February 27, 2010

ATTN YouTube User Californiaboy626: Are You REALLY A U.S. Soldier? Why Did You Make Fun Of Daniel Pearls Beheading?(UPDATE)

UPDATE: The scum closed his account, apparently the heat was too much for him. He left this message at my account:

Californianboy626 (2 hours ago)

Am serving with FFL French Foreign Legion,and French reservist,soon I will deploy with them .
Army infantry 34th division

I also have the moon to sell him CHEAP...

UPDATE 2: Wow, this guy certainly is a teller of tall tales.

Afghanistan War+More Troops = CatastropheCalifornianboy626
February 16th, 2010 at 11:14 Log in to Reply

no were not going to leave afghanistan ,If the U.S. leave ill simply get out of the army and go to france and join the French Foreign Legion, and fight the taliban if I have to,but its not the taliban we should worry so much on,its al-qaeda they are the ones who like to travel and cause chaos.

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I commented on this vid F**k Israel[I censored the F word] and received several nasty replies from this so called US soldier. The Daniel Pearl comment was too much to take without exposing this so called US soldier.
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Here is his YouTube channel:

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Scum bag.

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