February 14, 2010

Bomb Scare Closes Fort Worth Freeway Due To Misunderstander Of Islam

Kimberly "Asma" Al-Homsi arrested again..


[...]The episode started in Arlington as a road rage incident on the 1000 block of Abram Street.

"Someone called in to say there was a person in another vehicle who pointed a weapon at them. Officers found that vehicle and tried to conduct a stop but that vehicle did not stop and as a result, officers conducted a pursuit," said Arlington Police Department spokeswoman Tiara Ellis Richard.

The chase went on for 20 minutes but came to an end when the truck spun out on Rosedale.

Officers took a man and a woman into custody.

WFAA has learned that the woman is Kimberly Homsi; she also goes by the name Asma Al- Homsi.

h/t NTA

Update by Howie: WFAA's video (and you must see it) moved below the fold due to slow load time.

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