January 31, 2011

Google News: Mubarak's deputy linked to secret CIA program (Update: Aljazeera's Post at HuffPo - Americans want Aljazeera English!!11Eleventy11!!)

Yes, let's help out the unrest a bit more

WASHINGTON — The man named by President Hosni Mubarak as his first ever deputy, Egyptian spy chief Omar Suleiman, reportedly orchestrated the brutal interrogation of terror suspects abducted by the CIA in a secret program condemned by rights groups.

His role in the controversial "war on terror" illustrates the ties that bind the United States and the Egyptian regime, as an unprecedented wave of protests against Mubarak's rule presents Washington with a difficult dilemma.

Also, Google/YouTube has just introduced live streaming propaganda from Aljazeera English! How very nice of Google/YouTube to do that./sarc

I would like to see Aljazeera's Arabic channel streamed there also. <----uncut...just sayin../sarc

Update: On HuffPo front page

Islams useful idiots.......

I've now become more pessimistic than Vinnie and Rusty, if that's possible.

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This Can't Be Good

Can you say.... "food riots?" I thought you could!

I am officially joining the swelling ranks of the unrepentant pessimists on this blog. Put me down for several cases in all the best calibers from .38 to .300 WinMag.

Oh, and if you're a true Jawa, you'll start hoarding batteries, get a durable portable DVD player, and stock up on pr0n. The good kind, not that dude on dude stuff Ronin watches.

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Reader Love Mail: Aaifa Siddiqui Edition

You can tell your loser friends that we will bust Aafia out, and exact revenge from none other than you and people like you for what was done to her, her babies, and women and children like her and her family!

Erm. Okay.

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Federal Judge Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional

Who are we to argue with federal judges? After all, judges are the final arbiters of what is and what isn't Constitutional. At least, that's what liberals are always telling me.

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Google Executive Missing in Egypt (Update-possible vid of Wael Ghonim being grabbed & led away)

Hmmm, ironic.


By Nour Malas and Amir Efrati

An executive for Google Inc. is missing in the wake of Egypt’s tumultuous protests, according to his brother. Wael Ghonim, whose LinkedIn profile says he is head of marketing for the Middle East and North Africa at Google, hasn’t been heard from since Friday at 6 p.m., his brother Hazem said. Hazem said the family is in touch with Google.

A Google spokesman said: “We care deeply about the safety of our employees.”

Wael Ghonim’s web postings suggest a deepening engagement with politics. His Facebook page lists opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei as a person he admires[...]

Later, he sent a tweet that said he was going to join the Egyptian protests despite “all the warnings I got from my relative and friends.”

Throw yourself into turmoil expect to get burnt. Yes, hope he is safe....but, everyone knows by now how I feel about politics at Google & YouTube.

Update: A twitter person linked to this screencap from a video that supposedly shows Ghonim being grabbed and led away [click to enlarge]:

Image is from this video:

Egypt Protest Cairo - Sky News from duncan sharp on Vimeo.

Look like same person to you?

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CA Man Arrested With Explosives Outside Dearborn Islamic Center (Update: Stockham also threatened to kill George W Bush, calls self Muslim convert?)

63 yr old Roger Stockham is the perp. Via Zip

According to Dawud Walid of CAIR-Michigan, the suspect, Roger Stockham, was drinking in a bar when he threatened a Dearborn Mosque. A bar employee notified the police and the Viet Nam vet was arrested outside the Islamic Center of America with a “load of M-80s and other explosives” in the trunk of his car.

(The report states “Class C fireworks.” Class Cs are defined as “other low explosives such as igniters, fuses and ‘common fireworks,’ which are the smaller and less powerful fireworks available for sale to and use by the general public.”)

At a website for a VFW post, Stockham posted a photograph and said he joined the U.S. Army in 1965 and served in Vietnam in 1968. Based in Pleiku, Stockham said he flew with an assault helicopter company[see screencap below regarding wikileaks]. He says he has two children and a grandchild
I was reading comments by 'EF' and looks like this dude is a real nutzo/not a teabaggerrzz. (Heartache for CAIR/MSM)

Apparently, he is a Bradly Manning supporter, wants "Crazyhorse18 [ Wikileaks Collateral Damage] tried in World Court

Threatened a VA Center.

The last link from 'EF' in Zip's comments about a bomb threat at Reno, NV airport is doubtful as the perp used different aliases[true]

Update IV[put my other updates below fold]: EF, who I credited above, sent me this link: IB man in Detroit mosque plot has long criminal past. Gives more detailed background on him:

Photo credit: Sign on San Diego
A new chapter is being written in the bizarre and troubled life of Roger Dale Stockham, the 63-year-old Vietnam helicopter pilot who left his Imperial Beach apartment a few weeks ago and is now facing charges in an alleged plot to blow up the largest mosque in the Detroit area.

News clippings and court documents paint Stockham as a mentally ill war veteran who at one point converted to Islam, changed his last name to Hem Ahadin, and spent time in mental hospitals and prisons in connection with various plots — from planting a bomb at the airport in Reno and setting oil tanks on fire in Lompoc to kidnapping his son and holding a psychiatrist hostage.

Stockham remained jailed on $500,000 bail in Dearborn, Mich., Monday, a week after police said he was found in the parking lot of the Islamic Center of America with a carload of amateur fireworks, including large M-80 firecrackers.[...]

The latest incident adds to a string of arrests that date to 1977, when he took a Los Angeles psychiatrist hostage for four hours before giving up, according to news reports.

In 1979, Stockham kidnapped his 9-year-old son from a Santa Barbara foster home, rented a plane and tried to hijack a larger aircraft before crashing. He told deputies he had a bomb, according to news reports.

His then-wife called radio stations, telling them he was kidnapping his son from a former marriage and wanted to fly to Iran. She said her husband, who had converted to Islam, had a history of mental illness.

He was free on bail awaiting trial when he was arrested for setting fire to several Union Oil Co. storage facilities in Lompoc.

He was convicted of child stealing in his son’s case, but in the arson case he was found legally insane and sent to Patton State Hospital near San Bernardino in 1980. He escaped in 1981 and surrendered four months later. While there, he is accused of sending threats to then-President Jimmy Carter, according to news clippings.

He was released in 1983 after a prosecutor claimed that Stockham “hasn’t done anything crazy lately,” according to the Reno Gazette-Journal.[Read the rest.

Let's hope he finally gets the help he needs before anyone gets harmed, or worse, killed.

Thanks again to EF

Previous updates:

Update: This is getting stranger and stranger...naturally the left is ignoring who this guy is...Via JMF.

A decorated Army veteran accused of plotting to blow up a Metro Detroit mosque served time in federal prison for threatening to kill President George W. Bush and bomb a Vermont veterans' clinic in 2002.
Curiously, Stockham used a Muslim name during some communications.
Before the arrest, Stockham called a local paper twice to say he was going to explode bombs in the neighborhood. In one call, he identified himself as "Hem Ahadin," saying he was "a local Muslim terrorist on a roll."

He ranted against the VA, the FBI and Bush, largely because of the things the president had said about Iraq in a speech earlier in the week.[Read the rest]

Be sure to read it all. Apparently he was rambling on FB using his Muslim name. Call for help by saying he was a Muslim terrorist? or? Crazy shite.[He did convert it Islam]

Update II: Besides MSM/CAIR idiocy this blogger takes the cake:
Alan West Connection?

Looks like Alan West’s rant is getting the typical response…

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Update III: This perp has been in trouble for a very long time. And yes, he is a Muslim convert. Anna Warren linked to this arrest in 1979. He took his son out of foster care, flew a private plane to LA Airport and tried to hijack a airliner to take him to Iran. Read it all

She also linked to this. George W wasn't the only prez threatened, Jimmy Carter was also. Read the rest.

Damn strange and getting stranger.

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Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk: Taliban IED Team Hit With Missile

There's something about the way these two run into each other just as the warhead detonates that reminds me of the three stooges.

Thanks to Shy Guy

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Current Mood: Hoarding Ammo

Call me an alarmist. That's cool. You might be right. But with Hizbollah taking over in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, and the possibility that the Muslim Brotherhood takes over in Egypt lots of old Sunday school lessons on pre vs. post-tribulational premillenialism comes to mind.

I've always been inclined toward the latter over the former. Mostly because I'm a pessimist by nature. Since none of the arguments seem very good, and with a track record of nearly 0/100 going all the way back to Paul himself, I might as well arbitrarily pick the one suited to my nature: pessimism. Plus, all you pre-tribulational rapture folks aren't driven to do cool things, like buy lots of guns and ammo. Worst case scenario is that I'm wrong, but the kind of wrong where you get to spend an odd weekend or two a month shooting at things. I call it awesome wrong.

But what does this have to do with Egypt? I dunno, only everything. As the days go on and this thing drags out I keep getting more pessimistic about both Egypt and the future of Israel vis-a-vis its neighbors. Visions of apocalyptic confrontations dance in my head. I don't think this is going to end well.

The problem with the talking heads on the Egyptian revolution is that they are mostly upper and middle class people. It is liberals in Egypt and those who fled Egypt who keep assuring us that Egypt is a moderate country and that there is no way the Muslim Brotherhood will take over once Mubarak falls. Okay, maybe.

But if Egypt is so full of moderates, then why do 82% of Egyptians believe that those caught in adultery should be stoned to death? Worse, 84% of Egyptians believe that any one leaving Islam should be killed.

Egyptians living in the West are unrepresentative of the vast majority of Egpytians. And the voices we hear out of Egypt are probably also unrepresentative. Young highly educated Egyptians are those we are most likely to hear. The kind of people who are more likely to have views on human rights and democracy more similar to our own. Of course they believe every one in Egypt has the same views as they do. It's just part of the human condition to think every one thinks like us. They don't.

The truth of the matter is, though, that I kind of don't care one way or another. At least, part of me doesn't care. I'm interested, but I don't care which side wins this one. Kind of like I'll be interested in the Superbowl, but not because I care who wins.

And if I'm being honest here then one of the problems I have with post WWII foreign policy is that the international community rarely lets a war finish. That is, we are so interested in peace at all costs that the underlying conflict is never resolved. Which is why another Israel - Egypt war might be kind of nice if it reminds the Muslim world that they are destined to lose another war. Only this time, I'd like to see Israel take not only the Sinai but the Suez as well.

Yeah I know, with Obama in the White House it's wishful thinking. Hell, with Bush in the White House it was wishful thinking. But I can dream can't I?

So, good luck to the protesters. Maybe they'll get what they want and everything will work out just fine. But I kind of have my suspicions that it won't.

Update: I wrote this before I read Barry Rubin's piece today at JPost. Feel the pessimism.

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Yemen: Orderly Uprising Set for #Feb3

Well its on. Yemen's next protest is scheduled for February 3 and is expected to draw hundreds of thousands nationally, if not millions. This protest was called by Yemen's political party alliance, the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP). The JMP decided on a gradation of colors, from pink to red, if demands are not met as protests progress; so Thursday's should be fuchsia, maybe mauve. Other colors already carry too much significance.

The opposition parties include the Yemeni Socialist Party, which formerly ruled south Yemen, and the Islah party, an Islamist reform party that ranges from hard-line Islamists to hard-line democrats and a strong tribal wing. Certainly elements of Islah (notably the Abdulmajid al Zindani wing) advocate the al Qaeda world view including jihad and child marriage. However it is those elements of the party that are in fact close allies of President Saleh and an essential component of his power. For more on this complicated relationship, see my 14 page report at the Gloria Center here.

Others in the JMP grouping include a small Zaidi (Shiite) party and, yes, Baathist and Nassirite parties. Individually their ideologies are stale but the JMP's unified platform since its inception in 2002 calls for social reform, corruption controls and the establishment of a proportional electoral system. The state reneged on promises of electoral reform following the 2006 presidential election, triggering a delay in Parliamentary elections scheduled for 2009, but there's been no progress since. The Saleh regime is going forward unilaterally with Parliamentary elections scheduled for April.

In typical fashion, the state announced pay raises for civil servants today, the desperate scrambling of desperate men. But its likely that the tactics that worked before to tamp down unrest won't work again; a new wages strategy promised during the 2005 fuel riots never was fully implemented, triggering teachers strikes in subsequent years.

In another typical move, Yemeni President Saleh made a major announcement inviting the opposition to a national dialog, but didn't actually invite them. Saleh has no credibility, being a habitual liar and all. And the only question about the planned protest is whether the security forces are going to open fire on the protesters, as they have done over the last three years, killing hundreds, in response to peaceful demonstrations by the southern independence movement.

AQAP (al Qaeda in the Arabian Penninsula) for its part responded to the events unfolding globally by declaring holy war on the Houthi rebels. Saleh has been in power since 1978, and like Mubarek was hoping to pass the throne to his son Ahmed, who is also head of Yemen's CT forces. Follow unfolding events on twitter @JaneNovak_Yemen or my (banned in Yemen) site Armies of Liberation.

Yemen Times: SANA’A, Jan. 30 – Yemen’s coalition of opposition parties, the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP), confirmed that this Thursday will be Yemen’s ‘Day of Anger’ after National Dialogue Committee talks failed to materialize. Mohammed Saleh, spokesman for the JMP, told the Yemen Times that the opposition has planned for protests around the country. “It will be huge, all over the country,” he said...Yaseen Saeed No’man, general-secretary of the opposition Socialist Party and a member of the National Dialogue Committee, said that the ruling party called for talks but that was to “waste time”. He told the Yemen Times that the JMP did not receive any official invitation to resume talks.

“The dialogue has stopped. It was only media talk and GPC talk and nothing official,” No’man told The Yemen Times. “Everything is getting more complicated now since the GPC repelled the National Dialogue talks. They formed the electoral committee and made constitutional amendments on their own.”

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Sandcrawler PSA: The World is all F*cked Up

This is normal.

That is all.

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January 30, 2011

Peaceful Egyptian Muslim Protesters: Israel is our Enemy, We Gotta Be Free, We Gotta Destroy Israel (Update: Who are the radical Muslim minority?)

Allahu Akhbars give their reason for overthrowing Murabak: "Destroy Israel".

h/t J

These Muslims are probably represented in this Pew Poll:


Prof. Barry Rubin has an revised breakdown of the above here

Thanks to Mean Kitteh.

Update: Ali in comments stated the uprising is an internal, not outside problem. So would these Muslims and Muslimahs be considered a minority in Egypt? Who Are The Radical Minority Again?(UPDATED/Bumped: Hundreds of millions of Muslims support al Qaeda!)


Update II: Okie spotted a peaceful NYC Palestinian-American twitter person @Remroum[Web: Remi Kanazi]:

Remi Kanazi is a poet, writer, and activist based in New York City. He is the editor of Poets For Palestine and the author of the forthcoming collection of poetry, Poetic Injustice: Writings on Resistance and Palestine. His political commentary has been featured by news outlets throughout the world, including Al Jazeera English, GRITtv with Laura Flanders, and BBC Radio.His poetry has taken him across North America, the UK, and the Middle East, and he recently appeared in the Palestine Festival of Literature as well as Poetry International. He is a recurring writer in residence and advisory board member for the Palestine Writing Workshop.

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Eight year old Jewish boy kidnapped in Yemen

That's truly and utterly despicable. A militant (former air force pilot) in Amran killed Yemeni rabbi Mahsa al Naheri on December 18, 2008 in broad daylight after threats to convert or leave. After a public outcry and strong efforts by Yemeni civil society, the murderer was sentenced to death. This kidnapping is intended to pressure the murder victim's family to accept the penalty of a fine instead. Earlier reports on the rabbi's cold blooded murder can be found here and here and here. Its rather clear who kidnapped the child, so one would expect the state to take action to find him or pressure the kidnappers to release the boy.

Yemen Post: A Yemeni Jewish child was kidnapped from Reda district in Amran province on Saturday, informed source told media outlets. Yameen Ameran Al-Nahari, 8 years, disappeared while the Jewish community was practicing their religious rituals on the weekend.

Sources said that the kidnapping of the child targeted to pressure the Jewish community to forgive Abdul-Aziz Al-Abdi, who shot dead a Jewish fellow citizen, Mashaa Yehiya bin Yaeesh Al-Nahari, and accept his fine in which he will pay 5.5 million riyals. Lately, a Yemeni court upheld a death sentence on a Muslim man after being accused of killing a Jewish citizen.

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#Egypt #Jan25: Standoff


Update: Pizza IDF states this is an old picture. Scroll down Spokane Police Abuses to see image. Post dated December 2007

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Anti-Mad Mullah Demonstrations in Afghanistan?

New to me. Uploaded to FB today by Freedom Messenger:

freedom messenter_afghanistan_2.jpg
Anti Iranian-regime protest in Afghanistan, Herat City by the brave people of Afghan!!! 29-01-2011

The below video was uploaded Jan 13, 2011:

Rather Ironic considering Afghans use of Sharia law. Hmmm, maybe a glimmer of hope against Taliban?

Probably wishful thinking on my part...sigh

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Report: Egypt Authorities Shut Down Pan-Am Aljazeera (Updated)(Update: US Embassy tells American citizens to get out of Dodge Egypt)


The pan-Arab broadcaster Al Jazeera said Sunday that Egyptian authorities ordered the closure of its offices covering the street protests in Cairo and elsewhere.

The Qatar-based network has given nearly round-the-clock coverage to the uprising against the regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Al Jazeera's flagship Arabic channel is considered by some as a possible forum to inspire demonstrators. It also broadcasts in English

Al Jazeera responds:
In a statement, Al Jazeera said it strongly denounces and condemns the closure of its bureau in Cairo by the Egyptian government. The network received notification from the Egyptian authorities on Sunday morning.

"Al Jazeera has received widespread global acclaim for their coverage on the ground across the length and breadth of Egypt," the statement said.

An Al Jazeera spokesman said that the company would continue its strong coverage regardless.

Al Jazeera appears to be trying to work around the closure 1 live image from Cairo shows. Interviews with reporters/protesters, etc continues.
"Al Jazeera assures its audiences in Egypt and across the world that it will continue its in-depth and comprehensive reporting on the events unfolding in Egypt[...]

As their signals have been taken off Nilesat, our Arabic sister channels are now broadcasting on the following new frequencies:[More..]

Meanwhile, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan weighs in
AMMAN, Jordan (AP) - The leader of Jordan's powerful Muslim Brotherhood warned Saturday that unrest in Egypt will spread across the Mideast and Arabs will topple leaders allied with the United States.

Hammam Saeed's comments were made at a protest outside the Egyptian Embassy in Amman, inspired by massive rallies in neighboring Egypt demanding the downfall of the country's longtime president, Hosni Mubarak.

About 100 members of the fundamentalist group and activists from other leftist organizations and trade unions chanted "Mubarak, step down" and "the decision is made, the people's revolt will remain."

Update: Some of Muslim Brotherhoods akhis freed from jails across Egypt.
After days of escalating chaos, gangs of armed men attacked at least four jails across Egypt before dawn, helping to free hundreds of Muslim militants and thousands of other inmates. Gangs of young men with guns and large sticks smashed cars and robbed people in Cairo.
Also, friend of Muslim Brotherhood & former IAEA inspector, Mohamed ElBaradei, joined today's protests & called on Mohamed ElBaradei Mubarak to leave today.

Reports of Hamas entering northern Sinai. Also Hamas sez "we closed the border because of unrest when Egyptian border guards fled'. Ummm:

"Hamas officials can't leave Gaza for Schalit talks.[...]

The sources also reported that Egyptian security forces were deployed in force in northern Sinai along the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing.

Update II: LATimes
The U.S. Embassy is telling Americans in Egypt to consider leaving the country as soon as possible.
UK also updated Egypt travel advice

Iran: Mad Mullahs Support for Egyptian Unrest Official
#Jan25 #Egypt
Egypt on Fire

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Egypt: Protestors Kiss Riot Cops

Click for more images:

egypt prostestor kissing.jpg
You're a good bad boy now

Update: Must read article by Aussie: Toxic Egypt ie PC'ness


#Jan25 #Egypt
Egypt on Fire

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Why ARE Women's Boobies Getting Bigger?

Global warming

boobie_L cup.jpg

Sorry ladies, I ain't gonna go there.

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January 29, 2011

While the World Watches Egypt, Dutch-Iranian Woman Zahra Bahrami Hanged Today in Tehran

Photo credit: Radio Netherlands

Her crime? She participated in"Green Revolution" protests. She had been jailed since December of 2009. What's worse, her trial wasn't over yet. She joins a growing list of protesters hanged, etc. by the Mad Mullahs

Reports from Iran say Iranian-Dutch woman Zahra Bahrami was hanged on Saturday for selling and possessing drugs. The authorities dismissed repeated pleas by the Netherlands which had sought details about her case.

Bahrami's execution is the latest in a slew of hangings carried out by the Islamic republic in January. Her execution takes the total number of people hanged in Iran so far this year to 66, according to media reports.

"A drug trafficker named Zahra Bahrami, daughter of Ali, was hanged early on Saturday morning after she was convicted of selling and possessing drugs," the Tehran prosecutor's office said.

Bahrami, a 46-year-old Iranian-born naturalised Dutch citizen, was reportedly arrested in December 2009 after joining a protest against the government while visiting relatives in the Islamic republic.

The prosecutor's office confirmed on Saturday that she had been arrested for "security crimes."

The Dutch government has now froze contracts with Iran
THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — The Dutch government froze official contacts with Iran on Saturday to protest the hanging of a Dutch-Iranian woman, the Foreign Ministry said.

Iranian Ambassador Gharib Abadi was informed of the sanctions after he confirmed reports that Zahra Bahrami, 45, was executed in Tehran Saturday.

His embassy later said the hanging was "an internal issue" that should have no impact on diplomatic relations.[<---WTF?]

Our thoughts and prayer are with Zahra Bahrami family as well as other families grieving l the loss of their loved ones because of barbaric Islamic bastages of Iran.

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#Jan25 #Egypt

tick tock


For a good twitter stream, follow @Weddady Nasir al Weddady of the Hands Across the Middle East Support Alliance (Hamsa). On the other hand, the ever insightful Prof. Barry Rubin is not optimistic.

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Egypt in Flames (Update/Bumped: Mubarak Speaks, I'm Staying -- Let the Violence Begin!) (update: Army sides with Protestors, Police Vanish, Mubarak Finished) (Update: Mubarak swears in Intel Chief Soliman(Suleiman) as VP)(Looting images at Egyptian museu

**Mubarak is speaking now @ 16:15. He's talking law and order. He's staying. Updates below the fold**

Updated: 11./29 by Howie: (NYT's): Reports are that the Egyptian Army, or at least some elements have sided with the civilian protesters. They allowed them to paint the tanks.

While some protesters clashed with police, army tanks expected to disperse the crowds in central Cairo and in the northern city of Alexandria instead became rest points and even, on occasion, part of the protests as anti-Mubarak graffiti were scrawled on them without interference from soldiers.

“Leave Hosni, you, your son and your corrupted party!” declared the graffiti on one tank as soldiers invited demonstrators to climb aboard and have their photographs taken with them.

“This is the revolution of all the people,” declared the side of a second tank in downtown Cairo. Egyptian men all serve in the army, giving it a very different relationship to the people from that of the police.

The feared security police had largely withdrawn from central Cairo to take up positions around the presidential palace, with their places taken up by the army.

Following Mr. Mubarak’s demand in his late-night speech, the Egyptian cabinet officially resigned on Saturday. But there was no sign of letup in the tumult. Reports from morgues and hospitals suggested that at least 50 people had been killed so far.

In Ramses Square in central Cairo Saturday midday, protesters commandeered a flatbed army truck. One protester was driving the truck around the square while a dozen others on the back were chanting for President Mubarak to leave office. Nearby, soldiers relaxed around their tanks and armored vehicles and chatted with protesters. There were no policemen in sight.

In another sign that the army was showing sympathy for the demonstrations, in a different central Cairo square on Saturday a soldier in camouflage addressed a crowd through a bullhorn declaring that the army would stand with the people.

“I don’t care what happens,” the soldier said. “You are the ones who are going to make the change.” The crowd responded, “The army and the people will purify the country.”

OK coup successful, Mubarak is out.

The only question now is if calm can be restored quickly to minimize the disruption, and transition, in other words, which general is next.

Unless they suddenly realize they've been thrown a bone. Or rival generals start to scuffle over control.

Then all bets are off.

Update by SH: Mubarak has just sworn in Egypt spy Chief Omar Soliman(Suleiman) as Vice President....first VP in 30 years/Ahmed Shafiq, Aviation Chief, has been appointed as the new Prime Minister.

Update: Destruction at Egyptian Museum via Hyperallergic

Things are changing minute by minute, and since I have a full time job I'm not going to be able to keep up with events as they happen. Allahpundit has the best up to date thread on this. Update: Michelle, too, who seems to be more optimistic than many of us.

I'm watching al Jazeera's live feed now. It doesn't look good. I can see burning and the reporter says she can hear gunfire.

Reports are that the government called in the military. That might have been a mistake. The history of tin can dicatators is that they call in the military for support, only for some general to see which way the wind is blowing and overthrow the government himself.

And the protesters are said to be happy the army has arrived on the scene. Which is odd, given that the military is just as likely to open fire on people in the streets as they are to overthrow Mubarak themselves.

Keep your fingers crossed that if the regime is overthrown that the Muslim Brotherhood -- the most organized opposition group in Egypt -- don't take power. That would be bad. Very bad.

Watch the live feed here.

UPDATE(Matt Damon): Reports of protests in Jordan....Reuters

Update by SH: YouTube's playlist of protests

Twitters 'Egypt' feed & Jan25 feed

Update II by SH: Partial list (Facebook) of US protests via HuffPo<'---natch they would carry links, protest center central.

Facebooks SF 'Demo & Rally' has purdiest image & by purdiest image:

SF Egypt rally.jpg

UPDATE by Rusty 14:52: Did any one just watch the presser? It seems that Obama is throwing Mubarak under the bus. Which, I think, is an indication that they know where this is heading.

Since the press conference the rhetoric on al Jazeera has changed sharply. Now it's no longer a dialogue on who's side the army is on, it's about who's going to replace Mubarak. There's even talk that the army has surrounded the presidential palace. The inference being, I think, that they are pointing their guns toward the palace and not away from it at the protesters.

As I pointed out earlier: when dictators call in the military there is a 50/50 chance that the military will turn on them.

UPDATE by Rusty: Transitional government in the works already?

UPDATE by Matt Damon: NBC Twitter

3 private jets leave Cairo airport under heavy security; #Egypt parliament speaker to make major announcement - NBC #Jan25
Update by Rusty @ 16:15: Mubarak is speaking now. Doesn't sound like he's going to step down.

16:25: He's talking law and order. He's definitely not going.

16:28: More talk of "safety and security". Let me translate -- the tanks will be firing momentarily. Let the violence begin!

Also, he announced that "his government" will resign. Don't you love it when dictators make their unelected legislative puppets the fall guy?

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January 28, 2011

Ugandan Gay Activist Murdered

(Kampala, Uganda) A gay rights campaigner, David Kato, has been beaten to death after a newspaper outed him as a homosexual. Homosexual acts are illegal in Uganda.

Police have confirmed the death and say they have arrested one suspect.

Uganda's Rolling Stone newspaper published the photographs of several people it said were gay, including Mr Kato, with the headline "Hang them".[…]

It is unclear whether the death is linked to the Rolling Stone campaign but police have said there is no connection between Mr Kato's activism and his death.

The police say that though they have arrested one suspect, the main suspect - who they say lived with Mr Kato - remains on the run.

Being beaten with pieces of metal - called iron-bar killing - is a familiar form of deadly assault in Uganda, dating back to the days of Idi Amin.

Interestingly, Rolling Stone editor Giles Muhame condemned the murder while stating, "We want the government to hang people who promote homosexuality, not for the public to attack them."

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Jogger Booty-Face-Planting


(Seattle, Washington) A local man, Duane Starkenburg, has been accused of intentionally grabbing female joggers from behind and planting his face in their buttocks. According to one victim, "His nose went up in my butt," she told police. "I was very shocked."

As an alleged serial jogger booty-face-planter, Starkenburg faces misdemeanor assault charges.

It's speculated that an obsessive desire to place one's nose in other people's anuses is likely not learned behavior but rather an instinctive predisposition. Maybe the offender had used car salesmen or lobbyists as ancestors.

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Lawyer: Woman called 'Jihad Jane' plans to plead guilty


(CNN) -- Colleen LaRose, the woman who authorities say called herself "Jihad Jane" on YouTube, has changed her mind about fighting government charges that she was plotting to wage violent jihad overseas.

Her attorney, Mark Wilson, told CNN Friday "she is going to plead guilty" at a change-of-plea hearing next week in Philadelphia federal court.

LaRose was indicted in 2009 on four counts, including conspiring to support terrorists and kill someone overseas. She was allegedly part of a plot to murder Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who outraged some by depicting the prophet Mohammed with the body of a dog in 2007.

Five other co-conspirators were allegedly involved, but never named by the government.

LaRose also is accused of lying to a federal agent and attempted identity theft. She faces a possible sentence of life in prison.

Wilson would not comment about whether his client has been cooperating with authorities in hopes of avoiding the possibility of spending the rest of her life behind bars.

"I share the same hope that she does, that she will be out of jail sooner than later," Wilson said. He does not think LaRose will be freed after being given credit for time served.

She has spent nearly two years behind bars since her arrest.

"She will do time," Wilson added.

Rusty will be along with an update....but he works for a living...not like us hobos who blog for him and live under the railroad bridge.

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SWM With Psychically Induced Anal Pain Seeks Muslimah Into "Death to America" Tatoos & Shouting "Jihad" at Masjid (Bonus: Greg "Abdul Muid" Morse Responds!)

greg_morse_crazy_muslim_small.JPGIf you didn't read our earlier post on this guy who hangs on on jihadi forums, you really need to do so now. No, seriously go read this post. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of jokes at Greg's expense in the coming months and you will want to be in on those.

First, Greg just responded in the comments of that last post. I traced him to Malaysia. And if he's telling the truth about that, what other parts of his story might be true? His attempts to get into Iran? His commitment to jihad? His death to America tattoo? The CIA's mind control rays forcing him to have homosexual thoughts?

Here's his comment (emphasis mine):

It's not surprising to see that the government has kept people stupid and satanic. Any mention of anything involving satanic plans, advanced technology that cannot be seen and advanced psychology makes you insane, delusional, paranoid, schizophrenic, in denial, in need of help, you name it. The intelligence community would be proud of such a cover up through belittling. Too bad countless people have acknowledged this nonsense and are as disgusted with it as I am though it is very difficult to do anything about. One day, people will wake up and the others will stop lying to hide their dirty secrets. Organized-stalking is a fact and there are books on the subject. In fact none of my material is particularly new or fascinating just a different perspective on a lot of information that has already been published.
You see, Greg isn't paranoid he's perceptive. Well played Mr. Morse. Well played.

But even perceptive people who are the victims of a CIA backed satanic organized stalking campaign to make them think they are homosexuals get lonely. So, if you're a Muslimah in search of a guy with a "death to America" tatoo and who likes to yell "jihad" at the masjid, Greg is your guy.


Here's his self description in the dating ad:

Though I converted only in April of 2010, I have become a strong believer through devotion to studying Islam and my own personal jihad against the great unseen satanic conspiracy that has spread to all parts of the world. I have travelled the world gaining Islamic knowledge and experiencing the good side of culture while fighting the bad.
No mention of Jon Stewart's subliminal messages inducing anal pains. Nor the relentless CIA mind control campaign to make him think he is a homosexual. You'd think you'd want to mention that early on. Like, before the first date.

But wait, what Greg also fails to mention is what turns him on. Um, you might not want to read on as this may be not safe for work:

The first dream was that my fiancée had a genitalia that was the shape of a huge penis protruding from her with a vagina at the end of it and that I was having intercourse with this strange object. The dream was transitioned to another dream about driving around in a van with people I used to know from Psi Upsilon Fraternity. I woke up with an erection.
Dude, with a dream like that who wouldn't wake up with an erection? A homo, that's who!

Thanks to an unidentified guest in the comments for the tip on the dating profile.

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Pakistan: US Diplomat Facing Possible Murder Charges

Where the perps inspired?

For protecting himself during armed robbery

LAHORE, Pakistan – Pakistan will pursue murder charges against a U.S. consular employee suspected of shooting two armed men during a possible robbery attempt, a top prosecutor said Friday as protesters called for the American to be severely punished[...]

A third Pakistani was killed following the shootings when he was hit by a U.S. vehicle rushing to aid the American, who was also in a car, according to police. Officers have said the driver of that could also face charges.

Police officer Umar Saeed said the American, who has not been named by U.S. authorities, had told officers he had withdrawn money from an ATM shortly before the incident and was acting in self-defense. Other Pakistani officers have said the men were likely robbers, were on a motorbike and both were carrying pistols.

Rana Bakhtiar, deputy prosecutor general for Punjab, said the state would pursue murder charges.

Western diplomats travel with armed guards in many parts of Pakistan because of the risk of militant attack. Lahore has seen frequent terrorist bombings and shootings over the last two years, though the city's small expatriate population has not been directly targeted.

In a two-sentence statement, the U.S. Embassy confirmed that a consulate staffer "was involved in an incident yesterday that regrettably resulted in the loss of life." The U.S. was working with Pakistanis to "determine the facts and work toward a resolution," it said.

In the capital, Islamabad, and the city of Karachi, several dozen people burned U.S. flags and chanted slogans.

"Hang the U.S. spy, the killer of three Pakistanis," read one placard.

Pakistan, our allies...

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Assange Supporting Hacktivists Urgently in Need of Cornhole Protection

The FBI has conducted 40 raids on WikiLeak supporting hacktivists. The raid was timed to coincide with the arrest of 5 wikileak hacktivists in the UK. These would be members of team "Anonymous" who took down the websites of Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal in a coordinated DDoS attack they called ""Operation Avenge Assange." Apparently these companies were bad because they wouldn't aide and abed traitors, conspiracy theorists, and anti-American propagandists.

For once, I have a link with no criticism to Ryan over at TPM:

The men ranged in age from 15 to 26, and were arrested for alleged violations of the Computer Misuse Act, the Telegraph reported. They were taken to police stations in the West Midlands, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey and London, according to the newspaper. If convicted, they face a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment and the equivalent of a $7968.50 fine....

The FBI's press release reminded the public that "facilitating or conducting a DDoS attack is illegal, punishable by up to 10 years in prison, as well as exposing participants to significant civil liability."

Hat tip: the3j35t3r. Yeah, I know, ironic.

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Google/YouTube Fighting for the Cause of Allah in the Phillipines (Update)

Via Andrea

Exhibit A: Deadly bomb attack on passenger bus in Manila

Exhibit B: Wannabe? or are? Splodey Ho's "Takbeer - Allahu Akbar":

Update: Sorry? I sure as hell ain't:

yt video removed.jpg

[English translation of this video below fold]

Andrea asks:

Five died - were murdered - did this video incite? I can't help but wonder if any in this picture were among the dead and wounded on that bus.
Google/YouTube providing radicals/terrorists a platform and they are fine with that! It's all about $$$$$$ & growth:
5 questions with Googles Hunter Walk[former Huffpo blogger]

#5 WILD-CARD: Last month’s rumors that YouTube might acquire Next New Networks had many people reconsidering YouTube’s relationship with the production world (even though, of course, both NNN and YouTube were quick to state that those rumors were speculative). Looking forward at 2011, how is YouTube as an organization strategizing that relationship?

It’s really simple: We’re not a media company — we’re a media catalyst. It’s our goal to see content getting created, help it find the largest audience possible and make the content creators lots of money so they can reinvest in their vision.

To do this, we’ll build tools and a technology platform, but we’re also going to think about other adventurous ways we can be a productive partner. For example, in December we gave $1000 gift certificates to 500 YouTube partners so they could buy new video production gear.[some of those partners are terrorist supporters..]

In 2011 you’ll see us be even more creative and broad in our support of content creators because our business is going great and we believe more than ever in the ability for great content to be successful on YouTube. Whether it was produced by one person in their backyard or 1,000 people on a Hollywood backlot, we’re going to help you accomplish your goals.[emphasis mine]

Enough said

Let those fight in the cause of―Allah who sell the life of this world for the Hereafter. To him who fighteth in the cause of Allah,― whether he is slain or gets victory, soon shall We give him a reward of great (value). (74) And why should ye not fight in the cause of Allah and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated (and oppressed)?― men, women, and children, whose cry is: "Our Lord! rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from Thee one who will protect; and raise for us from Thee one who will help!" (75) Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah and those who reject Faith fight in the cause of Evil: so fight ye against the friends, of Satan: feeble indeed is the cunning of Satan. (76) Hast thou not turned thy thought to those who were told to hold back their hands (from fight) but establish regular prayers and spend in regular charity? When (at length) the order for fighting was issued to them behold! a section of them feared men as―or even more than―they should have feared Allah: they said: "Our Lord! why hast Thou ordered us to fight? Wouldst Thou not grant us respite to our (natural) term, near (enough)?" Say: "Short is the enjoyment of this world: the Hereafter is the best for those who do right: never will ye be dealt with unjustly in the very least! (77) "Wherever ye are, death will find you out, even if ye are in towers built up strong and high!" If some good befalls them they say "This is from Allah"; but if evil, they say "This is from thee" (O Prophet). Say: "All things are from Allah. But what hath come to these people, that they fail to understand a single (fact? (78

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EDL Leader Assaulted by Armed "Asian" with Shotgun

Logan's Warning is calling it an "assassination attempt". Contrary to early reports, no shots were fired.

The man said to have carried out the assault is described as an "Asian", which is what the Brits call Pakistanis or Indians. Given that the assault was: a) at the EDL leader's house; b) began with the assailant throwing something at the house in an effort to draw him out, this seems to indicate that this was a deliberate attack and not some random act of violence or failed home invasion.

In fact, it sounds to me more like an attempt to scare the EDL leader into backing off. Which in my mind is an act of terrorism very much along the lines of the terror tactics used by the KKK in trying to suppress desegregationist sentiment.

The BBC, though, is calling it simply "an attack":

Officers were called to Kevin Carroll's home in Bolingbroke Road, Luton, late on Thursday after reports an object was thrown against the window of the house.

Mr Carroll said he went to investigate and saw a man who appeared to be holding a shotgun. No shots were fired.

Logan's Warning has the audio of a BBC interview with the EDL leader here.

Also, given that the assailant had a sawed off shotgun, what does this say about gun control laws in the UK?

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Hamas in Maryland?


Bank robber uses woman as human shield

TAKOMA PARK, Md. -- Authorities say at least one civilian has been injured by gunshot wounds, along with a police officer, after a woman was taken hostage during a bank robbery in Takoma Park[...]

Video shows a man walking out of a Capitol One bank on University Boulevard toward police officers using a woman as a shield. As he was backing away from police, he tripped over a pile of snow. The woman managed to escape

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Charlie Sheen Wants To Be Hugh Hefner

Charlie Sheen wants to be the patriarch of a HUGE "porn family" -- composed of his favorite adult stars -- and he wants them all to live in a mansion down the street from his own house ... TMZ has learned.

Personally, I'd like to live in a HUGE blogging family, but fecking Rusty is too cheap to buy us a mansion.

Don't miss: Charlie's Porn Star gives a 'Blow-by-blow' (Click image for story):

charlie sheen blow-by-blow.jpg

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Score A Win For Spam!

And I'm not talking about the tasty "meat" treat, but the annoying text messages cluttering up your cell phone...

From Mobiledia via Gateway Pundit:


A suicide bomber planning an attack in Moscow on New Year's Eve was killed in her apartment when her bomb was prematurely detonated by an unexpected text message.

According to Russian security sources, the text message -- a remote trigger for a cell phone belt bomb -- wished her a happy new year, accidentally setting off the blast. The accident may have saved hundreds of lives, these officials believe, as the woman intended to use the bomb in a suicide attack near Red Square later that night.

Image credit: Flippintheraya

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CPUSA: Communists and Democrats Should Unite

Likely one of few individuals to have Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Barack Obama and Hu Jintao on his speed dial, Sam Webb, the top comrade in the Communist Party USA, urges his supporters to unite with allies in the Democrat Party and in the Obama administration.

Presumably, Mr. Webb believes the Communist Party's efforts to create a "One Nation" police state are being impeded and assaulted by right-wing extremists promoting freedom and liberty. Coupling with Democrats is strategically and tactically necessary to slow down and reverse the conservative assault.

It's sad that Mr. Webb's guidance for Communists and Democrats to become bedfellows comes as no surprise. Arguably, a certain interchangeability already exists.

By at 05:50 AM | Comments |

Islamic Snuff Videos Return to YouTube (Update)

I think the vidcap is pretty much self explanatory as to where this video is going ....


Please flag as: Violent or Repulsive Content >> Supports Terrorism

Update by Vinnie Video has been "removed by user."

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January 27, 2011

Help Stop the CIA from Using Comedy Central To Persecute & Anally Probe Muslims!

Jon_Stewart-gay.jpgDude, my life is complete.

Al Mojahden English Network user Progman:

What sort of Mujahid activity is appropriate if the USA government has devoted an entire spy and research satellite to do covert surveillance and monitor your subconscious mind? In addition, you are being surrounded day and night by intelligence actors who are performing a vicious homosexual recruitment campaign against you. It makes it dangerous for me to reach out to any good brothers as they could find themselves targeted as well.

Although my individual Jihad efforts are strong and sophisticated, and I can disrupt their collective stalking efforts with ease, life is simply filthy. They will routinely break into my apartment or hotel, administer a sleeping gas and abuse my body from poking holes in my toe or fingernails to raping me such that I wake up with rectal pain.

There are too many of these filthy Shaitan conspirators for me to deal justice to myself though I am effectively prevented from networking with other good brothers. As they have seemingly turned my life into a Shaitan conspiracy television show there must be something productive or useful I can do with all of this nonsense to deal a crushing blow against the transgressors. I have already studied them in detail and exposed their secrets on the web quite effectively. I have a > 2000 person group on facebook dedicated to freeing me from the USA governments oppression. Any ideas?

A'ouzu billah min ash-shaitan ir-rajim. May Allah punish those doing foul deeds.

Here's his facebook pic and account which he calls Stop USA government persecution, crimes and abuse against Gregory Morse. If you don't "like" that page, the kuffar shaitan CIA have already won!


Yeah, I'm sure that homosexuals have to try real hard to "recruit" Greg "Abdul Muid" Morse. Nothing about him screams gay. Nothing!

But the best part comes from his blog:

In May/June of 2009, though I did not realize it at the time, I was raped during my sleep. One night I turned on the Comedy Central television show, The Daily Show, and at the exact moment a homosexual subliminal message came on in the form of a joke by the host Jon Stewart, I started to experience severe rectal pain. My assumption was that a directed energy weapon was being used either on my rectum to create the pain or on my subconscious mind to simulate the feeling of pain. I now believe that rectal pain suppressors are used to suppress the nerves that express pain in this area.
Oddly, every time I hear Jon Stewart tell a joke I get severe rectal pain too. I'm not ruling out the CIA, but neither am I ruling out that Jon Stewart jokes are so painfully unfunny that rectal pain is par for the course.

You'll have to trust me that it gets even funnier from there. As he travels from Muslim country to Muslim country, eventually ending up in Malaysia where he claims the CIA mind experiment project to turn him into a homosexual continues. These mind experiments include forced gay dreams. Forced people .... forced!

Please tell me this guy is real!

UPDATE: I fixed the link to his blog.

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Hasta Ansaar English Blog!

The Ansar Mujahideen English Forum's biggest fanboy has sadly lost his home.

Yesterday it looked like this:


Now it looks like this:


If aansarenglish is still around, olly olly oxen free!

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Moscow Airport Bombing Suspect Identified


His name is Vitaly Razdobudko. He's said to be a member of Nogai Jamaat, which is Shamil Basaev's old group. As predicted, earlier reports that the bomber was an Arab have now been discredited. The new version is that the bomber had European features. The Nogai people are not even Chechen, but are a separate Muslim people historically from the same region.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:38 PM | Comments |

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day

People visit the Hall of Names at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem on January 27, 2011.

International Holocaust Remembrance day marks the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz, on Jan. 27, 1945.

[Image credit: MSNBC Photoblog]

Google image didn't change, naturally. Also, UN is off the hook: 2011 Holocaust Remembrance Observance CANCELLED due to weather

PM Netanyahu asks: Have we learned its lesson?[Israelpolitik.org]

[Translated from Hebrew]

Have the lessons of the Holocaust been learned?

For us, the Jewish people, the answer is yes.
For the rest of the world, the answer is no, or at least not yet.

Today, 66 years after the horror, we are here, in Jerusalem, the eternal capital of our nation. We, the representatives of the Jewish nation, are holding a special ceremony to mark the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The lesson that we have learned, first of all, is that we are here, in our sovereign country, in our capital city.

We have learned another important lesson, probably the most crucial lesson to be learned from the atrocity, from the chain of atrocities that brought about one much worse; this has continued for hundreds and thousands of years, since we lost our country and our sovereignty, and since we lost our capability to defend ourselves. The lesson learned was that we had to restore the capacity of the State and the army for self-defense.

This lesson was understood by Herzl even before the great atrocity took place. He foresaw it, and we implemented it.

But there is one other lesson. At the end of the Holocaust, there were 11 million Jews in the world. Before it, there were 18 million.[Read the rest of PM Netanyahu address..]

Never forget.

Yadvashem.org website.

Facebook page: International Holocaust Memorial Day 2011

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Boobies Everywhere!!

"Mashoom's mustache physically excites me!" ~ Emerson "Goatly" Begolly

boobie breastfeeding.JPEG

Breastfeeding flash mob whips out boobs!

About a hundred mothers in Montreal staged a "nurse-in" protest at a downtown shopping complex last week, breast-feeding simultaneously before a curious crowd of reporters, mall security guards and passers-by. The event was retribution, they said, for a store that had thrown out a mother for breast-feeding earlier this month. This week, they began a petition drive to protect the rights of women to breast-feed in public in the Quebec province.

It all started when Shannon Smith, a 36-year-old mother of three, stopped by a children's clothing store in the mall on Jan. 5. When her youngest started crying halfway through the trip, Smith retreated to a semi-secluded kids' corner and nursed the baby under a blanket.

(Emphasis mine)

How about a bathroom? Or a dressing room in an ADULT clothing store?

The irony is, Emerson Goatly Begolly is physically excited by a mustache, but would probably be disgusted by these women and would enjoy watching them be executed for indecent exposure.

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Draft Jim DeMint!

Neal B. Freeman has already set forth the argument HERE:

[W]e need a candidate whose fidelity to principle has already been tested and affirmed. We need a candidate who has already developed an integrated political philosophy and is thus composed in dealing with the rapid-fire issues of a national campaign. (We are working with a short runway here. The first GOP debate, on Fox, is less than four months away. CNN hosts the second debate in June.) We need a candidate who has already attracted major media attention and demonstrated that he or she can withstand it...

Q.E.D.: conservatives should support for the GOP nomination in 2012 — Jim DeMint of South Carolina.

The petition is HERE:

To: Senator Jim DeMint

WHEREAS every election for President of the United States presents an opportunity to choose new leadership while engaging in a vigorous debate on core national principles;

WHEREAS the opportunities presented by the 2012 presidential campaign should include strong, consistent and nationally-recognized leaders in the conservative movement; and

WHEREAS Senator Jim DeMint has proven himself willing and able to consistently stand on conservative principle, thereby establishing himself as one of the strongest national advocates for conservative principles;

THEREFORE, we the undersigned call on Senator Jim DeMint to place his name into consideration to serve as President of the United States in the 2012 election.


The Undersigned

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 03:41 PM | Comments |

New Taliban Stoning Video Released

From the BBC:

She is entirely hidden in a blue burka. Hundreds of men from the village are gathered as two mullahs pass sentence. As Taliban fighters look on, the sentence is passed and she is found guilty of adultery.

The stoning lasts two minutes. Hundreds of rocks - some larger than a man's fist - are thrown at her head and body. She tries to crawl out of the hole, but is beaten back by the stones. A boulder is then thrown at her head, her burka is soaked in blood, and she collapses inside the hole.

Incredibly Siddqa was still alive. The mullahs are heard saying she should be left alone. But a Taliban fighter steps forward with a rifle and she is shot three times.

Then her lover, Khayyam, is brought to the crowd. His hands are tied behind his back. Before he is blindfolded he looks into the mobile phone camera. He appears defiant.

The attack on him is even more ferocious. His body, lying face down, jerks as the rocks meet their target. He is heard to be crying, but is soon silent.

Notice the men carrying out the brutal execution are laughing and having fun. And Obama says we should respect other cultures.

The men are joyful because they know they are doing Allah's will. The Taliban practice Islam the way their perfect example - Muhammad - taught them to practice it. They are the most pious of Muslims. They are practicing true Islam.

Some may argue that stoning punishments are not in the Quran. However, the Quran does call Muhammad a good "example of conduct" and Muslims consider Muhammad to be the perfect man. Repeatedly, in authentic hadiths that show Muhammad's behavior and conduct (which Muslims are supposed to follow), adulterers are ordered to be stoned to death.

Video below the fold. WARNING: Extremely Graphic! View at your own risk.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for video.

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Peaceful and non-violent Florida Muslim leader pleads guilty to assault and battery

A press release we just received:

(Tallahassee, FL) January 26, 2011 Bassem Alhalabi of United Voices for America (UVA) pled guilty to assault & battery charges on J. Mark Campbell of the Florida Security Council and investigative journalist and Chairman of Americans Against Hate Joe Kaufman.

According to the States Prosecutor Tiffany Cruz Bassem Alhalabi took the plea for a reduced sentence of community service and the attendance of the court ordered anger management course.

In June 2003, Alhalabi was found guilty of illegally shipping a $13,000 military-grade thermal imaging device to Syria. The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) charged that, “Alhalabi caused the export of a thermal imaging camera to Syria in violation of the EAR. Thermal imaging cameras are controlled for export to Syria for national security, regional stability, and anti-terrorism reasons.”

In May 2007, Rafiq Sabir, a member of Alhalabis Islamic center, was also convicted of material support for al-Qaeda.

Alhalabi is a professor at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), a director and co-founder of the Islamic Center of Boca Raton (ICBR), co-author of a book with convicted terrorist Sami al-Arian, and a senior advisory member to United Voices for America (UVA) - the group Alhalabi was representing as a spokesperson during “Muslim Capitol Day 2010” in Tallahassee, FL.

United Voices for America (UVA) is headed by Ahmed Bedier, the former Executive Director of CAIR-Tampa and the former unofficial spokesman for Sami al-Arian. Bedier was present, during the attack on Campbell and has refused to comment on the incident pending additional civil legal action.

Here's video of the incident:

By Barbarossa at 01:46 PM | Comments |

Iranian Book Celebrating Murderers Found in Arizona Desert (Update-Image added)

Image credit: Flippintheraya

Update: Image of book, thanks to DMartyr. Found at Amazon no less:

In Memory of Our Martyrs book cover2.jpg

DHS official "don't jump to conclusions".


EXCLUSIVE: A book celebrating suicide bombers has been found in the Arizona desert just north of the U.S.- Mexican border, authorities tell Fox News.

The book, "In Memory of Our Martyrs," was spotted Tuesday by a U.S. Border Patrol agent out of the Casa Grande substation who was patrolling a route known for smuggling illegal immigrants and drugs.

Published in Iran, it consists of short biographies of Islamic suicide bombers and other Islamic militants who died carrying out attacks.

According to internal U.S. Customs and Border Protection documents, "The book also includes letters from suicide attackers to their families, as well as some of their last wills and testaments." Each biographical page contains "the terrorist's name, date of death, and how they died."

Agents also say that the book appears to have been exposed to weather in the desert "for at least several days or weeks."[...]

Authorities would not release a picture of the book to Fox News, or reveal how long they believe it was lying in the desert.[More...]

Nothing to see here, move along..

By Stable Hand at 12:12 PM | Comments |

Iraq: More Muslims Kill Other Muslims Because They Are The Wrong Kind of Muslims

Car bomb kills 48 at Iraqi funeral

BAGHDAD -- A car bomb ripped through a funeral tent in a mainly Shiite area of Baghdad on Thursday, killing at least 48 people and triggering skirmishes between Iraqi troops and demonstrators angry about security failures.

The blast and three other small bombings Thursday were the latest in more than a week of attacks that have killed more than 200 people, raising fears about an uptick in violence as the U.S. military prepares to withdraw from the country.


Update by RS: I updated just to clarify that those responsible will inevitably turn out to be the Islamic State of Iraq, a Sunni group which opposes Shias and Iran.

By Stable Hand at 12:01 PM | Comments |

Newsweek: White House to Push Gun Control

To help people visualize, Newsweek used image of Rep Giffords empty seat at SOTU address:

[...]Tuesday night after the speech, Obama adviser David Plouffe said to NBC News that the president would not let the moment after the Arizona shootings pass without pushing for some change in the law, to prevent another similar incident. “It’s a very important issue, and one I know there’s going to be debate about on the Hill.”

The White House said that to avoid being accused of capitalizing on the Arizona shootings for political gain[if the shoe fits..ed], Obama will address the gun issue in a separate speech, likely early next month. He’s also expected to use Arizona as a starting point, but make the case that America’s gun laws have been too loose for much longer than just the past few weeks.[emphasis mine]

Arizona, starting point for Obi One's Immigration nonsense and now gun control.

I heard Rep 'Gabby' Giffords may start to speak soon. Amazingly tough woman, God Bless her & the Dr's who have cared/caring for her. BTW, Neurosurgeon Michael Lemole's parents weren't safe from progressives either: Palm Beach Post Columnist, Jose Lambiet, Slams Parents of Rep. Giffords Doctor for Supporting Tea Party Candidates

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Move Over, Einstein! Let The Beautiful People Speak!

A study in England conducted by researchers at the London School of Economics found that attractive men and women generally have higher IQs. (Source)

Let's see what pearls of wisdom this beauty contestant has for us:

(Hat Tip: IHateTheMedia.com)

By DMartyr at 10:43 AM | Comments |

Mad mullahs {{{heart}}} anti-American "peace" activists

Follow-up to FBI Allegedly Spied on Anti-War Activists (below).

The protest movement has a website (stopfbi.net) where a photo of two alleged FBI undercover agents is posted. If anyone knows "Karen" and "Daniela" give them a big hug - or at least a hearty handshake - from me.


The stopfbi.net site also has a page dedicated to media coverage of their "January 25 Day of Action" received.


PressTV is a state-funded arm of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.


By Hetz Shahor at 09:59 AM | Comments |

FBI Allegedly Spied on Anti-War Activists

(Minneapolis, Minnesota) On January 12, anti-war activists held a press conference to complain and express outrage regarding the fact that the FBI had stationed a spy inside their organization.

According to activist Joe Iosbaker,

“There was a law enforcement agent who infiltrated the Anti-War Committee of the Twin Cities, in order to spy on and disrupt the plans for the protests at the Republican National Convention.”

“That person, who went by the name of Karen Sullivan, stuck around and eventually was in place as a spy for two and a half years,” he said, “causing a number of legal problems and expenses in order for those who had engaged in perfectly legal, Constitutionally protected activities to clear themselves of trumped-up charges,” Mr. Iosbaker said.
Understandably, the anti-war activists are really pissed that they were infiltrated by the FBI. They have started a campaign of protests against the FBI.

By at 07:01 AM | Comments |

Utah: Army's Dugway Proving Ground on Lockdown (Updated)

Original post below fold

Update: Lockdown lifted

By ksl.com

DUGWAY -- Dugway Proving Ground has reopened after nearly 12 hours in lockdown to resolve a "serious concern."

People who work on the base were forced to spend the night in their offices or cars because they weren't allowed to leave. That changed around 5 a.m. as those on base were allowed to leave and those showing up were allowed to enter.

No word on the cause of the lockdown. Dugway says it should be able to release more information later this afternoon. Workers KSL spoke with Thursday morning said they do not have clearance to talk about the cause of the lockdown.

Update II: Discrepancy over deadly nerve agent prompted lockdown
By ksl.com

DUGWAY -- Dugway Proving Ground officials now say a discrepancy over a vial of nerve agent prompted a lockdown that lasted nearly 12 hours. The vial has been located.

A news release Thursday morning said:

Wednesday, "during a routine inventory of sensitive material in the chemical laboratory, Dugway officials discovered a discrepancy between the records and the agent on-hand. As a precaution, the commander immediately locked down the installation and began efforts to identify the cause of the discrepancy.

Inventories showed a discrepancy of less than 1 ml (less than one-fourth of a teaspoon) of VX "nerve agent."

The vial with 1 ml was located at 3 a.m. All personnel are uninjured and safe. The public is safe as well.

Video Courtesy of KSL.com


...Dugway encompasses more than 800,000 acres of Utah's west desert, where more than 2,000 people call home. It is a government-owned facility used by the U.S. Army Reserves and the U.S. National Guard for maneuver training. It is also a U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command center where tests are occasionally run on defenses against biological and chemical weaponry.

h/t NTA

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Palileaks: Guardian Gives Hamas a Platform to Spew Hate

WTF is the Guardian doing, showing their true colors?

Click the antisemitic bastage, Osama Hamdan, for more:

osama hamdan_hamas.jpg

h/t CifWatch

By Stable Hand at 12:47 AM | Comments |


Day by Day Chris Muir:

So true..

By Stable Hand at 12:28 AM | Comments |

January 26, 2011

Voter ID Bill Passes Texas State Senate

Via Ace of Spades:

Last time it came up, 2009 (we're smart in Texas, sorta. At least we only let our legislators meet once every two years), an almost evenly divided Texas House (76-74), Democrat Reps were able to kill it with parliamentary rules. But with a 100-50 seat majority, House Republicans will pass it, and Governor Goodhair will sign it.
It bears noting that more than a few activists in Texas are less than optimistic that the Senate Bill will pass the Texas House intact. Time will tell.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 11:36 PM | Comments |

Breaking: American Missionary, Nancy Shuman Davis, Fatally Shot in Mexico


(CNN) -- An American missionary was fatally shot in Mexico on Wednesday, police said.

The preliminary investigation indicated that Nancy Davis, 59, and her husband were traveling on a Mexican highway near the city of San Fernando, Mexico, when they were confronted by gunmen in a black pickup, the Pharr Police Department in Texas said in a statement. San Fernando is south of the border city of Reynosa in Tamaulipas state.

"The gunmen were attempting to stop them and the victims accelerated in efforts of getting away from them," the police statement said. "At a certain point the gunmen discharged a weapon at the victim's vehicle and a bullet struck the victim Nancy Shuman Davis on the head."

Davis' husband, identified as Sam Davis by family friends, drove their truck "at high rate of speed" to the Pharr International Bridge, which crosses the Rio Grande. Nancy Davis was taken to a hospital in nearby McAllen, where she was pronounced dead about 90 minutes later.

Sam Davis and family are in our thoughts and prayers.

May Nancy Shuman Davis RIP

Update: MySA(SanAntonio) has more background on Mr & Mrs Davis

Update II: TheMonitor: Pharr police release new details in fatal shooting of missionary in Mexico

Nancy Davis_monitor.jpg

PHARR — A police officer watched the blue Chevrolet pickup truck speed against traffic toward the checkpoint at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge shortly after noon Wednesday.

Inside was Sam Davis and his wife, Nancy, who was still alive after suffering a gunshot to her head about 70 miles south of the Rio Grande, police said.

Police and U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers called an ambulance, which rushed the 59-year-old missionary to McAllen Medical Center. She died at 1:54 p.m. Wednesday.

The rural Monte Alto couple worked as missionaries in Mexico for more than three decades.

“We’re glad he was able to get to our bridge and we were able to get the medical assistance for his spouse,” Pharr Police Chief Ruben Villescas said. “However, this tragically ended with a perishing end.”

Jesus wept

h/t Mean Kitteh

Update III: A video was uploaded to YouTube: Sam and Nancy Davis singing at Christian Chapel:

By Stable Hand at 10:41 PM | Comments |

OMFG: LA Times takes victim-blaming to new heights

See: Bombing in Russia highlights discrimination faced by those from Caucasus by Sergei L. Loiko.

Sorry, but I'm too blinded by the light of the blast, distracted by the blood of the dead, and deafened by the screams of the wounded, to hear the complaints of the supposedly discriminated against.

Loiko wants to be heading out the back door when I'm heading in the front door.

You can contact Sergei here: sergei.loiko@latimes.com

By Hetz Shahor at 07:13 PM | Comments |

California: Amazing What One Can Find In The Trunk Of A BMW

Deported from Canada, Imam Said Jaziri caught sneaking into the US

Imam Said Jaziri.jpg
"Mashoom's mustache physically excites me!" ~ Emerson "Goatly" Begolly

By Stable Hand at 07:08 PM | Comments |

UK: Fatwa Against Home Secretary Theresa May - US/Candian Companies Providing Services to Website (Update)


Posters have been put up in Tooting, South London, calling for a fatwa against Home Secretary Teresa May. They appear to be linked to radical Anjem Choudary's Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) group. London, UK.
A website was also created: theresamyfatwa.com where you can download a poster [click to enlarge]:

Last paragraph on 'fatwa':
We understand the seriousness of this religious verdict, and will be releasing further information in due course. We ask Allah (SWT) to protect the Muslim captives wherever they may be and to give us the ability to implement His decree on the oppressors.
MAC(Muslims Against Crusades)

Domain Name: theresamayfatwa.com
Registered at http://www.dynadot.com

MAC c/o Dynadot Privacy
PO Box 701
San Mateo, CA 94401
United States

Dynadot contact:

PO Box 345
San Mateo, CA 94401
Office Hours
Monday - Saturday
9am - 6pm PST

Hosting provided by iWeb:

Complaints or TOS & AUP violations must be reported to ibuse@iweb.com, by fax (1-514-286-1292) or by mail at : iWeb Technologies inc, 20 Place du commerce, Nuns' Island, Montreal (Quebec) H3E 1Z6, CANADA.

OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE1906-ARIN
OrgAbuseName: Abuse Coordinator
OrgAbusePhone: +1-514-286-4242
OrgAbuseEmail: abuse@noc.privatedns.com<<-------------use this one

Do your thing Jawas! Remember, be polite, just inform them the website violates their TOS

Update: Assmaggots decided to explain their fatwa away now.

What is a Fatwa?

There is great confusion among many non-muslims about the meaning of the word 'Fatwa'. It has often been misunderstood to simply mean a 'death sentence' or something similar. In fact this is not the case at all, a fatwa is actually an Islamic verdict derived from the Islamic texts in answer to a specific question. This could be a ruling about the correct way to pray, keep a beard or a marital dispute and could also be an answer to problems of government, crime, law and order or politics.

Pleeze, kaffirs understand taqiyya/doublespeak! The wording won't get you off the hook, so to speak:
hook hamza.jpg
"Mashoom's mustache physically excites me!" ~ Emerson "Goatly" Begolly

Theresa May Fatwa posters reported in Balham[YLGuardian]
Home Office silent over Fatwa threat in Tooting

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Kevin Bacon and Revolution Muslim

Forget the six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Let's play the six degrees of Revolution Muslim:

Revolution Muslim, a U.S.-based radical Islamic jihadist organization, has become the Kevin Bacon of Islamic fundamentalism. Whenever jihadist groups threaten free speech in America or Europe, you can bet an associate of Revolution Muslim is somehow involved.
Much more background on terrorist ties to Revolution Muslim here.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:14 PM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Sexual Harassment In the Workplace

My gawd, this is exactly what happens behind the scenes at The Jawa Report!


I feel so dirty.

By DMartyr at 12:46 PM | Comments |

British Men Killed in Terrorist Attack at Moscow Airport Named



A British businessman killed in the Moscow bombing had sent out invitations to his wedding days earlier, his family said yesterday.
Gordon Cousland.jpg
Gordon Cousland Image credit: Daily Mail

Gordon Cousland, 39, was ‘desperately looking forward’ to marrying his fiancée in April, his brother said. The couple had a six-month-old baby daughter.[...]

A second British-based businessman from the BA flight, City executive Kirill Bodrashov, 38, also died.

Kirill Bodrashov with girlfriend Elvira Muratova and son
Kirill Bodrashov.jpg
Image via Kirill Bodrashov's Facebook page

Read the rest


Related: Kirill Bodrashov's girlfriend was at the airport with him. She survived the attack but is in intensive care.

By Stable Hand at 12:39 PM | Comments |

Vacation: June 6, 1944

I'm pretty sure Griswold is a French name, right?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:07 PM | Comments |

NY: Routine Traffic Stop in Queens Results in Arrest - Man Had Bomb Making Materials in Car

Car battery+fertilizer+glass jars full of metal shavings=unidentified perp busted

h/t NTA

UPDATE by Rusty: Looks like it was as false alarm. Some smelly hippie into making crystals. But just to be on the safe side, I hope they tazed him bro.

By Stable Hand at 11:44 AM | Comments |

Moscow Airport Bombing: Suicide(splodeys) Were Part Of A Squad Trained in Pakistan

Via Telegraph[Emphasis mine]:

...Russian security sources said yesterday that a male and female suicide bomber from the Black Widow brigades had carried out the bombing together.
Image credit: Flippintheraya

The attack had been closely supervised by three accomplices, who had watched from a distance and are now being sought by the authorities. [...]

A newspaper close to Russia's FSB security service published what it claimed was a warning to Moscow police issued in December that said there was credible intelligence that a suicide squad made up of three women and one man from Chechnya was headed to Moscow.

The memo said the team had spent time in Pakistan and Iran and that one of the women had a relative with a flat in Moscow that might be used as a bomb making factory. Another group of five Islamist militants trained in Pakistan was also expected to cross into Russia soon, it added.

An al-Qaeda linked website said that the group *Islamic Caucasus Emirate, led by the rebel Doku Umarov, was poised to claim it had staged the attack. It said that Russia's harsh military measures against independence activists in the Caucasus had provoked the attack. It said: "You disbelievers are the firewood of Hell. You will enter it." [More..]

*Keep watching Chechen terrorist supporting website Kavkaz Center for the announcement. The other terror supporting website, ImamTV is down at the moment

h/t Un:dhimmi

Chechen Terrorist Website Down
Moscow Airport Bombing: "Provisional" List of Victims & Those Injured
Moscow bomber a woman?
Moscow airport bombing

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And You Thought Crime In Your Neighborhood Was Bad!

Crime reports from the Arab Times Online:

Kuwaiti man and Arab woman caught in hot embrace on beach: Police have arrested a Kuwaiti man and Arab woman for indulging in immoral behavior. They were caught red-handed on a beach in Anjafa along the Arabian Gulf Street, reports Al-Dar daily. According to reports the lovers were caught in a hot embrace. They have been referred to a police station.

‘Magician’ nabbed: The Abdali police have arrested a 65-year-old Iraqi man for attempting to sneak into the country to practice black magic, reports Al-Shahed daily. The magician was spotted between unidentified farms and Abdali border post. Police spotted the man and seized from him magic tools. The suspect has been referred to the authorities.

‘Lover-boy ‘ escapes beating: Police are looking for a youth who entered the house of a family in Doha, Jahra, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. The youth allegedly befriended a 14-year-old girl who invited him to her house. However, the girl’s father dropped in at about the same time and started beating her. The youth is said to have made his escape in the meantime. A case has been registered.

Kissing, hugging in car: Police arrested a youth and his girlfriend for committing immoral acts inside a car parked in the parking lot of a well-known complex in Hawalli, reports Al-Rai daily. When many visitors called police saying a couple was kissing and hugging inside a car, policemen promptly rushed to the place and referred the lovers to a police station.

Cheeky girl: A youth landed in jail when he went to meet a cheeky girl who allegedly invited him home but gave someone else’s address, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. The youth reportedly talked to the girl on phone and went to meet her at the address she gave. However, he was shocked when an old woman answered the knock. He then left the place thinking he may have come to the wrong address. But his desire to meet the girl prompted him to give one more try and he went to the same house a second time. This time, the old woman called police who duly took him to the police station.

Just wow. I hope these criminals get the justice they deserve!

By DMartyr at 10:31 AM | Comments |

Chechen Terrorist Website Down

One of two semiofficial websites for the "Islamic Emirate of the Caucuses" -- Imamtv.com -- looked like this yesterday.


Today it looks like this


Buh-bye. I'd say something along the lines of don't mess with Russia, but sadly The Kavkaz Center is still supporting terror from Finland.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:10 AM | Comments |

Cedar Revolution Dead: Terror Supporting State Now Poised to be Completely Taken Over by Terrorists

I've long argued that Lebanon was a terrorist state. It's true that the Cedar Revolution also opposed Hezbollah. But what is overlooked is the fact that they chose peace over confronting the terrorists. Given the choice of a return to the bloody civil war I'm not sure I would not make the same choice if I were Lebanese. But we must recognize that choice for what it was: a concession to terrorists that they would be given free reign in much of the country in return for some amount of internal stability.

Now it seems that this deal with the devil is coming back to haunt them as Hezbollah is poised to take over the reigns of government.

Which will mean war. If not a civil war, then yet another war with Israel. So much for peace with terrorists.

How's that deal looking now, Lebanon?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:42 AM | Comments |

Spain: Terrorism Would Not Exist Without Internet

Okay I don't know if it wouldn't exist altogether, but there would certainly be less of the homegrown terror types in the West without it. Spero News:

Spain's Interior Minister, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba - who also serves as First Vice-President in the Socialist government - said at a conference organized at the University of Salamanca, that international terrorism "would not exist without the Internet." This electronic resource, said the minister, offers "a wonderful door to knowledge because through it comes both good and evil."
And this isn't an argument against the internet. I'm not a Luddite. It's simply an argument for more vigilance.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:23 AM | Comments |

Mom Jailed for Lying to Get Her Kid Into Good School

This kind of reminds me of the time Bart's class visited Fort Springfield only to be turned away because they couldn't afford the admission price. Then when they tried to peak over the wall, the guards yelled, "Stop them, they're learning for free!"

Only in the Simpsons, no one went to jail.

Thanks to Carey

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:11 AM | Comments |

Coming Soon: Terror Attacks in Burundi, Uganda

The US is warning of possible February attacks by al Shabaab in Burundi & Uganda -- the two nations providing the bulk of African Union forces in Somalia.

In related news, two Imams have been detained and questioned in Kenya in relation to their support of al Shabaab. The two were released after crowds of Muslims gathered outside.

Remember this if and when Shabaab is ever to consolidate enough power that liberals and/or alleged foreign policy realists begin to talk about the "benefits of stability" that the group might bring.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:05 AM | Comments |

Israel: 13 arrested in terror cell behind US hiker's murder

Photo by Jerusalem Police
pali_mugs_murder_kristine luken.jpg
"Mashoom's mustache physically excites me!" ~ Emerson "Goatly" Begolly

Filthy cold blooded murdering bast**ds.


Four Palestinians from villages near Hebron were indicted on Wednesday for murdering an American tourist in December in a forest near Beit Shemesh, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and Jerusalem Police revealed on Wednesday. The suspects are central members of an independent terror cell in the West Bank that was responsible for two murders, two attempted murders, and at least one rape, as well as other incidents of theft and violence dating to as early as the summer of 2009.

Thirteen men were arrested in connection with the terror cell following a month-long joint investigation between the Shin Bet, border police, special army units, and police, it was announced on Wednesday.

Police were aware of the terror cell operating in the area for the past six months, but were only able to arrest the central members after a murder and stabbing attack in the Mata area in late December, when American Kristine Luken was killed and her hiking partner Kay Wilson seriously injured. Wilson survived the attack by playing dead, despite being stabbed 12 times and suffering from multiple broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a broken sternum.

Wilson was hailed as a hero for providing the investigators with the final breakthrough to identify the suspects. The Shin Bet said that the suspects confessed to planning the murder of Luken just hours prior to the attack. “*They decided they wanted to kill someone that day,” a Shin Bet source said.[More..]

*Doesn't fit with poor poor Palis narrative, does it?

This will put to rest headlines like this: "US tourist Kristen Lukin Murdered in Israel, Survivor Claims"

Kristine Luken.jpg
RIP Kristine Luken

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January 25, 2011

State of the Union Post *Sticky*

OMFG, you're actually watching that?!?!?!!!!!!

PS - I'd play the let me make myself clear drinking game with ya, but alcohol poisoning isn't on my top ten list of ways to die. Top twenty? Maybe. But top ten only if there's a marmoset, a quart of Penzoil 5-20 motor oil, and 1978 Cadillac le Cabriole convertable involved.

Update by SH: Watch it bitches!

Update by Vinnie It's over, I've removed the offending feed. Please vote for me as Mayor of Tattooine.

Update by SH: I meant to post this, not the Obi One SOTU live feed...honest

3 ladies.jpg

sexy shirtless men.jpg

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:15 PM | Comments |

ChiCom Annual Propaganda Meeting

Chen Kuiyuan -- Li Changchun -- Liu Yunshan
Chinese Propaganda Ministers

(Beijing, China) The annual meeting of China's propaganda ministers was held earlier this month and tersely reported by Xinhua News Agency. Three leaders attended --- Communist Politburo Member Li Changchun, Propaganda Department Minister Liu Yunshan and Dean of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Chen Kuiyuan.

Notably, the attendance of Chen Kuiyuan was unusual since he is not a regular participant in formal propaganda proceedings.

Chen Kuiyuan is strongly associated with China’s hardline left, and his presence in the official news photo from Xinhua is for media insiders in China a tangible sign — a flesh-and-blood cautionary note about the need for media to fall into line in 2011.
Speculation of enhanced media freedom in China appears to be in error.

By at 06:48 PM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Gotta iPhone App for Valentine Teddies & Stilettos?

men in dresses.jpg
Rsluty walking on water

Rsluty & the rest of the Jawa males are searching for one.

I told them they would look silly in teddies & stilettos but they brushed me off.

Go figure..

By Stable Hand at 04:12 PM | Comments |

Ouch, that's going to leave a mark

A scholar at Sunni Islam's most prestigious institute of learning, al-Azhar University, on offensive jihad:

Mustafa expressly endorses “offensive jihad” as the license to attack non-Muslims living in non-Islamic countries. It is the consensus of sharia scholars, he instructs, that offensive jihad is “permissible” in three different situations: (a) “to secure Islam’s border”; (b) “to extend God’s religion to people in cases where the governments do not allow it”; and (c) “to remove every religion but Islam from the Arabian peninsula.”
This is not to say all Muslims believe that offensive jihad is now justified. However, it does go along way to discredit the notion that such thinking is confined to a "tiny minority of extremists" or outside of the main stream of traditional Islam.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:08 PM | Comments |


It's Bush's fault!

A 57-year-old Palestinian woman with a pacemaker died over the weekend, after passing through the scanning machine at the Rafah Crossing between Gaza and Egypt. The woman, Fatima Mahmoud Abu Obeid, crossed over to Egypt along with her husband, and about half an hour later suddenly collapsed. She was taken by ambulance to a Rafah hospital on the Egyptian side where she was pronounced dead.

Palestinian sources blamed her death on the border scanning machine, described as a "U.S.-made advanced portal using millimeter wave holographic technology [Ed: emphasis mine] to screen passengers for weapons and explosives."

I'm actually surprised they didn't try to blame it on Israel.

By DMartyr at 03:16 PM | Comments |

Targeting the Taliban? There's an iPhone App For That

U.S. Army Capt. Jonathan J. Springer, 101st Airborne Division, tests his new smart phone application in eastern Afghanistan’s Pech River Valley Jan. 9th. Springer, a Fort Wayne, IN, native, invented the navigational application to find an inexpensive yet reliable tool for Soldiers to use while at home or in a deployed environment. (Photo by U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Paul Shoemaker, 3rd Battalion, 321st Field Artillery Regiment)

[Image credit: Clarksvilleonline]

What's not to like about this? Sweet!


An iPhone app that tracks down the Taliban has been developed by a U.S. soldier -- who put $26,000 of his own money into the project.

The idea for a smartphone application to assist soldiers in combat came to Capt. Jonathan J. Springer in a dream last July, he said Monday. The 31-year-old, from Fort Wayne, Ind., has worked with programmers ever since to make the idea a reality.

Tactical Nav, which is expected to be available through Apple’s App Store next month, assists soldiers in mapping, plotting and photographing waypoints on a battleground and conveying coordinates to support.[More...]

Capt. Jonathan J. Springer nice to see your dream become a reality! You rock!

h/t Mean Kitteh

By Stable Hand at 02:39 PM | Comments |

Breaking: Ex-GITMO Detainee, Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, Gets Life w/o Parole For Role in Bombing of US Embassies in E Africa

ahmed ghailani_life sentence.jpg
Ahmed Ghailani: Mustaches physically excite me

hammer time Pictures, Images and Photos


Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, the first former Guantánamo Bay camp detainee to be tried in the civilian court system, was sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday for his role in the 1998 bombings of two United States Embassies in East Africa.

The nearly simultaneous attacks in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, killed 224 people and wounded thousands.

Mr. Ghailani, 36, was convicted on Nov. 17 of a single count of conspiracy to destroy government buildings and property, while being acquitted of more than 280 charges of murder and conspiracy.

But the many acquittals seemed to carry little weight with the judge, Lewis A. Kaplan of United States District Court, who, before imposing the sentence, said that “Mr. Ghailani knew and intended that people would be killed as a result of his own actions and the conspiracy he joined.

Watch for your cornhole Ghailani:

Update: You wanted Hammer time? How bout more cowbells also:

Gotta Have More Cowbell Pictures, Images and Photos

By Stable Hand at 01:54 PM | Comments |

Muslims in Pakistan Kill Other Muslims in Pakistan for not Being the Right Kind of Muslims

Naturally, I blame the Zionist Crusaders:

A suicide bombing that killed at least 13 people in the Pakistani city of Lahore on Tuesday targeted Shiite Muslims, a Sunni militant group's spokesman told CNN in claiming responsibility for the attack....

Meanwhile, police in Karachi, another major Pakistani city, said one police officer was killed and five people were injured in an explosion. Authorities were investigating the cause.

Meanwhile, the relatives of "victims" in drone strikes against Pakistani targets are suing the US. I guess the lawyers haven't found a way to make a buck by suing Tehrik-i-Talibani or Jaish Muhammad yet.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:27 AM | Comments |

Moscow Airport Bombing: "Provisional" List of Victims & Those Injured

Via Ministry of Emergency Situation of Russia[googlish translate]

As at 11.00 MSK

The explosion at the airport "Domodedovo" killed 35 people, 110 people were hospitalized.

Injured taken to hospital at 21: 15 medical institutions of Moscow (87), 7 of the federal medical facility (20 people) and in 2 hospitals of Moscow region (3 people).

The bodies of all the victims taken to the morgue of the Bureau of Forensic Medicine at the address: Moscow, container transportation, 3.

1. To accommodate the affected families booked places in the hotel complex Orekhovo address: Moscow, Shipilovsky passage, 43 the housing 1. Meals and lodging at the expense of the Government of Moscow.

To eliminate the consequences of the explosion of MOE Russia attracts 167 people and 40 vehicles.

'Provisional list' of those hospitalized.

"Provisional list" of those killed "compiled by the detected documents"

Moscow bomber a woman?
Moscow Airport Bombing

By Stable Hand at 10:40 AM | Comments |

Moscow Suicide Bomber A Woman

A security officer from the Domodedovo Airport is claiming a woman set off the explosives that killed 35 people and wounded hundreds of others:

"The explosion occurred the moment the presumed female suicide bomber opened her bag," the state-run news agency quoted the unnamed security official as saying.

"The terrorist was accompanied by a man. He was standing beside her and (the blast) tore off his head."

Russian investigators said they had found a head of "Arab appearance" that was initially presumed to have belonged to the suicide bomber.

Witnesses claim that, seconds before the blast, the man shouted "I will kill you all!" Of course, the involvement of a woman explains the noticeably absent death chant 'Allahu Akbar' that usually accompanies 'splodey dopes final moments.

Right to the end she refused to let him finish a sentence. Damn woman.

Moscow Airport Bombing

By DMartyr at 09:51 AM | Comments |

Slapdown Time: Patterico vs LGF/Charles Johnson

Chuckie loses...miserably.

Nice going Chuckie, out someone's job, etc.

Enjoy swimming in the cesspool of liberalism.

UPDATE: Here's the followup post. It's worse than the original one.

By Stable Hand at 01:38 AM | Comments |

January 24, 2011

Moscow Airport Bombing

[Update DMartyr] Video of actual explosion added:

Earlier updates below the fold


This just in:

(Reuters) - At least 10 people were killed and 20 injured in a suicide bomb blast at Moscow's Domodedovo airport Monday, Interfax news agency reported.

Now taking bets. The culprit is:

a. Tea Party Member

b. Someone incited by Sarah Palin's violent rhetoric

c. A Christian

d. all of the above

e. None of the above (it wouldn't be PC to define it)

[Update] Death toll now at 31 35. Russian President has already called the attack an act of terrorism. (In the U.S., authorities would insist it had no terrorist link until right-wing bloggers discovered direct and indisputable evidence that it was.)

Still no word - or even a hint - on motivation.

[Update 2] Disturbing video of bombing aftermath. (NSFW):

[Update 3] Russians are still investigating the suicide bombing. While there has been no direct connection, the Guardian has reported that the last plane to land before the explosion was from London.

Update IV by SH: Apparent twin suicide attack.

A suicide attack on Moscow’s Domodedovo international airport killed more than 30 people and injured scores on Monday, officials said.

Eyewitnesses told the Vesti 24 TV channel that two terrorists blew themselves up as passengers emerged from the international arrivals zone at 4:40 p.m. (13:40 GMT).

The Health Ministry said 31 people died and dozens were injured in the attack, the second terrorist assault on the Russian capital in less than 12 months.

Law enforcement officials said the power of one of the blasts was equal to 5 kg of TNT and that the bomb was packed with metal objects to cause maximum damage.

Airport employees broke down the wall between the main airport and the arrivals zone to allow passengers to escape the scene of destruction.

Family & friends of those affected by this murderous act are in our thoughts and prayers.

UPDATE by Rusty: Keep an eye on the Kavkaz Center or Imam TV -- both of which are tied to the Chechen terrorist movement -- for claims of responsibility. Nothing as of this writing except some general news analysis.

One interesting thing is that Kavkaz claims that the bomb was meant to go off in the air, but it failed to detonate until the plane landed.

As some of you know, I lived in Russia for a year. My prayers go out to all my friends who may have been affected.

Update V by SH: Death count now at 35. Obi One statement read by Gibbs. Will Obi One give a shout out later?

UPDATE by Rusty: Kavkaz now covering the Twitter traffic by alleged eyewitnesses. One of them, ilya likhtenfeld, says (Google translation):

This is not the luggage! The bomb was on the man, who was among the welcoming. Near Asia Cafe.
The same guy also claims he saw at least 70 dead.

What's doubly disgusting about the Kavkaz coverage is this banner at the bottom of their webpage.

Which isn't as much of a veiled threat as it is an in-your-face actual terroristic threat.

Via Hot Air we learn that the Russians are now looking for at least 3 accomplices to the suicide bombers.

UPDATE by Rusty: Russians find the head of the suicide bomber and claim he's "Arab in appearance."

To be honest, it would be surprising to me if the killer were Arab. My first guess would be Chechen or some other nationality from the Caucuses. Chechens are not Arabs. My experience is that Russians are a) extremely racist on an order of magnitude that would cause even the non-PC in America to blush b) much more prone to let their guesses pass for fact, even when coming from public officials. So, be careful with some of the early statements, even if they are from officials.

But, there are Arab fighters in Chechnya. Not so many as ethnic Turks, but they are there.

UPDATE by Rusty: We knew this was coming. It was only a matter of time.

It reads:

Alhamdulillah! My dua [ed: prayer] today was answered in Russia. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!
So inspiring, I thought I should put the image here, and not just in the separate post put up by Stable Hand.

UPDATE:(Matt Damon) from Rusty's 3 accomplices link we find out the FSB knew they had a suicide bomber on the loose..

Russia’s Federal Security Bureau had known about a suicide bomber in the city, but their information was incomplete, Rosbalt news agency says. Early on Monday they reportedly searched for the possible bomber, but in Zelenograd, a town in the north of Moscow. The FSB received intelligence late on Sunday, and a large group of police and special forces were moved to Zelenograd for a special operation, but with no result.

By DMartyr at 11:47 PM | Comments |

Facebook Page: f*ck america and israel

Feel the love:

fuck america and israel.jpg
Click above image and say hello!(psst, mustaches excite him)

h/t Beth

Update: Sample of video on the above FB page:

Islams useful idiots, plus Pallywood & Reuters fauxtography = f*ck america & israel facebook page.

Update: I tried to post this video at above FB page and they no likey opposing views...figures: Update: It is still there..just a filter for 'others'. Thanks to redc1c4 for heads up.

By Stable Hand at 11:44 PM | Comments |

Google/YouTube Hall of Shame: ATTN YouTube User str1ve4martyrdOm


http://www.youtube.com/user/str1ves2martyrd0m (17)
http://www.youtube.com/user/str1ve4martyrd0m (214)

Three previous ID's that have been removed


You are on Un:dhimmis Hall of Shame week 06 with your aka JihadTube channels!

Never fear, Hunter Walk (former HuffPo blogger) feels your pain!

It’s our goal to see content getting created, help it find the largest audience possible and make the content creators lots of money so they can reinvest in their vision.[Allahu Akbar!!]

In 2011 you’ll see us be even more creative and broad in our support of content creators because our business is going great and we believe more than ever in the ability for great content to be successful on YouTube. Whether it was produced by one person in their backyard or 1,000 people on a Hollywood backlot, we’re going to help you accomplish your goals.[Allahu Akbar!!]

Flag the sonofabitch and those who rode in with him.

If you have a twitter account please shame @YouTube & @hunterwalk

That is all....

Ooops, forgot I have a Non Blog Sabbath caption contest featuring this user: Non Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: Pakistan+Drone+Black War Flag+Ghey Mujahideen+Weapons=Fatwa For You & Me?

Now, that is all...

JihadTube archives

By Stable Hand at 10:49 PM | Comments |

Iraq: Muslim on Muslim Violence


While Islamists are busy trying to kill kaffirs, they are also killing fellow Muslims.

Wonderin about image?

Me too.

Update: The above is Vinnie in a ninja costume.. per Vinnie...now I am fired...his secret is revealed.

Why did you wear a ninja costume Vinnie? I would have accepted you as you are..

Update by Vinnie SH, even if I were in the Ronin/Howie/Rusty Ninja Transvestite Club, that photo could not even come close to my level of overindulging, McDonald's loving, Burger King craving fatness. But thanks for the compliment. Sort of.

Update II by SH: Vinnie, you are so modest. That's OK, I understand.

By Stable Hand at 09:32 PM | Comments |

Tucson Tragedy: Loughner Pleads Not Guilty


The man accused of carrying out the mass shooting in Tucson pleaded not guilty Monday to charges he tried to kill Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and two of her aides.
Thank you Sheriff Dupnik/ some Washington Democrats/Daily Kos/HuffPo/Democratic Underground/Soros/MSM/Soros/leftist assmaggots....etc

You reap what you sow

"Loughner smiled almost the entire 20 minutes of the arraignment".

By Stable Hand at 03:59 PM | Comments |

Ministry of Irony: Palestinian Arabs really mad at Al Jazeera for "Palestine Papers"

"Palestine Papers" word speak for Palileaks:

First, back story so you know WTF I am talking about:

JERUSALEM, Israel - They're calling it 'Palileaks' - the latest revelations of secret diplomatic documents - this time about the Israeli-Palestinian negotiating process.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his government are finding themselves in big trouble after the pan-Arab television station al-Jazeera and the British Guardian newspaper released documents showing proposed wide-scale concessions to the Israelis.

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said the U.S. is "reviewing the alleged Palestinian documents" but couldn't "vouch for their veracity."

He added that the U.S. remains focused on a two-state solution.

"I think it's a sabotage from within the Palestinian Authority," said Pinhas Inbari, senior policy analyst at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. "Somebody who wanted to inflict damage on Abu Mazen and the negotiation team leaked it to al-Jazeera for this reason or another."

Biting the hand that feeds them:

Elder of Ziyon

The fallout from Palileaks continues....

Besides Yasser Abed Rabbo's attack on the Emir of Qatar this morning for supposedly being behind the "Palestine Papers," we have...

A mob - no doubt "spontaneous" - attacked the Al Jazeera offices in the West Bank. They broke in and vandalized the office.

The culprit in all this? "Al Jazeera's Zionist bias" - Bwahahahahaha, yah, right.

By Stable Hand at 03:05 PM | Comments |

Report: High Value targets killed?

I trust this man's reporting...


Suspected drone attacks on Sunday in Pakistan's North Waziristan tribal region on Sunday allegedly killed several high level militants as local villagers in the region staged a protest against drone strikes they say are killing innocent people.

The strikes in Pakistan's northwest near the Afghan border allegedly conducted by the CIA on Sunday killed high profile Arab and Turk militants, according to a source close to Adnkronos International (AKI).

A total of 12 suspected militants died in the three strikes, according to Paksitani officials.

Well placed security officials told AKI, on the condition of anonymity: "The drones struck a house and a vehicle in Doga Mada Khel Village of North Waziristan, which serves as the base for the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan."

IMU is said to be very active in recruiting Turks and Uzbek militants living in Europe.

The militant group is believed to have recruited several Caucasians from Europe and brought them to North Waziristan for training before sending them back to Europe to carry out attacks in their home countries.

Sources within militant camps refused to reveal the identities of the militants allegedly killed in the drone strikes. But the unnamed sources disclosed that eight Arab nationals and three Turkish nationals were seriously injured in the attacks. Three of them were said to be in a critical condition.

By Matt Damon at 02:14 PM | Comments |

Appeals Court Removes Rahm Emanuel From Mayoral Ballot

Not eligible:


CHICAGO—An appeals court said Rahm Emanuel is not allowed to stay on Chicago's mayoral ballot, a blow to the former White House chief of staff who has already raised more than $10 million in his bid for mayor.
As the fish turns, appeals will be filed.

By Stable Hand at 01:44 PM | Comments |

Where's Rusty?

Either gathering bail money or on the lam...

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A North Charlotte woman faces federal slavery-related charges involving an illegal immigrant teenager, but she says the charges are a bunch of hogwash.

Lucinda Shackleford has been indicted on one count of forced labor and another charge accusing her of withholding the illegal immigrant's birth certificate in furtherance of slave trafficking.

Finally! Us Jawas will be freed from our forced blogging!

(Hat Tip: Dude Meister)

By DMartyr at 09:44 AM | Comments |

Rachel Maddow: Missiles Can't Shoot Down Missiles

I remember watching Saturday morning cartoons and one of my favorite cartoons was the Coyote and the Roadrunner. Almost every episode, the coyote, at some point in chasing the roadrunner, would run off a cliff - and keep running on the air. It was an impossible feat, but he did it. It was only after he realized he was running on air that the impossibility of such action hit him, and then physics (and gravity) finally brought him back down to earth.


Thank god for the liberal left. Without them, just like the doomed coyote, we would be continuing to do the impossible, like melting steel with fire or shooting down missiles with missiles.

You know, its better that the left schools us now in basic physics. Wouldn't want to end up like the coyote, discovering these things don't work only after its too late.

By DMartyr at 09:21 AM | Comments |

The Great Orator: Improve The Economy By Inventing Stuff

Yes, that's the key to turning this poor economy around - building stuff and inventing stuff and doing stuff.

If you want more income, you gotta do stuff to make more money. That's how people like Bill Gates and Donald Trump got rich. They did stuff.

There's no excuse for everyone not to be successful in America now that we know the secret to success. "Build stuff and invent stuff."

By DMartyr at 07:58 AM | Comments |

Cat vs Printer

(Hat Tip: Carol's Blog!)

By DMartyr at 07:39 AM | Comments |

Saudi Women Risk Death by Using Underage, Unlicensed Drivers

Click image for more:

Protest sticker against the Saudi ban on women drivers

By Stable Hand at 03:31 AM | Comments |

YouTube: Tunisian Sharia4Tunisia Cockroaches Crawl Out From Whence They Hide

JihadTube user Shariah4Tunisia joined 01/22/11

Crawl back from whence you came...cockroaches..

By Stable Hand at 03:03 AM | Comments |

Islamist IOU University

Strange abbreviation, eh?

IOU Promo Flyers.png

Well, coming from a website called Islamic Emirate, I guess it isn't so strange after all...is it?

Hmmm, wonder what they study...

By Stable Hand at 01:49 AM | Comments |

Child Prostitution in Pakistan

In the meantime a Pakistani Christian, Asia Babi, is sentenced to death for blasphemy:

Punjab governor, Salmaan Teeser was murdered for standing up for the above woman. He argued Sharia or religious laws are outdated and for that he was targeted as a blasphamer himself.

The murderer is hailed a hero in most of Pakistan.

By Stable Hand at 12:16 AM | Comments |

Britain: Filming A Dawah & All I Got Was This Lousy 'I Will Kill U" Death Threat

@ app 2:14

Doing 'dawah' on a sidewalk, isn't like you are invisible - 'dawah dude'...what are you hiding?

I will say the first 'dawah dude' was trying to break it up. He best check 'his friend' out .........just sayin

Update: Mugshot of 'I will kill you" Muslim dawah person

By Stable Hand at 10:48 PM | Comments |

Who are the Palestinians?

Via Elder of Ziyon:

h/t Janice

Update: Shadowman linked to several articles/videos such as this:

Check out his links and while your at it check out: YASSER ARAFAT, HAMAS AND JIHAD ISLAMI

By Stable Hand at 10:16 PM | Comments |

Boob Job Kills Porn Star

Sexy Cora.jpg
Carolin Berger

(Hamburg, Germany) Twenty-four-year-old German porn star Carolin Berger, aka Sexy Cora, died Friday following complications from her sixth breast enhancement surgery. She wanted to boost her bust from 34F to 34G.

Negligence by the medical staff has been alleged.

By at 08:41 PM | Comments |

Proof Of Allah


A Muslim finds a message from Allah on a piece of subway tomato:

When a slice of tomato fell out he saw what appeared to be the message "Muhammad is God's Messenger" formed in Arabic text by the tomato's veins.

The first pillar, or tenet, of Islam is to declare that there is "no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God".

His imam, or priest, at the Iqra Centre, Normanton, examined the tomato and confirmed his reading was correct, and said "it cannot be a coincidence".

...He said: "It's no coincidence – it's a sign from God. Muhammad said 'I will leave this world but there will be signs that come to show I am the true messenger of God, that will confirm my prophet-hood. This is one of those signs."

An imam confirmed it? Oh well, then it must be true!

A close-up of the tomato:


Can't see Allah's clear and indisputable message? Here is it highlighted:


I'm convinced!!

The Christian/Jewish God only makes floods and plagues and swarms of locusts to get His message across, but Allah - he writes messages inside tomatoes! Allahuakbar!

...And people wonder why us "Islamophobes" don't take Islam as a religion seriously...

By DMartyr at 11:16 AM | Comments |

Tunisian Revolt: Recognize This? (Updated)

Anyone recognize the Arabic on black cloth and or black flag? partially hidden behind Tunisian Police Officers burning hat?

Protesters clash with Tunisian police - The Globe and Mail.png
Image credit: Globe&Mail

Update: Thanks to RB for answering my question. The Arabic calligraphy says police. Makes sense as it appears the cloth/flag is also burning.

Update II: Is the above 'fire image' on the cloth/flag a photoshop? Doesn't look natural...just sayin..

Why we have mixed feeling on the revolt in Tunisia:

Update: Back story on above rapper, and hero El General @ Un:dhimmi

By Stable Hand at 10:31 AM | Comments |

US drones 'kill seven militants' in Pakistan

Second strike is the one of interest to me...report of a foreigner killed riding on the motorcycle.

MIRANSHAH, Pakistan — Two US drone strikes targeting vehicles in Pakistan's lawless tribal district of North Waziristan on Sunday killed at least seven militants, officials said.

Both attacks took place in Datta Khel, some 40 kilometres (25 miles) west of North Waziristan's main town of Miranshah and is frequently a location for the strikes.

Two missiles were fired on a vehicle seconds after it was parked outside a house in Datta Khel, officials said.

"The US drone hit a car immediately after it parked outside a house. Four militants have been killed," an intelligence official in Miranshah told AFP, adding that the vehicle was completely destroyed and the house badly damaged.

"Preliminary reports said all of them were local militants but we are trying to get more information," he added.

A second intelligence official said the drone fired two missiles.

An intelligence official in Peshawar also confirmed the attack and number of missiles, saying: "At least four militants have been killed."

Another US drone then fired two missiles at a motorcycle travelling in the same town, killing three militants, local officials said.

"Three militants have been killed in the second attack," a security official in Miranshah told AFP.

Another security official said the militants were riding a motorcycle when they were hit by the US drone.

It was not immediately clear if the drones were pursuing any high value target but one intelligence official in Miranshah said they were checking reports that a foreigner was among those killed in the second attack.

And the hunt goes on....

By Matt Damon at 04:42 AM | Comments |

Good News!! "Islams Useful Idiots" Planned Rally/March In NY & SF April 9th, 2011 (Upate-we have a winner!)

Apparently, Muslim training summit[link - MuslimMediaNetwork/Muslim Observer] held on the 8th of this month prepares them to partake in a rally with their useful idiots[<--See this post]

January 8, 2011 could very well turn out to be a milestone in the history of Muslim civil rights activism and inter-faith bridge building. On that cold blustery morning, Muslim Peace Coalition organized an initiative to educate the Muslim community and other members of the public on the methods needed to peacefully combat the growing Islamophobia.
And this
We are One Nation, born from many, determined to build a more united America – with jobs, justice and education for all. Join us. We are One Nation Working Together. Let’s not allow the Tea Party to divide the nation by pitting neighbors against neighbors.[emphasis mine...ed]

One Nation Working Together is a new alliance of 300 organizations and growing. Some major names include: AFSC, NAACP, SEIU, AFL-CIO, the National Council of La Raza, United for Peace and Justice, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, Code Pink, and Voices for Creative Nonviolence. Muslim Peace Coalition USA was established initially to support this march.[against FOX..ed]

Fight Islamophobia by working with those who stand with us!

Check out their Weekly Cartoon. I posted it below fold....hint Joooooooooooooossssssssssss

h/t Will

A little further digging I found this:

Muslim Peace Coalition USA_4_9_11.jpg


Image from link above (NPC) to PDF

April9NYCPeace.pdf (application-pdf Object).png

Supposed "Full list" of endorsers (from NPC above) below fold.

Update: We have one of Islams useful idiots in comments...Tlacoc. Congrats for FAIL in comments...come back now, ya hear?

Antisemitism is alive and well at Muslim Observer.

Rather ironic isn't it, they and their useful idiots have been boycotting Israel goods, etc

muslimmedianetwork_weekly cartoon.jpg
April 9th Endorser list[NPC]

(List in formation)

* = For Identification only

UNAC –United National Antiwar Committee

Center for Constitutional Rights

Muslim Peace Coalition, USA

Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Veterans for Peace

International Action Center

Pax Christi USA

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Black Agenda Report

Code Pink

National Assembly to End U.S. Wars and Occupations

World Can’t Wait

Campaign for Peace and Democracy

Islamic Leadership Council of Metro NY

Project Salam

Canadian Peace Alliance

United States Palestine Community Network (USPCN)


Al-Awda USA, Palestine Right to Return Coalition

Lynne Stewart Defense Committee

Office of the Americas

Committee to Stop FBI Repression

War Resisters League

Tariq Ali

Joel Kovel

Dr. Margaret Flowers PNHP *

Michael Parenti

Ramsey Clark

Afghans for Peace

Adirondack Democracy

Advocacy and Training Center

Ambassador Syed Ahsani, Former Ambassador from Pakistan

Ahmed Shawki, editor, International Socialist Review

Ali Abunimah, Palestinian American Journalist

Alice Sturn Sutter, Washington Heights Women in Black *

Al-Awda NY: the Palestine Right to Return Coalition

American Iranian Friendship Committee

American Muslim Task Force, Dallas/Ft. Worth

Ana Edwards, Chair, Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project - Richmond, Va.

Ann Arbor Coalition Against the War

Anthony Arnove, Author, “Iraq: The logic of Withdrawal”

Andy Griggs, Co-chair, California Teachers Association, Peace and Justice Caucus/UTLA-retired*

Arom Pieman Kay, Rainbow Affinity Tribe *

Arthur Daniels, United Federation of Teachers *

Artists for Peace

B. Ross Ashley, NDP Socialist Caucus, Canada *

Bail Out the People Movement

Bay Area Afghans for Peace

Bay Area Arab American Union Members Council

Bay Area United Against War Newsletter

Bay Area Women in Black

Barrio Unido, San Francisco

Bashir Abu-Manneh

Baltimore Job Is a Right Campaign

Baltimore-Washington Area Peace Council, US Peace Council Chapter

Battered Mother’s Custody Conference

Ben Leeman, New Community Quarterly Association *

Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalist, Social Justice Committee

Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace

Binghamton SOA Watch

Black Voices for Peace, Pittsburgh

Blanca Misse, Student Worker Action Team/UC Berkeley, Academic Workers for Democratic Union – UAW 2865 *

Blauvelt Dominican sisters Social Justice Ministry

Bob Hernandez, Chapter President, SEIU Local 1021*

Bob Oort, Cut the Politics *

Bonnie Weinstein – Bay Area United Against Wars Newsletter


Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights

Boston UNAC

Boston University Anti-War Coalition

Brandywine Peace Community

Broome County Peace Action

Bryn Mawr Peace Coalition

BuxMont Coalition for Peace Action

Café Intifada – Los Angeles

Californian Green Party

Camilo E. Mejia, Iraq war veteran and resister

Campaign for a Mass Party of Labor

Carl Gentile, National representative, American Federation of Government employees *

Carole Seligman – Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal *

Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War

Chelsea Neighobrs United to End the War

Chelsea Uniendose en Contra de las Guerra

Chesapeake Citizens

Chuck Anderson, ACLU, Orange County Chapter *

Dr. William Calathes, Prof. , New Jersey City University *

Howard Terry Adcock, Colombia Support Network, Austin (TX) , Center for Peace and Justice *

Chuck Truner, Boston City Councilor

Coalition for Justice – Blacksburg, Va.

Codepink Golden Gate Chapter

Colombia Action/CT.

Colombian Front for Socialism (FECOPES)

Columbus Campaign for Arms Control

Committee for Justice to Defend the Los Angeles 8

Council of Doukhobors in Canada

Consultor Independiente

Cynthia Papermaster, National Accountability Action Network *

Dave Welsh, Delegate, San Francisco Labor Council

David Swanson, WarIsACrime.org

David Keil – Metro West Peace Action (MWPA) *

David Macko, Libertarian Party of Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Davis Peace Coalition

Deanie Sparks, Pima County Green Party *

Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality – Virginia

Delaware Valley Veterans For America

Democratic Workers Party (Bangladesh)

Derrick O’Keefe, Co-chair StopWar.ca (Vancouver)

Detroit Committee to Stop FBI/Grand Jury Repression.

Diama Recagno, Movimiento De Los 100 Para Seguir Viviendo *

Diane V. McLoughlin, The McLoughlin Post

Doug Bullock, Albany County Legislator

Dr. Andy Coates PNHP *

DRUM (Desis Rising Up and Moving) – New York

Duane Palmiter Sr., Tioga Peace & Justice *

East End/Grif Boyz/Gangster Disciples (Crankster Gangsters)

Elaine Brower - national steering committee of World Can’t Wait and anti-war military mom

Fernando Fena Torres, La Pena Cultural Center

Fifth WorldClass Freedom

Fight Imperialism Stand Together (FIST)

Fr. Bernard Survil, Pax Christi Greensburg *

Free Palestine Movement

Freedom Road Socialist Organization

Freedom Socialist Party

Garden Gate Blacksmith Shop

Gilbert Achcar – Lebanese academic and writer

Give Peace A Chance Coalition

Global Peace, Editor: Tim Nolan

Grandmothers Against the War

Grandmothers Keen

Granny Peace Brigade, NYC

Green Party of New York

Green Party of New York City Committee

Guilderland Neighbors for Peace

Guyanese American Workers United

Haiti Action Committee

Haiti Liberte

Healthy Planet Mobilization Committee

Hands off Venezuela

Hedy Epstein, St. Louis women in Black *

Hilda Meers, Grampian Senior Citizens *

Howie Hawkins, Co-Chair, Green Party of New York State *

Humanist Party NYC Chapter


IBEW 424

IIan Pappe, Director Exeter University, European Centre for Palestine Studies

Impromptu Action

Indymedia-letzebuerg (Luxemburg)

International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal

International Socialist Organization

International Solidarity Movement – Northern California

International support Haiti Network (ISHN)

Iraq Peace Action Coalition – Minneapolis

Italo-American Progressive Fraternal Society

Jack Hereford, Catholic Worker *

Janata Dal (United), India

Jane Anne Jeffries, Conversation With Connection *

Jennafer Yellowhorse, Making Change Street Paper *

Jersey City Peace Movement

Jim Prentice, Science for Peace *

Jimmy Massey, Founding member of IVAW

Joe Jamison, TWU Local 100 *

John Pilger, Journalist and Documentary film maker

John Riccio, Arlington South *

Josh Karpoff, Campus Antiwar Network *

Journal Square Homeless Coalition

Juliet Buck, F35insouthburlington.blogspot.com *

Justice for Fallujah Project

Justice for Palestinians


Karen Schieve, United Educators of San Francisco *

Keith Mchenry, co-founder Food not Bombs *

Kevin Zeese

Kim Nguyen, Metrowest Peace Action (MWPA)*

Kwame Binta, The November Coalition

Labor Committee for Peace & Justice, SF Bay Area

Larry Pinkvey, Black Activist Writers Guild



Leonard & Ellen Zablow, Union of Concerned Scientists *

Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee, NYC Chapter

Lillie “Ms. K” Branch-Kennedy – Director, Resource Information Help for the Disadvantaged (R.I.H.D.), Virginia

Lisa Savage, CODEPINK Maine, Bring Our War $$ Home Coalition *

Logan Square Neighbors for Justice and Peace

Lok Morcha Punjab

Los Angeles – Palestine Labor Solidarity Committee

Luis Vega, Real-Politik

Maggie Zhou – ClimateSOS *

Maine Veterans for Peace

Malu Aina, Hawaii

Manhattan Local of the Green Party of New York State

Maria Cristina Gutierrez, Exec. Director, Companeros del Barrio

March For Justice

Mark Roman, Waterville Area Bridges for Peace & Justice

Marlena Santoyo, Germantown Friends Meeting, Philadelphia, PA

Mary Flanagan, United Teachers of Richmond *

Marxist Update

Mary Jane Books

Masjid As-Salam Mosque, Albany, NY

Mazen Almoukdad, Free Iraq Now *

Mazin Qumsiyeh

Michael Gilfillan, Uranium Free Kootenay Boundry *

Michigan Emergency Committee Against Wars and Injustice

Middle East Children's Alliance

Mike Alewitz, Central Ct. State University *

Mike Malloy Radio Show: Progressive Radio

Middle East Crisis Committee


Mobilization Against War and Occupation - Vancouver, Canada

Mobilization to Free Mumia

Moratorium NOW Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, Evictions and Utility Shut-offs


Movimento per la Ocieta di Giustizia

Movimento per la Societa di Giustizia

Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center

Muslim Solidarity Committee

Muslimah Writers Alliance

Nancy Murray, Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights*

Nancy Parten, Witness For Peace *

Nellie Bailey, Harlem Tenants Council *

New Abolitionist Movement

New Black Panther Party

New England United

New Jersey Labor Against War

New Jersey Youth United Against War and Imperialism

New Socialist Project

New York City Labor Against the War

New York Metro Progressives

New Zealand Peace Council

Neighbors For Peace, PennYan, New York

Neil Parthun, Host, Not Another Sports Show

Nicholas J. Bisaccia, M.S.Ed., PAX CHRISTI *

No More Victims

Nodutdol for Korean Community Development

North Pilly for Peace and Justice

Northampton committee to stop Wars

Northeast Ohio Antiwar Coalition

Northeast Peace and Justice Action Coalition

Northern California Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism

Northfield People for Peace and Goodwill

Northwest Greens


Nuestro Norte Es El Sur ((NUNO-SUR) Our North is the South

Oakland Education Association Peace & Justice Caucus

Omar Barghouti, Human rights activist (Palestine)

Ometeotl Ministries

Oscar Grant committee to Stop Police Brutality & State Repression, Oakland, CA.

Our Developing World

Pais – War Resisters in the Netherlands

Pakistan USA Freedom Forum

Pakistani Trade Union Defense Campaign

Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People

Palisadians for Peace

Parsa Sorbi, Mardom TV *

Pax Christi Metro New York

Pax Christi Pentagon Area

Peace Action Maine

Peace Action Montgomery

Peace Action of San Mateo County

Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine

Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County

Peace and Justice Online

Peacemakers of Schoharie County, New York

Peace and Freedom Party

Peace Education Center

People of Faith, Connecticut

Peace Power Press

Peninsula Peace & Justice, Blue Hill, Maine

Peninsula Peace and Justice Center – Palo Alto, Ca.

Peoples Video Network

Peter Eglin, Wilfrid Laurier University *

Phil Wilayto, Editor, The Virginia Defender

Philadelphia Against War

Pledge of Resistance – Baltimore

Professor Alice Bach, Case Western Reserve University *

Progressive Coalition of Northern NY

Progressive Peace Coalition, Columbus Ohio

Prosecute Them Now


Queen Zakia Shabazz – Director, United Parents Against Lead National, Inc.

Queer Liberation Front.us

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, cofounder of the Community of Living Traditions

Radical Party of America

Radical Women

Radio Free Maine

Ralph Poynter, Lynne Stewart Defense Committee

Rev. Bruce Wright, Refuge Misistries *

Rev. John Dornheim

Rev. Ralph Moore, Watershed School *

Revolutionary Legal Front

Revolutionary Poets Brigade

Revolutionary Workers Group

Rhode Island Mobilization Committee

Roberta Silver, DC 37 Local 2054 *

Roland Sheppard, Retired Business Agent Painters Local #4, San Francisco *

Rochester Against War

Ron Jacobs, writer

Russia & America Goodwill association

Ruth Balter, Granny Peace Brigade, Philadelphia *

Saladin Muhammad - Founding Member, Black Workers for Justice

Salina People for Peace

San Diego Free Mumia Coalition

San Francisco Green Party

San Jose Peace and Justice Center

Sarah Roche-Mahdi, Code Pink Boston*

Saratoga Peace Alliance

Senior Action Network

Seth Farber, PhD., Institute of Mind and Behavior *

Sexual Minorities Archives

Sherry Wolf – International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, Author Sexuality and Socialism

Shomer Shalom Network for Jewish Nonviolence

Siege Busters Working Group

Socialist Action

Socialist Organizer

Socialist Party USA

Socialist Viewpoint


Solidarity Committee of the Capital District

Solidarity with Iran

St. James Peace & Justice, Johnson City, NY

St. Louis Instead of War Coalition

Staten Island Council for Peace & Justice

Steve Downs, Chair, Train Operators, Transport Workers Union Local 100 *

Steve Scher, Green Party of NYC 26 AD *

Stewart Robinson, Stop Targeting Ohio Poor *

Stop the F-35 Coalition

Stop the Wars Coalition, Boston

Sue Kelly, Sec.-Treas., OPEIU Local 334

Suffolk Peace Network (Long Island)

Tarak Kauff, Veterans for Peace

The Blitz: A Progressive Movement

The Campaign Against Sanctions & Military Intervention in Iran

The Origin Foundation, Inc

The Thomas Merton Center Antiwar Committee

Troy Area Labor Council


Twin Cities Peace Campaign

United Latina en Accion

Upper Hudson Peace Action

US Friends of the Soviet People

US Labor for Friendship with Cuba

Uthans for a Just Peace in the Holy Land

Vancouver Healthcare Now

Veterans Fellowship of Reconciliation

Virginia Defender

Wage Peace

War Moratorium, SECT

Washington Peace Center

West County Toxics Coalition

West Hartford Citizens for Peace and Justice

WESPAC Foundation

Women against Military Madness

Women Against War

Women in Black, Westchester

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Pittsburgh

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Santa Cruz Branch

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Santa Barbara, CA

Workers Action

Workers International League

Workers Power (US)

Workers World Party

Youth for International Socialism


Zeljdo Cipris, University of the Pacific *

There is so much here it's hard to decide what to file this other. islamofacism/liberalfacism/communism/marxism/far left/assmaggots/douchebags, etc.

Much easier just to call em all Islams Useful Idiots.

By Stable Hand at 06:21 PM | Comments |

Iranian/Syrian Backed PFLP-GC Carries Out Military Exercises In Eastern Lebanon

PFLP_central command.jpg

PFLP-GC (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - Central Command) is designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization by U.S., EU, Canada & Israel

Interesting development with these assmaggots:


In a sign of what the Lebanese should expect if Iranian and Syrian backed Hezbollah assumes power in Lebanon, the Syrian backed Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command ( PFLP-GC ) carried out Saturday a military exercise at their Qosaya base in the Bekaa, in eastern Lebanon near the Syrian borders according to Central news Agency.

The report added that residents of nearby villages could hear the echoes of gunfire and explosions coming from the base.

h/t Lizzie


.....The organization carried out dozens of attacks in Europe and the Middle East during the 1970s and 1980s and is known for cross-border terrorist attacks into Israel using unusual means, such as hot air balloons and motorized hang gliders. The group's primary focus now is on guerrilla operations in southern Lebanon. Its attacks usually come from over the Lebanese border and its presence in the PA-administered territories is minimal. Its attacks against Israel include:

* Blowing up a Swissair plane (February 21, 1970); 47 murdered.
* An attack on a bus of children from Avivim , a moshav near the Lebanese border (May 21, 1970); 12 Israeli children murdered.
* An attack in Kiriyat Shmonah in the far north of Israel (April 11, 1974); 18 Israeli civilians murdered.
* The kidnapping of 3 Israeli soldiers in 1982 who were exchanged on May 20, 1985, for 1150 Palestinian prisoners.
* “The night of the hang-gliders” (November 25, 1987); 6 Israeli soldiers murdered.

My, they even have a website

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A YouTube User Has A Message For Islam4UK

Below the fold:

I second that!

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Russia: A New 'Use' For Dildo

'Civil' political discourse:


h/t Mark

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Friday Night Fox News Hotties

Laughing at the leading candidate for Most Frivolous Lawsuit of 2011.

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January 21, 2011

Even More Imperial Good News!! Olberman Leaves "Countdowm" on MSNBC !!!11eleventy11!!! (Update)

Friday night funnies:MSNBC and Keith Olbermann have ended their contract, the network said Friday night. :

Mr. Olbermann thanked his viewers for their enthusiastic support of a show that had “gradually established its position as anti-establishment.”

In a statement, MSNBC said : “MSNBC and Keith Olbermann have ended their contract. The last broadcast of ‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann’ will be this evening. MSNBC thanks Keith for his integral role in MSNBC’s success and we wish him well in his future endeavors.”

MSNBC announced that “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” would replace “Countdown” at 8 p.m., with “The Ed Show” with Ed Schultz taking Mr. O’Donnell’s slot at 10 p.m. Mr. Olbermann did not discuss any future plans, but NBC executives said one term of his settlement will keep him from moving to another network for an extended period of time.

To be continued...

Update: Kos has poll & CNN has the most votes. Pie bakery would be good place for a pie hole.

Click image & scroll down to vote

Update II: Ah, it came so close, final count:


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LOL: I Went to Yemen to Learn Arabic!

This is funny. Does any one still believe that a poor Somali immigrant would go to Yemen to .... learn Arabic? And then when he gets home his CAIR attorneys and he start whining about the secret US conspiracy to have him detained tortured abroad, and then lack of a lawyer when he was being questioned at .... US Customs.

Thanks guys, I needed a good laugh! Now I'm off to the Sudan for a much needed R&R.

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How Many Deaths Will Be On His Hands?

I bet he's a Tea Party type. Probably a Sarah Palin fan too. I'd be willing to bet he drew crosshairs one time in kindergarten.

This political climate of right wing violent hate speech (and gestures) must be stopped!

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Bin Laden Message: France Sucks (Where is bin Laden?)

Al Jazeera:

"President Nicolas Sarkozy's refusal to remove his forces from Afghanistan is nothing but a green light for killing the French hostages," Bin Laden says in the recording, broadcast on Al Jazeera on Friday.

"We repeat the same message to you: The release of your prisoners in the hands of our brothers is linked to the withdrawal of your soldiers from our country."

This is the second tape that Bin Laden, believed to be hiding in the mountainous border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, has released an audio recording attacking French policy and linking the French presence in Afghanistan to the kidnapping of its nationals in Niger.

Seven foreigners, including five French nationals, were kidnapped in Niger in September, with the group's north African wing Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) claiming responsibility.

What's old is new as bin Laden chose the traditional method of sending his audio tape to al Jazeera rather than releasing it through his own internet production team. There are several possible inferences we might draw from this.

It gives us a clue as to either his proximity to or trust level of Adam Gadahn and the rest of the crack staff at as Sahab productions. He may not be close enough to the crew, he may not trust them (would you?), or he may believe that the distribution network of al Fajr might somehow be traced back to his physical location.

Let's assume, though, that it's simply a proximity issue and that bin Laden simply isn't near those who produce propaganda for him. We're fairly sure that Gadahn is holed up with one of his goat-ugly wives in a small village in the nether-regions of Pakistan. So where is bin Laden?

I'm just wondering if there is something about his sudden and keen interest in Saharan Africa that is a clue as to his location? Or is that just crazy talk?

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Matt Damon's Mustache

It physically excites me!

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Shariah4Australia on Talk Radio: Time for Shariah

One of the fools from SHARIAH4AUSTRALIA is Muslim convert Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon. He can be heard in the interview below calling for Shariah law in Australia and recounting a wet dream in which Mohammed's mustache tickled his nethers*. Allah Ho Gaybar!!!

*I might have embellished that last part a bit.

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When The Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big-a Pizza Pie, That's Amore!

But when a hickey causes paralysis, why that's an unhealthy obsession...

A New Zealand woman was temporarily partially paralyzed by a hickey on her neck from her amorous partner, AFP reported Friday.

The 44-year-old woman went to the emergency department of Middlemore Hospital in Auckland last year after experiencing loss of movement in her left arm while watching television, doctors reported in the New Zealand Medical Journal.

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Herpetological Dementia

Is at once decrying the fall of Pakistan to "Islamic hard-liners" and then in the very next tweet calling a film about the very same Islamic hard-liners Muslim Bashing.


Don't worry its gonna be OK, Chuck. Grandma used to forget she was cooking, too. When you start to disassociate stuff, like the fire coming from the stove with danger, we'll have to look into more care. But in the mean time it's pretty entertaining.

Anyway here is the Muslim bashing film Charles wants us to decry.

The Third Jihad Part II
The Third Jihad Part III.
The Third Jihad Part IV.

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Hot Dishes Cheering Wounded Warriors in Germany

And by hot dishes here, I don't mean the food. I mean Gina Elise And Leah from Pinups for Vets and Ellen Adams of Red Hot Dish who, along with other do-gooders, helped organize a little post-Christmas cheer for wounded warriors in recovering in Germany.

Go check out the post, images, and videos at Blackfive recounting the trip.

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Video: "Allahuakbar!" Song of the Tunisian revolution by Tunisian Muslim Youth: El General

Why we have mixed feelings on the revolt in Tunisia ......

Info on video:

"Allahuakbar!" Song of the Tunisian revolution by Tunisian Muslim Youth by El General. NOTE: This is not a Nahda Productions production and nor do we necessarily condone all the content and styles used. Rather we showcase this video which is all over the Tunisian Social media scene. It shows the raw love of the Tunisian Muslim youth for their islam. This is a sharp reposte to anyone who claims that the revolution has nothing to do with Islam. This is the CLEAREST answer possible: The youth here are talking about their love of islam, repeatedly say "Allahuakbar" and talking of Islamic liberation and jihad. Videos posted initially on Facebook.

Related: Tunisian Islamists Eyeing Politics Again After ''Jasmine Revolution [Un:dhimmi]

Be careful what you wish for:

For decades, Tunisians espousing political Islam were banned, jailed and forced underground by their country’s autocratic regime.

Now they are seeking a place in government _ raising fears that Islamic radicalism might take root in Tunisia, long seen by the West as a bulwark against terrorism. With the promise that democracy will replace dictatorship, members of the outlawed Ennahdha party have taken to the streets, joining daily protests aimed at banishing all traces of the former ruling party of ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Yes, be careful what you wish for...

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Removing Taliban Videos At Google's YouTube?

Strange play on numbers, eh? Why were so many removed...only...in the last two weeks of December? Heat on? Why can't they continue to do this?

Click me for more stats

Andrea, in comments:

I don't believe for a second they removed them. Look at the incremental increases in the other two week timeframes. YouTube took them down - and then YouTube put them back up.
Quoting myself -

"I've about decided that the pressure that was put on Google at that time did actually result in their experimenting with some kind of word recognition software (like they obviously have for porn) and it worked. But, again, until such time as they must follow the law or pay the consequences, they just ain't gonna go there if it's going to cost them a dime no matter how many lives it saves."

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Jean-Claude `Baby Doc' Duvalier Busted (Bumped Updated: Charges Pending, Travel Forbidden..) (Update: Fatwas Issued!)

How do you say PWNED! in French?

PORT-AU-PRINCE -- Haitian police took ex-dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier out of a hotel and into custody Tuesday shortly after noon.

The former despot known as ``Baby Doc'' was led through the posh Karibe Hotel in Petionville by a contingent of heavily-armed police. He did not say anything as he was escorted through the back of the hotel but his companion laughed when asked if Duvalier was being arrested.

I question Baby Doc's thinking on the entire matter. You're in France and you decide to go to Haiti?

It should be more like..... I was drowning in the Atlantic ocean, I considered just accepting death but reluctantly decided to swim for Haiti.

Update: What the hell? Make it a contest: Allowable reasons to travel to Haiti. Fatwas will be issued.

Update II: See what did I tell you, now he's stuck in Haiti.

Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier was charged with corruption and the theft of his country's meagre funds last night after the former Haitian dictator was hauled before a judge in Port-au-Prince.

..."His fate is now in the hands of the investigating judge. We have brought charges against him," said Port-au-Prince's chief prosecutor, Aristidas Auguste.

He said his office had filed charges against Duvalier, 59, of corruption, theft, misappropriation of funds and other alleged crimes committed during his period in power.

The charges must now be investigated by the judge who will decide whether a criminal case should go ahead. After several hours of questioning, Duvalier left the prosecutor's office but was ordered to remain in the country at the disposition of judicial authorities. "He doesn't have the right to go anywhere," investigating judge Carves Jean said.

Keep those comments coming. But there will be only one winner per meetball Fatwa here.

Update: Fatwas Issued!

The "i will cut ur neck" fatwa issued against Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder for

I should be allowed to travel to Haiti because my name is Sean Penn.
The "devil will do meetballs from your bodies" fatwa issued against redc1c4 for:
it was either go to Haiti or spend another day playing Naked Twister with Helen THomas, Nancy Pelosi and the First Klingon, with the winner taking all the meatballs.
The "why u insult holly quoran" fatwa issued against tomg51 for:
Because Jawa called him a fag.

Note to self: Even if you find yourself in France, never ever ever go to Haiti. Even considering, "it is the western hemisphere."

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Non Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: Pakistan+Drone+Black War Flag+Ghey Mujahideen+Weapons=Fatwa For You & Me?

Fatwas to be issued and to insure I receive one please stop by and comment on bad ghey JihadTube user str1ve4martyrdOm's video: By ALLAH! Their AIRCRAFTS Are NOT ABOVE ALLAH (SWT)..

Mujahideen: "Mustaches bugs excite me..Allahu Akhbar!!!!"

h/t Andrea

Update: Video added for hilarity

Update II Oooops:

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Even More Imperial Good News: German al-Qaeda Dork Goes to Afghanistan to Fight America; Americans Waste His Sorry Ass


A German al-Qaeda militant who once threatened to attack the country has been killed in Afghanistan, fellow militants say.

Bekkay Harrach, who was born in Morocco and lived in the German city of Bonn, is said to have died leading an attack on the US air base at Bagram.

No date was given but the statement may refer to an attack last May.

Harrach appeared in al-Qaeda videos in 2009 threatening attacks during the German general election.

He was reported to be on a list of about 100 German nationals thought to be a security threat, and the authorities took his warnings seriously.

The laser technology student, who was 32 at the time, was believed to have travelled abroad to wage violent jihad in the West Bank, Iraq and the Pakistani region of Waziristan.

Reporting the militants' statement, Germany's Spiegel magazine said Harrach's death had already been rumoured.

A group called the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) said in an online statement that Harrach, whose nom-de-guerre was Abu Talha al-Almani (Abu Talha the German), was killed leading an attack on Bagram.

Harrach led a group of 20 suicide attackers composed of al-Qaeda, IMU and Tahreek-e-Taliban members, the group's statement said.

His stupid video is here.

Thanks to Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder.

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Abid Naseer to Involuntarily Emigrate to America


Sky News:
The extradition of an alleged al Qaeda operative accused of planning to bomb UK and US targets has been approved.

Prosecutors claim Abid Naseer, 24, was part of an al Qaeda cell operating in the UK in which the participants planned a terrorist attack in Manchester.
The US authorities are seeking to have him extradited.

District Judge Quentin Purdy approved the application in a hearing at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court in central London, but said the case will now go to the Home Secretary.

Ben Cooper, representing Naseer, said his client would appeal against the decision.

If the appeal process is unsuccessful, he will be sent to the US to stand trial for his alleged role in a terror campaign that would have struck targets in Britain, Norway and the US.

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Texting Woman Falls In Fountain; Sues Mall (Updated)

I laughed. I hope she doesn't sue The Jawa Report...

The woman is suing because no one helped her. In defense of the laughing security guards, they could have been watching the tape long after the event took place.

But before you feel too sorry for the woman (if anyone does), you should know she has been charged with five felonies unrelated to this incident. It seems she allegedly likes to acquire money and valuable items through fraud.

I might add frivolous lawsuits as another way to acquire unearned wealth.

[UPDATE] Turns out this woman WORKS in the same mall!

Watch the actual interview HERE.

She is very fortunate it was just a fountain. She could have walked into a bus... in the mall... you never know... WTF? A bus??

Yeah, my mall is teaming with run-away buses, always hitting people who don't pay attention to their surroundings... Makes you wonder if these mall buses ever hit the fountain or do they just GO AROUND IT?

[UPDATE 2] Geraldo Rivera says signs should have been posted. How stupid is that? If this woman couldn't see a 20 foot fountain how is she going to see a sign warning about the fountain?

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Instanbul: Premiere of Comedy/Horror Film, Sacred Demijohn Dracoola, Leaves Movie Goers 'Dry'

Why you say? Islamists sez alcohol is haraam

Click me for more
Restrictions on alcohol are intensifying under the rule of the Islamist AK Party

Turkey – once a relatively liberal haven in the Muslim world, is Islamising fast under it’s AK Party government – and restrictions on alcohol are at the forefront of the push:

Guests at the Istanbul premiere of a new vampire film were among the first victims of new curbs on alcohol that have raised secularist fears Islamic strictures may be encroaching on everyday life.

The rules, announced earlier this month by the tobacco and alcohol watchdog, tighten up license requirements for serving alcohol, impose restrictions on alcohol marketing and limits sales to designated areas in stores.

But the move has revived secularist accusations that Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoǧan’s government is interfering in people’s lifestyles and imposing Islamic values.

Video NSFW:

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Imperial Good News: South Korea Waxes Eight Somali Pirates, all Sailors Safe


South Korean navy commandos today rescued the crew of a freighter hijacked in the Arabian Sea last week, killing eight Somali pirates and capturing another five.

Officials in Seoul said all 21 members of the crew – 11 Burmese, eight Koreans and two Indonesians – were safe after the rescue mission.

"Our special forces stormed the hijacked Samho Jewelry ... and freed all hostages," Colonel Lee Bung-woo, a spokesman for the joint chiefs of staff, told reporters in Seoul.

"During the operation, our forces killed some Somali pirates and all of the hostages were confirmed alive."

The captain of the Samho Jewelry was shot in the stomach by pirates during the rescue operation, but Lee said his injuries were not life-threatening.

In a brief televised statement, the South Korean president, Lee Myung-bak, said: "We will not tolerate any behaviour that threatens the lives and safety of our people in the future."

Pirates seized the 11,500-tonne chemical carrier as it sailed from the United Arab Emirates to Sri Lanka last weekend.

A South Korean naval destroyer chased the freighter for days before the five-hour pre-dawn rescue mission was launched 800 miles off the north-east coast of Somalia.

The destroyer began its pursuit after Lee said "every possible measure" should be taken to free the crew.

Lee – who was criticised for his response to North Korea's attack on Yeonpyeong island in November – declared the rescue mission a "complete success".

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Evidence in Federal Court: "Jawa called me a fag" ***Sticky (Last Day of Sticky: 'Mustache Physcially Excites Me' Madness!!)*** ***(UNstickied)***

Check out our new logo above which quotes terrorist wannabe Emerson Begolly in an online federal wiretap in which he whines about The Jawa Report calling him "a fag" for saying that!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the greatest moment in legal history. Ever.

Update by Howie: Ewwww, Vinnie UNstickied it.

Abu Nancy is one of Emerson Begolly's many online nicknames. It is only half as gay as his preferred online nickname Goatlee, but twice as gay as nickname number three: Asudallah Alshishani.


My life is complete. I can retire now.

You can look at all of the evidence submitted in the Emerson Begolly appeal thanks to intelwire here. Text version below.

(8:38:33 PM) hassan@almanhajribat.net: 101 (8:38:34 PM) abunancy@almanhajribat.net: whaaaaat? (8:38:40 PM) abunancy@almanhajribat.net: jawa called me a fag (8:38:44 PM) abunancy@almanhajribat.net: on his site (8:39:02 PM) abunancy@almanhajribat.net: he misused my statement saying mashoom;s mustache pyscially excites me (8:39:11 PM) abunancy@almanhajribat.net: he is a pig (8:40:01 PM) hassan@almanhajribat.net: no, i dont thing its actually that serious as the exaggerated.. maybe i overexaggerated my analysis on our beloved brother, but i seek to have his permission if he wills for me to tell him.. as I dont want to be the bearer of false tidings anyway (8:40:06 PM) hassan@almanhajribat.net: and when did he called you a fag? (8:40:22 PM) abunancy@almanhajribat.net: this summer (8:40:43 PM) abunancy@almanhajribat.net: did they mention him by kunya or name? (8:40:47 PM) hassan@almanhajribat.net: his mother died while giving birth to a fag like him, so thats so unsurprising that he accuses you (8:40:51 PM) hassan@almanhajribat.net: kunya (8:41:01 PM) abunancy@almanhajribat.net: they r liars
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January 20, 2011

Figures: Edmonton Terror Suspect Will Fight Extradition to U.S.

sayfildin tahir sharf_court_edmonton.jpg
Image credit: CTV.ca

Update on Canada: Edmonton Muslim, Sayfildin Tahir Sharif, Accused in Terror Plot

Via CTV.ca

CTV.ca News Staff

A Canadian man, who has been accused of supporting a deadly terror group in Iraq and conspiring to kill Americans abroad, will fight extradition to the U.S.

Bob Aloneissi, the Edmonton lawyer representing Sayfildin Tahir Sharif, said Thursday outside the court that his client is up against "some of the most serious charges an individual can face."

"I think any Canadian would want to stay in Canada to answer to charges," he added.

Sharif made a brief court appearance on Thursday where the matter was put over for one week. Aloneissi said that the extradition process could take months.

"There will be a period of about 60 days and then an extradition hearing will be set, probably within the next six months or so," Alonesissi said[...]

The 38-year-old who lives in Edmonton and is married and has children, also goes by the aliases "Faruq Khalil Muhammad 'Isa," and "Tahir Sharif Sayfildin."

U.S. authorities allege that while living in Canada, Sharif supported a multinational terrorist network that took part in a deadly suicide bombing in Iraq in April 2009.

The attack at the U.S. military's forward operating base Marez in Mosul, Iraq, killed five U.S. soldiers.

Image credit: CTV.ca

Sharif faces a life sentence if convicted.


By Stable Hand at 10:11 PM | Comments |

Terrorism Works: No Freedom of Religion or Speech in the UK

In the US when you burn a Quran we beg you not to. In the UK they arrest you.

Forget the wisdom of burning Qurans. Free speech is about speech you don't like, not speech that you like. There are no laws against calling baby polar bears cute.

If it's your Quran you can do with it as you wish. It's a book. Nothing more.

For the state to arrest someone for burning a book is as bad as the state encouraging the book to be burned in the first place.

This is like a bizarro Nazi Germany.

But this is more than just a free speech issue. It's a freedom of religion issue. Part of religious freedom includes the ability to criticize religions you don't agree with. Even when members of the religion you oppose find your criticisms or methods of criticism offensive. Even when I find your criticisms offensive.

Only a weak religion would call for the legal banning of religious desecration.

Only a weak people would give in to them.

It's clear to me that this isn't a case of Sharia becoming the law of the land in the UK. Good for rhetorical points, but inaccurate.

No, this is a clear case of terrorism working.

It's not fear of offending people that is behind British motivation of hate speech laws applied selectively. There no risk that such hate speech might lead to anti-Muslim pogroms or widespread anti-Muslim violence.

No, the reason Islam is given special protection is because people in the UK fear violent reaction from Muslims. Burn the Quran and violence is as sure to erupt as the sun is to rise.

The threat of violence is real enough that a rational calculation has been made. This type of violent intimidation is terrorism, whether or not it is an open threat or just an unstated yet known threat.

Terrorism works.

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Video: Terrorists Are Schmucks!

Backstory on above video.

By Stable Hand at 05:35 PM | Comments |

Hoope-n-Change! Military Trials Back on at Gitmo

I honestly don't know if this is a good thing or not. For all my past bitching about the idea of war criminals being tried in civilian courts, it turns out that they might do just as well -- or better -- at keeping terrorists locked up. The outcome of prison time for people that I think should be shot isn't exactly ideal either. But we're not talking about ideals here, we're talking about the two choices we have at this point.

The record at the military tribunals seems more dismal than the record of civilian trials held on US soil. The vast majority of those released from Gitmo returning to the field of battle having never been given their day in a civilian court. But the upcoming military tribunals may be special cases where, because of "tainted evidence", civilian trials are simply a no-go from the start.

Let's hope that Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri -- one of the planners of the attack against the USS Cole -- gets the death penalty. But when was the last time a US military court meted out the death penalty? That's a serious question and my memory is coming up blank. I take that as either a bad sign for my memory or a bad sign that even the military is up to meting out justice in these cases.

I know this is a consequentialist argument based on the assumption that all the bastards held in Guantanamo are guilty, but in my mind the most important thing we can do is make sure they never make it back to the field of battle in any capacity. Whatever system does this best is the one I support.

Also, do you think Khalid Shaikh Muhammad's mustache physically excites Goatly*? UPDATE: Yeah, KSM killed Daniel Pearl. But I thought we knew that already? Was it ever really in doubt?

*Swapped KSM photos for mustachtastick affect.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:51 PM | Comments |

Sniper Scope Smuggling Case - Updated

Anna Fermanova pleads guilty. Sentencing in April.

* * * * *

Babe Accused of Attempted Smuggling of Night-Vision Scopes
[Previous 7/28/10 post]
(New York City) A 24-year-old Texas woman, Anna Fermanova, has been accused by federal authorities of trying to smuggle night-vision scopes to Russia.

Fermanova lives in the Dallas TX suburb of Plano. Her family immigrated to the U.S. from Latvia when she was nine years old.

According to a federal affidavit, Fermanova tried to smuggle three night-vision rifle scopes to Russia in March without obtaining the proper export license.

The devices were seized as Fermanova was boarding a plane for Moscow at JFK International Airport, according to the document.

She was allowed to complete the trip but was arrested after her return on a charge of attempting to export US munitions.

Fermanova was booked and released on $50,000 bail. (more….)

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Google/YouTube: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Image credit: Flippintheraya

Google/YouTube's symbiotic relationship with the Black Flag of Jihad

For instance:

Anwar Awlaki vid counts...[which YouTube/Media sez have been removed]:

12-3 - 5670
12-15 - 5840
12-29 - 5730
1-8 - 5940
1-18 - 5860

We say kiss this :

Image credit: Axel Sanders

Google/YouTube fudging #'s of Taliban, etc videos removed

By Stable Hand at 02:58 PM | Comments |

Google: Moustacheless, Probably Retarded

With a username of "Hamascyberpower" featuring a video called "Newest Hamas-Al Qassam Nasheed" you'd think that Google's YouTube would get the message that this might just be from a terrorist organization. I dunno, maybe Hamas' al Qassam Brigades?

Smack them down here.

Flag >> Violent or Repulsive Content >> Supports Terrorism >> Moustaches physically excite me.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:07 PM | Comments |

Huffpo: American Traitor Bradley Manning is Modern Martin Luther King or Something

This is the modern "peace movement". They aren't pro-peace, they're anti-American. And anything that hurts America is good in their eyes. Even treason.

Thanks to Armoros-the-'stache-Fallen.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:00 PM | Comments |

Iranium Update: Canadian Network Host Is One Of Islams Useful Idiots?


"It may play into anti-islam propaganda - Evan Solomon

Evan kills me. The network he's on has featured a weekly diet of anti-George W Bush and 9/11 conspiracy documentaries for most of the past decade. But Iranium may be a problem.

h/t a Canuck

Islams Useful Idiots

Video: Statement by Clare Lopez on the cancellation of the film, Iranium, she was to speak after[+ links to other posts regarding Iranium]

By Stable Hand at 01:30 PM | Comments |

2 Miami Dade Police Officers Shot, I Died (Updated)

Some disgusting comments at 7NewsMiami live stream chat

Watch live streaming video from 7newsmiami at livestream.com

RIP sir..sigh

Prayers the female officer recovers.

Update: Sadly, the female officer has also died. Our thoughts and prayers for family of slain officers. My God ease their pain.


Update II 3 officers were involved. 2 died, another was admitted to the hospital with a 'knee injury'

MIAMI (WSVN) -- Two Miami-Dade Police officers have lost their lives while serving a warrant on a suspect wanted for murder, who would also die as a result of the shootout, according to police.

A female officer died in the operating room of Jackson Memorial Hospital, at around 1 p.m. Thursday, according to Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez. He said she had sustained multiple wounds as a result of an exchange of gunfire between a violent fugitive that also killed another officer on the scene. The suspect would also die on the scene.

"I'm sad to report that the second officer that was shot on the scene expired at Jackson Memorial Trauma Center," said Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez. "She got to the trauma center in extremely critical condition. The trauma center, being the professionals that they are, did everything they could to save her, but apparently she lost her life."

By Stable Hand at 12:48 PM | Comments |

30 Yrs Ago Today Ronald Reagan Became 40th President & Iran Hostage Crisis Ends

Minutes after Ronald Reagan's inauguration as the 40th president of the United States, the 52 U.S. captives held at the U.S. embassy in Teheran, Iran, are released, ending the 444-day Iran Hostage Crisis.


The Iran hostage crisis was a diplomatic crisis between Iran and the United States. Fifty-two US citizens were held hostage for 444 days from November 4, 1979 to January 20, 1981, after a group of Islamic students and militants took over the Embassy of the United States in support of the Iranian Revolution.

Sixty-six Americans were taken captive when Iranian militants seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran on Nov. 4, 1979, including three who were at the Iranian Foreign Ministry. Six more Americans escaped and of the 66 who were taken hostage, 13 were released on Nov. 19 and 20, 1979; one was released on July 11, 1980, and the remaining 52 were released on Jan. 20, 1981.

Google chose John F. Kennedy:


Indeed, he had a moving speech. Google incorporated his famous quotes in their image.

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The Penetrator


It's the mustache that physically excites me...

By DMartyr at 11:24 AM | Comments |

Palm Beach Post Columnist, Jose Lambiet, Slams Parents of Rep. Giffords Doctor for Supporting Tea Party Candidates

Jose Lambiet aka assh^le


Michael Lemole is a neurosurgeon who has been treating Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. However, that noble work wasn't enough to keep Palm Beach Post Page 2 Live columnist Jose Lambiet (photo) from dragging his parents through the mud for the "high crime" of supporting Tea Party candidates. Somehow Lambiet thinks it ironic that while the son has worked to save the life of Giffords, his parents are associated with a group that Lambiet absurdly claims provided "fertile ground" for the likes of Jared Loughner. Lambiet kicks off his odious column by snarking about how wealthy Lemole's parents appear to be:[[More...]
Instead of praising Dr Lemole, this liberal bast*ard showed how stupid and idiotic he is. The left so want to blame Palin/Rush/Beck/FOX/conservatives/tea party for a crazed gunmen who seriously wounded Rep Giffords....so he goes after the good Dr's parents?

Talk about sh*t for brains...gawd.

h/t KLSouth

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Things That Must Be Banned To Stop Bad Stuff From Happening

From IHateTheMedia.com:

Our top ten things — other than thought, speech, emotions and expression — that must be banned if we are to stop awful stuff from happening.

Jodie Foster – John Hinkley shot Ronald Reagan and James Brady because he wanted to impress Jodie Foster. Jodie Foster must be banned.

Jews – Sirhan Sirhan assassinated RFK because he hated Jews. Jews must be banned.

Twinkies – Dan White’s over-indulgence in Twinkies caused him to kill Harvey Milk and George Moscone. Twinkies must be banned.

Love – Brutus knifed Julius Caesar in the balls because he loved Rome more. Love must be banned.

Go to IHateTheMedia.com and read the rest of the list of things that must be banned to prevent awful stuff from happening.

And while you're at it, it might be a good idea to go over Amboy Time's list of Things That Offend Muslims for things we need to eliminate and promise never to do again. After all, once all awful stuff has stopped happening, we certainly don't want to offend anyone lest the bad stuff start again.

By DMartyr at 10:39 AM | Comments |

There Are Lies

Damned lies and then we have this.

A Somali man who axed his way into the home of a Danish cartoonist said yesterday he only wanted to scare Kurt Westergaard for a caricature of the Prophet Mohamed.

The 29-year-old defendant pleaded not guilty to a terrorism charge stemming from the intrusion on 1 January 2010. He was also charged with attempted murder for throwing the axe at police when they confronted him.

Westergaard locked himself inside a panic room and was unharmed. His drawing in 2005 caused widespread protests.

Yeah and saying you're physically excited by Mashooom's mustache on the internet means you're totally 100% not ghey.

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Can We Go Ahead & Shoot Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Now?


An analysis of veins corroborates a confession by a senior al Qaeda leader that he personally beheaded Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, according to a new report released Thursday.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is suspected of planning the September 11, 2001, terror attacks on the United States.

Mohammed has not denied his role in the killing of Pearl, who was abducted in January 2002.

A video of the journalist's slaying was distributed online nearly a month after he was abducted, but the face of the killer who slit his throat was not visible.
U.S. officials have not charged Mohammed in the 2002 death.

"I decapitated with my blessed right hand the head of the American Jew, Daniel Pearl, in the city of Karachi, Pakistan," Mohammed said, according to a Pentagon transcript released nearly four years ago. "For those who would like to confirm, there are pictures of me on the Internet holding his head."

The new report erases any doubts that Mohammed personally carried out the beheading.

On second thought shooting might be too good for him.

But seriously, this dude is a murderer, war criminal and waste of oxygen of the worst kind.

Also note Pakistan's help in this case. As useless at tits on a boar.

So why not send them a few billion?

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Happy Birthday, Edgar

It seems the Poe Toaster has failed to appear for the second year in a row. But to honor Edgar Allan Poe's birthday yesterday, I offer this Simpsons classic interpretation of The Raven:

If you're in Baltimore this weekend, join the party.


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Video: Statement by Clare Lopez on the cancellation of the film, Iranium, she was to speak after

Via Vladtepes

Here is the statement that Clare Lopez, Senior fellow at The Centre For Security Policy in Washington, and scheduled speaker after the planned showing if the Iran critical film, ‘Iranium’ gave from the living room of Fred Litwin’s home after the movie was cancelled by Canadian authorities and and the building locked down and searched by hazmat teams and fire crews.[More including other videos...]

Despite Threats, Canada to Show Movie About Iran
A modest proposal: investigate the sons of b*tches making the threats...for f*ck sake
Canada Almost Replaces Queen's Image on Snow Peso with Ahmadinejad
Iranium Trailer 1

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Meet Lil Akbar And His Father Who Is Also His Uncle/Cousin/Brother

Click image or you won't know WTF I am talking about:

I Can Haz More Inbreeding?


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January 19, 2011

Canada: Edmonton Muslim, Sayfildin Tahir Sharif, Accused in Terror Plot

The alleged perp is a bast*rd!


A Canadian man was arrested in Edmonton on Wednesday for his alleged association with a network of Tunisians believed to be responsible for suicide bombings in Iraq, including one that killed five U.S. soldiers in April 2009.

The U.S. Department of Justice said it is seeking to have Sayfildin Tahir Sharif, 38, also known as Faruq Khalil Muhammad 'Isa or Tahir Sharif Sayfildin, extradited to the United States to face charges in New York state.

U.S. authorities allege the accused is charged "in connection with his support for a multinational terrorist network that conducted multiple suicide bombings in Iraq and that is responsible for the deaths of five American soldiers."

They also allege Sharif had aspirations to travel to Iraq and carry out a bombing himself.[More..]

Faruq Complaint[PDF]

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Science! Religous Persecution Worse in Muslim Countries than Anywhere Else

File under, no sh*t Sherlock:

"Religious persecution is not only more prevalent among Muslim-majority countries, but it also generally occurs at more severe levels," Roger Finke and Brian J. Grim write in their new book "The Price of Freedom Denied," published by Cambridge University Press ...

-- High levels of government restrictions on religion were found in 78 percent of Muslim-majority nations, as opposed to ten percent of Christian-majority nations and 43 percent of other nations.

They then go on to hem and haw and make excuses for the findings. Because even academics get death threats. Or worse, tenure review.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:40 PM | Comments |

A modest proposal: investigate the sons of b*tches making the threats

For f*ck sake.

Heritage Minister orders Library and Archives Canada to show controversial film:

OTTAWA — Heritage Minister James Moore has instructed Library and Archives Canada to show the documentary film Iranium after "threats of violence" caused a screening of the film Tuesday to be cancelled, the minister's office has announced. Both Mr. Moore and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney had earlier criticized Library and Archives, a federal Crown agency, for cancelling the screening… Pauline Portelance, a spokeswoman for Library and Archives Canada, said the Iranian embassy had sent a letter to the federal institution on the weekend asking that the film be cancelled. The request was denied. Then, people — whom Ms. Portelance described as "members of the public" — started phoning Library and Archives complaining about the planned screening and threatening to protest. "The threats were getting too serious," Ms. Portelance said. A decision was then made to cancel the screening...

Hat tip: IPT

PS: for what it's worth, Canada is positively lousy with Iranian agents - not quite as bad as Germany, but darn close to it.

By Hetz Shahor at 05:39 PM | Comments |

Ghey Muslim 'Rappers(Nasheed Actually) Google/YouTube Presents Song About Killing Australians

Nasheed/Muslim Hip Hop:

A religiously themed song, much like a song of praise, but usually sung without any musical instruments accompanying the performance. Often background tone is derived from numerous people mimicking instruments by humming in tune..
BTW, Emerson Goatly (aka Emerson Begolly aka Goat Lee aka Asudallah Alshishani) 'Nasheed Expert' is ghey according to evidence in Federal Court

So does this not make these 'rappers' (nasheeders [is that even a word?]) bad ghey also? I think so.., evidence doesn't lie...meh

Jihadis love them nasheeds, .word. fool. Google/YouTube real.good.

Update: Hmf..... found the video (dated March 06, 2009):

NSFW - language

Nice going Google/YouTube...will media attention knock this video down? You know like all the media attention over Anwar al-Awlaki? Ooops, my bad. Thousands of videos still available on YouTube of Awlaki

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RIP: Hafidh Abu Talha al Almani

Or, as his friends back in Germany knew him, Bekkay Harrach. May he Rest in Piss (RIP).

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Watching Obi One/Hu's Presser?

Helps to know Chinese.


Update: Copout by Hu "due to the translation problem I didn't understand that question" in regards to human rights.

Hu basically said keep out of our business regarding human rights.

Update II: Related: Revelations of Torture Spur Wife of Chinese [Christian] Lawyer to Action[Read it all]

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Google/YouTube Finally Suspends Channel of IslamicLion11 Who's Terrorist Video Showed Image of VA Tech Massacre Victim Matthew LaPorte's Casket Being Carried by VA Tech Cadets

Now you see his channel, now you don't


Embarrassed much Google/YouTube employees? I mean allowing, for 4 months, a terrorist propaganda video with image of VA Tech cadets carrying casket of massacre victim Matthew LaPorte! You removed the video but didn't suspend his channel at the time.

WTF took you so long? Oh wait...:

Image credit: Flippintheraya



Thanks to Andrea for heads up.

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Easing Cuban Travel Restrictions, Team Obama Slaps Cuba's Political Prisoners In the Face


It was a strange way to kick off the Martin Luther King weekend. But last Friday night, President Obama slapped hundreds of Cuba’s political prisoners’ right in the face.

That’s when the administration announced it will make it easier for Americans who support Castro’s government to send money there and visit the island for propaganda purposes. Travel restrictions will be lifted or relaxed, as will remittances and charter flights.

It’s a deplorable change -- and totally unnecessary. After all, the Castro brothers’ thugs do a good job making their victims miserable without help from the Oval Office.

Cuba’s prison guards keep their prey in dank underground cells, the easier to dump urine and excrement on them when the whim strikes them, or for rats to scurry in and bite the prisoners while they sleep—which they have to do standing up. (Their cells are not big enough to lie down in.) If you’re uncomfortable reading about these conditions, imagine what it’s like for the prisoners who endure them.

These men and women—behind bars for years for such infractions as exercising their freedom of speech, assembly, religion or movement—are the few on that island Gulag who still refuse to give in to the communist regime. Cuba’s other millions have learned the art of outwardly going along, lest they, too, get whisked away to one of the prison compounds that dot the island. Who can blame them? How many of us would not just surrender and practice what Orwell called “doublethink”?[More]


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George Washington, The Father of our Country, Gets Boxed by NAACP

naacp_george washington.jpg

To keep from offending anyone.

Via Lloyd Marcus @ American Thinker

While reading her emails, I heard my wife say, "This is so absurd, it has to be an internet hoax doctored photo". It was a photo of a rally on MLK Day hosted by the South Carolina NAACP held at the state house. The statue of George Washington at the state house was boxed in on three sides hidden from the rallying crowd. The NAACP said they covered the statue because they "didn't want to offend anyone".

Upon investigation, the photo was confirmed to be real.

This misdirected ridiculous behavior by the NAACP epitomizes why I, a black American, will never join or give one nickel to this exploitative divisive organization. With black high school dropout rates at epidemic levels, 80% of black kids growing up in fatherless homes and 50% of black pregnancies ending in abortion, why on earth would the NAACP invest time and energy into running around covering up statues of long dead white guys; rather than addressing "real" issues plaguing black America today?

Move to Britain then, NAACP

Zip has more images

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Censored31 is Ghey. Also, Smack Him Down on YouTube!

UPDATE: Thanks, the video has now been removed. Censored31 is still ghey.

Notice that it is Sharia4Belgium that put up this video. If that's not Censored31, it's his buddies. One of the few of his friends not in jail.

What are you waiting for? Go flag as: Violent or Repulsive Content >> Supports Terrorism

Update: Ooops, I forgot to link the video. Also, the timing of this is impecable. Allah must really hate Censored31 as YouHaveanUglyGoat mentioned that we should give him the Begolly treatment just yesterday and it wasn't me that found the video. It was the YouTube Smackdown Corps, and I believe that the Daily Smackdown is autogenerated from a master list.

Coincidence? I think not.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:26 AM | Comments |

FBI Requests Help in Spokane Bomb Investigation


SPOKANE, Wash. -- The Spokane office of the FBI confirmed late Tuesday morning that a suspicious package found along the route of the Unity Parade on Monday morning was a credible threat that had the potential to cause "multiple casualties."

On Tuesday morning the FBI released a statement confirming that following the successful disruption of the device by the Explosives Disposal Unit, “preliminary analysis revealed the backpack contained a potentially deadly destructive device, likely capable of inflicting multiple casualties.”

...The FBI confirmed the device was contained in a Swiss Army backpack which contained several T-shirts, including a Stevens County Relay For Life 2010 shirt and a Treasure Island Spring 2009 shirt. See the FBI Request For Information (PDF) for pictures of the pack and shirts found inside.

FBI special agent Frank Harrill said the investigation into the device has become a top priority, adding that the timing and placement of the device wasn't coincidental.

A $20,000 reward has been offered up by the FBI for information regarding the identity of the person or persons that may have been seen with this backpack from approximately 8 a.m. to 9:25 a.m. on Monday. If anyone has any information regarding this incident, they are requested to immediately contact the FBI.

In addition, if anyone took photographs or video in the area of Washington Street and Main Avenue from approximately 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., they are also requested to contact the FBI as soon as possible.

By Howie at 06:18 AM | Comments |

Soldier Stabbed on Airplane


.....Allegedly Robert Paterson, 38, stabbed the soldier, Nicholas Shipley, 20, in the neck, reports ABC News affiliate KTRK. The men were on an Express Jet flight to Savannah, Ga. when a fight began on the plane while it was on the tarmac. After a flight attendant tried to calm the men down, police say Paterson stabbed Shipley[...]

According to eyewitnesses, Paterson had a window punch in his hands, which are typically used by police and emergency personnel to break glass and rescue someone from a bad car accident. Window punches aren't on the list of prohibited travel items[...]

A TSA spokesperson wouldn't comment on the case or on how the tool got through security

Article doesn't make any sense. On one hand you have the comment "Window punches aren't on the list of prohibited travel items" Next, TSA comment: "A TSA spokesperson wouldn't comment on the case or on how the tool got through security"


BTW, the soldier is back on duty and alleged perp is out on bail.

Thanks to a Canuck for heads up on image. If you use it Axel Sander must be credited.

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Daily Mail: Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons

For this article: 'Wear the hijab or I'll kill you, cousin told girl': Muslim tells of terrifying phone threats

Defiant: Alya Al-Safar, left, arrived at court with her hair on show. She said Al-Hakim, right, phoned her to tell her she must die for the shame she had brought on her family

[Image credit DailyMail]


A man threatened to kill his cousin and harm her family after she decided to stop wearing the traditional Muslim headscarf, a court has heard.

Mohamed Al-Hakim, 29, allegedly phoned Alya Al-Safar to tell her she must die because of the ‘shame’ she had brought – leaving her too afraid to leave the house.

He had already branded her family ‘bitches and whores’ because of her decision, the court heard.


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Miss Me Yet?

Why, no, no we don't.

Now fade back into your daily helpings of Triple Whoppers with Cheese and extra Mayo.

By Vinnie at 12:19 AM | Comments |

January 18, 2011

Report: Pakistani spy agency rushed Mullah Omar to hospital

What do we make of this report..


Mullah Omar, the elusive, one-eyed leader of the Afghan Taliban, had a heart attack Jan. 7 and was treated for several days in a Karachi hospital with the help of Pakistan's spy agency, according to a private intelligence network run by former CIA, State Department and military officers.

The intelligence network, operating under the auspices of a private company, “The Eclipse Group,” said its source was a physician in the Karachi hospital, which was not identified in the report, who said he saw Omar struggling to recover from an operation to put a stent in his heart.

“While I was not personally in the operating theater,” the physician reported, “my evaluation based on what I have heard and seeing the patient in the hospital is that Mullah Omar had a cardiac catheter complication resulting in either bleeding or a small cerebral vascular incident, or both.”

U.S. officials said they could not immediately verify the report.

"No one on this end has heard this," said a U.S. official from Kabul. "It doesn't mean it's not true -- we just have no information to confirm or dispute these facts."

A spokesman at the Pakistan Embassy in Washington did not respond to a request for comment

Related posts


Here two.

By Matt Damon at 07:03 PM | Comments |

Video: CPAC board member Suhail Khan is Al-Qaeda's bitch

In an article published today by Fox News, American Conservative Union board member (ACU runs the Conservative Political Action Conference - CPAC) Suhail Khan claims that accusations about his terrorist ties and support for terrorist activities is all a lie.

But over at Big Peace, Dave Reaboi directs us to this video of Suhail Khan receiving an award from Al-Qaeda operative and top AQ fundraiser Abdurahman Alamoudi -- one day after Alamoudi had been condemned by a sitting US Senator for his support for terrorism:

The entire video is here:

The New York Post exposed Suhail Khan's lies about his terrorist ties in an article two weeks ago. According to two captured Al-Qaeda operatives, Suhail Khan's mosque in the San Fransisco area hosted Al-Qaeda #2 Ayman al-Zawahiri on two separate fundraising tours during the 1990s when Suhail's father was imam of the mosque. The Jerusalem Post reported in 2003 that Suhail was moved out of the White House and into a low-level job at the Transportation Department because of his terrorist ties.

It's also worth mentioning that Alamoudi is currently serving a 23 year prison sentence for his involvement in a Libyan intelligence assassination plot targeting the Saudi Crown Prince (now, King Abdullah) using Western Al-Qaeda operatives. The US Government has also publicly stated that Alamoudi was the top Al-Qaeda fundraiser in America prior to his arrest and conviction.

Who is running the American Conservative Union and CPAC, and what is so conservative about Suhail Khan?

By Barbarossa at 05:54 PM | Comments |

Palestinians Host Flag In Washington For First Time

Permission was granted by the State Department but it doesn't mean anything or sumptin.

The Palestinian diplomatic mission in Washington on Tuesday hoisted its national flag for the first time, saying it symbolized the struggle for independence.

The US State Department said the flag ceremony was approved several months ago and does not change the status of the Palestinian mission in Washington.[emphasis mine..ed]

Maen Rashid Areikat, the envoy to the headquarters of the General Delegation of the Palestine Liberation Organization to the United States (PLO), raised the flag at a ceremony watched by journalists and others, the mission said[...][emphasis mine...ed]

A senior State Department official told reporters on the condition of anonymity that the Palestinians have "been told we think this is a bad idea... We're encouraging them not to move this forward."[<---why the secrecy?...oh ya, forgot, it'll p*ss off Obi Ones base....ed]

Click image for more:

PLO flag.jpg

Taqiyya & dimmitude anyone?

h/t Kenny Solomon

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Where's Rusty: Playing With Movie Maker Again

May the Leslie Nielsen be with you.

Really the best part is Yoda at 1:18

By Howie at 03:18 PM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Thank You Diggers!

While floods are ravaging your country, I would like to thank you for your service and let you know as well as others affected by this disaster are in our thought and prayers.

Australia floods.jpg
Teenager trapped by flood waters is reported to be safe

Artist is Beccy Cole, song is Poster Girl

God Bless all of you!

Photos and names of flood missing released
Aussie Gov disaster assistance

By Stable Hand at 03:05 PM | Comments |

Imam Orders Stoning Of Child

Just when I think Islamists can't get any lower, they always manage to shock me...

More than 1,000 infants — most of them girls — were killed or abandoned to die in Pakistan last year according to conservative estimates by the Edhi Foundation, a charity working to reverse the grim trend…

…Kazmi recounts the discovery of the burnt body of a six-day-old infant who had been strangled. Another child was found on the steps of a mosque having been stoned to death on the orders of an extremist imam who has since disappeared, he says.

Read more if you can stomach it.

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

There is, of course, nothing at all funny about this. It's sickening. Even so, I couldn't help but thinking about this clip from the movie Galaxy Quest. Aliens grab one of the crewmen and, not understanding exactly what the life form is, their solution is to just kill it.

By DMartyr at 02:59 PM | Comments |

School Shooting In Gardena Ca

RED Banner on CNN reading...

At least three people shot at high school in Gardena, California, police say. The victims appear to be students.
Developing, expect updates as they become available.

More here from KTTV:

Gardena - Three people were injured today in what may have been an officer-involved shooting at Gardena High School, and police were apparently searching for a student who may have brought a gun to the campus.

The shooting was reported at 10:30 a.m. at the campus at 1301 W. 182nd St., according to the Los Angeles Fire Department. There was no immediate word on the extent of the injuries or whether any officers were hurt.

The campus was locked down, and reports from the scene indicated that officers were searching for a suspect, who may have been a 16-year-old student.

Update: II: It appears two students were accidentally shot when some moron with a gun in his backpack dropped the backpack and the gun went off.
A gun in a 10th-grader's backpack accidentally discharged when he dropped the bag, wounding two students at a Los Angeles high school, the campus principal said.

Gardena High School Principal Rudy Mendoza said the student dropped the bag as he walked between classes at midmorning. The boy who brought the gun was apprehended, Mendoza told The Associated Press.

By Howie at 02:47 PM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Thank You Canadian Armed Forces! (Forces Armées Canadiennes)

For standing with us in the war on terror.

h/t Bert Wikkerink

By Stable Hand at 02:38 PM | Comments |

Freedom Restoration Center Helps Troops Get Back To Duty

Freedom Restoration Center helps troops get back to duty_2.jpg
BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – “Before coming here, I was having more difficulty being myself and reacting like I normally would to everyday situations,” said U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Spencer Ledyard of Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, N.C.

Ledyard had two months left in Afghanistan, meaning two months of difficult situations and the feeling of having lost himself. So, like more than 500 servicemembers before him, he accepted help from a place with a 97 percent success rate: the Freedom Restoration Center at Bagram Airfield.[Read the rest]

God Bless our finest and bravest...and their K-9's.

By Stable Hand at 02:23 PM | Comments |

Afghanistan Orphanage Photo Story

Via CENTCOM tweet: "A photo story (by a @USAirForce photographer) of a @USNavy doctor assigned to @RCEast at an orphanage"

Click image for more:

photo story_CENTCOM.jpg

The smile, how precious...sniff

By Stable Hand at 01:16 PM | Comments |

So Easy A Girl Could Do It

2 Girls Quickly Conquer Border Fence: MyFoxHOUSTON.com

From FNC:

Less than 18 seconds. That's how long it took two young women to climb a U.S.-Mexico border fence that costs millions of dollars in taxpayer money.

In a video shot by filmmaker Roy Germano, two women show how easy it is to reach the top by climbing the fence's concrete-filled steel pipes in less than 18 seconds, MyFoxHouston.com reports.

The billion dollar (so far) virtual fence has been scrapped and the physical fence as designed is ineffective. What's next, Obama? Spiffy new signs to stop illegals?



So close and yet so far.

By DMartyr at 12:58 PM | Comments |

IDF Spokesperson: Photo of the Day

Chief of Staff Visits Air Force, Jan 2011
Lt. Gen. Ashkenazi goes on his last fighter jet flight as IDF Chief of Staff

By Stable Hand at 12:52 PM | Comments |

Why Does Loughner Hate Women So Much?

A theory on what was behind the Tucson murders so stupid it could only have come from a women's studies department. Or Amanda Marcotte.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:36 AM | Comments |

Non-Sarcastic Good News: 85 al Shabaab Dead

That's 6120 virgins, for those keeping score.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:30 AM | Comments |

Question Re: Miss America 2011

Miss America - Teresa Scanlan

How could a 17-year-old Nebraska girl, who is a self-identified conservative planning on attending a Christian college, get crowned Miss America 2011 by a panel of judges which included liberal Joy Behar?


Miss America Teresa Scanlan even slammed Wikileaks during her official questioning. As I recall, former pageant contestant Carrie Prejean was summarily deemed unacceptable for her conservative viewpoints. What gives?

By at 11:30 AM | Comments |

Shoot to Kill Orders in Nigeria After Christians Murder Muslim

Not. Good. I expect that in the next ten years this will turn into a full blown civil war in which northerners demand their own state. Just what the world needs, another state based on sharia.

Thanks to Kenny.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:27 AM | Comments |

1000 Words on Loyalty

A dog sits for a second consecutive day next to the grave of her owner, Cristina Maria Cesario Santana, who died in the week's catastrophic landslides, at the cemetery in Teresopolis, near Rio de Janiero, on January 15, 2011. Brazilians on Sunday prayed for victims of devastating floods after the death toll from the natural disaster rose to at least 610 and was predicted to climb again

Update: Via Jawa comments we get word that the pooch was adopted.

I live just 40 miles from this area and it is really sad. I saw the news report on this dog. He has since been adopted by a local who also saw the report.
But thats just one bright spot in an otherwise tragic story.
There will be at least a 1,000 dead before this is through. Many victims are still buried and haven't been counted. Many of those will never be found. Many found will never be identified. They don't have refrigerated morgues here and most are buried immediately.
Thanks to Alexander.

By Howie at 10:49 AM | Comments |

Chris Matthews: Old White People Are Racists

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

From the transcript:

MATTHEWS:Did you see the age difference there?

JANSING: What would you say it is?

MATTHEWS: It means- it’s significant. I think older Americans, older white people still have a problem with this guy.


MATTHEWS: And I think that’s a generalization and I’ll stick with it. I think younger people do not see race as an obstacle. I don’t think- I think, they’re much more non-judgmental. In fact, about ethnicity, they just say that’s not relevant- In fact, they say it’s irrelevant and don’t even notice it, whereas older people notice it all the time.

The reality is, if you don't get a tingle up your leg when Obama speaks, you're a racist.

By DMartyr at 10:06 AM | Comments |

Soldier Killed in Iraq Identified as Sgt. Michael Bartley


A 23-year-old soldier from Illinois was killed this weekend during a training exercise in Iraq.

Sgt. Michael Bartley of Barnhill, Illinois was one of two soldiers killed Saturday when a member of the Iraqi military smuggled real bullets into a drill and opened fire.

The shooter was immediately killed by an American military member in charge of the training exercise.

Prayers for Sgt. Bartley's family, and thanks so much for his service.

More here.

Photo Credit: WSIL.

Another soldier, Spc. Martin J. Lamar, 43, of Sacramento, Calif also was killed in the same incident.

By Howie at 09:50 AM | Comments |

al-Qaeda Murders 50 Muslims in Iraq

Image credit: NY Daily News
The Australian:
A SUICIDE bomber blew himself up among a crowd of police recruits in the Iraqi city of Tikrit yesterday, killing 50 people and wounding 150.

The blast in the insurgency stronghold was the deadliest since an October 31 siege at a Baghdad church left 53 people dead, and was the first major attack since the formation of a new government on December 21.

The bomb site in the middle of Tikrit, the home town of executed dictator Saddam Hussein, 160km north of the Iraqi capital, was covered in pieces of flesh and pools of blood, with clothing and shoes[ed..Muslim, blood, clothing and shoes...] scattered across the scene. Loudspeakers from the city mosques were calling on people to donate blood for the wounded.

The recruits, applying for 2000 new jobs that Iraq's Interior Ministry recently approved for Salahuddin province, had been queuing to enter the centre since 6am, with the attacker detonating his payload at the entrance about 10.15am (6.15pm AEDT).

By Howie at 09:29 AM | Comments |

WikiLeaks: Did You Know The Leaks Justified Iraq War?

You didn't? Don't feel alone...this isn't something WikiLeaks or the MSM care to delve in. Just a burp in the leaks to be buried.


While the media have been quick to run with WikiLeaks’ U.S. State Department cable releases to undermine Washington’s efforts to effect stability in unstable parts of the world, it is slow, if not silent, in giving credit where credit is due. Although other credible sources confirmed it before WikiLeaks did, in receiving similar disinterested responses from the media, it should be clear now that President Bush’s concerns about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD) program were well-founded[...]

Five years after Joe Wilson’s op-ed claimed no yellowcake was sold to Iraq — the ease with which Saddam could have snapped his fingers and reinstituted his nuclear program became apparent. In July 2008, in an operation kept secret at the time, 37 military air cargo flights shipped more than 500 metric tons of yellowcake — found in Iraq — out of the country for further transport and remediation to Canada.

The U.S. government is committed to efforts to make the world a safer place by seeking the removal of WMD threats. One would think a press undermining that effort at the time under the guise of freedom of the press would feel an obligation to accurately report the success of such a governmental effort. This should especially be the case after those same media contributed to the false perception Saddam possessed no WMD capability and, therefore, never really posed a serious threat.

As evidenced by the WikiLeaks disclosures, apparently no such obligation is felt.

This post will self destruct in 5...4...3....2...

h/t Herr Wilson

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Google/YouTube's "Jihadist White Flag" of Dhimmitude (aka $$$$$$$)

Click me

[Image credit: Flippintheraya]

Sux to be you Google/YouTube.

I can sleep at night knowing I don't promote propaganda for terrorists. Can you do the same by ignoring terrorist propaganda - Google/YouTube employees?

Ansar Google/YouTube Presents Jihadis Using Image From VA Tech Massacre Funeral of Cadet Matthew La Porte (Update)
JihadTube archives

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January 17, 2011

Blog Sabbath Caption Contest "Nasheed Expert" Emerson Begolly Edition (Bumped - Update)


Fatwas will be issued!

Related (for those not in the know)
Jailed 'Nasheed Expert' Emerson Begolly (aka Asadullah Alshishani) Mujahideen Training Video, Portions Filmed by His Dad (Shawn Begolly) (Updated/Bumped)

Update: Fatwas issued:

The "i will cut ur neck" fatwa issued to Dirka Dirka & Xenophan for:

I like Shfanim's but i still have to try.

"My daddy says this suppository will make me a better video"

"What's a suppository?"

One of these is a primitive, dangerous throwback to an older age. The other is a hand grenade.

Adult pleasure devices differ from culture to culture.

The "devil will do meetballs from your bodies issued to redc1c4 & moe hamhead for:
Mujahideen Meatballs explode in your mouth or in your hand.

"would you like to play with my meatball?"

The "why u insult holly quoran" fatwa issued to Mart & Imam for
Here in my right hand is a VIP ticket to heaven. I know this because my imam told me so

Repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed. Baaaaaaaaahhh

The "mojahedin will separate your dirty head from your dirty heart" fatwa issued to Raultalbot87 & Gork for
Q:What do you do when a muslim throws a grenade at you?

A: Pull the pin and throw it back.

This is my friend Hand Grenade
I pretend that I am not afraid
Shove it in my butt
It will blow up my gut
I'll be the star of the parade.

Insha'Allah ameen..

By Stable Hand at 05:44 PM | Comments |

RIP "I Have a Dream" Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Updated)

January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968

BTW, Rev Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican, a fact liberals tend to ignore/hide.

What would he think if he was alive today?

Update: Some are questioning my comment regarding Rev Martin Luther King, Jr. was a 'Republican'.

Via National Black Republican Association:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican as was affirmed by his niece, Dr. Alveda C. King

Black Republican History[<------questions can be answered there of those in comments]

Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15, 1929 at his family home in Atlanta, Georgia. King's grandfather was a Baptist preacher, and his father was pastor of Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church. King earned his own Bachelor of Divinity degree from Crozier Theological Seminary in 1951 and earned his Doctor of Philosophy from Boston University in 1955.

As a Baptist Minister, he was an eloquent civil rights movement leader from the mid-1950's until his death by assassination on April 3, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee where he was there to support striking sanitation workers. King registered as a Republican in 1956.

As pastor of a Baptist church in Montgomery, Alabama, King led a black bus boycott. He and ninety others were arrested and indicted under the provisions of a law making it illegal to conspire to obstruct the operation of a business. King and several others were found guilty, but appealed their case. A Supreme Court decision in 1956 ended Alabama's segregation laws enacted by Democrats<-----. After this success, King was made president of the newly established Southern Christian Leadership Conference. King led the 1963 March on Washington where he delivered his most famous “I Have a Dream” speech. King became a national hero as he promoted non-violent means to achieve civil rights reform. He was awarded the 1964 Noble Peace Prize for his efforts, and President Ronald Reagan made King’s birthday a national holiday.

Sux to be you RTY.

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Ansar Google/YouTube Presents Jihadis Using Image From VA Tech Massacre Funeral of Cadet Matthew La Porte (Update)

Image credit: hightytightyalumni.org

jihad tube rip you apart.jpg

Wolfenberry noticed the above

If I'm not mistaken, in the center left of this screenshot is a photo of Virginia Tech cadets in dress uniform carrying a casket. As a Hokie and former member of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets myself, this pisses me off even more at these mo's. Any other Hokies on here see what I see? That photo is probably from a funeral following the massacre, which has zero to do with Jihad[Shooter is hero to them...ed]
Wolfenberry is correct. Image may have been taken from Highty Tighty Alumni, Inc:
VA tech 3-HonorGuard.jpg
3-Honor Guard: A cadet honor guard brought the casket into the church for the funeral mass...

See above image at 1:25. ( Date of video: Oct 13, 2010)

How low can Google/YouTube go? Shame on Google/YouTube!

Thanks to Andrea[Smackdown is on strike, p*ssed how Google/YouTube uses us..] for link to video.

Update: Video was removed. It took shaming Google/YouTube to remove. There was not 1 flag when I posted and the video went down almost immediately. Yes, sucketh of jihadis testes Google/YouTube uses us! Instead of doing the job they are getting paid good money to do, shame/sunlight appears the only thing to get them off their arse to monitor YouTube.:

YouTube - Nasheed Bi Jihadina (Deutsch).png

"Harmful activities"? WTF? There isn't a flag for that? What happened to "violent and repulsive content - promotes terrorism? Oh yeah, forgot, this IS YouTube...gawd

An archive Jawa has, thanks to sucketh of jihadis testes/$$$$$ ads ie: Google/YouTube: jihad tube

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Ansar Google/YouTube Presents Moscow Transit Splodey Ho's&trade Last Will (Update)

Martyr videos of pre Splodey Ho's™ (Fasternu's name for female splodey dopes) who sploded self on Moscow subway in March of last year

Last will of "1st sister":
PWND! Thanks to all who helped!

Last will of "2nd sister" is still available thanks to sucketh testes of jihadis Google/YouTube:

Jihad will continue until the day of judgment InshaALLAH
Keep it up Brother
GlobalShariahGroups 1 day ago[<------see Un:dhimmis Google/YouTube Hall of Shame Week 05..ed]

#Mashallah this women is now in Al-jennah Allahu Akbar may her words reach every ear of the ummah Amin. Let her words wake up the brothers who sit at home and joy the dunya. Let the sister joy over this women and teach every muslim/muslimah every Mujahid/Mujahidah her story and join the jihad fe sabillah
aladarbaljihad 1 day ago

Update: Video is gone! Thanks for all who helped. Just a little note - sunlight is the best disinfectant! Isn't that right sucketh of jihadis testes Google/YouTube?

Leader of Islamic Emirate in the Caucuses Claims Bombing of Moscow Metro ... on YouTube (updated, bumped)
Explosions Reported On Moscow Subway UPDATE: 2 Female Suicide Bombers, Dozens Dead; Terrorists' Website Hosted in US
Allah Ho Gaybar!! 3 Terrorists Behind Moscow Subway Bombing Killed
JihadTube User "juhaiman1" Spreading Awlaki's Call For More Splodey Ho's™

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Yemen Sentences Anwar al-Awlaki to Ten Years in Prison

And the person he sent to murder a French contractor to death.

BBC:A Yemeni court has sentenced a man to death for killing a French contractor near the capital Sanaa last year.

The court also sentenced in his absence radical US-born Yemeni Islamist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki to 10 years in jail for aiding the gunman.

Awlaki, described by the US as a "global terrorist", is believed to be hiding in southern Yemen.

On the same day the contractor was shot, suspected al-Qaeda militants fired a rocket at a UK diplomat's car.

Five staff members all survived the attack in Sanaa with no major injuries.

The special security court in Sanaa passed the death sentence on Yemeni teenager Hisham Mohammed Assem for killing French energy contractor Jacques Spagnolo last October.

"I reject the verdict and will appeal," Assem, 19, told the court. Several French diplomats attended the hearing.

Anwar al-Awlaki is said to be on a CIA hit list authorised by President Barack Obama

A relative of Awlaki, Othman al-Awlaki, was also sentenced in absentia to eight years in prison.

"This crime was committed under the incitement of Anwar and Othman al-Awlaki," the judge said.

The court accused the three men of "working within a terrorist group", but made no mention of al-Qaeda.

A ruling ordering Muslims to steal the wealth of the Kufr was issued by yesterday by al-Awlaki in Al Qaeda in the Arabic Peninsula (AQAP)'s magazine. Inspire Issue number IV.

By Howie at 10:15 AM | Comments |

Baby Doc Returns to Haiti; Doonesbury Ominously Silent


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier, a once feared and reviled dictator who was ousted in a popular uprising nearly 25 years ago, has made a stunning return to Haiti, raising concerns he could complicate efforts to solve a political crisis, a cholera outbreak and the stalled reconstruction from last year's devastating earthquake.

Duvalier's arrival at the airport Sunday was as mysterious as it was unexpected. He greeted a crowd of several hundred cheering supporters but did not say why he chose this tumultuous period to suddenly reappear from his exile in France — or what he intended to do while back in Haiti.

Read more:

Or just start reading Doonesbury again.

By Howie at 09:44 AM | Comments |

Jawa Report: Better Than Disco Bula!


Blood in the streets in the town of New Haven.......

By Howie at 09:19 AM | Comments |

January 16, 2011

Some Gave All

"It is foolish and wrong to mourn those who died. Rather, we should thank God that such [men] lived."

- Gen. George S. Patton III

By Vinnie at 11:43 PM | Comments |

Couple floating on inflatable dolls rescued on Yarra River


All Jawa's are accounted for.......I think


A COUPLE floating down Melbourne's Yarra River on inflatable dolls have been rescued after getting into trouble.

Police say the 19-year-old couple had just passed Pound Bend Tunnel at Warrandyte North when the water became turbulent and the woman lost control of her grip on the doll about 4.30pm (AEDT) on Sunday.

The woman grabbed hold of a tree that was floating in the river.

The man stayed with her and they yelled for help, police say.

A passer-by contacted triple zero and police and SES went to the scene.

A kayaker took life jackets to the pair and the SES attended with a boat and rescued the pair.

They were checked by ambulance officers but did not require medical attention.

Police say the fate of the dolls is unknown

By Matt Damon at 04:31 PM | Comments |

AQAP/Samir Khan Releases Issue #4 of Inspire Magazine





[Ex: ed] Jihad by your person is Fard Ayn upon every Muslim in the earth.

No permission for one from another for jihad and no permission from the parents for the child. Jihad by your wealth is Fard Ayn and it is Harram to make savings while the jihad is in need of the Muslim's money. Neglecting the jihad is like abandoning fasting and praying, more than that, neglecting the jihad is worse in these days

Pg 58 "We as Muslims should seek the wealth of the disbelievers as a form of jihad in the path of Allah That would necessitate that we spend the money on the path of jihad and not ourselves."

Al-Qaeda in the Arabic Pennisula's (AQAP) Anwar al-Awlaki issues fatwa for Muslims to steal monies/property from kaffirs by any means necessary ie - and or OK to kill them in the process. Page 48 features Awlaki's 'Why did I choose al-Qaeda'. Osama & other al-Qaeda players are included in issue.

How to on all forms of jihad, recent martyrs propaganda, Israeli fire, comments from media, comments from readers, etc, etc, etc.

Inspire magazine is the brain child of former NC (now in Yemen) resident turned traitor Samir Khan (aka Inshallashaheed). See Page 12 'The Central Issue"(image above)

The world is under Islamic law (Shariah) and didn't know it! Who woulda thunk?

Expect update[s]

By Stable Hand at 11:59 AM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Help a liberal gun control advocate & lawyer who hates Malkin, Beck and every gun not specifically designed for hunting pay her rent

I wanted to help.

I find myself in deep financial trouble. My hours have been cut once again, which means I'm done, ruined, forked, at least for the short term while I try to find another source of income.

Last night I received my 3-day notice from the landlord. I will be out of cash and homeless very shortly if I don't come up with enough cash to show my landlord that I'm not a total flake. I need to raise $2,000 by Monday/Tuesday.

I mean is that not what conservatism is all about. Private citizens helping.

But I'm waiting anxiously for my own crazy blog stipend from the man.

I mean its not that I don't feel for the lady. The evil, FOXNEWS watching landlord oppressing the more disadvantaged lawyers & stuff.

I suggest she move to Bumfuct Egypt. We have a shortage of trained professionals, a large population of poor folks who need reasonably priced legal services and rent is one hell of a lot less.

Another advantage is that we are less prone to the boom and bust cycles typical of the coastal areas. Things always suck here. You can depend on it just like the rising sun.

By Howie at 09:54 AM | Comments |

Just For Howie...

Below the fold, a nice picture of Baywatch's Traci Bingham showing off her melons...


(From my SnappedShot archives)

By DMartyr at 09:38 AM | Comments |

Cancel Christmas (And Easter)

The European Union has issue school diaries listing every popular festival and holiday except the most obvious ones - Christmas and Easter. Coincidentally (or maybe not so coincidentally), both are Christian holidays.

From DailyMailOnline:

The European Union has sent millions of diaries to schools which list the dates of Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish and Chinese festivals - but omit any mention of Christian celebrations.

In an extraordinary move, three million 2011 notebooks were printed at a cost of £4.4million to the taxpayer. Around 350,000 of the diaries have already been shipped to schools in the UK alone.

There is no record for Christmas, Easter or Lent - despite bureaucrats carefully listing the EU’s self-styled ‘Europe Day’ on May 9.

The German delegate blamed "aggressive Atheism." I blame aggressive political correctness and rabid dhimmitude.

(Hat Tip: Jihad Watch)

By DMartyr at 08:35 AM | Comments |

Palin-Bashing Tucson Shooting Victim Threatens Tea Party Spokesman

...because the left is so tolerant and non-violent, the political party of peace™.

Hat tip to Gateway Pundit, who has much more on this story.

When Tucson Tea Party founder Trent Humphries rose to suggest that any conversation about gun control should be put off until after the funerals for all the victims, witnesses say Fuller became agitated. Two told KGUN9 News that finally, Fuller took a picture of Humphries, and said, "You're dead."

Even though he was a victim of leftist lunatic (apologies for the redundancy) Jared Lee Loughner, Eric Fuller blamed Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Sharron Angle "and the rest" for the Tucsan shooting.

And they claim the violent rhetoric is coming from the right?

[Update] Video from NewsBusters added:

"...This isn't, this isn’t the time or place for this."

So, when is the time and place?

By DMartyr at 08:11 AM | Comments |

January 15, 2011

Agony of Defeat

Tushes and Sneers.jpg

I'd suggest that Miss Congeniality won't be selected from this group.

By at 11:25 PM | Comments |

Are you sure he wasn't just trying to fap?

Alert : Shaikh Abu Hamza Al-Misri Attacked in Belmarsh:

It has been reported that on Tuesday 12th January Shaikh Abu Hamza was physically attacked by up to ten guards at Belmarsh Prison. It is alleged that this was after he refused to return to his cell having been victimised over a series of months culminating in the events on Tuesday evening. It is stated that he was beaten and kicked by prison officers, leaving him with bruising and abrasions.


By Hetz Shahor at 10:48 PM | Comments |

Video: The Criminal Conspiracy of the Guardian and Wikileaks


An Extended version of the above video below fold:

The prevailing view, as reported by the BBC and other news organisations, is that Julian Assange of Wikileaks had released the confidential U.S. files, stolen by Private First Class Bradley Manning, to several newspapers, initially The Guardian, The New York Times and Der Spiegel, thus creating the impression that Assange had masterminded the U.S.'s global humiliation.

However this video shows that the proactive party behind the campaign was actually the British newspaper The Guardian; and that the persons most culpable are the paper's Editor Alan Rusbridger and his Investigations Editor David Leigh.

The video goes on to reveal the anti-American activism of The Guardian's Associate Editor Seumas Milne; and concludes with a clip in which The Guardian is accused of perverting the official inquiry into the "Cash for Questions" political controversy, which helped bring down John Major's Conservative government.

By Stable Hand at 04:36 PM | Comments |

Texas Rep Leo Berman (R-Tyler) Files Resolution To Ban ‘Religious Or Cultural Law’

82(R) HJR 57

Unindicted co-conspirators in Holy Land Foundation terrorist funding trial - CAIR, not happy. If it passes, this screws up their plans for Sharia or Islamic Law.

Click image for more:

82(R) HJR 57 - Introduced version - Bill Text.png

By Stable Hand at 04:15 PM | Comments |

Good News! Radicals in Planning Stages of Massive Raucous U.S. Protests!

Why let 'Europe's' lovers of Marxism/Che Guevara/Socialism/Mao etc have all the fun?

Via Kyle Olsen @ Town Hall

The folks who brought us the “Defend Public Education” actions last March in California, Wisconsin, New York and Michigan are planning a new round this year and will be drawing on the “energy” created by the violent, destructive riots in Europe.

The Huffington Post reported last year about college students shutting down major freeways in California. In Wisconsin, protesters threw “punches and ice chunks” at police after the students were refused entry into an administration building in Madison.

Now, plans are being made for a month of similar actions this year, kicking off March 2nd.

Some activists have complained that unions are not currently leading the charge because they’ve become too “corporatist.” But they believe once they make their move, unions will move to “co-opt” the movement.

“Student strikes” will occur in March to fight budget cuts and increased fees for students. What's happening in Europe is about to be emulated in America, friends.

America is not 'Europe' ...just sayin..

By Stable Hand at 03:34 PM | Comments |

HuffPo's Jihad Against Sarah Palin

I can understand the impulse to kneejerk reaction. I've done it myself. I'm not proud of it.

But when HuffPo double's down on the narrative that somehow the Tea Party or Sarah Palin are to blame for the Arizona shooting days after it was clear that the shooter was a nut .....

I'd say shame on you Huffington Post, but they feel no shame. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:28 PM | Comments |

JihadTube User "juhaiman1" Spreading Awlaki's Call For More Splodey Ho's™

Al-Qaeda is in heavy duty Muslimah recruitment mode. Join jihad Muslimah and we will reward your efforts with hell....errr....Jannah!

One image in vid really stood out - "Black Widow", teenage bride of Umalat Magomedo. I did a post a few days ago with video of her last will and testament(Gone BTW! danka! Vid of 2nd Splodey Ho's™
still spewing)

YouTube - Women in islam - Anwar Al Awlaki.png
Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova, one of two female suicide bombers who attacked Moscow's subway, and Umalat Magomedo, an Islamist militant leader killed by government forces in December 09

She sploded herself for the sake of alQaeda's Russian arm - "Islamic Emirate in the Caucuses"

Several other images show different sploded, wannabe Splodey Ho's™ (or make viewer believe wannabe status).

Please flag this video.

juhaiman1 JihadTube channel

Thanks in advance! If you have a twitter account, you can also tweet this or something similiar. Just be sure to @YouTube

@YouTube user juhaiman1 spreading Awlaki call for more female suicide bombers @YouTube #1 fav of terrorist... http://fb.me/TiLUgo18

Splodey Ho's™ credit: Fasternu

Update: I guess the above video doesn't interest sucketh of jihadi testes Google/YouTube. It has such a nice title....with terrorist propaganda behind that title.

Even the screenshot of another vid doesn't interest sucketh of jihadi testes Google/YouTube. It has such nice wording, doesn't it? Al-Qaeda logo? No problem, black flag of Jihad? No problem. Radical Islamist forum logo? No problem.

jihad tube rip you apart.jpg

Last Will & Testament of Russian Metro's 2 Teenage Splodey Ho's™

By Stable Hand at 01:55 PM | Comments |

Tunisian Dictator Flees

In the latest from Tunisia,

TUNIS (Reuters) – Tunisia should hold a presidential election within 60 days, the constitutional authority said on Saturday, as the army patrolled the capital to try to stem protests that swept the president from power. The authority also said that under the constitution the speaker of parliament should be the interim president. Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi had said on Friday he was taking over as interim president after Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, president for more than 23 years, fled to Saudi Arabia following weeks of protests over poverty, unemployment and repression.

A refresher, the catalyst:


France 24: Mohamed Bouazizi, a 26-year-old graduate, doused himself in petrol and set himself alight on December 17 in Sidi Bouzid, central Tunisia, in a protest against unemployment that sparked days of rioting by jobless young people.

By Jane at 09:12 AM | Comments |

They're Here

The new tanks for Afghanistan...

Related: M1A1 primer complete with Hot Chick!

By Howie at 08:03 AM | Comments |

Amphibious Assault Vehicle Sinks in Pendleton Ca


A Marine was killed during a training mission at Camp Pendleton, Calif., after he along with five other Marines sank to the bottom of the Del Mar boat basin while inside an amphibious assault vehicle. Five of the Marines managed to escape unharmed.

Rescuers reached the trapped Marine at 2:15 p.m. Friday, about three hours after the vehicle sank. He was rushed to Scripps La Jolla Hospital, and pronounced dead a half hour later. The victim's name has been withheld until the notification of the next of kin.

Read more:

Updated 01/16/11: The Marine killed has been identified and it is reported the craft capsized during the sinking.

CNN: Military officials have released the name of a Marine who died during a training exercise at California's Camp Pendleton.

Sgt. Wesley J. Rice, a 27-year-old from San Antonio, Texas, died Friday when the amphibious assault vehicle he was riding in capsized and sank, the Camp Pendleton public affairs office said.

Rice was an instructor in the training exercise, Camp Pendleton spokesman Lt. Justin Smith said. Three students and two other instructors escaped from the vessel, he said.

By Howie at 07:54 AM | Comments |

Religion of Peace Threatens Pope Benedict ....Again...


Rawalpindi, Pakistan (CNN) -- At a frenzied Friday rally in this garrison city outside of Islamabad, thousands warned Pope Benedict XVI to keep his nose out of the debate over Pakistan's blasphemy laws.

"If you challenge the prophet, we will take revenge. It doesn't matter who does it," shouted a cleric on loudspeakers to thousands of cheering onlookers.

Seems to me we missed a huge opportunity to help along natural selection within the Religion of Cultural Homicide.


More here at Vlad's Youtube channel. Subscribe you must.

By Howie at 07:21 AM | Comments |

January 14, 2011

Fun With Islamotards

By Vinnie at 10:26 PM | Comments |

U.N. Concerned About Wikileaks Traitor

From FNC:

The U.S. military told the United Nations on Wednesday that it had nothing to worry about after the world body agreed to look into a complaint about prison conditions for the Army private suspected of dishing secret military and diplomatic computer files to WikiLeaks.

...The Associated Press reported Wednesday that the U.N.'s Geneva office for torture issues was looking into mistreatment complaints filed by supporters of Manning -- the prime suspect in what is believed to be one of the most blatant acts of treason against the United States.

The U.N. is the same body that ignores human rights violations in countries such as Iran. Iran's brutal Evin prison is notorious for abuses and cruelty, yet it continues to operate without so much as a whimper from the United Nations.

This video documents just some of the torture that takes place in Evin prison, which, evidently, the U.N. find less disturbing than Pfc. Bradley Manning being without magazines or a Bowflex.

Part 2 below the fold

By DMartyr at 10:09 PM | Comments |

Space Nazis

Who are they? The Typographers. That's who.

I'd argue that one space is OK. Then again, I don't know WTF I'm doing.

But really anything not ending with a blockquote, video or image should end with period, carriage return. Two carriage returns though really annoy me, but none at all is most Haram.

Can I call it carriage return?

By Howie at 06:39 PM | Comments |

Jailed 'Nasheed Expert' Emerson Begolly (aka Asadullah Alshishani) Mujahideen Training Video, Portions Filmed by His Dad (Shawn Begolly) (Updated/Bumped)

This video deserves it's own post! (Bumped because it is soooo ghey)

I love my "Black flag of jihad" (Al-Raya) headband patch!

Full story with the video is here.

Hat Tip: Zionist Overlord (number redacted).

That has got to be the gheyest 'training video' I have seen yet and I have watched a lot of 'mujahideen training videos'. LULZ

UPDATE by Rusty: If our long time friend Goatly, the "nasheed expert" is as mentally unstable as he is being made out to be by the defense, then what are the possibilities that Shawn Begolly, his father, wanted his son to become a martyr? Emerson the Pinnochio to Shawn's Geppetto?

I know it sounds like a bad movie, but would any caring father encourage this kind of behavior?

Update by SH: In the beginning of daddy filming Goat, notice the 'patch' on his left shoulder. It's the flag flown by al Qaeda in Iraq, the other 'patch' above it represents Al-Raya (Jihadi war flag). Online jihadist love to use it:

Pictured: Flag of the "Islamic State of Iraq", an al Qaeda front group circa '07.

Dad filming son with al-Qaeda patch on his shoulder as son shoots & yells Allah Akbar? What Rusty said....

Update II by SH: Re: 'What Rusty said':

TMCNET - Assistant U.S. Attorney Soo C. Song showed videos that she said were on the laptop in which a person Mr. Ferguson identified as Mr. Begolly fired a rifle at a pumpkin, or at unidentified targets. The voice of Shawn Begolly, the defendant's father, can be heard on some of the videos, including one in which the voice said, "Now you wounded him now" in apparent reference to a direct hit on the pumpkin.[emphasis mine..ed]
UPDATE by Rusty: Ed Morrissey has some thoughts here.

Goat's image in his 'younger years' below fold:

Assistant Deputy Reichsleiter

Update III: "Hitler, The Mufti Of Jerusalem And Modern Islamo Nazism Part I":

Morons at TPM Schmuckraker: Uh But But But Uh, But His Mom's a FOD!
Morons at Jawa Report: Nice Hat (bumped)

Goat Lee (aka Asadullah Alshishani) Arrested, Bites Two FBI Agents (Bumped-Updated-rebumped again))
1k Thousand more words on Begolly's 'Unremarkable' Activism
Moron's At TPM: Begolly isn't so bad, just a loner who snapped. Moron's At Jawa: Wow, Are You Lazy, Or Just Stupid?
Emerson "Goat Lee" Remains in Jail

By Stable Hand at 04:59 PM | Comments |

Guns Don't Shoot People, Foxes Do!

fox shoots man.jpg


An Eastern European hunter was outfoxed by his quarry when the fox he had wounded (not the one pictured here) ended up shooting him by pulling the trigger on the man's gun.
LULZ, will make quite a 'hunting story' - He was THIS big.

Update by Howie:

It was the Fox the whole time!

By Stable Hand at 04:58 PM | Comments |

Mark Levin Threatens to Sue Matthews, Olbermann, Schultz and Anyone Tying Him to Tucson Shootings

Via NewsBusters

According to the American Spectator, Levin moments before this issued a challenge to Matthews:
"I challenge Chris Matthews, I'll put $100,000 on the table, to find any example where Sarah Palin has promoted the murder of anybody," said Levin -- specifically excluding terrorists and the Taliban.

Levin went on: "A hundred thousand on the table if Chris Matthews can find anywhere Mark Levin has urged the murder of people who have different political viewpoints. That's the murder of politicians …where I said go out there and kill X,Y,Z…go out there and kill A,B,C. I challenge him right now. Sarah Palin. Me. Go ahead."

More at Examiner

False accusations against conservatives by liberals in the media are nothing new. In her most recent column, Michelle Malkin writes the "blame righty" theme has become a staple in todays' so-called mainstream news. She writes:
For the past two years, Democrat officials, liberal activists, and journalists have jumped to libelous conclusions about individual shooting sprees committed by mentally unstable loners with incoherent delusions all over the ideological map. The White House now pledges to swear off “pointing fingers or assigning blame.” Alas, the Obama administration’s political and media foot soldiers have proven themselves incapable of such restraint.
h/t foundersweb

By Stable Hand at 04:26 PM | Comments |

Hey Abdel Nur: watch out for your cornhole, bud.


FBI press release:

Abdel Nur Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Providing Material Support to the Conspiracy to Commit a Terrorist Attack at JFK Airport Nur Provided Material Support by Introducing Plotters to Violent Islamic Radical

BROOKLYN, NY—Earlier today, in the Eastern District of New York, United States District Judge Dora L. Irizarry sentenced Abdel Nur to 15 years in prison for providing material support to the conspiracy to attack John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York, by exploding fuel tanks and the fuel pipeline under the airport. Nur believed that the attack would cause extensive damage to the airport and to the New York economy, as well as the loss of numerous lives.

The sentence was announced by Loretta E. Lynch, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. The case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) in New York.

On June 29, 2010, Abdel Nur pled guilty to providing material support to the plot to attack JFK Airport. A federal jury subsequently convicted Abdul Kadir and Russell Defreitas in July 2010 of engaging in the terrorist conspiracy. On December 15, 2010, Kadir was sentenced to life in prison. The court is scheduled to sentence Defreitas on February 17, 2011. A fourth alleged member of the plot, Kareem Ibrahim, faces trial on the same charges as Defreitas and Kadir.1

The evidence established that Nur, a citizen of Guyana, provided material support to the plot by attempting to locate al Qaeda explosives expert Adnan Gulshair el Shukrijumah, and by introducing the plotters and presenting the plot to Yasin Abu Bakr, the notorious leader of the Trinidadian militant group Jamaat Al Muslimeen, who had previously engaged in violent terrorist attacks aimed at overthrowing the government of Trinidad and Tobago. The government's case was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Marshall L.Miller, Jason A. Jones, Berit W. Berger, and Zainab Ahmad.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:25 PM | Comments |

Islam Being Taught With your Tax Dollars

Powerline has some followup on the ACLU's lawsuit against the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy, a taxpayer funded charter school. Isnt' that special?

Thanks to ShotgunDroid.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:00 PM | Comments |

35,000 Still in Slavery in Sudan

As Southern Sudan is on the eve of independence, let's not forget those still in captivity in the North. AASG:

The U.S.-brokered Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005 ended the slave raids and confirmed the South's right to self-determination. But it failed to create a mechanism for the return of slaves. Over 35,000 people, according to representatives of the Committee to Eradicate the Abduction of Women and Children, remain in bondage today.
And why is this a taboo subject?
But threats made by the government of Sudan against U.N. operations forced Unicef to backtrack. Meanwhile, in 1999, the Arab League declared that slavery was nonexistent in Sudan and that to say otherwise was an insult to Arabs and Muslims. For fear of offending Islam, many Western NGOs have turned a blind eye.
Read the rest.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:28 PM | Comments |

90 Girls Pregnant At One Tennessee High School

From WMC-TV:

The Action News 5 Investigators recently discovered 90 girls who attend Frayser High School are now pregnant or have already had a baby this school year.

No word on how many 'Baby Daddies' were involved, but I'd be willing to bet it is far less than 90...

By DMartyr at 01:49 PM | Comments |

Melanie Phillips on Israeli TV


Interview with Phillips, British author/columnist:

Related: Carl in Jerusalem sez 'Is this what Melanie Phillips calls our 'lousy hasbara'?

By Stable Hand at 01:10 PM | Comments |

Al-Qaeda Training Canadian Jihadis for Terror Attacks in Canada

From Syed Saleem Shahzad at Asia Times online.

Well-placed Taliban sources say that a group of Canadian militants is receiving jihadi training in al-Qaeda camps in North Waziristan for terror attacks in Canada, whose troops are a part of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.

Arif Wazir, a local militant of Darpakhel in North Waziristan told Asia Times Online, "In the first stage of their journey, the Canadians went to Afghanistan in February 2010; there were 12 of them. After nine months, al-Qaeda's leaders decided to send them to North Waziristan and they reached Darpakhel in November last year.

"In Afghanistan they received basic jihadi training, while currently they are busy doing some special courses. Their main learning is how to use sophisticated weapons, and how to connect with local smuggling networks in North America. They are also learning how to use ordinary material like sugar and basic chemicals to make powerful explosives. These militants will then return to their country to execute al-Qaeda's plan of targeting big cities in Canada," the militant said.

According to available information, the Canadians joined the Egyptian militant organization Jihad al-Islami (JAI), which then helped them reach Afghanistan. The head of the group goes by the alias of Abu Shahid. The 30-year-old, who sports a golden beard, converted to Islam in 2007 and joined the JAI, with which he works to collect funds for the organization. Shahid is responsible for all of the activities of the Canadians in North Waziristan. According to Taliban sources, the 12 will remain in the tribal belt until it is felt that they are sufficiently trained to successfully carry out terror activities in Canada. Shahid apparently is confident he can recruit more Canadians.

The sources gave the names of some of the Canadians undergoing training. These could not be independently verified and include: Jeam Paull (local name Sadiq Ullah), Leman Langlois (Sana Ullah), James Richard (Abdur Rehman), Otto Paul (Abu Usman), Thomas (Abdullah) and Paul Gall (Hafiz Ullah).

Various militants of other nationalities are also being trained in North Waziristan, probably the most lawless part of Pakistan. Apart from Arab and Central Asian militants, one can find jihadis from the United States, Britain and Germany.

By Matt Damon at 10:13 AM | Comments |

Howie: Fastest Blogger in Bumfuct Egypt
Tribal Update Presents the UN and Muslim nature and a trailer for a new horror film

I was the first person in the world to view this video. I swear to God.


By Howie at 09:13 AM | Comments |

CAIR: We Didn't Really Mean Refuse to Co-Operate


The Council on American-Islamic Relations said it will remove a poster from the group's website promoting an upcoming conference that encourages people not to talk to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

poster on cair site.jpg

The poster, which appeared on the website of CAIR’s California chapter, features a sinister-looking FBI agent with the headlines “Build a Wall of Resistance” and “Don’t Talk to the FBI.” The poster was designed in the late 1970s or early 1980s and has been reproduced by various groups and activists since then in response to alleged harassment by the FBI and to protest grand jury subpoenas.

“I think it’s subject to misinterpretation,” spokesman Ibrahim Hooper told Fox News Radio when speaking about the poster. “We decided out of extreme caution to take it down.”

Ibrahim is full of "the essence" methinks.

Read more.

By Howie at 07:09 AM | Comments |

Morons at TPM Schmuckraker: Uh But But But Uh, But His Mom's a FOD!
Morons at Jawa Report: Nice Hat (bumped)



In an attempt to secure the release of Emerson Begolly, the 21-year-old Nazi-dressing alleged jihad enthusiast who allegedly bit two FBI agents, his defense lawyer alleged in court documents Wednesday that one of the agents had a romantic relationship with the suspect's estranged, alcoholic mother.
Stay classy there guys.
Late Update: The government just entered new evidence they unveiled in the case into the record. Included was the photo at the top of this post and the photo displayed below. We'll have more on the new evidence tomorrow.

Mmmmm tomorrow, indeed.

If I were her, I'd probably need a stiff drink too.

Sims said, however, that there was "no evidence that Mr. Begolly suffers from a major mental illness, and defense counsel has observed nothing to indicate same."
Obviously the Council for the Defense must be nipping from a brown paper bag too 'cause they can't remember what arguments they made the last time they were in court.

Update: More information here at PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW's Live blog:

A federal judge today ordered that a Clarion County man remain in jail while awaiting trial on charges that he bit two FBI agents investigating strange Internet postings.

Prosecutors presented evidence in court that included videos they say show Emerson Begolly, 21, of Mayport training himself to commit some kind of terrorist attack. The videos, some of which were shot by his father, Shawn Begolly of Mayport, show Emerson Begolly in a camouflage jacket with shoulder patches containing Arabic scripts on them.

He's carrying a weapon that FBI Special Agent Thomas Ferguson III described as similar to an AK-47, and shouting an Arabic phrase ″Allahu Akbar,″ which translates into ″God is great,″ before firing the gun.

Aww him and Dad playing Jihadi in the back yard?
U.S. District Judge Maurice Cohill overturned a federal magistrate's decision that would have released Begolly on bond to Renewal Inc., Downtown.

″I'm satisfied that he should be detained,″ the judge said.

Even more here.
Prosecutors say Begolly communicated online with Colleen LaRose, dubbed "Jihad Jane," who is accused of helping foreign terrorist suspects intent on starting holy war, and with and Zachary Chesser, who has pleaded guilty to threatening the creators of "South Park" for perceived insults to the prophet Muhammad.
Updated 11/14/11 05:26: Here's the video mentioned above from Pittsburgh Live.

Full story with the video is here.

Hat Tip: Zionist Overlord (number redacted).

By Howie at 06:41 AM | Comments |

January 13, 2011

Sheriff: Gunmen In Mexico Shoot At Road Crew In Hudspeth County, Texas

border violence.jpg

Sheriff: "First time county crews have come under direct fire"

EL PASO, Texas -- Hudspeth County, Texas Sheriff Arvin West confirmed a Hudspeth County road crew came under fire Thursday morning from gunmen in Mexico.

Sheriff West told ABC-7 that around 10:30 a.m, Thursday a road crew was repairing a part of Indian Hot Springs road, just east of Neely's crossing in Hudspeth County along the US-Mexico border when they came under gunfire from the Mexican side.

But Napolitano sez...


The border is safer, really...

h/t Yon

By Stable Hand at 11:23 PM | Comments |

APSU Campus Alert: Clifford Guthrie has made 'anti-American' threats to university (Updated x 2)

Clifford Richard Guthrie
Ht 5'11"
Weight: 190lbs
Ethnicity: Unspecified
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

the leaf chronicle

According to an e-mail distributed to the student body at Austin Peay, Clifford Richard Guthrie has threatened "anti-American" acts against the university.

The e-mail says Guthrie, who was enrolled at APSU as recently as the fall 2010 semester, wrote a letter to the university in which he says, "I am forced to engage in a civil-civic action that will be readily perceived as a crime that is heinous, premeditated, racial, and anti-American."

APSU officials said in the e-mail that they are not clear on the specific intent, but are taking the threat seriously.

Guthrie appeared before the City Council on Aug. 5 to propose the additional oversight. On Guthrie's personal website, he has a document proposing the oversight, saying "it is vital that a separate and independent oversight body be established to prevent corruption and / or unethical practices. This oversight body or agency can ensure proper practices in terms of workers' rights, workers' safety, quality of products, and environmental protection."
A criminal trespass warning has been issued to Guthrie, meaning he is not allowed on campus or other APSU property.

Law enforcement agencies including Clarksville Police, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, Fort Campbell Police, and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have been notified.


h/t FB

Update: Email from Police, APSU to all students below fold:
Update II: Barred APSU Student Undergoing Mental Health Evaluation

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. - Barred APSU student undergoing mental health evaluation
The former Austin Peay student that was the subject of a campus wide security alert has agreed to go to a hospital for mental health evaluation. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Clifford Guthrie went voluntarily to Gateway Medical Center...

Matter of concern: On Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2011, APSU officials were provided with a letter written by Cliff Richard Guthrie, who was enrolled at APSU as recently as the Fall 2010 semester, that states “…I am forced to engage in a civil-civic action that will be readily perceived as a crime that is heinous, premeditated, racial, and anti-American.” The letter also names Austin Peay State University and no other institution of higher education is specifically named in the letter.

Awareness: While the specific intent of this individual is not clear, his statements are being taken seriously by APSU officials and are considered to be threatening.

APSU Public Safety has issued Guthrie a criminal trespass warning. This means Mr. Guthrie is not allowed on any property owned or occupied by APSU. APSU Public Safety has also notified the Clarksville Police Department, Montgomery County Sherriff’s Office, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) and Fort Campbell Police about the communication.

If you see Guthrie on or near the APSU’s Main Campus, Fort Campbell Campus, or the Renaissance Center in Dickson, please contact APSU Public Safety at (931) 221-7786. You should also inform APSU Public Safety if you receive any communication, including letters or packages, from Mr. Guthrie, or any letters or packages that are not properly identified or are otherwise suspicious, without opening the letter or package.

Members of the university community are encouraged to exercise extra vigilance, acquaint themselves with the locations of emergency phones located throughout the campus, and avail themselves of the escort service provided by Public Safety. You can reach public safety dispatch at any time by pressing the button on any interior/exterior emergency phone, or by dialing (931) 221-7786 on any wired or cellular phone.

By Matt Damon at 06:14 PM | Comments |

"Todays Women are Scum/Druggies etc." Ramblings of a Idiot on JihadTuber Allahs5ervant's Channel

First, he/she/it's terrorist propaganda video:

I would say stop by and say 'hi' to this user below but he closed his account. So go ahead and stop by Allahs5ervant's channel and say 'hi' if you so choose.

By Stable Hand at 05:40 PM | Comments |

Insane: Police arrest VICTIM of firebombing in Canada

Blame the victim because he had a feckin gun to protect himself? Gawd, what BS.

A couple comments gave me a chuckle:

Luckily the homeowner didn't use "hate speech" to drive away the attackers. Otherwise he'd really be in some deep shit.

Don't call the cops if you can kill your attackers... shoot, shovel, shut up...

I especially like the second one...lulz

By Stable Hand at 02:40 PM | Comments |

PalWatch: Boycott Israeli goods ad on Palestinian TV sponsored by Spanish government (Updated)

Islamic center in Spain must be proud of their government.


Update: Spain has denied the accusation and said they were victims & launching a investigation...sure they are. But, Spain is Sponsoring 'Travel to Palestine' Website that Eliminates Israel <------Challah Hu Akbar also has screenshots....

By Stable Hand at 02:00 PM | Comments |

Went To A Hockey Game And A Musical Broke Out...

A little girl was singing the National Anthem at a hockey game, but her microphone cuts off in the middle of the song. The crowd helps her out.

By DMartyr at 01:57 PM | Comments |

Israel Has First & Only Arab Bone Marrow Registry For Unrelated Arab Donors

Alternate Hamas/Hezbollah/Iran - add related Radical Islamists - headline: Juice stealing Arab bone marrow.

PoughKeepsieJournal[Letter to Editor]

Arab donor registry created in Israel

There are 325 million Arabs in 22 Middle Eastern nations, but the first and only registry for unrelated Arab donors of bone marrow or stem cells has been developed at Israel's Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem. Stem cell and bone marrow transplants can cure certain cancers and other serious disorders

Before this registry was established, only 10 percent of Arab patients were able to find matching unrelated donors in international registries, compared to 80 percent for Caucasian patients, because the Arab genome differs from that of other ethnic groups.

In 2008, Professor Chaim Brautbar and Dr. Amal Bishara, an Israeli Arab immunologist, established this Arab registry, and data from over 9,000 Israeli Arabs have both been stored in this registry and also been added to the international database in Leiden, Holland, so that compatible matches for would-be recipients can be more easily found. Brautbar regards this database as an important bridge between peoples.

Several weeks ago, Dr. Bishara presented a paper about the Israeli Arab registry at the Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide Organization meeting in Minneapolis, and this project generated much interest. The 9,000 samples were collected in 60 campaign drives in Israel. With the establishment of this donor registry, there now is an option for Arabs both in Israel and in other countries, even those at war with Israel, to find compatible donors for a transplant.[emphasis mine]

Marlene R. Eckstein, M.D.

Wow, just wow.

Thanks to guest

By Stable Hand at 12:53 PM | Comments |

Fargo Mosque Threat Prompts FBI Probe

Did I say mosque? Sorry, meant synagogue:


FARGO – The FBI is investigating the threatening voice mail left at Fargo’s synagogue.

A caller from a Florida-based area code left the phone message at Temple Beth El last week, promising a “special package” and mentioning jihad, according to Fargo police.

Bev Jacobson, president of Temple Beth El, said synagogue officials told the Jewish Community Relations Council in Minneapolis about the threat, and the organization informed the FBI’s Minneapolis office.

Jacobson said the federal agents are conducting an investigation.

Hmmm, North Dakota...

h/t NTA

By Stable Hand at 12:12 PM | Comments |

UK: Police Fear "Racist" Label Over Crack Down On Muslim Pedophile Gangs - Former Chief

Earth to UK Police - Muslim is not a race. Islam is not a race.

Former police chief claims UK Police fear bein branded 'racist' over Muslim Sexual grooming crimes. Clue: it's the crime that's racist, Mick - not you.

Click above link or image for more on this from Un:dhimmi


Related: Malak ul-Yameen (Quran 4:24 - right hand possessions) via

Britain: ANOTHER Nine Pakistani Muslims 'Asians' Arrested For Underage Sexual Grooming Offenses

By Stable Hand at 11:19 AM | Comments |

Internet List of "Israeli War Criminals" Producing Expected Results

Facebook + Islam + European antisemetism = bad news:

The IDF has warned 200 soldiers and officers whose names appeared on a British website as war criminals for their involvement in Operation Cast Lead, about the possibility that they will be targeted by anti-Israel and possibly terrorist elements....

Since the list was published, some of the soldiers on it have received letters from an Islamic center in Spain accusing them of war crimes.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:56 AM | Comments |

Burglary Goes Extremely Well

For the public anyway......

FLORISSANT • An armed burglary suspect was shot and killed by a Florissant police officer Sunday night outside a home on Cranberry Court, police said.

Three officers arrived at house on reports of a burglary in progress, and the suspect was shot as he was fleeing the residence.

No officers were hurt.

McCoy refused repeated demands from officers to stop, show his hands and get on the ground, then pointed a gun as he kept walking toward officers, Boschert said. The suspect was shot once in the torso and once in the thigh. He was transported to a hospital, where he died.

Two people were inside the house at the time, and one suffered minor injuries when one of the burglars assaulted him, Boschert said. Police believe the burglars specifically targeted the home because of one of the residents who lived there, but that resident was not home at the time of the break-in.

Investigators believe the burglars were using a vehicle that had been stolen Saturday from St. Peters. The vehicle was found outside the home with the engine running.

McCoy's weapon was recovered at the scene, and police determined it had been stolen out of Ripley Count.

Wow, he was busy boy with sticky fingers, too bad his life of crime ended at such a tender young and innocent age.

We wish the officer involved a nice bit of time off to rest for a job well done.

By Howie at 10:44 AM | Comments |

Video: Gaza 2011 - your next travel destination

Poor poor Gazans, living in a war zone because of the Juice.

By Stable Hand at 10:40 AM | Comments |

Joos stoop to new low in genocide against Pali kids


Israel has granted “temporary resident” status to a 9-year-old Palestinian Authority Arab girl from Gaza in order to enable her to receive medical care. Her father and brother have also been granted the status, deemed a “special humanitarian case” in a letter signed by Interior Minister Eli Yishai.
Thanks to Writer Mom.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:34 AM | Comments |

January 12, 2011

Islams Useful Idiots

Rush on Amil Imani

A snippet from Amil Imani's post

Islam enjoys a large and influential ally among the non-Muslims: A new generation of “Useful Idiots,” the sort of people Lenin identified living in liberal democracies who furthered the work of communism. This new generation of Useful Idiots also live in liberal democracies, but serves the cause of Islamofascism—another virulent form of totalitarian ideology.

Useful Idiots are naïve, they are foolish, they are ignorant of facts, they are unrealistically idealistic, they are dreamers and they are willfully in denial or deceptive. They hail from the ranks of the chronically unhappy. They are anarchists, they are aspiring revolutionaries, they are neurotics who are at war with life, the disaffected alienated from government, corporations, and just about any and all institutions of society. The Useful Idiot can be a billionaire, a movie star, an academe of renown, a politician, or from any other segment of the population. Arguably, the most dangerous variant of the Useful Idiot is the “Politically Correct.” He is the master practitioner of euphemism, hedging, doubletalk, and outright deception[...]

The lesson is clear. Beware of the Useful Idiots who live in liberal democracies. Knowingly or unknowingly, they serve as the greatest volunteer and effective soldiers of Islam. They pave the way for the advancement of Islam and they will assuredly be among the very first victims of Islam as soon as it assumes power.


By Stable Hand at 10:38 PM | Comments |

Come for the Memorial, Stay for the Free T-Shirt

Really? Is this where we are in civil society? BRANDING memorial services?

This entire sorry episode - between the media malpractice, the Democrats' disgraceful lying, slandering and hijacking of the tragedy and their beneath-contempt exploitation for their own twisted political "ends," and now this - has reached level 16 double-plus-farce.

Now the attendees can brag at their respective frat parties about how they went to the memorial, basked in the light of President LincolnGhandiJesus and got the t-shirt.

Is this a campaign rally or a memorial?

Un. Real.

By Good Lt. at 08:23 PM | Comments |

Ya'll Were Born a Muslim

Well I'll be snookered! (click to enlarge)


By Stable Hand at 07:43 PM | Comments |

Yawn: Let's Email a Terrorist!


I'm bored. You know what's fun? Messin' with terrorists.

Here is the email for the Ribat Media Center. The people who made the video posted below. Real lions of Islam, but not the brightest guys in the world. Notice the footage they spliced in at 3:43. I screencapped it above. I'm sure Allah has a special place in paradise for this genius.

Why not email them and tell them what's on your mind? Better yet, sign them up for some porn. Not the gay kind or anything related to pedophilia. They might like it.

EMAIL: info@ribatmedia.tk

The video is below.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:03 PM | Comments |

Liberals/Tucson Tragedy: Googles YouTube 'Violent' Islamist Rhetoric (Updated)

At app 3:13 shows the type of real violent rhetoric Google/YouTube allows, even after being flagged app 15 times[update] 25 for promoting terrorism!

Violent Rhetoric_YT_jihadi vido flags.jpg

Liberals thoughts are on Sara Palin/FOX/Limbaugh/Beck/Teabaggerrzz/Right Wing etc and Google/YouTube allows violent rhetoric ever damn day.

I post a video about Radical Islam, but Google/YouTube kisses jihadi testes and removes for disgusting content. Disgusting?

Does this not show violence, is disgusting & promoting terrorism? The rifle site is aiming at a soldiers head....not on a political map.

Image credit MABLUMG

Update: The tweets directed @YouTube have worked again. You would think all the flagging would have removed it to begin with...but no......it took shaming/tweets also.

Thanks everyone who helped! I would Especially like to give a shout out to a Canuck's tweets.

More from MABLUNG

By Stable Hand at 04:09 PM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: JihadTube Videos, Flag Your Hearts Out (Bumped-Updated x 2)

no submit.jpg
lan astaslem/I will not surrender/I will not submit.

Click image for related article

A friend of mine made me realize by not flagging the videos, even though we have a bone to pick with Google/YouTube & demanding they do the job they are getting paid to do, lets the Islamists AND Google/YouTube win.

I don't know about you but I will be damned if I will Submit to Islamists/Google/YouTube.

Andrea's Hall of Shame playlist here

Previous, Rusty posted a video to smackdown: You Can't Change the World, But You Can Smack Down this Islamist Propaganda. Besides Rusty's post and my friend's input..........strike is over at Jawa Report. I have already flagged the above video.

The video below was removed from YouTube..I mirrored it. No, Islamists/Google/Youtube.........you have not won!

Update: I suppose the jihadi took the flagging thing literally.

JihadTube_live to die mirror_removed.jpg

This Islamist propaganda video Rusty wanted flagged has apparently been flagged 24 feckin times and still remains.

Update II: The tweets directed @YouTube have worked again. You would think all the flagging would have removed it to begin with....but no......it took shaming/tweets also.

Thanks everyone who helped! I would Especially like to give a shout out to a Canuck's tweets.

No Islamists/YouTube, you have not won. Just p*ssed me off further.

By Stable Hand at 02:27 PM | Comments |

Liberal Heartache (kinda): Loughner Didn't Watch TV/Disliked News/Didn't Listen To Political Talk Radio

Drudge headlines via TVNewser:

I blame Jared Loughner and only Jared Loughner. Would have, could have, should have won't bring the victims back. He pulled the trigger...no one made him do it.

A few comments to explain my 'kinda':

While some portrayals of Loughner indicate that he once leaned towards the political left, the influence of the contemporary hard right is clear in his later psychotic rantings. His friends may protest that he was apolitical, but one might reasonably doubt that he was smart enough to happen upon bimetallism (he refused to make payments in other than "gold and silver money") or enumerated powers (he stood up in class and announced that Pima Community College was "unconstitutional") without outside influence.

I blame Palin and the school where he study for not enlighting is spirit with all these new tools we have. We must do more when so called people run such hatred within are states for there own goals and ambitions.

He should made to serve is jail term in Alaska next to Palins hoem as a reminder for her crimes.

The families should take a civil law suit for inciting such crime in the world . Palin should be bought to court[I think you should learn how to spell/structure your sentence better...just saying...ed]

No amount of 'proof' will change liberal mindset. It's in their genes <--------------oh wait, that's about conservatives...

By Stable Hand at 01:15 PM | Comments |

Photographing the Birds of Hope: An Army Medevac Unit in Afghanistan

God Bless our finest and bravest caring for our finest and bravest!

Renowned photojournalist James Nachtwey describes how he documented the work of an Army medevac unit in Afghanistan

h/t words4warriors

By Stable Hand at 01:04 PM | Comments |

Bomb Found Outside Orange County, FL Walgreens On Tuesday - Disarmed

Bomb Found Outside Orange Co. Walgreens Disarmed - Photos - WFTV Orlando.png
Click image for slide show

WFTV[Click link for video]

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- It wasn't a suspicious package planted right outside a busy Walgreens store, it was a bomb and agents have no idea who did it.

Deputies say they've seen plenty of suspicious packages or bomb hoaxes, but rarely do they see the real thing, especially in a place like the Walgreens store on Aloma Avenue near Goldenrod Road (see map).

There's a mystery surrounding who would do it. The device was outside, right under the 1-HR photo sign. WFTV checked it out and behind the wall is the cosmetics section.[Emphasis mine..ed]

Investigators don't know if someone at the store was a target, but the person who placed the bomb apparently did it without being seen by anyone.

The black mark near the entrance to the Walgreens in east Orange County was only from the small explosion the bomb squad used to disarm the device that could've caused even more damage.[Emphasis mine...ed]

"It's a kinda scary, because this is a fairly quiet neighborhood," said Jeff Williamson, Orange County Sheriff's Office. "When I first received the call, they said, 'Jeff this is not a hoax, this is a real device.'"

The Orange County Sheriff's Office says a customer noticed an oddly shaped box with wires sticking out of it and someone inside called 911[...]

It was a box with some sort of wires hanging out of it and, as we were able to put surveillance on it, we were able to determine there were other dangerous components, as well, in this device," Williamson said.

One Walgreens employee said it was the size of a suitcase, placed just steps away from a group of propane tanks.

"Is it possible they were trying to magnify [the explosion]?" WFTV reporter Eric Rasmussen asked Williamson.

"Certainly, that's a possibility investigators are looking at right now," Williamson said.


h/t NTA

By Stable Hand at 12:29 PM | Comments |

ZOGs Now Occupying Olympics or Something

Apparently if you look at this 2012 Olympic logo just right it spells "ZION".


But be careful not to make eye contact with it. That only makes it angry. You wouldn't like it when its angry.

Thanks to Shy Guy.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:48 AM | Comments |

Great: Fred Phelps Coming to Tucson

Apparently the Tucson massacre was God's retribution on Tucson because he hates fags or something. Which is why God chose to kill a nine year old girl. Because He hates fags.

Hasn't Fred Phelps propaganda crossed the "fighting words" line yet?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:44 AM | Comments |

Illinois Raises Income Tax. A lot 66%

The tobacco settlement could not close the Illinois budget deficit. They spent more than it earned.

Raising vehicle registrations once, twice, three times could not close the Illinois budget deficit. They spent more than it earned.

Raising cigarette, gas and gambling taxes EVER FREAKING YEAR. could not close the Illinois budget deficit. They spent more than it earned.

I could go on like this all day.

But somehow raising the income tax will help...

I predict this will not even come close and as the history of Illinois politics points out, this will be an excuse to spend more than you raise once more.

Tell me again why all you American's voted to put these people in charge of the Nation?

More there at American Thinker.

They also increased business taxes 46% in a state where the tax base has been disappearing for a decade.

Not a single Republican voted for the measure - even those who were retiring or defeated in the November election.

And this is cause for congratulations and celebration? In the cloud cuckoo land of Democratic politics in Illinois, you betcha.

And don't let anyone tell you that this is for "deficit reduction." In order to get the support of black lawmakers, Quinn promised to spend a billion dollars over the next 4 years on schools. No doubt other uses will be found for all that cash besides solving the state's massive fiscal crisis.

By Howie at 10:32 AM | Comments |

Its Because Conservatives are "not to be able to Understand"

We are racially inferior. It has been shown that there is a conservative fear gene that makes us unable to comprehend the moral subtlety of liberal thought:

You know, Sarah Palin just can't seem to get it, on any front. I think she's an attractive person, she is articulate," Clyburn said on the Bill Press radio show. "But I think intellectually, she seems not to be able to understand what's going on here."
Even with years and years and of intellectual training in liberal thought it's just impossible for we conservatives' primitive brains to fathom.

Well how's this? I understand that now I suffer from a disability and I/we should be a protected class in society because we're handicapped by no fault of our own. Its genetic, its not our fault!

Now. Where's my check?

I think I understand liberal thought quite well.

By Howie at 10:17 AM | Comments |

Malkin: The worst sheriff in America

You must read Michelle's roundup of the history of the Pima county Sheriff's interaction with dangerous nutbag Loughner.

There are many heroes who showed indomitable courage and grace under fire during this weekend’s horrific Tucson massacre. Blowhard Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik was not one of them.

....As Sheriff Dupnik himself has now admitted, Loughner leveled death threats against others that were investigated by law enforcement – and then apparently shrugged off. Locals note that Loughner’s mother worked for the county and may have had some pull. Pima County College campus police reported five serious confrontations with the mentally unstable young man before he was kicked out of the school, which he decried as an unconstitutional “torture facility.” Classmates said they feared for their lives. His friends say he was a pot-head, a 9/11 Truther, and a UFO conspiracist so kooky that even flying-objects adherents spurned him.

I gotta say I agree. If trained deputies can't spot this nut, then that department pretty much needs torn down and rebuilt.

Cause everyone who had contact with him felt he was dangerous.


Thanks to K.C. for the image there.


As his behavior grew more puzzling to his friends, he was getting better with a pistol. Starting in high school, Mr. Loughner honed his marksmanship with a 9-millimeter pistol, the same caliber weapon used in the attack Saturday, until he became proficient at handling the weapon and firing it quickly.

“If he had a gun pointed at me, there is nothing I could do because he would make it count,” Mr. Gutierrez said. “He was quick.”

Which leads to the question: if he had had all this contact with law enforcement, how come no one moved to have this dude identified as a dangerous person with a mental illness?

If so he would have been unable to purchase the firearm used in the crime even in Arizona, which is taking a lot of flack for being "too gun friendly".

No someone dropped the ball here, and the run on Glocks show you that the American public knows exactly how the government will address the problem.

Rather than actually doing their jobs as now required, they will pass a bunch more moronic laws that they will half-ass enforce for a little fine money and nothing will change.

Until the next nut goes off and then they will pass a bunch more moronic laws that they will half-ass enforce for a little fine money.


By Howie at 09:55 AM | Comments |

Mary Reed: Mother, Heroine

Arizona Central:

t was supposed to be a nice, quick moment. A photograph to help commemorate an important event.

Mary Reed and her daughter, Emma McMahon, were only going to be there for a few minutes.

Emma, a Tucson high-school senior, had been a congressional page for U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords over the summer. But things had been so busy, she never got a photograph of herself with the congresswoman. Giffords inspired her, and she wanted the memory.

Then everything changed. A gunman approached, shot Giffords in the head and kept on firing.

Mary didn't know exactly what it was when she first heard the noise, but she knew it was loud and bad. She knew she wanted to protect her daughter.

Read the rest.

Hat Tip: Anna.

By Howie at 09:09 AM | Comments |

What's That You Say?

You wanted civility? Oopsie!

That Scott down there that's running for governor of Florida," Mr. Kanjorski said. "Instead of running for governor of Florida, they ought to have him and shoot him. Put him against the wall and shoot him.

Ah, the liberal Democrats. Poster children of peace and civility.

By Vinnie at 01:54 AM | Comments |

Flashback Arizona Sheriff Dupnik: I Refuse To Enforce Arizona 'Racist' Immigration Law

Jared Loughner_mug_court appearance.jpg
Mug shot from Loughners court appearance

Is it any wonder he blames Teabaggerzz/FOX/Palin/Beck/Limbaugh/Right Wing etc for Jared Loughner's murderous rampage?

5/01/10.... "We are not immigration officials," Dupnick vowed Thursday. "We fight crime. The state put us in this position."[...]

Dupnick said he never joined the contentious debate over the controversial bill because he didn't expect Gov. Jan Brewer or state legislators to approve it.

"This law, it's just irresponsible," he said. "It makes them [legislators] look like racists.

How is 'We fight crime' working out for you Sheriff Dupnick?

Arizona Sheriff Clarence Dupnik Refuses To Enforce "Racist" Immigration Law
Clarence Dupnik is my Hero FB page
Obama Phones Leftist Media-Whore AZ Sheriff Dupnik
Clarence Dupnik Blames Rush Limbaugh: Limbaugh Baits Dupnik, Dupnik Bites

By Stable Hand at 01:11 AM | Comments |

January 11, 2011

Minority Makes History, But Is Ignored Because She's Not The Right Minority

She's not a liberal Democrat, you see.

Several mainstream news outlets like the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune -- even FoxNews.com -- neglected to mention her Hispanic heritage, while others such as the New York Times failed to cover the events as she took the oath during a chilly outdoor ceremony on the Santa Fe Plaza.

Yes, unlike the fawning media orgasm over the nomination of "wise Latina" Sonia Sotomayor, they totally ignore a Conservative Latina making history as well.

Guess what, MSM?

Thats Racist Pictures, Images and Photos

By Vinnie at 11:57 PM | Comments |

Guns & Pencils


guns pencils.jpg

h/t B'Emet Or

By Stable Hand at 11:30 PM | Comments |

Iran Rounding Up Those 'Extremist Christians' Again

Dang, won't they ever learn Islam is peaceful and doesn't allow extremism? /sarc

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Iran has arrested about 70 Christians since Christmas in a crackdown that demonstrates the limits of religious tolerance by Islamic leaders who often boast they provide room for other faiths.

The latest raids have targeted grass-roots Christian groups Iran describes as "hard-liners" who pose a threat to the Islamic state. Authorities increasingly view them with suspicions that range from trying to convert Muslims to being possible footholds for foreign influence.

Christian activists claim their Iranian brethren are being persecuted simply for worshipping outside officially sanctioned mainstream churches.

Caught in the middle is the small community of Iranian Christians who get together for prayer and Bible readings in private residences and out of sight of authorities. They are part of a wider "house church" movement that has taken root in other places with tight controls on Christian activities such as China and Indonesia.

Zoroastrians, but many religious minorities sense growing pressures from the Islamic state as hard-edged forces such as the powerful Revolutionary Guard exert more influence. There are few social barriers separating Muslims and Iran's religious minorities such as separate neighborhoods or universities. But they are effectively blocked from high government and military posts.

So much for the so called protected state Islam offers Christians or other non Muslims for that matter. It is fallacy, plain and simple..

h/t Barry

By Stable Hand at 10:49 PM | Comments |

Hey Kid, Get Out Of The Way, Younes Abdullah (Emir of RM aka Islam Policy) Is Making A Video

Younes, did you make this when you left the US & were hiding out? The Moroccan? kids seemed very interested in your blather...just sayin.

App 1:27 someone grabs the kid....nice going Abdullah!

Oh forgot, Younes is teaching a class on Shariah Compliant Economics course This is what the video is about or something..

h/t ZH#3

BTW, the black (Al-Raya/Ar-Raya) Islamic shuhadah/jihad flag shown at the beginning of his video explained here

By Stable Hand at 10:04 PM | Comments |

Video: Thousands of Right Wing Christians Celebrate Jared Loughner's Murders

Wait, what I meant to say is that this video shows thousands of Muslims in Saudi Arabia celebrating Mumtaz Qadri who assassinated the governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer, for opposing Pakistan's blasphemy laws.

You cannot judge a society by the fact that it has murderers. All societies have murderers. But a society that celebrates its murderers says a lot about that society.

Thanks to The Sanity Inspector

And the reaction in Pakistan?


The assassin has been showered with rose petals, his home has become a shrine to the faithful, and thousands of supporters have marched in the streets, praising him as a heroic defender of Islam. ...

Mumtaz Qadri sacrificed himself to protect the sanctity of our prophet, and every one of us here is ready to do the same thing," said Abdul Majid, a seminary student who was among tens of thousands of supporters who rallied in this huge port city Sunday, demanding that the country's controversial blasphemy law be preserved.

Many people at the massive march were Islamic activists and seminary students who hoisted posters of Qadri and carried flags of religious parties, including two banned Sunni militant groups. The rally was peaceful, but hundreds of participants shouted provocative and emotional chants, including "Life to Mumtaz Qadri, death to Salman Taseer, death to all blasphemers."

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:42 PM | Comments |

Hey, Let's Kill Sarah Palin!

Because of the hypocrisy.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:24 PM | Comments |

Jared Loughner's MySpace Rants: Well The "F*cking Pigs Are Genociding"


Jared Loughner_mug_2.jpg


Jared Loughner_mug_court appearance.jpg
Mug shot from Loughners court appearance

Screenshot from his MySpace page:

Jared loughner_myspace_2.png

Other rants such as:

Dec 12 – I can’t wait for something f**kin huge!

Dec 13 – I don’t feel good: I’m ready to kill a police officer! I can say it.

Dec 14 – Wow! Im glad I didn’t kill myself. I’ll see you on National TV. This is foreshadow… Why doesn’t anyone want to talk to me?

Dec 14 – You’re going to regret not talking to me!

Also, he linked to this image at MidwayUSA:

Jared Loughner_myspace_gun store.jpg

h/t Tres Starrs(who screencapped Loughner's MySpace page before it went down)

By Stable Hand at 11:56 AM | Comments |

Britain: ANOTHER Nine Pakistani Muslims 'Asians' Arrested For Underage Sexual Grooming Offences

Via Un:dhimmi

Another case of Rape Jihad from Absurd Britannia?:

A top level inquiry is being carried out by police into claims that a gang of Asian men groomed girls as young as 13 for sex. It is understood that some of Greater Manchester Police’s most senior officers have met to discuss the allegations.

We understand that so far 14 girls have been identified as potential victims. The girls claim they were plied with drink and drugs and then taken to flats and houses for sex.

Police said the girls are all white and aged 13 to 15 and at least one had been in the care of Rochdale Social Services. It is understood some of the girls were missing from home. An inquiry was started after some of them alerted police.

Details of the investigation were revealed just days after former home secretary Jack Straw sparked controversy when he said some Asian men were targeting young white girls in an unrelated case.

The investigation was launched by officers in the Rochdale division but has now been passed to GMP’s Major Incident Team because of the serious nature and potential volume of the offences.

Pretty disgusting to say the least, especially when they won't use the forbidden word Muslims.

Also, please read Un:dhimmis: Muslims also Targeting Hindu & Sikh Girls in Sexual Grooming Cases

Related: Muslim Sexual Grooming. Also Malak ul-Yameen (Quran 4:24 - right hand possessions)

Hmmm, when they aren't 'sexual grooming young girls' they sexual groom 'young boys' ( aka Bachi Bazi)

Related video below fold regarding women/Muslim pedophilia, according to the Quran:

By Stable Hand at 11:07 AM | Comments |

Jared Loughner’s Above Top Secret Posts

Are detailed here at the Volokh Conspiracy:

That Erad3 and Loughner are one and the same is indicated by his cross-posting of some of the same material on both YouTube and ATS. In searching through Loughner’s posts as Erad3, several stand out.

On July 7, 2010, Loughner posted his assertion that the war(s) in Iraq and Afghanistan “is a war crime from the Geneva Convention articles of 1949”:

There was help with cleaning the uranium from the Iran and Iraq war in the 1980’s?

Article 33 of the Geneva Convention is the prohibit of pillage.

All military invasions with armed forces into a foreign country are war crimes in the Geneva Convention articles of 1949.

The Iraq and Afghanistan war of 2010 is a military invasion with armed forces into a foreign country.

Therefore, Iraq and Afghanistan war of 2010 is a war crime from the Geneva Convention articles of 1949.

Ouch! For the thoughts of war.

Update by SH: ATS is allowing all to read posts by Loughner & those he replied to. Normally, you would have to be a member to access them.
As is often typical, recent analysis in the media is rampant with all manner of conclusions, second-guesses, exaggerations, distortions, and missing information. The opinion of the staff and owners of AboveTopSecret.com is that it serves the public interest to provide an easy method to access every post made here by erad3 (normally, visitors must be logged-in to view such information)[...]

Some will noticed that his account has been terminated. This has been done to protect the integrity of a now widely known member account here: there is now such a great deal of information available which might provide clues to guess the password and either post as him, or obtain personal data.

I NASA space shuttle post snippet
If the crew of the NASA mission uses a green screen then they are able to fake the mission.
The crew of the NASA mission uses a green screen.
Therefore, they are able to fake the mission.
Reminds me of those who think the Apollo Project/ moon landing was a hoax. Dang teabaggerrzz/Palin...oh wait

By Howie at 10:49 AM | Comments |

Bill Connolly Discussing Religion

Older, but new to me.

WARNING: NSFW - lots of 'F' bombs


By Stable Hand at 10:42 AM | Comments |

Snow Diary

This is old. Really old. I remember reading this back in the 70's. But it's still funny. Enjoy.

(Some Language NSFW)

December 8: 6:00 PM. It started to snow. The first snow of the season and the wife and I took our cocktails and sat for hours by the window watching the huge soft flakes drift down from heaven. It looked like a Grandma Moses Print. So romantic we felt like newlyweds again. I love snow!

December 9: We woke to a beautiful blanket of crystal white snow covering every inch of the landscape. What a fantastic sight! Can there be a more lovely place in the whole World? Moving here was the best idea I’ve ever had. Shoveled for the first time in years and felt like a boy again. I did both our driveway and the sidewalks. This afternoon the snowplow came along and covered up the sidewalks and closed in the driveway, so I got to shovel again. What a perfect life.

December 12: The sun has melted all our lovely snow. Such a disappointment. My neighbor tells me not to worry, we’ll definitely have a white Christmas. No snow on Christmas would be awful! Bob says we’ll have so much snow by the end of winter, that I’ll never want to see snow again. l don’t think that’s possible. Bob is such a nice man I’m glad he’s our neighbor.

December 14: Snow lovely snow! 8" last night. The temperature dropped to -20. The cold makes everything sparkle so. The wind took my breath away, but I warmed up by shoveling the driveway and sidewalks. This is the life! The snowplow came back this afternoon and buried everything again. l didn’t realize I would have to do quite this much shoveling, but I’ll certainly get back in shape this way. I wish l wouldn’t huff and puff so.

December 15: 20 inches forecast. Sold my van and bought a 4×4 Blazer. Bought snow tires for the wife’s car and 2 extra shovels. Stocked the freezer. The wife wants a wood stove in case the electricity goes out. I think that’s silly. We aren’t in Alaska, after all.

December 16: Ice storm this morning. Fell on my ass on the ice in the driveway putting down salt. Hurt like hell. The wife laughed for an hour, Which I think was very cruel.

December 17: Still way below freezing. Roads are too icy to go anywhere. Electricity was off for 5 hours. I had to pile the blankets on to stay warm. Nothing to do but stare at the wife and try not to irritate her. Guess I should’ve bought a wood stove, but won’t admit it to her. God I hate it when she’s right. I can’t believe I’m freezing to death in my own living room.

December 20: Electricity’s back on, but had another 14" of the damn stuff last night. More shoveling. Took all day. Goddamn snowplow came by twice. Tried to find a neighbor kid to shovel, but they said they’re too busy playing hockey. I think they’re lying. Called the only hardware store around to see about buying a snow blower and they’re out. Might have another shipment in March. I think they’re lying. Bob says I have to shovel or the city will have it done and bill me. I think he’s lying.

December 22: Bob was right about a white Christmas because 13 more inches of the white shit fell today, and it’s so cold it probably won’t melt till August. Took me 45 minutes to get all dressed up to go out to shovel and then I had to piss. By the time I got undressed, pissed and dressed again. I was too tired to shovel. Tried to hire Bob who has a plow on his truck for the rest of the winter; but he says he’s too busy. I think the asshole is lying.

December 23: Only 2" of snow today. And it warmed up to 0. The wife wanted me to decorate the front of the house this morning. What is she nuts!!! Why didn’t she tell me to do that a month ago? She says she did but I think she’s lying.

December 24: 6". Snow packed so hard by snowplow, l broke the shovel. Thought I was having a heart attack. If I ever catch the son of a bitch who drives that snowplow, I’ll drag him through the snow by his balls. I know he hides around the corner and waits for me to finish shoveling and then he comes down the street at a 100 miles an hour and throws snow all over where I’ve just been! Tonight the wife wanted me to sing Christmas carols with her and open our presents, but I was busy watching for the goddamn snowplow.

December 25: Merry Christmas. 20 more inches of the %$@*!!1! slop tonight. Snowed in. The idea of shoveling makes my blood boil. God I hate the snow! Then the snowplow driver came by asking for a donation and I hit him over the head with my shovel. The wife says I have a bad attitude. I think she’s an idiot. If I have to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” one more time, I’m going to kill her.

December 26: Still snowed in. Why the hell did I ever move here? It was all HER idea. She’s really getting on my nerves.

December 27: Temperature dropped to -30 and the pipes froze.

December 28: Warmed up to above -50. Still snowed in. THE BITCH is driving me crazy!!!!!

December 29: 10 more inches. Bob says I have to shovel the roof or it could cave in. That’s the silliest thing I ever heard. How dumb does he think I am?

December 30: Roof caved in. The snow plow driver is suing me for a million dollars. The wife went home to her mother. 9" predicted.

December 31: Set fire to what’s left of the house. No more shoveling.

January 8: I feel so good. I just love those little white pills they keep giving me. Why am I tied to the bed?

By DMartyr at 09:47 AM | Comments |

Placing Responsibility Where It Lies

Sheriff Dupnik insists that it's his official duty and his job as Sheriff to spout off his political opinions and his views on what's wrong with today's society.

There's just one problem - he's providing a defense for the killer. And I'm not just referring to the defense that the killer's lawyer will no doubt use in court. While Dupnik is using his post as a soapbox for his Democrat political views, the defense attorney is now apt to cite the Sheriff's opinions as a defense for the killer during his trial, asserting that they lend official credibility to the notion that the killer was "made to do it" by Rush Limbaugh, talk radio, etc. Absent any evidence of this, of course.

But this disgraceful dereliction of duty on the Sheriff's part underscores something more insidious that the left has been doing since this all began.

They've essentially been trying to shift the blame from the killer to somebody else. It's "society's fault," not the killer's. And "society" is to blame - and specifically, right-of-center society.

Now, it's disgusting enough that the left rushed to judgment about this killer before knowing any facts (intentionally).

For example, we now know that Loughner was a pot-smoking community college dropout who spouted off bizarre statements in class that had nothing to do with politics. He was obsessed with Rep. Giffords since 2007 (before the Tea Party or Sarah Palin existed as political entities on the national stage) - making appearances at her public events and pestering her with bizarre questions about "mind control through grammar." He had an occultish skull altar in a tent he made for himself in his yard. His friends described him as either apolitical or "a leftwing pot-head" who was "frustrated with Bush." His professor said that he expressed in his frequent outbursts in class thoughts that were "not of this world." There isn't a scintilla of evidence that he listened to talk radio or Rush Limbaugh, watched FOX News, liked or followed Sarah Palin, cared about Obamacare, or anything of the sort.

But none of that mattered to the left. What mattered was shifting the responsibility from him - the murderer of six people, including a 9-year-old child - to their political opponents. No matter what.

That's what's most disgusting. They don't want him to be responsible.

That's right - to them, this is less about a senseless mass murder, more about their hatred of their political opponents who just handed them the biggest political defeat of their lives a few months ago. And that hatred is what's been driving them throughout this whole disgraceful affair.

They don't care about the victims. They don't care that this guy was a lone psycho who killed a child and other innocent people.

As far as the left is concerned, the more heinous the crime, the better. Because that just means that they can exploit the national shock and raw emotion of individuals to try to pin the crime on who in their mind are the real criminals - law abiding citizens who oppose their politics and their policies. Observe Mark Penn and "unnamed Democrat advisers" who are rubbing their hands with glee, ghoulishly seeking to exploit the tragedy for political gain. Observe the tenacity of their crusade to destroy Sarah Palin and make her "answer" for something she had absolutely nothing to do with.

They blamed the Times Square bombing on "a tea partier angry at the health care bill." Reality: It was a Muslim who wanted to kill hundreds of people with a car bomb. They blamed the Ft. Hood shooting on "post traumatic stress disorder" caused by Bush's wars. Reality: It was a Muslim who never set foot in theater screaming "Allahu Akbar" and killing 13 soldiers.

And now they're claiming this psychopath is a "tea partier" with all evidence pointing to him being a mentally disturbed 9-11 Truther and a "leftwing pot-head." And that his was caused by "rhetoric" and "a climate of hate" when it had nothing whatsoever to do with any of this.

We should be weeping for the victims. Instead, we're weeping for the country's politics and observing the dying throes of a once-great political party.

In a field of strong contenders, this is perhaps the lowest point at which we've ever seen the Democrats and the leftwing in the modern era. It's like the very worst of their behavior during the eight years of the Bush administration has been hyper-concentrated and crammed into a stretch of several days.

It has given new meaning to the word "pathetic." And it's a shame that our national mourning over the lives of these poor people has to be a political football by a political party that just doesn't know when to quit.

/rant off

By Good Lt. at 08:42 AM | Comments |

Saudis Release "Zionist Spy Vulture"


A bird suspected by some of being a spy for Israel's Mossad is being released by Saudi Arabia after officials learned the creature was merely part of a university research project.

The bird, which was first identified as a vulture but is reportedly a bald eagle, was captured last week by a local hunter in a remote area of the Saudi desert. The bird was wearing a GPS transmitter and a leg bracelet with the words "Tel Aviv University," according to reports that began with the Israeli daily Ma'ariv.

But after the vulture had been captured in Saudi Arabia, Prince Bandar bin Saud al Saud, the Saudi nature authority, told Arabic-language news dailies that the bird was not a spy and that there had been been a mixup concerning a tracking device that had been placed on the bird. He also said the bird was a bald eagle.

...Prince Bandar scolded local media outlets for what he said was irresponsible reporting, Emirates 24-7 reported.
"Some of the Saudi journalists rushed in carrying the news of this bird for the sake of getting a scoop without checking the information. ... I am not defending Israel, but we need to be clear. ... They [newspapers] should have asked the competent authorities about the bird before publishing such news."

Well OK. But Bald Eagle. WTF are the Israelis doing with a Bald Eagle?

I kinda feel sorry for the guy considering he's an entire ocean away from his natural habitat. Any Eagle you know that would move to the Saudi Desert?

Anyway I guess the Israelis can have one as our are going pretty well. I saw one fishing the river the other day as I was crossing.

But he's going to totally take over there. And find him a mate dammit.


Hetz Shahor adds: Eagles of Israel listed here:


My guess is Prince Bandar is confused.

By Howie at 07:11 AM | Comments |

January 10, 2011

WaPo: Loughner was an Independent, Didn't Vote In Midterms

Left: Dammit, Cause We Photoshopped His Registration as GOP

Addendum to Howie's post, just for reiteration, and to note that a lot of leftwingers are still holding this to be true. Even as that noted right-wing rag the Washington Post throws a little cold water on their hoax.

And the first time they did it, they misspelled Tucson as "Tuscon." Twice. Genius in action - they can't even fake the truth accurately:


When somebody noted this, another "correct" version appeared and began to circulate on leftwing blogs anyway - per their desire to want it to be true.

But wait...didn't independents swing against Obama this cycle? Why...they're ALL KILLERS! OMGz!

By Good Lt. at 08:30 PM | Comments |

1k More Words on Emerson Begolly's "Unremarkable" Political Activism

We really have so much on Begolly that it's not clear where to end this. But this screenshot deserves its own post.


Yup, that's pretty unremarkable wouldn't you say? No similarities at all between Emerson Begolly and Nidal Hasan.

Also, Stable Hand wanted me to remind you of Begolly's awful (literally difficult to listen to) song in praise of Osama bin Laden. It's below the fold. Listen to it at your own risk.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 06:16 PM | Comments |

Morons at TPM: Begolly isn't so bad, just a loner who snapped
Morons at Jawa Report: Wow, Are You Guys Lazy or Just Stupid?

What happens when morons get a blog that tries to pass as insightful journalism? Talking Points Memo:

But a closer look at Begolly's case and his personal background suggests that the pro-jihad and anti-Semitic remarks which brought him to the attention of law enforcement may be the product of a troubled past. And while his personal political beliefs appear to have been radicalized following what his mother described as a "breakdown" last month, his lawyer argued that there's no indication he had the intent -- or the means -- to wage any sort of attack.
That's brilliant "muckraking" there. Your sources include a) the suspect's mother; b) the suspect's lawyer.

But it gets worse:

Little information can be found on on Begolly's past political activity or whether he has a long history of radicalism. What can be found is unremarkable:

So, if I understand TPM's article correctly, there are two assertions: 1) Begolly's instability is something recent -- probably no more than a month ago did he snap; 2) Begolly wasn't really that radical -- or at least not until a month ago when he "snapped". Or, if he is a radical, no evidence of this can be found on the internet.

Here is a screenshot of a simple Google search of the Ansar al-Mujahideen forum for "Asadullah Alshishani, Begolly's nickname*, which Begolly helped moderate. The Ansar al-Mujhaideen forum is a known hangout for supporters of violent Islamism. Did I mention that he was a moderator?


In fact, so active was Begolly on extremist forums that his self proclaimed title of "nasheed expert" was never challenged. He was, literally, the go-to guy for any one interested in songs written by or dedicated to terrorists. Over time Begolly began to write his own nasheeds -- some of them already noted here and elsewhere in the MSM. But let's just focus on one nasheed that Begolly wrote and which was received enthusiastically by the online jihadi community:


Here are the lyrics:

When the Jew's blood reds my knife
Then my life is free from strife

Hiding behind rocks and trees
I'll find them with greatest ease
Make them get down on their knees
Slaughter them despite their pleas

Throw them in the ovens hot
Soap and lampshades sold and bought
Made of the Jews that we shot
Mercy's something I have not

With the bomb and machinegun
Blast at them and watch them run
We will have a lot of fun
Shoot and kill Jews one by one

Rise up, O Salahuddin
Great and brave Mujahideen
Like the Sheikh Ahmed Yassin [ed note: founder of the terrorist group Hamas]
For the Love of Filistine

At Al Aqsa we shall meet
After Israel's defeat
Their dead bodies at our feet
Taste of victory is sweet

Jerusalem is calling me
Asadullah Alshishani
Jihad's where you're meant to be
Come and set the captives free

Nothing radical about that! In fact, it's pretty much unremarkable.

But when did Begolly post this?


That would be June of last year which -- if my amazing math skills are right -- puts his radicalization far earlier than either his mother, lawyer, or Talking Points Memo suggests.

Now, I found that out using an obscure piece of online technology called "Google". Perhaps using "Google" -- or "Googling", as we small few with advanced degrees call it -- was too difficult for TPM?

That's the ten minute "research" version of Begolly's online activities. But, it just so happens that Emmerson's online Islamic extremism goes way back. Like, way back.

How far back?


PS - I almost forgot this. Notice three things: 1) The date; 2) The number of posts attributed to Begolly as of late 2009; 3) What Begolly calls himself.


Any suggestion that Emerson Begolly has only recently displayed support of violent extremism by the media, his family, or his lawyers are either sorely mistaken on the facts or deliberately misleading.

And any narrative which suggest that Begolly isn't dangerous because he's just a social outcast and perhaps a little crazy should be reminded of Nidal Hasan and Jared Loughner.

*Begolly had a number of nicknames online including Asadullah Alshishani, Abu Nancy, Gaot Lee, Goatly, and Goat Lee. Unfortunately the nicknames have been misprinted a number of times and those misprints reprinted over and over again.

UPDATE: I added some updates in a newer post about Begolly's affection for Nidal Hasan and Osama bin Laden.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:19 PM | Comments |

The Al-Raya (Black Flags of Jihad) Are Coming

Canadians, Flippintheraya, have been trying to get others to understand the black flag of shahada/jihad. Jawa Report does, so it was nice to see the below video explaining in detail the Al Raya/Ar Raya

First used by Mohammad himself as his personal battle standard, it is now the global symbol of the jihad for khalifah. No exception has ever been found in which that black flag, with the SHUHADAH on it, means anything besides the open declaration of the jihad for khalifah by any means needed! Quite simply they want to create a global empire in which EVERYONE is governed by the most austere interpretations of sharia law. To make ALL religion to be for Allah.

The good folks over at Vladtepes blog have created a very informative video that will allow anyone to recognize an islamic jihadi by its "plumage" at a glance.

Andrea linked to the below video on Howie's post: Sandcrawler PSA: Meaning & History of Black flag of Jihad

From JihadTube user Welle82

Flippintheraya introduced to Jawas
Calling All Photoshop Pros: Ar-Raya (Flag of Jihad/Shahadah) Needs Flames

By Stable Hand at 02:42 PM | Comments |

Shabaab Gives the Gift of Nasheed to Jailed "Nasheed Expert"

Since Emerson Begolly was the go-to guy on the internet for nasheeds (songs/hymns) praising violent jihad and terrorism, then it seems only fitting that al Shabaab should dedicate a nasheed to him.

How do you say Allah will protect the cornhole in Urdu?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:49 PM | Comments |

Google/YouTube Hall of Shame: Epic FAIL Removing Jihadi Videos

When pressure is on YouTube they do a pathetic job of removing terrorist videos/when the pressure is off..... business as usual!


Un:dhimmi: Google/YouTube Hall of Shame WK 4

While committing their enormous technological, financial and manpower resources to ensure they don’t get sued for copyright infringement from Big Media and the Porn industry, Google/YouTube appears more than happy to allow often horrifically-violent video clips to be able to make their way direct from some of the world’s most wanted organisations (Hamas, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Lakshar-e-Taiba – all your favourites-all the time) – direct to your childrens’ bedrooms.
Un:dhimmi lists 4 videos....NOTE do not flag. We are in OPERATION (YOUTUBE
with the help from Un:dhimmi & Flippintheraya

My twitter account, jstablehand, tweets directed @YouTube & Huffington post blogger/YouTube "consumer project manager"[YT blog link] & tweeter Hunter Walk[twitter link] regarding Google/YouTube's Hall of Shame amazingly results in jihad videos removal. I don't tweet/link YouTube/Hunter...they remain.

To hell with doing the work they are getting paid to do!

By Stable Hand at 01:33 PM | Comments |

Blog for Israel, Win an iPad

It's a good cause. And you might just win an iPad. But I hope it's an American iPad and not one of those Australian versions where everything is all upside down ....

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:27 PM | Comments |

The Jared Lee Loughner Registration Fake

Is here.

And for the record, you can access voter information from with out a driver’s license or voter ID.
No you can't. I tested it. And I'm a computer analyst.

I tried all keys for his name and birth date in Pima county and the search returned no results.

Go ahead, try it yourself.

So unless this photo faker has his DL number or voter ID this is like totally fake.

Never underestimate just how low the lefties will go.

Oh and all your fakes are belong to us.

Update: Actually Laughner was registered as an Independent voter.

You know those middle wing extremists......

Update: And an urban legend is born. I surfed though some of the results here.

Its amazing the number of these results that no one bothered to correct once this story was proven false.

Even Democratic Underground ran a correction. But many have not. Its almost as if they think if they wish it to be true hard enough they can make their own reality.

They must suffer from the same type of delusions.

By Howie at 11:26 AM | Comments |

Malkin: The progressive “climate of hate"

Michelle Malkin:
The Tuscon massacre ghouls who are now trying to criminalize conservatism have forced our hand.
They need to be reminded. You need to be reminded.
Confront them. Don’t be cowed into silence.
And don’t let the media whitewash the sins of the hypocritical Left in their naked attempt to suppress the law-abiding, constitutionally-protected, peaceful, vigorous political speech of the Right.
They want to play tu quo que in the middle of a national tragedy? They asked for it. They got it.
The progressive climate of hate: A comprehensive illustrated primer in 8 parts:
V. LEFT-WING MOB HATE — campus, anti-war radicals, ACORN, eco-extremists, & unions
VIII. HATE: CRIMES — the ever-growing Unhinged Mugshot Collection
Read the rest.

Seriously Michelle must not have slept the whole weekend. A truly great post.

Update" And don't miss Protein Wisdom's post on the fallacy of "limiting" speech.

Having myself been told that my offering to bring a tree to my own rhetorical hanging was concomitant with issuing a “death threat,” I can point first hand to the potential dangers of empowering some collection of motivated “interpreters” to decide what is or isn’t threatening — and then having law enforcement power to act on that policing of my speech.

This way lies madness and totalitarianism, friends.

By Howie at 10:56 AM | Comments |

Flashback: Krugman Advocates Violence Towards Joe Lieberman

Let's go waaaaaaay back to...Dec. 2009.

Paul Krugman, Dec. 17, 2009 - first line of the column:

A message to progressives: By all means, hang Senator Joe Lieberman in effigy.

Krugman today, a column he titled, "Climate of Hate":

It’s true that the shooter in Arizona appears to have been mentally troubled. But that doesn’t mean that his act can or should be treated as an isolated event, having nothing to do with the national climate.
Hypocrisy? Krugman has it.

By Good Lt. at 10:55 AM | Comments |

Loughner's Fixation With Giffords

Mother Jones:

That was it. But later in the day, when Tierney first heard about the Tucson massacre, he had a sickening feeling: "They hadn't released the name, but I said, 'Holy shit, I think it's Jared that did it.'" Tierney tells Mother Jones in an exclusive interview that Loughner held a years-long grudge against Giffords and had repeatedly derided her as a "fake." Loughner's animus toward Giffords intensified after he attended one of her campaign events and she did not, in his view, sufficiently answer a question he had posed, Tierney says. He also describes Loughner as being obsessed with "lucid dreaming"—that is, the idea that conscious dreams are an alternative reality that a person can inhabit and control—and says Loughner became "more interested in this world than our reality." Tierney adds, "I saw his dream journal once. That's the golden piece of evidence. You want to know what goes on in Jared Loughner's mind, there's a dream journal that will tell you everything."
And so much for the grugs made him do it theory.
n October 2008, Tierney was living in Phoenix, and Loughner came to visit. They went to see a Mars Volta concert with friends, and Tierney was surprised when Loughner said he had quit partying "completely." Loughner, according to Tierney, said, "I'm going to lead a more healthy lifestyle, not smoke cigarettes or pot anymore, and I'm going to start working out." Tierney was happy for his friend: "I said, 'Dude, that's awesome.' And the next time I saw him he was 10 pounds lighter." Tierney never saw Loughner smoke marijuana again, and he was surprised at media reports that Loughner had been rejected from the military in 2009 for failing a drug test: "He was clean, clean. I saw him after that continuously. He would not do it."

After Loughner apparently gave up drugs and booze, "his theories got worse," Tierney says. "After he quit, he was just off the wall." And Loughner started to drift away from his group of friends about a year ago. By early 2010, dreaming had become Loughner's "waking life, his reality,"

But hey they are still pushing the its the gun's fault narrative, jump on if ya want.

Read the rest.

By Howie at 10:47 AM | Comments |

Brits Warn Aviators of Possible al-Qaeda Attack


he British government has warned the aviation industry of a possible al Qaeda attack, security sources and the BBC said on Friday.

The BBC said it had obtained a letter from the Department of Transport addressed to the air transport sector which explained the reason for heightened threat.

"There are indications that al Qaeda may be considering an attack against a UK airport or aviation sector target," it quoted the letter as saying.

"The economic, political and psychological significance of the UK aviation sector coupled with the large crowds present within some of its major assets would enable a successful attack to fulfil al Qaeda's objectives."

Counter-terrorism advice to the transport sector had updated the threat to "severe", meaning an attack was considered highly likely, a British security source told Reuters, although there was no intelligence of any imminent assault.

By Howie at 10:28 AM | Comments |

Clinton Compares AZ Shooting To Islamic Terrorism

Apparently, religious fanaticism and organized terrorism are the same as individual acts of violence.

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has told a meeting in Abu Dhabi that extremism was a global problem following the Arizona shooting of US lawmaker Gabrielle Giffords.

During her Gulf tour, Clinton paused to reflect on Saturday's tragedy, which took the lives of six people and injured another 14, including US Republican Gabrielle Giffords who was shot in the head at point-blank range.

"Look, we have extremists in my country. A wonderful, incredibly brave young woman congress member, Congresswoman Giffords, was just shot in our country," she said in comments obtained by Fox News Channel.

"We have the same kinds of problems. So rather than standing off from each other, we should work to try to prevent the extremists anywhere from being able to commit violence."

Transporting drugs is the same as intentionally flying planes into buildings, a knife to the throat during a robbery is no different than getting one's head sawed off for believing in a different God, jailing rapists is the same justice as burying the victim up to her shoulders and pelting her with stones until she is dead, and taxi cab robberies are no different than suicide bombers blowing up buses... All the same kinds of problems.

It's all the same and we are the world and kumbaya, yadda, yadda, yadda...

How can we defeat an enemy with leadership so clueless?

By DMartyr at 09:32 AM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Problem Solved

After looking over all the hub hub this weekend. Its become apparent to me that....

A. There was plenty of indication that Loughner has previous contact with Gabirelle Giffords.

B. He was well know to be, pardon the expression, f8cking nuts.

C. If she had had even the most basic secret service protection, say one guy assigned to know and look out for known nut jobs, this might have all been avoided.

I reckon we can just drop with all the speculation and hub hub now and just go out and start hiring an agent for each congressman.

The alternative is to loose access to them and they to us the public.

That is all.

By Howie at 09:15 AM | Comments |

Tucson Shooter a 9-11 Truther

Because Tea Partiers, Sarah Palin, Fox, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, etc. are all well-known 9-11 Truthers who wanted Bush and Cheney executed.

So let's recap.

On orders directly from Sarah Palin, and indirectly from a graphic that appeared on her FB page, this talk-radio listening neocon tea partier Republican racist KKK member who loves Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and FOX News was suddenly set off and inspired by "rhetoric" to go out and murder six people and attempt the murder of seven others - a group of victims that included a Democrat Congresswoman, a Republican-appointed judge and a 9-year old girl. Because of FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and talk radio. And disagreement with Obama. All on a whim this weekend, with no premeditation since 2007, and absolutely no indication that anything else could have caused him to do this. Just Republicans, FOX News, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin. And talk radio. Oh, and a graphic on Palin's FB page, through which she telepathically communicated her orders to him to do this.

Do I have that about right?

By Good Lt. at 08:14 AM | Comments |

(Major)Dick Winters, of 'Band of Brothers' fame, dies

This man was a true American hero..

On D-Day, June 6, 1944, Winters and his troops from Easy Company, 506th regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, parachuted behind enemy lines to take on a German artillery nest on Utah Beach. Winters made himself a promise then that if he lived through the war, all he wanted was peace and quiet.

His company fought through the Battle of the Bulge, the liberation of a death camp at Dachau and to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest at Berchtesgaden.

The war described in “Band of Brothers” is ugly, but the young men developed character under fire, Winters said. He was glad the miniseries showed war realistically, not either glorified or demonized as in so many movies.

He wanted people to understand that success in war depends not on heroics but on bonding, character, getting the job done and “hanging tough,” his lifelong motto. In combat, he wrote 50 years after the war, “your reward for a good job done is that you get the next tough mission.”

When the war ended, Winters kept his promise to himself. He married Ethel, bought a bucolic farm in Fredericksburg, raised two children and worked in the agricultural feed business. He didn’t talk about the war until the late historian Stephen Ambrose wanted to put Easy Company’s exploits on paper.

Following the miniseries, Winters turned down most requests for interviews because he said he didn’t want to appear like he was bragging.

But he did feel the story of Easy Company was an important one, especially for young people. He was more likely to accept invitations by local school groups and spent time with students at Cedar Crest High School, among others. A talk he gave at Palmyra Middle School drew hundreds of spectators.

People who knew Winters during and after the war said he is exactly what he appears to be. He could lead without ever raising his voice or swearing. His friend Bob Hoffman, a Lebanon architect, said Winters’ eyes could “burn a hole right through you.”

The men who served under him and people who only met him later in life call him a hero, no matter what he says.

According to the book, one wounded member of Easy Company wrote Winters from a hospital bed in 1945, “I would follow you into hell.”

He received a standing ovation from 500 veterans when he spoke at the dedication of the Army’s Military History Institute in Middlesex Township in September.

Rest in Peace sir..

By Matt Damon at 04:33 AM | Comments |

January 09, 2011

I Needed A Good Laugh

epic fail photos - Glove Packaging Phrase FAIL

By Vinnie at 07:05 PM | Comments |

No Parent Should Have To Bury Their Child

Even though I'm a parent myself, I cannot begin to imagine the agony that these people are afflicted with. Pray for them.

I don't care if he's insane or not, I fervently hope that Jared Lee Loughner dies a horrid, painful, excruciating death.

By Vinnie at 06:16 PM | Comments |

Loughner's 5 Count Complaint (Left Envelope in Safe With "I Planned Ahead, My Assassination & Giffords" Written on Envelope)

I am reading the PDF right now and noticed this tidbit, appeared to plan this:


5 counts related to killings & attempted killings of employees of US Government:


By Stable Hand at 04:53 PM | Comments |

Democrats Inciting Violence With Bullseye Map

Well...that's different. Because they're 'progressive.' SHUT UP WINGNUTS!@!1


Much, MUCH more at this Hillbuzz link - tons of screengrabs of stuff that for some reason or another just seemed to magically vanish down the memory hole within the last day.

They thought.

By Good Lt. at 04:42 PM | Comments |


From TechTalk:

STANFORD, Calif. - President Obama is planning to hand the U.S. Commerce Department authority over a forthcoming cybersecurity effort to create an Internet ID for Americans, a White House official said here today...Details about the "trusted identity" project are unusually scarce...Schmidt stressed today that anonymity and pseudonymity will remain possible on the Internet. "I don't have to get a credential if I don't want to," he said. There's no chance that "a centralized database will emerge," and "we need the private sector to lead the implementation of this," he said.
Nothing to see here, folks, move along now.

Best comment at the TechTalk site:

by ChuckShire January 9, 2011 3:45 PM EST
How come every time the government wants to do something for the "good" of the people I feel my anus beginning to pucker?
Just get lots of lube, Chuck.

Unrelated: does anyone else think that Dickie Durban bemoaning "toxic rhetoric" is like Adolph Hitler complaining about anti-Semitism?

By Bluto04:29 PM | Comments |

Communist Quotes Line Chicago Public School Hallway

Dang Palin/teabaggeerrzzz and their hateful rhetoric..oh wait.

Via Illinois Review

Chicago father Eric Kohn was stunned Sunday morning when he noticed a hall display in Chicago Public Schools' Bell School near Addison and Western. Attending services of a Harvest Bible Chapel church outreach temporarily meeting at the school, Kohn noticed a bulletin board in the school halls entitled "Celebrate the Value of You":[Read the rest]
Close up of one of the quotes on bulletin board: Alexander Graham Bell School[Website link]

alexander graham bell school.jpg

Illinois Reviewwill publish Bell Elementary School principal Sandra Caudill's response as soon as she returns the voicemail we left at the school's office this afternoon.
Hmmmm, wonder what her excuse will be?
By Stable Hand at 04:06 PM | Comments |

Daily Kos: My CongressWOMAN voted against Nancy Pelosi! And is now DEAD to me!

First off, I would like to extend my sympathies to the families who have lost loved ones. Those effected by this terrible senseless tragedy are in my thoughts and prayers.

Now, I don't like blog propaganda but this is ridiculous and I need to have my say

Daily Kos was busy yesterday deleting anything negative about Congresswoman Giffords. Dirty laundry aired doesn't fit blame the Tuscon shooter on FOX/GlenBeck/RushLimbaugh/Tea Party/Palin/Guns/Right Wing etc. narrative

Read this paragraph and weep Markos![Google cache is a bitch eh Markos?]

[.....]Fast forward to this election season. A weirdo asshole named Jesse Kelly who advocated ELIMINATING Social Security and was a tea bagger favorite got the GOP nom to run against her. I am gay and had been married and my spouse left me January 15, 2010. I shot myself in the mouth in a serious suicide attempt, because of that. Barely surviving, I spent two months in the hospital and still have some paralysis. I did receive a severance from my employer, as i had been laid off in December, 2009. That may have been part of the reason my spouse left me.

Anyway, after months of physical and mental rehab, I got back into the political scene and started working for Gabby once again. I raised over $100,000 for her and maxed her out myself out of my severance, even though i still don't have work and could not qualify for state aid because of my severance.

She wins her re-election and told me she was still a supporter of Speaker Pelosi at her victory party. We talked about how Nancy Pelosi was a successful woman and accomplished oh so much in just four years as Speaker.

Today, just a little while ago, I saw on Andrea Mitchell Reports (out of the one eye in can still see out of) that Giffords voted AGAINST Nancy Pelosi as our Minority Leader. Rhetorical question: I fought back from my condition and jumped in with both feet to help Gabrielle Giffords for THIS shit???

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is dead to me now. I won't lift a finger, make one phone call, nor will i EVER vote for her in the future. And why did she do this? Giffords never told me she was conservative Democrat. And her voting record is okay. Damn.

Yes, I have screenshots of entire page screw them Markos.

Fast forward "to today".

How Fox News Made Giffords and All Dems Targets
by CatM
Sun Jan 09, 2011 at 09:06:40 AM PST

On CNN yesterday, Wolf Blitzer and his guests repeatedly pointed out that although Palin had made the crosshairs ad that targeted Giffords, there was no evidence that the shooter had seen the ad or even liked Sarah Palin. The unspoken suggestion was that it was therefore unfair to link Sarah Palin to this tragic event--it's just the act of a crazy person, they said.

One could make that argument if one looks at the small picture, but I think we need to look at the larger picture. It is worth noting that no congressperson has been shot in 30 years, yet there have been plenty of crazy people in the past 30 years. So why now?

Fake Tuscon shooter FB page. Today someone changed Palin's image to the shooters image.

Hell, they made the page before the correct spelling of his last name was given. In a hurry to lay blame.

Next, Chuckie:

Someone challenged the mighty lizardo:

Chuckie responds:

Lots.more.out.there.but.I.End.my.rant. out of respect for the victims...

Update: Just noticed Good Lt has a post about Markos also. Oh well....

By Stable Hand at 01:36 PM | Comments |

Conservative Website Targeted Congresswoman

Did I say conservative website? I meant Daily Kos.

Interestingly, Daily Kos pulled that posting down. For some reason. Can't imagine why they wouldn't want anyone to see that when they're trying like the Dickens to blame, er, Sarah Palin for killing six people. Because, um, she posted something on the Internet.

Well, if that's the standard they're using, Kos needs a spot in the cell right next to her.

You betcha!

Update by Howie.


By Good Lt. at 12:45 PM | Comments |

Palestinian with Explosives Charges at IDF Soldiers Near Bekaot Crossing

Yesterday, a Palestinian man who arrived at the Bekaot crossing in a taxi began running towards an IDF force present at the scene, while yelling "Allahu Akbar" and holding a suspicious object. The rest of the men who were in the taxi fled the scene.

The force called on the man to halt, and when he did not comply, the force began a complete arrest procedure, eventually firing at the suspect. The man was injured and sappers who arrived at the scene discovered that he was holding a pipe bomb, an additional explosive device and a knife. Medical teams who arrived at the scene determined the man's death.

Running at an IDF checkpoint armed with a pipebomb and various other implements of destruction while yelling, "Allahu Ackbar!", is just the Palestinian's culture.

Obviously the Zionist occupiers have made no effort to understand Palestinian cultural sensitivities and this man was wrongly killed by the evil Zionists in the IDF forces.

Worldwide moral condemnation of the Zionist regime should begin immediately!!##@&ElevNT7!666@@!!!!

(Just trying out for a gig in the MSM. How'd I do?)

By Howie at 11:59 AM | Comments |

Confirmed Lee Loughner Hates Da Joos

It may be no coincidence that Gabirelle Giffords was the first Jewish woman from Arizona to serve in congress and that Loughner chose her event for his crime .

Herald Sun au: An internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memo quoted by FOX News Channel revealed the gunman - named by the media as Jared Loughner, 22 - is "possibly linked" to American Renaissance.

The group subscribes to an ideology that is "anti-government, anti-immigration, anti -ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government), anti-Semitic," according to the DHS memo.

Giffords "is the first Jewish female elected to such a high position in the US government. She was also opposite this group's ideology when it came to immigration debate," the note said.

The suspect's mother works the Pima County Board of Supervisors in Arizona, the briefing added.

The DHS confirmed that the FBI have now taken over the investigation.

Anti-Zionist? Everyone knows the right wingers are pro-Zionist so this report must be wrong.....

Update: More here at Gateway Pundit and Jammie Wearin' Fool.

Gateway Pundit: The founder said that they had never heard of Loughner and his name is nowhere in their records.
Jammie: This group that I've never heard of sure doesn't sound too fond of the Tea Party.

Curiously when searching on them you find a snippet on Google that calls them a "A conservative anti-Immigration/anti-semitic group". Just pathetic. The media will stoop to any levvel to tie this nutcase Loughn er to conservatives.

See I was right.....lol.

Also see Director Blue.

By Howie at 11:45 AM | Comments |

Calling The Patriot Guard

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

The Westboro Baptist Church has announced plans to protest at 9-year-old Christina Green's funeral.

How disgusting and despicable.

Phelp's hate-filled rant below the fold.

By DMartyr at 11:34 AM | Comments |

Blog Sabbath Intermission

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blogramming.

By Howie at 10:14 AM | Comments |

Arizona Shooting Suspect Had Made Prior Death Threats

Arizona Daily Star:

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik would not confirm Loughner is the suspected shooter. He said the person arrested for the shooting is uninjured and uncooperative.

The suspected shooter has made death threats before and been contacted by law-enforcement officers, but the threats weren't against Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Dupnik said. The suspect is unstable, Dupnik said, but the sheriff would not say he is "insane."

A former classmate of Loughner at Pima Community College said he was "obviously very disturbed."

"He disrupted class frequently with nonsensical outbursts," said Lynda Sorenson, who took a math class with Loughner last summer at Pima Community College's Northwest campus.

By Howie at 09:51 AM | Comments |

Tea Party Given Less Benefit Of Doubt Than Radical Islam

When a self-proclaimed Jihadist open fires on a crowd of people while shouting "Allahu Akbar!", the left struggles to find some acceptable, politically correct motive. It avoids linking the perpetrator with Islam at all costs. Certainly, a faith that claims to be a "religion of peace" could not possibly be the cause.

When the Time Square Bomber left a vehicle filled with explosive material on a busy New York street, the Tea Party was immediately blamed.

So, it should be no surprise that the Tea Party (and Sarah Palin) is also to blame for the Arizona shooting, even before the facts are out...

Founding Bloggers hits the nail on the head:

The very same people who cannot figure out what animated Major Hasan al Jihad, have swiftly concluded that the lunatic who murdered 6 people today was motivated by the Tea Party.

Read it all.


By DMartyr at 09:50 AM | Comments |

Muslim Congressman Beefs Up Security After Giffords Attack

Because he is the real victim, or something like that...

Even when he's not.

By DMartyr at 09:26 AM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Meaning and history of the black flag of Jihad.

So that when you're out there on the net and you see that flag as someone's avitar, well at Jawa Report we call that a clue.

And it doesn't bring to mind, peaceful ROP follower. Its a battle flag.

By Howie at 09:12 AM | Comments |

al-Qaeda Kidnaps and Murders Two Frenchmen


The kidnappers of two Frenchmen killed in Niger on Saturday were probably members of al Qaeda's North African wing, French Armed Forces spokesman Thierry Burkhard said on Sunday.

The two men were found dead, apparently killed by their kidnappers, after French special forces took part i