February 17, 2010

Gen. Jihad Ep 2: Cyberjihadi Edition

Younis Tsouli.jpg
Hello Dad, I'm in jail!

Thanks to every one who tried to get me a copy of the second episode of the BBC's Generation Jihad -- we can't watch it on our side of the pond -- but it was our old standby AtheistMedia who uploaded it to YouTube.

I won't get to watching it until tomorrow afternoon, but I've been told that this episode focuses much more on British cyber jihadis, especially one Younes "Irhabi 007" Tsouli and how from the basement of his mom's apartment he became the central node connecting al Qaeda in Iraq with sympathetic Muslims in the West. Muslims who took up the cause and became terrorists or tried to become terrorists.

I got in on the Irhabi 007 hunt a little late in the game so he and I only crossed paths accidentally. However, at least four good friends had more direct dealings with Younes. One tracked him down, one turned down Younes' marriage proposal, and the other testified against him at his trial. The fourth? He was a victim of Younes' favorite hobby of using other people's servers to host the propaganda videos that he posted all over the forums.

I also hear there are a lot of parents in denial. My son a terrorist? Not Achmed!

So, yeah, I'm going to pop the popcorn before I sit down to watch this episode. Please tell me they have footage of Tsouli in Belmarish prison next to his cuddly cellmate "Bubba"?

The video is below. It's split up into 6 segments.

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