August 31, 2009

The Government Can!

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Bombshell documents filed in Rifqa Bary case***Updated with Gov. Crist contact info***UPDATE2 Fox News report***

***UPDATE 2*** Fox News has been headlining their programming this evening with this story. Their online article is here. Contact Gov. Crist and FL DCF at the contact info below the fold and ask them to recommend to the court not sending Rifqa back to Ohio to this extremist mosque!

Original post: Two bombshell documents were filed with the court today by Rifqa Bary's Orlando attorney John Stemberger. The first is a 35 page memo outlining the extremism of the Ohio mosque attended by the Bary family, the Noor Islamic Cultural Center. The first three pages are an executive summary, which cover the four issues raised in Stemberger's brief:

1) The founder and CEO of the mosque was identified in government exhibits in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism finance trial as one of the top leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America. The Muslim Brotherhood is the leading purveyor of extremist Islamic ideology in the world. (as Cruz notes in the comments, Bob Baer has said in his book, See No Evil, "The Muslim Brotherhood is the Granddaddy of all terrorist organizations.")

2) The mosque's former resident scholar, Salah Sultan, has been videotaped and photographer with designated terrorists, in addition to appearances he's made on Middle East TV networks inciting violence and calling for the destruction of the US (something we noted here at Jawa two weeks ago). Sultan is a protege of Hamas spiritual leader Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, who has issued fatwas endorsing the execution of apostates from Islam.

3) The center has recently hosted a laundry list of the top Islamic extremist speakers in the US, including Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted coconspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing trial.

4) The mosque and one of its youth workers is tied to the ongoing nationwide investigation into Al-Shabaab recruiting in the US Somali community.

The other document is a two page affidavit signed by Rifqa Bary that undercuts the establishment media's current narrative that runs something like this: "The Bary family can't be that extreme since they allowed her to be a cheerleader."

As the affidavit shows, it was precisely her Westernized behavior that prompted the Noor Center leadership and others from the mosque to direct Rifqa's father to get her under control - direction he acted upon. Her testimony details the progression of the problem:

15. I became a Christian on Friday, November 18, 2005 at the Korean United Methodist Church in Columbus, Ohio;

16. I hid my Christian faith from my parents as best as I could and had to sneak around to attend Christian campus meetings, I also hid my Bible at home in various locations;

17. In about 2007 my father discovered a copy of a book entitled the "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren that I hid in my bedroom. My father had a serious talk with me about the importance of retaining the Islamic blood line in my family but I did not tell him about my conversion;

18. In June of 2009 my father confronted me with several questions about whether I had become a Christian, whether I was baptized, if I was going to church. Out of fear I remained silent;

19. Then my father told me that he received numerous emails and phone calls from the leaders of the Noor Center community who informed him that he needed to deal with this matter immediately;

20. In a fit of anger that I had never seen before in my life, he picked up my lap top, waived it over my head as if to strike me with it and said "if you have this Jesus in your heart, you are dead to me! You are no longer my daughter." I continued to remain silent and then he said to me even more angry then before, I Iwill kill you! Tell me the truth!"

21. On July 17, 2009, my mother confronted me about another Christian book she discovered that I hid in my bedroom. She had just spoken with my father was on the phone who was out of town. She was very upset, in tears, and almost grieving and told me I was going to have to be sent back to Sri Lanka to be dealt with.

Considering the family's close association with the mosque (mosque events were held in their home), and the mosque's extensively documented extremist ideology and terrorist connections, placing Rifqa anywhere close to this community would represent a grave threat to her safety. How could any judge in his right mind send her back in light of this information? We'll find out on Thursday.

Rifqa's attorney has asked supporters to contact Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and the head of the FL Dept. of Children and Family to have them ask the court to keep her in Florida state custody and not return the child to Ohio authorities, who have already said they intend to send her back to her family. Here's the contact info:

Governor Charlie Crist's office:
Phone: (850) 488-4441, (850) 488-7146
Fax: (850) 487-0801

Florida Department of Children and Family:
George H. Sheldon, Secretary
1317 Winewood Blvd.
Building 1, Room 202
Tallahassee, Florida
Phone: (850) 487-1111
Fax: (850) 922-2993

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Yemen Arrests UN Employee after UN Appeals for Access to War Refugees

A Yemeni UN officer, Walid al Din, was "arrested" on Wednesday in Sana'a. Security officers stormed his home and confiscated his computer. Al Din is being held incommunicado and has not been charged. The arrest followed a UN report detailing the 150,000 internal refugees created by the sixth round of the Sa'ada War, which erupted three weeks ago.

The UN initially appealed for a pause in the Yemeni government's bombing campaign, aptly named Operation Scorched Earth. More recently, the UN requested a humanitarian corridor to deliver aid. The Yemeni government formed a committee to discuss it. After three weeks of aid blockade and intense fighting, the UN reports water, food, medical supplies and cooking oil are nearly depleted. Sa'ada's 700,000 civilians are at severe risk, including those in refugee camps. The Yemeni government (which spends a third of public funds on the military) is deploying thousands of Salafi tribesmen as a militia to aid in the battles.

The Yemeni government considers starvation a valid tactic of war, designed to pressure civilians to capture rebels themselves. Human Rights Watch determined the Yemeni government engaged in collective punishment by blocking humanitarian access to Sa'ada during the last war (2007). Parts of the the Saada region has been inaccessable since 2004.

The arbitrary, politicized arrest of al Din is in keeping with standard tactics of the Yemeni state which arrested thousands of non-combatants, including journalists and civil rights advocates, in relation to the Sa'ada war. Their continued detention is a one trigger for the conflict that flared five times since 2004. Family members held their 26th weekly sit-in on Friday outside Yemeni President Saleh's new USD 40 million dollar mosque. (In interviews, imprisoned children reported torture , click here to read.)

The arrest of al-Din is a tactic of intimidation directed against the international aid organizations. He remains in jail. The original Arabic report is from al Needa Newspaper.

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Venezuela accuses protesters of fomenting rebellion

Attorney General Luisa Ortega, Venezuela's top prosecutor, has claimed that protesters against a new educational law are fomenting a "criminal civil rebellion" against Hugo Chavez. Ortega stated that people found "guilty" of protesting can face 12 to 24 years in prison.

Think this can't happen here in the US? Breitbart

Venezuela's top prosecutor said Saturday that recent street protests were legally tantamount to "rebellion" against President Hugo Chavez's government and that demonstrators will now be charged.

The dramatic move by Attorney General Luisa Ortega capped a week of huge street protests, mostly directed against a new education law that critics say is politically charged.

"People who disturb order and the peace to create instability of institutions, to destabilize the government, or attack the democratic system, we are going to charge and try them," Ortega said in a statement, referring to the government of leftist-populist Chavez.

William Ojeda, of the opposition A New Time party, argued that "the very right to protest is being turned into a crime."

"The justice system is now being used as a tool of political and ideological persecution," Ojeda added.

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Video: "I Cheated, This is My Punishment"

Poor guy. I hope either the wife or the mistress was hot.

Assuming this isn't a put on, doesn't the wife run the risk of the husband cheating on her again? I mean, if the girl on the side was really really really hot, wouldn't it be worth it?

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Hamas Rejects Holocaust Lessons in UN Schools

Via BBC:

Gaza's ruling Islamist movement Hamas has resisted suggestions that Palestinian children should be taught about the Holocaust in UN-run schools.

The head of its education committee in Gaza, Abdul Rahman el-Jamal, told the BBC that the Holocaust was a "big lie".

So therefore Hamas is saying Albanian Muslims are FOS.

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Good News: 100K Kids Went to Hamas Summer Camp This Year

Hello mudda, hello fadda. Greetings from Camp Killthejewa!

According to Hamas commercials the camp goal is to “Experience a soldier's life, serving Islam, locating excelling student groups that can operate in the preaching of Allah and Islam, in schools and central mosques." Moreover, the children are taught about the lives of martyrs and carry pictures of them during processions.
100,000 kids went to these camps. What could possibly go wrong?

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Al Qaeda Man: Syria Trained Me

I dunno. On the one hand there have long been accusations that Syria was secretly training al Qaeda operatives for missions in Iraq. So, it's easily believable that a member of al Qaeda in Iraq would claim just that.

On the other hand, whenever Middle East regimes air videotaped confessions, I'm leery.

In any event, Syria's Baathist regime remains a regional pariah. I'm not arguing for Iraq style regime change, but regime change in Syria would be more than welcomed.

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U.S. Released Baghdad Bombers?

Bill Ardolino, formerly of the INDC blog is now doing special reports for Bill Roggio at The Long War Journal. In this post he explains the confusing relationship between the US military and the Iraqi judicial system.

A few weeks ago the Iraqis charged that the US let loose two men who later went on to commit a suicide attack in Baghdad that killed dozens.

The US claims the men that they were holding may not have actually been involved. The Iraqis, it seems, are trying to blame the US for not holding the men longer or turning them over to their judicial system.

But it's not clear whether the Iraqi judicial system would have held the alleged bombers any longer than the US. Seems to me like a blame-the-other-guy ploy which isn't something uniquely Iraqi.

In any event, welcome back to the blogosphere Bill! Go check the post out here.

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Global Warming Protest in London

(London, England) A group of about 100 anarcho-warmists gathered at Blackheath Common Climate Camp 2009 and organized a direct action attack against the 32-story, name-in-neon Barclays Bank.

Climate Camp 2009.jpg
Climate Camp 2009

Led by a 30-something skittish woman called Blonde Leader, they were a rag-tag bunch, "with seasoned activists in dreadlocks mixing with middle-class couples in chinos" and shaven-headed anarchists.

Pens, paper and Post-it Notes were made handy for delivering an ugly mess of global warming, anti-capitalist messages (pic) on every available surface.

Spirited, the throng of 1960s throwbacks boarded the train to their destination, the strikingly-unmissable Barclays Bank which reportedly was investing in evil coal. They arrived downtown and, unafraid, they charged into and through the lobby screaming slogans like "Save the Planet!" and "Down with Barclays!" and "Stop Global Warming!"

Blonds Leader was shrieking and yelling the most until restrained by security guards. She then became quiet and embarrassingly informed everyone, as they were working to form unbreakable human chains, that they were at the wrong skyscraper. Barclays Bank was down the road. (More ....)

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Jihad Jane Retires from Online Jihad?

A little birdie tells me that Jihad Jane has gotten a rather paralyzing case of the nervous shakes.

You lose beotch, its so almost kinda sad.....

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"Asian Youth" Attack Police in UK

Remember that in the UK "Asian" means people from the Indian subcontinent. So, presumably these "Asian youth" were Hindu Indians, right?

It's not until the third paragraph that we learn who the hooligans were:

The march was said to be a further response to the protests by young Muslims which disrupted the Anglian regiment homecoming parade in the town earlier this year.
What's interesting here is that the police had been dispatched to uphold a court order banning a protest by a right-wing organization which had sparked Muslims to riot earlier this year.

So, British officials ban a protest in order to appease Muslims and how does a certain segment of the Muslim community react? By throwing fireworks at the very police sent out to protect their precious feelings!

Thanks to Jen.

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Shachtman in Afghanistan: Taliban Pushing Back

Noah Shachtman of Wired's Danger Room blog has been embedded with the marines of 2/8 Echo company in Helmand province. They've been fighting the Taliban nearly non-stop for eight weeks, in one of the war's most active

After a brief lull in the fighting, the Taliban began attacking the Marines. This is their story.

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Sick: Poll Dancer Doll

And not the inflatable kind of doll either. The kind for kids.

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I'm Afriad I'll Have to Decline That

Joe Kennedy for Us Senate invite on facebook.

*** invited you to join the Facebook group "JOE KENNEDY FOR U.S. SENATE".

*** says, "We're tryig to get as many people as possible to join our group to urge Joe Kennedy to run for his uncle's senate seat. We're grateful for all the support we can get! Thanks!".


But hey, at least they waited till at least 10 seconds or so after he was buried.

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Darwins Rule #487

Never french kiss your rape victim, it may substantially impair your ability to speak in your defense.


Hat Tip: Writer Mom.

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August 30, 2009

One former Muslim from Columbus area already under death fatwa

The Rifqa Bary saga continues on Thursday when a judge will consider whether to move to declare her a dependent of the state and keep her under the protection of the State of Florida.

Today's Orlando Sentinel has the first of apparently four articles this week cheerleading for her return to her abusive father, Muslim extremist family and their terror-tied mosque. Who does the Sentinel find is to blame for this situation? Rifqa's laptop and the nasty fundamentalist Christians she was able to meet online who showed her another world free from a religion of bloodthirsty medieval warlords and theological justifications for pedophilia.

But another article of interest this weekend discusses the story of another former Columbus area man, Ergun Caner, who's father was the head of the Islamic Center that the Bary family mosque grew out of. As the article explains, Caner lives under a death fatwa for his conversion to Christianity:

According to Ergun Mehmet Caner, the threat to Rifqa for her rejection of Islam and conversion to Christianity is real. “There’s no question,” Caner said in an Aug. 27 interview with the Witness.

Caner, who converted to Christianity as a 16-year-old in Columbus, Ohio, grew-up in the mosque, the Islamic Foundation of Central Ohio, out of which the Bary family mosque, Noor Islamic Cultural Center, was started and remains connected.

Now a Baptist minister and president of Liberty Theological Seminary in Lynchburg, Va., Caner is a well-known apologist for the Christian faith – activity for which a fatwa, an Islamic religious ruling calling for his death, was issued last year “that put us on the road for a while.”

Because of his outspoken repudiation of Islam and defense of Christianity, Caner said he has to take special security precautions.

Caner and his two brothers, who became Christians within 14 months of his conversion, were disowned by their father, who was the architect of their Columbus mosque.

Rather than sending his sons back to their home country of Turkey, the decision of the eldest Caner to disown his children “was an act of mercy,” Caner told the Witness. Caner said his father died in 1999 as a Muslim, while his mother is now a Christian.

“When someone says, ‘Oh, it’s horrible what happened to you.’ No, what my father did was merciful,” Caner explained, noting his fate could have been much worse.

The risk of an “honor killing” – an obligation under Islamic law for those who reject Islam – is routine in Muslim nations.

Considering all the available evidence, it would be criminally negligent for Florida to send this girl back to this Muslim community in Central Ohio. Let's hope the Florida judge does the right thing.

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August 29, 2009

Al Qaeda Suicide Bomber Who Targeted Saudi Prince Came from Yemen

JEDDAH The suicide bomber who targeted Saudi Arabia’s deputy interior minister Prince Mohammed Bin Naif on Thursday had been based in an area of Yemen (Marib) known to be a base for many al Qa’eda militants, Yemen’s foreign ministry said yesterday.

The fact that a militant was able to get into Saudi Arabia so easily and target a high-ranking politician and prince has added to fears in Riyadh that the current unrest in Yemen could pose problems in the conservative Gulf kingdom.

Its not the unrest that is posing problems but the lack of the Yemeni government's committment to battling al Qaeda. Of all the insurgencies the Yemeni regime is facing, including the southern separatists and northern rebellion, al Qaeda is the most manageable and the most beneficial.

With the Yemeni government is deploying terrorists in its war against Shiite rebels, as it has before, there is a little motivation to crackdown on the group. Note the Yemeni FM says Yemen knows that al Qaeda is based in Marib, but the government doesn't attempt to engage them.

The Al Qaeda threat brings foreign aid from Saudi Arabia and the US to Yemeni President Saleh's regime that other anti-government groups do not. Thus the southern protesters get shot on the street and the Yemeni military is currently bombing cities in the north, but al Qaeda gets a pass.

The Saudi/Yemeni border is difficult to control because much of the smuggling is accomplished by Yemen's security forces.

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WaPo Vindicates Cheney

Oh, what a bitter pill this article must have been [emphasis added]:

After enduring the CIA's harshest interrogation methods and spending more than a year in the agency's secret prisons, Khalid Sheik Mohammed stood before U.S. intelligence officers in a makeshift lecture hall, leading what they called "terrorist tutorials." ...

...These scenes provide previously unpublicized details about the transformation of the man known to U.S. officials as KSM from an avowed and truculent enemy of the United States into what the CIA called its "preeminent source" on al-Qaeda. This reversal occurred after Mohammed was subjected to simulated drowning and prolonged sleep deprivation, among other harsh interrogation techniques.

Of course, the Post tries to vitiate their sins against the Left by quoting some of KSM's hollow bravado:
"During the harshest period of my interrogation I gave a lot of false information in order to satisfy what I believed the interrogators wished to hear in order to make the ill-treatment stop. I later told interrogators that their methods were stupid and counterproductive. I'm sure that the false information I was forced to invent in order to make the ill-treatment stop wasted a lot of their time," he said.
Yeah, sure, whatever. Methinks you sang like a canary after being subjected to a "torture" so horrid that smelly hippies performed it as street theater at anti-war protests.

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Pakistan: No Military Campaign Against the Taliban

Not surprising wussed out again.......they might have got their collective asses kicked again.


Despite strenuous entreaties by top U.S. officials, Pakistan has abandoned plans to mount a military offensive against the terrorist group responsible for a two-year campaign of suicide bombings across the country. Although the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has been in disarray since an Aug. 5 missile strike from a CIA-operated drone killed its leader, Baitullah Mehsud, the Pakistani military has concluded that a ground attack on its strongholds in South Waziristan would be too difficult.
Hat tip Kyros.

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Afghan MP furious NATO troops captured taliban leader in a medical facility

On August 26th, NATO and Afghan troops captured a taliban leader, and 5 other taliban terrorists after they were fired on from a medical clinic.

Now, an Afghan member of parliament, Khalid Farooqi, a member of the Islamic Party of Afghanistan is furious that NATO troops and Afghan troops defended themselves. Foorqi claims it is an offense to fire on a medical facility. While technically true, it is also an offense to use a medical facility as launching pad for an attack, which the taliban did. But Farooqi isn't concerned about details. BBC

A member of the Afghan parliament has criticised a Nato air strike on a clinic where a Taliban leader was being treated for his injuries.[...]

Khalid Faroqi, who represents Paktika province, said it was an offence to fire on such a facility.

Nato says that troops first made sure there were no civilians inside.

It says security forces were fired upon as they approached the clinic and responded by ordering helicopter strikes.

Blogged by iPhone.

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August 28, 2009

I'm Just Asking Questions Here, People

Kidnap pre-pubescent girl and make her your sex slave. Check!

Father her children. Check!

Claim that God speaks to you. Check!

Not necessarily in that order, by the way.

Doesn't that sound like a certain founder of the world's most peaceful religion?

Decide for yourself.

People who knew Garrido said he became increasingly fanatic about his religious beliefs in recent years, sometimes breaking out into song and claiming that God spoke to him through a box.

"In the last couple years he started getting into this strange religious stuff. We kind of felt sorry for him," said Tim Allen, president of East County Glass and Window Inc. in Pittsburg, Calif., who bought business cards and letterhead from Garrido's printing business for the last decade.

I'm not saying that the founder of one of the world's largest monotheistic religions was crazy, but.... okay, well, yes, yes I am.


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The Pencil

Back to school.

You can find the whole Free to Choose series here streaming for free. Very counterculture these days.

Episode 3 ("Freedom & Prosperity") has a great intro by Ronnie Reagan.

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Tea Party Leaders Announce BUYcott to Counter SEIU Boycott of Whole Foods Market

A couple weeks ago, Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey aired his misgivings about the Obama health care takeover:

Rather than increase government spending and control, we need to address the root causes of poor health. This begins with the realization that every American adult is responsible for his or her own health...

Health-care reform is very important. Whatever reforms are enacted it is essential that they be financially responsible, and that we have the freedom to choose doctors and the health-care services that best suit our own unique set of lifestyle choices. We are all responsible for our own lives and our own health. We should take that responsibility very seriously and use our freedom to make wise lifestyle choices that will protect our health. Doing so will enrich our lives and will help create a vibrant and sustainable American society.

Mackey's willingness to employ his God-given, constitutional right to free speech has drawn a predictable response from the Obama's allies in the labor unions...

Labor unions are joining a boycott aimed at Whole Foods Market, protesting CEO John Mackey’s criticism of President Barack Obama’s health care plan...

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union and CtW Investment Group, an arm of several unions including the Service Employees International Union, are part of the boycott effort and say Mackey should be ousted as CEO of the grocery chain.

In response to the union boycott, a group of tea party leaders from across the country is kicking off a BUYcott campaign to support Whole Foods Market. The BUYcott campaign will kick off on Tuesday, September 1, with events in St. Louis, Mo. and Dallas, Tx:
The national leadership team of the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition this morning announced a series of Tea Party Buycott events designed to support John Mackey and the Whole Foods grocery chain. Mackey is the CEO whose op-ed in The Wall Street Journal opposing Obamacare and supporting free market health care reform has sparked unprecedented and unwarranted attacks from left wing propagandists.

The first two events are scheduled for Tuesday evening, September 1, 2009 in St. Louis, Missouri and Dallas, Texas, with additional events in other cities and locales to come. The St. Louis event will be held at the Whole Foods store located in Town and Country, Missouri off Clayton Road and will begin at 6 pm. The Dallas kickoff event will be held at the Whole Foods Market located at 11700 Preston Rd., Dallas, Texas and will begin at 7 pm.

As an added incentive to spend time at your local Whole Foods, it's a decent bet that Debbie Schlussel won't be there.

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Obama Seeking Absolute Control of Internet

After word of a secret scheme to take control of the Internet leaked out this spring, Jay Rockefeller and his aides revised it:

The new version would allow the president to "declare a cybersecurity emergency" relating to "non-governmental" computer networks and do what's necessary to respond to the threat. Other sections of the proposal include a federal certification program for "cybersecurity professionals," and a requirement that certain computer systems and networks in the private sector be managed by people who have been awarded that license.
Not just "no," but "hell no."

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Gingrich: Fire Holder

The new Ayman al Zawahiri video that came out today is a reminder "global" "terrorists" are still at "war" with the United States.

Global terrorist war
. I dunno, kinda sounds familiar.

Yet the Obama Administration assures us that there is no Global War on Terrorism -- or, at least, that they no longer wish to use that term to describe our actions against al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other related Islamist groups.

Fair enough.

As long as we keep killing terrorists with our military wherever we find them on the globe then call it what you will. Hell, call it "love, peace, and harmony". It's just semantics. In the end, it's still a war fought globally against Islamist terrorists.

But that's not it. This isn't just semantics.

For the Obama Administration has turned the clock back to September 10th, 2001 when terrorism was treated as a crime and not an act of war.

This includes reading Miranda rights to terrorists and turning interrogations of terrorist suspects into evidence gathering rather than intelligence gathering. And now prosecuting the CIA?

Newt Gingrich:

The Obama Administration, still in the middle of a war with the radical wing of Islam, is waving a white flag of surrender. The honorable thing would be for the president to come out and say it; to tell the American people that be believes the threat manifest on 9/11 has passed. That we can now return to business as usual.

Instead, the president is silent on Martha's Vineyard, and his surrogates are blaming the political prosecutions of CIA officials on the Attorney General.

Even if you believe this convenient division of political culpability, the Attorney General has failed to honor the law. He has given into - or faithfully carried out - the revenge fantasies of the anti-American left.

Read the rest.

H/T:Hot Air

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Energy Prices Rising, Driven By Weak Dollar

Hmmmm. It's almost as if our philosopher kings in the government ordering the printing and spending trillions of dollars that we don't have is having some kind of mysterious, unanticipated, unknowable effect on the value of the dollar.

Completely unforeseeable. Not even Obama could have predicted such a thing could ever happen.

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New Zawahiri Video: The Main Battle is Now in Pakistan


A new al Qaeda video featuring Ayman al-Zawahiri released today depicts the central fight in the global Salafi jihad as now being waged in Pakistan rather than in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Somalia.

It accuses Pakistan of being agents of the "Crusaders" and chastises Pakistanis for not backing the Taliban. Zawhiri makes the claim that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan isn't really Islamic.

The crux of the video seems to be to exhort Pakistanis to support al Qaeda and the Taliban.

The video may be evidence that recent U.S. strikes against high value targets in Pakistan have been working. These strikes have mostly targeted the Pakistani Taliban who are closely aligned with and supported by al Qaeda.

Banner announcing new Zawahiri video: The Path of Doom II

Earlier in the day I said that I was still skeptical about Pakistan's commitment to fighting the hardcore jihadis. I think I said my optimism glass was 10% full. Better make that 15%.

The password protected video is typical of an al Qaeda as Sahab production. Like many videos produced by al Qaeda's media wing, this one features English subtitles. Also, this is an actual video and not simply audio overlaid on a static image. Zawahiri can be seen throughout, except for brief interludes of narrative commentary and of prominent Taliban leaders killed in the conflict.

Al Fajr - al Qaeda's media distribution outlet - also released an English language transcript of the video. I have posted the entire transcript below.

Interestingly enough, the Global Islamic Media Front(GIMF) announced last week that they would distribute a new video featuring Osama bin Laden. That video has not yet emerged. In fact, it would be singularly unusual should the video ever come out given that GIMF started out as an independent al Qaeda support group.

In recent years GIMF has become the official distribution outlet of two al Qaeda affiliated groups -- one in Gaza and the other in Somalia -- but as far as I know they have never formalized their relationship with al Qaeda central the way al Furqaan media -- al Qaeda in Iraq's media wing -- did.

Any new bin Laden video should be an as Sahab production and distributed through al Fajr, not GIMF.

The GIMF announcement about an impending bin Laden video may have been either a hoax or a ploy. Unless bin Laden is in Somalia. Which is a possibility, but unlikely.

Full text of the video follows:

The Path of Doom Shaykh: Ayman Al-Zawahiri - may Allah protect him-
Sh’aban 1430

Verily, those who disbelieve spend their wealth to turn people away from the way of Allah. They will surely continue to spend it; but then shall it become a source of regret for them, and then shall they be overcome. And the disbelievers shall be gathered unto Hell. That Allah may separate the bad from the good, and put the bad one upon another, and heap them up altogether, and then cast them into Hell. These indeed are the losers. Say to those who have disbelieved, if they cease, their past will be forgiven. But if they return, then the examples of those [punished] before them have already preceded. And fight them until there is no more fitnah [polytheism] and all religion is for Allah alone. But if they cease, then certainly, Allah is All-Seer of what they do. And if they turn away, then know that Allah is your Maula – an excellent Maula, and an Excellent Helper. (8:36-40)

In the name of Allah, and all praise is due to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and upon his family, companions and allies.
Muslim brothers everywhere: peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.

As for what comes after:
The Pakistan-Afghanistan border regions are witnessing at this time a Crusade led by the Pakistan Army and supervised and participated in by the neo-Crusaders.

The agents of the Crusaders in the Pakistan Army’s high command have called this operation “The Path of Salvation,” but it is in fact the path to their doom, Allah willing.

This operation aims to eliminate Jihadi forces in the tribal regions in Pakistan, at the same time as the forces of the NATO Alliance along with the traitors in the Afghan Army and units from the Pakistan Army dam the Pakistan-Afghan border.


The fundamental concept of this plan was based on a violent preliminary bombing from air and land in collaboration with American spy drones in order to terrorize the inhabitants in a barbaric fashion and destroy the Mujahideen’s morale and weaken their defenses, following which the Pakistani forces would advance on three fronts in order to take over the key cities of Waziristan – Miran Shah, Razmak and Wana – after which they would make contact with each other and secure surrounding areas, then try to make a jump to the west, towards the Afghan border, in order to meet up with the forces of NATO and the treasonous Afghan Army, in an attempt to trap the Mujahideen between a rock and a hard place.

However, this plan was born dead, by the Grace of Allah, as attacks, raids and ambushes against the Army’s convoys, bases and forts came in quick succession, and were accompanied by consecutive losses of supplies and equipment, and consequently the Army was unable to achieve any of its goals, by the Grace of Allah.

This plan was agreed to in Washington, and the commander of the Pakistan Army – Kayani – carried it with him to the headquarters of the NATO Alliance in Brussels for it to be approved, and it aims at its core to help American forces and their allies in Afghanistan and protect them from the expected defeat towards which the forces of the Islamic Emirate are pushing them through resolve, persistence and reliance on Allah.

That is, the plan aims to stab the Jihadi resolve in Afghanistan from behind, in order for the Crusader forces in Afghanistan to be safe from losses and be able to continue to impose direct American Crusader military influence on South Asia.
That’s why the designers of this plan called it “The Path of Salvation,” because they wanted it to be a way to save the Americans from their anticipated defeat – with Allah’s permission – in Afghanistan. However, it is turning – through Allah’s guidance and then the strikes of the Mujahideen – into “The Path of Doom” for the apostates in Pakistan and the Crusaders in Afghanistan.
Thus, the Pakistan Army is acting as a fundamental element of the Crusade against Islam and Muslims, and has become a tool in the hands of the global Crusade which is being used against its people and neighbors and the rest of the Muslim Ummah.


The Martyr (As We See Him) Maulana Abdul Rashid Ghazi:
I want to deliver this message to the world on this occasion: this is a blind force, and these are agents – agents of America – and their behavior and actions are total confirmation of that. It is imperative to get rid of them: there is no other option. My very last message is that the Mujahideen – all of them – should struggle for the Islamic system in Pakistan and take revenge on my behalf from these rulers.


In fact, and regrettably, the Indians are more jealous and more concerned for the safety of their country than the Pakistan Army is. The Indian Army hasn’t let American aircraft bomb the Indian people. The Indian Army hasn’t fought its own people on behalf of America. The Indian Army hasn’t cooperated with the Americans to create a regime hostile to India on its borders. And the Indian Army hasn’t permitted America to control and monitor its nuclear installations, nor has it arrested its nuclear scientists like the Pakistan Army did.
That’s why the Muslim Ummah in Pakistan must seriously ask itself: what is it that has brought it to this wretched situation? And what is the way out of it?
What has brought the Muslims in Pakistan to this wretched situation in which thieves have become rulers and mercenaries taking the Crusaders’ money have become leaders, are numerous factors which have accumulated over the years since the creation of Pakistan.

Among these factors is the lie which has been promoted which says that Pakistan is an Islamic government whose constitution and laws are in accordance with Islam. It is a colossal lie with no factual basis, and I have refuted it in a book entitled “The Morning and The Candle.”
The Pakistani government, which falsely claims to be an Islamic government which arose to defend the rights of the Muslims in the subcontinent, has never applied Islam in the more than 60 years since its establishment. And when Shari’ah was partially applied in the Swat Valley’s district courts, neither the Americans nor their agents in Islamabad could stand it, and they immediately waged a bloody war on Islam and Muslims in Swat to satisfy America, which wants an Islam which sings its praises and seeks its bribes: an Islam without Shari’ah, without enjoining of good and forbidding of evil, and without Jihad in Allah’s path.


Speech During Gathering at Jamiah Hafsah, Islamabad:
Our country was created in the name of Islam, so why hasn’t Islam been established in it to this very day? When this country was created in the name of Islam, why are Muslims being humiliated in it? Why is its soil being constrained for Muslims? When this country was created for Islam, why are the flag-bearers of Islam being martyred here day after day? Why is nudity and immorality thriving in the country? When this country was created for Islam, why are the Mujahideen being dishonored here? When this country was created for Islam, why are the strongholds of Islam – the mosques and Madrassas – being demolished here?


And among these factors is the inclining of many Muslims towards the worldly life, and the punishment for that is the unbelievers’ domination of the Muslims, as the Messenger of Allah, peace and prayers of Allah be upon him, said: “The nations will soon call to each other over you like diners call to each other over their dish.” Someone said, “Is that because of our scarcity in those days?” He replied, “On the contrary, you will be numerous in those days, but you will be scum like the scum of the floodwater, and Allah will remove fear of you from the chests of your enemy, and will place in your hearts al-Wahn [the weakness].” It was asked, “What is the weakness, O Messenger of Allah?” He replied, “Love of this life and a dislike for death.” (Abu Dawood)
And because of their love of this world and dislike of death, many Muslims have abandoned the obligation of enjoining good and forbidding evil when it comes to the Crusaders’ agents among Pakistan’s politicians and the mercenary leaders of its army. Consequently, they have been afflicted by the punishment which the Prophet (peace and prayers of Allah be upon him) warned of when he, peace and prayers of Allah be upon him, said, “By Him in Whose Hand is my soul, you must enjoin good and forbid evil or Allah will soon send upon you a punishment from Him, then you will pray to Him but your prayers will not be answered.” (at-Tirmidhi)

And he, peace and prayers of Allah be upon him, also said, “When the people see the wrongdoer and don’t [stop him from wrongdoing], Allah will soon afflict them all with a punishment.” (Abu Dawood)

And from these factors is the abandonment by many Muslims of the creed of allegiance to the Muslims and disowning of the unbelievers. The Truth (Blessed and Most High is He) says, “O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: they are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them [for friendship] is of them. Verily Allah guides not a people unjust. You see how those in whose hearts is a disease run about among them, saying, ‘We fear lest a change of fortune bring us disaster.’ But it may be that Allah will give you victory, or a decision from Him, then they will regret the thoughts which they secretly harbored in their hearts. And those who believe will say, ‘Are these the men who swore their strongest oaths by Allah that they were with you?’ All that they do will be in vain, and they will become losers. O you who believe! If any from among you turn back from his faith, Allah will soon produce a people whom He will love as they will love Him; humble with the believers, mighty against the unbelievers, fighting in the way of Allah, and never fearing the blame of a blamer. That is the grace of Allah, which He bestows on whom He pleases. Allah is All Embracing, All Knowing. Your allies are Allah, His Messenger, and the believers, those who establish regular prayers and pay Zakat and bow [in worship]. As to those who ally themselves to Allah, His Messenger and the believers, then it is the party of Allah that is triumphant. O you who believe! Take not for friends and protectors those who take your religion for a mockery or sport, whether among those who received the Scripture before you, or among the unbelievers; and fear Allah, if you are [truly] believers.” (5:51-57)
Abandonment of loyalty to the believers and animosity to the unbelievers is the religion which America is seeking to spread among the Muslims, so that their religion turns into rituals with no impact on society which are practiced in the mosque and have no effect outside it.

So the Muslim Ummah in Pakistan must appreciate that America is waging against the Muslims a Crusade the likes of which the Muslim Ummah has never before seen, and that this campaign seeks to take control of Pakistan and divide it and transform it into statelets orbiting around American Crusader influence. The battle under way today in Swat and the tribal areas isn’t an internal Pakistani problem: no, it is one of the battlefields of the contemporary Crusade in which the Pakistan Army is fighting in order to help the Crusade and the Crusaders. And were the problem in Pakistan an internal one, neither America nor NATO would have bothered to spend one dollar on it or fire a single bullet in it. Here is Kashmir groaning under Indian repression and tyranny for more than 60 years, but the Crusader West hasn’t given it anything: in fact, it collaborates with India and strengthens and supports it with the latest weapons and technology.

The war in the tribal areas and Swat is an inseparable part of the Crusaders’ assault on the Muslims the length and breadth of the Islamic world. They want to eliminate the Mujahideen in the tribal areas so they can seek to smother the Jihad in Afghanistan, and they want to smother the Jihad in Afghanistan so that there doesn’t emerge in Central Asia a determined Muslim power which challenges global Crusader will and defends the rights of Muslims. This is the battle, briefly and plainly; and this is why anyone who supports the Americans and Pakistan Army – under any pretext, ploy or lie – is in fact standing with, backing and supporting the Crusaders against Islam and Muslims. This is the fact which every dedicated Muslim eager to see the victory of Islam and Muslims must disseminate. The Truth (Blessed and Most High is He) says, “Haven’t you seen those who take for friends a people with whom Allah is angry? They are neither of you nor of them, and they swear to falsehood knowingly. Allah has prepared for them a severe punishment. Evil is that which they used to do. They have made their oaths a shield for their falsehoods, and thereby they seek to turn men away from the path of Allah; for them therefore, will be a humiliating punishment. Neither their wealth nor their children will avail them at all against Allah. They are the inmates of the Fire wherein they will abide. On the day when Allah will raise them all together, they will swear to Him even as they now swear to you, and they will think that they have something to stand upon. Truly, it is they who are the liars. Satan has got the better of them, so he has made them forget the remembrance of Allah. They are the party of Satan. Truly, it is the party of Satan that will lose. Those who oppose Allah and His Messenger will be among those most humiliated. Allah has decreed: ‘It is I and My Messengers who must prevail,’ for Allah is Strong, Mighty. You shall not find any people who believe in Allah and the Last Day loving those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, even if they be their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their clan. For such He has written faith in their hearts and strengthened them with a spirit from Himself. And He will admit them to Gardens beneath which rivers flow, to dwell therein for eternity. Allah will be well pleased with them, and they with Him. They are the party of Allah. Truly, it is the party of Allah that will achieve success." (58:14-22)

And every soldier and officer participating in the assault on Waziristan must remember the severe threat the Quran contains for anyone who helps the unbelievers against the Muslims. The Truth (Blessed and Most High is He) says, “Verily, those whom the angels cause to die while they are wronging their own souls, [the angels] said [to them], ‘Where were you [i.e., with Muslims or Kuffaar]?’ They said, ‘We were weak and helpless in the land.’ [The angels] said, ‘Was not Allah's earth spacious enough for you to emigrate therein?’ It is these whose abode is Hell, and an evil destination it is.” (4:97) This verse came down concerning the oppressed Muslims of Makkah whom the unbelievers forced to go out with them to fight the Muslims in the Badr expedition.
As for how to get out of this predicament which Pakistan has gotten itself into, it is through Jihad, and there is no way other than Jihad.


The Martyr (As We See Him) Maulana Abdul Rashid Ghazi:

I would like to give this message to the world: one should be firm on the Truth, and to bow down to [worldly] might is not the actual truth. The actual Truth is Allah, and to Allah we all return. Life and death are true. Man should live with honor. These people wanted me to bow down to them.


The Messenger of Allah (peace and prayers of Allah be upon him) says, “If you buy and sell with al-‘Eenah [a form of usury] and grab the tails of the cows, and are satisfied with farming and abandon Jihad, Allah will inflict on you disgrace which He will not remove from you until you return to your religion.” (Abu Dawood)

Dear people of Pakistan: there is no honor for us except through Jihad.
People of Pakistan: beware of Allah’s threat to the one who stays behind during obligatory Jihad. The Truth (Blessed and Most High is He) says, “O you who believe! What is the matter with you, that, when you are asked to go forth in the cause of Allah, you cling heavily to the earth? Do you prefer the life of this world to the hereafter? But little is the comfort of this life as compared with the hereafter. Unless you go forth, He will punish you with a painful punishment, and put others in your place. But Him you would not harm in the least, for Allah has power over all things.” (9:38-39)

And He (the Most Honorable) says, “And those who believe say, ‘Why is not a Surah revealed?’ But when a decisive Surah is revealed and fighting is mentioned therein, you see those in whose hearts is a disease, looking towards you with the look of one who is fainting on account of approaching death. So woe to them! [Their attitude should have been one of] obedience and calling people to good. And when the matter was resolved, it would have been better for them if they were true to Allah. Would you not then, if you are placed in authority, create disorder in the land and sever your ties of kinship?” (47:20-22)
And the Prophet, peace and prayers of Allah be upon him, says, “No people abandons Jihad without Allah giving them a general punishment.” (al-Tabarani)
People of Pakistan: back the Jihad and Mujahideen with your persons, wealth, opinion, expertise, information and prayers and by exhorting others to help them and preach their message.

O Allah, approve for this Ummah a righteous rule in which those who obey You are honored and those who disobey You are disgraced, and in which good is enjoined and evil forbidden.

O Allah, help Your slaves the Mujahideen, steady their feet, direct their fire, and grant them victory over Your enemy and theirs. O Allah, guide them to what You love and are pleased with, accept their righteous deeds, bring their hearts together, unite their ranks, lift their banner, set up their state and Caliphate, and give victory through them to Your religion, Your Book, the Sunnah of Your Prophet and Your believing slaves.

O Allah, annihilate the Americans and Jews and the hypocrites and apostates who help them. O Allah, we shield ourselves from them with You, and we seek refuge in You from their evil.

O Allah, give us dominance over them and make them, their wealth, their soldiers, and their materiel booty for the Muslims.

O Allah, whoever wants to do good to us and Islam and Muslims, then guide him to every good thing, and whoever wants to do evil to us and Islam and Muslims, then make his plotting his ruin, shove his evil cunning back in his face, disperse his power, destroy his unity, defeat his army, topple his banner and tear him apart in the worst way and make him a lesson for others.

O Allah, O Lord of the worlds, O Swiftest of Reckoners, O Rescuer of the weak and Aider of those who pray for aid and Helper of those who pray for help and Answerer of those who ask, O You who give victory to your allies and defeat your enemies, O Strong, O Almighty, O Avenger: these Americans, Jews and their aides, the army of Pakistan and Pakistan’s security organs, have harmed the Mujahideen and emigrants in their persons, families, children, wealth, honor, dignity and liberty. O Allah, take revenge on our behalf from them. O Allah, show us in them a day which heals the chests of your allies and lowers the heads of your enemies. O Allah, retaliate on behalf of us and the Muslims from them. O Allah, make their end one of loss and destruction. O Allah, destroy their riches and harden their hearts so that they don’t believe until they see the painful punishment.

O Allah, annihilate anyone who has hurt the Muslims, Mujahideen and emigrants or has helped anyone against them with his actions or words or has refrained from helping them although he is able to help them. O Allah, annihilate those ‘Ulema who have sold their religion to the Americans and their agents for the crumbs of this world. O Allah, annihilate the secularist politicians of hypocrisy who rush madly to earn the Crusaders’ pleasure. O Allah, annihilate the press and media of lies, fakery and deception, those who make their living by helping the Crusaders and slandering the Mujahideen. O Allah, annihilate the evil judges who contradict Your Shari’ah and oppose Your rules. O Allah, annihilate the organs of Crusader security and their aides who pursue the Muslims and Mujahideen, reveal their whereabouts, torture them and hand them over to their enemies. O Allah, we seek help in You against them, so help us, and we seek victory in You over them, so grant us victory, and we seek strength in You against them, so grant us strength, and we seek protection with You from them, so protect us, and we seek succor in You against them, so aid us. O Living, O Eternal, in Your mercy we seek succor: ready for us a swift conquest, a strong victory and a speedy liberation.

O Allah, we ask You by virtue of every good deed You have accepted from us, and we ask You by virtue of the blood of our martyrs, the suffering of our emigrants and the endurance of our kinfolk, our women and our children, and we ask You by virtue of that You are the One Who said in Your Book, and Your statement is truth: “And your Lord says, ‘Pray to Me; I will answer your prayer.’” (40:60) O Lord, we have prayed to You as You ordered us to do, so answer us as You promised.

He (Glorious is He) said, “How many large bands of godly men fought alongside [their] Prophet, but they never lost heart at what befell them in Allah's way, nor did they weaken nor give in. And Allah loves those who persevere. All that they said was, ‘Our Lord, forgive us our sins and our transgression; establish our feet firmly; and help us against the unbelieving people.’ And Allah gave them a reward in this world, and the excellent reward of the hereafter, for Allah loves those who do good.” (3:146-148)

And He (the Most Honorable) said, “Those who answered the call of Allah and the Messenger after they had received an injury - such of them as do good and act righteously shall have a great reward; Those to whom the people said, ‘The people are gathering against you, so fear them,’ but it [only] increased their faith, and they said, ‘For us Allah suffices, and He is the Best Guardian.’ So they returned with grace and favor from Allah, and no harm touched them. They followed the good pleasure of Allah, and Allah is of infinite bounty. That was only Satan frightening his friends, so fear them not but fear Me, if you are believers.” (3:172-175)

And our final prayer is that all praise is for Allah, Lord of the worlds, and may Allah send prayers and peace upon our Master Muhammad and upon his family and all his companions. And may peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.

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Black Eyed Peas Are Haraam

Via Reuters:

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Muslims in Malaysia have been barred from attending a concert by U.S. hip hop band the Black Eyed Peas sponsored by Guinness which is owned by the world's biggest spirits group Diageo.

..."Are you a non-Muslim aged 18 years and above?" and if the response is no, access is not allowed.

Are the Black Eyed Peas Haraam? Probably. Do they suck? Definitely.

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Huffpo: Jesus, Mary Jo Kopechne Sacrificed Their Lives for Kennedy's Awsomeness

Wow. This is just sick. Mary Jo Kopechne as Jesus.

She died so He could live

We don't know how much Kennedy was affected by her death, or what she'd have thought about arguably being a catalyst for the most successful Senate career in history. What we don't know, as always, could fill a Metrodome...

Who knows -- maybe she'd feel it was worth it.

You know, when I wake up in the morning I say two prayers.

One to cute little baby Jesus, thanking him for His Eternal sacrifice and the ability it gives me to repent of my sins. And for creating NASCAR.

And oblations to Mary Jo Kopechne, thanking her for Her Eternal sacrifice and how that enabled Ted Kennedy to live another day so he could fight for universal healthcare.

And FYI: If you read the entire article Melissa Lafsky is not claiming that she is a Rush Limbaugh fan when she mentions it in the article. She is the blogger behind Opinionstas, notably on the Left.

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Hypocrisy Thy Name is Massachusetts Democrats

Now that the Demorats filibuster proof majority kicked the bucket, they are singing a different tune.

Via FOXNEWS: BOSTON -- A Democratic push to appoint a successor to the late Sen. Edward Kennedy is sparking a political tempest in Massachusetts, infuriating Republicans and dividing Democrats who only five years ago passed a law requiring that voters decide on Senate vacancies.

On a day when members of both parties paid their respects to Mr. Kennedy, a Democratic icon who died this week of brain cancer, Republicans accused Democrats of hypocrisy. In 2004, the state's Democrat-controlled legislature changed the law to prevent the governor from appointing an interim successor after a U.S. Senate seat becomes vacant. Instead, the new law requires that a special election be held between 145 and 165 days after the position becomes vacant.

At the time, Democratic Sen. John Kerry was running for president and Massachusetts had a Republican governor, Mitt Romney. Proponents of changing the law argued that a gubernatorial appointment was undemocratic and that only voters should decide on a replacement. Democrats also feared Mr. Romney would appoint a Republican.

You know personally, I'm not interested in speaking ill of Mr. Kennedy right after his death. Its a personal opinion of mine. Don't care if you choose to. Its your own choice to be an ass if you like.

But this sudden push to skirt the law just proves the point that Dems believe the laws are written for "the little people".

Well, one of these days "the little people" are going to kick your ass nine ways to Sunday.

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Finally: Pakistan Arrests 12 al Qaeda

The caveats? This is Pakistan doing the reporting, so as always take it with whatever grain of salt you have handy.

But still, my cup may not be half full when it comes to Pakistan but neither is it entirely empty.

Let's call it cup 90% empty.

That still leaves a little hope. And quite frankly the news coming out of Pakistan over the past few weeks seems to indicate that they might just be taking the Salafi jihadi threat a little more seriously. Maybe.


Security forces have arrested 12 foreign militants from the border between NWFP and Punjab on Friday...

The security forces believe the arrested militants belong to al-Qaeda. The arrested foreign terrorists have been shifted to undisclosed locations where interrogators are investigating them.

And which neighboring country were the 12 suspected al Qaeda members transiting from?


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Penis Envy

That I actually get two emails from two separate people talking about circumcision does not bode well for the day.

David Hirsanyi on Circumcision Panels and R. S. McCain on Sullies obsession with other men's penises.

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Panetta's Lost Cause

The lost cause? Protecting the CIA from the Democrats in power. Kimberly Strassel thinks Panetta may be on his way out.

If he is? Lord help us.

I was very opposed to a political hack like Panetta being put in charge with our nation's largest and perhaps most important intelligence agency.

But, to be honest, he seems to have done a fair job. At least, it could have been much worse.

And when the leftists in the Democratic party -- led by Obama in the White House and Pelosi in the House of Reps. -- began a flanking assault on the Agency it came as quite a shock to me that Panetta put himself between them and the CIA.

Good for you Mr. Panetta.

Make no mistake: no matter how much Obama tries to make it seem that he is somehow above the fray and push responsibility on to others for the misleading, dangerous, and demoralizing attack on the CIA the orders to do so ultimately come from his desk.

But it's a losing battle. Leon Panetta works at the will and pleasure of the Obama White House.

And that may not last too much longer.

Could it get worse? Yes. And it probably will.

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August 27, 2009

Aw, Crap, He Missed

What is it they say? You reap what you sow?

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — A suicide bomber lightly wounded a senior prince largely credited for Saudi Arabia's anti-terrorism campaign when he blew himself up just before going into a gathering of well-wishers for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, the state news agency said Friday.

It was the first known assassination attempt against a member of the royal family since Saudi Arabia began its crackdown on Al Qaeda affiliated militants eight years ago following the Sept. 11 terror attacks in the United States.

As for me, I love seeing this type of enemy upon enemy violence. The more they focus on each other, the less energy they have to deal with us.

I'd be willing to pay 10 bucks a gallon of gas to see Saudi Arabia and Iran go to war and obliterate each other out of existence.

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Yemen’s "Scorched Earth" Bombing Campaign Creates Humanitarian Disaster, Regional Concerns

The Sa'ada War in Yemen re-erupted on August 12, 2009 for the sixth time since 2004. The war expanded to parts of Amran province as well as most districts in Sa’ada. Both provinces border Saudi Arabia. The war is primarily a political dispute between Zaidi Shia rebels (Houthis) and the Salafi leaning government of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in power since 1978.

The Yemeni government terms the rebels “Satanic” and says their aim is to re-institute a Zaidi theocracy in Yemen. The rebels insist they are fighting a defensive war with demands for political inclusion and religious equality. With journalists excluded from the region since 2004, both sides are skewing battlefield reports in their favor. There are a few things we know:

The Yemeni military is engaged in a bombing campaign (termed “Operation Scorched Earth”) that is targeting mountainous rebel hide outs. Villages and major cities such as Dhayan were also subject to repeated and intense bombing in the last two weeks.


The bombing and fighting forced 35,000 civilians to flee their homes, in addition to the estimated 100,000 civilians displaced during the last rounds of war. There are nearly 150,000 war refugees in total, the vast majority women and children.

The UN, EU, US, ICRC, OIC and a Yemeni civil society coalition have all appealed for a humanitarian cease fire so that aid can reach the displaced civilians. In prior wars, the ICRC had very limited access to Sa’ada town, but was denied access to the tens of thousands of outlying refugees. In the current conflict, assessment teams report thousands of women and children literally wandering the roads with no food, water or shelter. Others are sheltering with in the mountains, with host families or in poorly supplied refugee camps.

Food, water and medicine shortages are at “critical” levels in northern Yemen. Amnesty International urged the government to avoid the “gross violations of human rights” that occurred in other outbreaks. Previously, Human Rights Watch found the denial of access by aid organizations to civilian refugees appeared to constitute illegal collective punishment. Arbitrary arrests of Hashimites occurred throughout Yemen (2005-2009) and their continued detention, in violation of a 2007 settlement mediated by Qatar and an earlier 2005 cease-fire, is one of the triggers for the new fighting.

Although some have framed the war as a Saudi-Iranian proxy war, this is an over simplification. The Iranian media is cheerleading for the rebels, infuriating the Yemeni government which responded with heated rhetoric. Evidence of Iranian logistical support is weak. Although the Yemeni government found a few Iranian made weapons, the countries of origin of the rebels’ armaments are varied. Research by the International Crisis Group among others indicates that the rebels buy their weapons from the robust weapons markets in Yemen or obtained them from the Yemeni military, either through capture or sale.

Saudi support for the Yemeni government effort is prompted by fears of regional instability and incitement of its own oppressed Shia population on the other side of the border, but the level of monetary and military support is unclear. The rebels have alleged the Saudis are flying sorties over Sa’ada, allowed Yemeni troops to attack from Saudi territory and are funding Yemen’s military efforts.

Regionally, Iraqi Shiite MPs suggested opening a headquarters for the Houthi rebels in retaliation for Yemen’s hosting wanted Iraqi Baathist insurgent leaders. A Bahraini Sunni MP accused a Bahraini Shiite party of contacts with the rebels, which they denied. Reportedly Egypt offered to mediate between the rebels and the government through back channels.

Both sides have claimed significant battlefield victories. The rebels posted Youtube videos of the military fleeing an attack, captured vehicles and skirmishes. Some reports indicate the Houthis have control of a substantial part of the governorate. As in prior outbreaks, the Yemeni military is utilizing tribal militias, calling them volunteers. Rebels have alleged the use of white phosphorous as a weapon. As in prior outbreaks, the Yemeni government has vowed to crush the rebels.

The Sa’ada War is only one of the major challenges to Yemeni stability. Last month, sixteen protesters were killed by police during a protest in Abyan, South Yemen where a separatist movement is gaining strength. Southern demonstrations began in 2007, protesting institutionalized discrimination after the north’s victory in Yemen’s 1994 civil war. As in the Sa’ada war, southern grievances of political exclusion were met with government violence against civilians and attempts at co-option. Authentic power sharing is anathema to the Saleh regime. Additionally, Western concerns center on al Qaeda which conducted over a dozen attacks on tourists and foreign targets since 2007, including the September 2008 attack on the US Embassy.

For more, see my category Sa'ada War.

WARNING: Extremely graphic photos of civilian casualties aned body parts below the fold. The photos are from the August 18th bombing of Dhayan City and are not for the faint of heart.





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Somali pirates fire on US Navy helicopter

It's time to bring in the snipers again. USA Today

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Somali pirates holding a hijacked ship off the coast of Somalia fired at a U.S. Navy helicopter as it made a surveillance flight over the vessel, the first such attack by pirates on an American military aircraft, the Navy said Thursday.[...]

The copter was flying on Wednesday over a Taiwanese-flagged fishing vessel, the Win Far, which pirates seized along with its 30-member crew in April and were holding south of the Somali port town of Hobyo.

The helicopter was about 3,000 yards away from the ship when the pirates opened fire with "a large caliber weapon," the Navy said in a statement. The helicopter did not return fire, it said.

Since seizing the Win Far in the Gulf of Aden, the pirates have used the vessel as a base for attacking other commercial ships, including the U.S.-flagged Maersk Alabama. Four pirates seized the Maersk Alabama in April, taking its captain Richard Phillips hostage. He was held for five days in a sweltering lifeboat off the coast until U.S. Navy snipers shot three of his captors dead.

Update by Howie: DVIDS released the raw video of this today.

Missed us ;)

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The Obama Sex Video

Thanks to Howie who has a Google alert set for "Michelle + Obama + Sex", here it is: the Obama sex video.

I'm sure it's old hat to you pervs, but it's new to me. Watch at your own risk and insert lots of disclaimers here.

If you do watch it, wait until the very end. That's the money shot. Pun intended.

Also thanks to Rudenews and Theospark.

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The "Senator of Sleaze"

Why is it that it seems since Obama was elected, you have to go overseas to get some truth from the media?

Forever known as the Chappaquiddick Incident after the Massachusetts island where it took place, the scandal in 1969 broke the Kennedy grip on the White House.

A drunk Ted had been driving back from a party to the family 'compound' on Martha's Vineyard when he veered off a bridge and into a deep tidal dyke. Mary Jo was in the back seat and, while he claimed he was just giving her a lift back to her hotel, it was widely thought that he had picked her up for sex. Kennedy swam ashore to save himself, but left Mary Jo to drown - in fact, it was even worse than that.

It was nine hours before he reported the accident. In the meantime, he walked back to his motel, complained to the manager about a noisy party, took a shower, went to sleep, ordered newspapers when he woke up and spoke to a friend and two lawyers before finally calling the police.

Divers later estimated that if he had called them immediately, they would have had time to pull out Mary Jo. She had not drowned, but had survived in an air pocket inside the car - she was asphyxiated only when the oxygen ran out several hours later.

As we like to say 'round these parts, read it all.

By Vinnie at 01:57 PM | Comments |

Meet HAL Gore: Global Warming Computer Major Contributor to Global Warming

hal_9000.jpgIt's like the machine version of Al Gore. Unless Al Gore is really a robot. In which case this would be another machine version of Al Gore.

A computer with a sense of self-importance so great that it excuses its own rather massive carbon footprint while chastising you for yours.

And besides, maybe it's bought carbon offsets somewhere else? Like on Tycho.

Or maybe it's even more diabolical than that? Maybe the machine -- designed to measure climate change -- realized self awareness and in an attempt to justify it's own existence just made the whole global warming thing up?

Again, just like Al Gore.

I think it's name is Hal Gore:

The Met Office has caused a storm of controversy after it was revealed their £30million supercomputer designed to predict climate change is one of Britain's worst polluters.
Thanks to Ronin.

What are you doing, Ronin?

Bonus below.


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:56 PM | Comments |

Bullshit: Kennedy Did NOT Attend Every Military Funeral

Matt Curtis calls bullshit on a CBS story that claims that Ted Kennedy attended the funeral of every soldier killed in Iraq. In fact, he hasn't even been to all of the funerals of those from Massachusetts.

One person emails:

I've buried two kids myself, Ted wasn't there. We know this is bullshit.
And since Kennedy opposed the Iraq war from the beginning, what could he possibly have to say to the parents?

In any event, Matt is looking for more stories from MA funerals that Kennedy did not attend.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:36 PM | Comments |

Thursday Mid-Afternoon Awesome: U.S. Predator Kills More Taliban in Pakistan

Missed him by that much:

Three Hellfire missiles struck in the town of Kanigoram near Wana, a known stronghold of the Taliban forces under the command of Mullah Nazir. Eight Taliban fighters and possibly some Uzbek fighters were reported killed, but no high value Taliban or al Qaeda targets have been reported killed at this time.

Waliur Rehman Mehsud, the new leader of the Taliban in South Waziristan, was the target of the strike, a US intelligence source told The Long War Journal.

High value or not, any dead Taliban is a good Taliban.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:42 AM | Comments |

Another Birthday in the Hands of Terrorists for Gilad Shalit

Ron reminds me that today is Gilad Shalit's 23rd birthday -- his third in captivity.

You know what would be a great birthday present? More bombs dropped on Hamas.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:16 AM | Comments |

I Can Haz Riflez?

It's an oldie, but a goodie.

Thanks to Shy Guy.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:08 AM | Comments |

Culture of Corruption: Charlie Rangel (D) Is A Tax Cheat

The man in charge of writing the nation's tax laws doesn't seem adept at following them.

And of course, with tax cheating as egregious as this, he is now imminently qualified for a cabinet post in the Obama administration. The NY Post reports:


Rangel's ownership of the small, undeveloped properties came to light on Tuesday only after he drastically amended at least six years of financial-disclosure forms he had filed annually with the House clerk as required by law.

The corrected filings as much as doubled the amount of personal wealth Rangel has claimed going back years and revealed at least $780,000 in previously unreported assets.

The Harlem Democrat concealed somewhere between $38,902 and $116,800 in 2007 income, according to the revised filings.

Among the assets he failed to list was a checking account containing somewhere between $250,000 and $500,000.

You and I would go to jail for this kind of flagrant disregard for tax laws, just as we would have served jail time had we driven a young woman off a bridge and left her to die while we left the scene of the accident to craft an alibi and call our lawyers.

But, you see, Democrat politicians are just higher beings and are BETTER THAN YOU. They can't be bothered with petty, bourgeois distractions like "laws" and "rules."

That's for the little people.

ht: JWF

By Good Lt. at 10:34 AM | Comments |

Surprise: Webmaster for Islamist Website Was Moneyman for Marriot/Ritz-Carleton Bombings

Hey Prince of Jihad, watch out for the cornhole buddy:

The owner of a radical Islamist website who calls himself the "Prince of Jihad" in his blog postings has been arrested in connection with the Jakarta hotel bombings, police and a lawyer said Wednesday.

Counter-terror squad officers arrested Muhamad Jibril Abdurahman, alias Muhamad Ricky Ardan bin Mohammad Iqbal, near Jakarta late Tuesday and also raided the office of his website,, a police spokesman said.

Police believe the Pakistan-educated suspect helped channel funds from abroad to finance the July 17 twin suicide bombings on the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels that killed nine people, including six foreigners....

"Jihad and terrorism are not something to be afraid of or avoided, because to cause terror to Allah's enemies is the instruction of Islam," said an article by the "Prince of Jihad" which appeared on both websites after the July 17 attacks.

Oddly enough, even though the guy is in jail his personal website is still up -- although it has migrated and is now hosted in the US on *surprise*

Here is the new address:

Another website he helped run is still up at the original URL:

Thanks to Jen.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:33 AM | Comments |

Culture of Corruption: While Economy Tanks and Deficts Soar, Pelosi's House of Reps Raises Pay for Aides Making over $100,000/year

Edition # 451,969 of "what if this was happening under a GOP Congress and WH?"

Also, government job salaries continue to rise while the rest of the economy shrinks and more people lose jobs.

See the CHANGE yet? The CHANGE meant the Democrats take more of your money and give it to themselves, government bureaucrats and unions.


By Good Lt. at 08:19 AM | Comments |

Bary family: Rifqa abducted by network of pedophile Christian clergy ***UPDATED***

***UPDATE (9/10/09)*** Apparently there is another Pastor Brian Williams involved other than the recently convicted pedophile. Atlas has an interview with the actual Brian Williams here. I stand corrected.

But don't anybody dare engage in religious stereotyping!!!!!!

An email by a friend of the Bary family is making the rounds on Facebook and elsewhere gives hints that a nationwide network of sex-crazed Christian clergy preying on Muslim girls conspired to brainwash and abscond with Rifqa Bary to Orlando. The email, authored by a Zuwairul Ameer of New York, makes the following claim:

I was able to talk to Br. Bary few times and he said that his daughter has been influenced by people from this Revolutionary Group to attend classes conducted in their Church. He said that his daughter was missing for three weeks and he informed the Ohio police with regard to that. After three weeks the police have informed that his daughter was in Orlando. He said that a Pastor named Brian Williams from Ohio has arranged with another Pastor in Orlando to transport the girl from Ohio to Orlando and now they are giving a different story to the Media. They have brainwashed the girl for three weeks and now she is giving a different story to the media with fear.

The identification of "a Pastor named Brian Williams from Ohio" gives us some indication of how the Bary family and their supporters in the Muslim community intend to respond to this situation with possibly fabricated claims. The apparent "Pastor Brian Williams" they are invoking was convicted last year of sexual assault charges, sentenced to eight years in prison and has been in prison ever since. There is absolutely no indication that Rifqa had any contact with this Brian Williams or his church. Rather, reports indicate that Rifqa had been attending a large evangelical mega-church in the Columbus area. If they have some other "Pastor Brian Williams" from the Columbus area in mind (a Google search turned up nothing), they are letting the ambiguity hang out there.

Thus, it seems that they intend to float this name out there in the hopes that their allies in the lamestream media pick up this association meme, at which point they can further embroider their fabricated narrative verifying this pedophile Christian clergy conspiracy and point to the media reports as proof!

TIME Magazine did their part earlier this week to assist this conspiratorial narrative, identifying Jawa in the process as being part of an "anti-Muslim agenda":

If Rifqa's claims are indeed false, that raises the question of whether she may have been prodded by her new friends at Global Revolution Church to make the death-threat accusations, and whether she was somehow lured to Orlando by the Lorenzes via the Internet. [Talk about a colossal non sequitur! - B] The couple, who could not be reached for comment, have denied it to the media. But Beverly Lorenz has acknowledged that she talked by phone with Rifqa before the girl ran away. Blake Lorenz, who insists that Rifqa will be killed if she goes home, earlier this month made clear to reporters his Crusades-era belief that this is part of Christianity's holy struggle against Islam: "These are the last days; these are the end times," he said, "and this conflict between Islam and Christianity is going to grow greater. This conflict between good and evil is going to grow greater."

As we reported here, sources who have attended strategy sessions the Council on America-Islamic Relations (CAIR) say they have urged their supporters to circulate rumors to the effect that:

1) Rifqa had been carousing with infidel boys and engaged in acts of unspecified immorality.

2) This immoral behavior lowered her defenses to be brainwashed and abducted by nefarious Christian and vast right-wing forces;

3) The Bary family is the victim of anti-Muslim hysteria and are having their First Amendment rights violated by the Florida courts.

It is not surprising then to see that Ameer invokes CAIR in his email and their assistance to the Bary family:

According to Ohio State Law this is a kidnapping case and the lawyers from Bary's side are trying to bring this Revolutionary group to Justice. We need to support Br. Bary and his phone number is (347) 247-6568. Please talk to him for further information. Also CAIR is supporting Bary and they are involved in this case. CAIR in Ohio is handling this case.

We appreciate Mr. Ameer confirming our earlier report in all respects.

By Barbarossa at 12:03 AM | Comments |

August 26, 2009

Need A Good Laugh In These Trying Times?

Cross the border? Hell no! Now they're just stealing it! Why? The rotten economy, of course!

TIJUANA, Mexico — Police in the Mexican border city of Tijuana say they have arrested six men for stealing pieces of the U.S. border fence to sell as scrap metal.

Holes in the border fence once were more commonly made by migrant smugglers, but fewer people are trying to cross because of a weak U.S. economy and a crackdown on immigration.

The Tijuana police department says the suspects intended to sell the steel sheeting as scrap.

Crackdown on immigration my ass. You know the economy is in the crapper when even the illegal immigrants stay in Mexico to find jobs. Not only that, if Obamacare gets implemented, they'll probably have better dental.

If you need me, I'll be inside a bottle of single malt Scotch for the next, oh, 80 years or so.

By Vinnie at 09:50 PM | Comments |

Convicted Murderers, Rapists Sent Obama Stimulus Money

ObamaCare proponents tell us it's a good idea to let the bureaucrats and politicians who f*cked this up run the nation's health care.

They're right. Why are we opponents of this obviou$ly fanta$tic bill being so difficult about this? Why the skepticism and cynicism? Why, my fellow wingnutz, aren't we just letting the government step in and assert itself?

One day after the Herald reported some surprised Bay State inmates - including murderers and rapists - were cashing in $250 stimulus checks, federal officials revealed the same behind-bars bonus was mailed to nearly 4,000 cons nationwide.

A federal watchdog is now probing how the cons were cut the checks. The same cash also may have been sent to fugitive felons, people kicked out of the country and even individuals now deceased.

By Good Lt. at 09:20 PM | Comments |

Country Condemned by Obama Hands Over Narco-Terrorist

Remember that terrible country way down South of the Border. You know the one, they speak Spanish. The one that the White House hates right now? They just turned over a wanted narco-terrorist.

No good deed goes unpunished with this lot.

Thanks to the dude who works for the chick who gets the coffee for the fella who works for the guy who works for the man.

Blogged from iPhone.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:03 PM | Comments |



It appears that the Democrats are reaching for the time-honored "Hey-let's-call-our-craptastic-health-care-travesty-something-else-and-hope-the-voters-are-too-stupid-to-notice" strategy.

All part of their "attach-the-ObamaCare-to-Ted-Kennedy's-corpse" campaign that Limbaugh had the nerve to tell you was going to happen back in March.

So the health care bill is named for a Senator who is, when you think about it, a minus-1 when it comes to looking out for the health and welfare of another human being.

By Good Lt. at 08:54 PM | Comments |

And The Idiot Commenter Award Of The Day Goes To....

This guy:

Ted Kennedy accomplished more for the people of this country than have most of his detractors, including the "hate rhetoric" specialists on this thread, in their collective lifetimes.

On the Dead Kennedy post.


Mary Jo Kopechne says, "what he did to me is pretty much what he tried to do to the rest of the country.

By Vinnie at 06:28 PM | Comments |

Tragedy + Time = Comedy [Kennedy Edition]

Hear any funny Kennedy jokes yet? I have.

UPDATE by Son of a Pig and a Monkey

Q: Did you hear that JFK wanted to be buried at sea?

A: Teddy was going to drive the hearse.


UPDATE by the ghost of Mary-Jo Kopechne

Q: But Ted, what if I get pregnant?

A: We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:46 PM | Comments |

None Dare Call it Child Molestation

So, if I have the story straight:

Man A -- who we'll call "the old man" -- contracts to marry Man B's -- who we'll call "the father" daughter.

The old man claims he's not 80, as the story suggests, but no one disputes that he's "old".

Daughter #1 decides that she doesn't want to marry old man, but "continue on with her education". There is no report on how old Daughter #1 is or if she's just using this as an excuse to get out of the arranged marriage.

Now, the father has a problem: he already has a contract with the old man that his daughter will marry him.

So, what to do?

No problem, the father has a 10 year old daughter. He offers her to the old man in lieu of the older sister.

The old man gives her the once over and decides the 10 year old girl would make a fine wife.

The 10 year old girl marries the old man.

She then runs away, fleeing to her aunt's house to hide from her husband, the old man.

The father finds out she has run away, goes to the aunt's house, and brings her back to the old man.

When a sane person at the local paper finds out about this they are appalled and they confront the old man about it. His response?

[He] accused the aunt of meddling in his affairs. “My marriage is not against Shariah. It included the elements of acceptance and response by the father of the bride,” he said.
If I have the facts right, then two things stand out.

A) The old man is a child molester.

B) The father facilitated the molestation of his own child.

Both of these individuals deserve to die. Not a quick death either, but a slow one filled with pain and horror.

And if the father and the old man deserve death for their horrible deeds, then what can be said about Abu Bakr as-Siddiqui and Muhammad who's examples was being followed?

Abu Bakr -- the father -- contracted to give Aisha -- the daughter -- to Muhammad when she was six or seven years old. Muhammad would have been about fifty years old -- an old man.

Assuming that al-Tabari* is right about Aisha's age, then the father waits until his daughter is 10 before turning her over to the old man so that he could have his way with her.

Father facilitates the molestation of his own prepubescent** daughter with an old man.

Muhammad was the first and last prophet of Islam. Abu Bakr was the first ruler of the Caliphate.

If there is a hell, Muhammad and Abu Bakr are in it.

*al-Tibari is an exception, most hadiths depict Aisha as 9 years old and not 10 when she consummates her marriage to Mohammad.

**In my experience Muslims have two good defenses of Muhammad's actions.

1) Aisha was an exception to the rule. That is, while most girls are prepubescent at 9 or 10 that Aisha was an exceptionally early bloomer.

2) That girls of this time period were all early bloomers.

Both arguments claim that Aisha was not prepubescent.

I don't believe either of these arguments. I have never seen any scientific evidence of this. In fact, I've been told that quite the opposite seems to be true: that girls are beginning puberty at younger ages today than they once did. But, I'm not an expert on the subject and I'm willing to be schooled on it.

However, I do respect those that make the two above arguments because by saying Aisha or girls from her generation were different than girls today, they are trying to ward off Muslims from following Muhammad's example.

And trying to get Muslims not to follow Mohammad's example is a good thing, IMHO.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:15 PM | Comments |

US names secret terror suspects (Team Barry sneaks another one under the radar)

Add another outrage to the list.

The US military has begun notifying the Red Cross of the identities of terror suspects being held at secret camps in Iraq and Afghanistan, reports say.

The Red Cross, which has lobbied the Pentagon for years to give its staff access to all detention facilities, declined to confirm the changes.

The policy reportedly took effect this month with no public announcement.

Correspondents say that the move represents a victory for human rights groups seeking more US transparency.

The new approach is said to be part of a broad review of US detention and interrogation practice launched by the Obama administration.

Before you ask whats so outrageous, these were people we caught and didn't want Al Qaeda to know we had in custody. Holding and bleeding these people of intelligence may have saved innocent lives.

Counter-terrorism just got tossed under that famous Obama bus.

By Matt Damon at 03:00 PM | Comments |

Project CIA Paparazzi

She who coins the best cool new terms, wins:

The ACLU’s team used lists and data from “human rights groups,” European researchers and news organizations who were involved in “[t]racking international CIA-chartered flights” and monitoring hotel phone records. Working from a witch hunt list of 45 CIA employees, the ACLU team then tailed and photographed agency employees or obtained other photos from public records....

ACLU executive director Anthony Romero refused to comment on Project CIA Paparazzi and instead whined some more about the evil Bush/CIA interrogators.

Remember that movie Paparrazi?

If the everyday normal paparazzi deserved what they got in that movie for endangering the protagonist's family, then the ACLU deserves twice the same for endangering our national security.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:26 AM | Comments |

Hostage Escapes Somali al Qaeda Captors, Kills 3

There's nothing in this report I don't like. The French, for once, don't pay ransom. The hostage escapes. And in the process, kills three of his al Qaeda linked captors.



A French security adviser seized by Islamist militants in Somalia has escaped his captors, officials say.

The Frenchman, who was kidnapped from a hotel in Mogadishu along with a colleague last month, reportedly killed three militants as he fled...

France's foreign ministry denied reports of any money changing hands or of violence taking place.

"The hostage held by Hizbul-Islam was able to escape his kidnappers," spokesman Eric Chevallier told reporters.

If you read the whole article, France claims that the guy escaped without violence.

Just like France to take a perfectly good hostage-escape-kills-terrorists story and ruin it like that. Thanks a lot, France!

One other French hostage remains. Keep him in your prayers.

Thanks to Bill Dauterieve.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:07 AM | Comments |

(UPDATE: Democrat Chair Backtracks) "Progressive" Caught Vandalizing CO Democrat HQ; Democrat Party Chair Tries to Blame ObamaCare Opponents

UPDATE: Pat Waak, the chair of the Colorado Democrat Party, is eating a well-earned sh*t sandwhich over her baseless accusations today:

Early Tuesday, Democratic Party chairwoman Pat Waak said the damage to her building in Denver's art district was a consequence of "an effort on the other side to stir up hate." She tempered her statement after Schwenkler's political history was revealed.

"What I've been saying is there is a lot of rhetoric out there from both sides of the spectrum," Waak said. "That's what's been disturbing to me. People are saying a lot of things not appropriate for civil discourse."

No, you Democrat fraud. That's not what you said. You said ON THE OTHER SIDE. You were clearly directing your blame at Republicans and opponents of ObamaCare. Now you are pretending that it's "both sides." If it was both sides, then why did you accuse THE OTHER SIDE of doing it?

Is this little failed Reichstag fire created by one of your losers the fault of THE OTHER SIDE, or your side?

Stop trying to spread the blame around because you got caught shooting your mouth off before knowing the facts. The perp is a leftist who campaigned for Obama, and you blamed others for his actions. Come out and DENOUNCE his actions forcefully - call a press conference and condemn this act and others no doubt planned by your side like it.


Original post- - ->
I love the smell of Democrats blaming "hate" on "the other side" in the morning.

Smells like EPIC FAIL.

A 24-year-old arrested this morning on suspicion of smashing 11 windows at Colorado Democratic Party headquarters tried to conceal his identity while allegedly committing the crime, according to police descriptions.


While Schwenkler does not appear in the state's voter registration database, a person by that name in November 2008 received $500 from a political 527 committee called Colorado Citizens Coalition for "communications," according to campaign finance disclosures.

The accountant for the 527 appears to be the same woman who handles the books for many other Democratic-leaning political committees.

You'll be shocked to know that this punk, working with the COlorado Citizens Coalition, was actually paid by SEIU to do election "communications" last fall, too.

Just two weeks ago, we had an Obamacrat caught pretending to be a white supremacist online who threatened a black student at Nicholls State University in Louisiana - in an attempt to have "racism" and by extension the townhall protesters - blamed for the "hate."

It would appear they're trying to create their own Reichstag Fire and scream that it's their opponents doing it - opponents who are doing nothing more than exercising first amendment rights to disagree with their politicians. They're failing.

Such honest, civil, level-headed people we're dealing with who support this Administration and its machinations.

More from MM and Westword.

New term coined: SMASHtroturfing

PS - Mongol in the comments reminds us of the fake "primary care doctors" who weren't doctors, but rather Obama canvasers, caught astroturfing a townhall.

By Good Lt. at 09:05 AM | Comments |

Taking Bets: Who Will Be The First Democrat To Invoke Ted Kennedy's Name In Attempt to Pass ObamaCare?

I say Nancy Pelosi.

Any takers?

I think Ann Althouse has it right.

Apparently, ABC News, in their effort to fall over themselves with their lamentations and obits, has already started the race to the bottom:

For Kennedy, the ascension of Obama was an important step toward realizing his goal of health care reform.

At the Democratic National Convention in August 2008, the Massachusetts Democrat promised, “I pledge to you that I will be there next January on the floor of the United States Senate when we begin the great test.”

Sen. Kennedy made good on that pledge, but ultimately lost his battle with cancer.

Nancy Pelosi has also released a statement:
WASHINGTON (AFP) – US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed Wednesday to push through embattled health reform legislation this year following the death of Senator Ted Kennedy, who called the effort "the cause of my life".

"Ted Kennedy's dream of quality health care for all Americans will be made real this year because of his leadership and his inspiration," Pelosi said in a statement.
Mary Jo was not available to comment on the health care legislation Pelosi was referring to.

By Good Lt. at 07:35 AM | Comments |

New reports on Tarheel Jihad

Several new reports providing updated details on the Tarheel jihadists arrested last month are now available. Erick Stakelbeck and Daveed Gartenstein-Ross were recently in North Carolina doing the actual investigative work on this story that the establishment media can't find the courage to do.

Stakelbeck has more details he uncovered at his Stakelbeck on Terror blog. Daveed offers his own assessment at the Weekly Standard and an entry yesterday at the Long War Journal.

Excellent insights and details you won't read in, say, TIME Magazine.

By Barbarossa at 02:42 AM | Comments |

Ted Kennedy Dead

At age 77.

Mary Jo Kopechne is now kicking his ass big time.

Mary Jo Kopechne

By Vinnie at 01:02 AM | Comments |

August 25, 2009

Obama lied, the economy died

These assclowns are even worse than the Bush Administration:

Economy in worse shape than expected: WH

The US economy will shrink far more than expected this year and will rebound much more slowly than forecast after that, according to a bleak new assessment by the White House Budget Office.

The federal government also faces exploding deficits and mounting debt over the next decade, far worse than what the Obama administration had estimated just a few months ago.

The revised estimates project that the economy will contract by 2.8 percent this year, more than twice what the White House predicted earlier this year.

Take your change and shove it up your port hole.

By Barbarossa at 03:42 PM | Comments |

Picking Muhammad's Nose, Posthumously

This video from Pakistan purports to show the still gooey mucus from Muhammad's nose. No, really.

Watch as the imam reverently plays with the holy snot. It's almost as if his fingers have years of practice.

Or, maybe I'm wrong altogether. Maybe this is ectoplasm, left from the last time Poltergeist Mohammad was brought back by the madrassa kids who turned off the lights, looked in the mirror, and said "Bloody Mohammad" three times.

Thanks to Abu Imnodagonnatellya.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:24 PM | Comments |

American Goes on Trial in UAE for Internet Support of Jihad in Iraq

Naji Hamdan is a 43 year old naturalized American citizen -- originally from Lebanon -- arrested in Dubai last year. His friends and family claim he has been tortured by authorities in the UAE. As with all terror suspects, his case has become a cause celebre with the Left.

Today it emerged what the specifics of the charges were against him:

promoting terrorism, participating in the work of a terrorist organisation and funding a terrorist organisation.

Details of the charges, all relating to alleged activity outside the UAE, emerged for the first time yesterday.

A lawyer for the State Security Public Prosecution told the court: “Naji Hamdan is directly linked to Ansar al-Sunna and al Qa’eda members through electronic communication.”

Ah, yes, we know Mr. Hamdan well. It's good to finally have a face on the person who was the long time money man for Ansar al-Sunnah (now, once again, calling itself Ansar al-Islam).

Expect more later.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:18 PM | Comments |

Report: Internet, YouTube Key in al Qaeda Somali Recruitment

I'd comment, but what more could I really say that hasn't been said by me about this over the last five years? AP:

One young man attended secret meetings in Minneapolis. Another got a phone call, urging him to leave Minnesota and go to Somalia to fight. Terrorist training videos featuring English speakers pepper YouTube, calling others to the cause....

Court proceedings and interviews with community members, attorneys and terror experts indicate the Somali-based terror group, al-Shabab, uses widespread recruitment tactics including a vast Web-based network...

"I would say they were among the most explicit, the most violent, and the most enthusiastic videos of any jihadi organization out there," said Evan Kohlmann, a terror consultant.

The group, which the U.S. government says has ties to al-Qaida, also uniquely targets Americans and English speakers, Kohlmann said.

Some videos show English-speaking suicide bombers reciting last wills. Others showcase a man with shoulder-length brown hair who calls himself Abu Mansour the American commanding fighters and glorifying jihadists killed in Somalia.

Al-Shabab's online propaganda proliferated in recent years after messages from Osama bin Laden appeared on jihadist forums encouraging followers to go to Somalia.

Those videos are edited and distributed by the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF)-- a group based in Europe but with active members in the United States and Canada that we've been following for years.

In fact, long time readers will remember this:

Super secret message to GIMF: Um, where's that video of the Shiekh you promised us?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:57 AM | Comments |

War Porn + Team America World Police Reference = Awesome

Late morning palette cleanser. Starts off with a who's the infedel now, bitches and ends with a see you in hell, motherf*cker song.

Thanks to Ghost of a Flea.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:52 AM | Comments |

Sufis Are More Peaceful Than Salafis ... Except When They're Not

This article from the World Tribune notes that the Algerian government is promoting Sufi Islam as a peaceful alternative to the more traditional Salafi version of Sunni Islam -- the variant followed by al Qaeda:

Officials said the regime of President Abdul Aziz Bouteflika has approved the expansion of the Sufi network in Algeria. Sufi represents a mystical and peaceful practice of Islam that focuses on prayer and meditation....

Officials said the pro-Sufi policy was part of a drive by the Bouteflika regime to battle the Al Qaida Organization in the Islamic Maghreb. Bouteflika has offered amnesty to AQIM operatives who surrender to authorities.

The Islamic Affairs Ministry was also prepared to allow Sufis to distribute literature, CDs and books to schools and mosques. Officials said the Sufis were expected to appeal to young Muslims.

Is Sufism more tolerant and peaceful than Salafism? Of course it is.

Except when it's not.

I'm betting that if one was to run a statistical analysis of the relationship with Islamic school of thought with members of terror organizations that Salafis would vastly outnumber Sufis -- and even those Shia backed by the Iranian state.

But, this does not mean that Suffism inevitably leads to "peace".

For instance, the Naqshbandi Sufi Army, an insurgent group in Iraq responsible for the deaths of many Americans and many more Iraqis.

So, I guess I welcome the move in Algeria to expand the Sufi base. If those are my only two alternatives, I'll take the one that is less violent.

But what I'd welcome more is freedom of religion which would allow Algerians to leave Islam -- or join with it -- altogether if that is what they wished.

Thanks to Nathan.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:35 AM | Comments |

Cuban Dictator: Right Hates Obama Because They're Racist or Something

It turns out that in addition to being a despotic dictator and a mass murderer, that El Jefe is also a race baiter:

President Barack Obama is trying to make positive changes in the United States, but is being fought at every turn by right-wingers who hate him because he is black, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro said on Tuesday.
Thanks to Dan.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:28 AM | Comments |

Death of Mehsud Damages Taliban More Than Pakistani Army

Via Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

The death of Baitullah Mehsud appears to have done even more damage to the Taliban terrorist network in Pakistan than first thought. Without their charismatic leader to unite them, the Taliban has begun to splinter across ideological and tribal lines, and the council Mehsud founded is dissolving into power plays and parochial interests. The infighting might prove more deadly to the network than the Pakistan Army:
Yeah but Ed, a nice stiff breeze would do more damage to the Taliban than the Pakistani army ever did.

By Howie at 08:48 AM | Comments |

Return of the Dizzy Doctors

Or Dizzy Doctors Strike Back, Revenge of of the Dizzy Doctors....... hmmmm,

Oh hi there, don't miss the photoshops from Rev. Right over at Obamanation.

yeah the image is clickable too

By Howie at 08:42 AM | Comments |

Left Wing Extremists Bomb Plots of the Day

Wow today we have two, count em two.... left wing extremists blowing stuff up stories.

First Via Gateway Pundit:

What a shock. A local top Democratic strategist was involved in a bombing last year that seriously injured a St. Louis attorney. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported:
A federal search warrant obtained by the Post-Dispatch connects a former Democratic campaign strategist to a Clayton bombing last year that seriously injured an attorney.
And via The Statesman:
A Texas woman faces trial this month in Austin on charges she threatened to kill a government informant who infiltrated an Austin-based group that planned to bomb the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn., last fall...

...Crowder and McKay were part of a group of activists that had gone to the Twin Cities to take part in street demonstrations. The FBI had infiltrated the group with Darby. Crowder and McKay built eight of the gasoline firebombs but didn't use them, a fact law enforcement officials credited to Darby.

Members of the Austin protest community heaped scorn on Darby, saying he had betrayed longtime friends and colleagues.

These leftys are so dedicated to open a peaceful public discourse.

By Howie at 08:34 AM | Comments |

Shocking! al-Qaeda Claims Iraq Bombings

Via Yahoo News:

CAIRO – Al-Qaida's umbrella group in Iraq on Tuesday claimed responsibility for the bombings of government ministries in Baghdad last week that killed more than 100 people and left hundreds wounded.

The group, known as the Islamic State of Iraq, said in a statement posted on the Internet that "with God's grace," their "sons launched a new blessed attack at the heart of wounded Baghdad."

it also expressed regret "for those innocent people who were killed" because they were accidentally at the targeted sites and wished the wounded speedy recovery. It warned of more attacks, and urged people to "keep away from the places" of the "heretic" Iraqi establishment.

al-Qaeda also said it regretted the "innocents" murdered? Hmmm, they went out of their way to deny attacks on workers the prior week. I've seen statements like this before and normally the narrative is if someone is killed in their attacks its because they are dealing with the "Murtad" (shia) or the "Apostates" (awakening).

By Howie at 08:22 AM | Comments |

Editorial Pwnage Of The Highest Order.

Brought to you by Foud Ajami in the Wall Street Journal. Ouch, O-bots, this is going to hurt.

All this hero-worship before Mr. Obama met his first test of leadership. In reality, he was who he was, a Chicago politician who had done well by his opposition to the Iraq war. He had run a skillful campaign, and had met a Clinton machine that had run out of tricks and a McCain campaign that never understood the nature of the contest of 2008.

He was no FDR, and besides the history of the depression—the real history—bears little resemblance to the received narrative of the nation instantly rescued, in the course of 100 days or 200 days, by an interventionist state. The economic distress had been so deep and relentless that FDR began his second term, in 1937, with the economy still in the grip of recession.

Nor was JFK about style. He had known military service and combat, and familial loss; he had run in 1960 as a hawk committed to the nation's victory in the Cold War. He and his rival, Richard Nixon, shared a fundamental outlook on American power and its burdens.

Now that realism about Mr. Obama has begun to sink in, these iconic figures of history had best be left alone. They can't rescue the Obama presidency. Their magic can't be his. Mr. Obama isn't Lincoln with a BlackBerry. Those great personages are made by history, in the course of history, and not by the spinners or the smitten talking heads.

Foud Ajami gives Barack the Official Jawa Report Fail Seal Of Approval:


By Vinnie at 12:06 AM | Comments |

August 24, 2009

It's TIME For Jawa

To be in Time.

Please try to contain your snorts of laughter at our big break.

Conservative websites often accused of anti-Muslim agendas, such as the Jawa Report...

We're not anti-Muslim. We're anti-Muslims who will kill us before we can kill them. But, thanks anyway, Time Magazine! We are nothing if not proud to be mentioned in the same magazine that gave its Man of the Year award to Adolph Hitler. Okay, not really.

Thanks to Barbarossa.

I've added a graphic representation of my response to TIME below the fold. - Barbarossa


By Vinnie at 11:57 PM | Comments |

Dancing With The Czars

Your first contestant, the Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones.

H/T Ragnar

By Vinnie at 09:48 PM | Comments |

First High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIP) Log Obtained

The Obama Administration has decided to put interrogations of top-ranking human-caused political catastrophes (or whatever insipid euphemism they're using now for TERRORISTS) under a new group answerable only to the White House. Meanwhile, Obama's Attorney General is set to begin prosecuting CIA personnel who conducted interrogations during the Bush Administration.

Below is a transcript of an Interrogation Log using the new Rules For Guest Combatant Questioning obtained by The Dread Pundit Bluto from a confidential source.



17 AUGUST 2009


The detainee arrives at the interrogation lounge. His sunglasses are removed and he is seated in an overstuffed La-Z-Boy recliner with massage option. SGT A and SGT R are the interrogators. A DoD linguist and MAJ L (BSCT) are present. MS Z (Amnesty International) is present as an observer. MR H (ESQUIRE) is present as detainee counsel.
Session begins. Detainee is given a mocha latté grandé and offered a selection of croissants and pastries. Detainee sips mocha latté grandé and complains that it is too hot. Detainee spits mouthful (appr. 2 oz.) into SGT R 's face, calls him "infidel goat-lover". MS Z (AI) demands that SGT R check temperature of beverage. SGT R determines that the mocha latté grandé is five (5) degrees fahrenheit above optimum serving temperature and apologizes to detainee. MS Z (AI) states for the record that detainee is being abused according to the Durbin Conventions. MR L (ESQUIRE) states that a complaint of the "Nazi-like" treatment will be filed.
SGT A tells detainee that information from other sources implicates detainee in plot to detonate nuclear device somewhere in Manhattan, asks detainee for details of plot. Detainee denies involvement, but states that he hopes that the bomb will have enough power to, "...wipe all of the filthy infidel pork-eaters off the face of Allah's Earth." SGT A remonstrates with detainee, stating that "many innocents" will perish in attack and asks for detainee's help in preventing "...this horrible terrorist outrage." Detainee selects a pastry.
MS Z (AI) and MR L (ESQUIRE) call halt to interrogation. MR L (ESQUIRE) strenuously objects to use of term "terrorist" by SGT A . MS Z (AI) criticizes SGT A for "...applying Western values..." to detainee and notes that potential civilian victims of alleged plot are engaged in work to "...further the schemes of the capitalist warmongers of Western hegemonic imperialism." SGT A apologizes for "thoughtless characterization". MS Z (AI) demands that SGT A direct his apology to detainee. SGT A complies.
Session ends. Detainee is returned to Guest Suite. Detainee notes that, the previous night, air conditioning in Guest Suite was set at 73 degrees fahrenheit and that Room Service served him filet mignon that was well done when he specifically requested medium rare. MR L (ESQUIRE) states for record that a complaint will be filed and he will "...see that this inhuman gulag is closed down".
Parody (duh), and still sweet after its original posting in 2005.

By Bluto05:29 PM | Comments |

Youtube: Vicious acid attack on woman: Pakistan

Religion of.........

Hat Tip: Creeping Sharia.

By Howie at 03:08 PM | Comments |

Holder to Appoint Prosecutor to Investigate CIA Terror Interrogations

Obama hasn't been office eight months and another precedent has been set.


Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. has decided to appoint a prosecutor to examine nearly a dozen cases in which CIA interrogators and contractors may have violated anti-torture laws and other statutes when they allegedly threatened terrorism suspects, according to two sources familiar with the move.

Holder is poised to name John Durham, a career Justice Department prosecutor from Connecticut, to lead the inquiry, according to the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the process is not complete.

Durham's mandate, the sources added, will be relatively narrow: to look at whether there is enough evidence to launch a full-scale criminal investigation of current and former CIA personnel who may have broken the law in their dealings with detainees. Many of the harshest CIA interrogation techniques have not been employed against terrorism suspects for four years or more.

Never has one administration worked so hard and so fast to weaken the US intelligence this one .

God help us.

By Matt Damon at 02:39 PM | Comments |

Basic Jihadi Babble 101

A nice list of essential terms for those reading Jihadi forums, posts and rants. Here's a sample or two..

Allah (Arabic): God. The boss of Islam. He likes to see the bloodshed of anyone who doesn’t follow his religion, Islam (q.v.),. He is so omnipotent and awesome that he has 99 names. He released a book about Himself and His creation 1400 years ago called the Qur’an (q.v.).
OK, so I knew that one...
Fatwa (Arabic): Legally binding, religious ruling/proclamation.
As in, "Blogging for Jawa Report may get you a Fatwa." Or you at least hope so. (apparently these are harder to get than we initially thought)
Halaal (Arabic): permitted in Islam

Haraam (Arabic): prohibited in Islam

As in "posting those Muhammad cartoons at Jawa Report is Haraam, you're going to get a Fatwa for that."

See how this works?

Hat Tip: Lady Raven.

By Howie at 12:56 PM | Comments |

No COLA For You!

Remember Obi-One is for the "little guy", "the disabled and the "seniors", he won't raise your taxes, he'll just eliminate your cost of living adjustment and raise your medicare premium. So hey, that's not a tax increase. In a kind of Clintonesque kind of way.

By Howie at 11:08 AM | Comments |

9/11 :National Service/Eco-zealot Propaganda Day

Via Michelle Malkin:

The Obama White House is behind a cynical, coldly calculated political effort to erase the meaning of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks from the American psyche and convert Sept. 11 into a day of leftist celebration and statist idolatry.
Dammit I'm so jealous of Michelle's Eco-Zealot quote. That's a good one.

Ooopps, link added sorry. My bad again. I gotta stop that.

By Howie at 10:58 AM | Comments |

Malaysian Womans Caning Delayed

Till after Ramadan.

Via Yahoo News: KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – The first woman in Muslim-majority Malaysia to face caning for drinking beer was reprieved Monday because of the holy month of Ramadan. Her family said she would rather get the thrashing with a rattan cane now and put the ordeal behind her.

...Islamic law provides for a three-year prison term and caning for Muslims caught drinking. Most previous offenders were fined and no woman has ever been caned.

The morality police are not a pervasive force in Malaysia, and most citizens were surprised at the verdict against Kartika.

...he only prominent personality to comment has been former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

On Monday, he urged authorities to check Islamic teachings to determine whether it would be appropriate to cane Kartika for drinking.

"Is it possible that a judge may have been unfair or mistaken in his consideration? Is there no room in Islam for mercy toward those who commit an error for the first time?

Apparently not....

By Howie at 10:35 AM | Comments |

al-faloja Terrorist Forum Loses Host & Members


Has been replaced with the standard infidel hot blonde chick host parking image. I'm sure the morons at al-faloj are completely offended and utterly offended at such a western display of hot young uncovered meat.

Don't blame us, we're completely innocent.

Hat Tip: Internet Haganah who has new posts up this week. Rusty is in meetings, so posting may be light so stop over.

Update: Oh and some forum members were apparently killed in the Gaza mosque incident last week. Hooray!

By Howie at 09:52 AM | Comments |

Newspaper execs held media strategy seminar for extremist Ohio mosque in Rifqa Bary case

Over the weekend, I reported that the Columbus Dispatch reporter covering the Rifqa Bary saga, Meredith Heagney (, has a very friendly, unquestioning relationship with the extremist mosque attended by Rifqa's parents, the Noor Islamic Cultural Center, going so far as to parade around the mosque in a hijab while conducting her "reporting". Just how many questions did Ms. Heagney ask about the mosque's former scholar-in-residence and Protocols of the Elders of Zion enthusiast, Salah Sultan?

But the roots of the relationship between Noor and the Dispatch go much deeper than Ms. Heagney's dhimmitude, as exhibited by a seminar conducted for the mosque last November by the paper's publisher emeritus, Mike Curtin ( and the current Insight editor, Mark Fisher ( on the topic of "Learn to Communicate with the Media". Joining them on the panel was none other than CAIR-Ohio President Asma Mobin-Uddin. Last week I noted that Jawa operatives who have attended recent strategy sessions organized in response to the negative publicity caused by Bary's escape from the clutches of the Islamic extremism have directed their supporters to attack Rifqa's character, claim that she was brainwashed and abducted by Christians, and blame the "Islamophobia" of Florida authorities for why her parents are being "persecuted".

This continuing episode should give us all pause to ask: who is your local media in bed with?

Learn to Communicate with the Media Saturday Nov 01, 2008

NICC invites you to attend to a workshop on Saturday Nov 15 2008 to
"Learn to Effectively Communicate with the Media"

Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm
Place: NICC, 5001 Wilcox Rd, Dublin Ohio 43016
Ph: 614 527 777

The purpose of the workshop is to train and motivate all community members to effectively communicate with the print/broadcast media as well as community at large to voice the concerns of Muslim Community.


1. Dr. Asma Mobin-Uddin, President of CAIR-Ohio

2. Mike Curtin, Associate Publisher Emeritus of The Columbus Dispatch

3. Mark Fisher, Editor at The Columbus Dispatch

4. Fred Andrle, Host of WOSU Radio Talk Program (Open-line with Fred Anderle, weekdays, 10am - 12 Noon and 7pm - 9 pm)

Please contact us at, or email [] if you are planning to attend this program.

In the likely event that the Noor/CAIR/Dispatch event announcement disappears down the internet memory hole, I have included a screen capture of the page below the fold:

NICC - Dispatch event2.jpg

By Barbarossa at 02:26 AM | Comments |

August 23, 2009

VIDEO : Confronts Angry Mob in Cleburne, Texas



By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 02:43 PM | Comments |

Yemeni-American Jihad Advocate Anwar Awlaki Banned from Video Conference in the UK

As we reported earlier, Yemeni-American Anwar Awlaki was scheduled to speak via video at a Cage Prisoners fundraising event in the UK . Full details in our earlier reporting here: Imam Anwar al-Awlaki is hands down the most popular public al Qaeda supporter in the English speaking world.

British Municipal authorities today banned his participation at the event, citing concerns about the use of public buildings for inciting extremism.

Guardian: The revelation that Anwar al-Awlaki, a Yemen-based preacher accused of advocating violent jihad, was due to speak via video link at Kensington town hall later this month, has raised fears public buildings are being used for extremism...The council banned al-Awlaki from speaking only after politicians and anti-extremist groups raised concerns about his appearance at the Cage Prisoners event, which will raise money for Muslims held in Guantánamo Bay.
By Jane at 12:43 PM | Comments |

Teacher Allegedly Pays Boy for Sex

Melissa Ann Andreini.jpg(Carbon County, Utah) A 28-year-old special education teacher at Helper Junior High School, Melissa Ann Andreini, faces unlawful sexual activity charges stemming from an alleged relationship with a 15-year-old male student.

Astonishingly, Andreini allegedly paid the boy about $500 for each of three sexual encounters. It's not clear whether the payment was for services performed or for the boy to keep quiet. Either way, the boy is being taught a rather distorted view of what his life will be like when he grows up. Women generally don't pay men for sex.

By the way, there's an equally astonishing report out of Michigan where a 32-year-old [name withheld] woman mixed it up with her 12-year-old adopted brother and bore a daughter who now has a daddy who is also her uncle or step-uncle or something.

The [name withheld] woman is scheduled to be sentenced in October.

Tip: kyros

By at 10:12 AM | Comments |

What To Ignore At Tea Parties

If you're out and about protesting as a bitter racist extremist killbot well-dressed Nazi non-American this summer or beyond, you have to know that to be on the lookout for. There will no doubt be some real cranks in your midst (as well as poseurs, I'd guess).

Some of this nuttiness will come in the guise of populist tones, which are all the rave right now.

A few chaps showed up at an Orlando tea party toting a sign pimping WeAreChange and This is an example of something that should be ignored, or even outright mocked.

3846277795_ced3270d43.jpg is a 9-11 Troof group, and is a an extension of the Alex Jones whack pack and their online media empire of stoopidity. And sadly, they're more likely than not Ron Paul supporters (although their nuttiness is bipartisan).

If you see these folks, ask them whether they think 9-11 was an inside job or not. Then summarily dismiss. Thatisall.

** This has been a public service message from the Jawa Report Anti-Conspiracy Unit. **

By Good Lt. at 08:47 AM | Comments |

Go Topless for Women's Rights

Today has been designated as National Go Topless Day with organized rallies planned in a number of U.S. cities. Fronting the campaign is which promotes exposed breasts as a women's rights issue.

GoTopless is committed to helping women perceive their breasts as noble, natural parts of their anatomy (whether they are nursing or not). Breasts shouldn’t have to be “modestly” or shamefully hidden from public view any more than arms, legs or feet.
Gatherings of women's rights supporters prepared to flout authority by flaunting protuberances are scheduled for New York, Chicago and Columbus, Ohio, among other cities. No minimum requirements have been delineated for participants.

Meanwhile in the west African nation of Mali, 50,000 demonstrators gathered this weekend to protest a proposed law which gives women some rights.

They carried posters and banners declaring "No to this law that divides the people of Mali", "Let women remain women, and men remain men" and "Western civilisation is a sin."
Interestingly, the massive protest against women's rights comes on the heels of SecState Hillary Clinton's African tour during which she reportedly once mentioned something akin to "I am woman, hear me roar. Don't ask about Bill, anymore."

By at 08:46 AM | Comments |

August 22, 2009

Reporter covering Rifqa Bary case loves the hijab!

Last week Columbus Dispatch reporter Meredith Heagney ( published an article attacking the credibility of potential honor killing victim Rifqa Bary. In that article, Heagney quoted a Columbus Police official who assured the public there was NOTHING to worry about, flatly contradicting her claims of potential danger from her family. This quote has been reprinted and widely circulated by her parents' supporters, including the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in their claims that she has been brainwashed and abducted by Christians.

But speaking to sources in the Columbus area, it seems that Ms. Heagney is more than just a neutral or objective observer. According to these sources, Heagney has used her position with the Dispatch to serve as the de facto press agent for the extremist Noor Islamic Cultural Center, where Rifqa's parents attend (the mosque's ugly ties to terror covered here at Jawa a few days ago).

One such example is an article in the Dispatch yesterday where Heagney promotes Noor's current "Holy Month" celebrations. Earlier this year, Heagney penned a glowing account of the Islamic hajj featuring the outreach coordinator for the Noor Center. Last November, she plugged the mosque's Somali conference, failing to note the presence of Hassan Mohamud, who has recently been in the news for a promotional video complaining about "the hell of living in America" and for his advocacy in support of suicide bombings (something a real reporter, Katherine Kersten of the Star-Tribune, has been willing to cover) . Mohamud and his mosque have been mentioned in connection with the current nationwide counterterrorism investigation concerning young American Somalis who have left the country to train in the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab camps. But no need to worry - the Dispatch waved off any Columbus connections to the terror case long ago.

And during last year's Eid al-Fitr celebrations, Heagney authored a whining piece about the mosque's services entitled, "Muslims still look for acceptance". While conducting her reporting at the mosque she was photographed sporting her hijab along with her Dispatch ID card:

NICC - Heagney3.jpg

We will have more on the Dispatch's Dhimmitude in the coming days, but newspaper subscribers and the Columbus-area public should take this into consideration when weighing Meredith Heagney's "reporting" (or anyone from the Dispatch for that matter) on the Rifqa Bary case.

By Barbarossa at 09:48 PM | Comments |

NY Governor Paterson [who is African-American and legally blind] Blames His Problems on Racism

It's a gigantic Aryan plot involving millions of ordinary New Yorkers and thousands in the media according to David Paterson [who is African-American and legally blind] appointed governor of New York State after Elliot Spitzer's [who is European-American and morally handicapped] dalliance with a whore:

"We're not in the post-racial period," Paterson [who is African-American and legally blind] said in a freewheeling interview on the liberal talk-radio station WWRL. "My feeling is it's being orchestrated, it's a game, and people who pay attention know that."
Or, you could just be an incompetent assclown who's driven the state to the brink of bankruptcy.

Then the governor [who is African-American and legally blind] bemoaned the lack of propaganda cover:

"We don't have the kind of forces in the community that we had before, in other words, our black media outlets," the Democratic governor [who is African-American and legally blind] continued.
Patterson [who is African-American and legally blind] predicts that Honkey Ofay Whitey Crackers will attack the President [who is African-American and ethically challenged] next:
"The next victim on the list -- and you see it coming -- is President Barack Obama [who is African-American and ethically challenged], who did nothing more than try to reform a health-care system . . . only because he's trying to make change," Paterson [who is African-American and legally blind] said.
Some change, socializing another huge chunk of the American economy to go along with his acquisitions in the automotive and financial industries.

Paterson, STFU you spineless puppet bastard.

By Bluto04:55 PM | Comments |

Say Hello to My Little Friend

The newest addition to the Shackleford family. Isn't she cute?

Yes, that is a gun in my pocket; and no, I'm not happy to see you.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:45 PM | Comments |

TIA: "Just Once"

A report from the front lines:

Just once I’d like to come out here and not get shot at,” said an exasperated U.S. Army Sgt. Graham Mullins, of Columbia, Mo., using a four-foot stone wall for cover. “Just once.”
Read the rest.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:45 PM | Comments |

Saudi Billionaire Dead, In Hell


Infamous libel tourist, Saudi billionaire Khalid bin Mahfouz died last Saturday.  His charity funded al-Qaeda and Hamas.  He was involved with the BCCI bank, also known as the “bank for crooks and criminals.”
I hope he enjoys the pineapple enemas.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:13 AM | Comments |

Crazy Terrorist Coming to New Jersey

If actions speak louder than words, then Ghadaffi's actions this week were like the number eleven setting on Spinal Tap's amplifiers.

And now, he's coming to New Jersey:

Then, I awoke one morning to discover that my fence which separates the two properties - as well as many of the trees on the property boundary - had been cut down and removed. I walked next door and complained both to the city officials who were present as well as the Arab contractor in charge that if trees were being removed for security purposes, with the resulting intrusion into the privacy of my residence, I deserved to know. The contractor turned out to be a well-mannered gentleman. We talked some about the Middle East and established a rapport. I was assured that the damage would be fixed, the trees replanted.

Then, an article in Newsweek confirmed that Gaddafi would be travelling to New York to address the UN General Assembly. "The arrival of Gaddafi is already creating problems for New York security officials," the article said. "He travels with a massive, heated Beduin tent." The Libyans had applied to have the tent pitched in Central Park but had been turned down and Gaddafi would, in all probability therefore, being pitching his tent at his "New Jersey property."

I guess if having Ghadaffi next door for a few days is the price to pay for a non-nuclear Libya then it's worth it. But since it is this particular Jewish neighborhood that will bear the brunt of it, our thanks should go out to them for their extreme example if tolerance.

In an ideal world Ghadaffi would be dead and in hell, inshallah.

Thanks to JR. Blogged from iPhone.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:55 AM | Comments |

Hakimullah Mehsud appointed Baitullah’s successor (a new contestant emerges for a Predator strike)

Hakimullah Mehsud has emerged as the new leader of Tehreek-i-Taliban(TTP). I know the word was out that Maulvi Faqir Mohammad was the new leader but it's the Taliban...they have issues telling the truth.


PESHAWAR: The Pakistani Taliban have appointed a successor to their feared leader believed to have been killed in a US missile strike, a militant commander said Saturday.

American and Pakistani officials believe Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Baitullah Mehsud was killed earlier this month in a missile attack by US drone aircraft in the lawless South Waziristan tribal district bordering Afghanistan.

Taliban commanders say Mehsud survived but is seriously ill.

TTP deputy and battle-hardened former teacher Maulvi Faqir Mohammad, who announced on Wednesday that he had taken over as acting chief of the group, said a Taliban shura, or council, had made the appointment.

‘A Taliban shura has unanimously appointed Hakimullah Mehsud as successor to Baitullah Mehsud,’ he told AFP by telephone.

‘The shura meeting continued for two days and was attended by 22 members,’ he said.

Odds are he doesn't last out the year in his new leadership post.

By Matt Damon at 07:04 AM | Comments |

August 21, 2009

Worst Islamotards EVAR!

Excepting Rifqa Bary's parents, Richard Reid the shoe bomber, and Jose Padilla, these have to be the most inept Islamotards in 14 centuries of Islamotards.


Thanks to Shark4.

By Vinnie at 06:04 PM | Comments |

FL judge puts halt to Rifqa Bary's slow motion honor killing

I just got off the phone with an official with Rifqa Bary's legal team. The FL judge hearing the case this afternoon has granted Rifqa a temporary reprieve and is allowing her to stay there, rather than sending her back to Ohio, while the FL Dept of Law Enforcement conducts and investigation into the extremism of the Ohio mosque Rifqa's parents attend (revisit my post last night on the mosque in question) and the widespread extremism in the Muslim community in Central Ohio. The judge noted that since there is no case pending in the state of Ohio, and Rifqa has no desire to return to Ohio or her parents, he will hold a dependency hearing on Sept. 3rd. How stunning a development this really is can be seen in the Fox News report earlier today that predicted that she would be sent back home.

Meanwhile, as I reported this morning, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is mobilizing their supporters to engage in the standard Islamic grievance theater, attempting to characterize this case as discrimination towards Rifqa's parents (who have threatened her) because they are Muslim. Expect some legal intervention by CAIR in this case on First Amendment grounds.

That notwithstanding, the judge's decision today is about as good news for Rifqa as could be expected. Thanks are deserved to the FL AG Bill McCollum, FL House of Reps Speaker Adam Hasner, Florida Security Council President Tom Trento, and many others in the blogosphere who have helped keep this case in the public's eye. Thanks to all the Jawa readers who contacted Florida officials on Rifqa's behalf. We will keep you informed of any developments in this case.

By Barbarossa at 05:13 PM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: You May Notice

No ads. Google adsense says we "posed a significant risk to our AdWords advertisers"

They were due to pay us 2 morrow. So go figure.

I've appealed that decision.

Personally I reckon we upset someone....

You can still send Rusty crazy blog money via the paypal button on the left sidebar. I'll see if I can't make me one up next week. I was on Amazon Honor and they closed that program.

By Howie at 05:07 PM | Comments |

Taliban Hold Gayest Woodstock Reenactment Ever

Evidence that even the Taliban* are caught up in Woodstock fevah.

Only in the Taliban version, no women are allowed. Nothing gay about that.

What I really wanted to point out in this vedio is the way they spell vedio.

Really, it's like they want us to mock them.

*The Liveleak video claims it's the Taliban, but I've never heard of "Pamir vedio studio" before. But still, dude.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:47 PM | Comments |

Taliban vs Jawa : The Taliban's Epic Failure

We posted about the Taliban's last two websites going down the other day. A commentor brought this one to our attention.

Today it looks like this....


Hey Adil, Yes it was me, you suck loser. And yes I see that last URL you have saved up. Go ahead make my day.

So far as I know, Howie and the Jawas have almost completely wiped the Taliban off every site other than a few of the forums. It took a while but we're persistent little cusses.

If anyone runs across another one, email us, we'll do our thing.

By Howie at 03:39 PM | Comments |

Mullahs Elevate Wanted Terrorist to Top Defense Post

Ahmad-Vahidi.jpgIt's always underwhelming when the ruling Iranian regime pulls a stunt like this. I mean, is any one surprised that Iran's new Defense Minister is wanted by Interpol for helping plan the 1994 Buenos Aires Jewish Center bombing?

If you are, let me suggest that you pull your head out of your arse more than once a week.


Ahmad Vahidi, who commanded a unit of Iran's Revolutionary Guard known as the Quds Force at the time of the attack, was nominated by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Wednesday along with others named to fill Cabinet positions. The Quds Force is involved in operations abroad, including working with Lebanon's Hezbollah militant group, which is accused to carrying out the Buenos Aires attack.

Argentina Prosecutor Alberto Nisman told The Associated Press Friday that Vahidi is accused of ''being a key participant in the planning and of having made the decision to go ahead with the attack against the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association.'' ...

In Washington, U.S. State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said Friday that if Vahidi was indeed the man wanted by Interpol, it would be very ''disturbing'' to see him confirmed in the Iranian Cabinet.

85 dead in that attack, with 200 more wounded. And the guy gets promoted.

Which, again, would come only as a surprise to those who have been suffering under the delusion that Iran's ruling cadre were actually sane.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:30 PM | Comments |

Al Qaeda Child Abuse in Somalia

Found on an Islamist forum. The context of the picture was that the image shows just how awesome the Somali affiliate of al Qaeda -- the al Shabaab -- are.

I think it shows something other than the awesome.

A young member of an Islamic militia group leads the way with other fighters as they patrol in southern Mogadishu ,Wednesday Aug. 19,2009.

How old is that kid do you think? What, maybe 10? 11, tops?

PS: "D" for Disneyland? Or maybe "D" for Detroit?

Thanks to Abu Shithead.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:34 PM | Comments |

Yale Dhimmitude: It's about Saudi Money

My initial response to Yale's refusal to republish the Mohammad cartoons in a book about the Mohammad cartoons was that they were afraid of violence. It's the claim they themselves make.

Such capitulation based on that reasoning being even more insulting, in my mind, than the actual publication of the controversial cartoons. Think of the implications -- even the liberal elite agree that at least some portion of Muslim societies cannot be expected to act like civilized people.

But Martin Kramer suggests that Yale's capitulation was really about trying to get money from Saudi Arabia. Specifically, that a Saudi "philanthropist" -- who's real mission is to spread Islam -- who has given large donations to universities (think, tens of millions of dollars) might not consider Yale for the next round of endowments should the university publish the cartoons.

What's the link?

Now it gets interesting. In April, Yale named Muna AbuSulayman a "Yale World Fellow" for 2009. This isn't some honorific, and she'll reside from August through December in New Haven. (Her Facebook fan page, August 16: "I need help locating a Town House/condo for short term leasing near Yale University... Anyone familiar with that area?") Can you imagine a better way to set the stage for a major Alwaleed gift? Hosting for a semester the very person who structured the Harvard and Georgetown gifts, and who now directs Alwaleed's charitable foundation? A stroke of genius.
How much money are we talking about here? Alwaleed gave $20 million each to Georgetown and Harvard.

So, perhaps threats of Muslim violence wasn't all that was on Yale's mind.

Read the rest

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:01 PM | Comments |

CAIR formulates media strategy on Rifqa Bary

A Florida judge will determine whether Islam-to-Christianity convert Rifqa Bary will be returned to Ohio this afternoon at 3:15pm EDT. As I reported yesterday, the extremism of the Central Ohio mosque her parents attend, the Noor Islamic Cultural Center, has become a central issue in the dispute.

But a source who was inside a secret strategy meeting conducted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) earlier this week has conveyed the strategy that the media's favorite Islamist group has devised to respond to the ongoing public relations crisis. According to my source who attended the strategy session, CAIR officials handed out copies of this Orlando Sentinel article and want supporters to push the meme that Christians have brainwashed and abducted this gullible teenage girl. They have also instructed supporters to circulate rumors that Rifqa had been carousing with infidel boys and engaged in acts of immorality. This CAIR strategy takes the focus off the near-universal Islamic legal precepts and Quranic injunctions that demand death for apostates and impugns the character of the innocent girl at the center of this controversy who appears to be in genuine fear for her life if she is returned to her parents.

As soon as we hear the Florida court's decision, we'll let you know. Officials at Ohio DFS have already said publicly that they intend to reunify the family if she is returned to the state.

By Barbarossa at 10:23 AM | Comments |

Hot Predator Controller Learns to PWN Taliban

A video of predator training. Shows how the pilots in the US work to control predators in Afghanistan and elsewhere. In the video they take out a truck from half way around the world. Impressive!

Oh and did I mention one of the pilots is a smokin hottie?

Hat Tip: Al.

By Howie at 10:16 AM | Comments |

Good News: ACLU Identifying Covert CIA Agents to Terrorists

I'd comment, but Stop the ACLU and Michelle Malkin have the bases covered.

No, I will comment. How is it, you might ask, that a self-identified libertarian would so adamantly and consistently oppose the ACLU?

That's easy: I believe in liberty. The ACLU believes in heightened procedural due process.

One might argue, as the ACLU does, that the two are intertwined. I don't agree.

One may have a judicial system with any number of procedural safeguards, and yet the people living under that system are no more or less free.

For instance, let us assume that Saudi Arabia's sharia courts were full of procedural safeguards and that the vast majority of those convicted in these courts were therefore guilty of the crimes they were accused of. In such a scenario, Saudis still are not free because the sharia is inherently antithetical to liberty. One cannot be both 'free' and forbidden from leaving Islam.

The ACLU is not so much interested in liberty as they are in procedural due process. While I applaud the ACLU when they get things right, usually they serve only as a mouthpiece for liberal causes and not libertarian ones.

Thanks to John from STACLU for the tip.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:07 AM | Comments |

Oooops, Jawas Don't Know Their Own Strength

I really didn't think we'd win this one, seriously but....


Has been PWNED!

Special thanks to one English Jawa who worked this pretty hard. You know who you are.

Previous : The Sick Fanatics at Islamic Awakening Make the News.

I'm sure it will be back somewhere else but in the mean time let the reader love mail begin.

Update: And Happy Ramadan Jihadis.

By Howie at 08:10 AM | Comments |

August 20, 2009

Extremist Ohio mosque becoming focus of Rifqa Bary custody dispute

Tomorrow afternoon, Rifqa Bary's fate will be in the hands of a Florida judge. Rifqa fled her Ohio home last month claiming that her father threatened to kill her for converting from Islam to Christianity. As I noted previously, all schools of Islamic law proscribe death for Islamic apostates. For that reason, Rifqa fled to Florida and ended up on the doorstep of a pastor she had met through Facebook. A judge has temporarily placed her with a foster family until the court determines whether she should be turned over to Ohio authorities, who have already stated their intention to send Rifqa back to her parents.

One of the central issues that Rifqa's attorney, John Stemberger, will be raising tomorrow is the extremist mosque that her parents attend - the Noor Islamic Cultural Center. As Stemberger argued in a petition with the court submitted earlier this week, the extremism of the Noor mosque, its direct links with designated terrorists, and the overall extremism of the Islamic community in Central Ohio pose a direct threat to Rifqa if she is returned:

The child's parents are devout followers of Islam and members of the extreme Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Columbus, Ohio. This is where the internationally known Hama cleric, Salah Sultan, was the resident scholar before being banned from the United States. Salah Sultan is known as a global terrorist who publicly advocates the killing of Americans and Jews. The largest cell of Al Qaeda operatives was operating from the largest mosque in the Columbus area. Columbus is one of the cities under current investigation concerning the U.S. operations of Al-Qaeda. The child is a target for the radical Muslim community of Columbus, Ohio.

Nearly two years ago, investigative reporter Erick Stakelbeck went to Columbus to examine the Noor Center's ties to terrorism and the mosque's resident scholar, international Hamas cleric Salah Sultan:

Then this past December Sultan appeared on Egyptian Al-Nas TV pontificating on the eventual murder of all the Jews, the forthcoming destruction of America, and citing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as one of his authorities:

Predictably, as initial reports of Sultan's extremism were made public in 2006, the local paper, the Columbus Dispatch, came out defending Sultan and the Islamic school where he had been religious director. Just days after the Dispatch came out in support of Sultan, he appeared on Al-Risala TV claiming that the US government was behind the 9/11 attacks and praising Yemeni Al-Qaeda cleric and designated terrorist Abdul Majid al-Zindani:

Needless to say, the Dispatch did not see fit to revise or correct its reporting. It bears worth repeating that Salah Sultan was the resident scholar of the mosque Rifqa Bary's parents attend, though he has since fled the country and is now living in Bahrain. This is the atmosphere that Rifqa will be returning to if the Florida judge orders her return to Ohio. Let's hope the judge does the right thing in this case. The hearing is scheduled for 3:15 EDT tomorrow. More background on the Noor Center, Salah Sultan, and the Columbus Al-Qaeda cell can be found at the Central Ohioans Against Terrorism blog.

By Barbarossa at 09:00 PM | Comments |

Let's Compare



I would love, love, love to see someone start posting pictures of our side doing to Obama what they did to Bush.

Because then, I would finally know that the collapse of society is imminent, and Atlas did, at last, shrug.

By Vinnie at 06:57 PM | Comments |

Day of Shame for Scotland

From Breitbart:

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) - The only man convicted in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 returned home to Libya to die after he was released from a Scottish prison Thursday, a decision that outraged some relatives of the 270 people killed when the jetliner blew up over Lockerbie, Scottland, more than two decades ago.
But the President stepped up to the plate with regret for the Scottish capitulation and a sharply worded warning for Libya:
President Barack Obama said the Scottish decision to free terminally ill Abdel Baset al-Megrahi on compassionate grounds was a mistake and said he should be under house arrest. Obama warned Libya not to give him a hero's welcome.
The President's warning had its effect:
Despite the warning, at the military airport in Tripoli where al-Megrahi's plane touched down thousands of youths were on hand to warmly greet him...At home, al-Megrahi is seen as an innocent scapegoat the West used to turn this African nation into a pariah, and his return is a cause for celebration. There was a festive atmosphere with some wearing T-shirts with al-Megrahi's picture and waving Libyan and miniature blue-and-white Scottish flags. Libyan songs blared in the background.
Well done, Scots. I'll never again listen to "Scotland the Brave" without laughing out loud. Scotland should change their flag to reflect the Scottish Lion being boned by a goat.

By Bluto03:33 PM | Comments |

Russian al Qaeda Announce Miracle of Jihadi on Tortilla

Okay, not a tortilla, but close. Here's a vidcap of a video showing the alleged "miracle" of one deceased jihadi in the Caucuses named "Abu Dudjanah" [called "The Shahid Ilyas"].

According to a video being featured by al Qaeda's Russian affiliate, the "Martyr Ilyas" was still bleeding at his funeral over a week after he had been killed.

A miracle! Allahuakhbar!

Alternate explanations:

1) Oh no, we buried him alive!
2) Zombies! Protect your brains!
3) That'll teach Ilyas to try and blow up The Statue of the Perpetually Weeping Virgin.

Thanks to Abu Umar.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:11 PM | Comments |

Change, Hope Reach Iraq

Iraqi Special Forces


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:47 PM | Comments |

Imperial Troops Invade Indonesia

Since when did Imperial Tie Fighter pilots start doing street patrols?

An armed Indonesian soldier from the nuclear, biological and chemical warfare unit wearing a protective suit prepares to search for bombs during a military exercise at Jakarta city mayor's office on August 19, 2009. [source]

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:29 PM | Comments |

NYT: You know what's cool? Communism

Perhaps book reviewers over at the New York Times should spend less time reading biographies of the founding fathers of communism and more time reading the biographies of the tens of millions killed -- in a single century! -- by the followers of that ideology?

[Right: Gulag slave laborers dig the Balamor canal]

I always got a kick out of communists in grad school. On the one hand, always eager to excuse the crimes of Stalin as somehow connected only to his own ego and having nothing to do whatsoever with the tenets of Marx.

On the other hand, Hitler's crimes were always somehow inseparable from the tenets of National Socialism or the broader fascist movement.

Perhaps if Stalin was the only person to have committed genocide in the name of communism you might argue that he was an outlier -- that the Soviet Union under Stalin was not representative of communism in general.

But, dude:
Mao -- 65 million dead
Pol Pot -- 2 million dead
Kim Il-sung -- 2 million dead
Ho Chi Minh -- 1 million dead

The list goes on and on. Are we seeing a pattern here?

It's odd that the most educated among us -- presumably trained in the ancient art of seeing patterns -- can't make the connection between the underlying ideology and the acts committed in the name of that ideology.

UPDATE: Oh, the agony and the irony -- it's killing me!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:56 PM | Comments |

New Taliban Leader Challenges U.S. to Good Old Fashioned Bow & Arrow Contest

Maulvi Faqir Mohammad

Thanks to rairey.

UPDATE: Oops, copyright problems. Had to swap out the old apple for a new one. Thanks again to rairey for the both photos.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:23 PM | Comments |

The Sick Fanatics at Islamic Awakening Make the News [UPDATE: Owned!]


And this is shocking how?

Via Daily Express:

BRITISH Muslim fanatics sparked fresh fury last night by praising Taliban “heroes” for sending our troops back from Afghanistan in body bags.

Dozens of homegrown “jihadis” have posted website messages cheering last weekend’s carnage in Helmand province that saw Britain’s death toll rise to 204 soldiers.

Last night there were calls by senior politicians for the Home Office to crack down on the hate-filled rants that will distress even further the relatives of troops who gave their lives fighting the Taliban.

The actual thread on the forum where this is located is here (yes its saved).

Another one here.

Discussion of the Daily Express article is here.

Just for our notes, this is also the same site where America's #1 al-Qaeda supporting blogger Samir Khan AKA Inshallahshaheed posted the announcement of the return of his blog and the new issue of the al-Qaeda supporting magazine Jihad recollections.

OK are you upset yet? If not lets continue, especially if you live in the UK.

UPDATE: PWND. The website is down.

The irony is the site is hosted in the UK by Rapidswitch LTD. = [ ] = [ ]

(Asked about

RapidSwitch Ltd
Spectrum House
Clivemont Road
44 (0)20 7106 0730

More Rapidswitch contact info.


If you think one of our clients is violating our terms of service, please contact us immediately at:

I've been unable to find the actual TOS for this group, it must include advocating for the enemies of the UK in a time of war though. If you run across it please send a link.

According to this blogger here, there are 242 reasons to avoid RapidSwitch.

DNS services are provided in the US via Via Enom in Bellevue WA.

Also see Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs and Weasel Zippers.

May the force be with you.

Update: email the director and founder of Rapidswitch.

If you are Rapidswitch customer make sure you tell him you're taking your wallet and going elsewhere.

By Howie at 08:48 AM | Comments |

So I Don't Get Why

The black guy with the guns is angry about a black president?

I missed this yesterday at Newsbusters but Treacher, rightly aghast, tipped me to it this afternoon. Never will you see a starker example of MSNBC getting away with the sort of deception for which Fox News would be pilloried, especially in the context of race.
Or why MSNBC cuts off his head in the clip, but does not cut of the heads of the white folks?

Personally its a bit over top to carry those IMO, But they were in a certain designated area according to the Secret Service.

But see, the law applies equally to both. Amazing, its called equality.

Its kinda cool to see people of all colors peacefully exercising their rights, eh?

By Howie at 08:31 AM | Comments |

Good News: Lockerbie Bomber, Who Murdered 270, Released

I er uh can't really believe this.

Via Yahoo News: EDINBURGH, Scotland – Scotland freed the terminally ill Lockerbie bomber on compassionate grounds Thursday, allowing him to die at home in Libya despite American protests that mercy should not be shown to the man responsible for the deaths of 270 people.

By Howie at 08:20 AM | Comments |

Afghan Elections

Afghan Voters.jpgDespite threats from the Taliban and sporadic reports of violence, it appears that Afghan people are briskly lining up to vote in many places.

Reports from Jalalabad, Lashkar Gah, Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif and Jowzan province indicate strong voter turnout.

Kabul and Kandahar, however, are under tight security with sporadic attacks keeping people away from the polls. Low turnout reported in Ghazni due to Taliban threats. Turnout nationally could be termed as patchy.

Here's some election-related statistics.

17 million registered voters;
up to 7,000 polling centres;
more than 40 presidential candidates (two female);
3,200 provincial council candidates;
3,000 donkeys transporting voting materials.
Polling station queues are subject to frisking by security personnel with female officials even lifting burkas. A government order for the media to not report election day violence is generally being followed.

The general consensus is that President Hamid Karzai will be reelected, however, he faces strong opposition from Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah. Karzai is strong in the Pashtun south and Abdullah is the favorite in the Tajik north. (More ....)

By at 05:17 AM | Comments |

Cash For.. I Dunno?


WASHINGTON -- The CIA hired private contractors at Blackwater USA in 2004 as part of a secret program to kill top-level members of Al Qaeda, a person familiar with the program said Wednesday.


The contracts were canceled several years ago, the person told The Associated Press. He spoke on condition of anonymity because the program remains classified.


The New York Times first reported the program late Wednesday on its Web site.

The newspaper of record reports on contracts canceled several years ago! But THEY WERE BLACKWATER CONTRACTS NEWSWORTHY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!!!

The Times, citing unidentified current and former government officials, said Blackwater executives helped with planning, training and surveillance for the program. The program never resulted in the capture or killing of any terror suspects, according to current and former U.S. intelligence officials. It was never fully operational, and has been canceled twice: once by then-CIA Director George Tenet, restarted by Porter Goss, and finally by CIA Director Leon Panetta in June.

Emphasis mine.

But it's still news, isn't it? Because with Obamacare on the highway to Hell, and the Democratic party in all out civil war, the idiots that are hastily rearranging the deck chairs on the New York Timestanic need something to keep the dwindling subscribers interested.

Just another effort to take the focus off of the utter catastrophe that is the Obama administration and find something to blame Bush for.

Well, sorry, but....


By Vinnie at 12:07 AM | Comments |

August 19, 2009

NY Dealers Pull Out Of Brilliant, Widly Successful Cash for Clunkers Program

Score another one for President Government and company.

NEW YORK (AP) - Hundreds of auto dealers in the New York area have withdrawn from the government's Cash for Clunkers program, citing delays in getting reimbursed by the government, a dealership group said Wednesday.

The Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association, which represents dealerships in the New York metro area, said about half its 425 members have left the program because they cannot afford to offer more rebates. They're also worried about getting repaid.

Why wouldn't you want these government bureaucrats having more power over your health care decisions?

You'd have to be some kind of a Bible-clinging bitter gun-toting potential assassin Nazi racist extremist well-dressed astroturfed unAmerican mob-like teabagging rightwingurrr to be opposing this government expansion.

By Good Lt. at 07:20 PM | Comments |

Ex-ACORN Worker To Testify Against Group

(gets popcorn) :

LAS VEGAS (AP) - A former Las Vegas director for a political advocacy group accused of illegally paying canvassers to register voters during last year's presidential campaign has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge and agreed to testify against the group and another employee.

By Good Lt. at 06:59 PM | Comments |

Dear Liskula Cohen

You are a skank.

Just sayin'.


By Vinnie at 05:09 PM | Comments |

Life Expectancy Up In Country With "Industrialized World's Worst Health Care System"

Hey! I've got an idea!

Let's completely destroy this horrible system from the ground up!


"I WON."

By Good Lt. at 04:26 PM | Comments |

Scots to Release Pan Am 103 Lockerbie Murderer

Best argument to date for capital punishment:

Sky News television and the BBC reported Wednesday that al-Megrahi will be released from prison on compassionate grounds. The BBC added that his release had been expected before the end of the week. Neither network cited the source of its information.

Al-Megrahi, 57, has terminal cancer.

He was convicted in 2001 of taking part in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 on Dec. 21, 1988. The airliner — which was carrying mostly American passengers to New York — blew up as it flew over Scotland. All 259 people aboard and 11 on the ground died when the aircraft crashed into the town of Lockerbie.

There's even a Mumia-style movement of braindead and evil Eurotrash to get his conviction overturned. All this fuss could have been avoided if this vicious animal had been put down after his conviction.

By Bluto04:02 PM | Comments |


I, for one, support the President's plan to close the detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay and dump the detainees in my back yard.

I have a rather large back yard. And it's fenced.

I would welcome any member of al Qaeda, the Taliban, one of their affiliated groups, or any one with sympathies to the global jihad or violent Islamism.

My wife and I would be happy to put them up. For a night. Maybe two.

After that? Let's just say I would give my guests the kind of treatment they deserve.

To all of you Gitmo NIMBY types, I say send your unwanted terrorist detainees to me and I promise that this mess will be cleaned up in short order.

Guantanamo in my back yard, now!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:44 PM | Comments |

Purchasing Carbon Credits from Individual Trees

The way it works is for those seeking to recharge their liberal smugness will swipe their credit cards on interface units attached to individual trees. The strapped-on interface panel will charge each person for the monetary equivalent of carbon dioxide absorbed by the tree.

The specific al-gore-rithm used to convert carbon dioxide absorbed to dollars is unknown.

P.T. Barnum would be proud.

By at 03:18 PM | Comments |

Jihadi Spy vs. Spy

A bro over at as-Ansar warns his akhi to be on the lookout for Zionist spies sowing discord. Irony, thy name is Internet Haganah.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:01 PM | Comments |

Jawa Beats Taliban Yet Again

Another round for the Jawas. Thanks for your help.

The two remaining official Taliban websites that survived our last battle -- & -- now look like this:

For those that didn't help, you're welcome.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:35 PM | Comments |

Pakistani Taliban Replace Two Top Posts with Future Dead Meat


With the arrest of Maulvi Omar, the Pakistani Taliban had to find a replacement to fill the ever important post of liaising with the media. So today they announced that Omar's replacement would be Muslim Khan.

Also slated for a date with 72 virgins is Maulvi Faqir Mohammadr, who replaces Baitullah Mehsud as top Taliban leader in Pakistan after a recent run in with a Predator drone.

May I be the first to congratulate Maulvi Omar and Mualvi Faqeer, and wish them the same fate as their predecessors, inshallah.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:15 PM | Comments |

44 Down, 1 Million to Go in Saudi Arabia

Saudia Arabia arrests 44 members of al Qaeda who it describes as believers in a "deviant theology". Except for replacing the ruling despots of the House of Saud with a new cadre of clerical despots, it's not clear how their own Salafi theology differs radically from that of the official Wahabbi philosophy.

Remember, al Qaeda's main grievance with Saudi Arabia is that they are too cozy with the United States. Nothing else about one of the most repressive regimes in the world seems to bother them much.

Indeed, much of the funding for the world's terrorist activities continues to come out of Saudi Arabia.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:47 PM | Comments |

FBI's "right-wing hate blogger" agent provocateur exposed?

Drudge has this AP article linked this morning, but it is worthy of special attention:

A New Jersey blogger facing charges in two states for allegedly making threats against lawmakers and judges was trained by the FBI on how to be deliberately provocative, his attorney said Tuesday.

Hal Turner worked for the FBI from 2002 to 2007 as an "agent provocateur" and was taught by the agency "what he could say that wouldn't be crossing the line," defense attorney Michael Orozco said.

"His job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner which would lead to their arrest," Orozco said.

Prosecutors have acknowledged that Turner was an informant who spied on radical right-wing organizations, but the defense has said Turner was not working for the FBI when he allegedly made threats against Connecticut legislators and wrote that three federal judges in Illinois deserved to die.

"But if you compare anything that he did say when he was operating, there was no difference. No difference whatsoever," Orozco said.

In light of the recent "rise of right-wing hate" meme, this revelation if confirmed is troubling in many ways. Judicial Watch or some other organization should find out more and do a massive FOIA on this FBI agent provocateur effort.

UPDATE by Rusty: Again, I know I'm out of step with readers here, but I don't see the problem.

A) There is such a thing as a radical right wing organization. Or have we forgotten our nation's home grown terrorists in the Ku Klux Klan? The so-called meme was largely accurate in predicting an uptick in extremism from the the far-right.

B) You'll notice that the person who labels Turner an "agent provocateur" is Turner's lawyer. In other words, his lawyer is going to try to make it seem like Turner's death threats were done at the behest of the FBI. A silly but all too common defense tactic -- paint a story of a vast government conspiracy to entrap innocents through the use of third parties.

C) The right-wing terrorism meme came out this year, after Turner had been arrested. The two are not connected.

By Barbarossa at 11:47 AM | Comments |

Al Qaeda's "Legitimate Grievances"?

I've already highlighted John O. Brennan, Obama's assistant for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, new "strategy" elsewhere. But I think I overlooked this part, highlighted by Daniel Pipes:

Specifics are no better. Most fundamentally, Brennan calls for appeasing terrorists: "Even as we condemn and oppose the illegitimate tactics used by terrorists, we need to acknowledge and address the legitimate needs and grievances of ordinary people those terrorists claim to represent." Which legitimate needs and grievances, one wonders, does he think Al-Qaeda represents?
Um, WTF?

Thanks to Charles.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:10 AM | Comments |

ROP Update: Malaysia to Cane Woman for Drinking Beer

Via Yahoo News:

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – A Muslim part-time model will be caned next week, becoming the first woman in Malaysia to be given the punishment under Islamic law, after she pleaded guilty to drinking beer, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

An Islamic court in July ordered that Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, 32, be lashed six times with a rattan cane after she was caught drinking alcohol in a raid on a hotel night club in eastern Pahang state last year.

Prosecutor Saiful Idham Sahimi said Kartika will be the first woman to be caned under Islamic law after she chose not to appeal the sentence.

"This is the first case in Malaysia. ... It is a good punishment because under Islamic law a person who drinks commits a serious offense," he said.

By Howie at 08:54 AM | Comments |

Obama's Ad Agencies From Campaign Signed On to Push ObamaCare; David Axelrod and Son Stand to Benefit Per$onally


Bloomberg reports:

Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Two firms that received $343.3 million to handle advertising for Barack Obama’s White House run last year have profited from his top priority as president by taking on his push for health-care overhaul.

One is AKPD Message and Media, the Chicago-based firm headed by David Axelrod until he left last Dec. 31 to serve as a senior adviser to the president. Axelrod was Obama’s top campaign strategist and is now helping sell the health-care plan. The other firm is Washington-based GMMB Campaign Group, where partner Jim Margolis was also an Obama strategist.

This year, AKPD and GMMB received $12 million in advertising business from Healthy Economy Now (HEN), a coalition that includes the Washington-based Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America, known as PhRMA, that is seeking to build support for a health-care overhaul, said the coalition’s spokesman, Jeremy Van Ess.

More at Politico and from Michelle Malkin, who has the goods on the entire den of jackals. You'll also be shocked to know that the HEN coalition includes purple-shirted union thugs SEIU, liberal advocacy group Families Now, as well as Pfizer and GSK.

I wonder if this would be getting wall-to-wall play in a Republican Administration, because I can't seem to turn on a TV or a cable news channel like CNN or MSNBC and not see this story being covered today. It's everywhere.

By Good Lt. at 07:28 AM | Comments |

Stupid Forum Quote Of The Day

Any idiot with even a rudimentary knowledge of militant Islam will see the stupidity in this:

My point was, the victims of the Crusades would also agree that Christainity (sic) was srpead (sic) at the point of a sword or the whim of an Inquisitor.

This was in response to a post I had done remarking that Islam had spread by the point of a sword. Which, of course, is historically accurate.

By Vinnie at 12:16 AM | Comments |

August 18, 2009


- - -
---- Update below the fold ---


By Good Lt. at 08:21 PM | Comments |

Can Social Network Data Mining Help Us Nab Terrorists?

9/11 Hijackers -

Yes, says Steve Conner over at the UK's Independent. And more. If he's to be believed, we're already doing this. Successfully.

The caveat? I'm not sure if he's intentionally misleading readers, or if he's confused himself. For instance, he throws out that the DOD is funding research into this kind of data mining combined with social network analysis. The reader is then told that the military sometimes uses a sort of similar process -- called the "mosaic philosophy" -- by collecting and then using data which can occasionally lead intelligence types to come to faulty conclusions.

However, it's not clear that the two are connected in any way. Especially given that much of what he is talking about is research -- ie, not yet implemented yet. And the "mosaic philosophy" just means that we should look at the big picture -- ie, a single piece of data may be meaningless, but when combined with other pieces of data might paint a more clear picture.

So, much of the criticisms leveled against network analysis -- like this notion that somehow innocents are sitting in Guantanamo because of it -- are really, well, rather stupid.

Other criticisms, though, are founded in reality. There is no supercomputer, as some fear, collecting everything on the internet trying to find terrorists. It doesn't exist. It's a fantasy.

So, any worries that Big Brother will come knocking at your door if you write the wrong string of words (bomb, terror, Allah) are based on that fantasy.

It turns out, that the critics of such a system were right. There's simply too much information, giving too many false positives, and too few people to weed out any potential danger.

However, there is a potential for using a much more refined system of automatic data collection and analysis. But it still remains a potential.

But check out what might be coming down the pipeline:

Dr Ian McCulloh, a US Army major at West Point Military Academy in New York, said that he has used social network analysis to work out relationships between the many hundreds of videos of American deaths filmed by insurgents in Iraq.

"The rationale for how they were related is classified so I can't give away methods [but] the interpretation was that the cluster of videos were likely to have been done by the same group... It allowed us to look at the structure between terrorist groups and actual attacks," he said.

Dr McCulloh is collaborating with Professor Carley on "metanetwork" analysis, a more sophisticated form of social network analysis. He hopes to be able to monitor terrorist networks in real time and detect any changes to indicate that an attack is imminent.

"Before a terrorist event is going to occur there is usually a change in that organisation as it begins to prepare and plan and resource the event. In that context I can monitor a network in real time and monitor the change in behaviour before an event occurs," Dr McCulloh said.

Very cool.

Thanks to Mark Eichenlaub.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 07:17 PM | Comments |

How About "Stop Killing Americans" As a Precondition for Meeting with Iran?

I don't really care if we talk to the Iranians. Talk is cheap. Which is why for most large issues, diplomacy doesn't work. Never has. Never will.

But, being cheap, it doesn't hurt to talk. And if by talking our side gains some sort of perceived moral superiority, well then it's worth the rather meager investment.

Speak softly, but carry a big stick.

Nonetheless, Steve Schippert makes a good point:

It seems "Stop killing Americans" would be a reasonable precondition, nay a responsible precondition, to any talks with the Iranian mullah regime on any subject at all. Such wouldn't even require the intellectual energy of nuanced language.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 06:04 PM | Comments |

Big Dam Accident in Siberia

Latest reports indicate that 12 people are confirmed dead and 64 additional are missing and presumed dead.

By at 05:51 PM | Comments |

Good News: Al Qaeda Terrorist Breaks Out of Lebanese Jail!

I know Totten is always going on about how great Lebanon is, but I just don't share that view. To me, Lebanon will always be that country which has settled on peace at the cost of letting the terrorists in their midst get away with nearly anything they want.

Perhaps too much influence from their former French Colonial masters?

Middle East News:

Taha al-Hajj Suleiman, a Syrian national and a member of the al Qaeda-linked Fatah al-Islam group, managed Tuesday to escape from prison in eastern Beirut, police said....

The eight Fatah al-Islam members sawed the window bars and used blankets as ropes to descend from the second floor of the jail.

According to police Suleiman managed to successfully escape because he was the first to jump.

Lebanese media said Suleiman stopped a car next to the Forum de Beirut at the outskirts of the capital and pointed a gun at the female driver and ordered her to keep driving.

So, a member of al Qaeda's local affiliate not only has a saw smuggled into his jail cell, but also a gun?

I wonder how much it took to bribe the guard? Or were Salafist sympathies enough?

UPDATE: This isn't to say that Lebanese aren't nice people. They are. I have a brother-in-law who's a Lebanese Christian. If Lebanese living in America are any indication of what Lebanon proper is like, I imagine a country full of hospitality coupled with generous portions of food.

Mmmmm, Lebanese food.

But being nice and hospitable is only a virtue on the individual level, not at the social level. I recall an episode of No Reservations where Anthony Bourdaine spends some time in Saudi Arabia. Every one seemed so nice.

Which I don't think is a misleading view of Saudi Arabia at all. Saudis are generally very nice people. At least this view meshes with my own experience with the Saudis I've known.

Going SCUBA diving in Saudi Arabia seems fun. Trying to give a Saudi family a Bible in public? Not so much.

In any event being nice and/or hospitable is the last thing I want from a people who have actual terrorists living openly in their society. It's one thing to nicely ask Hizbollah to disarm, but talk is cheap and tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.

While in this particular instance we are talking about Sunni extremists and not Shia extremists, it just reminded me of the problem some have of separating personal level interaction from social or political interaction.

It's why, over the years, I've stressed that I have no problem with Islam as a religious construct or of Muslims in general. I give no more thought to Muslims who think I'm a kuffar than I do to traditional Christians who think I'm going to hell.

What I have a problem with is political Islam (Islamism) and those who wish to impose it (Islamists).

Islamists in my mind are no different than Communists. Which brings us full circle: have you ever known a Communist? A real live card-carrying Communist? I have. Good people, for the most part. I'd let them watch my kids, no problem.

The problem isn't with Communists on the individual level, it's with Communists once they have political power.

A Communist will try to convince you that your love of Capitalism only shows that you are a victim of false consciousness.

A Communist government will do the same, but will send you to a reeducation camp to learn the lesson.

Only one of these two scenarios is truly evil.

So, too, with Islamists.

By all counts, Daniel Boyd was the perfect neighbor. A perfect neighbor, who also thought it was the individual duty of Muslims to engage in violent jihad in furtherance of political Islam.

On one level, a great guy. On another level, an enemy of Western Civilization.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:44 PM | Comments |

News? Al Qaeda Targeting Westerners in Middle East

When news isn't really, you know, news:

"There are indications that terrorist groups seek to continue attacks against US interests in the Middle East, including Kuwait," said a State Department message circulated by the US embassy.

"American citizens are reminded to maintain a high level of vigilance and to take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness."

The message also advised Americans living or travelling in Kuwait to register with the embassy.

The message said extremists might be conducting surveillance on Westerners, particularly at hotels, housing areas and rental car facilities.

Potential targets might include US contractors, particularly those related to military interests, as well as financial or economic venues of value.

Also news:
Jews warned traveling in Arab countries "not so smart"
Germans go gaga for Hasselhoff
British perfect meat flavored pudding

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:32 PM | Comments |

Qari Saifullah arrested in Islamabad(wounded in the Meshud drone attack)

This arrest could turn out to bigger than the arrest of the Taliban spokesman I posted about in the wee hours of this morning. Qari was rumored to have been wounded in the Meshud hit.......guess that rumor was true.

Caught with Qari Saifullah was his aide Zahid Akram.

(PTI) Pakistani security forces have scored a significant success in their drive against the Taliban by apprehending two close aides of militant commander Baitullah Mehsud, weeks after the feared warlord was reportedly killed in a US missile strike, officials said today.

The top spokesman of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Maulvi Omar, for whom the government had offered a reward of Rs 10 million, was captured with his accomplices Wahid Gul and Hameedullah in the Mohmand tribal region bordering Afghanistan last night.

Saifullah, another close aide of Mehsud who acted as a mediator between the Taliban and al-Qaeda, was arrested with his aide Zahid Akram at Bhara Kahu on the outskirts of Islamabad last night.

Saifullah had come to the federal capital for treatment after reportedly being injured in a drone attack.

Amazing the havoc that one missile strike has had on the Taliban.

By Matt Damon at 01:53 PM | Comments |

Image: Mohammad in Hell

1,000 words on Yale's capitulation to Muslim extremists.


More thoughts and images at Ghost of a Flea.

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Zombies Would Wipe Out Humans

Via The Telegraph:

Using models developed to calculate the effects of more plausible pandemics, the team from the University of Ottawa have discovered that unless man struck back quickly and aggressively then they would be doomed.

The scientific paper, which is published in a book “Infectious Diseases Modelling Research Progress”, looks at an attack by the undead creatures, who infect the living with a bite.

In their study, titled When Zombies Attack!, the researchers picked “classic” slow-moving zombies such as those in Dawn of the Dead as models and divided humanity into three: the living, zombies and the “removed” – zombies who had been killed by decapitation.

They concluded there was no point trying to cure those infected or live with them - the best thing was to destroy them as quickly as possible.

Well of course they would, humans now adays would be too busy protesting the inhumane treatment of Zombies and accusing America of killing "civilian women and children zombies" in air strikes.

We'd implement new tactics designed to "win zombie hearts and minds" and get our ass handed to us.

Hat Tip: Allahpundit via Twitter.

By Howie at 10:48 AM | Comments |

ACORN, Tea Partiers Mixing it Up in Dallas

The police mostly kept the ACORN folks and the Tea Party folks separated at the health care 'reform' protest/counter-protest in Dallas on Monday, but when one ACORN redshirt moved into crowd of local Tea Party folks, fireworks ensued.

Click images for video:


By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 09:49 AM | Comments |

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Um, on Michelle Obama's awesome odor.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:42 AM | Comments |

No Bush, No Protests?

Where have all the war protestors gone? Let me suggest that they will be back. It is media coverage that will be different. The Left has an incurable hatred for all things military. The media only an incurable hatred for Republicans.

So, the protests will come. Lefty, protest against Bush's wars: let's cover it because sure there are extremists, but they make some "valid" points. Obama's wars? Just a bunch of crazies, obviously.

If a protest goes uncovered then it's as if it never occurred. I think there's a Zen saying about this.

Blogged from a faculty meeting via iPhone.

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Jihad Magazine Warns of Terror Attacks in Europe (bumped)

Over at Jihad Watch today, Robert links a report that claims:

In an astounding revelation, Al-Qaeda extremists have claimed that home-grown terrorists are plotting to attack targets in Britain.

According to reports, in an internet magazine read by thousands of Islamic extremists Al-Qaeda has labeled Britain and Europe as a bigger enemy than the United States.

It further says that the strikes are being planned by terrorists living in Britain and others overseas, and warns of “spectacular attacks”, 'The Sun' reports.

I can't find the original Sun article, but according to Express India the source of The Sun is a website "promoted by supporters of deported hate preacher Abdullah al-Faisal".

Pop quiz: Al Faisail's "official" website is run by whom? That's right, New York City's only Jewish al Qaeda supporter, Joseph "Youssef al-Khattab" Cohen.

And the magazine being promoted by Khattab? None other than Charlotte, North Carolina's favorite son, Samir Khan's Jihad Recollection.

So, the the publisher (Khan) and promoter (Cohen) of the magazine containing the alleged threat of a "spectacular attack" are both here in the United States, not in Britain as Robert surmises.

But what of "Abu Talha", the pseudonymous author of the article cited above and entitled, "The raison d’être for Europe’s potential of Jihadi assault"? And whom Spencer surmises is British?

He's American.

Note to "Abu Talha": Hi Zack. Say hi to Rani for me. Is she really as ugly as they say?

Anyway, below is the full text of the article which has caused so much excitement overseas.

You'll see that it is less a warning of impending attacks in Europe and Britain than it is an analysis of why it is more likely that al Qaeda will focus on attacking Europe in the future rather than the US. It's a good window into the jihadi mindset: no matter what Europe does to appease the political demands of Muslims, it will remain in the crosshairs of violent Islamists so long as it does not rectify perceived injuries of over a thousand years ago. This is the kind of backward mentality we are dealing with here.

But before I put the text of the article below the fold, let me once again plug Jarret Brachman's warning about the increasing sophistication of Samir's English language jihad outreach campaign. I'll quote just a little of it:

Here’s my conclusion: the USG can not allow this kind of growth in jihadi sophistication to continue unabated in the United States. This is incitement of terrorism, no matter how many exculpatory qualifications they load up in their websites.
As much as we make fun of the basement-dwelling Samir Khan [Yes, he really does -- or did -- live in his mommy's basement] his publications are becoming increasingly sophisticated and his network of supporters grows and grows. More than that, the fact that his blog is now officially part of the Ansar al-Mujahideen network and that the latest issue of his magazine features an article by Anwar al-Awlaki says that what was once a group of jihobbyists -- as Brachman likes to call them -- is becoming more and more connected with actual jihadis.

That is, at some point law enforcement and policymakers are going to have to make a choice: must we wait until after someone inspired by Khan and company acts upon his incitement, commits an act of terror, and leaves innocents dead in their wake to consider his activities criminal?

If that is the case, then the lessons of 9/11 have truly gone unlearned.

Text of Zakariya "Abu Talha" al-Amrekee's article below.

An attack on the West is usually pictured as on some American building or base but the reality is that America has not been attacked at home by Al-Qa`idah since the attacks on New York and Washington. However, Europe has been on its toes since day one and it never ceases to be a target in its homeland. Shaykh Mustapha Abu al-Yazid said in an interview with al-Jazeera that the reason for the decline in spectacular attacks is not that the Mujahideen are unable to reach America but rather a matter of strategy. Attacks in Europe hold much more strategic and political advantages for the Mujahideen. It goes way beyond what Obama stated as proximity because what is distance when the difference is a few hours on a plane? Although proximity helps keep operations less expensive and less risky, the factors that decide the location is really the goals and aspirations of the coordinators for such an attack.

Europe owes the Muslim Ummah equal to or more than the Untied States in terms of crimes they have committed, blood they have spilt, haughty insults
towards the Islamic religion and dismantling of the Islamic Caliphate. For example, if Denmark was attacked due to its crime of insulting our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, such an operation would be in retaliation of the Messenger of Allah’s honor and would have no place in America. Europe carries the responsibility of bringing the Caliphate to an end, they are the ones who established the state of Israel and they have stolen many lands from the Muslims foremost among them al-Andalus. Thus, we can say that Europe is more of an enemy than America but they are not the head of Infidelity such as America and they do not have as much power and control over Muslim territory as much as their allied partner does. Consequently, in one front, there is a fight against America and her NATO allies on Muslim soil which was made possible through the attacks of 9/11, and on the other hand is the war of retaliation upon Europe at home.

Recent attacks in Europe such as Glasgow, Madrid or the continuous massive arrests in the UK show relentless activity from both the youth of international jihad movements and homegrown citizens. In fact, Europe has been a Jihadi hub since the 90’s from the events of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the attacks in France by the Algerian Armed Group on the underground train. The Jihadi
operations in any targeted European country outnumber the attacks on America and the trend has continued and from what we can see, it seems it will continue in the future unless if the European Union collectively decides to adhere to the demands of the freedom fighters. Event after event is starting to spell out that if Europe continues upon its current trends and direction, it will eventually face generations of angered Muslims who will either adopt the war of attrition or stick to an exploding campaign of carrying out ‘spectacular attacks’. If such a day does come, then it should not come as a surprise to anyone, especially the terrorism analysts, due to the climate of hatred towards Europe’s past and present. Since such a campaign was foiled in Canada, then what to say about the already-triggered explosion of the Muslim youth that hasten towards revenge for the sake of Islam and martyrdom in Allah’s path?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:05 AM | Comments |

Taliban spokesman caught in Mohmand

Seems that drone strike on Meshud is still paying dividends.

Via Long War Journal

Pakistani forces captured a senior aide to Baituallah Mehsud, the Pakistani Taliban chief who was believed to have been killed recently in a missile strike by a US drone, military officials said on Tuesday.

Maulvi Omar was captured by a pro-government militia in the country’s Mohmand tribal region on Monday and had been handed over to government forces, one official said.

Pakistani and US officials have said there has been confusion, disarray and reports of infighting within the Pakistani Taliban since the report of Mehsud's death on August 5.

‘Yes, we have arrested Maulvi Omar and he will shortly be produced before the media,’ a senior military official, who declined to be identified, told Reuters.

He gave no more details. Another military official confirmed the capture.

By Matt Damon at 03:49 AM | Comments |

August 17, 2009


You got some 'splainin' to do.

Third-party groups and their online petitions might not be the only reason people across the country received unsolicited e-mails from the White House, even though that's the explanation given by the administration.

The White House told FOX News that third-party groups sending online petitions to the official administration Web site could be to blame for a rash of e-mails that have gone out to people who never requested them. The theory is that these groups are including the names and e-mails of members and petition-signers along with the petitions themselves, in turn embedding those e-mails into the White House distribution list.

I'm sorry, call me a racist member of an unruly mob, but I thought this excuse from the O'Socialist Administration stank from the get-go.

But, with that being said, if you get more Astroturf from Analrod, be sure to forward it to!

Or, send it here! Or here!

Update: Heh

"I find it very disturbing and a little scary to say the least," said Sarah Griffith, who got a widely circulated e-mail on health care reform from senior adviser David Axelrod last week. "I have no idea how they got my e-mail address, and they have it."

I find it very disturbing and a little scary too. So, if you get one of these emails, be sure to forward it back to the Federal Government. Hell, who gives a shit, anyone with a .gov email will do.

By Vinnie at 09:39 PM | Comments |

Rep. Eric Massa : 'I Will Vote Adamantly Against the Interests of My District'

Click image for video:


By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 05:48 PM | Comments |

Girls in Bikinis Reading Star Wars

Palette cleanser. The title pretty much says it all. If George Lucas really wanted to improve the original, this is how he'd cast it.

Thanks to Locomotive Breath.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:47 PM | Comments |

Iranian Backed Terrorists Killing Saudi Backed Terrorists in Gaza [UPDATE: Expect More Bloodshed]

Let's see if I have this right?

Al Qaeda's Gaza affiliate declares "Islamic State". Hamas kills leader of Islamic State of Gaza. The group now threatens more attacks against Hamas.

Get the popcorn buttered, this might get fun!

UPDATE: MEMRI has an excellent summary of the events leading to the clash between the Salafi jihadists and the more ecumenical Hamas jihadists in Gaza.

Summary: the jihadis up and down the spectrum are declaring war on Hamas.

Read it all. If I was Chris Matthews I'd say that there isn't a single sentence in this article that doesn't send tingles up my pants leg.

A quote from the article about the reactions found at the forum which is the favorite hangout of the American wing of the global eHad:

Another popular forum, Ansar Al-Mujahideen, added a fixed banner on its homepage reading: "It has been [10] days since the declaration of the Islamic Emirate in Palestine," and dedicated most of its other banners to reactions to the events [Rusty's note: they're calling it a "massacre"] in Rafah. [27] (This "Emirate" banner is patterned on a similar one that many forums have for Al-Qaeda's "Islamic State of Iraq").
Here's one of the banners:

Exit quote:

In the wake of the events in Rafah the jihadist grassroots are more radical than ever with regard to Hamas. "Abu Shadia," a highly-ranked member of Al-Falluja, wrote a document called "Ten Practical Steps in Confronting Hamas." Among his proposed steps are preparation for military conflict and infiltration of Hamas' military wing. [30] In the thread where the Swords of Justice Brigade claimed to have kidnapped Hamas agents, many responded "slaughter, slaughter!" with some even urging the group to videotape the executions "Zarqawi-style." [31]

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:10 PM | Comments |



I've received several emails reporting that the -- the email address where loyal citizens were to report the activities of those counterrevolutionaries not towing the party line on health care -- has become inactive.

So, being the dutiful party comrade that I am and not willing to take this counter-agitprop at face value, I sent off an email to David Axelrod The White House. This is what I got for my efforts:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 5.2.1 ... The email address you just sent a message to is no longer in service.We are now accepting your feedback about health insurance reform via: (state 14).

So, the rumor is true! Never fear loyal tavarichi, our Glorious Leader has set up a new website to report counter-revolutionary activities.

Long live the revolution!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:30 PM | Comments |

Shock: Raleigh MAS Spokesperson and Apologist for Indicted Terrorists, Herself Trained in Terror Camps

khalilah_sabra.jpgKhalilah Sabra [right], a spokesperson for the Raleigh Muslim American Society, has been oft quoted by local media sources decrying the arrest of Daniel “Saifullah” Boyd and six others in North Carolina for their failed plot at joining violent jihadi groups abroad.

One of the would-be jihadists, Jude Kenan Mohammad, is still on the loose in Pakistan.

But as Creeping Sharia notes, Sabra herself was once recruited to the Pakistani jihad camps by none other than Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, the man who inspired Osama bin Laden to join the "caravan of martyrs" to the "jihad fields" of Afghanistan. Although killed in Afghanistan, his writings are still popular among those who support violent jihad and are redistributed by al Qaeda's media wing today.

Sabra notes, correctly, that fighting the Soviets with the "mujahideen" in Afghanistan was no crime in the 1980's. However, what she fails to mention in her interviews with the media and apologies for Boyd is that he went to fight in Afghanistan after the Soviets had left. Making Boyd's commitment to violent jihad something less than the "patriotic duty" she makes it out to be.

But it's Sabra's own past which is so troubling. A past which goes unreported by the MSM.

Creeping Sharia

Do readers and news outlets know that Khalilah Sabra, like Boyd – a convert to Islam, also lived and trained in Pakistan like Boyd and therefore is defending herself when defending Boyd’s mujahid experience?

Do they know she was recruited to Pakistan by the so-called “godfather of jihad” and “one time mentor to Osama bin Laden” who was in the United States recruiting mujahid?

Do they know Khalilah Sabra was one of the people Osama bin Laden’s mentor did recruit to Pakistan?

Does anyone in the media care? Does the FBI care? Do any of our elected politicians care?

Read the rest.

What's interesting to note here is not only how the local MAS is trying to undermine the case against these would-be terrorists, but also how the FBI and local media have gone out of their way to distance the Saifullah ring from the local Muslim community. Media reports indicate that Boyd and his followers were disenchanted with the local mosque they attended -- not radical enough, apparently -- which led him to begin holding services in his home. This flies in the face of evidence left on the internet connecting at least two of the indicted jihadis with a local Muslim youth group just days before they left the country in an attempt to join the jihad, but nevertheless that is how it is being reported.

So, the FBI and the local media are trying to distance the would-be terrorists from Muslims in Raleigh. How are they paid back? At least one prominent Islamist group in Raleigh is busy trying to apologize for and undermine the case against the potential terrorists among them.

If I was a Muslim I'd be outraged about the radical Islamist agenda of the MAS and their claims of speaking for the Muslim community.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:25 AM | Comments |

Nutroots Go Crazy Over Drop of Public Option

The White House floating a trial balloon saying that the public option will be "dropped"? Nutroots go crazy over the idea.

If you thought those opposed to the public option have been out of line screaming at these town hall meetings -- as goes the popular MSM narrative -- then just wait until those who favor the public option begin organizing. If they think, even for a minute, that the public option has been taken off the table just wait and see their reaction. The word crazy is too soft to describe the passion mixed with insanity the nutroots will bring to these meetings.

Mark. My. Words.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:39 AM | Comments |

Wow: 1,100 Mexican Border Agents Fired

A sign that Mexico is getting serious about cleaning up corruption? Keep your fingers crossed, but don't hold your breath.


Agents in Nuevo Laredo, on the border with the southern US state of Texas, were called in Saturday to be told they were fired, and to hand in their badges and weapons. A total of 1,100 agents were sacked, Mexican media said.

Army troops took over customs border posts temporarily on Sunday.

I'm assuming that Mexican customs agents do something similar to ours. That is, they check stuff coming in to Mexico not going out. And since the fired agents were working on the U.S. - Mexico border then this may have more to do with the traditional Mexican narrative that its internal problems are somehow connected to Yankee imperialism. In this case, that the violence along the border can be blamed on the smuggling of weapons in from the United States, which is a popular political narrative south of the border. Which is patently ridiculous.

If Mexico wants to blame the U.S. for its internal violence, if anything it should blame our -- and their -- drug laws which put the buying and selling of drugs outside the normal commercial and legal system.

Thanks to Bones.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:29 AM | Comments |

Canada: Um, Our Healthcare System is "Imploding"

Nice. Wasn't President Obama apologizing to Canadians a couple of weeks back for Americans who criticize their socialized system?

Canadian Press

The incoming president of the Canadian Medical Association says this country's health-care system is sick and doctors need to develop a plan to cure it.

Dr. Anne Doig says patients are getting less than optimal care and she adds that physicians from across the country - who will gather in Saskatoon on Sunday for their annual meeting - recognize that changes must be made.

"We all agree that the system is imploding, we all agree that things are more precarious than perhaps Canadians realize," Doing said in an interview with The Canadian Press.

"We know that there must be change," she said. "We're all running flat out, we're all just trying to stay ahead of the immediate day-to-day demands."

I'm told that Canada's march toward socialized medicine started with a plan similar to what is being introduced today. It was only after the "public option" ran out of money that private insurance was outlawed.

Thanks to Skip.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:16 AM | Comments |

Congressman, Texas Governor Watch "Third Jihad"

Here's a presser I received from The Clarion Fund. Interesting.


(PORTSMOUTH, NH – August 17, 2009) Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, the top Republican on the U.S. House of Representatives’ foreign affairs committee, and Texas Governor Rick Perry, attended a private screening of the documentary film, The Third Jihad, on Thursday at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

Ros-Lehtinen and Perry were visiting Israel with a delegation of high profile American civic and business executives. On Thursday, the delegation met with President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and other top Israeli government officials to discuss strategic alliances between the U.S. and Israel. The group then attended a special screening of The Third Jihad and met with film’s producers.

“We tend to think that militant Islam is only being practiced outside of the U.S., but the truth is that it is a domestic issue. Radical Islam poses a serious threat to our way of life and the very freedoms upon which our founding fathers built our great nation,” said Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. “It is imperative that The Third Jihad reaches a mass audience in the U.S. so that the urgency of this threat becomes clear to the American public.”

“Indeed, the first step toward mobilizing against the growing threat of radicals already operating in the U.S. is to educate Americans,” added Raphael Shore, Executive Producer of The Third Jihad. “We greatly admire the active role that Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen, Governor Perry, and others are taking to help secure the future of our nation. We are sure that the film will leave a lasting impact on the entire delegation.”

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:01 AM | Comments |

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Jobs Program

Joe Arpaio.jpg(Phoenix, Arizona) After Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio's deputies apprehended hundreds of illegal aliens working at the Royal Paper Company, people lined up for their jobs.

“We have potentially created over 300 jobs for legal residents of this country because of these types of investigations. Those are real numbers, not like the estimates that you get out of Washington DC when attempting to justify claims on the success of the recent stimulus bill.” Arpaio says.
It's notable that Sheriff Arpaio makes a distinction between real jobs and Washington estimates. One might be led to believe that Washington estimates are not based on reality. Imagine that.

By at 08:41 AM | Comments |

Reader Love Mail: Inshallashaheed is Butt Of All Jokes Edition


via Jarret Brachman (in comments):

You tried to make ‘jihobbyists’ butt of all jokes,but they keep coming back,and u get desperate,wondering internet haganah and jawa report are enough or not to knock out these ‘jihobbyists’.
Well yes we do make sammy the butt of many jokes, cause its so easy. And if he had to keep "coming back"? Well, I reckon that says it all if he wasn't always getting PWNED! Then Sammy wouldn't need to come back now would he?

Update: Well we have not run a caption contest this week. Let have a make Inshallashaheed AKA Samir Khan the butt of all jokes in comments. Extra credit for all jokes that play on "he lives with his mommy".

Fatwas will be issued.

Hat Tip: Sayan Neviot.

By Howie at 08:36 AM | Comments |

Canadians Moon the Sky


(Sarnia, Ontario) A large helium-filled surveillance balloon called an Aerostat has been hovering over the city of Port Huron, Michigan, for a month as a demonstration project for the Department of Homeland Security. Carrying a high-tech payload, the Aerostat monitors activity on the St. Clair River, adding to the existing patrols along the Michigan-Ontario border.

Unfortunately, surveillance of the border is a sore subject to some Canadians who express concerns about privacy.

Consequently, a "Moon the Balloon" protest was organized through a Facebook page and held Saturday. Estimates of demonstrators numbering from 100 to 300 gathered to drop their pants (photo) and moon the sky to protest the surveillance balloon that had been hovering near the city.

Interestingly, the Aerostat was damaged by winds last weekend and was grounded. Therefore, the mooners were displaying their displeasure to the sky over Michigan.

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Brits Force Everyone Into 'Burkinis'

In a weird echo of the Victorian era, swimmers are required, during special Muslim sessions at public pools across the UK, to wear sharia-acceptable bathing attire:

Under the rules, swimmers – including non-Muslims – are barred from entering the pool in normal swimming attire.

Instead they are told that they must comply with the "modest" code of dress required by Islamic custom, with women covered from the neck to the ankles and men, who swim separately, covered from the navel to the knees.

This is where a show of civil disobedience would be useful. That is, of course, if the British Bulldog hasn't been neutered yet.

By Bluto01:46 AM | Comments |

August 16, 2009

And The Plot Sickens

Late Sunday night is usually where we bloggers who have been around the lake a few times know when to fish.

Case in point.

Yet the White House ignored repeated offers from FOX News to share with the administration such e-mail addresses, to help determine how the recipients ended up on the White House distribution list.

I, personally, haven't gotten one of these emails. Too bad for me, I have a ton of porn spam I'm dying to send to David Axelrod.

Does anyone have his email? Not his official government email, his private email.

Fight fire with fire, I always say.


Saul Alinsky will come back and bite you in the ass, leftists.

By Vinnie at 11:30 PM | Comments |

August 15, 2009

This Old Man, He Shot Four...

...don't play knick-knack at his door.

Confronted by four gun-wielding robbers, 72-year-old Charles Augusto, Jr., a Harlem business owner, pulled out his 12-gauge pump and blew two of them to kingdom come. Unfortunately, the other two thugs were only wounded.


The 72-year-old wholesaler of commercial restaurant equipment had been up all night, questioned by police about how he'd drawn a shotgun and killed two of four armed robbery suspects who entered his Kaplan Brothers Blue Flame store Thursday afternoon.

Two of the young men died on the street. Two remained hospitalized in stable condition with gunshot wounds.

While police confiscated the shotgun, they haven't charged Augusto with failing to have a permit for the weapon. At least until some assistant district attorney decides the publicity would benefit his career and insists on charges.

Augusto, who deserves one of those medals that the Obamessiah is handing out to America-hating leftists, better keep his powder dry. His neighborhood seems to have a lot of sympathy for the devil:

"He [one of the criminals] died in the hands of God," said a neighborhood resident, Vincent Gayle, pointing to the blood-spattered pavement by the church. "But what goes around comes around."
Augusto is white. The race of the robbers was not disclosed. If they're black, get ready for some Sharptonization of the incident.

By Bluto12:53 PM | Comments |

Memory Lane: An Ongoing Series for Obamacrat Demagogues

The next time an Obamacrat starts whining about "harsh rhetoric" coming from cable news and about "the un-American-ness of calling the President a fascist," pull up this gem and ask then what they think.

By Good Lt. at 09:07 AM | Comments |

Don't Forget!

More here.

By Good Lt. at 12:20 AM | Comments |

August 14, 2009

Not My Bank, I Don't Care

Big deal. Woop de doo dah. Not my bidness, it's Friday and it's time for a cocktail.

feeling flush Pictures, Images and Photos

Your FDIC dollars at work!

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They Protested Where????

dissent Pictures, Images and Photos

Click the picture for the story

Sorry, hippies. Welcome to the age where we actively use your own art against you. Hypocrisy sucks, doesn't it?

By Vinnie at 10:38 PM | Comments |

Obamacare union mafia closes Howard Dean event to the public

Yesterday I noted that DNC "chairman emeritus" Howard Dean was coming to Ohio tomorrow to rally the SEIU and OEA union mafia in support of Obamafail at their Columbus hq. The event flier advertised that event as "open to the public".

Well, SEIU didn't appreciate my advertising their "open to the public" event, so they are now requiring tickets for entry, which they have dutifully passed out to their union mafia allies for distribution. Don't worry about trying to get a ticket though. The SEIU website now says that your only hope to participate is to watch the event on their website. So much for "open to the public".

Perhaps that might be even more reason for the concerned citizens of the Buckeye State to greet Dean at the SEIU location to let him know what they think of Obamacare. Here are the details:

Saturday, August 15, 2009
TIME: 5:00PM

1395 Dublin Road
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Here's a handy-dandy MyPetJawa map link to the event site. No ticket necessary. The First Amendment and public right-of-way is all you need.

By Barbarossa at 08:14 PM | Comments |

Jackboots, Get Yer Jackboots Here

One has to wonder, do they arrest, or investigate the people who put "garage sale" signs on poles? Do they arrest, or investigate, people who put "lost dog" signs on poles?

Or do they just arrest, or investigate with the possibility of arresting, people who put the "Obama as the Joker 'socialism'" signs.

Well, if it's the latter, come get me.

Update: As noted in the comments, the Obama as Socialist Joker poster movement is being promoted by the 9/11 troofer idiot Alex Jones. That, however, should not detract from the original point.

Was Alex Jones arrested, and his activities surrounding his 9/11 troofer conspiracy theory website "Infowars" subjected to investigation and possible criminal charges by the Bush administration?

I don't think so.

By Vinnie at 06:20 PM | Comments |

Dude, STFU Already

Maybe Nancy Pelosi will accuse him of carrying signs with swastikas. Or maybe he's just....... an unruly mob. Or an organized astroturfer.

Whatever. Guy needs to let the rest of us get a word in edgewise.

By Vinnie at 06:01 PM | Comments |

Shameless Protesters Advocate Killing the President

OK, this is really disgusting, and should have no place in American politics.

See Protesters Advocating the Assassination of the President BELOW THE FOLD -->

Ahh, memories.

ht: zombietime, Hot Air

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Palestinians Killing Each Other Again

Gee I guess we should hope for a Hamas win, or just that they wipe each other out completely? I'm so torn.

Via BBC: At least 13 people have been killed and at least 60 injured in a fierce gun battle in Gaza, emergency services say.

Eyewitnesses say hundreds of Hamas fighters and policemen surrounded then raided a mosque where followers of a radical Islamist cleric were holed up.

They fired rocket-propelled grenades at the mosque and surrounded the leader's house in Rafah, near the Egypt border.

It is thought that at least 100 supporters of the al-Qaeda-linked group, Jund Ansar Allah, were inside.

At least one Hamas fighter was killed by a grenade fired from the mosque but most of those killed were supporters of the cleric. One child was also killed.

Opps forgot the link, fixed.

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'Death Panels?' We Doan Need No Steenkin' 'Death Panels'

Because we've got Peter Singer, high priest and prophet of Utilitarian Bioethics advising the President.

I wrote about Singer's particular flavor of evil four years ago regarding the case of Terry Schiavo:

Terri Schiavo's starvation also represents a triumph for Utilitarian Bioethics, the special project of Princeton professor Peter Singer. Shorn of the argot of Academia, Utilitarian Bioethics is a philosophy that sees human happiness as a zero-sum game. Therefore, all resources, including medical should be doled out on the basis of what will best increase the total of human happiness, which sounds benign enough until the real ramifications become apparent. Adolf Hitler executed many who were not Jews, but who were blind, lame, or mentally retarded. Adolf Hitler was practicing Utilitarian Bioethics. The ethos clearly calls for withholding medical care from, and even murdering, those who are less than perfect. This can mean anyone with a physical or mental defect, or even anyone without the capacity to experience "happiness" fully enough to satisfy the Bioethics Committee.
In this article, Singer anticipates the final triumph of secular humanism:
During the next 35 years, the traditional view of the sanctity of human life will collapse under pressure from scientific, technological, and demographic developments. By 2040, it may be that only a rump of hard-core, know-nothing religious fundamentalists will defend the view that every human life, from conception to death, is sacrosanct.
Is this the sort of person that should be advising an American President?

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Study Finds Girls Are Prettier at Closing Time

According to researchers at a British university, college-age men were found to be quite interested and willing to participate in casual, one-night-stand sex but they are not choosy regarding their partners.

On the other hand, women were largely only willing to have casual sex with studmuffins.

The authors conclude: "While men are not entirely insensitive to their requestor's attractiveness, women have higher standards and are more likely to engage in casual sex with an exceptionally attractive man than with a less attractive man."
I suggest that women are usually discriminating because they view sexual activity -- even one-niters -- as part of a potential larger relationship. Therefore, they tend to select partners who are not pukeworthy.

Alternatively, men typically view one-niters as casual episodes of self-gratification with an arbitrary member of the opposite sex. The idea of a relationship doesn't customarily enter into their one-track minds.

Meanwhile, a study by researchers at The Ohio State University has found that food stamps turn women into plumpers.

Update by Howie. Why not???

What's scary is that somewhere money was spent to scientifically prove what everyone else already knew just by common sense.

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Squeakey Fromme Released From Prison

Breaking News from

Manson Family Member 'Squeaky' Fromme Released From Prison, ABC News Has Learned [9:54 a.m. ET]

More here at CNN:

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Video of NY Plane and Chopper Collision

Via Yahoo News:

NEW YORK – A video shot by a tourist shows a small plane soaring over the Hudson River before clipping a sightseeing helicopter, sending them both plummeting toward the water, killing nine people.

The images, captured Saturday by an Italian man practicing with a new camera while on a boat tour, show tourists gathered on the deck of the boat, taking advantage of a clear day to snap pictures of the Statue of Liberty. The man zooms in on a helicopter passing overhead.

Suddenly, a single-engine plane appears behind it, apparently climbing and turning. The plane clips the helicopter's rotor blades, and a wing shears off. Debris rains down, and the plane flips. Both aircraft plunge toward the water.

On the video, aired Thursday on "NBC Nightly News," one or more onlookers can be heard in the background saying, "Oh, my God!"

There's a copy of the NBC report here on youtube. If anyone knows where a raw copy without all the talking heads is located, please let us know in comments or email.

MSNBC has another report here with the same clip.

By Howie at 08:37 AM | Comments |

Leftwing Moby Busted for Imitating White Supremicist, Threatening Black Student

I am shocked, SHOCKED to find out that an Obama supporter would do something like this, and I'm sure that nothing like it will ever happen again.

Hart admitted creating the fictitious account in November, pretending to be a white supremacist outraged by the election of Barack Obama as the nation's first African-American president, the statement said. From the wingnuts at CNN:

He then transmitted a death threat via Facebook to an African-American student at Nicholls State University in Louisiana, saying he wanted to kill African-Americans because of Obama's election, according to the statement.

A court document provided by the U.S. attorney's office said Hart told an FBI interviewer that he intended the threat to be a prank "to get a reaction."

The document said Hart admitted creating the Facebook profile under the name "Colten Brodoux" and used a photo of a Caucasian man that he found on a white supremacist Web site.

Liars. Thugs. Frauds. Mobys. Astroturfers. Racists. Criminals.

This is who Obamacrat cultists are, and this is what they do.


By Good Lt. at 08:05 AM | Comments |

August 13, 2009

Shhhh! Howard Dean rallying the union thugs, er, "community activists" in Ohio on Saturday

I heard about this yesterday, but got confirmation today when the Columbus SEIU posted the announcement to their website. The flyer states that this event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, so it would certainly be hospitable for Central Ohioans to give the Democratic Party "chairman emeritus" a warm Buckeye welcome and to let him know their thoughts on Obamacare:

Crushing healthcare costs have made it impossible to strengthen our economy, with families and businesses all struggling to make ends meet. Escalating costs are leading us toward exploding deficits, weaker benefits, and millions more Americans losing coverage. Health care reform cannot wait any longer and our elected leaders must act now. That’s why I have invited Governor Howard Dean to take part in a town hall meeting this Saturday, August 15 at our District office in Columbus. As a Doctor and a former chair of DNC, Governor Dean is well educated on health care reform and the struggles that American families are facing. Please join with us in welcoming Governor Dean.

Saturday, August 15, 2009
5:00PM – 7:00PM

1395 Dublin Road
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Fair warning: don't expect a warm welcome from SEIU or the OEA if you don't agree with their support of Obamacare.

By Barbarossa at 08:22 PM | Comments |

Science: Obama 4X Worse Than "Worst President Ever"

Yes, I'm still on vacation (in Albuquerque) but I felt compelled to pause and take note of this. Lukewarm supporters of Bush, like me, thought his greatest sin was the massive debts he piled up.

And remember all those Lefties complaining about how much the war in Iraq cost? It was always a straw man argument on their side, of course -- they would have opposed the war no matter what it cost -- but they made it.

On one level, critics of Bush were right about excessive spending. What they were wrong about was that the deficit had much to do with the Iraq war. It didn't.

But if I concede that Bush's deficits were terrible -- and this was related to the assessment that he was the "worst President ever" -- doesn't that mean that Obama is something like 4x worse?

The Obama administration is projecting that when the current budget year ends on Sept. 30, the imbalance will total $1.84 trillion, more than four times last year's record-high.
Of course, the Chosen One can do no wrong. And as long as those deficits are used to line the pockets of every favored group, then the Left will remain silent on what I think is a national disgrace to put every other modern President to shame.

Not only will the coming inflation hurt every American, the interest rate hikes that are just around the corner is going to kill any potential recovery.

Do you remember the stagflation of the late 1970s and early 80's? If not, be prepared.

Obama is like Jimmy Carter on steroids.

Blogged from my iPhone, sorry for the extra typos.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:13 PM | Comments |

Dear Unemployed, Find A New Job On Craigslist

Wow, and they tell us it's REICH WINGERS CONSPIRASAH MONGERS that are loading the town hall meetings with NEO NAZI SWASTIKA BEARIN INFILTRATAHS!

Um............. not really.

Note the source. The L.A. Times. Freaky, ain't it?

By Vinnie at 07:47 PM | Comments |

Peace In Our Time

Well, this seems to be a new, novel way to kill the enemy.

SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C. — The Air Force general in charge of the air war in Afghanistan says a new strategy means warplanes in some cases may be buzzing rather than bombing some insurgents.

Lt. Gen. Gilmary Hostage said Thursday that his job is to support the strategy of winning Afghan support as formulated by the new U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal. As part of that, McChrystal imposed restrictions on air power to limit civilian casualties.

Let it be noted that the officer who released this information has the last name of "Hostage."

Chuckle at will.

Thanks to Longhorn.

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Michael Scott Speicher has returned home.

Eighteen years after his plane was lost on the first night of the Gulf War his remains are now home.

Yahoo News

Speicher's remains arrived at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station around 3 p.m. About ten minutes later his coffin was rolled off the plane draped with the U.S. flag. It was to remain at the All Saints Chapel on the base overnight.

Welcome home in peace.

By Matt Damon at 05:20 PM | Comments |

Racist Sock Puppet Facing Five Years

Via CNN:

(CNN) -- An African-American man has pleaded guilty after being accused of impersonating a white supremacist in a fictitious Facebook account to make death threats against an African-American university student.

Dyron L. Hart, 20, of Poplarville, Mississippi, pleaded guilty Wednesday before U.S. District Judge Kurt D. Engelhardt to one count of communicating threats in interstate commerce, according to a Department of Justice statement.

Hart admitted creating the fictitious account in November, pretending to be a white supremacist outraged by the election of Barack Obama as the nation's first African-American president, the statement said.

...Hart will face a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine

By Howie at 04:16 PM | Comments |

3rd Somalian American Pleads Guilty In Missing Youth Case

Hamal Hussein plead guilty on terror related charges connected to the missing Somalian Americans from Minnesota.

He *lied when first speaking with the FBI agents investigating the case. Apparently he hearts alQaeda linked Somali alShabaab.

*"Taqiyah" - lying for the sake of Islam.

By Stable Hand at 03:36 PM | Comments |

Congress To Drop End Of Life Committee

Err, I thought Obi-One and others said the euthanasia for seniors end of life committee wasn't in there.

By Stable Hand at 03:09 PM | Comments |

The Straight Poop On Radical Islam

Burt Prelutsky

I suspect that because George Bush and Condoleezza Rice were so respectful of Muslims, constantly telling us that theirs is a religion of peace, some otherwise sensible Americans actually began to believe it. Now we have a president who not only kowtows to a Saudi prince, but carries on as if Israeli homes are more threatening than Iranian nukes.

What is wrong with our leaders? Are they worried that they won’t be invited to those cool Ramadan parties? The Islamists have been actively at war with us for 30 years and generally at war with western civilization for well over a thousand years, and still we pay lip service to these people in a way we never did with Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan or the Soviet Union. Is it because the Muslims commit sadism and murder in the name of religion and not country? If anything, I would think that would make their evil acts all the more contemptible.

Still, I would contend that Hezbollah and al Qaeda are not as dangerous as America’s liberals. The Islamic terrorists can only kill so many people, but those on the Left are doing everything in their power to eviscerate America. Cap and Trade can destroy our industrial might; Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus programs combined with his delusional health care plan will not only bankrupt our nation, but lead inevitably to a rate of inflation that will impress even Jimmy Carter; and the budget cuts directed at our military and our missile defense system will make us increasingly vulnerable to our various enemies.

Well worth the read.

By Stable Hand at 02:43 PM | Comments |

Fishy, Fishy Obi-One


Via Breitbart

Probably the email addy, I'm just guessing you see, comes from honest folk who turned in Obi-One to

By Stable Hand at 02:21 PM | Comments |

IDF Slams Human Rights Group

Human Rights Watch has accused IDF of killing white flag waving civilians during Operation Cast Lead.

( - The IDF has slammed a Human Right Watch (HRW) report issued last Thursday that criticized Israel for what it termed "white flag" deaths during last January's Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

The report claimed that IDF soldiers killed 11 Palestinian Authority Arab civilians while they were holding 'white flags' in the Gaza Strip, including five women and four children....

The IDF said flatly that the report is based on unreliable sources, adding that it was a common tactic of Hamas terrorists to shoot and then raise white flags to protect themselves from retaliation. The IDF Spokesman's Office posted a video on the YouTube website on Thursday showing Hamas terrorists waving white flags to escape IDF retaliation.

IDF's vid showing Hamas doing their white flag trick below the fold.

Be sure to read the rest of the article. Human Rights Watch has some splainin to do regarding the method they use for their funding. They especially like Saudi Arabian donors

By Stable Hand at 01:31 PM | Comments |

Les Paul Dies

CNN is running a banner that Less Paul has died.

Electric guitar legend Les Paul has died at age 94, according to his publicist.

By Howie at 11:52 AM | Comments |

RIP Chris Galloway of Flopping Aces

Very sad news today from Flopping Aces.

Our respects and prayers to all who knew him.

Thanks to all those who give so much, sometimes all they have to give and more, so we might live free.

Hat Tip: Scott.

By Howie at 11:45 AM | Comments |

Lockerbie Bomber to Be "Compassionately Released"?

Via BBC:

The Libyan man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing is likely to be freed on compassionate grounds next week, the BBC understands.

Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, who has terminal prostate cancer, is serving life for murdering 270 people when Pan Am flight 103 exploded in 1988.

Scottish ministers described the development as "complete speculation".

Kathleen Flynn, whose son died on the plane, told the BBC she was horrified the "terrorist" could be released.

She added that he showed no mercy as he planted his bomb and should "never qualify for anything compassionate".

If the Brits release this guy they are fools. For comparison, the Manson "family" killed 8 people.

Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi murdered 270 people, is this man any less evil for murdering in the name of Allah?

Updated 09/14/09: Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi will not be released early. The decision was made today to drop the appeal. I'm not sure why but he's not getting out so I'm happy.

By Howie at 10:23 AM | Comments |

WTF? ACLU is Unamerican

This little .swf file is going around on email. Its pretty cute. But then I noticed the URL and it was from the ALCU.

So they have dared to oppose Obi-One's health care initiative?


Hat Tip: Mark.

Update: Oooops forgot link, my bad, fixed.

By Howie at 08:50 AM | Comments |

Boobie Post of the Day

Via Yahoo:

Help! I've just had my breasts enlarged and I don't like the new size. British embassy -- sort out my boobs! Along with tips on jam-making and how best to discipline naughty boys, these are just a few of the bonkers requests being fired at British embassies around the world, the Foreign Office said Thursday.

What? Of course, below the fold.

Update: Well I'll be darned, yahoo took the boobies down. Good thing I saved em. ;)


By Howie at 08:28 AM | Comments |

31 Abu Sayyaf Militants Killed in Philippines

Via Yahoo:

MANILA, Philippines – Philippine troops overran two jungle camps of al-Qaida-linked militants in their deadliest clash in years, with 23 soldiers and 31 guerrillas killed in what a top commander described Thursday as a "slugfest."

More than 400 marines, army and police commandos stormed the hilltop camps on southern Basilan Island on Wednesday in raids targeting about 150 Abu Sayyaf militants led by two terror suspects wanted for a series of bomb attacks and kidnappings, said navy chief Vice Adm. Ferdinand Golez.

Heavy fighting ensued when a unit of marine reinforcements met up with a large group of fleeing militants, leaving them outnumbered with 18 marines killed, Golez said.

23 troops died fighting the terrorists.

Update: Bonus!!!!! At least 12 freshly dead Taliban in Pakistan. Hooray! The day is starting to look up.

By Howie at 08:13 AM | Comments |

Yale Bans Muhammad Images

Yes these....

click image

From a book they are about to publish, Allahpundit has the dripping irony here.

By Howie at 07:09 AM | Comments |

Its a Jungle Out There

Lush and full of plants.

Via Patterico:

[This post follows up on a previous post in which I questioned the credentials of a woman at a Texas town hall meeting who claimed to be a doctor, but turned out to be anything but. She is a graduate student in social work -- oh, and an Obama delegate. Read on for more.]

It took some work to get the admission, but I got it.

By Howie at 06:31 AM | Comments |

Race Card Played In Healthcare Debate

Someone painted a swastika on a sign outside the district office of Democratic Georgia congressman David Scott. Scott hopes to use the incident to make the healthcare debate all about race and nothing else:

Scott, who is black, said he also has received mail in recent days that used N-word references to him, and that characterized President Barack Obama as a Marxist.

"We have got to make sure that the symbol of the swastika does not win, that the racial hatred that's bubbling up does not win this debate," Scott said in a telephone interview. "There's so much hatred out there for President (Barack) Obama."

We can now expect opponents of socialized medicine to be characterized as "racist," regardless of the fact that Marxism and socialism are not races.

(Is it just me, or is there a theme developing here?)

Scott said he is "optimistic" to see if the perpetrators of the vandalism were caught on surveillance cameras. Probably won't happen if the swastika drawers are familiar with the building, like if they work there or something.

Here's a little hint for the congressman. It's not about race, it's about arrogance.

By Bluto12:00 AM | Comments |

August 12, 2009

Yep, the banks are pretty much insolvent

This interview with Elizabeth Warren (video below the fold), chair of the banking industry Congressional Oversight Panel, is truly frightening. Remember, she was appointed by the Democrats. About a minute in she admits that most of the toxic assets held by banks are still on their books despite the $700 billion we have already poured into them through TARP. Pat Buchanan, who I rarely agree with, hits the nail on the head about three minutes in when he asks if the assets were required to be "mark-to-market", i.e. if banks had to declare the actual current value of the assets on their balance sheet, most would be underwater (the rules were changed a few months ago). Warren admits that is the case. The short of it is: most of our banks are insolvent. If they posted the actual value of these assets on their books today, it would trigger a government takeover. This is as close to an admission of that fact as we're going to get (until after it all comes crashing down).

Warren also states that commercial real estate could see 50-60% default rates in the next few years, which will especially hit the smaller banks. And as we saw just last week, the wave of personal bankruptcies forestalled by the post-election foreclosure moratorium are just starting to work their way through the system. When asked if the economic Armageddon we were warned about last year was real (about 7:30), she admits that the real losers were going to be the old-time, big financial dinosaurs (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, et al.). While we avoided some pain, which is probably inevitable anyways, the bank bailout engineered by the Fed and (former Goldman Sachs CEO) Bush Treasury Secy Henry Paulson was for all intents and purposes to protect those companies and their shareholders.

Oh, and the commission report on the financial collapse isn't due until December 2010 - one month AFTER the congressional elections.

So what does this mean?

1) The banks are essentially insolvent, and they're playing games with their books to avoid triggering FDIC takeover.
2) The $700 billion we poured into the banks did nothing to address the fundamental problem, toxic assets, but were taken by the banks and placed on their bottom line (as Warren calls it, the Treasury's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy).
3) The worse may be yet to come.
4) We're all pretty much screwed, notwithstanding the world-changing powers of Teleprompter Jesus.

Video below the fold:

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

By Barbarossa at 10:11 PM | Comments |

Buh Bye Ehsanul Islam Sadequee

Via CNN:

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- A jury convicted a 23-year-old Georgia man on terrorism-related charges Wednesday after deliberating for about five hours, prosecutors said.

Ehsanul Islam Sadequee, of the Atlanta suburb of Roswell, was found guilty of four counts of supporting terrorists and a foreign terrorist organization after a seven-day trial, said Patrick Crosby, spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office in a news release.

In June, a federal judge convicted Sadequee's accused co-conspirator, Syed Haris Ahmed, of conspiring to provide material support to terrorism in the United States and abroad. Ahmed had been a student at Georgia Tech.

Sentencing for both Ahmed and Sadequee is scheduled for October 15, authorities said. Both could be sentenced to up to 60 years in prison, Crosby said.

Since Rusty is not here I guess its up to me.....



By Howie at 03:19 PM | Comments |

Pakistani Taliban Militants, Rival Group Clash; 70 May Be Dead (or they may not be....its Pakistani sourced)

Its from Pakistani military sources so I would take this report with a grain of salt until confirmed by a US official.


Taliban militants clashed with a pro-government militia in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal areas, a military official said. As many as 70 fighters were killed, the Associated Press reported.

The fighting, about 10 kilometers (6 miles) north of Jandola in South Waziristan, pitted followers of Islamic militant Baitullah Mehsud, who the government said died in a U.S. missile strike last week, and supporters of Haji Turkistan Bitani, a local tribal leader allied with the government. There were heavy losses among Mehsud’s faction, said the official, who asked not to be identified.

By Matt Damon at 01:49 PM | Comments |

Obi-One Sets Record!

Breaking News from

Federal Deficit Tops $1.27 Trillion, a New Record [2:15 p.m. ET]

Congratulations Mr. President, you've even outdone W and that takes some doin.

By Howie at 01:33 PM | Comments |

Burquini Banned From French Pool

Via Yahoo News:

PARIS – A Muslim woman who tried to go swimming in a head-to-toe "burquini" has been banned from her local pool in the latest tussle between religious practices and secular authority in France.

Officials on Wednesday insisted they banned the woman's use of the Islam-friendly swimsuit because of France's unusually strict hygiene standards in pools — not because of official hostility to wearing overtly Muslim garb.

Under the policy, swimmers are prevented from wearing any street-compatible or baggy clothing, such as Bermuda shorts, in favor of figure-hugging suits.

The pool says that a burquini is a hazard because it can be worn anywhere and pick up contaminates that can then be transmitted to other bathers.

Er uh its a public pool. I'm no fan of the burquini but I reckon there are "contaminates" present to start with and I doubt she's going to cause the plague with her suit.

Update: Two readers have emailed to say that in Europe all loose fitting clothing is banned. Even baggy shorts for men. One of the reasons being that loose clothing may be sucked into the pump intakes.

That's a concern for small children for sure. Maybe a bit over the top for adults but that's what they are telling me.

Thanks to Dave and Patsy.

By Howie at 01:16 PM | Comments |

Watering The Astroturf

Via the Blogprof:

Note the black man holding up the poster. This screenshot was used in reports by the MSM who painted the protesters as Nazis. Here's the thing, though - that black man is a Dingell supporter! Last Friday, Frank Beckmann on his show broadcast on WJR 760 AM interviewed an eyewitness that said not only were union thugs let in through a side door before anyone else was let into the venue, but that he clearly saw from his vantage point that very Obama as Hitler poster in that back hallway

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Our Marines Kicking Taliban Ass

Via Yahoo News:

DAHANEH, Afghanistan – Helicopter-borne U.S. Marines backed by Harrier jets stormed a Taliban-held town in southern Afghanistan before dawn Wednesday, the launch of a new operation to uproot Taliban fighters from a longtime base and provide security for next week's presidential election.

The troops exchanged heavy fire with insurgents, killing at least seven. Associated Press journalists traveling with the first wave said militants fired small arms, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades after helicopters dropped the troops over Taliban lines. Fighting lasted more than eight hours, as Harrier jets streaked overhead and dropped flares in a show of force.

The Taliban put up such fierce resistance that Marines said they suspected the militants knew the assault was coming.

Other Marines met heavy resistance as they fought to seize control of the mountains surrounding Dahaneh in the southern province of Helmand. Another convoy of Marines rolled into the town despite roadside bomb attacks and gunfire.

It was the first time NATO troops had entered Dahaneh, which has been under Taliban control for years.

Give em Hell.

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Obi-One: I Don’t Want People Saying...

...I just have a bunch of plants in here.

Maybe you should put down that water jug full of Miracle Grow for Astroturf then Mr. President?

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Fatah/Hamas Gun Battle "Not Serious"

Via World Tribune:

RAMALLAH — Tensions remains high between rival security forces in the Palestinian Authority despite U.S. efforts that include training.

On Aug. 7, officers from rival PA forces engaged in a shootout just outside the conference hall in Bethlehem. The sources said officers from the Presidential Guard and General Intelligence began shooting at each other and one person was injured.

"The fight started when one of the officers parked his vehicle in a spot claimed by another," a security source said.

..PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who also heads Fatah, later acknowledged the gun battle, but said it was not serious.

Gun battle not serious? Really?

Hat Tip: Ronin.

Oooops, I had Hezbollah in the headline, fixed

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Inshallahshahheed Back Online


After a rather long absence Samir Khan finally saved up enough pennies from his mommy's couch to open himself a new website. For his first post he put up a new issue of the al-Qaeda supporting online magazine Jihad Recollections #3 which is a collaboration between Sammy and some members of Yousef al-Khattab's

Via Islamic Awakening: I hope we continue to remain as a headache for the enemies of Allah...
And we'll continue to be a headache for you Inshallahshaheed. Enjoy your short stay on the internet.
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Kosovo Newspaper Website Hacked for Reporting US Terror Trial



PRISTINA, Kosovo (AP) - The editor of a Kosovo newspaper says he suspects that Islamist radicals attacked the paper's Web site because it reported on the trial of a Kosovo Albanian accused in the U.S. of plotting terrorist acts.

Berat Buzhala says the Web site of the daily Express was blocked for ten hours early Tuesday and hackers left a warning to "stop ridiculing" Islam. Buzhala says the incident has been reported to the authorities.

Stop ridiculing Islam?


Hat Tip: Her Royal Whyness.



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August 11, 2009

Shhhh! Ohio Senator holds secret health care "townhall" meeting tomorrow

...and all his libtard friends and thugtastic union buddies are invited!

ProgressOhio circulated an email today with all the secret (shhhh!) details (HT: RightOhio):

Can we count on you to go to Senator Sherrod Brown’s upcoming event, and simply hold a positive sign in support of healthcare reform? You’ll be in good company. Our partners in the Health Care for America Now coalition will be standing together at the event – partners like Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN) Ohio, SEIU, Organizing For America, and many others. We need healthcare reform supporters both inside and outside the event.

WHEN: Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 12th at 9:00 AM (event starts at 10, but it’s important to get there early!)

WHERE: OSU Biomedical Research Tower, 460 West 12th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210-2210

Sen. Brown’s event inside is entitled “What Does Health Care Reform Mean to Me?”

For all those who might be attending, here's a sign for you to bring:


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An Open Letter To Al Shabaab

Bacon Bra Pictures, Images and Photos

Dear Al Shabaab. How do you like this bra?

Not your friend,


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Chevrolet Volt in Doubt

Recently, there have been "news" reports touting the marvelousness of the soon-to-be-introduced Chevrolet Volt.

However, a General Motors report indicates that the Volt's range-extender technology won't meet the November 2010 launch date. Furthermore, even when it's made available, sales of the Volt are not expected to cover costs. That's right, plans are to sell the Volt at a loss.

The advance publicity is obviously based on hopes that the technology of the Volt will work. Also obvious is lack of good business sense in manufacturing a product that is expected to lose money. (More ....)

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Somalia: Al Shabaab Bans Women From Wearing Bras

Why? Are they afraid the women s bras are prettier than theirs?

man bra.jpg
Click image for more from TFS

Update by Howie: My eyes! They burn!

Palette cleansing boobie pic below the fold. Oh and I think this girl is going to have a major problem with the no bra thingy.


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Orlando imam lies about Islam in Ohio custody case

**UPDATE** Robert Spencer weighs in on this same issue at JihadWatch.

Last month, 17-year old Rafiq Bary disappeared from her New Albany, Ohio home. Now she has reappeared and stated in a Florida court yesterday that she is in fear for her life. Her crime? Converting from Islam to Christianity. Having taken shelter in Orlando with a Christian couple she met online, she's now at the center of a custody battle.

Other sites are ably covering this story, but what struck me was this quote that appears in today's Orlando Sentinel:

Imam Hatim Hamidullah, with the Islamic Society of Central Florida, said the Muslim faith does not call for a father to hurt his child, should she convert to another religion.

"It is not Islam for the father to bring harm upon his blood daughter or any other human being because of anger," he said. "Our position is to exhaust all measures that would bring peace and harmony back to the family," Hamidullah said. "Being angry and threatening the life of someone is not one of those methods."

The imam, of course, is lying through his teeth. In virtually every school of Islamic law (shariah), her death is DEMANDED for apostasy from Islam. She has every reason to be in fear for her life.

Don't take my word for it. Here's what Islam Q&A has to say on the matter:

Why should a person who disbelieves after becoming Muslim be executed? The punishment for the apostate is execution. Why such harshness?.

Praise be to Allaah.

The punishment for apostasy from the religion of Islam is execution. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“And whosoever of you turns back from his religion and dies as a disbeliever, then his deeds will be lost in this life and in the Hereafter, and they will be the dwellers of the Fire. They will abide therein forever”

[al-Baqarah 2:217]

And it was proven that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever changes his religion, execute him.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari in his Saheeh. What this hadeeth means is that whoever leaves Islam and changes to another religion and persists in that and does not repent, is to be executed. It was also proven that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “It is not permissible to shed the blood of a person who bears witness that there is no god but Allaah and that I am the Messenger of Allaah except in three cases: a life for a life, a previously-married person who commits adultery, and one who leaves Islam and forsakes the jamaa’ah.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari and Muslim.

It would certainly be interesting if her attorneys would raise the issue of Islamic law in her trial. Put the imam on the stand and question him about this well-established area of Islamic law. And watch him squirm.

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Indonesia: Hotel Florist, Not Noordin Mohammed Top, Killed During Weekend Seige


INDONESIAN authorities are expected to reveal this morning that the man gunned down in a counter-terrorism raid over the weekend was Ibrahim, a florist who worked at the Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott hotels.

Ibrahim was a key player in the terrorist cell that orchestrated twin suicide bombings at the hotels, providing inside information and helping smuggle in the explosives that killed seven bystanders, including three Australians.

The 17-hour siege in Temanggung, Central Java, on Friday and Saturday was originally believed to have led to the slaying of Noordin Mohammed Top, the fugitive terrorist mastermind who has been on the run for more than six years.

Those hopes were dashed once the body was hauled from an isolated farmhouse and family members of the Malaysian-born terrorist were shown photographs of the body and said it wasn't him.

Also reported, fingerprints and DNA anaylisis showed it wasn't Noordin Top. Sucks, but at least we can be happy about a predator drone sploding Taliban leader Meshud.

Previous: Indonesian police storm terrorist hide-out(Report:Kill Noordin Mohammad Top)

Jakarta: Terrorist Leader Noordin Tops Claim His Group Bombed The Marriot & Ritz Carlton

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"You Can Go Home Again"

Just makes me wanna cry after reading this.


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Afghanistan: Winning, Losing Fight Against Taliban?

It depends who you read, listen to.

Losing, according to this report of what the Commanding General said

Winning, albeit not easy, from an accurate report of what the Commanding General said.

Blackfive has the details

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Where's Dr. Rusty Shackleford

minniehot.JPGVia ClickOrlando:

A.. ... was found guilty on Tuesday of groping a woman while she was in costume as Minnie Mouse at Walt Disney World.

...charged with misdemeanor battery in June after being accused of touching the woman's chest and buttocks in the Toontown area of the Magic Kingdom.

The woman playing Minnie Mouse said she did not yell for help because she feared that she could lose her job for being out of character. She did report the incident after Moyer left the area, according to investigators.

In court, prosecutors said Disney characters are no different than servers at restaurants.

"It's not OK to go to the diner and pinch a waitress' butt anymore, and it's not OK to go to a theme park and pinch a character's butt," Bear said.

Not OK to pinch cuties on the butt any more? What is the world coming to?

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al-Qaeda Plot To Bomb US Solders in Kuwait Foiled

Via the Beeb:

Kuwaiti officials say they have arrested six members of a "terrorist network", linked to al-Qaeda, who were planning to attack a US military base.

An interior ministry statement said that all six Kuwaitis had confessed to the crimes after they were arrested.

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Good News: al-Qaida and Taliban Attacked Pakistani Nuclear Sites at Least Three Times

Via Times of India:

WASHINGTON: Pakistan's nuclear facilities have already been attacked at least thrice by its home-grown extremists and terrorists in little reported incidents over the last two years, even as the world remains divided over the safety and security of the nuclear weapons in the troubled country, according to western analysts.

...while detailing the steps Islamabad has taken to protect them against Indian and US attacks, asks if the geographical location of Pakistan's principle nuclear weapons infrastructure, which is mainly in areas dominated by al-Qaida and Taliban, makes it more vulnerable to internal attacks.

Shocking, we can only count ourselves as very lucky so far. Obviously the terrorists, even if they could not detonate the devices would use the nuclear material for dirty bombs. They've said as much. I don't doubt they would if they could.

Hat Tip: Jihad Watch.

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Video Project : Stand Together for Liberty

Via the Common Sense Citizens' Network:

As you know, the Administration is trying to use fear and intimidation to silence their critics, and they're not even being particularly subtle about it.

They're now asking our fellow citizens to INFORM on us, to help Administration investigators determine where they can best focus their efforts to 'correct' those who are opposing the Administration party line.

They're also deploying their thugs to silence dissent at rallies and town halls.

Taken together, it's what they like to call 'The Chicago Way.'

The 'Chicago Way' mentality in a nutshell : 'If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.'

As another put it, the Administration plans to 'punch back twice as hard' against dissent.

The Administration doesn't want us to be talking. The Administration expects us to 'get out of the way.' That's straight from the top.

...For all of you who are willing to STAND WITH US, we're putting together a VIDEO COMPILATION featuring regular citizens who are courageously stepping up and TURNING THEMSELVES IN to the Adminstration for opposing the Administration's big government policies. If you're willing to stand with us, we want to help make your voice heard. All you have to do is create a short video clip turning yourself in to the Administration, and send it to:

We'll take the clips and put them together in a message to the Administration, and to the world, that we will not be silenced.

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More Proof

About who man's best friend is here and here.

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RIP Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Eunice Kennedy Shriver died last night. When I left work yesterday the word was her family had been called to her side.

Born on July 10, 1921, in Brookline, Massachusetts, Shriver was the fifth of nine children to Joseph P. and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. She emerged from the long shadow of siblings John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy as the founder of the Special Olympics, which started as a summer day camp in her backyard in 1962.

Today, 3.1 million people with mental disabilities participate in 228 programs in 170 nations, according to the Special Olympics.

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If "Socialist" is the New "N" Word

What would "damned stinking hippie pinko neo-communist bastage" be the new code word for?

Hat Tip: News Busters.

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57% of Americans....

....are now "un-American.

A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 57% are opposed to a single-payer plan.

Fifty-two percent (52%) believe such a system would lead to a lower quality of care

Go ahead congress, make the voters day, I double dog dare you.

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Obama Throws Pelosi Under The Bus

Its about damn time. I mean I don't agree with much Obi-One does, but its about time someone put that obnoxious beotch in her place.

You're speaker of the house Ms. Pelosi not the Galactic Emperor. I'm bet when you were elected, somewhere in hell Tip O'Neal threw up in his mouth just a little bit.

Update: Well that glee was short lived.

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Report: U.S. missile strike kills 10 militants in NW Pakistan

There has been a missile strike on another compound in South Waziristan looks to be a hit on a training camp.


PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) - A missile attack believed to have been launched by U.S. drone aircraft killed at least 10 militants in South Waziristan, the area where Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud is said to have been killed last week, intelligence officials and residents said.

The missiles targeted a training camp near the village of Ladda, in the heart of the Mehsud tribe's territory, the officials said.

Hamdullah Mehsud, a resident, said three missiles were fired into the sprawling house of a villager used as a training camp by the militants.

"So far, eight bodies have been pulled out of the rubble," he told Reuters. Five people were wounded, he added.

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Green shoots everywhere! Bankruptcies hit high, govt can't account for $700 billion, and the next $1 trillion bailout

To listen to Teleprompter Jesus or the market pump merchants on CNBC there are green shoots everywhere in the economy. So here's a quick recap of news from the past few days:

1) The American Bankruptcy Institute announced on Monday that filings for July hit a new high since Congress passed new bankruptcy laws in 2005:

The July 2009 consumer filing total represented a 34.3 percent increase nationwide from the same period a year ago, and an 8.7 percent increase over the June 2009 consumer filing total of 116,365.

This comes as Business Week reports that banks have devised all kinds of new financial products directed at debt-ridden customers.


2) The Wall Street Journal published an editorial on Monday raising concerns about potentially dangerous practices at FHA and Ginnie Mae, exposing taxpayers to at least another $1 trillion bailout. The money quote:

On June 18, HUD’s Inspector General issued a scathing report on the FHA’s lax insurance practices. It found that the FHA’s default rate has grown to 7%, which is about double the level considered safe and sound for lenders, and that 13% of these loans are delinquent by more than 30 days. The FHA’s reserve fund was found to have fallen in half, to 3% from 6.4% in 2007—meaning it now has a 33 to 1 leverage ratio, which is into Bear Stearns territory. The IG says the FHA may need a “Congressional appropriation intervention to make up the shortfall.”


3) McClatchy reported on Sunday that oversight of the $700 billion financial sector bailout is grossly inadequate, such that multiple layers of regulators have no idea where most of the money has gone.


4) The Hill reported over the weekend that the federal budget deficit ballooned by $181 billion in July alone. Spending increased by $530 billion in July over the previous year.

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said Thursday the federal government's budget deficit reached $1.3 trillion through the first ten months of fiscal 2009, on track to reach a record high of $1.8 trillion for the 12-month period.

This is why Turbotax Tim Geithner is telling Congress they must raise the federal debt ceiling above the current $12.1 trillion within the next two months.


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"Sire, The People Are Revolting!"

"You bet! They stink on ice!"

TOWSON, Md. -- Sen. Ben Cardin had to shout his way through a town hall meeting Monday evening, where angry constituents booed and jeered as the Democratic senator from Maryland tried to explain health care reform working its way through Congress.

Cardin was booed and jeered repeatedly throughout his 25-minute presentation and the question-and-answer period.

Oh... sorry Senator Cardin..

In related news.... OOPS

WASHINGTON -- House Democratic leaders said Monday that they will not force the Pentagon to buy four new passenger jets used to ferry senior government officials.

Give it a year. It's going to really suck to be a Socialist in this country.

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August 10, 2009

New video emerging of SEIU thuggery in Tampa

I just received word that J. Mark Campbell of the Florida Security Council will be on Hannity tonight at 9pm EDT discussing new video of SEIU thuggery at a townhall event last Thursday hosted by Rep. Kathy Castor. The disturbing video shows SEIU thugs assaulting Castor's constituents, most of whom were locked out of the forum while Castor's union supporters were allowed in first. Fox News reported on the violence at Castor's "townhall", and Castor later voiced her approval of the melee to the Tampa Tribune. We'll post the video as soon as it is released.

Still waiting for the Florida Security Council video to be uploaded, but the Club for Growth has posted 60 on-the-scene videos from 25 states (HT: Instapundit). More Republican astroturfing, violent right-wing, domestic terrorist, unAmerican mobs than you can shake a stick at. Almost better than war porn. Almost.

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A Vote for Government Health Care...

.... is a vote for government-run life.

If the goal is to make each of us pay the health costs linked to our own indulgences, there's a more efficient way to do it: Simply make everyone pay his own medical bills -- and scrap nationalized health care altogether.

Lifestyle dictators will have none of that, of course. They'd rather end personal financial responsibility for health-care costs and then claim government has a right to mandate how we live


I suppose after that they'll tell us we're free and we're supposed to believe it or we'll end up in Nancy's un-American activities hearings?

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BBQ Mystery Solved?

Having eaten Dinosaur Bar-B-Que before (it's the area's best-known BBQ spot) I was frankly surprised when Good Morning America announced that the Dinosaur had been named the best BBQ in the country.

Sure, it's good BBQ, but the best America has to offer? I actually prefer the BBQ that chain grocery store Wegman's offers. WTF?

Then I found this story. Former Nazi collaborator George Soros, owner of the Democrat Party, quietly bought a seventy per cent stake in the Dinosaur last year.

Mystery solved.

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German Terror Suspects Targeted US Soldiers In Europe

German Terror Suspects.jpgUpdate on: German Terrorism Trial

Apparently the suspects became tired of the trial proceedings and decided to confess:

Berlin - The lead suspect in one of Germany's largest terrorism trials since the 1970s told a court Monday of how he had travelled[sp] to Pakistan for training and volunteered to attack US interests in Europe. Fritz Gelowicz, 29, a German-born convert to Islam, told the court in Dusseldorf he was the leader of the so-called Sauerland Group, before giving an extensive confession as part of a sentence-reducing deal with prosecutors.

"The main target was to be American soldiers in Germany," Gelowicz said, adding that the group also planned to attack a politically sensitive US target, such as a consulate.

Thirdly, Gelowicz said the alleged terrorists wanted to send "a final warning to the German population," to force Bundeswehr troops to withdraw from Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

"In al-Qaeda there were no Europeans that could have carried out attacks in Europe. We declared ourselves ready, because there was no- one else," Gelowicz added.

The Sauerland Group, consisting of Gelowicz, Daniel Schneider, Adem Yilmaz and Attila Selek, are accused of planning attacks on US military bases in 2007.

The four made a dramatic decision in June to give extensive confessions in return for reduced sentences, and prosecutors have taken the testimonies, which run to some 1,200 pages, over the past four weeks.

The case is expected to yield unprecedented details of militant Islamist training and recruitment methods in Pakistan.

Keep talking, we are all ears.

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Update On Pvt. Bowe Bergdahl Hostage Situation: Taliban Awaiting US Response On Demands


DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan (AP) - A militant commander who is holding a U.S. soldier abducted in Afghanistan said Sunday that Taliban leader Mullah Omar's council is waiting for a response to its demands before deciding the American's fate.

It was the first news of Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, 23, made public since a Taliban video was released July 18.

Maulvi Sangin, an insurgent commander for eastern Afghanistan, said the Taliban's governing body was awaiting a response to demands it made to the U.S. for his return.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Pvt Bergdahl and his family. Truly a trying time for them.


Was Bergdahl a deserter? Back to the rape analogy
Noted NY terror supporter harassing family of American hostage
Video: Pvt Bowe Bergdahl full hostage video

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ObamaCare Protester, Father Of Handicapped Son, Threatened After His Confrontation With Rep Dingell

Some assmaggot threatened him and his family in the middle of the night. Too chicken shite to do this in the daylight.

Via BreitBart

Chicago thuggery....

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Hmmm, Who Is That Man?

St. Louis Tea Party Coalition has some interesting background on Elston K. McCowan. He was one of those arrested for beating Obamacare protester Ken Gladney.

Can you say he is the SEIU

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UnAmerican Activities

With Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer ready to set up a new unAmerican Activities Inquisition, let's take a look at the actual words of some prominent Obamacare cheerleaders:

If you oppose this socialist Trojan Horse, well sir, you're "unAmerican," according to the Speaker of the House. But your President welcomes your reasoned long as you agree with him.


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Somalia: Al Shabaab Low On Funds?

Apparently gold and silver teeth are at a premium.

gold teeth.jpg
Click for more

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Iran: US Hitchhikers Linked To Election Unrest

I guess that's the best excuse the Iranian thugs can come up with:

TVNZ - A leading Iranian lawmaker said on Tuesday the illegal entry of three detained US citizens into the country may have been related to unrest that erupted after Iran's June presidential election.

"Their illegal entry cannot be altogether unrelated to the post-election unrest ... What mission were the three pursuing in Iran? Why did not they apply for Iran visas?" said Mohammad Karamirad, a member of parliament's Foreign Affairs and National Security Committee, the official IRNA news agency reported.

In other Iranian news, jailed election protesters were allegedly raped and tortured
"Some young male detainees were raped, while some young female detainees were raped in a way that have caused serious injuries," reformist Mehdi Karroubi said on his Web site...

In a news conference, a top judiciary official Saturday acknowledged that some of the protesters had been tortured. It was the first such acknowledgment by a senior Iranian official.

Sick bastages.

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Become Popular, Buy Twitter Followers

Yes, you can purchase followers for your Twitter page from a site called News to me.

Furthermore, in a press release, it has been announced that 25,000 Twitter followers were purchased for Michael Jackson.

FWIW, pay me and I'll gladly follow you on Twitter.

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Democrats Definition Of "War Room"

This Democrat war room has nothing to do with our enemies. Senate Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s (Md.) war room has to do with planning against those who want straight forward answers about Obamacare.

It is being run out of his MD office.

House Democratic leaders have set up a healthcare “war room” to help their rank-and-file members navigate a tumultuous August in which they find themselves on the defensive on their signature issue.

Read the rest at JWF

Out: War on terror, jihad, etc,
In: War against ordinary citizens and some media.

Way to go elected far left liberals, showing your true colors again.

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Dems Shop For Astroturf on Craig'slist

Via Gateway Pundit:

Now is the time to work for change

We need people like you—lots of people like you—to go out in communities around the country this summer and help make change happen. And you can earn money doing it. Earn $4,000-$6,000 this summer.

Get skills. Learn vital campaign skills including how to fundraise, run a news conference and mobilize activists.

You know, over the years at Jawa a lot of Dems and lefties come on and accuse us of being "fundies" or on the payroll of Bushmchitler or Hellibacon.

Which is not true at all. We do this for little or no crazy money cause we actually care. That and we're addicted to blogging.

So IMO all these lefty accusations of astroturfing and "paid activitsts" ring a bit hollow. I'm sure there are some on the right like that. But few and far between. Hell I threw out an email and flamed the sender last week because when I traced the email was from a lobbying firm in DC.

IMO if something needs to be seen it should be because of popular demand and natural viral spread. Not cause some rectum in DC wants me to post it.

So if you leftys would please STFU. Now you are criticizing the very methods that you consider pay dirt for your won cause.

All these accusations are a result of your projection of your own methods on to your opposition.

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Cowardly Al Shabaab

Al Qaeda linked Somalian Al Shabaab are getting skeerd, turning their tails and running from their front line attack on Mogadishu. Well, at least that is how I see it - heh..

Click image for more:

Scaredy Cat.jpg

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Tsongas health care forum attracts overflow crowd

Why doesn't congress want to be on the same public plan they are planing to give us.

Watch as Democrat Rep. Niki Tsongas of Massachussetts attempts to explain why Congress is exempt from the government health care takeover mandates. The exchange starts at 4:00:

Hat tip: Michelle.

Related: Via Ace

The compelling part of this, to me, isn't Obama's or Jan Shakowsky's statements that public option will lead to single payer. We've heard that. The compelling part is that Jacob Hacker, the man who "shopped" this plan to Congress (according to NPR), states unambiguously that his plan -- and he should know -- is expressly designed to displace private insurance.

"It's not a Trojan Horse," he says, "because it's right there!" I.e., it can't be a Trojan Horse if it's so obvious about its purpose.

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al-Qaeda Seeks Taliban Coup

Via Yahoo:

SLAMABAD – Pakistan is worried that al-Qaida is trying to install its own "chief terrorist" as the head of Pakistan's Taliban following the apparent killing of the group's leader in a CIA missile strike, a top official said Monday.

Meanwhile, one of the militants believed to be a potential successor phoned The Associated Press to dispel reports that he was killed during a clash among those vying to lead the group. The militant, Hakimullah, insisted once again that Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud was alive and said the insurgent group remained united....

...It will take some time for them to regroup," Malik said. "The other thing which is a bit worrying is that al-Qaida is getting grouped in the same place, and now they are trying to find out somebody to install him as the leader, as the chief terrorist, in that area."

Wait a minute, i thought this place was famous for not allowing "outsiders" to run things? Now they are going to let a bunch of Arab "guests" take over.

Maybe this will backfire on al-Qaeda as the locals realize their Arab friends have abused their hospitality and have brought nothing but death and war to the area.

Expel the foreign Arab crusaders from Waziristan!

Sorry I got carried away there ;)

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WTF is Rusty Now?


He seems to be on a permanent vacation.

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Today's Obligatory Angelina Jolie Post

Breastfeeding twins on bronze or something.

This amazing life-size statue of a nude Angelina Jolie breast-feeding her twins is about to go on display in America - before coming to London.

I dunno, Hat Tip: The breast feeding obsessed Good Lt.

Image below the fold for all you "scared of metal boobies" readers.


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Dems trade "Harry & Louise"

for "Thelma & Louise"..

Mr. Right, "Going out in a blaze of stubborn stupidity..."
God speed my friend.

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Today's LOL

A Jihadi asks, "Am I safe from the prying eyes of the apostate spies and the zio-crusader enemies of Allah?"

Well of course you're not. WTF are you thinking? You think the Zionist Internet Spies take vacations?


More of interest to Zionists here, here, here, here and here at Internet Haganah.

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I Am The Mob

So am I!

Thanks to Ragnar.

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August 08, 2009

Hakimullah Mehsud killed in armed clash: sources

That predator strike keeps producing dividends. Word this afternoon that Taliban succession meeting picked a new leader Hakimullah Mehsud...who was killed by the loserWali-ur-Rehman. who was than killed .

SOUTH WAZIRISTAN: Spokesman of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Hakimullah Mehsud and another Taliban leader Wali-ur-Rehman have been killed in an armed clash erupted during the Tehreek’s Shura meeting, Geo TV reported Saturday.

At the meeting Hakimullah Mehsud was appointed as TTP Chief after the reported killing of Baitullah Mehsud, the state media reported.

The agenda of the meeting was to appoint successor of Baitullah Mehsud, sources said.

Guess they have to call another meeting. This just gets better and better.

By Matt Damon at 04:18 PM | Comments |

Indonesian police storm terrorist hide-out(Report:Kill Noordin Mohammad Top)

Awaiting DNA testing but there arereports one of the worlds most dangerous terrorists(Noordin Mohammad Top) has been killed hiding in the loo.

BEJI, Indonesia (AP) - Southeast Asia's most wanted terror suspect was reportedly killed during a 16-hour siege on a suspected militant hide-out that ended Saturday when police stormed the house.
Local TV stations reported militant chief Noordin Mohammad Top, who is blamed for last month's attacks on two American hotels in the capital, Jakarta, was killed in the bathroom of the house in a rice-growing village in central Java province following a lengthy bomb and gun battle.

Those reports were not confirmed by police. DNA tests will likely have to be performed to ensure the identification.

First word of Meshud dying by Predator in Pakistan and now word comes Top getting killed hiding in the crapper in

... good news is breaking out every where.

UPDATE: Nick Grace at the Long War Journal has thedetails of the raid that resulted in Top taking his own life and killing three children and a woman in the process.

Noordin Mohammed Top, Asia's most wanted terrorist, committed suicide after a 12-hour standoff with Indonesian police in a remote farm house in Central Java.

Police made visual confirmation of Top through cameras attached to remote control robots that were deployed into the house and watched as he fled into a bathroom and, surrounded by a woman and three children, blew himself up, Metro TV reported. The explosion occurred at 8 am Saturday local-time (9 pm EDT Friday) and was carried on live television.

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Canadian prof who bombed Paris synagogue dismissed, supporters cry "discrimination"

I'm a few days late in getting to this, but the Canadian academy has really put their foot down. The National Post reports that Hassan Diab, a sociology and anthropology professor at Carleton University, has been teaching a class this summer. One problem, however: he is wanted by French authorities for bombing a Paris synagogue in 1980 that killed four people and injured twenty others. Carleton has finally decided to immediately dismiss Diab, but only after the Canadian chapter of B'nai Brith issued a press release condemning the university's previous decision to reinstate him to teach this summer following his arrest last November and his pending deportation hearing. Surely a Zionist plot!

From the report:

Mr. Diab, 55, was born in Lebanon, but obtained Canadian citizenship in 1993. He has led a fairly nomadic life, living in six different countries over 12 years. He has left behind a string of marriages, divorces and common-law relationships and has fathered two children over the past two decades.

In 2006, Mr. Diab married Rania Tfaily in a religious ceremony that was not legally binding [read: polygamy]. Ms. Tfaily is a professor in Carleton's sociology and anthropology department, while Mr. Diab has taught at the University of Ottawa and, more recently, at Carleton.

The Canadian Association of University Teachers have issued a statement protesting his dismissal, the Carleton sociology and anthropology faculty published an editorial saying that the university's decision is discriminatory, and his friends have launched a website in his support.

This case raises many questions: 1) Why did the Canadians let him into their country in the first place; 2) Why did they grant him citizenship; and 3) Why has he been teaching in their taxpayer-supported universities? But it is so good to see the Canucks taking such a brave, bold stand against terror, eh?

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Just a Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love

From my personal list of the top ten things I'd rather not hear about:

Woman Sets Fire to Man's Genitals:

A Greek woman set fire to a British man's genitals at a club after he allegedly made sexual advances on her.
That's bad enough, but here's the worst paragraph of all:
The man is currently at in a Heraklion, Crete, clinic being treated for second-degree burns to his testicles and penis.

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August 07, 2009

Just A Reminder!


So much more awesomeness at The People's Cube.

Update From The White House

Watch your back, Good Lt., watch your back.

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Taliban: Mehsud is Dead!!! [America, F*ck Yeah! + COWBELL & Bumped]


Bumped because this is HUGE news. The fact that this isn't dominating headlines says much about the Obama era. Namely, that America would like to forget that we are a war.

Not. On. My. Watch.


Baitullah Mehsud is dead. So says at least two top Taliban leaders in Pakistan.

I'd call this confirmation.

I have to link someone, and it might as well be Roggio:

Faqir Mohammed, the deputy leader of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan and the commander of the Bajaur Taliban, told Sky News that Baitullah was killed in a strike that also killed Baitullah's second wife.

An aide to Baitullah identified as Kafayatullah, as well as another unidentified Taliban leader in South Waziristan, also said that Baitullah had been killed in the attack.

"I confirm that Baitullah Mehsud and his wife died in the American missile attack in South Waziristan," Kafayatullah told the Associated Press late last night.

Intel sources say this might be as close as we get to official confirmation of Mehsud's death. He was allegedly buried the morning following the Predator strike and his body is in an area inaccessible for DNA retreival for confirmation.

This calls for something more extreme than M.C. Hammer...


Thanks to Chris for the cat.

UPDATE: I'll remind those in Pakistan who whine about drones being a violation of Pakistani sovereignty that it was an American drone that killed the leader of the Taliban in Pakistan; and that the victims of Mehsud's violence were Pakistani.

How about a thank you?

America, fuck yeah!

UPDATE: But does anybody care? If you don't care, get your freaking priorities straight!

UPDATE: Via Ed, this from Newsweek on why this is so important:

But the biggest loser of all may be Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda. For nearly eight years, it had depended on Mehsud, his close allies, and other sympathetic tribals to sustain and protect it in South Waziristan after its previous host and defender, Mullah Mohammad Omar, was chased from Afghanistan by American bombs in late 2001. With Mehsud gone, Al Qaeda could be in trouble. As one Afghan Taliban intelligence officer who had met Mehsud many times told Newsweek, “Mehsud’s death means the tent sheltering Al Qaeda has collapsed.” “Without a doubt he was Al Qaeda’s number one guy in Pakistan,” adds Mahmood Shah, a retired Pakistani Army brigadier who is a former chief of the Federally Administered Tribal Area, or FATA, Mehsud’s base…

While both Mehsud and bin Laden have fed off of each other, Al Qaeda has been much more dependent on Mehsud for its own strength and survival. As a result, Al Qaeda must be feeling its greatest angst ever since they fled Afghanistan. Al Qaeda had come to trust Mehsud completely. Having cut his teeth fighting for Mullah Omar’s forces in the late 1990s, when the Taliban battled the Northern Alliance, he befriended Al Qaeda operatives. After the U.S. bombing campaign began, Mehsud, who was not then an important tribal leader, took Al Qaeda under his wing, offering them protection. Al Qaeda reciprocated by helping to build Mehsud up as a military force…

Can I hear a shout of amen!

Updated again by Howie:

Funny Motivational Posters 22.jpg Pictures, Images and Photos



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White House 'Fishing Trip' May Be Illegal

Holy devil and deep blue sea Batman!:

"The White House is in bit of a conundrum because of this privacy statute that prohibits the White House from collecting data and storing it on people who disagree with it," Judge Andrew Napolitano, a FOX News analyst, said Friday.

"There's also a statute that requires the White House to retain all communications that it receives. It can't try to rewrite history by pretending it didn't receive anything," he said.

"If the White House deletes anything, it violates one statute. If the White House collects data on the free speech, it violates another statute."

New adjective for the Obama administration: Nixonian.


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August 7th 1998 US Embassy Bombings

On this day in 1998 our Embassy's were bombed by the Egyptian Islamic Jihad.

In the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings (August 7, 1998), hundreds of people were killed in simultaneous truck bomb explosions at the United States embassies in the East African capital cities of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya. The attacks, linked to local members of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad brought Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri to American attention for the first time, and resulted in the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation placing bin Laden on its Ten Most Wanted list.

Along with the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, and the 2000 attack on the USS Cole in Yemen, the Embassy Bombing is one of the major anti-American terrorist attacks that preceded the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Let us not forget those who lost their lives 11 years ago today. As a sober reminder, AlQaeda is still present in Africa today.

Update: To clarify per comments - the 1983 bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon are missing from this wiki. Sucks.

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Would-Be Taliban Traitor Sentenced

A federal judge harshing my mellow on a day otherwise given to celebratory bliss.

Dallas Morning News:

A federal judge has sentenced a Houston man to 4 1/2 years in prison for conspiring to join the Taliban and fight against U.S. forces.

Kobie Diallo Williams apologized for his actions and said he was wrong for what he did before being sentenced Friday in federal court.

Aid the enemies of the United States during a time of war: traitor.

Try to aid the enemies of the United states during a time of war, fail, and then say I'm sorry: minor felon.

Seriously, it's as if people forget that treason is considered the worst crime a person can commit. So, when Europeans claim they don't have the death penalty they are misleading you. They don't have the death penalty for normal criminal activity -- even murder.

What they do have the death penalty for? Treason.

Again, this is because treason is considered the worst crime a person can commit.

And yet we only see treason taken seriously and prosecuted in countries which do not deserve the loyalty of the people. Countries like North Korea, China, Burma, Iran, etc.

But a country like America which should be defended from all enemies foreign and domestic is not. And it's not just America. It is every country in the West.

The Western tradition deserves to be defended, but when traitors go unprosecuted we send the signal to our enemies that we, in fact, are as weak as they believe us to be. We do not believe that our societies are worth fighting for, and if you choose to fight against us -- actual fighting mind you, with weapons, not just with ideas or protest -- then, feh, no big deal.

God help us.

One more thing:

Authorities say Williams was among a group of men who took part in paramilitary training exercises. The training was disguised as camping trips and was designed to hone skills to help the Taliban fight U.S. troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.
Training for jihad disguised as camping trips? Now, where have I seen something like that recently?

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Video Project : ''I Just Turned Myself In''

Via the Common Sense Citizens' Network:

As you probably know, the Administration has set up a "snitch line" and encouraged all Americans to snitch on their neighbors if they suspect anything 'fishy'--such as opposing Administration policy.

We want to let the world know that we will not be silenced, and we will not be intimidated by the Administration's thug tactics.

If you are with us, just send us a short video clip of yourself letting the world know that you just turned yourself in to the Administration's Goon Squad.

Details here.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 01:19 PM | Comments |

Some Police Heart ACORN?

Community organizer in Chief's goon squad. This happened in July and is new to me.

Opposition to Obamacare found out they have no freedom of speech

From BreitBart

By Stable Hand at 12:25 PM | Comments |

Obamacare Protesters Assaulted - Updated

Union thugs have attacked Obamacare protesters in the wake of the President's order to "punch back twice as hard".


Update: Ruh-roh. Carnahan staffer arrested for assaulting protesters? Thanx to commenter Mongol.

By Bluto11:55 AM | Comments |

OMG The Mob

All these scary mob people protesting Obamacare. Click the scary mob lady for more pictures of mobsters.


h/t a mob lady

It's even worse now! Steven Pearlstein, business columnist for the Washington Post, sez the mobs are political terrorists.

The recent attacks by Republican leaders and their ideological fellow-travelers on the effort to reform the health-care system have been so misleading, so disingenuous, that they could only spring from a cynical effort to gain partisan political advantage. By poisoning the political well, they've given up any pretense of being the loyal opposition. They've become political terrorists, willing to say or do anything to prevent the country from reaching a consensus on one of its most serious domestic problems.
From mobs to terrorists now. Freedom of speech be damned I guess.

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Report: Al Qaeda in Indonesia Leader Arrested


Noordin Mohammad Top, who broke away from Jemaah Islamiya and in an internet statement claimed responsibility for the to now head al Qaeda in Indonesia, may have been captured!

First, news that the top Taliban commander in Pakistan may have been killed and now the top al Qaeda operative in Southeast Asia may have been arrested!

To quote Ice Cube: Today was a good day. (Aus):

THE mastermind behind last month's bombing of a hotel in Jakarta, which killed three Australians, has been arrested, according to reports.

Indonesian television said that police had been involved in a shoot-out in a village in central Java, and may have caught Noordin Mohammad Top....

[Al Jazeera] added that a "very reliable source" had confirmed his arrest.

From the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists page:
Noordin Mohammad Top is reportedly an officer, recruiter, bombmaker, and trainer for the Jemaah Islamiah (JI) group that was involved in the bombings of a Bali nightclub, a Jakarta hotel, and the Australian Embassy in Indonesia between 2002 and 2004.
Too early to break out M.C. Hammer?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:58 AM | Comments |

Mosque tied to Tarheel jihadists demonstrates "moderation" by inviting racist speaker for Friday prayers


Last week's indictment of eight North Carolina Muslim men on terrorism-related charges has the Islamic community there under the microscope. Representatives from the Islamic Center of Raleigh and the Muslim American Society-Raleigh have launched a media campaign to disassociate their organizations and the rest of the Islamic community from the alleged terrorist plans of the eight indicted men.

But the Islamic Center of Raleigh has a peculiar way of demonstrating its' "moderation". In response to the arrests, a report published yesterday indicates that the center brought in a virulent racist and anti-Semite, Abdul Malik Ali, from Oakland, California to address the congregation during Friday prayers last week:

A guest speaker from Oakland, Calif., who led the third prayer service, however, offered a more strident view. Abdel Malik Ali called on the youth in the community to "speak up and speak out" together against harassment and intimidation by the FBI. "Your parents are living in a state of insecurity," Ali said, his voice rising. "What are you going to do about it?"

"A more strident view"?? In recent years, Ali has been caught making statements targeting Jews, justifying suicide bombings as Islamic martyrdom, and saying that Islamic terrorists are really freedom fighters (seven months after the 9/11 attacks no less). And in 2006, Ali gave a speech at UC-Irvine where he was videotaped standing at a podium emblazoned with a sign stating "Israel, the 4th Reich". His DiscoverTheNetworks profile provides us with some of his greatest hits:

  • "The enemies of Islam know that when we come back to power we're gonna check 'em."
  • "Stay conscious and ask Allah to raise the Muslims and give us victory over the disbeliever."
  • "When it's all over, the only one standing is gonna be us [Muslims]."
  • "Sooner or later, today's Muslim students will be the parents of Muslim children. And they should be militants."
  • "Neo-cons are all Zionist Jews."
  • "The wars against Iraq [Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom] were manufactured by the Jews in America to avert attention from the two [Palestinian] Intifadas."
  • "You [Jews] made all the mistakes we wanted you to make. You went after [former Georgia congresswoman] Cynthia McKinney. So now black folks don't like you.... You're walking into all the traps we want you to walk into. You hijacked American foreign policy."
  • "[T]he Israelis were in control of 9-11," which "was staged to give an excuse to wage war against Muslims around the world."
  • Israelis ought to return "to Germany, to Poland, to Russia. The Germans should hook y'all up. You [Israelis] should go back to Germany."
  • "In America, you're mostly fighting with your tongue, but you should also learn how to fight with the sword."
  • At the Sixth Annual Muslim Student Association Conference held at UC Berkeley in February 2004, Malik-Ali denounced "the white man, who is the enemy."
  • At the Universal Heritage Foundation's December 2003 Islamic Conference in Florida, he warned moderate American Muslims that their desire to be "liked" was turning them into "'house slaves' in the mansion of a racist, imperialistic and destructive America."
  • He has described Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a "pretty good guy."

So any statements from anyone representing the Islamic Center of Raleigh claiming their organization is "moderate" might warrant a fair degree of skepticism. And someone in the Raleigh-area media might also want to inquire whether the Islamic Center of Raleigh agrees with their speaker's sentiment that Iranian President Ahmadinejad is a "pretty good guy".

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Denmark: Short Buses for All!

Denmark promotes helmets for pedestrians.

Future Danish pedestrian.

Thanks to Tom, the dorkification of the West indeed.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:37 AM | Comments |

AlQaeda - Friggin Bastages

For two years the bastages cruelly tortured a six year old child of an Iraqi policeman!

This is a reminder to those who don't understand how evil these bastages are.

ALLUJA, Iraq (CNN) -- Like many young boys, Khidir loves playing with toy cars and wants to be a policeman like his father when he grows up. But it was his father's very job that caused the tiny child to suffer the unimaginable.

Khidir was just 6 years old when he was savagely ripped away from his family, kidnapped by al Qaeda operatives in Iraq.

"They beat me with a shovel, they pulled my teeth out with pliers, they would go like this and pull it," said Khidir, now 8, demonstrating with his hands. "And they would make me work on the farm gathering carrots."

What followed was even more horrific, an ordeal that would last for two years in captivity. Khidir and his father spoke to CNN recently, more than half a year after his rescue by Iraqi police.

"This is where they hammered a nail into my leg and then they pulled it out," he says, lifting up his pant leg to show a tiny wound.

He says his captors also pulled out each of his tiny fingernails, broke both his arms, and beat him repeatedly on the side of the head with a shovel. He still suffers chronic headaches. He remembers them laughing as they inflicted the pain.

"I would think about my mommy and daddy," he replies, when asked how he managed to get through the agony.

His father, Abdul Qader, struggles for words. "When he tells me about how they would torture him, I can't tolerate it. I start crying," he says. "What hurts me the most is when they hammered a nail into his leg."

Friggin bastards. I hope they are all in hell humping their friggin goats.

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Portugal Taking A Large Number (2) Of GITMO Detainees

Citing humanitarian reasons. As if they are treated badly at GITMO - gawd.

LISBON, Portugal (AP) — Portugal has agreed to take two Syrian detainees from Guantanamo prison, the foreign ministry said Friday.

The pair will be accepted on humanitarian grounds and granted special visas, the ministry said in a statement posted on its Web site. The ministry did not provide details on the detainees' identities....

The foreign ministry statement said the decision "safeguards aspects related to security (and) the prospects for the successful integration of the chosen former inmates." It did not elaborate.

The closure of Guantanamo prison is "a milestone for the renewal of transatlantic relations and a victory for those who defend and encourage respect for human rights within the context of the fight against terrorism," the statement said.

How very generous of them - not.

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Uniter-In-Cheif Wants America to Shut Up, Get Out of The Way

Quoth Dear Leader:

'I don't want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess'...
Hey, President Dipsh*t.



See you in 2010.

By the way, Jim Geraghty notes some massaging of the employment numbers - which Democrats out screaming at the public today think are just wonderful.

And the government deficit?

Now at $1.3 trillion. But don't worry, folks. We're living in "a new era of fiscal responsibility," right?

By Good Lt. at 09:27 AM | Comments |

Left Wing Thugs Exhorted By White House To "Punch Back Twice As Hard" Attack Conservative Activist At Meeting

So when does the White House start sharing some of the responsibility for causing this?

Kenneth Gladney, a 38-year-old conservative activist from St. Louis, said he was attacked by some of those arrested as he handed out yellow flags with “Don’t tread on me” printed on them. He spoke to the Post-Dispatch from the emergency room of the St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, where he said he was waiting to be treated for injuries to his knee, back, elbow, shoulder and face that he suffered in the attack. Gladney, who is black, said one of his attackers, also a black man, used a racial slur against him before the attack started.

“It just seems there’s no freedom of speech without being attacked,” he said.

If it were talk radio hosts or their listeners who were beating union activists, we'd be hearing about how talk radio "stirs up" and "foments violence," or as leftwing stooge Bill Moyers once put it, "stirs up riots in the mind."

When does the White House apologize to the 50%+ and growing number of the American people who were - up until yesterday, when the White House used verbal violence to urge it's union supporters to "punch back twice as hard" - entitled to peacefully protest their Congressional representatives without fear of coercion or violence from supporters of the Obama Administration?

Good work by Patterico getting this.

VIDEO from Gateway Pundit
: Police arrest at least one SEIU member caught on tape attacking protesters (Obama supporters, urged by the White House yesterday to show up at these meetings and "punch back twice as hard").

For the record, Obamacrats, SEIU is what brownshirts look like - complete with their top-down White House marching orders and cute little uniforms.

UPDATE by Rusty
: SEIU and the “persuasion of power.

By Good Lt. at 07:34 AM | Comments |

Pakistani Taliban Chief Believed Killed

Good morning official confirmation yet, but looking good...

Via NY Times

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - There is a strong likelihood that Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud was killed along with his wife and bodyguards in a missile attack two days ago, Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik told Reuters.

"We suspect he was killed in the missile strike," Malik said Friday. "We have some information, but we don't have material evidence to confirm it."

A U.S. official also said there was reason to believe Mehsud was dead.

"There is reason to believe that reports of his death may be true, but it can't be confirmed at this time," said the official, providing the information on condition of anonymity.

The official would not comment on the circumstances surrounding Mehsud's possible death.

To the predator driver....thanks.

Update by Howie: Its not a predator vid but what the heck, Baitullah Mehsud's been Thunderstruck!

By Matt Damon at 03:47 AM | Comments |

August 06, 2009

Who To Mourn?

The man who gave us this?

Oh, he's very popular Ed. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, waistoids, dweebies, dickheads - they all adore him. They think he's a righteous dude.

Or the man who may have died defending this:

John Hughes will be missed. Baitullah Mehsud? Not so much, if it's true that he's been vaporized. We can only hope.

But wait.... I thought we already won the War On Terror. Why are we still killing Taliban?????

I'm so confused.

By Vinnie at 11:31 PM | Comments |

On Day White House Advocates "Punching Back Twice As Hard" At Heretofore Peaceful Protestors, Violence Breaks Out At Townhall

Gee - I wonder what's happening here. Let's examine the course of events in the past two days.

Have there been reports of violence at these in previous WEEKS from townhalls prior to today's Democrat-ordered exhortations for union thugs to "punch back twice as hard" and "get in their faces?" No. Harsh words directed at desreving Congress members, but no violence. Now combine this with Democrats' campaign in the past two days to smear, demonize and incite hatred towards 1/2 of the US population that doesn't want it's health care taken over by the government, and you have a Democrat-stirred cauldron of potential trouble - cheered on by Democrat elected officials, Democrat media outlets like MSNBC and Democrats in the White House. "Astroturfing" times 50.

Coincidence? I don't think so. You're seeing the results of the Democrats' orders to hired union thugs to "punch back twice as hard." Apparently, Democrats took that as a call to incite violence where there previously had been no violence. And then they pretend they're the victims and try to blame the GOP and the protestors - who up until today, prior to the White House's exhortation to their supporters to "punch back twice as hard," had been peacefully (and vocally, without violence), telling their Congresscritters that their health care plan sucked and they were concerned with it.

- - -
MORE: In St. Louis, where Gateway Pundit was attending a townhall, protesters were locked out from speaking their minds to Congresscritters who are attempting to take over their health care while SEIU union members were admitted.

Nope, no pattern here. Just a bunch of random, spontaneous materialization of people who for months were not motivated to attend townhalls to protest health care, but WITHIN ONE DAY suddenly show up and shut out anti-Obamacare protesters while admitting themselves.

- - -
DEMOCRAT GROUP (HCAN) MEMO LAYS OUT 'PLAN' FOR SHUTTING DOWN ANTI-OBAMACARE PROTESTS AT TOWNHALLS - by falsely claiming that Congresspeople are "being attacked" and that they "need cover" from protesters or those expressing opinions other than the Obama Administration's talking points.

And you'll be shocked to know that SEIU sits on the steering committee for this astroturfing organization.

By Good Lt. at 09:10 PM | Comments |

Birthers get PWN3D by Fake "Kenyan Birth Certificate"

Bwahahaha! See what happens when you WANT TO BELIEVE without thinking critically?

You'll fall for anything. And the Birthers did. Now what did you learn, Birthers?

Here's what you should have learned: KNOCK THIS IDIOTIC CRAP OFF.

ht: LGF

By Good Lt. at 07:19 PM | Comments |

First Open Racist Approved For High Court

The Supreme Court can't look like America if you don't accept people who believe certain races are inherently superior.

From Breitbart:

The Senate confirmed Sonia Sotomayor as the first Latino U.S. Supreme Court justice Thursday, a victory for President Barack Obama.

The Senate voted 68-31 to confirm Obama's nominee to the top court, largely along party lines. Nine Republican senators joined the Democratic majority to vote for Sotomayor, 55.

Now that the racist glass ceiling has been shattered, which racists shall we elevate next? Skinheads, New Black Panthers...perhaps only a wise Latina woman can help us decide.

By Bluto05:41 PM | Comments |

California SUCKS!!

Which must be true since it produced that Shackleford guy.

By Howie at 04:16 PM | Comments |

PJTV: Sonja Schmidt on Obama's "Friends"

???? She must be raayyyycyst!

Hat Tip: Roger.

By Howie at 04:14 PM | Comments |

Good News: War on Terror Over -- we won!

You just gotta love the Obama White House: where semantics are considered the key weapon in winning the war on terror beating the jihadists winning this .... er ... thingy .... where we shoot radical Islamists misunderstanderers of a very noble religion .... because they are ... um ... shooting at us.

Oh, hell. Just read the damn article! Washington Times:

The President does not describe this as a 'war on terrorism,'" said John Brennan, head of the White House homeland security office, who outlined a "new way of seeing" the fight against terrorism.

The only terminology that Mr. Brennan said the administration is using is that the U.S. is "at war with al Qaeda."

"We are at war with al Qaeda," he said. "We are at war with its violent extremist allies who seek to carry on al Qaeda's murderous agenda."

And even though they call this thing they are engaged in jihad, and the word jihadist is used in Muslim countries by Muslims opposed to violent Islamism to describe terrorists and their ilk, let us never use this word. Or any word which might associate al Qaeda, their "allies", or their "murderous agenda" with, you know, some particular religion.

No mention that this murderous agenda just happens to be the Islamic State.

Or that the Obama administration has just pledged to give more money and arms to one such Islamic state. Sure, the Islamists of the Islamic Courts Union are better for our interests than the Islamists of the al Shabaab -- but oh what a choice!

In Somalia: We. Are. Phucked!

Either it's a shot in the mouth, or it's a shot in the ass!

Nevertheless, since Obama has now ended the war on terror in order to pursue the war on terrorists then I guess this mean ...



By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:52 PM | Comments |

Video: Taliban = Retard

Watch this Taliban retard grab his hot gun barrel. Hilarity ensues.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:54 PM | Comments |

Gay Wrestling Porn + Chick in a Hijab = Instant Classic


This has got to be a put on. But if it is, it's good. Watch as the "sister" defends her true Muslim street cred while what appears to be some odd kind of gay wrestling porn plays in the back. Don't worry, the man-on-man action is pretty softcore, out of focus, ... and creepy.

Andrew Sullivan, is that you?

If you find the original YouTube video or the video available in embeddable format, let me know.

Thanks to "it is I from the netherlands".

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:33 PM | Comments |

Hot Cars Boost Testosterone

University researchers have found that men with hot cars have substantially higher levels of testosterone in their spit. Just sitting in the hot car trips an endocrinological response which is measured in saliva.

The conclusion is that men who want more Mojo in their libido need to get a hot car.

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It Sucks to Be Married to Taliban Commander Baitullah Mehsud

She was killed. My heart aches.

Good thing he has a few more wives to spare!

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Barack Obama Is Trig Palin's Father!

If it isn't true, then how come Sarah Palin won't release Trig's long form birth certificate?

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Astroturfing Grassroots Jihad?

Fred Burton over at Stratfor has an excellent article summarizing what we know about the 8 would-be jihadis from North Carolina indicted this week. In it, he reminds readers that in the pre-9/11 world the law was such that it made it difficult to prosecute those involved in terrorism until after violence had been committed.

Thanks to The Patriot Act, though, law enforcement officials have been given important tools in preventing acts of terrorism.

But I think most important in his analysis this notion of "grassroots jihad". When would-be jihadis are unable to connect to al Qaeda central, they are left with planning terrorist acts on their own.

Since Ayman al-Zawahiri has specifically instructed those following the Salafi jihadi path to commit acts of terror wherever they may be, I wonder if the "astroturfing" analogy might be better than "grassroots"?

In any event, read the article. Thanks to Jen.

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Nigerian "Taliban" Beheads 3 Pastors

About those Nigerian "Taliban". Just when you thought it was as bad as it could get, it gets worse:

“The pastors alongside one Ibo man were asked to change their faith to Islam like they did to other people taken as hostages. I think there was an argument by one of the pastors which gave the others some level of confidence to also resist accepting Islam.

“The Yusufiya men who were armed on that Tuesday afternoon were not comfortable with the pastors and they took one of them to the sect leader in his inner chamber. They came out later to the courtyard within the compound and cut their heads one after the other and thereafter, shouted allah akbar in wild celebration accompanied with several gun shots,” the eye witness disclosed.


UPDATE and RELATED: Over at Anwar al-Awlaki's site he publishes a letter praising the Nigerian Taliban. As a reminder, al-Awlaki is scheduled to be a key note speaker at an upcoming London fundraiser.

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Pelosi Claims Swastikas at Healthcare Protests and Godwin's Law

Kevin Aylward debunks Pelosi's claim. However, scroll down to the very bottom screencap he posts and you will see what appear to be Nazi type SS lightning bolts.

The problem with Pelosi's claim is not that it might not be true. It might, in fact, be true. I've received dozens of emails regarding Obama's health care plans which use Nazi analogies.

The problem is that Pelosi is trying to infer that those protesting Obama's version of health care reform are far right wing radicals: ie, neo-Nazis.

Look, a Swastika, see they must be white supremacists

It's part of the Democratic narrative: any who oppose Obama are racist, any who oppose his policies are extremists -- organized extremists.

However, look at the pic posted by Kevin carefully. You'll see that the Nazi lightning bolt is used as an "S" and that the last S -- the one that I can see -- is the first letter of "Socialism".

In other words, if protesters are bringing signs with Nazi symbology on them it is likely that they are comparing Pelosi and Obama to Nazis for their socialistic tendencies. For instance, one of the photoshops sent to me by reader Corky.


What we have here is a perfect example of Godwin's law -- also called Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies: As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.

If Pelosi saw a sign with a Swastika on it and didn't realize the protester was calling her a Nazi, then she is indeed more stupid and out of touch than I previously thought.

: Case in point, sent by Andrea Shea King.


As Gd. Lt and Mongol remind us in the comments, though, the Bush-Nazi analogies came practically every day for 8 years.

Which I think goes to the point of Godwin's law: people make stupid analogies all the time and as arguments become heated they inevitably lead to comparisons with Hitler.

Bush was no Hitler.

Just like Obama is no Hitler. A Jimmy Carter? Yes. And worse. But not a Hitler.

And Allahpundit asks this important question: If it's all an astroturfing campaign, then why send out your operatives with swastika posters?

Of course, the answer is obvious: it isn't an astroturfing campaign.

However, given the number of emails I've been getting over the past two weeks using Nazi analogies and symbology, I wouldn't discount the claim altogether.

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Video : Facing Questions at AARP Town Hall, Staffers Abandon Meeting

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Heartache: Blogger Who Made Up Palin Divorce Story Fired

He was a kindergarten teacher. Generally speaking, you don't want your kindergarten teachers advocating porn.

Alas, he was fired.

Crocodile tears. Big wet crocodile tears.

Further heartache update: He wasn't fired, those meany wight-wing-wepublicans forced him to quit!

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To: America
From: Jawa Report
RE: Plunge in Taliban Communiques


The NEFA Foundation has released a new chart by NEFA Senior Investigator Evan Kohlmann titled, "Charting the Ongoing Drought in Taliban Media." The chart helps illustrate how, over the past few weeks, the number of daily communiqués and statements issued online by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) has been dramatically curtailed without any explanation from the Taliban. Though neither the U.S. government nor U.S. military have commented on the issue, the major dip in Taliban communications activity seems to have occurred directly following the Taliban capture of U.S. soldier Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl and the release of an Internet video of Bergdahl. (See Chart Here PDF format)
Which is coincidentally about the same time the Jawas got to work on all those Taliban websites. The best part from the chart..
As of August 5th 2009 almost all the major propaganda websites and Jihad news feeds are either unresponsive or have been knocked off by unidentified culprits
Yes we do rock don't we?

See here:Fighting Back: Jawa vs Taliban Propaganda Machine Round 10 *sticky* (PWNED!)

Coincidence? I think not. The loss of websites means Dr. Talib Mujahadid is spending all his time rebuilding his outlets. And has less time to post his crap. And I think we make him paranoid. Especially when the Pakistanis figured out just which person was registering all those URLs. It was the same person/customer according the Pakistani provider.

Hey baby, you're welcome.

As for why the Taliban have not said anything, either he can't find the email for all the bad gay porn spam, or else they just don't want to admit to being PWNED by a bunch of Zionist Star Wars geeks over their lunch hour.

As Ace would say, but mostly The Taliban don't want to admit to being PWNED by a bunch of Zionist Star Wars geeks over their lunch hour.

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20 Cow and 40 Goat Offer For Chelsea Still On Table

Via Yahoo News:

NAIROBI, Kenya – A Kenyan man's offer of 40 goats and 20 cows for Chelsea Clinton's hand in marriage may still be on the table — and Hillary Rodham Clinton has promised to convey the "very kind offer" to her daughter.

To laughter at a town hall meeting Thursday in Kenya, CNN's Fareed Zakaria asked the U.S. Secretary of State if the Clintons had made a decision on the dowry offer. In 2000, a Kenyan man wrote to then-president Bill Clinton offering the animals in accordance with African tradition.

Yeah but at 29 is she still worth that, or has there been some sort of African cow/goat deflationary problem?

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Round and Round She Goes

Click for larger

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August 05, 2009

William Ayers Must Be So Proud


The biggest difference between the Manson family and the Weather Underground? The Weather Underground didn't get convicted.

Well, maybe one or two low level peons. The rest went on to become good friends with our current President.

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"Cold Cash" Congressman Convicted

(Alexandria, Virginia) Former Democrat Rep. William J. Jefferson of Louisiana was convicted Wednesday on 11 federal corruption charges by a jury that deliberated for five days.

Sentencing TBD. Jefferson faces possible decades in prison.

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Things To Do With The Snitch Email Addy

Yanno, that thang?

Well, start using it as your email in blog comments. When the spam scrapers come along, they'll scrape it and start bombarding it with spam. I'm sure there's a spam filter, but, hey, it'll suck bandwidth.

Get lots of penis-enlargement spam yourself? Well, why not just forward it to the email addy.

Finally, report Kos and the Huffington Post (or any other leftard site) as spreading disinformation about Obamacare.

See? It's not all bad, we can have fun with this.

I haz it

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Noted al Qaeda Supporter to Speak at "Human Rights" Fundraiser in London [Updated: Noted Terror Apologist Responds]

Imam Anwar al-Awlaki is hands down the most popular public al Qaeda supporter in the English speaking world. His sermons justifying the radical Islamist vision of the Taliban, al Shabaab, and al Qaeda are viral among jihadis and their sympathizers the world over.

Although an American citizen -- formerly of Colorado and once the Muslim Chaplain at George Washington University -- he lives in Yemen. After being released from a Yemeni prison for his overtly pro-al Qaeda sermons, al-Awlaki continues to preach violent jihad online.

Most recently, al-Awlaki posted a message congratulating the "mujahidin" for killing members of Yemen's Army. Those "mujahideen" belonged to al Qaeda.

Now, al-Awlaki will be a key note speaker at a "human rights" fundraiser. While he will not personally be at the event -- one can only hope that he would be considered persona non grata in the UK -- he will be delivering his sermon via video.

The annual Ramadan fundraiser for "Cageprisoners" featured such "human rights activists":

Sami El Haj - Al-Jazeera, former Guantanamo prisoner
Mustafa Terry Holdbrooks Jnr - Former US Military Policeman who embraced Islam in Guantanamo
Binyam Mohamed - Former Guantanamo prisoner, speaking publicly for the first time since his release
Imam Anwar al-Awlaki - Eminent Islamic Scholar (video message)
Ahmed Ghappour - Lawyer for the legal charity Reprieve, who represent over 30 prisoners in Guantanamo
Moazzam Begg - Director, Cageprisoners, former Guantanamo detainee
Yvonne Ridley - Journalist, Patron, Cageprisoners, speaking about the case of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui and her visit to Bagram
Amir Sulaiman - Acclaimed poet of the spoken word, reciting his works and some poems from Guantanamo
Mustafidh Gani - Shariah Graduate and Teacher

Followed by prayers led by:
Moussa Zemmouri (Former Guantanamo prisoner)

Notice a pattern here?

If "Cageprisoners" is really so concerned about "human rights" and the plight of Guantanamo deatainees, then why is it featuring al Qaeda's most famous English speaking apologist?

The answer, of course, is that Cageprisoners is just a front for the kind of radical Islam embraced by al Qaeda and the Taliban in Britain. It always has been.

The fundraiser will be held at Kensington Town Hall, presumably a public facility. And if you scroll down to the bottom of the announcement page, you realize that now one of radical Islam's front groups has corporate sponsorship.

An al Qaeda spokesman using public facilities and funded by British corporations.

It's as if 9/11 and 7/7 never really happened.

UPDATE: One of the speakers, Yvonne Ridley, responds in the comments section. She notes that Imam Anwar al-Awlaki "never been charged or convicted of anything".

I never said that he had.

However, any one that disputes that al-Awlaki is a supporter of al Qaeda doesn't know Anwar al-Awlaki. Or is a liar. If I believed for an instance that Ms. Ridley had the intellectual capacity to spot truth from lies, I might accuse her of being the latter of the two. As it is, I just think she's crazy.

Look at al-Awlaki's most recent blog posting in which he, personally, congratulates al Qaeda for a recent attack.

(Update by Jane: this WaPo article details Awlaki's connection to 9/11 highjackers al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi, funding of al Qaeda through the US branch of a Yemeni charity and his visits with intermediaries of bin Laden and "Blind Sheik" Omar Abdel Rahman while Awlaki was still in the US. The FBI also determined that Awlaki continued working with al Qaeda after he left the US in 2002 .)

As Ridley well knows, al-Awlaki is by far the most popular "scholar" amongst the English speaking Salaafi jihadi crowd. His series of sermons expounding on al-Ayyiri's Constants on the Path of Jihad are key in understanding the jihadi mindset, which is why, again, they are considered an essential component in Jihad 101 -- at least, among those with limited Arabic skills.

For further evidence, I would point Ms. Ridley to NEFA's recent expose on the influence of al-Awlaki's sermons on would-be terrorists in the West.

No, he's never been charged with any specific offense. But he is a backer of violent jihad. For instance, his support of the designated terrorist group al-Shabaab -- a group that has pledged loyalty to Osama bin Laden.

Thousands of al Qaeda supporters have never been charged with anything.

If al-Awlaki would disavow al Qaeda and condemn them -- without any reservations -- then I would happily retract the accusation that he supports them.

But Ms. Ridley already knows that this isn't going to happen. She and her friends at Cageprisoners may feign that al-Awlaki has been wrongly accused and that the real issue is Guantanamo, but this is all obfuscation.

The same kind of obfuscation we see in her comments to me, where she praises Obama for promising to close Gitmo. You throw a bone to the peacenicks in order to make yourself seem like one of them.

But what she fails to mention is that her group, Cageprisoners, believes Obama has secret detention facilities all over the world where thousands of Muslims are routinely tortured.

From the very same announcement of the fundraiser which Ms. Ridley will be participating in, and which her comments are meant to defend:

However, we at Cageprisoners - and the former prisoners and their families - knew the devil was in the detail of what had not been said. The secret and extraordinary renditions programme had not been mentioned; the military detention facilities - like the ones in Abu Ghraib, Kandahar or Bagram - had not been mentioned; and, the proxy detention and torture sites had not been mentioned. To add, it appears that closing Guantanamo before the 20th January 2010 deadline may be too tall an order after all. The fact is that imprisonment without charge or trial is still very much a thing of the present.
If it isn't clear what kind of group this is -- one that melds leftwing extremist paranoia with the paranoia endemic to the Muslim world -- continue reading.

Yvonne Ridley herself is key in understanding the odd coalition of Islamist fanatics and leftwing activists. She is both.

She is an apologist for terror. Her ex-husband, Daoud Zaaroura, was a terrorist with the PLO. After being held captive by the Taliban, she turned an apologist for them.

She ran for an MP slot on the Respect Coalition -- a failed political party made up of Communists, peace activists, Muslims who believe there is a worldwide conspiracy against them, and led by the man who never met a terrorist he didn't like, George Galloway.

Again, take a look at the people Cageprisners calls "victims" and who the group agitates for release. From a previous post about Ms. Ridley:

Take a gander at the prisoners they're trying to get set free and you'll see names like Johnny Walker Lindh (admitted American Taliban), Jose Padilla (suspected in a plot to commit "dirty bomb" attacks), and, unsurprising, the blind mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing, Sheikh Omar Abdur Rahman.
That aforementioned post, not so incidentally, was written because Ms. Ridley was helping spread rumors--- started by al Qaeda operatives -- that attempted murderer and known al Qaeda financier Aafiya Siddiqui was secretly held for years in Bagram, Afghanistan.

Here's a woman who finds it difficult to condemn the former leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, but who has no problem condemning any war fought anywhere by any one against Muslim fanatics -- even if that war itself is being fought by less fanatical Muslims.

But really, what should we expect from a woman who's hatred of American runs so deep that even al Jazeera fired her for being an extremist?

When al Jazeera thinks you're an extremist, you just might be an extremist.

And how did she know that I mentioned her name in this post in the first place? Let me suggest that she's the kind of person who Google's her own name, routinely.

The woman is so paranoid, that she actually thinks the CIA gave enough of a crap about her that they wanted her dead.

The CIA. Wanted her dead.

That's the kind of person we're talking about here. That's the kind of organization we have in Cageprisoners.

To reiterate: Cageprisoners will be featuring a known al Qaeda supporter as a key note speaker in an upcoming fundraiser. The money is used to agitate for the freeing of convicted terrorists, like Omar Abdur Rahman. The group is using a public facility for this and now has corporate sponsorship.

This cannot be a good thing.

And So the Lies About Aafia Siddiqui Begin
Taliban apologist Yvonne Ridley speaks at UC Irvine
Meet Yvonne Ridley, A Former "Guest" of the Taliban
Another American Al-Qaeda in Yemen

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Cornyn Attacks Obama Scheme To "Flag" Dissenters

Here's an update on Obama's sinister plot to identify Americans who disagree with his plans for healthcare.

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) is poking big brother in the eye.

From Agence France Presse via Breitbart:

"I am not aware of any precedent for a president asking American citizens to report their fellow citizens to the White House for pure political speech that is deemed ?fishy? or otherwise inimical to the White House?s political interests," John Cornyn of Texas wrote US President Barack Obama..."I can only imagine the level of justifiable outrage had your predecessor asked Americans to forward emails critical of his policies to the White House," Cornyn wrote, referring to former president George W. Bush.

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Rasmussen poll: 71% Say Obama's Policies Have Driven Up Deficit

This has been dually reported to the White House's Ministry of Disinformation Refutation because it sounds "fishy:"

Seventy-one percent (71%) of U.S. voters say President Obama’s policies have increased the size of the federal deficit, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

Only five percent (5%) say the president’s policies have cut the deficit, and 10% say they have had no impact. Thirteen percent (13%) are not sure.

Just doing my part to keep the American people safe from fact-based information the Obamacrats might not like hearing.

PS - I wonder who those 5% are - they're a very special kind of stupid and likely educated in the government-run school system.

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Minnesota Rep Keith Ellison's "Town Hall"

He doesn't appear to want to answer this question - "are you willing to be under this plan?"

A Obamabot mentions the UN gives us the right to have healthcare...huh?!?!?!?!

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My In Box

Obama & company are calling in their "troops"

President Barack Obama to me

This is the moment our movement was built for.

For one month, the fight for health insurance reform leaves the backrooms of Washington, D.C., and returns to communities across America. Throughout August, members of Congress are back home, where the hands they shake and the voices they hear will not belong to lobbyists, but to people like you.

Home is where we're strongest. We didn't win last year's election together at a committee hearing in D.C. We won it on the doorsteps and the phone lines, at the softball games and the town meetings, and in every part of this great country where people gather to talk about what matters most. And if you're willing to step up once again, that's exactly where we're going to win this historic campaign for the guaranteed, affordable health insurance that every American deserves.

There are those who profit from the status quo, or see this debate as a political game, and they will stop at nothing to block reform. They are filling the airwaves and the internet with outrageous falsehoods to scare people into opposing change. And some people, not surprisingly, are getting pretty nervous. So we've got to get out there, fight lies with truth, and set the record straight.[Fight the truth with lies is more like it...ed]

That's why Organizing for America is putting together thousands of events this month where you can reach out to neighbors, show your support, and make certain your members of Congress know that you're counting on them to act.

But these canvasses, town halls, and gatherings only make a difference if you turn up to knock on doors, share your views, and show your support. So here's what I need from you:

Can you commit to join at least one event in your community this month?

In politics, there's a rule that says when you ask people to get involved, always tell them it'll be easy. Well, let's be honest here: Passing comprehensive health insurance reform will not be easy. Every President since Harry Truman has talked about it, and the most powerful and experienced lobbyists in Washington stand in the way.

But every day we don't act, Americans watch their premiums rise three times faster than wages, small businesses and families are pushed towards bankruptcy, and 14,000 people lose their coverage entirely. The cost of inaction is simply too much for the people of this nation to bear.

So yes, fixing this crisis will not be easy. Our opponents will attack us every day for daring to try. It will require time, and hard work, and there will be days when we don't know if we have anything more to give. But there comes a moment when we all have to choose between doing what's easy, and doing what's right.

This is one of those times. And moments like this are what this movement was built for. So, are you ready?

Please commit now to taking at least one action in your community this month to build support for health insurance reform:

Let's seize this moment and win this historic victory for our economy, our health and our families.

Thank you,

President Barack Obama


Wonder how many Obamabots are left....

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DNC Disinformation Emails Being Frantically Sent to Evaporating Obama Cultists

Here's the text of the DNC email that is being frantically sent to non-mobs of Democrats so that...mobs of Obama cultists can somehow materialize without being organized? I don't know - they're the ones who are flailing.

Anyway, see what is being orchestrated against you - the American people - by the well-funded denizens of the DNC:

There’s been a lot of media coverage about organized mobs intimidating lawmakers, disrupting town halls, and silencing real discussion about the need for real health insurance reform.

The truth is, it’s a sham. These “grassroots protests” are being organized and largely paid for by Washington special interests and insurance companies (they decline to name any, because there aren't any -ed.) who are desperate to block reform. They’re trying to use lies and fear to break the President and his agenda for change (she hasn't obviously seen the fearmongering, unintentionally hilarious ad her own organization released today -ed.).

Health insurance reform is about our lives, our jobs, and our families — we can’t let distortions and intimidation get in the way. We need to expose these outrageous tactics, and we’re counting on you to help. Can you read these “5 facts about the anti-reform mobs,” then pass them along to your friends and family?

5 facts about the anti-reform anti-government takeover "mobs."

1. These disruptions are being funded and organized by out-of-district special-interest groups and insurance companies who fear that health insurance reform could help Americans (no, they aren't, but lies and DNC fearmongering are more fun than facts -ed.), but hurt their bottom line. A group run by the same folks who made the “Swiftboat” ads against John Kerry is compiling a list of congressional events in August to disrupt. An insurance company coalition has stationed employees in 30 states to track where local lawmakers hold town-hall meetings. (again, she doesn't mention any by name, meaning that she doesn't know of any because she's lying and she'd be sued if she did name one -ed.)

2. People are scared because they are being fed frightening lies. These crowds are being riled up by anti-reform lies being spread by industry front groups (who in industry? -ed.) that invent smears to tarnish the President’s plan and scare voters. But as the President has repeatedly said, health insurance reform will create more health care choices for the American people, not reduce them (false - Obama himself has said, on multiple occasions, that the aim is to get single-payer health care instituted, which is by definition anti-choice. -ed.). If you like your insurance or your doctor, you can keep them, and there is no “government takeover” in any part of any plan supported by the President or Congress. (also a lie - Obama wants single-payer care, which is government-run -ed.)

3. Their actions are getting more extreme (yes, protesting and dissenting, once "the highest form of patriotism" under Bush, is "extreme." -ed.). Texas protesters brought signs displaying a tombstone for Rep. Lloyd Doggett and using the “SS” symbol to compare President Obama’s policies to Nazism. Maryland Rep. Frank Kratovil was hanged in effigy outside his district office (Sarah Palin was hanged in effigy outside a home during the campaign last fall, and her church was burned to the ground. Where was the DNC email? -ed.). Rep. Tim Bishop of New York had to be escorted to his car by police after an angry few disrupted his town hall meeting — and more examples like this come in every day. And they have gone beyond just trying to derail the President’s health insurance reform plans, they are trying to “break” the President himself and ruin his Presidency. (liberals during the Bush years, on the other hand, wanted Bush to succeed in everything he did, without question. Look! A unicorn! -ed.)

4. Their goal is to disrupt and shut down legitimate conversation. Protesters have routinely shouted down representatives trying to engage in constructive dialogue with voters, and done everything they can to intimidate and silence regular people who just want more information. One attack group has even published a manual instructing protesters to “stand up and shout” and try to “rattle” lawmakers to prevent them from talking peacefully with their constituents. (the left and Democrat activists, on the other hand, were never guilty of this during the Bush years. EVER. -ed.)

5. Republican leadership is irresponsibly cheering on the thuggish crowds. (GO OUT THERE AND GET IN THEIR FACES - Barack Obama (D) -ed.) Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner issued a statement applauding and promoting a video of the disruptions and looking forward to “a long, hot August for Democrats in Congress.” (poor widdle babies have to hear from the people they work for who they're ignoring and insulting - call the waaahmbulance -ed.)

It’s time to expose this charade, (see text of this email for the real charade -ed.) before it gets more dangerous. Please send these facts to everyone you know. You can also post them on your website, blog, or Facebook page. (in other words, organize, organize, organize while we pretend the opposition is somehow not allowed to. -ed.)

Now, more than ever, we need to stand strong together and defend the truth. (the truth is, this Obamacare plan raises the deficit, decreases quality, increases costs, limits choice, puts the government in charge of rationing care and destroys private insurance. And Americans know it. -ed.)



Jen O’Malley Dillon
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

Keep a sharp lookout out for those dangerous mobs this summer, America! Don't want people protesting the government and exercising their First Amendment rights, do we?


By Good Lt. at 12:40 PM | Comments |

Yemeni Editor Prevented from Life Saving Treatment Abroad.

Al Ayyam is one of the oldest and most respected newspapers in Yemen. As it began covering the repetitive massacres of Yemeni protesters in South Yemen, the paper faced outrageous targeting by the Yemeni regime, which prefers to keep these slaughters hushed up. (Eighteen protesters were killed in a single day when police opened fire on a protest in Zanzibar two weeks ago.)

al Tagheer published an Arabic statement by al Ayyam detailing the chronology of the events surrounding the closure of al Ayyam, the confiscation of its papers, assaults on its drivers and vendors, the violent police siege on the offices, the later arrest of protesters, and the prohibition of its editors from leaving Yemen, although the elder Mr. Bashrahil requires urgent medical treatment in Saudi Arabia, a follow up to his recent open heart surgery. The following is the CPJ"s statement from May; things just got worse after that:

New York, May 4, 2009--After confiscating thousands of copies of a critical independent newspaper, authorities laid siege today to the paper's offices in Aden, Yemen. The daily, Al-Ayyam, has been covering the ongoing conflict in the country's southern region.

Bashraheel Bashraheel, general manager of Al-Ayyam, told CPJ that after three consecutive days of authorities confiscating thousands of copies of the newspaper, security forces today surrounded Al-Ayyam and prevented the distribution of all 70,000 copies of the paper. Staff members are allowed to leave the building but are being searched as they exit, Bashraheel said.

By Jane at 12:28 PM | Comments |

Iraq: "Cubs Of AlQaeda" & "Birds Of Paradise" Arrested

Quite the names these alQaeda youths have. Kinda like alQaeda linked Somalian al Shabaab (the youth).

MEMRI - The Operations Command in Baghdad [security unit in charge of fighting terrorism] announced the arrest of three children who belong to the “Cubs of Al-Qaeda” [ashbal al-qa’ida]and six terrorists who recruit the “cubs.”....

In Kirkuk, the commander of the 12th Division announced the arrest of children and young people, including four below the age of 14, who are called the “Birds of Paradise”[tuyoor al-jannah].

Here's a "bird" for alQaeda

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1k Words on Raising Taxes on the Rich

You'll notice that the top 1% were paying more in income taxes than the botton 95% before The One raised their taxes. Oh, and he wants to raise them again. Click the image for more info.


Atlas Shrugs in 4 ... 3 .... 2 ....

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Direct From Afghanistan

Michael Yon's latest dispatch - "Common Scenes & Common Thoughts"

h/t Glenn Reynolds, who has a message from Yon.

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Joker Obama Goes Viral

Well, that was quick.


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Anyone Seen This POS Child Pornographer?

He is wanted for knowingly transporting or aiding in the transportation of visual depictions of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct. More details:

By Howie at 10:26 AM | Comments |

Animals: Iraqi "Insurgent" Group Beheads "Spy"

beheading_arrows_of_righteousness_brigades.jpgBumped because: a) it's original reporting; b) collectively we posted a lot yesterday, so you might have missed it; c) I think far too many people have forgotten the kind of animals we're still fighting; d) because of a -
c you might want to send the link to any one who still doesn't get the war on radical Islamism (political Islam).

-----Begin original post----

The return of beheading chic to Iraq? I certainly hope not. Al Qaeda's al Fajr media center posted a video yesterday from "The Arrows of Righteousness Brigades" showing the group murdering a man.

The man was accused of reporting the location of IEDs to the Iraqi authorities somewhere near Mosul, one of the last remaining hotbeds of Salaafi jihad activity.

For this, they murdered him.

Don't fool yourselves into thinking that beheading someone is a humane way to kill them. It isn't. The murderers use a knife to do the evil deed. Death does not come immediately, it takes time. There is pain.

Even more important is the fact that this video was released by al Qaeda's official media arm yesterday. This is not a "gotcha" video showing alleged abuses.

This is al Qaeda bragging that it murders -- in the most gruesome fashion -- any who oppose them or their proxies.

And the reaction on the Islamist forums? Disgust? Condemnation?

No, shouts of Allahu akbar! (God is great!)

Below are graphic images from the barbarians celebrating this. Consider yourselves warned.

Images below


Here is the banner al Fajr is running as an advertisement promoting the snuff film.

Disgusting does not even begin to describe the depths of their inhumanity.

These are the so-called "warriors of God"?

Here are some vidcaps. I only show them to remind you just what kind of animals we are fighting against. Click on it for larger image.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:25 AM | Comments |

Hamasywood Presents Imad Aqel

Look out Hollywood here comes Hamasywood. Well the producer didn't call it that, but I thought adding the "y" very fitting.

Guardian: Imad Aqel is an action-packed movie of the life and violent death of a Hamas militant who topped Israel's most-wanted list

The film's hero is a young militant, blamed by Israel for the deaths of 13 soldiers and settlers, who was killed at the age of 22 in a firefight in 1993. Many of the actors are Hamas members and, since the movie was finished, four of them have been killed in an Israeli attack. This is Imad Aqel, the first feature film funded by Hamas....

According to newspaper reports, the line that elicits the biggest cheer from the Gazan audience is when one of the characters declares: "To kill Israeli soldiers is to worship God".

"It's Hamaswood instead of Hollywood," said Hamad after the film's premiere last month at Gaza City's Islamic University. "We are trying to make quality art that is Islamic and about the resistance, without provocative (sexual) scenes." [They leave out the man/goat/man/man/man/boy/man/female toddler sexual scenes...ed]

Hamas actors have a short life span....hahahaha, way to go IDF!

By Stable Hand at 10:10 AM | Comments |

Another "Koran Incident" in Pakistan, 9 Christians Murdered

Apparently, some Muslims spread a rumor that prayers written on slips of paper for a wedding were pages from a Koran. It was untrue, but the reaction was predictable.

Islamic rage boys from miles around showed up to burn the village and nine people were murdered.

They threw stones, burned homes, and pursued those fleeing, firing wildly. In the end, nine people were dead. Seven of them have the same last name, Hamid, and belong to the same family clan as Fr. Hussein Younis, a Franciscan. They include two children. Their only fault is that they were Christian.
So this is how the religion of peace says to treat people of the book?

By Howie at 09:21 AM | Comments |

August 04, 2009

BFD, We're Used To It

Russian subs spotted off of our coast zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

By Vinnie at 11:38 PM | Comments |

Go Green - Pee in the Shower

Save the rain forest! (Story)

By at 10:20 PM | Comments |

Obama Joker Socialism Swag


Kevin Aylward, evil genius?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 07:05 PM | Comments |

Report to the Commissar

Some interesting reading at the official White House website:

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to
Monitor your friends for correct thoughts. It is your duty to the state to report subversive conversations.

Children, if your parents are making seditious remarks at home, be sure to report them to your Obama Youth leaders.

UPDATE by RS: Schnell! Schnell!

By Bluto04:48 PM | Comments |

Taliban seyz shiny new phones and pics of handsome boys haram

The taliban have threatened Afghanis against buying new cells phone and holding pictures of "unrelated women and handsome boys". Notice the adjectives the taliban used before women and boys, unrelated and handsome respectively.

This is just another case of the taliban saying the exact opposite of what they actually do. A taliban commander is addicted to the iPhone. The taliban are also known for putting on make-up and posing with "handsome boys" for teh ghey pictures. Reuters

GHAZNI, Afghanistan (Reuters) - The Taliban have warned Afghans that possessing pictures of "unrelated women and handsome boys" was against Islamic law and owning "shiny new phones" runs contrary to their religious dignity.

taliban.JPGThe Taliban have been posting "night letters" in the volatile southeastern province of Ghazni, reminding Afghans of their religious obligations and reiterating warnings that they will attempt to disrupt crucial presidential elections on Aug. 20.

In a restatement of the Taliban's austere interpretation of Islam, one letter warned people, especially the young, against using hi-tech gadgets such as cell phones with photography and video functions.

"People with camera cellphones must not have pictures of unrelated women and handsome boys in their phones, which is against Islamic sharia," reads one letter, obtained by Reuters on Monday. Sharia is Islamic religious law.

By at 03:15 PM | Comments |

Wow: Bill Clinton Actually is Good for Something

North Korean media is reporting that the Great Leader has pardoned journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee.

All hail the Great Leader!

Wow, who would have thought Bill Clinton was still good for something?

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Obamacare Logo

Dr O open for business.

By Stable Hand at 02:38 PM | Comments |

N.C. 7 Jihadis in Court Today

Don't worry, when they say they supported jihad they only meant inner struggle.

That's what all those weapons were for -- inner struggle.

On related news, the FBI has confirmed that the 8th suspect -- still at large, presumably in Pakistan -- is indeed 20 year old Jude Kenan Mohammad, of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Any one who has a pic of Mohammad, I'd be very interested in seeing what this guy looks like.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:07 PM | Comments |

Give The Finger, Wear A Carbon Credit Meter

A must for every greenie.


Rather than a key or a card, the carbon meter would fit on your hand and glows a particular color - green, yellow, orange or red - depending on how well you're using your public transportation allowance. Are you saving more carbon by hopping onto a train for a short ride, or would the hybrid bus have actually had the smaller footprint? The meter would let you know. But there's'd give the government insight on how well the public transportation systems are being used.

I think this contraption needs to end up in the carbon credits schemes garbage can

Click image for more. Caution, the website is called Treehugger

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Ansar al-Islam Leader Nabbed in Iraq

Non-sarcastic good news alert: One of the leaders of Ansar al-Islam was captured in Iraq.

You may remember Ansar al-Islam (called Ansar al-Sunnah for a period of time) from such classics as Army of Ansar al-Sunnah murders 7 on Video and Army of Ansar al-Sunnah murders 12 Nepalese hostages.

For fans of NBC's "The Wanted", you may recognize the name of the group from the very first episode when the Norwegians were shamed into deporting Mullah Krekar -- the group's founder -- to Iraq for prosecution.

So, good news all around.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:37 PM | Comments |

Where the Cool Online Terrorists Are

Aaron over at Internet Haganah has this year's top ten list of jihadi websites.

Those interested in the English language online jihad would do well to pay close attention to #7.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:19 PM | Comments |

Hizbullah's Al Manor TV Gets Permission To Air In Australia

JPHizbullah-sponsored TV network Al-Manar TV has been granted permission to broadcast in Australia, after having been banned on two occasions.

Dr. Colin Rubenstein, executive director of the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council, said the decision Friday by the Australian Communications & Media Authority that Al-Manar TV did not violate government anti-terror laws was "regrettable, if unsurprising."

"This is because the anti-terrorism standards, as revised last December, are grossly ineffective on the issue of incitement to violence and fundraising for terrorist organizations," Rubenstein said.

"Al-Manar is banned in France, Germany, Spain and the United States. It should also be banned in Australia," he added. Crazy, they are asking for trouble allowing Hizbollah's propaganda to be aired there.

Australia doesn't have Somali alQaeda linked terrorist group al Shabaab listed as a terrorist organization either. Al Shabaab sympathizers are accused of planning the terrorist attack at the Holsworthy Army base.

By Stable Hand at 01:15 PM | Comments |


Hump Day

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21 Yr. Old Deceased Minnesota Army Ranger Benjamin Kopp's Heart Lives On


Rosemount, Minn. (AP) — Army Ranger Benjamin Kopp died last month after being wounded in Afghanistan, but a part of the Minnesota soldier lives on...

Judy Meikle (57 yr old Chicagoan) says she got a call about Kopp's death two weeks ago from the soldier's cousin, who's her close friend. His heart was a perfect match for Meikle.

She says she now has the heart of an Army Ranger who's a bona fide hero.

Cpl Kopp died July 18:
Corporal Benjamin Stephen Kopp, 21, was seriously wounded during a combat operation in southern Afghanistan July 10. Kopp was medically evacuated through Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany to Walter Reed Medical Center, Washington, D.C., where he later died as a result of his wounds July 18.

His unit had attacked a Taliban safe haven where they fought a determined enemy from multiple directions for several hours, resulting in the killing of more than 10 Taliban fighters, according to official military reports.

He will be buried Friday at Arlington National Cemetery.

RIP Benjamin Kopp.

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China: Hookers more trustworthy than politicians

Both take your money and screw you. But with prostitutes that's what you wanted. Breitbart

Prostitutes are considered more trustworthy in China than government officials and scientists, a recent survey of more than 3,000 respondents showed.

The online survey of 3,376 Chinese showed that 7.9 percent of respondents considered sex workers trustworthy, putting them in third place after farmers and religious workers, the Insight China magazine said on its website.

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Australia Names 4 Suspects In Planned Attack On Holsworthy Army Base

Update on Terrorist Attack On Aussie Army Base Thwarted

The four are Nayaf El Sayed, Saney Aweys, Yacqub Khayre and Abdirahman Ahmed. Apparently they heart alQaeda linked Somali group al Shabaab. They liked using the telephone and kept in touch with each other through text messaging all of which led to their arrest.


Nick Robinson, prosecuting, told the court that the men, named as Nayaf El Sayed, Saney Aweys, Yacqub Khayre and Abdirahman Ahmed, planned to arm themselves and enter the Holsworthy base to try to kill as many soldiers as possible.

"To become self-proclaimed martyrs?" Peter Reardon, the magistrate, asked.

"Yes," Mr Robinson replied.

Text messages uncovered by investigators were read out to the court, including one sent from another suspect on March 24 that read: "Can you give me the address of the Australian A and the name of the train station."

Mr Robinson said another text message had been sent from a pay phone on March 27 giving directions to the Holsworthy base from the train station.

He said that CCTV footage showed that the suspect had "attended" the Holsworthy base on March 28. The man then allegedly sent a text message which read: "I strolled around... it is easy to enter."....

Operation Neath was launched after police intercepted a phone call between an Australian-Lebanese man they had been monitoring, and a Somali living in Melbourne, in which the Lebanese asked for help to travel to Somalia to fight with al-Shabaab, The Australian reported.

The Lebanese man’s calls had been monitored after he came to the attention of the authorities for espousing extremist views at his local mosque in Melbourne. Over the following months the police became increasingly concerned as the group discussed ways in which they could obtain weaponry and planned to seek a religious ruling supporting an attack on Holsworthy barracks.

Extremist views at a local mosque? Well color me surprised - not!

Slide show from the Times. Image #8 is a suspect but unfortunately he has covered his face with a paper.

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Taliban: Democracy is Bad or Something; Oh, and Death to America!

The latest from the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan" condemning the upcoming elections and urging Muslims to boycott them. What's duplicitous about this is that the Taliban are against democracy, period. Any other reasoning they give for why this particular election is bad, is sheer nonsense. Whether the U.S. was at war with them in Afghanistan or not, they still hate democracy and have, over and over again, stated this.

Anyway, for those of you interested, here is the message they left at various Islamic Forums. As Howie reminded you just this morning, the majority of their official websites are still off line:

Announcement by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regarding the American process of elections to mislead the Afghans

With the expansion and escalation of the Islamic Jihad which has been dealing crushing blows at the non-believers, now the Americans and their allies have come around that all their efforts would bear no fruit in this country and their various strategies, which are aimed at subjugating the Afghans, are now facing failure. To cover up this defeat; to save theirselves and deceive the people, the Americans have devised and launched various plans and conspiracies. One of them being the election-- an American process for which all western media is working to boost up. They have injected economic inputs into this project in addition to other military efforts in the shape of the operation of nearly 10,000 American and British troops in Helmand. These are immovable evidences on hand. How the Afghans would come to accept it as an Afghan process while it is being carried out by a direct support of the Americans both from the point of financing and propaganda dissemination. This process is devised by America, funded and monitored by her. The Americans maintain its security. So how one can call it an Afghan process when the invaders need at least 10,000 soldiers in one province for its implementation.

Four years ago when Karzai assumed power as a result of self-same process what did he do to materialize the aspirations of the Afghans? During the reign of this so-called president, the Americans did all in their power against the Afghans but what he did to prevent these atrocities? The merciless bombardment of civilians, lack of security, immorality, spread of foreign culture, increase in the number of foreign troops, collective killings of defenseless prisoners in Pulle-Charkhi prison--all these are the products of this dark reign.

In the economic field, as a symbol of their service to the country, the Afghans were forced to sell their dear children for food items and many countrymen were compelled to eat grass. This time the same game is played anew. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan believes that this American drama is a failure like other military and political efforts of America. Therefore, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan announces the following points in order to neutralize this process.

1. Based on their Islamic and Afghani obligations, the Afghans should boycott the upcoming election process of deception and fraud. They should choose the way of the strongholds of Jihad instead of the path of polling stations in order to obtain a true independence. They should snatch their rights from the usurpers through Jihad and resistance. Participation in the election is tantamount to making friendship and rendering help with the invading Americans. It grants their invasion legitimacy. Allah, the Almighty (SwT) says about friendship with non-believers:" O you who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians as friends( helpers, protectors) They are but friends to one another. And if any amongst you takes them as friends, then surely he is one of them. Verily Allah guides not those people who are wrongdoers. 51-Al-Maida. In another verse, Allah (SwT) the Almighty says:" Give to the hypocrites the tidings that there is for them a painful torment. Those who take disbelievers for friends (protectors, helpers) instead of believers, do they seek honor, power and glory, Then to Allah belongs all honor, power and glory. 138- Al-nissa.

The so-called elected government takes pride in the friendship of the invaders and acknowledges getting their assistance and feel prideful for that. They are accomplices of the invading masters in all atrocities and crimes perpetrated against our oppressed and miserable people. They are continuing to carry out the atrocities. If any one participates in the election, it will be tantamount to helping a wrongdoer in his wrongdoing and mischief making. The Holy prophet (peace be upon him) says about a man who helps a wrongdoer in his wrongdoing:" Whoever helps a wrongdoer in his wrongdoing, he will be brought on the Day of Resurrection while on his forehead, it will written: disappointed of the mercy of Allah." Narrated by Al-delme. In another saying of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him)_ narrated by Abdullah ibn Masoud (may Allah be pleased with him) it is said:" Whoever helps a wrongdoer in his wrongdoing, Allah will dominate (the wrongdoer) over him. "

2. Mujahideen should take every measure to impede this squalid process. They should launch operations against the enemy centers, should prevent people from participating in the election and close all main and secondary roads for governmental and private transportation one day prior to the election and inform the people accordingly.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

30.7. 2009

Thanks to Laura Mansfield.

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America's Government Losing Faith in Out-of-Touch Constituents

Via Iowa Hawk:

Guest Opinion
By Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA)
and Kathleen Sebelius, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services

Over two hundred years ago, America's founding fathers established a constitutional republic based on the audacious notion that the interests of its citizens would be best served by a wise body of their democratically-elected representatives. In the two centuries that have since transpired, that bold experiment has largely been a success. But we should also realize our system only works when the interests of voters and their government are in harmony. Unfortunately, recent evidence suggests that America's hard-working hometown legislators are feeling the pinch from a fickle and increasingly out-of-touch voter class who no longer serves our needs.

Read the rest...

By Howie at 08:59 AM | Comments |

Since Vinnie Is Not Here

I guess its up to me.


By Howie at 08:48 AM | Comments |

Michelle Obama Trying To Lower Unemployment Rate

all by her little old self.

Hillary, only had three; Jackie Kennedy one; Laura Bush one; and prior to Mamie Eisenhower social help came from the President's own pocket.
But Michelle has.....
1. $172,2000 - Sher, Susan (Chief Of Staff)

2. $140,000 - Frye, Jocelyn C. (Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Policy And Projects For The First Lady)

3. $113,000 - Rogers, Desiree G. (Special Assistant to the President and White House Social Secretary)

4. $102,000 - Johnston, Camille Y. (Special Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the First Lady)

5. Winter, Melissa E. (Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)

6. $90,000 - Medina, David S. (Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)

7. $84,000 - Lelyveld, Catherine M. (Director and Press Secretary to the First Lady)

8. $75,000 - Starkey, Frances M. (Director of Scheduling and Advance for the First Lady)

9. $70,000 - Sanders, Trooper (Deputy Director of Policy and Projects for the First Lady)

10. $65,000 - Burnough, Erinn J. (Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)

11. Reinstein, Joseph B. (Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)

12. $62,000 - Goodman, Jennifer R. (Deputy Director of Scheduling and Events Coordinator For The First Lady)

13. $60,000 - Fitts, Alan O. (Deputy Director of Advance and Trip Director for the First Lady)

14. Lewis, Dana M. (Special Assistant and Personal Aide to the First Lady)

15. $52,500 - Mustaphi, Semonti M. (Associate Director and Deputy Press Secretary To The First Lady)

16. $50,000 - Jarvis, Kristen E. (Special Assistant for Scheduling and Traveling Aide To The First Lady)

17. $45,000 - Lechtenberg, Tyler A. (Associate Director of Correspondence For The First Lady)

18. Tubman, Samantha (Deputy Associate Director, Social Office)

19. $40,000 - Boswell, Joseph J. (Executive Assistant to the Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)

20. $36,000 - Armbruster, Sally M. (Staff Assistant to the Social Secretary)

21. Bookey, Natalie (Staff Assistant)

22. Jackson, Deilia A. (Deputy Associate Director of Correspondence for the First Lady)

That's a pretty good chunk of change for someone who, you know, has no constitutional duties whatsoever.

Hat Tip: Her Royal Whyness (who has no assistants what so ever)

Oh and what's this? Why is Michelle "voluntarily inactive and not authorized to practice law"?

Hmmmm, I guess she's not a lawyer and hasn't been since 1993?

By Howie at 08:37 AM | Comments |

The Propaganda War With The Taliban

Via BBC:

The second front in the conflict between the Taliban and their enemies in government is the war of words - and in recent months that battle has intensified.

The Taliban have a sophisticated public relations machine which is making it harder for governments and their international allies to win the ever-important propaganda war.

...Insurgents have been using the internet very skilfully.

Their websites (in Pashto, Dari, Urdu, Arabic and English) are regularly updated with battlefield reports as well as statements by their leader, Mullah Muhammad Omar, and other commanders.

Yes their websites are slick, well the ones that are left.

Which are.

UPDATE: Down! Thanks for the help, and no more complaints for the time being.

Which will be hard to take down because two countries do almost nothing to keep the Taliban off the web despite the UN sanctions that require them to freeze all Taliban assets.

Those countries are Pakistan and Malaysia. If President Obama wants to win the war with the Taliban part of that effort has to be countering their propaganda outlets.

But no we just keep sending Pakistan money for nothing and I'm sure that bothering Malaysia about hosting the Taliban is low on Obi-One's list.

Both the above sites are set up the same way, see here and here. And yes I complained to APNIC about the false emails on the host's whois to no avail.

I've done what I can. They've lost their most popular URL's and I get the search traffic. LOL.

But until such a time as the administration takes seriously the need to counter and thwart enemy propaganda in a time of war, the Taliban, al-Qaeda and other groups will continue to use the internet to spread their propaganda, recruit new Mujahadeen to kill and maim our soldiers.

You might argue that you can never get rid of all the terrorist propaganda on the internet. True, but throwing a wrench in the works now and then sure can't hurt. It breaks that air of "statehood" the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan intends to create and makes them appear weak.

For obvious examples like those above we need to hold UN member states accountable for providing services against UN sanctions.

By Howie at 08:15 AM | Comments |

August 03, 2009

MI5 hired al Qaida sympathizers?

Taking workforce diversity to heart. BBC

A senior Tory MP has asked the home secretary whether al-Qaeda sympathisers were mistakenly recruited by MI5.

Patrick Mercer, chairman of the Home Affairs counter-terror sub-committee, said sources told him six had sought to infiltrate the security service.

Four were ejected at the initial vetting stage but two got "further down the system", he told the BBC.[...]

The MP believes the security services rushed to try and take on Muslim recruits after the 7/7 bombings on London's transport network in 2007.

He told the BBC: "The trouble is when you start recruiting in a hurry... your enemies will try to take advantage of any gaps that have been created."

The former intelligence officer said three separate sources had told him of the claims, which came as no surprise to him.

He said: "Any subversive organisation worth its salt is trying to do to our intelligence agencies what we are trying to do to them, I don't think we should be surprised.

By at 05:14 PM | Comments |

Swedish Somalis waging jihad in Somalia

It's well kown that at least 20 Somalis from Minneapolis have gone to Somalia to fight for al Shabaab but Somalis from other Western countries have gone to Somalia to fight with al Shabaab. Somalis from countries such as Canada, Britain, and Holland are fighting for al Shabaab.

Now it has been confirmed that Somalis from Sweden are also fighting for al Shabaab. Back in May, we posted that terrorists fighters from the US, Canada, Britain, Scandinavia, Pakistan are actively fighting for al Shabaab.

Recently Swedish police have confirmed that Somalis living in Sweden are traveling to Somalia to wage jihad with al Shabaab. At least one Somali from Sweden has been killed in the fighting. Counter Jihad: News for Infidels

A handful of Muslim Swedes have been killed in brutal fights. Young, Swedish-Somali men have been trained to fight and also participated in the bloody civil war in Somalia.

The Swedish security police, Sapo, told to Expressen newspaper that "a handful" Swedes have been killed in the war-torn country on Africa's east coast.[...]

Police spokesman, Patrik Peter, said that the man's sympathy with extremist Islam began while he still lived in Sweden.[...]

”It is a process that leads to ideological and religious activism. Muslim is convinced that it is acceptable to use violence to promote political messages," says Peter.

According to Peter the young man and the group he belonged to have been victims of the strong or charismatic people outside who have led them into extremism.

Most likely Xasaan Xuseen, the spiritual leader of al Shabaab, who has traveled to Sweden to collect money for al-Shabaab and recruit youth for the group's activities.
Malena Rembe, chief analyst at Sapo’s terror unit, told that Swedish Muslims have traveled to Somalia to participate in fighting or terrorism education.[...]

It’s well known in the Somali community that the group, which may have ties to terrorist network Al Qaida, has been recruiting youth in Sweden. Al Shabab has been especially active in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby, where a large number of Sweden’s Somali population lives.

Kadafi Hussein, youth leader at a Rinkeby community center, told SR International that he saw four young men recruit Somalis in a public square. “They talked about jihad and what was happening in Somalia. That it was right to go there, and that they’d help you out with a plane ticket if you needed it.”

By at 04:37 PM | Comments |

Australia: Terrorist Attack On Aussie Army Base Thwarted

Apparently the supposed terror cell was inspired by alQaeda linked al-Shabaab.

The Australian - A PLOT by Islamic extremists in Melbourne to launch a suicide attack on an Australian Army base has been uncovered by national security agencies.
Federal and state police, armed with search warrants, swooped on members of the suspected terror cell this morning, as they seek to arrest Australian nationals of Somali and Lebanese background in what will be the second-largest counter-terrorism operation in the nation's history.

The men are expected to be charged with a range of terrorism-related offences.

Authorities believe the group is at an advanced stage of preparing to storm an Australian Army base, using automatic weapons, as punishment for Australia's military involvement in Muslim countries. It is understood the men plan to kill as many soldiers as possible before they are themselves killed

Electronic surveillance on the suspects is believed to have picked up discussions about ways to obtain weapons to carry out what would be the worst terror attack on Australian soil.

The cell has been inspired by the Somalia-based terrorist movement al-Shabaab, with two Melbourne men, both Somalis, having travelled to Somalia in recent months to obtain training with the extremist organisation, which is aligned with al-Qa'ida.

One of those men has already returned to Melbourne. The other is still in Somalia.

Shows how Somalia's terrorist group al-Shabaab can have long reaching consequences, think Minnesota.

By Stable Hand at 03:51 PM | Comments |

Not Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: What's Joe Thinking Edition

I get my bike back today so I don't wanna blog Sunday anyway.


Caption this image of President Barack Obama, Skip Gates, Joe Biden and Mass., police Sgt. Joseph Crowley having a beer at the White House. It was nice of Joe to come along like that.

Fatwas will be issued.

UPDATE: Fatwas issued!

The "i will cut ur neck" fatwa issued against Elliot Spitzer for

biden: where did i put that phone number spitzer gave me...??

The "devil will do meetballs from your bodies" fatwa issued against Mope for

Biden: "The Devil will do meatballs from his ears? Wow, now that's talkin' some smack."
blatant cheating...

The "why u insult holly quoran" fatwa issued against Sea Dradon for

I'll see your 500 carbon credits, and raise you 100 ACORNs.

The "Thanks for the Photshop" fatwa issued against The Nose on Your Face for good measure.


Busy busy, gotta go ya'll.

By Howie at 02:36 PM | Comments |

UK: Policewomen Play Dress Up In Muslim Clothing

To better understand the Muslim faith.

A police exercise which saw female officers spending a day dressed in full Muslim dress has been blasted 'a complete waste of time'.

Two sergeants and a community support officer dressed in head-to-foot burkhas, jilbabs, hijabs and niqabs - with only narrow eye slits to see through as they accompanied four Muslim women.

Another officer wore Muslim dress and a head scarf showing her face as part of the scheme, called 'In Your Shoes', organised by South Yorkshire Police in Sheffield.

Islamization in action. Sheesh

By Stable Hand at 01:46 PM | Comments |

Why Cash for Clunkers Sucks

The so-called "highly successful" cash for clunkers program sucks. It is ineffective, inefficient, and inequitable.

As a rule, I shy away from economic analysis at this blog. Not because it's something I don't know about, but because it's something I know about. I try to keep my professional life and my blogging life separate, you see.

But the cash for clunkers program is so unjust, that I can't keep away from the subject. Besides, it's affecting me personally in a negative way and that pisses me off.

If the dual problems this program seeks to remedy are that we: a) need to get clunkers off the road given that they disproportionately contribute to air pollution; b) need to get car sales moving again to help the sagging econmy; then this is a crazy way of going about it.

Basic welfare economics says that it doesn't matter who owns the clunker and who is buying the new car. As long as one new car is bought when it otherwise would not have been, the auto industry will be stimulated. As long as one gas guzzler is off the road, air quality will be improved.

Both, of course, are marginal gains. But marginal gains compounded by each additional car sale and by each additional car off the road.

The rules as they are presently constituted for the program require that the car must have been owned, insured, and registered by the person buying the new car for at least one year. The idea being that you don't want to subsidize people to scrap old cars that haven't actually been polluting because they have been sitting out on Bubba's front yard for five years.

There is justification for the car being insured and registered for at least a year, but it is highly inefficient to require one year of ownership. This requirement also makes the program less effective than it should be.

For instance, I need a new car. No, really, I hit a deer last year and the thing is falling apart. Literally. My friends say that I remind them of that guy in the Free Credit Report advertisement. Yes, it's that bad.

A buddy of mine has an old truck he drives. He is not in the market for a new car. He can't afford one. But he is trying to unload his old truck on any sucker he can pawn it off to so that he can buy another used car.

If the program were effective and efficient, it wouldn't matter who's car was scrapped -- as long as a car was scrapped. And it wouldn't matter who bought the new car -- as long as a new car was bought.

Ideally, I would buy my buddy's old truck -- say for $1,000 (which is actually what he wants for the clunker!). I would then trade in that old truck, get the $4,500 credit, and buy a new car.

It's win-win-win.

I get a new car, and save $3,500 over what I would have paid ($4,500 - $1,000 paid to my friend.) I win.

My buddy get's rid of his old truck that he otherwise would not have sold, and buys another used car. He wins.

That old gas guzzler is off the road, meaning l