October 31, 2009

Sandcrawler PSA: Happy Halloween

The Jawa Report: Enough pumpkin power to destroy an entire planet!


Thanks to Mrs. Vinnie.

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Barry Rubin: Capt. Ahab Hussein in search of Moderate Palestinian Moby

Delicious satire from Barry Rubin:

And so the captain ordered the entire ship’s company was assembled. Suddenly, Ahab cried out to them, “What do ye do when ye see a Middle East conflict, men?"

"We negotiate!" was the rejoinder from a score of the sailors.

"Good!" cried the captain, "And what do ye next, men?"

“We offer unilateral concessions!”

"And what tune is it ye sing as ye give them, men?"

"The Peace Process Chanty!"

Read it all, as they say.

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as-Sahab Media Invades Youtube....Again

Last week was a great week for Jihadtube. Just look at all the new videos from as-Sahab, al-Qaeda's media wing.

Need I remind Jihadtube that al-Qaeda is a specially designated terrorist entity as declared by the UN, the US depts of State and Treasury. All US companies are REQUIRED TO FREEZE ALL AL-QAEDA's ASSETS UNDER THEIR CONTROL!

But not to worry terrorist propaganda on Youtube isn't really dangerous. Just see this comment on one of the Taliban's channels.

patsyd80 (2 days ago)

I want to start jihad in the uk . the goverment is criminal and i am willing to give my life and go jail. so wish me luck brother .....................

Hmmm yes, good luck with that, we hope you go and get yourself locked up or killed ASAP.


Hat Tip: Bartender on Duty.

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Repub Suspends Campaign in NY 23: Updated

Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava has read the writing on the wall and suspended her campaign to represent New York's 23 Congressional District:

Republican Dede Scozzafava has suspended her bid in next Tuesday’s NY 23 special election, a huge development that dramatically shakes up the race. She did not endorse either of her two opponents -- Conservative party candidate Doug Hoffman or Democrat Bill Owens.
Scozzafava, who did not win her nomination in a primary, but was selected by the local Republican party leadership, was a curious choice for the 23rd, a largely rural northern and central New York State district that doesn't boast the large urban enclaves so necessary for the care and feeding of delicate Progressives.

Scozzafava's action represents a victory for the Tea Party movement and should all but ensure the election of Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman.

Update: Fifth columnist commenters all in a tizzy over "theocrat" takeover after fearless leader Chuckie plotzes. Chuck: I grew up in the NY 23rd. Running Owens and Scozzafava there is like running David Dukes for mayor of Washington.

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A Bad Reverse Trend in Terror

In the past few years the US has feared that al Qaeda and other violent Islamist groups would use the large Muslim immigrant community in Europe as a recruiting base from which an attack against the US could be launched. Their logic was simple: Those traveling on a passport from an EU country would be less scrutinized than some from, say, Pakistan.

However, as this LA Times story notes, this week's arrest of two men in Chicago is the first time an American had been caught targetting Europe.

A trend? One case does not a trend make, but it's worth noting and keeeping an eye on.

Daood Gilani was born in the United States, but was unlike most of the recent home grown terrorists in that he was much older.

If any trend is emerging from the spate of recent arrests it is that of the entrepreneurial terrorist. These would be terrorists are not being recruited by extremist groups, rather they are self radicalized and then travel abroad seeking -- sometimes unsuccessfully -- training and support.

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AP Headline: FBI "Murdered" Detroit Imam

The Associated Press is letting its bias show in an article published late yesterday, "Murdered Imam's Followers Deny FBI Radical Claims". Murdered? Nothing in the article backs up this charge, even noting that Luqman Ameen Abdullah fired at the FBI when they attempted to arrest him on charges, killing a FBI K9 agent. His followers are complaining about the number of times Abdullah was hit.

Here's a hint: if you open fire on the FBI they are probably going to open fire on you. Two shots to center mass - that's what they're taught. They are probably going to have more guns than you and there's a good chance that you're going to die. This seems like a case of natural selection, but nothing remotely rising to "murder" on the part of the FBI. Shame on the AP.

(HT to Rockerpeople in the comments.)

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October 30, 2009

The beginning of Islamic no-go zones in America

After this week's shootout between FBI agents and a Detroit imam, police had to enter the mosque with guns drawn to look for one of the imam's disciples who was captured on video assaulting a Detroit News photographer. Because Islam is a Religion of Peace after all.

Yes, the imam who was killed, Luqman Ameen Abdullah, refused to surrender to police (because Muslims don't have to follow infidel laws) and engaged in a shootout with the FBI that killed a canine agent, and also openly preached about the violent establishment of an Islamic state in America, but don't forget that he was a humanitarian. Islamophobe.

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Detroit Islamist Raid Bags Schoolteacher

(Detroit, Michigan) A physical education teacher at A.L. Holmes Elementary School, Garry Laverne Porter (aka Mujahid), was arrested by the FBI in this week's roundup of Islamist radicals. Porter is charged with conspiracy to commit federal crimes and possession of firearms or ammunition by a convicted felon.

He was one of eight men taken into custody Wednesday as part of a group called Ummah which aims to establish a separate Islamic nation within the United States.

Having convicted felons teaching children in Michigan is reportedly not uncommon. However, it's unknown how many radical Islamists teach in Michigan. (More ...)

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"This Is The United States of America And We'll Do Whatever The Fuck We Want"

Yeah, brother!

I laughed. And the guy said, "Oh, you think that’s funny?" And I said, "Yeah, that is funny, that is really funny, because we’re not going to move the bar just because you discovered we’re serving booze." Can you name one restaurant in New York that doesn’t serve booze? I said, "This is the United States of America and we’ll do whatever the fuck we want." He said the mosque had suggested it couldn’t control the behavior of "a few bad eggs"; i.e., we could get a brick through our window.

I nominate The Breslin as the official bar of the Jawa Report, even if none of us ever step foot in there to have a drink.

Hopefully, our NYC readers will be able to make a visit and down a few cold ones in support of Mr. Friedman. Don't forget to flip off the Masjid-Ar-Rahman mosque on your way inside.

H/T Hot Air comments.

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Adventures in Government Healthcare: HPV vaccine developer admits drug does little to reduce cervical cancer rates

Remember back in 2007 when Texas passed a law forcing all young girls in the state to get a vaccine against HPV (which can only be obtained through sexual activity)? And anyone who dissented from having their underage daughters vaccinated for this STD was engaged in child abuse?

Well now the lead researcher in developing two different HPV vaccines has admitted there's no evidence that they reduce cervical cancer rates. Oh, and there's been no trials for girls under 15.

From the Bulletin:

Dr. Diane Harper, lead researcher in the development of two human papilloma virus vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix, said the controversial drugs will do little to reduce cervical cancer rates and, even though they’re being recommended for girls as young as nine, there have been no efficacy trials in children under the age of 15.

Dr. Harper, director of the Gynecologic Cancer Prevention Research Group at the University of Missouri, made these remarks during an address at the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccination which took place in Reston, Virginia on Oct. 2-4. Although her talk was intended to promote the vaccine, participants said they came away convinced the vaccine should not be received.

We're from the government, and we're here to help. Run for your lives.

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Anjem Choudary Not Having a Very Good Day

Speaking of SQL based hacks, it looks like some enterprising person took offense at threats by Anjem Choudary on his Islam4UK website that Buckingham Palace would one day be used to mete out Islamic justice, and that the Crown Jewels would be melted down to make them less offensive to Muslims (you know, the cross).


I used to think guys like Choudary needed to be either in jail or get a good ass kicking. Not anymore.

What better spokesperson for political Islam is there? I mean, unlike most other Islamists he's not afraid to tell you just what the plan is once they take power. He's the gift that keeps on giving.

Not that I'd get all choked up should he find himself hanging out with all the harder core akhis in Belmarish prison, but still, I'd rather have a guy like this reminding us in public what we're up against all the time than have the perpetual whitewashers lie us into complete and utter complaisancy.

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Good News: Federal Judge Cuts Convicted al Qaeda Ops Sentence in Half Because of "Severe" Treatment


A federal judge today gave convicted al Qaeda sleeper agent Ali al-Marri an 8 year prison sentence -- half of what was sought -- because of "severe treatment".

The "severe treatment"? Was he tortured? Waterboarded? Forced to listen to New Kids on the Block for hours on end?


His lawyers report that al-Marri has described being subjected to extreme cold, with insufficient bedding and clothing. He has been deprived of all reading material, except a Qur'an. Unlike the cells at Guantanamo Bay, which all have an arrow painted on the floor that points toward Mecca, his guards reportedly decline to inform him of which direction is East. In addition to his cell's window being merely translucent (rather than transparent), he also claims to have no clock, preventing him from knowing the proper times to say prayers. He has also reportedly been deprived of personal hygiene items. [9] The lack of such items have reportedly also rendered him unable to pray as a result of ritual impurity.
Um, has this judge never been to a federal penitentiary before? WTF does he think goes on at a prison?

Ass pounding? Not a problem. Not knowing which way is Mecca? Nooooo!

The justification the judge gave for the lite sentence?

"My personal belief as a judge is that that was totally unacceptable," Mihm said. "That's not who we are."
What. A. F*cking. Idiot.

In fact, I know this is who we are and as long as we're bringing up personal beliefs, it is my personal belief that U.S. District Judge Michael Mihm should be impeached.

Because Marri has already been held for six years, he'll be let go by 2011. Remember, he was an al Qaeda sleeper agent here in the U.S. who committed credit card fraud on behalf of his good buddy Khalid Shiek Mohammad.

This is the lunacy of treating terrorists as criminals.

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Les Andrews, 23 Gets Humliliated

First watch this

Bwaaahahahaahaaaaaaa! That's some freaking hillarious super duper head snapped back action!

Now the little punks reaction to the Sun

Les Andrews, 23, got on to his solicitor after more than 200,000 readers saw him belted by Jason Smith. The thug rang us and said: "I'm going to sue. I've got everyone staring at me because of this.

"He should be apologising to me. What have I got to apologise for ? I got arrested for it at the time and I got a fine. Now I feel all depressed."

Oh you poor little pussy got his feelings hurt now did he?

We're going to make sure a hell of a lot more than 200k people see you humiliated you insufferable little prick. You deserve it.

Big Hat Tip to :Ace of Spades. LOL this made my day.

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Video: Today Show Goes All Star Wars + Drunken Ewok Fight!

I saw some of what the Today show was up to this morning. Seriously, I almost spewed my morning drink.

If someone has the clip of the entire crew dressed up as Star Wars characters, let me know. It's a historical moment which needs to be filed for the archives.

Phrases you're unlikely to hear me say ever again: Al Roker is Han Solo.


Thanks to Forest.

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Video: Darth Vader on Hyperinflation

Darth Vader: tea party activist?

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Smart Power: DNC's Organizing For America Website Hacked

A security hacker who goes by the handle Unu claims to have hacked The Organizing for American website. But the headline over at the Washington Post is that the hacking claim made by Unu is a hoax: Barackobama.com 'hack' is a hoax.

However, read the actual article. Those claiming it is a hoax are, um, the Democratic National Committee (who have an interest in making the claim) and a few security geeks (who always question these kinds of claims).

Get more than a few paragraphs into it and you suddenly realize that the evidence suggests quite the opposite of what the headline claims: Obama's main online fundraising website has been hacked.

Hmmm, it's almost as if someone at WaPo had an interest in misleading Obama's supporters as to the security of their donations?

Even less surprising than a WaPo article covering up for Obama's geek squad? That those chosen for the hack were college professors. Yes, my people love Obama!

Surprisingly, it is these professors who confirm that the hacking claim is true:

A screen shot posted by the hacker showing what appear to be user names and passwords for donate.barackobama.com suggests that the data in the picture belongs to faculty members at Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Indeed, Lynn Y. Weiner, dean of the college of arts and sciences at Roosevelt, confirmed that the partially obscured password in that image looked like hers. The same was true of Michael Ensdorf, associate dean and professor in the school's Department of Communication. and Julie Rowen, assistant dean of the school. All three acknowledged having donated to Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

Here's the screenshot.

Verdict: Organizing for America was hacked.

Luckily for the DNC the guy that hacked the site, UNU is the kind of hacker who does this in order to show security vulnerabilities -- in order to improve that security. He doesn't seem to be the kind of hacker who would use any personal financial information to his own advantage.

Thanks to Jawa Security expert Black Flagg.

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No We Don't Have to Worry About al-Shabaab

Just you know all the women in the areas they control need to worry about it.

Via Weasel Zippers: "Just today, Al-Shabaab dispatched men with whips to the streets around Bakara market and they are flogging any woman who is found not wearing socks," according to a female maize trader at the Mogadishu market, who spoke Thursday.
So the only ones who need worry about al-Shabaab are any and all Christians left in Somalia, Women who wear a bra or don't wear socks or a viel, men who look at them funny, etc, etc, etc.

Other than that they are just nice folk.

end sarcasm.

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Washington Institute Warns not to Overestimate Al-Shabab's Strength

This article by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy has a nice summary of the history behind Al-Shabab and Hizbul Islam in Somalia. It also covers the Transitional Federal Government. Good facts, concise manner....and then comes the turd analysis.

Al-Shabab and Hizbul Islam can't get their sh!t together so don't worry too much about them. Ooookkkaaaayyy.

Don't worry about the recruit of American citizens for terror training..that's no big deal, unless they come back I guess. Well surely they will run out of funding which will limit their reach....or maybe not. This is a Somali issue and the neighbors shouldn't worry...cool. And just because al-Shabab is a huge fan of al-Qaeda, doesn't mean they have global intensions that conflict with the interests of the US....Doh!

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Faleh Hassan Almaleki Captured!


Via Google News:

PEORIA, Ariz. — Police in a Phoenix suburb say they have arrested an Iraqi immigrant suspected of running down his daughter because she was becoming "too Westernized."

Police in Peoria are releasing few details but say 48-year-old Faleh Almaleki is in custody. Police aren't saying where he was arrested or where he is being held.

Twenty-year-old Noor Faleh Almaleki is hospitalized in serious condition.

Hooray! Very good news indeed. Lets hope he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Also it appears his daughter has been upgraded from critical to serious condition. We pray for her speedy recovery.

Previous: Father Runs Daughter Down With Car.

Hat Tip: Leapofaith.

Update: According to CNN Almaleki was arrested in Atlanta at the Airport.

Almaleki was taken into custody at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the Marshals Service said.

It was not immediately known why Almaleki was in Atlanta.

Well its apparent he was attempting to flee the country like Yaser Abdel Said. fortunately he was not able to, if he had he might never face justice.

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Bummer, Freepers Become Frustrated at Youtube

You know the Youtube smackdown crew has been very productive over the last two years. With tens of thousands of terrorist propaganda vids remove from Youtube. Hundreds of terrorist supporting users have been suspended.

Just look at these numbers from September

27 users suspended totaling 2,142 videos

An additional 92 videos smacked down from daily playlists

jSDotd had 8 videos downed in September...

It all adds up to.....2242 hirabist videos removed in September!

Well that's great but despite the best efforts of everyone involved it is frustrating to see videos remain, users who have had dozens of videos removed, yet Youtube does not suspend them.

Its quite frustrating and I can understand that. I mean how many times have the Jawas taken down the Taliban websites only to see them pop back up over and over elsewhere. But we still burn them on a regular basis, when just when they get confident and least expect it.

Today the freepers decided they are going to strike.

YouTube's lackadaisical application of their TOS is offensive. The flagrant abuse of YouTube's service is an outrage. The tacit support of the islamists through failure to remove calls for violent jihad, is criminal. We have made YouTube aware of the issue, they know those videos support violent jihad, yet do nothing. They have become a party to any deaths that occur due to the radicalization of muslim youth.

We have come to the conclusion that without more pressure, YouTube won't change. We will continue fighting both the jihadists and YouTube. So, until YouTube gets it's act together, the Free Republic SMACKDOWN Crew won't be helping to take out the trash. Take out your own trash, YouTube.

I'm not sure this is the right thing. IMO this will make Jihadtube very happy not to have to deal with the hassle. The point is not to really remove all terrorist propaganda from the internet. That's not really possible nor even desirable. I mean you have to leave some to get them. If you notice a lot of the arrests lately had an online portion of the investigation.

No the point is to meet the terrorists online. To challenge them, to humiliate them, to show they are weak. They use the internet to gain an air of legitimacy and power. Its our job to disrupt that aim as much as possible. To show them for what they are, losers, The Cyber Jihad of Losers in Mommy's Basement.

While I do understand the frustration that comes with our efforts to counter and call attention to online terrorist activity, I feel that stopping those efforts even for a short time is not going to help matters. Someone needs to challenge the terrorists online presence always and the Jawas will never ever ever stop doing that.

I would hope the Smackdown crew would take a deep breath, realize how much they have accomplished (its incredible really), and vow to continue to challenge the online Jihad.

You must learn to "let go" and use the force. Use what time you have and do what you can. And the rest of it you just have to accept. None of us are supermen or super women, but we are damned sure are a force to be reckoned with. I've admire the efforts this group has made, the force is strong with them.

Look at the number of Jihadi's we've pissed off, frustrated, humiliated, etc. etc. and that's really what its all about. That's the reward we get, its pretty damned satisfying if you ask me. Think a little more about what you have done and less about the task that remains.


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Yemen Arrests Somali Linked to Terror Charity

Now that Yemeni al Qaeda formally merged with Saudi al Qaeda is the next focus a greater degree of integration with al Shabaab? There is substantial black market trade between the two nations and amount of persons, diesel and weapons transiting the narrow Bab al Mendab strait separating Yemen from Somalia is staggering.

Suspected Somali al-Qaeda man arrested in Yemen SANA'A, Oct. 29 (Saba) - Yemeni Security authorities have arrested suspect of al-Qaeda member in Taiz, Interior Ministry said on Thursday.

The Somali Nour Omar has been held along with five other Somalis in Mocha district of Taiz governorate. A laptop and a stamp of al-Manhal Charitable Society in Mogadishu, Somalia, were in the possession of the accused.

Rahm of TFS was kind enough to explain that the al Manhal Charity is of the hard core Wahabbi persuasion and linked to a Kuwaiti charity, Revival of Islamic Heritage Society, currently designated by the US Treasury as providing financial and material support to al Qaeda. Al Manhal has been operating in the Jubba region of Somalia, some parts of Mugdishu and everywhere where al Shabaab has control, he says.

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October 29, 2009

Reverse Misogyny?

I guess you could call it that.

The 37-year-old's attorney told the Advance that Naseem, a high school teacher who is half Pakistani, "was a cruel person, he preyed on her."

Awful. Preying on his wife in a cruel fashion. At least according to Islamic law.

"He made her do stuff that she didn't like to do — eating pork, drinking alcohol, wearing short clothes. She did all of that to make him happy," the source said.

Only one word comes to mind. Warped.

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Hey Obama, How Is That Game Of Pin The Tail On The Donkey?

After 10 months of playing the game, Ofumble just got spun around for the 16th time. He is so overwhelmed that there is a good chance he pins the tail on himself if he ever gets his turn to go. Which, if you think about it, makes sense because his head is already up his own ass.

Ofumble's diplomacy is like a fist fight. Just because you are standing there taking it on the chin over and over, doesn't mean you are "engaged" or "actively involved". It means you are being a pussy!! Step back, catch your breath and call for your buddies...then start whoopin' arse.

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At Last Pakistan Finds 9-11 Suspect's Passport

Said_bahaji_interpol.jpgUnfortunately Said Bahaji was not found with his passport.

Via CNN: Sherwangei, Pakistan (CNN) -- A passport bearing the name of Said Bahaji, a suspect linked to the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington, has been found in a town captured by the Pakistani military.

The passport was found in South Waziristan, where the Pakistani military has been battling to wrest territory from the Taliban in Pakistan. It contained a Pakistani visa issued in August 2001 showing that the bearer entered Pakistan on September 4, 2001, and appeared unusually new for a document eight years old.

...Bahaji is suspected of having fled Germany for Pakistan on September 3, 2001, after receiving a tip that the attacks were imminent.


Rusty's Two Cents: *cking Pakistanis only f*cking took eight f*cking years to take control of their own f*cking territory -- eight f*cking years in which al Qaeda and related Islamist groups have been free to f*cking do as they f*cking please!

And having final-f*ckingly gone in to see what the f*ck is going on in South f*cking Waziri-f*cking-stan what is the first f*cking thing that those f*ckheads find? The f*cking passport right where every body knew al Qaeda and the Taliban have been operating right in the f*cking open for years!

Update by Howie: Is it me or does Rusty seem filled with very justified outrage?

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A real tragedy: Amanda Lindhout and Nigel Brenan still held captive


Compared to Rusty's post, this is a real tragedy. Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout and Australian photojournalist Nigel Brenan have been held captive by al Shabaab for over 14 months. Initally, al Shabaab demanded $2.5 million for their release but since then have lowered their demands down to $100,000.

Lindhout and Brenan have recently been moved from Mogadishu to a remote location some 120 km south of Somalia's captital. Al Shabaab feared that Canadian authorities were tracking the whereabouts of Amanda and Nigel.

Al Shabaab have seriously mistreated their hostages to say the least. It has been reported that Amanda Lindhout was impregnated after being raped multiple times. To add insult to injury the terrorists named Amanda's baby Osama.

Now this is a real tragedy. I pray for the safety and well being of Amanda and Nigel and for them to return safely home to their families.

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No, This Isn't Osama bin Laden

Two pictures. At the top is a vidcap of the recent al Qaeda/as Sahab video showing a person that some are speculating is Osama bin Laden. Click it for slighly larger image. This vidcap and others were posted over at Wired's Danger Room.

Below that are several vidcaps from al Qaeda/as Sahab videos showing Osama bin Laden.

Notice in the alleged image of bin Laden that his grey beard has a dark streak down the middle of it. Look closely.

Now look at all of these images of bin Laden below. Notice that it is a dark beard with a grey streak down the middle of it.

Okay, so is it possible that this is Osama bin Laden? Yes, but only if he has died his beard to make it appear to be colored in the exact opposite of its natural color. It would be kind of like Mr. T trying to disguise himself by shaving the middle of his head!

Also, I think that this would entail dying his beard twice. First, dark dye to cover up what is presumably an increasingly grey beard. And then a second layer to cover up the dark parts of the beard with grey! (Or reverse the order)

Possible? Sure. Likely? I don't think so.

We do have one video showing a person claiming to be bin Laden in which the beard is obviously died. But a lot of people are skeptical that this is even him, and if it is him you'll notice his pretty pathetic die job.

If bin Laden isn't dead then he's nowhere near Abu Yahya al-Libi, the star of the video on which he allegedly secretly appears. Al Libi is way too public and high value of a target for bin Laden to appear with him out of doors and risk his precious life in a Predator strike.

I don't know who Roggio's source is, but I think he's wrong. The super-reverse-dye-job theory seems to be nothing more than grasping at straws.

Verdict: Not Osama bin Laden.

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Video: Followers of Imam Shot by FBI Assault Camera Crew

Here's a video of the followers of Christopher "Luqman Abdullah" Thomas assaulting a camera crew as they went in for an interview.

As noted previously, there seems to be a dramatic uptick in the number of domestic terror suspects lately. On cue, the NY Times commences hand wringing and wondering whether or not the FBI has too much discretionary power in investigating terrorists here in the homeland.

I always love these journalistic masturbatory exercises that frame the issue of Islamist terror in terms of "privacy concerns". The most glaring point of hypocrisy being that the narrative they construct is one of an unaccountable FBI investigating Muslims which is a "privacy" issue because of, um, what exactly?

Let me once again remind our moral superiors at the New York Times that an investigation is a far cry from an allegation of wrong doing. Often investigations lead to, well, nothing.

And, in fact, when it comes to privacy issues the most unaccountable and dangerous institution is the media itself. The information contained in an investigation being rather irrelevant should no prosecution stem from it unless the media decides that you, the public, have a right to know it.

And what of all those media investigations that never get published because some wise editor decides that the story is full of holes? Should that raise privacy concerns?

The evidential threshold for indicting someone in federal court seems rather higher than that of convincing an editor to run a story which might reveal the embarrassing details of someone's life.

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"Tragedy": Taliban Supporter Still Being Held Hostage by Taliban

Yet another in a long line of articles noting that Beverly "Khadija Abdul Qahaar" Giesbrecht is still being held hostage by the Taliban. Bev was the long time publisher of the Jihad Unspun website, which on a daily basis justified attacks by the Taliban.

She was, in fact, as open as a devoted Islamist could be in her native Canada about her disdain for NATO troops in Afghanistan and love of the "resistance" -- the Taliban.

Let me just make note of a few things in this terribly researched Canada.com story. The author, "Jane Seyd", seems to interview only a few people for the story, but the main source is a close friend of Beverly's named Glen Cooper.

Any person who was close friends with Beverly Giesbrecht will also meet one or more of the following criteria: very stupid; on the Leftwing fringe; a terror supporter; or the kind of person who finds it necessary to befriend the crazy old lady with all the cats down the street.

Besides the source, here are the two major problems:

1) Nowhere does the article mention that Jihad Unspun was an objectively pro-terrorist and pro-Taliban publication.

2) The friend tells us that Beverly went to Pakistan to make a documentary. What it does not mention is the fact that the documentary was meant to portray the Taliban as the good guys in the war.

Beverly's friend claims that if she does ever return to Canada that she will be a changed person. One can only hope!

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Shots at LA Synagogue -- None Dare Call it Terrorism

Two Jewish men shot as they entered the Adat Yeshurun Valley Sephardic in North Hollywood. The victims were shot in the legs, expected to recover. Police calling it a possible "hate crime".

I've never supported "hate crimes" legislation. Not because I don't think some of the crimes called "hate" aren't more heinous than some other crimes -- they sometimes are. But because we already have a category and a word to describe when individuals are victimized because they represent a broader class of people.

The true intent of "hate crimes" are to terrorize the larger community.

When the KKK terrorized individual blacks in the South the intent was to terrorize the larger black community. They were sending a political message. They were terrorists.

So, let's call "hate crimes" what they are: acts of domestic terrorism.

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DNC Picks Flag Descration Video as One of 20 Health Care Finalists

Via Politico:

One of the 20 finalists in health care video contest run by Barack Obama’s campaign arm features a mural of an America flag splattered with health care graffiti until it’s covered completely by black paint.

In the video – which is accompanied by the sound of a heart monitor pumping and then flat-lining – words such as “pre-existing conditions,” “homeless” and “death panel” ultimately obliterate the flag, which reappears on screen seconds later with the words “Health Will Bring Our Country Back to Life” on the blue field where the 50 stars usually are.

According to the Organizing for American Web site, the 20 finalists in the “Health Reform Video Challenge” were chosen by a panel of “qualified” Democratic National Committee “employee judges.”

A contestant whose video didn’t make the final-20 cut complains that a video “defacing the flag” won’t do much to help President Barack Obama or the Democrats sell health care reform.

“They should never pick that,” said the contestant, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “It makes the Democrats look really, really bad.”

Hmmm, you know the Soviet Union had crappy universal health care. I wonder how many of the commie-crats would object to me spray painting the old sickle and hammer?

Might as well find out.

Ok comments suggest a photoshop contest. So I'm cool with that. Take your fave commie flag, mess it all up, and I'll post it. Fatwas available!


By Howie at 10:58 AM | Comments |

Aiding Pakistan Wisely

It was announced that we intend to give Pakistan 243+ Million in additional financial aid on top of 7.5 Billion we have promised to give Pakistan over the next five years.

Given how previous aid sent to Pakistan to aid its army was divided and split amongst various political factions who all wanted their cut. This is a very bad idea.

I was just in a discussion with my Pakistani friend. Yes I have a Pakistiani Muslim friend. He says do not give Pakistan money. The money will be squabbled over by various corrupt political groups and the military will be left holding an empty bag with which to fight the Taliban.

A much better approach he suggested would be to give stuff, like say training, military equipment and do projects like say water treatments roads and so forth.

We are doing some of that

The Obama administration has reportedly rushed hundreds of millions of dollars in arms, equipment and high-tech sensors to Pakistani forces in recent months to support military operations in Taliban-controlled areas along the border with Afghanistan.

The New York Times, citing senior U.S. and Pakistani officials, reports that Obama personally intervened at the request of Pakistan's top army general to quicken the delivery of 10 Mi-17 troop transport helicopters. Senior Pentagon officials have also rushed spare parts for Cobra helicopter gunships, night vision goggles, body armor and eavesdropping equipment to the region, the New York Times reports.

This is a much better approach, cause once you hand Pakistan a check, you have no means to control how it is spent. Any aid is quickly eaten up in the political mess that is the Pakistani government.

By Howie at 10:40 AM | Comments |

Muslims Group Murders Christian Woman for Not Wearing Veil

Via Compass Direct News:

NAIROBI, Kenya, October 27 (CDN) — Three masked members of a militant Islamist group in Somalia last week shot and killed a Somali Christian who declined to wear a veil as prescribed by Muslim custom, according to a Christian source in Somalia.

Members of the comparatively “moderate” Suna Waljameca group killed Amina Muse Ali, 45, on Oct. 19 at 9:30 p.m. in her home in Galkayo, in Somalia’s autonomous Puntland region, said the source who requested anonymity for security reasons.

Ali had told Christian leaders that she had received several threats from members of Suna Waljameca for not wearing a veil, symbolic of adherence to Islam. She had said members of the group had long monitored her movements because they suspected she was a Christian.

But I thought the Koran said something about
" You will find the people most affectionate to those who believe are those who say, 'We are Christians.' That is because some of them are priests and monks and because they are not arrogant. (Surat al-Ma'ida, 82)"
I guess these guys didn't read that part or maybe they paid more attention to this part
"O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people."
Hat tip: JIDF.

By Howie at 10:13 AM | Comments |

Post In Which I Agree With Secretary Clinton

Via Yahoo News:

LAHORE, Pakistan (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's said on Thursday it was "hard to believe" that no one in Pakistan's government knew where al Qaeda leaders were hiding, striking a new tone on a trip where Washington's credibility has come under attack.

Scores of al Qaeda leaders and their operatives, including Osama bin Laden, are believed to be in hiding in the rugged border territory that divides Pakistan and Afghanistan, but both countries routinely accuse the other of being the main sanctuary

"I find it hard to believe that nobody in your government knows where they are and couldn't get them if they really wanted to," she told a group of newspaper editors during a meeting in Lahore.

Amen Ms. Clinton, this allowing Pakistan to play both sides of the fence has to stop.

By Howie at 09:19 AM | Comments |

UBL Sighting in New as-Sahab Video? [Rusty calls shenanigans]

I dunno, could be him.

Via Long War Journal: Did Osama bin Laden make a mysterious appearance on a video released by al Qaeda?

...According to one of my most trusted sources, the blurry image seen on the tape is indeed Osama bin Laden.

Read the rest and view the image here.

UPDATE by Rusty: As much as I respect Roggio, Danger Room, and the terror team over at Corriere Della Sera, I'm calling shenanigans.

IMHO, this is not Osama bin Laden.

UPDATE by Rusty II: No, this isn't Osama bin Laden.

By Howie at 08:50 AM | Comments |

Radical Imam Shot in Detroit!

Wow. Almost every other day now the FBI has been arresting Islamists in the US on terror related charges. More so than at any other time in my memory. Now, if a few more would do us the favor and resist arrest ....

Here's the story:

Agents at a warehouse in Dearborn were trying to arrest Luqman Ameen Abdullah, 53, on charges that included conspiracy to sell stolen goods and illegal possession and sale of firearms. Ten followers listed in a criminal complaint were also being rounded up in the area.

Abdullah refused to surrender, fired a weapon and was killed by gunfire from agents, FBI spokeswoman Sandra Berchtold said.

In a court filing, the FBI said Abdullah, also known as Christopher Thomas, was an imam, or prayer leader, of a radical group named Ummah whose primary mission is to establish an Islamic state within the United States...

The group believes that a separate Islamic state in the U.S. would be controlled by Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, formerly known as H. Rap Brown, who is serving a life sentence in a federal prison in Colorado for shooting two police officers in Georgia in 2000, Leone said. Al-Amin, a veteran of the black power movement, started the group after he converted to Islam in prison.

Unlike others arrested in recent plots, this one is said to have no overseas connection. Which makes this a truly homegrown movement. Recall that most of the other Americans arrested in recent roundups were connected to Pakistan or other locations abroad, either by virtue of heritage, friendship, or Islamist groups.

The sheer number of these arrests in recent weeks suggests something is up. A pattern is emerging whereby federal agents arrests potential terrorists either in the planning stages or as they leave the country.

So, what do you make of it all?

Thanks to Bill.

Update: Tragedy, an officer was killed.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 07:38 PM | Comments |

CAIR official disrupts free speech conference, ejected by Capitol Hill police

An intern for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was ejected today from a conference held at the US Capitol Visitors Center Congressional Auditorium after behaving in a threatening manner and repeatedly violating conference rules by attempting to record conference speakers who have been the subject of death threats by Muslims. The CAIR official, Iyad Awadallah of Boca Raton, Florida, was ejected from the conference and escorted from the premise by Capitol Hill police.

Awadallah showed up at the International Legal Conference on Freedom of Speech and Religion this morning sponsored by the International Free Press Society and the Liberty Legal Project International and immediately began videotaping the proceedings. He was approached by conference officials who told him that the conference registration (which was free and open to the public) required that no recordings or photographs would be allowed because of safety concerns for some of the conference speakers. He was also spotted videotaping the conference registration table to record the names of conference attendees and speakers, which conference organizers were concerned would be used to threaten and intimidate the attendees. He claimed to be a graduate student at Florida Atlantic University conducting research for his thesis rather than an agent provocateur sent by a terrorist front group.

After Awadallah was warned that video and audio recordings were prohibited, he again turned on his video recorder and placed it on the floor to audio record the session. US Capitol police were contacted, and the CAIR intern was removed from the event. Awadallah was inside the auditorium less than 10 minutes and was ejected just before a speech by US Senator Jim DeMint.

Within the hour, CAIR issued a press release and an editorial by CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad attacking the conference and making accusations about the speakers. The press release claimed that Awadallah was told by one conference participant that “we want to cut their [Muslims’] necks off.” However, Awadallah entered the auditorium during one of the sessions and never had the opportunity to speak with any of the conference attendees.

The CAIR press release also made false representations about the supposed remarks of one of today’s scheduled speakers, Pamela Geller of Atlasshrugs.com. There is one problem, however, with CAIR’s version of events – Geller had already left town and didn’t speak at the conference today.

Unfortunately for CAIR, sending a hapless intern to take on a group of high-powered international free speech lawyers may not have been the smartest move. Maybe next time they won’t send a boy to do a man’s job.

By Barbarossa at 07:19 PM | Comments |

Shhhhh: The Islamic Gender Gap

What do 9 out of the 10 worst places in the world for women have in common? They're all Muslim nations.

Compare that to the top 43 nations for women's equality -- and we're including nations like Mongolia here people! -- and the one thing they have in common is they are not Muslim nations.

Here's an Excel spreadsheet of these data.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:16 PM | Comments |

Awesome: The al Qaeda Dancing Bar

Doing a Google search today for "al Qaeda", I accidentally hit "map" instead of "news". And you know what? Al Qaeda is on the map.


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:25 PM | Comments |

Cartoon Jihad Arrest Summary

Dinah Lord has a summary of the complaint against Tahawwur Husain Rana here.

Here's a taste:

And when I say they were dedicated to this cause - they continued their plotting despite numerous setbacks. For example: When L-e-T decided they had bigger jihadi fish to fry by targeting India, our intrepid cell persevered and kept trying to badger al qaeda man Ilyas Kashmiri of the HUJI as a resource. When he was reportedly killed in a Predator Drone attack (bwa-ha-ha) they decided to continue on their own. Until they heard the news that Kashmiri was alive and well - at that point co-conspirator Headley's final trip to Pakistan was booked.
Read the rest.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:15 PM | Comments |

UN: US Predator strikes are illegal

You can always count on the UN to be against the US. The UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Executions, Philip Alston, has stated that US Predator Drone strikes against terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan violate international humanitarian law and international human rights law. He claims that the strikes against those who cut people's heads off while screaming 'allah akbah' are "arbitrary extrajudicial executions". Continue reading my rant at RoA

By at 12:09 PM | Comments |

Rosie O'Donnell thought she had a chance with Angelina Jolie




From UK E online

H/T: Howie

The talk-show icon blabbed to Howard Stern on Sirius XM radio about a time before she was married to Kelli Carpenter and Angelina had tied the knot with Billy Bob Thornton. A romance, she claimed, was a-bloomin'.
"She gave me her phone number," Rosie said. "We talked on the phone two or three times, but that was that. There was a tentative plan to have dinner that never came through."
Fear got the best of Rosie and she wasn't able to seal the deal.
Uh huh, I'm sure that's what prevented the relationship from blooming.

Update by Howie: Yeah and Mary Kathrine Hamm accepted Darth Odie's facebook friend invite.


I guess she must have a weakness for cuddly little yellow Sith Lords.

She'll be calling me us any day now. Any day.


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Sucking Hamas' Behind

Via Powerline:

Khaled Meshaal is the terrorist murderer who compiled his record in Hamas, which he now heads.

...Paul Mirengoff recently drew our attention to Washington Note blogger Steve Clemons in this post. On October 17, Clemons interviewed Meshaal in his offices in Damascus, Syria.

...Clemons has posted the complete transcript and video of his interview with Meshaal. It appears to me that if Meshaal had a ring, Clemons would have kissed it. The interview has to be seen to be disbelieved.

Note: The Powerline site has been slow loading this AM for me. Hopefully it will open up soon.

By Howie at 08:48 AM | Comments |

Convicted al-Qaeda Terrorist Still Registered to Vote in Ohio

paul.jpgVia Pajamas Media:

As the off-year elections approach, the most attention-getting statewide race in Ohio is a ballot question on casinos. But one Ohio registered voter who might miss having his say on that critical question is convicted al-Qaeda terrorist Christopher Paul, who was sentenced back in February to 20 years in prison on charges of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction to kill Americans.

A quick check of the Franklin County Board of Elections website finds that Paul is still registered to vote in Ohio. Speaking with Board of Elections spokesman Ben Piscitelli last week, he confirmed that Paul’s registration was still active and blamed the federal courts for not informing the board of his change of status. Piscitelli finally offered that the best way to have the al-Qaeda terrorist removed from the voter rolls is for me to file an official challenge to his registration.

Challenge his registration, why you'll end up with ACORN all over you, filing suits, claiming oppression, raayyyyycysmmm!!

WTF is wrong with you? Can't you see he's being oppressed by da man....

By Howie at 08:31 AM | Comments |

Taliban Bombs Womens Market

Because, you know, women shopping is like unnatural or something

Via Yahoo News: PESHAWAR, Pakistan – A car bomb tore through a busy market in northwestern Pakistan on Wednesday, killing 91 people as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton visited the country and pledged American support for its campaign against Islamist militants.

More than 200 people were wounded in the blast in the main northwestern city of Peshawar, the deadliest in a surge of attacks this month. The government blamed militants seeking to avenge an army offensive launched this month against al-Qaida and Taliban in their stronghold close to the Afghan border.

The bomb destroyed much of a market selling bangles, dresses and toys that was popular with women and children.

It collapsed buildings, including a mosque, and set shops on fire in an old part of the city crisscrossed with narrow alleys and clogged with stalls. Wounded people sat amid burning debris and body parts as a huge plume of gray smoke rose above the city.

Oh the brave Mujahadeen blowing up Mosques, Muslim women & children. Must make Allah the Bloodthirsty who resides inside that cube so proud.

By Howie at 08:22 AM | Comments |

Queens NY Cabbie Indicted in Terror Support Case

(New York City) According to the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan, a Queens cab driver originally from India, 45-year-old Patrick Nayyar (pic), was indicted yesterday on charges of attempting to provide material support to Hezbollah, the Shi'ite Iranian-backed U.S.-designated terrorist group based in Lebanon.

Another man whose whereabouts are unknown, 43-year-old Conrad Mulholland, was indicted on the same charges. Mulholland is believed to be in England.

According to the indictment, the men agreed to sell weapons, ammunition, vehicles, bullet-resistant vests and night vision goggles to an FBI informant they believed was a member of Hezbollah.

Nayyar appeared in Manhattan federal court and pleaded not guilty to a five-count indictment that included conspiring to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization as well as illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

He faces up to 80 years in prison on a combined total of the maximum of each of the five charges.

"The government is going to have real difficulty demonstrating any terrorist links," said Nayyar's lawyer, Martin Schmukler, who called the terrorism charges "overblown" and disputed a claim by authorities that his client was an illegal immigrant.

Nayyar was arrested on September 24 at his home in New York on separate firearms charges that were dropped. U.S. authorities said an alleged accomplice, British citizen Conrad Stanisclaus Mulholland remains at large in Britain, but Schmukler said he is being detained there.

Notably, Mr. Nayyar was trumpeted as a hero in a 2007 incident where he stopped another cab from putting a passenger's life in danger. Presumably, his good deed won't carry much weight if he goes to trial on charges he tried to provide material support to a terrorist organization.

Nayyar will be detained pending trial. A court appearance before a U.S. Magistrate is scheduled for November 3.

By at 06:56 AM | Comments |

October 27, 2009

Debra Lafave Seeks Contact with Kids

debralafave1zg8.jpgArguably the teacher-student sex story with the longest legs has been the adventures of Debra Lafave, who was initially arrested more than five years ago. Lafave had mixed it up with a 14-year-old boy in a variety of ways, ultimately being prosecuted in two different Florida counties.

In 2006, Lafave was sentenced in Hillsborough County Court to a hand slap -- no jail, only three years house arrest and seven years probation. The terms of probation included no unsupervised contact with any child under 18 years of age.

In December 2007, Lafave violated her probation and was arrested for spending time with a 17-year-old female co-worker at a restaurant. She was allowed to slide on the isolated incident. However, the arrest was a reminder that her behavior was being monitored.

In the story's latest development, Debra Lafave has completed a sex offender therapy program and has filed a motion to amend the terms of her probation to allow contact with "a limited number of children of family and friends" with their parents' permission. Hillsborough Circuit Judge Wayne S. Timmerman will rule on the motion later this week.

By at 09:34 PM | Comments |

Oldhamistan: White People Not Welcome

Hmmm, "white people" vs "Asians". Why do I have a feeling that something other than race is going on here? BBC:

Pakistanis make up the majority on the Glodwick estate just west of the town centre. Some youths speak the language of racial hatred. It's not clear whether this is bravado but their message is blunt... white people keep out.

Many openly admit to carrying out what they see as revenge attacks on white people as part of a tit-for-tat campaign.

One told us: "There are signs all around saying whites enter at your risk. It's a matter of revenge. It's about giving as good as you can take."

I don't know, maybe it is just the Jets vs the Sharks; but over and over again -- in places like London and Paris -- neighborhods have become Muslim only, infidels beware. Combine that with the British habit of mixing up issues of race and religion and I find myself highly skeptical of claims that this is just about a bunch of racist whites vs racist Pakistanis.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:05 PM | Comments |

Even Pravda Notices US is Going All USSR on Everyone

When even the state-owned propaganda outlet of the former USSR notes that you're, well, sliding headlong into socialism, then it's safe to say that you're not governing like a "moderate."

Just remember this article the next time you hear somebody bristle at the notion that this administration has socialist tendencies and leanings.

Pravda knows its own.

By Good Lt. at 04:23 PM | Comments |

Mohammad Cartoon Plot Arrests in Chicago Linked to Immigration Company [UPDATED, BUMPED -- al Qaeda Connection!]

Remember that mysterious FBI raid on a Muslim slaughterhouse in rural Illinois? The raid involved over 100 federal agents, helicopters, and snipers on a meat packing plant that only had 6 employees.

As suspected, the raid was terror related. Dinah Lord and I have been talking about this on and off again since the raid took place. She has this to report:

WBBM's Regine Schlesinger reports the US Attorney's office in Chicago alleges that 49 year old David Coleman Headley, an American citizen who changed his name from Daood Gilani, and 48 year old Tahawar Rana, a Canadian citizen who lives in Chicago, were involved in a plot to support or carry out terror attacks.

Headley is charged with conspiracy to commit terrorist acts involving murder and maiming outside the United States. He and Rana are both charged with conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorism conspiracy.

Prosecutors contend Headley traveled to Denmark to identify potential targets for a terrorist attack and that Rana helped arrange Headley's travel.

Headley was picked up as he was leaving the country on his way to Pakistan. That along with the material support charge indicates that the two were connected either to al Qaeda or to another Pakistan based terror group, such as Lashkar-e-Taiba.

In the wake of the arrests, Dinah, several readers, and myself have been trying to find out as much as possible about Tahawar Rana. There are several people by that name with internet tracks, but two immediately raised suspicions. One, described as a doctor in Chicago and another who runs an import business in Canada.

: Even though the Tahawar Rana from Chicago is a Canadian citizen, it turns out that he is not the same Tahawar Rana affiliated with the Masjid Bilal or an import business in that country. Sorry for that. The confusion came when Rana was ID'd as Canadian. I'm retracting parts of the story that mentions any affiliation between the Rana arrested and another man of the same name affiliated with Masjid Bilal and an import company. There is no connection to that mosque, to that import company, or the other Rana.

Dinah also tracked down a Halal meat website run by the arrested man where he tries to recruit foreigners to work at his meat processing plant.

But wait, there's more, because it seems that Mr. Rana also is somehow connected to an immigration company which it appears he may also own.

His "First World Management Services" also runs the "General Worker" website which claims to be a division of "First World Immigration Services Inc". The website is registered to "Rana, Tahawar Rana,", spelled differently but at the same address matching that of one of Tawahar Rana's businesses.

So, a guy who supports terrorism also helps immigrants come to the United States: what could possibly go wrong?

Thanks to Dinah and others in the comments section and who have emailed me about this privately.

: Pics of Rana's home here.

UPDATE: Apologies to Dinah for not linking earlier. I was in a rush to head to a meeting and messed up.

: VOA adds a few details confirming two things we reported earlier:

1) "Tahawwur" seems to be the official spelling of Rana's first name, as we earlier reported and he does own an immigration company. So, let the Google searches begin!

2) The purpose of the trip to Pakistan was to meet up with jihadi groups there.

Here's the pertinent info:

The Justice Department says the two were plotting the attack with Pakistani-based terrorist organizations...

The Justice Department says Headley visited two offices of the Jyllands-Posten in Denmark on the pretense he was visiting on behalf of an immigration group, First World Immigration Services.

If someone has a copy of the complaint, I'd love to see it.

I've heard several rumors that the plot went beyond what is being reported. That there was some suspicion that Rana had aspirations for something much larger. Perhaps this larger plot was in the aspirational stage so that is why it isn't mentioned in the federal complaint?

In any event, if you see any other angles being reported let me know. Also another bleg for a copy of the complaint.

UPDATE: Yup, L-e-T. The same group behind the Mumbai bombings.

UPDATE: If the quiet and polite neighbors who stuck to themselves didn't raise red flags, then this should have:

The business, which says “Immigrant Law Center’’ on the front door, appeared empty and dark today.
UPDATE: Okay, this isn't the complaint, but it's the presser sent out by the DOJ with the complaint. I'm including the whole thing at the very end of this post below.

A cursory scan brings up three points.

1) Headley seems to have confessed the whole thing a few weeks ago leading to Rana's arrest.

2) Headley attended terror training in Pakistan.

3) It looks like the plot involved a third person, a Kashmiri who was going to be the actual gunman. In addition, Headley "reported" (whatever that means) to several bigger fish in the Pakistani terror networks, including one who works for/with al Qaeda.

UPDATE: Complaint against Rana. Complaint against Headley. I still need some time to digest this. If you see anything interesting/alarming in either complaint, leave a comment or email me.

UPDATE: Some highlights from the presser:

First World Immigration Services, which has offices on Devon Avenue in Chicago, as well as in New York and Toronto
Hmmm, it seems his company was bigger than a cursory glance would suggest.

Again, am I the only one deeply troubled by a terror supporter who also helps people immigrate to the US?

As expected, an internet forum is mentioned. Headley left messages at this Yahoo group expressing a desire to harm those behind the Danish Mohammad cartoon publications. One has to wonder whether or not these public internet statements were instrumental in putting the pair under surveillance? The group doesn't seem like the kind of place where Islamists would be welcome.

UPDATE: Yes, an al Qaeda connection. This year:

Headley traveled with Individual A to Pakistan’s FATA region and met with Kashmiri
That would be Ilyas Kashmiri, who the complaint claims works with al Qaeda.

UPDATE: I notice a difference in the press release, the media reports, and what was actually said by "Individual A" to the Yahoo Group. The press is reporting it as a kind of generic threat against the Jyllands-Posten. The context of the threat, though, was the Muslims today should act like Muslims in Muhammad's time -- ie, kill those who insult him:

call me old fashioned, but I feel disposed to violence for the offending parties, be they cartoonists from Denmark or Sherry Jones (Author of Jewel of Medina) or Irshad Mandji (Liberal Muslim trying to make lesbianism acceptable in Islam, amongst other things) ... they never started debates with folks who slandered the Prophet, they took violent action.
Of those mentioned though, only the sentiment against the newspaper that published images of Mohammad actually seemed to result in a terroristic plot.

Addendum: Here's the whole press releas:

CHICAGO – Two Chicago men have been arrested on federal charges for their alleged roles in conspiracies to provide material support and/or to commit terrorist acts against overseas targets, including facilities and employees of a Danish newspaper that published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in 2005, federal law enforcement officials announced today. There was no imminent danger in the Chicago area, officials said, adding that the charges are unrelated to recent terror plot arrests in Boston, New York, Colorado, Texas and central Illinois.

The defendants charged in separate criminal complaints unsealed today in U.S. District Court in Chicago are David Coleman Headley, 49, and Tahawwur Hussain Rana, 48, also known as Tahawar Rana, announced Patrick J. Fitzgerald, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, and Robert D. Grant, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Chicago Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The complaints remained under seal temporarily after the defendants’ arrests, with court approval, so as not to compromise further investigative activity.

Headley, a U.S. citizen who changed his name from Daood Gilani in 2006 and resides primarily in Chicago, was arrested on Oct. 3, 2009, by the Chicago FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force at O’Hare International Airport before boarding a flight to Philadelphia, intending to travel on to Pakistan. He was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit terrorist acts involving murder and maiming outside the United States and one count of conspiracy to provide material support to that overseas terrorism conspiracy.

Rana, a native of Pakistan and citizen of Canada who also primarily resides in Chicago, was arrested on Oct. 18, 2009, at his home by federal agents. Rana is the owner of several businesses, including First World Immigration Services, which has offices on Devon Avenue in Chicago, as well as in New York and Toronto. He was charged with one count of conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorism conspiracy that involved Headley and at least three other specific individuals in Pakistan.

Both men have been held in federal custody since each was arrested. If convicted, Headley faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment for conspiracy to murder or maim persons abroad, while Headley and Rana each face a maximum of 15 years in prison for conspiracy to provide material support to terrorism.

On Oct. 18, JTTF agents executed search warrants in connection with the investigation at four locations: Headley’s and Rana’s residences on the north side of Chicago, Rana’s immigration business in Chicago, and a farm he owns in Kinsman, Ill., approximately 80 miles southwest of Chicago, which is used to provide halal meat for Muslim customers, as well as a grocery store in Chicago.
According to both complaints, since at least late 2008 until Oct. 3, 2009, as part of the conspiracy to murder and maim persons abroad, Headley allegedly identified and conducted surveillance of potential targets of a terrorist attack in Denmark on two separate trips to Denmark in January and July 2009, and reported and attempted to report on his efforts to other conspirators in Pakistan. As part of the conspiracy to provide material support to terrorism, Rana allegedly helped arrange Headley’s travels overseas and conceal their true nature and purpose to surveil potential terror targets overseas, and discussed potential targets for attack with Headley.

Headley allegedly reported and attempted to report on his overseas surveillance to other conspirators, according to the affidavits, including:
Ilyas Kashmiri, identified as the operational chief of the Azad Kashmir section of Harakat-ul Jihad Islami (HUJI), a Pakistani-based terrorist organization with links to al Qaeda. Kashmiri, who is presently believed to be in Waziristan in the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) region in northwestern Pakistan, issued a statement this month that he was alive and working with al Qaeda;
“Individual A” (who is identified as Individual A in the Headley affidavit and as Individual B in the Rana affidavit), who is associated with Kashmiri, as well as with Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), another Pakistani-based terrorist organization;
an individual identified as “Lashkar-e-Taiba Member A” (LeT Member A), who has substantial influence and responsibility within the organization and whose identity is known to the government.
“The public should be reassured that there was no imminent danger in the Chicago area. However, law enforcement has the duty to be vigilant to guard against not just those who would carry out attacks here on our soil but those who plot on our soil to help carry out violent attacks overseas. I wish to express my deep appreciation to the FBI agents and other members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force for their extremely hard work on this matter,” said Mr. Fitzgerald.

“The criminal complaints unsealed today have exposed a serious plot against overseas targets by two Chicago-based men working with Pakistani-based terrorist organizations. Information developed during this investigation was shared with our foreign partners as we worked together to mitigate these threats. This case is a reminder that the threat posed by international terrorist organizations is global in nature and requires constant vigilance at home and abroad,” said David Kris, Assistant Attorney General for National Security.

“This investigation demonstrates the well-established relationships that we have with our law enforcement partners, both foreign and domestic. We work closely with state, local and federal law enforcement agencies in the United States, as well as with our overseas partners, to identify and disrupt threats here and abroad,” said Mr. Grant.

According to the affidavits in both cases, Headley at times has claimed to be a consultant with or representative of Rana’s business, First World Immigration Services, but appears to perform little if any actual work for the business. In addition, Headley’s apartment in Chicago is leased to an individual who is deceased. Despite his apparent lack of financial resources and substantial employment, Headley has traveled extensively since the second half of 2008, including multiple trips to Pakistan and various countries in Europe. Postings to an internet group for graduates of a military school in the Pakistani town of Hasan Abdal (a group that refers to itself as “abdalians”), reflect that both Rana and Headley have participated in the group and referred to their attendance at that school. The Denmark Project Beginning in late 2008, Headley corresponded extensively with Individual A and LeT Member A regarding what they referred to in coded communications as the “Mickey Mouse Project,” “mmp,” and “the northern project,” according to the affidavit. The Mickey Mouse Project allegedly involved planning for one or more attacks at facilities and employees of Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten, a Danish newspaper that in 2005 published cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, to which many Muslims took great offense. In October 2008, Headley allegedly posted a message to the “abdalians” internet discussion group stating that “I feel disposed towards violence for the offending parties,” referring to the Danish cartoonists and others who he identified “as making fun of Islam.”

Using coded language, Rana, Headley, Individual A and LeT Member A allegedly have referred to this plot, as well as discussions of other targets, as “investments,” “projects,” “business,” and “action,” and have described their hopes for success both in terms of receiving religious awards, as well as getting “rich,” “richer,” and making “profit.” Between August 2008 and Dec. 7, 2008, Headley sent multiple email messages from internet addresses located in Karachi and Lahore in Pakistan, the charges allege. On Dec. 7, 2008, just before traveling from Pakistan to the United States that same day, Headley alleged used one of multiple email accounts to store a detailed list of items for himself, which he titled “Mickey Mouse.” Included on the list (contained in the affidavits) were the following items:
Route Design (train, bus, air)
Cross (Cover Authenticator)
Trade? Immigration?
Ad? (Lost Luggage) (Business) (Entry?)
Kings Square (French Embassy)
Counter surveillance (magic eye)
Security (armed)?
In January 2009, Headley traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark, and Rana allegedly arranged portions of his travel. During the trip, Headley allegedly visited two different offices of the Jyllands-Posten — in Copenhagen and Arhus, Denmark. The Copenhagen office is located in Kings Square near the French Embassy. Headley falsely told Jyllands-Posten employees that he was visiting on behalf of First World Immigration Services, which he said was considering opening offices in Denmark and might be interested in advertising the business in the newspaper. While in Denmark, Headley instructed Rana to be alert for an email from a Jyllands-Posten sales representative, and to ask First World’s Toronto and New York offices to “remember me,” in case a newspaper representative called. According to the complaints, Rana corresponded from Chicago with a representative of the Jyllands-Posten by email in which he pretended to be Headley.

After visiting Denmark, Headley traveled to Pakistan to meet with Individual A. During this visit, Headley traveled with Individual A to Pakistan’s FATA region and met with Kashmiri. Before returning to Chicago in June 2009, Headley sent his will to Rana and Rana responded by sending a coded message establishing a new email account, the complaint alleges.

In July and August 2009, Headley exchanged a series of emails with LeT Member A, including an exchange in which Headley asked if the Denmark project was on hold, and whether a visit to India that LeT Member A had asked him to undertake was for the purpose of surveilling targets for a new terrorist attack. These emails reflect that LeT Member A was placing a higher priority on using Headley to assist in planning a new attack in India than on completing the planned attack in Denmark. After this time, Headley and Individual A allegedly continued focusing on the plan with Kashmiri to attack the newspaper, rather than working with LeT, the complaint alleges.

In late July 2009, Headley traveled again to Copenhagen and to other locations in Europe, and Rana again arranged portions of his travel. When Headley returned to the United States, he falsely told border inspectors that he was traveling on business as a representative of First World Immigration, although his luggage contained no papers or other documents relating to First World.
After returning to Chicago in August 2009, Headley allegedly used coded language to repeatedly inquire if Individual A had been in touch with Kashmiri regarding planning for the attack, and expressing concern that Individual A’s communications with Kashmiri had been cut off. In early September 2009, Headley and Rana took a lengthy car ride during which they discussed the activities of the other individuals, including past terrorist acts, and Headley discussed with Rana five actions involving targets that expressly included “Denmark.” In conversations with Rana and Individual A in August and September 2009, Headley indicated that if the “doctor” (alleged to be a reference to Kashmiri) and his people were unable to assist, then Headley would perform the planned operation himself.

In September 2009, after initial press reports indicated that Kashmiri had been killed in a drone attack in Pakistan, Headley and Individual A allegedly had a series of coded conversations in which they discussed the reports of Kashmiri’s death and what it meant for the projects they were planning. Individual A sought to reassure and encourage Headley, telling him, among other things, that “[t]his is business sir; these types of things happen.” On Sept. 20, 2009, Headley allegedly told a family member words to the effect that he had spoken to Rana and they agreed that “business must go on.”

In a Sept. 21, 2009, telephone conversation, Individual A indicated to Headley that Kashmiri was alive and “doing well.” In a subsequent conversation on Sept. 30, 2009, Individual A again assured Headley that Kashmiri, whom he referred to as “Pir Sahib,” was “absolutely all right” and had not gotten “married,” which was code for being killed. Headley asked Individual A if it was possible to now have a meeting with Kashmiri and Individual A responded that Kashmiri “just today, was asking about you” (Headley).

According to the affidavit, Headley stated in conversations last month that he intended to travel to Pakistan in early October to meet with Individual A and Kashmiri, and he was arrested on Oct. 3 as he prepared to board a flight from Chicago to Philadelphia, intending to travel on to Pakistan. During a search of Headley’s luggage, a memory stick was recovered that contained approximately 10 short videos of Copenhagen, including video focused on the Jyllands-Posten building in King’s Square taken both during the day and night, as well as a nearby Danish military barracks and the exterior and interior of Copenhagen’s central train station, consistent with the checklist he stored which mentioned “route design.” In addition, Headley had an airline reservation, allegedly made by Rana, to fly from Atlanta to Copenhagen on Oct. 29, 2009.
The investigation is continuing and is being conducted by the Chicago FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, with particular assistance from the Chicago Police Department, the Illinois State Police and the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The prosecution is being handled by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Daniel Collins and Vicki Peters from the Northern District of Illinois, with assistance from the Counterterrorism Section of the Justice Department’s National Security Division.
The public is reminded that a criminal complaint contains mere allegations that are not evidence of guilt. The defendants are presumed innocent and are entitled to a fair trial at which the government has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:55 PM | Comments |

Father Fights to Identify Those Who Murdered His Son


KENT, Conn. — Peter Gadiel wants everyone to remember his son, James, who was killed during the September 11 terrorist attacks.

And he also wants people to remember how he died: "Murdered by Muslim terrorists."

For Gadiel, any tribute to his son would be woefully incomplete without those words.

"I think it's important, because I think there's a nationwide effort to suppress the identity of the people who were involved in the attacks," Gadiel told Fox News.

...for Gadiel, it's an important message that he insists be present on any tribute to his son.

"Muslims have to acknowledge that it was their co-religionists who committed this act in their name," he said. "I am offended that unlike so many others, they refuse to acknowledge that it was their people who did this."

Fair enough, credit where credit is due. And he is right, so many would be politically correct about this. Which helps no one. Islamic terrorists murder more Muslims than any one else. And all too often even those Muslims who are being murdered by their own cannot accept this, they project the blame onto any number of conspiracy theories, Zionists, Da Jooos, Halliburton, whomever. So long as they can maintain the denial of the horrible truth. They are being murdered by their own. By their own friends and neighbors who have subscribed to the murderous ideology that bin-Laden any many other Muslims follow.

Hat Tips :Jihad Watch and The Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

By Howie at 03:12 PM | Comments |

Jihadtube, "DOD Videos are Bad Mkay"

This afternoon I had a troll show up on one of my Youtube threads.

Peaceinlifenowar has made a comment on Coalition Forces Kill Terrorist Gun Camera:

hey Darthodieus CORRECT THE DAMN TITLE WHICH SAYS "TERRORIST" TO RESISTANCE FIGHTER OK, iraqies are not invading themselves the US IS!.

His point being that you know using a hellfire missile against an al-Qaeda mortar team was "terrorism". You know, the standard terror apologist's line.

Shortly afterward I received a notice from Youtube

The following video(s) from your account have been disabled for violation of the YouTube Community Guidelines:

* Coalition Forces Kill Terrorist Gun Camera - (Darthodieus)

Your account has received one Community Guidelines warning strike, which will expire in six months. Additional violations may result in the temporary disabling of your ability to post content to YouTube and/or the termination of your account.

The YouTube Team

The funny thing is I don't think the video does violate Youtube's TOS. It was a standard sanitized DOD video released by DVIDS. Black and white video with no close up gore or violence. Just an al-Qeada mortar team firing and the camera follows their attempted escape and then boom. The very same type of video that is shown on the nightly news. On top of that the video was over 12 months old and had over 50,000 views.

Here's a copy I have on Yahoo.

Coalition Forces Kill Terrorist Gun Camera @ Yahoo! Video

So the end result is I ended up with a strike against my Youtube account and the public can no longer see a prime example of our forces at work targeting those who should be targeted.

But look at my last Jihadtube post. There are Taliban users, al-Qaeda supporters and two copies of a very graphic al-Qaeda in Iraq release featuring the desecration of the decomposed body of Major Troy Gilbert.

Why is it that Youtube responds so quickly to the complaints of terror supporting rectums like Peaceinlifenowar, yet refuses repeatedly to remove the propaganda of wartime enemies who are out there killing our troops and innocent Muslims EVERY FREAKING DAY?

I mean just look at this video that was just uploaded by a Hamas supporter complaining that the innocent Hamas members who just happen to be armed were targeted by Israeli "terrorists". It is extremely graphic, the user just made one mistake, he forgot to edit out all the weapons the rescuers were finding.

Who's side is Jihadtube on anyway?

I guess you all already know the answer to that don't you?

Enemy propaganda = good. US propaganda = bad.

So hey everyone help out the DOD and spread that video far and wide. If you need a copy just email Howie at the contacts link on the top of the page.

By Howie at 01:54 PM | Comments |

You Don't Say? Boston Area Imam Mentored Two Aspiring Terrorists

Well slap my ass and call me Charley! An imam promoting terrorism? It's almost, like, too hard to believe.

Via Wickedlocal.com:

SHARON - Back around 1995, before the FBI says his interests turned to terrorist training, 14-year-old Ahmad Abou Samra cut a fairly conventional adolescent figure around the Islamic Center of New England’s Sharon mosque.

An honor student at Xaverian Brothers, a Catholic high school in Westwood, and the son of a leading Islamic Center board member, “he seemed like a regular kid,” a longtime mosque member recalled.

That seems to have changed by the time he graduated in 1999 from Stoughton High, where he switched for his senior year.

Within a year, according to government documents, he was talking about jihad. Not long after, he allegedly praised those behind the Sept. 11 attacks.

...Longtime mosque members – who didn’t want to be identified – aren’t sure how well Abou Samra and Mehanna knew each other back then. One said former Sharon Imam Muhammad Masood played a key role in shaping Abou Samra’s turn to conservative Muslim practices.

So who is Muhammad Masood, he is the other common denominator besides Daniel Maldonado.

Miss Kelly :

Lane Lambert posted this article about Muhammad Masood, Sharon Imam in Legal Twilight Zone, who had a hearing at the Moakley Federal CourthHouse today.

The government has charged Masood with nine criminal counts for alleged visa fraud and making false statements. Lambert provides additional background on Masood, and he conveys the sense that nobody is talking about this case. Almost everybody, it seems, declined to comment except for Masood's attorneys. Difficult for a reporter to do his job!

Imam Muhammad Masood was charged with nine criminal counts in 2007 for visa fraud and lying to investigators.

It seems the doctrine of taqqiya -- that lying to the infidels in furtherance of the ummah as justifiable --- is also a common thread amongst this group. Remember under Islam you as an infidel or people of the book are only slightly above the status of dog. So lying to you is similar to lying to a dog or any other beast. Not a problem.

Update: Massood later plead guilty to the charges against him and was sentenced to three years probation, deported to Pakistan, and all the fines were waved.

It seems like rather light punishment to me.

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British Couple Feared Captured By Somali Terrorists

What is the point really in calling them pirates any longer? Call a spade a spade, if this couple has been taken by the pirates they will hold for them ransom just like al-Qaeda. So I really don't see the point in making this distinction any longer.

Via the Beeb: A search is being carried out for a British couple who are feared to have been taken captive by Somali pirates while sailing near the Seychelles.

Paul and Rachel Chandler, aged 58 and 55, of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, were heading for Tanzania in their yacht, the Lynn Rival.

They sent a distress signal on Friday but have not been heard from since.

File under hostages, until we learn otherwise.

Update: The couples status as a hostage of Islamic terrorists has been confirmed.

Via Yahoo News: "The British couple are in our hands now. We captured them as they were touring in the Indian Ocean," a pirate called Hassan told Reuters. He said the two captives were healthy and ransom demands would follow.

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al-Qaeda in Iraq Proudly Claims Murder of 160 Iraqis

Well really there was no doubt about who did this week's bombing in Iraq. It was a classic al-Qaeda action. Multiple attacks at the same time, it carried the murderous signature of al-Qaeda even before they claimed it.

Via CNN:BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- An umbrella group affiliated with al Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility Tuesday for a pair of weekend bombings that killed 160 people in Baghdad.

The Islamic State of Iraq issued a statement saying it carried out the attacks. The authenticity of the claim could not immediately be verified, but it appeared on a Web site frequently used by the group.

Update: What is it with me and blockquote this AM. Geesh

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Chesler: Spinning Out Of Control: Honor Killings and Media Bias

Via Pajamas Media:

We are entering an all-spin zone, a wild, weird and spooky season and I am not talking about Halloween.

With a few exceptions, the mainstream media continue to kill stories about honor killings and attempted honor killings in North America. How often did you read stories about the honor killings that took place in Toronto (07), Dallas (08), Atlanta (08), Oak Forest, Illinois (08), Alexandria (08), Buffalo (09), and Kingston, Canada (09)—on and on, until the most recent attempted honor killing in Phoenix?

Read the rest.

Related: Robert Spencer on FOSNEWS talking about honor killing.

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The Working Families Party Scheme

Via Malkin:

The Working Families Party, an ACORN front group whose ballot line Newt Gingrich-endorsed radical leftist Dede Scozzafava has embraced on multiple occasions, is up to no good again.
The NYPost reports: The labor-backed Working Families Party has engaged in “an audacious scheme to violate the law” to help the party’s favored political candidates get elected, a sweeping new lawsuit charges.

...The way the scheme works, according the suit, is that the WFP gets involved in local races, backing its favored candidates, who in turn hire DFS for vital campaign services, such as phone banking, polling and get-out-the-vote efforts.

But under the plan, the WFP-endorsed candidates pay only “a nominal sum, well below fair market value,” for those services — giving those candidates a major, unfair advantage over their opponents, whose spending is limited by law.

As Rusty says, "Read Malkin First."

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Yemen Using al Qaeda as Mercenaries in War, Rebels Claim

The following report indicating a deal between the Yemeni government and al Qaeda is from the Houthi rebels' website, link here. They assert the al Qaeda terrorists agreed to fight in the current Sa'ada War on behalf of the Yemeni military, and the statement notes the location of the camp. The Yemeni government does use al Qaeda as mercenaries. If there is a deal, then the shipload of Chinese weapons informally imported by government officials (and then lost?!) possibly makes more sense. A kind soul helped me out with the following summary:

According to some sources confirmed that the leader of Al Qaida in Abu Dubarah. They agreed that the govt, will provide them with light weapons and the Al Qaida fighters will participate in the war against the rebels. Omar Obadah and his followers who just came back from Saudi Arabia and stated that they received some training in Afghanistan. The article mentioned that the leaders were sent to prison by the Saudi authorities. The article also mentioned that Al Qadia leaders presently at Abu Jabarah valley were part of the group who plotted the 2006 al Qaeda escape from the political prison in Sanaa...

The area of abu Jabarah is located in the Ruba Alkhali valley "the deserted area between Yemen and Saudi Arabia" on the north eastern side of Yemen. In this area there are such an extensive and concentrated militia who are wanted by the Yemeni and Saudi authorities as well. .

The Yemeni regime is entirely beyond redemption. If they weren't fighting the war, there would be much better counter-terror theater but still little substance. Full report and original Arabic by me.

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October 26, 2009

Pakistan's Fake Doctors

(Rawalpindi, Pakistan) This report is disconcerting.

SOME 70,000 quacks with bogus medical degrees are said to be endangering lives across the country. But the recent news of a fake doctors’ recruitment scam at the District Headquarters Hospital in Rawalpindi raises new concerns about the infiltration of such charlatans into our public healthcare institutions.

Several senior health officials have already been arrested for the hiring of at least four people — three of them brothers — whose medical certificates were found to be bogus. One was taken on by the hospital as a neurosurgeon no less.

Even with the nation's population about 176 million, the number of phony Pakistani doctors is unacceptable. Also disturbing is the possibility that bogus doctors from Pakistan may be practicing in other countries.

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Britain: Muslim woman blackmailed with pics of her wearing jeans

An asylum seeker, Emal Ismaeli, and his ex-wife, Joanna Richards, blackmailed a muslim woman with pictures of her wearing jeans and a t-shirt. They demanded £7,000 or otherwise they would reveal the photos to her islamic family.

What a bunch of islamophobes for thinking that the muslim woman would be threatened by a bunch of pics of her wearing jeans and a t-shirt. More at RoA

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Obama played as much golf in 9 months as Bush did in 3 years

Will someone tell comrade Obama that golf is a bourgeois sport.

From Politico

CBS' Mark Knoller — an unofficial documentarian and statistician of all things White House-related — wrote on his Twitter feed that, "Today - Obama ties Pres. Bush in the number of rounds of golf played in office: 24.

Took Bush 2 yrs & 10 months."

By at 01:42 PM | Comments |

Just A Bunch Of Normal People Wishing for Peace and Who Have No Ulterior Agenda

More images of the London "anti-war" rally here.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:50 AM | Comments |

Another in the Long List of "Normal Kids" Who Turn Out to be Terrorists

NEFA has a special report on Najibullah Zazi, the man behind last months foiled terror plot in NYC:

Najibullah Zazi emigrated with his family from Afghanistan as a child and grew up in Flushing, Queens. He shared the same interests as other typical American teens, including a love of video games and the latest fashion trends. He dropped out of high school and began operating a coffee cart in Lower Manhattan. In 2006, he married a cousin in Pakistan, visiting her and their children in Pakistan regularly. Then his behavior and his outward appearance began to change. Once friendly to customers, he grew cold and combative. And although he had always been religiously observant, he became even more doctrinal. After his most recent trip to Pakistan, Zazi abruptly moved to Aurora, Colorado, where he was arrested in September 2009 on charges of plotting to use weapons of mass destruction to attack targets in the United States.
Are we beginning to see a pattern here?

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Fatwa Issued Against Yahoo's New Comic Thingy for Exceptional Suckage of Air

Way to go Yahoo. For eons Ziggy, Garfield and the Wizard of Id ruled my Yahoo page. And of course if a module on Yahoo is useful, it will have to be changed.

Now I can't get even Wizard of Id. Garfield and Ziggy are too small to read.

Dammit dammit, son of a bitch.

Module removed.

May Allah's wrath fall upon you ;)

Update: Well it seems I'm not the only one having an issue with Yahoo. There are widespread reported outages on Yahoo mail today.

By Howie at 10:51 AM | Comments |

Shocker: Taliban use kids as human shields

There is one place west of Kandahar City where they shoot at us every day through a shield of children. They actually stack them up, with 8-year-olds at the front and 15-year-olds at the back."

The brave mujahideen in Afghanistan hide behind little 8 year olds. If a kid is blown up while placing an IED, or shot in cross fire then it's NATO's fault...never the brave mujadhideen's fault.
From Montreal Gazette

A 12-year-old boy caught in the act Friday as he put a homemade bomb under a road in the volatile Zhari District grabbed a baby as a human shield to protect himself from attack from the United States helicopter that spotted him.

The incident, in an area where U.S. forces operate under Canadian command, appears to be part of a Taliban strategy to use youngsters as lookouts or human shields, or to carry out attacks, because they know NATO rules of engagement make troops extremely reluctant to open fire in such situations.

There have been 29 incidents in which children have helped commit attacks or otherwise abetted the Taliban in Afghanistan's four southern provinces since March, according to a document provided by the Canadian military. Eight of the incidents have taken place this month

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Islamic Rage Boy Visits Afghanistan?

Via Jihad Watch:

Once again we see rage and fury over a rumor. "Afghans protest rumored desecration of Koran by U.S. troops," by Laura King in the Los Angeles Times, October 25...
Image Shamelessly ripped from Muslims Against Sharia

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Israel and Turkey Still Rough

I posted on Israel and Turkey's rough patch a couple weeks ago. Here in this Jerusalem Post article, Turkey's Prime Minister continues to spew from the Minaret exactly where his allegiance is shifting.

Expose private conversations between government heads, recklessly and possibly fraudulently? Yes.
Get all best friends with the maniacal dictator? Check.
Take a swipe at the EU? Yup.
Scratch nose with middle finger when answering a question about US relations? Probably.

He is correct that the US policy in the region is not dictated by Israel. It is dictated by an alliance of countries whose existence depends on keeping Muhammad al Mahdi, the 12th Iman, in Pandora's Box and the key out of Mahmoud's limp right hand. But now, with lotion on the table, Erdogan is quickly becoming Ahmadinejad's new right hand man.

By Ronin at 09:05 AM | Comments |

Ohhh Scary

click image for more

Reverend Right also sends along this note. I've had a few people ask me about this as well.

Thanks to a heads up from John Hawkins re: my Halloween post, I was made aware that people were receiving messages about possible malware when trying to access my blog!

I want to assure everyone that I would NEVER knowingly spread malware, spyware, viruses or any other such things, and have taken steps to eliminate the possible culprit that was causing those messages to appear.

By Howie at 08:35 AM | Comments |

Reading Between the Lines

FBI Affadavit on Tarek Mehenna, by Miss Kelly.

There is much more that the media could be looking at in this case. I'll start with reviewing FBI Special Agent Heidi L. Williams affadavit, and pulling out the elements that caught my eye:
Read it. Read it now!

By Howie at 08:26 AM | Comments |

Don't Mess With Grandma

Another touching story about good gun control.

Via WSAZ: COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSAZ & AP) -- Police say it was 70-year-old grandma from Ironton who shot and killed a man who was attempting to rob her and other family members in their Columbus, Ohio motel room.

The son says when the gunman ordered everyone to the floor; his mom grabbed her purse, pulled out her 357 handgun, came back over the bed and fired.

Police say 25-year-old Wayne Winston died after staggering to the parking lot.

The son also says his mom is saddened having to shoot and kill someone.

She's not only a good shot, the lady is also sensitive. But she's probably saved the next targets of Wayne Winston a very traumatic experience as well as the taxpayers the expense of having to house and feed him.

By Howie at 08:20 AM | Comments |

Chad Vader S2 Ep9: Showdown

Another episode of Jawa Report's fave internet soap.

By Howie at 08:07 AM | Comments |

October 25, 2009

Ministry of Leftover Things

Crossed one of my list this weekend, thanks to Rudy!

By Howie at 07:47 PM | Comments |

Predator drone kills 24 taliban terrorist scum in Pakistan


A Predator Drone strike killed up to 24 taliban terrorist scum yesterday during a taliban meeting held in a cave 4 km from the Afghan border. The Pakistani army is denying reports of the Predator Drone strike and instead insist that explosives went off when being loaded onto a vehicle.
DAMADOLA, Pakistan, Oct. 25 (UPI) -- A U.S. drone reportedly killed 24 people in northern Pakistan, including Taliban members meeting in an underground hideout, witnesses and officials said.

Twelve people were reported wounded in Saturday's attack in Damadola, Bajaur, about 4 miles from the Afghan border.

"I heard two loud explosions when a meeting of the Taliban was in progress," Damadola resident Hazrat Gul told Sunday's edition of Dawn.

Two relatives of Maulvi Faquir Mohammad, a Taliban commander in Bajaur, were among the dead, Dawn reported. Mohammad had left the meeting just minutes before the attack, local officials said.

From Bill Roggio, according to an unnamed US intelligence official, Faquir might have been tipped off by the ISI. "We've seen Taliban and al Qaeda leaders leave meetings minutes before the hit far too often for this to be a coincidence," the official said.

By at 11:59 AM | Comments |

October 24, 2009

Because it never, ever gets old

By Jane at 09:17 PM | Comments |

Migratory Jihaddists

An analysis from FBRI:

Disrupting the Foreign Fighter Flow

Clint Watts asserts that the foreign fighter pipeline has three phases: (1) source country/flashpoint, (2) safe havens and the transit network, and (3) target locations.[8] Others suggest that a fourth phase, outflow destinations, is important as well.[9] Each of these phases is examined below. It is important to remember that at least since the original anti-Soviet jihad in Afghanistan there has been a large chicken-and-egg effect and overlap between and amongst these phases. The complexity of the issue, however, suggests that one cannot deal singly with any particular phase. A combined approach working within and across phases appears to be the only realistic way to minimize the problem in the short- to mid-term. Full eradication of the phenomenon seems unrealistic.

Unfortunately I have to agree. Worth a read.

By Jane at 06:38 PM | Comments |

Al Shabaab Threatens Burundi, Uganda

Al Shabaab-Somalia.jpg(Mogadishu, Somalia) The African Union (AMISOM) peacekeeping force of 5,000 has been battling al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab for control of Mogadishu.

The conflict has been characterized by roadside bombs, suicide bombs and artillery. Residential and commercial neighborhoods are shelled daily, killing scores of innocents.

Burundi and Uganda have each supplied about 2,500 troops to the AMISOM Mogadishu peacekeeping effort. On Thursday, they were blamed by al-Shabaab for a mortar attack on the capital's Bakara market area which killed at least 30 people. An AMISOM spokesman denied any involvement.

Nevertheless, al Shabaab vowed to retaliate against Burundi and Uganda.

“We shall make their people cry,” Sheikh Ali Mohamed Hussein, al Shabaab’s self-styled governor of Banadir region, which includes Mogadishu, told reporters late on Thursday.

“We shall attack Bujumbura and Kampala ... We will move our fighting to those two cities and we shall destroy them,” he said.

Although better armed and organized than the Islamists (pic), AMISOM has been "unable to do much more than secure the city’s airport, sea port, presidential palace and a few roads in between." AMISOM is waiting for reinforcements promised by several African nations.

Waiting for reinforcements in Mogadishu has a familiar ring to it. Isn't that what the U.S. Army Rangers were doing just before being slaughtered back in the early 1990s?

You know, this would be the perfect place to segue into a generic jab at leaders who sit on their thumbs while troops are pleading for reinforcements. But I won't do that.

By at 06:13 PM | Comments |

Time For Some Gossip News - al Qaeda and Taliban Splitsville?

Sometimes you just need to escape and engross yourself in some celebrity trash. You gotta get away from the grind....there has been a lot of crappy news lately. Bad economy, immature president, Rusty's USC is going to lose to Oregon State....its like the world is collapsing.

But I have this little tidbit to chew on from Foreign Policy Magazine. Just one guy's opinion but what the hell...we can always hope.

By Ronin at 02:41 PM | Comments |

Prez Declares Porker Flu National Emergency

From the Associated (with terrorists) Press:

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama declared the swine flu outbreak a national emergency and empowered his health secretary to suspend federal requirements and speed treatment for thousands of infected people.

The declaration that Obama signed late Friday authorized Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to bypass federal rules so health officials can respond more quickly to the outbreak, which has killed more than 1,000 people in the United States.

The goal is to remove bureaucratic roadblocks and make it easier for sick people to seek treatment and medical providers to provide it immediately. That could mean fewer hurdles involving Medicare, Medicaid or health privacy regulations.

Could be nothing - sounds reasonable enough, except, why late Friday night when the newsies are tucked all warm in their beds?

If this weren't an administration of the weasels, for the weasels, and by the weasels, I wouldn't be suspicious at all.

I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

By Bluto11:47 AM | Comments |

Rage Against the Machine IS Torture

Duh. To add a little bit more to what Ronin says,

Musicians are up in arms about their music being used to "torture" detainees at Gitmo.


Broken, defeated and confused.

A coalition of top musicians, including R.E.M. and Pearl Jam, want to know if their music was used by the U.S. military as part of controversial interrogation methods at the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The artists have endorsed a series of Freedom of Information Act requests, which were filed Thursday morning, asking the U.S. government to declassify documents that would reveal which artists' work was used on detainees at U.S. prison facilities and military detention centers, including the one at Guantanamo Bay.

No doubt Hillary Rosen and the parasites of the RIAA are interested too. Napster got nothing on the Pentagon's use of unlicensed music.

But the controversy is real. Anyone who has lived next to an apartment full of college kids can empathize at the de-humanizing exposure to music. This goes double if it they are the disaffected suburbo-anarchists.

Tom Morello, whose musical talent stands in inverse proportion to his self-important activism, is outraged against the machine.

Artists have joined on to political campaigns before, but this is slightly different. We know for a fact that the music of Rage Against the Machine (Tom’s band) and Nine Inch Nails (Trent Reznor) was used at Guantanamo – music played at near ear-splitting volumes for hours on end – to torture detainees. As you might expect, they are not happy about it. Here’s what Tom had to say:
Guantanamo is known around the world as one of the places where human beings have been tortured – from water boarding, to stripping, hooding and forcing detainees into humiliating sexual acts - playing music for 72 hours in a row at volumes just below that to shatter the eardrums. Guantanamo may be Dick Cheney’s idea of America, but it’s not mine. The fact that music I helped create was used in crimes against humanity sickens me – we need to end torture and close Guantanamo now.

Any validity to his statements is lost by the fact that he tirelessly pisses off Philadelphians by standing with convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

These musician have always stood for love, justice and all the other fuzzy sentiments that come cheaply to well-insulated artistic types.


"Everybody Hurts" may have saved thousands of lives!

"We have spent the past 30 years supporting causes related to peace and justice. To now learn that some of our friends' music may have been used as part of the torture tactics without their consent or knowledge is horrific," the American rock band R.E.M. said in a statement posted on CloseGitmoNow.org. "It's anti-American, period."

Oh well, considering that these musicians are still active now, it's Obama's problem now.

By Gordo at 07:46 AM | Comments |

October 23, 2009

Torture by the Bush Administration!Eleven!2!!

In another example of the Bush Administration's absolute disregard for international law, Britney Spears and the Bee Gees were played at appropriate levels at Gitmo. Oh the humanity! That is way worse than having a female soldier put her underwear on your head.

Thank G-d we are fighting an enemy that abides by the Geneva Convention so that our troops and civilians in general will not be the innocent victims of similar torture.

For the lefties...sarc is now off, you dolts

By Ronin at 05:59 PM | Comments |

Just Another ‘Typical American Kid’ with Terror Aspirations

I have an article up over at Pajamas Media on Tarek Mehanna -- Boston Terror Suspect: Just Another ‘Typical American Kid’ with Terror Aspirations. Here's a teaser:

The shock of Mehanna’s friends and family is typical. Those acquainted with terrorists often insist that the accused was shy, polite, helpful, or empathetic. It juxtaposes with our natural inclination to want to believe that people aspiring to evil deeds should somehow manifest the true nature of their characters in their day-to-day behavior. That such people aren’t typically raving lunatics, overtly sociopathic, or belligerent fanatics doesn’t dawn on most. It makes us feel safer to assume that a potential terrorist will give us some sort of warning sign.

But in Mehanna’s case there were warning signs. If his friends’ shock is real, then Tarek Mehanna was living a compartmentalized and double life. For the Tarek Mehanna I knew online was not the “moderate” that his apologists portray him as. He was a fanatical Islamist, devoted to the same ideas as al-Qaeda. He spent countless hours translating Arabic texts into English in order to inspire others to become violent jihadists.

Please go read the rest.

No, seriously.

Do it now. If you don't, I will find you. There will be consequences!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:14 PM | Comments |

Iran: Can I Get Back To Ya Next Week? I'm A Little Short Now

In a surprise move by Iran, they have notified the negotiating partner that instead of replying Friday (today) that they will get back to the group some time next week.

Stick with me here while we look at a comparison. Home mortgage vs Iran' nuclear program. Ofumble runs both the foreign policy and Bank of America. Iran saying next week is similar to someone being delinquent on a mortgage for about a year and then asking for another week. The home owner would have been thrown out of the house about 6 months ago, but the guy who wants to wipe Israel off the map is given a little extra time. You know....'cause he's good for it.

Hey landlord Ofumble, time to take your nuts out of Yeti's purse. If you won't green light Israel, at least yellow light them and get the hell out of the way. Half measures, such as letting Iran work with our anti-interest "partner" Russia, only hurt the US and my allies. Not your allies of course...Chavez will be fine.

By Ronin at 01:33 PM | Comments |

Crowder: Pelosi on Elm Street

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:31 AM | Comments |

NY Times Ignores Islamist Elephant in the Room


The New York Times does not tell us whether Tareq Mehanna, the 27-year-old Massachusetts pharmacist who was just arrested on federal terrorism charges, is or even might be a Muslim.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:21 AM | Comments |

Good News: Suicide Bomber Targets Paki Nukes -- Again

One guy attacking a Pakistani military base which has nuclear weapons on it does not mean that those nukes are in imminent danger of falling in to the hands of the Taliban or al Qaeda. But the long term danger? That's another story.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:16 AM | Comments |

Yemeni Officials Facilitating Iranian Missile Shipments?

Possibly the mystery of the three recent incidents of exploding Yemeni fishing boats can be explained as Iranian missile shipments. The following article asserts Iran is shipping from an African country, likely Sudan, to Yemen. A Yemeni fishing boat also exploded in a Sudanese port and Yemen's Midi Island is a new transit point for Sudanese refugees. Once there's a smuggling route established for weapons, the boats often also transport refugees.

However this report is taken from a Yemeni government stooge newspaper, Akhbar al Youm, which once announced that Ayatollah Sistani and I (me Jane) wrote the 2005 Amnesty International report, so there you go... It could be spin but the part that seems truest is that Yemeni government officials facilitated the shipment's entry to Yemen. Its equally likely the Iranian missiles, if they were off loaded in Yemen, were destined for al Qaeda as the Houthi rebels. The paper is owned by President Saleh's half brother General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar who is in a perpetual power struggle with other elements of the family. General al Ahmar is tasked with leading the war against the Houthi rebels, and as odd as it seems, a shipload of Chinese weapons was recently imported (with forged documents from the Yemeni defense ministry), thought destined for the Houthi rebels. Its a very fractured government.

Adding some weight to the story is the January 09 incident of Israel bombing an Iranian weapons shipment headed for Gaza from The Sudan, with Yemen noted as a leg of the route. So if Iran is drop shipping weapons to Sudan, from there they could go either direction. Two Iranian warships did dock in Yemen during the time frame referenced (prior to August 09), approved by Yemen's president. A third fleet docked in September 2009.

Read the article below the fold.

Yemen Tribune SANAA, 15 Oct — The pro-government daily newspaper, Akhbar al-Youm Thursday quoted ‘special’ sources as saying “Iran provided the Shiite insurgents in Yemen with advanced anti-armour missiles one month before the sixth round of war erupted between the Zaydi Shiite rebels and government forces in north Yemen.” “The information we obtained revealed the missiles were shipped through the sea via an Iranian vessel that began its journey from an African port,” said Akhbar al-Youm, adding “the Iranian missiles-laden vessel docked near Yemen’s Mydi port in Hajja where smaller boats transferred the missiles to Mydi. The missiles were then moved and stored in farms near Mydi and later were transferred to the rebels through Hajja and Hodeida.” “State officials were involved in the operation and arranged for the Iranian ship to enter Yemeni water territorial,” said Akhbar al-Youm, adding “security agencies arrested several of those officials and investigation is underway.” A few weeks ago, media reports talked about ‘mysterious’ blasts in Mydi port where boats were blown up and Akhbar al-Youm said “the blasts were the result of clashes between the coastguard and individuals aboard those boats who were delivering arms to the Shiite insurgents.”
By Jane at 10:50 AM | Comments |

Drones Kill People.

No sh!t.

Harper's Magazine has a review of Jane Mayer's "The Predator War" in the current edition of the New Yorker. She is all bent out of shape that, along with the death of Baitullah Mehsud, his wife and in-laws were killed.

Are you fu$king kidding me? Obviously this is just one example but it is a great example...why use this to sell your point? 8 of his associates were killed. That's huge. Sure, his wife and in-laws took it too but if they are associated....why not.

And what is the solution? "Less secrecy and more public discussion".....ya, that will streamline the process and keep our world safe. Maybe she can whip up some Skittle deucing Unicorns to spread happiness and convince terrorists to give hi-fives, not suicide bombings.

What is it like in your world Ms. Mayer and Mr Horton?

By Ronin at 10:39 AM | Comments |

Craigslist Prostitution Ads Lawsuit

Federal Judge John F. Grady of the Northern District of Illinois has ruled that the Craigslist website cannot be sued for prostitution ads placed by its users.

Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart filed the suit seeking a court order to shut down the adult services section of Craigslist and to be reimbursed for the costs incurred by the Sheriff's Department in policing hookers and johns. The suit was dismissed. Judge Grady said that Craigslist cannot be sued for the alleged unlawful conduct of other parties.

By extension, one might conclude that bloggers are not responsible for the comments left by readers.

By at 07:29 AM | Comments |

October 22, 2009

Sarah Palin Endorses Doug Hoffman in New York 23

As y'all know, there's a knock-down, drag-out fight in New York's 23rd Congressional District. Fred Thompson and Dick Armey are duking it out with Pete Sessions and Newt Gingrich.

Sarah Palin has not weighed in--until now. This was just posted to The Weekly Standard and Sarah Palin's Facebook page:

Doug Hoffman stands for the principles that all Republicans should share: smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense, and a commitment to individual liberty.

Political parties must stand for something. When Republicans were in the wilderness in the late 1970s, Ronald Reagan knew that the doctrine of "blurring the lines" between parties was not an appropriate way to win elections. Unfortunately, the Republican Party today has decided to choose a candidate who more than blurs the lines, and there is no real difference between the Democrat and the Republican in this race. This is why Doug Hoffman is running on the Conservative Party's ticket.

Republicans and conservatives around the country are sending an important message to the Republican establishment in their outstanding grassroots support for Doug Hoffman: no more politics as usual.

You can help Doug by visiting his official website below and joining me in supporting his campaign:

- Sarah Palin

That sound you hear is the air raid sirens at Scozzafava headquarters.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 08:03 PM | Comments |

Lawsuit Against Louisville Slugger

(Helena, Montana) In 2003, an 18-year-old pitcher in an American Legion baseball game, Brandon Patch, was struck on the temple by a batted ball and died only hours later. Attorneys for the mother of Brandon, Debbie Patch, filed a civil suit in Helena District Court seeking damages from the makers of Louisville Slugger bats, claiming that aluminum bats are too dangerous.

The lawsuit alleges that Louisville Slugger aluminum bats are "defective and unreasonably dangerous" and no warnings are provided by the maker. Furthermore, it's contended that the makers acted with "actual malice" due to "intentional disregard" for the probability of injury.

Actual and punitive damages are sought. The trial is underway and expected to last two weeks. (More ....)

By at 06:26 PM | Comments |

Obama's 8th Grade Diplomacy

I'm not sure which is a better teaser quote to throw up from Ace's commentary on how the world liking President Obama more than Bush has translated into exactly zero more troops for Afghanistan: tthe one about jack and squat or the explanation that there's a difference between liking someone and between like-liking someone?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:50 PM | Comments |

Escape from the Taliban

I've followed the five part series written by David S. Rohde on his hostage ordeal in the print version of the NY Times. But the last installment recounts how he and his Afghan colleague finally took matters into their own hands and escaped.

Several things of note. First, Rohde was captured inside Afghanistan last year but was immediately taken over the border into Pakistan. Which is telling, I think. The Taliban feel more secure in Pakistan than in Afghanistan.

Related to this first point is that during one of the many times the hostages were moved from city to city, Rohde's truck was stopped by Pakistani frontier guardsmen who, acting on higher orders as part of a previous peace deal, waved their vehicle through check points. Under the terms of the peace deal Taliban vehicles were not to be checked!

Second, Rohdes, unlike other journalists, had no sympathy for his Taliban captors. Nine months of captivity has only led him to despise the Taliban and the Pakistanis who enable them.

Last, when Rohdes does escape he flees, literally, down the street. The town he is last held in is both controlled by the Taliban -- describing it as a regional Taliban capital -- but is also garrisoned by the Pakistani Army. It is to this Pakistani army base only blocks away from the home he is being held in that he runs, not knowing if he'll be turned back over to the Taliban or helped.

The good news is that the Pakistani Army helped him. The bad news is that the Pakistani Army apparently lets the Taliban do anything they want to do in the area. So long as they don't attack the Army, they are free to do whatever they wish.

Read the final installment of Rhode's account here. Read all the way through, and then be sure to click on the epilogue where Rohde vehemently denies that any ransom was paid or prisoners exchanged for his release.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:47 PM | Comments |

Key Background on Somalian Islamists

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross has an excellent piece about the history of the jihad ideology in Somalia and its relationship with Islamist groups there. It's worth reading the whole thing, but here is a point about Somalia's role in the al Qaeda narrative that is often missed, even by many so-called "experts":

Al-Qaeda's leadership recognizes Somalia's role in one of its first actions, the first time it successfully bloodied America's nose. Al-Qaeda dispatched a small team of military trainers to Somalia in 1993, which liaised with the IU prior to the battle of Mogadishu.[18] Since then, Al-Qaeda leaders have claimed that they—rather than the forces of Mohammed Farrah Aidid—were the real hand behind the U.S. defeat.[19] Many scholars believe these claims are highly exaggerated.[20] But the true facts behind the battle of Mogadishu are beside the point insofar as Al-Qaeda's perceptions are concerned since the "rosecolored memoirs of Somalia have come to embody the 'founding myths' of the core Al-Qaida methodology."[21] ...

...[al Shabaab claimed that ] the battle of Mogadishu was "the first time he fought under the supervision of Al-Qaeda, and with its logistical support and expertise.".

That myth being centered around the long-term inevetibility of "the Muslims" [ie, al Qaeda and other Salafi jihad groups] defeating the Zionist-Crusaders and the murtadeen [apostates; ie, Muslims opposed to the violent imposition of shariah law]. Somalia on the one hand being held up as a Vietnam-like example of American weakness and unwillingness to make the sacrifices necessary to win a war, and on the other hand as an example that Allah is on the side of the mujahideen.

Which is why leaving Afghanistan is not a feasible option. For leaving would be seen as a sign of weakness, further "proof" of the rightness of our enemy's cause, and only embolden our enemy elsewhere.

Read it all. Thanks to Jane.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:26 AM | Comments |

Pat Condell: Wake up, America

I may not agree with everything Pat says, but he's always worth the listen.

By Howie at 08:45 AM | Comments |

More About Tarek Mehanna's Online Jihad

Via Jihad Watch:

Now where did he get these crazy ideas about the Religion of Peace? Why is it that all the multitudinous Misunderstanders of Islam seem to misunderstand Islam in the same way? "
I think Robert's post contains a few items I've not seen yet.

But hey, there's nothing to see here, move along.

Don't you raaaacyyyysts know that Mehanna was just your ordinary average guy, you know, fantasizing about Jihad.

Via Riehl World View: The AP reports Tarek Mehanna was just a "typical American kid" who earned a doctorate degree according to friends, though he did want to kill two former unidentified members of the Executive Branch now out of office and shoot down taxpayers in a shopping mall
I'm sure that's correct and he was not really dangerous at all.

Just like these al-Qaeda videos on Youtube just are not really dangerous stuff.


And these Taliban users aren't uploading really dangerous stuff.


Cause you know Google now has turned over a new leaf and they have removed all the *really dangerous stuff.

Yeah Right.


* Really dangerous stuff consists of the empty gesture that Google made to the homeland security committee. They, you know, spent a few days yanking down a few Jihadi vids, except for the ones uploaded before that day, and about 90% of the rest of them. Once that "blew over" they just release statements bragging about how wonderful that was, rather than actually do much of anything about the rest of it.

So click on the Smackdown logo above and go do Google's job for them. Lord knows they won't.

By Howie at 08:14 AM | Comments |

Iran and Israel In A Room...Together?

Well this certainly would be a surprising development. The story is full of "sources", leaks, and Iranian denial...but I certainly expect the denial. Iran can't openly acknowledge working with Israel. They would lose all credibility with their admirers.

Love this line:

In one of the discussions, Soltanieh directly asked Zafary-Odiz - and eyewitnesses say he spoke in an impassioned voice, "Do you or do you not have nuclear weapons?" Zafary-Odiz smiled, but did not respond.
By Ronin at 08:09 AM | Comments |

Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis Worse than Darfur

Read it and weep: 120,000 children on the verge of starvation. The Yemeni government won't allow the aid in and there are no medical facilities whatsoever (after the military bombed the last hospital). The bombing has been nearly non-stop for two months. Saudi Arabia is turning away refugees at the border, forcing them to return to the battle field. The US and western nations pledged more development funds, but its a bit late for that. No one is talking about a UN war crimes tribunal for President Saleh, although the evidence is overwhelming.

The southern independence movement is steaming along despite (or because of) the dozens of protesters killed by security forces and thousands arrested. Al Qaeda is running amuck with many sympathizers and collaborators among the security forces and military. These fanatics also have the trust of the central leadership in Afpak, other international connections, an overlay with criminal networks and an unencumbered operating environment.

The oil has been plundered; the gas is about to be. There's at least a quarter of a million Somali refugees in Yemen getting little to no support and, due to corruption and incompetence, the water in the capital may run out entirely within years. Nothing changed at all since the 12 year old girl and her baby died in childbirth; thousands of female children are enslaved by early marriage. Oh and the courageous journalist Mohammed al Maqaleh is still "disappeared" after writing about an air raid that killed 87 civilians. The prisons are filled with political prisoners (activists and critics) who undergo severe torture and don't get much food. The 2009 parliamentary election was delayed and another may never be held.

Its been a long time coming, but the fall of Yemen will rattle every street in the world. These are the good old days.


Soon-to-be-dead Yemeni war refugees. Their hair is orange from malnutrition. These are some of the lucky ones who walked days to one of the pathetically under stocked refugee camps where there's not nearly enough water, medicine or tents. Temperatures reach over 100 degrees daily. The vast majority of soon-to-be-dead children are trapped by the bombing and fighting, others are sheltering in fields or under bridges. There's no food coming in to Sa'ada, home to 700,000 civilians, since August 12. Repeated calls by the UN for a humanitarian corridor have been denied by the Yemeni government.

By Jane at 08:02 AM | Comments |

October 21, 2009


Let's do this. The City of Brotherly Love vs. The Evil Empire.



By Good Lt. at 11:01 PM | Comments |

12 die as blast rocks NWA(Drone strike??)

Very confused reporting on who was killed and what caused the explosion. Roggio has a source who has confirmed it was a drone strike....but now we have the Pakistanis claiming it was a "work accident". Gets even stranger when the senior Al Qaeda said to be killed in this strike....was said to have been killed in two other pervious drone strikes.


PESHAWAR: Twelve people, including Arab, Pakistani and Afghan militants, were killed and several others injured, some of them women and children, in a mysterious blast in Surkot village, five kilometres east of Miramshah, regional headquarters of North Waziristan Agency, on Wednesday evening.

Among the dead, the name of al-Qaeda operative Abu Musa al-Misri was also circulating. Tribal and Taliban sources said four houses were destroyed in the devastating blast caused by explosives dumped inside the house in Surkot village.

They strongly denied reports that the blast caused by a drone attack. Also, they denied the killing of any senior al-Qaeda operative in the blast, but admitted that some of the victims were “guests”, a word they referred to the foreign militants fighting in Afghanistan.

They said a man with the same name — Abu Musa al-Misri — has already been declared dead in two previous drone attacks at Naurak and later at Khaisura in Mirali subdivision in North Waziristan Agency.

Confused yet?

By Matt Damon at 07:11 PM | Comments |

Disheartening But Not Unexpected

There is an ongoing assault by the Pakistani Military on terrorists in South Waziristan. Started on October 16 after much chest thumping as has been posted on a few times here at Jawa. Here is an interesting opinion article from Outlook India. Their thoughts on the pre-assault announcements from Pakistan are summarized by this line:

Sources indicate that a substantial proportion of TTP and al Qaeda militants, in an anticipation of the ground campaign, have already moved out of the region.
Hopes were that the Taliban would flee toward Nato troops waiting to pick them off in Afghanistan but it looks like they slipped out with the refugees. Want to bet some of them were wearing Burkas?
By Ronin at 04:10 PM | Comments |

Father Runs Daughter Down With Car


PEORIA, Ariz. — Police in a Phoenix suburb are looking for a father suspected of running down his daughter because she was becoming too "Westernized" and was not living according to their traditional Iraqi values.

Police say 48-year-old Faleh Hassan Almaleki of Glendale allegedly ran his daughter down Tuesday at an Arizona Department of Economic Security parking lot in Peoria.

His daughter is in the hospital with life threatening injuries, her roommate who was also struck is expected to recover.

I know what you are thinking. This is not the honor killing you're looking for, move along.

Hat Tip: Vinnie.

Update: Via CNN this image of Faleh Hassan Almaleki, Police are still searching for him at this time.


Update II: This is a photo of the victim Noor Faleh Almaleki via Atlas Shrugs.


Hat Tip: Guest.

By Howie at 04:09 PM | Comments |

That's One Ugly Cross Dressed Jihadi

Via Long War Journal:

On Oct. 13, a former Guantanamo detainee named Yousef Mohammed al Shihri was killed in a shootout at a checkpoint along the Saudi-Yemeni border. Al Shihri and his accomplices were stopped by Saudi security forces after their suspicious behavior drew attention.

Two of the travelers, including al Shihri, were reportedly dressed as women. Saudi security personnel decided to search the al Qaeda car and its passengers, but al Shihri and the others opened fire. Al Shihri and one other al Qaeda member were killed in the shootout, while a third was arrested. One Saudi security officer was also killed.

Er, uh, Note to the Jihadis; just having long hair is not enough to pass you off as really extremely ugly girl.

By Howie at 04:07 PM | Comments |

Norway Charges Somali Terror Fundraiser

So surprise here given that al Qaeda's Somali arm has long used Scandinavia as it's online base of operations. Terror Free Somalia:

Federal prosecutors said Wednesday they have brought charges against the 40-year-old man, whom they accuse of raising 200,000 kroner ($36,000) for the Somalia-based militant group al-Shabaab between 2007 and 2008.
More here.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:08 PM | Comments |

I Hope You Boys Have A Couple Thousand Acres of Wheat to go With that There Ammonium Nitrate

A video of two of the Toronto 18 unloading 98% Ammonium Nitrate is also posted at the story below.

Via National Post: BRAMPTON -- The two scrawny terrorists are unloading bags labeled ammonium nitrate from the back of a delivery truck when one of them looks up and recoils in shock, while his partner backs into a wall and raises his hands in surrender.

A four-member police tactical team dressed all in black descends, laying them spread-eagled on the floor of the warehouse and cuffing their hands behind their backs before one of the officers raises his thumb to say mission accomplished.

The actual arrest is not on the video but a demonstration blast of similar power is.

They weren't screwing around. This is enough fertilizer to really make a big boomah. Fertilizer that rich in ammonium Nitrate is commonly used as a fertilizer for wheat, or so Short Man said when he blew those stumps. It is so rich it will burn up other crops if applied too heavily.

Hat Tip: Her Royal Whyness.

By Howie at 12:56 PM | Comments |

Media Matters Peddles ACORN's Lies, Fails to Note Its Willing Complicity In Spreading Them

Here's a blast from the Media Matters past (which they ironically term "research"), in which they victoriously parade around the "police report" filed by the Philly ACORN worker who offered advice and services to James and Hannah in the sting. Nothing in the article about her lying about kicking them out of the office or refusing to help them, though. Because, you know, that would mean Media Matters would have had to report what really happened.

Well, as a public service, here is what really happened, with video and audio proof (yes, and excuse to post twice):

Why no comment from the usually vocal leftwing smear site known as Media Matters?

Because that would require a retraction not only from the leftwing propaganda outfit known as Media Matters, but also from each and every mainstream news outlet that parroted the disinformation Media Matters pushed into the public sphere for ACORN.

Because, after all, media does matter when it says what Democrats want to hear.

By Good Lt. at 12:30 PM | Comments |

Terror Arrest In Boston (UPDATED, BUMPED: Blogger Arrested)


Especially troubling given the connection between Boston and the 9-11 attacks.

Via Yahoo News: BOSTON – A Massachusetts man has been arrested on federal terrorism-related charges on suspicion of planning attacks inside and outside the United States.

A person familiar with the investigation who spoke on condition of anonymity says the man was arrested early Wednesday. The person was not authorized to divulge details of the investigation.

The person says the man is from the Boston suburb of Sudbury and had two co-conspirators.

Tarek Mehanna (TEH'-rek meh-HAH'-nah), of Sudbury, was arrested in November 2008 on suspicion of lying to authorities about the whereabouts of a man who trained with al-Qaida members with the goal of overthrowing the Somali government.

Mehanna pleaded not guilty and was released on bail. Officials would not immediately say Wednesday whether the man arrested was him.

Hmmm, related to Zazi investigation? I hope so if not they've found another cell.

UPDATE: Confirmed, this is Terek Mehanna. But there's a second man involved in this plot named Ahmad Abousamra. Others involved go unnamed.

Boston Globe:

Desiring to take “some kind of action in furtherance of jihad,” Tarek Mehanna and his conspirators allegedly had multiple conversations about obtaining automatic weapons and randomly shooting people in malls, including discussions of the logistics of the mall attacks, assaulting from different entrances, obtaining the automatic weapons, and possible attacks on emergency responders, US Attorney Michael Loucks said this morning....

Mehanna is facing a charge of conspiring to provide material support to terrorists. Authorities allege he conspired with Ahmad Abousamra and others in the plot, Loucks said in a news conference today at his office in Boston.

I think Howie's instincts were right, but I don't think that it was Yazi that this guy may have been involved with. Or, at least, it seems that way:
Prosecutors alleged that members of the conspiracy traveled to Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, seeking training from various terrorist groups to fight against US soldiers, though none of them were accepted.
At first when I read Yazi, I thought Daniel Boyd --- the leader of the North Carolina cell. In that case, the allegation was the same: that several of the cell's members traveled abroad to join the jihad but had never been accepted by terror groups. Too American I guess. You can't trust those Americans.
Prosecutors also said the conspirators viewed and disseminated jihadist videos.
Imagine that: would-be jihadis viewing and disseminating jihadi videos online!

His accomplice, though, seems to have fled the country:

In December 2006, Abousamra was interviewed by the members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and within two weeks, he left for Syria and has never returned, Loucks said.
Mehanna goes by the handle "Abu Sayaba" online and is the blogger behind Iskandari.

He's fallen off my radar screen since his arrest last year, but the fact that he's still blogging seems to indicate that the feds declined to prosecute. His blog today is more circumspect in its support for jihad, but if you scroll down you'll see that he still proclaims himself a salaf and a follower of Ahl as-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah -- which puts him in the same religious/ideological camp as Osama bin Laden.

But his last blog post? October 14th.

His original arrest was for lying to federal investigators about another convicted jihadi and former blogger, Daniel Maldanado. Maldanado was convicted of receiving weapons training from al Qaeda operatives while in Somalia.

Here's some more information from my previous post on Mehanna:

In addition to friends like Maldanado who has been convicted on terrorism related charges, Mehanna's online buddies include:

Shades of Swords, who glorifies the executed Bali bombers as martyrs.

Inshallahshaheed (Samir Khan), who we have an entire category devoted to and who claims he personally doesn't go off to fight the jihad because "it's hard" and who recently has set up his own media division in support of terrorist organizations.

Jihad Fields Are Calling, who's name pretty much sums it up.

If any one has any more info, please email me.

Thanks to National Terror Alert for the tip.

UPDATE: Ed points out that the plot seems that it went cold a few years ago.

But two dangers seem to remain:

a) Mehanna continues to openly push the jihadi worldview on his blog and probably elsewhere online. While encouraging others towards violent jihadism is a less proximate danger, it is a danger nonetheless. His absence from the world of eHad will not be missed. Not by me at least. But maybe Samir will shed a few tears?

b) The inference from public statements made by the prosecutors is that Mehanna was also connected to Daniel Boyd and his encouragement of young people to travel to the "Jihad Fields". If this reading is correct, then Mehanna may have also been actively involved in present recruiting activities -- although it seems that he himself was too big of a coward to put his money where his mouth was and go become a suicide bomber himself.

So, maybe he was more of a danger than Ed gives him credit for?

UPDATE: Okay, so Or Shohor sent me a copy of the complaint against Mehanna and it looks like he is not --- I repeat IS NOT --- connected to the Daniel Boyd led North Carolina jihad cell. At least, not directly.

The inferences from published news reports that he was connected to several would be jihadis who traveled abroad but was rejected from the training camps refers to Mehanna himself -- who traveled to Yemen looking for jihad training but couldn't find any jihadis to train him.

The money quote about that:

half the people they wanted to see were on "hajj," referring to the pilgrimage to Mecca in Islam, and half were in jail."

Apparently, they were told to go to look up so and so, but the guy giving them that advice was a "white convert" to Islam living in California who had been to the camps back in the 1990s.

Also "looking for jihad in all the wrong places" was Ahmad Abousamra, who traveled with Mehanna to Yemen and to Iraq and Pakistan on his own. As suspected, the Iraqi mujahideen wouldn't take him because they were distrustful of an American. But the Pakistani Taliban and LeT wouldn't take him because he was an Arab. So, the next time you hear a Muslim decry discrimination in the US, remember this.

Also involved was an unnamed cooperating witness who traveled to Yemen with the pair, but chickened out.

UPDATE: Temper, temper:

Tarek Mehanna, 27, initially refused to stand for the judge before the terror charge against him was read at the brief hearing Wednesday. He finally did stand — tossing his chair loudly to the floor — only after his father urged him to do so.

By Howie at 11:11 AM | Comments |

New ACORN Sting Video: Philly! (VIDEO FIXED)

I went to college literally five or six blocks from this ACORN office at Temple University. I'm not shocked, given the neighborhoods of that area, that this goes on.

They utterly DESTROY the tapestry of lies the ACORN worker and the leftwing apologists and ACORN defenders put forth in the press. Notice that Media Matters was all too eager to help spread these lies, and how the mainstream press flacks repeat the lies told to Media Matters. Over. And over.

These leftwing "activists" are terminally afflicted with an inability to tell the truth. Are you shocked yet?

Remember the "police report" this office filed? That they "kicked out" James and Hannah? Yeah - didn't exactly happen that way. To paraphrase the immortal words of the much-maligned Joe Wilson, "YOU LIE, ACORN."

By Good Lt. at 11:05 AM | Comments |

Obama Approval Rating History

Rasmussen presidential tracking poll shows Obama at -13 Approval Index rating today. It is interesting to compare the +28 in January and today's -13. A swing of 41 is obviously not due to Obama's policies, but because a large percentage of the country became racist in the last 9 months.

Actually, it is probably Bush's fault. Or teh Juice....could be the Juice.

By Ronin at 09:40 AM | Comments |

Paki's Big Pay Back to Hakimullah Mehsud

Pakistan says it has taken control of Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud's home town and destroyed two of his houses.

Via Yahoo News: The military is advancing on three fronts in South Waziristan. The fight for Kotkai town is symbolically key because Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud and a top deputy, Qari Hussain, hail from there. It also lies on the way to the major militant base of Sararogha.

An army statement Wednesday said forces were engaged in "intense encounters" in heights surrounding Kotkai and had secured an area east of it. Two intelligence officials said troops had secured parts of the town and also destroyed houses belonging to Mehsud and Hussain in controlled explosions, but army spokesman Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas denied that late Wednesday, saying most of the fighting was on hillsides and the outskirts of the town.

Security forces also cleared Khaisura, a village on another front in the offensive, according to the army statement. Heavily fortified bunkers were found, some with two-meter thick concrete walls, the army said.

That's right give em the Big Payback!

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More "Asian Youths"

Via Daily Mail:

A white pupil was battered with a hammer at a school where politically correct teachers were afraid to deal with racial tensions, the High Court heard yesterday.

Henry Webster, 15, suffered a fractured skull and brain damage after being set upon by a gang of Asian youths.

...The family's lawyers told the court a 'culture of racist bullying and harassment' built up around a 30-strong gang called the 'Asian Invasion'.

Teachers were too anxious about being seen as bigoted to intervene, but white pupils were branded 'racist' by the acting headmaster and given harsher punishments.

Only two of the attackers were identified in the story they are:
Wasif Khan, 18, and Amjad Qazi, 19.
Why is it that opposing racism against whites has suddenly become racist?

On the news this morning Hampton's Homecoming queen had backed off her statements, I wondered why.

Why is it expected and excused for people of color to behave in a racist manner while whites are expected to always be color blind? As American Thinker points out, Nikole Churchill is actually Asian-Italian not Caucasian.

Go figure.

Hat Tip: Creeping Sharia via that twitter thingy.

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Check Out This Transparency

Hey, look at that, you can see right through them.

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October 20, 2009

Barry Rubin: When it comes to the Middle East - The Brains in Spain Fall Mainly Down the Drain

Barry Rubin has a must-read article today on the global circle jerk known as Middle Eastern diplomacy. You know the type - those who think that the only thing needed to begin bringing peace to the Middle East is a big group hug between the Israelis, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, Jordan, Egypt and the Saudis.

You’ve all seen horror movies in which the stupid characters just don’t look behind them at crucial moments.

And you want to yell: “Look out!” Or: “Can’t you see that he’s the murderer!” Or: “That innocent-looking green globule is actually a man-eating silicon-based creature from Andromeda!”

Welcome to my world, the world of analyzing the contemporary Middle East or, to put it a different way, yelling, “Look out!” to those who think the best way to handle a threatening regime or revolutionary foe is to take them out to dinner and a movie.

Read it all, as they say.

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Escape From Guantanamo

Sorry dude, you'd have more luck escaping from the real Gitmo. You'll never ever completely escape from those two little words.

Via Report on Arrakis: A Saudi woman is filing for divorce after discovering that her husband named her Guantanamo in his cell phone..

Suddenly, I feel a strange kinship with this fellow. We're so different yet.....

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UN: Counter-terrorism measure could hurt the feelings of trans-genders

“Enhanced immigration controls that focus attention on male bombers who may be dressing as females to avoid scrutiny make transgender persons susceptible to increased harassment and suspicion.”

God forbid we hurt the feelings of transgenders while trying to prevent a terrorist attack perpetrated by a cross dressing islamic terrorist with C4 explosives stuck up his ass.

More at RoA

FBI Raids Muslim Meat Packing Plant

It happened Sunday, but this is the first I've heard of it. No arrests, just the raid. But, if this raid was related to immigration or food processing, what was the FBI doing there?

I'll also note, that a separate report says that there are only 6 employees at the plant.

That's right, 100 federal agents raiding a company that only has six employees. If this wasn't terror related, then what other plausible explanation is there for it?

Here's what one witness said:

One man who was talking about the raid was Jim Cavaness. He's a handyman who occasionally works at the plant where goats, sheep and cows are slaughtered. On Sunday, he witnessed the raid and says he was questioned by FBI agents.

Cavaness says the FBI asked him if he had seen anything unusual at the plant. He says he's never seen anything unusual, but, he says, judging by the amount of firepower on the scene, the FBI wasn't just working an immigration case.

"Way too much overkill for immigration," Cavaness said.

Neighbors who saw the raid on Sunday told CBS 2 it was a huge operation, involving more than 100 agents, police officers and even what one believed to be National Guard troops.

Sources say during the raid, the driveway was filled with more than 50 government vehicles. There was a helicopter flying overhead and a command center set up. On top of it were government sharpshooters with rifles at the ready.

If any one has more information, send me the link.

Thanks to Charles.

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"Yes akhi, Its the BEST beheading I ever saw"

Possibly the sickest thread I've ever seen on an Islamist forum. The thread begins with the re-upload of an old video showing Chechen terrorists beheading 9 Russian soldiers.

Beheading videos are bad enough -- and this one is typical, live victims slowly die while screaming --- but the commentary is utterly disgusting. Only one person raised a mild objection to it, with most of the others screaming God is great in reaction.

But this comment, I think, takes the cake:

"Yes, akhi (brother), it's the BEST beheading I ever saw. But I wish they could do some more torturing. THIS isn't enough :-) "

Filthy scum, I hope you die in like manner.

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Michael Savage interviews Geert Wilders

Michael Savage interviews Geert Wilders, a Dutch member of parliament, who recently won his appeal of Britain's entry ban. Earlier this year Britain's Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, put Michael Savage along with Hamas terrorists, Russian skinheads on a no-entry list. Savage is still fighting the the ban through British courts.

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Islamists in Pakistan Now Killing Other Islamists Because They're, Um, Not Islamist Enough

Women at Pakistan's state supported Islamic university were attacked today. Reports vary as to the number of casualties -- I'm seeing lowball figures of two and highball figures in the dozens --- but most of the victims were female students. A bomb went off in the segregated female only cafeteria, and another one in a male only section called the "shariah block".

So, here we have an Islamic university. The university is segregated by sex. We see then that no matter how Muslim you think you are, that it's never enough to keep you safe from other Muslims who think you aren't quite Muslim enough.

And we see, yet again, another example of why the vast majority of Muslims killed around the world in acts of political violence are the victims of other Muslims.

The lesson here for Muslims is that they should be worrying less about what the Jews are doing to them and more about what other Muslims are doing to them.

Here's the Google News search page if you're looking for more information. If I missed an angle, let me know.

UPDATE: The consensus view from the jihadi forums seems to be that this is a false flag operation by the ISI. Right.

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20 Best Signs at S.F. Tea Party

And the number one best sign is .......


The rest here.

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Online Terrorist Propaganda Threat is Real

Via National Post:

The Long War against radical Islam is a war of ideas as much as a war of arms. Yet, for too long, the incitement and violent propaganda from Internet platforms operated by violent Islamist extremists have gone unnoticed and unanswered.

Today, such neglect is not an option. As we have been warned by Harry Wingo — a former Navy SEAL who now serves as Google’s Washington, D.C. policy counsel — “the code is mightier than the sword.”

Internet code may have created enormous wealth for Mr. Wingo’s bosses. But it is also an operational weapon in the hands of terrorist groups to indoctrinate, recruit, train, and finance the next generation of terrorists. Increasingly besieged on the battlefield, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and their Islamist brethren now seek anonymity and freedom of movement online through a vast and sophisticated terrorist web network. To counter their influence, policymakers and counterterrorism officials need to treat these outlets as indistinguishable from the terrorist organizations that use them.

...Terrorist online platforms are a critical part of the battlefield on which the Long War against violent Islamist extremism is being fought. If they hope to persevere, Western democracies need to take aggressive and direct action against these media properties.

Amen Brotha, about effing time.

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Even though its at the New York Slimes you might want to take a gander at David Rhode's article today. He has some insights into how the Taliban and the Pakistani army were operating as he was held captive. I for one was pretty shocked, basically the Taliban ran everything and the Pakistani army just drove around a lot.

“Do you know who that was?” he asked me.

“No,” I said, trying to play dumb.

“That was the Pakistani Army,” he said.

He explained that under a cease-fire agreement between the Taliban and the army, all civilians were required to get out of their cars when an army convoy approached. For Taliban vehicles, though, only the driver had to get out. The practice, I realized, allowed the Taliban to hide kidnapping victims and foreign militants from the Pakistani Army.

....It was a universe filled with contradictions. My captors assailed the West for killing civilians, but they celebrated suicide attacks orchestrated by the Taliban that killed scores of Muslim bystanders. They bitterly denounced missionaries, but they pressed me to convert to their faith. They complained about innocent Muslims being imprisoned by the United States, even as they continued to hold us captive.

Un. Freaking. Believable.

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Reader Love Mail: Youtube II Edition

I'm not sure why this video seems to piss off people so much. but its veritable gold mine of nasty comments

deenualhaq : the american panders are murderers of children and women, the americans r the same as cummunist russians,cold blooded pigs and apes, cowards who r defeated by a small brave group of true muslims who vowed to defend their religion against the dirty infidels who came to stain our pure lands, the same group who defeated the USSR by small and light weapons
The theme always seems to be we bombed women and children although there are none in the video. Go figure.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Thanks to

Elizabeth Hasselbeck for telling that story about her nipples. Even though she clearly stated that the nipple pic was only sent to her family, that didn't stop people from you know searching.


Boobies, a force more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

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Yemen: Military War Crimes Continue

Today its bombing a hospital. A few weeks ago, it was bombing a refugee camp. All along its been indiscriminate bombing of cities and villages. All along its been the government's refusal to allow UN aid shipments to reach the refugees, 80% of which are children. About 120,000 kids are on the verge of starving to death but the Yemeni government won't stop bombing long enough to allow the convoys in.

CP: SAN'A, Yemen — Yemeni warplanes killed at least 44 Shiite rebels in a series air strikes near the Saudi border, a senior government official said Sunday. The insurgents, however, claim the dead were civilians.

Mohammed Abdelallah al-Qawsi, deputy interior minister, said 27 of the rebels were killed by a strike on a rebel hideout in an abandoned hospital in the small town of Razeh.

The rebels, however, said the hospital was still functional and those killed inside were civilians.

"This is another lie by the government, all those who were killed were innocent civilians," said rebel spokesman Mohammed Abdel Salam by telephone.

The Yemeni army maintained rebels were shooting at the army from the hospital.

The international aid group, Medecins Sans Frontieres, said Razeh hospital was a fully functioning facility when they evacuated their staff from it Thursday.

Reporters are not allowed to travel into the combat zone and it is usually difficult to verify the claims made by the two sides.

The Yemeni army has been embroiled in a five-year conflict with rebels in the northern province of Saada that erupted when Shiite fighters took up arms against the central government, complaining of neglect and the widening influence of hard-line Sunni fundamentalists, some of whom consider Shiites heretics.

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Pakistan Cutting More deals

Since it worked so well in the past...didn't you notice how calm Swat was.

Well, here we go again.

Via Globe and Mail:

Under the terms agreed to about three weeks ago, Taliban renegades Maulvi Nazir and Hafiz Gul Bahadur will stay out of the current fight in parts of South Waziristan controlled by the Pakistani Taliban. They will also allow the army to move through their own lands unimpeded, giving the military additional fronts from which to attack the Taliban.

The deal was made about 3 weeks ago which leads me to believe that all the chest thumping and announcements of an "imminent" attack were simply aimed at giving the loosely affiliated warlords a chance to assess their survivability. Even if the deal sticks, these groups will probably be a problem to deal with later. Hopefully this gives the Pakistani army some breathing room to get creative whaling on the big fish. We shall see.

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October 19, 2009

100 More NYT 'Journalists' To Be Unemployed

Ohh, the humanity!

Another hundred Progressive propagandists, er..."newspeople" will be axed by the New York Times, according to the Grey Whore's own blog:

The New York Times plans to eliminate 100 newsroom jobs — about 8 percent of the total — by year’s end, offering buyouts to union and non-union employees, and resorting to layoffs if it cannot get enough people to leave voluntarily, the paper announced on Monday.
Ahh, that's a shame. How can the Taliban and al Qaeda be kept informed of American tactics, strategy, and equipment weaknesses, and who will do the heavy lifting now to move Chairman Obama's agenda forward?

More weight falling on the overworked shoulders of the Washington Post and LA Times staff, not to mention Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews.

No rest for the weary.

And this tragedy is a repeat from last year, alas:

The program mirrors one carried out in the spring of 2008, when the paper erased 100 positions in its newsroom, though other jobs were created, so the net reduction was smaller. That round of cuts included some layoffs of journalists — about 15 to 20, though The Times would not disclose the actual figure — which was the first time in memory that had happened.
New York Times executive editor Bill Keller was especially grief-stricken:
Commenting on the keep-the-Times alive movement, Keller said: "Saving the New York Times now ranks with saving Darfur as a high-minded cause."
Damn, Keller's really got the stuff, eh? What's a few hundred thousand pathetic starvelings next to the profound loss (to the Democratic Party) of an institution like the New York Times? Those Darfur people should be happy, nay, ecstatic, to die in such a noble cause. Anybody can eat, but only a Times newsperson can create, shape, and bend the news to the further enrichment of the common good as envisioned by Progressive thinkers who know better than you.

Hey Keller, I hear Fox is hiring.

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NYTimes Going Local?

Arguably scouring for all possible readers and revenue streams, the New York Times has rolled out a California Bay Area metro report of the old gray lady.

"At a time when so many news organizations are in a forced retreat, it's exciting to be part of a venture that has set out to build more and better news coverage," said Bill Keller, executive editor of The Times, in the official release.
So, it appears that Northern California has been suffering from insufficient print media coverage and the Times has opportunistically engaged the marketplace to provide "better news coverage."

I haven't heard reactions from the existing Bay Area/Northern California news media but one might guess that they would be less than delighted to have more competition in local and regional stories. Of course, it could be the case that Northern California has such a hunger for news that existing media can't keep up and the Times is stepping in as a permanent pinch spewer.

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Barbie Doll Babe Seeks Excitement in Lonely Place

Joanna_Plants.jpg(North Las Vegas, Nevada) Twenty-year-old Joanna Plants writes:

Hello There,

In-house Bunny looking for fun and excitement in lonely place. I am an ambitious, athletic type measuring, 36 - 29 - 34. I am 145 pounds, 5' 10" tall with legs to die for. I have golden blonde hair, beautiful deep blue eyes and a body with features that resemble a Barbie doll:)

I like basketball, football, rock music and dirty jobs! I am an A - B college student working towards a degree. I also enjoy dancing, outdoor recreation, reading, writing and drawing and just living life.

I have a quick witted personality and being a small town preacher's daughter, I value intellectual minds, honesty, loyalty, humor and class.

I am looking for someone that has similar values. If this is you, write me I'll be waiting!!!

Those readers who would like to put excitement in tenderoni Joanna's life should consult her profile page where one also learns that she is doing 20-to-life in Florence McClure Women's Correctional Center for murdering her stepmother. She won't be eligible for parole until 2027.

Plants crime is a sad story involving years of methamphetamine use, starting at age 11, and anger at her father. It remains perplexing why Plants didn't use the .380-caliber Taurus semi-automatic pistol on her father, the focus of her anger, rather than plugging her stepmom in the head. In any event, there exists some sympathy for Plants by individuals feeling her punishment was too harsh. (More ....)

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Video: al Qaeda in Somalia Shoot 2 in Back

Behold, the brave fighters of the Mujahideen Youth Movement of Somalia shooting two men in the back. I'm not sure which is worse, the murders of the two men or the crowd ecstatically cheering at their deaths?

The two men, Mohammed Ali Salad and Hassan Mulam Abdullah, were caught looking at al Qaeda's local affiliate fighting with forces loyal to the UN backed government. The suspicious behavior of seeing Shabaab fighters in action led to the accusal that they were "spies". After the requisite torture they "confessed", were trotted out in front of a crowd, and then shot in the back.

The next time someone on the Left equivocates between the U.S. at, say, Guantanamo Bay and the tactics of al Qaeda, why not trot this video out?


The murders don't come until the end of the video.

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Report: Rich Arabs Buying 12-Year-Old British Virgins

(Manchester, England) Here's a disgusting report from across the pond.

BRITISH virgin girls as young as 12 are being sold to mega-rich Arabs for sex at up to £50,000 a time.

Parents force the schoolgirls into prostitution and then sell them to millionaire paedophiles.

Vice Squad cops nicked three women and a man from Manchester after secretly filming them offering to pimp six girls aged between 14 and 23 at a five-star West London hotel.

They also taped the gang bragging how they were prepared to peddle even younger, prepubescent girls.

There currently appears to be only one source on this story (UK Sun) but investigation continues and more arrests are anticipated. In any event, while not doubting the subject report I find it hard to believe that selling 12-year-old virgins into prostitution is a widespread practice in Britain.

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Irony (the real kind) on Display at Islamist Blog

Here's an image I found on a blog written by an al Qaeda supporting Islamist claiming there is a conspiracy by the West to censor him and his ilk.


Censorship: I do not think that word means what you think it means.

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Eleventy-Million Editors at Reuters, CNBC Duped By Leftwing Hoax

A faked story claiming that the US Chamber of Commerce has changed its position on Global Warming was duly reported by Reuters and CNBC, apparently without alerting any of the layers upon layers of fact-checking editors at either "news" organization:

In a story posted Monday morning, Reuters declared: “The Chamber of Commerce said on Monday it will no longer opposes climate change legislation, but wants the bill to include a carbon tax.”

Reuters updated the story to acknowledge the hoax, but it was too late: The Washington Post and the New York Times had already posted the fake story on their Web sites.

Oh noes! Now those scruffy bloggers will poke fun!

Oddly, Fox News didn't rise to the bait.

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Washington Post poll makes FAIL Blog

When the "fact-check" media starts to make FAIL Blog, you know the jig is up. Take, for instance, this recent poll that appeared on the WAPO website on Teleprompter Jesus winning the Nobel Peace Prize:


But don't dare claim there's any media bias, racist.

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The Face of a Traitor


This is Abu Ibrahim al-Amriki. He fights with the Islamic Jihad Group in Pakistan and is purported to be an American. The group is closely aligned with al Qaeda and the Taliban.

If you see him in Afghanistan or Pakistan shoot first, ask questions later. If you see him here in the US, call the FBI pronto.

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Video: UK Islamists Pretty Much Proving Geert Wilders' Point for Him

Listen carefully as the protester notes that while he personally wouldn't kill Geert Wilders, that Islam calls for the death penalty for all those who insult any of the prophets. That right after dropping the names of Theo Van Gogh.

But, you know, this isn't a threat.

Thanks to James.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention this earlier but "uptight" reminded me of it. The interview was by Press TV -- Iran's English language news service.

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The New York 23 Race - Fred Thompson vs. Michael Steele

RedState, Michelle Malkin and many others have been doing outstanding work covering the race in New York's 23rd Congressional District.

If you haven't been following it, the race in NY-23 has Fred Thompson, Club for Growth and Bill Kristol on one side, Newt Gingrich, Daily Kos and Michael Steele on another side, and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama on yet another side.

In short, it's a free-for-all.

Much like the earlier Toomey v. Specter fight in Pennsylvania and the ongoing Crist v. Rubio fight in Florida, the fight in New York 23 represents another hard-fought battle for the soul of the Republican Party.

For those of you still on the fence about which candidate to support in the NY-23 race, I've prepared some helpful info below the fold.

On the other hand, in a fight between Michael Steele's team and Fred Thompson's team, is this really a tough call?


Website : http://www.dedeforcongress.com/

Prior public office experience : since 1998

Profession : COO for Seaway Capital Partner and Corporate Secretary for Wise Buy Stores

Education : Scozzafava holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Boston University School of Management and a Masters in Business Administration from the Clarkson Graduate School of Management.


For the Obama stimulus
For card check / Against secret ballot in union elections
Does not support 'no pork' pledge
Signed no tax pledge October 15th
For Cash for Clunkers
Does not support school choice / vouchers
Does not support teacher testing / merit pay
Does not support concealed carry
For same-sex marriage
For expanded 'hate crimes' legislation
For inclusion of sexual orientation in anti-discrimination laws
Believes abortion should be legal in all cases
For making morning-after pills available to minors without a doctor’s prescription
Endorsements / Supporters:
National Rifle Association
New York State United Teachers
Newt Gingrich
Republican National Committee
National Republican Congressional Committee
Daily Kos
(Endorsed by Working Families Party (ACORN affiliate) in prior races)
Background :
Scozzafava was first elected to the New York State Assembly in 1998. She was a Village of Gouverneur Trustee for four years and Mayor of the Village of Gouverneur from 1993 until her election to the State Assembly. Scozzafava has been appointed to serve on the Assembly Standing Committees of Ways and Means, Ethics and Guidance, and Banks for the 2005-2006 Legislative Session, and is the Ranking Member on the Assembly's Codes Committee. Previously, she served on the Task Force on Education Standards, the Nursing Shortage Task Force, the Legislative Commission on Critical Transportation Choices, and the Task Force on Integrative Medicine and Agriculture.

Scozzafava is married to Ron McDougall, the head of the Jefferson-Lewis-St. Lawrence County Central Labor Council and a UAW member.


Website : http://doughoffmanforcongress.com/

Prior public office experience : None

Profession : Accountant and Entrepreneur

Education : Hoffman holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from SUNY Plattsburgh, an MBA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Connecticut (1976). He is a Certified Public Accountant.


Against the Obama stimulus
Against Cash for Clunkers
Against card check / FOR secret ballot in union elections
Signed no tax pledge in August 2009
Signed no pork pledge
For school choice
Against same-sex marriage
Endorsements / Supporters:
Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN)
Club for Growth PAC
American Conservative Union
The Conservative Victory Fund
New York State Right to Life PAC
Susan B. Anthony List
Concerned Women PAC
Family Research Council Action PAC
Police Benevolent Association of the New York State Troopers
Background :
Hoffman is a Managing Partner of Dragon Benware Crowley & Co. (www.dragonbenware.com) and oversees Hoffman Family Enterprises (www.hoffmanfamilyenterprises.com) a diverse group of companies involved in Investments, Real Estate, Construction, Hospitality and Tourism.

Hoffman served as a member of the New York State National Guard from 1970 – 1973 and the U.S. Army Reserves from 1973-1976. Hoffman held the rank of Staff Sergeant at the time of his discharge. Hoffman also served as Corporate Controller for the Lake Placid 1980 Olympic Organizing Committee, overseeing a budget of $150 million and eventually 2,500 employees and 6000 volunteers.

Hoffman's wife Carol is a highly decorated Trooper in the New York State Police.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 10:21 AM | Comments |

al-Qaeda Needs More Money

And hopes to raise it on Youtube and have it sent to them via Iran.

Via Internet Anthropologist:Al qaeda whining begging for money for SATAN.

Persians puttin to al Qaeda again.
Or maybe al qaeda has a new branch office
in Iran.

By Howie at 08:58 AM | Comments |

Gasp! CNN discovers the Taliban on...YouTube!!!

And also discovers that the Jawas have taken down the Taliban websites and that the Youtube videos have also ran into some difficulty.

Oh well, I know there are other Taliban channels. I'll see if I can't dig a few up later. But I'm pretty sure the Smackdown crew might have a few up.


Update: If you were worried that the above indicates the Taliban are gone from Youtube and you'd miss out on all that enemy propaganda.

Never fear the Taliban, al-Qaeda and all your fave murderous terrorists are still available on Jihadtube.

See this playlist from the Smackdown crew.

Or any of the following users.


And that is just a small sample we dug up in a few minutes. I wonder what is wrong with Youtube that they seem unable to find these things on their own platform?

By Howie at 08:44 AM | Comments |

The Online Preacher For Western Terror

Via The Star:

n a snowy field near Barrie, a group of young Muslim men listened intently to the eloquent voice emanating from the laptop.

Anwar al Awlaki preached in perfect Arabic and flawless English about the need to fight in the name of religion, because the "world is united in fighting Islam."

... in recent months, as Awlaki's name has popped up in terrorism cases in Canada, the U.S. and Britain, intelligence services are closely monitoring the U.S.-born cleric.

"Awlaki is an exceptionally smart person," says FBI consultant and terrorism researcher Evan Kohlmann, who has studied the 38-year-old for years. "He has the strongest statements of any English-language site."

This was the Imam who inspired 18 jihadis in Canada to blow stuff up. He is believed to be in Yemen. So our "friend" Yemen provides this al-Qaeda mouth-piece to broadcast his message over the internet directly to western youth.

But I've been toldb by several idiots that the Online Jihad was, you know, not dangerous or anything and that attempting to block al-Qaeda's message in a time of war was, oppressing their er, uh, speech rights.

F8ck al-Qaeda's speech rights, they want to take away my right to breathe.

Hat Tip: Blazing Cat Fur.

Thanks to Jen.

By Howie at 08:32 AM | Comments |

Congratulations to the Farjano District in Kismayo

Q: What do kids get for winning a quiz hosted by al-Shabab in Somalia?

A: Prizes included AK-47 assault rifles, hand grenades and an anti-tank mine.

And you'll be happy to know that al-Shabab goes as soft on their kids as our pussifying school boards, no kids get their feelings hurt if they lose.

But the runners-up did not go home empty-handed, taking away an AK-47 and bullets.
By Ronin at 08:32 AM | Comments |

Obama/Ahmadinejad Duet: Don't Go Breakin' My Balls

Poor Jooos, they get blamed for everything.

By Howie at 08:16 AM | Comments |

October 18, 2009

Minnesota Gopher cheerleaders got spirit! Well, not anymore.

Because they had their team bottle of Captain Morgan's confiscated by security on the sidelines at yesterday's game at Penn State.


Pic from GopherSports.com.

By Barbarossa at 07:57 PM | Comments |

Obama Still Dithering As Troops Are Fighting, Dying

The UK Times counts 76 days since more troops were requested.

A call for reinforcements is a call for reinforcements, Mr. Obama.

Now sh*t or get off the pot. We don't care about your political future, the political fallout among the moonbat base of the Democrat party or your whining and muttering about a cable news network that doesn't act as your personal propaganda megaphone.

We care about winning the war and protecting our fighting men and women.

Stop playing President on TV and do your job. It's beyond old now.

By Good Lt. at 02:12 PM | Comments |

Dog Bites Man: Obama's War on Dissent

Self-confessed religious bigot and progressive cheerleader Jacob Weisberg calls Fox News "bad" and "un-American" in a Newsweek article entitled "The O'Garbage Factor."

Clue for clueless Weisberg: the O'Reilly Factor is an opinion show. It's sort of like the front page of the New York Times.

Or like a Newsweek "journalist" named "Weisberg" serving as a soldier in the Obama administration's War on Dissent.

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Its the Blog Sabbath Ya Know

And I already did one post.

click this

Fatwas will be issued.



By Howie at 09:51 AM | Comments |

Ake Family Moves On

The terrorists who murdered Jeffrey Ake might have taken his life, but they did not break the will of his family.

Via North West Indiana Times: LAPORTE | The oldest daughter of Jeffrey Ake is in college and the youngest of her three siblings, now 7, probably is without much recollection of his father.

It's been more than four and a half years since Ake was abducted by terrorists in Iraq while working on a water treatment plant in Baghdad.

And, according to his father, James Ake, the family has moved on under the firm belief that Jeff no longer is alive.

"As the days go by, you know or at least you think you do. You just finally give up," said James Ake, now 75.

"You have to move on," he said.

I first started following this story hoping it would end well. It has, maybe not the ending we'd all hoped for.

I took a particular interest due to the images of Laport. The small mid-western farm town is like my own home.

Image credit and larger here at epodunk

My kind of place, there were doubts about Mr. Ake would ever return home. But there was never any doubt about the will or endurance of those missing him.

May God bless the Ake family.

In the end, the terrorists failed.

Related background : Jawa Report Jeffrey Ake Archive.

By Howie at 09:04 AM | Comments |

Suicide Bombing In Iran

Several high ranking Revolutionary Guards are now less revolutionary and more dead. I am sorry about the others lost.

And, of course, all of the Satans were involved, Great and Little.

The Guards themselves accused "foreign elements" linked to the United States of involvement. Tehran accuses the United States of backing Jundollah to create instability in the country, a charge that Washington denies.

State television also pointed the finger at Britain, another traditional foe of Iran.

By Ronin at 08:34 AM | Comments |

October 17, 2009

Pakistan Finally Advances on Taliban

For no apparent reason, and completely out of the blue, the Pakistani army assaults the Taliban. Never saw that coming...Taliban probably didn't either. Expect the Taliban to collapse. /sarc off

I hope the best for the offensive but I don't expect much. Something smelled fishy about all the chest thumping leading up to this.

By Ronin at 09:52 AM | Comments |

Jesse "Shakedown" Jackson to headline CAIR banquet next week

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) announced on Friday that none other than Jesse "Shakedown" Jackson will be headlining their annual banquet next Saturday. He will be sharing the stage with 1993 World Trade Center bombing unindicted co-conspirator Siraj Wahhaj. (HT: hourglass1941)

It would sure be unfortunate if Shakedown Jesse and his CAIR conspirators were met with some kind of protest outside the Marriott Crystal Gateway in Arlington, Virginia next Saturday, October 24th at 7pm where the banquet is being held (just a block away from the Crystal City Metro Station):

No doubt CAIR put down considerable cash to bring Shakedown Jesse to town after four members of Congress demanded an investigation this week in response to the release of a new explosive expose, Muslim Mafia, by Dave Gaubatz and Paul Sperry. No doubt that's what prompted Obama Muslim adviser Dalia Mogahed (who we reported on last week) to back out of the banquet at the last minute.

As Daniel Pipes explains, this new book is based on 12,000 internal CAIR documents secretly obtained through an undercover investigation and destroys the prevailing myths about the Hamas front group, which was itself and its founders named unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism finance trial last year (continued below the fold):


Claim 1: According to Ibrahim Hooper, the organization's communications director, "CAIR has some 50,000 members." Fact: An internal memo prepared in June 2007 for a staff meeting reports that the organization had precisely 5,133 members, about one-tenth Hooper's exaggerated number.

Claim 2: CAIR is a "grass-roots organization" that depends financially on its members. Fact: According to an internal 2002 board meeting report, the organization received $33,000 in dues and $1,071,000 in donations. In other words, under 3 percent of its income derives from membership dues.

Claim 3: CAIR receives "no support from any overseas group or government." Fact: Gaubatz and Sperry report that 60 percent of CAIR's income derives from two dozen donors, most of whom live outside the United States. Specifically: $978,000 from the ruler of Dubai in 2002 in exchange for controlling interest in its headquarters property on New Jersey Avenue, a $500,000 gift from Saudi prince al-Waleed bin Talal and $112,000 in 2007 from Saudi prince Abdullah bin Mosa'ad, at least $300,000 from the Saudi-based Organization of the Islamic Conference, $250,000 from the Islamic Development Bank, and at least $17,000 from the American office of the Saudi-based International Islamic Relief Organization.

Claim 4: CAIR is an independent, domestic human rights group "similar to a Muslim NAACP." Fact: In a desperate search for funding, CAIR has offered its services to forward the commercial interests of foreign firms. This came to light in the aftermath of Dubai Ports World's failed effort to purchase six U.S. harbors in 2006 due to security fears. In response, CAIR's chairman traveled to Dubai and suggested to businessmen there: "Do not think about your contributions [to CAIR] as donations. Think about it from the perspective of rate of return. The investment of $50 million will give you billions of dollars in return for fifty years."

By Barbarossa at 12:04 AM | Comments |

October 16, 2009

Obama's Foreign Policy by Krauthammer **Updated, again**

I would laugh if it wasn't so damn serious.

I assume Charles could use another few hundred words to cover other foreign policy turds. Pushing Turkey to Syria, and in turn, Iran's influence should be on the list.

Its a nice short summary if you can keep your head from exploding.

Update: This from the Jewish World Review covers the Turkey issue quite well. My point above is summarized in this quote...

As for the Obama administration, since entering office in January it has abandoned US support for democracy activists throughout the world in favor of a policy of pure appeasement of US adversaries at the expense of US allies. In keeping with this policy, President Barack Obama paid a preening visit to Ankara where he effectively endorsed the Islamization of Turkish foreign policy that has moved the NATO member into the arms of Teheran's mullahs.

Don't get me wrong, Bush had plenty of suck in the arena, but Ofumble's appeasement and abandoning of allies absolutely infuriates me. And, of course, make the head 'splode.

Update II: Kabooooom!

"Although no single rocket has been fired on Israel from Gaza over the past eight months, children in Gaza have no schools to go, people have no homes to take shelter in... How can a country like Turkey stay silent to that?"

Really? Two words for the secular and neutral FM..Bullsh!t and Egypt. This is NOT Israel's problem. This is an Arab problem. Take care of your own mess!!

By Ronin at 09:18 PM | Comments |

Iranian Government Catching Up On Current Events

Midget with a Beard is about a week behind. Didn't hear that Ofumble got the Nobel Peace Prize. It is obviously too late to call off the annual festivities.

By Ronin at 08:58 PM | Comments |

FY2009 Federal budget deficit added $1.42 trillion to national debt

Crank up those printing presses, Ben. Ace notes the announcement today that the 2009 Federal budget lopped another $1.42 trillion onto the national debt.

Note to all you f**ktards that want to blame Bush: the FY2009 Federal budget was signed into law on March 11, 2009 by President Barack Hussein Obama. The Democrats waited until Bush was out of office and Teleprompter Jesus safely in before they passed the budget so they could lard it up with all the pork for their labor union and ACORN pals. The omnibus bill wasn't even passed by the House (where all spending bills must originate according to the Constitution) until Feb. 25th - more than a month after Bush left office.

By Barbarossa at 08:47 PM | Comments |

Afghan Minorities Flee As Obama Talks of Taliban Inclusion

In explaining the spike in asylum seekers from Afghanistan to Australia, an Aussie prof commits the cardinal sin, blames Obama:

"Australia is the closest country for asylum seekers Sri Lanka and Afghanistan that is actually a party to the 1951 convention relating to the status of refugees," Professor Maley said...

"The rhetoric of the international community has been increasingly focused on the idea that it is necessary to negotiate with the Taliban," Mr Maley said.

"That sort if rhetoric has then of course beamed back into Afghanistan and it creates extreme apprehension on the part of members of ethnic minorities such as the Hazaras who were massacred by the Taliban in the past.

"Hearing this kind of rhetoric, it's quite rational for these people to think that before their province is handed over to the Taliban, it's a good idea to get out," he added.

The problem with co-opting hard core Islamists into any political system is that often its the political system that is co-opted not the jihaddists.

By Jane at 05:50 PM | Comments |

Somali Islamists: First it was mandatory veiling - now it's boob shakedowns in the street

Al Shabaab has banned bras for being "deceptive" and now they're groping every firm busted woman in the streets of Mogadishu to make sure they are not wearing a bra. You can't make this stuff up.

Update by Jane: More at Terror Free Somalia blog.

By at 03:04 PM | Comments |

Jawas vs. Taliban: Jawas Win Again

In the epic battle of The Jawa Report vs. The Taliban, the Jawas have won yet again!

Thank you to The Planet for taking the Taliban offline and all those who helped by writing letters of complaint. We only hope that next time the response will be quicker. I can't imagine it taking days and days if this were, say, a child pornography site.

Official websites of the Taliban:

Status: down

This really has been a good week. Howie helped get rid of Youssef al-Khattab's Revolution Muslim site and Islamic Awakening lost DNS.

If life were a movie, the Taliban were Nazis, and the internet was the Ark of the Covenant, it would look something like this.

The moral of the story remains the same: don't mess with Jawas! This means you Qari Youssef Mohammad and you Adil "Murchal" Watanmal.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:58 PM | Comments |

Recarpeting The Whitehouse

With Astroturf.

They concocted two groups — Americans for Stable Quality Care and its predecessor, Healthy Economy Now . . . . That’s as good an example of astroturfing as you’re going to find.
Yeah but now that its all out there known, poor Zachary Winner has been reduced to spamming my alter ego all day on twitter.
Hi, Darth Odie.

You have a new direct message:
zwinner: amazing! i made $300 in a day with http://ifortune4u.com

Reply on the web at http://twitter.com/direct_messages/create/zwinner
Send me a direct message from your phone: D ZWINNER

So sad.....Oh and Zackary, GFYS.

Update: Wow, just wow.

By Howie at 12:16 PM | Comments |

German National Designated Terrorist

The U.S. Treasury Department has added a German member of al Qaeda, Bekkay Harrach, to a list of terrorists who's assets are to be frozen and which American companies are forbidden from doing business with.

How effective are these measures?

Well, a Texas and an Oregon company are presently doing business with the Taliban -- also on the same list. After numerous complaints the websites are still up and as far as I know no action has been taken by the Treasury Department.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:50 AM | Comments |

Charles Johnson vs the Little Guys of the Right Blogosphere (The Cartoon)

Um, can you guess which one The Jawa Report is?

Click for Bigger

Christmas Ghost has this and other political satire cartoons here.

Thanks to W. Teach.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:31 AM | Comments |

Italy Bribed Taliban? **Update eh: Et Tu Canada**

I have my doubts, especially when the sources are a Taliban commander and unnamed Afghan officials. Only reason I posted this was for the super hawt Italian chick with a gun and the historical (as I think Sarkozy has bigger nuts than Ofumble) stereotype confirming paragraphs included in the article.

Via Daily Mail:

The protection payments came to light after the death of ten French soldiers in August 2008 at the hands of the Taliban in the region.

The French had taken over the district from Italian troops thinking the area was quiet and safe, and were unaware of the alleged secret payments meant to stop attacks on their forces.

Update: Now I'm sure this is a load.

By Ronin at 11:06 AM | Comments |

Inside CAIR

Via Daniel Pipes:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has, since its founding in 1994, served as the Islamist movement in North America's most high-profile, belligerent, manipulative, and aggressive agency. From its headquarters in Washington, D.C., CAIR also sets the agenda and tone for the entire Wahhabi lobby.

A substantial body of criticism about CAIR exists, some of by me, but until now, the group's smash-mouths and extremists have managed to survive all revelations about its record. The publication today of Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America (WND Books) may, however, change the equation.

By Howie at 09:25 AM | Comments |

Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America

Hat Tip: Shona.

Update: Part I.
Part III.
(the above was part II)
Part IV:
Part V
Part VI

By Howie at 09:12 AM | Comments |

Obama Communications Director Hearts Chairman Mao?

Via Malkin:

Add to the mix this fun fact from Glenn Beck…Dunn is a Mao enthusiast. The White House says she is joking.

Doesn’t seem that way. And, um, who would joke about such a thing?

Which would seem to confirm we've not elected a bunch of liberals, we've elected a big ol pile of damned Neo-Commie fakers.

WTF, how did that happen?

If ya go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow...

I don't know when the liberals all turned into pinko commie bastages, but they have nothing to do with what we used to call "liberalism". What irony that now after all these years a Lennon song can apply so directly to our present crop of leftys.

By Howie at 08:52 AM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Terrorists Murdered 150+ Muslims in One Week

Listening to the news this AM I want to again make the point that terrorist murder more Muslims than anyone else.

In the last week in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan the Taliban and their kind murdered in cold blood over 150 Muslims.

This was not "resistance" it was cold blooded murder.

The Taliban even took the time to bomb a government housing project. They murdered poor Muslims for turning to their government to get a roof over their heads, for accepting help.

But these Muslims who are murdered daily almost get it. From a comment on youtube...

I am a muslim and a proud Pakistani i hate talibans they cant b muslims or from pakistan coz Islam teach us love not hatred no muslim is allowed to kill anyone these talibans kills innocent ppl in Pakistan, in Afghanistan and in rest of world
Wow that sounds pretty good doesn't it. Right up until you get to the rest of the comment
..they get paid by indian agency RAW and israeli Mosad just to make Pakistan weak and spread hate for Muslims and Islam since they r so scared of Islam being fastest growing religion in the world
The victims of these murders are unable to place the blame where the blame lies. They create a Khinspiracy theory. The truth is the Taliban and al-Qaeda are funded by Muslims. Mostly from the ME, mostly from Saudi Arabia.

So long as the Muslim victims of terrorists blame everyone else and refuse to face the fact that the man holding the knife to their their throat is another Muslim, there can be no progress for the ROP.


By Howie at 08:09 AM | Comments |

October 15, 2009

HuffPo pulls fake Limbaugh quotes***Updated***

Not sure if anyone has picked this up yet, but the editors at the Huffington Post have pulled the fake Limbaugh "slavery" quotes from a 2006 Jack Huberman article. Huberman's book was one of the original sources for the fake quotes, apparently picking them up from the wikipedia entry where they first appeared.

A note at the beginning of the article now states:

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this post contained quotes attributed to Rush Limbaugh, which Limbaugh has since denied making. As is our policy when a fact in a blog post is called into question, we gave its author 24 hours to substantiate the quote. Since he has not been able to do so, the quotes have been deleted from the post.

So Huberman wasn't able to back it up, they pulled the quotes. That's fair enough, I guess. I wonder if the rest of the "fact-check" media will be honest enough to follow their online lead. Don't hold your breath.

The Weekly Standard reported earlier today that this might happen. HT to them.

Looks like I scooped the Weekly Standard on their own story. And over at HotAir they are reporting the CNN's Rick Sanchez has offered a sort-of lame retraction, or at least admission they didn't fact check the story.

By Barbarossa at 11:36 PM | Comments |

American Terror Enablers Watch Day II III: Texas, Oregon Company Still Helping Taliban (updated, OWNED)

***Updated & Sticky, scroll down for new posts***

UPDATE: the three websites are now offline!

Begin original post


After sending numerous complaints to The Planet in Texas and Active Domain in Oregon yesterday two days ago, the Taliban are still receiving essential services from these companies. I presume pray the three websites in question will be taken down by The Planet and that Active Domain will remove privacy protection for the Taliban --- immediately.

The websites are: http://alemarah.info, http://shahamat1.org, and http://alsomod.info

Complaints should be directed to:
Hosting: abuse@theplanet.com
ph) 281-714-3560

Privacy Protect: g548u0kb0339@whoisproof.com
ph) 202-470-0599

Privacy Protect parent company: admin@active-domain.com
ph) 321-282-3935

UPDATE: Day 3!!!

Here is a sample complaint letter:

You are the webhost or registrar of record providing identity protection for http://alemarah.info/ , shahamat1.org and alsomod.info

These are the OFFICIAL Websites of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, better known as the Afghan Taliban.

Providing business services, even free ones, to the Taliban violates the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) in the US.

Each IEEPA violation of carries a fine of up to $250,000.

The Taliban appear on the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons under Section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (as amended) and are Specially Designated Global Terrorist under Section 1(b) of Executive Order 13224 (as amended).

See: http://www.ustreas.gov/offices/enforcement/ofac/sdn/sdnlist.txt

The consequences of this designation include a prohibition against the provision of material support or resources to the Taliban and blocking of all property and interests in property of the organization that are in the United States, or come within the United States, or the control of U.S. persons.

In addition, the websites contains fraudulent registry data.

Please remove these websites from your servers or stop providing privacy protection without further delay!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:36 PM | Comments |

Jihad Jane Song and Dance

Well at least she kept her face covered this time.

By Howie at 03:00 PM | Comments |

Obama loosens missile technology control to China

"It's as though Commerce's mishandling of missile-tech transfers to China in the 1990s never happened," said Mr. Sokolski, a former Pentagon proliferation specialist. "But it did. As a result, we are now facing much more accurate, reliable missiles from China."

Might as make money from what the Chinese have been stealing from us since the 90s. [sarc off]

From Washington Times

President Obama recently shifted authority for approving sales to China of missile and space technology from the White House to the Commerce Department -- a move critics say will loosen export controls and potentially benefit Chinese missile development.

The president issued a little-noticed "presidential determination" Sept. 29 that delegated authority for determining whether missile and space exports should be approved for China to Commerce Secretary Gary Locke.[...]

Henry Sokolski, director of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, said restoring Commerce Department control over the sensitive experts is a "step backward."

"It's as though Commerce's mishandling of missile-tech transfers to China in the 1990s never happened," said Mr. Sokolski, a former Pentagon proliferation specialist. "But it did. As a result, we are now facing much more accurate, reliable missiles from China."

Mr. Sokolski said he expects the U.S. government under the new policy to again boost Chinese military modernization through "whatever renewed 'benign' missile technology" is approved.

Read it all.

By at 02:44 PM | Comments |

Muslim student group attempts to ban Geert Wilders at Temple Univ

The Muslim Student Association at Temple University is making a push to have Dutch Parliamentarian and anti-jihad advocate Geert Wilders banned from speaking at Temple University next Tuesday. In a statement issued early today, the group's president attempted to out-do George Orwell:

The Temple University Muslim Students Association (MSA), one of the largest, most active and socially conscious student organizations on Temple's campus, is issuing this public statement of protest concerning the invitation of Geert Wilders to address the Temple community on October 20, 2009. Geert Wilders is a far-right Dutch MP who is infamous for his anti-Islamic rhetoric and extreme hatred towards Muslims. A person who has been tried in the Netherlands Supreme Court for his hate speech concerning Islam, banned from the United Kingdom due to the threat he poses to community harmony, and is concurrently being charged for violating anti-hate laws in the European Union, should not be allowed to address the Temple community. Temple MSA speaks for the many Muslims and socially conscious students and faculty on campus when we say that the presence of Geert Wilders on our campus is a breech of Temple University's pledge to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all students and faculty on campus. The Muslim population at Temple feels attacked, threatened, and ultimately unsafe that Mr. Wilders has been invited to voice his hate-driven opinions. The fact alone that backpacks are prohibited for entry to this event reinforces our argument that this creates an unsafe atmosphere where prejudiced, racist and vehemently hateful words will be disguised under the veil of academia.

Temple MSA deplores the decision made by Temple College Republicans, The David Horowitz Freedom Center, Temple University Purpose, Temple Student Activities, and Temple University as an institution of higher learning, for welcoming Geert Wilders when so many have found his speech to be repugnant to society as a whole.

We condemn Temple University for being the first university in the United States to allow Mr. Wilders to address their population and hope that the administration realizes the reputation and ideologies they are fostering not only to the Temple community, but to the world. The decision to allow Mr. Wilders to share his viewpoints is a danger not only for the public safety of Muslims and the honor of the core principles of Islam, but also for academic integrity and objectivity on campus.

We strongly urge that his invitation be rescinded immediately in order to foster appreciation of free speech that is not based on hatred and discrimination.
Thank you for your urgent attention to this matter.

Monira Gamal-Eldin
President of the Temple Muslim Students Association

"The honor of the core principles of Islam". That's rich.

What's also rich is their attempt to claim that since Geert Wilders lives under constant threat by violent Muslims and is protected 24/7 by a team of bodyguards, that demonstrates that HE is the hatemonger.

David Horowitz, who is sponsoring Geert Wilders trip through the US next week has this response:

The Temple Muslim Students Association has issued a call to the Temple University administration to censor the forthcoming campus appearance of Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders on the 20th of October, which is sponsored by the David Horowitz Freedom Center. The Temple administration should reject this attack on the First Amendment rights of all members of the Temple community.

It is not surprising that the Muslim Students Association would seek to shut down the free speech of Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders who has been an outspoken critic of Islamic terrorists and Islamic attacks on Jews and other religions. Assaults on the First Amendment and efforts to censor critics of radical Islam are, in fact, typical of the tactics used by the Muslim Students Association, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim American Society, all groups which support the jihad against the west and are part of the network created by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the parent organization of the terrorist groups al-Qaeda and Hamas. The faculty advisor for Temple MSA is presently a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is the height of hypocrisy for the Muslim Students Association to accuse Geert Wilders of spreading hate or anyone of being a hate group. Chapters of MSA at UC Irvine and Ohio State have raised money for the terrorist group Hamas whose goal — as stated in its official charter — is the destruction of the Jewish state and the extermination of the Jews. Speakers sponsored by the MSA have called for the execution of homosexuals, war against the United States and the destruction of the Jewish state and the extermination of the Jews. Every year, on the day commemorating the birth of the Jewish state, the MSA sponsors nationwide campus protests against the existence of the Jewish state calling its creation the “nakba” – the catastrophe. This is an act of genocidal hate.

Temple MSA refers to the fact that security will be necessary at the event as proof that Geert Wilders is dangerous. This is the perfect Orwellian mindset of supporters of the jihad. The threat to the Wilders event making security measures necessary comes from Muslim radicals who have already assassinated two prominent Dutch critics of Islamic terrorism – Pym Fortun and Theo Van Gogh (who not incidentally both happened to be gay).

In point of fact Wilders has not been tried by any Dutch court, and was recently exonerated by a British court which declared the ban on his entry illegal.
The Temple community should reject the call by the MSA to censor free speech on the Temple campus, and should recognize it for what it is – an assault on the right of all Americans to have a democracy that is inclusive, tolerant and respectful of the rights of others.

David Horowitz, Craig Snider
For the David Horowitz Freedom Center Philadelphia

By Barbarossa at 01:50 PM | Comments |

Lybia Getting All Hopey, Changey

Via Yahoo News:

The Kadhafi Foundation said it is "working to strengthen peace in Libya," emphasising the "big success" of the dialogue with the LIFG, formed in secret in Afghanistan in the early 1990s and which came to public notice in 1995 when it launched an armed campaign against Kadhafi's regime.

Al-Qaeda announced in November 2007 that the LIFG had joined the jihadist network.

"big success" of the dialogue....sounds like somebody else I know. Good luck with that.

By Ronin at 01:37 PM | Comments |

Taliban Offensive Continues in Pakistan 39 Murdered

Via Yahoo News:

LAHORE, Pakistan – Teams of gunmen launched coordinated attacks on three law enforcement facilities in Pakistan's second-largest city of Lahore, and car bombs exploded in two cities near the Afghan border Thursday, killing 39 people in an escalating wave of anti-government violence.

The assaults, aimed at scuttling a planned offensive into the Taliban heartland near Afghanistan, highlight Islamist militants' ability to carry out sophisticated strikes on heavily fortified facilities and expose the failure of the intelligence agencies to adequately infiltrate the extremist cells.

Well if Pakistan has spent all that money we gave them on actually fighting the Taliban they would not be about to fall. Pakistan's current weak leader old what's his name keep saying he's going to take it to them.

Er uh, might consider doing that now.

Seriously I fear Pakistan is about to fall. They keep trying to play both sides with the Taliban and their allies. For instance, if you go fight Jihad in Kashmir and leave swat alone we won't imprison you. Pakistan just doesn't get they are being f*cked over EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Pakistan's obsession with India is going to be its death. While it sits waiting on that big show down the Taliban just keep handing Pakistan head on a platter.

My advice, forget India, India is not going to do crap to you. But the Taliban and al-Qaeda are.

By Howie at 01:14 PM | Comments |

UK Islamists to Protest Freedom, Democracy: "We have had enough of freedom!"

Target rich environment?

British news media have been reporting on the plans of a group in the United Kingdom to hold an October 31 march in London calling for the end to the “oppression of democracy and man-made laws”… stating “We have had enough of freedom”… and calling for Sharia law to replace democracy and freedom in the United Kingdom.
This would be the same group we see over and over again in the UK spewing hate and nonsense -- the followers of Omar Bakri Mohammad. Yes, the same people who brought you such classic protest signs as Behead those who insult Islam, Islam will conquer Rome, and Be prepared for the real holocaust.

And yes, the same people seen pictured right using freedom of speech to condemn it.

They say that they will have 5,000 Muslims out for the protest. I doubt that will happen. Expect a 100 or less. 100 is a far cry from 5k.

But still, these guys once openly supported al Qaeda. Now they only covertly support them. So, no big deal, right?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:39 AM | Comments |

Top Chinese general to visit Pentagon

"We will show him a great deal of how our military operates in this country,"

China's top general is scheduled to visit the Pentagon and other top US military sites at the end of the month. Do you think this is such a good idea especially since China is the number one threat to US dominance in the Pacific? Breitbart

General Xu Caihou, vice chairman of the People's Liberation Army central military commission, will hold high-level meetings from October 24-31 and visit military commands and bases across the United States, press secretary Geoff Morrell told a news conference.[...]

During his tour, the Chinese general was due to visit sites from all the US armed services, including the US Naval Academy in Maryland, US Strategic Command in Nebraska, Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, the US Army's Fort Benning in Georgia, the North Island Naval Air Station in San Diego and US Pacific Command in Hawaii, Morrell said.

By at 11:33 AM | Comments |

Leave Meghan Alone#!!##$!!$@##!!!


Via the American Spectator:

I've never minded a gal "with a little meat on her bones,"

Agreed. I'd still hit it....

once....hmmm maybe three times.

Just don't call me tomorrow baby.

Update: Yes, I know I'm going to hell for that.


click for larger

By Howie at 10:08 AM | Comments |

US to allow Russian inspectors at US nuke sites


After Hillary Clinton's trip to Russia it was revealed that the US will allow Russian inspectors to US nuclear sites. But as of yet, Russia has not confirmed it will allow US inspection of their nuclear sites.

I could be wrong but I'm 99.99% sure that America has never allowed any Russian inspection of nuclear sites before. For the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, Russia confirmed US compliance through satellite imagery, no inspections. This is insane!!!

Hillary Clinton hopes Russia will reciprocate America's gesture. HA!

More at RoA

Update: A few commenters have pointed out that the Russians have actually inspected our nuke facilities before. But my real problem with this is that Russia has yet to reciprocate our goodwill gesture for mutual inspection or more importantly they refuse to cooperate with us on Iran. Obama canceled the missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic and in return Russia refuses to endorse sanctions on Iran.

Clinton goes to Russia to try to convince them to endorse sanctions on Iran but comes but to the US with nothing but a promise to allow Russian inspection of our nuclear sites.

By at 07:56 AM | Comments |

Attn: Yousef al-Khattab



Eat this Bitch!

click image for more

That's twice baby....!


I do accept tips ya know.

By Howie at 07:55 AM | Comments |

Woman Gets 15 Abortions in 17 Years

Irene Vilar.jpgBy self-described abortion addict Irene Vilar, a freshly-published memoir called "Impossible Motherhood" details her 15 abortions in 17 years. Notably, the manuscript for "Impossible Motherhood" was rejected 51 times before being accepted for publication.

Vilar claims that abortion for her was like experiencing drug addiction or anorexia and it all started at 16 when she married a 50-year-old literature professor who didn't want children. She rebelled by "forgetting" to take her birth control pills.

One doctor suggests Vilar needs psychiatric help.

Interestingly, Vilar's actions and her book have raised the ire of both pro-abortion and anti-abortion advocates, people who rarely agree on anything. (More ....)

By at 06:43 AM | Comments |

October 14, 2009

Al Qaeda in Yemen, Inventor of the Butt Bomb, Caught in Ladies Clothes

You remember those exemplars of total submission, Yemeni al Qaeda, and their astounding innovation: "The third tactical shift is perhaps the most interesting, and that is the use of an IED hidden in the anal cavity of the bomber." Well, they're still at it.

UPI: Saudi officials blame al-Qaida militants who crossed the southern border from Yemen for a shoot-out that left one police officer and two terrorists dead...Shoais had stopped a car of men dressed in women's clothing believed to be hiding explosive belts, Emirati newspaper The National reports. The spokesman said security officials believe the men were preparing for a suicide operation.
Yemeni al Qaeda also wear make-up on a regular basis.


Is that a Jheri curl? Nice ring, watch, spiffy beret. The shirt is a bit tight. Even the dancing Afghanistani boys grow up.

The photo is of Yemeni Nassir al Wahishi, head of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and bin Laden's former secretary, endorsed by Zawaheri. I have no comment about that finger, Abu Basir, none whatsoever.

Unsurprisingly, their wives keep fleeing.

By Jane at 10:40 PM | Comments |

Good thing we have the smart people running the economy... No wait!

It is July 2005. The economy is roaring ahead, but there are growing concerns about its sustainability. Is there really a housing bubble? Should we be concerned at all about those questionable mortgage practices we are hearing about?

The Washington and the media turned to one expert:

Q. "Can you give us your view of whether there is a housing bubble out there?" A. "I don't know whether prices are exactly where they should be but I think they are supported by the strength of the economy."

Q. "So tell me, what is the worst case scenario, if in fact we were to see prices come down substantially across the country? "
A. "I don't buy your premise. It is a pretty unlikely possibility. We've never had a decline in house prices on a nationwide basis. I'm confident in the fact that the bank regulators will pay close attention to the kinds of loans that are being made, making sure that underwriting is being done right... I do think this is mostly a localized problem and not something that impacts the national economy."

So who is this clueless loser? The answer and video are below the fold:

(HT: Jack Heald at Rockonomics)

Yeah, that would be Ben Bernanke, current chairman of the Federal Reserve. At the time he was chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers.

Here's a handy compilation of Bernanke's greatest hits from 2005-2007. And remember, this guy now runs our economy.

Aren't you glad we have the smartest people in the room in charge?

By Barbarossa at 09:35 PM | Comments |

A History of the Rush Racist Quote Lie

Howie updated with a link earlier, but this deserves its own post. Here is a history of the fake James Earl Ray praise quote being attributed to Rush. This was debunked back in ... 2005!

And the link above? From last June. This has been around for awhile and it shows that people are willing to believe lies when those lies mesh with their worldview.

Like, conservatives are all secret racists.

So, a racist quote attributed to Rush Limbaugh goes unchecked because, hey, we all know Rush is really a racist, right?

Pay close attention to how the date on the quote changes over time to make it seem more legit.

Give it a few more years and we'll find the original. Dating back to the late 60's. Typed on an IBM Selectric II.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:34 PM | Comments |

Too good to check: Ayatollah Khamenei died

From the Anti-Mullah

Khamenei has died. The formal announcement is expected to be made tomorrow morning (Tehran time). Relative to this, all regime organizations including the official regime news agency "Seda va Sima" are being draped in black.

By at 04:26 PM | Comments |

Never Would Have Guessed

Al-Shabab is infringing on the independence of journalists in Somalia...maybe Chavez is a consultant. The punishment has got to be something less than that of stealing or adultery...maybe just lop off a few fingers or cut out a tongue?

By Ronin at 03:35 PM | Comments |

Full Video: Frontline's "Obama's War"

Here's the full video of Frontline's "Obama's War". I didn't get a chance to see it last night because my cable doesn't get turned on until today. If you missed it, here it is.

And, if you watch it right now, you can join me in periodically spewing your beverage of choice at the screen during the inevitable interview with Juan Cole. Despite this, is there any other program that takes the time to look at the issue with such depth? It's why Frontline continues to be one of my favorite programs in spite of itself.

UPDATE: Just watched it. No Juan Cole. No reservations about the show. In fact, consider watching it your must watch homework for the night.

Video below the fold.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:02 PM | Comments |

A Post in Which I (Finally) Find Myself in Agreement with the Taliban

Well, I guess even broken clocks are right twice a day:

The Pakistani Taliban has criticized the decision to award Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize ...
Right opinion, wrong reasons.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:46 PM | Comments |

Red on Red: Saudis Kill 2 al Qaeda

Two down, thousands to go. I'll note that the implication from the article is that the "deviant minority" al Qaeda suspects were coming from Yemen into Saudi Arabia.

You don't have to be Jane Novak to realize that Yemen is now al Qaeda headquarters in the Middle East.

And on the other side of Yemen? Somalia.

Wheels within wheels, people. Wheels within wheels.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:24 PM | Comments |

Freaky-Deaky Robot Changes from Liquid to Solid State, "Walks"


Dude! And it's financed by the military. Skynet, here we come!

Shachtman thinks this is still years away from reality. And he's right if thinking about military applications.

But I wonder if the strangely phallic like animation trying to explain how a material can go from flacid to rigid through a chemical reaction was intentional or not? Either way, I think Viagara just found it's latest competitor ....

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:44 PM | Comments |

Olivia Munn: Hottest Geek on Earth

In response to Glenn Reynold's pimping of this Manolith article on the 12 hottest geek girls, may I present the only exhibit in our case for Olivia Munn? Consider this both our opening and closing argument.


Case closed, people. Case closed.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:09 PM | Comments |

When Stilettos Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Stilletos

Do strippers have a 2nd Amendment right to wear high heels? Stripper pleads guilty to stilleto stabbing:

Chetania Davis was pissed that her club hired another dancer to work at Akron establishment, so on April 14, 2009, while they were in the dressing room, she took off her stiletto and stabbed the 52-year-old woman in the face several times.
I think the obviously overlooked angle on this story is: what was a 52 year old doing working at a strip club?!?!?!

Um, remind me never to go to a strip club if I'm ever in Akron.

[Yet another chance to repost that image of Yasmin Fastok, Omar Bakri Mohammad's stripper daughter.]

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:01 PM | Comments |

Democrats: Arugula Eating Surrender Monkeys

Yes, they really are the party of cut and run. Here are the key quotes, as taken from Gateway Pundit:

As President Obama mulls the military's request for a big troop build-up in Afghanistan, Americans have swung in favor of such a move, according to a new IBD/TIPP Poll....

That's because the turnaround comes from a surge in support from Republicans — up 27 points just in October to 72%. A month ago, GOP respondents had leaned against sending more troops, 47%-45%...

But Democrats say no more blood and treasure by 57%-32%. Many congressional leaders have signaled their reluctance to send reinforcements.

Who were these Republicans who a month ago wanted to lose a war to Islamist fascists? My non-scientific feel is that there are a lot of Republicans who think Obama is so bad as Commander and Chief that they feel that a loss under his leadership is inevitable, and therefore might as well cut our losses now rather than later. McChrystal's pressure has probably convinced some that the war is winnable if -- if -- Obama takes his advice.

Call it wishful thinking, but I'm willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt and hope that he'll do the right thing.

As for Democrats: When haven't they been against American victory overseas? Remember when Iraq was lost and we had to get out of there ASAP? Ah, the good old days of two years ago that no one seems to remember any more! That memory hole just keeps getting temporally closer and closer.

Note to Democrats: Last time I checked France had a fairly lenient immigration policy. Wouldn't you feel more comfortable there?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:15 AM | Comments |

Cuban Blogger Wins Award, Cuban Commie Asshat Dictator Raúl Castro Denies Permission to Travel

Yeah I know that was a long headline

Via Columbia Spectator: Tomorrow is supposed to be Yoani Sánchez’s big day.

Sánchez, a 34-year-old Cuban blogger who has expressed negative opinions of her country, is scheduled to pick up her Maria Moors Cabot Prize special citation at Columbia’s Journalism School on Wednesday.

But, according to a University announcement, Cuba has denied Sánchez permission to travel to New York. Cuba has done this before, preventing Sánchez from receiving her Ortega y Gasset Prize in digital journalism in Madrid.

Sánchez’s weekly blog, Generación Y, has garnered attention and accolades for presenting Cuban life to the world at large.

What are you afraid she might report on all those Americans trying to swim to the communist paradise?

By Howie at 09:44 AM | Comments |

Who Turned Out The Lights....

at http://www.islamicawakening.com/ this time?


Not us, we swear.... Besides we loved all those radical Joey quotes that were there.

Someone forget to pay the light bill?

Sigh.....so sad.

Well you're right we're not really all that broke up about it.

By Howie at 09:04 AM | Comments |

Today in Radfan, Yemen

The southern independence movement called a demonstration.

(Not to be confused with the war in Sa'ada, north Yemen)

By Jane at 08:58 AM | Comments |

Exclusive: Keith Olbermann Calls Roman Polanski's Child Rape "No Biggie," Says He'd "Hit It," Too

The exact quote is as follows:

"Roman Polanski is being hung in effigy by the fascist Christian right, who claim he is the posterboy for what is wrong with the American left. Polanski's crime was no biggie, and if I were in his shoes, I'd hit that, too. Without hesitation. She looked older and was asking for it."

Source? Don't need one. It sounds like something a cartoonish caricature of Olbermann would say, so he therefore said it. I anxiously await the mainstream press to diagnose Olbermann's statement - heretofore never noticed by anyone except for a commenter named "dingo" who tipped me off to it - as "career-ending."

Go get him, mainstream press!

By Good Lt. at 08:13 AM | Comments |

Rasmussen: Support for Obamacare 44%, Opposition 50%

The American public is just CLAMORING for ObamaCare's guaranteed hope-n-change!

Forty-four percent (44%) of voters nationwide now favor the health care reform plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. That’s little changed from a week ago. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 50% are opposed to the plan.
O, the political drama! Now that Snowe has thrown in with the rats, the public will surely be fooled into thinking this is now "bipartisan."

It's so transparent, open, honest and wonderful that the pieces of crap in Congress are "behind closed doors" again shucking, jiving and horesetrading for the right way to tell you're getting a bar of gold while they rob you of your private health insurance.


Keep swinging for the bleachers, Obamacrats.

By Good Lt. at 07:12 AM | Comments |

Darwin Award Dimwits II

OK something more lighthearted. Unless you're an idiot too.

By Barbarossa at 12:07 AM | Comments |

October 13, 2009

Delaware's Christina School District Gets Lenient With Obvious Al Qaeda 4.0 Suspect

Great, now the little rugrat is free to terrorize the second grade with a butterknife next year.

What is our country coming to when we let these people loose to commit this havoc among us?

By Vinnie at 11:59 PM | Comments |

The Rise and Fall of ObamaMarketing

Fantastic stuff from Evan Coyne Maloney at BigGovernment, per usual. Particularly eggregious Obama worship abound from the O-bots.

Exit quote: "Hope is all we got at this stage."

By Good Lt. at 10:20 PM | Comments |

Another Minneapolis Somali charged in missing jihadists case

He drove them across country so they could cross the border to take a flight. But Abdow Abdow claims he's not into "whatever those guys are into". So that's why he lied to federal investigators (via Rahm at Terror Free Somalia):

The FBI has made another arrest in its yearlong investigation into a rash of disappearances from the Somali community in Minnesota.

A 26-year-old medical technician from St. Paul was arrested on Friday and charged with making false statements to FBI officials. His arrest had been under seal until Tuesday, when he appeared in a St. Paul federal court.

An FBI spokesman said that Abdow Abdow's arrest was related to the ongoing investigation into the two dozen Somali youths who have left the United States and traveled to Somalia to join a militia there called al-Shabab.

The criminal complaint against Abdow says he lied about driving a handful of Somali-Americans from Minneapolis across the country on Oct. 6. One of the young men in the car had his passport and $4,000 in cash. Two other young men who were passengers in Abdow's car tried to leave the United States through Mexico two days later.

When Abdow was asked about his fellow travelers, he denied they were in the car, the FBI says. When interviewed at work, Abdow allegedly told the FBI, "I'm talking too much." Then, when he finally admitted having a handful of passengers in his car, he added, "Whatever those guys are into, I'm not."

Um, yeah. More details at the Star-Tribune.

By Barbarossa at 10:19 PM | Comments |

A new wrinkle in the Rifqa Bary case - the family is here illegally

Yes, the Florida judge agreed to send her back to Ohio, where the authorities there have already greased the skids to return her to her abusive family to appease the gods of political correctness.

But before the media cheerleaders at the Orlando Sentinel and the Columbus Dispatch start their parties, it all may not be over - yet. The Florida judge threw one wrinkle into the mix:

Before the girl gets sent back, the judge says he needs immigration papers proving her status in the U.S. and proof from the state of Florida that she can continue her virtual schooling and receive credit in Ohio.

The attorney for Rifqa's parents has long since crossed the line of contempt of court by refusing to provide the immigration papers on FIVE separate occasions. Why? Because the whole family is here illegally. They used Rifqa's eye injury to get a visa so she could get treatment and overstayed the visa, which is why they have steadfastly refused to provide the documents to the court.

This could get interesting.

By Barbarossa at 05:18 PM | Comments |

Napolitano: Some al Qaeda types in the US

"It is fair to say there are individuals in the United States who ascribe to Al Qaeda-type beliefs,"

"Al Qaeda-type beliefs" I wonder what those could be...*cough* islam *cough*.

It's been about a month since the rash of arrests of those who ascribe to al Qaeda type beliefs and it's taken this long for for Napolitano to figure it out? I guess it's because she's been too busy making slick videos for recognizing 8 signs of terrorist activity. If you watch the video you'll notice a conspicuous absence of those who "ascribe to al Qaeda type beliefs".

By at 04:13 PM | Comments |

When Japanese Schoolgirls Convert to Radical Islam

When Rusty posts it: funny.
When noted female jihad supporter posts it: not so much.

It's called context. It matters.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:29 PM | Comments |

Joey Cohen on Fox News..... Again

It seems JoeyCohen -- the Jewish convert to radical Islam who calls himself Youssef al-Khattab -- has made Fox News for praying for his parents' death, again.



NEW YORK — A New York bicycle cabbie who last year used his Web site to mock the beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl posted a prayer calling for the murder of Jews and exhorting Muslims to “throw liquid drain cleaner in their faces." And there's nothing authorities can do about it.
Yes, Joey does word his threats very carefully so he feels protected by his "free speech" rights. It's the typical trolling he does to get attention.

Lately some of his actions have been less typical, more bold.

If you read his website located at revolutionmuslim.com you will also see a post labeled By all Means Necessary by his lover Yunnis Abdullah Muhammad in which they advocate for a "future Islamic state". Where? Why in America of course. There used to be a day when we called that sedition.


Right below that is a post advocating al-Shabbab in Somalia. Al-Shabbab has been designated an official terrorist group by the State Department. They are al Qaeda's local affiliate. But there he is lending support by spreading propaganda that attempts to get Muslims to support them.

Scroll down a little and there is a post of a press release from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, aka the Taliban. A group declared a terrorist organization by the UN and an executive order in the US. And yet there is Cohen supporting our enemy in a time of war.... again.

You know I support the right to "information". I support the right of this POS to pray for the deaths of his own people.

But Yousef al-Khattab and his partners have spent years and years advocating for the enemies of the United States of America during a time of war. A crime we used to call treason back when we had balls.

He is always advocating terrorism, advocating violence against Jews. While always hiding behind the rights of "free speech" and "religion".

Well, after a while that just doesn't fly any more Joey.

The really sad thing is Joey is sitting in his home right now laughing his ass off at the lack of backbone shown by the infidels. We will sit by and let our enemies use our soil and our own infrastructure against us.

He loves this as much as you dislike it, probably even more.

Previous: Joey Fantasizes About Killing and Burning Jews.....Again.

He has as much right to say these things as a decent company would have to refuse to host him. I guess WeHostWebSites.com is not a reputable company because they are still doing business with him five days after we sent complaints.

You know one of these days Joey is going to incite someone to actually kill someone. Maybe then it will be taken seriously. I hope it doesn't come to that but that seems to be what is going to take.

Joeys provider iswas WeHostWebSites.com.

393 Inverness Parkway
Englewood, Colorado 80112
Fax: 1-888-300-2329 or 303-414-6913

The Jawa Report, dependably about five days ahead of FOXNEWS ;-).

Update: We've made contact with Jay Sudowski Director of Technical Services at WeHostWebSites.Com. Lets just say Jay has been somewhat less than concerned or cooperative to say the least.

Update: PWNED!

click image for more

By Howie at 01:33 PM | Comments |

Dear Mom,
I'm in Texas
The Taliban

UPDATE 10/16/2009: Websites now down!

The official websites of the Taliban are back in Texas.



All three websites =
= The Planet.com Internet Services, Inc.
315 Capitol
Suite 205
Houston, TX, 77002
ph) 281-714-3560

Texas, where the Taliban come out to play ... when they're not killing Americans in Afghanistan!

An Oregon based company is hiding the identity of the Taliban member who paid for these websites.

Registrar of record:
Whois Manager
Whois Proof LLP
PO Box 4120
Portland, OR, 97208-4120
email) g548u0kb0339@whoisproof.com
ph) 202-470-0599

Whois Manager is owned by a Beaverton, Oregon based company called Active Domain:
Active-Domain LLC
14525 SW Millikan 86802
Beaverton, OR, 97005-2343
email: admin@active-domain.com
ph) 321-282-3935

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:33 PM | Comments |

Akhi, When I Hug You I Feel Something Hard and Long in Your Front Pocket ......

Followup to Howie's earlier post. Yet another internet jihadi going to jail. The ringleader of the Toronto 18 has pleaded guilty. His plot started in his mother's basement, grew through a ring of internet friends that connected him to al Qaeda's internet point man in London and wannabes in Atlanta, but soon led to meat world meetings with an akhi (brother) who turned out to be an informant.

He may get life in jail and now that he'd pleaded guilty will probably take the rest of the Canadian plotters down with him.

But here's the take away quote that Howie completely missed:

He became fast friends with the long-bearded stranger – the undercover informant – and greeted the spy with a hug.

I feel something in his pocket,” Mubin Shaikh, the informer later testified, in a related case. “... I said ‘Brother, what is that I feel on you?'

That is a gun in my pocket, but that doesn't mean I'm also happy to see you, akhi!

Thanks to Ineternet Haganah.

RELATED: Internet key to both plotting terror and in catching those involved. Hey GIMFers, watch out for the cornhole buddies.

The catch 22 that is inherent in jihadi usage of the internet should be apparent to all. But it kind of reminds me of that Homer Simpson toast.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:18 AM | Comments |

Terror Attack in Italy

I meant to post this yesterday, but duty on the homefront called. Not that all of you don't already read Jihad Watch or that Robert needs the traffic, but I just want to note three things.

1: Why isn't this receiving more media coverage?

2: Why isn't this being called terrorism?

3: Why are the terrorists being identified by country of origin and not by the one thing they have in common -- political Islam?

Here's the original story and here's the follow up?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:04 AM | Comments |

British Islamic Student in Yemen Kills 2 in Weapons Training Accident

A British student at the Dar al Hadeth Islamic Institute in Dammaj, Yemen killed two fellow students during training with "medium weapons." Translation of article below the fold. The Dammaj school is in Sa'ada (where the war is) and is the flagship school of the Dar al Hadeth network of Salafi Islamic Institutes. There are eight main schools in addition to publishing houses and dozens of smaller outposts throughout Yemen. The combined number of students among the eight schools is probably several thousand but not all get weapons training. Related:

Days before September's federal election, authorities in five German states raided 19 apartments belonging to suspected Islamists. The respected German newspaper, Die Frankfurter Allgemeine, reported that the raids targeted German converts who were recruiting for a Koran school in Yemen. The paper quoted sources from German security circles who maintained the school's operators are closely connected with al Qaeda and suspected the school also serves as a military training camp for "numerous converts from Europe and the United States."
Dar al Hadeth does train many foreigners, including Americans. (Its a good idea to keep an eye on anyone who changes their name from Carlos to Mujahid ). The school receives support on many levels from the Yemeni government itself, some quite overt like jobs for its graduates. Other support includes weapons and physical protection by security forces. There have been some incidents of students clashing with the Houthi rebels. Funding for the schools' operations also comes from Saudi and the Gulf. Many of the Yemenis held at Gitmo were sent to Afghanistan from the Dammaj school, which the US military describes as a known terror training facility.

The google translation is rather ambiguous, so I confirmed that the Brit is the shooter not the victim.

The death of two students in training camps Dammaj Salafi Saada . link

2009-10-12 Date Published: 2009-10-12
Least two of the students studying modern Dar Saada died early Monday morning at the hands of their colleagues studying in the home.

Well-informed sources that the Taliban were shot dead by colleague during training in the use of medium weapons and hunting in the modern home of the Wahhabi group Dammaj area.

The sources revealed that the student who opened fire on his fellow Arab and holds British citizenship, and killed one of our young and the other from Saada.

The status of the so-called Wahhabis salafis Sa'ada governorate extends Army fighters in the confrontations with the followers of Huthi.

The website that published the report is loosely affiliated with the Yemeni government, not the Houthi (Zaidi, Shiite) rebels.

By Jane at 10:55 AM | Comments |

Italy's equality minister calls for burqa ban

Mara Carfagna, Italy's Equality Minister, who is most famous for posing nude has called for the ban of the burqa in Italy. Carfagna states that the burqa is a symbol of submission of women and is an obstacle to intregation.

To see what this is all about visit RoA. Might be NSFW.

By at 10:52 AM | Comments |

ROP: Women in Pants Are Evil

Under the ruling of a Sharia court in Sudan Lubna Ahmed Hussien will get 40 lashes of the cane.

By Howie at 09:01 AM | Comments |

bin-Laden Bailout Application Rejected


al-Qaeda is still broke.

Efforts to cut off al-Qaeda's funding have been largely successful and the organization is now critically short of cash, according to the US Treasury. The group's "influence is waning" as the money dries up
Previous: Osama bin Laden Needs a Bailout.

By Howie at 08:35 AM | Comments |

You Should Have Stuck To Pumping Gas Kid

Via Globe and Mail:

He pumped gas and plotted destruction, now jihadist mastermind behind the 'Toronto 18' faces life in prison.
Well in a way, he'll still be working with dipsticks.

Hat Tip: Internet Haganah.

By Howie at 08:24 AM | Comments |

Sandcrawler Research Assignment: What Fake Boobies Look Like

Miss Plastik Hungary 2009

Research, the key to knowledge is research.

By Howie at 08:20 AM | Comments |

International Institute for Counter Terrorism: The Internet at the Service of Jihad Organizations

A pretty good report on the Cyber Jihad of Loser's usage of and strategy on the internet is here.

Reports on terrorist usage of file sharing sites, Youtube and Facebook are included.

Hat Tip Bartender on Duty.

Oh and....


By Howie at 08:18 AM | Comments |

Allah's Will Strikes Again

Via this UPI link, Hizballah reports that Abdel Nasser Issa was not killed in a blast that resulted from handling an old rocket. In other news, global warming is created by magma deucing aliens using the Earth's atmosphere as their toilet.

In all seriousness, this is the second such explosion of an arms dump near the Israeli border. Expect this area to flare up soon in order to take the "pressure" off Iran. I expect Israel already anticipates this.

By Ronin at 08:11 AM | Comments |

Blog Novel: Amsterdam 2012

A blog novel by Ruth Francisco is located here

Saw this posted at Islam in Europe and thought you might find it of interest. I read all the chapters published online thus far - a real page turner!
Hat Tip: Her Royal Whyness.

By Howie at 08:10 AM | Comments |

Going Galt On The Homeland (in)Security Department

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, what's not to love?

I'll skip to the money of all money quotes:

"They can't stop this sheriff. I don't report to the feds. I report to the people," he said. "They should give me a medal -- shouldn't be the Nobel Peace Prize, but it should be something."

Hm. Maybe we Jawas should start giving out a Brass Balls Of The Year Award. For 2009, I nominate Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

By Vinnie at 12:47 AM | Comments |

October 12, 2009

Abbas handed life sentence by Gaza...children's parliament

A Gaza children's parliament, in a mock trial, condemned palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to a life time in prison for voting against a UN report that accuses Israel of war crimes. Ynet News

Children in Gaza held a public trial for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday in which they sentenced him to life in prison over his refusal to demand a debate on a United Nations report saying Israel committed war crimes during Operation Cast Lead.

The Palestinian children's parliament determined during the trial that Abbas was not worthy of his position, and the 'prosecutor' accused him of high treason.

"Abu Mazen insisted that the report be pulled from the Human Rights Council's agenda despite the support of 33 countries out of 47, in a move that saved Israel," he said. "Abu Mazen's move is defined by the penal code and the Palestinian constitution as treason and action against the top Palestinian interests."

By at 06:00 PM | Comments |

If True, Some Good News and A Pile of Bad News

Its Debka, so that is why the qualifier.

I'm skeptical. I think a pile of hostages would be a great bargining chip to block or at least slow an "imminent" invasion, but then again, I am not a terrorist master-mind that enjoys the company of goats and prepubescent boys.

By Ronin at 03:58 PM | Comments |

Al Qaeda 4.0

Has to be terrorists like this.

I dunno, he just looks shifty-eyed to me.

By Vinnie at 03:49 PM | Comments |

Video : Top Ten Questions on Obamacare

The Common Sense Citizens Network and the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition conducted an online poll of the American people asking them to vote for the health care questions they would most like to see answered by the White House. After receiving over 44,000 votes, the results of the poll were tallied.

Here are the Top Ten finalists, in video form (click to watch):


By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 03:31 PM | Comments |

New Jawa Contributor

You have have noticed a new author on a couple posts.

"By Ronin."

But not that Ronin. The this is the other "Ronin". The one we're always hat tipping.

He sent so many good tips we finally just gave in and issued him a key to the Sandcrawler.

So everyone give a big Jawa welcome to our new contributor.

By Howie at 03:13 PM | Comments |

Obama and Pakistan Race to Finish Last

The Government of Pakistan again gives the Taliban the heads up to get dug in because this time they really mean it. Pakistan is trying to delay longer than Ofumble's decision on troop levels in Afghanistan in an uncoordinated effort to give their respective populations enough time to prepare themselves for utter disappointment in government as a whole.

I, for one, have already made that jump to light speed and am ready to throw in the towel. Pakistan wins! Ofumble - send more troops now and stratamagize with I'M JOE BIDEN while the boys mobilize over there.

By Ronin at 02:18 PM | Comments |

We're all Internet Fringe Now

The topic of the day seems to be that the White House has dismissed some bloggers as left wing fringe elements.

Via Pam's House Blend: In an NBC report less than 24 hours after the President declared his unwavering support for the LGBT community, the White House has decided to sh*t on citizen journalists on the left who are simply advocating for our civil rights. This is a real shot across the bow.
While Barney Frank's statement about the Gay and Lesbian march on Washington, ""The only thing they're going to be putting pressure on is the grass.", seems to have been quickly forgotten. Besides Barney had a good point. Politicians respond to constituents. Not protests. I don't think he's a homophobe for saying that. He's right.

And this is surprising how? Blogging as a "fad" has been on its way down. The original composition of "the sphere" is changing. What once were several large liberal blogs and a multitude of smaller conservative blogs are beginning to lose to big media. How is that you may ask? Well staying power. Blogs, the few true blogs that are left, are run by one or maybe just a few individuals. While the larger corporate media can spend endless years waiting us out, we eventually tire and real life takes over.

So while you might see a rotation of blogs coming and going the most sucessful blogs these days are those who have reinvented themselves as smaller versions of "corporate media" Say a Hot Air or maybe a Huffpo.

Not to knock those blogs for being that way. Its just what they have done to survive and be successful. There are very few blogs that can produce revenue stream significant enough to actually support the bloggers who write them. Add to that the collapse of a few blog advertising streams and you begin to see the long term picture.

Is this what Chuck was foreseeing when he started trying to turn LGF into the next Dailykos? I've wondered myself. He was ahead of the curve before on blogs, so I tend to not just dismiss his personality change as just going a little bat-shit crazy. Maybe there's a point to it we're not seeing yet?

While we may think of ourselves as important, the ruling class of MSM pundits and the big political players think of all of us left and right as rather noisy and bothersome irritants. They've never had any true respect for the opinions of "the little people" other than to poll them so see how to get the next vote. Five minutes after the polls close you can kiss their ass until the next cycle.

I'm sorry but if you have not realized that by now, its time you woke up and smelled the house blend.

That being said, we Jawas will never quit. We might fade back or forward. We might break a story now and then. Or we might just have a lot of work to do and not blog much at all. But one thing is for sure...

We freaking love being rather noisy and bothersome irritants!

So that's a function we're proud of and we enjoy. So you lefty fringe elements. Get out there and be noisy and bothersome irritants. Its your job as a blogger to do so.

Just don't expect the "establishment" to, you know, actually respect or care all that much. All of us "citizen journalists" are going to find out we're just another bothersome irritating internet fringe element sooner or later.

Why fight it? Just accept it, sharpen up your snark blade and keep pounding away. Because there's not much in life more satisfying than knowing you are irritating the hell out of some incompetent government boob in DC no matter what side of the political aisle you find yourself on.

Update: As Doom pointed out in comments, we all may be ankle biting Chihuahuas, but you get enough ankle biting Chihuahuas and you have a "functional mountain lion hunting crew" as demonstrated by the White House's quick retraction today.

Now which statement do you think more accurately reflects the true feelings at the White House? I reckon it was the first one, then they had to eat some crow and issue the second one.

By Howie at 02:15 PM | Comments |

Ahmadinejad tells his lawmaker to "shut your piehole"!?

Gholamreza Karami was reprimanded by the Iranian President for not kowtowing the line on despots' praise of Ofumble and the leader-of-the-free-world's acts...no wait... good intentions. - Source: Ronin's Assumptions

Sometimes things should be taken at face value...I'm glad it went to the US, but what the hell for?

By Ronin at 01:52 PM | Comments |

American Arrested Trying to Join al Qaeda's Somalia Affiliate

American Omar Hammami (aka, Shiekh Abu Monsoor al-Amriki) as seen on an al Shabaab propaganda video. He is one of dozens of Americans who have traveled to Somalia to join that nation's al Qaeda affiliate.
We only have a Reuters report on this for now, and their sources are Kenyan, which means less than 100% reliability. However, if it pans out that an American was arrested trying to cross the border into Shabaab controlled areas of Somalia, then the implication is that he was going there to join the terrorist group.

Good thing the Kenyans caught him, but how many more haven't been caught?

And even more troubling than the ones who aren't caught entering into Somalia are the ones returning home to the U.S. from Somalia.


An American man has been arrested in northern Kenya while trying to enter an area of Somalia controlled by Islamist insurgents, police and residents said on Monday....

The U.S. national had said he was a Muslim and denied any connection to Islamic radicals who make up the bulk of the insurgency in Somalia, said the witness.

Nah, he was just going there for the long weekend. A much needed and deserved autumn break. I hear the colors of the fall foliage are a sight to behold in Mogadishu! It's like the Vermont of Africa.

It's either that, or he wanted to become a pirate....

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:22 PM | Comments |

Good News: Nuke Physicist Helping al Qaeda Caught


A man of unknown religious persuasion, of course. Probably a Unitarian. There is a substantial Unitarian minority in Algeria, right?

And yes, the Large Hadron Collider at Cern which he was connected to would be the same one from Angels and Demons. I'm not sure it's irony, but it's ironical that the terrorist behind the plot in that novel/book was a Christian -- a person in a group that is statistically least likely to be a terrorist.*

Not that you could actually build an anti-matter bomb; and his colleagues at Cern claim his job was not one that would bring him into contact with any material that could be used for explosives.

His ties to terrorism should be classified as aspirational. Meaning, he seems to have been gung ho for al Qaeda in North Africa but he had not yet made the transition from fan to player.

But still, dude! A nuclear physicist working for al Qaeda would not be considered a good thing.


The 32-year-old French scientist of Algerian descent, who had also been employed by British government laboratories, was allegedly in contact with the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), a mainly Algerian militant network that associates itself with al-Qaeda.

“In his exchanges with the AQIM, he spoke of plans for attacks in general, but we’re not talking on an operational level, it was not a case of means or dates,” a magistrate, who asked not to be named, alleged....

The physicist was seized hours before he was due to travel to Switzerland, where he works between Cern, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, near Geneva, and the Federal Polytechnic Institute, in Lausanne....

Before he worked at Cern? He worked for the Brits at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory as a nuclear physicists.

And it looks like his brother was involved, too.

I'll leave this as your exit quote on the banality of evil.

A colleague described the physicist as “a considerate person and exceptionally clever” man. The colleague, who did not wish to be named, said the physicist had been unwell this year, and was on leave from February until July because of a bad back.
*Note to Dan Brown: Actually liked the book -- much better than DaVinci. And I suppose a book about Muslim terrorists wouldn't be all that intriguing. I mean, a plot where the terrorists are Muslim. Who didn't see that one coming!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:57 AM | Comments |

Yet Another Taliban Spokesman Advised Not to Drop the Soap

Hey Bashir Qinaat, watch out for the cornhole buddy. Rantburg:

Afghan forces have arrested four Taliban insurgents, including a Taliban spokesman, in western Afghanistan, officials said on Sunday. Bashir Qinaat, who was claiming responsibility for multiple insurgent attacks on behalf of the Taliban, was captured in a military operation in the Guzara district of the western Herat province.

Mr Qinaat has been accused of having ties with the Al Qaeda network and other sources funding the insurgency in Afghanistan, said Gen Jalandar Shah Behnam, Commander of Afghan Army in western Afghanistan.

The detained Taliban media man has links with two other purported Taliban spokesmen in the restive southern Afghan region, Gen Behnam added.

Note to Qari Youssef Mohammad and Dr. Talib Mujahideen: your days are numbered.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:08 AM | Comments |

13 Year Old Kid Blows Self, 40+ Others Up

How young is too young to blow yourself up for Allah and the Taliban? Trick question. Allah loves even the youngest shaheeds.


A devastating suicide bomb hit northwest Pakistan killing 41 people Monday, as the military geared up for an assault on Taliban rebels blamed for increasingly bloody and brazen attacks.

The bomber, reported to be aged about 13, flung himself at a military convoy passing through a busy market in Shangla, a northwest district near Swat where the army claimed to have flushed out Taliban rebels after a fierce offensive.

Yeah, I guess technically in some cultures 13 is the age of "adulthood". But, dude, 13!

When I was 13 I hadn't quite yet discovered girls and still thought being in the Boy Scouts was cool. I wonder if the Taliban brainwash these kids in much the same way my troop leader convinced me that a merit badge in leather work might someday come in handy?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:00 AM | Comments |

OK Serious Question From Allahpundit

If the Taliban’s serious about detente, why don’t they give us Bin Laden?

Er uh cause lying to infidels in order to deceive them is like lying to your dog. Not a sin in Islam. Seems I remember Muhammad said something about, "War is deceit".

So a much better gauge of the Taliban or any other Islamist group's intentions would be to look at their actions.

Lets see, the Taliban for instance can never ever turn over bin-Laden to the infidels. Against the Koran and they haven't even offered and never will. What does that action tell you?

The Taliban have let off four bombs in Pakistan in a week in revenge for Massoud's death and have threatened the revenge on the US as well. So what does that action tell you?

The Taliban have bombed Kabul recently, so what does that tell you about their intentions in Afghanistan?

I'm sure the actions we've taken since 2001 might have a certain deterrent effect. The cost of attacking the US has been very high. But in so much as defeating the al-Qaeda, the Taliban and the Islamist groups who support them, not so much.

My advice, watch actions. Generally when talking war and their objectives the Taliban are fairly open and honest about the fact they want to KILL YOU.

When they talk peace, you can probably accept that as a case of deception. Then look at the disconnect between those statements and the events on the ground. Don't get drawn in by a little case of hopey/changey Taqiyya.

They intend to fight and to win in order to create radically ruled Islamic Emirates out of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia.

They wanted to do so in Iraq, but failed. And its a good thing they did fail, because the influence from a centrally located influential middle east nation controlled by al-Qaeda and their allies would have been a disaster. Should they succeed in one or more of these other nations, still a disaster. Just less so based on the influence and resources of the targeted countries above.

By Howie at 08:53 AM | Comments |

If Senator Ted Had Lived...

I could have run this....

Yes clickable

But since I don't speak ill of the dead, I'm stuck running this one.

Also clickable


By Howie at 08:20 AM | Comments |

Court docs: Ohio terror imam Hany Saqr was taking phone calls from the head of Hamas

Last week I revisited information from the recent brief submitted to the court in the Rifqa Bary case concerning her parents' mosque, the Noor Islamic Cultural Center, in Ohio. The first item I noted was that the name of the founder and imam of the mosque, Hany Saqr, had appeared in exhibits offered as evidence in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism trial.

The first item I noted was that a 1992 Phone Directory of the top Muslim Brotherhood leadership in North America not only showed Saqr as a member of the board of directors, but also the executive committee and listed him as the eastern regional "masul", or head. The home phone number listed for Saqr in the directory matched both his home phone number at the time, but also his work number was his assigned phone number at the pathology department at Ohio State.

The second item noted was that the same phone directory showed that one of his subordinates, Ismail Elbarasse, had been identified in a November 2001 memo prepared by FBI Assistant Director for the Counterterrorism Division Dale Watson that fingered Elbarasse for funneling at least $735,000 to Hamas while under Saqr's direct supervision.

But another piece of the puzzle comes into play connecting both of these established facts, namely, that phone records obtained by the Department of Justice for top Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook shows that he and Saqr were in direct communication at the time that Marzook was overseeing millions in disbursements to the terrorist organization. At the time, Hamas was getting as much as 30 percent of its budget from the US. The graphic below taken from Marzook's phone records (p. 21) show calls between Saqr and the terror leader in June 1992, among others (courtesy of the Florida Security Council).


Hamas had already been identified by the State Department as a terrorist group when these calls took place, and according to the official Hamas website, Marzook was operating as its top leader since at least 1991. Some insider accounts from pro-Hamas scholars claim Marzook had been leading the organization since 1988.

One has to wonder if Hany Saqr disclosed his leadership role in the international Muslim Brotherhood movement, his supervision of a terrorist financier, and his communications with the top Hamas leader on his immigration paperwork as is required by law? That might explain why Saqr's friend, Meredith "Hijab" Heagney of the Columbus Dispatch, has thus far failed to make any inquiries into this information.

By Barbarossa at 02:44 AM | Comments |

October 11, 2009

Two quotes from another Nobel Prize winner

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."

"I was only the servant of my country and had I, at any moment, failed to express her unflinching resolve to fight and conquer, I should at once have been rightly cast aside. "

- Winston Churchill, winner of the 1953 Nobel Prize for Literature.

By Barbarossa at 06:56 PM | Comments |

Al-Shabaab plot to blow up US buildings, World Cup events in South Africa thwarted

Rahm at Terror Free Somalia gives word that the South Africans have busted up a plot to bomb US buildings and possibly World Cup events while Obama would be visiting the opening games. The discovery of this plot prompted the US to temporarily close all of its offices in South Africa recently.

From the Cape Argus:

Tired of fighting, and largely losing, against the US in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia, a group of Somali terrorists devised a strategy to take on the superpower in South Africa.

The Sunday Tribune can reveal that the US's closure of its offices in the country was because of intercepted cellphone communication detailing planned attacks on American interests here. It is unclear whether American interests necessarily include a possible visit by US President Barack Obama for the official opening of the World Cup.

Intelligence officers, according to two sources, intercepted a call made in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, to a group based in Somalia, and the conversation confirmed a plot to blow up American interests in South Africa last month.

A source said US intelligence agents, South Africa's National Intelligence Agency and SAPS Crime Intelligence operatives launched a surveillance operation on the Cape-based group, gathering crucial information before the operation was thrown into disarray.

Note to our Homeland Security officials: this is a serious problem. Wake the f**k up.

By Barbarossa at 05:42 PM | Comments |

Caption Contest


There's a good chance that fatwas will not be awarded cuz I'm nursing a pretty brutal hangover.

By at 11:28 AM | Comments |

The Incredible Clothesline Debate

Neighborhood Associations don't like your underwear.

Never really had that problem. Out in Bumfuct, you buy something you own it and do what you want with it.

But it brought back cool memories. Even though grandma had a modern washer dryer, she also had a 1950 or older wringer washer on the back porch next to her clothes line. She would use that on nice days. My jeans would come back stiff as a board. Miss that old woman.

By Howie at 09:40 AM | Comments |

October 10, 2009

Saturday Night Rock n' Roll

Phish - 12-31-95 - Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY

By Good Lt. at 11:45 PM | Comments |

Saturday Night Link Dump

Here's some interesting material to sift through for a while:

Why Ayn Rand is Hot Again (Reason.com)

New Baucus Health Care Bill is Just Tax And Spend Per Usual (CATO Inst.)

Andrew Brietbart dishes on Obama's Nobel Prize (BigGovernment.com)

TRULY AN EPIC WIN of a Fark photoshop thread.

5 Facts About Woodstock Hippies Don't Want You To Know (Cracked.com)

Want to drain the swamp? Shrink the size of the government (Ctr. for Freedom & Prosperity):

By Good Lt. at 11:31 PM | Comments |

If these Yemenis needed asylum, why are they back in Yemen hosted by the government?

Yemeni expatriate and opposition online editor, Lutfi Shatara comments on the Expatriates Conference in Yemen, which I think would be would be better termed an agents and informants get together. He makes the point that many of the attendees received asylum abroad under claims of persecution in Yemen, and yet are back in Yemen today hosted by the government they claim to fear so much.

The normal set up is these Yemeni government operatives spy on and intimidate the expatriate communities overseas as well as expedite requests from influential people back in Sana'a. I imagine many dictatorial regimes work like that. The conference today in Yemen is a governmental strategy session, not an international development conference. President Field Marshall Ali Abdullah Saleh has been talking about a mandatory census of Yemenis abroad for a time. Most have families back home and are vulnerable to death threats and the like. Many have limited awareness of their rights here in the States. Of course, acting as an undisclosed agent of a foreign country is illegal in the US and probably everywhere else. Anyone collecting data in their host country at the behest of the Yemeni government is required to identify themselves as an agent of the regime.

Update From the ruling party's site (one of the few not blocked in Yemen including of course mine), it can only get better: Bank accounts, passports, tax assistance and other amenities.

During the meeting, president Saleh... pointed out to importance of setting up a bank for expatriates, saying that the bank would receive care of the government. President Saleh gave orders to interior ministry, authorities of passport and taxes to offer all required facilities to expatriates.
Yemen instituted bio-metric passports but there's still some holes in the system including at the top.

By Jane at 10:24 PM | Comments |

Anticipatory Obedience

(Berlin, Germany) About all that free speech and artistic license stuff, well, it's dead.

A German publishing company has pulled out from a novel based on ‘Islamic honour killings’ in order to avoid any violent protests from the Muslim community.

The publisher said that he withdrew from the book, which was to be titled ‘To Whom Honour is Due,’ after an Islamic expert warned him that some of the passages could put his life in danger.

According to one author, Nonie Darwish, Western governments are to blame since citizens are not being protected from assaults by Islamic extremists.

By at 09:04 PM | Comments |

If This Post....

Over at Ace of Spades HQ doesn't piss you off nothing will. Its basically a list of people who were passed over so Obi-One could have his Nobel Prize.

Chinese Human Rights Activist Hu Jia - imprisoned for campaigning for human rights in the PRC, not as worthy as Barack Hussein Obama.

Wei Jingsheng, who spent 17 years in Chinese prisons for urging reforms of China's communist system...

And the list goes on... Read this this AM. Been busy all day. Got back home and it still grated on my nerves.

Congratulations Mr. President. No sense really being angry at you for it. Just kinda sucks.

By Howie at 09:00 PM | Comments |

Saturday Crime Story

Gay Man Tries to Poison 2 Lesbians Over Missing 3-Legged Cat

(Manchester, England) A 37-year-old gay man, Gary Stewart, tried to poison his lesbian neighbors, Marie Walton and Beverley Sales, with slug pellets (pic) after being accused of kidnapping their three-legged cat.

Stewart claimed he had ordered too much curry from an Indian takeout and offered some to the lesbians as a peace offering but only after mixing in some slug pellets. Noticing the extra crunchiness of the curry, the lesbians called the authorities.

Reportedly, Stewart admitted to the offense.

By at 08:59 PM | Comments |

BREAKING: AQ releases video directed at Yousef "Joey" al-Khattab - "How to build a butt bomb"

Al-Qaeda's Ass-Sahab Media Center has released a new video personally addressed from Ayman Al-Zawahiri to our friend Yousef "Joey" al-Khattab entitled "How to build a butt bomb" (courtesy of the People's Cube):

Joey is ready for duty, Ayman!


By Barbarossa at 06:27 PM | Comments |

Dirtbag "Anti-War" Marine Imposter Arrested

Twin Cities If convicted, (Richard) Strandlof could face a year in prison and a $100,000 fine. Congress in 2005 passed the Stolen Valor Act after complaints from veterans about phonies masquerading as heroes and tarnishing the reputation of true heroes.

Confronted by FBI agents, Strandlof admitted that he had never served in the military, according to the FBI affidavit.

While posing as a former Marine captain, Strandlof gained attention as a passionate opponent of the Iraq war and an advocate for better care for wounded veterans. He formed a Colorado Springs-based organization called Colorado Veteran's Alliance.

His speeches reportedly brought tears to the eyes of audience members, particularly when he recalled losing four Marines under his command in Fallujah.

Hopefully the arrest is the beginning of a trend. Sleezeballs like these have done damage maligning our fine service members; the world is very gullible. Some jail time might put a damper on it.

By Jane at 06:21 PM | Comments |

Three Iranian Protesters Sentence to Death

4,000 arrested, 140 on trial, in the first verdicts, three sentenced to death:

Three people arrested after Iran's disputed presidential election have been condemned to death despite a global outcry over trials of people who claimed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's re-election was rigged.

"Three people who were accused (for their role) in the post-election incidents have been sentenced to death," said Zahed Bashiri Rad, media officer at the justice ministry, quoted by ISNA news agency on Saturday.

The Iranian protesters were up for the Nobel Prize, and the award might have saved some lives or at least given them a sense of global solidarity as they face their deaths.

By Jane at 05:30 PM | Comments |

Overnight Question II: Obama Or Karl Marx?

Sorry, that was a trick question. I won't do it again.

By Vinnie at 01:22 AM | Comments |

October 09, 2009

Open Question for the Overnight: Obama or Bill Clinton?

Given what we've seen, which would you prefer? If you had to choose?

By Good Lt. at 10:27 PM | Comments |

Why Does Glenn Greenwald Hate America?

I don't know - actually, I'm just using Eric Boehlert's political calculus here.

Greenwald didn't automatically bow and sing hosannas re: Obama's Nobel Prize (for the wrong reason, but we'll take it), and, according to Eric Boehlert, that makes him by definition un-American and a terrorist. Greenie even gave pushback to commenters and a slap to the Obamacrat DNC:

Apparently, according to the DNC, if you criticize this Prize, then you're an unpatriotic America-hater -- just like the Terrorists, because they're also criticizing the award. Karl Rove should be proud. Maybe the DNC should also send out Joe Lieberman's 2005 warning that "in matters of war we undermine Presidential credibility at our nation’s peril." Hamas also thinks that Israeli settlements should be frozen -- a position Obama shares. So, by the DNC's Rovian reasoning, doesn't this mean that Obama "has thrown in his lot with the terrorists"?
Ouch! Good DAY, sir! Look out, Karl Rove!

No matter, though. You're now officially a violent teabagging rightwing terrorist who hates America. Welcome to the club, Gleen.


By Good Lt. at 08:26 PM | Comments |

Organizing For America: Help Barack Obama win the Heisman Trophy!

By golly he deserves it. I mean he played basketball with Shimkus and the Blue Dogs. That makes him as qualified as anyone sort of kinda a little bit.

Vote here!

Join our facebook group and help organize your community.

All together now: Yes We Can!

Thanks to Tony.

Update: Ace says he's know about this "for a while"?

Click image for more

Update II:

Again click for larger

By Howie at 02:08 PM | Comments |

Dumb Saudi Gets Prison, Lashes for Bragging About Sex

(Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) In August, a 32-year-old divorced father-of-four, Abdul-Jawad, was arrested after appearing on a Lebanese television program and shooting his mouth off about his sexual exploits. In addition to boasting of his premarital sexual episodes, he also discussed his pick-up techniques and even displayed some sex toys and lubricants to the viewers. It was a dumb thing to do.

This week, a Saudi court sentenced Abdul-Jawad to five years in prison and 1,000 lashes (not a typo) plus he will have his car and his phone confiscated. When released from prison, he will be barred from traveling, presumably forever.

Lawyers say Abdul-Jawad could have been given the death penalty. Judges, who are clerics of Saudi Arabia's strict Wahhabi school of Islam, have wide powers of discretion.

Abdul-Jawad's brother said it would be difficult for him to be accepted back into society.

In other news, late-night entertainer David Letterman admitted this week to having engaged in extra-marital sex with female members of his staff. As a result, Letterman's program saw an increase in viewership.

By at 01:50 PM | Comments |

Jawa Report Has Been Unable to Confirm

That the first words out of Barack Obama's mouth when told he had won the Nobel Peace Prize were...

You've got to be f*cking kidding me.
But surely he said something like that.

By Howie at 01:08 PM | Comments |

Conservative vs. Liberal

Why is it the conservatives seem happy, while the liberals seem er uh hostile, nasty, intolerant and unhappy?

They always accuse us of that.

By Howie at 01:03 PM | Comments |

French arrest CERN nuclear scientist with ties to al Qaida

French agents have arrested a nuclear engineer from CERN and his brother on suspicion of having links to al Qaida. The suspect had made contact with al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb and suggested possible targets in France. He had the intention to carry out terrorist attacks in France.

H/T: Palmach's Musashi

From Times Online

French agents have arrested a researcher from Europe's top atomic lab on suspicion of links to al-Qaeda, fuelling fears that terrorists could be targeting the nuclear industry.

The 32-year-old man, who was detained along with his brother, works for the prestigious European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Cern) in Geneva, Switzerland, according to French police sources.

''The inquiry will doubtless say what were the objectives in France or elsewhere and indicate perhaps that we have avoided the worst possible scenario,'' said Brice Hortefeux, the French Interior Minister.[...]

The suspect is believed to have been in contact with members of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), an Algerian-based terrorist organisation which joined Osama bin Laden's network in 2007.

A source said French intelligence officers had intercepted messages in which the man had suggested targets in France.

By at 12:49 PM | Comments |

Americans too raaaaaaaaaacist for socialism

Obama's new regularity czar, Sunstein, accused Americans of being too racist in order to usher in socialism in a 2004 book. In a 2007 39 page essay Sunstein stated that a climate change bill would be the most likely way to redistribute wealth from wealthy countries to poorer nations. Sunstein also proposed a socialist bill of rights.

These are the types of people that Obama is appointing to positions without congressional approval. WND

JERUSALEM – The U.S. should move in the direction of socialism but the country's "white majority" opposes welfare since such programs largely would benefit minorities, especially blacks and Hispanics, argued President Obama's newly confirmed regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein.

"The absence of a European-style social welfare state is certainly connected with the widespread perception among the white majority that the relevant programs would disproportionately benefit African Americans (and more recently Hispanics)," wrote Sunstein.

By at 12:00 PM | Comments |

You Go Robert


Via Jihad Watch:

Israel National News interviewed me briefly on my waving an Israeli flag at a rally in Berlin last weekend, after German police had warned us not to do so. My account of this rally is here. "American Islam Scholar Defies German Ban on Israeli Flag," by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz for Israel National News, October 9 (thanks to all who sent this in):
Reckon this will get him a Fatwa?

By Howie at 10:58 AM | Comments |

Saudis ask for aid if world cuts oil dependence

After raking in 10s of trillions of dollars over the past decades and funding islamic terrorists with that money the Saudis have some nerve asking for aid if demand for oil drops. Chronicle Energy

Saudi Arabia has led a quiet campaign during these and other negotiations — demanding behind closed doors that oil-producing nations get special financial assistance if a new climate pact calls for substantial reductions in the use of fossil fuels.

That campaign comes despite an International Energy Agency report released this week showing that OPEC revenues would still increase $23 trillion between 2008 and 2030 — a fourfold increase compared to the period from 1985 to 2007 — if countries agree to significantly slash emissions and thereby cut their use of oil. That is the limit most countries agree is needed to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

By at 10:22 AM | Comments |

Happy Go Lucky Iran Issues Statement Ahead of Talks

Via Yahoo News:

"Should a single American or Zionist missile land in our country, before the dust settles, Iranian missiles will blow up the heart of Israel," Zolnour was quoted as saying by the state IRNA news agency.

Iran and Israel are archenemies and anti-Israeli stance is a trademark for the hardline Guard. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has since 2005 often called for Israel's destruction and predicted demise for the Jewish state.

Its nice to see the hopey/changey dialogue with Iran going so smoothly for Obi-One.

By Howie at 09:53 AM | Comments |

Joey Fantasizes About Killing and Burning Jews.....Again

click for larger
Via Islam in Action:
Here is what the Islamocreeps of RevolutionMuslim had to say today. Keep in mind that Yousef al-Khattab is an ex-Jew. Ahhh.....the beauty of Islam.
Allah(oh God) Kill The Jews That Occupy Palestine & Their Supporters

A Prayer to My God

Ya Allah(Oh God) I beseech You to carry out your wrath on the Jewish occupiers of Palestine & their supporters.

Ya Allah(Oh God) please throw liquid drain cleaner in their faces.

Ya Allah(Oh God) burn their flammable sukkos while they sleep.

Ya Allah(Oh God),make rocks crash through their car windows as they drive in Your land Bayit al Maqdes

Ya Allah(Oh God), make their fingers and brains stick on cafe walls from impact.

Ya Allah(Oh God) answer my duaa (prayer)


Yousef al-Khattab

Joey are these things you really really want to do to yourself?

Joeys provider is WeHostWebSites.com.

393 Inverness Parkway
Englewood, Colorado 80112
Fax: 1-888-300-2329 or 303-414-6913

By Howie at 09:40 AM | Comments |

Sunni vs Shia discourse

Hat Tip: Palmach's Musashi.

By Howie at 09:33 AM | Comments |

Wave Buh Bye To Canadian Jihadi Zakaria Amara

Via MSN:

Zakaria Amara pleaded guilty Thursday to charges related to the Toronto 18 terrorist plot to set off three fertilizer bombs, two in Toronto and one at an unnamed Ontario military base.

Amara, 24, has been alleged to be one of the ringleaders in the plot to recruit and train extremists to carry out the attacks, which never transpired. He is the fourth adult to admit guilt in the affair.

Hat Tip: Jen.

By Howie at 09:32 AM | Comments |

Biden Strategy Would be "Disaster"

CBS reporter Laura Logan via Hot Air.

Skip ahead to 5:35 if you can’t stand waiting and stick with it for three minutes. Simply brutal, especially coming from Logan, who was on the ground over there within two months of 9/11. One thing I forgot to mention in my earlier post but which Omri Ceren remembered: Today’s White House nuance about the “real enemy” is practically a direct response to the Taliban’s latest propaganda about what peaceful, law-abiding people they really are.
She knows who the enemy is, Abdullah Abdullah knows who the enemy is. My friend in Afghanistan knows who the enemy is. My Paksitani Muslim friend knows who the enemy is. Bill Roggio knows The Taliban and al-Qaeda are close allies.

Everyone seems to know this except one person, Barack Obama.


Open your eyes man!

By Howie at 09:17 AM | Comments |

Pay No Attention to the Title

IMO this is one of Zo's best vids ever.

By Howie at 08:54 AM | Comments |

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Congratulations, Mr. President.

Since Obama's performance in office has arguably been closer to toe-stubbing than exemplary over the past nine months, the award was apparently based on hopey-changey expectations.

Either that or the prize committee has affirmed that the Nobel Peace Prize is now a vehicle to push a political agenda rather than an award which recognizes superior achievement.

[Update] Here are some reactions from around the Web.

By at 05:34 AM | Comments |

General's D.C. Trip Put Off as Strategy Talks Drag On(McCrystal told we'll call you...)

What we are witnessing ..... is what happens when you elect a man who never had to sit in the BIG CHAIR and make the BIG decisions....in his entire life. We are getting what we paid for.....inexperience on a grand stage for the world to see. And toss in some Pentagon infighting as the Perfumed Generals of the cocktail curcuit...try to serve their new White House overlords.

Wash Post

The White House has told the top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan to delay a planned trip here Friday to brief President Obama and his senior advisers on his recommendation for a major troop increase.

Officials had hoped to have Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal and what national security adviser James L. Jones called "all the key players" speak to Obama in person by the end of this week, leading to final deliberations over a forward strategy.

But "we're not finished," Jones said Thursday, and meetings may extend beyond next week. When the White House is ready, he said, McChrystal -- along with the U.S. ambassadors to Afghanistan and Pakistan -- will fly to Washington so that the three "can meet with the president before a decision is made."

And toss in some lets blame Bush...by the cocktail curcuit Generals to round out this clusterfark.
McChrystal initially planned to arrive in Washington in time for the meeting, "but he was told it would be best if he stayed in Afghanistan" for the time being, a senior military official in Kabul said. The message, which originated with Jones, was conveyed by Gates.

Although officials in Washington insisted that the decision to delay the trip reflected only the timing of White House deliberations, this military official said that it was equally a reflection of the desire of both Gates and Mullen to take the lead military role in the discussions. Gates, he said, has worked hard to forge a close relationship with Obama and thinks he can effectively represent the Pentagon's positions.

Mullen is determined to fulfill his responsibility to represent the views of all the service chiefs in a way he thinks was circumvented under Bush, a Pentagon official said. "Our perspective," he said, "is that [Obama] prefers to use the chain of command and that he wants to hear what the chiefs think."

This is not Bush's War on Terror any more.....

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October 08, 2009

Obama's Muslim advisor makes appearance with Hizb ut-Tahrir spokeswoman, says Islamic law misunderstood

JihadWatch covers an article in today's Telegraph about Obama's Muslim advisor, Dalia Mogahed, and her statement that Sharia law is misunderstood. Because all that talk in the Quran about slaughtering the infidels wherever you find them is only allegorical, folks!

And over at the Investigative Project they focus on Mohaged's appearance on a program this past Sunday with a spokeswoman for Hizb ut-Tahrir - an organization that calls for a global Islamic caliphate and the destruction of the West. It is also banned in most Western countries and throughout the Islamic world. Another HuT representative hosted the program.

Here's the opening of the IPT report:

Dalia Mogahed, a member of President Obama's Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, joined a representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT) for a television interview in Great Britain on Sunday.

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report (GMBDR) noted that Mogahed was interviewed along with Dr. Nasreen Nawaz, women's representative for HT, on the British Muslim show "Muslimah Dilemma," which airs on the Islam Channel. GMBDR described the program as "a show presented by members of Hizb ut-Tahrir" featuring Nawaz "in her capacity as spokesperson" for the group.

In some ways, Mogahed's performance during the 45-minute program (which has been posted to HT's website and can be viewed here) offers a tutorial on how not to make America's case to the Muslim world. Mogahed, who was interviewed by telephone, did not challenge any of the views expressed by Nawaz or HT - including the group's call for establishing an international caliphate and imposition of Islamic law, or sharia, which includes suppression of women's political rights.

Both Mogahed and Nawaz touted the purported benefits of sharia for women. Mogahed, who is executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, was asked about a 2005 Gallup survey of Muslim women entitled "What Women Want – Listening to the Voices of Muslim Women." Mogahed's Gallup unit conducted 8,000 face-to-face interviews with women in eight predominantly Muslim countries and reported that many of those women wanted the law to be based on sharia.


Full interview below the fold.

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Everyone's A Critic

But some critics are just plain totally awesome.

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Official: Obama to Send Enough Troops to Keep Al Qaeda at Bay


Via Fox News

WASHINGTON -- President Obama is inclined to send only as many more U.S. troops to Afghanistan as are needed to keep Al Qaeda at bay, a senior administration official said.

The official, in an interview with The Associated Press, also added that the president is prepared to accept some Taliban involvement in Afghanistan's political future, reiterating what Obama said in March.

The assessment comes from an official who has been involved in the president's discussions with his war council about Afghanistan strategy.

Aides say the president's final decision on Afghanistan strategy and troop levels is still at least two weeks away, but the emerging thinking suggests he would be unlikely to favor a large military ramp-up of the kind being advocated by his top commander in Afghanistan.

McChrystal's troop request is said to include a range of options, from adding as few as 10,000 combat troops to -- the general's strong preference -- as many as 40,000.

Words fail me.

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Forged Documents from Yemen's Military Used to Purchase Chinese Arms

A ship seized in Yemen's port of Hodeidah was importing weapons from China for the Houthi rebels with "forged documents" from the Yemeni Defense Ministry. The rebels are engaged in fierce battles with the Yemeni military since August 12th that have displaced 150,000 people.

Are things really that lax that any yo-yo can show up in China and buy a shipload of weapons with a forged document? Perhaps all weapon sales to Yemen should be scrutinized for similar fraud.

Is the Yemeni administration so corrupt that aspects of the military are selling weapons to their adversaries in the midst of a war? Undoubtedly. The military is so corrupt that sometimes al Qaeda trains inside military camps and military commanders oversee logistics for would be jihaddists.

The cargo was not confiscated, and the ship left the port likely bound for alternate buyers in Somalia. The sequence of events led MP's to wonder, "Who are the hidden hands behind the state?" And if it was possible that the government's mediator in the Sa'ada war, Faris Manna, is also the rebels' weapons supplier. Ya think?

The recent "blacklisting" of the arms dealer makes a little more sense now as a fit of presidential pique. Faris Manna is also the brother of the Governor of Sa'ada and he'll never see a courtroom. The perpetrators of organized criminal activity in Yemen often operate under official cover.

Note: The Yemen Observer is a government fronted stooge paper slanted strongly in favor of President Saleh's regime.

Yemen Observer: Security authorities sabotaged an attempt by arms dealers to enter a large amount of ammunition imported from China, through forged official documents. The dealers are being investigated in preparation for trial. The deal was done through forged documents on behalf of the Yemeni Ministry of Defense and it included a large amount of old manufactured ammunition, said security sources.

I see, just some old bullets, nothing to worry about. FWIW, most of the arms illegally shipped to Somalia are sold by merchants in Yemen, contributing to the instability, the UN found.

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Court docs: Hamas bagman worked for Ohio terror imam Hany Saqr

Yesterday I posted about court documents from the Holy Land Foundation terrorism finance trial that fingered the Ohio imam at the center of the ongoing Rifqa Bary dependency trial, Hany Saqr of the Noor Islamic Cultural Center, as one of the top leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. This information comes from the 35 page memorandum submitted to the Florida court by Rifqa's attorney, John Stemberger, extensively documenting the terrorist ties of her parent's imam and mosque.

What specifically fingered Hany Saqr is a 1992 phone directory of Muslim Brotherhood leaders entered into evidence in the Holy Land case by the Department of Justice. As I mentioned yesterday, Saqr is listed in three different sections as a member of the board of directors, the executive committee, and as the eastern regional "masul", or leader. Not only does the home phone number in the Muslim Brotherhood phone directory match the number registered to Saqr's home at the time (verified independently through publicly available records), but the office number listed was his actual office phone at the Ohio State University pathology department.

But there's more info concerning Hany Saqr from these court documents. On the page showing Saqr's position as eastern regional masul for the Muslim Brotherhood, it also shows his subordinates. As you see in the graphic of the phone directory below (taken from the Florida Security Council website), one of Saqr's subordinates was none other than Ismail Elbarasse.


Who is Ismail Elbarasse? Well, according to a November 2001 memorandum prepared by FBI Assistant Director for the Counterterrorism Division Dale Watson, at the time that Elbarasse was under Dr. Saqr's supervision (1992-1993) he conveyed at least $735,000 to another U.S.-based Hamas operative to provide directly to Hamas terror leaders in Gaza and the West Bank. This memo was the basis for the raids, arrests and indictments of the Holy Land Foundation officials. Concerning Elbarassee, Assistant Director Watson states:

Ismail Elbarasse: During questioning by Israeli authorities, SDT [Specially Designated Terrorist] Mohammad Salah stated that he was directed by Marzook to receive funds from Elbarasse to be used for funding HAMAS military operations. (Exhibit 20). Salah's financial records document that Elbarasse wire transferred a total of $735,000.00 to Salah from December 1992 to January 1993. (Exhibit 21). A review of financial records reflect that in the 1990s, Elbarasse had a joint bank account with Marzook.

The actual page from the Watson memo discussing Elbarasse's work funding Hamas terror operations is below.


So we discover from these court documents that not only was supposed "moderate" Ohio imam Hany Saqr a top leader in the international Muslim Brotherhood, but he was also supervising one of the top Hamas bagmen at the time he was conveying money to the terrorist group.

You wonder if Columbus Dispatch reporter and Noor Center press officer Meredith "Hijab" Heagney bothered to look into the actual details and supporting documentation of Stemberger's report (you know, like court records and FBI memos) before declaring Hany Saqr innocent of all the accusations against him. Just wait until she sees what we have for Jawa readers on Monday.

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Got Jesus?

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10 Yearts Waiting Years for Justice

Via BBC:

A girl who disappeared a decade ago was murdered by her father in a so-called "honour killing", a court has heard.

Tulay Goren, 15, a Kurdish Turk from Woodford Green, north London, vanished in 1999 and her body has never been found, the Old Bailey was told.

Her father Mehmet Goren, 49, and uncles Cuma Goren, 42, and Ali Goren, 55, both from Walthamstow, all deny murder.

Apparently after 10 years the girl's mother has finally decided to testify against the men who murdered this young lady.

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Taliban Attacks Indian Embassy in Kabul

Via Yahoo News:

KABUL – A suicide car bomber detonated his vehicle outside the Indian Embassy in the bustling center of the Afghan capital Thursday, killing 17 people in the second major attack in the city in less than a month. The Afghan Foreign Ministry hinted at Pakistani involvement — a charge Pakistan denied.

The blast occurred a day after the war entered its ninth year and as President Barack Obama was deliberating a request by the top commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal for up to 40,000 more troops. Opponents of a troop increase want to shift focus to missile strikes and special operations against al-Qaida-linked groups in Pakistan.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack — the second against the Indian Embassy in the past two years — and specified that the Indians were the target.

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Sandcrawler PSA: WAKE UP!

Its kinda rainy and stuff. Gloomy. I got nothing. Maybe this will help.

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UK Times: Troop Morale in Afgh. Falling

Hm. Wonder why.

Couldn't be because they have a feckless pantywaste hoser as a President who cares more about destroying the US healthcare system, about the Olympics and about appearing on David Letterman than he does about protecting our troops in the field and ensuring their victory and safe return.

Couldn't be because the Great Obama has met with the Afghan commander TWICE in the past nine months (once to admonish him for softly speaking the truth about Obama's piss poor excuse for wartime leadership) , but has had time for any number of permacampaign rallies, TV appearances, photo ops, press conferences and other things that are just MORE IMPORTANT than that pesky war thingy. Gotta worry about his approval from the leftwing nutter base, after all. VERY important.

No. It can't be that.

Their disheartening must be due to...Bush. Or something.

Yeah. That's it.

Update by Howie: Taylor Marsh confirms its all Boooosh's fault!

because he left our men and women in Afghanistan ill-equipped, under-resourced, and with no clear mission
Which is just what Obi-One is doing.

Thanks for pointing out how wrong that is Taylor and I'm sure you'll support General McChrystal in his effort to get our fighting men and women getting all the resources they need from now on.


IMO taking off the kid gloves would help a lot. This kid knew where the Taliban was and was not allowed to do his job and take them out due the rules of engagement. Maybe if we stop playing kiddie war and go after the enemy these parents would still have their boy.

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Three Key Issues - The Paradox in the Obama Administration

There are three key issues facing President Obama today. All of these issues have been around for a while yet each issue is being handled in opposition with popular belief. The issues facing the Obama Administration (in no particular order) are the threat of Iranian nuclear weapons, the ongoing war in Afghanistan, and healthcare.

As of this morning, despite dozens upon dozens of speeches from the President, 60% of those surveyed in a Gallup Poll either disapprove of or are uncertain about the President's and Congress's proposed changes to the nation's healthcare laws. Yet, this issue is the one garnering the vast majority of the Obama Administration's time and effort (as it would appear publicly).

The continuing efforts of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan are yet another key issue facing the Obama Administration. However, the current leadership in Afghanistan has asked for up to 40,000 more troops yet, the Obama Administration has had to tell Congress that a complete troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is not an option. But, an immediate surge of forces is not expected and as it stands right now a meager increase of 10,000 troops is expected (a quarter of what the General on the ground has asked for). Without any polling data I would speculate that 100% of the American voting bloc wants US forces out of Afghanistan as quickly as possible. The difference comes in the means of making that happen and even then I would be willing to assert that 65% of the US voting bloc wants the mission in Afghanistan to be successful thus thwarting another 9/11 versus a complete withdrawal of US forces as quickly as possible. This issue is garnering a great deal of time (as it would appear publicly) but, many Americans think a decision should be made faster (as in now).

The third and possibly most devastating issue the Obama administration faces is the development of an Iranian nuclear weapon. Again, without any polling data, I would say that 95+% of US voters do not want an increase to the number of nuclear weapons on this planet. Therefore, I do not think it is a stretch to say that 100% of US voters would NOT want the Islamic Republic of Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon be it developed internally or purchased from another nation. With that being said, it would appear that the issue of Iranian nuclear weapons development is getting a level of attention that is far lower than what is required given the potentially devastating nature of the detonation of such a weapon in a region of the world that provides the rest of the world with much of its energy. The attention this issue is currently garnering will have to be tripled or perhaps quadrupled should the detonation of an Iranian nuclear weapon happen on the soil of an ally to the United States. Paying that needed "attention deficit" down now by taking off the kid gloves with Iran will save the current or perhaps future administrations a lot of headaches.

The paradox comes into play when looking at these three issues against the actual/perceived polling data and the amount of time being given to these issues. Healthcare 60% opposed/uncertain is getting the vast majority of the Obama Administration's attention. The ongoing war in Afghanistan where I would say 65% of US voters want us to clean up any and all terror threats before we pull out is a distant second behind the healthcare issue. Finally, Iranian nuclear weapons development, which could be the single greatest terror attack ever foreseen ever in the history of humans ever (extra "evers" added for good measure), would be next to invisible on a pie chart of the time time spent by the Obama Administration talking on these three issues. The priorities of the Obama Administration concern me and I am sure many others; multi-tasking is something the Obama administration as a whole needs to get better at. But, vectoring the right amount of effort to the right places first would settle my nerves quite a bit.

Originally written for chrisshort.net

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Rasmussen: only 15% of Americans say Muslims are speaking out enough against Islamic terrorism

And a majority of those polled say it is their responsibility to do so. Guess those CAIR press conferences aren't helping. Oh, the Islamophobia!

From Rasmussen Reports (HT: RoP):

Forty-eight percent (48%) of Americans nationwide believe that it is the responsibility of American Muslims to speak out against terrorist attacks on the United States.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 27% do not think American Muslims have that responsibility. Twenty-six percent (26%) of adults are not sure.

Fifty percent (50%) of men and 55% or more of those ages 40 and older say American Muslims should speak out against domestic terrorist attacks. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of Republicans agree, compared to 39% of Democrats and 49% of those not affiliated with either party.

Just 15% of all adults say American Muslims already are speaking out enough against potential terrorist attacks on the United States. Forty-six percent (46%) say Muslims living in this country are not speaking out enough. Thirty-nine percent (39%) are not sure.


Only 43% of U.S. voters now believe the United States and its allies are winning the war on terror. That’s down 12 points from the week President Obama took office in January.
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Bloomberg's gun "sting" catches perfectly legal behavior, but violates federal gun laws in the process

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced yesterday a sting operation his stormtroopers had conducted at gun shows in Tennessee, Ohio and Nevada where they caught private citizens engaged in perfectly legal gun sales. The "sting" was designed to highlight the alleged flaws in states with "gun show loopholes", where unlicensed private citizens can sell firearms to other private citizens without a background check.

Watch the horror unfold in this AP story:

Even in states that haven't closed the loophole, federal law bars "occasional sellers" from selling guns to people they have reason to believe would fail background checks.

This is where the Bloomberg operation says 19 out of 30 sellers broke the law during the investigation, in which undercover investigators posing as buyers wore tiny cameras concealed in baseball hats and purses and audio recorders hidden in wristwatches.

In each purchase, the investigator showed interest in buying a gun, agreed on a price and then indicated that he probably could not pass a background check. Most sellers allowed the purchases anyway, responding in some cases by saying, "I couldn't pass one either," or "I don't care," according to the videos.

Two assault rifles and 20 semiautomatic handguns were bought this way, the report said.

"What you just saw was willful disregard of the law, and it happened again and again and again," Bloomberg said, after showing several videos of those sales.

The 11 dealers who refused sales showed they knew the law.

Oooooh! Assault rifles! As opposed to the tickle-me-and-make-me-laugh rifles.

It is doubtful that someone saying "uh, I'm not sure I can pass a background check" was sufficient to make these "occasional seller" sales illegal. Saying that at any gun show I've attended would prompt a response of "piss off". And exactly how is a private individual going to conduct a background check on NICS?

Also note the bait and switch in the article. At the beginning of the quoted section above they are talking about "occasional sellers" but at the end they are talking about "dealers" - who hold federal firearms licenses (FFL) and are already required to do a background check.

If there are any FFLs who didn't follow the law, they should pull their license and send them to prison for no other reason than being profoundly stupid, let alone for violating federal law. If a FFL didn't do the required background check there's already existing federal laws to deal with such crimes - and no doubt ATF will be paying them a visit real soon.

But as the late Billy Mays would say, "but wait there's more!"

The private investigators who conducted these stings violated federal law by traveling to other states to purchase handguns and transporting them over state lines. Some states allow purchases for residents of contiguous states, but last time I checked Barack Obama's 57 state map of America, Ohio, Tennessee and Nevada are not contiguous to New York. Oops!

They also violated federal and state laws prohibiting "straw man" transfers by asking (or pretending, doesn't matter) their accomplice to make such purchase for them (the law works both ways, folks!). Also interesting that they didn't try this in Virginia, where Bloomberg tried this a few years ago, which specifically prohibits these kinds of entrapment operations. Bloomberg also got a nasty note from the DOJ last time he tried this.

Oh, they also violated Nevada law by videorecording the transactions without all the parties' consent (NV is one of 12 states that requires such). And at least one of the gunshows they attended in Ohio specifically prohibits any pictures or recordings, video or audio.

Don't worry, kids. The ends justifies the means.

In reality, there is no such thing as a "gun show loophole" no matter how many times they repeat the mantra. There's no difference between sales by private citizens INSIDE or OUTSIDE gun shows or in their own homes. Bloomberg and his goons want to ban gun and ammo sales between private citizens altogether. And since I'm at it already, how successful is New York at enforcing their own gun laws? Bloomberg has the situation under control in NYC, right?

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Rep. John Spratt, Jr. Is A Retard

Quit blaming Bush.

Bush had three months of FY 2009. The rest is all Obama. And none of this even touches on the deficit projections that Obamacare, Cap n Tax, and Card Check will foist upon us if passed.

Anyway, Rep. John Spratt, Jr. (who, I hope, has a staffer Googling his name) is a retard for saying this:

"It should be remembered that fiscal year 2009 began during the Bush administration, which left in its wake the worst recession since the 1930s, including a sharp plunge in revenues," said Rep. John Spratt Jr., D-S.C., chairman of the House Budget Committee. "But today's figures send us the latest alarm. As the economy stabilizes and starts to recover, we will have to turn our focus back to deficit reduction."

Bad news for Rep. John Spratt, Jr. D-SC (who, I hope, has a staffer Googling his name), our economic woes are owned by you and your fellow progressives. And it doesn't go back to Bush's term. Your ilk has been slowly turning the screws for a hundred years.

Sort of like Islam, but at least progressives don't behead unbelievers. Starve them to death, yes, but behead them, no.

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October 07, 2009

Olbermann Wins Mankind's Epic Ongoing Struggle To Eliminate Death

He's trying to "create a moral right to have you be forced to pay for your neighbor's health care." And he, as expected, fails to. Very successfully.

I don't think that the word "tea-baggers" appeared in any of mankind's great moral arguments or other significant products of the mind, Keithy.

Here's a sampling of his fail-wracked brain:

And we must be unanimous in this, not to achieve some political triumph for one side against the other, but to save the man or the woman or the child who will be dead by morning, in this country, in this century, on our watch, because we are not spending that money tonight.
And YOU must be unanimous in this, not to achieve some political triumph for one side against the other, but to save the man or the woman or the child who will be dead by morning, in this country, in this century, on YOUR watch, because YOU are not spending that money tonight.
Be warned: You WILL become dumber while watching/reading this tissue of nothingness.

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BREAKING: Obama starts acting presidential, declares war on the Moon

His Shock-and-Awe campaign commences tomorrow morning at 7:30am EDT. Biden Plan calls for limited strikes and forces drawdown. Harry Reid says war is already lost.

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Barack Obama's "God Damn America" faith

An excellent article in today's Weekly Standard entitled "Reagan and Obama".

Ronald Reagan believed in America.

One way he expressed this faith was through the image of "a shining city on a hill," a phrase Reagan uttered in one form or another in many of his speeches, including his 1989 Farewell Address in which he said, "I've spoken of the shining city all my political life." It was an expression with religious as well as historical origins, and referred to American exceptionalism...

Fast forward to Obama, another president who is considered by many to be an inspirational orator. But he inspires a very different group of people with a very different vision of America.

Obama may not be speaking in openly religious terms as Reagan did, but he nevertheless looks on America in a way that could be seen as religious: he sees it as a nation conceived in original sin, one that has gone on to commit offenses against the world for which it must now atone. And Obama views himself as the special instrument through which America can finally purify herself, join the world of other nations as an equal rather than a leader, and go forth and sin no more.

You might say that Reagan believed in American exceptionalism, whereas Obama believes in Obama's exceptionalism.

Gee, wonder where Obama got such a wacky view of the world???

Read it all, as they say.

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What's Awesome?

Why, this of course.

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Mayor of Wellford South Carolina rescinds ban on police chases

Remember the nutjob mayor, Sallie Peake, of Wellford South Carolina who banned all police chases because of high insurance premiums? Well she rescinded the order, not because she realized it was insane but because someone asked her to. Current News

Wellford, SC)—Wellford Mayor Sallie Peake is rescinding her controversial “no chase” policy, saying she is following the example of an embattled South Carolina congressman.

“I’m like Joe Wilson,“ says Peake. “He was forced to apologize. I’m changing (the policy) not because I want to, but because I’ve been asked to.“

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Somali Pirate Ooooops

Somali pirates mistake French military tanker for victim.

PARIS — Somali pirates in two skiffs fired on a French navy vessel early Wednesday after apparently mistaking it for a commercial boat, the French military said. The French ship gave chase and captured five suspected pirates.

No one was wounded by the volleys from the Kalashnikov rifles directed at La Somme, a 3,800-ton refueling ship, said Rear Admiral Christophe Prazuck, a military spokesman.

La Somme "was probably taken for a commercial ship by the two small skiffs" some 250 nautical miles off the coast of Somalia, said Prazuck.

"They understood their mistake too late," Prazuck said.

Hat Tip: Palmach's Musashi.

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ISI to surrended taliban: Go to jail or wage jihad in Kashmir

Well the ISI originally created the taliban in order to counter Indian influence in Afghanistan after the Soviet army left. I guess it's only natural that the ISI would direct the taliban to Kashmir to fight against India.

From Times of India

NEW DELHI: In a new shift in tactics, Pakistan is planning to push as many as 60 "surrendered" Taliban into Jammu and Kashmir to become part of
the "jihad" against India. The ISI is said to have offered the extremists the option of either going to jail or crossing the Line of Control. ( Watch Video )

The "jail or jihad" option offered to the Taliban seems a useful diversion for ISI. The Pakistan military establishment has had to fight the Taliban, once its close allies in Afghanistan, but is looking to turn the situation to its advantage.

Apprehensions in Indian security circles that the crackdown by the Pakistan army on Taliban — seen as a last resort after the jihadis turned their guns on the Pakistani state — could mean trouble in Kashmir are being proved correct. Not only have infiltration attempts by regular jihadi outfits like Lashkar-e-Taiba gone up, the presence of Taliban poses a new threat.

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Gates. Gets. It: The Battle for Narrative in Afghanistan

In between the frantic remodeling and slowly moving in to the new house, I was able to catch a few minutes of Defense Secretary Gates on some panel on CNN. I didn't see the whole thing, but what I saw was very impressive.

Gates gets it.

The war in Afghanistan is not just about denying al Qaeda physical space from which they could launch attacks against US interests. The much more important battle is to deny al Qaeda the intellectual space necessary for them to propagate a narrative in which the mujahideen are once again victorious over a superpower.

And that is exactly what Gates argued and what Amanpour just couldn't get.

That if the US cuts its losses in Afghanistan that al Qaeda will claim victory. A victory they will then use to propagate their world view, raise money, recruit, and eventually be in a stronger position.

It's what they did after the defeat of the Soviets. And when we left Somalia after the Black Hawk down incident.

And it's why Zawahiri and bin Laden are constantly referring to Vietnam. They don't believe we have the stomach to see this thing through to the end. And, judging by some of the hand wringers on the Left and Right, they may be right.

In the short term, losing Afghanistan wouldn't be devastating. A critic in the comments section of one of my posts yesterday correctly noted that training for 9/11 did not occur within the territorial boundaries of Afghanistan. The gist of it, I think, being that having the Taliban back in power wouldn't be the end of the world.

But it misses the larger point that the war we are engaged in is largely ideological in nature. When bin Laden says that human nature is such that people tend to back the strongest horse, he means just that.

The narrative put forth by al Qaeda is that their victory is inevitable. Past victories of Muslims vs. infidels are cited as such. Remember, to those sharing al Qaeda's world view this is not a war pitting al Qaeda against the West. It is a war of Muslims against the West.

This is empirically false given that the vast majority of the victims of Islamist aggression are other Muslims, but part of the narrative is that Muslims allied with the West are either apostates or pawns of larger forces and therefore are not Muslim.

To win the war against al Qaeda we must win the war over who's narrative will be passed on to the next generation. In 50 years will the Muslim world be speaking of the second defeat of a world super power by the warriors of Allah? Or will they see the defeat of the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan as part of a righteous effort to root out extremism and terrorist networks?

That is key. And that is why I think Gates gets it.

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Airline Pre-Boarding Evacuation

Passengers on the Japanese All Nippon Airways are being asked to hit the head before boarding to minimize their travel weight and thereby help save the planet. Sheesh!

The carrier is testing the policy on 42 flights, starting last Thursday, and hopes to achieve a five-tonne reduction in carbon emissions in the one-month experiment.

Here's how it works: The average human bladder holds up to a litre of fluid, which weighs roughly one kilogram. All Nippon's most popular aircraft, a Boeing 777, holds 247 people. So, in theory, if 247 passengers all go to the washroom before boarding, they could lighten the plane by up to 247 kilograms – the weight of three average men.

Estimating that a typical coil of human feces weighs 12 ounces, a packed Boeing 777 would be transporting approximately 185 pounds of passenger excrement, the weight of the average Nippon Airways executive, which could also be deposited prior to boarding. It's not clear whether the request for pre-boarding urination includes pre-boarding defecation or if a separate pinch-a-loaf-for-Gaia campaign will be launched. (More ....)

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Imperial Good News: More Dead Taliban

Via Yahoo News:

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AFP) – Pakistan's army Wednesday said it had killed a top aide of fugitive Taliban commander Maulana Fazlullah, as they continued their hunt for militant chieftains in the northwest Swat valley.

Nisar Ahmed, also known as Ghazi Baba, one of 15 Swat insurgents commanding a 10 million rupee (120,000 dollar) bounty offered by authorities in May, was killed in a clash outside the valley's main town on Wednesday, the army said.

"After a tip from an informant, the forces surrounded the house of Nisar Ahmed to arrest him but he resisted and started firing on troops," said Major Mushtaq Khan, a spokesman for the army-run Swat Media Centre.

"During the retaliatory fire, Nisar Ahmed was killed and his son was arrested," he told AFP, adding that no soldiers were injured in the exchange.

Well now, all that after I talked badly about the Pakistanis just a few posts down. Well done Pakistan.

Mmmmm, that's some good crow.....

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Anti-gun lobby bummed they can't use Chicago beating death to flog for gun control

That's the jist of this Bloomberg article this morning by John McCormick. The brutal murder of Derrion Albert, caught on videotape, departs from the anti-gun lobby's narrative that access to guns is the primary contributor to teen violence in Chicago because Albert had the misfortune to be beat to death by a bunch of thugs with railroad ties.

In a section of the article entitled "Missed Opportunities" [insert gratuitous eye roll], Chicago Obamabots lament the Albert killing "provides the cover" to the Obama Admin to address teen violence without flogging their anti-gun agenda.

“Where there have been opportunities for the president to speak out about the issue of firearm violence, he has missed any number of opportunities,” said Thom Mannard, executive director of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence.

Doing so in the Albert case “provides the cover” to address youth violence without confronting the gun lobby, said Mannard, whose group’s board of directors included (US Education Secretary Arne) Duncan until he left for his current post.

The administration defended its record.

“President Obama is committed to combating violence on our streets and in our schools, both in Chicago -- which has been particularly hard hit -- and around the nation,” White House spokeswoman Amy Brundage said in a statement. “The administration has focused on the issue of youth violence from the outset.”

The beating death of Albert, 16, an honor student, renewed outrage and prompted a call to action in a city where 398 students were shot in the past 12 months, said Monique Bond, a spokeswoman for the Chicago Public Schools. Four teens have been charged in connection with Albert’s killing.

See, if we only had railroad tie control, and a nationwide ban of solid oak ties, Derrion Albert would be alive today.

By Barbarossa at 09:16 AM | Comments |

Germans Sweep Up Jihadi Losers

Oh well, to the bros on the forum, looks like your bros in Germany are being oppressed and you'll miss out on all that Sunday Sunday Sunday murdering German civilians for voting fun.



By Howie at 08:30 AM | Comments |

ACORN Voter Registration Subject to Partisan Discrimination

Via Atlas Shrugs:

In February of 2008, Fathiyyah Muhammad of Jacksonville, Florida, heard that ACORN was paying three dollars for each vote you could register. Fatiyyah claims she registered voters for Acorn there (at three dollars each), but that the group threw out her votes and fired her when she brought them GOP registrations.

...Fathiyyah Muhammad is a Republican who voted for Obama

OMG! That takes me completely by surprise. Shocking!

Hat Tip: Larwyn.

By Howie at 08:22 AM | Comments |

Attn: Fliggo User Mr. al-Turki

Yeah it was me.


And before you get all excited about your remaining crap, they are going too. So sad, all that effort just ruined.

Here are the remaining URL's of the al-Qeada and al-Qaeda in Iraq videos we're looking at today.

Update II: All PWNED! Nothing left.... we win.

Thanks to Bartender on Duty.

So see I saved ya'll some.

Here are the relevant email addys at Fliggo.com


Their Parent company vidly.com

Both of them are hosted by Softlayer.


And here is an anonymouse link to the original thread where the titles are listed.


If you email a complaint please remember to be polite and business like.

By Howie at 08:17 AM | Comments |

How Do You Get in Touch With a Terrorist?

You just call his cell phone. Which begs the question why there is not an explosion right over Zabiullah Mujahid during the meeting or shortly thereafter?

If you are wondering why as well, you might want to ask the Pakistanis. They seem quite "unable" to locate people in their own country. Maybe they should call CNN and ask for help?

By Howie at 07:59 AM | Comments |

'Faith-Healing' Couple Gets 6 Mos. Jail For Failing To Treat Daughter

It's OK to be a believer.This, however, is a barbaric phenomenon that has to be sqeulched in this country. We're living in the 21st Century, people. Praying does not count as "medical treatment" for diabetes - no matter how much you wish it were so. Let science handle this one:.

The case was believed to be the first of its kind in Wisconsin involving faith healing in which someone died and another person was charged with a homicide.

Prosecutors contended the Neumanns recklessly killed their youngest of four children by ignoring obvious symptoms of severe illness as she became too weak to speak, eat, drink or walk. They said the couple had a legal duty to take their daughter to a doctor but relied totally on prayer for healing. The girl, known as Kara, died on the floor of the family's rural Weston home as people surrounded her and prayed. Someone finally called the emergency dispatcher after she stopped breathing.

By Good Lt. at 07:15 AM | Comments |

Court docs: Ohio terror imam Hany Saqr is Muslim Brotherhood leader

One of the more interesting development that has come out of the Riqa Bary dependency trial thus far is the meticulously footnoted 35 page memorandum submitted to the Florida court by Rifqa's attorney, John Stemberger, concerning the Bary family mosque in Ohio, the Noor Islamic Cultural Center. According to Rifqa's affidavit, individuals from the mosque had reported her Christian faith to her father and the mosque leaders ordered him to get his daughter "in line", leading to the threats her parents have admitted to that prompted her to flee to Florida. Her affidavit also documents the Bary's families activity with the Noor Center.

We've reported on the Noor mosque previously, but there are important elements to the Stemberger memo worth additional attention concerns the head of the mosque, Hany Saqr, who is identified on the Noor website as the "founder, spiritual leader, administrator and chairman" of the mosque.

Saqr's name came up during the Holy Land Foundation terrorism finance trial (which resulted in convictions against the defendants on all counts) as one of the top leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in North America. Specifically, he was identified in a 1992 Muslim Brotherhood phone directory entered into evidence by the Department of Justice as a member of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and the Eastern region "masul" for the group. The image below (taken from the illustrated memo on the Florida Security Council's website) shows the cover of the directory and Hany Saqr's name listed on the board of directors page:


As Fox News reported after the memo had been submitted to the court, Saqr denied all the charges. Presumably, this includes his denial that he was identified in the court documents. But not only was the home phone number listed in the directory registered to his home address at the time (as it appeared on his Ohio drivers license), but the office number also went to his office in the pathology department at Ohio State University according to university records. Additionally, the home phone listed in the court documents was registered for several years following that time, including to the address Saqr used when he and his colleagues incorporated the American Islamic Waqf - the parent corporation of the Noor Islamic Cultural Center.

We'll wait and see if his supporters show up in the comments to deny this.

In the next few days we will have more info on Dr. Saqr, but for anyone who isn't familiar with the Muslim Brotherhood, we would recommend this 2004 Chicago Tribune article as an intro into the terrorist ties of the organization (that also came up during the Holy Land Foundation trial) and the secretive nature of their operations in the US. Stay tuned for more!

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Cavuto On The Death Of The Dollar

I don't know, I call racism on this one. I think he hates Green dead presidents named Washington.

The buck is bucked.

Gulf Arabs don't like it. Don't want it. And want to put a stop to pricing oil with it ...Never mind that Saudi Arabia’s central banker tells the IMF today that he expects oil to remain priced in dollars.

Swapping it not with a single currency, but actually a basket of them...Including the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan, and the Euro.

Ring a bell?

It should. Reports that secret meetings have already been held by finance ministers and bank governors in China, Russia, Japan and France...

All eager to end dollar dealings for oil.

I think we're far passed the debate "whether" this will happen...Just "when."

I think soon, because things are just moving too fast.

And the latest tee-up was that Olympic diss to the president...Flies half way around the world to get Chicago an Olympic bid and "as" the guy's traveling back home, he's informed Chicago’s the first city knocked "out" of contention.

Then look at what's been happening with gold prices.

Reaching a record high today of close to $1,039 an ounce.

Soaring as the U.K. newspaper, The Independent, continues reporting on mysterious meetings in Hong Kong involving gulf Arab and Chinese banking types.

No wonder why the dollar's swooning.

Because this is about more than a currency on the line. It's about a country on the line.

And it not only involves folks like China and Russia, who don't flip over us.

But Japan and France, who presumably like us.

Presume nothing of the sort.

This ain't personal. This is business.

And this ain't chump change.



The one line paragraphs.


That's just how Cavuto rolls.

I, for one, will welcome the dollar's total collapse. Because I believe that the world's currency should be sleep. Of which I get little anymore, worrying about all the bad shit about to go down.

Let's face it, if we all traded in sleep, the world would truly know peace in our time. We could just lock up all the stimulant addicts and live in bliss. Sleeping our lives away with our earned sleep credits.

By Vinnie at 01:14 AM | Comments |

Durbin punishes local radio station for advertising his public event

Because he doesn't want any of those g*dda*n tea party people showing up at his public events. Courtesy of the witty and debonair Track-a-'Crat:

The hero of this misadventure is Sen. Dick Durbin, who, it seems to me, is happy enough to be surrounded by cameras in the pic above. (pic at link - B)

But appearances can be deceptive and he’s apparently a rather fickle publicity-whore.

As evidenced by the terrible fate that’s befallen WTAD, the oldest radio station in Quincy, IL. After having the temerity to alert the commoners to the fact that their elected representative would soon be gracing their town with his presence, Durbin’s office swiftly retaliated by informing the station that it would no longer be included on the list of those receiving notices from the senator about his forthcoming visits to West-Central Illinois.

Which, come to think of it, really is a gross violation of the media’s proper role of complete subservience to their Democratic overlords. How dare they make available to the public any information not explicitly approved for release by the senator himself?

By Barbarossa at 12:35 AM | Comments |

October 06, 2009

And Now....

.... a Jawa Report metaphor.

CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) – A man suffered injuries to his arms after he and a friend hopped the fence at a Canadian zoo early on Monday and stuck his hands into the tiger exhibit, zoo officials said.

Alternate headline?

Obama, U.N., negotiate with Iran over its nuclear ambitions.
By Vinnie at 11:21 PM | Comments |

Darrell Issa's Office Pwns ACORN

Spine sighting! More of this, please.

“Was it Republicans who embezzled millions from within their own organization and have yet to report the embezzlement to the IRS or Labor Department? Was it Republicans who conducted the internal review that highlighted the lack of firewalls between their charitable and political activities? Was it Republicans who hired a man convicted of multiple counts of conspiracy and money laundering to raise funds and register voters in Oklahoma? The fact that ACORN’s leadership refuses to even acknowledge and accept responsibility for the state of their organization is disturbing and brings into question the sincerity of ACORN’s pledge to reform their organization.”

By Good Lt. at 09:39 PM | Comments |



By Good Lt. at 07:53 PM | Comments |

Latest Obama Czar Saga: Kevin Jennings Praised Henry Hay - a NAMBLA-linked Activist

That's right. The "Safe Schools Czar" Kevin Jennings.

In an open memo, zombie warns him to get out in front of a sure-to-be controversy that's soon to follow. And he's got the pics and sources to prove it. Doing the work the media refuses to do.

No, it's not the North America Marlon Brando Look-Alikes NAMBLA.

It's the man-boy pedophile NAMBLA.

Obama's people, these "czars." Handpicked.

This one for "safe schools."

OH, AND LOOKEE HERE. - audio of Mr. Jennings criticizing schools for promoting heterosexuality.

"Safe schools."
- - -

Shameless plug: follow me on Twitter. IF YOU DARE.

By Good Lt. at 04:46 PM | Comments |

Sandcrawler Land of the Corn Followup

Remember the $33.18 grant the IowaHawk Endowment for the Arts put up to stimulate er uh "art".

Well the entries are in. Go here and follow the links to vote (or the images are clickable too).

I ripped my fave.......cause you know Iowa always beats out my state in corn production.


No wait! This is Jawa Report, so this one has to be my fave.


Dag nabbit! I can't decide.

By Howie at 02:57 PM | Comments |

Three al-Qaeda Trainers Killed in Afghanistan

Via Long War Journal:

US and Afghan forces killed three al Qaeda operatives who served as embedded trainers for the Taliban in western Afghanistan.

The three al Qaeda operatives were killed with three Taliban fighters during a clash in the Gazara district in the western province of Herat, which up until two years ago was a relatively peaceful area.

"A joint operation of Afghan and NATO forces was kicked off in Gazara district since Monday to clean up the area from rebels and so far six militants including three Arabs have been eliminated"....

Eliminated, I love when I we get to use that word.

By Howie at 02:20 PM | Comments |

Choosing the Somalia Strategy in Afghanistan?

If media reports are to be believed, there are two camps in the White House.

One camp, led by the military, believes that the strategy in Afghanistan should be modeled after Iraq. Large numbers of troops involved in counterinsurgency with a focus on protecting the civilian population, restoring order, and giving "breathing room" for the government to train its own forces.

This model does not recognize that there are major differences between the indigenous Salaafi jihadists of the Taliban and foreign Salaafi jihadists of al Qaeda. It assumes that anarchy breeds extremism and that the vacuum left by a non-functioning government will be filled by the Taliban who will then be in a position to offer al Qaeda safe harbor from which attacks against US interests will be launched.

The other camp, led by VP Biden, wants to follow the Somalia model. Since, unlike Iraq, our strategy in Somalia is not widely known, let me describe it as succinctly as possible.

Several years ago an indigenous Islamist movement, modeled after the Taliban, called The Islamic Courts Union (ICU) took control of Somalia by force. US opposition to the ICU took the form of supporting local tribal militias. When these militias failed to oust the ICU, the US covertly supported an invasion by neighboring Ethiopia.

However, the Ethiopian invasion failed at bringing order to the country. As the Ethiopians withdrew, the armed wing of the ICU, the al Shabaab Youth Mujahideen Movement, became the predominate force in many areas of the country.

The al Shabaab openly supports and receives support from al Qaeda.

The new policy in Somalia was to try to differentiate between more "moderate" members of the Taliban-like ICU and al-Qaeda-like al Shabaab.

Working through third party countries, such as the Sudan, the US backed a new transitional government made up of the former members of the ICU. The same people we were once fighting.

In return for this US support, these ICU leaders have renounced the al Shabaab. The non-functioning government we covertly supports still wishes to impose the kind of sharia law which would cut off the hands of thieves and stone adulterers to death. What they claim is that they will not give safe haven to al Qaeda and are today fighting al Shabaab.

The US keeps a small counter-terror force in nearby Djibouti. From time to time we strike at high value targets in Somalia linked to al Qaeda.

It seems to me that this is the strategy advocated by VP Biden. One of "differentiating" between the Taliban, whom we would no longer be fighting, and focusing on al Qaeda.

But what if the Taliban return to power? This strategy anticipates that if the Afghan government was defeated and the Taliban returned to power, that they could be "turned" from their former allies in al Qaeda. Much the same way that the ICU leadership was "turned" from what was formerly their military wing.

That is how I see the present "conversation" between the military and their counterinsurgency strategy and the VP and NSA Director and their counterterrorism strategy.

But, lest we forget, the Iraq model has worked wonderfully.

And in Somalia? Shabaab grows stronger day by day. In fact, much of the country is under al Shabaab control. And even though the group does not actually have a functioning "government", neither does the ICU. And the group has become strong enough that the FBI and CIA now worry that it will begin to carry out attacks against the US abroad.

The best case scenario for this strategy is that a kind of stalemate develops between the ICU, the various tribally governed areas of Somalia, and al Shabaab.

The best case scenario in Somalia if we continue with our current policies is, in fact, very much like pre-9/11 Afghanistan.

The Taliban ruling in the capital and in much of the South with something that resembles a government. The various anti-Taliban tribal forces united in loose coalition ruling in areas of the North.

The difference in our policy towards Afghanistan now and pre-9/11, I am told, is that we would have at least some troops stationed on the ground and that we would be much more vigorous in prosecuting operations against al Qaeda.

The problem with this line of reasoning, though, is that it assumes a friendly government. If there isn't one?

Let us assume that a more "moderate" Taliban government came to power. One that promised to no longer cooperate with al Qaeda. Would they really be willing to allow US forces to remain in Afghanistan? If you think the answer is yes, you are fooling yourself.

And if you think a small number of counteterror units combined with a large number of UAVs can actually take out the world's largest terrorist network, then you have read too many thrillers not understanding that these are works of fiction.

I'm not sure we need to follow the Iraq strategy in Somalia. Frankly, I'm not sure how to solve the Somalia problem!

However, I am fairly confident that following the Somalia strategy in Afghanistan is a sure path to failure. And failure in the war against violent Islamism is not an option.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:34 PM | Comments |

Reactionary Paper Tries to Minimize Dear Leader's Success

Running dog lackey capitalist tool the New York Post questions the spontaneity of patriotic physicians marching in step with President Obama's health care proposals:

WASHINGTON -- President Obama yesterday rolled out the red carpet -- and handed out doctors' white coats as well, just so nobody missed his hard-sell health-care message.

In a heavy-handed attempt at reviving support for health-care reform, the White House orchestrated a massive photo op to buttress its claim that front-line physicians support Obama.

The bourgey white trash who control America's media will not show you this picture:


Ten million doctors take the shining path of Progress responding to our Beloved Leader's call!

By Bluto01:24 PM | Comments |

Dear Madame Speaker

Just WTF do you think will pay the "value added tax"?

You reckon the companies who still manufacture items in the US, both of them, will just eat that and not have to raise prices?

Add to that it will just increase the bleed of manufacturing jobs overseas to an out of control hemorrhage.

Ms. Pelosi if your brains were gasoline, you wouldn't have enough to run a piss ant's motorcycle half way around the inside of a Cheerio.

Coincidentally Cheerios will also be made in Mexico if Nancy has her way.

"no middle class Americans will be taxed" my %$$! WTF do you think you are Bill Clinton? We know damned well who will end up paying it.

By Howie at 01:04 PM | Comments |

Six Degress of NAMBLA

I'm not sure this it is at all relevant to the current discussion over Obama advisors that "Safe Schools Czar" Kevin Jennings once praised Harry Hay who he knew as a gay rights advocate.

This would be the same Harry Hay who also supports the pedophilia advocacy group known as NAMBLA.

That would be the North American Man Boy Love Association, and not the North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes.

Pretty. Freaking. Sick.

Like I said, I don't think this says much about President Obama -- that one of his advisers once praised a sick bastard.

But, it does say a lot about Harry Hay -- a man lauded as a "civil rights advocate".

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:24 AM | Comments |

Another Terrorist Attack in India

Breaking...details are sketchy at this point. At least three are known to be dead and the train station has reportedly collapsed

Via The Indian.com: MADURAI, INDIA (BNO NEWS) – At least several people are reported dead after an explosion hit a train station in India’s Madurai district on Tuesday, according to local media reports.

The blast hit Cholavandam Railway Station around 6.05 p.m. local time, when a passenger train was entering the station. Reports said at least two men and one woman had been killed. The cause of the explosion, which also injured at least two people, was not immediately known.

By Howie at 11:19 AM | Comments |

My President Went to Copenhagen

...and all I got was this dumb t-shirt.

Yeah I saw that clip they keep playing. Of the "conservatives" cheering America's loss on the shows last night.

Not me, I was for Rio all along, cause you know....

Well actually I didn't really give a f*ck where it was held. Just kinda figured Brazil had never hosted and they have all those hot chicks.

Kind of a bummer for Chitown. But lets not be sore losers now.

By Howie at 08:04 AM | Comments |

Louisiana's ACORN Chapter Rotten

Well I guess if your specialty is voter fraud in order to skew elections and strong arming banks into making bad loans, its a small step to imagine that maybe you deserve to take the 5 mil.

Seriously is there anything about ACORN that's not all icky and nasty?

By Howie at 07:59 AM | Comments |

How Obamacrats "Support Our Troops"

It is really an educational experience reading comments at news sites like the NYT or WaPo to see what the readers think. Here's a sampling of what the Obamcrats who were told the truth softly by a general in the field that Obama himself picked had to say about McChrystal's mischaracterized comments:

"Formerrepublican" wrote:
Who trusts McChrystal now? Certainly not me! Say what he will, the fact remains that he leaked important information to the press. I'd say get rid of him. No sweet words on his behalf will redeem him. He is a disgrace to the military for not going through proper channels.
Adam_Smith wrote:
There is no "nuance" in McChrystal's comments, only the evasions of a general who has suddenly realized he was caught over the line in trying to pressure his boss and is now trying to squirm his was back into respectability.
Pitt_Muscle wrote:
The Zionists want us to stay in forever. After all it creates and atmosphere of hate toward the United States that will last decades if not centuries.

That hatred the Jews use to keep us on task. That task is keeping Israel afloat despite its untenable situation.

They are not our ally. They are our worst enemy. Our worst nightmare.

Time for Americans to wake up. It isn't the Taliban or Al Quieda who have turned this nation into an ugly pompous bully. Its the Jews.
HughBriss wrote:
So now the outspoken General is revealed as a mealy-mouth flip-flopper. Time for him to go.
HughBriss wrote:
Take a look at the photo accompanying this article: has the General resorted to coloring his hair?

Oh, I forgot. Don't ask, don't tell!

julian7 wrote:
A soldier should shut up and fight, particularly when he/she is in a high visibility post.

Etc, etc.

No wonder the war is being lost - look at the civilian "leadership" in charge of it.

Not to worry - the Uh Dolts are in charge.

By Good Lt. at 07:43 AM | Comments |

It Wasn't Us

Really, we swear....

That's not our 3PO at all.


Everyone wave buh bye to .....

Thanks to Gerald.

By Howie at 07:42 AM | Comments |

Atlas Is Shrugging

And for good reason...

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration's pay czar is planning to clamp down on compensation at firms receiving large sums of government aid by cutting annual cash salaries for many of the top employees under his authority, according to people familiar with the matter.

Atlas shrugged at Bank of America:

The issue could be particularly acute for Bank of America, which is searching for a successor to Kenneth Lewis, who announced plans to resign as chief executive of the company last week.

Would YOU want to be CEO of Bank of America now? Me neither.

I hate to sound cynical, okay, no I don't, but unless we turn this ship around, there will be no such thing as achievement recognized in this country unless it's wholly subsidized by government.

By Vinnie at 12:35 AM | Comments |

Ouch. That's Going To Leave A Mark

I'm not an economist, and I don't play one on television, but I don't think that this is very good news.

Gulf Arab states are in secret talks with Russia, China, Japan and France to replace the U.S. dollar with a basket of currencies for the trading of oil, Britain's The Independent newspaper reported on Tuesday.

"Secret meetings have already been held by finance ministers and central bank governors in Russia, China, Japan and Brazil to work on the scheme, which will mean that oil will no longer be priced in dollars," said the report, which cited unidentified sources in Gulf Arab states and Chinese banking sources in Hong Kong. It added that France had also been involved in the talks

Since the dollar is down against pretty much every currency except for Zimbabwe's (that's a joke, nitpickers), this can't bode well for the price of oil if true. At least for us and Britain. It will probably bode well for Russia, China, and Brazil and the Gulf States. You know, those diehard staunch allies of ours.

Oh well, I'm good. It takes me 3 minutes to drive to work in traffic. If they go off the dollar in the Scotch industry though, I'm taking up arms.

By Vinnie at 12:20 AM | Comments |

October 05, 2009

FTC Meddling in Blogger Content Now

Hope and Change - Big Brother was always looking over your shoulder, dontcha know!

ht: Dana Loesch via Twitter

By Good Lt. at 04:17 PM | Comments |

NYT Commenter of the Month Candidate

So I'm perusing the comments of this NYT blog post about the alleged barefoot running/jogging movement, and I stumbled upon this beauty close to the top:

You should try running naked! Seriously, I live in a condo and my third floor is deserted four five months of the year. Since I’m an online newspaper editor and stay up half the night, the easiest time I can find to run is often around 3 or 4 in the morning, and sometimes just before dawn. I am 315 poungs and 5′8″, so you wouldn’t think I can run at all. But I found to my absolute delight that when I ran as fast as I could down the corridor and back (which is about 100 feet each way),I really, really moved out (and felt like I was back playing high school football at Monroe-Woodbury). I got winded, of course, but that helps my metabolism. And because my around-the-house gym shorts kept falling down as I ran (it’s the curve of the stomach, I guess), every once in a while I tried it naked. What a blast! Also, even though I did little in the way of warm-ups. I had no problem with an old hamstring tear. The strain was really negligible. Now, when I go play tennis on Monday nights, my efforts to return fast corner shots occasionally get me there on time, and I tell you, that’s a real big improvement. How great to see this article just a month or two later! But the snowbirds are returning already… :)
Either that's somebody trolling, or that's the most awesome comment EVAR.

By Good Lt. at 03:50 PM | Comments |

Michael Yon: Two Firefights: One Video

More interesting than the firefight videos is Michael's commentary from Afghanistan. He's embedded with the Brits.

Via Michael Yon: We landed and British Soldiers from “2 Rifles” swarmed in to help unload cargo. Since I made this photo, at least two British CH-47s have been lost in combat operations, one of which was just north of here.

We need more gear and more forces now. We can outfight these enemies and we can win the war, but at this rate a favorable outcome is difficult to imagine. This war shows signs that it will become more intense than Iraq at its peak. As with my twelve dispatches from 2006 warning that we were losing this war, the warnings over the past couple of years seem to be falling on incredulous ears. We will lose the war unless we get more troops and more gear soon.

Mr Obama, please listen to Michael. If you have some sort of personality clash with your commanders, listen to the men and women on the ground.

Each day you dilly dally around the Taliban and al-Qaeda are taking advantage. Its time you showed some steel in your character Mr. President. Lots of people "like" you, support you and or your domestic agenda.

But can't go on in your job just being "liked". You have to go out and earn respect as well.

Talking and meetings and all that is a nice touch, but if our adversaries see that your are all talk and can't back it up. Talking is as useless as fighting the Afghan war short handed.

Make a call. There is only one right call to make. You turn tail and run now and we'll never be able to "talk to our adversaries". They'll know there's no stick to go with the carrot.

Hat Tip: Hot Air and LGF.

Update: You know, I put the LGF link in there to give credit where credit is due. Then I actually surfed over there and read a bit of Chuck's recent ranting...... I see a large daily dose of Thorazine in Chuck's future.

By Howie at 02:53 PM | Comments |

Convicts Voting

(Portland, Maine) The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has launched a statewide drive to register convicts to vote.

Though prison inmates tend to skew to the Democratic side, the drive isn't about furthering any political agenda, said Rachel Talbot Ross, president of the Portland chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
Heh. No political agenda here. My rule of thumb is "when someone asserts there is no political agenda, you can bet that there is a political agenda."

By at 01:40 PM | Comments |

Giving The Federal Government.....

Money and power is still just like handing your teenage son the car keys and bottle of whiskey.

But now, add to that you are going to go along for the ride...

... on the hood gripping one of the windshield wipers.

And now you have pretty much what our federal government is now.

Now before you get all uppity on me, have you done your three felonies today?

If not. Get with it you slackers.

By Howie at 01:07 PM | Comments |

Telegraph: Obama 'Furious' at McChrystal

This story in the UK's Telegraph adds a new dimension to the General's reported 25 minute meeting with the President aboard Air Force One in Copenhagen.

Apparently, McChrystal was being called on the carpet for being too free with his opinions:

According to sources close to the administration, Gen McChrystal shocked and angered presidential advisers with the bluntness of a speech given in London last week.

The next day he was summoned to an awkward 25-minute face-to-face meeting on board Air Force One on the tarmac in Copenhagen, where the president had arrived to tout Chicago's unsuccessful Olympic bid.

Gen James Jones, the national security adviser, yesterday did little to allay the impression the meeting had been awkward.

Asked if the president had told the general to tone down his remarks, he told CBS: "I wasn't there so I can't answer that question. But it was an opportunity for them to get to know each other a little bit better. I am sure they exchanged direct views."

An adviser to the administration said: "People aren't sure whether McChrystal is being naïve or an upstart. To my mind he doesn't seem ready for this Washington hard-ball and is just speaking his mind too plainly."

McChrystal would have to be an idiot not to know that generals don't cross Presidents. The legendary Five-Star General Douglas Macarthur was cashiered by President Truman for too bluntly speaking his mind about Korea and Red China.

Since McChrystal isn't an idiot, it follows that the situation in Afghanistan is every bit as dire as the general has said, and he is willing to take extraordinary risks with his career to protect his troops.

By Bluto11:44 AM | Comments |

Rusty's Effed Up Life

Most of you have noticed I've been gone lately. I apologize for that. Also, apologies for getting way behind on my email.

Last week it was because my hard drive got fried. Monday I took the a "sick" day off work and went fishing. That evening I returned to get caught up on some things and my computer crashed.

It's tempting to blame the crash on Barbarossa. He sent a link to our group saying that some government types were suspicious about it. So, I checked it out. Didn't seem fishy to me. Until I clicked on one of the outgoing links and my computer crashed.

Doubly tempting to want to blame that particular website because the last time my computer crashed it was because a member of the Taliban finally got the better of me and was able to infect my computer with a virus.

Well played Adil. Well played.

But I think that my initial reaction was a classic post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. That is, to assume that the timing of two events mean that the first one caused the second one.

The guys over in IT think it was physical failure on the hard drive. Which means that Barbarossa is in the clear.

So, the good news is that I have my computer back. The bad news is that I'm moving this week.

The worse news is that the remodel on the new house isn't done yet. As of right now, I don't have a functional kitchen, no flooring in 1/4 of the house, and one of the two bathrooms isn't complete.

Over the past few years I've blamed HGTV for slowly sucking the life out of me. HGTV's plot is now complete. My life is totally effed up.

I probably won't be blogging much this week. Most of my time will be spent trying to get the new house in working order, and then in getting us moved in.

Again, apologies.

If you feel like you want to contribute to the Shackleford remodeling fund, then I would appreciate any tips given through paypal in the left hand column of the blog.

Thanks in advance, keep me in your prayers, and if you hear about any class action lawsuits against HGTV for misleading bored housewives into thinking they can take on any size remodeling job then let me know.

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Gun-Control Mayors

A group of 450 mayors nationwide, calling themselves Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), has sent 40 recommendations to President Obama to make gun control a federal priority.

Led by Boston Mayor Menino (D) and New York Mayor Bloomberg (RINO), the MAIG wants undercover criminal investigations at gun shows, enhanced crime gun tracing, new law enforcement organizations (the "Office of Tactical Trace Analysis" and the "Interstate Firearms Trafficking Unit") and a requirement for a "hidden serial number" to be placed on all guns during manufacture. (More ....)

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Sandcrawler PSA: Regarding al-Qaeda's Ongoing Blabbing About Germany

I think Aaron has it about right. "Volume of threat does not necessarily equal likelihood of attack"

In the same manner a lack of threats does not indicate an attack will not happen.

A lot of al-Qaeda's propaganda is just that. War time psychological propaganda operations designed to a. threaten. b recruit c. appear "more legitimate".

During this time of war between the west and these terrorist groups, we need to treat it as, you know, a war.

So we need to remain vigilant about attacks at all times. Also we need the answer, disrupt and thwart the enemy's propaganda efforts. Which is project that if we really really wanted to we could and should win decisively.

Look if a bunch of geeks at Jawa report can have a modest (yeah I'm modest) yet noticeable impact on the enemies efforts. Just think what a concerted allied propaganda effort coupled with a strong anti-enemy communication effort could do.

I feel these threats of attack could be used to force the "target" to waste funds "preparing" for a ghost attack. I seriously doubt that al-Qaeda is stupid enough to telegraph any impending attack. Well maybe a few of the cyber jihad of losers are.....

Here's to hoping and praying it is just al-Qaeda's habit of blowing off at the mouth again.

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Spamming in Support of Rapist

Patterico gets spam in support of Roman Polanski from one of his associate producers.

Wow, Hollywood producers astro-turfing on via comments via conservative blogs? Looks like they need a a guerrilla media astro expert. Too bad Bim is not available cause he'd turn em down anyway. He tweeted this Chris Rock video on the subject the other day. And oddly enough, Odie happened to agree.

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Hawt New Imperial Squad

OK given that we already know the terrorists are scared shitless of boobies these new troops should terrify the enemy and cause a quick horrified retreat.

Click 4 larger

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Yah Obi-One is Girly Maan

Proof here at Ironic Surrealism.

Hat Tip: Velvet Hammer.

Update: WTF.

Hat Tip: Allah via Twitter.

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Editorial: Dump Dave Letterman, CBS

Hm. Actually, I think letting him carry on with people chuckling a little more uneasily at his nasty brand of humor is punishment enough.

Wouldn't miss him either.


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Tahir Yuldashev confirmed killed in US strike in South Waziristan


Via Roggio

A Taliban commander confirmed the death of the leader of the al Qaeda-linked Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

Tahir Yuldashev was killed during a US airstrike in late August, an unnamed senior Taliban commander told The News.

"[It is] true he is dead," the Taliban leader told the Pakistani newspaper. "Unfortunately he was staying at the same house which was struck by the drone in South Waziristan in August."

While the commander did not identify the location of the strike, there was only one attack in late August, the Aug. 27 strike in the village of Kanigoram in Taliban-controlled South Waziristan. Eight Taliban fighters and Uzbek fighters were reported killed in the attack.

Poor thing worried about being killed in a drone strike......seems that worry was justified.

Next up in the crosshairs.........Ayman Zawahiri.

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Source: Rifqa Bary’s brother brags he leaked her foster care location to Muslim stalker-blogger

Last month the Orlando family court overseeing the Rifqa Bary case released a report by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement that claims that they found no evidence to support her claims of abuse despite the father’s explicit admission to the primary incident that prompted her to flee (picking up her laptop and threatening to hit her with it) and a policy that prohibited the FDLE investigators from looking into any allegations of abuse that occurred in her home of Ohio, namely all of them.

But we were contacted by a source close to Rifqa’s family who made statements that calls into question the FDLE’s bogus findings and provides evidence that the Bary family home is not so safe and secure as the lamestream media cheerleading for her return has led to believe.

Our source, who is a member of the Central Ohio Islamic community and is close to the Bary family, claims that Rifqa Bary’s older brother, Rilvan, has repeatedly bragged about providing specific information on Rifqa’s Florida foster family to San Francisco-based Islamic stalker-blogger Davi Barker (whose email is themuslimagorist@gmail.com for anyone who is curious), who claimed in one post that he knew Rifqa’s present location and issued this veiled threat:

I'll tell you one thing reader... if she's not safe in Ohio, she's not safe in Florida. All it took was a little creative Googling and I was able to determine the likely address where she's staying*... But I digress.

Since Rifqa is currently in state custody and living with a Florida DCF-approved foster family, her location is confidential.

According to the source, Rilvan Bary provided Barker with the home phone number of the foster family – a potentially criminal act. (At some future point we might tell the scandalous story of how exactly how Rilvan obtained the home phone number of the foster family.) With that critical piece of information virtually anyone could locate her through “creative Googling”. The source further explained that Rilvan has bragged about passing off the information “to let her (Rifqa) know she could be gotten to anywhere” – a message Barker repeated with his “if she’s not safe in Ohio, she’s not safe in Florida” threat.

The source added Rilvan also provided Barker detailed information about several of Rifqa’s Christian associates in Ohio and elsewhere, presumably the same information contained on a computer thumb drive that the Bary family provided to the Orlando Sentinel through their representatives, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Our source expressed concern about providing any information that might identify them, but did allow us to provide one quote from our conversation:

I first believed Mohamed’s (Rifqa’s father) story, but after I heard Rilvan bragging to many people about what he had done, I now think there is a real concern for her safety. Why would he do such a thing? Many people in the Muslim community have heard about what he (Rilvan) did, but now that CAIR and the Noor Center have now taken control of this issue no one else is going to speak out. Even Mohamed is following their orders.

After several bloggers called Davi Barker out on his threat to Rifqa’s safety, he quickly added a clarification to his post that he did not mean his comments to be a threat. He has also made defamatory claims against several of her Christian associates, including accusing them of crimes, which he has since retracted. (I sincerely hope those involved would consider pursuing their legal rights against Barker.)

We have additional info on Rifqa’s POS brother and his stalker-blogger accomplice, but this new development raises questions about the shoddy investigative work by law enforcement in both Ohio and Florida who have assured everyone that there is no threat to Rifqa Bary. The question is whether they are more concerned about offending the self-appointed leaders of the Muslim community or ensuring Rifqa Bary’s safety. The answer is becoming clear.

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October 04, 2009

What's The Pakistani Word For "ACORN?"

Color me surprised.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The United States has long suspected that much of the billions of dollars it has sent Pakistan to battle militants has been diverted to the domestic economy and other causes, such as fighting India.

Now the scope and longevity of the misuse is becoming clear: Between 2002 and 2008, while Al Qaeda regrouped, only $500 million of the $6.6 billion in American aid actually made it to the Pakistani military, two army generals tell The Associated Press.

The account of the generals, who asked to remain anonymous because military rules forbid them from speaking publicly, was backed up by other retired and active generals, former bureaucrats and government ministers.

At the time of the siphoning, Pervez Musharraf, a Washington ally, served as both chief of staff and president, making it easier to divert money intended for the military to bolster his sagging image at home through economic subsidies.

"The army itself got very little," said retired Gen. Mahmud Durrani, who was Pakistan's ambassador to the U.S. under Musharraf. "It went to things like subsidies, which is why everything looked hunky-dory. The military was financing the war on terror out of its own budget."

I don't have much to say about this situation, except for this.

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October 03, 2009

Al-Shabaab Threat to U.S.

From FOX News:

They could strike the United States. That grim assessment is the first time the FBI director or any other senior law enforcement or intelligence official has stated on the record that the Al Qaeda-linked group al-Shabaab is no longer content to strike within the East African nation of Somalia.

During a hearing on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, FBI Director Robert Mueller was asked if members of al-Shabaab, which translates as "mujahideen youth," would send American recruits back to the U.S. to launch attacks.

"I would think that we have seen some information that the leaders would like to undertake operations outside of Somalia," Mueller told the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

Mueller said he is "absolutely" concerned that Americans who traveled to Somalia to train as terrorists would have U.S. legal status and would therefore be able to return to the United States and carry out attacks.

These fanatics are being radicalized in the U.S. Not a good development.

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Mahmoud the Jew?

The UK's Telegraph reports that Iranian madman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's family has a secret Jewish background:

A photograph of the Iranian president holding up his identity card during elections in March 2008 clearly shows his family has Jewish roots.

A close-up of the document reveals he was previously known as Sabourjian – a Jewish name meaning cloth weaver.

The short note scrawled on the card suggests his family changed its name to Ahmadinejad when they converted to embrace Islam after his birth.

Oy vey!

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Just A Passing Thought About The David Letterman Story

I just can't get past the fact that there were women out there desperate enough to have sex with the gap toothed freak.

Have a nice weekend!

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October 02, 2009

Video Of Anne Frank

It's only 20 seconds, but it's a very moving and powerful 20 seconds when you think about what this young lady did just by making entries in her diary. She did more with one diary entry than Youseff al Khattab aka Joey Cohen has done in his entire life.

She, the Jew who was murdered by the Nazis has moved millions. He, the self hating Jew turned Islamonazi, is a living testament to abortion rights.

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Ted Williams' Head

Allegations have surfaced that the company that froze Ted Williams had workers that abused his corpse. It's alleged that Williams was decapitated and his frozen head was batted with a monkey wrench.

Surely, we'll hear more on this story.

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Gilad Shilat Is Alive

Thank God for that.

What I don't understand is why the Israeli government thought releasing 19 terrorists in exchange for a video was the right thing to do. I hope they're not considering meeting the rest of Hamas' demands.

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Comment Of The Day II

Angus Dei: Today, Obama's Ship of State was sunk by an IOC-berg.

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