February 23, 2010

Arizona: Shooting at Luke Air Force Base Kills 1, Wounds Another


Via AZ Central

Luke Air Force Base officials confirm that one man is dead and a second man was wounded after base security opened fire on two people in a stolen car that drove through a base gate.

The crash occurred at Northern Avenue and Litchfield Road at the entrance to the West Valley air base.

Base spokesman Capt. Jerry Gonzalez tells KPNX-TV that no one on the base was injured.

At least one of them won't have the guts to try that again...

UPDATE by Rusty: Of course my first thought turn to Nidal Hasan, but Fox News is reporting:

Investigators do not suspect terrorism, said Gerardo. They don't believe the men were anything other than car thieves, said Gonzales.
Which is likely true, I guess. But since they always say "this is not terrorism", even before any of the facts are known, I'm just not sure what to believe anymore when less than 12 hours after the incident happened every one is lock step on the same page.

It's like these people never read The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

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