February 24, 2010

When did the Presbyterian Church Cease to be Christian?

I'm a Christian. Theologically, I'm a liberal. So much so that some theologically conservative and orthodox Christians would say that I'm not a Christian, but a heretic or something.

I do not take all of the Bible literally. Like the Genesis timeline. Or a worldwide flood. Or a hell that's literally filled with fire and brimstone and goes on forever.

Some parts of the Bible I do not consider scripture at all. I think the early Church Fathers just got some of the canon wrong. Like Song of Solomon. It's kind of hot, but it just doesn't work for me, even at the metaphor level. Like I really want to think of this dude as Christ, and his hot and lustful wife with nice hooters as the Church? Kinda creepy people. Kinda creepy.

I think my theology would fit in nicely with today's liberal Presbyterian church, which has long forgotten its Calvinist roots and today is more pick and chose.

So, I don't have a problem when Christians think differently than me on most subjects. I'm more of the type that thinks faith is shown through acts, not rigid adherence to theology.

But this? Come on. If the Bible is clear about anything it is the historical claims of the Jews to the land of Israel. You miss that and you've kind of missed 3/4 of the Old Testament.

We're not talking about minor points here. It's kind of a major deal.

So, can one be a Christian and believe that Israel is a historical fiction? I don't know for sure, but I'm inclined to believe no.

This kind of statement coming from an allegedly Christian church kind of reveals that it is no longer an organization run by Christians, but rather by liberal political activists.

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