February 25, 2010

Pakistan to Turn Over Taliban to Afghanistan?

Hmmm, is this big news showing a trend that the Pakistanis now realize that there is no important distinction between Afghan and Pakistani Taliban and therefore it is in their own interests to start playing ball?

Or is this just a one time deal for PR purposes under pressure from FBI director Mueller? After which the Pakistanis go back to playing their dangerous game of only fighting those Taliban which are a threat to their own country while ignoring (or, sometimes even helping) those Taliban which are a threat to neighboring Afghanistan?

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, a member of the Taliban's high leadership council, and the other prisoners are "accused of criminal acts" in Afghanistan and will be extradited, according to a statement from the office of Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Baradar and other Afghan militants will be extradited under a prisoner exchange agreement that is still being hammered out by both countries, according to Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik and an Afghan interior ministry spokesman.

Malik, who met with his Afghan counterpart and FBI director Robert Mueller on Wednesday, told reporters after that meeting that a treaty on the exchange would be completed in coming days, and that both nations were comparing prisoner lists and setting up a committee to oversee the process.

Keep an eye on this one people.

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