February 23, 2010

Cancer Is Like Terrorism - It Needs To Be Wiped Out

Cancer strikes young and old alike, as does terrorism.

Nile Peaytt started Birthday cards for a Cancer kid Today is Savannah Swandal birthday, wish her happy birthday if you so choose, it would make her day. Just click on Birthday cards for a Cancer kid link above.

A little about Nile:

About Me:
Favorite Quotations:

It's so hot in here,I'm sitting in ball soup". Ok sorry about that one. Quote from Family guy

"Don't try to kill the ball...just knock the crap out of it".....My Dad

If there is an apple,there's a bannanna...."Big Daddy"

Another quote from me quote from me..."Hope is everything!"

I do security for the Tennessee Titans,bodyguard now and then for people in music and film.Ummm....I'm a widower.I'm still a songwriter,always will be.Help with a thing called SONGS FOR THE CURE. And invented the left handed football.

I would love to be Lebron James bodyguard...just sayin.

March's Cancer kid is Ansley:

Hope is everything. .Hats off to Nile Peaytt for making a difference in the young ones life.

Listen to Nile "Big Daddy" Peaytt music here

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