March 01, 2010

Four Muslims Discharged Over Fort Jackson Threats, Probe Continues

If there was nothing to the allegations, then why were four of the five Muslim soldiers discharged? It seems to me that the earliest reports were wrong that the five Muslims were plotting to poison Fort Jackson's food supply. But later reports that there were nothing to the allegations were also clarified when we learned that the investigation was not into a plot but over comments about poisoning the food.

Let's assume these guys were just cracking jokes. Cracking jokes about poisoning the food is never funny when you're in the military. But if you're a foreign national from a country with a long history of terrorism, or if you're a Muslim, then it ceases to be caddy and unfunny and crosses a line into scary.

Context determines the appropriateness of a comment. And yes, the fact that you are Muslim or from a predominately Muslim country adds appropriate context to your comments. If Billy-Joe-Bubba says he's a terrorist and wants to keeel me, it might be funny. When you do it? Not so much.

But something more than a joke gone awry is at work here. The investigation continues over material found on the four's laptop computers.

Early reports had alleged that some of the accused were in contact with some Virginia North Carolina men who have been indicted on terror related charges. If the four were in contact with some would-be jihadis, then this alone is a serious charge. Especially after Fort Hood and Nidal Hasan.

Post and Courier:

An Army probe into allegations of verbal threats involving a base's food supply has revealed that none of the five soldiers detained was involved in any plot to poison food at the base, a congressman said Sunday....

Four of the soldiers were discharged from the Army for petty crimes, Wilson said, and the fifth was returned to his National Guard unit in Virginia. None of the soldiers has been identified.

U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command spokesman Chris Grey said Sunday that the base's food was never in danger, and the investigation didn't turn up any credible information to support the allegations.

An investigation continues into other possible crimes relating to information found on their laptops, Wilson said. The laptops were turned over to the FBI for analysis.

Via Right Truth with a hat tip: Debbie

UPDATE: All five are US citizens from Northern Virginia. No word if they were born here or naturalized.

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