February 18, 2010

Reader Love Mail: al-Folojah Hearts Jawa Edition


You might remember our new youtube friend khalidibnalwaled1 from this post.

It seems the Zionist ladies Pwned his Youtube account last weekend.


According to his post on al-Folojah (anonymoused) this made him very sad.

Googlish: Was thus the first channel and was named khalidibnalwaled Been deleted and the second was khalidibnalwaled1 was of great benefit Videos and beautiful Some sections were productive and still retained by the but a few days ago and, unfortunately, also have been deleted my account (channels) II After a contentious first I felt disappointed, but I decided to continue and started again
But wait it gets better....
It is astounding that I found this announcement for some Zionists brothers of monkeys and pigs I understand they may rejoice delete this channel and the Tbcroa good as Dhanhm sinner always And tell those people, God willing, that the channel has been khalidibnalwaled2

But Khalidibnalwaled, ahki, it was not the brothers of monkeys and pigs that PWNED you. It was the Sisters, أخت who did that.



All your forums are belong to us.

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