June 30, 2011

Israel: A Soldiers Mother Personal Message To Hedy Epstein

Hedy Epstein has joined the rest of Islams useful idiots on the boat to Gaza. Hamas especially like people like her, makes for good publicity and/or a human shield. I'm sure the radical Islamists mingling among the other activists will keep a good eye on her. Old woman, self-hating Jew, her life doesn't mean a damn to them.

Stupid old woman.

The following is a must read:

Israeli Soldiers Mother

My message to Hedy Epstein as she sails to Gaza:
Your participation, in the flotilla brings shame to you and worse is a betrayal of your family, those that died in Auschwitz. It is hard to comprehend how distorted your view of life, of Judaism, and of Israel must be to bring you to the point that you sail against your own people. Yes, you’ll say you sail for human rights, for humanity and some such nonsense but last year’s flotilla – and very likely this one, displayed the worst of humanity.[...]

As a Jew, as an Israeli, I am deeply ashamed of you and believe you have betrayed all that they died for. I have little doubt you will rationalize this away as something honorable, it isn’t; as something brave, it isn’t. There was a reason why your parents worked so hard to get you on that children’s transport that saved your life…whatever that reason was – it was not so you could betray the people they were, the religion they held.

Shame on you, Hedy Epstein and may you parents find comfort not in you, but in so many of the other children who survived as you did – but who came to live in Israel to build it, not to destroy it; to honor it, not to betray it. Indeed, Hedy Epstein – shame on you.

Be sure to read it all

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Obama Isn't a Dick

I didn't want to just link Jim Hoft's post

The headline is all that was needed.

Now go read about the dick err, I mean Obi One

Kinda dick related:

But I Thought Obama Was Kind of a Dick Every Day

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Who's behind sabotage on flotilla ships? Meet Mossad's underwater sabotage unit (Updated)

Team Palestina, be afwaid, vewy afwaid


h/t fasternu426 for image

UPDATE: I love when it when Islam's useful idiots falls for this:

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Academic Paper: Let's Kill Samir Khan & Anwar al Awlaki!

It's about time we academic meatheads put our noggins to good use. We all know we've been itching to kill the American born traitor and leader of al Qaeda in Yemen, Anwar al Awlaki. But this paper by Frank J. Cilluffo and Clinton Watts of the Homeland Security Policy Institute at GWU seems to suggest that maybe it's time we kill Samir Khan, too:

For the U.S., AQAP’s Foreign Operations Unit is of greatest concern... Awlaki’s online sermons, recruitment of U.S.-based Americans and production of AQAP’s English-language jihadi magazine Inspire with Samir Khan (another American AQAP member) have inspired lone wolf attacks on Americans. Ibrahim Hassan Asiri, AQAP’s talented bomb maker, transforms the Foreign Operations Unit’s threats into sophisticated attacks... The Foreign Operations Unit’s special knowledge of the U.S. and unique destructive capabilities make AQAP an immediate threat to the U.S.....

Elimination of key AQAP members, especially those in the Foreign Operations Unit, would immediately increase U.S. security. Removal of Wahayshi, al-Shihri, Awlaki, Asiri or any other key AQAP leaders could short-circuit AQAP’s operational capability and disrupt their regional coordination of AQ efforts. As Dr. Hegghammer noted, “AQ in Yemen is short on this type of human capital,” suggesting targeted leadership decapitation would seriously weaken AQAP’s proven international terrorism capability.”

Given that Samir Khan is listed along with Awlaki and Asiri in the paper's discussion of the leadership of AQAP's Foreign Operations Unit, I don't think it's a giant leap to infer that the authors are suggesting that he too would be not only a legitimate target but that his death would make us safer.

And as an academic myself let me also suggest that if we are only just now getting around to discussing this openly then people with predator drones and bombs have already come to the same conclusion.

Psssst, Abu Risaas: keep your head down.

Thanks to Waq al-Waq.

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"Dutch pro-Palestinian activist" backs out of Gaza flotilla


When I decided to subject myself to the sail and the long list of preparatory engagements and training sessions it entailed, I presented the organizers with one single crucial demand: I wanted to know exactly who would sail with me on the Italian-Dutch ship and requested to have the opportunity to meet them all in advance before embarking on the trip.[...]

The presence of Amin Abou Rashed suggests there is something to hide. He, too, sailed last year to Gaza with the flotilla, and he was arrested by Israel. According to various media, he is Hamas’ top figure in the Netherlands. He is also affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. How much of this is true, I do not know. How much of this is not true, I know even less. That is the problem, and it creates an atmosphere of suspicion.

Over dinner Anne de Jong insisted that it was all lies and that Amin is a terribly nice man with an unbelievable amount of love for the Palestinians. However much I wished I could believe her and those blue eyes of hers, I could not do it. Simply because his involvement with the flotilla was kept secret until the arrival to Greece. And not only vis-à-vis the rest of the world, but also when it came to the flotilla participants. I find this to be detrimental.

On this dangerous action, the participants are laying their lives on the line. It is therefore only fair that they be provided with the relevant essential information. [Read the whole thing]

She posted this on twitter[googlish translate]:
Some time for myself. Ready with accusations of my adres.Zo go from 'hero' to 'mossad infiltrant.
Hamas has just lost a useful idiot, good on her.

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To Be a Dog

A good-dog, of course, running and playing and rewarding my humans with love, loyalty, and bravery. No cares save the protection of the household, some kibble and water, and warm hands to pet and rub the tummy.

Is anything greater proof that man is capable of grace than his creation of good-dogs?

And now the dream is possible, for the New York State legislature and Governor have attained the power to make that which is not a reality; to transmute opposite into match - transcending the laws of the physical world with their wizardly alchemy.

I shall attach my ears and tail, glue on some fur, and pray that the almighty State shall make me a dog.

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It Begins: Dems to spin Fast & Furious probe into gun-control rally

Ed Morrissey

The top Democrat on a House investigative committee is broadening an inquiry into a botched gun-tracing operation, called Operation Fast and Furious, to include a look at American gun laws.

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), the leading Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, released a report early Thursday titled “Outgunned,” that details how Bureau for Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents say gun laws need to be tightened for them to fight organized crime along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The heat is on Obama/Holder and Rep Cummings is leading the charge to try and divert ones attention away from who in this administration authorized Operation Fast & Furious.

Rep Darrell Issa's Response To Obi One's Remarks Today On Operation Fast & Furious

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But I Thought Obama Was Kind of a Dick Every Day

Kind of a dick? How about super king kameha meha dick.


More here at Politico.

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St Louis: Is Umar Lee Ghey?

dawud adib.jpg
Dawud Adib

Or is Umar Lee calling Imam Dawood Adeeb [Dawud Adib] ghey?


I think Umar is the ghey one, just sayin

h/t raultalbot7


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Haqqani leader who supported Kabul Intercontinental Hotel attack sploded in precision airstrike

Imperial Good News!:

KABUL, Afghanistan – The International Security Assistance force confirmed today a top Haqqani Network leader suspected of providing material support to the Kabul suicide bomb attack June 28, was killed in a precision airstrike in Gardez District, Paktiya province, yesterday.

Ismail Jan was the deputy to the senior Haqqani commander inside Afghanistan, Haji Mali Khan. Jan and several Haqqani fighters were killed in strike.

The Haqqani Network, in conjunction with Taliban operatives, was responsible for the Tuesday night attack on the Kabul Intercontinental Hotel which killed 12 people, including a provincial judge.

Awesome splodey dah dope job! More please..

Bill Roggio has more on this

Afghanistan's Intercontinental Hotel Under Attack by Suicide Bombers

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Four Hezbollah members terrorists indicted in Former Lebanese PM Hariri murder

Rafik al-Hariri & Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, May 25, 2001

Carl in Jerusalem

The [UN]Special Tribunal for Lebanon has issued indictments against four senior Hezbullah members in the 2005 murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri.

“I will now examine the indictment and the warrants to take the appropriate measures,” [State Prosecutor Saeed] Mirza told reporters following a meeting with a three-member delegation from the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL).

A judicial source told The Daily Star that the indictment identified the suspects as Mustafa Badreddine[Badreddine is cousin and a brother-in-law of slain Hezbollah terrorist Imad Mughniyeh..ed], Salim al-Ayyash, Hasan Aineysseh and Asad Sabra.

Will Hezbollah led government allow these prosecutions to go through?:


Also Thursday, Lebanon's interior minister was quoted as saying that the indictments are "a big deal."

“Why the big deal? It’s just an indictment and not a final verdict. So why all this hubbub?” Lebanese Interior Minister Marwan Charbel asked during a Voice of Lebanon interview, according to The Daily Star.

Hell, those four probably have their bags packed and on their way to Iran

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To Catch A Cheater

I find this amusing, but I take issue with the "ironic scandal." It would be ironic if Chris Hansen was caught wooing a child. As it is, he was supposedly having an affair with a 30-year-old woman.

Chris Hansen, the NBC anchor famous for snagging Internet pedophiles on the show 'To Catch a Predator' has found himself in the center of an ironic scandal, The London Daily Mail reports.

Hansen, 51 has allegedly been having an affair with Kristyn Caddell, a 30-year-old TV reporter from Florida. (Source)

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The Public Square Interview With Robert Spencer & Dr. George Grant

A must-hear interview with Robert Spencer and Dr. George Grant hosted by The Public Square. Turn up the volume, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Islam and the West Policy Briefing
Part one:

Islam and the West Policy Briefing
Part two:

The Public Square 60 Minute Program Hosts: David Zanotti and Wayne Shepherd Producer: Alan C. Duncan


This week on The Public Square 60 Minute Program:
The American Policy Roundtable recently held two policy briefings in Cleveland, Ohio and Nashville, Tennessee about the topic of Islam and the West. Two special guests joined the forum: Mr. Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch and author of ten books on Islam, along with Dr. George Grant, author of "The Blood and the Moon: Understanding the Historic Struggle between Islam and Western Civilization" and founder of Franklin Classical School.

These two experts in the field will share with you an in-depth conversation on Islam along with answering excellent questions submitted from the audience. You won't want to miss this program!

(Hat Tip: Jihad Watch)

Update: The Islamic book, "Reliance of the Traveller," mentioned in part one can be found HERE.

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A Lesson in Liberal Tolerance

tweettwat.JPGGlenn Beck's and his family were harassed at an outdoor movie in NYC. What later follows is a lurid tale of liberal lies, justifications and twitter post regrets.

It turns out that one Lindsey Piscitell (pic left) watched Beck's show and was so upset that she decided to rebut his claim in NY Magazine, but forgot to scrub her twitter feeds and blog comments first.

The Blaze: Well, now a woman has come forward to say that she was seated right behind Glenn and that his account is “FALSE.”



Note to self: Always throw the evidence into the memory hole BEFORE lying in print.

Moronic liberal quote of the day.

We live our lives intolerant only of those who don’t tolerate.

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Good News: Banned Cleric Sheikh Raed Salah Gets Into UK Anyway

Despite a travel ban he made it in, now getting out is the tricky part. Say have we any room at GITMO?

Guardian: Theresa May says investigation has been launched into how Sheikh Raed Salah was allowed in despite travel ban.

The decision to arrest Salah followed an appeal by the Conservative MP for Finchley and Golders Green, Mike Freer, to May in the Commons on Monday that Salah be banned from Britain because of his "history of virulent anti-semitism".

"I have been questioning the propriety of providing a platform to a speaker who reportedly peddles the conspiracy theories of Jewish involvement in the 9/11 plots," Freer said. "I am pleased he will not be speaking in parliament."

He won't be speaking to parliament, that's nice.

I smell Anjem Choudary in all this.

Hat Tip: Harry's Place.

Update: Listening to NPR this morning one fact included in the reporting on striking public workers was that border and immigration agents were out as well.

So that may have had something to do with it, Islamists taking advantage to get through security?

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June 29, 2011

Report: Pakistan ends US use of base for drone attacks

Our 'allies'

....Pakistan has long publicly opposed the missile attacks as a violation of its sovereignty, but has in private given support including intelligence to help target members of al-Qaida and the Taliban in the northwest region along the Afghan border.

The Financial Times quoted Defense Minister Ahmed Mukhtar as saying that Pakistan had ended U.S. drone flights out of Shamsi base in the southwestern province of Baluchistan, long reported to have been used for the covert war against militants.

"No U.S. flights are taking place from Shamsi any longer. If there have to be flights from the base, it will only be Pakistani flights," Mukhtar told the newspaper...


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It's Wednesday! Joe Dan Gorman's "The IN Word" With Guests Ben Shapiro, Ellen Karis & Victoria Jackson

With Joe Dan's side kick and co writer Sonja Schmidt:

Wednesday, June 29 · 10:00pm - 11:00pm

11PM ET, 10PM CT & 8PM PT
Watch live stream & Replays Here!

Guest: NYT Bestselling author, Ben Shapiro, author of Primetime Propaganda
Comic Guest: Ellen Karis

PJTV's Sonja Schmidt and creator Joe Dan Gorman co-write and produce this cutting edge PC Defying webcast...aka the fun world of Liberal Free Conservative Arts....Music, comedy and more. Visit our website at http://the-in-word.com/

So Jawas, check it out cuz like Jawa Report was included in credits of last 2 shows. Stop by and chat so I can prove to Joe Dan and Sonja people do read my posts....

I hope, if not you are all FIRED! Oh wait...

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Self-Defense Illegal In NC Town (Bumped)

Update: III Just as I expected, NBC17 pulled the video. I guess the Garner government pressured them to remove it. But thanks to another Jawa, I was able to upload a copy. Please feel free to mirror as I am certain NBC17 will claim copyright and have it removed.

Update: Video added.

Update II: Quoted article has been updated.

Garner, NC has a zero-tolerance policy against discharging a weapon inside city limits. Self-defense is no excuse (emphasis mine):

GARNER, N.C. -- Garner Police have cited Perry Whitaker for violating the town's gun ordinance for shooting at a prowler on Wednesday.

The Garner police responded to a break-in in progress at a home on Nellane Drive. Whitaker told them one of the prowlers had fired a shot at him and he retuned fire with his shotgun.

Despite the fact that he was trying to protect himself, police cited Whitaker, 26, of Nellane Drive for violating the gun ordinance.

They say there is no self-defense exception in Garner’s gun ordinance. Only a law enforcement officer may fire a weapon with-in town limits according to the local code.

Local news reports have indicated that the suspects actually fired at Whitaker first. It is also being reported on the television news that Whitaker is a former police officer.

NBC17 doesn't have the video on their site yet, but I'll keep an eye out and update when (if) it does.

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North Korea To Chair UN Disarmament Conference

Think the United Nations couldn't top the irresponsibility and absurdity electing Iran to the Commission on Women's Rights? Well, they are trying to top themselves. They have just appointed North Korea to chair the UN Disarmament Conference.

Your tax dollars hard at work.

UN contributors.jpg

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Rep Darrell Issa's Response To Obi One's Remarks Today On Operation Fast & Furious


Washington, DC - House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa released the following statement on President Obama's comments at his press conference today on Operation Fast and Furious:

"President Obama's remarks today on Operation Fast and Furious were disappointing. There was no sign of urgency to provide answers or explain why no one at the Justice Department has accepted responsibility for authorizing an illegal gunwalking operation six months after Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's murder. The American people expect more from the President than unsubstantiated assertions that the Attorney General didn't know about this reckless program and no explanation about who authorized it."

Yesterday Rep Issa was on FNC:

Obi One wants this all to go away. Fortunately for us, it ain't over by a long shot.

Related sites to keep up to date on this:

Journalist Guide to Project Gunwalker


WH Set To Throw ATF's Melson Under Bus..But Anti-Gun Zealot To Take His Place?
Google's YouTube "Fast & Furious" Censorship: Rep Issa's Oversight Hearing On Operation Gunrunner

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Dear Friends Of YouTube User IHUNION (Update: Video Added Of Cyber Shaheed)

Harry M., Operator of IHUNION is being cornholed at this time [Betreiber IHUNION wird zu diesem Zeitpunkt cornholed]

You're next. [Ihr seid die Nächsten]

That.is.all. [dass.ist.alle.]


The Zionist Overlords [Die zionistische Overlords]


Finally, on Youtube you can also find a German news program's interview with Harry M.:

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Extremists In America

(Hat Tip: IHateTheMedia)

The AP has discovered a disturbing rise in extremism in our own backyard:

KALISPELL, Mont. – With its jagged peaks, glistening lakes and lush valleys, the Inland Northwest — stretching from eastern Washington to Montana's Glacier National Park — is a stunningly beautiful and remote part of the country.

It also is a cradle for sometimes-violent anti-government activity...

Extremists in America??

Like those who are, say, planning attacks on U.S. military bases? Plotting to blow up American airports? Planting car bombs at Christmas tree lighting ceremonies? Rigging toys with explosives?

No, not those extremists. It would be racist to notice them. The "extremists" the AP discovered, and those on which our Homeland Security is focusing, are white-supremacists.

Don't you feel safer?

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The Religion of Rape

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

Arutz Sheva is reporting that ALL rapes in Norway in 2010 were committed by Muslims or asylum seekers from Islamic countries.

Defenders of Islam call it a "religion of peace" but many Norwegian women are learning that Islam is the religion of rape. According to an amazing police report released there this month, every single solved case of assault-rape in the country in 2010 was carried out by a Muslim immigrant.

The report was cited by an official Norwegian television station, which interviewed a victim who said that her rapist explained to her that his religion permits him to rape her.

KitmanTV posts this news report at Youtube:

So much for Islam’s claim of honoring and respecting women. All those additional "rights" - the right not to be raped, kidnapped or beaten without cause - Muhammad supposedly gave women only apply to Muslim women, and even they are subjected to abuse and brutality if their male owner is not happy with them.

UPDATE by SH: Howie posted this video a few days ago. It certainly pertains to DMartyr's post. Thanks to Garduneh Mehr for reminding me about this video, we certainly have missed you GM!

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Hot Saudi Chicks Selling Hot Saudi Chicks Hot Stuff


Is it just me or is there something slyly sexy about this chick that even her burqua can't hide?

NPR: RIYADH, Saudi Arabia—On the "ladies' level" at the Kingdom Centre shopping mall in the Saudi capital, winds of change for Saudi women are blowing among the racks of bras. Gender barriers are falling among the body-shapers and panties. In what Saudi activists argue is one of several potentially momentous moves this spring and summer to ease some of the toughest strictures in the world upon women, Saudi Arabia says that it is remaking employment regulations — so that women clerks can wait upon female customers in lingerie stores.
Super hot image credit and more here at the BBC.

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More Proof The Death Penalty is Just

needkilling.JPGBecause some people, like these two POS (allegedly) just need killing.

Chicago Sun Times: Confined to a cramped dog cage in his family’s Gary-area mobile home, 13-year-old Christian Choate would ask why he couldn’t go outside with the other kids.

The boy, whose body was found May 4 after Lake County police received a tip that he’d been killed two years earlier, wrote of how many times he had to steal food or use the bathroom in his place of confinement. He was “let out” to clean or vacuum but then had to go back to his “place” immediately afterward.

While everyone else was outside playing, he wasn’t. When he asked for something to do, he was given paper.

May the executioner wipe that smirk off that woman's face.

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Cross Dressing Senior Leader Of Al Qaeda Group Captured

It's not nice to fool Allah, and Allah knows best

KABUL, Afghanistan -- A senior leader of an Al Qaeda-linked terror group has been captured in northern Afghanistan dressed up like a woman -- the latest in a recent series of cases involving male militants disguised as females, the U.S.-led military coalition said Tuesday.

A joint Afghan and coalition force apprehended a senior figure from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and two of his associates during a nighttime operation Monday in Kunduz city, NATO said

It said the militant, who also supported the Taliban network, had planned attacks against the Afghan National Police, as well as various suicide bombings and assaults against other Afghan security forces.[More]

NATO hasn't released the names of the ghey dude and his two lovers.

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Imperial Good News: 100 Dead Afghan Insurgents

USA Today:

JALALABAD, Afghanistan — Insurgents have suffered heavy casualties in a hard-fought battle with U.S. and Afghan forces in the rugged mountain terrain and Taliban stronghold of eastern Afghanistan's Kunar province, military officials said Tuesday.

Up to 100 insurgents were killed during the multi-day operation in the northern part of the Watahpur District of Kunar, where gunmen from Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan are battling hundreds of American troops and their Afghan military counterparts.

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Where's Howie?

Marching in Cuba. Say hello to Hugo will you, old bean?

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Afghanistan's Intercontinental Hotel Under Attack by Suicide Bombers

Apparently a Mumbai style attack.


A Taliban suicide assault team attacked a hotel frequented by foreigners in the Afghan capital of Kabul. Initial reports indicate that 14 people may have been killed while fighting is still underway.

A heavily armed Taliban assault team, estimated at six fighters strong, penetrated several rings of security at the Intercontinental and have entered the hotel. Three or four members of the assault team broke through the security, entered the hotel, and began targeting the guests, many of whom are foreigners. Many of the hotel guests were in the restaurant at the time of the attack. At least one Taliban sniper is said to have opened fire on security forces using rocket propelled grenades and a rifle from the rooftop. Afghan security forces have surrounded the hotel, cut off power, and are engaging the remaining Taliban fighters.

The Taliban, via their spokesman, Zahibullah Mujahid, claimed credit for the attack in a statement released to the press.

"Our muj [mujahideen or fighters] entered the hotel and they've gone through several stories of the building and they are breaking into each room and they are targeting the 300 Afghans and foreigners who are staying," Mujahid said, according to The New York Times.[More]

According to FNC
A State Department official told Fox News that all chiefs of mission personnel are accounted for in the country, including all U.S. citizens currently working for the embassy in Kabul. However there is no information yet on any Americans who might have been staying at the Intercon hotel.
AllahP has more on this
The Times says there could be as many as six suicide bombers on the scene, and reportedly at least three are carrying light and heavy weapons. According to a Taliban spokesman, who took credit for the attack on behalf of the group, the attackers “are breaking into each room and they are targeting the 300 Afghans and foreigners who are staying.” Systematic murder, in other words, not indiscriminate explosions; presumably, they’re wearing vests in case they’re cornered by U.S. and Afghan troops and want to take a few with them at the moment of truth.[Continue reading]
Lovely, just fecking lovely.

Update by Howie: Video of the scene seems pretty calm.

Update by Matt Damon: Speculation on my part this had to have been an inside job.

Update by Howie again: Three of the terrorists were cleared off the roof of the hotel by NATO helicopters.

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Swedish Meetballs: Swedish Gaza flotilla ship sabotaged

Oh the horror!

The group has reported that the ship Juliano has been sabotaged while berthed in Piraeus harbour, in Greece.

“It is time for the international community to put their foot down and say: It’s enough!” said Swedish spokesperson Mattias Gardell in a statement on Monday.

According to Mikael Löfgren, press coordinator of the organisation, it is not known who was behind the attack in which hostile divers destroyed the propeller housing and severed the two propeller axles beneath the boat.

“We didn’t catch anyone in the act, so we can’t be 100 percent sure, but we have our suspicions,” said Löfgren to The Local.

The butler did it with the candlestick....solved!

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US Boat to Gaza: The Audacity of Hope Hate

audacity of dumbasses.jpg
Image credit - Jawa reader

Islams useful idiots:


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What Really Happened...

... to Charles Johnson's johnson....

(Runs away again.....)

By Howie at 01:54 PM | Comments |

Where's Vinnie?

Cheerleader tryouts today.

That's how its done bitches!


(runs away)

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Congrats To The USA Women's World Cup Team

Piss off North Korean dicktasters dictators. We Blixed your arses.

By Ronin at 01:32 PM | Comments |

US Targets al-Shabaab

Missile? What Missile?

CNN has learned that U.S. military aircraft conducted a strike near Kismayo in southern Somalia last week as part of new secret joint Pentagon and CIA war against a terrorist group the U.S. believes is targeting Europe and the United States.

The U.S. hit a stronghold of al Shabaab, a Somali-based al Qaeda affiliate now in the U.S. crosshairs.

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Egyptian Rage Boys: "Cut Out the Tongue Of Any Person Who Attacks Our Religion"...

mickey and minnie_naaquib sawiris.jpg

A simple tweet with link to above image has caused Islamic outrage in Egypt. One would think they would be pleased with the image, go figure.

The Horror!!

CAIRO - An Egyptian Christian telecom mogul has angered Islamic hard-liners by posting an online cartoon of Mickey Mouse with a beard and Minnie in a face veil.

The ultraconservative Islamists, known as Salafis, called the cartoon posted by Naguib Sawiris on Twitter a mockery of Islam. They launched an online campaign calling on Muslims in Egypt to boycott Sawiris' mobile phone company Mobinil. Shares of Mobinil and Orascom Telecom, which Sawiris founded, both fell Monday on the Egyptian stock exchange.

Sawiris, who is also a politician, promotes a secular Egypt. He owns media companies and, after President Hosni Mubarak stepped down on Feb. 11, he launched a political party that calls for separation of state and religion.

Sawiris tweeted an apology:

Twitter _Naguib Sawiris_ I apologise for any who do .jpg

The apology means nothing to these Islamic rage boys, they are out to destroy him and his business. Facebook and twitter campaigns have been launched against him.

The Blaze has more on this

h/t RP who noted none of the MSM have the offending image. Unlike MSM I have no problem posting the image......Fatwa?

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Stop or I'll Shoot

Shoot you with my boobie.

ccording to the Delaware County Sheriff's Office, deputies were called to the area after receiving calls about a domestic dispute. When they arrived, a man told them that he had been attending a wedding at the facility with his wife, who had gotten drunk and struck him several times before locking herself in a car.

Delaware County Sheriff Walter L. Davis III said deputies tried to talk with the woman, who was identified as Stephanie Robinette, 30, of Westerville, but she refused to cooperate.

"When deputies attempted to remove Robinette from the vehicle, she advised the deputies that she was a breast feeding mother and proceeded to remove her right breast from her dress and began spraying deputies and the vehicle with her breast milk," Davis said.

The deputies were eventually able to remove Robinette from the car and arrest her, Davis said.

Hat Tip: Gawker.

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Homeland Insecurity: No Known Terrorist Attack Plans For The 4th Of July

Translation: Something BIG will happen, we just want everyone off guard for the weekend.

By DMartyr at 06:14 AM | Comments |

June 27, 2011

Lt Dan Band: For The Common Good Opens July 4th!

"Sign up in advance to see the film July 4th, here

God Bless Gary Sinise and his band for what they do for our finest and bravest.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Israel is Da Shizzle Them There Berries

I've been informed that red neck hillbillys are not allowed to use the term Shizzle?

Who knew?

So I adjusted the headline to a suitably blanco adjective phrase.

Where's my snuff?

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More Good Gun Control

Dana Point Times:

A would-be robber was holding a handgun to the stomach of an employee of Monaco Jewelers when another employee drew his own weapon and shot the gunman dead, authorities said today, releasing the most detailed account yet of the Friday shooting.

After the first shots were fired, a second robber advanced on the armed employee, who fired again and killed the second robber (sic), Orange County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Jim Amormino said.

“The investigation is continuing, but at this point it looks like a case of self-defense,” Amormino said of the jewelry-store employee’s decision to fire.

Read more: Dana Point Times - Jewelry Store Robbers Identified Fatal Shootings Appear Justified.

A third robber, the smart one, ran like hell.

Hat Tip: Google alert on "Shooter Identified" for transparency against any claims of racist sensationalism by some Media Matters types.

Update: Second Google alert on Shooter Identified. Can you believe that, its like a khinspiracy.

By Howie at 06:01 PM | Comments |

Dear "Gen JC Christian" blogspot (Jesus' General)

Jesus General assmaggot.jpg.jpg

Or patriotboy.blogspot.com[yes that page does exist..use link given on bs warning] to be exact.

Retraction and apology requested.

He/she/it has a post regarding Islam's useful idiots boat to Gaza or what they like to call "Freedom Flotilla". He/she/it's post is titled "Kill our Citizens Please" which is in regards to jokes made on twitter about Americans on the boat to Gaza. Also this douchebag compares murdered Nuns with Pro-Pal Islamist Hamas anti-Jew supporters

Back to why I am posting this, I don't know the reason why he/she/it linked my post titled "Radical Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr thanks followers for pledging to attack U.S. military in Iraq"

Elsewhere: The proudly white Jawa reminds us that calls to murder American citizens aren't patriotic acts if there's melanin involved.
"Proudly white"? WTF is that suppose to mean douchebag? Are you calling me and fellow Jawa bloggers white supremacists?

You damn well better retract that statement and apologize. Sending your lackeys to comment pretending to be white supremacists won't work either, just sayin

You have been drinking too much of George Soros' kool aid. You claim you are a "satire" website but from the links you have that statement doesn't really hold up.

UPDATE: He/she/it doesn't have a clue, brain dead liberals are like that:

Jesus General_twitter.jpg

No retraction, apology, just more bullshit

UPDATE II: (See Howie's video above):

israel_da shizzle.jpg

JC christian_hillbilly.jpg

Ah, was that liberal retraction?

It's not nice to piss off a Jawa...especially me

To be continued.....

Assholes twitter account @JC_Christian

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Shin Bet cracks top Palestinian terror cell

Mazel tov!


The IDF and Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) have arrested close to two dozen Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) operatives who were running a number of terror cells near Jerusalem and were planning to kidnap soldiers and perpetrate other terror attacks against Israel, it was released for publication on Sunday.

Some of the operatives, the Shin Bet said, were Arabs from east Jerusalem in possession of Israeli identity cards enabling them to travel freely throughout the country.[More]

Image of some of those arrested via Shin Bet blog[Exposing the military infrastructure of the "Popular Front"]. I don't read Hebrew so can only guess they were the top tier. Three names mentioned in the JPost article were Nasser Abu-Khadir, [50](alleged leader), another senior operative Walid Habas[31], and Fares Barghouti[33]. Names mentioned in the Shin Bet blog besides what the JPost has are Sam Rantissi[30], and Na'al?[31] (Googlish translate)

Shin Bet blog_PFLP arrests.jpg

By Stable Hand at 12:38 PM | Comments |

Terrorist Group Boko Haram Murders 25 Beer Drinkers in Nigeria

They also bombed a police station murdering two.

CSMonitor: At least 25 Nigerians were killed Sunday night when motorcyclists threw bombs into outdoor beer gardens in the northeastern city of Maiduguri (see map). No group has claimed responsibility yet, but local police say the attack bore the hallmark of the Islamist group Boko Haram.

The attack underscores a deterioration of security in Nigeria's predominantly Muslim north – particularly since President Goodluck Jonathan, who comes from the mainly Christian south, was inaugurated on May 29. Boko Haram is fighting for the implemention of sharia (Islamic law), including a ban on alcohol, and has demanded an Islamic state.

By Howie at 10:31 AM | Comments |

David Carr Racist Against White Folk

Weasel Zippers:

New York Times columnist David Carr responds to Bill Maher implying Alabama and Kansas are not the “smart states.”

David Carr: “If it’s Kansas, Missouri, no big deal. You know, that’s the dance of the low-sloping foreheads. The middle places, right? [pause] Did I just say that aloud?”

I hope pencil neck says that to Bubba's face. Really I do.

By Howie at 08:39 AM | Comments |

The Taliban Hearts al-Qaeda

Weekly Standard:

Joe Biden finally won an argument. President Obama’s decision to draw down U.S. forces in Afghanistan seems to move American policy toward Biden’s long-held view that the U.S. military should narrow its approach to a selective, counter-terrorism-focused mission. In this view, targeted raids, like the one that killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan, are enough to secure America. It’s a politically convenient theory. Too bad it’s wrong.

...Al Qaeda’s reach in Af-ghanistan can be seen in the press releases issued by the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), NATO’s command in Afghanistan. Press releases from March 2007 forward show the presence of al Qaeda and affiliated groups, such as the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), in 94 different districts and in 25 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces.

Since mid-April of this year alone, ISAF and Afghan forces have killed or captured dozens of al Qaeda commanders and fighters. On May 3, the day after bin Laden was killed, Afghan troops killed or wounded more than 25 Arabs, Chechens, and Pakistanis in the Barg-e-Matal district of Nuristan. The 25 were sent across the border to retaliate for bin Laden’s demise. According to the Obama administration’s estimates, this would mean that half of al Qaeda’s presence inside Afghanistan was wiped out on that one day. A week later, on May 10, a dozen more al Qaeda fighters were killed or captured by ISAF and Afghan forces. At this pace, there should not be any al Qaeda operatives left in Afghanistan.

Read the rest.

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Imperial Good News: Chavez Damn Near Dead

Hopefully Castro can't save the bastage.

Venezuelan President Hugo El Comandante Chavez is not dead, although the controversial socialist leader is reportedly in “critical” but “stable” condition, as he recovers from a what his people claimed was emergency surgery on a “pelvic abscess” in a hospital in Cuba. The news, reported by Miami’s Spanish-langauge daily, Nuevo Herald, comes as rumours of Chavez’s ill-health and even possible death reach a fever-pitch in the blogosphere – prompting some in Chavez’s retinue to start shooing away the vultures.
Here's to hoping that pinko commie bastage encounters a severe Cipro shortage.

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Daily Motion Smackdown!

A friend once pointed out to me, "We breed resistant pests." Flag terrorist off Jihadtube and he pops up somewhere else where its bit harder to get him. This also tells you something about his dedication.


Anyway a reader sends along these items from a resistant pest on Dailymotion. Note the Jihadis are using misleading titles to help hide the uploads.

And also Daily Motion requires some personal information to flag the videos. I know some of you dislike that, but if you can please help.







Thanks in advance, you little crusaders.

By Howie at 08:14 AM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Jawa Dumps Google (Updated : Purge Complete)

Today Howie (that's me) had this waiting in his inbox this afternoon.

Google AdSense: You have 3 working days to make changes to your site


During a recent review of your account we found that you are currently
displaying Google ads in a manner that is not compliant with our program

EXAMPLE PAGE: http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/048397.php

Please note that this URL is an example and that the same violations may
exist on other pages of this website or other sites in your network.


VIOLENCE: As stated in our program policies, AdSense publishers are not
permitted to place Google ads on pages with violent content. This includes
sites with content related to breaking bones, getting hit by trains or
cars, or people receiving serious injuries. More information about this
policy can be found in our help center

VIOLENCE/GORE: As stated in our program policies, AdSense publishers are
not permitted to place Google ads on pages with violent or disturbing
content, including sites with gory text or images. More information about
this policy can be found in our help center

REQUESTED ACTION: Please make all necessary changes in the next 72 hours.

Isn't that a bitch, all I have to do is censor the truth and Google will forgive me.

I've been around this block a number of times and I'm finished censoring Jawa Report for Google. That's the reason I blog here, because here I can get the information that the main stream media won't tell you.

So if you notice on the main page we have a new ad service, Rusty runs Blogads so I have to choose something different. If anyone has suggestions for alternate ad services I'm listening.

The real bitch is on the month that Rusty finally gets a link from Drudge Report resulting in near record traffic and blog revenue, then Google gets their panties all in a wad.

Go figure.

There will be some site rebuilds running over the weekend. I've just done the main page for now. Blogroll and change requests, well now would be a good time.

In the mean time, I'm sure the new ad service will result, at least for a time, in reduced revenue. So if you would like to buy a 160 by 600 banner ad for a month (10 to 20 k hits per day with .14 click rate) or just help Howie stick it to the man.

Donate to Darth Hoppity

Later Jawas.

Update 06/25/11: OK I've reworked the left sidebar. I removed the Google search and restored the RSS 2.0 feed way down there on the left.

You'll notice no ads on the right side. The ad code for the new service was breaking some stuff. Researching that.

And also thanks to those of you who helped me out, all three of you. It eases the new Google free budget here, really. The rest of you suck ;)

Update 06/27/11: OK Google has officially been purged from Jawa report, and also more thanks to those helping out. Special thanks to Chris Short who is taking a look at some code for us that we're going to try out next week, the changes will hopefully take care of the errors with the new ads.

So until then I'm depending on you. Yes you. I know... Its a long shot ;)

Update: PubAccess shot me down...

Thanks again to a few more readers, awww shucks. But seriously one said, "Wish I could do more." Well that is not the point, I know there are thousands who read daily, its not so much that I want six or eight of you to do anything big. I'd much rather half of you participate with smaller amounts.

Its rather like our flagging campaigns. The more that participate, the better we do at those. Its our collective that makes us powerful in that respect.

Whatever you decide I don't wish anyone to hurt themselves by doing more than they can or should. Times are hard and I'm right in there with ya, so I really appreciate it.

By Howie at 08:06 AM | Comments |

Sen Mitch McConnell (R-KY): Too dangerous to try terror case in Kentucky, The Herald-Leader/WaPo Opinion disagrees

Pictured: Flag of the "Islamic State of Iraq" (aka al-Qaida in Iraq)


[Mitch McConnell]The Herald-Leader is staking out very lonely territory when it comes out in favor of trying two Iraqi-born suspects in a civilian federal court here in Kentucky.

There's a broad, bipartisan consensus across the state: Get these alleged terrorists out of Kentucky.

I imagine readers of the editorial page are no exception — especially if they know all the facts.

The two men arrested in Bowling Green are not American citizens; they're apparently enemy combatants who have taken up arms against U.S. soldiers on a foreign battlefield.[...]

There is no question that we could prosecute these men in civilian court, but after Congress created a $200 million, state-of-the-art facility in Guantanamo Bay precisely for this purpose, why would we want to?

It simply makes no sense to saddle Kentuckians with some of the security and logistical costs associated with ensuring the safety of our residents during the trial [...]

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's decision to try these enemy combatants in Bowling Green instead of Guantanamo Bay is the wrong one.

I was shocked to hear Holder say recently that "our most effective terror-fighting weapon (is) our Article Three court system."

I think that if Osama bin Laden were still alive, he would say our most effective weapon is the American military.[More]

Now WaPo Opinion:
The call by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) to detain and interrogate two men arrested in Kentucky and accused of supporting Iraqi insurgents was wrong, legally and practically [“The right place to try terrorists,” op-ed, June 22].

The best way to obtain intelligence and achieve justice is through the federal courts, where hundreds of suspected terrorists have been prosecuted successfully and valuable information about terrorist networks and activities secured by law enforcement in the process. The federal courts unquestionably have jurisdiction over charges against the men of conspiracy and material support — unlike the Guantanamo military commissions, in which the designation of these charges as war crimes is improper and rightly contested.

No surprise coming for WaPo. Frankie Martin of WaPo defamed The Jawa Report. We know which side they stand on, and no, he has not apologized.

Kentucky: Federal indictment: Two Bowling Green residents involved in a conspiracy to provide support, weapons to al-Qaida in Iraq (ISI)
Jawa Defamed in WaPo: Yes, Let's Follow the Money (Sticky/UPDATED)

By Stable Hand at 02:19 AM | Comments |

Radical Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr thanks followers for pledging to attack U.S. military in Iraq

Muqtada al Sadr_shove that finger up your ass Sadr.jpg
See this finger? I wipe my arse with it

Let us not forget our finest and bravest who are still in Iraq. Recently, two of them were killed. The June total of hostile-related deaths of U.S. soldiers is now 11, the most since May 2009


(CNN) -- Radical anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr thanked followers who offered to launch attacks against the U.S. military in Iraq should he reinstate his notorious Mehdi Army militia, according to a posting on his website.

The exchange between a follower and al-Sadr on his website comes as Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is talking with members of his government about the possibility of requesting American troops to stay in Iraq beyond a year-end deadline to withdraw.

Al-Sadr vowed earlier this year to "escalate armed resistance" if the U.S. military does not pull its troops as scheduled, a move that could destabilize the country should the Mehdi Army repeat the bloody battles it waged against American and Iraqi forces during the height of violence.

"We intended to be martyred, if you intend to lift the freeze of Imam al-Mehdi Army to defend Islam, doctrine and Iraq. Our martyrdom will be restricted only on activities against the infidel occupier without harming the civilians or any public proprieties," an unidentified follower posted on the website on Friday.

Yah right they don't intend to harm civilians.

By Stable Hand at 12:58 AM | Comments |

Iraq: Sploded Al Qaeda In Iraq Leader's Wife Gets 20 Years

Hasna Ali Yahya, wife of dead al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Ayyub al-Masri sentenced to 20 years

An Iraqi court has sentenced the wife of a slain al-Qaeda leader to 20 years in prison on terrorism-related charges, an Iraqi judicial spokesman said on Sunday.

Hasna Ali Yahya, the Yemeni wife of Abu Ayyub al-Masri, was convicted last Thursday, according to Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council spokesman Abdul-Sattar Bayrkdar. Bayrkdar didn’t give details on the charges, but a government official said she was convicted of facilitating correspondence between insurgents and preparing explosive-laden belts.
Members of a Facebook page set up for her, Release Hasna Ali, appears a tad upset. Me? F**k yah, let the beotch rot in prison.

Justice is served...

By Stable Hand at 12:08 AM | Comments |

June 26, 2011

British military advisers 'expelled from Pakistan'


British military advisers sent to Pakistan to help in the fight against the Taliban and al-Qaeda have been expelled from the country, in the wake of the US Navy Seal raid that killed Osama bin Laden.
Is Pakistan feeling pressure from the Taliban and their ISI handlers?

Who else are they hiding and or trying to protect? Inquiring minds wanna know.

By Stable Hand at 11:18 PM | Comments |

World's Largest Natural Boobies

Stacy McCain has the image here


By Stable Hand at 09:12 PM | Comments |

Taliban Success: Uses Child To Carry Out Suicide Bombing

Less than a week ago, Rusty posted about a nine-year-old girl who was kidnapped by the Taliban, strapped with a suicide vest and only narrowly escaped with her life.

Today, the Taliban succeeded. They took another little girl - this one only eight years old - gave her a bomb and told her to approach an Afghan police vehicle. When she did, they detonated the bomb.

No one else was killed by the explosion.

And Obama wants to have peace talks with these savages.

(Hat Tip: Jihad Watch)

By DMartyr at 08:34 PM | Comments |

Rep. King Discusses Ex-Convicts Facing Terror Charges Plus Abdul Latif's YouTube Channel

This was from a couple days ago and I meant to post. Sux it only has 25 views but is to be expected considering CAIR, and Islams useful idiots including some in our government crying "Islamophobia":

Also, Internet Haganah has a interesting post: Jihad in Seattle, and Revolution Muslim, et al He breaks down the kind of people Abdul-Latif is connected to via his YouTube channel, which regular readers of Jawa will recognize, and sez

The following is a heavily redacted sample of just a few of Abdul-Latif's Youtube friends and their connections. There are maybe another dozen HVE's among Abdul-Latif's Youtube friends. Remember, these are weak ties, not evidence that Abdul-Latif associated in the real world with any of these people - he didn't need to. That's the point. What concerns me is that everyone in Seattle seemed to have been taken by surprise when the CHS walked in the door (see the Complaint). Given the kind of people Abdul-Latif is connected to, he really ought to have been on somebody's radar. That's not a reflection on the folks in the Seattle JTTF, who turned in a stellar performance. Rather it's a problem likely rooted in the way information gets disseminated from Washington, DC.
Latif's wife's FB page is predictable given the video Latif made using her to show the proper way to wear the burqa. She would link to other female FB users and chastise them for not covering up.
Assalamu Alaykum WarahmatulLAH.it is haram to that musilim sister to prostitute in word internet.cham to you.we have to fear ALLAH.
Abdul Latif was also on a Muslim dating site looking for a second wife "who would stay out of his pocket even though she had the right to". Also her only goal should be to get into Jannah. Good thing he had no takers...as far as we know.

He also liked Bin Laden porn.


Two Men Charged in Plot to Attack Seattle Military Processing Center (Updated)
Rep King Hearing's On Radicalization of American- Muslims Round 2
Rep King's Hearing Yesterday On The Threat of Muslim-American Radicalization in U.S. Prisons

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Online Prostitution Ring Busted

Pross Legs.jpg

(Albuquerque, New Mexico) A former president at the University of New Mexico, F. Chris Garcia, 71, and a professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, David Flory, 68, have been arrested for operating a multi-state online prostitution enterprise.
Garcia was part of the "hunt club," whose job was to look for new prostitutes for the site known as Southwest Companions, said police. Police declined to release an age range for the women.[…]

Flory told police he did not make any money off the website and saw it as more of a "hobby."

Reportedly, 200 women are employed by the prostitution ring, bartering their personal jiggy-jiggy for $1,000 per hour. Thrifty individuals can purchase single sex acts for a mere $200. (More….)

By Mr. E. Blogger at 02:09 PM | Comments |

If At First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again

An Apache uses a hellfire to demolish a building in which two insurgents are hiding. The insurgents survive. So the Apache tries again with a 30mm cannon.

Moral of the story: Hell hath no fury like an Apache.


Bonus War P0rn below the fold.

"Shh, Ahmad, be vewy vewy quiet. The Apaches won't hear us..."

By DMartyr at 09:16 AM | Comments |

Jawa Report Conquest Plan

Phase 1: Get a Wikipedia page.

Phase 2: ?


By DMartyr at 08:08 AM | Comments |

Hello Israel From Hello Kitty™: BDS Oh Sh*t No

hello kitty israel.jpgEoZ

Hello Kitty announced earlier this year that they will open a chain of new stores in Israel. As reported in YNet in February[..]

This is making the usual crowd of Israel haters very upset as can be seen in this letter written to the company at "Palestine Campaign."[More]

Breaking it down, BDS lost miserably, Hello Kitty™ has no plans of pulling out of Israel.

Please click BDS link above, maybe they will visit us and comment ;-)

By Stable Hand at 01:50 AM | Comments |

Hamas Playing With Explosives, Again?..

Powerful explosion near UN office in Gaza City

Would this have something to do with Ban Ki-moon finally demanding Hamas release Galid Shalit?

There has been a big explosion in Gaza City near a United Nations compound and Hamas offices.

The blast tore a 2m (6ft) hole through a wall surrounding the UN building.

Scenario: "Omar (talking to sploded dopes scattered flesh and shit), didn't I tell you to go further down the street and NOT use our offices to launch an attack against the UN compound?"

h/t ChallahHuAkbar

By Stable Hand at 12:28 AM | Comments |

June 25, 2011

ATTN Hamas YouTube User Ezzedeen01

Your Hamas propaganda video regarding Galid Shalit's 5 years in captivity: Shalit will not see the light before our prisoners pi**ed off Jawas and resulted in this message from a Zionist's boobies:

Good work Jawas! Nice way to put it to 'em!

Heh..f**k em

By Stable Hand at 10:05 PM | Comments |

IDF Soldier Gilad Shalit Marks 5 Years In Captivity (Live: Celebrity Jail Cell Protest)

billboard_by UN_free gilad shalit.jpg

The above billboard went up in NYC close to the UN headquarters thanks to 28-year old Californian Gal Sitty''s internet campaign.

Watch live: Celebrity jail cell protest

Beginning at 8 p.m. Saturday, a 24-hour live broadcast began, showing various celebrities and former POWs sitting inside a makeshift dark closet-like prison cell - for one hour each - to reflect the conditions of captivity Gilad Schalit is living in. Saturday marked five years since the IDF soldier was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists along the Gaza Strip border.
live broadcast_shalit.jpg

Among those participating in the project are: Former Mossad chief Danny Yatom, Former Shin Bet chief Ami Ayalon..[More]
Hamas (Al Qassam Brigades) posted this propaganda video today: Shalit will not see the light before our Prisoners, thanks to YouTube ignoring TOS violation. Hamas is a terrorist organization... but that means squat to YouTube. Flag that f**cker as-Violent or Repulsive Content: Supports Terrorism [UPDATE: Video gone!...thanks to all who helped!]

I pray he will be released and safely returned to his family.

NOTE: I don't support Israel releasing Hamas terrorists for Galid. It only leads to more kidnapping/release terrorist cycle.

By Stable Hand at 08:17 PM | Comments |

Iran, Afghanistan And Pakistan Join Forces To Fight Terrorism


...And for some strange reason, that union doesn't instill any confidence in me.

By DMartyr at 06:30 PM | Comments |

Sugar Mommas or Prostitutes

In case someone is wondering about the difference between prostitutes and young women compensated by older guys with expensive jewelry, cars, exotic vacations, etc., industry insider Noel Biderman of Avid Life Media explains that there is an important distinction.

"Prostitution is about sex for money and women who rely on these interactions to support themselves - this is their profession," he said.

"Sugar daddy relationships are real women who are interested in being with men who are willing to spend their disposable income on the lifestyle - clothes, jewelry, trips, dining - that match up with their desires," Biderman added.

I hope that clears up any confusion.

By Mr. E. Blogger at 01:04 PM | Comments |

Muslim Brotherhood Calls For Revolution In West To Establish Global Islamic State, “The United States of Islam”…

united states of islam_2.jpg


(MEMRI) — In a June 8, 2011 interview with the Egyptian daily Al-Shorouq, Dr. Kamal Al-Helbawy, former Muslim Brotherhood spokesman in the West, called upon the Arab youth to launch a new revolution that would eliminate the borders drawn by imperialist nations and bring about the establishment of a global Islamic state — “called ‘The United States of Islam.’”
united states of islam_3.jpg

According to Al-Helbawy, the Muslim Brotherhood is active in approximately 80 countries and strives to realize the dream of becoming a global organization.
Inbreeding certainly screws up these assmaggots reasoning abilities.

By Stable Hand at 12:49 PM | Comments |

Allahu Akbar...Not

Towards the end they show the explosion over and over. One problem, the IED failed

Flag this sucker, he is a repeat YT TOS offender

By Stable Hand at 11:25 AM | Comments |

Afghan "Resistance" Kills 100 Afghans and One Invader


Afghan officials say a suicide car bomber set off a huge blast Saturday at a hospital in eastern Afghanistan, killing at least 60 people.

The Afghan Health Ministry says the explosion in Logar province, about 40 kilometers from the capital, Kabul, wounded another 120 people. Women and children were among the casualties.

The Taliban has denied responsibility for the attack, saying the militant group does not target hospitals.

Earlier, authorities in northern Afghanistan said a bicycle bomb exploded in a bazaar late Friday, killing 10 people, including a police officer.

Officials say 24 people, including five women and a policeman, were wounded in the blast in the Khanabad district of Kunduz province.

In another development, NATO says one of its service members was killed in an insurgent attack Saturday in eastern Afghanistan.

Well I'm sure the Taliban would deny that but since their mouthpiece is hundreds of miles away in Pakistan WTF would he know.

Islamic extremists often get a little miffed at hospitals, where western doctors reconstruct women's ears and noses after some Muslime savage chops them off.

Who knows maybe they even treat women without a man's permission.

This is the problem with the Taiban, all the ones with half a brain are dead. The rest are mostly illiterate morons with no idea what to do except randomly blow up any Afghan that speaks to a Westerner.

It won't do the Taliban any good to issue orders because these idiots can't read them any way.

By Howie at 08:02 AM | Comments |


For those of you who don't know, Steven lost his manager after he released the Daily Show's letter in which they state, "We never book conservative pundits."

Nice work Mr. Stewart, you're bringing back the black list.

By Howie at 07:49 AM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Prayers for Minot

One flood ends and another begins.

We pray for those who've lost so much and that efforts to save what can be saved are a success.

If its any consolation, our rivers are down. Send us all that water you can, we have room now, only a short time ago we were in the same boat.

By Howie at 07:44 AM | Comments |

Preemptive Jihad

koran headline.jpg

The headline misses a key point - it was the items found in the trunk that tells the whole story (emphasis mine):

KEY PENINSULA, Wash. -- A man who was fatally shot by Tacoma police during a traffic stop early Wednesday morning pointed a gun loaded with armor-piercing bullets at the officer who stopped him and was carrying a large amount of ammunition in his truck, the Tacoma Police Department said. [..]

When police searched Papineau's truck, they found a large amount of ammunition and additional ammunition magazines.They also said they found a Koran and several books on converting to Islam.

Adding insult to injury, this wanna-be jihadist was taken out, not only by a kafir, but by a female kafir...

This guy was a bomb waiting to go off (no pun intended). Not only was he a new Muslim convert, but he also worked for the Post Office!

Let's hope the officer who killed him isn't charged with a hate crime for denying Papineau his right to exercise his religion. Killing the kafir is such a predominant part of Islam.

(Hat Tip: Jihad Watch)

By DMartyr at 06:11 AM | Comments |

The Lone Marine

(Hat Tip: IHateTheMedia)

By DMartyr at 05:48 AM | Comments |

Somalia: Foreign Helicopter Attack Kills 15 Rebels(Updated)

Rusty posted about this yesterday death toll is now up to 15(Al Shabab commanders)...with 8 foreigners among the dead.

NY Times

At least 15 insurgents were killed in a foreign helicopter attack on a Shabab rebel military base near Kismayo, Somalia, witnesses and officials said Friday. The attack, which occurred on Thursday, killed at least 15 Shabab commanders, including eight foreigners, a local human rights organization said. It was not clear who carried out the attack.
Lets hope this turncoat is among the dead.

By Matt Damon at 05:22 AM | Comments |

Boobies+Kittehs=Lots Of Boobies

Howie's busy so:

By Stable Hand at 12:08 AM | Comments |

For Sale: Invisible Art (Bumped - Caption Contest!)

After reading THIS story, I decided to create my own invisible art to sell. Remember, you're not just paying for the work itself, but also for the title and description.

invisible art2.jpg

This is a DMartyr original, and it's my first professionally produced piece.

The bidding starts at $25. All proceeds go to help a very worthy Jawa Report cause. Namely, me.

Update: There are a lot of funny ideas in comments, so why not make it a caption contest. Find your "blank canvas" HERE (also in comments) and turn it into a work of invisible art by adding a title and a description.

Top three entries will get an invisible prize and an invisible fatwa.

Update II: Invisible prizes and invisible fatwas issued!

Winning invisible artwork and the invisible prizes won below the fold.

The "i will cut ur neck" fatwa issued against Plankton for:

invisible art plankton.jpg

Plankton also wins A BRAND NEW INVISIBLE CAR!! Seriously, its out in the driveway right now...

The "devil will do meetballs from your bodies" fatwa issued against Live Free Or Die for:

invisible art live free or die.jpg

Live Free's prize is an all-expense paid invisible trip to Las Vegas! The invisible airline tickets are in the mail. You'll be staying in an invisible room at the Mirage Hotel and Casino (you'll also be comped invisible chips which pay-off real invisible money!)

The "why u insult holly quoran" fatwa issued against fasternu426 for:

invisible art fasternu426.jpg

Fasternu426 wins Vinnie's extra subscription to World Wide Championship Midget P0rn Wrestling. Apparently, he received duplicate gifts for his last birthday. This particular prize, unfortunately, isn't invisible, but you'll have to appeal to Vinnie to give it up. He's been cutting out the pictures and pasting them on his bedroom ceiling. So, you'd better hurry while there some still left

And special mention for JaWannaB's insightful piece:

invisible art jawannab.jpg

By DMartyr at 06:17 PM | Comments |

How About McQaeda?

It's kind of catchy, it's descriptive of al Qaeda's franchising efforts, and maybe it carries less baggage than the old name?

But if my business classes taught me anything then it's not so much the name of the brand that matters as it is the copious number of beheadings that brand is responsible for. Or something like that.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:05 PM | Comments |

Dumbass Leftists Celebrating American Traitor

Freedom is slavery, war is peace, ignorance is strength.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:53 PM | Comments |

"Allies" Sentence Man to Death for Blasphmeous Texts

We've all heard of sexting. But we need a new term for blasphemous texts that will get you the death penalty in Pakistan.

I really hope India nukes these guys sooner rather than later.

Thanks to The Religion of Peace.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:50 PM | Comments |

Understanding Online Radicalization

Ali Teymouri has a concise description of the ways in which the internet is used to radicalize Muslims up at Pajamas Media. None of the information is new to Jawa readers, but it boils down most of what we've been saying into a brief and readable four part series.

1) The Jihadi Forums
2) The Jihadi Blogs
3) Facebook and Social Media
4) The Jihadi Magazines

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Airstrikes Hit Shabaab in Somalia

We're saying it was a 'partner' who did the actual shooting, although locals thought it was a US drone attack. Whoever did the shooting, let's hope they killed some bad guys.

UPDATE (Matt Damon): An al Shabaab leader in the area reports it was two unidentified helicopters that attacked ... American and French.

UPDATE: Two senior Shabaab reported leaders killed.

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Another Shocker: Would-be Terrorist Learned to Love bin Laden through YouTube

More from our noshitsherlock files. Fox News:

Melaku allegedly frequented sites such as YouTube, where he watched videos outlining atrocities in the Muslim world and accusing the United States of victimizing Muslims, according to the sources familiar with the case who spoke on condition of anonymity.
You mean some people watching terrorist videos on YouTube might actually be inspired by them? Shocking!

PS-For Xariif:

During interrogation by authorities, he initially denied that he is Muslim, but military sources say Melaku previously identified himself as such, and a picture has since emerged indicating that -- at the least -- he subscribes to extremist Muslim ideology.
Any one seen this picture?

Again, contrary to popular belief about half one-third of Ethiopians are Muslim.

Thanks to YourMomsHaram.

Also, can someone smack down Greyrooster in the comments for being such a racist idiot?

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Shocking News! bin-Laden Courier's Phone Contained Contacts with Pakistani Intelligence and Harakat al-Mujahedeen *Bumped*

Bumped by Rusty because I wanted it at the top.


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The cellphone of Osama bin Laden’s trusted courier, which was recovered in the raid that killed both men in Pakistan last month, contained contacts to a militant group that is a longtime asset of Pakistan’s intelligence agency, senior American officials who have been briefed on the findings say.

The discovery indicates that Bin Laden used the group, Harakat-ul-Mujahedeen, as part of his support network inside the country, the officials and others said. But it also raised tantalizing questions about whether the group and others like it helped shelter and support Bin Laden on behalf of Pakistan’s spy agency, given that it had mentored Harakat and allowed it to operate in Pakistan for at least 20 years, the officials and analysts said.

Nahhhh, ya don't say.

By Howie at 11:42 AM | Comments |

The Barney Frank Ron Paul Bill Sucks

Volokh Conspiracy:

Democratic Representative Barney Frank and Republican Ron Paul recently introduced a bill that would repeal the federal law banning marijuana:

As the Washington Post notes in the article quoted above, the bill has no chance of actually passing. Nevertheless, it is a step forward for legalization advocates. It’s the first time such a bill has been introduced in Congress. It is also significant that the sponsors include big-name Democratic politicians like Frank, Conyers, and Lee. They are fairly prominent, mainstream Democratic pols. Ron Paul, unfortunately, is far more isolated within his own party. In recent years, public opinion has become much more favorable towards marijuana legalization, with 46 percent of the public now supporting it. This bill is another sign that legalization is becoming less marginal and more of a mainstream cause.

On the other hand, it is unfortunate that this essentially federalist bill hasn’t attracted any support from conservatives, especially the Tea party faction. After all, the bill does not require nationwide legalization, but merely leaves it up to each state to decide for itself. One of the main themes of the Tea Party is their insistence that the federal government has exceeded its constitutional bounds. The War on Drugs is a particularly extreme example of such federal overreach.

Although the bill won't fly, its not even a half serious attempt.

Marijuana has already been ruled as interstate trade. Its internationally traded. Any idea that a patchwork of state regulations of varying laws will fly is crazy, the issue will kick right back to the federal level.

There is no regulation regime. Without moving to a regime similar to alcohol and tobacco distribution the trade will continue to suffer from quality, safety and distribution issues. Legitimate traders will not enter the business.

There will be no support from Law enforcement who depends on fine revenue and grants at this time to support their operations. Sure many might think that busting and jailing Johnny for a joint is silly, but tell him his paycheck and neato cop equipment grants are going away, well, you do the math.

And don't even mention all the ancillary drug treatment piglets as well as the corrections system, no potheads to guard, no job. Again do the math.

Some type of tax will have to be implemented to make up for that revenue and directed to law enforcement, That is if you want cops to do their other jobs.

There is no social regime in place that says what is acceptable, you make this legal and some moron will want to light up next to grandma in the park. So she ain't voting for it either.

Also note that if pot is legal, that makes it a lot harder to throw someone out of the ever shrinking labor market, why if you can't fire Johnny for burning one over the weekend, the unemployment rate, well it won't go down.

Its nice that someone made some attempt to bring some level of sanity to drug prohibition, but really is a half assed lame attempt really even worth discussing?


Too many have too much in making sure this system never changes.

By Howie at 09:49 AM | Comments |

June 23, 2011

Obi One "Misspeaks" About Fallen Hero

Jared Monti.jpg
Army SFC Jared C. Monti KIA June 21, 2006


I contacted the White House to see what happened. I'm told the President didn't have prepared remarks.
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said, "“At Fort Drum, the President misspoke when discussing the first Medal of Honor he presented posthumously to Jared Monti, who was a member of the 10th Mountain Division.
I suggest Obama revisit this image gallery for Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta, the first MOH living recipient since the Vietnam War. And then look at the expression on Mr Monti's face when Obama handed the MOH to him and his wife on behalf of their son Jared Monti, who received it posthumously after being killed in action in Afghanistan, on June 21, 2006.

Shame on you Obi One, these heroes families deserves better than that from a CIC!

MSM silent

h/t Breitbart

UPDATE: I like Ace's headline: Obama: All You People Look Alike To Me..heh. h/t Storm Saxon's Gallbladder

He really f**ked up this time

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Two Men Charged in Plot to Attack Seattle Military Processing Center (Updated)

abu khalid abdul latif aka joeseph anthony davis 33.jpg
Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, aka Joseph Anthony Davis, 33, of Seattle.
Photo: State Department Of Corrections

UPDATE: Link to complaint here, haven't read it all yet.

Walli Mujahidh.jpg
Walli Mujahidh aka aka Frederick Domingue, Jr 32, of Los Angeles

UPDATE II: Artist sketch of both men:[click here to view video]

seattle terror plot_.jpg

Khalid Latif was on a Muslim dating site looking for a 2nd wife. He required she be between the ages of 16 and 30 yrs old. One who wants to make a life from "the most oppressive place on this earth "America"".

Begin original post:

Guess their religion:

Two Men Charged in Plot to Attack Seattle Military Processing Center

Defendants Sought Firearms and Grenades to Attack Complex Where Enlistees Report

Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs
Thursday, June 23, 2011

SEATTLE – Two men were arrested late last night and are charged by criminal complaint with terrorism and firearms related charges. The complaint alleges that Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, aka Joseph Anthony Davis, 33, of Seattle, and Walli Mujahidh, aka Frederick Domingue, Jr., 32, of Los Angeles, took possession of machine guns that they purchased and planned to use in an attack on the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) located on East Marginal Way, Seattle.

Law enforcement has been monitoring Abdul-Latif and Mujahidh, including the weapons transaction, to prevent the attack and protect the public. Unbeknownst to the defendants, the weapons were rendered inoperable and posed no risk to the public. The defendants initially planned an attack on Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State, but later changed targets. The defendants intended to carry out their attack with both grenades and machine guns.

Continued below fold:

“The complaint alleges these men intended to carry out a deadly attack against our military where they should be most safe, here at home,” said U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan. “This is a sobering reminder of our need to be vigilant and that our first line of defense is the people who live in our community. We were able to disrupt the plot because someone stepped forward and reported it to authorities. I commend the joint efforts of the FBI, the Seattle Police Department, and the Joint Terrorism Task Force who quickly recognized the seriousness of the threat and ensured the safety of the community.”

Law enforcement first became aware of the potential threat when a citizen alerted them that he/she had been approached about participating in the attack and supplying firearms to the conspirators. The person then agreed to work with law enforcement, which began monitoring Abdul-Latif and Mujahidh. Since early June the conspirators were captured on audio and videotape discussing a violent assault on the Military Entrance Processing Station. The MEPS is where each branch of the military screens and processes enlistees. In addition to housing many civilian and military employees, the building houses a federal daycare center.

“Driven by a violent, extreme ideology, these two young Americans are charged with plotting to murder men and women who were enlisting in the Armed Forces to serve and protect our country. This is one of a number of recent plots targeting our military here at home, ” said Todd Hinnen, Acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security. “The threat was averted by the combined efforts of the federal, state and local law enforcement officers that make up the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.”

“The FBI remains committed to utilizing intelligence-based investigations to thwart would-be terrorists,” said Laura Laughlin, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Seattle Division. “This case epitomizes the value and capabilities of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force concept as a means of preventing acts of terrorism. But for the courage of the cooperating witness, and the efforts of multiple agencies working long and intense hours, the subjects might have been able to carry out their brutal plan.”

“This attack was foiled because of the trust and relationships the men and women of the Seattle Police Department enjoy with our community,” said Seattle Police Chief John Diaz. “The complainant felt safe approaching a Seattle Police Detective and, in doing so, ended the plot intended to take innocent lives. This cooperative investigation involving local, state, and federal partners worked exactly as intended.”

Abdul-Latif and Mujahidh are charged by complaint with conspiracy to murder officers and employees of the United States, conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction (grenades), and possession of firearms in furtherance of crimes of violence. Abdul-Latif is also charged with two counts of illegal possession of firearms. The defendants will make their initial appearance on the complaint at 2:30 p.m. in front of Magistrate Judge Mary Alice Theiler, on the 12th floor of the federal courthouse at 700 Stewart Street, Seattle.

Both Abdul-Latif and Mujahidh face potential sentences of life in prison if convicted of the charges.

The case is being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Washington, with assistance from the Counterterrorism Section of the Justice Department’s National Security Division. The investigation is being conducted by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, which has investigators from federal, state and local law enforcement. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives contributed significant expertise to this investigation.

The charges contained in the complaint are only allegations. A person is presumed innocent unless and until he or she is proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

Hat's off to the person who tipped the feds off about this.

By Stable Hand at 04:20 PM | Comments |

Hello Yonathan!


This is a cached version of aspiring terrorist Yonathan Melaku's Facebook page. The current version is here. I would have had this earlier but when he was nabbed I was knee deep in my own work so didn't have much time to do the usual surfing.

Most of the public information isn't that revealing -- other than that his musical tastes range from Alicia Keys to Motorhead. Good for you!

But one thing is of note from the cached version.


Yeah, to say his activities were "top secret" would be quite the understatement.

I wonder what this says about what our would-be terrorist thought about his own identity?

Thanks to my neighbor's boy who aint right.

PS-if any of you happen to have grabbed his Facebook friends, do me a favor and drop me a line.

Can we call it terrorism yet?

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ATF Celebrates LGBT

From a news release yesterday:

WASHINGTON – The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) today sponsored its first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month program at its headquarters, with Acting Director Kenneth Melson providing remarks and Rep. Barney Frank serving as the keynote speaker.

The celebration was in recognition of the accomplishments and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans to ATF and the nation, and to promote awareness of the LGBT culture.


By Mr. E. Blogger at 01:27 PM | Comments |

Can we call it terrorism yet?

This is a followup to SH's post last night on the charges against Marine Corps reservist Yonathan Melaku.

I just wanted to chime in because as I was working out this morning I kept flipping back and forth between Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC trying to catch anything on Melaku's string of shootings in and around military installations, museums, and monuments. Not a single one of them -- not even Fox -- mentioned the "T" word.

There may be a story out there from the MSM on Melaku as a terrorist, but I haven't seen it yet. It should be the lead story.

Apparently calling a guy who was nabbed with al Qaeda material and who had shot at several military properties and was arrested while casing out Arlington National Cemetery -- with some of the component parts of a bomb in his backpack -- a "terrorist" is a super spooky no-no these days.

We wouldn't want to be accused of Islamophobia or add fuel to the flame of Rep. King's radicalization hearings. That sends the wrong message.

After reading the affidavit it is my opinion that Melaku was almost definitely in the final stages of planning a terrorist attack. Luck -- or God -- once again was on our side and he was caught before his desire to hurt the US military on our own soil went from planning to action.

The fact that he is known to have taken shots at military recruiting stations, the Marine Corps Museum, and the Pentagon on at least five separate occasions and that he was caught 8 months after the initial known shooting spree with bomb materials on his person shows classic signs of escalation.

And those are only the known acts of violence directed towards the military. What else had Melaku been up to?

The original shooting spree was last October, but he was not picked up until this month. This shows that he was committed to the cause over a period of time. And that cause was jihad.

And the escalation is from shooting with a handgun to preparing a bomb. Components of a bomb were found in his apartment and bomb making instructions were found in his laptop. (On a sidenote, I'd be very interested to see what websites he's been visiting.)

Let's look at what else was found in his backpack. From the affidavit:

a spiral notebook with numerous Arabic statements referencing the Taliban, al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, "The Path to Jihad" including "defeat the coalition and allies and America", as well as a list of several other individuals associated with foreign terrorist organizations.
And on the video Melaku made of himself shooting at the Marine Corps Museum he can be heard shouting:
"Allahu akbar" repeatedly
The inference here is clear: Melaku was motivated by jihad and was intent on hurting the US military to help terrorist organizations, including al Qaeda.

So why isn't this leading the news and why isn't any one (that I know of) calling this terrorism?


Yonathan Melaku, Pentagon Security Scare Suspect, Linked To October Military and Pentagon Shootings
Suspicious Vehicle Near the Pentagon (Update: Suspect identified as Marine Corps Reservist Yonathan Melaku)
FBI Links 2 Military Shootings, Probes 3rd
Shots Fired At The Pentagon -- Terrorist on the Loose in DC?

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Q: What Do Muslim Men Think Is The Best Thing About Having Sex With Twenty-Nine Year Olds?

A: There's 20 of them.

Planck's Constant brings us some original (?) yet gross Muslim jokes. They may not be for everyone. I found more than one of the jokes to be offensive, and my standards aren't very high.

But as Bernie writes at the joke post, "No group in the world should be immune from mockery and derision, especially Muslims who believe their religion grants them supremacy over non-Muslims and that they, their religion, their Prophet, and their culture are exempt from ridicule."

Planck's Constant has an entire archive of Muslim jokes. I can't promise you won't be offended, Muslim or not. But you're sure to have a laugh.

(PS: I slightly changed the title joke. IMO, "nine" applies better because Muhammad himself (Islam's perfect example of conduct) had a nine year old bride. If Planck's Constant has an issue with that, I'll will gladly change it back to "eight.")

By DMartyr at 10:21 AM | Comments |

Geert Cleared!

The far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, tried for 'inciting hatred and discrimination', has been cleared of all charges. He had reportedly described Islam as 'a fascist religion that allows terrorism' and called for the Koran to be banned. Wilders insisted his comments were not directed at Muslim believers but at Islam - and they formed a legitimate political debate. The verdict was broadcast live on Dutch TV.

Saints be praised!

By Howie at 06:37 AM | Comments |

June 22, 2011

Yonathan Melaku, Pentagon Security Scare Suspect, Linked To October Military and Pentagon Shootings

Yonathan Melaku



PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. (WUSA) -- A law enforcement source tells 9NEWS NOW forensic evidence links Yonathan Melaku to October's random shootings at several military buildings.

Melaku, 22, ignited a security scare June 13th after U.S. Park Police saw him in Arlington National Cemetery overnight.

Authorities then found his red 2011 Nissan truck parked in a wooded area near the Pentagon, according to an FBI press release.

Forensic evidence found during the investigation links Melaku to five shootings at military targets last year, sources told 9 NEWS NOW.[More]


Suspicious Vehicle Near the Pentagon (Update: Suspect identified as Marine Corps Reservist Yonathan Melaku)
FBI Links 2 Military Shootings, Probes 3rd
Shots Fired At The Pentagon -- Terrorist on the Loose in DC?

By Stable Hand at 09:29 PM | Comments |

Heartache: al Qaeda Lost $19.7 Million Investing in Chicago Based Futures Market

The US government is trying to seize about $6 million dollars belonging to Abu al Tayyeb, one of Osama bin Laden's chief moneymen. The brilliant part? The terrorist genius decided to play the risky futures market and gave the money to a Saudi broker with a Chicago based account. The broker, who seems to be related to Tayyeb and was also in the know as to where the money came from, promptly lost nearly $20 million of al Qaeda's hard earned dollars!

Alas, even al Qaeda is not immune to the down market. No wonder bin Laden's compound was such a dump.

Chicago Tribune:

Abu al Tayyeb, who had allegedly considered a biological attack and other terror plots against U.S. citizens, wired $35 million to an associate, of which $26.7 million was deposited into an account in 2005, according to the federal lawsuit by the U.S. Justice Department.

n less than a year, the account plummeted to less than $7 million because of poor trading decisions by the associate, according to the lawsuit, filed in federal court in Chicago over the weekend.

Note to Ayman al Zawahiri: I have a great investment, sure to double triple your money in a month! Call me.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:24 PM | Comments |

YouTube: "We've Removed Anwar al-Awlaki's Videos"

Yeah, right.


It kind of goes on and on like that with over 100 Awlaki videos. Come one guys, it's like you're not even pretending to remove these videos anymore.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:37 PM | Comments |

Where's Howie?

Howie went to apply for a job. He answered this ad:

JOB TITLE: Breastfeeding Assistant

HOURS: 40 Hours Per Week
Some Evenings & Saturdays As Needed

SALARY: Will Be Discussed During Departmental Interview
Plus Mileage Reimbursement
Based on 26 Pay Periods


Good luck, Howie! Maybe all your boob experience will finally pay off!

Thanks to the funny guys at IHateThemedia for the story and boobie picture.

By DMartyr at 01:18 PM | Comments |

Great News: 57 al Qaeda "Break Out" of Jail in Yemen

Ah Yemen, where the government is actually corrupt enough that a bad movie plot where a conspiracy to let terrorists go just so the government garners some public support isn't actually out of the realm of possibilities. No, seriously. Yemen is that bad.

Do I think that the government was behind the break out? Absolutely. I can't say it goes all the way to the top, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did. And at the very least some sympathetic or bought off guards let it happen. ]

How do you not notice all that dirt that suddenly appeared from the digging of the 45 yard long tunnel? That's, literally, tons of dirt.

Unless, of course, one of the prisoners was Capt. Hilts. He'd manage.

Fox News:

In a carefully choreographed escape from the Mukalla prison in Hadramout province, 57 Al Qaeda-linked militants attacked their guards and seized their weapons before they made their way through a 45-yard tunnel to freedom.

Simultaneously, bands of gunmen opened fire at the prison from outside to divert the guards' attention, the officials said.

I can't wait to see what Sammy and Anwar have to say about this. They'll brag, I'm sure. Which is fine.

Bravado is always best right before a predator strike.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:04 PM | Comments |

CAIR Loses IRS Status


Donations to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) no longer are tax deductible after the organization was among 275,000 tax-exempt organizations purged earlier this month by the Internal Revenue Service.

The groups failed to file required annual reports, known as form 990s, detailing their revenues and expenses, for three consecutive years. CAIR had been a non-profit on its own, but in 2007, the IRS approved a separate tax-exempt CAIR Foundation. The foundation never filed any subsequent reports. Both the foundation and CAIR national are on the purge list.[More]

Allahu Akbar!

h/t SongofSongs1_2

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Troopathon 2011 - Last Chance To Contribute!


Today is the last day to contribute to Move America Forward's Troopathon!

Use THIS LINK to send a care package contribution. Team "Anti-Jihadists" will be credited.

Currently, the team consists of the following great blogs:

Jihad Watch
Atlas Shrugs
Creeping Sharia
Cao's Blog
D. C. Watson
Facing Islam
Islam Today Oregon
Patriot's Corner
MidnightWatcher’s Blogspot
Zilla of the Resistance

By DMartyr at 11:53 AM | Comments |

Border Agent Kills In Self-Defense

Post headline to the point, unlike ABC 10's headline that would have you believe an 'undocumented' man was killed only for trying to cross the border and make a better life for himself...

abc border shooting headline.jpg
(Click image for story)

By DMartyr at 11:21 AM | Comments |

Who's The Dummy?

Sarah Palin is dumb. Just ask the media and the left. They can't explain why she is dumb. If she accurately states history that the average person doesn't know, she is dumb. If she defends America or shows her pride in America, she is dumb. If she proves her critics wrong, she is dumb. Or at least, according to the left.

Maybe this video will help the left identify 'dumb.' Since they are incapable of making any independent observations and must, instead, rely on the media to tell them what is 'dumb,' maybe this video will illustrate for them what it really is.

View the evidence of pure human stupidity:

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

By DMartyr at 10:24 AM | Comments |

Evil, Murderous, Inhuman Jews To Allow Building Cargo To Enter Gaza

Whaaaaaat? But Israel wants deadness and stolen land?! I bet the drywall will be moldy. Evil Juice. /sarc (for new readers)

Christopher Gunness, a spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which is building the housing and schools, said the approval came after lengthy negotiations and should be judged once the materials have entered Gaza. The housing, he said, was for refugees in southern Gaza who had lost their homes nearly a decade ago during the second Palestinian intifada.

A decade ago? During the second crybaby fit? How much aid has been given to the Palestinians in the last decade and how much has been spent on real infrastructure projects? And no Khaled, rockets aren't infrastructure.

By Ronin at 08:58 AM | Comments |

Stumble Number 27..eh...I Lost Count...In Obama's Brilliant Lybia Strategy

Italy, from which most of the air raids originate, is getting weak kneed.

...Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini told a parliamentary committee meeting in Rome.

"I believe an immediate humanitarian suspension of hostilities is required in order to create effective humanitarian corridors," while negotiations should also continue on a more formal ceasefire and peace talks, he said.

I thought the purpose of the mission and the air campaign was humanitarian?

By Ronin at 08:32 AM | Comments |

Religion of Something? Something?

I forget now...


I've a friend from the church who does missionary work in a country where Sharia is dominant. When she arrived they took her to shop for clothes first thing, lest she be raped. She works with small children teaching Muslim children to read, often the meal they get at school is the only meal they get. The only book she if forbidden to teach is her Bible. She can speak of Jesus only to children under 12. Should at 12 or over the kid decide to accept Jesus, he or she will be cast out of their family and persecuted for life. Telling anyone above that age is a crime they call proselytizing. Which means its unlawful to teach the Gospel.

Lest one of the Children come of age and get some funny idea about leaving Islam.

By Howie at 08:15 AM | Comments |

June 21, 2011

TIME: Why the Muslim Brotherhood Are Egypt's Best Democrats

'Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope."

As usual, TIME is so wrong

....Of all the political groups to have emerged since the fall of Hosni Mubarak - including the myriad youth movements, secular parties, Leftists and remnants of the old National Democratic Party - the Muslim Brotherhood seem to have the best understanding of how democracy works.
The article goes on and on about how great the MB is.

As contrast, a FOX Opinion piece by JD Gordon titled: Faces of the Arab Spring --The Good, the Bad and the Ugly lists the "spiritual Godfather" of the Muslim Brotherhood under ugly

The Ugly

Sheik Yusuf Al-Qaradawi: The Muslim Brotherhood’s “spiritual Godfather,” Al-Qaradawi is an 84-year old Egyptian cleric who returned to a hero’s welcome after years of exile in Qatar. In a fiery sermon to hundreds of thousands in Cairo’s Tahrir Square days after Mubarak’s ouster, Al-Qaradawi condemned Jews, praised Adolph Hitler and demanded the release of militants from prison. In 2001, he signed a fatwah in favor of suicide bombings. He is poised to play a central role in getting out the vote for upcoming parliamentary elections.[More]

Qaradawi speaks openly what the MB speak privately amongst themselves.

But hey, TIME says they are awesome so it must be true!

By Stable Hand at 10:57 PM | Comments |

Hezbollah cartoon teaches kids to throw stones at Israelis and to seek death as Martyrs

Meanwhile, a failed splodey ho missed the chance to become a houris (dark eyed virgin ho) in Jannah (paradise hell):

So that's what they are promised, dumb beotch.

By Stable Hand at 09:19 PM | Comments |

Imam Zamzami AbdelBari Fatwa: Necrophilia Halal

"She's getting off with a Ouiga Board"...lulz

By Stable Hand at 06:43 PM | Comments |

New York: Sufi Muslim Leader "Democracy Is Punishment From Allah"

And Democracy is Hypocrisy

[Markedmanner]I have heard many times that Sufi muslims are much more peaceful. One thing is for sure though they definitely do not like Democracy. I found this which was posted today on a Sufi Muslim blog here in a post entitled: KHILAFAT IS THE RULING SYSTEM OF ISLAM. It is by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi who is the leader at Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi in New York. You can view their website here. In a lecture he has much to say about how does not like democracy. You can read the whole lecture Here. But here are a few excerpts from it.[Read it all]
Markedmanner also has a video where one shaykh calls for sultans to rule America.
UPDATE: I also found this video on the Islamic centers website of another Shaykh named Maulana Nazim from the center giving a speech on how democracy is bad and how it was a punishment from Allah. He also goes on to say sultans should rule America and the world. ....

Dream on Maulana Nazim..

By Stable Hand at 04:19 PM | Comments |

US: Being a Muslim Means Never Having to Serve in the Military

I'm not opposed to conscientious objector status in principle. The problem is with it in practice in today's military.

There is no draft, which means that each and every person who is in the military volunteered for it. This includes thousands of Muslim men and women who have served honorably for their country in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But in every large organization there will be asshats. Even in the military. This is a given based on statistical laws of large numbers.

We can't account for every nutjob and asshat who gets through the rigorous weeding out process that goes into selecting people for the military.

So, I don't blame the military for letting this anti-American asshat into the ranks. But I do blame military lawyers for allowing him to use the I'm-a-Muslim excuse for receiving conscientious objector status.

Even Cassius Clay had a better argument for why he couldn't serve in the military, using the same argument: he was being drafted.

But this guy? This guy signed up for the military voluntarily and after we were already in two wars in Muslim countries.

And the military is now saying that Muslims can get out of their voluntarily signed service contracts based on the fact that they are Muslims? I think Poole's most important point is this one:

the U.S. Army has tacitly endorsed a religiously bigoted position that it is perfectly fine for Muslim service members to kill non-Muslims, but killing their co-religionists is totally out-of-bounds and is grounds for an honorable discharge. READ THE REST.
Which is kind of idiotic, isn't it, given that our allies in Iraq and Afghanistan are also Muslims. Or maybe they didn't get the memo that it was haram for them to kill al Qaeda and Taliban?

As Poole further points out in his article there are many Muslim organizations that say it's okay to serve in the US military. Those organizations that issue fatwas against serving in the US military I think we would all agree are, in fact, radicals.

So has the US military now legitimized the arguments of radical Islamists? The same radical Islamists that we are fighting? Yes it has.

And unless I'm missing something here, it's an insult to the thousands of Muslims who have served honorably in the GWOT.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:58 PM | Comments |

Australia: Being a Muslim Means Never Paying Your Speeding Ticket

Or something. It's written in Australian, not English, so it's a little confusing.

But on the bright side, at least she's allowed to drive: Muslim woman escapes jail by remaining behind her burqa.

Maybe they should deport her to Suadi Arabia where this wouldn't be such a problem?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:12 PM | Comments |

WH Set To Throw ATF's Melson Under Bus..But Anti-Gun Zealot To Take His Place?

atf_day by day.jpg
Day by Day

Adam Traver to be exact

[Michelle Malkin] Getting rid of Melson is a start — but this one move alone ain’t gonna cure ATF’s problems. It’s going to take a bigger bus. Corruptocrat AG Eric Holder knew about the program[Operation Fast & Furious ie Gunwalker..ed] much earlier than he testified to, Rep. Issa says, and he has been an obstruction to the Gunrunner probe since day one.

And then there’s the man waiting in the wings to replace Melson — either as acting director or as permanent director. He’s Chicago anti-gun radical Andrew Traver and he’s scheduled to meet with Holder and DOJ today.[More]

JaWannaB, First Bigot Deluxe and ST gave info on two blogs regarding this:
The " War on Guns" and " Sipsey Street Irregulars" blog have been talking up the GunWalker thing for maybe a year+. They both deserve awards for exposing this since they were the first. I think SSI has a mole in the ATF.

David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh are names you need to remember. They're the Woodward and Bernstein of Gunwalker

David Codrea, at the Examiner, has A Journalist's Guide to 'Project Gunwalker' The link is Part 3 with links to Part 2 & 1.

Wow, they worked their butts off getting this story out.

Google's YouTube "Fast & Furious" Censorship: Rep Issa's Oversight Hearing On Operation Gunrunner[And yes, YouTube still won't let me embed the videos..just keeps showing loading. Maybe length of video?]

operation fast and furious.jpg

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Pakistan Arrests General Suspected of Supporting 'Militants'; Had Trained in the US


I wonder who this guy pissed off to become the fall guy? Of course, there's little doubt that Brig. Gen. Ali Khan has ties to Hizb-ut-Tahrir, but why should that be surprising. I'm guessing that a strong plurality among Pakistan's military supports Islamist groups like Tahrir or worse -- the Taliban.

And why shouldn't they? Pakistan itself is a pariah state founded on the very principle that a "Pakistani" nationality exists because to be Muslim is to be different than Indians.

That is, when you found a country based on the principle that Islam is more than a religion but the foundational organizing principle of nationality, then why should it surprise any one that children brought up in this atmosphere might actually take the principle seriously?

To be Pakistani is to be a Muslim. It is not just the key difference between Pakistan and India, it's the only difference.

And given that the formal name of the country is actually The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, it always gives me a chuckle when secular Punjabis scoff at the notion that militant Islamism might be a problem in their country.

The New York Times:

A serving brigadier general in the Pakistani Army has been detained on suspicion of links with an extremist group, according to an army spokesman.

The detention of the officer, Brig. Gen. Ali Khan, raises serious concerns about the infiltration of elements sympathetic to Islamic extremists in the higher ranks of the army. While the lower ranks of the army, air force and navy have long been known to have elements sympathetic to the Taliban and extremist organizations, the arrest of General Khan is the first known arrest of a senior army official.

Yeah, just because no one in the senior ranks had been arrested doesn't mean that they didn't have sympathies with extremist groups. Especially given that Pakistan has been fighting a proxy war with India in Kashmir, largely by funding and training militants to do their dirty work for them.

So, the senior military leadership helps train the militants .... but it's shocking to learn they might also sympathize with them?!?!

It's not until nearly halfway through the article that we learn why this guy might be taking the fall. Remember, Pakistan's official stance is that there are 'extremist' Islamists and that there are 'moderate' Islamists. For instance, they will fight some Taliban but not others (ie, the Haqqanis which are 'good' Taliban).

The difference between 'good' and 'bad' Taliban and 'moderate' and 'extremist' Islamists? Whether or not they fight the Pakistani government:

A 2010 letter by [ Hizb-ut-Tahrir] urged the members of the country’s armed forces to revolt against the country’s top civilian and military leadership for their alliance with the United States.
So, the real problem is not that the guy is linked to a group of violent Islamists, the problem is that these particular violent Islamists also call for the overthrow of the Pakistani government.

Oh, and this gets better. His brother claims that he's a fall guy for increased US pressure on the Pakistanis to clean house. Okay, that might be the case. I would only caution that being the fall guy does not necessarily make one innocent. In fact, most guys who take the fall are guilty as sin. The real problem they have is that so many others are also guilty as sin.

But check out where General Khan received some of his advanced training:

Mr. Ahmad said that General Khan had gone to the United States for higher military training seven to eight years ago, but that he had been denied a promotion because of his religious leanings. General Khan had spent 33 years in the army and was a decorated officer, he said.
Hey, I have an idea: let's train our enemies how to become better soldiers. That way, when we or our natural allies in India have to fight them, more of our guys will get killed!!

Sure, there are a lot of secularists and other good people in Pakistan. But not only is it a failed state that lacks sovereignty over most of its own territory, but the state itself is a bastard child of India created on the inherently extremist idea that Muslims cannot be a minority in a state ruled by infidels.

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Unmanned NATO 'Copter Down in Libya; Still "Not a War"

Eh, kinda no big deal since no lives were lost.

But I just wonder how much longer Obama's MiniTrue can keep up this charade?


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He Died As He Lived

Jackass star dies being a jackass.

As a star of MTV's Jackass franchise, Ryan Dunn made a career out of cheating death, one cringe-inducing, skin-crawling stunt after another.

Early Monday on a Chester County highway, that daredevil streak caught up with him.

Dunn, 34, of West Chester, died just before 3 a.m. when his Porsche 911 GT3 veered off the westbound lanes of the Route 322 bypass in West Goshen Township. It careered through a guardrail, flipped over into a wooded ravine, crashed into a tree, and burst into flames. [...]

Investigators said the car might have been traveling at more than 100 m.p.h. on a road marked for 55. [...]

Hours before the crash, Dunn had posted a photo to his Twitter account showing himself drinking with two other men. Unidentified friends told the celebrity gossip website TMZ.com that Dunn had consumed at least three beers and three shots of liquor at Barnaby's of America in West Chester late Sunday.

Update: TMZ has the twitter photo.

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Google's Youtube Allows Dead Babies


It's even featured on the AP Russia Today channel.

The Jawa Report has been repeatedly banned, had our ad revenue cut, etc etc ... for running graphic news images.

But these have that Pallywood truthiness, I guess.

I'd do a screen cap but like I said, we're kept on a tight leash.

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Texas: Don't Mess With Our Light Bulbs


Dear Obi One: Shove your light bulb ban where the sun doesn't shine

State lawmakers have passed a bill that allows Texans to skirt federal efforts to promote more efficient light bulbs, which ultimately pushes the swirled, compact fluorescent bulbs over the 100-watt incandescent bulbs many grew up with.[More]
Love, Texas

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Sandcrawler PSA: Belugas Like Boobies

Only NSFW if you are an uptight American who lives in fear of mammary glands.

Braving sub-zero temperatures, she has thrown caution — and her clothes — to the wind to tame two beluga whales in a unique and controversial experiment.

Natalia Avseenko, 36, was persuaded to strip naked as marine experts believe belugas do not like to be touched by artificial materials such as diving suits.

The skilled Russian diver took the plunge as the water temperature hit minus 1.5 degrees Centigrade.


Hat Tip: Melissa.


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June 20, 2011

John Stewart Voted for George Bush!

That's George HW Bush you morons:

Chris Wallace: What's the last Republican you voted for as president?

John Stewart: George HW Bush.


Its in the interview I swear!

Question, Does that also mean that Stewart may have voted for, gasp, Ronald Reagan?

Oh my.

Update: More lies, damned lies and polls.

I know, I'm ruining the narrative ;)

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Taliban Force 9 Year Old Into Suicide Vest

On discovering that the nine year old school kid they kidnapped was a girl, the Taliban had no further use for her and just went for option B: the suicide vest.

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Amy Winehouse of eJihad to Jawa: You Are Evil, Blood-Drinking, Slaves of Jews!

Yet another incoherent email from Jameela Barnette of Marietta, Ga. This would be the same woman that has commented here before as "Jameela". You may recall her from her recent antics in which she sent a bloody pig's foot to Rep. Peter King.

Also, why is Howie on your email list but not me? I'm hurt. He also came up with the "Amy Winehouse of jihad" thing. That also hurts since I didn't come up with it myself. Yeah, I suck.

Here are a few excerpts from the email, along with the offensive picture which accompanied it. It looks like she emailed it to hundreds of other people, some of them bloggers.

It really is offensive to Christians. Well, in that way we get offended which isn't exactly the same as the you-know-whos. Try not to riot, call for censorship, or murder any one over the blasphemy as you are wont to do:

Allah reveals that Christians are slaves of the Jews; however, Allah emancipates you evil, corpse-eating, blood-drinking ghouls from your greedy, oppressive and hostile Jew masters in the following Verses of the Qur’an: .....

Now that the truth has come to you deluded Christian slaves, only the most vile and wicked of you diabolical dogs, those pre-destined to spend eternity in the Hell-fire, will continue to worship a murdered Jew as god by eating his corpse, drinking his blood and invoking Satan in his original form, a smokeless flame of fire, by lighting candles on the altar. The remainder of you Christian cannibals can pull your forked tongues out of your Jew masters deformed asses and use it to praise and give thanks to Allah, your Lord and Creator. Also, you Christian slaves should wake up from your Jew-induced trance aka the American “Dream” and quit your day jobs as the Jews toilet paper, because it only pays shit in the life of this world and it will pay torment in the Hereafter as revealed in the following Verse of the Qur’an....


Messenger of Allah

& Defender of Islam


Here's the pic. Not so lulz. This woman, like many Muslims, completely misunderstand what Christians think of Communion/Eucharist.


Now don't go rioting....

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Yes, Stay on the Forums. Please.

A member of the Shamikh forum has been arrested, Will McCants of Jihadica tweets.

I don't really care who it was. I'm just sad he's not dead.

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Google's YouTube "Fast & Furious" Censorship: Rep Issa's Oversight Hearing On Operation Gunrunner

border patrol agent brian a terry.jpg

I have been following the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. The weapon used was AK-47, one that the ATF lost track of. I dunno if this has something to do with how democrats view our 2nd Amendment or what but I do know he is dead, the family is still grieving and nothing substantial has come from this administration as to why! I guess throw an underling under the bus will solve the problem...not.

This statement via AosHQ really makes me sick:

It is certain from the testimony in the House Oversight Report that agents involved in the operation weren't troubled by the fact that their operation might have the effect of increasing violence in Mexico. Even if that violence spilled across to our side of the border.
ace_fast and furious.jpg

Agent Terry was a egg that was scrambled? WTF does that mean?

Since Issa's hearing I have been attempting to post videos from the hearing but, for whatever reason, the share link is not cooperating at YouTube, go figure, right? Terrorist videos are no problemo..

Here are some links to videos regarding the hearings:

"Operation Fast and Furious: Reckless Decisions, Tragic Outcomes" Panel 1
Breach of Trust: Who Knew About Operation Fast & Furious? Who Authorized It?
"Operation Fast and Furious: Reckless Decisions, Tragic Outcomes." Panel 2

Oh wait, MSNBC's video is available for embed but not the rest..

Tell me Google/Youtube is not evil....and, could this have something to do with Google's Eric Schmidt appointment to tech Czar in Obi Ones administration?

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I hate it when other blogs are better than mine

Yet another in a growing list of blogs that suck less than The Jawa Report: The Conservative Commune.

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Hackers Getting Taste of Own Medicine

Th3j35t3r and LulzSec Exposed are slowly but surely outing members of the "Lulz Security" hacking group. Cyber-vigilantism? No.

Cyber-vigilantism is what Th3j35t3r usually does (ie, ddos-like attacks on unfriendly sites). This is simply exposing the cockroaches to the light of day.

And the cockroaches don't like it.

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Farrakhan: "That's A Murderer In The White House!"

Well sh*t, I suppose Farrakhan's Islamic mothership above the WH....FAILED

Now this, at the UN no less:

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Profile Of Ugly Prayer Bump-Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri


Osama bin Laden's Heir as Leader of Al-Qaeda


7. Al-Zawahiri's involvement in terrorism in the 1990s did not focus only on the Egyptian arena. In the middle of the decade, instructed by bin Laden, he constructed Al-Qaeda terrorist networks in Britain and the United States, strengthened the radical Islamic militias in the Balkans, supported radical Islamic groups in Somalia and Ethiopia and aided the rebels in Chechnya. In 1996, with two other operatives, he tried to enter Chechnya and was arrested by the Russian security forces, only to be released "for lack of evidence."

8. At the beginning of 1998 al-Zawahiri and Osama bin Laden founded the International Islamic Front for Jihad against Jews and Crusaders. It was an umbrella network for Al-Qaeda, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad and various radical Islamic organizations operating in countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir and the Philippines. Al-Zawahiri became bin Laden's deputy in the Front and second in command of Al-Qaeda. In June 2001 al-Zawahiri announced the formal union of all the organizations, whose official name is [Tanzim] Qaedat al-Jihad (the formal name of Al-Qaeda to this day).

Excellent read

Kinda related:
Great moments in jihadi typos......or Freudian slips... Or something

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Deceased UK Soldier Hosts Sin City Party


Even after his death, Royal Marine David Hart gets in one last jab at the murderous Islamofascists who try to impose their own brand of inhumane morality on others. His will allocates over $160,000 for a party in Vegas for all his friends and family.

A British soldier killed by a Taliban bomb in Afghanistan left $161,500 in his will -- so his friends could go on vacation to Las Vegas, The Sun reported Monday.

Royal Marine David Hart, who had taken out a $403,800 life insurance policy before he was deployed to Afghanistan, stipulated in a letter that in the event of his death, his friends and their partners should travel to Sin City for a massive party in his memory.

Let's hope David takes out a few more Taliban by causing their heads to explode with rage when they find out about this postmortem decadence made possible by their acts of terrorism.

R.I.P., David. You earned it.

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Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: Oppressed Edition (Fatwas Issued)

Caption this image of Jewish-American-Palestinian Peace Activist Lucas Koerner being oppressed by the Zionist Entity.


Fatwas will be issued.

Update: Fatwas Issued!

The "i will cut ur neck" fatwa issued against fasternu426 for:

Come and see the violence inherent in the system. Help! Help! I'm being repressed!
The "devil will do meetballs from your bodies" fatwa issued against PsychoCheese for:
This is the face I want on the Lucas T-shirts!
The "why u insult holly quoran" fatwa issued against son of moe hamhead for:
don't tase me bro, don't tase me!
Sorry so late, two were easy to pick the middle one not so much.

And yeah, I guess next week I'll take shameless meetball suckup quotes again. Hey I can't be that predictable all the time. Plus it helps if they are good, not just have the word meetball in them.

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Drone strike kills seven in Kurram tribal region

A strike in Kurram is rare...


PARACHINAR: Pakistani officials say a second suspected US missile attack has struck a house in northwest Pakistan but casualties are not yet known.

Local government official Noor Alam says Monday’s attack on the house in the Kurram tribal area occurred minutes after missiles hit a nearby vehicle and killed seven people, five of whom were suspected militants.

Drone attacks are very rare in Kurram, an area where many Taliban militants and their allies have fled Pakistani army operations.

Will watch this one for updates...its the rarity of the area struck that makes you wonder if they went after another HVT.

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June 19, 2011

Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: Zawahiri's Father's Day Message To Mujahid Edition

zawahiri father day message.jpg

Fatwas will be issued.

I'll start - Will someone please take my video...

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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all dads out there! A special thank you to dad's serving, served.

A Jawa reader requested this special tribute[President Bush's 2008 Father's Day Presidential Proclamation], not PC like Obama's, be sure to check it out!

I watched the video they have earlier at YouTube while searching for something different to post for Father's Day, so here it is:

Happy Father's Day dad! Miss you...

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You Worry Me.

This is an email circulating, supposedly by an American Airlines pilot. However, the name attributed, Captain John Maniscalco, cannot be confirmed. It seems to have origins that pre-date the email. It was published earlier by Gazette.net, under the author Kevin Daly.

Regardless of the origin, it is still worth a read.

(Hat Tip: IQ al Rassooli)

An open letter to my Arab-Muslim neighbors:

You worry me. I wish you didn't.

I wish when I walked down the streets of this country that I love, that your color and culture still blended with the beautiful human landscape we enjoy in this country. But you don't blend anymore. I notice you, and it worries me.

I notice you because I can't help it anymore. People from your homelands, and professing to be Muslims, have been attacking and killing my fellow citizens and our friends for more than 20 years now. I don't fully understand their grievances and hate but I know nothing can justify the inhumanity of their attacks.

On Sept. 11 , 19 Arab-Muslims hijacked four jetliners in my country. They cut the throats of women in front of children and brutally stabbed to death others. They took control of those planes and crashed them into buildings killing thousands of proud fathers, loving sons, wise grandparents, elegant daughters, best friends, favorite coaches, fearless public servants and children's mothers.

So I notice you now.

I don't want to be worried. I don't want to be consumed by the same rage and hate and prejudice that has destroyed the soul of these terrorists. But I need your help.

As a rational American, trying to protect my country and family in an irrational and unsafe world, I must know how to differentiate between you. How do I differentiate between the true Arab-Muslim-Americans and the Arab-Muslims in our communities who are attending our schools, shopping in our stores, enjoying our parks, accepting fresh baked cookies from a thoughtful neighbor, and sending their children out to play with ours while they plot the next attack that will slaughter those very same good neighbors and children?

The answer to my own question is that it is past the time for me to try to determine this. The events of Sept. 11th changed the answer. It is time for every Arab-Muslim in this country to determine it for me.

I want to know, I demand to know, if you love America. Do you pledge allegiance to its flag? Do you pray in your many daily prayers that Allah will bless this nation, that He will protect and prosper it? Are you thankful for the freedom that only this country affords? A freedom that was paid for by the blood of hundreds of thousands of patriots? Are you willing to preserve this freedom with the spilling of your own blood? Do you love America? And if this is your commitment, then I need you to start letting me know about it.

Your Muslim leaders in this nation should be flooding the media at this time with hard facts on your faith, and what hard actions you are taking as a community and religion to protect the United States of America. Please, no more benign overtures of regret for the death of the "innocent" (I worry who you regard as "innocent") and condemnation of "unprovoked" attacks (I worry what is "unprovoked" to you). I am not interested in anymore sympathy, I am interested only in action. What will you do for America-- the country-- at this time of crisis, at this time of war?

I want to see Arab-Muslims waiving the flag in the streets. I want to hear you chanting "Allah Bless America." I want to see Arab-Muslim young men enlisting in the military. I want to see a commitment of money and time and emotion to the victims of this butchering and to this nation as a whole.

The FBI has a list of over 400 people they want to talk to regarding the WTC attack. Many of these people live and socialize in Muslim communities. You know them. You know where they are. Deliver them up, now.

But I have seen little even approaching this sort of action.

Instead I have seen an already closed and secretive community close tighter. You have disappeared from the streets. You have posted armed security guards at your facilities. You have threatened lawsuits. You have screamed for protection from reprisal.

The few Arab-Muslim representatives that have appeared on the media are defensive and equivocating. They seem more concerned with making sure the U.S. prove who is responsible before they act, and protecting their people from any violence directed toward them, here in the U.S. and abroad.

If the true teachings of Islam proclaim tolerance and peace and love of all people, then I want chapter and verse from the Koran and statements from popular Muslim leaders to back it up.

Because even if the teachings in the Koran are good and pure and true, it matters little if large numbers of current Islamic practitioners interpret the teachings of Mohammed incorrectly and adhere to a degenerative form of the religion.

I want to know where every Arab-Muslim in this country stands and I think it is within my right and the right of every true citizen of this country to demand it. A right paid for by the blood of thousands of my brothers and sisters.

I am pleading with you to let me know. I want you here; as my brother, my neighbor, my friend, as a fellow American. But there can be no "gray" areas or ambivalence regarding your allegiance and it is up to you to show me where you stand.

Until then...you worry me.

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June 18, 2011

Hateful Hate Haters of the Left

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Ministry of Edumacation: "Until I heard your talk this morning, I never realized the original 13 colonies were all on the East Coast."

It could be worse, she could have said ant colonies

[Emphasis mine]

We're raising young people who are, by and large, historically illiterate," David McCullough tells me on a recent afternoon in a quiet meeting room at the Boston Public Library. Having lectured at more than 100 colleges and universities over the past 25 years, he says, "I know how much these young people—even at the most esteemed institutions of higher learning—don't know." Slowly, he shakes his head in dismay. "It's shocking."

He's right. This week, the Department of Education released the 2010 National Assessment of Educational Progress, which found that only 12% of high-school seniors have a firm grasp of our nation's history. And consider: Just 2% of those students understand the significance of Brown v. Board of Education.

Mr. McCullough began worrying about the history gap some 20 years ago, when a college sophomore approached him after an appearance at "a very good university in the Midwest." She thanked him for coming and admitted, "Until I heard your talk this morning, I never realized the original 13 colonies were all on the East Coast." Remembering the incident, Mr. McCullough's snow-white eyebrows curl in pain. "I thought, 'What have we been doing so wrong that this obviously bright young woman could get this far and not know that?'"

Examples of dumming down of some youth turned adult youth, see Kurt Schlichter's article at Big Government: Netroots Nation 2011 Journal

Also, a phony accusation from a unknown at Nutroots against Andrew Breitbart. Wow, they must really be p*ssed they tried so hard, pardon the pun, to cover for Weiner sexting his junk.

Well I kinda got off track with the videos but you get my meaning and if you don't then...you don't.

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AP sources: Pakistanis tip off militants again

They did it again..


WASHINGTON – US officials say Pakistan has apparently tipped off militants at two more bomb-building factories in its tribal areas. The officials say that allowed the militants to flee after U.S. intelligence shared the locations with the Pakistani government.

One U.S. official said this was intended to give Pakistan another chance to build trust after the U.S. raid on May 2 that killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad.

The latest incident brings to a total of four bomb-making sites the U.S. has shared with Pakistan, only to have the terrorist suspects flee before the Pakistani military arrived much later.

How many more tests will these backstabbers fail....

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American victim of a Palestinian terror attack seeks to seize flotilla ships using anti-piracy law


Dr. Alan Bauer, an American victim of a Palestinian terror attack, filed on Thursday a first of its kind lawsuit in an effort to seize ships used by Islamic and anti-Israeli organizations to breach Israel's coastal blockade of the Gaza Strip as part of the upcoming flotilla.

The suit, Bauer v. The Mavi Marmara, was filed in Manhattan federal court, seeking to confiscate 14 ships, which are scheduled to participate in the upcoming flotilla and which were outfitted with funds the plaintiff claims were unlawfully raised in the United States by anti-Israel groups, including The Free Gaza Movement.

The plaintiff, an American biologist, who along with his son Jonathan was seriously injured in a Palestinian suicide bombing on March 21, 2002 in Jerusalem, alleges that The Free Gaza Movement and other American-based anti-Israel organizations have raised funds in the United States to outfit the Gaza Flotilla ships. The lawsuit contends that furnishing and outfitting the ships, which are being used for hostilities against a US ally, violates American law. The plaintiff rests his claim upon the rarely utilized 18th century "informant" statute (18 U.S.C. section 962) that allows a plaintiff (called an "informer") to privately seize ships outfitted in the United States for use against a US ally[More]

Heh, this is definitely something to keep an eye on.

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GITMO Snot noses Sh*theads


(Miami Herald) — When a fiddle player and her band toured the prison camps at Guantánamo recently, guards told of a new devious and disturbing tactic confronting them.

A captive on a hunger strike had been jamming something foul up his nose to contaminate the pathway for medical staff who feed him a nutritional shake twice a day. . . . The captive was jamming his own excrement up his nose. On the topic of bodily waste abuse, prison camp management “will not speculate on the motivations for this behavior,” said Navy Cmdr Tamsen Reese, who confirmed the account of country artist Natalie Stovall.

The guards see it as a tactic meant to demean those tasked with keeping the captive alive, wrote Stovall in a blog post. “It means the medic putting the tube up his nose and down his throat must clean out the feces first.’’ But Stovall wondered whether the prisoner was debasing himself as well.

Nasty creatures, ain't they?

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Pakistan: Getting Down & Dirty With Floor Tiles

Via Zip

<img alt=ISLAMABAD: A terrorist outfit targeted a bank in Islamabad on June 13 because its floor tiles and their design were strikingly analogous to the sacred name, Allah, and the bank did not change them despite complaints to its management.

A bank guard was killed and four others were injured in last Monday’s suicide attack on an Islamabad branch of a bank. The bank administration was cautioned by a section of the outfit that had even lodged a written complaint with Islamabad’s Industrial Area Police Station two years back following the direct warning to bank officials, it is reliably learnt

I don't see anything wrong with the floor tiles, do you?


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Saturday: Dump Day

Me and the guy at the dump are now on a first name basis. Hooray for HGTV, the bane of my existence.

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June 17, 2011

Friday Night Funeral March

By Good Lt. at 08:24 PM | Comments |

Solution to Global Food Crisis

Not having a progressive appetite, I won't be enjoying the ersatz meat. Of course, if recycling is your bugaboo, eat up. (h/t Moonbattery)

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Shameless Wh*res Endanger Saudi Arabia

From the Beeb

Women in Saudi Arabia have been openly driving cars in defiance of an official ban on female drivers in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

The direct action has been organised on social network sites, where women have been posting images and videos of themselves behind the wheel.

The Women2Drive Facebook page said the direct action would continue until a royal decree reversed the ban.

Witnesses note that these strumpets have actually been observed to expose their ankles entering and exiting the vehicles. Disgusting.

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Dear Reuters: Anthony Weiner is NOT a Republican


This is the second time they have done this

The word “Republican” is even in the article’s URL. I repeat: Idiots.

Update: Once may be a mistake. But twice?

Freudian slip..

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Youtube: Saudi Beheading Executions Are A-OK, United States DOD Videos Are Bad

See Rusty's post here about a Saudi beheading video that's garnered well over 600,000 views at YouTube for the setup to this post.

But just yesterday, I received this notification from Youtube notifying me that a video from the US DOD I uploaded had been removed for violating their TOS.


Note that the appeal I made over the removal was denied. The rub is that I've been through the same thing before with the exact same video. It's why I still had the video on YouTube. They claimed that the TOS violation was due to the word "kill" in the title. But, after appealing the original suspension of the video last year YouTube approved it.

Link: Coalition Forces Kill Terrorist Gun Camera

But on this second round I lost the appeal. I've seen several users complaining about being flagged, losing comments and videos today. And the user washedenyankeeblood was trolling just the other day. I suspect he was part of a wave on a flagging campaign to have the pro-American video removed.

My question is: why are videos which are simply uploads of DOD releases removed? It's the US military that chose the headline.

The policy Youtube claims is that there can be no live depictions of death. Which means that all those AP tsunami vids "need to come down." Or of Syrian protesters being killed. Or generally any depiction of war or repression.

I suspect that whoever referees video suspension appeals at YouTube has an agenda. And that agenda is not "don't be evil".

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Saudi Beheading Video on YouTube


To flag or not to flag, that is the question?

I'm ambivalent about this video. On the one hand it shows the barbarism of what sharia law actually looks like when implemented. On the other hand ..... from the comments:

this is why i like Allah s.w.t. rule in worlds. Allah s.w.t. give a great rule to people when people saw what the rule they will think so many time is that they must do bad things or not. May Allah s.w.t. bless all people and me also. Amin. ~xDBladerDx'

Killl him ! This is the best for the people make a big sin ! ~WahahaRanz

The good news is there seems to be an argument going on between the commenters on whether or not this is a good thing (in Malaysian). The bad news is .... that some people are actually arguing that God has some kind of blood lust!

I get the argument for the death penalty. What I don't get is the argument that God requires it for such things as adultery, apostasy, and "sorcery".

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:23 PM | Comments |

Suspicious Vehicle Near the Pentagon (Update: Suspect identified as Marine Corps Reservist Yonathan Melaku)

Yonathan Melaku_pentagon pkg scare.jpg
Yonathan Melaku

Update: I'm getting conflicting reports, Both NBC and CBS are reporting that a "device" was found and rendered safe. Other reports at this time do not confirm any device.

Ozarks First: CBS News - A suspicious item found inside a vehicle near the Pentagon has been "disrupted" and "rendered safe," a law enforcement official has told CBS News.

The U.S. Park Police have in custody a man believed to be connected to the item, according to Park Police spokesman Sgt. David Schlosser.

Also there are reports that the man in custody is of Ethiopian origin, which is right next door to terrorist controlled Somalia.
The incident began when a man -- believed to be a naturalized US citizen who came to the US from Ethiopia -- was found in the nearby Arlington National Cemetery overnight Thursday. The man was arrested at the scene.
We'll update again when we know more. If anyone has more please feel free to ad in comments.

Also its being reports that a notebook and suspicious devices were located in various places, although not in the car itself at this point.

Authorities reportedly found al Qaeda-related statements, a backpack initially believed to contain ammonium nitrate, and spent 9mm shells at the scene, ABC's "Good Morning America" reported.

A notebook containing words including "al Qaeda" and Taliban" was found at the scene, FOX News Channel reported.

CBS News reported that the arrested man was suspected of planting several suspicious devices around the Pentagon, the Arlington National Cemetery and the Iwo Jima Memorial.

US Park Police Sergeant David Schlosser said at a news conference early Friday law enforcement authorities were conducting sweeps of the Pentagon, the cemetery and the memorial.

"We're pretty early in this right now so were going to be doing sweeps. We're coordinating our efforts to make sure that the entire area is safe," Schlosser said.

Hat Tip: Town Hall.

UPDATE by SH: [Emphasis mine]FNC

DEVELOPING: The man in custody for carrying a backpack with "suspicious items and products" inside Arlington National Cemetery overnight is a U.S. Marine Corps reservist, military and law enforcement sources tell Fox News.

Yonathan Melaku, a Lance Corporal Marine corps reservist who lives in Virginia and who is Muslim, has been identified as the suspect in custody, Fox News has learned.

Sources close to the investigation also said a notebook believed to belong to the man was found containing threatening phrases like "Al Qaeda," "Taliban rule" and "defeated coalition forces."[More]

UPDATE II by SH: It has been confirmed he has a record, here is a report of his earlier arrest: Yonathan Melaku arrested in Leesburg car tamperings

UPDATE by Rusty: FYI, about half of Ethiopia's population is Muslim.

I'm not sure what to make of this guy yet. Given that he was arrested in a string of car vandalisms, what does that say about his intentions? I'm not sure.

Especially now that "nothing suspicious" (h/t: Doug Powers) was found in the car and that whatever was in his backpack was "inert". Dry run? Playing jihadi at night by himself in a cemetery? An al Qaeda super-spooky seance? I really don't know.

Maybe he is a lone wolf carrying out the aspirations of al Qaeda which hopes to provoke small scale operations. But if that is the case then it is our good fortune that most of the kinds of people susceptible to such provocation are morons.

By Howie at 08:50 AM | Comments |

The Problem is Not the War Powers Act

Its that Gadhafi is making Obama and NATO look like a bunch of damned fools.

YID with LID: The administration also claims that its actions are not governed by the War Powers Act because the U.S. involvement does not constitute “hostilities” – the term used by the act to limit the time the president may commit U.S. forces into combat.
And Gadhafi's history is that he excels at doing that. There's no reason to think he'd change.

Obama would serve himself well to take the opportunity Speaker Boehner is giving him to GTFO or else get congressional approval to start some damned hostilities PDQ.

The Libyan rebels are obviously melting away, waiting on NATO to do the dying for them. At this rate this will go on forever. And I'm getting damn tired of figuring out how to spell Momar's name every day.

So its all that and the War Powers Act. Without the congress Gadhafi can hang like a millstone around Obama's neck through Nov. 2012.

By Howie at 08:23 AM | Comments |

2010 Graduates of the Pallywood School of Acting


h/t Raultalbot7

By Stable Hand at 12:45 AM | Comments |



Netroot Nation: Fight! Fight! Fight!

......Netroots Nation chairman Adam Bonin presented a slideshow to warn attendees about the Americans for Prosperity-sponsored RightOnline conference happening next door.

......"They're wily. They can use disguises." The illustration: James O'Keefe in a pimp costume, and Evan Bayh on Fox News.

Next slide: A flip camera. "This is a weapon," said Bonin. "If you don't know the person on the other end of the camera, you don't need to talk to it."

New Media paranoia...

Citizen Journalism is Working

By Stable Hand at 12:31 AM | Comments |

June 16, 2011

"Jabba the Hutt of Porn" Has a Job For Weiner

flynt_jubba the hut.jpg

How fitting.

Porn mogul Larry Flynt offered disgraced US lawmaker Anthony Weiner a job Thursday, after the New York congressman resigned over a tawdry "sexting" scandal.

Hustler founder Flynt said he would pay Weiner, who posted pictures of his intimate anatomy to a number of women on Twitter, 20 percent more than what he earned in the House of Representatives.[...]

This offer is not made in jest. To show our sincerity, Flynt Management Group, LLC is willing to pay 20 percent more than your former congressional salary," he added, also promising to pay medical cover and relocation costs.

He added: "I feel that your unfortunate resignation is a prime example of unfounded political pressure and the hypocrisy that has invaded democracy in Washington DC."

#Weinergate ain't over by a long shot...

By Stable Hand at 10:17 PM | Comments |

Just A Matter Of Perspective

We've seen Bush compared to Hitler, the Tea Party compared to Al Qaeda, and the Border patrol compared to the KKK. Now, Chris Matthews idiotically says Weiner's press conference reminds him of Saddam Hussein being executed:

"Let me ask you Ben [Smith], it [Weiner's presser] reminded me of the Saddam Hussein hanging today. Even they couldn't do that right. The grossness of the affair led to the grossness of the finale," host of MSNBC's "Hardball" Chris Matthews said.

Saddam's hanging:

No doubt, Chris lost a personal hero (I'll leave you to guess who I mean, Hussein or Weiner), but he should feel blessed for that tingle up and down his leg Obama gives him...

By DMartyr at 10:14 PM | Comments |

Girls Will Be Girls

Danielle Johnsen.jpg(Staten Island, New York) A 29-year-old science teacher at an all-girls Catholic high school, Danielle Johnsen, has been accused of mixing it up with a 16-year-old student.

Johnsen faces charges of sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.

On Feb. 16 and March 2, Johnsen and the straight-A student from the all-girls school on Grymes Hill locked lips while hanging out, according to court papers.

And, on March 13, Johnsen again kissed the girl and shoved her hand down the teen’s pants when they rendezvoused at Johnsen’s Jewett Avenue home in Port Richmond, court documents state.

The shocking affair first came to light after Johnsen called it off with the victim and the depressed teen took to blogging about her heartbreak on Tumblr, a social networking site, sources said.

Johnsen was booked and released without bail. (h/t F.B.)

In a similar but unrelated case in Pennsylvania, a female teacher allegedly sent a sex toy to a female student and pressured her to use it. A teacher at Upper Dublin High School, Cheryl Bremble, 40, reportedly text messaged that she was bisexual and thought the girl was "hot."

Bremble faces multiple sex-related charges.

By Mr. E. Blogger at 10:02 PM | Comments |

US to Zawahiri we will kill you...

Enjoy the job Ayman.....you just moved to the front of the line....all intel assets are now looking for you....perks of the job dude.


WASHINGTON (AFP) – The United States will seek to hunt down and kill new Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri just as it did his predecessor Osama bin Laden, the top US military officer said Thursday.

"There is not a surprise from my perspective that he's moved into that position," Admiral Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told journalists after the Egyptian leader was named the new Al-Qaeda chief.

Matter of time.

By Matt Damon at 04:07 PM | Comments |

Three Days After Jawa, NBC Reports al Qaeda "Hit List of Americans" (Updated/Bumped: Better Fox News Story)

On the top update: Here's a better story by Fox News, of course. In it they cite Aaron over at Internet Haganah:

Aaron Weisburd, director of the Society for Internet Research, confirmed that the threatening posts first appeared on Shumukh -- a password-protected, members-only site. He said the messages then drifted over to the more accessible Ansar site, possibly so a broader audience could see it.

Weisburd, who has access to the Shumukh site and saw the original posts, described the site as "the number-one Al Qaeda-supporting website on the Internet today."

Weisburd said the users are "brainstorming" and still face the challenge of convincing somebody to carry out an attack. But he said they're serious about inspiring followers to take up the cause.

"They want you just to pick up a weapon and wage jihad right where you are against the best target you can find," Weisburd said.

READ THE REST. There's also more from Patrick Poole in it who writes for PJM and Big Peace.

---- Begin original post ---

Yeah, we had it here three days ago. I'm not saying it was original reporting on our part, but we do read Internet Haganah on a pretty regular basis. At least, more regularly than NBC. I'm pretty sure it was Aaron that broke this story. So that's like four days after Internet Haganah.

NBC New York:

An al-Qaida-linked website has posted a potential hit list of targets that include names and photos of several U.S. officials and business leaders, calling for terrorists to target these Americans in their own homes, NBC New York has learned.

The FBI has sent out a new intelligence bulletin to law enforcement agencies, warning that this new web-based threat, while not a specific plot, is very detailed. The bulletin said the list includes leaders "in government, industry and media."

The fear is not that al Qaeda is organizing plots to kill the individuals on the list, but that al Qaeda sympathizers in our midsts -- and there are thousands of them -- will use the hit list to kill them on their own.

Since late last year messages from American leaders of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (Samir Khan) and al Qaeda Central (Adam Gadahn) have urged American Muslims sympathetic to the cause to forgo a pilgrimage to the training camps, stay at home, and commit acts of lone jihad.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:59 PM | Comments |

Al Qaeda Affiliated Cleric Still Preaching from Oslo Home

Mullah Krekar, the spiritual leader of Ansar al-Islam, the Iraqi group which once played host to Abu Musab al Zarqawi and which is responsible for the murder of scores of civilians, is alive and well in Oslo, Norway.

As a matter of fact, the Mullah continues to preach his genocidal brand of Islam from his home. Norway refuses to extradite him to Iraq, where he's been indicted as a mass murderer, because that country has the death penalty.

Instead, he's opened an online "university" where he recently could be heard mourning the death of Osama bin Laden.

Good job Norway!

More on a recent Krekar interview at Islam in Europe.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:08 PM | Comments |

Spiritual Leader of Bali Bombing Group Gets 15 Years for Role in Mass Murders

Indonesia, a moderate Muslim country, where they give you 15 years for mass murder:

An Indonesian court on Thursday jailed radical Islamist cleric Abu Bakar Bashir for 15 years for funding a terrorist group that was planning attacks against Westerners and political leaders.
Don't worry, I'm sure his jailors will let him out to roam the streets. Just like they did the last time he was arrested.

For his part Bashir denies the very existence of the al Qaeda affiliated Jemaah Islamiyah -- which he is the spiritual leader of -- claiming it, like 9/11, is just a CIA plot to make Muslims look bad. Which reminds me of that scene in The Godfather (II?) where Michael Corleone denies the existence of la cosa nostra to the House Committee on Organized Crime. It's all just a plot to make Italians look bad.

Of course, this same Bashir also openly calls for an infidel free Indonesia. So, that doesn't make Muslims look bad at all.

H/T:Big Peace

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:17 PM | Comments |

Good News! Taxpayer Funded Beer Bash & Other Stuff at Holder DOJ

“It’s Time to Get Together, So Save the Date – It’s time to open up and let the sun shine in!”

“The Civil Rights Division will host a get-together on Thursday, June 30th in the Main Justice Courtyard, from 3:00 p.m. Until 6:00 p.m. Beer, wine and snacks will be served. Come on out and enjoy the weather and say hello to your co-workers! Hope to see you there! (Rain/extreme heat date: Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 – Great Hall). Please contact Kathy Anderson in the Executive Office by email or on 202-514-5577 if you have any questions. “
I don't think they meant for this invite to be seen by us peons.

By Stable Hand at 02:16 PM | Comments |

Breaking! Iran To Send Ahmadinejad Into Space!

Let's hope he doesn't come back...

IRAN Iran plans to send a live monkey into space in the summer, the country's top space official said after the launch of the Rassad-1 (Observation-1) satellite, state television reported today.
By DMartyr at 01:33 PM | Comments |

PSA: Three Creatures That Just Don't Make Good Pets

(In no particular order)


Great White sharks

Black Mamba snakes

By DMartyr at 01:10 PM | Comments |

Facebook: Terrorist Content Report Form

New to me, but someone said it has been there for awhile: www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=terrorist_content

Terrorist Content_facebook.jpg

Another YouTube type "ignore terrorist reporting" thingy? I will have to start trying it out to see.

By Stable Hand at 01:05 PM | Comments |

Rep King's Hearing Yesterday On The Threat of Muslim-American Radicalization in U.S. Prisons

Big Peace has an excellent breakdown of the hearing. Here's the video.

Continued below fold:
Chairman King addresses "racist" charge at hearing on prison radicalization:

Prison letter to Chairman King[PDF]

Original documents here: homeland.house.gov/hearing/threat-muslim-american-radicalization-us-prisons

By Stable Hand at 11:44 AM | Comments |

Wheel of Justice


Here's how it works -

To start, you are given $1000 and a Taliban prisoner. If you are a pansy-a$$ed, anti-death penalty, liberal, do-gooder, you can cash out and the $1000 will go towards the prisoner's incarceration in a comfy jail cell with a cot and three halal meals a day.

OR, you can take a chance and spin for more money and prizes! The wheel also includes various tortures to which your Taliban prisoner will be subjected.

I won $180,000 and a 3-year supply of beer before my Taliban prisoner was killed. (He lost an eye and an arm in the process, but WTF! I got FREE BEER!)

The game is below the fold. If it doesn't load properly, you can play at the link above.

By DMartyr at 11:43 AM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Weiner Pulls Out Early

Congressman Weiner will officially announce he can't finish the job sometime around 2.pm EDT.

That is all.

Update by DMartyr: Video. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost. (Hat Tip: Real Clear Politics)

By Howie at 10:42 AM | Comments |

Mufti Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Qabban of Lebanon: Palestinians Are "Trash"


The mufti of Lebanon, Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Qabbani, was quoted this week as saying that Palestinians are no longer welcome in his country.

He also condemned Palestinians as “trash” and said that he’s not afraid of their weapons.

Sheikh Qabbani’s remarks were made during a meeting he held in his office in Beirut with a Palestinian delegation representing refugees and various Palestinian factions in Lebanon.

The furious mufti later kicked the Palestinian representatives out of his office.

More than 400,000 Palestinians live in Lebanon, most of them in extremely harsh conditions in refugee camps.

The meeting was called to discuss Palestinian “assaults” on state-owned and Islamic Wakf lands in Lebanon.

“We’ve hosted you and no longer want you,” the mufti told stunned members of the Palestinian delegation[...]

The mufti lost his temper following complaints that Palestinians living in refuge camps in Lebanon had illegally seized lands belonging to the state and the Islamic Wakf Trust.

Palis got their feelings hurt, they can't blame this on Israel...yet.

By Stable Hand at 10:41 AM | Comments |

Muslim Conscientious Objector Charged With Child Pornography

Of course, it wasn't child pornography. He was just shopping for a wife.

A Muslim soldier from Fort Campbell has been approved as a conscientious objector to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but he has now been charged with possession of child pornography.

Pfc. Naser Abdo, a 21-year-old infantry soldier, applied for the status last year after he decided Islamic standards would prohibit his service in the U.S. Army in any war. The Army approved his status in May, but his discharge is on hold until the criminal charge is resolved. (Source)

By DMartyr at 10:19 AM | Comments |

As Was Noted Here May 20th And Now "Offically" Confirmed by Al Qaeda: Zawahiri Named New Emir

Announcement showed up on al Qaeda supporting forum

CAIRO -- An Al Qaeda-affiliated website says Egypt-born Ayman al-Zawahri has succeeded Usama bin laden as head of the terror network.

Bin Laden was killed in a U.S. commando raid in Pakistan last month. Al-Zawahri, who will turn 60 next week, had been bin Laden's second in command.

Breaking News: Ayman al-Zawahiri named ‘emir’ of Al Qaeda (Bumped ***sticky***)

Wat? I just like banners, it's a bandwidth thing.

UPDATE: I removed them, problem with page load for some.

By Stable Hand at 01:41 AM | Comments |

June 15, 2011

He's An American. That Says It All.

Herman Cain says he isn't an African-American. He is an American.

(Hat Tip: IHateheMedia)

Let's see what John Wayne has to say about hyphenated Americans:

By DMartyr at 09:50 PM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Tonight Joe Dan Gorman's 'the IN word" (Updated)

Wednesday, June 15 · 10:00pm - 11:00pm
11PM ET, 10 PM CT, 8PM PT. USTREAM.TV! Streamed Lived to your computer!
Created By:
Joe Dan Gorman
JoeDanMedia (Official Page)
More Info:
LIBERAL FREE ENTERTAINMENT...not counting jokes about them.

Tonight Sonja & Joe Dan welcome the amazing and talented Neal Fox. You don't want to miss this demented guy, LOL.

Covering hot topics from Cow-Tipping to Kwanza

Tune in for fun, laughs....and good tunage.


Replays/podcasts available immediately after the show to watch at your leisure

the IN word blogspot

Last year Joe Dan's song "Live to Die (for virgins in the sky) caused a stir at YouTube. They removed it for being a shock video I 'mirrored' it and the vid was promptly removed for shocking content.

Update by Howie:

Er uh, Odie has that one.

Updated again by Howie, er uh that got their attention. Lol, Odie has to "go dark" for a while. Oooopssss.

UPDATE by SH: Here's DMartyr's from LiveLeak:

UPDATE: I missed lasts weeks (their 1st show) and I made sure to watch it tonight It was funny, entertaining but a had a problem with something in my eyes when Neal Fox's music video "We're All Gonna Be There When She Dies" was played:

By Stable Hand at 07:31 PM | Comments |

Rottweiler Therapy

A middle school in Mass is in dire need of rottweiler therapy, for the Fitchburg School Committee:

A middle school in Massachusetts is under fire for requiring children to complete a graphic sex survey without parental knowledge or consent – that included questions about sexual partners and oral sex.

The Rutherford Institute, a civil liberties organization, filed a complaint with the U.S. Dept. of Education against the Fitchburg School Committee. They are representing the two middle-school aged daughters of Arlene Tessitore.

Mrs. Tessitore said her daughters, both students at Memorial Middle School, were told they had to complete a Youth Risk Behavior Study.

“Kids were actually told to sit down and take them,” said John Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute. “The parents here are very upset.”

Whitehead said the girls were deeply disturbed by the subject matter of the study – including questions about suicide, drug use and sexual behavior.

By Stable Hand at 04:18 PM | Comments |

Oct 2003: Senate Hearing: Palestinian Education & the Future of Peace in the Middle East

Did you note the 2003 date of this hearing?

"We will look at this issues more sharply in the future"? Well it's 2011 for gawds sake and nothing has changed except for Obi One wanting Israel to go back to pre-1967 borders to appease the Palestinians.

h/t Eeyore

Related: Palwatch website

By Stable Hand at 03:06 PM | Comments |

Crazy Guy Looking for bin Laden Body, Loch Ness Monster

Either this guy is absolutely brilliant, or completely batsh*t crazy. After reading this, I'm going with the latter:

A US salvage diver says he will scour the bottom of the north Arabian Sea to hunt for the body of Osama Bin Laden.

Bill Warren says that he wants to establish once and for all whether the al-Qaeda leader was killed by US forces in May, and then buried out at sea....

Mr Warren, who runs a California-based salvage company and has worked on 200 ship wrecks, told the BBC he had "some doubts" as to whether Osama Bin Laden was dead because the US government had not showed any images of the body.

Mr. Warren then opened a jar of peanut butter and began smearing it all over his nipples.

I may have made up that last sentence.

Seriously, are there really some numbnuts who actually don't think bin Laden is dead?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:05 PM | Comments |

LULZ: CAIR Funneling Foreign Islamofascist Money to Promote "anti-Islamophobia" on College Campuses

poster on cair site.jpg

I don't think this will come as a shock to any one, but CAIR has been funneling OIC money for "anti-Islamophobia" events on college campuses. I'm not for Islamophobia -- the irrational fear of Islam. I'm totally against it.

Unfortunately the word is used to describe any one the least bit critical of any Muslim or even the underlying ideologies that spurn many Muslims into doing so many bad things in the world.

What's ironic, though, is that the OIC wants to ban all criticism of Islam. Their goal is to use the power of the state to punish those that disagree with them. Which scares me. I don't think that's irrational nor does it make me afraid of Islam.

Especially given that the OIC already has its way in nearly 100% of Muslim majority countries, where blasphemy or something akin to it is already illegal. Even in "moderate" and "secular" Muslim majority countries.

I do fear fascism in all its forms when such fascism poses a real danger. And unfortunately for Muslims one of the embodiments of fascism in the Muslim world is political Islam. And it is on the march.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:51 PM | Comments |

Ministry of Hypocrisy: Palestinian Leaders -"How Dare Syria Use Our People As Cannon Fodder"

We need them for human shields, duh!

UNITED NATIONS (AFP) – Syrian forces stood by as Palestinian demonstrators crossed the Golan Heights ceasefire line and were fired upon by Israeli forces, according to a UN report obtained by AFP.

At least 27 people were killed in the demonstrations on May 15 and June 5 and some diplomats said the accounts given in the report reinforced claims that Syria is stirring up border troubles to divert attention from President Bashar al-Assad's deadly crackdown on opposition protests.

Palestinian leaders are "furious that their people were used as cannon fodder" on the border, said one diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The report by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also said protests against Assad had spread to the border, and UN peacekeepers had been denied access to several districts.

The report on the UN Disengagement Force (UNDOF) monitoring the ceasefire between Syria and Israel did not accuse Syrians of organising the protests by Palestinians. But each time Syrian forces were nearby, it stressed.

27 less human shields/splodey dopes=heartache.

Syria and not Israel blamed=priceless

UPDATE: If this document is true, how did the UNDOF miss this? Breaking: Syrian state documents 'show Assad orchestrated Nakba Day raids on Golan Heights':

I have just been forwarded what appear to be Syrian state documents leaked by the governor of al-Qunaitera, in south-west Syria, which suggest that the regime fully orchestrated the “Nakba Day” raids of Palestinian refugees into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on May 15.

The document (below) which bears the Syrian Republic emblem, is dated May 14, 2011 and describes an “urgent meeting” of Major General Asef Shawkat, the Deputy Chief of Staff for the Armed Forces, and the chiefs of security and military intelligence branches in the province in Al-Qunaitera, which is located at the Syrian-Israeli border. The memorandum outlines how the regime ordered the dispatching of 20 buses, each one with a passenger capacity of 47, to cross the border into Majdal-Shamms in the Golan Heights in order to precipitate a confrontation between Palestinian refugees and Israeli soldiers and UN peacekeeping forces, thereby distracting international attention from the Syrian revolution.[More]

Not suprising..

h/t CAMERA.org

By Stable Hand at 01:01 PM | Comments |

Video: Chechen Terrorist Longs to Meld ZZ Top with Public Enemy

Dude, that beard. It's awesome. And the beret is soooo Public Enemy. Yeah, I'm old school like that.


Please flag as: Violent or Repulsive Content: Supports Terrorism

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:53 PM | Comments |

Pali Authority Cleric: "Jews Are A Virus Similar To AIDS"

Double feature!

But, but, Obi One wants Israel to return to pre-1967 borders because Palis will play nice with Israel. The videos above show how nice and peaceful Palis are.

By Stable Hand at 12:39 PM | Comments |

President Sued For War Crime

No, the loony democrats are not suing George W. Bush for going into Iraq to kill Islamic terrorists (at least, not yet). Republican Bipartisan lawmakers are suing President Obama for illegally going to war against Libya:

A bipartisan group of House members announced on Wednesday that it is filing a lawsuit charging that President Obama made an illegal end-run around Congress when he approved U.S military action against Libya.

“With regard to the war in Libya, we believe that the law was violated. We have asked the courts to move to protect the American people from the results of these illegal policies,” said Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), who led the 10-member anti-war coalition with Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.).

I have a better solution: Impeachment.

By DMartyr at 12:08 PM | Comments |

UK Resort Bans Bumping... In Bumper Cars

Political correctness run amok...

Staff at all three Butlin resorts in Bognor Regis, Minehead and Skegness are instructed to ban anyone found guilty of bumping into each other in the electric cars equipped with huge bumpers.

Bemused customers who assume that the ‘no bumping sign’ is in jest are told to drive around slowly in circles rather than crash into anyone else for fear of an injury that could result in the resort being sued.

(Hat Tip: IHateTheMedia)

By DMartyr at 11:15 AM | Comments |

Anderson Cooper's 360 Describes Anthony Weiner as Hand Solo



Well that is funny, but its a total insult to Han...

By Howie at 10:33 AM | Comments |

Who Was Muhammad?

SH posted about this program yesterday.

Acts 17 Apologetics over at Answering Islam has the video of last night's ABN debate, in case you missed it.

Part 1:

View the other parts at Answering Islam.

By DMartyr at 10:31 AM | Comments |


This guy is like a horrible train wreck - you don't want to see it, but for some reason you just can't look away!

weiners weiner4.jpg

It just gets worser and worser (Feck it! I know 'worser' isn't a word but I'll use it if I want!!)

The National Enquirer pictures show Weiner protectively posing in a pair of pantihose and a bra as he smiles cheekily at the camera.

In another photo an oiled Weiner poses in y-fronted swimming trunks in front of a Christmas tree.

PS: I've posted this under the category "Ministry of Boobies." I know it doesn't go there. The last thing people clicking on the "Ministry of Boobies" want to see is Weiner's weiner. But until the misogynistic powers-that-be at The Jawa Report give me a "Ministry of Weiners" I'm going to post every weiner-related post in the boobie category.

Update by Howie: And I shall move them all to Ministry of Entertaining the Masses.

That Boobie category is sacred.

By DMartyr at 09:59 AM | Comments |

The Japanese Need to Accelerate Efforts to Clone Mammoth

Because in the near future, we'll all ride them to work.

What may be the science story of the century is breaking this evening, as heavyweight US solar physicists announce that the Sun appears to be headed into a lengthy spell of low activity, which could mean that the Earth – far from facing a global warming problem – is actually headed into a mini Ice Age.
Of course you know my opinion. There has never ever, for any length of time, been climate stasis.

Its a myth created by our incredibly puny brief lifespans, let alone our infantile civilization.

Update: Red State:

On the bright side, a colleague of mine suggested that the perfect name for a hypothetical new period of decreased sunspot activity would be the “Gore Minimum.” In terms of irony alone, that would be perfect.

By Howie at 08:17 AM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Female Superiority Confirmed


Can we call the men who engage in this sort of sucking-up to women “Uncle Tims”?
Yes we can!

Anyway, my thought is what took them so long, I'm looking forward to my total obsolescence and eventual sexual enslavement.

No of course I can't mow the lawn, I'm a MAN! We're only good for one thing.

By Howie at 08:12 AM | Comments |

Pakistan Arrests Informants to US

Well that pretty much seals it for me. We should end our relationship with Pakistan period.

Guardian: Pakistani intelligence has detained five alleged CIA informants who spied on Osama bin Laden in the months before the al-Qaida chief was killed in a special forces raid, US and Pakistani officials have said.

The Pakistani informants noted the details of vehicles visiting Bin Laden's house in Abbottabad, 35 miles north of Islamabad, and helped run a nearby house from which CIA spies watched the al-Qaida leader.

A Pakistani official said the owner of the CIA hideout had been arrested along with several other people.

A military spokesman denied a New York Times report that a serving army major had also been detained. The arrests highlight continuing tensions between the US and Pakistan in the wake of Bin Laden's death. They are likely to intensify pressure from senior Washington politicians to cut Pakistan's $2bn annual aid package.

I want thank these folks for helping, for telling the truth about bin-Laden, you are a credit to your people, to Muslims and we owe you a debt. We pray you are released and safe.

And also to all the Pakistanis who will suffer. See I have a Pakistani friend or two, sucks for them. I'm sorry its come to this and I fear for you.


Of money we don't have anyway.

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Linchpin in hunt for Bin Laden back with Al Qaeda(Hassan Ghul)

Our "allies" at it again..

WASHINGTON — The terrorist described as the linchpin in the hunt for Osama bin Laden has rejoined al-Qaida after the Bush administration released him from a secret CIA secret prison under pressure from Pakistan, according to former and current U.S. intelligence officials.

Shortly after the CIA decided to close the secret prisons, the U.S. intelligence agency returned al-Qaida operative Hassan Ghul in 2006 to his native Pakistan, which had been demanding his release since his capture about two years earlier.

Pakistan held Ghul for at least a year before he was released, eventually making his way back to al-Qaida to help with operations against the U.S., the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity because details about Ghul's case remain classified.

Pakistan's decision to free Ghul, a midlevel al-Qaida operative, is yet another troubling revelation in a time when the U.S. is rethinking its relationship with the Pakistan and whether it can be a trusted ally in the war on terror. Members of Congress have talked about ending aid to Pakistan after bin Laden was found inside Pakistan, hiding out in an urban area not far from a military garrison. Last week, CIA Director Leon Panetta confronted Pakistan's intelligence service about tipping off militants running bomb factories aimed at killing U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

On Tuesday, a U.S. official said Pakistan's intelligence service had arrested the owner of a safe house rented to the CIA to observe bin Laden's compound before the U.S. raid that killed him. And a Western official in Pakistan confirmed a New York Times report that five of the Pakistani informants who fed information to the CIA before the May 2 raid were arrested by Pakistan's top military spy agency. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive intelligence matters.

Ghul's return to Pakistan also raises questions about how the Bush administration, which was committed to keeping arguably less dangerous detainees locked up at the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, could hand over the man who provided the key information about bin Laden's trusted courier, intelligence that this year led to bin Laden's death at the hands of U.S. commandoes.

The move frustrated and angered former CIA officers, who at the time believed Ghul should have been moved to Guantanamo along with 14 other high-value detainees like Abu Zubaydah, a major al-Qaida facilitator, and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks.

A U.S. official said Pakistan made promises that it would hold Ghul, only to let him go and re-establish contact with al-Qaida. A senior Pakistani intelligence official said he had no information about Ghul.

Former CIA officials say Ghul was part of Zubaydah's clandestine network of moneymen and couriers. The CIA had been pressing Pakistan to arrest Ghul for years and later learned after 9/11 he had been hiding at safe houses in the Lahore area belonging to the terrorist group, Lashkar-e-Taiba, which was behind the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

But Pakistan's spy service, the ISI, refused pick up Ghul.

When the CIA figured out that Ghul was traveling to meet with al-Qaida operatives who had gone to Iraq after the 2003 invasion to fight the U.S., the agency decided to act. In a joint operation with the Kurds, Ghul was nabbed in northern Iraq in January 2004, former CIA officials said. Pakistan was furious when it learned the CIA had Ghul and pressed the U.S. to return him.

Instead, Ghul was taken to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan but was later removed over questions about whether the transfer was legal, former CIA officials said. Ghul then was taken to a CIA "black site" - a secret prison - in Eastern Europe and provided information about bin Laden's most trusted courier before he was exposed to harsh interrogation techniques. Ghul's information later allowed the CIA to realize that finding the courier probably would lead to bin Laden.

Former CIA officials said in the rush to close the secret prisons, the U.S. was looking for ways to get rid of some of the remaining two dozen or so detainees in the agency's now-defunct interrogation and detention program. With Pakistan offering to take Ghul, U.S. officials figured they could build some good will by giving him back, and the CIA had the ISI's pledge that he wouldn't go free.

It's not clear why Pakistan wanted Ghul back so badly, but former CIA officers who targeted Ghul said he had ties to the Lashkar-e-Taiba terror group, which had the backing of ISI.

If we insist on holding Obama to account for all of his screw ups........we hold Bush to account also....this release happened on his watch. One final thing......why for the love of God are we trusting/allied(with) the Pakistani's.


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What They're Reading in American Mosques Pt. 2

Maududi's book in English and Urdu

‘Tafhim al-Qur’an’

NOTE: In addition to the alarming results of the survey, Shari’a and Violence in American Mosques– where 81% of mosques in this country contained texts that advocate violent jihad– the survey presents a standard that can give law enforcement a way to monitor or potentially to predict where violent jihad may take root.

The mosques surveyed contained a variety of texts, ranging from contemporary printed pamphlets and handouts to classic texts of the Islamic canon. Of these, seven Islamic texts were selected that either ‘moderately’ or ’severely’ advocated violent jihad. Nearly a decade after 9/11, Americans need more than ever to know what is being read in this country’s mosques. This series will provide a beginning guide to ‘the Islamist bookshelf’; readers will see that, rather than being old, dusty or obsolete religious tracts, the seven books described here are currently in use and, critically, form the basis for how modern Muslims actually understand Islam.

In gathering materials and research for the Mapping Sharia website, we assessed the importance of each of the seven books, described their availability– usually, their ubiquity– in print and online. For those curious, we have attached links to PDFs of the complete works. At the end are samples of quotes advocating violent jihad found in the book.[More]

What They're Reading in American Mosques Pt 1

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June 14, 2011

Show Me Your Boobies


Teens beware, don't turn into another Weiner.

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Good News! Pakistan Arrests C.I.A. Informants in Bin Laden Raid

How in the hell did the ISI find out who these informants were? Was it through our intelligence sharing?

This really sux.


WASHINGTON — Pakistan’s top military spy agency has arrested some of the Pakistani informants who fed information to the Central Intelligence Agency in the months leading up to the raid that led to the death of Osama bin Laden, according to American officials.

Pakistan’s detention of five C.I.A. informants, including a Pakistani Army major who officials said copied the license plates of cars visiting Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in the weeks before the raid, is the latest evidence of the fractured relationship between the United States and Pakistan. It comes at a time when the Obama administration is seeking Pakistan’s support in brokering an endgame in the war in neighboring Afghanistan.

ISI is corrupt AND wants to stay that way. These informants pose a danger to them.

h/t tweet from @Blazingcatfur

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WI State Captitol: Guy in Pink Dress Accosts Citizen Journalist

Maybe it is a member of Queers for Palestine?

Via Breitbart:

Language warning:

Walker-1 Unions-0

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Breaking: Wisconsin's High Court Says Controversial Union Law Can Take Effect

Gonna be a lot of PO'd leftist assmaggots....Ha!

Wisconsin's Republican governor has won a major victory: the state Supreme Court says his polarizing union rights law can go into effect.
Court doc[PDF]

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Nigeria: Drink a Beer, Get Killed

Drinking is a sin. They deserved to die:

Suspected members of a radical Islamic sect have shot dead four people at a beer garden in a north Nigerian town where the group recently staged bomb and gun attacks, police said Monday.

"Four people were killed in an attack by gunmen suspected to be members of Boko Haram sect on a beer parlour in the Bulunkutu surburb of the city last night," Zakari Adamu, assistant police commissioner for Borno state told AFP.

And Boko Haram is not a "sect". It's a political movement seeking the imposition of sharia law. Which is ironic given the province where these murders took place already has sharia. But these people are flat earthers of the Taliban strain. No, really. They believe the Earth is flat and called the area they once ruled "Afghanistan".

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Awesome: Behind the Technology that Foils IEDs


Over at Wired there's a totally worth it read about the jamming technology our guys use to foil radio/cell phone activated IEDs. There's even a sneak peak into the future of these devices and how they will continue to save countless lives.

Given that homegrown terrorists are plugged into the same networks and technologies as those overseas, I would hope that domestic law enforcement agencies are also acquiring these devices.

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Pam Anderson, Storm Troopers, and Wookies

Isn't Pam Anderson a little slutty for a Stormtrooper?


Wookies: the perfect pets.


(Thanks to Suzie)

More on Pam Anderson at some wierd Star Wars themed party in Buenos Aires here.

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Jeff Appears Upset: Queers (& Dykes) Against Israeli Apartheid

queers against israeli apartheid.jpg

dykes against israeli apartheid.jpg
Heartache: No spell check on banners

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Wisconsin Democrat About Female Constituent Who Disagreed With Him: "I Feel Like Smackin' Her Around."

Taking a break from Weiners, more 'civility' from the hypocritical left....

A rolling tape on an answering machine caught an unsuspecting Rep. Fred Clark, D-Baraboo, saying he wanted to "smack around" a woman from his district after she hung up on him. (Source)

The transcript:

[Answering machine picks up the call, then Sue Stapelman picks up phone] SS: “Yes” FC: “Hi, this, uh, Ms. Stapelton?" SS: “Yes it is.” FC: “Hi, this is Representative Fred Clark.” SS: “Ok.” FC: “Yes, I just want to give you and John a call again tonight. You may know I’m running against Luther Olsen here in the recall election in the 14th Senate District.” SS: “Yeah, isn’t that a crime.” [hangs up] [Answering machine still recording] FC: “Ok. I feel like calling her back and smacking her around.”

Read more and hear the recording at The Republican Party of Wisconsin.

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Note to Abu Risaas: Watch Your Six

Well Samir, not exactly your six. We're talking three dimensions here so I'm not sure what what directional to give for the Predator drone above your head?


The CIA is expected to begin operating armed drone aircraft over Yemen, expanding the hunt for al-Qaeda operatives in a country where counter-terrorism efforts have been disrupted by political chaos, U.S. officials said.

The plan to move CIA-operated Predator and other unmanned aircraft into the region reflects a decision by President Obama that the al-Qaeda threat in Yemen has grown so serious that patrols by U.S. military drones are not enough....

One of the key figures in the group is an American-born cleric, Anwar al-Aulaqi, who escaped a drone strike targeting him in Yemen last month. That strike was the first by the United States in Yemen since 2002, punctuating a long drought that U.S. officials have attributed to a lack of solid intelligence on the whereabouts of AQAP operatives who went into hiding after a flurry of conventional airstrikes in late 2009 and early 2010.

You may just get your wish and inshallah a shaheed (pun intended). When you and your homo friend Awlaki are killed Samir, just remember who made you famous.

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Rep King Hearing's On Radicalization of American- Muslims Round 2

Slideshow of hearing

NY groups gather to oppose King's Muslim hearing

King has scheduled a Wednesday hearing in Washington focusing on U.S. prisons.

A coalition of civil rights, religious and interfaith groups met Tuesday on New York's Long Island. They're decrying what they say is the stereotyping of both Muslims and prisoners.[More ]

Hmmm, whom might that group be? From their flicker photostream. Picture is from a recent protest on May 21 outside U.S. Rep. Peter King’s Massapequa Park office:

While Rep. Peter King is spreading fear and anti-Muslim bias throughout the nation, a group of Long Islanders will gather to share a voice of reason and acceptance.

On Tuesday, a coalition of civil rights, religious, and interfaith groups, will protest the Long Island congressman’s upcoming so-called radicalization hearing targeting the American Muslim community by hosting a counter-hearing on religious freedom (Scroll down for details).

The coalition, Long Island Neighbors for American Values, recently formed to promote diversity and tolerance and to counter attempts to discriminate or otherwise target individuals or groups based on religion or ethnicity. It is made up of more than two dozen social justice organizations and interfaith groups.[ Read the rest to see who the coalition members are]

Instead of supporting King's hearings they are crying - you are picking on Muslims - and stuff.

Islams useful idiots out in full force...

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Andrew Breitbart's Excellent Speech To Republican Jewish Coalition

Sound is low at beginning of video so hang in there.

He has a lot of good one liners.

Big Jerusalem? Awesome idea.

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Patron Saint Of Missing Objects Relic... Missing

Sometimes the headlines just seem to write themselves.

LONG BEACH (CBS) — A 780-year-old religious relic of the patron saint of lost causes and missing objects was stolen from a Catholic church near Los Angeles on Monday, just hours after it was put on display to commemorate the feast of St. Anthony, police said. (Source)
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Once in a while they do something so darned cute, your heart just melts...

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Sandcrawler PSA: Prayer Works

At least in this instance, I'd like to think so.

REFUGIO, Texas (AP) — Investigators said a man has died while in the act of raping an elderly South Texas woman.

The Refugio County Sheriff's Office identified the man as 53-year-old Isabel Chavelo Gutierrez. Sheriff's Sgt. Gary Wright said the incident happened June 2 after he rode two miles by bicycle from his home to that of his 77-year-old victim in the tiny coastal community of Tivoli.

Wright said the 5'-7", 230-to-250 pound man sneaked into the woman's house and raped her at knifepoint.

During the assault, he said he wasn't feeling well, rolled over, and died.


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'I Don't Know, Ahmad, I Was Told There Was A Free BBQ Here Today, Too!'

13 Taliban + 1 laser guided Paveway IV = Fun for the whole family!!

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Ministry of Irony: Fake Lesbian Bloggers Flirted With Each Other

No matter how you slice it, this is bad ghey.

A second supposedly leading lesbian blogger was exposed as a man masquerading as a gay woman, a day after the Gay Girl in Damascus blog was revealed to be the fictional creation of a married male student from Edinburgh.

Paula Brooks, who claimed to be the executive editor of a US-based lesbian site LezGetReal.com, told the Washington Post that "she", too, was a man – in this case, a 58-year-old retired construction worker from Ohio called Bill Graber.

...Amina often "flirted" with Brooks, the paper said – with neither man apparently realising that the other was also a man pretending to be a lesbian.


Hat Tip: Balloon Juice.

Ewwwwww! Again...

Update: They are coming out of the woodwork now!

Just for the record, Jonah Goldberg, Mark Krikorian, John Derbyshire and I are all 23-year old lesbians. We started this site as a joke when we were drunk one night and had no idea so many gullible people would fall for such an obvious hoax.
Update II: No comment at AOSHQ. Suspicious indeed.


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Hooray for Flag Day!


Zionist approved!

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June 13, 2011

What Are They Reading in US Mosques? Study Shows 81% Promote Texts Advocating Violent Jihad

Via BigPeace

This weekend, Frank Gaffney appeared on Fox News to discuss the release of a new study, “Shari’a and Violence in American Mosques,” written by Mordechai Kedar and David Yerushalmi. For more information on the study– published in Middle East Quarterly’s Summer 2011 issue. For more information on this project, go to MappingSharia.com.

Also at Big Peace: What They’re Reading in American Mosques, Pt. 1 – ‘Gardens of the Righteous’

Riyad-us Saliheen (English and Arabic)

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YouTube User salmans1butt Hearts Terrorists

I have been having some fun with YouTubers over this video I posted.

Howie also added a Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: Oppressed Edition.


At least he/she/it leaves nothing to the imagination. Prefect example of someone who should be a human shield for Hamas

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Obama Avoids Weiner Problem

I haven't had this much fun with a name since Harry Baals!

Obama doesn't want to touch Weiner:

White House press secretary Jay Carney, who refused to comment on the scandal last week, said Monday that "the president feels, we feel at the White House this is a distraction."
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Woman Shouted, "Praise Allah, I'm Going to Kill the World!"

She then threw a backpack onto the subway car she just disembarked. Fortunately she did not have a bomb. But for the grace of God go I.


Passengers who were on the train described a chaotic scene.

Tarek Nasser, a commuter, said the woman who allegedly caused the disturbance boarded the train at Shady Grove. The woman dropped to her knees and appeared to start praying. Later, the woman, who wore a hijab, began ranting about Muslim Americans on a cellphone, Nasser said.

...Robin Ratliff, who lives in Rockville and works downtown as a staff assistant for a human resources firm, said she was on the first car of the train headed to downtown this morning when the incident occurred.

Ratliff said people started “pouring in” from the third car of the train, where the woman who made the alleged threat was.

“They were pounding on the trian operator’s door saying let us off; stop the train.” But Ratliff said some passengers opened the door of the train and managed to get out on the track bed.

“The operator was telling central [command] she couldn’t move the train because ‘there’s people on my track.’ ”

“People were panicked and running, trying to get off,” Ratcliff said.

Ratcliff said she did not see the woman who made the alleged threat, but heard other passengers running into the first car where Ratcliff was, saying the woman said “Praise Allah. I’m going to kill the world,” before throwing a backpack onto the train and exiting.

The woman is being held for mental evaluation.

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Video: US Muslims Honor Ayatollah Khomeini In DC

Via Velvethammer:

And filmed by Iranian Press TV, no less.
“Moderate” Muslims Honor the extremist Shi’ite leader who lead the takeover of Iran and the holding of Americans hostage for 444 days.

This leads me to the current situation in Iran, I wonder how these "moderate Muslims" feel about the murder of numerous Iranian pro-Western, anti-mullah protesters? The video below came about when the protests first started and still rings true today.

Another basta*d Ayatollah leading the charge and our government doesn't say sh*t.:

And it gets worse, Iran is working on "Islamic clean internet" or Western values are really screwing us, how dare the Westerners push freedom of speech, religion etc..

h/t CO2HOG

Iran has supplied weapons and training to those who have killed our finest and bravest. Hold that thought...Add Syria to that equation.

Let's hope there is lots of US undercover shit going on, just sayin..

Related: Video: When Revolutions Fail: 30 Years of Islamic Oppresion in Iran(Uncensored)[Video, by Evan Mark films below fold due ]Hold tha

We had a commenter by the name of Garduneh Mehr, a Iranian living in Canada. Certainly miss his/her comments...sigh

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Tired of #Weinergate?

Howie forgot to post this, I think:

Feel better now?

h/t Tweet from a Jewish dude

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Today on YouTube: Let's Murder the Apostates!

An image from a YouTube video.

YT bckgrnd Executions.jpg

Andrea has more on the extent to which jihadis use YouTube to spread their hate.

H/T: Daily Smackdown

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Good News: Up to 20 Female Suicide Bombers on the Loose in the UK

I'm not exactly sure what to make of this British tabloid article on a police sweep that netted dozens of women in the UK who were involved in what looks like a massive suicide bombing plot. There's no real time frame given for the events, but it appears that a number of women were arrested, let go, and then followed in order to map out the terrorist networks they were embedded in. After which dozens more were put under surveillance.

The scary part is that women as young as 17 were recruited as suicide bombers. I take that back, the real scary part is that the article claims that at least 20 more potential suicide bombers are on the loose and in the UK.

The thinking is that because officers feared "Muslim sensitivities" that women in burkas were much less likely to be given security scrutiny. If true, it's like the UK is living in bizarro world:

But it is feared there are at least 20 of the Black Widow bombers still at large and ready to carry out their deadly missions.

A senior security source said: “The terrorists rely on a woman in a black flowing dress not being stopped. They can’t be searched easily because of their strict rules and it’s hard to see what they are hiding under their robes.

“A lot of people would think twice about searching them for fear of offending religious rules or being accused of sexual harassment or indecency."

I know we're always being warned that if you profile people then the bad guys will just recruit people who don't meet the profile. But, then again, if you don't profile people their recruiting efforts just become that much easier.

UPDATE: Oh, this explains a lot -- Police covered up violent efforts to turn London areas Islamic

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American Blogger Arrested as "Spy for Israel" Described as "Pro-Arabic"

I guess no good deed goes unpunished:

A 27-year-old American-Israeli man was arrested in Egypt on charges of being an Israeli spy.

Ilan Grapel, who moved to Israel from the United States in 2005, was arrested at a hotel in central Cairo on Sunday. He will be detained for 15 days, during which time Egyptian authorities will continue their investigation....

Friends and family told the Jeruselum Post that Grapel was "very pro-Arabic" and liked "hanging out in Egypt."

In the new Egypt I guess being a Jew with a microphone is the same thing as being an enemy of the state.

PS - I'm back.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Facebook Peaked

And is on its way down in the US.

As its user ranks approach 700 million worldwide, Facebook traffic in the United States has dropped significantly, a sign that the social network behemoth may be on the way down, reports Inside Facebook.

According to statistics from Inside Facebook Gold analytics service — which gets its information from Facebook’s advertising tool — new Facebook users totaled 11.8 million people in May — an impressive number by any stretch of the imagination. But that compares to the 13.9 million who joined in April, and an average of about 20 million in the 12 months prior.

This drop is primarily due to a plunge in registered users in the US. The number of US Facebook users fell from 155.2 million to 149.4 million during the month of May alone. That’s nearly 6 million people who decided they no longer need to stay connected through the service, and is the first time Facebook has lost users in the last year.

Such is the internet.

Facebook was cool as a platform, we found it very useful for delivering interested readers.

But then it got all big headed, decided it knew what its users want rather than letting them decide.

#1 rule. All applications, despite its creators idea, are always adapted to what the user wants to do.

Facebook has a real problem when folks use it in ways that Facebook didn't think of first.

#2 rule. Take away that freedom, that openness, start trying to rule, the users flee.

#3. Once they flee, they realize they don't need you. And you go the way of Compuserve.

Facebook is no longer the next thing, its the last thing.

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Where's Rusty?

He's run into his usual unexpected delay.

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Time Warner Selling Twoof on WTC 7

GlennBritt220_1.jpgA tip to the Jawa from an anonymous source

Time Warner Cable here in New York is airing commercials from a 9/11 "truther" group calling itself "Remember Building 7." I was a little shocked when I saw their commercial on CNN of all places.

Just reviewing this group's stuff, WTC 7 is actually still standing, because you know, fire cannot melt steel.

Of course the groups is hoping to prey on the common sense of ignorant uneducated conspiracy theorists who see Jewish conspiracy behind every tree. But then serving up junk alarmist science to brain dead viewers is about half the cable channels' bread and butter, no?

What I find most disturbing is that for a few bucks, these companies help promote a world view this not only false but dangerous. In the Muslim world often conspiracy theory is used to justify terrorism or blamed for terrorism itself.

The Muslim world would much rather blame all its problems on the world wide Zionist conspiracy than to face them on their own. Time Warner and CNN are making it easy for them.

I guess it sells Cheetos though, so its all good right up until people start dying. But they will get to cover that too. So see, its all good.

Here's the ad that's running in major East Coast US markets.

I think I want to vomit.

In fact I wish I could vomit into an email and send it.

For Press Inquiries

Alex Dudley
Vice President
Public Relations

Are you an investor or customer who would like to express your dismay. Please by all means do. There is more contact information here.

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Religion of Peace Roundup: Defeating Islamic Extremism Edition

It appears from my inbox that I'm way behind.

Ways to Defeat Islamic Jihadism.

Mumbai attack suspect Tahawwur Rana found guilty on two counts of aiding terrorist operations overseas.

Save the Planet, Kill a Camel.

Understanding Strategic Change in al-Qaeda’s Central Leadership after Bin Laden.

Minister's Niece is Alleged Suicide Bomber.

Muslims Bonds out after running man down, carrying his body five miles.

Lord Vader update, like dude I've seen these. Except that one...

Rana confessed before his trial that he worked for Pakistani intelligence, I for one am totally and utterly shocked.

Coming Soon! Hizb ut-Tahrir America conference, location to be announced but dig the graphic. Blood, fists, children. Repeat after me, Islam is a Religion of Peace....


Personally I think it won't happen, but when they get brave enough to announce a location, we'll let ya know.

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June 12, 2011

#Weinergate: The Anthony Weiner Action Figure…

Comes complete with blow up tube to enhance his junk! Did Ken have that? huh huh? No he didn't, ask Barbie!

weiner action figure.jpg
Click me for ordering information...duh!

I know you male Jawas are a bit upset with Weiner's weiner and I, as a female[OMG Stable Hand is a female!!], can't post boobies (well sometimes I do) to make this whole sordid shit right. Who in the hell wants to see Weiner's weiner, I certainly don't! Gawd, perverts are perverts, hello! Besides, I am working on who is the Israeli policeman riding a brown horse in this video , that's important to me at this point. I do have priorities..

Jerusalem day parade hottie.jpg

Howie will come to the rescue in due time..............trust me.

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A Gay Girl in Damascus Blog Was Hoax

Actually it was some dude from Georgia?

In recent days, the world has followed closely the saga of Amina Arraf, the blogger who presented herself online as “A Gay Girl in Damascus” and who drew attention with her passionate writings about the Syrian government’s crackdown on Arab Spring protesters. Those writings stopped last Tuesday, and a posting to the blog, ostensibly written by a cousin, said she had been hauled away by government security agents.

News of her disappearance became an Internet and media sensation. The U.S. State Department started an investigation. But almost immediately skeptics began asking: Has anyone ever actually met Amina? Two days after her disappearance, images presented on her blog as being of Amina were revealed to have been taken from the Facebook page of a London woman.

And on Sunday, the truth spilled out: The gay girl in Damascus confessed to being a 40-year-old American man from Georgia.

Well f8ck me a running.

Here's a picture of the jackass Che' sucking worm.


Tom still thinks it was all good because it had "truthiness".

Hat Tip: The Other McCain.

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"Clean Internet Program" Coming to Iran

said farjian zadeh_clean internet.jpg
Sa’id Farjian-Zadeh, head of the Basij Information and Technology Organization & Hot Muslim Chick Tehmeena Afzal

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Info Center

This week Mehr News Agency reported progress in the implementation of the Telecommunications Ministry’s program to create a separate “clean internet” network in Iran. First announced by the telecommunications minister in late 2010, the program aims to “purge” Iran’s internet of immoral content. In early 2011 the minister reported that the Telecommunications Ministry intends to increase appropriate internet use by implementing the idea of separation between “clean internet” and “unclean internet”. According to the minister, the program will be first implemented in Iran and then promoted across the globe.

Mehr News Agency reported that the Telecommunication Ministry’s program includes six stages:

Stage one: definition of the “clean internet” program, aimed to protect society against the negative influence of the global internet network by eliminating inappropriate content from cyberspace.

Stage two: separation between “clean internet” and “unclean internet”.[Continue reading]

Note: scroll down near bottom for rest of stages as article has several news stories on Iran ie; "Spotlight on Iran"

I have been hearing the mad mullahs are the most frequent visitors to Howie's Moisture Farm. Probably studying if the Muslimah is "clean or unclean" or something like that.

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Canadian Boat to Gaza - a video tribute

Double feature!

BTW, did you know the US boat to Gaza is called The Audacity of Hope? [HA Green Room must read]

Image source: Electronic Intifada

To see list of passengers on the Audacity click here. <----please click, official website, maybe they will enjoy the above videos!

Sea Hitler" related:

Random Furballs ...Mister we could use a man like Prince Philip again
Sea Hitler Lawsuit – Canada’s Gaza Boat Sued For A Cool Million
"Your tax dollars ensure the "Sea Hitler" Fundraiser is held in a safe place!"

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Egyptian Shaykh al-Huwayni Explains the Islamic Doctrine of Offensive Jihad and Taking Sex-Slaves

Shaykh pervert sez: "When I want a sex slave, I just go the the market and choose the woman I like and purchase her"

Via Markedmanner:

After Egyptian Shaykh Abu-Ishaq al-Huwayni's controversial comments about jihad and slavery ( see here) were published on YouTube, Facebook, and also in Egyptian press, he was given the opportunity to respond in a telephone interview aired on the Islamic satellite television station al-Hikma on 22 May 2011. In his approximately 20-minute response, he contended that his words in that clip were taken out of context--he was talking within the larget topic of offensive jihad. In this interview he explained the meaning of offensive jihad, and established through sources in the Qur'an and sayings of Muhammad that both offensive jihad and the taking of spoils of war, namely slaves and "sex-slaves," are legitimate under Islam.

I condensed the 20-minute interview down to about 8 and a half minutes, and subtitled the video in English.[Entire transcript here..ed]


A Kuwaiti Muslimah Has Answer To Kuwaiti Males Lust: Turn Non-Muslim Female POW's Into Sex Slaves

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Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back To The Internet...

weiners weiner3.jpg
(Click image for more of Weiner additional pics)

TMZ has posted new Weiner pictures - this time from the locker room of the Congressional Gym.

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit

I think it's time The Jawa Report added a "Ministry of Weiners" category. Just sayin'.

UPDATE by SH: Hafar Al Batin suggests Weiner theme song:

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Forum Threats Cross Red Line

Today's must read is a very important post from Internet Haganah on a couple of leading Jihadi forums and threads resulting from a recently released al-Qaeda videos from Ayman al-Zawahiri and and Adam Gadhan calling for small lone wolf attacks on Americans.

There are some good reasons for allowing at least a few jihadi forums to operate. While this opinion does not enjoy consensus, there are enough agencies in enough governments who share this view that they tend to get their way, occasionally going so far as to intervene to keep particular forums online.

However, there are limits to our ability to exploit all the intelligence opportunities a forum may present. To put it another way, jihadi forums contribute to future terrorism in ways that are unpredictable and/or beyond our ability to control. This would be the view held by those other government agencies who prefer to seek out and destroy forums and to take down forum activists.

For my part, I can live with keeping online those forums we have sufficient access to monitor and resources to manage. Having said that, a few topics occur on jihadi forums from time to time that should not be tolerated. One is weapons of mass destruction, by which I mean CBRN not Federal statutory WMD. Another is assassination, specifically discussions whose express purpose is the nomination of candidates for assassination, and the collection and dissemination of information about the proposed targets.

Such a discussion is ongoing at the password-protected Shmukh forum ... ...has reached nine pages and over 100 posts over the course of a week. In it dozens of individuals are marked for death. Targets include the executives of a number of American defense contractors, some European billionaires, and a reasonable sampling of Jews and other Zionists and/or Neo-Cons, among others. Also targeted is the entire civilian and military leadership of the US Department of Defense...

The red line having been crossed, what is to be done? My ideal end-state would be one where forum administrators and activists have learned that hosting or participating in such discussions will result in bad things happening to them and their belovéd site; they should neither allow such discussions to occur, nor should they participate in them. What kind of bad things? Use a little imagination.
I'm wondering just who else got a Fatwa? I mean we try so hard.

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Sunday Funny

Osama bin Laden, alive and well, decided to send President Obama a note in his own handwriting to let him know he was still in the game.

Obama opened the note, which appeared to contain a single line of coded message: 370HSSV-0773H.

Obama was baffled, so he E-mailed it to James Clapper. Clapper and his Department of National Intelligence had no clue either, so they sent it to the FBI. No one could solve it at the FBI, so it went to the CIA, the Department of Homeland Security, and then to the NSA. With no clue as to its meaning, the FBI finally asked Marine Corps Intelligence for help.

Within a few seconds, the Marines cabled back with this reply: "Tell Obama he is holding the message upside down."

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New Government Study Turns Humans Into Monkeys

...Or monkeys into humans, or something. And it has something to do with the menstrual cycle. Probably started with a bunch of men experimenting with the effect of drugs on PMS.

Doesn't matter. Drugs are bad. Cigarettes, alcohol and Weiners are good. We know that because the government tells us that and the government is never wrong.

Or something.

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Egypts Muslim Brotherhood Hearted Hamas

Muslim_Brotherhood_Emblem.jpgNow that the Muslim Brotherhood is recognized as a political party with the name of "Freedom and Justice Party" (they felt the need to polish their image) I guess they feel no need to hide who they support.

Crazy Egyptians don't have a clue...or do they? Sandmonkey knows full well who they are but, unfortunately, he is more interested in getting the "Slut Walk" ladies to come to Egypt.

Joking aside, this fecks in so many ways

Egypt’s main Islamist group has long denied official links to the Palestinian terrorist organization, Hamas, but public statements and actions by its senior leaders have often gone a long way to undercut the credibility of such denials.

On Friday, Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie, eulogized little-known Hamas founder, Mohamed Hassan Shamaa. Shamaa, 76, reportedly died of a stroke after decades as a senior leader of the Gaza-based terrorist group. After his death, Hamas admitted Shamaa was the leader of the group’s governing body, or Shura Council. The identities of the Council’s other leaders is a closely guarded secret, and Shamaa’s name had never been previously disclosed.

Of Shamaa, Badie gave high praise and “offered condolences to the Muslim world in general and the Palestinians in particular…” In the eulogy, Shamaa is described as an “influential” public figure with an “exceptional ability to listen and dispense sound wisdom.”[More]

No comment from C.A.I.R. on this development, they tend to stay behind the headlines for the time being so to speak.

BTW, did you know al-Qaeda's #2 (and now #1 because of Bin Laden's wonderful demise) Ayman al-Zawahiri, at age 14, joined the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood? If you think the Egyptian MB is irrelevant..think again.

For how all of this relates to al-Qaeda read Tell The Children The Truth

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June 11, 2011

Vets receive warm welcome decades after returning from Vietnam


Sgt. Bob Tallerdy had been warned not to wear his uniform home from Vietnam, but his Army pride wouldn’t let him wear anything else.

When he landed at JFK Airport, with New York police officers watching, he was attacked by anti-Vietnam protesters. His uniform was ripped off his back, he said, and he later received 18 stitches in his head from injuries suffered in his “welcome”home.

It took 41 years, but Tallerdy got the welcome home he had been waiting for.

He and about 500 other Vietnam War veterans were greeted with a standing ovation and many thanks Friday at Fort Carson, 50 years after the first U.S. forces were deployed to Vietnam. The daylong festivities included music, food, bounce houses, and a dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Gazebo.

“I cried like a baby,” Tallerdy said. “I never got what we got today. It made me feel real good.”

Handing out thanks was Cody Conaty, 11. He shook as many veterans’ hands as he could.[More]

Sniff, thank you for your service Sgt. Bob Tallerdy and all who served.

Sux that some who wouldn't welcome this hero home are now senators, congressman, governors, mayors, judges, college professors, etc.

h/t TheDailyTrumpet

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Israeli Musician Cancels Istanbul Concert Due To Death Threats


Death threats, allegedly from the Turkish NGO that helped organize the 2010 Gaza protest flotilla, led to the cancellation of a concert in Istanbul by Oscar-winning Israeli musician Yuval Ron, Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reported on Friday.

The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has denied making the threats, but confirmed that it did oppose the holding of the concert.

Ron, the leader of a musical ensemble that includes Muslim, Jewish and Christian artists, told Hurriyet on Friday, “I am very sorry, I had to cancel the concert because of the safety of my team members.

Yuval Ron won the " 2007 Academy Award for Short Film for writing the music for West Bank Story".

I don't know much about him except for Googling. Watched a few videos at YouTube( one I found very interesting is below the fold) and checked his blog out.

It's a shame artists like him, and those who are in his musical ensemble, received the death threats. It isn't like they are all Jewish, or maybe that is why.

IHH sponsored "freedom flotilla" Mavi Marmara in 2010 was anything but. Turkish PM Erdogan was very much aware of their intentions..they were prepared to die as martyrs. Some had automatic weapons that the IDF finally let known.

Note to Yuval Ron, cross out Turkey on your next tour.

UPDATE: Winds of Jihad: Turkish “Three Religions” Concert “Unacceptable”[Ha! I was right...ed]

‘Three Religions’ concert to be held in Istanbul canceled at last minute after IHH and other Islamic organizations claim Israel participation in event ‘unacceptable’ and a ‘provocation’.

A Turkish concert meant to bridge the religious divide between Jews, Christians and Muslims was canceled at the last minute Thursday due to pressure from a Turkish humanitarian NGO, according to a Channel 10 report.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, IHH & The Turkish Flotilla

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Where's Dr. Rusty Shackleford? Running Shine Edition

After his test ride he forced Ronin to build what he called a "distillation star", we've not seen him since the last time the Sheriff chased him by.

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Evil Overlord Handbook

So, you want to rule the world? This handbook will help you on your way. Recite them, memorize them, and you shall succeed.

1. My legions of terror will have helmets with clear Plexiglas visors, not face-concealing ones.

2. My ventilation ducts will be too small to crawl through.

3. My noble half-brother whose throne I usurped will be killed not kept anonymously imprisoned in a forgotten cell of my dungeon.

4. Shooting is not too good for my enemies.

5. The artifact which is the source of my power will not be kept on the Mountain of Despair beyond the River of Fire guarded by the Dragons of Eternity. It will be in my safe-deposit box.

6. I will not gloat over my enemies' predicament before killing them.

7. When the rebel leader challenges me to fight one-on-one and asks, "Or are you afraid without your armies to back you up?” my reply will be, "No, just sensible."

8. When I've captured my adversary and he says, "Look, before you kill me, will you at least tell me what this is all about?" I'll say, "No" and shoot him.

9. After I kidnap the beautiful princess, we will be married immediately in a quiet civil ceremony, not a lavish spectacle in three weeks' time during which the final phase of my plan will be carried out.

10. I will not include a self-destruct mechanism unless absolutely necessary. If it is necessary, it will not be a large red button labeled "Danger: Do Not Push." The big red button marked "Do Not Push" will instead trigger a spray of bullets on anyone stupid enough not to disregard it. Similarly, the ON/OFF switch will not clearly be labeled as such. There will be no Plug.

11. I will not order my trusted lieutenant to kill the infant who is destined to overthrow me -- I'll do it myself.

12. I will not interrogate my enemies in the inner sanctum -- a small hotel well outside my borders will work just as well.

13. I will be secure in my superiority. Therefore, I will feel no need to prove it by leaving clues in the form of riddles or leaving my weaker enemies alive to show they pose no threat.

14. I will not waste time making my enemy's death look like an accident - I'm not accountable to anyone and my other enemies wouldn't believe it anyway.

15. I will make it clear that I do know the meaning of the word "mercy"; I simply choose not show them any.

16. One of my advisors will be an average five-year-old child. Any flaws in my plan that he is able to spot will be corrected before implementation.

17. All slain enemies will be cremated, or at least have several rounds of ammunition emptied into them, not left for dead at the bottom of the cliff. The announcement of their deaths, as well as any accompanying celebration, will be deferred until after the aforementioned disposal.

18. My undercover agents will not have tattoos identifying them as members of my organization, nor will they be required to wear military boots or adhere to any other dress codes.

19. The hero is not entitled to a last kiss, a last cigarette, or any other form of last request.

20. I will never employ any device with a digital countdown. If I find that such a device is absolutely unavoidable, I will set it to activate when the counter reaches 117 and the hero is just putting his plan into operation.

21. I will design all doomsday machines myself. If I must hire a mad scientist to assist me, I will make sure that he is sufficiently twisted to never regret his evil ways and seek to undo the damage he's caused.

22. I will never utter the sentence "But before I kill you, there's just one thing I want to know."

23. When I employ people as advisors, I will occasionally listen to their advice.

24. I will not have a son. Although his laughably under-planned attempt to usurp power would easily fail, it would provide a fatal distraction at a crucial point in time.

25. I will not have a daughter. She would be as beautiful as she was evil, but one look at the hero's rugged countenance and she'd betray her own father.

26. Despite its proven stress-relieving effect, I will not indulge in maniacal laughter. When so occupied, it's too easy to miss unexpected developments that a more attentive individual could adjust to accordingly.

27. I will hire a talented fashion designer to create original uniforms for my legions of terror, as opposed to some cheap knock-offs that make them look like Nazi storm troopers, Roman foot soldiers, or savage Mongol hordes. All were eventually defeated and I want my troops to have a more positive mind-set.

28. No matter how tempted I am with the prospect of unlimited power, I will not consume any energy field bigger than my head.

29. I will keep a special cache of low-tech weapons and train my troops in their use. That way -- even if the heroes manage to neutralize my power generator and/or render the standard-issue energy weapons useless -- my troops will not be overrun by a handful of savages armed with spears and rocks.

30. I will maintain a realistic assessment of my strengths and weaknesses. Even though this takes some of the fun out of the job, at least I will never utter the line "No, this cannot be! I AM INVINCIBLE!!!" (After that, death is usually instantaneous.)

31. No matter how well it would perform, I will never construct any sort of machinery which is completely indestructible except for one small and virtually inaccessible vulnerable spot.

32. If I am engaged in a duel to the death with the hero and I am fortunate enough to knock the weapon out of his hand, I will graciously allow him to retrieve it. This is not from a sense of fair play; rather, it gives me the opportunity to kill him while he is distracted.

33. No matter how attractive certain members of the rebellion are, there is probably someone just as attractive who is not desperate to kill me. Therefore, I will think twice before ordering a prisoner sent to my bed chamber.

34. I will never build only one of anything important. For the same reason I will always carry at least two fully loaded weapons at all times.

35. If my supreme command center comes under attack, I will immediately flee to safety in my prepared escape pod and direct the defenses from there. I will not wait until the troops break into my inner sanctum to attempt this.

36. My pet monster will be kept in a secure cage from which it cannot escape and into which I could not accidentally stumble.

37. Even though I don't really care because I plan on living forever, I will hire engineers who are able to build me a fortress sturdy enough that, if I am slain, it won't tumble to the ground for no good structural reason.

38. I will dress in bright and cheery colors, and so throw my enemies into confusion.

39. All bumbling conjurers, clumsy squires, no-talent bards, and cowardly thieves in the land will be pre-emptivly put to death. My foes will surely give up and abandon their quest if they have no source of comic relief.

40. All naive, busty tavern wenches in my realm will be replaced with surly, world-weary waitresses who will provide no unexpected reinforcement and/or romantic subplot for the hero or his sidekick.

41. Any and all magic and/or technology that can miraculously resurrect a secondary character who has given up his/her life through self sacrifice will be outlawed and destroyed.

42. I will not fly into a rage and kill a messenger who brings me bad news just to illustrate how evil I really am. Good messengers are hard to come by.

43. I will see to it that plucky young lads/lasses in strange clothes and with the accent of an outlander shall REGULARLY climb some monument in the main square of my capital and denounce me, claim to know the secret of my power, rally the masses to rebellion, etc. That way, the citizens will be jaded in case the real thing ever comes along.

44. I won't require high-ranking female members of my organization to wear a stainless-steel bustier. Morale is better with a more casual dress-code. Similarly, outfits made entirely from black leather will be reserved for formal occasions.

45. I will not employ devious schemes that involve the hero's party getting into my inner sanctum before the trap is sprung.

46. I will not turn into a snake. It never helps.

47. I will not grow a goatee. In the old days they made you look diabolic. Now they just make you look like a disaffected member of Generation X.

48. I will not imprison members of the same party in the same cell block, let alone the same cell. If they are important prisoners, I will keep the only key to the cell door on my person instead of handing out copies to every bottom-rung guard in the prison.

49. If my trusted lieutenant tells me my Legions of Terror are losing a battle, I will believe him. After all, he's my trusted lieutenant.

50. If an enemy I have just killed has a younger sibling or offspring anywhere, I will find them and have them killed immediately, instead of waiting for them to grow up harboring feelings of vengeance towards me in my old age.

51. If I absolutely must ride into battle, I will certainly not ride at the forefront of my Legions of Terror, nor will I seek out my opposite number among his army.

52. I will be neither chivalrous nor sporting. If I have an unstoppable super weapon, I will use it as early and as often as possible instead of keeping it in reserve.

53. Once my power is secure, I will destroy all those pesky time-travel devices.

54. I will offer oracles the choice of working exclusively for me or being executed. Those that take more than two seconds to respond will be killed either way.

55. When I capture the hero, I will make sure I also get his dog, monkey, ferret, or whatever sickeningly cute little animal capable of untying ropes and filching keys happens to follow him around. Not that the key will be anywhere near the hero.

56. I will maintain a healthy amount of skepticism when I capture the beautiful rebel and she claims she is attracted to my power and good looks and will gladly betray her companions if I just let her in on my plans. I will then lie to her, and see if she betrays me.

57. I will only employ bounty hunters who work for money. Those who work for the pleasure of the hunt tend to do dumb things like even the odds to give the other guy a sporting chance.

58. I will not rely entirely upon "totally reliable" spells that can be neutralized by relatively inconspicuous talisman.

59. I will make sure I have a clear understanding of who is responsible for what in my organization. For example, if my general screws up I will not draw my weapon, point it at him, say "And here is the price for failure," then suddenly turn and kill some random, totally reliable underling.

60. If an advisor says to me "My liege, he is but one man. What can one man possibly do?” I will reply "This." and kill the advisor.

61. If I learn that a callow youth has begun a quest to destroy me, I will slay him while he is still a callow youth instead of waiting for him to mature.

62. I will treat any beast which I control through magic or technology with respect and kindness. Thus if the control is ever broken, it will not immediately come after me for revenge.

63. If I learn the whereabouts of the one artifact which can destroy me, I will not send all my troops out to seize it. Instead I will send them out to seize something else and quietly put a Want-Ad in the local paper.

64. My main computers will have their own special operating system that will be completely incompatible with standard IBM and Macintosh power books. They will also have a virus protection program -- just in case.

65. I will make the main entrance to my fortress standard-sized. While elaborate 60-foot high double-doors definitely impress the masses, they are hard to close quickly in an emergency.

66. No matter how many shorts we have in the system, my guards will be instructed to treat every surveillance camera malfunction as a full-scale emergency.

67. I will hire a team of board-certified architects and surveyors to examine my castle and inform me of any secret passages and abandoned tunnels that I might not know about.

68. If the beautiful princess that I capture says "I'll never marry you! Never, do you hear me, NEVER!!!" I will say "Oh well'' and kill her.

69. All midwives will be banned from the realm. All babies will be delivered at state-approved hospitals. Orphans will be placed in foster-homes, not abandoned in the woods to be raised by creatures of the wild.

70. When my guards split up to search for intruders, they will always travel in groups of at least two. They will be trained so that if one of them disappears mysteriously while on patrol, the other will immediately initiate an alert and call for backup, instead of quizzically peering around a corner.


BTW, you can obtain all your Evil Overlord products HERE.

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So? The Pedophile Prophet IS Dead...Sheesh

Islampolicy (formerly Revolution Muslim) is getting their panties in a bunch over Israeli youth chanting Mohammed is dead. He is, so?

Hmmm, haven't heard if Younes Adullah Mohammed (Jesse Norton) has been extradicted to the US. Also, Alfred Zefi hasn't gotten back to me yet, he is afraid of me I think.


Islampolicy Followers' Answer to the Arrest of Younes Abdullah Muhammad

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Afghan Student Exchange Program Cancelled

(Ottawa, Canada) In 2004, the U..S. State Department launched the Youth Exchange and Study (YES) program for Afghan teens to come to America and attend U.S. high schools.

Students accepted into the program, which was created in 2004, are chosen from among more than 5,000 applicants across the country each year.

They are the brightest, the most articulate and the ones judged most likely to become the country's future leaders.

Unfortunately, despite all good intentions, the program has been cancelled. It seems that the majority of Afghan teens have used the program as an escape route from Asia.

After arriving in the U.S., most of the young Afghans pack their bags and head for Canada, seeking asylum. Staying in refugee centers, the apparently forget why they came to the New World and start building lives as future Canadian citizens.

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Rep Weiner Seeks Short Leave of Absence From House..

For sex rehab to be a better husband and person or something. BigG has update which I will include below original post

Anthony Weiner does not intend to resign right away, but is apparently seeking a leave of absence from Congress to attend sex rehab. It looks like calls to resign from Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz were not persuasive to him{...]

UPDATE: From National Journal:

Weiner told them that he would not make a move until his wife Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, returned from her trip to Africa and the Middle East with Clinton. Abedin is expected back on Wednesday.
Will he or won't he...as the Weiner turns or leans left..

Does Wiener's face remind you of a ostrich? Besides the rumor ostriches stick their head in the ground when there is danger, which they don't, he still looks likes a ostrich to me. Long neck, mouth....spits and stuff


UPDATE: Ooops, double post..oh well, I have the ostrich and Bluto links to a different site..

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Weiner to Seek Treatment, Leave of Absence From House

From the NYT:

Representative Anthony D. Weiner planned to check himself into a treatment center on Saturday after House Democratic leaders, including Nancy Pelosi, called on him to resign and suggested he needed psychiatric counseling.
Oh, it's a disease, a disease that compells poor, innocent victims to compulsively display their engorged and tingling naughty bits (NSFW, kids, or pets) to strange women online. I see.

On the other hand, sex therapy class is probably a great place to meet chicks.

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People Love it When You lose

NY Daily News:

Scandal-scarred Congressman Anthony Weiner took out his dirty laundry Saturday - and was roundly cheered by onlookers as he walked to his local dry cleaners.

The embattled lawmaker reiterated that he will not step down, even in light of revelations that he exchanged tweets with a 17-year-old girl.

"I have no intention at this time," Weiner said outside his Queens home before walking to the laundromat.

Get Mrs. Weiner on the set.

Filed under Ministry of Irony.

Hat Tip: Jammie Wearin' Fool.

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Fazul Abdullah dead in Somalia(CONFIRMED!)

Fazul-deadsmalljawa.jpgBig get......big.

The mastermind of the 1998 twin bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam Fazul Abdullah has been killed by Somalia government forces in Mogadishu.

Mr Abdullah, who holds a Kenyan passport, was wanted for the fatal bombing of US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that left at least 250 people dead and many injured.

He was reportedly killed by the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) forces on Wednesday at a roadblock.

The run-away terrorist, who was on the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) watchlist of most wanted terrorists, is believed to have taken over the leadership of al Qaeda’s branch in Somalia, al-Shabaab from where he directed world attacks and African terror operations.

Confirming the reports, Kenya’s Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere said he was working with security officers in Somalia to get a comprehensive report.

"TFG forces have confirmed they gunned him down at a roadblock on Wednesday," Mr Iteere told the Nation Saturday.

Somalia militant group al Shaabab told the AFP news agency that Mr Abdullah was one of those killed.

"One of the men that was killed near Mogadishu was Fazul Abdullah, may Allah bless his soul. He is not dead as thousands like him are still in the fight against the enemy of Allah," a senior Al Shaabab commander had earlier told AFP on condition of anonymity.

Image credit: Long War Journal.

Update(Matt Damon): US confirms

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June 10, 2011

The Jawas Join Team Anti-Jihadists (Sticky)


The Jawa Report is proud to announce we are officially a part of Move America Forward's Troopathon! Help support the troops with care packages.

You can make a tax deductible contribution HERE. (Please make sure you use this link so your contribution will be credited to team "Anti-Jihadists.")

Don't be cheap bastards. You can go without those caffè lattes for a week and instead send some much needed & appreciated support to our men and women keeping America safe.

The Jawa Report is in great company. Other team members (list swiped from Jihad Watch, forgive me) include:

Jihad Watch
Atlas Shrugs
Creeping Sharia
Cao's Blog
D. C. Watson
Facing Islam
Islam Today Oregon
Patriot's Corner
MidnightWatcher’s Blogspot
Zilla of the Resistance

To add your blog to the team, email Danny at Move America Forward. If you are a part of team "Anti-Jihadists" and your blog isn't listed, please post in comments and I'll try to update ASAP.

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#Weinergate: Police Visit Home Of 17 Year Old About Online Chats With Weiner

Hmmm, Capes and tights and shit just may have something to it. Ace DrewM has the flaming skull out..

Exclusive: Police Investigate Weiner's Messages to Teenage Girl in Delaware

[FNC]NEW CASTLE, Del. -- Police here are investigating direct online communications between New York Rep. Anthony Weiner and a 17-year-old girl and are looking for any other young women who may be involved, though the nature of the communications wasn't immediately clear.[...]

Weiner's interactions with the Delaware girl "were neither explicit nor indecent," Weiner spokeswoman Risa Heller said Friday night.

Two officers from the New Castle County Police Department arrived at the high school junior's home around 4:30 p.m. Friday and asked to speak with the girl's mother about the daughter's contact with Weiner, the disgraced Democrat. Another officer appeared at the home a short time later. A FoxNews.com reporter was at the home when the police arrived.

The girl, whose name is being withheld because she is a minor, told FoxNews.com, "I'm doing OK."[More]

My, my, my, it was all innocent! We'll see cuz he is innocent until proven guilty.

h/t @Always_On_Watch who linked to rsmccain, a must read.

#Weinergate: Sexting Lies and.... Say That Again?

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Somalia: Interior Minister Killed By Al Shabaab Suicide Bomber

Splodey was his niece!

Somalia's Minister of Interior and National Security, Abdi Shakur Sheikh Hasan Farah, has died after a suicide attack at his home, Minister of Information Abdikarim Jama told terror free somalia.

The minister was rushed to Banadir Hospital with serious injuries, but has since died following the explosion at his home in Soobe near KM4 junction.

"The minister died at this moment because he was seriously injured,” Nadiya Mohamed, a nurse in the hospital told terror free somalia.

Militant Islamist group Al-Shabaab is claiming responsibility for the attack, while a police source confirmed to Somalia Report that the bomber was the minister's niece, who came from abroad and had been "brainwashed" by al-Shabaab.
Sources reported that the minister's brother, Abdiqadir Hirsi Qaaf, was the father of the female bomber. The girl had apparently been in the minister's home around noon asking him to send her to university.[More]

"She came from abroad", I wonder where?

Condolences to his family.

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Pallywood Oh Noes!! Mean Juice Arrest Poor "Jewish" American Pali Supporter...Inmates in Jail Excited

Stupid snot nosed kid is gonna find out what cornholing means, Palis like 'em young I hear.

"I say to the people of Israel they must Allah[ooopsy], join the world's consensus". Did he mean "Allah willing"?

Adam Horowitz states

The young man being arrested in the video above is Lucas Koerner, and he was a member of the delegation that I recently co-led to Israel/Palestine. Below is Lucas's account of what took place in Jerusalem, which he originally posted on his blog.
Islam's useful idiot needs to grow up and smell the antisemitism..and realize he is being used.

Here is another angle and possibly the part that was cut out of the one above: (he linked it from his blog)

Idiots trying to spook the horses..

By Stable Hand at 04:18 PM | Comments |

Good News!! Record Turnout For Hamas' 2011 Summer Camp For Kids!!

hamas summer camp.jpg
Previous 'campers', no word if all are still alive after learning to be a human shield


Hamas is reporting record turnouts for its summer camps for children in 2011.

The 'summer camps,' combining Islamic indoctrination, paramilitary training, and social activities are set to begin again this year as United Nation’s summer camps, considered competition by Hamas, are being openly denigrated by jihadists[...]

In addition to indoctrination, Hamas terrorists give children paramilitary training. Banners are hung on the walls with slogans extolling jihad and 'death for the sake of Allah.'

Other prominent motifs for this year are solidarity with Turkey in connection with the Mavi Marmara flotilla, a call for the release of Hamas prisoners (campers carried posters with their pictures) and organized expressions of hatred for Israel and the Jewish people.

Regarding UN's summer camp
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency summer camp system hosted 250,000 children and adolescents in 2010. This year, as with previous years, the UN camps were harassed by jihadist terrorists.

On May 23, 2010 a group of 30 armed, masked men broke into an UNRWA summer camp site and burned it to the ground. On the night of June 28, 2010 armed, masked men broke into another UNRWA camp site in the Al-Zuweida region in central Gaza and set it on fire. In both incidents the arsonists were not identified.

I wonder how much it costs to learn how to be a splodey dope/human shield?

h/t Hmf

By Stable Hand at 03:15 PM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Indeed Happiness is a Warm Gun

Even for Palestinian Peace Activists.

Israel’s Yediot Aharonot published photos of unidentified flotillistas aboard the Mavi Marmara holding guns.
But, but, but they were loaded with rose petals and happy feelings.

By Howie at 02:21 PM | Comments |

Dear (WTF Is Wrong With You) Google's YouTube: Anti-Jihadi BlazingCatFur Account Suspended? What About Repeat Terrorist Supporting TOS Offenders?

youtube.com/user/str1v1n2martyrdom a repeat offender via Andrea

A request for reconsideration of suspension of BlazingCatFur's YouTube account resulted in this -

Dear Blazingcatfur:
Thank you for submitting your video appeal to YouTube. After further review of the content, we've determined that your video does violate our Community Guidelines and have upheld our original decision.
We appreciate your understanding.
Sincerely, — The YouTube Team

For the umpteenth time in four years I am going to point out a few YouTube users who violate the Y/T community guidelines, and I shall raise the question, again for the umpteenth time - Where the hell are your morals/your ethics Google/YouTube?
I'll let you, the audience, be the judge of which account/s should be suspended[...][my choice...ed but be sure to see the rest]:

StriveForMartyrdom currently has at least four accounts. We have gotten 21 of his other accounts suspended to date, and yet, YouTube ONLY goes after him if we bring attention to him

UPDATE: Legionnaire of the banned sez:

If calling al-Qaeda "depraved savages" earns Blazing Cat Fur an immediate ban, yet enormous amounts of complaints are required to get Google to pull blatantly pro-terrorist videos, a sane Justice Department would be investigating Google for "providing material support to terrorists".

Too bad we don't have a sane Justice Department...
Possible answer to your statement: Connecting the dots: Google's former CEO Eric Schmidt Obi Ones Tech Czar

By Stable Hand at 01:09 PM | Comments |

Blog Sabbath Caption Contest Paki Taliban (TTP) Mugshot Edition (Fatwas Issued)

Back story & photo credit

Fatwas will be issued.

UPDATE: Fatwas issued....finally:

The "i will cut ur neck" fatwa issued against beezer for:

Osama, stand very still, the Seals will never find you. But Omar, I think Ive been short sheeted
The "devil will do meetballs from your bodies fatwa issued against Col.Smeag for:
Habib how long do we have to wait till we attack?
We can't unTil the Iman SH issues a Fatwa.
Does anyone have some meatballs ...I'm hungry.
The "why u insult holly quoran" fatwa issued against WriterMom for:
The "mojahedin will separate your dirty head from your dirty heart" fatwa issued against Nanabozoh for:
I've heard of "Two Girls, One Cup", but "Four Girls, Two Sheets"?

By Stable Hand at 11:24 AM | Comments |

LatmaTV: Palestinian Eskimos and Israel's vanishing species

"Protect the leftist" "When they are gone" "How will you know you are normal?"

Laughing me arse off on this one...

By Stable Hand at 11:21 AM | Comments |

Napolitano: 'Profiling Muslim Men Not Logical'

From the FBI website (And, no, that doesn't stand for "Federal Bikini Inspector"):

(Click to enlarge)

No common sense, either.

By DMartyr at 11:16 AM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Fair is Fair

Seriously, Loomis owes this dude his taco lunch, with drink for a year.

Robert Adams craved an ice-cold drink after finishing his shift on a sweltering workday, but not having enough money to buy the burrito he also wanted left him with two obvious choices: Stop at the ATM, or find a bag containing more than $17,000 in cash.

Adams then called police, who along with bank officials later determined the money was meant for an ATM in Midlothian and had been under the care of Loomis, an armored truck company. Rolling Meadows police took the money to the station, where it was picked up by a Loomis official.

Loomis officials said they were investigating, but have not said whether Adams will get a reward.

"I really don't know what happens with this situation," Adams said.

Come on Loomis don't be cheap ungrateful bastages on top of sloppy couriers. Its not good for your image.

By Howie at 09:45 AM | Comments |

Fatwa This!

That's one fine Muslima!

click my crescent moon for more

Allahuuuuu! Acccckkkkbaaaar!


Hat Tip: 4foxes.

By Howie at 09:33 AM | Comments |

Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: Excuses Excuses Edition (Fatwas Issued)

This week al-Qaeda fluffer Adam Yahiye Gadahn asked why Muslims in America aren't falling all over themselves to get killed for al-Qaeda?

Lets help them out with excuses.


Fatwas will be issued.

Update: Fatwas Issued!

The "i will cut ur neck" fatwa issued against Beefcake for:

BUT as Allah is my witness, my IEDs turn into cupcakes.
The "devil will do meetballs from your bodies" fatwa issued against Trog (unrepentant bastard, bigot, dirty kufar) for:
I'm waiting for Emerson "Goatly" Begolly to be paroled....
The "why u insult holly quoran" fatwa issued against EROWMER for:
I have it so good here in America, I'll just wait and see who wins.

Beefcake? I didn't know Congressman Weiner comments here?

By Howie at 09:25 AM | Comments |

Weiner's New Career


Hot Air on the what's next for Congressman Weiner:

Puzzled why Anthony Weiner hasn’t already packed his bags and headed for a little blissful obscurity — or at least blissful in comparison to the past couple of weeks? Chuck Bennett reminds us that the Congressman hasn’t exactly built himself a parachute for his post-electoral career. In fact, without his Congressional salary, he would have rather hefty bills and no apparent means to pay them off
Well Ed forgets porn.

No not good porn but porn none the less. One thing about the world is there is always someone who is sicker than you are.

Possible titles?

Political Cunsultant.

9 1/2 Centimeters.


I dunno, you try I'm not all that much into anything but T&A.

By Howie at 09:00 AM | Comments |

The Tap Water Tastes Funny

(Singapore) Last month, an Indonesian maid was murdered and her body was found in a rooftop water tank.

Local news reported that blood stained the water tank.

A Bangladeshi maintenance worker was quickly identified as a suspect and subsequently charged with the maid's murder.

Understandably, the incident sparked Singaporeans to voice persistent concerns regarding access to rooftop water tanks.

Some residents claimed that they have seen workers emerging from the rooftop water tank room with bathing towels.

Residents also believe that the workers have brought women to the water tank room for sexual trysts, and that the men bathe in the tanks after having sex.

Blame and anger are directed toward the government and foreign workers, justifiably, it appears.

By Mr. E. Blogger at 08:39 AM | Comments |

Food Stamp Investigation

Lobster and Steak.jpg

(Menominee, Michigan) Found in a store parking lot, a receipt for lobster and steak purchased with food stamps prompted a notification to the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS) via the department's Facebook page. A followup investigation was launched.

Evidence allegedly was found which indicates that the items purchased with food stamps were resold at 50 cents on the dollar, a felony. A local man, Louis Cuff, was arrested and charged with felony food stamp trafficking, punishable by a possible five years in prison.

Interestingly, the entire incident resulted because of litter in the parking lot. Heh.

By Mr. E. Blogger at 08:17 AM | Comments |

June 09, 2011

Mac To Woman: "Shower With Me" To Make My Pop-Up Go Away

Mac technician installed spyware to photograph women

DG News Service - He was hired to fix their computers, but police say that Trevor Harwell instead installed spyware software that took candid photos of his clients in various states of undress[...]

Police were tipped off last year after a Rezitech customer took her computer into an Apple Genius Bar for servicing. It had been popping up weird messages. One of them, designed to look like a Mac OS X system warning, said, "You should fix your internal sensor soon. If unsure what to do, try putting your laptop near hot steam for several minutes to clean the sensor."

The Genius Bar technician found the Camcapture software on this victim's computer and said, "You need to call police," Goodrich said.

She wasn't the only person to get this particular message. Some victims, tricked by the pop-up warning, did take their computers with them into the shower, Goodrich said.[emphasis mine]

Ladies, if you take a puter into the shower because of a prompt by said puter, remember, it ain't human FOR GAWDS SAKE!

It can't smoke a cigarette afterwards!! pffft

By Stable Hand at 08:59 PM | Comments |

Ohio: Another Somali American Faces Terror Charges In Minnesota For Aiding Al Shabaab

There goes your new recruits/funding, again, Omar Hammami (aka Abu Mansour Al-Amriki)


.....Ahmed Hussein Mahamud was arrested Thursday in Columbus, Ohio, and made his initial appearance in federal court there on charges of providing material support to terrorists.

An indictment unsealed Thursday says that from April 2009 to July 2009, Mahamud provided money and personnel to al-Shabab.[More]

"Personnel" to al-Shabaab? Like splodey dopes?

Rahm has More

By Stable Hand at 08:17 PM | Comments |

U.S. Officers in Shoot Out With Drug Runners On Texas-Mexico Border

Shhh, Obi One & Nappy won't like, doesn't fit their narrative

Officers who were taking part in a multi-agency Texas Rangers operation exchanged gunfire Thursday with drug-runners along the Rio Grande, wounding at least three suspects.
AUSTIN (June 9, 2011) — U.S. law enforcement officers exchanged gunfire early Thursday morning with drug runners while attempting to intercept boats loaded with drugs on the Rio Grande, the Department of Public Safety said.

The officers were participating in a multi-agency Texas Ranger Recon operation, the DPS said.

At least three suspected drug runners were wounded in the shootout, the DPS said.[Continue reading]

No U.S. officers were injured per statement.

By Stable Hand at 07:27 PM | Comments |

Tenn. law bans posting images that "cause emotional distress"

Hurt feelings law, Muslims will have a field day with this

A new Tennessee law makes it a crime to "transmit or display an image" online that is likely to "frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress" to someone who sees it. Violations can get you almost a year in jail time or up to $2500 in fines[...]

The new legislation adds images to the list of communications that can trigger criminal liability. But for image postings, the "emotionally distressed" individual need not be the intended recipient. Anyone who sees the image is a potential victim. If a court decides you "should have known" that an image you posted would be upsetting to someone who sees it, you could face months in prison and thousands of dollars in fines.

If you think that sounds unconstitutional, you're not alone. In a blog post, constitutional scholar Eugene Volokh points out just how broad the legislation is. The law doesn't require that the picture be of the "victim," nor would the government need to prove that you intended the image to be distressing. Volokh points out that a wide variety of images, "pictures of Mohammed,

southpark allah akbar GIF.gif
or blasphemous jokes about Jesus Christ, or harsh cartoon insults of some political group," could “cause emotional distress to a similarly situated person of reasonable sensibilities,” triggering liability. He calls the bill "pretty clearly unconstitutional."
What about Boobie posts and stuff?

h/t John

By Stable Hand at 02:50 PM | Comments |

Taliban Don't Kill Women & Children Except, When They Do



Gunmen stormed a wedding party in eastern Afghanistan overnight, killing the groom and eight other people in an attack blamed on Taliban-linked insurgents, officials said.

The groom was a cousin of the local district chief, and women and children were also among the casualties in the attack at the family party in Nangarhar province, which borders Pakistan, the provincial spokesman said.

The gunmen were armed with AK-47 assault rifles and stormed the house where the party was being held, said spokesman Abdulzia Ahmadzai.

Statement coming from "Voice of Jihad" will probably go like this: Nine local puppets killed....

By Stable Hand at 01:55 PM | Comments |

WH: Counterterrorism Agency Chief, Michael Leiter, Resigns


WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House says its top counterterrorism agency chief is resigning after nearly five years at his post.

The president called National Counterterrorism Center director Michael Leiter, "a trusted adviser to me and to the entire national security team, providing us with an in-depth understanding of terrorist activities."

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Leiter's departure was his own decision. He praised Leiter's "tremendous service" to both the Obama and Bush administrations, as well as the country, during the past four years.

Leiter is leaving on what those close to him call a "high note," now that one of the nation's major counterterror goals has been met with the killing of Osama bin Laden last month.[More]


By Stable Hand at 01:43 PM | Comments |

Speaking of Weiner and Nuts....Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

Chimp puts on a show for researchers:

After a chimp urinated into a tube to retrieve a peanut as part of an experiment, the lead researcher tells Channel 4 News he was surprised by the animal's "innovative behaviour".


By Stable Hand at 01:02 PM | Comments |

The Devil Is In The Details

(Click for full size)

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Police say a man was carrying a dead weasel when he burst into an apartment and assaulted a man in Washington state.

The victim asked, "Why are you carrying a weasel?" Police said the attacker answered, "It's not a weasel, it's a marten," then punched him in the nose and fled. (Source)

Anteater just doesn't understand...


By DMartyr at 12:07 PM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: 'the IN word' --Lib-Nut Free Entertainment on UStreamTV

My inbox:

Well, co-producer Sonja Schmidt of PJTV and I debuted 'the IN word' last night. And it was a blast.

'the IN word' is Liberal Free Entertainment not centered around the days news. There's comedy, music and more. Here's a link to our UStreamTV channel so you can check it out at your convenience.


Video below the fold.

They say conservatives won't support us, well... let's prove them wrong.

It is very important that you give us a chance.... And invite friends. New Show next Wednesday night! Even if you try NOT to---you'll have fun!

The IN word is a JoeDanMedia.com production. LIBERAL FREE CONSERVATIVE ARTS

God bless

Joe Dan

Website: http://the-in-word.blogspot.com[WEDNESDAY NIGHTS 11PM ET, 8PM PT]

God bless you Joe Dan and good luck!

By Stable Hand at 11:30 AM | Comments |

#Weinergate: Sexting Lies and.... Say That Again?

Capes and tights and shit?


GIF borrowed, unselfishly, from Ace because it may or may not mean something.

By Stable Hand at 10:46 AM | Comments |

The Myth of 'Liberal' Islam, Deconstructed

Those of you who have ever debated or discussed Islam with a Muslim know there are certain claims and misinformation that are constantly repeated, either out of a sincere misunderstanding or out of deliberate deceit. It is important that we learn to recognize these Islamic myths, not only to educate our fellow anti-Jihadists, but also Muslims who have themselves fallen victim to the falsehoods.

The old "Islam is peace" or "jihad is an inner struggle" and other common misconceptions about the religion have been proven to be nothing more than taqiyyah - a deliberate deception for the benefit of Islam. Truth is irrelevant.

But as the old deceptions are exposed, new ones are presented in hope of confusing or attracting the less informed. Deflection is easier than admitting fault or proving a negative. A few new ones:

  • The first basis of the religion [Islam] itself is to find moderation.
  • If a non-Muslim says something wrong, we are told, through Islamic teaching, to educate them and find a peaceful solution.
  • Islam dictates that we are only to resort to violence when there is clear provocation, not before.
  • Muhammad ... and his followers would never have called for a jihad on the basis of a blog

"Moderate," a silent majority, Muslims do exist. But it is important to understand "Moderate" Islam does not exist.

Anti-Jihadist from Infidel Blogger's Alliance has published an article that addresses these myths at Jihad Watch.

By DMartyr at 10:25 AM | Comments |

Suicide Bombers Attack Mogadishu Port

For all things Somalia, see Rahm at Terror Free Somalia who also reports today on protests in Mogadishu after a political impasse delayed pending elections.

For Yemen, see me, where today we discuss the latest US drone strike as well as updates on the rev and the al Qaeda proxy war in Abyan.

By Jane at 09:11 AM | Comments |

June 08, 2011

This Year's Top Rear

Rear Award.jpg
Carol Vorderman -- Pippa Middleton

(London, England) Television personality Carol Vorderman, 50, has won the female Rear of the Year award by gathering the most votes in a worldwide competition sponsored by Wizard Jeans.

Pippa Middleton, 27, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, gained instant popularity after the royal wedding but it left her with only a scant six weeks to gather votes. Consequently, Pippa's behind ended behind Vorderman's behind.

Frankly, I believe both are winners.

By Mr. E. Blogger at 10:58 PM | Comments |

Breaking! Wiener's Weiner Works

If anything can go wrong, it will. And at the worst possible time.

Now, Representative Anthony D. Weiner and Huma Abedin are about to make news of a different kind: they are expecting their first child.

By Howie at 09:00 PM | Comments |

Shameful! Wisconsin Union Protesters Disrupt Special Olympics Ceremony

wisconsin union zombies_special olympians.jpg

Just when you think they can't stoop any lower, the assmaggots do this. These Special Olympians work hard to get where they are at and to do this to them is beyond belief.

Shakes head in disgust...

h/t FREEDOM EDEN and MacIver Institute

By Stable Hand at 04:40 PM | Comments |

War Porn: This Will be a Day Long Remembered

It has seen death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, soon it will see the end of the rebellion.

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (Arabic: أبومصعب الزرقاوي‎, 'Abū Muṣ'ab az-Zarqāwī, Abu Musab from Zarqa); October 30, 1966 – June 7, 2006

I trust that his five year tour of hell has been absolutely smashing, Inshaallah.

Zawahiri, you're next.

Hat Tip: KaneKaizer.

But most likely this will be a day long remembered for seeing the end of Anthony Weiner's schlong.

And so I was a day late.... we're not all that picky here.

By Howie at 04:28 PM | Comments |

#Weinergate: Andrew Breitbart Statement on Opie & Anthony's Illicit Capture & Release of "Photograph"

As was noted earlier on DMartyr's post the x-rated Weiner's pee pee is now on the net thanks to Opie & Anthony radio show, without Breitbart's knowledge or permission

Earlier today, a photograph resembling one that I had withheld from publication in the Weinergate saga was released without my knowledge or permission.

Prior to the publication of our story on BigGovernment.com and BigJournalism.com this past Monday morning, it was necessary to show the pictures I had received from our source to several news producers, including several at major news networks, to prove that the additional material I described really did exist, which some have continued to doubt.[Continue reading including statement from Anthony]

As the Weinergate turns (and leans left) continues...

By Stable Hand at 03:35 PM | Comments |

Indiana College: 'The Star-Spangled Banner' Conflicts With School's "Core Values"


Diversity, freedom of expression, and equal protection for all - It's as American as you can get, and it has always been the ultimate goal of all American battles. And yet that conflicts with Goshen College's "core values":

Goshen College, a Mennonite school in Indiana, has become a target of public outrage over its decision to ban the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at sporting events because it conflicts with the school's core values.

“We recognize that some people may not be satisfied with this decision, but we believe it is the right one for Goshen College,” Ricky Stiffney, chairman of the college’s board of directors, said in a written statement. “The board has a diversity of views on this issue as reflected through the process of considering the anthem.”

Do their "core values" include defending freedom and liberty or blind submission? Why are they even in America? How can they justify enjoying America's religious freedoms that were acquired by "violence" and "battles"?

By DMartyr at 01:28 PM | Comments |

Weiner's Weiner Pic Exposed!

And it happens to be my new wallpaper!

Keeping with The Jawa Report's high journalistic standards (don't laugh), I've decided to link it for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure) instead of posting it here.

View Weiner's weiner HERE.

UPDATE by SH: Andrew Breitbart's statement regarding this

By DMartyr at 12:59 PM | Comments |

New Zawahiri Video Release: "What's Up With This Bin Laden Fish Food Sh*t?"

Click image for (Arabic) video


.............The message is the first released from al-Zawahiri since bin Laden was killed in Pakistan by U.S. Navy SEALs at the beginning of May[...]

Al-Zawahiri questions the U.S. assertion that bin Laden was buried at sea in strict accordance with Islamic tradition.

"What kind of Islam are they talking about?" he asks. "Is it America's Islam or the Islam version of (President Barack) Obama who sold off his father's faith?"

Must be hard getting videos out, eh bumpy bruised head?

By Stable Hand at 11:19 AM | Comments |

Weiner Turns To Sex Expert For Advice

Caught in a sex scandal? Who you gonna call? Why, the most notorious sexual expert in government, Bill Clinton.


With Weiner's professional life on the verge of collapse, both he and his wife have turned to the Clintons -- for consolation, for help or just an ear that will listen. The congressman, who has embarked on an epic apology tour in the halls of Congress to try and convince colleagues he can keep his seat, reportedly called the former president... (Source)
By DMartyr at 10:53 AM | Comments |

The New Gestapo

Last month an Arizona SWAT team stormed a house to serve a search warrant. During the raid, a young father was gunned down while attempting to defend his home and his family.

The warrant was issued over alleged drug activities.

But wouldn't it be frighteningly insane if these raids were also being conducted over minor, civil infractions?

That could never happen in America... right?

By DMartyr at 10:33 AM | Comments |

WTF? Dept of Education With S.W.A.T TEAM Breaks Down Stockton Mans Door Over Student Loan Default (Update OIG not S.W.A.T.)

UPDATE: (original post below fold). Story was scrubbed as well as video, here is the new article & video:

......U.S. Department of Education spokesman Justin Hamilton confirmed for News10 Wednesday morning federal agents with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), not local S.W.A.T., served the search warrant. Hamilton would not say specifically why the raid took place except that it was part of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Hamilton said the search was not related to student loans in default as reported in the local media.

Begin original post...............


..............Wright said he later went to the mayor and Stockton Police Department, but the City of Stockton had nothing to do with Wright's search warrant.

The U.S. Department of Education issued the search and called in the S.W.A.T for his wife's defaulted student loans.[emphasis mine..ed]

"They busted down my door for this," Wright said. "It wasn't even me."

According to the Department of Education's Office of the Inspector General, the case can't be discussed publicly until it is closed, but a spokesperson did confirm that the department did issue the search warrant at Wright's home.

The Office of the Inspector General has a law enforcement branch of federal agents that carry out search warrants and investigations.

Again, WTF?

h/t @Geraldanthro

UPDATE: Doug Powers updated DoED logo:

DoE_doug powers.bmp

h/t JWF

By Stable Hand at 10:31 AM | Comments |

Texas Police Investigate Report Of Multiple Murders At Farmhouse

Police dispatched cadaver dogs to a Texas farmhouse Tuesday after receiving a tip from a person claiming to be a psychic who said bodies were buried there, but the dogs found nothing suspicious, a local judge said.

Judge Craig McNair of Liberty County said the sheriff's office received a Monday night call from a person claiming to be a psychic, who said many bodies were at a farmhouse about 70 miles northeast of Houston. McNair says the caller claimed some of the bodies were dismembered and some children. (Source)

The proprietor of the farmhouse, Leatherface, had no comment. However, he and his colourful family did offer investigators lunch of "special ingredient" stew.

By DMartyr at 09:10 AM | Comments |

Jehovah's Witnesses Convicted of Islamic Extremism

(Batken Province, Kyrgyzstan) Two young Jehovah's Witnesses were convicted in Kadamjai District Court of possessing banned radical Islamic materials.

Each was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Iskandar Kambarov, 18, and Jonibek Nosirov, 22, were convicted of possessing DVDs associated with Hizb-ut-Tahrir, an underground radical Islamic group that advocates the non-violent overthrow of Central Asian governments.

Sentenced on May 18, the pair insists security officials planted the DVDs during two unannounced visits to their house on January 25.

Lawyers for Kambarov and Nosirov have filed an appeal with Kyrgyzstan’s Prosecutor General. (More….)

By Mr. E. Blogger at 06:04 AM | Comments |

June 07, 2011

Family ID's Minnesota Man Who Sploded Self in Somalia for Al Shabaab

2006 mugshot from Ramsey County Sheriff's Office

As Farah Mohamed Beledi.[Caution, nasty splodey image...lots of flies and stuff eating him and stuff]

Good News: American from Minneapolis Blows Himself up in Somalia for al-Shabaab

By Stable Hand at 05:46 PM | Comments |

A Kuwaiti Muslimah Has Answer To Kuwaiti Males Lust: Turn Non-Muslim Female POW's

sex slaves_islam.jpg
Salwa al Mutairi

Into sex slaves

A Kuwaiti woman who once ran for parliament has called for sex slavery to be legalised - and suggested that non-Muslim prisoners from war-torn countries would make suitable concubines.

Salwa al Mutairi argued buying a sex-slave would protect decent, devout and 'virile' Kuwaiti men from adultery because buying an imported sex partner would be tantamount to marriage.

And she even had an idea of where to 'purchase' these sex-salves - browsing through female prisoners of war in other countries.

The political activist and TV host even suggested that it would be a better life for women in warring countries as the might die of starvation.

Mutairi claimed: 'There was no shame in it and it is not haram' (forbidden) under Islamic Sharia law.'[More]

I MADE AN OFFER TO BUY HER FROM HER HUSBAND HERE IS HER CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/user/salwaalmotare


h/t @Maetenloch

By Stable Hand at 04:01 PM | Comments |

Proof Of Evil - "That Thing" The Same Thing That Led To Weiner's Downfall, Rosie O'Donnell's Lesbianism, And The Lawsuit Against Andy Dick

Evil lurks where you least expect it...

Crouched in her cell, Ophelia De'lonta hoped three green disposable razors from the prison commissary would give her what the Virginia Department of Corrections will not — a sex change.

It had been several years since she had felt the urges, but she had been fighting them for weeks. But like numerous other times, she failed to get rid of what she calls "that thing" between her legs, the last evidence she was born a male. (Source)

Related (Lyrics NSFW):

By DMartyr at 11:27 AM | Comments |

Love 4 Sale

I don't see what the problem is here.

The endorsement of Erick Erickson, the founder of the conservative blog RedState and a CNN contributor is for sale as part of an advertising package, according to an email circulated by an account executive for The Human Events Group -Eagle Publishing, which recently purchased the site.

Erickson said in an email that he hadn't seen the solicitation before it went out, and Joe Guerriero, the Vice President and group publisher at the Human Events Group who handles RedState called it "the stupidest thing I've ever seen."

"We had a salesman send something he shouldn't," he said.

The program the salesman described, Guerriero said, wasn't intended for political campaigns, but for "a handful of [conservative] organizations that have expressed an interest and that Erick feels strongly about."

Like I said what's the problem.

Jawa Report will officially endorse anyone for anything for just $9.95 (+shipping and handling).

If say you're Zombie Genghis Khan on a comeback and you want an endorsement. You could click on Rusty's Payal button over there.

But he's never here, so for EVEN LESS! you can go down to the more oppressed items in the left sidebar and sponsor Howie's uber painful metal pins out of your knee surgery next week.

If you want to see me suffer horribly under a mad Dr's supervision CLICK AND SAVE NOW!

Just remember we never promised it will actually help you.

By Howie at 11:13 AM | Comments |

Former Congresswoman Wants Libyan Style Government For The U.S.

Thank God Cynthia McKinney is a former Congresswoman...

It is truly frightening that this woman was ever an American Congressperson.

By DMartyr at 09:21 AM | Comments |

Female Syrian/American Blogger Believed Taken by Syrian Regime

aminaabdullahsmall.jpgAtlantic Wire:

As the anti-government uprising in Syria has unfolded, Syrian-American blogger Amina Abdallah has attracted readers and been noticed by The Washington Post, CNN, Time,and The Guardian for her musings on the protest movement and what it's like to be gay in Syria. But her blog--A Gay Girl in Damascus--broached a very different topic today: Someone introducing herself as Abdallah's cousin wrote that Abdallah was seized by three armed men while on her way to meet with protest organizers. The cousin adds that while the family suspects Abdallah was seized by Syrian security forces, all that's known right now is that she's missing.
Abdallah also holds American citizenship.

This Woman is an American being held hostage by Syria. We need to demand information on her status and any BS charges the Syrian regime might claim. And get her freed. She can come here if she likes.

Because she is an American we have a claim, not that she's more important than all the Syrians who died or were disappeared with these Soviet style tactics.

And for those who say Sharia is pretty much OK, even as an adult unmarried female her Father, who is in Syria, pretty much gets to decide what he wants. The choice he will be given will be you or her. No?

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Rumor: Zawahiri Targeted

I'm hearing that one of the drone strikes this week targeted Ayman al-Zawahiri.

No word yet on if we've learned to track the bump on his head.

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The Mahdi is Coming!

The Mahdi is coming!

The world is presently at its most wicked. It is beyond human help. It requires only a nudge to implode and prepare for the divine ruler, the Saheb-ul-Zaman (the Mahdi, the Lord of the Age) to come and set it aright. It is the sacred duty and privilege of every Muslim to do all he can to hasten the death of the old world and the birth of the global Islamic Ummah. Thus goes the thinking of Iran's ruling mullahs and their hand-picked president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

It seems like the old millennialism thinking. The belief in supernatural intervention to set the world aright is scriptural to major religions, including Islam. The Jews have been earnestly supplicating the Lord for the Messiah to come; the Christians are impatiently awaiting the second coming of Christ; and, the Zoroastrians are convinced that Saoshayant is the one who shall come, defeat the trouble-making Ahriman -- Satan -- and make the creatures again pure. But this time around, a group of believers with tremendous resources are intent upon forcing the issue, making the conditions so dire that they leave the reluctant Saheb-ul-Zaman no choice but to appear and assume his universal reign.

I hear Iran plans to hang one homosexual from a crane if its by land, and two adulteresses from two cranes if by sea.

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How to Make Your Islamic Sock Puppet Believable


Let the Online Mujahideen help you help your alter ego learn all rules of proper Islamic forum manners.

For instance, when an infidel dies, praise Allah. If you die, praise Allah. If you go to prison, ditto... ...etc, etc, etc.

If something, anything at all goes wrong, blame the Jews.

Its really that simple. But you have to be able to put all those extra little phrases in there or they'll know you're a Kaffir.

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Bride Learns All too Soon

What she just committed her life too.

Hat Tip: Hot Air's link thingy.

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I thought blogs were so that we did not have to deal with the MSM telling us only what we want to hear.

Well except for your blog that is.

Olilver Willis, like Kryptonite to objectivity.

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Minion Mood Swings

Watch the stern determination that Andrew Breitbart is WRONG melt away and depression phase of the manic minions begin.


I know, it was the Juice, that's the only answer, only they could hatch a conspiracy so large, so well planned that finally even Congressman Weiner believed that it was his wanker in the photo.

How do they do it?

Start around comment 140.

But really, you know who deserves an apology? Dan Wolfe, who took one hell of a beating for being in the right place at the right time.

I'm so glad the story is out now, I had to retract twice over the evidence, or lack thereof.

Which just goes to show you, without all data, analysis is not very useful.

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June 06, 2011

Obedient Wives Club


(Rawang, Malaysia) As a new bride, 22-year-old Ummu Atirah believes she knows the secret to a blissful marriage: obey her husband and ensure he is sexually satisfied.

Ummu and some 800 other Muslim women in Malaysia are members of the "Obedient Wives Club" that is generating controversy in one of the most modern and progressive Muslim-majority nations, where many Muslim Malaysian women hold high posts in the government and corporate world.

The new club, launched Saturday, says it can cure social ills such as prostitution and divorce by teaching women to be submissive and keep their men happy in the bedroom.

Offhand, I'd suggest that very few American women would willingly join the Obedient Wives Club.

On a personal level, my wife tells me that obedience is not and will not be a problem as long as I do what she says. So, a club isn't necessary.

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Rep Weiner's #Wienergate Saga To Climax? (Update: Weiner admits but isn't resigning)(Presser 1st: Where You Fully Erect?)

big_rep weiner.jpg
Click for more

Weiner to hold a press conference any minute now..

ABC news interviewed a woman who has come forward on this.

Radaronline: Weiner used Jewish Sexual Stereotype to Facebook Sexting Partner

UPDATE: Andrew Breitbart was at the microphone where Weiner was suppose to speak a few minutes ago. Ha! Reporters asked him (Breitbart) to go up to the podium. Weiner has not appeared yet..

UPDATE II: Weiner at the podium now. He admits to sending the picture and admits engaging in other sexting, Facebook, etc. He is crying now...but isn't resigning...he's a dem you know...he apologized...[videos added, h/t Breitbart]

Anthony Weiner Admits to Online Affairs: MyFoxNY.com

Livestream here

At the end of presser " where you fully erect[AoS], or are you capable of more?"

UPDATE III: Mystery woman revealed

UPDATE IV: "Mystery woman" Meghan Broussard's post at BigGovernment: My Story.

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Congressman Weiner Makes Girl Moist

Just thinking about his internet.


Speaking of moist.

just a random image to invoke the moist ambiance

Update: Super Weiner!


Bwwwahahahaaaaaa! You look a little "strained" there Congressman No Head.

Bwhhwhwaaaaa!@!! Question,,,, giggle, giggle, snort, can a sitting US congressman, bwaaaahahahhaha! Stay. stay. stay in office after his webcam, bwaaahahha, pic of him tossing off is published on the internet?


More here.

Seriously this is the BEST. SCANDAL. EVER. Bwaaahahaahaaa!

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The Daily Boobie

You know this really works a lot better with Hot Ukrainian babes rather than butchish lard bucket Code Pinkers.

A group of female activists in Ukraine marked the country's National Journalists Day with a protest against the practice of receiving payments in exchange for positive news coverage. Waving placards reading "How much for the truth?", members of the women's protest group FEMEN also chanted slogans against corrupt journalists. During the protest the women tore off their jeans, leaving them dressed only in bikinis. The Russian word for jeans is very similar to the slang term for news coverage that has been paid for.

Death to whatever stuff and stuff!

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Good News! Radical Islamists Find Safe Haven at 40 UK Universities

Daily Mail:

England's universities have become a breeding ground for extremism and terrorist recruitment, according to a disturbing government report.

Officials have identified 40 English universities where ‘there may be particular risk of radicalisation or recruitment on campus’.

A soon to be published Whitehall report – seen by the Daily Mail – will point to a string of examples of students going on to commit terrorist acts against this country or overseas.

..Alarmingly the Prevent review says that ‘more than 30 per cent of people convicted for Al Qaeda-associated terrorist offences in the UK... are known to have attended university or a higher education institution.

‘Another 15 per cent studied or achieved a vocational or further education qualification. About 10 per cent of the sample were students at the time when they were charged or the incident for which they were convicted took place.’

Which challenges the Ignorant Muslim narrative that most radicals are not very bright, some are not but usually the poor illiterate recruits are used as splatter against some gate on the battlefield.

The more educated ones are the more dangerous.

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Palestinian youths sub humans charged with slaughter of Fogel family

"I'm proud of what I did, I did it all for Palestine,"

one of the suspects says during an appearance in court, "I would do it again."

Two Palestinian youths Muslims brainwashed since birth psycopaths [fify Jpost...ed] from the West Bank village of Awarta, arrested in April on suspicion of murdering five members of the Fogel family in Itamar, were charged with five counts of homicide at a military court on Sunday.

_hakim_amjad_awads_murder of fogel familly_bastards.jpg
Hakim & Amjad AwadsF*ckwads

The defendants, 17-yearold Hakim Awad and 18-yearold Amjad Awad, who are from the same clan, have confessed to stabbing and shooting two young brothers, their parents, and a three-month-old baby in the attack.

If anyone thinks Israel will leave in peace with the Palis is fecking stupid, such as The One and this commenter:
bastards charged_ commenter.jpg

See what they did to the Fogel family and would do again here[WARNING..for strong stomachs]

Fogel family massacre archives here

h/t Bubbe

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Where's Rusty?

Engaged in an epic battle to save the Dark Side.

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As the Weiner Turns

Wow, see I told you this weinergate story would never die.

A new woman has come forward with what she claims are photographs, chats, and emails with Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). These appear to undermine severely Rep. Weiner’s explanations that he was the victim of a “prank” or a “hack.”

The detailed new information suggests that the Brooklyn- and Queens-based representative and the young woman in question were involved in an online, consensual relationship involving the mutual exchange of intimate photographs.

Or should it be As the Weiner Rotates? We'll anyway, I know of one wiener who'll be roasting on the spit tonight.

Oh my.

Update: Exclusive preview of Anthony Weiner's home life this week.

Below the fold, because of the humanity.

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France, The Gift That Keeps On Taking For 67 Years

Zombie has the details.

Zombie asks:

So, would the artist prefer that the Allies had refrained from committing any icky violence and instead not invaded Normandy, so as to preserve peace? In which case, France would to this day be called Frankenreich, the western province of Greater Germany?

My answer, of course he prefers that we had refrained. If you read his bio on his website that I won't link to it says that he was born of Kabyl parents. Kabyl is a region of Algeria.

So I'm going to go out on a limb and guess he's also Muslim, and we all know how well the Muslims and Nazis got along.

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June 05, 2011

Yemeni revolution achieves first demand: Saleh gone (bumped/sticky)

The bastard is gone, but I don't think they are going home. Saleh went to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment and was met at the airport by Tunisia's Bin Ali. I added a new category at my site, "Post-Saleh."


The Demands of the Youth are:

1) Remove the current regime peacefully and remove all its figures and all members of the President's family and his relatives from all leadership posts in the military and civil institutions.

2) Forming a Transitional Presidential Council that constitutes of 5 civil members that are widely known for their competency, integrity and experience. These members have to be approved by the revolution youth leaders and the national powers. Individuals that represent the previous regime should be excluded from the selection. The Transitional Presidential Board will have the responsibility to issue all decision and decrees that will ensure attaining the demands of the revolution. After serving in the Transitional Presidential Board, members will not have the right to run for President or Prime Minister posts until one electoral cycle is completed.

3) After overthrowing the regime the Board has to declare a six month transitional period. This period starts with a constitutional decree announcing the termination of the current constitution and dissolving the Parliament, the Shura Council and the Local Councils.

4) The Transitional Presidential Board will appoint a widely accepted national figure who will form a Transitional Cabinet of qualified technocrats within one month.

5) A Transitional National Board to be formed and include representatives of the youth and all political and national powers. The Transitional National Board will provide: a) A solution for the Southern issue that yields a fair and satisfactory response b) A solution for the Sa'ada Case issue that resolves the preceding effects. c) Monitoring the performance of the Transitional Presidential Board and the Transitional Cabinet. d) Forming a new Supreme Council for Elections which will be responsible for correcting the voter records and preparing for free and fair elections during the transitional period. e) Selecting a Drafting Committee of reliable legal advisors to propose a new constitution for a civil, democratic and modern state that has: a republican parliamentary system based on proportional list-based electoral system, and a system of social justice and equal citizenship. The new constitution has to be completed within three months from its initiation, and the then put for national referendum.

6) Restructuring the higher judicial council to ensure the full separation and impartiality of the judicial authority.

7) Dissolving the Ministry of Information and forming an independent higher authority that will ensure freedom of expression and diversification of media and communication outlets.

8) Dissolving the Ministry of Human Rights and creating an independent higher council for human rights.

9) Legally pursue and prosecute the corrupt officials and retrieve public property and money. 10) Immediate release of all political detainees and the missing persons and dissolving extraordinary courts and private prisons.

11) Legal persecution of all individuals that caused, assisted and incited the killing and injury of those who participated in the peaceful demonstrations. Deliver appropriate compensations to the families of the deceased and honor them duly.

12) Dissolving the Political Security Forces and National Security Forces, and forming a new dedicated national security agency under the umbrella of the Ministry of Interior. The new national security agency will be responsible for observing Yemen’s external threats.

13) Merging the Republican Guards with the Military Forces, and dissolving the National Defense Council to ensure full impartiality of the Army and Security Forces.

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Weiner's Weiner Was From Tweetdeck

The Daily:

As the world has attempted to make sense of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s claim that his Twitter account was hacked, a key clue has been missing: exactly how the notorious groin pic was posted online.

But according to data provided exclusively to The Daily from TweetCongress.org, a nonprofit website that captures each member of Congress’s Twitter feeds in real time, the shot seen round the world was transmitted using TweetDeck — a popular Adobe desktop application that links up with social networking sites. A review of Weiner’s Twitter stream from May 27, the day of the crotch pic, shows that Weiner had been posting only from TweetDeck — one of many ways to post messages to Twitter — that entire night.

Chet Wisniewski, a senior security adviser at security software company SophosLabs, said the TweetDeck stamp “does make it more plausible that it did come from him.”


Well I guess that settles that. lol..

Tune in next week for more As The Weiner Turns.

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NYC: Israel Day Parade 2011

Live stream here

The Largest Event in the World Celebrating Israel's 63rd Year of independence

Over 30,000 participants will march up Fifth Ave. from 57th St. to 74th St. cheered by hundreds of thousands of spectators from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The Parade: 11 AM to 4 PM

Rain or Shine
Am Yisrael Chai

Meanwhile in Israel, IDF is dealing with Naksa Day (6 day war) rioters attempting to breach border.

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...And In Other News

Israeli border defense is breaking, headline news. Yet Syrian mass slaughter is just another article buried in "more news..."

headline news israel - syria4.jpg
(Image updated - click for original)

First the HEADLINE (notice it's "updated" and no longer "new".):

An Israeli military spokesman in Tel Aviv said soldiers, who had been on high alert along the Syrian and Lebanese frontiers in anticipation of possible border-breaching protests, fired warning shots. He gave no casualty figures.

A Reuters correspondent at the scene saw at least four demonstrators carried away on stretchers by the crowd, but it was not immediately clear if they had been hit by Israeli gunfire.

(Note: MSNBC has replaced this article with a newer version.)

...And in other (less important) news (and notice it's "new" and, yet, the casualty count has dramatically risen in other MSNBC reports!):

The death toll in a government security crackdown in northern Syrian town has risen to 25, a human rights group said on Sunday.

Casualty figures increased to 63 dead, but MSNBC still has the original article and the 'more news' headline as 25. The New casualty figures aren't mentioned in the original article.

Update: (as of 11:27am EST) MSNBC has updated the Israel story to 11 dead, as reported by Syrian television. (They must have seen more stretchers...)

The story about the Syrian protesters is still at 25, even though scores more have been confirmed dead.

From the new, updated article (emphasis mine):

Israeli troops opened fire Sunday at a crowd of pro-Palestinian protesters who tried to break into the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights from neighboring Syria, killing as many as 11 people and wounding scores in a burst of violence marking the Arab defeat in the 1967 Mideast war.

The casualty figures came from Syrian state television. Israel has offered no immediate comment on dead or wounded.

Israel angrily accused the Syrian regime of orchestrating the violence — the second border clash in less than a month — to deflect attention from its bloody crackdown on a popular uprising at home.

And apparently, the deflection is working. At least at MSNBC.

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Saleh Leaves Yemen

Reports this morning are that Yemen's president has fled to Saudi Arabia.

Financial Times: Fears are growing of a power vacuum in Yemen after the president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, and several senior government ministers fled to Saudi Arabia on Saturday.
Protesters are celebrating this as his exit from power.

Hat Tip :NPR.

Update by Jane: Nice vid Howie!

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Why God Should't Play With Humans

You know Mother Nature is bitching him out saying, "This is why we can't have nice things!"

From the New York Post:

A joyful spring carnival turned into a nightmare yesterday when three inflatable bounce houses full of happily jumping kids suddenly lifted into the air and toppled over, injuring 13 people.

I don't know why they're complaining. It was a BOUNCE house! If you can't handle the bounces, don't get on the ride. Sheesh...

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June 04, 2011

Ilyas Kashmiri ‘killed’ in US drone attack: report(Bumped: CONFIRMED DEAD!!!) (Sticky)

As yet unconfirmed...but its breaking on all the news sites. ...major news IF CONFIRMED.

PESHAWAR: According to a BBCUrdu report, Ilyas Kashmiri, a Pakistani terrorist leader with ties to al Qaeda, was among those killed in the latest drone strikes in South Waziristan.

The report quoted locals as saying that Kashmiri was killed in the strike that killed at least nine militants.

Kashmiri was the chief of the Harkatul Jihad al-Islami (HJI), an organisation affiliated with al Qaeda.

He is widely believed to have masterminded the attack on the PNS Mehran naval base in Karachi.

A government official in Peshawar told BBCUrdu that although he had been receiving information regarding the death of Kashmiri in the drone strike, he could not confirm the information.

Moreover, an official in South Waziristan told BBCUrdu that a US drone attack targeted a group of armed militants 20 kilometres from Wana bazaar.

The official said the attack killed nine people and injured three others.

Moreover, the official said that those killed in the attack were believed to be militants from Punjab.

Locals and witnesses told BBCUrdu that Kashmiri had also died in the drone attack.

Witnesses said Kashmiri had arrived in South Waziristan from the Khyber tribal region.

UPDATE(Matt Damon): BIG HIT that has been CONFIRMED....Kashmiri is dead!!

Killed while taking tea in an apple orchard..

Locals and witnesses told the BBC Urdu Service that the militants had only recently moved into the area around Laman village, south-east of Wana, the main town in South Waziristan.

Kashmiri and his men were said to be taking tea in an apple orchard when the attack occurred.

Locals say two rounds of two missiles each were fired within a space of a few seconds.

Update(Matt Damon): Add another Major Kill to the list of the dead...from Evan Kohlmann...
Evan Kohlmann
Flashpoint analysts in Pak have learned that the top leader of Al-Qaida in Pakistan, Ahmad Faruq, was killed in the same strike as Kashmiri.
The leadership just took a huge hit..

Update by Howie: And we shall have peace!

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Where is Dr. Rusty Shackeford? Working on His Sandcrawler

After we got back Iowa Hawk's estimate on our super hot rod life sized Sandcrawler, Rusty had to scale back, scale back a lot, bunches even.

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Jawa Weintergate Headline Poll

Which wordplay is better?

Bulging Controversy.


Junk(ing) the Country.


Vote in comments, winner gets a lifetime supply of Riceroni.

And yeah, I'm totally lying about the Riceroni.

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Patti LaBelle's Flight Rage

The airport security video from the case in which R&B singer Patti LaBelle and her bodyguards beat down a West Point Cadet has been released. In the video, Cadet Richard King is the one in yellow towards the bottom of the screen.

Really, the most disturbing part of the video, to me, is the Houston police officers posing with LaBelle just feet away from the blood-covered pavement.

I wouldn't expect an impartial investigation after seeing that.

Read the story HERE.

Thanks to Carol at Carol's Blog for sending me this.

The video isn't too graphic, as it is just series of still images.

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Babe Teacher Caught Half-Naked with Student Gets No Jail

Carrie Shafer.jpg
Carrie Shafer

(Louisville, Kentucky) Former duPont Manual High School biology teacher Carrie Shafer, 39, pleaded guilty yesterday to charges stemming from an incident when she was caught half-naked with a 17-year-old male student.

As a result, Shafer was sentenced to three years of probation, during which she is prohibited from teaching. According to the plea agreement, Shafer will not have to register as a sex offender. She will be placed on diversion, meaning her case will be dismissed when she completes the terms of her probation.

I'd suggest that a male teacher facing the same circumstances would not have been treated as leniently. (More….)

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Witnesses, documents show US trained CT units attacking protesters in Yemen

This is an excerpted statement by Mr. Abdullah Alasnag, Ex–Minister of Foreign Affairs in Yemen who is holding meetings in several Gulf states to end the crisis in Yemen. See full statement at my site.

June 4th, 2011: Multiple reports by eye witnesses on Wednesday 1st of June 2011 confirmed that the beleaguered president is using the American trained and equipped Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) in the ongoing street fighting currently taking place in Sana’a between the dictator’s forces and armed tribesmen loyal to tribal sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmer...

Witnesses and media reports confirmed that the CTU was used by Saleh in an attempt to regain control over government buildings his forces lost to the tribesmen and were unable to regain them by force. In this connection, witnesses specifically recounted street battles in which the CTU was involved during attempts to regain both the Local Governments’ Ministry building as well as the Hasaba District Police station. The CTU lost both battles and suffered heavy losses in terms of both lives and equipment.

These reports confirm earlier reports that Saleh used the CTU to carry out criminal activities and gross human rights violations including the March 18th massacre he committed against peaceful protesters in Sana’a during which 57 demonstrators were killed and hundreds were injured. Following the incident, protesters found ID cards belonging to members of the CTU at a location used by snipers in their targeting of the protesters.

Moreover, Saleh has routinely used the CTU to target his political opponents including the 5th of January 2010 attack on Al-Ayyam Newspaper headquarters in Aden where snipers and night vision goggles were used in the attack. In a similar occurrence in 2010, the American administration was furious when it was made aware that the CTU was used in the Government’s local war with the Houthi rebellion in the northern governorate of Saada.

The disappearance and likely exit of the untrustworthy tyrant following last night’s rebel rocket attack on the Presidential palace in which it was reported that he had suffered minor injuries, presents a small window of opportunity to enable any replacing authority to lead Yemen on the path of stability and into a phase of sound economic development.

Post script by Jane: In light of yesterday's statement by the Pentagon, perhaps Col. Lapan should contact Mr. al Asnag for the copies of the ID cards, contact with the witnesses and other proof.

Reuters: Colonel David Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman, said, "Right now we have no evidence that any of the counter-terrorism forces that we have trained are being used against protesters. We have seen reports that they have been engaged with armed forces and are looking for more information on that," Lapan told reporters."
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OH NO! Attack Helicopters Used by NATO in Libya

This must be stopped! Civilians could die!

Someone needs to implement a no fly zone on the forces enforcing the no fly zone! Immediately!

Quick, get me Barack Obama on the phone, I SAID NOUGH!

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Special Edition: Weinergate Caption Contest: Stand by Your Man Edition (Fatwas Issued!)

Caption this image of Congressman Weiner on Sunday with his wife Huma Abedin.


Huma Abedin? Come on, what's wrong with Mrs. Weiner?

Fatwas will be issued.

Update: Fatwas Issued!

The "i will cut ur neck" fatwa issued against Sammy Small for:

Anthony Weiner on his way to the Verizon store to trade his Blackberry(ed) in for a prepaid flip phone.
The "devil will do meetballs from your bodies" fatwa issued against TimothJ for:
Let go of me you jerk!!!
The "why u insult holly quoran" fatwa issued against Live Free Or Die for:
Jaywalking? Do you KNOW who I AM?

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Turkey Gobbler Man ... To The Rescue!

Look, up in the sky!
As you may have heard by now, San Francisco will be voting this November on whether or not to ban circumcision in the city.

Defenders of the measure say it’s all about “human rights” and “protecting babies” from unnecessary procedures.

But critics suspected there was something vaguely anti-Semitic about the whole proposal, since among Jews (and Muslims, as well) circumcising male babies is a religious duty...

...Well, any doubt that they were lying have now been dispelled, with the publication of new campaign literature for the upcoming circumcision ban. The campaign comic book, called “Foreskin Man,” after its baby-saving superhero, features a litany of evil Jews doing battle with blond Nordic saviors.

What a crock! While I find the circumcision of females pretty horrific, I'm not against it for males.

Both me and my son are, you know, and we're freaking Baptists.

I tell you what, you hear all the time about the "mysterious bond of motherhood", and I don't want to take anything away from that.

But I was "in the area" as they came in to do the boy infants for the parents who had selected circumcision.

When my child cried I recognized the sound of my own, I had been a father for all of half a day. Amazing.

We seem to be none the worse for wear.

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Egypt: Protesters In Tahrir Square Demand Government Implement Sharia Law, Want Tourists To “Respect” Islam


(Al-Masry) — Around 300 individuals gathered in Tahrir Square on Friday, chanting “Islamist, Islamist,” and calling for the implementation of Sharia Law in Egypt. Protesters also raised objections regarding tourists who “violate the people’s traditions,” and demanded closer scrutiny of those who receive permission to enter the country for tourism purposes[More]
Does attempted rape of a Egyptian journalist fall under your “people’s traditions?"
A female Egyptian journalist was attacked while covering a demonstration on Cairo's central Tahrir Square demanding an immediate trial for ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, local media reported[...]

The attackers had torn the journalist's clothes to pieces before she managed to call police, the reports said....

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Paula Froelich (twitter @Pfro): "where is Sarah Palin's retarded son while she's on her bus tour?"

I was waiting for someone to come up with this:


They just can't leave the Palin children alone, can they?

h/t The Daily Trumpet

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Yemen protesters burnt alive, buried in mass graves (**sticky**)

*****sticky, scroll down for newer posts*****


Over 250 at least were killed in Taiz, Yemen over the past four days. On May 30th, at 3 am, forces loyal to Ali Abdullah Saleh attacked Freedom Square in Taiz.

Water cannons filled with gasoline sprayed tents where protesters were sleeping. Thousands of protesters were camping in the Square since February demanding Saleh's immediate resignation. The tents were set ablaze and fleeing citizens shot by roof top snipers as they ran. Many were unable to escape the fires including the disabled and children as indicated by the photos linked below. The massive protest site was cleared after hours of carnage, with bulldozers scraping up the remains of tents and persons by the morning.

The protesters attempted to retake the square over the next days only to be shot point blank causing over one hundred additional fatalities.


Reports are emerging that Saleh's forces again kidnapped severely wounded protesters and took corpses. The practice of body snatching was first reported in Aden February 25th.

Protesters killed by security forces were buried in a mass grave in Aden on February 27 a ranking Yemeni official confirmed today.

The grave site is on the eastern edge of the Salahu Deen military camp, near little Aden, and was first reported last week.

The official said 15 protesters were buried together in an unmarked single grave about eight meters long, speaking anonymously due to the high risk of government reprisal.

In May, Saleh's henchmen again captured critically wounded and the dead bodies dumping them in a mass grave chopped up in garbage barrels:

Sahwa Net, Sana'a- Medical sources at the Military Hospital in Sana'a have revealed that dozens of corpses of protesters who were killed by security forces were hidden by the Yemeni authorities in unknown places in an attempt to conceal evidence of crimes committed against peaceful demonstrators. The sources affirmed that the Central Security and the Republican Guard kidnapped dozens of the killed and wounded persons and escaped them. Security sources affirmed that the corpses of protesters were transferred from the Military Hospital's mortuary in framework of a security campaign to conceal evidence of murder crimes committed by security forces against peaceful protests...

A Yemeni human rights organization, Hood, revealed that dozens of protesters' bodies were taken into a cemetery at Artel area of the capital, Sana'a.

Hood further said that it received statements from medical sources saying that dozens of protesters corpses were taken to graves after the mid night on a Hilux, affirming that some residents of Artel area informed it, just after 12 hours of receiving those statements, that they found out a mass grave in which 15 bodies were buried.

HOOD, a leading and well respected human rights organization, reported that body parts were found in trash barrels in May likely of protesters disappeared in April:

Hood confirmed that it received information and testimonies written and documented about the central security forces and gunmen in civilian clothes attacking the demonstrators with live bullets, sharp weapons and poison gas on Saturday night 04/09/2011 in Zubairy Street and Ring Road, which led to the downfall of a number of dead and wounded.

Hood quoted witnesses saying that “Nearly 20 people were pulled to some personnel carriers and government vehicles transferred to an unknown destination and their injuries were at the head, neck, chest, abdomen and some of them had died.” Also, confirmed that it had received “certificates for a mass graves in the area of “ Bait Boss", body parts were found in trash barrels in that area, it is believed it belong to protesters who were arrested during the massacre of Kentucky Round in Sana’a. Attorney General has received a notification of this.”

The Saleh regime simultaneously engages in mass arrests as it steals corpses and kidnaps the wounded. Family members hope their missing relatives are "disappeared" in the dungeons of Yemeni prisons, as thousands are. Current reports indicate at least 500 were taken the night of May 30th, and it is unknown how many are dead in a mass grave.


The US is continuing to urge Saleh to accept a proposal to resign with a promise of immunity for his crimes, which he reneged on three times already. (See our earlier report: US Ambassador trapped by pro-regime mob in Yemen.) Yemen's opposition parties and the Gulf Cooperation Council, which sponsored the negotiations, have both withdrawn support for the deal. The US strongly supported Saleh since protests began as an important partner in counter-terror, and President Obama called Saleh a friend in a major speech on the Middle East in May. However Saleh's duplicity in dealing with al Qaeda is unparalleled, well documented and a clear threat to US national security.

Opposition parties and the protesters coalition have both pledged to continue cooperation with the United States in fighting al Qaeda after the fall of Saleh. Nonetheless, the policy and statements of the Obama administration remain limp and muted in the face of continuous atrocities, an inexplicable response to the millions in Yemen seeking a civil, democratic state. It is the divisions containing US trained CT units, headed by Saleh's relatives, that are engaging in horrific crimes against Yemeni citizens, often with US supplied equipment including tear gas and vehicles.


A large protest in Taiz February 21st rattled the Saleh regime. Thousands camped out in Freedom Square continuously until May 30 when the square was cleared by fire and bullets.

A protest march in Taiz May 6 affirmed solidarity with protesters in southern Yemen

For photos of the citizens burnt alive, click here (strong content warning: extremely graphic and disturbing).

This video from Taiz shows Saleh's thugs shooting straight into the crowd on May 29th, hours before the square was assaulted, but doesn't show anybody being hit:

By Jane at 04:51 PM | Comments |

James Arness Passes at Age 88


Former "Gunsmoke" actor James Arness, who played Marshal Matt Dillon in the western TV series for 20 years, died Friday from natural causes, according to his website. He was 88.

He also played the monster in the old B black and white version of "The Thing".

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Long Live The Gurkhas!

A few months ago, a news story came out about one Gurkha successfully fending off 40 train robbers hell-bent on raping a female passenger.

Think that was a fluke?

Well, here's another story about a different Gurkha, via IHateTheMedia:

A Gurkha soldier who single-handedly defeated more than 30 Taliban fighters has been awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross by the Queen.[...]

Cpl Pun, from the 1st Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles, was presented with the CGC during an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace, during which a number of other soldiers were recognised for their bravery.

Speaking after receiving the honour from the Queen, the Gurkha said: 'I'm very excited and happy to here in the Palace to receive the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross. This will be a great memory for the future.'

The soldier fired more than 400 rounds, launched 17 grenades and detonated a mine to thwart the Taliban assault on his checkpoint near Babaji in Helmand Province, southern Afghanistan, last September.

At one point, after exhausting all his ammunition, he had to use the tripod of his machine gun to beat away a militant who was climbing the walls of the compound.

When the U.K. Special Forces need help, they call a Gurkha. Just one. That's all they need. ;)

By DMartyr at 04:14 PM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: In the Opinion of This Reporter

Blake Lively is a lying slut! (NSFW).

But still, I'd hit dat.

Hat Tip : Fred.

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Bizarre, Motiveless Stabbing In Minnesota Leaves Authorities Baffled

(Hat tip: Jihad Watch)

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (WCCO) — Two people were stabbed in a seemingly random attack at a Twin Cities library.

After the incident Wednesday night at the Oxboro Library in Bloomington, 35-year-old Samira Abdalla Salim was arrested.

Salim was no stranger to the Oxboro Library. She had a reputation for handing out the Koran and talking religion outside the building.

“They had some issues with her harassing other patrons,” said Bloomington Police Commander Mark Stehlik. [...]

Salim is accused of stabbing two people. The first victim was a woman who was walking into the library.

“The next thing she knew, she felt a sharp pain in the middle of her back and realized she had been stabbed,” said Stehlik.

The second was a security guard who heard the victim’s cry for help. He went to talk to Salim in the parking lot.

“Spoke to her briefly and then she actually stabbed him as well. Stabbed him in the abdomen,” said Stehlik. (Source)

Hmmm, I'm at a loss. Why would someone who follows the Religion of Peace™ suddenly attack innocent kufar people?

Strange case.

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The Stolen Scream: The Face Of The ME Uprising Is From An Israeli Art Student

the stolen scream.jpg

He became the face of revolution -- because his picture was stolen

His is the face of revolution in the Middle East and in Latin America. He's on the cover of a book published in Mexico. He's an unforgettable image of anger on T-shirts everywhere. He's an icon painted by graffiti artists on city walls in Spain and on castle walls in Iran. But really, he's none of those things.

Noam Galai is a photographer who's had his self-portrait stolen and misused all around the world -- a stunning case of global intellectual property theft and identity theft that illustrates how life in the digital age can easily rob people the very essence of their identity.

Galai calls it "The Stolen Scream."

“Even if I remove my original picture now, nothing will change. The picture is out there now,” he said. “I don’t think they are stealing from me, they are stealing from each other now.”

Five years ago, bored and playing with his camera, the then-21-year-old Israeli art student who'd just arrived in New York City took a series of self-portraits and posted them on Flickr. Most of the images involved Galai hamming it up with an exaggerated primal scream.

"I had been thinking about trying it for a while, but the whole session took maybe three minutes," he said.

The concept worked, as Galai generated an image that unmistakably evokes human frustration that has boiled over. Even his parents, when they saw the picture, called to see if he was feeling alright.

"They said, 'Why is our son taking a picture like that?' So I knew the images made people flinch. They felt something," he said.

In fact, they worked too well. Soon after, the image drove someone to copy it and steal it. Then another and another. Galai doesn't really know how it started, but he remembers the day several years ago when a friend congratulated him for selling the image on T-shirts after seeing someone wearing one featuring "The Scream" on the New York City subway.

"I said, 'what are you talking about? I'm not selling shirts," Galai recalls.[More]

Ironic much? Oh yeah..

h/t Hmf

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They Say It Like It's A Bad Thing...

The Daily Mail Online seems to imply a terrible, bigoted thing happened to Osama bin Laden. According to the makers of Silver Bullet Gun Oil, bin Laden was shot dead with a bullet coated in a pig fat-based oil, preventing him from entering his Islamic paradise.

I say I'm going to Paypal and sending a donation to Silver Bullet Gun Oil now. I've already purchased enough oil to take care of my own weapons, but I'd be happy to contribute to keeping a few more terrorists out of paradise where they would just spend eternity molesting and abusing innocent virgins.

Really, what kind of "human" considers wanton, licit rape a heavenly reward?

Save a virgin - donate now.

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The Johnny Reid Edwards Indictment

Is located here(pdf) for those of you who care.

I know I don't.

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Islamic State of Losers Counting on Lone Wolf Jihad


On June 3, 2011, jihadi websites posted a two-part video – the first part 55 minutes long and the second 45 minutes long – produced by Al-Qaeda's Al-Sahab media company and titled "Do Not Rely on Others, Take [the Task] Upon Yourself." The first part is devoted to the topic of al-jihad al-fardi ("individual Jihad"), namely jihad operations performed by a single individual or by a small group. It features excerpts from old videos by Al-Qaeda leaders (including Osama bin Laden, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Abu Yahya Al-Libi, Attiyat Allah Al-Libi, Anwar Al-Awlaki, and Adam Gadahn) who speak in praise of one-man operations and call upon Muslims in the West to carry them out. Interspersed with this is footage from Western media intended to illustrate the West's crimes against the Muslims.
If you are a MEMRI subscriber they have a full transcript of the message.

We've uploaded a copy to Youtube that we'll leave up for 72 hours so our readers have a chance to view the message. Most of the message is not subtitled and is not in English. However that Fat Bastard Adam Ghadan appears at 48 minutes into part one and about halfway through part II for those of you are interested.

If you cannot download from Youtube and need a copy, email Howie, we have copy on Google docs we can send.

Videos below the fold.

Update: 06/06/2011. I've changed the videos to private. If you still are in need of a copy email a request with your Youtube username to Howie. I'll get to you.

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The One's Censorship: The Jewish Video Obama Doesn't Want On the Web (Update)

Obama White House Tells Jewish Chorus to Take Down Their Pro-Obama Video , which they did..

Will Jews who voted for The One finally get a clue?

Tell me, what is the Jewish saying for get a clue Jew?

This is the group:

Why take down the video and notify a website which had hosted it on their website to remove the video, which they did?

I would have said screw you, this is a free country.

What, is Obama afraid his anti-Semitic leftist friends may see it?

Censorship. thy name is The One.

UPDATE: Video is here and on The Maccabeats Facebook page they state it was a rumor:

So there's a really interesting rumor circulating online about how the White House demanded we remove a video of us privately singing for the President. Never happened. We only posted the video privately in the
first place, out of respect for our host. especially after we were treated so well by the entire...staff. We think the White House has more interesting things to do than hunt down Maccabeats videos
So there you have the whole story.. I was in error

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LatmaTV: Palestinian Prehistory and the Generals' expert opinions

"8 million years ago, the Palestinosaurus already lived here"

"2 million years ago, the Homo-Jihadus appeared in the area"


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Iowahawk: Farewell, My Weiner

Excerpts from the new Inspector Dan Rather mystery

Secrets are funny things. The harder you try to keep them under wraps, the harder they spring up in the most embarrassing places. And in my line of business, you learn that no matter how you try thinking about baseball those secrets can jump right out of their soft cotton comfort and put you on ice permanently.

My name is Rather. And I'm a dick.

It was 1:35 PM on a grey Spring Tuesday.....[More]

lulz x gazillion

h/t Jim Treacher

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June 02, 2011

Ministry of Irony: Bailout Edition

I was just Reading Ed Morrissey's post on the final cost of the auto bailout.

Taxpayers will lose $14 billion on the overall cost of the bailout for American automakers, the White House announced yesterday in a new report. They gave it the best possible spin, however, titling the report “The Resurgence of the American Automotive Industry,” and arguing that the bailouts rescued automakers and thousands of jobs:

...Without a bailout, the American demand for vehicles would still exist. Had the companies suffered the consequences of their poor decision-making, the assets of GM and Chrysler would have been utilized by new owners (as happened with Chrysler even with the bailout), but used by stakeholders with better business sense.

I was then promptly served this ad.


Ironic no?

Personally I don't disagree with much of what Ed says. But I'd have to judge that 14 billion today is not that much. Compared to what entitlements do to the budget its not that big. These companies ditched pension payments, agreed to if not over expensive, and a lot of people would have been left hanging. Meh...

I'd be willing to spend similar amounts or even more on spaceflight. We now spend 19 billion per year on NASA or about half a percent. But I'm a space geek.

What really burns me about this is we fixed the budget once. Years ago. At great political cost and struggle. And now we have to do it again.


If we don't manage the government correctly, conservatively in our fiscal affairs, then when the hard things, the great things come up. We can't do them.

Updated thought: The problem is not so much what we did, its that we could not afford it when we needed to do it.

But they didn't let that stop them, never do anymore.

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MI6 PWNS al-Qaeda With 'Operation Cupcake'

Apologies to Red (you know who you are), I thought we knew about this

The cyber-warfare operation was launched by MI6 and GCHQ in an attempt to disrupt efforts by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular to recruit “lone-wolf” terrorists with a new English-language magazine, the Daily Telegraph understands.

When followers tried to download the 67-page colour magazine, instead of instructions about how to “Make a bomb in the Kitchen of your Mom” by “The AQ Chef” they were greeted with garbled computer code.

The code, which had been inserted into the original magazine by the British intelligence hackers, was actually a web page of recipes for “The Best Cupcakes in America” published by the Ellen DeGeneres chat show.

Written by Dulcy Israel and produced by Main Street Cupcakes in Hudson, Ohio, it said “the little cupcake is big again” adding: “Self-contained and satisfying, it summons memories of childhood even as it's updated for today’s sweet-toothed hipsters.” [More]

Sammy, how about sending me a picture of your cupcake? Just got one from @ahmadkhan11

Anyways, Red's link shows the United States reportedly turned down a similar plan.

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Dear BienvenuePalestineusa@gmail.com: Answer My Email Please

Just sayin. Tell me about your campaign against Israel set for next month

I have been known to out people who don't answer my email and guess what, you are it!



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Video: Antisemitism in Venezuela

No shit Sherlock:

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Sandcrawler PSA: Taliban/AlQaeda Sending Out Dick Picks

To their adversaries. I received one in me email and all I gotta say...they are smaller than #Weinergate! I mean... why did, possibly, @ahmadkhan111 send me a picture of his junk?

Rep Wiener has got to get to the bottom of this!

What's next, Samir Khan (aka Inshallahshaheed) sending a image of his junk!!

I demand an answer to #Wienergate!! Terrorist are using it for whatever gain!!

I may be a victim too!

Terrorist pee pees turn me off...and, Insha'Allah, I will cut them clean off...

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