February 26, 2010

New Somali envoy Abukar Arman, HuffPo blogger and CAIR official, urges amnesty for Al-Shabaab terrorists***UPDATED***Columbus Dispatch gives his extremism the airbrush treatment

It seems the new Somali envoy to the US, Abukar Arman, is a big Al-Shabaab enthusiast. Arman has lived in the US for nearly 30 years, but is still a Somali citizen.

Arman has also moonlighted as a blogger at the Huffington Post. Just two months ago, before being appointed to the envoy position, Arman wrote an article where he urged amnesty for Al-Shabaab terrorists:

Fifth, offer confidence-building amnesty to key individual players who are on the US terrorist list, as these lists further radicalize people.

In 2006, Abukar Arman hailed the takeover by the Islamic Courts Union, "the best thing that happened to Somalia in the past 16 years." He is also a supporter of Hamas, writing on his personal blog a post entitled, "Hamas victory is a victory for democracy and peace!" And as Rusty noted back a few weeks ago, Arman is also an open advocate of the imposition of shariah law.

Prior to being named envoy for a foreign government, Arman was the president of CAIR-Columbus, the same group that was banned last year from speaking at the Columbus Police Academy after warnings from counterterrorism officials about the group's extremist ties.

But don't worry. The Columbus Dispatch assured its readers a while ago that Abukar Arman was not a terrorist. To their credit, the Dispatch editorial page editor took Arman to the woodshed in an editorial on Arman's attempts to suppress the free speech of critics.

UPDATE: No sooner had I published this then I did a search only to find that "reporter" Mark Ferenchik at the Columbus Dispatch published an article today giving the airbrush treatment to Arman's extremist views and his demands for amnesty for Al-Shabaab terrorists. Instead we're treated to the "moderate" Muslim and "interfaith" leader narrative. The one source for Mr. Ferenchik's article? One of Abukar Arman's friends and business partner. He notes in his article that Arman worked for the Columbus Public Schools, but forgets to mention that he was fired by the school district as soon as his extremist views were exposed.

Has the Ohio media turned Stalinist or something, where they just airbrush out anything controversial related to their Islamist friends? Apparently so. But considering the treatment that fellow reporter Meredith "Hijab" Heagney gave to the Rifqa Bary story, no one should be surprised.

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