February 17, 2010

Life in Prison For Canadian Bomb Plotter Said Namouh

saidnamouth.JPGYahoo News:

MONTREAL - A small-town Quebec man who plotted international terrorist attacks with a group tied to al-Qaida remains a real danger to society, a judge declared as he rendered the toughest possible sentence in Canadian law.

Said Namouh, who spread jihadist propaganda on the Internet and had visions of martyrdom, received a life sentence Wednesday. The Moroccan-born man will not be eligible for parole for at least 10 years.

It was only the second time in Canadian legal history - and, ironically, the second time in less than a month - that a person was sentenced to life for terrorism charges in a Canadian court.

Again note the connection between spreading al-Qaeda propaganda online and the desire to kill infidels. That's you Canada.

Oh and Said, watch the corn hole man.

Hat Tip: Jenna.

And Howie's standard crocodile tears anthem.

Image credit: Infidels Unite.

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