February 19, 2010

Rayycyyyst Tea Partiers Expressing Their Hate for People of Color

Wow its just like Olberman described, horrible!

end sarcasm.

Hat Tip: Scott.

Update: Don't Miss Michelle Malkin's post today.

Here we go again. Something bad happened this week, so….fire up the Tea Party-bashing engine. My syndicated column today looks at the Left’s unhingedness over the Austin suicide pilot and the Amy Bishop campus massacre, which as I noted yesterday, reeks of the same craven political exploitation as the Kentucky census worker hoax. Since filing the column yesterday afternoon, there are even more examples to add to the pile. Allahpundit spotlights a Washington Post contributor and Time magazine piece both shoehorning the Tea Party movement into their suicide pilot coverage and commentary.

Damn the facts. There’s a crisis to exploit....

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