February 24, 2010

Hey Ansar al-Mujahideen! How Many Times Do We Need To Tell You? (Update 20 Mins After Original)(Update and Bump)

One left people. Whack this bitch, pretty please.

All your forums are belong to us. You will not survive make your time. Ha Ha Ha.

Jawa Readers - Here is your mission if you choose to accept. And I hope you do as a couple of these involve at least NATO deaths. Our akhi on the inside have let us know about a new Youtube channel that has some very nasty stuff. Also very recent. The Sandcrawler is interested in pulling this channel down before the videos get many more views. Flagging the videos with the label listed after the link.

1 (Gone)
Violent, then disgusting
2 (Pwned)
Violent, then disgusting
3 (Done)
Violent, then disgusting
Violent, then disgusting
5 (Bye bye)
Harmful Dangerous Act, then Abuse of Fire
6 (Out)
Violent, then disgusting

Thanks in advance for the help. Also, thanks to akhi Lalaje and Abu "Elephantitis" Ibrahim for the info....you guys are the bomb. That's just a little muji humor for those not in the know.

PS: Youtube, pull your head out of your arse. Bastards. That is all.

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