February 23, 2010

Sending "Get Well Wishes" To Dick Cheney (UPDATED)

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cheney_cpac.jpgFormer VP Dick Cheney was hospitalized with chest pains yesterday.

Get well soon Mr Cheney, we need your type of firebrand against liberals.

Some at Huffington Post sending get dead soon wishes:

"I for one unashamedly say I look forward to the day he takes his last breath."

"I agree and fanned"

"We came so close...Maybe next time!"

"Cheney's heart is getting electric shock and awe. I won't express my wishes for this man. But, the one million dead and their families, the innocents slain, the tortured, those whose only crime was sitting atop sand that contained oil, they might be able to express their feelings if they spoke English and were not Iraqi. Or, I'm sure the mothers of our brave kids who came home with arms and legs and faces blown off, I'm sure they have some choice wishes for the vice president and CEO of Halliburton and its subsidiaries.

I know we all hope Cheney is back on his feet again soon and feeling just great so he can come back and sit in a witness chair as a war criminal."

I have to admit, Huffington Post has been infiltrated by caring individuals with heartfelt wishes for his recovery. Must drive the regulars nutz.

UPDATE: Must see video, thanks to Son of Liberty:

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