February 18, 2010

Taliban Pray To Allah For Bullets

Good luck with that. I suggest praying for a fast martyrdom.


Taliban militants battling coalition troops in Marjah, Afghanistan, are running out of ammunition, Nato officials say.

A BBC correspondent in Kandahar says that from eavesdropping on Taliban communications, Nato understands militants have called for support.

And I'm not duecing with you on the headline. The akhi over at Ansar al-Mujahideen forum are actually praying for Allah to provide RPGs and rockets. I am a big fan of that strategy for those guys.

PS: If my akhi are reading this, Juneddiwan is totally correct about Brother Ilyas Kashmiri, he is super gay. Stick that in your burka to smoke later RealTruth and United Islamic Jihad. Dumbasses.

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