February 21, 2010

Video: "Child Sex Normal in Islam & Quran"

File this under pedophilia.

A few comments on this vid:

namexa1 - And YOU are a despicable KIKE. You're going back in the ovens again some day, cunt, whether you like it or not

I'm not a Jew. It's typical of brain dead pedo worshippers of Islam like you to violently curse at the Jews when you can't defend the indefensible Islam/Mohammad. Thanks for showing the true hateful face of Islam.

namexa1 irooni100, you said "No.2 Iran has NEVER had the 9 years old Marriages ". But SO WHAT?? Even if they DO, it's still NOT the damn West's business! Its is a PRIVATE matter for parents to decide. It is NOT a public matter! I shall raise my own daughters AS I SEE FIT, they are MY property, NOT the busybody commies' property. And I insist that each one of my daughters are married off by age 8 at latest. That is MY decision as their father, NOT a decision for my enemies to make!

namexa1 k0O01, listen you f**king[censored...ed] commie kike, age 9 is NOT merely a "little girl" in SOME species of hominids. For example 9 year olds of my species reach menses by that age & we are fully fledged young adults by the age of 12.

Furthermore, such matters are simply NONE of your f**king[censored..ed] .business, its private a matter to be decided by parents, NOT a public issue! How those live in different cultures is NOT your business. What might be "wrong" or "right" for YOUR species might not apply for other species

Wow, just wow.

h/t Women of the world united against Islamic Sharia Law

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