February 22, 2010

Good Muslim Pleads Guilty to Disrupting a Flight

bilde2.JPGToledo Blade:

MIAMI - Mansor Mohammad "Mickey" Asad maintains his innocence despite pleading guilty Thursday to yelling anti-Semitic threats aboard a Delta Airlines plane at Miami International in January.

...It was a plead of convenience," Mr. Asad said by phone. "I've already been incarcerated over two months. I have children and expenses. I wanted to get back to ... Toledo."

Asad pleaded guilty Thursday in Miami-Dade Circuit Court to charges of disrupting a flight and quarreling with police. "I just decided to go ahead and take the plea and save money," he said.

Asad received three years' probation and was ordered to pay $27,500 in restitution to Delta. He also is to be placed on a federal "no-fly" list and will be barred from traveling by rail and other mass transport.

His daughter spoke on his behalf
"He's not a terrorist. He's a family man, a good man. It just hurts what happened," Ms. Fruto said.

Ms. Asad, a Lourdes College graduate, called the charges against him "ridiculous," and said the allegations are not consistent with his personality.

"He's just a kind person and always looking out for others," she said. "I'm very upset. We're Arab and Muslim. I think he was singled out."

See he's a good Arab and Muslim, family man, devout, hates Jews and wants to kill them. I mean what good Muslim doesn't?

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Hat Tip: Herr Oyal Whyness.

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