February 15, 2010

Video: The Confession of Khalid Sheikh Muhammad - From A to Z

I posted this video two weeks ago, but no sooner had it gone up than somebody complained to Viddler about it content and they took it down. So now the folks at MyThomsonGitmo.com have it hosted on their own dedicated servers. This video is MUST WATCHING. Here's their description:

On March 10, 2007, Khalid Sheikh Muhammad stood before a U.S. military Combatant Status Review Tribunal to determine if he met the criteria to be classified as an “enemy combatant.” The public record of the hearing consists of a 26-page transcript (redacted pdf) and a 54:12-minute recording (redacted mpg).

If you listen to the tape or watch the video (above), it’s clear that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed understood the difference between information he surrendered while under duress and information he volunteered while not under duress, stating four times that he felt no force or coercion to offer his confession.

We here at MyThomsonGitmo encourage you to watch the video and listen to the mpg in entirety. If nothing else, you may gain a new appreciation for the term “enemy combatant” as well as al Qaeda’s religious determination to kill you.

You can view it here, or go to their website for the widescreen version.

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