February 16, 2010

Nevada Tea Political Party: Fraud or Arrogance?

Nice, it appears no one seems to know who they are.

Via Western PAC

John Ralston of the Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting that the Tea Party has filed as an official party in the state of Nevada. As an active coalition of self-described Tea Party Patriots we were confused and when we learned about this development. We are an active part in the Tea Party movement and we have NO IDEA who these people are. It didn’t take long to quickly learn that the patriots who have built the Tea Party movement aren’t the people behind the Nevada Tea Political Party.

First of all the name “Tea Party” doesn’t belong to any one faction of the conservative movement. It encompasses a whole decentralized movement of angry, dedicated American patriots who have different ideas and values but have united to stop the liberal march towards socialism and blatant political corruption.

This campaign is working together with multiple “tea party groups” to put together a unique candidate event and we are working hard to travel the country with the Tea Party Express. For one faction of the movement to register the Tea Party as an official political party without consulting the patriots who have worked to build the movement, reeks of either arrogance or dirty politics. If this is a legitimate Tea Party group then they are acting without any sense of what it takes to win a real election.

Nevada News Bureau blog has been doing research on this and has come up with some very interesting info...

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