February 21, 2010

AMW: Accused Pedophile Hits The Open Road

Speaking of pedophiles, I was alerted to this piece of shite:

Cops in Camden County, Mo., say Larry Arbuckle is the worst kind of lowlife. Arbuckle is accused of repeatedly raping a 27-year-old mentally-handicapped woman over a period of six months.[...]

Police tell AMW that the abuse doesn’t end there though: Arbuckle is also accused of sexually abusing the woman’s 2-year-old son.

Authorities say the incidents were reported by the victim’s 5-year-old son, whose story matched with the victim’s and that of a neighbor in the Sunrise Beach, Mo., community.

“Neighbors of the victim reported seeing Arbuckle and the female victim through the picture window of the apartment watching pornographic movies,” said Deputy Kost. “The victim stated that she didn’t want to have sex with Arbuckle but did so out of fear of getting hit.”

Now police need your help in bringing down this accused pedophile whose actions they say are beyond despicable.[..]

Authorities say Arbuckle can sometimes be found behind the wheel of a big rig. In fact, they say that’s the last place the accused child rapist was seen.[...]

If you’ve seen 50-year-old accused pedophile Larry Anthony Arbuckle, call our Hotline right away at 1-800-CRIME-TV.

Remember, you can remain anonymous

Click above image for more information on this piece of garbage.

h/t Renee & Mark.

Different image of Arbuckle below fold.


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