February 22, 2010

Horror: Taliban Beheads Three Sikhs in Pakistan for Refusing to Convert to ROP

Three men in Pakistan refused to bow down to Islam and paid the ultimate price. There names were Jaspal Singh, Sarabjit Singh and Baronat Singh.

India Times:

three Sikh youths were beheaded by the Taliban in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) region after they allegedly refused to convert to Islam. Their severed heads were dumped at a gurudwara in Peshawar...

They were abducted by the Taliban militia. They were allegedly told by the Taliban to embrace Islam or face death. When the Sikh youth refused, their heads were chopped and sent to the Bhai Joga Singh Gurudwara in Peshawar.

Bhai Joga Singh Gurudwara is a Sikh shrine in Peshawar.

I don't know a lot about the Sikh religion. What I was taught back in some undergrad college class or another was that the religion was started as a way to try to bring together Hindus and Muslims. That it aspired to be a middle ground between the intolerance of Islam for polytheism, and the unjust caste system of traditional Hinduism.

If this was a singular event you could easily set it aside as non-representative of what the Taliban and their traditionalist Hanafi version of Islam believe and practice. But it's not. The tradition of inviting people to Islam, and then killing them when they didn't goes right back to the example of Muhammad himself. And beheading people was one of his favorite ways of doing them in.

Prayers to the families of the victims. Thanks to Ronin.

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