February 17, 2010

Afghanistan: Mujahideen Using Women & Children As Human Shields


Just like all mujahideen.....cowards. They don't give a damn about innocent Muslims getting killed as long as they are safe. Besides, it's good PR on the forums - evil Zionists, murtards murder women and children


MARJAH, Afghanistan Taliban insurgents are increasingly using civilians as human shields as they fight allied troops trying to take the militants' southern stronghold of Marjah, an Afghan official said Wednesday as military squads resumed painstaking house-to-house searches.[...]

With the assault in its fifth day, insurgents are firing at Afghan troops from inside or next to compounds where women and children appear to have been ordered to stand on a roof or in a window, said Gen. Mohiudin Ghori, the brigade commander for Afghan troops in Marjah.

"Especially in the south of Marjah, the enemy is fighting from compounds where soldiers can very clearly see women or children on the roof or in a second-floor or third-floor window," Ghori said. "They are trying to get us to fire on them and kill the civilians."

h/t Star

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