February 18, 2010

The IRS out of the US NOW!!1!1!11!eleventy!!

Today's tragic event in Austin provides us with a unique opportunity to examine how idiotic and self-serving the typical responses are made by the apologists for Islamic terrorism (Muslim and non-Muslim alike) when one of their co-religionists shoots up an Army base, bombs a building, blows up a pizza parlor full of teenagers, etc.

So here are some of the comments that would have been made by the usual suspects if they were actually operating in standard terrorthink mode:

1) The IRS should ask itself, "Why do they hate us?" (submitted by Fareed Zakaria)

2) This was a desperate act caused by the federal government's continued occupation of Texas. (submitted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations)

3) The NTSB will ensure that the words "taxes" and "audit" are left out of their final report, along with with the perpetrator's name, who they will only identify as "the alleged pilot". (submitted by the Department of Defense)

4) This is clearly the result of Obama's domestic policy. (submitted by Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan)

5) One man's domestic terrorist is another man's tax protester (submitted by Reuters)


Submit your own in the comments section. The winner receives a free one-year subscription to The Jawa Report.

Update: OK we have some solid entries in our contest for the free one-year Jawa Report subscription:

6) My predecessor...is at fault for this man-made disaster... Had he implemented... my ideas for health care reform... the situation would... have... been... avoided. (Obama). (Saint)

7) One man's audit is another man's jihad. (Lasertex)

8) There is clearly a coverup in place by the government to keep us from learning the troof about this so-called "airplane". I mean, never before in history has air supported steel! -- Submitted by Rosie O'Donnell (DarthRove)

9) Do we get 72 CPA's for martydom? (trigger)

10) The fault is ours, for drawing imaginary, arbitrary borders around our federal buildings. He was probably going there to find work, feed his family and make a better landing for himself than he actually managed. He was going to file the extended 1040-XX forms that most americans are not willing to file themselves. Labelling him as a criminal for this Undocumented Landing is inhumane and callous, and i am ashamed of the IRS for their continueing discrimination against Airplane Americans. (toadbile)

11) The Bilderburgers are trying to frame everybody with this false flag operation. The, so called, manifesto doesn't match anyone's scripted part. They're trying to frame everyone! ~ Alex Jones (Kallisti)

Keep em coming!

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