[...]


In her distributed remarks, Maya Wiley of the Center for Social Inclusion criticized "conservative messages [that are] racially 'coded' and had images of people of color that we commonly see used" and proposed tactics for countering the Republicans' (presumably) racially-coded rhetoric.

[Continue reading]


UPDATE: All of this reminds me of something at Obama's 2008 official campaign website. This was the background image until prying eyes spotted it:[click to enlarge] Click here for archive of it. Right click "see background image".

Presidential Seal of Obama

We are well on our way Forward in Obama/Soros world. Destroying all we hold dear about America.

By Stable Hand at 12:25 PM | Comments |

DOJ vs. Sheriff Joe: Hispanic Discrimination in Photo of ‘Mexican Navy Seal’


I just read the complaint filed by the Holder Justice Department against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. (See also PJ Tatler on the radical lawyers who wrote the complaint.) The complaint includes a collection of sufficiently insensitive anecdotes by MCSO employees. One of the acts giving rise to the federal lawsuit is this outrage:[...]


To the DOJ lawyers who brought the case, this photo is evidence of “anti-Latino bias.” Put aside the fact the dog is not wearing “swimming gear” as the DOJ lawyers write (it is SCUBA gear, not swimming gear). For sure, the photo jabs at the comparative weakness of the Mexican navy in view of the prowess and skill of the American Navy Seals. The breed of dog certainly conjures images of Mexico, perhaps because the dog is named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Whether this photo has any relevance in proving an “anti-Latino bias,” I will leave to the eye of the beholder. One thing is for sure, it sure doesn’t carry much weight.

By Stable Hand at 11:34 AM | Comments |

Obama Ad Claims to Have Helped Man (Brian Slagel) Get a Job, but Man Claims Employment Since 2006

Ooops! Gosh darnit, Obama campaign forgot about Slagel's Facebook page.

Too late, screenshots are our friend:

But the ad itself seems to be misleading. It is not because of Obama's auto bailout that Slagle has a job. In fact, Slagle has been employed with Johnson Controls since February 2006, according to his own Facebook page:[...]

Slagle has since taken down his employment information from his Facebook page, but not before these screenshots were taken.

Obama's male Julia!

By Stable Hand at 10:57 AM | Comments |

Young Obama Bullied, Assaulted Female Friend; MSM Couldn't Care Less

From The Talk of the Times via IHateTheMedia:

Partial page from Barack Obama's book, Dreams of An Unrepentant Terrorist My Father

So, bully Obama admittedly struck a little girl - his friend - because others were taunting him, yet the MSM is preoccupied with unsubstantiated accusations about Romney.


Epiphany Update: Anyone else get the feeling "Coretta" is really a composite victim of all the kids Obama bullied?

By DMartyr at 10:54 AM | Comments |


This has to be one of the saddest pictures I've ever seen. How is it possible in our modern, civilized world that a human being must live this way?


By DMartyr at 10:31 AM | Comments |

Former Physician: Obama Suffers Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Well, not in so many words. President Obama's former physician claims Barack lacks "passion, feeling, and humanity."

So, let's examine Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD):


A person with narcissistic personality disorder may:

  • React to criticism with rage, shame, or humiliation
  • Take advantage of other people to achieve his or her own goals
  • Have excessive feelings of self-importance
  • Exaggerate achievements and talents
  • Be preoccupied with fantasies of success, power, beauty, intelligence, or ideal love
  • Have unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment
  • Need constant attention and admiration
  • Disregard the feelings of others, and have little ability to feel empathy
  • Have obsessive self-interest
  • Pursue mainly selfish goals
  • Have an obsessive desire to destroy America, the greatest country on earth

Okay, I added the last one. But the rest speaks for itself.

By DMartyr at 10:15 AM | Comments |


Once upon a time we had some newspapers/media outlets and their journalists who would do thorough research before publishing a story. Once upon a time when said story was proved incorrect said story would be corrected with a note about the correction.

Not now, especially when said newspaper, and their journalist, are part of the Obama re-elect team.

Snapshot at Memorandum on May 10, 2012, 8:50 PM:


Snapshot now with said story changed but still not corrected:


Mission accomplished WaPo! Your dear leader came out in support of gay marriage (again) and you in turn published a error riddled story about Romney bullying a gay kid.

WaPo Romney Bullying Profile Contradicted by Automobile Magazine
WaPo Hit Piece Implodes
Romney Bullying Witness ABC News Presents as Apolitical Told Mag He's a Democrat[ABC too!]

You have to give ABC News' anchor Diane Sawyer credit for questiong the timing of the Washington Post's hit-piece, but the behavior of ABC News in this matter hasn't exactly been exemplary. The network is obviously as dedicated to keeping this narrative alive as the White House.

By Stable Hand at 10:01 AM | Comments |

Alelrod's Twit Tweets

Mmmm, How sweet it is.

Twitter is the ultimate, egalitarian, self-correcting mechanism. David Axelrod takes to social media again to spread Barack Obama’s self-serving campaign propaganda…and gets served. Hard:
Not to worry, soon there will be thousands of LeftAction Astro-trolls coming to lay down a new layer of fake, well at least the ones who don't buy gas.

Me its looking like the crazy $2.50 gas is not so crazy after all. We're only $1.00 away.

Thanks to those pesky speculators selling stuff. Sell sell sell!.

By Howie at 09:45 AM | Comments |

Nuke! Pave!

Spencer Ackerman is shocked that military planners, you know plan for things.

click for larger

The thrust of Ackerman's piece of course is that we are in a war with Islam, not a war against Islamic extremists or terrorists or whatever you want to call it. A war against what Ackerman calls "mainstream Muslims" which if we look at recent Arab revolutions and elections are really a minority of around 20%.

But the rebuttal is in the document itself, its a contingency plan. A what if everything goes to shit. And its not about starting a war on Islam, its about what if Islam as a whole makes war on us and its going very very badly. What as a last resort are your options?

Its the military's job to think and plan for such contingencies. I'm sure even in this period after the cold war US and Russian generals have contingency plans for what if. We think about ways to destroy each other every day.

The problem that American's have with it is Islam is a religion, but its more than that its a religion and a political system. No one would be offended if military planners and educators were thinking about possible conflicts with any other system of government, communists, fascists, dictatorships, democracy. But when Islam is part of the political system westerners have trouble swallowing that, it runs against our grain and perceptions.

But the military needs to plan for these things. Because even though our preconceptions about religion make it distasteful to consider how to win a "war with Islam", Islamists sure as hell have thought about how to win a war against you.

By Howie at 08:15 AM | Comments |

Fostering Goodwill?


Frustrated by what they said are stalled efforts to free a U.S. soldier taken prisoner three years ago in Afghanistan, the man’s parents have gone public with previously secret U.S. attempts to trade him for Taliban prisoners in U.S. hands.

Bob Bergdahl and his wife, Jani Bergdahl, said in interviews that they are concerned the U.S. government hasn’t done enough to secure the release of their son, 26-year-old Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

....Bob Bergdahl told the Idaho newspaper that swapping Taliban prisoners at Guantanamo for his son represents a “win-win” for the United States. He said in addition to his son’s safe return, the United States could foster good will with the Afghan people.

Fostering good will with the Taliban and al-Qaeda seems like a silly goal to me. And also when negotiating with Islamic Terrorists their demands are normally intentionally unacceptable. To give the impression they want to negotiate, and if the west are fool enough to fall for it. Its just another win for terrorists.

So you know my position on negotiating with them. Its probably a lose and lose big for us.

But given that we are releasing Taliban and al-Qaeda for nothing at all except a pipe dream of goodwill and a promise to behave themselves raises a question.

Why release any of them for nothing. Bowe Bergdahl's release should have been on the table and required for all the other morons we released already. Fighters we'll have to fight the very next month after release. Because we all know their promise is empty.

Trump is correct in that Obama sucks at the art of the deal. He gives and gives and requires nothing in return. This is why Bowe Bergdahl remains in captivity.

Because no one has the sense to make his release a requirement for current releases, but rather a requirement for some maybe release of some folks maybe down the road. Folks who are probably much more dangerous than low level Taliban fighters. Which are equivalent to Bowe. He's a foot soldier as well, not a general.

We pray that Bowe's is released soon. Really the Taliban might as well release him now to create some goodwill because its clear they are negotiating with idiots so what can they gain by holding him?

Oh wait, they're not dumb enough to give something for nothing like we are.

By Howie at 07:56 AM | Comments |

Ministry of Boobies: Time Breastfeeding Cover Shenanigans

Personally I like Gawker's take on it. Its described as "Your article is dense, dark, uneducated and without any sign of intelligence."

Perfect for Jawa Report then.

Between Time's boob suck and Newsweek's S&M and royal necrophilia, the waiting room at your dentist's office is now a danger zone for twisted Freudian arousal.
Personally I'd run the cover but it creeps even me out. And you know that as far as boobies go, I'm a big fan.

But then again I'm not the one who will have to deal with this spoiled brat when he's complaining of being bullied for carrying his blankie and sucking his thumb in Jr. High.


By Howie at 07:18 AM | Comments |

May 10, 2012

Interpol issues Red Notice for Iraq Vice-President

Click image for mug shot stuff

Tariq Al-Hashemi, on suspicion of guiding and financing terrorist attacks in the country.

LYON, France – At the request of Iraqi authorities, INTERPOL has published a Red Notice for Iraq’s Vice-President, Tariq Al-Hashemi, on suspicion of guiding and financing terrorist attacks in the country.

The Red Notice for Al-Hashemi represents a regional and international alert to all of INTERPOL’s 190 member countries to seek their help in locating and arresting him, following the issue of a national arrest warrant by Iraq’s Judicial Investigative Authority as part of an investigation in which security forces seized bombing materials and arrested individuals.[More...]

This certainly is different to seeing an alert like this from Iraq
“This case also clearly demonstrates the commitment of Iraqi authorities to work with the world police community via INTERPOL to apprehend individuals facing serious charges,” added the Head of INTERPOL.
h/t American Jihad Watch

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Look Mom, No Hand! The Memoirs of a One-Armed Combat Soldier

Star Wars geek! He is the first soldier in Israeli history to return to combat after an injury of this nature.

Via David Efune

"The Jewish Kid From Miami That Every American Should Listen To"

I am not going to praise him. From the short time we spent talking, I get the impression that he wouldn’t appreciate it. Either way, he’s just a regular American kid, a Star Wars geek no less, who happened to have been faced with extraordinary circumstances.

My simple aim is to use my soapbox to share his story, and explain why I think that amid the din of chattering voices that various media channels confront us with daily, his narrative is worth paying attention to.[Continue reading..]

Izzy is writing a book about his experiences in the IDF and he needs your participation to complete it! To learn more click on the link bellow and you will be sent to the website.
Strong young man, I hope he reaches his funding goal to get his story out.

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FBI Director Questioned about Project Veritas Holder Video in Congress

James O'Keefe, a thorn in this administrations side:

FBI Director Robert Mueller says "this is the first I've heard of that incident" after Congressman King of Iowa asks him about Project Veritas video where Eric Holder's ballot offered to young white Caucasian male.

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German Police Suspend Officer Over Islamists Links


Berlin (Reuters) - German police have suspended an officer over links to ultra-conservative Salafist Muslims after violent clashes between supporters of the radical group and police this month.

Police spokesman Lars Lindemann told Reuters on Thursday the 31-year-old officer, identified as Ali K., had helped distribute "radical materials" promoting Islam at information stands in the western town of Duisburg.

Questioned about his activities, Ali K. had said Muslims must put their religious beliefs before loyalty to German laws and institutions, Lindemann said, triggering concern in the police about how reliable he was as an officer.

"How reliable he was as an officer". Gee, ya think?

Below is the same salafist group protesting Mohammed cartoons. They were holding al-Qaeda flags:

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Russia foils 2014 Winter Olympics terror plot, state media reports


Moscow (CNN) -- Russia's security service has foiled a plot to attack the 2014 Winter Olympics in the Black Sea city of Sochi, state media reported Thursday.

Authorities arrested three men this week in Georgia's breakaway republic of Abkhazia on charges of plotting the attack in a joint operation with Abkhazian security services, the Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee said, according to the state-run RIA Novosti news agency.

The three are suspected of being ringleaders of a regional cell of the North Caucasus-based terrorist group Caucasus Emirate.

Russia doesn't use a kid gloves treatment when dealing with terrorist scum. Ah to be a fly on the wall...

BBC is reporting Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov was the mastermind behind the plan. But doesn't state if he was one of the three captured. Umarov was behind the bombing at the Moscow airport in January of last year. I expect there will be a statement at alQaeda's Russian mouthpiece Kavkaz Center.

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"End the Shariah War on Women" Launch Event


This Thursday, May 10th, at 10:00 a.m. in the Bloomberg Room of the National Press Club, the Center for Security Policy launches a national public education campaign to ask America's leaders to end the real 'war on women' -- the Shariah War On Women. (
The Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR has a useful idiot in the comment section:
shariah war on women_youtube_commenter.jpg

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Egypt Elections: How Is The Muslim Brotherhood Using Our Tax Dollars?

On robots!

Thank you Obama for sidestepping Congress and giving the MB our hard earned $$$$!!

The #Morsy hashtag stands for the Muslim Brotherhood's (aka Freedom and Justice Party) candidate Mohamed Morsy aka (Muhammed Mursi):


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Obama's Soros-Controlled Energy Council

Via BigG

When politicians want to look busy while avoiding tough decisions during an election year, what do they do? They form commissions and councils.

And when President Barack Obama saw Americans struggling with higher gasoline and home energy prices, did he encourage more domestic oil exploration, off-shore drilling, or coal production, while lowering taxes on energy? Of course not.[...]

But to expedite this natural gas boom, President Obama recently decided to form an interagency natural gas council run by Cecilia Muñoz, a former community organizer with La Raza and White House bureaucrat with deep ties to George Soros, the billionaire investor who made his fortune in currency trading throughout the world while bankrolling liberal political efforts. Muñoz formerly led the Open Society Institute and the Center for Community Change, two organizations which are directly connected to Soros,, ACORN, and other fringe groups with a long record of opposing the development of America's oil and coal resources[...]

But if natural gas is an already cheap and abundant source of energy, why would we subsidize it?

The answer may be that the Soros Fund Management, which is Soros' investment vehicle, owns more than $90 million of shares in a Vancouver, British Columbia company which produces the same natural gas-powered engines which the act would encourage the use of[Continue reading..]

Probably related:
Friends of Ex-EPA Official Al, Crucify, Armendariz? Stop the Frack Attack Rally Planned 7/28/2012

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Superdrone Hands Ansar al-Sunnah Leaders Their Ass


A U.S. drone strike killed eight militants in southern Yemen on Thursday morning, the latest hit in an intensified U.S. air camaign against al Qaeda and its affiliates in the area, security officials said.

The attack targeted a convoy carrying senior leaders of the Ansar al-Sharia militant network, an offshoot of al Qaeda, in the Jaar district of Abyan province. The drone strike was followed by a string of air strikes by Yemen's air force, three security officials said.

Given the history of Ansar al Sunnah (rebranded Ansar al-Sharia) in Iraq I'm especially thrilled to see this.

These folks really needed killing.

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Al Qaeda's First All Female Choir

Kind of a catchy tune. By the end, I was allahaakbar-ing along with them. I think that's Mike Tyson at the mic leading them.

(Hat Tip: Breitbart)

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Stealth Jihad Against UK Girls School

Via Jihad Watch:

De Wyche College, Cheshire - - is a girls' boarding school that has turned away prospective Muslim students because their parents objected to the school uniform on religious grounds. (Why would they apply in the first place, if they objected?)

Since then, groups of Muslim men have been hanging around near the school shouting abuse at students leaving and arriving, and some have also been following the girls (who are aged 11 to 18) to the local train station and doing the same. This is particularly worrying in light of recent revelations about Muslim paedophile gangs operating all over the country, but no one seems able to do anything about it.

Its quite simple really, the Muslimas apply knowing the dress code is unacceptable to them because they wish to carve out a special exception for Muslims in the school. Thus making the Kuffar school subordinate to the interests of Muslims, making them feel subdued.

Had the school bowed to the Islamists and given them a special exception granting them more freedom of dress than the rest of the students well that makes the Kuffar into Dhimmis. Those who bow to the authority of Islam and its supposed superiority.

But since the school rejected that move now the next step is to "terrorize the Kuffar (unbelievers)" who in this case is the school and the young ladies who attend it until they comply with the demands put upon them.

See how this works?

I applaud the schools correct interpretation to stand strong in the face of this. We must firmly state that the Muslim communities wishes and tactics are unacceptable.

If they don't like it there are plenty of Girls' schools in Sharia compliant middle eastern states where they can go if they wish.

Well actually there probably are not any comparable Girl's schools in Sharia compliant middle eastern states. But hey you must choose.

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Mahmoud Abbas: Jerusalem only has Islamic and Christian history


Via Palwatch:

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority continue to deny Israel's 3,000 years of history in Jerusalem, claiming it is solely an Arab, Muslim and Christian city. Earlier this month, Abbas referred to Israel's presence and activities in Jerusalem as "Judaization" and stated that Israel is stealing what he called the "cultural, human, and Islamic-Christian religious history."

Last month, Abbas' advisor for Jerusalem said that Israel is trying:

"to create an artificial heritage with a Jewish spirit at the expense of its true and authentic [identity] as an Arab, Islamic and Christian city."
In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate wants to help Abbas with his "problem".

Remember, Obama bypassed Congress and released funds to Abbas and the Muslim Brotherhood


Caroline Glick's recent article: War with Egypt approaches

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Massive Terrorist Attack in Damascus


Two "terrorist suicide attacks" rocked the Syrian capital of Damascus on Thursday, killing at least 55 people and wounding dozens more, the government said.

The Interior Ministry said that the dead included civilians and members of the security forces and that the blasts injured 372 others and "caused massive material losses."

... "The explosions took place at a densely populated area as they coincided with the employees and students going to their jobs and schools,"..

..The opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the blasts occurred in the Qazzaz neighborhood and destroyed the nation's intelligence agency. It also said both civilians and security forces were among the casualties.

The attack is similar to attacks by al-Qaeda in Iraq and other Sunni insurgency groups.

So of course Assad is right when he blames the attacks on the terrorist elements within the resistance. The resistance is right when they call Assad a dictator. Both sides of course say the other side is controlled and supported by the Zionists.

They deserve each other. Just pick a spot on the wall and let them all kill each other. After all its their culture.

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Fatwa This! Exclusive Footage of DDOS Attack Against Jawa Report

Witness the powah.....

Care to try again? If you win, I'll have you over to our place for dinner?

Mmmmm mmm good!

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President Obama has made a statement saying he endorses gay marriage and thinks is should not be a federal issue but that it should be a power left up to the states.

Coincidentally he has a big money fundraiser this weekend with gay activists.

So what was the difference between before and now? Money.

Kind of whorish, no? Imagine the gay community will notice that the evolution of Barack Obama came with a price tag?

Update: Yup they noticed.

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May 09, 2012

Daily Kos Diarist: Al Qaeda's Video of Hostage Warren Weinstein Made...
To Keep Obama From Getting Re-Elected

I'm totally disgusted this diarist would use Mr Weinstein's hostage situation like this.

Daily Kos: Terrorist Prefer Bush[Newsbusters]

Over at Daily Kos, "Zenox" wants the online world to know that President Obama is much, much scarier to Islamic terrorists than President Bush ever was. The worry is that al-Qaeda has "decided to make a showcase of a U.S. aid worker ( Warren Weinstein) kidnapped in Pakistan in 2011" and this "hostage who happens to be a Jewish American (I am guessing from his name)" is a trap to sabotage Obama's re-election.

We're assured "The Taliban, al-Qaeda, Islamists do not want Barack Obama to get re-elected. Period. And frankly who could blame them? They had it pretty good during the Bush years." (Italics theirs.)More....]

Even the headline at Kos doesn't make one bit of sense: Taliban al-Qaeda Islamists Do Not Want Obama To Get Re-elected.

Who in the hell is "Taliban al-Qaeda Islamists"?

Of course they want the Republicans back in power and they are going to do everything in their power to sabotage Barack Obama’s re-election bid, including this recent trap they have set up against him. Really, did we, even one minute, think that they would want Obama, their nemesis, to get re-elected?

Furthermore, I swear, these Taliban, al-Qaeda, Islamists (somehow lumped the way the right wing think tank meme fabricators lump Hitler, Socialist, Kenyan, Muslim, for example) wouldn’t be able to find more friendlier media than the current U.S. media, thus from the looks of it, they got it pretty good so far.


h/t LipBash

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Sandcrawler PSA: Dear DDOS Attacker

You fail.....

But nice try anyway.

Thanks to Pixi.

if anyone notices the site loading slow that's what the deal is.

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Lilly the Hero

Lilly the Bulldog saves woman from train, loses leg.

Good dog Lilly.

WCVB 5 disabled embeds so you'll have to click over.

I have a female Red Tip American Bull Terrier just like her. Same color ,same eyes, huge heart.

Sniff sniff.

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So I'm Waiting For Obama

To suggest that we should interfere in the markets to stop evil speculators from selling their oil and gas quickly so that prices can't fall so rapidly.

Gas is down almost 50 cents here in a week.

Evil speculators.... selling stuff. tsk tsk tsk.

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UK Police Allow 'Asian' Pedophile Gang To Operate Out Of Fear Of Being Called 'Racists'

The Muslim men (or 'Asian' as the UK Press often calls them) drugged and raped as many as 50 young white girls, but authorities did nothing. Police had accusations and evidence from the very beginning; the first victim asked for help as far back as 2008.

But social workers and police were too afraid of being called 'racists' if they acted against the vicious gang.

The nine men from Rochdale were yesterday convicted of abusing five vulnerable teenagers after plying them with alcohol, food and small sums of money in return for sex.

However, the true number of victims, who were "passed around" by the gang, is likely to be nearer to 50, police have admitted.

Greater Manchester Police and the Crown Prosecution Service have now apologised after they failed to bring the case of the first victim - Girl A - to trial following her cry for help in August 2008.

One 13 year-old victim became pregnant and had the child aborted while another was forced to have sex with 20 men in one night, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

Complaints to social workers and the police were ignored because they were "petrified of being called racist", former Labour MP for Keighley Ann Cryer said.

This is what political Jihad is doing to us. Every time there is an act of Islamic terrorism in the West, as in Toulouse, the Muslim community immediately complains of "backlash" and cries about their "mistreatment." They take attention away from the true victims of terrorism.

We find ourselves perpetually on the defensive when we are the targets of unprovoked attacks by Islamists. While most Muslims may not support Islamic terrorism, they are complicit by their continual protesting of the never-materializing backlash and their dismissal of non-Muslim (and sometimes Muslim) victims. Weak Western leaderships have become conditioned to first consider the sentiments of a minority religious community, whose ideology rightly or wrongly is a motivating factor in the attacks, before addressing and protecting the actual victims.

The end result, we are more concerned with how we will be perceived than in stopping or preventing the next attack. We cannot continue on this path without destroying ourselves in the process.

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Enough Gnashing of Teeth Over Lugar

So Dick Lugar looses by 20pts to Indiana state treasurer Richard Mourdock. Lugar was a good Senator. He served Indiana well. But we shouldn't spend too much energy lamenting his retirement.

If you look at the state where Mourdock serves this is exactly the kind experience you want nationally. He was treasurer of a state that is fiscally strong with a growing economy and good education, no wonder the Washington establishment is scared shitless.

Dems also think this gives their candidate an opening. They intend to paint Richard Mourdock as a teabagger. Well watch out what you hope for. Look at the state of Indiana vs. its liberal neighbor Illinois. Indiana beats Illinois hands down in almost every category, balanced budget, Jobs, Education. You name it.

This was not done with partisan politics. It was done with common sense. Democrats there have been pragmatic. If your states finances are a mess, well you can't afford the programs you want and then no one gets any help. Republicans and Democrats there have worked together. And in the end Indiana has won.

On the other side of the Wabash river, Illinois, the state where our President cut hist political teeth has spent the last 20 years taxing and spending itself into an ever larger hole. The result of never making the hard choices to keep the state financially sound has been the exodus of jobs, even increasing taxes and fees, ever increasing deficit, reductions in state services, failure to pay bills, job losses.... corporate exodus. It never ends.

There's not single demographic advantage Indiana holds over Illinois. if anything Illinois has more good farmland, larger cites, just as much industrial and technological ability.

The one advantage Indiana has... A. Government. That. Works.

No matter what party you're from what do you want in DC? The liberal train of the cliff of Illinois community organized failure? Or would you rather have pragmatic pro growth Democrats and Republicans what work to make your state better than its neighbors.

Uh, Duh.

By Howie at 07:27 AM | Comments |

May 08, 2012

Update on Underwear Bomb Plot & Fahd Mohammed Ahmed al-Quso (Related)


Apparently the "underwear" bomb plot was "thwarted" because it involved a Saudi double agent. He/she infiltrated al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (aka AQAP) and agreed to become a suicide bomber. He/she left Yemen for Saudi Arabia for the "planned suicide mission". When landing in Saudi Arabia the double agent contacted both Saudis and CIA agents.

The double agent had the "new and improved" underwear bomb plus coordinates of where, in Yemen, was one of America's most wanted for the USS Cole bombing, Fahd al-Quso. He was droned Sunday.

How cool is that!

WASHINGTON — The suicide bomber dispatched by the Yemen branch of Al Qaeda last month to blow up a United States-bound airliner was actually an intelligence agent for Saudi Arabia who infiltrated the terrorist group and volunteered for the mission, American and foreign officials said Tuesday.

In an extraordinary intelligence coup, the double agent left Yemen last month, traveling by way of the United Arab Emirates, and delivered both the innovative bomb designed for his aviation attack and inside information on the group’s leaders, locations, methods and plans to the Central Intelligence Agency, Saudi intelligence and allied foreign intelligence agencies[...]

After spending weeks at the center of Al Qaeda’s most dangerous affiliate, the intelligence agent provided critical information that permitted the C.I.A. to direct the drone strike on Sunday that killed Fahd Mohammed Ahmed al-Quso, the group’s external operations director and a suspect in the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole, an American destroyer, in Yemen in 2000. [More..]


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No Guns for Illegals

(Denver, Colorado) The 10th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Denver has ruled that illegal aliens do not have the right to own firearms under the U.S. Constitution.

Seems about right.

The lawyer for the defendant voiced plans to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

By Mr. E. Blogger at 09:40 PM | Comments |

At Rabbinical Assembly Convention Biden Blames Bush For Iran Problem...

At least those are my thoughts concerning his words:

It's shameful of him to say that. It was Obama who refused to help the Iranian pro democracy forces:

During their brutally suppressed protests in 2009, Iranian freedom fighters sent the White House an urgent memo calling for help. Under Obama, America ignored it
Sorry gaffe prone Biden, this ain't gonna cut it as another gaffe. We all know where Obama stands, and it is not with Israel.

Right Scoop has more, including just how wrong Biden was in his statement

h/t Iran Evolution

UPDATE: I checked Carl in Jerusalem for possible thoughts on this, he has the video of Biden's speech. I am still listening to it but I don't believe Carl has heard the above. If he did he would certainly would have mentioned it.

UPDATE II: Apparently, I am not alone in the assumption that Biden is blaming Bush: Biden Blames Bush for Failures with Iran

Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday pinned the country’s rocky negotiations with Iran on the Bush administration, saying only after President Obama took office and made “good faith” efforts toward dealing with the rogue nation did the world realize Iran is the problem.

“By going the extra diplomatic mile, presenting Iran with a clear choice, we demonstrated to the region and the world that Iran is the problem, not the United States,” Biden said at the Rabbinical Assembly's annual convention in Atlanta[..]

Matt Brooks, executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, said Biden comments were "outrageous."

"Iran was the problem then and it is the problem now," he said.

The Romney campaign also has statements in the above link. "Reckless" and "blame America first"

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Aussies Too Biased To Try Muslims?

Gee, whatever would cause them to be so biased? He was only exercising his religious belief that he had absolute authority over his wife, so he had every right to violently assault and threaten his sister-in-law for (Oh, the humanity!) taking his wife to the beach.

ISMAIL Belghar is believed to be the first Muslim in Australia to be granted a judge-only trial on the grounds that a jury may be biased because of his religious beliefs.

The decision in the New South Wales District Court can be revealed after Belghar, 36, yesterday pleaded guilty to detaining and assaulting his sister-in-law after she "dared" to take his wife to the beach without his permission.


The court had heard Belghar, who has been married to his wife for 11 years, became aware she had been to the beach in late 2009 because her shoulders were slightly sunburned.

He rang his sister-in-law and said: "You slut, how dare you take my wife to the beach."

Just before Christmas, 2009, Ms Kokden came face to face with Belghar while out shopping with her brother at the Broadway Shopping Centre.

Belghar slapped her across the face then carried her to the railing around the car park where he held her out over it.

Belghar was originally charged with attempted murder when he forced his sister-in-law over a railing four stories above the ground. The woman's brother saved her when he tackled Belghar. But the charges were later reduced to assault and illegally detaining her.

By DMartyr at 11:46 AM | Comments |

May 07, 2012

Dude Threatens to Kill Obama Cites Nugent


Christopher Hecker of Waynesboro, Va., has been charged with threatening to kill President Barack Obama after being arrested on Thursday, the Associated Press.

The Harrisonburg Daily News-Record reports on the content of one of the emails, sent last month to Turner Corp., the parent company of CNN.

"I sent a bomb threat to the White House today and to several radio stations," Hecker wrote. "Sooner or later I will grab someone, maybe in the woods, on the trail, and beat the life out of them."

And also in his letter he mentions Ted Nugent was right. Gee thanks moron. To be fair he did a lot of crazy shit.

A judge is holding him for psychological evaluation.

I've looked around and there are three possible Christopher Hecker's in the area that I can find. Nothing notable about any of them. A normal couple. What appears to be two 40 year old men. And one er uh 40 year old single male.

I'll update when we find out more.

Update: Researching deeper into the story at Harrisonburg Daily News-Record we find other interesting tidbits that point to the fact that this dude is a nutcase deluxe.

Threats Made
The affidavit states that on April 19, Hecker sent an email to WVTF Public Radio in Roanoke with a subject line saying, "I am going to kill the President of the United States." The body of the email stated: "And I put a bomb in your office building."
And later we find out he lives in a hotel and also has been under prior treatment for teh crazy
On April 26, he sent a series of emails to Turner Corp. with the subject line: "Chelsea Lately."
In the emails, he states he placed a bomb on the set of the E! Entertainment Television program "Chelsea Lately," the hotel where he was staying, a psychiatry office and the U.S. House of Representatives.

In one email, he states: "Invent a product that saves thousands of lives ... and then come tell me about how great your pills are."

He also says he placed bombs at Philadelphia City Hall and the site of the former World Trade Center.

On Wednesday, he continued his emails, stating, "I will require a vegetarian diet in prison. After I murder the President of the United States."

Update II: Further research this morning shows Christopher R. Hecker as listed in the Harrisonburg Daily News piece is 35 years old. Previously of Round Rock TX and Bethany OK.

I'm also looking for a .pdf of the complaint. If anyone find it please email Howie [mchlhwrd(at)gmail(dot)com]

Note to Uncle Ted: I'm only saying this cause I love you man, but STFU and play the guitar.

By Howie at 07:17 PM | Comments |

Developing: CIA thwarts Al Qaeda underwear bomb plot on anniversary of bin Laden's death, US officials say
Update: FBI Statement on Seizure of IED Overseas

Will update when more info comes available.

Update: Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula[AQAP] is alive and well.

Snippet via ABC Global

U.S. officials say the plot involved an upgrade of the underwear bomb that failed to detonate aboard a jetliner over Detroit on Christmas 2009. This new bomb was also built to be used in a passenger's underwear but contained a more refined detonation system.
Obama: "The war on terrorism is over"

h/t Someone who is fighting against terror in Kenya.

Update II: Via FNC:

The would-be suicide bomber, based in Yemen, had not yet picked a target or bought his plane tickets when the CIA stepped in and seized the bomb, officials said. It's not immediately clear what happened to the alleged bomber.

The operation unfolded even as the White House and Department of Homeland Security assured the American public that they knew of no Al Qaeda plots against the U.S. around the anniversary of bin Laden's death. The AP learned about the thwarted plot last week but agreed to White House and CIA requests not to publish it immediately because the sensitive intelligence operation was still under way. Once those concerns were allayed, the AP decided to disclose the plot Monday despite requests from the Obama administration to wait for an official announcement Tuesday[...]

U.S. officials, who were briefed on the operation, insisted on anonymity to discuss the case.

It's not clear who built the bomb, but, because of its sophistication and its similarity to the Christmas bomb, authorities suspected it was the work of master bomb maker Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri. Al-Asiri constructed the first underwear bomb and two others that Al Qaeda built into printer cartridges and shipped to the U.S. on cargo planes in 2010.

Apparently, there are many disconnects on who exactly was briefed on this terror plot.

Update III: FBI Statement

As a result of close cooperation with our security and intelligence partners overseas, an improvised explosive device (IED) designed to carry out a terrorist attack has been seized abroad. The FBI currently has possession of the IED and is conducting technical and forensics analysis on it. Initial exploitation indicates that the device is very similar to IEDs that have been used previously by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in attempted terrorist attacks, including against aircraft and for targeted assassinations. The device never presented a threat to public safety, and the U.S. government is working closely with international partners to address associated concerns with the device. We refer you to the Department of Homeland Security, including the Transportation Security Administration, regarding ongoing security measures to safeguard the American people and the traveling public.
BTW I failed to mention the awesome job our counter terror community did on thwarting this attack. Thank you!

Probably related:
Top al-Qaida bomb maker in Yemen, Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, resurfaces

By Stable Hand at 03:14 PM | Comments |

Muslims Outraged After Watching Video Of A Dead Muslim Being Dragged Through Streets

But it wasn't desecration of the body that has them outraged. It's the fact a quran fell from the dead man's pocket and that was trampled.

From Yemen Observer via Jihad Watch (emphasis mine):

Outrage erupted in Yemen and more specifically in the Sunni community when a video posted online showed the body of a Salafi being dragged throughout the northern city of Sa’ad by al-Houthi militants, whose Quran, which dropped from the deceased pocket was seen being trampled over.


With sectarian sentiment slowly taking over what started off as territorial ambitions, Ahmed al-Sofi a political analyst based in Sana’a, the Yemeni capital warned that such an event and a clear attack against the Sunni faith could potentially sets the region ablaze. “Yemenis do not take lightly to religiously driven insult, especially when it comes to its most sacred and revered book, the Quran. Unless some apologies are formulated, Salafists will retaliate in the most violent manner possible as it constitutes for them a clear call for Jihad [holy war].”

A man in Sana’a who saw the video online told the Yemen Observer that he felt utterly disgusted with al-Houthis, stressing further that the move was a declaration of war against every respectful Muslim. “The Quran is our heart and soul, walking on it equates to insulting our beloved Prophet, his teachings and God himself. Surely our clerics will issue a fatwa condemning the culprits. Those men should be tried for apostasy,” said Abdullah Goorgoor.

In a sane world, that disgust would have been at a body being dragged throughout the city. But, alas, this is the Islamic world, where a printed book is more valuable than a human life. What a warped society.

By DMartyr at 02:34 PM | Comments |

Muslim Brotherhood Subversion: 12 Key Players in Obama/Bush Administrations

Amin Al Husseini- Nazi Father of Jihad, Al Qaeda, Arafat, Saddam Hussein and the Muslim Brotherhood - Tell The Children The Truth - Homepage.png

Center President Frank Gaffney focuses in on Muslim Brotherhood penetration of the Bush and Obama White Houses in excerpts from the 10-part course Muslim Brotherhood in America:

By Stable Hand at 12:56 PM | Comments |

Afghan Government: Taliban, You Suck at Community Organizing!

And screw your un-Islamic spring offensive:

Via KFVS12

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - The Afghan government on Monday condemned the recent Taliban announcement of the start of their annual "spring offensive," calling it cowardly and un-Islamic and saying the country's forces would thwart any attacks.

The Taliban's offensive begins every year as snows melt and the weather warms across Afghanistan, making both travel and fighting easier. It normally leads to a surge of militant attacks throughout the country as the Taliban attempt to retake lost territory and intimidate the government.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Embassy in Kabul acknowledged a two-year, rarely used program to release detainees[ahh, most MSM didn't admit this program is Obama's idea..ed] from a military prison run by the American military near the capital, saying it meant to bolster reconciliation between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

taliban_community orgainizers.jpg

But the Taliban announcement last week was another sign of the difficulty of reconciling with a group that has been fighting the U.S.-led coalition and Afghan forces for more than a decade. The Taliban said they would target anyone - from government workers to tribal leaders - who works against them and helps foreigners in their "occupation" of Afghanistan.
Our president, the community organizer...

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Thunder Lizards!

The latest bit of climate scare science gives a whole new meaning to the term Thunder Lizards!

Daily Mail:

Dinosaurs may be partly to blame for a change in climate because they created so much flatulence, according to leading scientists.

Professor Graeme Ruxton of St Andrews University, Scotland, said the giant animals spent 150 years emitting the potent global warming gas, methane.

Large plant-eating sauropods would have been the main culprits because of the huge amounts of greenery they consumed.

The team calculated the animals would have collectively produced more than 520m tons of methane a year - more than all today's modern sources put together.

It is thought these huge amounts could easily have been enough to warm the planet.

Of course they leave out that free methane cannot exist for long on a planet with free oxygen and water. Oxygen and water combine to break down Methane. Its the reason that free methane detected on Mars indicates either active volcanism or life. Those are the only two processes that could be putting new methane into Mars' atmosphere. Mars has enough water and free oxygen to have converted all is methane to Formaldehyde unless its continually replaced. The Formaldehyde breaks down again to water and C02.

In fact during the age of Thunder Lizards there was less free oxygen in the atmosphere to convert methane. But that's not the worst. Before life created free oxygen in large amounts the atmosphere contained over 1000 times today's level of methane.

Unfortunately the dinosaurs all died and today methane levels are less than half as they were back then. Had it not been for those pesky meteors and volcanoes wiping out the pesky thunder lizards we might have been able to skip a couple of the half dozen or so ice ages between then and now.

Which points out something. Climate stasis is a myth. Earth's climate is always changing, it is never stable. Climate scientists pointing out grave consequences from our actions on climate aren't wrong, but the assumption that we nor the earth can survive is incorrect.

The Earth and its life have survived even larger shifts in climate and atmosphere over geologic history. Our contributions are not even the largest recorded influence on these systems.

Still life goes on and environmental science keeps propagating the myth of man made climate stability. Even if we spent every dollar on earth to impose a false climatic stasis on the earth. The first super volcanic eruption or asteroid strike would undo all our work in a matter of days if not minutes. And there's not a damn thing we could do about it.

My opinion, as always, is that our inability to adapt to constantly changing climatic conditions is a myth. As big as the myth that we have the ability to control it.

Update by SH:

It's true!!

By Howie at 11:36 AM | Comments |

Ayman Zawahiri's Brother: The Media is Being Mean to Me!


Arab Spring!

Egypt released Zyman's terrorist brother from prison and now he's complaining? Mohammed al-Zawahiri was in prison for the murder of Anwar Sadat. After his 2nd release from prison, he didn't play nice:

Muhammad Al-Zawahiri became one of the leaders of the bloody Salafists[which he is denying..ed] demonstrations against the Egyptian Supreme Military Council in early 05/2012, which claimed the life of over 20 protesters calling to put an end to Military rule in Egypt.
Related: UnFreakingBelievable! Zawahiri's Brother Walks

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Sandcrawler PSA: Cause and Effect

Cause: Secret U.S. program releases high-level insurgents in exchange for pledges of peace.

Effect: U.S. abandons consulate site in Afghanistan, citing security risks.

I suppose the family of Sgt. Bowe R. Bergdahl will be thrilled to find out that despite all the horse trading going on none of it involved Bowe's release?

First of all being a Kufr and taking a Muslim's promise to be good is pretty damned foolish, getting nothing at all besides that promise indicates a deluxe state of retardism.

By Howie at 08:13 AM | Comments |

French Vote Commie!

Boston Herald:

ATHENS, Greece — French and Greek voters delivered a sharp rebuke to their governments in national elections Sunday, raising questions about the viability of the European Union’s austerity program intended to preserve the euro as Europe’s dominant currency.

By a 52 to 48 percent, France elected Francois Hollande as its first Socialist president in 17 years, replacing the right-of-center Nicolas Sarkozy.

Screw math. Where's my check?!?!.

By Howie at 07:48 AM | Comments |

Greek Voters: Down with the Tyranny of Math!


In Greece, where dire austerity measures are in place, angry voters punished the two main parties that have dominated politics for decades. No party won enough votes in Sunday's parliamentary elections to form a new government. Negotiations will be held to form a coalition government.
Proving once again that when asked to make the hard choices, people aren't willing to make the hard choices.

Very well, math doesn't care if you make the hard choice or not. It will eventually make the choice for you.

By Howie at 07:26 AM | Comments |

George Lindsay Obit


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — George Lindsey, who spent nearly 30 years as the grinning Goober on "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Hee Haw," has died. He was 83.
A press release from Marshall-Donnelly-Combs Funeral Home in Nashville said Lindsay died early Sunday morning after a brief illness. Funeral arrangements were still being made.

Lindsey was the beanie-wearing Goober on "The Andy Griffith Show" from 1964 to 1968 and its successor, "Mayberry RFD," from 1968 to 1971. He played the same jovial character — a service station attendant — on "Hee Haw" from 1971 until it went out of production in 1993.

"America has grown up with me," Lindsey said in an Associated Press interview in 1985. "Goober is every man; everyone finds something to like about ol' Goober."

...One of his jokes: "A football coach, holding a football, asks his quarterback, 'Son, can you pass this?' The player says, 'Coach, I don't even think I can swallow it.'"

Now don't waste your whole lunch hour on the full episode of Andy featuring Goober below the fold.

By Howie at 05:10 AM | Comments |

May 06, 2012

Al Qaeda Releases Video of American Hostage Warren Weinstein
Update: WH Responds-No Negotiating, Obama Has Not Seen Video...yet

Obama, try telling this man that the war against terrorism is over:

Mr Weinstein, a 70-year-old American aid worker, was kidnapped in Pakistan in August of last year. This is the second video al Qaeda Central has released and, quite frankly, I am surprised [happily so!] that Mr. Weinstein is still alive.

These are the demands for his release:

Ayman al-Zawahri said Warren Weinstein would be released if the United States stopped airstrikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. He also demanded the release of all Al Qaeda and Taliban suspects around the world.
Al Qaeda knows we don't negotiate and they mean what they say: if demands are not met they will murder Mr. Weinstein. Lets hope our military can gain some intel from this and find him sooner than later.

h/t Greg H & Sami S

UPDATE: Which we, here at the Jawa Report, expected - "no negotiations." Negotiating with terrorists is a no win situation: U.S. won't negotiate with al Qaeda on American hostage Warren Weinstein

(AP) WASHINGTON - The White House says the Obama administration does not and will not negotiate with al Qaeda even though it is concerned about the safety and well-being of a 70-year-old American aid worker kidnapped in Pakistan nine months ago.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said the administration condemns the kidnapping of Warren Weinstein and called for his immediate release.

Carney said he did not believe the president had seen the video[WTF?..Obama playing CYA, again?..ed]. He said the government would continue to make efforts to have Weinstein released.

A woman who answered the phone Monday at a number listed for Weinstein in Rockville, Md., said she had no comment when an Associated Press reporter identified herself. Phone messages left for Weinstein's relatives were not immediately returned.[Leave them alone...gawd..ed]

Update II: As you will notice, the video is gone. I have a copy but don't care to share it at this time. Maybe at a later date, why give these bast**ds any more publicity.

Al Qaeda Holding American Civilian Hostage
American kidnapped in Pakistan UPDATE: Warren Weinstein

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The Chart That Should Have Destroyed #Occupy Wall Street

From The Blaze via IHateTheMedia:


You could actually use a number of things - rapes, murders, thefts, child molestations, public defecation, etc. In fact, below the fold I've included an entire list of things that could be used.

tea party vs occupy unpatriotic2.jpg

By DMartyr at 07:30 PM | Comments |

Friends of Ex-EPA Official Al, Crucify, Armendariz?
Stop the Frack Attack Rally Planned 7/28/2012


Let see, Al Armendariz of "crucify" fame went under the Obama Bus on April 30th after Sen Inhofe released a video of Armendariz's remarks and also announced an investigation over this incident. Before I continue, here is some background info on Mr Armendariz from Energy Indepth I think is important:.

One of Armendariz’s original claims to fame — or infamy, perhaps — was his paper in 2009, which found that “the oil and gas sector likely has greater emissions than motor vehicles” in the five counties comprising the Dallas-Fort Worth region (“emissions,” in this case, referred to nitrogen oxides [NOx] and volatile organic compounds [VOCs]). That paper, written while Armendariz was a professor at Southern Methodist University, was widely celebrated by activists, who — possibly as a “thank you” to the professor — actively pushed for Armendariz to be appointed Administrator of EPA’s Region VI office. Upon assuming office, groups like the **Sierra Club celebrated, calling it “great news” because the industry was “having an ‘oh sh–’ moment” about the appointment Other shale opponents, including area resident ***Sharon Wilson, appeared happily in pictures with Armendariz.
Back to the fracking, pun intended, rally. Note the date on the media release:"Help stop the frack attack

Calvin Tillman: 940-453-3640
Kari Matsko: 440-579-5314
John Fenton: 307 856-7098 or 307-709-2540
Don Morrison: 701-224-8587
Jason Pitt, Sierra Club[Handy Soros Guide..ed]: 202-675-6272
Lauren Pagel, Earthworks: 202-887-1872 x107
Continued below the fold, be sure to read it all so you know what the heck I am talking about:

Concerned Citizens Announce Date for the Largest Fracking Rally in Washington, DC

National Day of Action will bring thousands to Washington, DC to put the public interest before drilling industry profits

Washington, D.C—Today citizens from affected communities, together with environmental organizations and community groups, announced a call to action to demand an end to putting oil and gas drilling profits ahead of public health, clean water and air and the safety of our communities. This event will be the largest of its kind and will take place in on the West Lawn of the United States Capitol, Washington, DC from 10am to 2pm on July 28th, 2012.....

Mr Armendariz resigned on the 30th of April and two days later environmental activists connected to him announce a rally. Coincidence? I think not. The website is registered to Earthworks and lo and behold here is a statement from **Sharon Wilson, at her website, regarding Mr Armendariz's resignation. Note who she organizes for: Gas Mafia Wins Again, Beloved Dr. Al Has Resigned
“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.”Obi Wan"

Statement of Sharon Wilson (Texas Sharon),
Earthworks’ Gulf Regional Organizer, on the resignation of
EPA Region 6 Administrator Dr. Al Armendariz

Nuff said, nope, they aren't going away any time soon. Here is their list of endorsing organizations, some are global and especially looked interesting
. Every environmental group you can think of appears somewhere on the list of organizations behind this. And Soros, naturally.

Another protest to look forward too. I hope by that time Sen Inhofe's investigation is further along. Besides, what's with Obi Wan? Blasphemy!

Update: Related: EPA's Plan for Implementing UN’s Agenda 21.

h/t Deetz

Also: Discover the Networks: Fracking, the Latest Battlefield in the Green War Against Jobs[PDF]

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Yemen: Top al-Qaeda Leader Wanted In USS Cole Bombing, Fahd al-Quso, Killed in Airstrike?

Black sheet_2.png

This will be like the umpteenth time or something he has been reportedly killed. Nothing from US officials yet, color me skeptical

SANAA, Yemen — An airstrike today killed a top al-Qaeda leader on the FBI's most wanted list for his role in the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole warship, Yemeni officials said. The airstrike resembled earlier U.S. drone attacks, but the U.S. did not immediately confirm it.

Fahd al-Quso was hit by a missile as he stepped out of his vehicle, along with another al-Qaida operative in the southern Shabwa province, Yemeni military officials said. They were speaking on condition of anonymity in accordance with military regulations.

Al-Quso, 37, was on the FBI's most wanted list, with a $5 million reward for information leading to his capture. He was indicted in the U.S. for his role in the 2000 bombing in the USS Cole in Aden, Yemen, in which 17 American sailors were killed and 39 injured[...]

A telephone text message claiming to be from al-Qaeda media arm confirmed al-Quso was killed in the strike.

Will update when more info becomes available.

Update: Getting a bit warmer (or dead cold as in sploded), via Roggio

Today, an airstrike killed Fahd al Quso (Alias: Abu Huthayfa) in Rafth, Shabwa," according to a statement by the Yemeni Embassy in Washington, D.C., that was received by The Long War Journal.

While the Yemeni Embassy did not say that Quso was killed in a US airstrike, a US intelligence official involved in operations on the Arabian Peninsula confirmed that Quso was indeed the target of a drone strike today. The official would not comment on the Yemeni Embassy's claim of Quso's death.

Quso was traveling in a car with at least two other AQAP operatives when the unmanned Predators or Reapers fired missiles at his car, an intelligence official told The Long War Journal. Three AQAP operates are believed to have been killed in the strike, which occurred at nighttime.[More..]

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But It Was The Designated Driver!

A drunk man and his monkey pulled over in Florida

LARGO, Fla. (AP) -- A Florida man is charged with felony drunken driving and wildlife violations after police discovered a small monkey in his truck.
By DMartyr at 10:54 AM | Comments |

Obama's Law: If All Succeeds, I DID IT! If Any Fail, IT WASN'T MY FAULT!

No one could have missed Obama 'spiking the ball' (repeatedly) for giving the military the okay to kill Osama bin Laden. But had the mission failed, responsibility would have fallen completely on the military leaders involved.

Unlike great leaders in the past, our current President takes no responsibility for any failure. And, unlike great leaders in the past, our President usurps all credit for any successes or victories.

By DMartyr at 09:03 AM | Comments |

The Hunger Games Begin

Obama launches Presidential Campaign in half-empty arena:


By DMartyr at 08:38 AM | Comments |

Arab Spring! African Taliban Destroy Sufi Holy Shrines in Timbuktu


Bamako, Mali (CNN) -- Elderly men were keeping watch Saturday over Timbuktu's main library after Islamists burned a tomb listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The attacks Friday were blamed on Ansar Dine, a militant group that seeks to impose strict Sharia law.

"They attacked the grave, broke the doors and windows and ripped and burned pieces of white clothing that surrounded the tomb of the saint in front of everyone," said Haidara, who is from the central Mali city. "With their attack, the militants touched the heart of Timbuktu. They picked Friday because they know many people visit the shrines on this day."

There they go again.

By Howie at 06:42 AM | Comments |

Blog Sabbath Caption Contest Dhimmi Lawyer Edition

Janet Hamllin/Miami Herald/Court Sketch Artist- Pentagon-paid civilian defense lawyer Cheryl Borman, who is defending accused 9/11 co-conspirator Walid bin Attash, appears in this courtroom sketch, wearing a headscarf and abaya at the arraignment of the five accused 9/11 co-conspirators at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Saturday, May 5, 2012. At one point, she asked the judge to order all female attorneys on the case to wear similar garb so her client would not sin by seeing them in Western clothes. The five defendants are in the background.
Fatwas will be issued

Click here to see her without her Islamist mandated dress code

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FBI Requests Assistance to Locate Adam Mayes and Kidnapping Victims

Authorities had said that Mayes could be in Mississippi but that he has ties to Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.

Anyone with information is asked to call 601-987-1353 or 1-800-TBI-FIND[More from FNC]

Doesn't look promising, note my emphasis:
BI Memphis May 05, 2012 Supervisory Special Agent Joel E. Siskovic (901) 747-4300

JACKSON, TN—The Memphis Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is requesting any information regarding the location of victims of a kidnapping that occurred in Hardeman County, Tennessee.

On Friday, April 27, 2012, Jo Ann Bain, age 31, and her three children—Kyliyah Bain, age 8; Alexandria Bain, age 12; and Adrienne Bain, age 14—were reported missing by her husband. Jo Ann Bain’s vehicle was later found abandoned.

fbi_bain family_kidnapping.jpg

Information has developed that Adam Mayes, a white male, 35 years old, is responsible for their disappearance. Mayes was considered a friend of the family. Contact with Mayes was initiated early in the investigation, but he later fled when law enforcement authorities subsequently attempted to contact him. Mayes was last reported seen on May 1, 2012 in Guntown, Mississippi.

Federal search warrants were executed at residences in Mississippi on May 4, 2012. During that search, two bodies were found. At this time their identities are unconfirmed.

Information also indicates that Adam Mayes may have changed his and the missing victims appearances.

Continued below fold:

An Amber Alert was issued May 4, 2012 by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI). Based on all known information the missing victims are considered to be in extreme danger. Adam Mayes should be considered armed and dangerous.

Arrest warrants have been issued for Adam Mayes for the kidnapping of Jo Ann Bain and her three children.

Anyone with information that may lead to the location of Adam Mayes and the missing victims should immediately contact the Tennessee Fusion Center at 1-800-TBI-FIND (1-800-824-3463).

This case is being investigated by the Hardeman County Sheriff’s Office, the Union County (Mississippi) Sheriff’s Office, the TBI, the FBI, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Marshal’s Service (USMS), the 25th Judicial District Attorney General’s Office, and the United States Attorney’s Offices for the Western District of Tennessee and the Northern District of Mississippi.

The FBI and USMS are offering a reward of up to $50,000 for information that leads to the location of the missing victims and the arrest of Adam Mayes.

h/t TRUTHUSdotcom

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Nonie Darwish at the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference in Dearborn, MI

Welcome to Dearbornistan:

Nonie Darwish, author of "The Devil We Don't Know: The Dark Side of Revolutions in the Middle East", gives personal testimony about the fear and terror that Muslim girls under the threat of honor killing face.
This is the real war on women, not Obama's made up one.


Jessica Mokdad, shot to death, April 30, 2011
The Muslim Brotherhood in America

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Supermoon 2012

The Moon remembers Obama ended the NASA Moon Program:

Sneaky super moon

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Report: Obama Fans Papered with Sherrod Brown Restraining Order

Move over MSM

Yesterday[Friday], Breitbart News reported on the checkered past of Sherrod Brown, the Ohio Senator with whom Barack Obama launched his reelection campaign earlier today. Included in Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro's report was a restraining order against Brown filed by his ex-wife Larke and granted by the court. During divorce filings, Larke Brown alleged abuse by then Ohio Secretary of State Brown.
Reportedly, conservative activists made sure Obama supporters were aware of this so they attached the Breitbart News article and the restraining order to their windshields.



Related: Obama Launches Campaign with Alleged Wife-Abuser Sherrod Brown

Flashback 2/04/2007: David Axelrod--Gets Obama's Opponents Sealed Divorce Records Opened Up

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British Media Provides Better Obama Coverage Than American MSM


While searching for an appropriate image for this post, I didn't have one, I found the above at The Peoples Cube. Weird, it happened to be an image created because of one of our posts here.

Anyway, via BigG

It's been known for years that the US media has decided not to do its job when it comes to vetting Barack Obama, but when the British media is out there reporting critically on this White House on a daily basis, the contrast is startling.

If the Activist Old Media in this country had the ability to be embarrassed, they would cower in the corner over the way the British media pounds them on Obama coverage.

The American media chooses not to report these stories; it's not that they are getting "beaten" on them. Of course, that fact makes this much worse.

Dr. Tim Stanely of the UK Telegraph reports this week on the issue of President Obama's latest revelations of his "composite" girlfriend and the stories of him eating dog in Indonesia. In the last paragraph of his column, Dr. Stanley says these issues should've been brought out long ago, since Obama wrote of them in his book:[Continue reading]

Obama's a democrat and that's all the MSM needs to know about him. Oh, and he's a black Democrat.

Nuff said.

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May 05, 2012

Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's (Disabled Gulf War Vet) Inspirational Transformation!

Via This Right Scoop.

Warning, lots of tissues needed:

Thank you for your service sir, may God continue to bless you.

h/t @SooperMexican


Diamond Dallas Page[DDP]

Ooops, nothing here. I was going to add more info from the video, instead, read it here

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Video: Occupy doofus sings about tweeting from his boat. His cardboard boat.

Via Twitchy:

#TweetBoat is the Occupy Wall Street Twitter team.

How embarrassing for him, oh wait..

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Mukasey: Memo Was Drafted to Protect Obama From Blame If OBL Mission Failed

Shakes head in disgust.

Via Jim Hoft, who has more on this. Be sure to read it all.

That was a highly lawyered memo (designed to protect the president politically)… I think there’s going to be more that’s going to be tumbling out about that escapade but so far that memo is enough.“

h/t C02HOG

Video: Why does President Obama take so much credit for killing Bin Laden?
Veterans For A Strong America
More Navy SEALS coming forward to criticize Obama for aftermath of Bin Laden raid?


Joel Arends, Chairman of Veterans for a Strong America, comments on the video:

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Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, co-defendents appear in court for arraignment


Apparently KSM is not very talkative in which the military judge stated: "KSM’s silence meant an automatic plea of not guilty".

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVEL BASE, Cuba — World Trade Center terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed kept his mouth shut Saturday at his first public appearance in three years.

Mohammed and four co-defendants were in court for their arraignment, the first step in a case that could end with their executions for killing 2,976 people on 9/11.

The hearing before a military tribunal at the U.S. Naval Base in Cuba began with Mohammed’s lawyer indicating the confessed chief plotter in the attack that toppled the twin towers would not speak.

“I believe Mr. Mohammed will decline to address the court,” said his lawyer, Davi Nevin. “I believe he’s deeply concerned about the fairness of this court.”

Presiding military judge James Pohl, an Army colonel, said KSM’s silence meant an automatic plea of not guilty.

"Fairness of the court"? What happened to "guilty"? Maybe the brave mujahid is having second thoughts about being offed.

The sooner this trial gets over with the sooner these bast**ds die...

Update Jonn Lilyea is live blogging at This ain't Hell[Hit F5 to refresh his page]. He noted one of the unbiased reporters has a Obama 2012 sticker on their SUV.

11:39am: Ok, burka woman is back and she’s asking that all women in the courtroom be forced by the court to “dress appropriately” so the defendants won’t commit sins. She even got chuckles from the media-types here at Fort Meade and exclamations from the women in this room of “Oh, my God”.
Be sure and follow Jonn on this, he tells it like it is.

Charge sheet here[PDF]

You can follow, on Twitter, the hashtags #Guantanamo, #KSM,, and GITMO Caution though, bleeding heart libs abound.

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Poetry of the Taliban: Giving Voice To Terrorists

poetry of the taliban.jpg
Advance Praise & Reviews

It's bad enough the Taliban continue to operate freely, and raise funds, on the net. Now one will be able to read about the so-called softer side of the Taliban.

The "poetry" of the Taliban was translated and the book will be released on the 17th of this month. A former commander of the British forces is not too keen on this, which I wholeheartedly agree:

The UK publication this month of a book of translated Taliban poetry has been denounced as enemy propaganda by a former commander of British forces in Afghanistan.

The publishers have been accused of "giving voice to terrorists", but the book's editors argue that its 235 poems, including love poems, verses exulting in the Afghan landscape and patriotic ballads, provide a unique insight into the human side of the Taliban.

Alex Strick van Linschoten, one of the two editors of Poetry of the Taliban, which will be released on 17 May, said: "The poetry shows that the Taliban are people just like we are, with feeling, concerns, anxieties like ours."

He made a comparison with Heroes: 100 Poems from the New Generation of War Poets, a British anthology published last year. "Just as there is a soldier bidding farewell with his mother in a poem in Heroes, so there is a Talib saying goodbye to his mother before going off to fight. There is a universality to the experience."

Richard Kemp, the former commander, cautioned against "being taken in by a lot of self-justifying propaganda".

"What we need to remember is that these are fascist, murdering thugs who suppress women and kill people without mercy if they do not agree with them, and of course are killing our soldiers, Kemp said on Friday. "It doesn't do anything but give the oxygen of publicity to an extremist group which is the enemy of this country."[More...]

Just like us? Yeah, we go around killing our soldiers, hacking off peoples heads, throwing acid in the face of women, poisoning young girls who just want to read, teaching young kids how to behead with a "hands on" approach[caution], murder fellow Muslims, etc. etc. etc.

Yeah, just like us. I'm sure Hollywood would love to make a movie about this..

h/t Tarek Fatah

One "positive" review on Twitter:

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May 04, 2012

Teacher Gets Hand Slap for Classroom Sex

(Hemet, California) Yesterday, teacher Janel Ramirez pleaded guilty and was sentenced.

Janel Pearl Ramirez, 31, pleaded guilty on Thursday, May 3, to two felony counts of oral copulation with a minor and one felony count of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor for her role in the sexual liaison between her and a then-16-year-old student that took place in her Hemet High classroom.
Ramirez kissed the student the last day of his sophomore year after she told him he looked like Taylor Lautner from the “Twilight” movies.

During his junior year, Ramirez twice performed oral sex on the student and the two had sex in her locked classroom in December, according to court documents.

Ramirez, a married mother of two, was sentenced to five years of probation and 120 days of house arrest. She will not have to register as a sex offender.
Kind of lenient treatment for a teacher doing a boy in the classroom, eh? It must be a fairness thing.

By Mr. E. Blogger at 05:18 PM | Comments |

Another Angel in Heaven: Beastie Boys' MCA Dead at 47

Wow. I'm actually a little sad about this, which is almost never the case when a celebrity dies:

Beastie Boys co-founder Adam Yauch, also known as MCA, has died after a long battle with cancer, Rolling Stone confirmed.

The Brooklyn-born rapper, 47, had been battling the late stages of his untreatable case at a New York hospital, sources told the Daily News.

The Beastie Boys have been in my top 10 bands since like my Freshman year in high school. Unlike so many other bands I liked as a kid, they stood the test of time. I even have a "Beastie Boys Radio" station on Pandora.

I know what I'll be listening to the rest of the day.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:21 PM | Comments |

Obama Enlists Wife-Abuser To Fight GOP's "War On Women"

From the Ministry of WTF?

You can't make this stuff up.

From Breitbart:

President Obama is slated to use Brown to launch his formal re-election campaign in Columbus, Ohio.

But perhaps Brown isn’t the best person to lead off the Obama campaign – particularly not if the “war on women” is to remain one of Obama’s key campaign themes. Divorce records from Brown’s first marriage, obtained by Breitbart News, show that during the contentious proceedings, his wife accused him of “extreme cruelty” and “harassment”; she said she was “in fear for the safety … of myself and our children,” and accused Sherrod of “physical violence.” In fact, she said, Brown had “struck and bullied me on several different occasions.”

Damn it, he was just showing her how much he loved and respected her! Why can't she get it?

Breitbart also has copies of at least one restraining order against Brown, which is displayed at the bottom of the post.

By DMartyr at 01:19 PM | Comments |

HAHAHA! Oakland PD Runs Over #Occupy Protester's Bike

Property damage just isn't as fun when it happens to you.

(Hat Tip: Marty Smith tweet)

Do I need to add a language alert or does that go without saying when it comes to these #Occutards?

By DMartyr at 11:57 AM | Comments |

Staying Classy: Liberals Start "Rock The Slut Vote" Website

I guess calling a woman a "slut" is only an insult if Republicans do it.

From Breitbart:

Apparently, liberals are no longer concerned about the use of the word “slut.” A new website, created by study guide publisher Susan McMillan Emry, is seeking to “fight the GOP effort to bully, subjugate and silence women.” The name of the website? “Rock The Slut Vote.”


The "Rock The Slut Vote" website offers a list how to tell if you're a 'slut.'

I would add: You might be a slut if you need $3,000 worth of contraceptives to get through college.

Add your own in comments. If we get a good list going, I'll post it and email a copy to Emry's new website.

By DMartyr at 11:48 AM | Comments |

Another Jawa Foe Pleads Guilty in Terror Case

Mohammad Hassan Khalid, aka "", plead guilty today for his minor role in the Jihad Jane plot to kill Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks for "blaspheming" Mohammad.

Khalid was an online friend of Colleen "Jihad Jane" La Rose, and assisted in her attempts to raise money for terrorists. He even hid a passport she had stolen which she had intended to use in the plot.

But that wasn't the only terrorist the kid from suburban Maryland hung out with online. Above is an image of a chat session between Khalid and Emerson Begolly, then calling himself "Abu Nancy". The conversation was presented as evidence against Begolly in his indictment.

Apparently terrorists do care about my thoughts on their sexual orientation. So, we can put that important question to rest.


A Maryland teen pleaded guilty Friday to U.S. terror charges for offering assistance to an American woman who dubbed herself "Jihad Jane" and supported an Irish terror cell bent on waging a Muslim holy war in Europe.

Mohammad Hassan Khalid, now 18, faces a 15-year prison sentence for a single count of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists for his offer to raise money and recruit terrorists for jihad.

Hey Khalid: Watch out for the cornhole, buddy.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:05 AM | Comments |

#Occupy Protesters Offer Alternatives To Capitalism

From The Blaze:

@2:25, one protester explains the perfect model for socialist utopia that will support and benefit everyone - bumming cigarettes. It works out for everyone. Those with the cigarettes have too many and can do without a few. Those who don't have any cigarettes, simply 'bum' one from those with too many.

And, as any good anti-capitalist knows, there is an unlimited supply to any product we need. So, down with the corporations and manufacturers and tobacco farmers! We no longer need to buy your cigarettes! We'll just 'bum' one from a neighbor!

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Prayer For President Obama

Let us pray for our Commander-In-Chief and the upcoming elections. Please open your Bibles to Psalm 109:8 and read along with me:

"Let his days be few; and let another take his office."


(Hat Tip: IQ al Rassooli)

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Where's Rusty?

He's been moonlighting at Best Buy.

A heterosexual man in Denver claims that a Best Buy employee wrongly "outed" him on Facebook after he left his phone for repair.

Rich Dewberry said he brought in his mobile device to get fixed and was given a new phone. Shortly afterward, his Facebook status read, "I am gay, I'm coming out."

"The phone just started ringing constantly after that from [an] ex-spouse to friends...

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May 03, 2012

LatmaTV: Yuval Diskin consults and Freddie Spin plans the elections

Yuval Diskin is the former head of Israel's Shin Bet. He has criticized PM Netanyahu's stance on Iran.

Good one!

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Obama's Way Forward


h/t BigFurHat

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(Language Warning) May Day in Chicago, Unions, Commies, Anarchists March with Pride, Side by Side

Image credit: Breitbart's BigG

Via Citizen Journalist, Rebel Pundit, at BigG: At May Day Chicago, Mainstream Left No Longer Distanced from Radicals[Read it all]

Not too many people remember May Day last year. Of course, a few videos and images made their way onto the cables before the evening news that Sunday. But as I was going through footage of the Haymarket Riot Reenactment in Chicago that I covered earlier that day, news broke of a big announcement coming from the White House and nobody knew what it was. About 15 minutes later, hundreds of college kids were chanting “USA, USA,” outside the White House, celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Subsequently, there was zero coverage of May Day[Continue reading to understand the video below]

Language Warning


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The Distractor in Chief
Bonus: Worst Pres. Ever # of the Month: $52 Billion


Ace asked if Phil Klein's basic hypothesis is right? I think it is. The more that Obama can distract the media from the debt bomb and the recession, the more likely it will be that he will win.

Here's Klein:

Since that time, three stories have dominated the political news cycle. The first came when Hilary Rosen, a Democratic operative, said Ann Romney "never worked a day in her life." The next came when the Romney campaign promoted a Daily Caller story recounting that Obama had eaten dog as a child in Indonesia. The most recent came as Obama decided to spike the football before the anniversary of Osama bin Laden's killing, releasing an ad suggesting Romney wouldn't have made the same call.

In all of these cases, the Romney campaign has taken the bait, reacting to whatever Team Obama has decided to make an issue.:

When was the last time you heard a story on any network other than Fox about the trillion dollar plus deficits of the last three years? When was the last time you heard them talk about the impending entitlements crisis and Obama's complete lack of leadership on the subject? When have you heard them talk about the economy with anything less than equivocation on whether or not Obama shares the blame?

The less we talk about what Obama wants us to talk about, the more certain it will be that we will win this thing.

Which brings us to the ......

: Total amount added to the national debt to the penny since April 2nd, 2012 =


In the past one month, Pres. Obama's administration has added over $52 billion -- that BILLION, with a "B" -- to the national debt. One month, $52 billion dollars stolen from your children's future so that Obama can bribe people into voting for the Democratic party.

There's a reason why he wants you distracted from this number. The less you think of it, the less you are reminded of the depths of his failure.

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Another #Occupy Crime That Never Happened At Tea Parties - Mass Murder

An #Occupy Phoenix protester went on a shooting spree killing three people, including a 15-month-old baby. Our only consolation is that he killed himself as well.

Gateway Pundit has more.

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Fred Grandy: If we ignore stealth jihad we've won nothing in Afghanistan/Iraq

Center Executive Vice President Fred Grandy joined Jeff Katz on Talk 1200 Boston to discuss the Center's new Muslim Brotherhood in America Course

Flashback March 2011:

Ex-Rep, 'Gopher'(Fred Grandy) Leaves Radio Show After Alleged Pressure Over Islam Comments

Fred Grandy, the former "Love Boat" star who served several terms in Congress before landing a gig as a radio host, resigned from his show this week after he was pressured to stop talking so much about radical Islam, his wife, Catherine, told

Catherine Mann-Grandy, who spoke with extensively about the details of their split with WMAL management, confirmed that the couple's critical commentary on radical Islam was the driving factor behind Grandy's resignation.

"You're not allowed to talk about what's happening in your country," she said.

Also read The Muzzling of Mrs Fred

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Adopt an #Occutard

It's funny, because it's true.

Thanks to Michael.

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Sweet War P0rn

In Taliban techicolor!

Link for those who have problems with LiveLeak embeds:

Below the fold - A Taliban discovers the advantages of machine gun fire.

Unfortunately for him, it isn't his advantage...

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The Life Of Julia


Ben Shapiro at Breitbart exposes some aspects of composite Julia's fictitious cradle to grave government dependence Obama's website forgot to mention.

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Oversight Watchdogs Move to Hold Eric Holder in Contempt over Operation Fast & Furious

Learn More at

House Oversight Committee Watchdogs take the first step to holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt over Operation Fast and Furious.

5-3-12: CBS News

Rep Issa's comment on FNC:

Note: Both videos are from Issa..


The case for a citation declaring Holder in contempt will be laid out in a briefing paper and 48-page draft citation[PDF..ed] distributed to Democrats and Republicans on the committee. CBS News has obtained copies of both documents. In them, Republican members use strong language to accuse Holder of obstructing the committee's investigation, which is now in its second year.

Read the memo and draft version of contempt report (.pdf)

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Obama Praises Nazi Supporter In Jewish Heritage Month Proclamation

hitler_gertrude stein.jpg
Gertrude Stein wanted Hitler nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

[Image credit: Caution, this site suckuth Their comment about above image: "remember for a minute about a great loser of the Nobel Peace Prize, too."]

Via BigG

President Barack Obama issued a proclamation yesterday in celebration of Jewish Heritage Month that lauded Nazi supporter Gertrude Stein, the Algemeiner reports.

Stein, who was Jewish, supported the puppet Vichy regime in France in the Second World War through her friend, historian and Nazi collaborator Bernard Fay. The Metropolitan Museum of Art recently agreed to update an exhibition of Stein's work with a reference to her Nazi connections.

The White House claimed that the inclusion of Stein had been a mistake, the result of an earlier draft of the proclamation released in error. However, Algemeiner preserved a screen shot of the original proclamation, which remained on the White House website after the new press release had been drafted.

Continue reading

A mistake my arse..

Update by DMartyr below the fold.

Update by DMartyr: Gertrude Stein, a Nazi collaborator during the terrible holocaust, was praised in a Presidential proclamation honoring Jewish Heritage Month. One of Stein's closest friends was a Nazi operative in charge of hunting down Jews to send to concentration camps.

From Algemeiner via Breitbart (emphasis mine):

Stein and Toklas survived the Holocaust for one simple reason: Gertrude Stein was herself a major collaborator with the Vichy regime and a supporter of its pro-Nazi leadership.

According to a new book entitled Unlikely Collaboration: Gertrude Stein, Bernard Fay and the Vichy Dilemma, by Barbara Will, Stein publicly proclaimed her admiration for Hitler during the 1930s, proposing him for a Nobel Peace Prize. In the worst days of the Vichy regime, she volunteered to write an introduction to the speeches of General Phillipe Petain, the Nazi puppet leader who deported thousands of Jews, but who she regarded as a great French hero. She wanted his speeches translated into English, with her introduction, so that Americans would see the virtues of the Vichy regime. In that respect she was like other modernist writers, such as Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot who proudly proclaimed their pro-Fascist ideology, but Stein’s support for Fascism was more bizarre because she was Jewish.

Stein’s closest friend, and a man who greatly influenced her turn toward fascism was Bernard Fay, who the Vichy government put in charge of hunting down Masons, Jews and other perceived enemies of the State. Fay was more than a mere collaborator as suggested by the Met exhibit. He was a full blown Nazi operative, responsible for the deaths of many people. After the war, when the horrendous results were known to all, Gertrude wrote in support of Fay when he was placed on trial for his Nazi war crimes.

Read more.

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Thursday Morning Art: Liszt Transcendental Etude No. 9

Culture time, you foppish hobbits!

Here's yet another one of my favorite little things in life.

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Letters From Abottabad

You can read CTC at Westpoint's analysis of letters (and the letters) seized in the raid on bin Laden's compound here[PDF]. [WaPo may have a much easier read here, without the forward I have posted, they also link to PDF here].

I just started reading about the affiliates. This is just a short breakdown of each of them:

The Affiliates

Rather than a source of strength, Bin Ladin was burdened by what he viewed as the incompetence of the “affiliates,” including their lack of political acumen to win public support, their media campaigns and their poorly planned operations which resulted in the unnecessary deaths of thousands of Muslims.

• Islamic State of Iraq/Al-Qa`ida in Iraq (ISI/AQI): The documents conclusively
demonstrate that the failures of ISI/AQI weighed heavily on Bin Ladin, as he
urged other groups not to repeat their mistakes. Adam Gadahn advised that al-
Qa`ida should publicly dissociate itself from ISI/AQI.

• Al-Qa`ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP): While routinely described as “the
most dangerous” al-Qa`ida affiliate, as of 2010-2011 Bin Ladin seemed to have
spent more time worrying about this group than appreciating its contributions.
In a strongly worded letter, the leader of AQAP, Nasir al-Wuhayshi, was directly
warned against pursuing any expansionist plan, such as declaring an Islamic
state in Yemen, and was urged to refocus his efforts on attacking the United
States, not the Yemeni government or security forces.[Sammy, even OBL knew you were ghey!..ed]

Beyond domestic considerations, Bin Ladin was worried about the amateurish, ill advised and badly timed public statements released by AQAP’s leaders

• Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP): The TTP seems to have come incredibly close to provoking a direct and public confrontation with al-Qa`ida’s leadership. Its indiscriminate attacks against Muslims caused `Atiyyatullah and Abu Yahya al-Libi to write to TTP leader Hakimullah Mahsud to express their displeasure with the group’s “ideology, methods and behavior.” They also threatened to take public measures “unless we see from you serious and immediate practical and clear steps towards reforming [your ways] and dissociating yourself from these vile mistakes [that violate Islamic Law].”

• Al-Shabab: Bin Ladin appeared to have seen little practical value in formally
recognizing the group’s pledge of loyalty (bay`a). His motivations for
withholding this recognition were largely pragmatic and reflected his concern
over their poor governance and inflexible administration of hudud (deterrent
penalties for certain crimes). He also wanted them to focus on “construction and
development” and feared that a formal merger with al-Qa`ida would prevent
investment and foreign aid in Somalia.

• Al-Qa`ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), the Taliban and Jaysh al-Islam: While there is mention of these groups in the documents released to the CTC, these discussions are not substantive enough to inform an understanding of the
relationship between al-Qa`ida’s senior leaders and these groups

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Occupy Protestors Peacefully Attack Police, Hurl Bricks

Just like the Tea Party did! From Reuters:

The San Francisco Bay area was the scene of May Day demonstrations attended by hundreds of people on Tuesday, as similar protests roiled cities across the United States in what organizers said was a show of support for organized labor and opposition to income inequality.

Some marches devolved into vandalism and mayhem, including in Seattle where black-clad anarchists smashed windows.

Protesters who took over the vacant San Francisco building on Tuesday had hurled bricks and pipes at officers and people in the street, and a brick struck a bystander in the face, police said.

It was just some of them, wingnutz. You can't blame the actions of groups of Occupiers from cities across the country who are doing similar things on everyone in the movement. They're doing this for your own good, you 1%er jackbooted warmongers.

Throwing bricks and pipes at police and raping women in squalid tent cities is just an expression disdain for the corporate greedocracy or something.

God, the Tea Party was much worse than this, with their scary signs and their law-abiding gatherings where they said mean things about Obama's policies and then went home without causing riots or injuring police officers.

Why does the right hate America? Why are they acting like terrorists?

Update: Video added.

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Arab Spring! New Libyan Libya Govt Passes Thought and Speech Crime Laws

Asia News:

ripoli (AsiaNews/Agencies) - The Islamisation of Libya puts national reconciliation in jeopardy. Yesterday, the National Transitional Council (NTC) adopted a number of laws that include life in prison for glorifying Moammar Gaddafi, insulting Islam or denigrating the 17 February Revolution. For the Libya's rulers, the country is still at war and such restrictions are needed to prevent it from beings destabilised ahead of next June's parliamentary elections.

According to one law, disseminating information that harms state-building is an insult to the people that deserves incarceration. Another law seizes the assets of the late dictator's relatives and those of former regime officials.

Experts note that since Gaddafi's death and the capture of his son Saif al-Islam, Libya has fallen to Islamist extremists inside the NTC who want to impose Sharia on the country.

Nice job at bringing not freedom to Libya Mr. President.

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May 02, 2012

Michelle Malkin OWND Juan Williams on Hannity Tonight

Via Mediate

Malkin FTW!

h/t HeyTammyBruce

UPDATE: When I posted this last night Malkin didn't have a post up yet. She posted after midnight: If you’re gonna call Tea Party activists RAAAACISTS…

Thanks to Gork for the link

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