February 24, 2010

Hamas Leaders Son - Mosab Hassan Yousef - Reminds Everyone He Was A Spy For Israel

Thanks to a United Islamic Front, a" spy" on the forum , (Anonymoused) for the heads up for the latest on Yousef.


The son of a jailed Hamas leader who converted to Christianity and moved to California has gone public to say that he spied for Israel.

Speaking before the release of a book about his life, Mosab Hassan Yousef made the assertion in an interview for Israel's Haaretz newspaper.

A former deputy head of Israel's Shin Bet intelligence service told BBC World Service he had been one of its agents.

But a Hamas leader dismissed the report as a slander on the Islamist group.

Mr Yousef, 32, is a son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a senior Hamas figure in the West Bank, who is currently serving a six-year prison sentence in an Israeli prison.

In August of last year Yousef received a death sentence ,"Fatwa", from GIMF - "I will do meatballs on your body".

Carl in Jerusalem earlier noted this was just a "big show" and doesn't fully believe what Yousef is spewing. Either way, Hamas has doubts about their members.


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