February 28, 2010

Al Gore: Redeem Human Sins via Carbon Trading

In today's NYTimes, former Vice President Al Gore weighs in on the global warming debate by asserting that a scientific consensus on the issue has been achieved, despite minor problems with data manipulation which resulted from "make-work demands from climate skeptics."

In three pages, Gore repeatedly blames unrestrained exploitive capitalism for the impending demise of the planet. The answer to the climate crisis, he says, is cap and trade legislation enacted immediately to stave off unimaginable calamity.

And for a quotable nugget regarding cap and trade, Gore provides:

From the standpoint of governance, what is at stake is our ability to use the rule of law as an instrument of human redemption.
So, if cap and trade is not passed, humankind will not be redeemed. That's right. To free humankind from the bondage of sins, legislation capping and trading carbon credits is required.

Mr. Gore seemingly imagines himself as providing the path to redemption for all people. Quite theological, eh?

In any event, Mr. Gore's piece is largely three pages of attacks on capitalism and questionable scientific and economic assertions apparently pulled out of thin air before concluding with a The-End-Is-Near plea for cap and trade legislation. In other words, the piece is pretty much the same old shoe polish.

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