February 23, 2010

*Shock*: Female Islamist in Germany Raising funds for al Qaeda's Uzbek Arm

One sentence into the article and I'm already completely and utterly unsurprised:

The wife of a well-known German Islamist has been arrested in connection with fundraising activities on behalf of the Islamic Jihad Union. Police have also held two other suspected terrorism supporters...

The woman is believed to be the wife of Fritz Gelowicz, the alleged leader of the Sauerland Cell group which plotted to carry out terror attacks against American targets in Germany on behalf of the IJU. Three of the cell's members were arrested in September 2007 as they were preparing to carry out bombing attacks. The verdict in the trial is expected on March 4.

For background on the plot to attack Americans in Germany, see this post at the CT blog.

Her husband was part of The Islamic Jihad Union, which is an Uzbeki jihad group which works closely with al Qaeda from its bases in Pakistan. The group also has it's own propaganda arm called ELIF Media, possibly headquartered in Germany.

For some odd reason, the group likes to feature children in it's propaganda videos.

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