February 17, 2010

Dick Cheney: Obama's Worst Nightmare

Older article, but doesn't mean this evil Zionist can't gloat....

Via Telegraph

Former Vice President Dick Cheney stormed the beachheads of the liberal US media again today with a fiery performance on ABC’s This Week. He offered a stinging rebuke to current VP Joe Biden’s ludicrous claim that Iraq may end up as one of Barack Obama’s “great achievements”, as well as blistering criticism of the Obama administration’s handling of terrorist suspects. He also launched a strike on Biden’s recent comment that another 9/11 scale attack was “unlikely.”

“I just think that’s just dead wrong. I think the biggest threat the United States faces today is the possibility of another 9/11 with a nuclear weapon or a biological agent of some kind. And I think al Qaeda is out there — even as we meet — trying to do that. You have to consider it as a war. You have to consider it as something we may have to deal with tomorrow. You don’t want the vice president of the United States running around saying, ‘Oh, it’s not likely going to happen.’”

The Daily Telegraph was right to name Cheney America’s most influential conservative in its recent ranking of the top 100. He was the first opposition figure of weight to seriously dent Barack Obama on national security issues when he unleashed a ferocious attack on the president’s policies last May in a major speech at The American Enterprise Institute.

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