February 16, 2010

Must Read: Iran's War in Iraq

Today's must read from the Daily Mail:

In the same building, they found a large cache of documents, one of which was a detailed insider account of a recent attack on a top-security U.S. military installation in which a number of American soldiers had been abducted and then murdered.

The report not only named the commander of this audacious raid - who was tracked down and killed by U.S. forces a month later - but also showed that Iranian Revolutionary Guards had approved the operation.

Other memos found at the house listed attacks on British bases and payments made by the Iranians to insurgents ranging from $750,000 (479,000) to $3million (1.9million)...

His name was Ali Mussa Daqduq, and for more than 20 years he had been an active member of Hezbollah, the militant islamic group in his homeland. Because of his long experience with roadside bombs, Tehran had hired him, sending him to Iraq as a 'management consultant' in terror. His job was to raise the game of those fighting the British in Basra.

He described how he travelled from Lebanon to Tehran and then made four trips into Iraq to help insurgent groups. He also took groups of Iraqis back into Iran for further training.

The debriefing of the captured Hezbollah officer was the clincher, proof positive of Iran's direct involvement in the brutal fighting in Iraq and the deaths of Coalition soldiers....

It gets worse. In response the capture of several high ranking Iranian officials caught red handed in helping insurgents kill Coalition troops, Iran ordered the murder of civilian hostages.

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