February 21, 2010

Denmark: Sheikh Abdirahman Abyad Was 1 of 5 Somalis Arrested For Death Threats Against Danish People’s Party Leader Pia Kjærsgaard.

sheikh abdirahman abyad.jpgVia Rahm at Terror Free Somalia

An anonymous tip led to the arrest of five men who allegedly planned to have DF’s Pia Kjærsgaard killed

Five men have been arrested in connection with death threats allegedly having been made against Danish People’s Party leader Pia Kjærsgaard.

Four of the five men were subsequently released by police, but the fifth remains in custody. The men are reportedly Somali and the man in custody is known to intelligence service PET, reported Politiken newspaper.

According to the Danish People’s Party (DF), a 500,000 kroner reward was offered in connection with carrying out the death threats against Kjærsgaard. The party indicated its head office received a letter written in English from an anonymous source with details about the planned hit and the suspects’ names.[..more]

What stays in Somalia doesn't stay in Somalia, or something like that.

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