March 01, 2010

2nd Video of Cyberjihadi CIA Bomber (Voicoever by Adam Gadahn)

This is the second video released of Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balaw, the former cyberjihadi who called himself Abu Dujana al-Khurasa, who killed seven CIA officials in Afghanistan. Even though the operation was alleged to have been planned by the Taliban, the video comes from al Qaeda's as Sahab arm.

Worst news of all? Unless I miss my mark, the English voice filling in for al-Balaw is that of American traitor Adam Gadahn. Fat bastard is alive.

I'll go ahead and put the entire video below the fold. I'll note, though, that the video was posted at YouTube on the Islam is Truth channel. It belongs to the New York based Revolution Muslim, which explains the branding they've put on the video as it starts. Feel free to mark it for abuse.

UPDATE: Watch all the way to the fifth part where al-Balawi exhorts people over and over again to kill any one who has anything to do with Jordanian intelligence -- even cooks! But what is interesting is that he says not to consult with any one many many times, just to kill them with out consulting any one.

It's an exhortation to individual acts of jihad, because he knows that any plot involving two or more people is likely to be detected.

UPDATE: Entire text of the video is here.

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