January 31, 2009

IAW: Coming To A City Near You

List of cities


F'n assmaggots

Update: Ummm, just so you know, I do not support the f'n assmaggots who are organizing this. Some in comments appear confused about this.

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Iraq Elections: Obama Congratulates Military UN For Successful Iraqi Election

Like pouring salt in a wound. Hopey/changey made no mention of what made this election possible.

Security for the country's first ballot since 2005 was extremely tight, with Iraqi police and military deployed in force, and Mr Obama praised the technical assistance by the United Nations and other organisations to Iraq's electoral commission, which he said "performed professionally under difficult circumstances."
Read the rest at Gateway Pundit

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Time to Open an Embassy in Tehran

That the Iranians are claiming that Obama's willingness to talk to them shows they've won is no surprise -- they're going to claim that, no matter what. If we followed the advice of some in the comments and bombed Iran, guess what they'd claim? That they won. For a more recent example, see: al Qaeda claiming they have us on the run in Iraq, Hamas claiming they won in Gaza, etc.


The significance is that it shows how obsessed the regime is with the perception that it’s winning its ideological battle with the west, to the extent that even rare attempts at rapprochement from the U.S. are sneered at as crude concessions of defeat. Like I’ve said before, that bodes very, very ill given how much national pride they’ve invested in the nuclear program. How can they make a deal with America to give up nukes when they’ve built their identity on defiance of America? Why, it’s practically a national slogan.
Propaganda matters, but it's only one part of the larger war against Islamist aggression. There is a very good reason why we not only should be talking to the Iranians, but also normalizing diplomatic relations: because US embassies are good for two things, attracting large number of stone throwers/flag burners; and serving as the central nexus of US efforts to gather intel.

It's why we have an embassy in Damascus, China, Russia, and Venezuala. It's why we need one in Cuba and Iran.

I'll concede that opening diplomatic relations with these two countries would be a win in the bad guys column, but sometimes you need to concede a small victory to your enemies in order to win the larger war.

I'll even concede that most State Department employees are a bunch of pansies. The values they've institutionalized, regrettably, are largely those of left wing academics and Wilsonian dreamers.

But junior diplomats are only part of the contingent in any given embassy. I used to spend quite a bit of time in the Moscow embassy. In the on-site quarters of one of the Marine guards. Trust me, you don't want to mess with one of these guys.

Think about it, and next time someone shouts that we need to be bombing Iran and not talking to them, fine. But where should we bomb? That is the kind of question an embassy "Assistant Attache for Cultural Affairs" is responsible for knowing the answer to.

And, as an example of what intel looks like when we don't have an embassy involved in espionage and gathering information: see Iraq.

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Sooo Sad: Iraqis Order Statue to Bush Shoe Thrower Removed

A followup to that earlier report that the good people of Saddam Hussein's home town of Tikrit had erected a statue in honor of Muntazer al-Zaidi, the journalist who threw his shoes at President Bush. It seems that the Iraqi government is none too happy with the former Baathists who's idea it was to erect a statue to a criminal.


"We have removed the shoe statue of Muntazer al-Zaidi, because we received an order to do so from the governor Salaheddin province," said Shaha al-Juburi, head of the children's foundation where the bronze sculpture had been erected.
I'm not sure if I should feel happy that the statue is gone, or irritated that the Iraqis still don't get free speech. Maybe a little of both.

Thanks to Stable Hand.

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Former Gitmo Inmate and Present al Qaeda Leader Speaks

Former GITMO inmates discuss their comrades Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

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Russian Newspaper Mourns Another Reporter

My thoughts and prayers for family and friends of those affected by this terrible tragedy committed by thugs in chief operatives.

It's bad for ones health to be a investigative reporter in Moscow

The dead loom over the morning editorial meeting at Russia's leading investigative newspaper. Novaya Gazeta's staff is trying to plan the next issue and editor-in-chief Dmitry Muratov is in an understandably foul mood.

In a corner hang photos of four reporters he has lost in the past eight years - one beaten to death, one allegedly poisoned, two shot - the most recent on Jan. 19.

It's not easy to put a paper out these days, Muratov says.

"There's usually a lot of jokes, laughing, talk about ideas. But our batteries are totally spent," says Muratov, 47, billows of pipe smoke filling the long pauses. "How can there be any sort of (normal) frame of mind when a journalist is being buried?"

That journalist was Anastasia Baburova, a 25-year-old cub reporter. She and a human rights lawyer were shot execution-style by a masked man with a silenced pistol as they walked together a few blocks from the Kremlin.

In a country considered one of the most dangerous for journalists, no Russian newspaper has suffered like Novaya Gazeta. In a country where most media have been cowed into submission, no other newspaper publishes such probing investigative articles and acid commentary about government corruption, police-state politics and Chechnya war abuses.

Ironic that our MSM gladly shills for Obama/Democrats.

Fairness Doctrine/Rush Limbaugh kinda comes to mind.

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HOPE/CHANGE!!! Obama And FEMA Leave Americans To Die In Kentucky

Kentucky's Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear declared a state of emergency on January 27th.

Obama, on his website, scolded the Bush administration for poor response to Hurricane Katrina. Where is he now? Where is the MSM?

I suppose hopey/changey administration is too busy pushing the stimulus pkg to worry about Americans freezing to death in Kentucky.

Local officials were growing angry with what they said was a lack of help from the state and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In Grayson County, about 80 miles southwest of Louisville, Emergency Management Director Randell Smith said the 25 National Guardsmen who have responded have no chain saws to clear fallen trees.

"We've got people out in some areas we haven't even visited yet," Smith said. "We don't even know that they're alive."

Smith said FEMA has been a no-show so far.

"I'm not saying we can't handle it; we'll handle it," Smith said. "But it would have made life a lot easier" if FEMA had reached the county sooner, he said.

More from Jammie Wearing Fool

Update: Gov. Steve Beshear called up his entire Army National Guard on Saturday. Three days after issuing state of emergency.

Again, Obama and the MSM ...MIA.

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Obama's Bro Busted for Dope

(Huruma Slum, Nairobi, Kenya) President Obama's half-brother, 24-year-old George Hussein Onyango, has been arrested on suspicion of possessing marijuana.

Onyango was released from custody and scheduled tentatively for court on Monday.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Samir Khan Wedding Announcement

Since Samir Khan AKA Inshallahshaheed of the terrorist/al-Qaeda sympathizing blog the Ignored Puzzle Pieces of on Knowledge somehow lost their DNS again....

Firefox can't find the server at revolution.thabaat.net.
www.thabaat.net = [ ]

...I figured we'd help out our old buddy Sammy. See the deal is that Sammy is getting married, Yes he finally found a female (other than his mommy) willing to spend the rest of her life with Sammy behind her. We've even been able to find an image of his blushing bride...below the fold.


Ahh how sweet, she looks so receptive.

We at Jawa Report wish all the best to Sammy and his newfound love.

(Update: It appears that Thabaat.net's DNS is in the process of coming back. The main site is back up expect Sammy to follow shortly. Yup its all back)

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Stimulus Pkg To Include "New" Car/Truck Crushing

The Dem's plan for the auto industry.....destroy it. Screw the car dealers, repair shops or suppliers of auto/truck parts. Your jobs aren't included in the stimulus plan.

Lay off my truck

SEMA.org sent out this news alert tonight.

Democrats want to include a new car crushing plan in the "stimulus" bill where the government would buy new cars and trucks that obtain less than 18 mpg and crush them. Bill sponsors want to destroy 4 million pickups and SUVs over the next four years.

Need to haul heavy loads? I guess you are shit out of luck if the liberals have anything to do about it. They want to give you free tickets to ride the bus or purchase another vehicle that wouldn't haul shit

Hmmm, does this include ALL lawmakers vehicles?

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RNC's New Chairman Michael Steele

Congratulations Michael Steele.

Koz Kidz congratulates Mr Steele:

National GOP always picks up Negro house pets to show off to their friends.

Huff and Puff:

If only the GOP only knew how un-united blacks were on every issue except...civil rights. Shhhhh! Don't tell them! Just pop some popcorn and sit back and watch at how they fail to bait us with a Tom. LMAO!
I guess theses racists are unaware of National Black Republican Association, or that Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican.

Michelle Malkin predicted liberals would bring up the Uncle Tom issue

Ethical Democrats Flashback, 09/28/05:

SENATOR CHUCK SCHUMER had just finished his last sputtering of outrage at the nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court when news broke that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which he chairs, had a small problem.

Newsday and the New York Post both reported that the DSCC was in illegal possession of the credit report for Maryland's Republican Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele. Two of Schumer's staffers, Katie Barge and Lauren Weiner, used Steele's Social Security number to fraudulently get his credit history.

More below fold..

The DSCC expects Steele to run for the Senate seat which Democrat Paul Sarbanes will vacate with his retirement next year. Nothing frightens Democrats more than a conservative African-American and Steele demonstrated in his appearance at the 2004 GOP convention that he has charisma, warmth, and a sharp sense of policy.

Making this even more scandalous, it turns out that the DSCC had known about Barge and Weiner's pilfering for over two months, having placed both on a paid suspension since early July, according to the Post. And yet no one gave any indication that the DSCC notified Michael Steele about the invasion of his privacy until this week. Given that federal statutes make the acquisition, distribution, acceptance, and even reading of this data without specific written authorization a federal crime, the theft should have resulted in no small amount of media attention.

MSM quietly swept this under the rug.

Steele brought this double standard up during the hacking of Governor Palin's email account as well as "Joe the Plumber" invasion of privacy issue.

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Tax Problems for Tom Daschle (D) More Extensive Than First Reported

Heh. This is the man - a guy who can't keep his own books straight - that Obama wants to put in charge of every individual's health care:

The report indicates that Daschle's failure to pay more than $101,000 taxes on the car and driver a wealthy friend let him use from 2005 through 2007 is not the only tax issue the former Senate Majority Leader has been dealing with since his December nomination prompted a more thorough examination of his income tax returns.

Mr. Daschle also didn't report $83,333 in consulting income in 2007.


With the unreported income from the use of a car service in the amounts of $73,031 in 2005, $89,129 in 2006 and $93,096 in 2007; the unreported consulting income of $83,333 in 2007; and the adjusted reductions in charitable contributions, Daschle adds a total of $353,552 in additional income and reduced donations, meaning an additional tax payment of $128,203, in addition to $11,964 in interest.

By Joe Biden's definition, Obama has nominated two non-patriots to high Cabinet office. With Daschle, Mr. Geithner and tax-cheat Charles Rangel (D), and you're starting to have a Culture of Tax Corruption in the new government of Hope and Change. There will be more.

Can't wait to see what Lincoln-eque strokes of brilliance we'll see from President Government next! Commencing popcorn munching...

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Gotta Hand it to the Press - They're Trying

Photo pinned up on Drudge. I see what u did there.



Oh, BTW. Obama's incessant desire to "talk" with the Jew-hating nutjobs in Iran? Iran got the message - the USA is pathetic, weak and not going to stand up to us with Obama in office.

Two tax cheats as Obama appointments. "New, tough" ethics rules waived on a whim. Diplomatic messages of weakness and cowering sent to our enemies. Oh, and a Democrat-owned porkulus political payoff package that will do nothing to stimulate anything except for the Democrat Party that costs more than the entire Iraq war.

What a week. You've managed to raise the white flag to our enemies, bankrupt the next two generations of Americans, not stimulate the economy, and violate your own ethics rules. Oh, and you walked into a window.


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Turkey Censoring Jawa Report/AOSHQ?

From time to time I get emails from people traveling abroad telling me that can't access The Jawa Report from [insert "moderate" Muslim country here]. The latest from a retired Air Force NCO:


I read AOSHQ and jawareport all the time. I just got back from a vacation in Turkey. While there I could NOT access either site. Not from an internet cafe, nor from a friends home. And he had his own DSL connection.

I was there for 10 days. IT. NEVER. WORKED. I did get to Gates of Vienna sometimes. And usually to Hotair.

And when I tried KOS and HUFF I always got through.

So congrats. I guess both of you pissed of the AKP government in Turkey often enough to be blocked! If it makes you feel any better YOUTUBE has the same restrictions.

Just letting you know. Love your sites and keep up the good fight.

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Troops In Iraq Get Beer & Pizza For The Super Bowl

Enjoy the Super Bowl guys, you deserve it!

It took three planes to get free beer to troops in Iraq in time for the Super Bowl.

U.S. troops in Iraq will be allowed to drink up to two 12-ounce beers apiece for the Super Bowl, after the U.S. commander in Iraq, Army Gen. Ray Odierno, issued a waiver of the U.S. military’s strict prohibition on alcohol imbibing in the war zone[...]

The joint effort was undertaken by Pizzas 4 Patriots, Malnati’s pizzeria, DHL and Louis Glunz Beer Inc., a Lincolnwood, Ill., beer distributor. DHL managed the delivery, including re-freezing the pizzas at points along the way to make sure they arrived fresh for the troops.

Hats off to above for making this happen.

Related: General Petraeus will be honored at the Super Bowl.

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Painkillers Stolen From Iraq Vet In Hospital

F'n assmaggot!

DENVER — A woman stole painkillers from an unconscious Iraq war veteran in a Denver hospital, along with the device that was feeding them into his body, authorities said Friday.

Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center said the patient wasn’t injured in the incident and is doing well.

Police were searching for the woman, whose quick, 3-minute foray into the hospital on Wednesday was captured on surveillance video.

Officers have received several tips but made no arrests, police spokesman Sonny Jackson said.

Jackson said the suspect could face assault, theft, robbery and drug charges.

“Yes. It’s an assault. There’s a soldier there who needed those drugs,” he said.

Hope the bitch OD's.

h/t Bobibutu

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January 30, 2009

HOPE/CHANGE!!! 55 Billion To Be Cut From Defense Budget?

Old photo regarding more monies for our troops. Now, the slingshot evokes Hopey/Changeys defense plans. 11% to be cut from the Defense budget and this is just a start.


The Obama administration has directed Pentagon officials to pare back its original FY-10 topline proposal. More...

Another campaign promise delivered. Meanwhile, the terrorists are praising Allah while plotting their next move.

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Video: I was tortured at Guantanamo

Witness first-hand the horrible torture that the Gitmo detainees face every single day. Warning: graphic video.

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Rusty, You're Fired!

I wasn't going to say anything publicly, but the cat's out of the bag. So, what Ace and Goldstein said.

Don't worry, the Jawa will remain. But I was just kind of getting used to the idea that people were going to pay me to surf jihadi websites and write stuff about it.

Also, to talk about Angelina Jolie's lesbian escapades.

I guess I'll supplement my meager teaching salary through DNA donations.

Hey ladies: You're welcome.

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Good Riddance: Saudi al Qaeda Member Killed in Gaza


His name was Abu Muhammad al-Marri and according to the obituary run at a semi-official Hamas website, he's a Saudi who came to Gaza by way of jihad in Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Chechnya. Adam Rawnsley and Thomas Hegghammer speculate as to what this could mean.

Me? I dunno, his bio just sounds so -- what's the word? -- yeah, made up. Here's a guy who allegedly has been involved in every al Qaeda campaign in Eurasia. He's like the terrorist version of Gunny Highway. I'd like to see something other than the Hamas version of this story.

But true or not, I think the significance is that announcement was made at a Hamas website. The eHadis of the Ezadeen al Qassam Brigades want to connect the conflict in Gaza -- which the media tends to portray as a local, nationalistic struggle -- to the worldwide jihad.

As counterproductive as it would be to draw in more al Qaeda types to Gaza, we need to remember that these are true believers that we are talking about here. And for them, the jihad against Israel is just part of a larger effort to reestablish Islam as a dominant force in the world.

Here's the Google translation:

My brethren the news come to you for this exclusive event is the blessed news of the martyrdom of us, and brother of Sheikh Fadel Mchaik the Arabian Peninsula, which had Aiarafh much, but the majority and efficient, but to know the Lord of creatures most of gaze.

Shaykh al-Fadil, who refused Almchaik of themselves and the kind of sound Auterpithm who fail to sit and cry with, such as women in the Khaddorhn Maihl Muslims on the ground of abuse of the globe, killing and slaughter, he flew into a martyr for the Afghan jihad, while the doors are opened and the Russians fought the communists in Kandahar, Ghazni, Kabul and Musa Qala He considers his fellow martyrs falling Vepki that God did not regret their choice and it was feared to be nothing to prevent it from being among the martyrs, and stopped when the jihad began discord among the mujahideen, flew to the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he was commander of the legitimate orders of Virtue and forbids what is evil, and was fighting with Brothers on the three axes in the Gorny Vakuf, Konjic, Mostar, where the Serbs and Croats Take Muslims briefing bracelet Palmasm customers dagger appellant was in the back with the leaders of the Bosnian mujahideen know the impact of religion and to strengthen the resolve and the Dead are to take every paradise has divided many of the young people were taught the Bosnian Serbs and Croats painful lesson so afraid of Europe and America that they are strong enough vulnerability in the heart of crusader Europe has been working to
Requiring the Bosnian peace which ended the wrong jihad there and the dismantling of the Arab mujahideen brigade then returned to Saudi Arabia and left the country in which the simple, but it was not the same Terth Jbelt to jihad, which flew to Chechnya and struggled with his fellow leaders of the speech Obwalulid al-Ghamdi, Abu Omar, my sword, even the Russians and the Russian withdrawal from Chechnya It is then returned to his hometown of East UK and remained in it and then returned once again not at the entry of Russian forces in Chechnya for the second time in the fight, the brothers are fighting the enemies of God, but returned home after hearing the news of his father's illness and necessary that the difference of life and may God have mercy on him was when his parents Parra فتح باب الجهاد في غزة العزة توجه مسرعا الى تلك البقاع الطاهرة التي طالما تمنى أن يكون جهاده ضد أعداء الله والأنبياء قتلة الرسل ومجاهدا في صفوف أخوانه وفعلا يسر له الله الدخول الى غزة العزة والألتحاق بصفوف أخوانه في كتائب القسام تحت أمرة أخيه القائد أبوعبيده قبل الأجتياح بعشرة days, where he was stationed at one of Igor strengthens urged all factions of the Mujahideen and the tongue Ilahj Combattant pray and zoom and even the remembrance of Allah Almighty God selected people coming to the concert, however, the soil of the Gaza pride.

Defined by the lack of love of Allah's mercy in the emerging media and video.
And Mayamlh as the secrecy and lack of fear of defamation himself the entrance of Satan.

The wisdom of Allah's mercy (finish having your needs met).
He was saying: Oh God, I came into the world an orphan, the mother and lived in simple orphan, the stranger left the home, you martyr, Lord Vtqublni worlds.

I have known God's mercy in the Islamic University in Madinah was the rest of the Ancestors cry cry for the conditions of the nation and tended to him.

Oh God, you have accepted a martyr, Lord worlds.
We ask the brothers who know more about us Aibouklon that the b

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Hopenchange: Obama White House Disabling Google Caching

Wouldn't want to, you know, have to be accountable for what you said, like, yesterday.

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Former Governor Ass-Maggot Expelled from Democrat Party

Via Obamanation:

By unanimous vote, representatives from all major American media organizations unceremoniously stripped former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich of his Democrat party affiliation late Thursday following his removal from office by the Illinois State Senate on corruption charges.

The expulsion is immediate and retroactive and forbids any member of the journalism community from ever again identifying Rod Blagojevich as a Democrat on air or in print, under penalty of professional decertification and a wicked swirly in the men's john at an undisclosed highway rest stop.

(er uh its satire)

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Hamas Killing Civilians During And After IDF's Operation "Cast Lead"

World is silent

Evidence is emerging of a wave of reprisal attacks and killings inside Gaza that have left dozens dead and more wounded in the wake of Israel's war.

Among the dead are Palestinians suspected of collaborating with the Israeli military. Others include criminals who were among the 600 prisoners to escape from Gaza City's main jail when it was bombed as the war began. Their attackers are thought to be their victims' relatives

During and after the war, there have also been attacks on security officials from Fatah, the bitter rival of Hamas, the Islamist movement in control of the Gaza Strip. One witness told the Guardian how her brother, a Fatah military intelligence officer, was shot three times in the legs in an apparent punishment attack by gunmen from Hamas's armed wing.[...]

One woman from near Zeitoun, south of Gaza City, described how masked men with ID cards showing they were members of the Izzedin al-Qassam Brigades, the Hamas armed wing, shot her brother in the legs. The family had fled the house but returned on 18 January, the first day of the Israeli ceasefire. At 8pm several gunmen appeared at the gate asking for her brother, a 36-year-old Fatah military intelligence officer who had not been working since Hamas seized control of Gaza in June 2007. The men searched the house for weapons, but found none and later left.

Early the next morning they returned. "They started firing in the air," said the 23-year-old sister, who declined to give her name for fear of further attacks.

"They asked him to put his hands up.They fired one shot into his left knee. He fell to the floor and started screaming and saying: 'I didn't do anything.'"

He was then shot in the right leg and again in the left. "They were holding us back and we were watching him bleeding," she said. The victim is now in a Cairo hospital after two operations on his legs.

Hamas, the darling of the left.

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Tom Trento Interviews Geert Wilders

Hat Tip: Herroyalwhyness.

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Red State Update: Obama's Stimulus Package

Hat Tip: Bartender on Duty.

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Great: Afghans Buy Mexican Passports

There's nothing new about this. In fact, wasn't this kind of the basis of Tom Clancy's The Teeth of the Tiger? Center for Security Policy:

Last week, the San Antonio Express-News posted a story about three Afghani Muslim men caught carrying stolen Mexican passports with their pictures and data while en route to Europe. It was revealed by authorities that the documents were genuine and that these men had purchased them for $10,000 each.
It's just a matter of time. Thanks to Terresa.

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Report: 9 Out Of 10 Men Prefer Women With A Mustache

Jewish convert to Islam Joseph Cohen aka Yousef al-Khattab ran a survey and was pleased with the results that his fellow converts prefer women with mustaches.


Although, word has it ,Joey is leaning towards a more teh ghey relationship.

We will release the poll results on the teh ghey issue once they become available.

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Stimulus "Buy American" Restrictions Called "Catastrophic"

Foreign leaders are decidedly puckered by the "buy American" restrictions in the Obama so-called "stimulus" plan, aka Porkzilla. A rider in the scheme blocks "the use of foreign-made iron, steel, textiles and manufactured products."

As China, India and the European Union warned that protectionist barriers would hinder world trade, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Canada expects the United States to respect its free trade commitments as it moves to build new roads, railways, bridges, airports and housing. [...]

"I know that countries around the world are expressing grave concern about some of these measures that go against, not just the obligations of the United States but, frankly, the spirit of our G20 discussions."

Liberal foreign affairs critic Bob Rae said bluntly the position taken by the U.S. Congress is illegal.

"A country cannot bring in a measure that restricts international commerce and international activity in this way," he said.

Officials claim that Porkzilla's restrictions on trade are contrary to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and World Trade Organization (WTO) legal obligations. Also, according to International Trade Minister Stockwell Day,
"History shows clearly that you can't fall back into protectionist measures. That happened in the 1930s and what could have been a bad one- or two-year recession turned into, as we know, the Great Depression. So we want to curtail that."
It's also feared that protectionism by the U.S. will trigger similar measures internationally.

Based upon the reported international nervousness regarding the "stimulus" scheme, one could contend that nobody in the Obama administration nor Congress has actually read the proposal in its entirety or that those who are familiar with Porkzilla lack a workable familiarity with economics, history and international treaties.

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Epic Fail! Muslim Man Gets Life After Failed Suicide Bombing

Via BBC:

A Muslim convert has been jailed for life and must serve a minimum of 18 years after launching a failed suicide bomb attack on a restaurant in Devon.

Nicky Reilly, 22, was the only person injured when he accidentally set off his home-made nail-bomb in a toilet of Exeter's Giraffe restaurant last May.

He later admitted attempted murder and preparing an act of terrorism.

Police believe the Plymouth man, who has learning difficulties, was encouraged by extremists in Pakistan.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Testing Testing

Yeah We Know, Jawa Report was down.

We're not sure if its a DDOS or if ACE O Spades HQ posted more boobies.

In the mean time, here's some hot infidel chicks in bikinis whilst we get organized.

Update: Pixi splains that the log filled up a disk partition and that was the problem.

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Envirolightened Policy Threatens Gas Station Owners in CA

In the latest installment of environmental mandates and green initiatives destroying goods and services vital for modern society, an eco-mandate in California will force many gas stations out of business:

Dozens, and potentially hundreds, of gas stations around California are choosing to shut down rather than comply with a state mandate that would require owners to purchase new equipment to reduce vapor emissions at the pump.

The requirement, known as Phase II in the state's Enhanced Vapor Recovery Program, is set to go into effect in April. It requires gas station owners to individually purchase tens of thousands of dollars of equipment designed to prevent harmful vapors from escaping into the air when gasoline is pumped.

But smaller retailers say that the requirement puts an unfair burden on businesses that don't sell enough gasoline to offset the extra cost - and that don't contribute much to the problem in the first place.first place.

Like nearly all leftwing policies, this one is "just looking out for the the little guy, unless he happens to own a "vaporous" gas station."

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When Islamotards Attack

Seriously, this is the best you can do?

Bitches, please. We've taken down over a hundred of your websites and all you can do is try this crap?

Ha. Ha. Fucking. Ha.

Here, you little goat humping child molesting pricks. Here's how we look at you:

Hunt you down without mercy
Hunt you down all nightmare long
Feel us breathe upon your face
Feel us shift, every move we trace
Hunt you down without mercy
Hunt you down all nightmare long

Luck. Runs. Out.
You crawl back in, but your luck runs out.

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Graphic Photo: Somalian Islamists Proudly Display Amputated Hand

The al Qaeda linked al Shebaab took over Somalia's capital yesterday. Here is a picture, being spread by their supporters, which precisely illustrates Islamist "liberation".

The face of our enemies in the Horn of Africa through their own propaganda.

Warning: Graphic image below.


Last chance to bail. This is very graphic. It shows the results of the application of Islamic law by the Shebaab to a person they claim was a thief.



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January 29, 2009

More Ideas like The Rangel Rule?

I was just thinking about how awesome the Rangel Rule is. Funny. Ironic. Practical. Fair. Easy to remember and propose to your favorite gathering of liberal friends.

What are some other rules we could cook up and start slipping into legislation - both for lulz and for the good of the nation?

I'll try one: The Frank Exemption: Any US Citizen who has lost 401k money as a result of Barney Frank's incompetence at managing and overseeing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shall receive a refund check in the amount of the losses.

See what you can come up with.

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Terrorist Claims Human Rights Violated

Kamel Bourgass.jpg(Wakefield Prison, England) Kamel Bourgass is a 33-year-old Al-Qaeda terrorist serving life in prison for the 2004 stabbing death of Special Branch Detective Constable Stephen Oake.

In prison, Bourgass has become an annoying pain in the gluteals by preaching Islamist hate and demanding that female wardens wear veils. He's threatening legal action on the veil issue, claiming women without veils violate his human rights.

The Algerian had been preparing a deadly ricin poison attack on Britain when father-of-three Detective Constable Oake, 40, arrested him.

Bourgass, the first Muslim fanatic to murder a British police officer, has been in Wakefield jail for just a few weeks.

But insiders claim he has already begun preaching Islamist hate against the West to inmates. [...]

A prison insider revealed: “He is very abusive and confrontational with staff and says female officers in prayer meetings are a breach of his human rights.

Bourgass was sentenced to a minimum 22 years for murder and 17 years for the ricin poison plot. Now, under the British Human Rights Act, courts will have to waste their time adjudicating this butthole's whining.

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Breaking: Buh-Bye, Helmethead

Blago, convicted.

Illinois senators stripped Rod Blagojevich of power Thursday in the final act of a political drama filled with twists and turns that will likely end Blagojevich's political career and hand the reins of state government over to Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn.

The outcome was never in doubt. In fact, Quinn went to the state Capitol earlier in the day in preparation of being sworn in immediately after the vote.

The former governor had refused to take part in the trial, but he surprised everyone by asking to make a closing statement in which he insisted that he should not be tossed out of office on what he called incomplete evidence.

Sorry, idiot, that's life without a secure phone.

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Irony: On Election Day Iraqi Town Unveils Tribute to Bush Shoe Thrower

How do Sunnis in Tikrit celebrate the day regional elections -- brought to them only because President Bush violently overthrew the former regime -- are held? By unveiling a monument to Muntazer al-Zaid, the journalist who threw his shoes at the former President during a Baghdad press conference.

Freedom: I do not think it means what you think it means.


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Robert Spencer: Defend Free Speech

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch speaks at the David Horowitz Freedom Center at Los Angeles yesterday.

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FBI Cuts Ties with CAIR

Mmmmmbout time.

Via Investigative Project: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has cut off contacts with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) amid mounting concern about the Muslim advocacy group's roots in a Hamas-support network, the Investigative Project on Terrorism has learned.

The decision to end contacts with CAIR was made quietly last summer as federal prosecutors prepared for a second trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), an Islamic charity accused of providing money and political support to the terrorist group Hamas, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

CAIR and its chairman emeritus, Omar Ahmad, were named un-indicted co-conspirators in the HLF case. Both Ahmad and CAIR's current national executive director, Nihad Awad, were revealed on government wiretaps as having been active participants in early Hamas-related organizational meetings in the United States. During testimony, FBI agent Lara Burns described CAIR as a front organization.

Hamas is a US-designated foreign terrorist organization, and it's been illegal since 1995 to provide support to it within the United States.

Hat Tip: Little Green Footballs.

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Stimulus Pkg: George Soros To The Rescue Of Hopey/Changey

MoveOn. org, Service Employees International Union(SEIU), and other leftist/marxist groups will be running ads targeting Republicans to support Obama's stimulus pkg.

This comes as no suprise.

Unions and liberal activist groups are pressuring key Republican senators to get on board with the Obama administration's economic stimulus proposal, after every Republican in the House voted against the plan Wednesday.

MoveOn.org, along with the Service Employees International Union and other groups, announced Thursday they will run a set of ads in five states urging Republican senators up for election in two years to support the plan, which passed the House despite GOP opposition.

The ad feature clips of President Obama talking about how his plan will save or create at least 3 million jobs and get the economy back on track.

Obama's press secretary Gibbs is skirting this issue right now at the live press conference.

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Angel of Ice and Death and Stuff

Howie is back beotches, I know you never even knew I was gone did you?

Freaking huge storm!

National Guard! Cerfew! A big disaster!

It was great! All that adventure!

Redneck whups "The Wrath of Allah" every. freaking. time.

What I miss?

Gimme a bit to go through all this mail and do some worky worky.

Oh and I need to borrow a chainsaw...... LOL....kidding....

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A Point on Theory

Saw a great comment at PJM that made a great point.

If the Democrats really believe that this kind of reckless, politically-motivated payoff is genuinely a stimulus for the economy and the real salve for what troubles us, then why not do more of it? Set aside for a moment the notion that this porkulus bill doesn't "create" sustainable private-sector jobs and that an infusion of government bureaucrats is in no way a stimulus to the economy - just feeeeeeel with me for a moment:

If 1 trillion in Democrat pork is predicted to 'create' "4 million jobs" (as we were told by Congressional Democrats today) then shouldn't 2 trillion create 8 million jobs? And 3 trillion create 12 million jobs? And 4 trillion 16 million new jobs? And 100 trillion create 400 million jobs - more jobs than can employ every person living in the country at this moment?

If so, the real question is not "why one trillion?" The question is rather "why not 2 or 3 or 4 trillion? That's potentially 16 million new jobs created by the stroke of a Democrat's pen. WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR, PEOPLE?"

We voted for change; let's have it! GOP BE DAMNED, WE'VE GOT THE VOTES TO PASS IT!

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HOPE/CHANGE!!! Las Vegas: Students Forced To Pledge Allegiance To Obama

All Hail to the Messiah for now, Principal is looking into it

Click image of Dear Leader for more


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AQIM Nabs 4 More European Hostages, American Hostages Not Wanted

The good news just keeps rolling in. Reuters:

A North African branch of al Qaeda was most likely holding four European tourists kidnapped in northeastern Mali last week, a senior Malian military source said on Thursday.

Malian officials initially blamed Tuareg rebels for abducting the two Swiss nationals, one German and one Briton near Mali's border with Niger last Thursday.

If any one knows the names of these hostages, please let me know.

I'm opening up an archive dedicated to Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). I have a feeling that they are going to become more bold in the coming years.

An interesting sidenote to the story:

Salafists are offering enormous sums of money to any terrorist group who brings them white Westerners, but with the twin conditions that they are not American nationals and they are not captured on Malian territory.
The author speculates that AQIM doesn't want to bring the U.S. military into the area. The negative implication is that they are not afraid of European involvement.

Even al Qaeda thinks the Euros have become a bunch of pansies.

But I think there's something else going on here, besides that. The U.S. government does not pay ransom for hostages, the Europeans do. The perversity of Europe paying ransom to terrorists is that their citizens are then more likely to be taken hostage.

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Military Judge Gives Obama The Finger - Terrorist Trial Will Go On As Scheduled


Judge James Pohl, an Army colonel, said he found the government’s reasoning "unpersuasive". More....

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AQ Killed in Turkey

Sucks to be al Qaeda in Turkey:

An al Qaeda militant was killed and three others were captured in an operation by Turkish police...The police clashed with the militants as they tried to rob a post office branch in Istanbul
Al Qaeda now resorting to robbing a post offices?

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Al Qaeda Now Recruiting from Inside Kuwaiti Army

Well, at least he was caught. AKI:

The Kuwait secret services have arrested a Saudi Al-Qaeda member serving [ed note: as an NCO] in the Kuwaiti army who is suspected of having recruited around 20 young men to the jihadist cause, Saudi daily Okaz reported on Thursday.
The al Qaeda member also has sons fighting the U.S. in Afghanistan. The family that jihads together and all that.

Meanwhile, the Saudis continue to fight radical Islamists by .... arresting bloggers for leaving Islam.

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Somalia: Al Shabaab Terrorists Chop Off Hands Of Thief


These friggin terrorists, if captured, would be pampered now with the complete white glove treatment.

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Islamic militants who are on Washington's list of terror groups have cut off the hand of a man convicted of stealing fishing nets, officials said Wednesday

The Islamic group, al-Shabab, is imposing a strict form of Islam with punishments including lashings and stonings that have drawn fear and trepidation in this Muslim country. In one case, the group stoned a 13-year-old girl to death for adultery even though her parents said she was a rape victim.


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Blogger Arrested for Leaving Islam; Google Shuts Down Website.

Yes, Islamic law really does forbid conversion. Let's just hope Saudi blogger Hamoud Bin Saleh doesn't receive Muhammad's preferred punishment for apostates: beheading. Arresting converts and critics is exactly what you'd expect from our "partners" in the War on Terror, isn't it?

But would you expect Google's blogspot platform to go along with Saudi Arabia's request to ban Saleh's website? You. Bet.


So, when has leaving or criticizing Islam been considered a possible terms of service violation by Google?

Screw Google. Screw the Saudis. Screw any religion that outlaws criticism of it or leaving it.

Let's use Google's own cache to undermine its censorship. If you want to see what Saleh wrote before he was arrested just click here.

Google English translation.

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U.S. Leftest Professors Call For Academic & Cultural Boycott Of Israel


For first time, U.S. professors call for academic and cultural boycott of Israel criminate assault on the Gaza Strip and its educational institutions," the U.S. Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel stated in its inaugural press release last Thursday.

Speaking in its mission statement of the "censorship and silencing of the Palestine question in U.S. universities, as well as U.S. society at large," the group follows the usual pattern of such boycotts, calling for "non-violent punitive measures" against Israel, such as the implementation of divestment initiatives, "similar to those applied to South Africa in the apartheid era."

The campaign was founded by a group of 15 academics, mostly from California, but is, "currently expanding to create a network that embraces the United States as a whole," according to David Lloyd, a professor of English at the University of Southern California who responded on behalf of the group to a Haaretz query. "The initiative was in the first place impelled by Israel's latest brutal assault on Gaza and by our determination to say enough is enough."

Hamas supporters welcome:
Asked if the group would accept the endorsement of Hamas supporters, Lloyd said, "We have no a prior policy with regard to the membership or affiliation of supporters of the boycott so long as they are in accord with the main aims stated in the press release."
I expect unrepentant terrorist Billy Ayers name will be on that list of distinguished Hamas supporting professsors

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Stormtroopers: Hot or Not?




More here.

Thanks to Jason.

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BWAHAHAHAHA!!!11!11! Muhammed was a transvestite

BWAHAHAHAAHAHA!!11!1!!1!exclamation point1


I can't stop laughing, this is priceless

LMAOROF!!!! Jihad Watch

In this episode, he began with the prophet’s “transvestite” tendencies. He read from several hadiths, including Sahih Bukhari—Fr Botros claims that there are no less than 32 different references to this phenomenon in Islam’s books—wherein Muhammad often laid in bed dressed in women’s clothes, specifically his child-bride Aisha’s.

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Pirate hunters of the US Navy

What else needs to be said except pirate frickin hunters.

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HOPE/CHANGE! White House Celebrates Stimulus Passing With Martini's & $100.00 lb Wagyu

Obama, showing his bipartisanship, invited both House and Senate Democrats and Republicans to his celebration of the House passing the stimulus pkg(GOP all voted nay). Did hopey/changey change any minds when the pkg goes to the Senate?

Click the wagyu image for more from Michelle Malkin. Don't know what wagyu is? How clinging to your guns and religion of you.


BTW, remember these Republicans , who attended the pricey celebration, when the vote tallies in the Senate:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl, R-Ariz.

Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., Chair of the Senate Republican Conference

Sen. John Thune, R-SD, Vice Chair of the Senate Republican Conference

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee

Sen. Jon Ensign, R-Nev., Chair of the Senate Policy Committee

Will they have the testes to do what the GOP House did?

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Iraq: Democratic Process


Operation Iraqi Freedom MNF-I

An Iraqi policeman gives the peace sign showing his ink stained finger after leaving a polling station, Jan. 28, in the New Baghdad District of eastern Baghdad.

The Government of Iraq is holding a special election period as a precursor to the monumental election in order to allow Iraqi Security Forces to cast their vote in the provincial election. The nationwide election for Iraqi citizens is scheduled to be held on Jan. 31. Photo by Staff Sgt. Alex Licea.

Not much coverage on this. Maybe because hopey/changey didn't bring this about, his predecessor GW did.

Good luck Iraqi's on your elections and big thank you to our finest and bravest including those in the coalition plus the "Sons of Iraq" for making this possible!

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Stupid Fucking Douche Forgets That Obama Was Selected At The Grand Immaculation

Just another in long line of John Kerry wannabes.

But I have sympathy. I was there, man. My DI in Marine boot camp was on my ass every day. He even nicknamed me "Gomer Pyle."

Gomer. Fucking. Pyle.

Well, I had had enough, and one night, I loaded up my trusty M-235 SAW and sat in the head and waited. That sap journo pussy found me and went running for the fag DI, and I was so relieved that he had done his duty.

Sergeant Shithead yelled at me. And then I shot him. And then I put the barrel of my trusty rifle in my mouth and shot myself.

I was so happy that after I was revived, I was able to kill those fucking gooks in Cambodia with my favorite Senator from Massachusetts.

After that, I advised President Carter on how to handle those upstart towel head mother fuckers when they took over our embassy.

I've been dormant for a long time, but now it's time to tell the truth.

I think I'll write a book.

Update by Jane: May I jump in here Trollhammer? Thank you very much indeed.

To Joshua Keys, you low life scum sucking lying douche, you apparently succeeded in duping the MSM in the US and Europe with your bull crap about my military, proving yet again the MSM has the collective intelligence of a gnat. You traitorous POS, take your book and choke on it.

To the Jawa Readers: Read this, please.

To the Publisher, (to borrow a quote from This Aint Hell which also does a damned fine job deconstructing this garbage): Dear Grove Press, please include this quote on your next edition of the book. “Joshua Key and his book are more full of fecal matter than the honey wagon trucks sucking out the port-o-johns at Ft Polk. I’d rather have a suppository applied with a tomahawk missile than read this book again.”

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January 28, 2009

The Pledge???

As usual, Zo is right on point.

Why are you just deciding to do this now?

h/t Jim Treacher

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Texas Rep John Carter Introduces New Bill "Rangel Rule"

Forget you had to pay taxes on overseas properties or while working overseas? No problem. Given stipend to pay your overseas taxes? No problem. Try to deduct your kids summer camp? No problem if you are a Democrat on a Committee or chosen by Obama as head of the treasury.

John Carter (R) Texas has a new bill "Rangel Rule" that will give us the same rights as Chairman Rangel and our new Treasury Secretary Geithner..

(WASHINGTON, DC) – All U.S. taxpayers would enjoy the same immunity from IRS penalties and interest as House Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel (D-NY) and Obama Administration Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, if a bill introduced today by Congressman John Carter (R-TX) becomes law.

Carter, a former longtime Texas judge, today introduced the Rangel Rule Act of 2009, HR 735, which would prohibit the Internal Revenue Service from charging penalties and interest on back taxes against U.S. citizens. Under the proposed law, any taxpayer who wrote “Rangel Rule” on their return when paying back taxes would be immune from penalties and interest.

“We must show the American people that Congress is following the same law, and the same legal process as we expect them to follow,” says Carter. “That has not been done in the ongoing case against Chairman Rangel, nor in the instance of our new Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. If we don’t hold our highest elected officials to the same standards as regular working folks, we owe it to our constituents to change those standards so everyone is abiding by the same law. Americans believe in blind justice, which shows no favoritism to the wealthy or powerful.”

Carter also said the tax law change will provide good economic stimulus benefits, as it would free many taxpayers from massive debts to the IRS, restoring those funds to the free market to help create jobs.

I can go for that.


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Report: Obama Began Talking to al Qaeda Months Ago

Okay, I'll go ahead and link this since it's getting so much buzz. But Ronin and I both agree that the report sounds like it could be a) BS or b) based on something relatively benign and, to borrow a phrase from the British Left, "sexed up".

Obama's alleged "unofficial dialogue" through "Arab intermediaries" is so vague that it could mean anything, really. The implication here is that Obama, even during the election, was trying to reach out to al Qaeda to reach some sort of accommodation or truce. But that "dialogue" could be nothing more than PR and the "intermediaries" could be nothing more than the media -- ie, Obama's been trying to win the hearts and minds of radical Muslims through the Arab media for some time now, not just in his al-Arabiya interview.

Then again, like I said, it could be just BS. Any one know anything about the "World Tribune"?

Barack Obama was working with Arab intermediaries to establish an unofficial dialogue with Al Qaida long before his election as the 44th U.S. president, according to a report in the upcoming weekly edition of Geostrategy-Direct.com
So, B.S. or intentionally misleading hype to sell a few more papers? Because the alternative is just too difficult -- and scary -- to believe.

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"Massive" Hezbollah Attack Disrupted in Europe

Haaretz reports that Lebanon's Iranian backed "Party of Allah" terrorists were attempting something "massive" in Europe:

A massive terror attack against an Israeli target in Europe has been thwarted in recent weeks, Channel 2 quoted security officials as saying Wednesday.
According to this JPost article, Israel worked with the Europeans of the impending attack.
The attack was reportedly thwarted by Israel, in conjunction with a European intelligence agency.
Any one hear of any arrests in conjunction with this?

Thanks to dahozho.

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Good News: Hizbollah Forming Sleeper Cells in US

The news story is from last week, the report from last year, but I either missed this one or it's slipped my mind:

An official government report concludes the Iranian-backed Islamic terror group has been forming sleeper cells throughout the United States that could become operational..” ...

“The Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah does not have a known history of
fomenting attacks inside the U.S., but that could change if there is some
kind of ‘triggering’ event, the homeland assessment cautions,” the report

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FBI concerned about Somali jihadists in America

An update of this story. Last month an FBI officer, Andy Young, visited a Liberian community meeting. The meeting was to discuss the shooting death of a local teenager, but the FBI officer was there to ask the community about the Somalis in their neighborhood.

Since the disappearance of 20 Somalis, who travelled to Somalia to train and fight with al Shabaab from the Minneapolis area, the FBI has growing concern that some of them might return to America. The FBI is also worried that some Somali-Americans might be persuaded to act as sleeper agents in the United States.

The FBI's concern is not without merit, Homeland Security received threats from al Shabaab about a possible terror attack on Barack Obama's inauguration. On inauguration day, a Somali resident alien from Minnesota was arrested at the US-Canada border in Detroit trying to sneak out of the US using his brother's passport. Also last week, 15 US residents were arrested in 2 separate incidences in Somaliland for suspicion of terrorism.

From the Christian Science Monitor

No, Agent Young said, he wasn’t there to bust anybody on immigration violations. He was there to dispel commonly held fears about the FBI. He knew, he said, that many in refugee-rich Clarkston came from countries where national security services were “snatching people in the middle of the night.” FBI agents are US public servants, he said, and “we are your friends.” His agents would be visiting churches and mosques all over Clarkston to listen to the community’s concerns.

But friendship, he said, carries “reciprocal obligations” – so he had a favor to ask. Although this was a gathering of – “Liberians, right?” – from the opposite side of Africa from Somalia, he wanted to ask their help making
contact with friends, neighbors, coworkers: Anyone who might be a leader of Atlanta’s Somali community.

Because Somali kids were disappearing. Not in Atlanta yet, that he knew of. But “six or seven high school kids,” former refugees resettled in Minnesota’s Twin Cities area, the largest Somali community in the US, had recently been recruited by an extremist group through a mosque there and sent back to Somalia to train as suicide bombers.

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India's Most Wanted Terrorist Killed

Several news agencies are now reporting that Abu Hamza, India's most wanted Kashmir based terrorist, has been killed in a gun battle. Hamza is the commander of Al-Badr, a break off of Jaish-e-Mohammed, which is the military wing of the Pakistani based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).

You may remember LeT from such recent acts of terror as the Mumbai massacre.

How did the Muslim community respond to Hamza's death?

Later hundreds of Muslim mourners, shouting "we want freedom", took to the streets with Hamza's body.
Good riddance to Hamza, but it's more than a bit troubling that someone like him could be regarded as a "freedom fighter" to so many. Fighting for what kind of freedom? For the pluralistic and secular governance of Indian Kashmir to be replaced by the oppression of religious Islamic law. That's some 'freedom' you're fighting for there.

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Douche vs. Hero

One of the greatest feats in passenger airline history, and this guy sues. I believe we have our first nominee for the douche of the year award.

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Charity: Yeah, We Support Hamas --- but if you say we support Hamas we'll sue!

Patrick Poole reports that the director of the Dublin, Ohio-based Arab Student Aid International is considering suing my advertising partners at Pajamas Media for reporting that they support a Hamas run university in Gaza. The problem here is that they openly admit that they support this university. The labs they helped fund were bombed by the IDF in the recent conflict. So, bring it on.

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Video: Former Gitmo Detainee Blows Self Up in Iraq

Here's a good idea, let's send all those soon to be released Gitmo prisoners back to the Middle East.

I saw this "Islamic State of Iraq" video over at Liveleak last September of former Guantanamo Bay detainee Abu Omar al-Kuwaiti blowing himself up in the process of an attack on a base. I'll post the original video below, but it only shows the end results: a very large explosion of what looks like a fuel truck.

The self-explosion actually came back in May of last year and was reported at the time, although not widely. Remember way back to last May? When al Qaeda in Iraq was still a threat and may a Democrat -- including his Oneness -- still doubted the ultimate success of the surge? Context, people.

NEFA has a longer version of the video I post below, but with English subtitles. Their version includes al-Kuwaiti's "martyr" video. In it, he claims he was tortured by the U.S. in Gitmo and urges Iraqis to accept al Qaeda leader Omar al-Baghdadi as the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq.

Here's their description of the video:

The NEFA Foundation has released English-subtitled excerpts from the final video-recorded will of Kuwaiti national Abdullah al-Ajmi (a.k.a. Abu Juhaiman al-Kuwaiti). Al-Ajmi was a former detainee at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba who was freed from American custody and, undeterred, subsequently joined Al-Qaida's "Islamic State of Iraq" (ISI). In April 2008, al-Ajmi allegedly executed a suicide truck bombing on behalf of Al-Qaida targeting local Iraqi security forces in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. Footage of Al-Ajmi reading his will and carrying out his suicide mission were later distributed by the official media wing of Al-Qaida in Iraq. The Kuwaiti is shown addressing the camera and declaring, "I thank Allah… who freed me from Guantanamo Bay prison and, after we were tortured, connected me with the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI). And it is the gift of Allah to follow the path of this country, the Islamic State of Iraq... You may not see us again after this meeting because we are headed for Allah, and Allah-willing, we will enter the dens and the neighborhoods of those who have abandoned Islam."
Check it out here.

Original video below.

UPDATE: Yeah, it would solve a lot of problems if released Gitmo detainees would all just blow themselves up. If. But check out this Fox News report on the same video:

Last April he blew himself up in a homicide attack that killed 12 people in Mosul, Iraq.
It's not so much the self-explosion that's the problem, it's the people around they take with them.

Video still below

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Culture of Openness Corruption (D) Update

Instapundit's becoming a one stop shop for this ongoing Democrat embarrassment.


By Good Lt. at 11:31 AM | Comments |

IDF To Fwance: Don't F**k With Our Border Closure

Welcome to the real world European diplomats...

PARIS (AFP)--France on Wednesday summoned Israel's ambassador after Israeli troops fired warning shots as European diplomats were blocked at a Gaza border crossing[...]

In Jerusalem, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yossi Levy said all border crossings were closed for several hours Tuesday after an Israeli army patrol was targeted in a bomb attack that left one soldier dead.

Word has it the porta-potties at the border were overflowing with fecal material from the Euroweenies.

By Stable Hand at 10:40 AM | Comments |

(Update)Ahmadinejad To US: Apologize For Calling Me A Jew - And Death To America

No he didn't say that, he wants Obama to apologize for US "crimes" against him/Iran.

Iran's president has responded to an overture by the new US president by demanding an apology for past US "crimes" committed against Iran.

The US "stood against the Iranian people in the past 60 years," Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said during an address in the western region of Khermenshah.

"Those who speak of change must apologise to the Iranian people and try to repair their past crimes," he said.

President Obama has offered to extend a hand if Iran "unclenched its fist".

President Barack Obama discussed the possibility of a softening of US policy towards Iran in an interview recorded with a Saudi-owned Arabic TV network on Monday.

Oh, and Death To America/Israel!

Update: Now Hamas in getting in on the action and asking Hopey/Changey to correct the mistakes of the Evil Bush Administration

Given that you are a man who incarnates victory after a long struggle, we hope that you will rectify the errors of the previous administration," Haniya wrote in a letter.

"Today we join you in the march toward change, change that will bring justice for all," he said.

Nice interview you had on Al-Arabiya TV Obama, it has really helped a lot.Sheesh

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Hopey/Changey Scraps Missile Defense Shield In Poland?

Another campaign promise delivered?

Russia suspends its missile plans in Kaliningrad.

Russia has dropped plans to install missiles near Poland after the Obama administration signaled a change in US attitude to the region, a Moscow military official has reportedly said.

The official suggested that Mr Obama's White House had made clear it would not prioritize executing the Bush administration's plan to install a missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic

I previously posted on Obama's defense plan, strangely the video has been set to private.

I found another:

h/t Gateway Pundit

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Health Care Going Green, Hospitals Going Meatless

(UK) The National Health Service (NHS) in Britain is instituting policy changes to reduce carbon emissions and, as the largest public sector employer, to lead the nation in the fight against global warming.

Ministers want family doctors to hold more 'phone-in' surgeries to help the environment by cutting carbon emissions from cars.

They also want hospitals to achieve their green targets by reducing the amount of meat they serve to patients in wards.

With Dial-A-Doctor diagnostics and meat erased from the menu, the NHS hopes to see a 10 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2015. According to NHS Chief Executive David Nicholson, "I want to encourage NHS staff to really get involved and do their bit to create a greener NHS." More like gangrene-er, eh?

Critics claim that telephone diagnoses are dangerous and could lead to incorrect treatment or death. Taxpayers' Alliance spokesman Mark Wallace indicated that the environment is again being used to trim health care services.

In other news, the British state schools are giving out marijuana handbooks to students so they know how to use a bong and how to properly roll a joint. Just beautiful!

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Ahmadinejad To Wipe Ahmadinejad Off The Map?

Rumor has it Ahmadinejad has Jewish roots.

This is not going to go over too well with the Mullah's.


By Stable Hand at 12:25 AM | Comments |

January 27, 2009

Yemeni Al Qaeda Implies WMD

Why am I entirely unsurprised? A high risk is generated by the intersection of al Qaeda and chemical weapons in a supportive, duplicitous environment, and that nexus exists in Yemen.

Hey, I know, lets send them a plane load of Gitmo detainees and trust in President Saleh's sincerity and Judge al Hittar's glib dialog to keep the world safe. The regime has an excellent track record of rehab and supervision, cooperation and intel sharing. Can I have my unicorn now?

In Al-Jazeera Website Interview, Al-Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula Emir Hints at WMD Attacks MEMRI No. 2216 - January 27, 2009

On January 26, 2009, the Al-Jazeera TV website www.aljazeera.net posted an interview with Abu Basir Nasir Al-Wahishi, Emir of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. According to the interview prologue, the interview was conducted as "white phosphorous bombs were raining down on Gaza City" and at the same time as Osama bin Laden's audio message was released – that is, most likely before the ceasefire in Gaza. The prologue also states that AQAP operatives Nayef bin Muhammad Al-Qahtani and Abu Sufyan Al-Azdi Sa'id Al-Shihri were likewise present; Al-Shihri is a former Guantanamo detainee who recently appeared together with Al-Wahishi in a video.

I don't take it lightly. There's a lot of propaganda and crafting associated with AQY and now AQAP. Maybe I'm wrong, please. My unicorn will be very confused if I'm not.

Gee, no unrestricted international access to Saada governorate after four years of war? No aid, no journalists. Whats up with that? Sa'ada, where jihaddists are fighting for the regime under the command of the president's half brother and former bin Laden recruiter, Ali Mohsen al Ahmar. To follow is the relevent section of my lunatic October 2005 article on the topic of possible chemical weapons use in Sa'ada. Its just bits and pieces, but sometimes where there's smoke there's fire:

Chemical Weapons: It is questionable whether the Yemeni military’s response to the Houthi rebellion was proportionate, reasonable, and justified. The primarily Shiite region of Sa’ada was decimated by a military force comprised of former Iraqi military men, Afghan Arabs, and Yemeni military personnel, under the leadership of General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, a reputed al-Qaeda sympathizer and President Saleh’s half brother. Persistent news reports and published interviews have charged that General Mohsen used gas as a weapon during the conflicts in Sa’ada.

Highly respected religious scholar Mohamed Almansour wrote a letter to President Saleh in March 2005 which stated, “We condemn all things that happened in the previous months such as excessive use of force by the Government forces and the use of internationally prohibited weapons.” In May, Alquds Alarabia reported that rebel leader Abdelmalik al-Houthi said, “The government attacked us with internationally prohibited weapons like chlorine gas that caused an inability to breathe.” He also referred to “colored gas.” An article in the opposition newspaper al-Shoura in June listed the names of imprisoned children, including Bader Aldeen Abdula Moslih who was described as “12 years old, very ill from nervous system and skin damage as a result of chlorine gas used by the army in the first war last year.” In an internet interview the same month, a Houthi partisan and purported eye witness described “some special missile which turns into many particles, yellow and then red. The cloud goes up slowly. When it explodes it is yellow, when the particles come down they are red.” The cloud caused an inability to breathe, he reported.

Yahya al-Houthi, former Member of Parliament in the ruling party and brother of slain rebel leader Hussain al-Houthi, wrote in an email: “Most of the injured persons have died especially those who were hiding in Suleiman Cave. They were exposed to chemical gas…The area surrounding Suleiman Cave is still closed by the Army to prevent any one from taking samples to be analyzed by chemical weapon experts. The Army also burned all bodies in that area so they don’t leave any evidence for the international community.

They used gas in the area of Alqari Mountain in the village of Neshoor…The result of the attack was the death of all 40 men who were protecting the area. The bodies of the dead still missing tell now. The government forces used the tanks to destroy the graves so no one can find the dead bodies if he or she needs to look for any evidence.” Certainly the Yemeni regime could put these allegations to rest by inviting international inspectors into the region which remains closed off.

Update: Oh yay! I'm not actually the only one in English:

2007 The Carnegie Middle East Center hosted an in-house talk... The speaker was Sami Dorlian who is a PhD candidate in the Institute of Politics at the University of Aix en Provence in France. The talk was attended by members of the think tank, press, and diplomatic community. Dorlian, who just came back from a four month trip to Yemen, spoke at length about the current political crisis in the country...

He explained that the government used chemical weapons during the recent confrontation in Saada to eliminate Zaidi insurgents and that the place was made inaccessible to the media so it is impossible to know what is really happening there.

The whole four year CW in Yemen meme is opposition propaganda or its not.

By Jane at 11:08 PM | Comments |

Obama Wins Key Taliban Demographic in Support for Gitmo Closures

Rita Katz's SITE Intelligence Group reports that the Taliban released a message of support today for President Obama's announced plan to close Guantanamo. I'm not joking:

"Obama's move to close Guantanamo detention centre is a positive step for peace and stability in the region and the world...," the Taliban said in a message posted on Islamist websites, monitored by the U.S.-based terrorism monitor, the SITE Intelligence Group.

"If Obama is right and, according to his words, wants to open a new page based on peaceful interaction built on mutual respect with the Islamic world, the first thing he has to do is to stop and annul all these procedures, which were created according to Bush's criminal policy," it said.

Consensus: it's what we're all about these days.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:46 PM | Comments |

Iran to have bomb this year?

Several think tanks, including the IISS, are predicting that later on in 09 Iran will have enough low-enriched uranium to build a nuclear bomb. Although it is possible to buid a nuclear bomb with low-enriched uranium, typically around 20% U-235, you would need a lot of this stuff to reach critical mass. Even then, the bomb would be crude and inefficient.

If the report is true, the question to ask is Iran willing to wait until it has enough highly-enriched uranium to build a bomb or does it go ahead and build a crude nuke? With Obama already preparing to sit down and talk with Iran I think Iran will go with the former.

From Sky

Iran will have enough enriched uranium to make a single nuclear weapon later this year, the prestigious International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) predicts.

The think tank's Mark Fitzpatrick made the announcement at today's launch of its annual global review of military powers.

During 2009, Iran will probably reach the point at which it has produced the amount of low-enriched uranium needed to make a nuclear bomb.

By at 07:26 PM | Comments |

Domestic Terrorist Arrested in Mobile?

A local news station in Mobile is labeling a man arrested in connection with the defacing of a Christian church a "domestic terrorist". The church, described as a "synagogue" by the paper, is really a Christian congregation of Jewish converts and others part of the Messianic movement -- a Christian movement which seeks "put the Messiah back within His biblically Jewish context."

One of us Jawas is a Messianic Jew, so if he wants to take umbrage at my wording I'll let him go ahead and ad something to the post.

Back on January 5th the church was vandalized with antisemetic statements and a Nazi swastika. The suspected vandal had bombs in his home and the police are treating him as dangerous. The police haven't yet publicly named him. Any one have a name?

So, the big question: will this guy turn out to be a McVeigh type terrorist or a Mohammad Atta type terrorist? Both types antisemetic and paranoid. Either way, dangerous.

UPDATE: White supremacist? His name is Thomas Hayward Lewis. Or Shahor is laying odds that it was meth.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:20 PM | Comments |

The Naughty, Naughty Media

It seems that in advance of Bernard Goldberg's new book, A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (and Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media, other publishers are looking to cash in.

That sick feeling you get when you watch the news? It isn't you.

All quotes real!! I kid you not

Theirs was a love that could never be!

One more horrible novel at Six Meat Buffet.

By Gordo at 03:37 PM | Comments |

Yemen's Court Convicts "Pardoned" Journalist Al Khaiwani

In a stunning development Monday, Yemen's Special Terrorism Court upheld the guilty verdict against journalist Abdulkarim al Khaiwani. The journalist had been pardoned by President Saleh on September 25, 2008 after spending months in jail.

Monday's ruling affirmed Mr. Al Khaiwani's conviction on the charges of "disseminating pro-rebel propaganda to local and foreign media" with the intent of adversely affecting "the morale of the military" and creating a social disturbance.

Mr. Al Khaiwani was the subject of a massive international campaign after he was arrested in July 2007 and falsely accused of "terrorism". The state's evidence consisted of journalistic materials-article notes and some photos. He was imprisoned June 9, 2008 after being sentenced to six years in jail. As the CPJ noted, "the case against al-Khaiwani was seen as retaliation for his criticism of the government's fight against the rebels and his writing about government nepotism."

Al Khaiwani was caught unawares by Monday's ruling and expressed amazement at the outcome of the appeal trial. He noted that he had received a presidential pardon and formal assurances from the Minister of Justice and other judicial officials that the issue is closed.

Al Khaiwani said he did not receive any summons to attend the court hearing and had not received any notice of the continuation of the trial. "The court did not consider the appeal submitted by my defense relating to the change in the severity of the sentence after it was issued. We have documented with both audio and video evidence that the terms of sentence was increased after the original ruling in court," he added.

Al-Khaiwani remains free at the moment and it is unclear what may follow; however the terrorism conviction is sure to substantially impact his future travels and employment.

By Jane at 02:27 PM | Comments |

Republicans Object To Stimulus Dollars For ACORN

Update on ACORN To Receive Billions In Stimulus Money?

Republican lawmakers are raising concerns that ACORN, the low-income advocacy group under investigation for voter registration fraud, could be eligible for billions in aid from the economic stimulus proposal working its way through the House.

House Republican Leader John Boehner issued a statement over the weekend noting that the stimulus bill wending its way through Congress provides $4.19 billion for "neighborhood stabilization activities."

He said the money was previously limited to state and local governments, but that Democrats now want part of it to be available to non-profit entities. That means groups like ACORN would be eligible for a portion of the funds.

Sen. David Vitter, R-La., told FOX News Tuesday that the money could be seen as "payoff" for groups' political activities in the last election. ACORN generally supports Democratic candidates and actively backed President Obama last year.

Vitter hit the nail on the head...payoff.

Let's hope the rest of the Republicans on Capital Hill show some testes to get this "payoff" removed from the stimulus package.

Update: Link to video from William Amos in comments.

By Stable Hand at 02:19 PM | Comments |

Shabaab Takes Control Of Somalia's Seat Of Government

Bill Roggio reports

Al Qaeda's affiliate in Somalia took control of the last stronghold of Somalia's troubled Transitional Federal Government today[yesterday], just hours after Ethiopian troops withdrew. More...

Hmmm, I wonder if any Missing Somali Americans helped?

By Stable Hand at 01:24 PM | Comments |

Why Queers Against Israeli Apartheid support islamists

I think it's because the queers against Israel apartheid have a special camaraderie with muhammed, islam's perfect role model...

From Al-Bukhari's hadith, number 1183

Then he [Mohammed] said, 'Where is the little one? Call the little one to me.' Hasan came running and jumped into his lap. Then he put his hand in his beard. Then the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, opened his mouth and put his tongue in his mouth. Then he said, O Allah, I love him, so love him and the one who loves him!'"

By at 12:48 PM | Comments |

Well, Duh: Saudis Admit "Rehabilitating" Terrorists Not Always Effective

They'll cut your hand off for stealing, chop your head off for homosexuality, but join al Qaeda and you get "rehabilitated". Our "friends", the Saudis:

Nine graduates of an influential Saudi rehabilitation program for former jihadists, including some who had been imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay, have been arrested for rejoining terrorist groups since the program started in 2004, Saudi officials said Monday....

Hundreds of men have passed through the Saudi program, and it has been viewed as a model for similar efforts elsewhere.

Here's a great idea: let's close Guantanamo and send Saudi citizens back to the Islamic Kingdom for "rehabilitation"!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:42 PM | Comments |

Video: It's RETURNING from Jihad that is the Worry

In this video of last night's Glenn Beck show, former CIA officer Mike Baker and some dude named Brad Thor (ever hear of him?) discuss the problems of Somalia as similar to those faced in Afghanistan. It's just the first segment, but it's worth the watch. Especially a point which I've under-emphasized here and which I'll be sure to pay more attention to: that Americans going to Somalia to fight for al Qaeda's local affiliate is disturbing, but the really scary scenario doesn't come until they return.

Thanks to Trollhammer who, for some odd reason, is getting paid by both organizations with an interest in this video yet posts it at neither. Well played Trollhammer. Well played.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:03 PM | Comments |

Somali Arrested at Canadian Border

I'll send you over to Dinah Lord, who found this, and just reprint a little teaser below. But can all of these things be coincidences?

A) Homeland Security announces an non-specific threat against President Obama from Somalia's al Qaeda affiliate, the al-Shebaab. Possibly a threat conveyed through the internet?

B) The al Shebaab's U.S. hosted website was ordered shut down, after over a year of operating openly, by the federal government. Bill Warner tells me he was tipped that the website would be shut down last week and some activity trying to archive pictures showing the faces of jihadis in Somalia from the website before it went down.

C) 15 Somalians, some of them reported as American citizens and the rest reported as living in the United States for some time, were arrested in Somaliland -- an autonomous region in Somalia with no sympathies to the Salfi insurgents.

Coincidence? Maybe, but my gut says no. It's a bit of a connect the dots, but all indications are that the Shebaab website (and some affiliated message boards) was doing more than simply conveying information from the mujahideen in Somalia. It was being used to recruit Somalis to the battlefield. With its closure there is no doubt that others will take its place, but for me I say good riddance to a website which has been a thorn in our side for some time.

The down side, of course, being that the website was an obvious boon for intel. Ambiguity. Get used to it.

Dinah Lord:

48 hours before the inauguration, US Customs officials arrested Bile Abdullahi, a resident alien from Minnesota at the Canadian border near Detroit.

According to federal charges, Abdullahi was trying to sneak into Canada using his brother's passport....

Abdullahi told officials he was going to Canada for a vacation, but intelligence officials fear it could've been some kind of dress rehearsal for leaving the country in a hurry.

Please keep those tips about Somalia coming.

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Hopenchange: Dental Care Will Defeat al Qaeda

To say I'm stunned by the President's interview with al Arabiya TV would be misleading. His comments were perfectly predictable. But is there a word which describes the feeling when you're surprised when something completely expected happens in the exact way you thought it would?

Anyway, I have about five or six windows open to other blogs commenting on this. I guess the general rule is that when other people say what you're thinking, then writing the same thing again is just an exercise in vanity.

One of the most striking comments on President Obama's interview was made by Dan Riehl, "Obama believes he will defeat al Qaeda with a better education and health care plan to hear him tell it."

Obama isn't that naive. And I actually appreciate his attempt to mend some fences. It's called diplomacy, which is the grand art of lying at the international level. The key question, in my mind, is whether he understands the truthiness of it all? Magic 8 Ball says no, but hope springs eternal.

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Fatwa: Yoga is Unislamic

"Moderate" Muslims in Indonesia ban Yoga. Yeah, but is watching hot chicks do Yoga harem?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:57 AM | Comments |

Irony: Homosexuals Supporting Those Who Want to Stone Them

Perhaps these people should be forced to spend a week in Gaza? Queers Against Israeli Apartheid.

UPDATE: Looks like Stable Hand already posted this. Ooops.

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Fox Embed Recieves Navy's 2nd Highest Honor


An AP reporter would have filmed the Marines injuries slowly watching him die, asked him how he felt about dying in a lost cause, called the Taliban to get their side of the story, and then filed a report with a stock photo of an Afghan child killed when a "wedding" was bombed by a U.S. airstrike. He now works for CNN. Eh, it's a job. If you ever meet a cameraman named Chris Jackson, buy that guy a beer.

MNF News Release: BAGHDAD – On Aug. 3, 2003, while traveling the dangerous roads of Afghanistan, a cameraman working for FOX News risked his life to save a U.S. Marine from a vehicle engulfed in flames.

While embedded with 2nd Platoon, Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Marines, cameraman Chris Jackson’s vehicle hit 50 pounds of homemade explosives. The humvee occupants escaped the flaming vehicle, all but the vehicle commander, Sgt. Courtney Rauch.

The blast severely injured Rauch and knocked him unconscious. Jackson, despite having received shrapnel wounds himself, rushed back to the vehicle, pulled Rauch out and carried him to safety.

“Without Chris’ quick thinking and heroic act, I would have lost my life that day,” Rauch said. “Chris forgot about being a reporter that day and became one of our bothers and acted as one of us. Chris went above and beyond his duty.”

Jackson, who now works for CNN/Turner Broadcasting, was presented the Department of the Navy Distinguished Public Service Award, the second highest award given to civilians by the Navy, for his actions. Jackson received the award during a stop in Iraq en route to India. An audience of appreciative Marines was on hand during the ceremony.

Marine Maj. Gen. Paul Lefebvre, deputy commanding general, Multi-National Corps – Iraq, has a son in the very same company with which Jackson was traveling. Lefebvre, who presented the award on behalf of the Navy, asked his son if all the wonderful things being said about Jackson were true.

“I asked him ‘is this the real thing’ and he said ‘yeah dad, this guy’s a hero’,” Lefebvre said. “This was not an everyday action.
It came from somewhere deep inside and shows such a level of courage and commitment.”

When told in front of the crowd of digital cammies why he was invited to Al Faw Palace, Jackson blushed. “It goes to show that Marines have a good sense of humor,” he said. “I was told I was coming here for a briefing.”

Jackson, who has been out with servicemembers in combat zones since 2001, said he didn’t think twice about risking his own life to save someone else’s.

“I wasn’t thinking. I saw there was trouble and I didn’t even think about grabbing a camera and filming it,” Jackson said. “I just did what anyone else would do if someone was in trouble.”

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:15 AM | Comments |

Queers For People Who Would Chop Off Their Head And Drink Their Blood!

Headline thanks to WriterMom at LGF link thingy.

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid

Where does Queer analysis fit into Anti-Apartheid struggles?
What are the intersections of Queer movements and Palestinian resistance?
How do we rekindle the flame of Queer radicalism?

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, a collective of queer, Toronto Palestine
solidarity organizers, are inviting you to attend a panel discussion on
'queering' the analysis of Israeli Apartheid. As a collective, we hope to
explore the ways in which we, as Queers, can organize in Toronto and work in
solidarity with social justice initiatives.

They really need to read the Quran.

By Stable Hand at 10:15 AM | Comments |

Hamas al-Qaeda Breaks Cease Fire With Roadside Bomb, Israel Responds

Via Yahoo News:

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – The Islamic Hamas movement says one of its members has been wounded in an Israeli airstrike in the southern Gaza Strip.

The airstrike comes hours after a roadside bomb along Israel's border with Gaza killed an Israeli soldier and wounded three others.

Tuesday's violence is the worst since the sides declared a cease-fire last week.

Hamas says the militant was struck as he was riding a motorcycle in the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis. Residents say Israeli tanks and bulldozers have also entered the area where the roadside bombing took place and are leveling some farmland.

er uh, predictable.....

Update: A group calling itself Tawhid Brigades has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Via Ynet: An Islamist group affiliated with Al-Qaeda calling itself the 'Jihad and Tawhid Brigades' claimed responsibility for the attack. The group delivered the announcement to the Ramattan news agency, which distributed the footage.
There have been various al-Qaeda 2.0 type groups operating in Gaza for quite some time. The case of Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig comes to mind. As well as other journalists listed here.

Hamas always denies any involvement with the al-Qaeda linked elements, but somehow seems to be always able to "negotiate" a resolution to the ordeal. Afterward Hamas makes little no effort to disrupt these groups.

Which raises questions, if one of the escaping bombers who was killed was a also a Hamas member as they have stated, then Hamas and these al-Qaeda linked groups have cross membership. How handy that is; "War is deceit!" Hmmm who said that?

By Howie at 09:46 AM | Comments |

At Least Nixon Had....

....just enough dignity and balls to resign.

Guess we won't be able to say that say that about Governor Ass-Maggot? But look on the bright side, maybe someday we'll be able to look back on this, laugh and say, "At least he had the balls to go to prison!"

By Howie at 12:29 AM | Comments |

Thai Military Accused of Setting Burmese Refugees Adrift

N. Malay Peninsula.jpgAfter fleeing oppression in Burma, refugees were rounded up by the Thai military in a crackdown on illegal immigration.

Mainly Rohingya Muslims from western Burma, about 1,000 refugees were detained on the island of Koh Sai Baed before being towed into international waters and allegedly abandoned at sea.

About 500 men are now missing and feared drowned, and Thailand faces the possibility of bodies washing up on popular tourist beaches in Phang Nga and Phuket.

Since media reports began circulating about the mistreatment of the refugees, Thailand has faced international condemnation, and the Prime Minister, Abhisit Vejjajiva, has promised an investigation.

At the center of the scandal, Thai Army Colonel Manat Kongpat has reportedly denied the allegations.

By at 09:05 PM | Comments |

US Navy Task Force 151 on the hunt for Iranian ships smuggling weapons into Gaza

US Navy Task Force 151, the recently founded naval force to battle islamic pirates off the coast of Somalia, has been ordered to look for Iranian ships smuggling weapons. According to sources it is believed that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are smuggling weapons, inlcuding Fajr rockets that can strike at Tel Aviv, on Iranian commercial ships.

The Iranian use two different routes to smuggle weapons into Gaza. The first route, Iranian ships dock in Somlia or Sudan where smugglers bring the weapons to Sinai. Beduoin specialists then smuggle the weapons into Gaza through the tunnels.

The second route, Iranian ships anchor in Egyptian waters, where Israeli warships can't get to, and at night transfer the weapons onto palestinian fishing boats.

Times Online

AN American naval taskforce in the Gulf of Aden has been ordered to hunt for suspicious Iranian arms ships heading for the Red Sea as Tehran seeks to re-equip Hamas, its Islamist ally in Gaza.

According to US diplomatic sources, Combined Task Force 151, which is countering pirates in the Gulf of Aden, has been instructed to track Iranian arms shipments.

Last week the USS San Antonio, an amphibious transport dockship that serves as the command and control centre for the taskforce, boarded the former Russian cargo vessel Monchegorsk, which is registered in Limassol and flying a Cypriot flag.

The ship docked at an Egyptian Red Sea port for a detailed search during which, according to unconfirmed reports, weapons were found.[...]

A document circulated to ministers by Israeli military intelligence last week suggested that despite the bombardment, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is well advanced with a huge programme of arms resupply for Gaza.[...]

In recent weeks at least two Iranian destroyers have been sent to the Gulf of Aden on the pretext of fighting piracy. The Israelis suspect that the destroyers, which are currently in port in Aseb in Eritrea, may have had some role in the shipments.

By at 06:12 PM | Comments |

Shots Outside US Embassy in Yemen

Update: now its three people tried to pass the embassy checkpoint, and no shots fired at the embassy. The police fired in the air to stop the car from fleeing.

AP reports that the US embassy received a threat of an attack today, by both phone and email. Several hours later, a gunman shoots at a police checkpoint. The car fled. Does that make sense? Since when does al Qaeda email notice of an impending assualt? Something is off.

SAN'A, Yemen – Gunmen in a car fired on a police checkpoint near the U.S. Embassy in Yemen's capital on Monday, an Interior Ministry official said, hours after the embassy received threats of a possible attack. Police returned fire at two gunmen in the car, which fled the scene, the official said. It was unclear if anyone was injured. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not allowed to speak to the press. He said three men in the area were detained....Earlier, a Yemeni security official said the U.S. Embassy received a telephone call and an e-mail early Monday saying the U.S. and Russian embassies would be targeted by al-Qaida within a few hours.
By Jane at 04:21 PM | Comments |

Yousef Islam: Gaza Aid

Via Yahoo News:

JERUSALEM – The musician formerly known as Cat Stevens released a charity song on Monday to help the children of Gaza.

The United Nations said the London-born Yusuf Islam recorded a rendition of the George Harrison song "The Day the World Gets Round," along with the German bassist and former Beatles collaborator Klaus Voorman.

All proceeds from the song will be donated to the U.N. agency in charge of Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, and to the nonprofit group Save the Children to be directed to aiding Gaza residents.

And here it is....(below the fold)

Oh and Death to Amerika!

By Howie at 04:17 PM | Comments |

Inshallahshaheed (Samir Khan) Banned from Image Shack/Internet


I was just looking around because al-Qaeda's #1 American supporter/propagandist/helper on the internet, Samir Khan of Charlotte NC, has at last issued his demands of the Obamamessiah for what he thinks is required to make peace with al-Qaeda/Muslims.

*** Via Samir Khan at The Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge

* Pulls all US troops, and Intelligence Agents out of all the Muslim lands, the foremost of them being Saudi Arabia.
* Leave off all military, political and economic aid for the 56+ Apostate Governments in the Muslim world. Abandon them, even if the soldiers of Islam grab hold of them.
* Leave off all military, political, economic and moral aid for the state of Israel, and ban your citizens from traveling to occupied Palestine.
* Cease all interference in the Religion, Society, Media and Politics of the Muslim world. Do not interfere in the re-establishment of the Islamic Caliphate.
* Free all Muslim captives from your prisons; closing down Guantanamo means nothing until you release them in their home countries safely.
LOL! Those look like some pretty stiff conditions there Sammy? So I see, all President Obama has to do is surrender and kiss your collective hindquarters? Good luck with that.

You'll notice that the non-link to Sammys blog is actually from the google cache. While I was surfing around I noticed that his host, Thabbat.net, is down. It looks like yet another host has given him the boot. Also that domain has been banned from Sammy's fave image hosting service Imageshack.

LOL, poor Sammy he just has so many "technical difficulties".

*** ( If the Jawa readers will please forgive my link whoring? I've vowed to run Sammy down to the last page of Google search. I get all caught up in this stuff ya know ;)

The real link to the Google cache of his page would be here or maybe here )

Update 01/27/09: sigh, he's back up.

By Howie at 02:23 PM | Comments |

Obama VS Darth Vader?


Random Japanese Obama Action figures:


By Stable Hand at 02:13 PM | Comments |

EU: US Must Show GITMO Prisoners Show No Risk

Yes, they will take them as long as they aren't really terrorists. It appears they are having second thoughts about their first offer.

BRUSSELS, Belgium — European Union leaders said Monday they are willing to take prisoners being released from the U.S. detention camp at Guantanamo Bay — but only after detailed screening to ensure they don’t import a terrorist.[emphasis mine]

Foreign ministers from the 27-member bloc discussed the fate of up to 60 Guantanamo inmates who, if freed, cannot be returned to their homelands because they would face abuse, imprisonment or death. The prisoners come from Azerbaijan, Algeria, Afghanistan, Chad, China, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, whose country played a lead role in Monday’s discussions on Guantanamo, said the European Commission will draft a formal plan in coming weeks defining a common course for EU members to pursue with the new U.S. administration of President Barack Obama. In his first week in office, Obama ordered the notorious prison in Cuba to be closed within a year.

Kouchner said the European plan was likely to include a formal EU request for legal and security experts to visit the prison — and interview potential immigrants about where they wanted to resettle and why.

Sheesh I could answer that resettle and why thing.....anywhere to resume job of terrorist.

By Stable Hand at 01:57 PM | Comments |

Swat Taliban Summon Government Officials To Sharia Court

Bill Roggio has an excellent article on this.

The leader of the Taliban-controlled district of Swat in Pakistan's northwest has ordered more than 50 political and tribal leaders to appear before a sharia court within a week or face "dangerous consequences."

Mullah Fazlullah, Swat's radical Taliban leader, issued the order in a broadcast over his illegal FM radio channel after convening the Taliban shura, or council.

Not looking good for Pakistan's Northwest district of Swat.

By Stable Hand at 12:22 PM | Comments |

Eleven more AMERICANS arrested in Somaliland

More on this story. It seems like there were more arrests involving US citizens traitors, specifically Somali-Americans. Somaliland authorities arrested 11 Somali-Americans in connection to the smuggling of anti-aircraft weapons. The 11 Somali-Americans were trained by al Shabaab, aka the African Taliban, and according to authorities were supposed to carry out attacks in the capital of Somaliland.

So that brings the total of Somali-Americans arrested in Somaliland up to 15. At least five more traitors are on the loose somewhere on the horn of Africa. It's a good thing al Shabaab's website has been shut down, this should cut down on their recruitment ability.

Somaliland is an autonomous part of Somalia considered "friendly" to the U.S. Unlike the rest of the country, it has something resembling a functioning government.


MOGADISHU, Jan. 23 (Xinhua) -- Security forces in the self-declared republic of Somaliland in northwestern Somalia on Friday siezed nearly 10 small one-time use anti-aircraft missile launchers and arrested two suspects in connection with the illegal weapons in Hargeisa, capital of the state, reports reaching here said.

Abdullahi Ismail Irro, the interior minister of Somaliland which declared its independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991, said the missile launchers were originally from Eritrea and were transported through the central Somali region of Galgadud before they were stored in a house in Hargeisa. [...]

Eleven youths suspected of being trained with the hardline Islamist group of Al-Shabaab in the south-central Somalia were arrested. The youths reportedly arrived from Mogadishu to Hargeisaand had lived in the United States.

The suicide bombers were Somali youths allegedly recruited and trained by Al-Shabaab movement to carry out the attacks in Hargeisa.

UPDATE by Rusty: This is a followup to an earlier post, tipped by Kyros: Four Americans arrested in Somalia and Feds Order Al Qaeda in Somalia (Al-Shabaab) Website Closed

UPDATE II by Rusty: Thanks for the link Michelle and HA.

If you haven't been following, there is a related story about the al Qaeda linked Somali terrorists' US hosted website which was closed upon government orders last week. There is some speculation that the two events are related.

Keep an eye on Somalia people. Keep an eye on Somalia.

If any one has any other information or links to stories about Somalians being arrested in the US or Europe or Americans arrested/detained/killed in the Horn of Africa, do me a favor and drop me or Kyros a line.

By at 12:15 PM | Comments |

Award Winning Yemen Journalist Al Khaiwani Convicted of Disseminating Information


Although Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani was pardoned by President Saleh, the appeals court today upheld his conviction for "disseminating pro-rebel propaganda to local and foreign media". I do not know what will happen next.

Pro-rebel? This from a government that is engaged in collective punishment of the civilian population and belongs in front of the ICC. Oh, lets just call it a jihad, considering they have terrorists fighting on the government side against the Shiites and they are bombing and starving the civilians. What dictotards!!!

Oh and if the international humanitarian organizations want to know why they are not getting access, they could look back to my 2005 article about the allegations of chemical weapons use in Sa'ada.

By Jane at 12:01 PM | Comments |

Four AMERICANS Arrested in Somaliland

Four American traitors arrested in Somalia en route to joining al Qaeda's local affiliate, the al Shebaab? If the following report is to be believed then yes. Assuming it's true, then we've probably found at least four of those young men reportedly missing from the Somali immigrant community.

Somaliland is an autonomous part of Somalia considered "friendly" to the U.S. Unlike the rest of the country, it has something resembling a functioning government.

Somaliland Press:

Somaliland security forces arrested five people after they raided a house in Hargeisa. The suspects consist of four men who are said to be from the United States and a woman from Mogadishu, all five suspects were taken into custody yesterday.

Local newspapers reported today that the woman who came from Mogadishu rented a villa in Hargeisa days before the four men arrived from the US. Members of the security forces had received a tip about the terrorist suspects and were ready to move in and arrest them.

Keep an eye on Somalia people. Keep an eye on Somalia.

Thanks to Kyros.

UPDATE: Make that 15. Eleven more Americans arrested in Somaliland.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:53 AM | Comments |

Google Adssense Promoting Gaza Holocaust Meme

Carl saw the following Google adsense ad running up at Powerline.

Pali -Holocaust-ad.jpg

Islam Online is run by the followers of so-called "moderate" Egyptian Sunni cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Someone who has Scott, John, or Paul's ear might want to let them know.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:34 AM | Comments |

Homophobes in, er, Science Fiction?

The world of science fiction is inordinately populated by “homophobic white male straight writers” and “woman-hating racists”. WTF?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:16 AM | Comments |

ACORN To Receive Billions In Stimulus Money?

Come work for ACORN, we will have billions to spend. Can't afford a home loan loan? No problem, we have hopey/changey on our side.


Michelle Malkin has the info on this.

Related ACORN news:

On Monday, Jan. 19, hundreds of volunteers nationwide joined ACORN members canvassing high-foreclosure neighborhoods in 30 cities, providing information and assistance to families with troubled loans as part of President-elect Barack Obama's National Service Day.

ACORN volunteers served tens of thousands of families, collected petition signatures in support of Obama and ACORN's demand for a 90-day moratorium, and invited residents to join ACORN's "Homesteading" foreclosure campaign.

What a merry-go-round we are on. First, home loans are given to those who can't afford it, next they receive monies to help stop foreclosures. What's next, more stimulus money when they default again on the home loans they can't afford?

Related: Fact: Obama Lied, Banks Died!

By Stable Hand at 11:15 AM | Comments |

Helping Vets this Winter

I got this in my email from a source I've trusted before. Seems legit:

The Coalition has set a goal of rushing an emergency aid check within 10 days to help every severely wounded serviceman or woman facing eviction, a utility cutoff or homelessness this winter.
Click here to donate.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:13 AM | Comments |

Jews Continue To Perpetuate the Least Successful Genocide EVAH

Israel shipping tons of fresh fruits and veggies to Gazastan. Will the outrages of the Zionist entity ever end?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:08 AM | Comments |

Swedish Police Chief Pro-Hamas/Anti-Semitic

What happens when a group, with a permit, holds a pro-Israel rally in Sweden and a non-permit holding pro-Hamas protesters crash it?

Answer: Pro-Israel rally forced to leave by dhimmi Swedish Police chief.

More video's and translation here

h/t Carl in Jerusalem

By Stable Hand at 10:12 AM | Comments |

Not Seen in MSM: Canadian Imam Praises Suicide Bombing

Click this link to see a video titled The Meaning of Jihad where the imam of the Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Toronto, Aly Hindy, praises suicide bombers. It comes near the end but the entire thing is worth watching: know thy enemy.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:23 AM | Comments |

Feds Order Al Qaeda in Somalia (Al-Shabaab) Website Closed

Good things come to those who are persistent and wait patiently.

The Mujahideen "al-Shabaab" Youth Movement is a Somali based group of al-Qaeda linked terrorists. They are closely associated with the African Courts Union, who we often like to call the African Taliban, but are even more radical.

Their US based website has been closed by government order.

The group was declared an officially designated terrorist entity back in March of 08.

Complaints have been sent to their Host, Dotster, for quite some time. We started complaining to Dotster about this site in February after it was resurrected from an earlier take down by the Jawas.

Dotster repeatedly refused to remove the site without a Government Order. Citing the free speech rights of these terrorists even after they were declared an officially designated terrorist entity by the U.S. State Department. Dotster also questioned the validity of the site, asking us to prove the site belonged to al-Shabbab despite all the evidence that is/was their official website.

Well, the creaky old wheels of government have finally turned! After 8 months and no telling how many "suddenly missing" members of the US Somali community showing up for Jihad in Somalia the government, most likely the FBI or the Dept of Commerce's Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), has at last given the order to shut the site.


A quick look at the whois for kataaib.net shows

http://kataaib.net/ = [ ]

Domain pending cancelation per government order

Well, better late than never....


Hat Tip: Kyros at Report on Arrakis.

The last big announcement on the website was that after the Ethiopian withdrawal al-Shabbab began rounding up and eliminating those who had worked with the provisional government, the African Union and the UN.

So hopefully this will somewhat disrupt their outgoing communications and recruiting.

But don't get get too excited, as the closing of the site did not stop al-Shabbab from murdering 15 people today.

Cross posted from Howie's Moisture Farm. Always over three times as moist as your ordinary crappy blog!

UPDATE by Rusty: An interesting sidenote to this is that the Abu Shabaab blog was taken down the same day last month, thanks to Howie. The owner of that site vehemently claims that he is not a member of the Shabaab, but that his website exists only to translate Shabaab statements. I've communicated with him through email in the past. The timing of his website going bye-bye suggests there is more than a passing friendly relationship between the blogger and the group's official U.S. hosted website.

There has been some discussion & speculation among the Jawas as to what triggered the order for the website to be shut down.

Here's where we need some help: have there been any reports of Somalis being arrested in the past week in the U.S. or Europe? Go ahead and e-mail tips to mypetjawa(at)gmail.com

Updated again by Howie: Despite the closing of the two websites, Youtube is still hosting these related youtube accounts.

Last sign in, two days ago....
Last sign in two months ago.

Another Update by Rusty: 15 Americans arrested in Somalia. Four in one roundup, and eleven more in another. So, was the sting related to the closure of the website?

By Howie at 09:14 AM | Comments |

Unrepentant Terrorist Bill Ayers To Speak At University Of Michigan Tonight

Billy still denies lies about plotting to blow up Detroit police sites as well as other atrocities the Weathermen Underground committed while protesting the Vietnam War trying to overthrow our government.

Bill Ayers, leader of a 1960s radical anti-war organization who helped launch Barack Obama’s political career in Chicago in the 1990s then threatened to derail it when their relationship became an issue in the 2008 campaign, will be in Michigan Monday. Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, are scheduled to make a free appearance at 7 p.m. Monday at the University of Michigan Hatcher Graduate Library Gallery, Room 100. See www.shamandrum.com.

He talked Friday to the Free Press at length about the nature of terrorism and terrorists (He’s not one, but John McCain is and “I’m as much an American as Sarah Palin”), his relationship with Obama (“I would say he’s a guy in the neighborhood, as he said about me.”) and whether the results of the election mean the revolution is over. He denied knowledge of a 1970 Weather Underground plot to blow up Detroit police facilities.

Here are some excerpts:

Freep.com: You’re in town to talk about your book "Racecourse: Against White Supremacy".

Ayers: The book is a personal essay or memoir about our involvement over the last 40 years, 50 years even, of struggles around racism both in the eudcational[sic] system and the juvenile justice system. And it’s based partly on personal story and partly it’s a history. Partly it’s a reminder that this country has a long, long history of white supremacy. And that even though right now we’re witnessing an important shift against white supremacy, it’s not a fatal blow.

Freep.com: Both of you have been anxious to see reform, sometimes pretty radical and rapid reform. Do you have reason to believe now that there is some opportunity for that to happen that wasn’t there before because of the last election? more..

Regarding Larry Grathwol, the FBI informants recollection of the plot to blow up the Detroit Police HQ Billy had this to say:
[...]Ayers: None that I know. Then, I don’t know everything.

Freep.com: You’re familiar with his allegations?

Ayers: No. You’re telling me this.

Freep.com: You’ve never heard of this guy?

Ayers: I’ve heard of Grathwol. I remember him. But no, I’ve never read his book. I don’t know what he said. You’re the first person telling me.

Freep.com: He said that in February 1970 the Weatherman built two bombs targeting the Detroit Police Officers Association building and the 13th precinct.

Ayers: Not true.

Freep.com: (Reading from Grathwol) “The instructions I received from Billy Ayers was that the bombs to be used in Detroit must have shrapnel and fire potential.”

Ayers: Not true. Not true.

Freep.com: And you’ve never heard those allegations before?

Ayers: No. Not those. I’ve heard a lot. But I try not to watch Fox News too much because I think it’s poisonous.

h/t Allah's headlines

Related: Zombie: William Ayers forgotten Communist manifesto "Prairie Fire".

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January 25, 2009

WTF? "Pocket Obama"

Amazon - Obama "Pocket Book", "A must for every pocket". Memorize it, worship it, spread Hopey Changey's message near and far...or something like that.

This visitor to Amazon didn't seem impressed:

This is either a joke or the most disturbing thing I've ever seen. Can sane American's really have such worshipful adoration for any politician, especially to this level? Supporting a politician is one thing, but this is sick, sick, sick. Mao's Little Red Book, now Obama's Little Blue Book. This is actually beyond sick, its frighteningly delusional. Who published this, Louis Farakhan?

Click image for more from Transsylvania Phoenix

It's currently out of stock.

Beware of the "Pocket Obama" people....

Update: Transsylvania Phoenix has a message for those of you who thinks this is a hoax...

By Stable Hand at 05:10 PM | Comments |

Alcatraz, The New GITMO "Rock"?

Apparently Pelosi is not too keen on the idea of using Alcatraz for the GITMO detainees; "But...it's a national park."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday shrugged off Republican suggestions that the federal government reopen Alcatraz prison in her San Francisco district to house detainees from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

President Obama this week signed an executive order calling for the closure of the prison at Guantanamo within the year. Republican Rep. Bill Young then suggested to White House counsel Greg Craig that the prisoners who could not be released back to their home countries or sent to a third country be put up in "the Rock," the famous military installation and prison that closed down in 1963 and is now part of the National Park Service.

Asked whether that was a serious proposal, Pelosi said, "It is -- no."

"Perhaps he's not visited Alcatraz," Pelosi said of Young while displaying little sense of humor. "Alcatraz is a tourist attraction. It's a prison that is now sort of like a -- it's a national park."

Nancy Pelosi certainly deserves to have the GITMO jihadi's in her district. The SF moonbats have been crying a long time to have GITMO closed.

It's a win, win situation, or as a commenter at Ace's said; "They can rename Alcatraz , Gaytanamo Bay".

By Stable Hand at 03:59 PM | Comments |

Rehabilitated Saudi Al-Qaeda Reappear in New Yemeni Terror Organization

Two Saudis featured in a Yemeni Al Qaeda propaganda video were previously held at Guantanamo Bay. They went through the Kingdom’s rehabilitation program which features art therapy. DOD estimates detainees released thus far have a ten percent recidivism rate , with 61 of over 500 returned to the battlefield. New York Times identified the Saudis as Said Ali al Shihri and Mohamed Atiq Awayd al-Harbi.

Yemen’s president announced that the US will repatriate 94 Yemeni detainees within three months. Yemen is building a rehab center, and the FBI this week delivered a half million dollars worth of biometric collection equipment including mobile fingerprint sets. US Ambassador to Yemen, Steven Seche noted this week on America. gov, “The Yemeni government legitimately can cite capacity issues that hinder its effectiveness against terrorists.”

Remarking on the status of the Yemenis at Guantanamo, Seche said, “Except in the case perhaps of some very hard-core elements, we believe that the majority of these detainees can be put productively into a … reintegration program with the goal over time of enabling them to find a way back into Yemeni society without posing a security risk.”

Yemen has a troubling history of placating al Qaeda operatives, a history which includes early releases of convicted terrorists, multiple escapes, deal making with the terror group, and outright lying to the US on the status of al Qaeda operatives. In 2000, the USS Cole was attacked in Aden port killing 17 US sailors and sixteen were killed in a terror assault on the US Embassy in Sana’a last September.

In the face of Saudi Arabia's successes against the al Qaeda organization, many Saudi operatives have fled to the more hospitable climate in Yemen. Al Qaeda in Yemen announced its merger with Saudi Arabia’s Al-Qaeda organization to form Al-Qaeda in the Arabic Peninsula (AQAP). The announcement came in its latest release of the online journal “Echo of Epics”.

Al-Qaeda in Yemen leader, Nassir al-Wahishi, heads AQAP. Wahishi was formerly the personal secretary to Usama bin Laden. He was extradited by Iran to Yemen in 2003. AQAP’s second in command, Said Ali al Shihri, was released from Guantanamo to Saudi Arabia in November 2007. Said al Shihri was accused in DOD documents of meeting extremists in Mashad, Iran, providing passports and briefing them on how to enter Afghanistan. Al-Shihiri is accused of participating in the bombing of the US embassy in September 2008. Wahishi’s former lieutenant, Qasim al-Reimi, does not appear in the video and his position in the new organization is undefined. (update: incorrecto! al-Reimi is in the vid.)

AQAP will construct training camps In Yemen for fighters who wish to join the jihad in the Gaza Strip according to its propaganda. Gaza has also been the topic of propaganda statements issued this month by Usama bin Laden, Ayman Zawahiri, Yeyah al Libi, the Taliban and al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. The motto of AQAP is, "From here we start and in Aqsa we meet!"

Yemen’s President, Field Marshal Ali Abdullah Saleh, has focused considerable efforts on strengthening Hamas. Saleh ordered all public employees to donate one day’s salary from to Gaza and called for the activation of the Arab Joint Defense Agreement against Israel on January 20 during a summit in Kuwait.

Yemen is a main supplier of weapons to jihaddist groups throughout the region, and Israel said that Yemen smuggles weapons to Hamas through Sudan and Egypt. Yemen will host Hamas leader Khalid Mishaal on Tuesday. Hamas maintains an office in Yemen with strong support from the Yemeni government.

On January 17, Yemen’s Naba News, a quasi-governmental mouthpiece, announced that Yemen had opened its first camp to receive foreigners to train for jihad in Gaza. The would-be jihaddists will be received at al Iman University, headed by Sheik Abdulmajid al Zindani, designated by the UN’s 1267 committee as a terrorist financier and by the US Treasury as a spiritual advisor to Usama bin Laden. An al Iman spokesman later denied a training camp was on the premises.

Zindani is a strong ally to Field Marshal Ali Abdullah Saleh, president of Yemen. The US has alleged that al Iman University is a recruiting and training center for al Qaeda operatives. Its alumni include American John Walker Lindh and French convert Willie Brigitte. Within Yemen, allegations within Yemen have centered on the proximity of a military camp to al Iman. The camp is run by Field Marshal Saleh’s half brother, Ali Mohsen al Ahmar, a recruiter for bin Laden in the 1980’s.

By Jane at 01:28 PM | Comments |

January 24, 2009

TV Crew Booted From UN Meeting On Freedom Of Expression

The journalist's were working on how human rights is debated at the UN. When the debate turned heated over freedom of expression and defamation of religion, they were asked to leave.

Naturally, they were booted by the Organization of Islamic Conference and the African group of states.

Dinah Lord has more on this with a sobering thought

"OMG, What if Obama decides the US should attend this farce and lift the ban on the boycott".
The Durban conference is to be held in April and US, Israel, Canada are boycotting it while Denmark, Britain and the Netherlands have threatened to boycott.

By Stable Hand at 07:11 PM | Comments |

British Bishop Richard Williamson: 6 Million Jews Weren't Gassed

The Vatican plans on reinstating this anti-Semitic Bishop. Needless to say Jews are p**sed.

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican's relations with Jews risked a new crisis Friday after an excommunicated British bishop — reportedly in line for rehabilitation — said that historical evidence "is hugely against 6 million Jews having been deliberately gassed" during World War II.

Two Italian newspapers reported Thursday that Pope Benedict XVI planned to lift the excommunication of Richard Williamson and three other bishops punished for having been consecrated without papal consent 20 years ago by the late French conservative Archbishop Marcel Lefevbre.

The Vatican declined to comment on the reports, but Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi suggested Friday that such a decree would be made public soon.

Rome's chief rabbi asked the Vatican to halt the reported rehabilitation.

Rabbi Ricardo Di Segni said it is "inconceivable" the pope didn't know Williamson's views.

The International Jewish Committee for Interreligious Consulation also urged that the excommunications of all four — and especially Williamson — not be lifted, saying they were all opposed to pursuing relations with Jews, Protestants and Muslims.

h/t NY Nana at LGF link thingy.

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Cheese Emergency in France

(Paris, France) Last week, the U.S. government increased the import duties on Roquefort cheese by 300 percent in reported retaliation for France's refusal to accept American beef that has been administered growth hormones.

Some in France have been quick to see the new Washington measure as petty, belated revenge against the "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" for their opposition to the 2003 Iraq invasion.
French Agriculture Minister Michel Barnier has called on President Obama to reverse the cheese decision or expect an economic attack against American products. McDonald's and Coca Cola were specifically named as targets in a weak threat. (more)

By at 05:48 PM | Comments |

Shocka! Vatican Official Accuses Obama Of Arrogance

Obama arrogant? Really...teh

ROME -- A senior Vatican official on Saturday attacked US President Barack Obama for "arrogance" for overturning a ban on state funding for family-planning groups that carry out or facilitate abortions overseas.

It is "the arrogance of someone who believes they are right, in signing a decree which will open the door to abortion and thus to the destruction of human life," Archbishop Rino Fisichella was quoted as saying by the Corriere della Sera daily.

Fisichella is president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, one of a number of so-called pontifical academies which are formed by or under the direction of the Holy See.

"What is important is to know how to listen... without locking oneself into ideological visions with the arrogance of a person who, having the power, thinks they can decide on life and death," he added.

The Vatican apparently didn't receive the memo from The One - Quiet, I Won".

By Stable Hand at 11:18 AM | Comments |

(Update Rush Responds)HOPE/CHANGE!! GOP Stop Listening To Rush!!!

Scroll down for update...
Shame on Rush for not fawning over Obama.

WASHINGTON -- President Obama warned Republicans on Capitol Hill today that they need to quit listening to radio king Rush Limbaugh if they want to get along with Democrats and the new administration.

"You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done," he told top GOP leaders, whom he had invited to the White House to discuss his nearly $1 trillion stimulus package[...]

"There are big things that unify Republicans and Democrats," the official said. "We shouldn't let partisan politics derail what are very important things that need to get done."

That wasn't Obama's only jab at Republicans today.

In an exchange with Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) about the proposal, the president shot back: "I won," according to aides briefed on the meeting

Now that Obama has won no dissenting voices are allowed.

Can't wait to listen to Rush's thoughts on this.

Update: Brian York/NRO spoke with Rush today. Be sure and read it all.

There are two things going on here. One prong of the Great Unifier's plan is to isolate elected Republicans from their voters and supporters by making the argument about me and not about his plan. He is hoping that these Republicans will also publicly denounce me and thus marginalize me. And who knows? Are ideological and philosophical ties enough to keep the GOP loyal to their voters?

Meanwhile, the effort to foist all blame for this mess on the private sector continues unabated when most of the blame for this current debacle can be laid at the feet of the Congress and a couple of former presidents. And there is a strategic reason for this[..]
Rush then ends with this:
One more thing, Byron. Your publication and website have documented Obama's ties to the teachings of Saul Alinksy while he was community organizing in Chicago. Here is Rule 13 of Alinksy's Rules for Radicals:

"Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."


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January 23, 2009

Finally: When the Double Big Gulp Just Isn't Enough

Excuse me, there's been some kind of mistake. I ordered the large Mountain Dew.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:49 PM | Comments |

Obama Waives Ethics Rules He Just Put In Place For Pentagon Nominee

Jake Tapper not drinking the kool aid. Something's gonna have to be done about him.

Two days after introducing what he heralded as the most sweeping ethics rules in American history -- ones that would "close the revolving door that lets lobbyists come into government freely" -- President Barack Obama today waived those rules for his nominee for Deputy Secretary of Defense, William Lynn.

Until last fall, Lynn was a registered lobbyist for the defense contractor Raytheon.

Heh. "The New Era of Responsibility."

By Good Lt. at 06:22 PM | Comments |

Samir Khan's Girlfriend Goat Arrested for Armed Robbery

Police in Nigeria have arrested a goat for armed robbery. Samir Khan, America's favorite al Qaeda supporter, could not be reached for comment. Presumably he's out raising bail money for his beloved.

"The group of vigilante men came to report that while they were on patrol they saw some hoodlums attempting to rob a car. They pursued them. However one of them escaped while the other turned into a goat," Kwara state police spokesman Tunde Mohammed told Reuters by telephone.

"We cannot confirm the story, but the goat is in our custody. We cannot base our information on something mystical. It is something that has to be proved scientifically, that a human being turned into a goat," he said.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:13 PM | Comments |

Tom Hanks Apologizes to Mormons for Calling them "Un-American"

Followup to the earlier story that Tom Hanks had singled out Mormons for their support of California's Prop 8, calling them "un-American". Turns out calling people who support something the vast majority of Americans also support is bad for the Q rating.

Not sure if I should point you to AllahP or Ace on this one. Ah, screw it, go read both.

In my estimation, though, this is about Hollywood's most beloved male talent alienating potential ticket buyers: it's not a good position to be in the next time you sign the next big movie contract.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:08 PM | Comments |

Video: Hamas Leader Meets With Iraqi Terrorists


Pop quiz: If the leader of a terrorist group in Iraq wanted to meet with the Terrorist in Chief of Gaza, which third country would they meet in? Bingo: Syria.

In this al Rai (Syrian TV) video we see the head of Hamas, Khaled Mash’al, meeting with the leader of the "Naqshbandi Sufi Army", a terrorist organization in Iraq. The MEMRI translation in the video calls them "Army of the Naqshbandi Order", but the logo, which I've reproduced above and which also appears in the video, is the dead giveaway that they are one and the same.

I'm not sure anyone ever bought that they were "Sufis", the relatively mild form of Islam that focuses on inner struggle and mysticism rather than what they really are: Arab national socialists, ie, Baathists.

You'll notice that our masked terrorist admits that his group is fighting the US in Iraq.

Syria claims that Hamas is a legitimate political party, and not a terrorist organization -- something many Arab states agree with -- hence, they have some diplomatic cover to duck behind when we point out they are harboring known terrorists. No we aren't, the Syrians claim, Hamas leaders aren't terrorists.

For arguments sake, let's give the Syrians that. What, then, can explain Syrian harboring these terrorists who openly admit to actively fighting U.S. troops in Iraq? Hell, call them "insurgents". These people are also blowing up Iraqi troops. Is it normal for one Arab state to harbor insurgents from a neighboring Arab state with which it has normal and full diplomatic relations??

At what point can we expect the Syrians to hand the leaders of the Naqshbandi Army over to us or the Iraqis? Yeah, I won't be holding my breath either.

Here's the vid. Wake me up after George Mitchell solves the Middle East crisis.

UPDATE: The MEMRI transcript here includes an introductory note on who else was at the meeting:

Also attending the meeting was Al-Rai TV's owner, Mish'an Al-Jabouri, a Saddam loyalist who is wanted in Iraq and lives in exile in Syria.
Seriously, this pisses me off. As much as I detest Hamas and consider them terrorists, I do not hate them as much as I hate any and every terrorist that does harm to Americans. Hamas, as evil as they are, is mainly a threat to Israel (I said mainly). The "Naqshbandi Sufi Army" and other "insurgents" in Iraq exist for one sole purpose: to kill Americans.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:26 PM | Comments |

Obama Bombs al-Qaeda in Pakistan

Can we still bomb Pakistan? YES WE CAN!


Bill Roggio via The Weekly Standard Blog.

While President Obama is keen on rolling back the Bush administration policies on Guantanamo Bay, black detention sites, and all related legal decisions pertaining to the war, one area he has not backed away from is targeting al Qaeda operatives inside Pakistan's Taliban-controlled tribal areas. Today, unmanned Predators struck in two locations in North and South Waziristan, killing at least 20 people according to the initial reports. There is not word if senior al Qaeda or Taliban leaders were killed.

The attacks took place just four days after President Obama took office...

I'm beginning to like this ObamaMcDracul fellow more every day! Way to roll up those sleeves and get to work Mr. President!

Wait a minute, what am I saying?!!!???111

Down with teh Evil ObamaMcDracul drinking the blood of the innocent children!!!!111!!!!

Down with teh Imperial Neo-Liberal Tyranny!!1111!!111!!!


By Howie at 03:25 PM | Comments |

Rush: I Don't Want Socialism To Succeed.

Rush was asked by FOX'S Hannity if he wanted Obama to succeed. I agree with Rush, I don't want socialism to succeed. If Rush is wrong or I am wrong then yes let Obama help our nation. Unfortunatelyfortunately Obama's background has helped me define what type of person he is...Marxist...Billy Ayers pal, Socialist New Party member, etc.

h/t mr_e_m_t in comments.

By Stable Hand at 03:15 PM | Comments |

(Updated & Bumped) Yousef Al-Khattab in Hot Water for Threatening Jews, Calls Jawa Report "Queers"

203591.jpgApparently one of Yousef's posts was picked up on by the Jewish community, who took it as an incitement against a Jewish center in NYC.

Via Chabad.info:

Tuesday, there was a huge police presence following threats that were made against the community on a Muslim blog • This morning, NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly made a phone call to Chanina Sperlin from the inauguration ceremony in Washington DC, to discuss threats against 770 • Last week, the Department of Homeland Security sponsored the installation of security systems in and around 770
So Yousef finally cost NYC a big pile of money to protect a Jewish community center and synagogue? I bet it will take him a while to pay that off, that is if he's actually held responsible for this.

After a little digging it turns out that Yousef has deleted the post that caused all the stir. But thanks to the wonders of the Google cache you can see it here.

By looking at the post it does resemble Yousef's work. (he has more than one contributor at his website) He is apparently outing the location of the Jewish center to those who read his website. The post lacks a direct threat saying only

Make EVERY attempt to reach these people and teach them the message of Islam or leave them a message from Islam.
But then again Yousef has equated Jews with an "infestation" and calls himself a "disinfectant", and has repeatedly celebrated the murder of Jews at the hands of terrorists. His opinion is well known and quite clear.

Is this an overreaction to Yousef's regular carefully worded anti-Semitic statements? Well maybe, but we at Jawa Report are pretty jaded to Yousef's rantings, but we sure do enjoy watching him sweat and take down his posts.

Others blogging, Militant Islam Monitor, Shirat Devorah, The Cool Jew and Freedomscost.

Oh and in case anyone wonders who helps Yousef al-Khattab spread his Jooo hatred, Yousef's DNS service and host is GoDaddy.

GoDaddy TOS here.


If someone were to say, find violations of Go Daddy's TOS and email them. Then say if revolutionmuslim.com was removed for those said TOS violations, we'd like that very much.

Hat Tip: heroyalwhyness.

Update by Stable Hand:

Jewish convert to Islam Joseph Cohen aka Yousef al-Khattab is speaking out about the NYPD visiting him regarding the threat on his blog, Revolution Muslim, to a Jewish center at 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn.

For those of you unaware who Joey is feel free to visit our archive devoted to him.

Feeling the heat eh Jooooey? Is that a lump in your throat?

Karma's a bitch ain't it. Bwahahahaha.

Updated again by Howie.

Wow! Jawa Report gets a mention! You hear that Vinnie? He called you teh ghey.

But Jooosef, we did not have anything to do with this, you screwed yourself. I didn't even know any of those other blogs that started this. All kinds of Zionist Internet Spies just started emailing me out of the blue. Seriously, I'm completely innocent, I swear!

But Vinnie is still teh ghey.

Hat Tip and Thanks to teh evil Zionist, Bill Warner for Yousef's response.

Also see Jihad Watch.

Update by Rusty: Juice!

Note: The video that brought the NYC police to visit Yousef al-kHattab's house is here. He re-posted partially the post that started the whole episode here.

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UK: Juice Walking Into Muslim Owned Shops Saying "I Am Going To Kill You"

Ooops did I say Juice? I meant Muslims are going into Jewish owned shops.

Must read article by Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch.

Threats to Jews in New York, threats to Jews in London, threats to Jews all over. And yet the UN is focused on "Islamophobia," and Islamic advocacy groups in the U.S. have to manufacture hate crimes to shore up their victim status. When will this madness end? Is the West even still able to produce a political leader who will stand up to this? The free world needs to take a stand and make it clear to Muslims in the West that this is not tolerable. But I am not holding my breath.

The UN has been looking a lot like Mohammedans lately what with child porn/molesting charges of late. Is it any wonder they are focused on Islamophobia?

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Aussie Traitor Claims German was "Go-Between" for al Qaeda in Europe/Afghanistan

Jihad Jack back in the news. This time Jack Roche, the Australian al Qaeda member, is testifying at the Paris trial of Christian Ganczarski, a German convert to Islam. Ganczarski is being prosecuted for his part in the Djerba Synagogue in Tunisia, the oldest synagogue in the world. 14 German and 2 French tourists were killed in the suicide attack which also killed 5 Tunisians.

Europe's next big export: terrorism.

Jihad Jack claims that Ganczarski was a courier for Osama bin Laden and was close to Khalid (Chewbacca) Sheikh Mohammad, who's idea it was to blow up the synagoge. Chewbacca is being tried in absentia alongside of Ganczarski.

Does France have the death penalty? No? Pity.

The Australian

Roche told the court that Ganczarski was directly linked to Bin Laden, al-Qaeda's Saudi-born leader, and used the pseudonym "Abu Mohammed". ..

"He had links too with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed," said Roche. "I met him in his house in Karachi. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed explained to me that Abu Mohamed was going to escort me to Afghanistan." ...

Near Kandahar, one of the sons of bin Laden came to pick us up at a Taliban outpost," Roche told the court.

"I spent a few days with him. I think he was a go-between between Europe and Afghanistan, and he had computer and radio skills," he said.

"He obviously had close ties with bin Laden, because he sat next to him and gave him the note Khalid Sheikh Mohammed had given me for him," Roche, a British-born convert to Islam, told the court.

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If a "Zionist" is Attacked in Canada....

...and no one is around to hear it, is it still antisemitism?

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For the Sith Lord that Has Everything

Click for bigger pic

Thanks to Flea.

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9-1-1 FAIL

Eleven month old kid of pot growing dad accidentally dials 9-1-1, hilarity ensues.

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Unnamed Attacker Kills 2 Infants And One Adult At Belgium Creche

My thoughts and prayers go to all who were effected by this terrible tragedy.

Two infants and an adult have been killed and 10 other people wounded in a knife attack at a creche in north-western Belgium.

A man reportedly tricked his way into the nursery in Dendermonde where he ran amok inside before escaping. He was later captured at a local supermarket.

The suspect apparently had painted his face black and white.

Parents have begun the harrowing task of identifying children stabbed during the attack at local hospitals.

Three children are reported to be in a serious condition in hospital.

One of those who died is believed to be a nursery employee and Dendermonde's deputy mayor, Theo Janssens, said several adults had been injured as they tried to put themselves between the attacker and the children.

"The guy just went crazy," Mr Janssens said. "There was blood everywhere, it was unbelievable, real carnage."

What a bastage he is.

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Ohio: Threats Against Jewish Communities

The FBI issued a warning about threats against several of Cleveland's Jewish Communities.

What the threats are or when they were made is not known, but Cleveland police, after consulting with the FBI, issued a divisional notice to keep extra attention on at least four Cleveland Jewish institutions.

Included in the warning are the Jewish Community Federation at East 17th Street and Euclid Avenue, West Temple at West 143rd Street and Trisket, the Temple at University Circle and the Cleveland Hillel Foundation at Case.

Hopey/Changey's network MSNBC ran a misleading headline on this story - "Threats Lack Credibility." Translation - "It's the Evil Juice fault"

Hmmm, I wonder if Juicef al Khattab knows anything about this.

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Democrat Stimulus Bill Doesn't Even Promise ONE JOB?

They want us to fork over $1,000,000,000,000 and they can't and won't guarantee the creation of ONE SUSTAINABLE JOB?

What he could have said to make it all better was simple: "Uh...HOPE...er, um...CHANGE! This is a new era of responsibility! YES WE CAN!"

See? All questions are now answered.

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"Whore For The Far-Right?"

Michelle Malkin angered Obamamaniac's at Huffington Post by not swooning over the ones inauguration.

Dissent = Racism
Racism = Whore

Stay classy Huff and puff.

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Muslims Killed On Obama's Watch, Not Read Rights

I expect a full investigation into this atrocity against human rights. WTF? I mean, we're not even at war with Pakistan and we're launching missiles into it. We are losing our standing in the world. When will the killing end?


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Democrat-Controlled Government Nationalizes Citi, Bank of America

It begins. America, it was nice knowing you. Meanwhile, one of the blustering anthropoids who destroyed the mortgage market and started the world-wide spiral is now merrily "saving the banks" he chooses to.

When does Directive 10-289 take effect?

Point Two. All industrial, commercial, manufacturing and business establishments of any nature whatsoever shall henceforth remain in operation, and the owners of such establishments shall not quit nor leave nor retire, nor close, sell or transfer their business, under pentalty of the nationalization of their establishment and of any and all of their property.
Rand! You magnificent bitch!

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Democrat-Media Complex Continues Unabated

The New York Times - bastion of disinterested, objective journalism that it has become in recent decades - threw an inaugural party for Barack Obama. I'm interested to know how often newspapers throw parties for Presidents and other politicians, because this seems like a fairly new development.

And the fusion of the New York Times logo with Obama campaign propaganda?

Crazy delicious.

And what is it with Obama propaganda resembling old Soviet propaganda?

LENIN 3.jpg



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More Death for Global Warming Hysteria

Item #1 - People don't give a sh*t about it right now - especially since the secret got out that the world hasn't warmed in 10 years. Among other things.

Item #2 - Carbon credits? That "industry" that's all the rave right now? Um, yeah. Its a sham, according to an environmentalist who is also convinced we're all doomed.

But anybody with three brain cells to rub together could tell you (and have told you) it's a sham. Except Algore, since he's got skin in the game.

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Warning Of A Holocaust Survivor

Very sobering plea.

At my dinner table on Friday night, a holocaust survivor admits that she is trying to persuade her son to take his family out of Europe to America, Canada, Australia,Israel...’They say they can’t leave me, but I tell them: “Go, get out. My parents left my grandparents behind in Berlin and brought me to safety in England. Now I want you to leave so that my grandchildren will be safe.”’ There is an unbearable desperation in her plea. But she has a point.

As tens of thousands of demonstrators march through the streets of Europe, the chants are modified but the message remains substantially intact: ‘Hamas, Hamas, Hamas — Jews to the Gas’. Or, more simply: ‘Death to the Jews’. Many European Jews, even well-established, affluent Jews, have been checking the suitcase they keep packed under the bed. They have been here before and many are (albeit reluctantly) reading the writing on the wall.

To some extent I thought I was inured. I grew up in postwar apartheid South Africa where a subtle undercurrent of anti-Semitism was a fact of everyday life. So while I was disturbed by manifestations of mob anti-Semitism, I was also less vulnerable to shock. That’s just how people are. Living in genteel, leafy Hampstead Garden Suburb provides an additional layer of protection from such crass outbursts.

But my sanguine state ends abruptly when I am out walking on Saturday. A hundred yards from my front door, I encounter the slogan, freshly painted in yellow, across the pavement: ‘Kill the Filthy Jews’. I am shocked. And shocked that I am shocked. The message is too close for comfort. The leafy gentility is, after all, an illusion.

Those who study these matters tell me that the current convulsion of anti-Semitism is the worst in a generation. They also say that there is a direct, causal link with the Israeli military operation against Hamas in Gaza. Once upon a time, anti-Israel protesters insisted they were motivated by political animus against Zionism rather than racial prejudice against Jews. The Hamas Charter, which sets out of the guiding principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement — xenophobic, racist and anti-Semitic — removes the distinction.

The end of this article is even more disturbing

I am hoping that my psychiatrist will be able to explain why so many Jews have been propelled into the arms of those who seek their destruction. Precisely what part of the Hamas Charter are they defending?
Yes why?

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Hopey/Changey: This Isn't The Press I Remember

Pres Obama just wanted to visit with "the guys" and not be bothered with questions.

President Obama made a surprise visit to the White House press corps Thursday night, but got agitated when he was faced with a substantive question.

Asked how he could reconcile a strict ban on lobbyists in his administration with a Deputy Defense Secretary nominee who lobbied for Raytheon, Obama interrupted with a knowing smile on his face.

"Ahh, see," he said, "I came down here to visit. See this is what happens. I can't end up visiting with you guys and shaking hands if I'm going to get grilled every time I come down here."

Pressed further by the Politico reporter about his Pentagon nominee, William J. Lynn III, Obama turned more serious, putting his hand on the reporter's shoulder and staring him in the eye.

"Alright, come on" he said, with obvious irritation in his voice. "We will be having a press conference at which time you can feel free to [ask] questions. Right now, I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to you guys - that's all I was trying to do."

Shocka, they weren't fawning all over him, how dare they.

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GITMO: Released Detainees Are Welcomed Into Al Qaeda

This is just one example of several who have been released from GITMO for rehabilitation. Some are killed after returning to fight US and coalition troops.

BEIRUT - The emergence of a former Guantanamo Bay detainee as the deputy leader of Al Qaeda's Yemeni branch has underscored the potential complications in carrying out the executive order that President Barack Obama signed yesterday that the detention center be shut down within a year.

The militant, Said Ali al-Shihri, is suspected of involvement in a deadly bombing of the US Embassy in Yemen's capital, Sana, in September. He was released to Saudi Arabia in 2007 and passed through a Saudi rehabilitation program for former jihadists before resurfacing with Al Qaeda in Yemen.

The full implications of Prez Obama's executive order concerning GITMO remains to be seen.

Rumor has it former GITMO detainee's "American Taliban Johnny Walker Lindh, Australian Hicks, etc. are filing lawsuit's because of the Messiah's call to close GITMO. They want in on hopey/changey's new era. Hey, they were just troubled youths.

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January 22, 2009

What Would Jimmy Carter Do?

President Carter Obama got right down to business over the past few days by taking a tough stand against terrorism signaling to terrorists worldwide that he's softer than Bush. After making a call to Abbas in Gaza as his first official presidential phone call, Obama then told Hamas terrorists to lay down their arms called for Israel to open her borders to the terrorist staging ground.

Tough, smart diplomacy. Carter's second term chugging right along here.

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Teh Awesome: "This emporer has no clothes, this will all end in tears."

Be cautioned if you read this column from the Telegraph by Gerald Warner out loud within earshot of O-bots. Shhhhh. Don't tell them that there aren't any Unicorns.

This will end in tears. The Obama hysteria is not merely embarrassing to witness, it is itself contributory to the scale of the disaster that is coming. What we are experiencing, in the deepening days of a global depression, is the desperate suspension of disbelief by people of intelligence - la trahison des clercs - in a pathetic effort to hypnotise themselves into the delusion that it will be all right on the night. It will not be all right.


It is questionable whether the present political system can survive the coming crisis. Whatever the solution, teenage swooning sentimentality over a celebrity cult has no part in it. The most powerful nation on earth is confronting its worst economic crisis under the leadership of its most extremely liberal politician, who has virtually no experience of federal politics. That is not an opportunity but a catastrophe.

These are frank, even ungracious, words: they have the one merit that, unlike almost everything else written today about Obama, they will not require to be eaten in the future.

Read it all.

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Why the Europeans are a Bunch of Security Freeloaders

From Joe Noory on Europe's unwillingness to help in any substantial way in Afghanistan (the "good war"), let alone any conflict:

The problem is quite simply that the public in European societies aren’t ever convinced that there is much of anything worth defending, correcting, or fighting for. It’s why so many are willing to resort to calling for any other instrument (talks, dropping aid in the zone, placation of one form or another) because at the moment the question comes up, it doesn’t sound openly like the language of evasion.
When a civilization loses faith that the very values that define them are worth fighting for, then they are doomed to the ash heap of history.

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To the Morally Retarded

Words of wisdom to Israel haters from Flea:

Let us make this simple. If the first thing that moves you to outrage after years of reading my blog is some nitpicking defence of Bill Moyers while free people are subject to years of bombardment by men who would cut off your head for being a Jew then your politics do not meet even the low bar of fascism. You may be a well educated man. You may be a kind man. You may even be a good man (such is for God to judge). But you are intellectually and morally retarded.

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Irony: ACLU Sues Islamist School

Oh, irony. Sweet, sweet irony: Minnesota chapter of the ACLU sues Muslim Brotherhood front group's school for violation of church and state.

Why does the image of Cartman licking the tear's off Scott Tenorman's face suddenly come to mind?

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The Face of Evil: Female Student Beheaded at Virginia Tech


Wow. Just, wow. This 25 year old Ph.D. student named Haiyang Zhu apparently beheaded a recently arrived 22 year old female student named Xin Yang. How did he do it? With a kitchen knife. In a campus cafeteria.

What the hell are they putting in the water down in Blacksburg?

The person that sent in the tip thought that Ningbo is a predominately Muslim area of China, but that's news to me if true. So, the odds of this being sudden jihad syndrome seem pretty low. But it's a pretty disturbing story, nonetheless.

He apparently knew the poor victim pretty well as he was listed on her emergency contact sheet. For now, the cops say they have no motive. Is evil a motive? I guess not. It's just a state of being.

I found what appears to be Zhu's facebook account. At least, I'm 99% sure this is him. Same name, and all his friends appear to be Virginia Tech grad students or alumni. That's where the pic to the right comes from.

Behold, the mundacity of evil.

UPDATE: Cristy has some related thoughts.


A graduate student from China was decapitated with a kitchen knife in a campus cafe at Virginia Tech by another graduate student who knew her, police said Thursday....

Haiyang and Xin had been having coffee in a cafe in the Graduate Life Center, where Xin was living. About seven other people who were in the coffee shop told police that the two hadn't been arguing before the attack.

Police received two 911 calls shortly after 7 p.m. Wednesday, Flinchum said, and were on the scene in a little more than a minute to take Haiyang into custody.

UPDATE: Mr_e_m_t drops this link with a couple more details.

A good point being made in the comments. Seven people stood by and watched Haiyang Zhu decapitate Xin Yang. You know how hard that is? I do. I've seen many a poor innocent soul lose their lives to Islamist extremists use a knife for beheading. There's nothing quick and easy about it.

But even so, the cops were there in under two minutes. You can't respond much faster than that, but what happened? She was still murdered. Police react to crimes, but can't really be everywhere to prevent them.

So, is this another good example for less restriction on concealed handguns? I certainly think so.

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Hope, Change Breaking Out On The High Seas

Iranians shipping arms to... someone.

The search turned up ammunition that included artillery shells. But one official said that since Hamas is not known to use artillery, officials are now uncertain who the intended recipient was. They're asking Egypt to do another search when the ship arrives in port.

Israeli officials said they believe the ship was headed for Hezbollah, not Hamas, FOX News has learned.

Six of one, half dozen of the other. Just happy to see the mullahs are embracing the sweet rainbows of love that have been sweeping the world since Tuesday.

And the arms and ammo on the ship? Thanks to the lovely U.N., they'll most likely make it to their intended recipient.

The task force was unable to confiscate the arms, despite the violation of a U.N. Security Council resolution that prohibits Iran from selling arms, because there is no enforcement mechanism in place.

The officials said the shipment is believed to be on its way to Syria and there is little the international community can do to stop it.

Where's Hans Brix when you need him?

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Craig's List: "To The Guy Who Mugged Me"

Apparently this was on Craigs list and picked up by Savannah Now

Edit: I didn't write this, but I saw it this morning. It used to be in Craigslists "Rants and Raves" section - if you haven't read it yet, it's good for a laugh!

"I was the white guy with the black Burrberry jacket that you demanded I hand over shortly after you pulled the knife on me and my girlfriend. You also asked for my girlfriend's purse and earrings. I hope you somehow come across this message. I'd like to apologize.

I didn't expect you to crap your pants when I drew my pistol after you took my jacket. Truth is, I was wearing the jacket for a reason that evening, and it wasn't that cold outside. You see, my girlfriend had just bought me that Kimber 1911 .45 ACP pistol for Christmas, and we had just picked up a shoulder holster for it that evening. Beautiful pistol, eh? It's a very intimidating weapon when pointed at your head, isn't it?

I know it probably wasn't a great deal of fun walking back to wherever you'd come from with that brown sludge flopping about in your pants. I'm sure it was even worse since you also ended up leaving your shoes, cellphone, and wallet with me. I couldn't have you calling up any of your buddies to come help you try to mug us again.

I took the liberty of calling your mother, or "Momma" as you had her listed in your cell, and explaining to her your situation. I also bought myself some gas on your card. I gave your shoes to one of the homeless guys over by Vinnie Van Go Go's, along with all of the cash in your wallet, then I threw the wallet itself in a dumpster

Be sure and read the rest, damn funny

h/t Ozark Mountain Devil at LGF link thingy.

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Sharia Police: Street Protests "Un-Islamic" and "Morally Wrong"

(Kano, Nigeria) The local Sharia Police, or Hisbah, has forced the cancellation of a protest planned by divorced women who complain that they are being forced from their homes, losing their children and becoming destitute.

The Director General of the Hisbah, Saidu Dukawa, said there were also security concerns over the protest.

"We fear what could happen in the streets if there is a large gathering of people, it could get out of control," he told the BBC's Hausa Service.

Large gatherings of people can be volatile in Nigeria, which has been rocked by violence between Muslims and Christians over the last 10 years. [...]

He also said the idea of street protests were "un-Islamic", and "morally wrong".

What? Since when?

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Baby Boomer Spawn Make "Declaration" for "Generation We"

"We" meaning "YOU."

Try not to laugh.

Long is the way, and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light. - John Milton

Original post below the fold -->

(**Editorial note: Upon a comment from a reader, I gave a second look at this post, which in truth I sort of belched out. And you know what? He was right. Good on you, GH.)
- - -
Try not to laugh. If you prefer, Cassy Fiano has more evisceration of this idiocy.

I remember when I was the age of the kiddies writing this cute, cuddly, utopian collectivist pablum. Knowing now what I didn't know then makes this video somewhat amusing.

Hey. We were all young once. I can remember actually being assigned (in a public school!) at one point to read Anthem by Ayn Rand. The main point of Anthem was that a mindless devotion to the word and collectivist principle of the all-mighty "we" is in fact a surrender of your freedom and reason to the will and "reason" a group of other people to whom you've been lashed by others. The main character in the book didn't even know about the existence of the word "I" (the high counsel of his world had forbidden the word "I") and instead referred to himself and everyone as "we" and others as "they" throughout most of the novel. Predictably, the will of the "we," which was ruled and directed by an all-knowing gaggle of "elders," was to hunt down and destroy any individualism and freedom of those who strayed from the herd and thought for himself.

And as these cute little kiddies demonstrate with their adorable and hilarious little screed, they haven't yet attained a level of emotional maturity or intellectual acumen to inform them that they creed they bray like sheep is not only one profound ignorance of objective reality, but also the creed of their parents' woefully misguided generation and currently one of government authority. Obey your government and surrender to "we" - work for others and not yourself - follow the leader, he knows the way - from each according to his ability to each according to his need - your neighbor's needs and self-esteem is more important than your own - etc.

Reading through (or listening) to the hysterics gives you an idea of what kind of incalculable damage is being done to the minds young individuals in our public schools and colleges.

Long is the way, and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light. - John Milton

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Pali Doctor: Hamas Inflated Civilian Casualty Numbers

Hamas lying about the number of civilians killed in the recent Gazan offensive? Say it isn't so!

Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera reported Thursday that a doctor working in Gaza's Shifa Hospital claimed that Hamas has intentionally inflated the number of casualties resulting from Israel's Operation Cast Lead.

"The number of deceased stands at no more than 500 to 600. Most of them are youths between the ages of 17 to 23 who were recruited to the ranks of Hamas, who sent them to the slaughter," according to the newspaper article.

The doctor wished to remain unidentified, out of fear for his life.

Israel, however, maintains the number is far higher. Especially given Hamas' use of residential buildings for firing positions.

Both versions sound plausible to me.

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Petition in Support of Geert Wilders

I'll have to agree with CJ's comments on the stupidity of Wilders' and others calling for the Quran to be outlawed. The sentiment is double for those who want to ban Islam (greyrooster).

We managed to defeat the great Communist empire, all while Das Kapital was perfectly legal and the Communist Party USA duped people into believing that Breshnev's Soviet Union was a more just society than our own.

Besides, the major threat of the Islamist movement to most of the world's population isn't violent jihad given that many of these movements (ie, Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood) have embraced democratic processes for achieving their ends. The major problem with Islamism is that sharia law is so fundamentally oppressive and anathema to liberty. One major point of oppression being that sharia outlaws criticism of Islam, conversion of Muslims to other religions, and embraces religious censorship.

So, sign the petition in support of Geert Wilders, but understand that it is not necessary to defeat an oppressive ideology through adopting similarly oppressive ideologies.

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Poor Tortured Gitmo Detainees ... get laptops?

Darcy asks, but let me put it into less subtle wording: WTF?


Are they surfing porn through Gitmo's wifi, or are they just playing solitaire?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:57 AM | Comments |

Obama Boldly Aims to Ensure US Dependence on Foreign Oil

When gas prices shoot back up, and you here the same liberals whining that it would "take years" to start getting oil from newer sources within our own territory so what's the point in sinking more wells to get it yadda yadda, remember "acts of Hope" like choking off-shore drilling in the name of "the environment" and "the 'greater good.'"

Cut off American access to the world's most precious natural resource and the blood of the economy?


By Good Lt. at 10:42 AM | Comments |

Hopey/Changey's Economic Advisor "No Stimulus Money For White Males"

Let the welfare programs commence...

"I am concerned, as I’m sure many of you are, that these jobs not simply go to high-skilled people who are already professionals or to white male construction workers. … I have nothing against white male construction workers. I’m just saying that there are a lot of other people who have needs as well"

h/t HA

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Muslim Cleric: OK to Beat and Rape Your Wives

Samir Abu Hamza.jpg(Melbourne, Australia) A Muslim cleric, Samir Abu Hamza, has created a storm of controversy by directing his followers to beat their wives and force them to have sex.

In a lecture titled "The Keys to a Successful Marriage", which has since been posted on the internet and viewed thousands of times, Mr Hamza said men could beat their wives, "to shape them up", but should try not to draw blood or bruise them.

He also said women "must respond" if their husbands wanted to have sex, and ridiculed laws that prohibit rape within marriage.

A little background on Mr. Hamza indicates that he's also known as Samir Mohtadi, a Lebanese Salafist immigrant to Australia who maintains a hatred for the Bible.

Hamza's teachings have been condemned by Islamic leaders and Prime Minister Rudd. Nonetheless, he refuses to retract his statements and says he was being metaphorical. (report)

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(Update)Jooooey Cohens Bud Al X Has Message For Obama

....Scroll down for update...
Amazing, the first on the list of demands is close GITMO.

Juicef al-Khattab aka Joooey Cohen's blog Revolution Muslim has the video.

Alhumdoallah, brother Al X your have spoken the truth. Obama is just a puppet in the hands of the Zionist. It doesn't matter if the president is black,white or purple, Israel will always be calling the shots for the white house.

Former Israeli President,mass-murderer and current vegetable, Ariel Sharon, may Allah curse him, put is nice and clear on October 3,2001, when asked about American pressure to come to a cease-fire with Palestine this taghout yelled at the Press,"don't worry about American pressure, we the Jewish people control America." It doesn't get any clearer then that.

It's the Evil Juice fault.

Update: SumDum Phool links to the quote Al X used. It's from Hamas.

Black Lion aka Al X, remember the Georgia motorist you targeted? Not a good resume for the field you are planning to go into is it?.....

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Change: Murtha Sez "Send GITMO Detainees To My Prison"

Demoncrat John Murtha, who still hasn't apologized for calling our Marines murderers in the Haditha incident, said he will gladly take the GITMO detainees.

"They are no more dangerous in my minimum security prison than they are at GITMO."

Congratulations to those who voted this aresehole back in. You reap what you sow.

Related: Obama Seeks Halt in GITMO Trials

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Hope/Change!!!11!! Gadhafi Suggests Obama Negotiate with al-Qaeda

Via IHT:

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has a seemingly unthinkable suggestion for new U.S. President Barack Obama: give Osama bin Laden a chance to make peace.

Gadhafi, who is known for outspoken comments, told an audience of Georgetown University students by videoconference Wednesday that bin Laden has shown signs that he is open to dialogue. He recommended that Obama seek an opening with the terrorist leader who is considered enemy number one in the United States for ordering the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

"I think Osama bin Laden is a person who can be given a chance," he said in Arabic through an interpreter. "Maybe he wants peace."

And by negotiate Gadhafi means, give in to al-Qaeda and abandon Israel.
It focused on Gadhafi's proposal that Israelis and Palestinians should join in a single democratic state that he has called "Isratine."...
...He said that he supported the right of Jews to remain, but said that the world should give up on a solution that involves separate states....

"If you want to preserve this group, the Jews as an ethnic group, Palestine is not really the right place. The Middle East is a sea of Arabs," he said. "Take them to Alaska or Honolulu or the Hawaiian islands or the Pacific islands and they can live peacefully in an isolated setting."

See we have to do is surrender and sign on to destroy the Joooos as an ethnic group, send the survivors to Wasilla, and everything will be all hopey/changey/peacheykeen!???!!!!???

My God?! Why didn't Mahmoud Ahmadinejad think of this?

Oh, never mind.....

Funny how during the evil BooooshMccheneyhellibacon administration Gadhafi was just soooo nice. Now all the sudden he's out there trying to sweet talk the Lightworker into the destruction of Israel.


Hat Tip: LGF.

By Howie at 09:26 AM | Comments |

CHANGE! Obama Sends Terrifying Messages to Enemies

As in, if you're a terrorist, you've got a friend in the White House who will see to it that you've got the same Constitutionally protected rights that any US citizen would have, and that you're not treated too unkindly if we ever get hold you. So Love Us!

A senior Obama administration official said the president would sign an order Thursday to shutter the Guantanamo prison within one year. The U.S. naval facility has been a major sore point for critics around the world who say it violates domestic and international detainee rights. The aide spoke on condition of anonymity because the order has not yet been issued.

The executive order was one of three expected on how to interrogate and prosecute al-Qaida, Taliban or other foreign fighters believed to threaten the United States. The administration already has suspended trials for terrorist suspects at Guantanamo for 120 days pending a review of the military tribunals.

Obama also had in hand executive orders to review military trials of terror suspects and end harsh interrogations, a key part of aides' plans that had been assembled even before Obama won the election on Nov. 4.

I'm sure enemies of the US are looking at this and just sh*tting themselves with fear.

By Good Lt. at 08:02 AM | Comments |

January 21, 2009

7/7 London Bomber Captured in Pakistan

A senior al-Qaeda operative who was involved in planning the 7/7/2005 London bombings has been captured in Pakistan.

Via Long War Journal:

Pakistani security forces have detained a Saudi al Qaeda operative believed to be involved with the July 2005 London bombings along with six other operatives during a raid on a village near the northwestern city of Peshawar.

The Saudi was identified as Zabi ul Taifi and was described as a senior operative in the July 7, 2005 bombings in London that killed 52 civilians and wounded more than 770 others. Three suicide bombs struck on underground trains while another bomber detonated on a double-decker bus.

Taifi and his cohorts were captured in a "militant den," Geo News reported based on a tip from Pakistani intelligence sources. The al Qaeda operatives were holed up in the village of Bara Qadeem.

"The men were believed to have planned attacks on trucks taking supplies to Western forces in Afghanistan and they included four Arabs and three Afghans....

I'd say send him to the UK but why bother, they'd probably try to understand why he disliked them. Then parole him with welfare.

By Howie at 08:44 PM | Comments |

Photographing Bush

This is actually a really good farewell to Bush as told by the two TIME magazine photographers who covered him for eight years. A respectful, warm, MSM send-off for a decent and flawed man from two guys working for a publication of the opposing camp who spent a good deal of time around him during some no doubt stressful episodes.

May ye live in interesting times, Mr. Bush.

By Good Lt. at 06:16 PM | Comments |

Mayor of No-Particular Party Affiliation Admits to Lying About Gay Sex With Intern

Portland mayor admits to gay sex with teen intern. An intern he was mentoring in the ways of gayness and politics. I. Shit. You. Not.

But it's worse than that, he admitted to lying about having gay sex with his intern. And I always thought it wasn't the crime, it was the coverup? At least, that's what my betters in the media are always telling me.

The AP seems to think party affiliation doesn't matter here. I'm sure they never reported Larry Craig's party affiliation either, what with the fairness and all. Anyway Mayor Sam Adams (seriously, that's his name) apologized. Time to move on folks. Time to move on:

The mayor of Portland apologized Tuesday for lying about a sexual relationship with a male teenager he was mentoring three years ago, but asked the city to consider it an anomaly in two decades of public service...

At the time, the teen was a legislative intern whom Adams mentored on being gay and in public service. He is now 21 and has not made any public comments acknowledging any relationship with Adams. He did not return a request for comment Tuesday from The Associated Press.

Wanted: Intern who I can "mentor" on heterosexuality in the blogosphere*.
Qualifications: 32 - DD, between the ages of 18 - 18. Just send pic in lieu of application.

Thanks to Chris Farley's ghost.

*Also willing to mentor two interns on bisexuality in the blogosphere. Same qualifications apply.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:54 PM | Comments |

Norwegian Diplomat Succumbs to Hamas Propaganda, Equates Israel with Nazis (UPDATED: also a blogger, Bumped)

I bumped the post because a) it's semi-original work, not just linking a story and making a snarky comment about it; b) you might want to e-mail the link to your favorite Euro-dhimmi; and, c) I'm itching for a fight.
Do the Euroweenies want to believe that Israel = Nazi Germany? Or is the MSM so misleading in its coverage that they have no choice but to believe it? JPOST:

The e-mail, sent out by Trine Lilleng, a first secretary at the Norwegian Embassy in Riyadh, includes a juxtaposition of black-and-white pictures from the Holocaust with color images of Operation Cast Lead.

"The grandchildren of Holocaust survivors from World War II are doing to the Palestinians exactly what was done to them by Nazi Germany," the e-mail states.

The image in question shown in the JPOST article which was distributed by the Norwegian diplomat isn't from Cast Lead, it's from 2001. As Honest Reporting noted at the time, it has been distributed in the Norwegian press.

It shows what appears to be some poor innocent Palestinian kid being rounded up for no apparent reason. He's so frightened of the mean-old Israeli soldiers that he pisses in his pants.


What the image doesn't show is the rest of the story. Again, from Honest Reporting.


Makes a difference to the overall narrative presented in the first image, no? The next week, Arafat posed with the poor abused child helping spread the false narrative of his very temporary detainment.

I can't help but think that the typical consumer of news hates Israel because they have no other choice. If these were the only images you were seeing in the news, wouldn't you believe something similar? Herr Goebbels would be proud.

Thanks to Shy Guy who practically wrote this whole post.

UPDATE: Thanks to Norwegian Blogger Jupp who is definitely not a Euroweenie, we find out that Trine Lilleng is also a blogger who goes by the handle hedoorientia. Her website, "Orientia in Saudi", has mysteriously disappeared. But thanks to the great Google cache (its mystery is exceeded only by its power) it turns out there was a reason Jupp deleted her blog: it's full of editorial cartoons equating Israeli action against terrorism with the holocaust. You can click the Google cache page or head over to Jupp's, who took screenshot's of Lilleng's deleted blog.

It's ironic that much of her blog laments the sex segregation of the Wahabi kingdom, yet doesn't seem to get that Hamas has much the same vision for Palestine.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:35 PM | Comments |

First Hopey-Changey Anthrax Scare of New Epoch

The dawning of the age of Aquarius: Anthrax scare at Wall Street Journal, over a dozen envelopes with white powder in them.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:25 PM | Comments |

AQIM Bioweapon Update

Good news every one! Dan Riehl notes in an update that:

up to 100 potential terrorists had attempted to become postgraduate students in Britain in an attempt to use laboratories.
[Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb] AQIM was "hired" by AQ central mostly because of his extensive network in Europe that could allow them to strike Europe at some point. AQIM's leadership has been under intense pressure to attack European targets in order to maintain its credibility. I suspect that possibly this biological weapon was destined for delivery in Europe. In fact, by not using a "conventional" weapon, AQIM would prove its value to AQ Central.
Hooray a hopey-changey return to normalcy!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:15 PM | Comments |

Mass Hope-n-Change Crushes Dream of One Eco-Warrior

The Dream:

The Reality:

An obvious triumph in all respects for Hope and Change. Now get in line.

By Good Lt. at 02:06 PM | Comments |

China Censors Parts of Obama's Speech

As is typical, when President Obama referred to communism in his inaugural address, Chinese censors went to work.

In his inauguration address, President Obama said: "Recall that earlier generations faced down fascism and communism not just with missiles and tanks, but with sturdy alliances and enduring convictions."

That entire passage was retained for an English-language version of the speech that appeared on the website of state-run Xinhua news agency.

But in the Chinese-language version, the word "communism" was taken out.

President Obama's comments addressed to world leaders who "blame their society's ills on the West" also fell foul of the censor's red pen.

"To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history," the president said.

Once again, Xinhua included the passage in full in its English version, but the sentence was taken out of the Chinese translation.

Interestingly, Chinese officials have expressed some worry that President Obama won't be as friendly to China as President Bush. This is curious since I would contend that ideological underpinnings of the Chinese government and Obama are similar -- serfdom creates utopia.

By at 01:45 PM | Comments |

British Clean-Your-Plate Police Now Entering Homes

(UK) To fight global warming, the British government has launched a pilot project to reduce household waste, specifically leftover food, by dispatching food police officials known as "food champions" to individual homes.

The seven-week, £30,000 trial scheme is funded by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) to be carried out by a private firm called Waste Watch.

The project is part of WRAP's "Love Food Hate Waste" campaign, which has so far cost £4 million. The organisation says food waste has a significant environmental impact, in terms of the carbon generated to grow, transport and package items and the cost of having to dispose of them. [...]

The "food champions", who will be employed by a private contractor, will advise householders to plan their shopping carefully so that they do not over-cater. They will explain the difference between "best before", "use by" and "sell by" dates, and will give out tips for home composting.

According to one Waste Watch food police official, Tim Burns, "Food waste has such a high impact on climate change and it is something we can all do something about." Consequently, householders will have to sit down and listen to government representatives tell them how to run their kitchens.

Thankfully, food policemen will receive a day's-worth of training which the government believes makes them experts. (more)

By at 01:35 PM | Comments |

Hope/Change: Threat Closes US Consulate in Dubai

Via Foxnews:

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The U.S. consulate in Dubai was closed Wednesday to public business after an alert from local authorities making a rare acknowledgment of possible security risks in the Gulf's commercial hub.

A U.S. Embassy spokesman, Steven Pike, said the decision to temporarily scale back operations at the consulate was based on "information from Dubai authorities," but declined to give further details about the warning.

U.S. officials are "continually reviewing" the security situation and the consulate could resume normal operations Thursday, said Pike, speaking from the United Arab Emirates capital, Abu Dhabi, about 60 miles (100 kilometers) southwest of Dubai.

A Dubai police official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, confirmed local authorities had warned U.S. diplomats about a potential security threat. The official also declined to give any additional details.

By Howie at 12:38 PM | Comments |

Taliban Ban Music and Movies from Buses in Pakistan

AP reports that the Taliban have threatened to blow up the bus of any driver in North west Pakistan who plays music or movies for passengers.

The Taliban said that the music and movies are, "source of mental agony for pious people".

Since some Muslims may be offended, the Taliban has a solution from their bag of one trick, Murder any Muslims who are not.

By Howie at 12:04 PM | Comments |

Obama Engages in Pre-Inaugural Levitation

Tucked innocently within a TIME slideshow from yesterday is an interesting picture of Obama, immediately before taking stage, apparently transcending human consciousness and defying the cruel tyranny of gravity.


By Good Lt. at 11:45 AM | Comments |

McCain Obama: The Fundamentals of Our Economy Are Strong

Patterico notes this from The Savior's Speech yesterday, where his word-count doesn't succeed in hiding the central point:

We remain the most prosperous, powerful nation on Earth. Our workers are no less productive than when this crisis began. Our minds are no less inventive, our goods and services no less needed than they were last week or last month or last year. Our capacity remains undiminished.
Wasn't McCain mocked and derided for suggesting this very same thing, albeit in less glitzy, rhetorically-embellished form?

Yes, he was.

By Good Lt. at 10:38 AM | Comments |

Words of Wisdom for The New Age of Unicorns and Skittles

You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.

The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.

~ Adrian Rogers, 1931 - 2005

By Good Lt. at 10:18 AM | Comments |

Canada's Michael Yon

Or would that be Michael Totten? Or maybe Bill Roggio? In any event, Canadian blogger Damian Brooks, of the Canadian milblog The Torch, is in Afghanistan reporting live.

Thanks to John.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:56 AM | Comments |

Dutch Charge Geert Wilders Over Fitna

Via BBC:

A Dutch court has ordered prosecutors to put a right-wing politician on trial for making anti-Islamic statements.

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders made a controversial film last year equating Islam with violence and has likened the Koran to Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.

"In a democratic system, hate speech is considered so serious that it is in the general interest to... draw a clear line," the court in Amsterdam said.

Mr Wilders said the ruling was a "black day for me and for freedom of speech".

"I am shaken. I had absolutely not expected it," he told the Dutch news agency, ANP.

Hat Tip: Hetz Shahor. Below: Fitna, the Movie. Because we will not submit!

Update: Also not submitting, Gateway Pundit, Atlas Shrugs and Jihad Watch.

Googe Video: Fitna the Movie: Geert Wilders' film about the Quran (English)

I have a couple copies on youtube that I will make public for a bit, I made them private after being requested to do so. For the purpose of this post I will leave them public for say oh about 48 hours.

By Howie at 09:37 AM | Comments |

Great moment in the history of the human rights industry

Human rights worker with United Nations ties, Clarence Dias, caught with child pornography

A high-ranking human rights worker with ties to the United Nations was nabbed at Kennedy Airport Tuesday with kiddie porn in his suitcase, officials said.

Clarence Dias, 65, president of the International Center for Law in Development, whose offices are located at the UN, had the smut in his carry-on bag as he passed through security on his way to a flight bound for Bangkok, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

Transportation Security Administration officials doing a random bag check around 8:20a.m. allegedly found a DVD whose cover featured an apparently underage nude boy and an adult male in Dias' handbag, prosecutors said.

The video's title - "Winner Pub Pattaya" - apparently refers to a beach resort in Thailand, authorities said. There were also other lewd photographs in the bag, authorities said.

Dias - who holds a doctorate in law from Bombay University and Cornell Law School and has taught at Boston College of Law - claimed the porn was for research, authorities said.

"He admitted it was his - but tried to play it off. He said he was doing research on how to better make sure kids' rights were not abused," a police source said. "Yeah, sure. It's always research."

By Hetz Shahor at 09:02 AM | Comments |

Eco-Warriors Blanket DC with Hope, Change, Garbage

Drudge appropriately asks, "Now What?"

That's a good question. For starters, maybe some of the ultra-concerned environuts who spent yesterday paying homage to Dear Leader can get down to the capital and clean up the mounds of waste they generated. What do you think the carbon footprint of all the private jets - a record number - was yesterday? Would Algore approve of the irreparable damage done to the environment down in the DC area by those who claim to care the most about the Earth?

Hope the picture above is not an omen of things to come for the country.

By Good Lt. at 07:49 AM | Comments |

Self Admitted Communist Pete Seger Performed For Obama

Hopey changey's backing....kick off your run for president at unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers home and natch....communists will sing at your inauguration.

Click image for more.


By Stable Hand at 02:31 AM | Comments |

Obama Seeks Halt In GITMO Trials

Obama's GWOT, stop abusing these f'n terrorist now!


Hours after taking office on Tuesday, U.S. President Barack Obama ordered military prosecutors in the Guantanamo war crimes tribunals to ask for a 120-day halt in all pending cases.

Military judges were expected to rule on the request on Wednesday at the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, an official involved in the trials said.

The request would halt proceedings in 21 pending cases, including the death penalty case against five Guantanamo prisoners accused of plotting the September 11 hijacked plane attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.

Prosecutors said in their written request that the halt was "in the interests of justice.

"Obama has pledged to shut down the Guantanamo prison camp that was widely seen as a stain on the United States' human rights record and a symbol of detainee abuse and detention without charge under the administration of his predecessor, former President George W. Bush.

Welcome to hopey changey's form of justice. The masterminds behind 9/11 may have been abused by too much rap music.

By Stable Hand at 01:13 AM | Comments |

Saying Thank You To President Bush

Click image to leave your thank you to former President Bush.


Never forget, never forgive.

h/t Ace

By Stable Hand at 12:34 AM | Comments |

Welcome Back To Texas President Bush

God bless you President Bush and God bless our troops.

By Stable Hand at 12:09 AM | Comments |

January 20, 2009

Gaza conflict an Iranian victory

Last week I wrote that the Gaza conflict between Israel and Hamas was really a ploy by Iran to prevent an Israeli air-strike on Iran's nuclear facilities before Obama's inauguration. Indeed, Israel was looking at options to strike at Iran's nuke facilities but were denied airspace above Iraq by President Bush. I correctly predicted that the conflict would cease around the time of the inauguration.

Yesterday Iranian President Ahmadinejad congratulated Hamas saying..."This is only the beginning of victory,". During the middle of the conflict, Iran had threatened to cut funding to Hamas if it accepted a ceasefire proposal by the Egyptians. The mullahacracy at that time still needed Israel to be preoccupied with Hamas. It also seems that Iran had crafted Hamas' military doctrine for the recent conflict.

Some of you may point out that Hamas was not expecting an Israeli offensive into Gaza in order to prevent further rocket launches into the Israeli civilian centers. But tell me what country would sit idly by when 255 Qassam rockets, 170 mortars and 7 Grad rockets were fired into it's territory between November and December 08? Perhaps Hamas didn't expect such a huge response but Hams did expect Israeli air-strikes. That was the whole point. To tie up the Israeli Air Force, so they couldn't lauch a strike against Iran.

Now with a ceasefire in place, Hamas is still in power, Iran still has it's nuke facilities up and running and Obama is now the 44th President of the United States of America. Iran can buy more time for it's nuke program through dialogue with the US which Obama has hinted at. After this conflict, all I see is an Iranian victory for the continuation of the weaponization of nuclear material.

By at 07:39 PM | Comments |

Another Sign Pakistan is on the Brink

The U.S. is moving supply routes to Afghanistan out of Pakistan to Russia and "neighboring countries", presumably Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. That solves the problem of the Taliban effectively blocking civilian truck convoys through the Khyber pass. But it also is a sign of how much we believe Pakistan will be able to handle its own Taliban problem.

I'd wish a speedy demise to the ethnically cleansed bastard child of India, but the alternative of an even more thoroughly failed state followed by a nuclear armed Taliban isn't exactly hopy-changey.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 06:43 PM | Comments |

This Was Not, Repeat, NOT, An "Historic Inauguration"

I found this on a forum I frequent and completely agree with the sentiment:

My personal opinion is that this inauguration was no more historical than any other except for the very first one. Calling it "historical" because the President is anything other than a white male is keeping the race debate in everyone's face and therefore keeps us divided as a country.

My issue with Obama, or any of the Democrats who ran for President last year, is their left-liberal Socialist policies, not their race or gender.

It won't matter, though. Anyone who dares disagree with President The One's ideas or policies is going to be a racist anyway. Hell, we already are considered that, so if you're not already used to it, you better be soon.

By Vinnie at 06:39 PM | Comments |

Obama Overcomes the Greatest Obstacle

The video is short (41 seconds) and I hope it influences some opinions to change.

Tip: Tom Blumer at BizzyBlog

By at 06:32 PM | Comments |

Bush and Cheney's Plans to "Suspend the Election" Narrowly Averted; Poor, Women Finally Saved

Just a little sampler, for old-to-recent history's sake, of assorted sectors of online Obamanation fearing the imminent threat of Bush and Cheney somehow declaring a state of emergency to cement their dark choke-hold on power.

Common Dreams.org - Will Bush Suspend the Elections?

GlobalSisterhood.com - The Election That Might Not Happen

Democrats.com - June 2007 - Libby Freed, Elections to Be Suspended?

...and on and on...

As you can see, the failure of Bush and Cheney to inflict those cartoon-villainy-evil schemes on the battered populace is only proof of their having been fought back by brave patriots from all corners of society. Don't you see.

By Good Lt. at 06:14 PM | Comments |

Next Juba the Baghdad Sniper Film Delayed. Indefinitely.

UR, Iraq – Iraqi Security Forces thwarted an attack on a U.S. military patrol in northeast Baghdad Jan. 17.

Elements of the 1st National Police Division, and 42nd Brigade, 11th Iraqi Army Division, worked together to detain a suspected sniper team that was targeting an American forces on patrol in the Haay Ur neighborhood of northeast Baghdad.

“The actions of our ISF partners saved at least one, and probably several, U.S. Soldiers lives,” said Col. John Hort, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Multi-National Division – Baghdad commander. “It’s events like these that show me that our 15 months in Iraq have not been in vain. The Iraqi Security Forces in northeast Baghdad are a well-trained, well-led force that will no doubt serve to increase the security of the good Iraqi people of this region.”

Three men were arrested during the event. Items confiscated included a van that was being used to move the team around as well as a base of operations from which to conduct the attack, a video camera, a modified sniper rifle, a canvas concealment device and a wooden stand used as a support inside the vehicle.

All items and men were taken into Iraqi National Police custody, where they currently reside pending further investigation.

Source: MNF-Iraq.

Cross posted here 'cause... Juba Sucks!

By Howie at 05:52 PM | Comments |

Taliban Celebrate Hope/Change, Kill 6

The Taliban catch hope-n-change fevah by rounding up any one who looks too Western and killing them. Angola Press:

Suspected Taleban militants have killed six men in north-west Pakistan after accusing them of spying for the United States, local officials say...

A local official said notes found next to the bodies said they were killed because they were "American spies".

One report said that five of the men were shot dead and one hanged.

Thanks to Flypaper.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:37 PM | Comments |


Reaction from the Rott.

By Good Lt. at 05:34 PM | Comments |

Hope, Change in Gaza: Hamas Hijacks Aid Trucks

World snoozes:

Jordan's Petra News Agency reports that Hamas hijacked Jordanian aid trucks after they crossed into Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing on Tuesday.

The aid was to go to UNRWA. As the truck drivers started unloading the aid, Hamas gunmen opened fire on them and forced them to go to Hamas-run stores.

Thanks to someone or another.

UPDATE: Related hopeychangeyness from Iran.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:24 PM | Comments |

al-Qaeda in Iraq Celebrates Hope/Change

How else, by murdering people, they are so original like that

Via the Google: BAGHDAD (AP) — Two bombs struck separate U.S. military and Iraqi governmental convoys in Baghdad on Tuesday, killing five Iraqi civilians and wounding two American soldiers, the U.S. military said...

..A car bomb targeted a U.S. convoy shortly after 3 p.m. in a northwestern area of Baghdad called Mansour, killing three Iraqi civilians and wounding the two U.S. soldiers, the U.S. military said. It added that initial intelligence indicated al-Qaida in Iraq was to blame.

Also Tuesday, a senior Iraqi education official escaped an assassination attempt while traveling through central Baghdad,...

...The U.S. military said two Iraqi civilians, a woman and a child, were killed and three others were wounded in the attack.

By Howie at 04:53 PM | Comments |

We Now Return You To Our Regular Zionist Programming

We regret that little interruption we had earlier to swear in the Obama-Messiah.

Back to the old grindstone

Youtube video: Gaza War All the facts, the full story

Hat Tip: U5NK8

More below the fold.

We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense, and for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken; you cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you.

President Barack Hussein Obama!

By Howie at 04:07 PM | Comments |

Wall St. Feels the Righteous Winds of Change

Guess those tingles up the legs and that "wave of optimism" - you know, that HOPE 'n CHANGE - didn't translate over to the financial sector today. Maybe another one-time-emergency-bailout/stimulus/bailout combo is what we need.


Must be Bush's fault.

By Good Lt. at 03:50 PM | Comments |

Congo, Rwanda Also Ignoring The Message Of Hope And Change

What the hell is going on? It's been over for two hours and still the world isn't filled with peace, love, and understanding.

KIBATI, Congo (Reuters) – Rwandan troops crossed into eastern Congo on Tuesday in a joint military operation by the Great Lakes neighbors to disarm Rwandan Hutu rebels seen as a root cause of more than a decade of conflict.

President The One better fire off a humanitarian shipment of rainbows and lollipops double quick

By Vinnie at 03:43 PM | Comments |

Bye Mr. Bush Caption Contest


Former President Bush blows a buh bye kiss, caption his thoughts at that very moment....

Food for the discussion.

Only one Fatwa today, issued against wooga for

"Wow, my finger really does smell funny!"

By Howie at 03:40 PM | Comments |

Hamas Embraces The Spirit Of This Historic Day

By holding "victory over Israel" rallies today.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — The U.N. chief inspected the devastation wrought by Israel's onslaught in Gaza on Tuesday, leading a moment of silence at the smoldering U.N. headquarters, as the territory's militant Hamas rulers, triumphant at having survived, held victory rallies amid the ruins.

Yes, even though the IDF and IAF thoroughly stomped their asses, Hamas is facing the coming Hope and Change with a genuinely optimistic attitude.

Reports of unicorns running free through sun-drenched streets passing out sweets can not be confirmed.

By Vinnie at 02:52 PM | Comments |

Shocking! Hope/Change Hasn't Reached Arab Leaders

.....yet.... I don't think I'll hold my breath...

AP via teh Google

: KUWAIT CITY — Arab leaders trying to come up with a plan to rebuild Gaza ended their meeting Tuesday in discord, unable to agree on whether to back Egyptian peace efforts or even set up a joint reconstruction fund for the devastated Palestinian territory.
Hey President Obama, sorry to bother you with these things during the parade and all, but can you take, say five minutes and fix this?

By Howie at 02:36 PM | Comments |

Barack Obama Is Officially POTUS

My tribute to Barack Obama's official swearing in ceremony.

God bless our troops and those of the coalition. Unseen future of the GWOT is at hand.

BTW, I have the right to question Obama's motives. It's called freedom of speech, so all the trolls in comments f**k you.

By Stable Hand at 01:44 PM | Comments |

Caught My Eye/Ear

From Mr. Obama's Inaugural Speech:

Original Obamanease: And to those nations like ours that enjoy relative plenty, we say we can no longer afford indifference to suffering outside our borders; nor can we consume the world's resources without regard to effect. For the world has changed, and we must change with it.
TRANSLATION: We're sorry we have created wealth for ourselves, and we will now proceed to lower our standard of living and stop producing and consuming so much. We consume too much of X, and we're having some kind of nebulous, nameless effect on the world/planet/climate due to our consumption of X (where X=energy/oil/natural resources/food/consumer goods/everything and anything).

We'll just be what you all want us to be, because being all free and prosperous is just, like, too hard and stuff.

Prove me wrong, Your Holiness!

One positive thing we can get from this - there is now a great demand and need for Obama translators in the blogosphere, and I happily volunteer my services.

Try this chunk of gabbledegook:

Original Obamanease: What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them - that the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply. The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works - whether it helps families find jobs at a decent wage, care they can afford, a retirement that is dignified. Where the answer is yes, we intend to move forward. Where the answer is no, programs will end. And those of us who manage the public's dollars will be held to account - to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day - because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government.
TRANSLATION: I know I only several months ago told you to "get in their faces" and argue about politics at every and any opportunity, but now I'm asking you to pretend that doing that is really reprehensible. Once you win an election, my children, you become free of all of these trivialities. The real question here is not, "shouldn't we encourage a little more personal responsibility among ourselves and institutions;" the question is rather, "is the government sufficiently grafted into every portion of your life yet, and if not, where are we coming up short?" Worthless government programs and entitlements will be continued and expanded, so worry not. We will only release and promote statistics, outcomes and results as they are convenient for us to use politically, and all other assessments of our governance shall be buried.

Ahhh, I can feel the hope and change already :-)

By Good Lt. at 12:39 PM | Comments |

Barack Obama is President


President Obama's inaugural address below the fold.

My fellow citizens:

I stand here today humbled by the task before us, grateful for the trust you have bestowed, mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors. I thank President Bush for his service to our nation, as well as the generosity and cooperation he has shown throughout this transition.

Forty-four Americans have now taken the presidential oath. The words have been spoken during rising tides of prosperity and the still waters of peace. Yet, every so often the oath is taken amidst gathering clouds and raging storms. At these moments, America has carried on not simply because of the skill or vision of those in high office, but because We the People have remained faithful to the ideals of our forbearers, and true to our founding documents.

So it has been. So it must be with this generation of Americans.

That we are in the midst of crisis is now well understood. Our nation is at war, against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred. Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some, but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age. Homes have been lost; jobs shed; businesses shuttered. Our health care is too costly; our schools fail too many; and each day brings further evidence that the ways we use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet.

These are the indicators of crisis, subject to data and statistics. Less measurable but no less profound is a sapping of confidence across our land - a nagging fear that America's decline is inevitable, and that the next generation must lower its sights.

Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many.

They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this, America - they will be met. On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord.

On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn out dogmas, that for far too long have strangled our politics.

We remain a young nation, but in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things. The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better history; to carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea, passed on from generation to generation: the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness.

In reaffirming the greatness of our nation, we understand that greatness is never a given. It must be earned. Our journey has never been one of shortcuts or settling for less. It has not been the path for the fainthearted -- for those who prefer leisure over work, or seek only the pleasures of riches and fame. Rather, it has been the risk-takers, the doers, the makers of things -- some celebrated, but more often men and women obscure in their labor -- who have carried us up the long, rugged path toward prosperity and freedom.

For us, they packed up their few worldly possessions and traveled across oceans in search of a new life.

For us, they toiled in sweatshops and settled the West; endured the lash of the whip and plowed the hard earth.

For us, they fought and died, in places like Concord and Gettysburg; Normandy and Khe Sahn.

Time and again, these men and women struggled and sacrificed and worked till their hands were raw so that we might live a better life. They saw America as bigger than the sum of our individual ambitions; greater than all the differences of birth or wealth or faction.

This is the journey we continue today. We remain the most prosperous, powerful nation on Earth. Our workers are no less productive than when this crisis began. Our minds are no less inventive, our goods and services no less needed than they were last week or last month or last year. Our capacity remains undiminished. But our time of standing pat, of protecting narrow interests and putting off unpleasant decisions -- that time has surely passed. Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America.

For everywhere we look, there is work to be done. The state of the economy calls for action, bold and swift, and we will act -- not only to create new jobs, but to lay a new foundation for growth. We will build the roads and bridges, the electric grids and digital lines that feed our commerce and bind us together. We will restore science to its rightful place, and wield technology's wonders to raise health care's quality and lower its cost. We will harness the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories. And we will transform our schools and colleges and universities to meet the demands of a new age. All this we can do. And all this we will do.

Now, there are some who question the scale of our ambitions -- who suggest that our system cannot tolerate too many big plans. Their memories are short. For they have forgotten what this country has already done; what free men and women can achieve when imagination is joined to common purpose, and necessity to courage.

What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them -- that the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply. The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works -- whether it helps families find jobs at a decent wage, care they can afford, a retirement that is dignified. Where the answer is yes, we intend to move forward. Where the answer is no, programs will end. And those of us who manage the public's dollars will be held to account -- to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day -- because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government.

Nor is the question before us whether the market is a force for good or ill. Its power to generate wealth and expand freedom is unmatched, but this crisis has reminded us that without a watchful eye, the market can spin out of control -- and that a nation cannot prosper long when it favors only the prosperous. The success of our economy has always depended not just on the size of our gross domestic product, but on the reach of our prosperity; on our ability to extend opportunity to every willing heart -- not out of charity, but because it is the surest route to our common good.

As for our common defense, we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals. Our Founding Fathers, faced with perils we can scarcely imagine, drafted a charter to assure the rule of law and the rights of man, a charter expanded by the blood of generations. Those ideals still light the world, and we will not give them up for expedience's sake. And so to all other peoples and governments who are watching today, from the grandest capitals to the small village where my father was born: Know that America is a friend of each nation and every man, woman and child who seeks a future of peace and dignity, and that we are ready to lead once more.

Recall that earlier generations faced down fascism and communism not just with missiles and tanks, but with sturdy alliances and enduring convictions. They understood that our power alone cannot protect us, nor does it entitle us to do as we please. Instead, they knew that our power grows through its prudent use; our security emanates from the justness of our cause, the force of our example, the tempering qualities of humility and restraint.

We are the keepers of this legacy. Guided by these principles once more, we can meet those new threats that demand even greater effort -- even greater cooperation and understanding between nations. We will begin to responsibly leave Iraq to its people, and forge a hard-earned peace in Afghanistan. With old friends and former foes, we will work tirelessly to lessen the nuclear threat, and roll back the specter of a warming planet. We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense, and for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken; you cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you.

For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers. We are shaped by every language and culture, drawn from every end of this Earth; and because we have tasted the bitter swill of civil war and segregation, and emerged from that dark chapter stronger and more united, we cannot help but believe that the old hatreds shall someday pass; that the lines of tribe shall soon dissolve; that as the world grows smaller, our common humanity shall reveal itself; and that America must play its role in ushering in a new era of peace.

To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect. To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict, or blame their society's ills on the West: Know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy. To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.

To the people of poor nations, we pledge to work alongside you to make your farms flourish and let clean waters flow; to nourish starved bodies and feed hungry minds. And to those nations like ours that enjoy relative plenty, we say we can no longer afford indifference to suffering outside our borders; nor can we consume the world's resources without regard to effect. For the world has changed, and we must change with it.

As we consider the road that unfolds before us, we remember with humble gratitude those brave Americans who, at this very hour, patrol far-off deserts and distant mountains. They have something to tell us today, just as the fallen heroes who lie in Arlington whisper through the ages. We honor them not only because they are guardians of our liberty, but because they embody the spirit of service; a willingness to find meaning in something greater than themselves. And yet, at this moment -- a moment that will define a generation -- it is precisely this spirit that must inhabit us all.

For as much as government can do and must do, it is ultimately the faith and determination of the American people upon which this nation relies. It is the kindness to take in a stranger when the levees break, the selflessness of workers who would rather cut their hours than see a friend lose their job which sees us through our darkest hours. It is the firefighter's courage to storm a stairway filled with smoke, but also a parent's willingness to nurture a child, that finally decides our fate.

Our challenges may be new. The instruments with which we meet them may be new. But those values upon which our success depends -- hard work and honesty, courage and fair play, tolerance and curiosity, loyalty and patriotism -- these things are old. These things are true. They have been the quiet force of progress throughout our history. What is demanded then is a return to these truths. What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility -- a recognition, on the part of every American, that we have duties to ourselves, our nation and the world; duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character, than giving our all to a difficult task.

This is the price and the promise of citizenship.

This is the source of our confidence -- the knowledge that God calls on us to shape an uncertain destiny.

This is the meaning of our liberty and our creed -- why men and women and children of every race and every faith can join in celebration across this magnificent Mall, and why a man whose father less than 60 years ago might not have been served at a local restaurant can now stand before you to take a most sacred oath.

So let us mark this day with remembrance, of who we are and how far we have traveled. In the year of America's birth, in the coldest of months, a small band of patriots huddled by dying campfires on the shores of an icy river. The capital was abandoned. The enemy was advancing. The snow was stained with blood. At a moment when the outcome of our revolution was most in doubt, the father of our nation ordered these words be read to the people:

"Let it be told to the future world ... that in the depth of winter, when nothing but hope and virtue could survive... that the city and the country, alarmed at one common danger, came forth to meet [it]."

America. In the face of our common dangers, in this winter of our hardship, let us remember these timeless words. With hope and virtue, let us brave once more the icy currents, and endure what storms may come. Let it be said by our children's children that when we were tested, we refused to let this journey end, that we did not turn back, nor did we falter; and with eyes fixed on the horizon and God's grace upon us, we carried forth that great gift of freedom and delivered it safely to future generations.

Er uh sorry, I got caught up there for a minute, LOL ;)

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African al Qaeda Threaten Inauguration

A recent uptick in "chatter" suggests that al Qaeda's Somalia branch, the al Shabab Mujahideen Youth Movement, is planning to rain on President Obama's inauguration parade. The threat is described as non-specific and its credibility has not been thoroughly assessed, however the Office of Homeland Security has issued a warning for law enforcement to be on the lookout.

Shouldn't be hard to pick al Shabab fighters out of the inauguration crowd: just look for black guys with funny accents.*

Given that the Shabaab are supported by at least some segments of Muslims, and the fact that several American converts have fought with them in Somalia, you probably should be on the lookout for white guys, too. Just to play it safe.

Thanks to Howie who apparently has lost his login or something.

*Now that Obama has been elected, I'm told this sort of humor is perfectly acceptable. Post-racist America and all that ....

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UK: Former Prime Minister's Sister-In-Law Incites Moslems "We Want Israel Out"

Cynthia McKinney must be friends with her, they are both bat shite crazy.

(IsraelNN.com) At a rally of 10,000 Muslim men in England last week, Lauren Booth called to Israel: “You are the criminals that we detest!”

Booth, sister of the wife of UK Middle East envoy Tony Blair, spoke at an anti-Israel rally held last Sunday, Jan. 11, in the large town of Blackburn, 35 kilometers north of Manchester. An estimated 10,000 people, mostly young Muslim men, were in attendance.

Sources in England report that the rally was totally ignored by national media, including the BBC, despite the fact that it was “probably the largest Islamic protest march in the UK since the Bradford book-burnings against Salman Rushdie and free speech twenty years ago.” So writes far-right politician Nick Griffin.

Booth fired up the crowd by calling for the closing of the Israeli Embassy in London, accusing Israel of “blasting” women and children with chemical weapons, and exhorting the Moslem community to “bring 40,000” to their next anti-Israel protest in “the middle of your city.”

Stupid leftist broad. She better be ready to don a burqa because that is exactly what she is asking for.

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6 Arrested in Spain for Terror Funding

Six Pakistani immigrants were arrested today in Spain and charged with "fraud". So, what does this have to do with terrorism? Everything:

the six arrested in Barcelona are suspected of financing terrorist activities by carrying out thefts and sending money raised from criminal activities to Pakistan.
CNN reports that they were involved in "tax fraud" which is odd. How could tax fraud finance terror? I'm sure it's possible, but it sounds ... complicated.

In any event, the CNN report claims that it was Spain's anti-terror court that directed the arrests in a nationwide sweep of Islamic radicals. Ten were originally arrested, but it looks like only six are being charged.

In related news, a new poll confirms that Europeans are a bunch of pussies. Majorities in Britain, France, Italy, and Germany say they don't want to send more troops to fight in Afghanistan. Of those in countries surveyed, only the Spanish are eager to lend a hand for the upcoming surge to defeat the Taliban.

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Cameron Diaz: Me plemdge.

Two things to read: Andrew Breitbart's mockery of the shallow celebs in the creepy "We Pledge" video; and Iowahawk's "transcript" of it. Apparently Cameron Diaz is Matt Damon's long lost brother.

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"Innocent" Gitmo Canadian Visited al Qaeda Safehouse

Canadian Maher Arar was only 14 when he was caught then transferred to Gitmo. This makes him the youngest person to be held at Guantanamo. It also makes him the darling of the Canadian Left who, on cue, claim he's innocent and that his confession was coerced.

If he's so innocent, then how does one explain testimony by yet another darling of the Canadian Left, Omar Khadr, that Arar was a visitor at an al Qaeda safehouse in Kabul?

Thanks to Unattributable Maven.

UPDATE: Had to update this as I had mixed up the story of Khadr's capture with that of Arar. You Canadians all look alike to me.

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More People Working in Government than Manufacturing?

Interesting, if not a bit disturbing.

Graph courtesy of Contrary Investor, via Fabius Maximus.

If true, several questions need to be asked.

What is the government's product? How well is it selling? What tax revenue does government generate (not collect)? What is the profit margin for government, and when will it begin paying for itself? What tangible good or service is the rapidly-growing government producing? Why is there a recession if government is the answer? If government is trying to compete with manufacturing as a big-time employer, then why doesn't it start generating its own income rather than taking it from productive people?

Ah, these questions. On and on they go. Maybe the new Prez will take a stab at answering them. Heh.

Reagan was right - the tendency for government is to grow into the closest thing to eternal life that we'll ever know on this planet. Are we better off for it? The only time government payrolls noticably decreased for any real length of time was under the Reagan Administration (blips under the others), so this is a systemic problem that crosses party lines (the two lines crossed during Bush's term, highlighting the 'success' of "compassionate conservatism").

Just thinking out loud here.

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When al Qaeda Germ Warfare Goes Terribly Right

A followup on yesterday's report claiming that 40 al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)terrorist had been killed by the plague. In the comments a lot of people were speculating that this was somehow a "tragic" accident, perhaps related to AQIM experimenting with the plague as a WMD.

I had two responses: First, the source of the report was a British tabloid, hence take it with a grain of salt. Second, most people are unaware that the plague is actually fairly common around the world today.

I'll have to give the hat tip to Norseman for recommending Alex Berenson's Faithful Spy, the plot of which revolved around al Qaeda trying to weaponize the plague. The source of the seed germs? Africa. So, it's not like the plague isn't native to the continent.

But this morning I woke up to several e-mails pointing to a Washington Times report which claims that the dead AQIM were in fact killed in a "work related accident".

An al Qaeda affiliate in Algeria closed a base earlier this month after an experiment with unconventional weapons went awry, a senior U.S. intelligence official said Monday. ...

He said authorities in the first week of January intercepted an urgent communication between the leadership of al Qaeda in the Land of the Maghreb (AQIM) and al Qaeda's leadership in the tribal region of Pakistan on the border with Afghanistan. The communication suggested that an area sealed to prevent leakage of a biological or chemical substance had been breached, according to the official.

"We don't know if this is biological or chemical," the official said.

If the report pans out then let me be the first to suggest that maybe we should give al Qaeda WMD. Save us all a whole lot of trouble.

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British Soldiers Survival Training Angers Animal Activists/Leftists

Click image for video.


The British soldiers used their teeth instead of an axe to prepare chickens for a meal. No big deal...teh.

"HENIMALS!"[story caption..lol]

CHEERED on by baying soldiers, a British Army officer BITES the head off a live chicken in a sickening training exercise filmed by his own men.

Shamefully the senior lieutenant serving in Iraq then KICKS its wildly-flailing body, spits out the head, and shouts “f***er” at the dying bird.

Awesome job lieutenant!

This comment at the site sums it up perfectly:

I can't believe what i am reading here......I am in the unit involved in this story. I was on the same tour as the men in this video. And i can hand on my heart say that i would trust every single one of them with my life should the need arise again and again and again.....we train for months prior to deployment...we do 6/7 months on operations and then once we return we prepare to start training for the next tour.

Who do we do this for??? Ourselves...no....our families...definitely not...we certainly don't do it for the narrow minded people making comments on here. It is a chicken...millions die everyday all over the world...in horrific ways....the only difference being here that it was filmed and had made its way in to the public domain. I'm pretty sure that civilian men of our age do things of a much more outrageous manner...such as mugging old ladies....they are the ones u should be directing your narrow minded views at, they deserve it not us......GET A GRIP!!!!

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Hugo Chavez: Obama Stinks Like Bush

With his transition into the seat of power as President of the United States, Barack Obama is receiving congratulatory messages from around the world, but not from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Although Obama has promised to sit down with Chavez for a no-preconditions chummy chat session, the incoming President also said recently that Chavez exports terrorism and supports the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). As a result, South America's leading thug became puckered and said Obama has the "same stench" as President Bush.

"There is still time" for Obama to correct his views, the Venezuelan leader said, but he added: "No one should say that I threw the first stone at Obama. He threw it at me."
Chavez also said that Obama is now taking orders from the dark forces inside "the empire."

Two things. First, all the Obama campaign promises of face-to-face chats with adversaries "without preconditions" were simply horse manure having no real applicability to governing. In fact, those promises must now be rationalized away or surreptitiously retracted.

And secondly, Chavez will always be a paranoid thug and sitting down with him only guarantees the expedient receipt of his verbal horse manure. Fortunately, Chavez is consistent so no guessing is necessary -- 100% horse manure, 100% of the time.

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January 19, 2009

Germany's Adam Gadahn Identified

Thanks to our good friend and oft collaborator Laura Mansfield, we were the first to notify the world that an al Qaeda propaganda video featuring a German national had been released. Today "Abu Talha the German" was identified as 31 year old Bekkay Harrach, a Moroccan born immigrant to Germany.

So, not quite as bad as Adam Gadahn who chose militant Islam as his religion. Probably more dangerous, though, given that he's known to have numerous contacts in Germany. It's those unknown contacts that are a little more worrying. Pearlman (Gadahn's given name)? Not so much. The contacts and the fact that he's looking for martyrdom praying for self-detonation. Can't say that about fat bastard Gadahn.

Speaking of: if you're reading this you soon-to-be-dead-follower-of-shaytan, do me a favor and drop me a line.

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Shock: Report Alleges Taliban Abuses Civilians

A shocking report alleges that the Taliban and other "insurgents" systematically terrorizes Afghan civilians. I'm stunned. It's just so hard to believe:

This report documents how, in their attempts to weaken the Afghan Government, the Taliban and other AGEs are systematically terrorizing the civilian population with “night letters,” kidnappings, executions (often by beheading) and other crimes...

Their targets include doctors, teachers, students, tribe elders, Ulema Council members, civilian government employees, suppliers and day laborers of public-interest reconstruction projects as well as former police and military personnel...

In an attempt to further weaken public support for the government, insurgents have also targeted schools, medical services, humanitarian aid and commercial supply lines.

Where are the mass protests against the Taliban?

You can read the report here, which claims the Taliban's actions are against Islamic law. If only that were the case. The last time I checked, it was the Taliban arguing for the application of Hanafi sharia.

Thanks to anti-Taliban.

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Video: Hamas Uses TV Bldg. to Launch Missiles

I'll put the video below the fold, but here's the money vidcap.


Did Israel ever retaliate? No? What a shame.

As CJ notes, the al Arabiya reporter Hannan al-Masri seems amused that Hamas has just used the building the Arabic satelite TV station's offices are in to fire a missile. Jokes on you Israel, ha-ha!Be sure to click on the closed caption for English subtitles. Click the triangle looking thingy at the right corner, then it's the center icon.

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Barry Rubin sends another article along. He can't update the GLORIA website since his webmaster is still in Gaza.

By Barry Rubin

Israel has won a huge military victory in a defensive war against the radical Islamist Hamas group which rules the Gaza Strip.

So what does Israel want? Its first choice would be a moderate movement running the Gaza Strip which would negotiate a deal for a Palestinian state living in peace alongside Israel, resettling refugees there, and being a prosperous, stable state. All Israel desires is that such a country wouldn’t attack it with rockets, war, terrorism, or inciting such terrible hatred as to ensure future wars.

Hamas, however, is too extreme to make peace; its rival, the Palestinian Authority (PA) which rules the West Bank, is too weak and indecisive to do so.

Having Hamas as a neighbor is like living next door to a serial killer, who abuses his children and threatens to kill them if you go in after him. You can defend yourself but if the police won’t arrest him the only choices left are to build a wall around him, stop him from getting weapons, and sending in food.

This is Israel’s dilemma. The world demands peace but isn’t prepared to do too much to help. The West’s basic stand is to keep Hamas ruling Gaza, comparable to ensuring continued Taliban rule in Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks. Thanks to such international “support” Gaza’s people will be able to “enjoy” a dictatorial regime dedicated to spending the next century fighting—and losing--wars.

Remember, that the Hamas regime was not elected as such. Yes, it won an election but then seized total power by a bloody coup against the PA. Now, it imposes a radical Islamist regime on its unfortunate subjects. Hamas has no policy for creating jobs or raising living standards. Its educational system doesn’t teach useful skills or civic virtues but indoctrinates children with the ambition to become suicide bombers.

So the world should consider. Is this the kind of regime you want to save and succor? Do you want to keep Hamas in power when even most Arab states would like to see it fall? Why talk about a peace process while following a policy ensuring no peace process can succeed.

Understand that Hamas believes the deity insists on its victory. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or how many die. Its educational policy isn’t aimed at training productive citizens but rather future suicide bombers,

Well, it looks like the West is going to make that mistake, the PA itself isn’t going to help provide an alternative government, and Israel can’t solve this problem by itself.

So the next best thing is a ceasefire that works for a while. What is the basis for such a plan, which recognizes the fact that Israel won the war and that Hamas wants to restart it again?

First, Hamas must perceive itself beaten no matter what it says publicly. This doesn’t mean it will give up but does mean it will be slower to launch attacks in future.

Second, Palestinians must perceive that Hamas was beaten so that they follow a more productive path of moderation and diplomacy.

Third, the Arabic-speaking world—or as much of it as possible—must perceive Hamas is beaten so that Arab states are encouraged in their battle against radical Islamism, Iran, and Syria, while the flow of recruits to extremist movements decline.

Fourth, Hamas must perceive itself as isolated. If it knows that cross-border terror attacks, firing rockets at Israeli civilians, and cynically using its own people as human shields brings international sympathy and political profits these tactics will be used again by them, and be imitated by others elsewhere.

All of these are realizable goals. The West can help by giving Hamas no recognition, no support, and no help. A terrorist, genocidal movement which oppresses its own people and uses them as human shields should not be rewarded. That should be obvious.

What about the actual terms? Among the key provisions are these:

--A seriously effective regime of inspection and blocking smuggling must be put into place on the Egypt-Gaza border. This means Egyptian forces helped by a force which will really act to block tunnels and stop arms from coming in, not just sit and watch the contraband go by. If more weapons get in, that will bring another war.

--Israel has the right to maintain sanctions, which means that while humanitarian and necessary goods for Gaza’s society will be allowed to cross the border it can keep out items that have military applications.

--Aid money to rebuild in Gaza and sustain Palestinian society must be kept out of Hamas’s hands. Not only would Hamas use such funds for military purposes, it would also steal them from being used for real relief. For example, Hamas cries there is not enough fuel but that is because it diverts gasoline from civilian purposes for its own use.

--Gilad Shalit, a hostage seized by Hamas in a cross-border raid into Israel, should be released unconditionally. It is bad enough to reward terrorists for their crimes; it is ridiculous to do so after they have been thoroughly defeated after launching an aggressive war.

Finally, we should remember the aims of the two sides. Israel’s goal is very modest: security for its citizens, no cross-border attacks. Hamas’s goal is the destruction of Israel, wiping out its citizens, revolution throughout the Middle East, treating women as chattel, and the creation of what it considers to be Allah’s government on earth.

Knowing that, you can decide which side to support.

Barry Rubin is director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal. His latest books are The Israel-Arab Reader (seventh edition), with Walter Laqueur (Viking-Penguin); the paperback edition of The Truth About Syria (Palgrave-Macmillan); A Chronological History of Terrorism, with Judy Colp Rubin, (Sharpe); and The Long War for Freedom: The Arab Struggle for Democracy in the Middle East (Wiley). To read and subscribe to MERIA and other GLORIA Center publications or to order books, visit http://www.gloriacenter.org.

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Members of Unknown Religion Behead Faith Healer

Lutherans is my best guess. There are a lot of Lutherans in Pakistan, right?

The beheaded body of a faith healer, abducted on Friday, was found in the Mattani area of Peshawar on Saturday, police officials said. Pir Rafiullah, resident of Said Gul Abad area in Pabbi town, Nowshera district, was abducted by four armed men on Friday, locals told Daily Times. A police official at the Mattani police station said the body was recovered from Frontier Road near Juma Khur. He said a letter, written in Pushto, was found near the body, warning that those involved in the business of faith healing would meet the same fate.
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Finally: The Hot Chicks of the IDF Movie

The long-awaited followup to our popular thread -- in video form!

Thanks to Flea.

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1,000 Words on Gratitude

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:30 PM | Comments |

US Sanctions Iran Based al Qaeda, Zawahiri Promises Fighters to Yemen

The US Treasury Department placed financial sanctions on Saad bin Laden, thought to be in Pakistan, and three alleged al Qaeda operatives in Iran including a Yemeni. The terrorist designation Friday froze their assets within US jurisdictions and prohibits Americans from financial dealings with the four.

Saad bin Laden, son of radical figurehead Osama bin Laden, facilitated communications between al Qaeda’s number two, Ayman Zawahiri, and the Iranian Qods Force after an al Qaeda attack on the US embassy in Sana’a last year, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Zawahiri contacted the Qods Force after his agreement to supply more fighters to Yemen to battle Shiite rebels, a US military source was quoted as saying. Zawahiri spoke to Qods Force commander Brigadier General Qassem Suleimani, the senior US military intelligence official told The Long War Journal, confirming the account in The Wall Street Journal.

"Zawahiri was concerned that the al Qaeda-manned militia fighting on the side of the government against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels might threaten Iran’s interests in Yemen," the official said.

The Yemeni government incorporated thousands of extremists and tribesmen into its military ranks to battle the Houthi rebels in Yemen’s northern Sa’ada province. The editor of Al-Share newspaper and two journalists are on trial in the State Security and Terrorism Court for publishing reports of the Aden Abyan Islamic Army’s role training tribal militias for the government. The journalists are charged with “threatening national security, demoralizing the military and divulging state secrets.”

After the US Embassy bombing in September that killed 16 including an American, "(Yemeni President) Saleh feared his government would be the next target, but Zawahiri wanted al Qaeda prisoners released from Yemeni jails and committed al Qaeda foot soldiers to fight the Houthi rebels,” the senior US military official said.

Zawahiri was concerned about relations between al Qaeda and Iran, "so he took great care by reaching out to the Iranians" after committing more fighters to the Yemeni government.

Sana’a has struck numerous bargains with al Qaeda leadership and operatives. The 9/11 Commission reported the Tawfiq bin Attash was released from Yemeni custody in 1999 after Osama bin Laden contacted Yemeni authorities. Bin Attash later went on to have a role in the USS Cole bombing and train some of the 9/11 highjackers. In 2007, Yemen’s Foreign Minister defended the early release of al Qaeda operatives convicted in the USS Cole bombing as “normal” saying, "Everybody makes deals with anybody who cooperates, not just in Yemen, but in the United States."

Among those in Iran the US Treasury Department designated as terrorists last week is Yemeni Ali Saleh Husain. A senior al Qaeda operative close to Osama bin Laden, Husain goes by the alias Abu Dhahak al Yemeni. He reportedly is the intermediary between al Qaeda and its affiliates Fatah al Islam in Lebanon and Jund al Islam in Gaza.

Saad bin Laden fled to Iran after September 11, 2001. He may no longer be in Iran as of September 2008, the US Treasury Department said in a statement.

The Telegraph reported in November that an intercepted letter signed by Zawahiri thanked Iran’s Revolutionary Guards for “monetary and infrastructure assistance” after the deadly attack on the US embassy and commended their “vision” in helping al Qaeda establish new bases in Yemen after the group faced increasing pressure in Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Although tensions rose at the peak of the Sa’ada War, Yemen and Iran have good relations overall, as does Yemen and Syria. The Houthi rebellion was triggered by localized grievances. In a November report, Invisible Civilians, Human Rights Watch (HRW) charged that Yemen contravened international humanitarian law during the war and “severely restricted humanitarian access to tens of thousands of civilians in need”. An estimated 70,000 Zaidi civilians who fled the bombing and fighting remain out of the reach of international aid groups. HRW also found that hundreds of Hashimites were arbitrarily arrested. Imprisoned clerics were often replaced by fundamentalist preachers at mosques throughout Yemen.


By Jane at 01:24 PM | Comments |

Breaking: Ramos And Compean Have Sentences Commuted

Just a one liner at the top of Fox's main news page.

Awesome news!

Update More:

Bush didn't pardon the men for their crimes, but decided instead to commute their prison sentences because he believed they were excessive and that they had already suffered the loss of their jobs, freedom and reputations, a senior administration official said.

The action by the president, who believes the border agents received fair trials and that the verdicts were just, does not diminish the seriousness of their crimes, the official said.

Compean and Ramos, who have served about two years of their sentences, are expected to be released from prison within the next two months.

UPDATE by RS: AllahP is doing a string of updates. What more can I add but hooray.

Update by Jane: Dan (Digger Dan), who has been quite active in this fight, points us to the Agent Ramos website.

By Vinnie at 01:05 PM | Comments |

Liberals Dumpster-Diving for Obama -Literally


YA RLY. Apparently.

It was the day after Barack Obama's historic November 4 election win, when environmental artist and educator Nancy Judd went dumpster diving behind the Obama campaign headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico, desperate to collect any salvageable materials.

"I made a mad dash around town. In many cases, they had already started throwing things in dumpsters and I was pulling material out of dumpsters," Judd told AFP.

There are Obamatrons, and then there are OBAMATRONS.

Guess trash doesn't smell so bad when it's The One's trash, does it?


By Good Lt. at 12:42 PM | Comments |

And Yet Another Assassination in Russia

Just last Friday we noted that Umar S. Israilov had been murdered in Austria. Now a prominent Russian lawyer, Stanislav Markelov, shoots self in back with silenced pistol. Also shot was a muckraking journalist critical of Russian handling of Chechen war, but who survived the attack.

The saddest part? My friends from the days I lived in Moscow think I'm crazy to point out that they are slowly becoming a fascist state. But now that the oil boom has gone bust, I pray that it will only be a matter of time for them to wake up and see what's happening.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:36 PM | Comments |

Pro-Hamas "Moderate" British Blogger Suspended from Government Job

RudyFox sends in this news about a Muslim working in a senior position for the British government. Azad Ali works for the Treasury Department and is President of the Civil Service Islamic Society. He has been described in the past as a "moderate", the kind of person the government hopes will help tackle extremism in the Muslim community. He was once the chairman of the Muslim Safety Forum and is the current head of its counter-terrorism committee.

But in his spare time Ali blogs at "Between the Lines". What does he think of the terrorist organization that is Hamas?

Hamas is a true resistance movement that is standing up for the rights of the Palestinians, whereas Fatah and specifically Abu Mazen have capitulated to the colonial mindset.
Wow. But it gets worse. Much worse. From this post it is clear that Ali is a supporter of al Qaeda's underlying ideology -- if not al Qaeda itself. He praises prominent American supporter of al Qaeda, now living in exile in Yemen, Anwar al-Awlaki. Over the past year Awlaki has become the central nexus for the English language supporters of jihad online.

In that same post he claims that Abdullah Azzam, one of the founding fathers of al Qaeda, provides 'balance' for the proper understanding of jihad. All of this in the context of a discussion over whether or not it's okay to kill American and British soldiers. Something he never fully answers, but the implication of the post is that it is a duty of Muslims to fight jihad in Iraq and Afghanistan, but not necessarily support acts of terror in other places.

Which may mean, as he insists, that he doesn't support "terrorism" (narrowly defined), but it does still make him a traitor. I'm not sure what other word to use to describe someone who sides with the enemy of his country in a time of war. It also only holds true that he's not a terrorist if one narrowly defines terrorism. But, even using this definition, he's still a traitor.

Unsurprisingly, he also ran a website called Muslims for Ken, ie Ken Livingston, the former Left wing mayor of London, friend of Hugo Chavez, and antisemite.

In another one of his blogs, named after himself, he claims its unbelievable that most Muslims in Britain don't support sharia which, implicit in the post, he does. In fact, he suggests that the survey showing this is really some kind of anti-Muslim conspiracy. In another he claims that the war on terror is really war against Islam. Throughout the blog he claims that violent jihad is an essential element of Islam and that Muslims that disclaim this kind of jihad are lying or have sold out.

It's good to read that he has been suspended and that he may be fired. But one can't help but wonder how many others are out there who hold similar views but who don't openly espouse them under their own name online?


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:15 PM | Comments |

There is a God: Plague Kills 40 al Qaeda in Africa

UPDATE 1-20-09: WaTimes report says exactly what some of you were speculating in the comments: Plague report actually al Qaeda WMD experiment gone bad. Hmmmmmm.........

A couple of days ago I asked readers to send in tips about al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). Ask and ye shall receive. There's some good news and some bad news, which to report first?

Let's go with glass half empty. Sean sends in word that AQIM is suspected of kidnapping two Canadian who worked for the UN, Robert Fowler & Louis Guay, and their driver in Niger. Part of a new AQIM strategy to fund its operations. Let's hope these two get out alive and without sending money to AQIM.

Now, on to the good news:

At least 40 al-Qaeda fanatics died horribly after being struck down with the disease that devastated Europe in the Middle Ages.

The killer bug, also known as the plague, swept through insurgents training at a forest camp in Algeria, North Africa. It came to light when security forces found a body by a roadside.

Oh, but it gets better.
Now al-Qaeda chiefs fear the plague has been passed to other terror cells — or Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.
Karma: it is a bitch.

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Thailand = Not Free

Via Daily Telegraph:

AN Australian writer was sentenced to three years jail yesterday for insulting Thailand's revered royal family in a novel that sold just 10 copies.

Harry Nicolaides wept in court before being pleading guilty to slandering 81-year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn in his self-published novel Verisimilitude.

"I would like to apologise. This can't be real. It feels like a bad dream," said a gaunt-looking Nicolaides, 41, who has already spent five months in a Thai prison awaiting trial.

"I respect the king of Thailand. I was aware there were obscure laws (about the monarchy) but I didn't think they would apply to me," he said.

He was arrested in August at Bangkok's international airport as he was about to board a flight home, apparently unaware of a March arrest warrant issued in connection with his 2005 novel.

Thailand is a constitutional monarchy but has severe jail terms of three to 15 years for defaming, insulting or threatening the royal family.

This freedom chart shows Thailand as partially free. But apparently this does not include two sentences about a fictional prince in a novel that sold only seven copies*.

(* Seven to ten copies sold, depending on which source you are reading.)

By Howie at 11:28 AM | Comments |

"Allah Is Good, Allah Is Gay"

Fatwa coming to Oakland button maker?

Click image for more from Zombie.


By Stable Hand at 11:27 AM | Comments |

Iran: You Know What's Really Funny? The Holocaust

Iran to publish a satirical book about the Holocaust. Which is really no big deal since the Islamic Republic publishes this sort of thing constantly. The bigger deal here is that they are going to publish it in English. Coming to a local bookstore near you.

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15 Taliban Bachelors Dead.

Via Daily Times:

PESHAWAR: At least 15 Taliban and a soldier were killed when clashes broke out between the Taliban and security forces in Mohmand Agency, a security official said on Sunday.

The clashes, which broke out late on Saturday, occurred as the forces cleared a road linking Bajaur Agency with Peshawar, the official said.

“Fifteen militants were killed in a successful raid by security forces on their stronghold in Darwazgai area of Mohmand Agency,” the official said.

Good news if you are a young woman in the area.

By Howie at 11:16 AM | Comments |

Not Nice: Taliban Blow up Girls' Schools

Via Reuters:

MINGORA, Pakistan, Jan 19 (Reuters) - Pakistani Taliban insurgents blew up four schools in the northwestern Swat region on Monday hours after a cabinet minister vowed that the government would reopen schools in the violence-plagued valley.

The scenic Swat Valley was until recently one of Pakistan's prime tourist destinations but Islamist militants aiming to impose a harsh form of Islamic law began battling security forces in 2007.

Residents say the militants are now virtually in complete control of the valley, which is 130 km (80 miles) northwest of Islamabad and not on the Afghan border, including its main town of Mingora, where the schools were destroyed early on Monday

Religion of Girls Should be Ignorant, less they become intelligent enough not to marry fine young bachelors like these...

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Niiiiiice: Canada Turns Bill Ayers Away at the Border

Friend of Barack Obama and unapologetic former terrorist Bill Ayers was scheduled to speak at the University of Toronto today in honor of Martin Luther King Day. Given King's commitment to non-violence, this is ironic, no?

But when he showed up at the border yesterday the Canadians wouldn't let him in. Someone buy that Mountie a beer.

Today, we are all Canadians!

Thanks to Unattributable Maven.

UPDATE: Here's a flyer from the now canceled event. He's described as a "social justice activist" known for his "anti-war efforts". You know, like bombing stuff and blowing up shit.

UPDATE II: At the time of the original post, nothing in the MSM. But now AllahP finds a story:

“I got off the plane like everyone else and I was asked to come over to the other side. The border guards reviewed some stuff and said I wasn’t going to be allowed into Canada. To me it seems quite bureaucratic and not at all interesting … If it were me I would have let me in. I couldn’t possibly be a threat to Canada.”…

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:39 AM | Comments |

January 18, 2009

Hamas Claims Victory

I can't explain this.

Senior Hamas leader Ismail Haniya said the Gaza war with Israel amounted to a "great victory" for the Palestinians, in a televised speech on Sunday.

"God has granted us a great victory, not for one faction, or party, or area, but for our entire people," said Haniya, the prime minister appointed by the Islamist movement Hamas in the impoverished territory.

"We have stopped the aggression and the enemy has failed to achieve any of its goals," he added, less than 24 hours after Israeli halted a massive offensive on Gaza that killed more than 1,300 Palestinians.

Perhaps the criteria for winning and losing needs more clarification.

This reminds me of an old Monty Python skit where the Black Knight loses his arms and legs while continuing to act as though he's winning the fight.

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Thin Air, Hard Men and Leather Balls

soccer_ball.jpgSince the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra increases and improves blood flow and the muscle-enhancer (pic) hasn't been prohibited by sports regulators, one creative trainer for a Brazilian soccer team has decided to game-test the drug on his players.

The Brazilian Club Gremio is scheduled to play in the thin air of Bolivia at 8,200 feet during the Copa Libertadores Cup games and trainer Alarico Endres will give each player Viagra beforehand in hopes of improved performance.

"I had this illumination by reading a magazine, which wasn't a medical one: so we decided to elaborate this topic with a scientific test, and now we shall also give an indication to the technical commission," he [Endres] said.
A high-scoring game is predicted, presumably with the Viagra-enhanced players forcefully thrusting into opposing territory many times.

On the negative side, some concern has been expressed regarding how the Viagra-users will conceal the medically-intended effect of the drug during play. Perhaps a quick in-and-out training session on an improvised male sports harness is necessary.

Meanwhile, oddsmakers are unsure how to properly handicap the possible "Oh, Fernando! You look MAHVELOUS!" effect on the more progressive participants. It's believed that it will lead to more scoring but nobody is sure whether a team will get points every time a player yells "GOAL!"

By at 06:29 PM | Comments |

Congressman Jose E. Serrano Wants To Repeal The 22nd Amendment

Didn't Hugo Chavez try this in Venezuela?

Congressman Jose El Serrano [D-NY] is proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.
Hope and change we can believe in.

Viva Obama
Viva la revolucion Americana

By Stable Hand at 02:31 PM | Comments |

Hopey Changey's "Organizing For America"

Citizen soldiers etc. are being organized to keep Obama's message on focus. What this means to all of us remains to be seen.

Obama scrubbed his website regarding the "Citizens Defense Force" and now he has been officially named winner of the election and his inaugural hours away, his "Defense Force" is back; the flagship of Obama 2.0.

President-elect Barack Obama announced the formation of a new group known as "Organizing for America" that aims to continue the grassroots advocacy that the former Illinois Senator began in his presidential campaign.

"As President, I will need the help of all Americans to meet the challenges that lie ahead," Obama said in a video message e-mailed to supporters (and reporters) this morning. "That's why I'm asking people like you who fought for change during the campaign to continue fighting for change in your communities."

The new group will be the flagship of "Obama 2.0" as many people have taken to calling the transformation of the political organization created during the 2008 campaign[...]

It's clear that Obama recognizes the power that his email list, which boasts more than 13 million names, represents in American politics and is working to ensure it stays within the control of a small group who are charged with protecting the Obama brand.

Let us welcome the brown shirts.
Word is William Ayers is thrilled....
h/t ST in comments.

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Princess Leia's Obama Pajama Party

Princess Leia.jpg(Washington) Tomorrow night, Carrie Fisher of Princess Leia fame will host a party to celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States.

Admission is $300 per person for the Obama Pajama Party at the Ronald Reagan Building. Dress is pajamas or black tie.

Just imagine all those hot Democrat women in their pajamas. Let's see, there's Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Maxine Waters and many others who would make a splash if they attend.

Inauguration visitors without invitations to a particular party may be comforted by the fact that the bars will stay open until 4AM Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, prostitutes are reminded to stay off the streets during the inauguration period or face possible jail and fines.

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Islam Promoted as the Way of Life of Jesus

(Broward County, Florida) The Broward County Commission contracted with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for advertising banners to be placed on 50 county buses. The ads are plastered on the exterior of the buses and state:

ISLAM: The Way of Life of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.
The implication that Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ were Muslim is obvious and, understandably, it has angered many non-Muslims.

As a result, about a hundred demonstrators, led by Joe Kaufman of Americans Against Hate, gathered at the Broward County Government Center to protest and demand that the ads be taken down.

The group broke into chants of "Shame, shame, shame," when Kaufman excoriated the county for accepting CAIR's money.

Demonstrators lined Andrews Avenue with signs that read, "Hamas = Murderers" and "Throw CAIR off the bus."

According to a spokeswoman for the transit department, Phyllis Berry, it's a free speech issue, apparently indicating that anything is allowed on the sides of buses.

Broward Mayor Stacey Ritter claimed ignorance, stating that the County Commission doesn't know what is in ads before they are placed on the buses. He pointed the finger at the agency responsible for ad sales, Lamar Advertising. However, Ritter did promise to have the commission look at religious advertising in the future, after the current contract with CAIR ends on January 26.

Defending CAIR, local director Altaf Ali said they were just trying to inform people about Islam as he scoffed at the demonstration as a "big joke." Ali's arrogance is duly noted.

From my perspective, saying that Jesus followed the way of Islam is not only offensive but it doesn't inform, it misinforms. And that's not a joke.

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Lower the Flag to Half Mast

The Anchoress passes along the sad news that Bill Faith of Bill's Bites (formerly called "Small Town Veteran") and who also blogs at Old War Dogs has passed away. He will be missed.

UPDATE 1-19: Michelle Malkin has a moving tribute.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:18 PM | Comments |

Musharraf refuses to see reality

In a speech at Stanford Musharraf claimed poverty and illiteracy cause terrorism but then went on to admit most terrorists are well off and educated. Mercury News

Terrorism is often caused by poverty and illiteracy, he said. But many of the terrorists responsible for major events such as 9/11 were neither poor nor illiterate. Their anger came from hopelessness and powerlessness in the face of unresolved political disputes, he said.

"The anger and frustration among Muslim youths is exploited by groups following misrepresented views of Islam, and they indoctrinate them," he said.

Then Musharraf goes on to blame the US for terrorism. It's always someone else's fault, never their own.

To defend his country, he described Pakistan's long struggle with terrorism, beginning with its U.S.-aided fight against the Soviet Union with Afghanistan in the '80s. After the Soviets were defeated, the region was left "all alone" by the West, he said. The armed, trained fighters from the war coalesced and formed al-Qaida, he said. Then, when the Taliban emerged in the mid-'90s, they pushed 4 million refugees into Pakistan, he said.

"Pakistan's social fabric got torn," he said. "And all this had to be handled by the army, the government and the intelligence organizations of Pakistan. No help from anyone."

And finally, when the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, the Taliban and al-Qaida hid in the hills of Pakistan.

By at 01:09 PM | Comments |

Yemeni Jihaddists Murder Three Gay Men

The militants appointed themselves judge, jury and executioner. The murder of the gay men is the same as the murder of the Jewish rabbi last month. In both instances, the militants justify their murder of minorities as a public service. The fanatical intolerance fostered by the neo-Salafis requires the extermination of "enemies" where enemies are defined as anyone who holds a different world view or refuses to submit to their totalitarianism. The jihaddists have growing control over various territory in Yemen that is distinct from the "ungoverned tribal regions" often noted as a security concern. The Talibanizaton of Yemen is more than a territorial expansion, its also a penetration of government structures and social mores.

Mujahideen are killing young people in Ja'ar on suspicion of sexual "irregularities" December 28, 2008 Saeed Abdullah was a young 22-year-old Hanan shot dead by the Mujahideen in the city of Abyan province Ja'ar. Well-informed sources said the victim is the third young man is killed by Mujahideen militants in the street in front of Central Market, Ja'ar. He was killed last Saturday night on allegations that the young man was gay.

Sources close to the jihadists said that the leaders of the armed group is the Islamic Emirate of Ja'ar... noted that among the mujahideen, they have burned police stations and government institutions and attacked military and security patrols during the last period of smuggling and complicity by local authorities.

Lets wait for the Western outrage, it should be here any minute. Its a hate crime!

By Jane at 12:52 PM | Comments |

Al Qaeda in North Africa Kills One

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is being blamed for the murder of an Algerian customs official. What's worrying about this particular case is that they apparently set up a road block and were checking vehicles as they came through. This smacks of the tactics used by al Qaeda in Iraq at the height of the insurgency when the group actually controlled large swaths of territory.

Keep an eye out for upticks in violence in North Africa and do me a solid by emailing me reports like this.


An Algerian customs officer was killed by armed Islamists west of Algiers, newspapers reported Saturday.

The 35-year-old official had his throat slit after being stopped at a fake barricade put up and manned by about 10 armed Islamists at Miliana near Ain Defla, about 150 kilometres (95 miles) from the capital, El Khabar newspaper said, adding that it took place early Friday.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:38 AM | Comments |

Video Showing German al Qaeda Emerges


A video showing a German member of al Qaeda has been released by the terrorist group's media wing, as Sahab productions. The title of the video in German is "Das Rettungspaket fuer Deutschland", which translates as "The Rescue Package for Germany".

The video, dated October 2008, shows "Hafidh Abu Talha the German", with face concealed. He speaks in German, but the video includes Arabic subtitles.

At first glance the video is similar to those featuring American al Qaeda member Adam Gadahn. However, it also shows "Abu Talha" explaining how to fire an RPG. The way I hear it, Ayman al-Zawahiri once gave America's only indicted traitor an RPG. Gadahn promptly made into a sandwich and washed it down with a glass of goat's milk.

At other points he discusses "autobombe" (car bombs?) and shows a graph showing and an odd mathematical formula showing that al Qaeda is winning in its war against the United States. "New math", I'm guessing.

The voice of Talha sounds oddly feminine. Like that of a young teenager?

Given that the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) is centered in Germany, I can't help but wonder whether this man "Abu Talha" hooked up with al Qaeda through them?

Laura Mansfield has the video and will be offering a translation to subscribers.

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Zimbabwe introduces 100 trillion note

If only we abandoned capitalism and embraced communism we'd all be trillionairess by now like in Zimbabwe.

By at 10:01 AM | Comments |

Civilians Slowly Being Massacred in Conflict

The conflict, however, isn't in Gaza. It's in the Congo. No Jews or Americans involved, so no press coverage.

And you'd think the media would be all over this one given that the "Lord's Resistance Army" is one of the few "Christian" terrorist groups in the world and, unlike Israel, intentionally massacre civilians.

I'd like to call it a subtle form of antisemetism, but its really not so subtle.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:38 AM | Comments |

Silver Lining to Econonmic Downturn

Via AFP:

Arab investors have lost 2.5 trillion dollars from the credit crunch, Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammad al-Sabah, whose country hosts an Arab economic summit next week, said on Friday.

"The Arab world has lost 2.5 trillion dollars in the past four months" as a result of the global financial crisis, Sheikh Mohammad told a press conference following a joint meeting of Arab foreign and finance ministers in Kuwait.

He also said that about 60 percent of development projects "have either been postponed or cancelled" by the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states because of the global meltdown.

That's also 2.5 trillion dollars that won't be going to "Arab charities" like say Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood etc etc etc.

Note to UBL, the US economy is the most dynamic, must able to handle and recover from an economic recession/depression whatever. We have our own food. We can take care of our own.

Personally, so far as I care, you can run the economy off a cliff, use the downturn as a weapon of war against al-Qaeda and our enemies. UBL is already begging for bucks for his Jihad. Soon local concerns, like say eating, become more important than Jihad.

UBL thinks that economics will bring us down. I hate to break it to him, but we aren't the ones who have the most to fear from economic problems. In the same way that the expansion of the economy were aiding the Jihad, the downturn takes from it. We are in a much better position to survive and recover than our enemies.

For those of us here that have problems with a down economy, well not having to fear it is one of the advantages of being an already poor rural bible/gun clinging redneck.

Discussion topic: Taking advantage of economics as a tool of war.

By Howie at 09:38 AM | Comments |

Flagpole Prayers for Obama

Luke 6:28: "Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you."

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:27 AM | Comments |

A]ril Wine - Sign of the gypsy queen

I've been drinking alcohol all day to keep myself warm from the -20 degree weather. Cuz I'm a bit intoxicated I thihnk I can get away with posting some awesome Canadian rock.

By at 03:26 AM | Comments |

January 16, 2009

Terror Tales: Zionist Jihaddis, American Pirates and Other Bedtimes Stories from Yemen

Yemeni super-sleuthing uncovered an international conspiracy in the Gulf of Aden - the US is the source of Somali piracy! The US in a devilish plot created the pirates as a power play against the Islamic Courts, officials announced. The pirates' true identity was probably discovered because they were wearing those American X-ray sunglasses or something.

As reported in Al-Sahwa, "The advisor of Yemen's cabinet Salim Hussein said that the Somali piracy was produced by the U.S. because…it failed to control Somalia and when the Islamic Courts could get rid of warlords which were Unites states' agents in Somalia."

Back on planet earth, Yemen is the primary supplier of illegal weapons to Somalia, fueling ongoing instability (and piracy), the UN monitoring committee on the Somali sanctions reported in December. However, Israel’s total control of the planet is so all encompassing that the UN Monitoring Committee’s report was issued to divert attention from the existence of Israeli spies in Yemen. It’s all so fiendishly complicated! Its a good thing we have Naba News to explain it all to us.

Similarly, the recent report that Yemen smuggled Chinese missiles to Gaza was nothing but an Israeli diversion created to obscure the trial of the Mossad spies in Yemen. Or at least that’s what the Yemeni stooge newspapers are reporting.

Yemen’s president said the Islamic Jihad terror cell emailed Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, offering to spy and blow things up. “We are the Jihad Organization and you are Jews but you are honest and we are ready for anything," the email said according to Yemeni security officials.

Olmert replied (also by email) that the arrangement would be just peachy, "We are ready to support you to be a stumbling block to the Middle East and we will support you as agents." Aha!

There must be a government department in Yemen dedicated to concocting false trial evidence and cloning newspapers and NGOs to confuse the public. It probably clocks a lot of hours thinking up new insults for its critics and new enemies and new plots against Yemen and other ways to distract the public and confuse the international community.

When the spy story first broke in October, there were 40 Israeli spies "from different Arab nationalities spying for Mossad” according to the National and Political Security Units. Now its down to three on trial for espionage and threats against foreign embassies.

Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility the September terror attack on the US embassy in Sana’a that killed 12 people including an American. They threatened other western and Arab embassies. The attending implication in the stooge media is that Israel somehow orchestrated the bombing. Yemen’s scramble to blame Israel raises doubts about the level of collusion by regime officials in the bombing.

The Yemeni regime is quite consistent and Stalinistic in its broad deployment of outrageous propaganda. In 2006, Field Marshall Saleh publically accused the US of perpetrating the terror attack on the USS Cole that killed 17 sailors. The US wanted to invade and establish a naval base in Aden, the president said.

The funny part about the unending spew of small and large lies is they can’t keep track of what they said before. One of my favorite stories involves Abdulkhaled Nabi, leader of the Abyan Aden Islamic Army. The Yemeni regime told the US in 2003 that they killed al-Nabi in a shoot-out. In 2004, Yemeni officials admitted that they let al-Nabi go after he was spotted breathing. In 2005, top Yemeni officials claimed Nabi was completely rehabilitated and living the life of a peaceful farmer. In 2006, local media reported Nabi and his band of fanatics was training a tribal paramilitary for the government to battle Shiite rebels in Sa'ada. In 2007, the newspaper (Al-Sharie) was brought up on charges of revealing state secrets, and the editor faces the death penalty. In 2008, the Yemeni government announced with great fanfare that they had captured the dangerous terrorist al-Nabi after an intensive five year manhunt. The tickers all said, "Yemen captures al-Qaeda terrorist after five year hunt."

Some Yemeni propaganda is designed for the domestic audience and some for the US policy makers. Abu Bakr al-Reibi, convicted in the 2002 maritime bombing of the French tanker Limburg, was sentenced to ten years. But his father said in an interview that Abu Bakr never spent a day in jail. Field Marshal Saleh called Abu Bakr at the beginning of the trial and asked him to go along with the charade and assured him that all would be well. The security officials would come to the house with a set of prison clothes and accompany him to court where everyone pretended (for the benefit of the US) that Abu Bakr had come from jail. Field Marshal Saleh is a compulsive liar. The sad and sorry thing is the US often buys it.

With American pirates in the Gulf of Aden and Mossad spies in Sana’a, who can focus on the abject failure of Field Marshall Saleh to spend any government money on the people? There’s no medical care, few schools, little clean water, no jobs given by merit and no electricity, but plenty of guns and drugs imported, child smuggling, prostitution by starving girls, missile purchases and tribal wars. However poor Ali Abdullah Saleh is a victim of circumstance, doing the very best he can and entirely sincere. Some believe that, really.

Another funny pattern is Saleh’s use of democratic terminology to legitimize his battle against basic civil rights including free speech and free association. “Democracy is the rescue ship of all regimes,” he says, therefore security forces slaughter protesters in the street, kidnap journalists and torture children. There are ten million literally starving children in Yemen. Poverty in Yemen exceeds poverty in Africa. Each one of the ten million is an actual kid, and its pretty damn sad. Stalin would be proud.

( CP at Armies)

By Jane at 10:49 PM | Comments |

Muslims Bomb Hospital, World Ignores

Saw this over at MilitaryPhotos today. Luckily no one was killed, but four of the victims were civilians.

Thai police officers inspect the site of a motorcycle bomb outside a hospital in southern Thailand's Yala province, south of Bangkok on January 15, 2009.

Muslim terrorists, Buddhist victims = no press coverage. No Jews or Americans involved here. Nothing to see folks, move along....

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Video: Hamas in Their Own Voices

Yes, they really are caricatures of themselves.


Video below the fold. I especially love the puppet show of Bush being assassinated. Classic, that one.

Oh, and death to Amereeeka!

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Critic of Kremlim Backed Chechen Government Gunned Down in Austria

Another Kremlin critic murdered in Europe. Umar S. Israilov had filed a lawsuit with the European Court of Human Rights in 2006 claiming that the Kremlin backed thugs in Chechnya systematically kidnap and torture enemies of the state. He was living in exile in Austria at the time of his murder a few days ago.

He was apparently no saint, but all indicators point to a political assassination.

[UPDATE: Within minutes of posting this, I also learned that a Russian general was shot in Dagestan, which borders Chechnya. He was the general in charge of "counterterror" in Dagestan. Kavkaz center hasn't yet reported a claim from the "Islamic Emirate of the Caucuses". The war in Chechnya goes on. On the one side Islamist thugs with direct links to al Qaeda, on the other side secularist thugs sympathetic to a new Russian empire......]

A friend described this to the NY Times a few days ago:

A family friend of Mr. Israilov’s gave this account of his killing:

He was ambushed at lunchtime on Tuesday near his apartment as he left a grocery store where he had stopped to buy yogurt. At least four men in two cars were waiting for him. Mr. Israilov tried to run away but was quickly overtaken and shot.

The family friend, out of fear for his own safety, asked that his name be withheld.

The Austrians picked up some Chechens suspected of being the hit men, but they released them for lack of evidence.

AP today:

A human rights group urged Russian and Austrian authorities to investigate the slaying of a Chechen man who, they say, claimed Chechnya's Kremlin-backed leader personally tortured him.

Umar Israilov, a former bodyguard of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, fled to Austria and was gunned down in Vienna on Tuesday.....

A lawyer in Vienna released a statement purportedly from Israilov's father, saying his son joined the Chechen insurgency in 2001 when fighting between Russian forces and militants was still frequent. He was detained in 2003 and tortured by Kadyrov and others, the statement said....

Israilov fled to Austria in 2003, and Chechen authorities detained and tortured his father for 10 months, Sokiryanskaya said. The statement from his father said both he and Umar fled Chechnya in 2004.

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It Begins: Somali Islamists Execute Opposition Politician for Apostasy

Apostasy in Islam is conceptually more like what we think of as treason. To leave Islam is to leave the ummah, the Islamic nation. Hence, when the al Qaeda linked Somali Islamists accused Abdirahman Ahmed of collaborating with the Ethiopians, they accused him of apostasy -- a kind of treason.

And of course, the penalty for apostasy under all schools of sharia is death.

It's a rhetorical device perfected by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq. Killing shia "apostates" for the crime of working for the government gave their murders an air of religious legitimacy.


Sheikh Hassan Yakub - the spokesman for Kismayo's Islamist administration - told the BBC's Somali Service that Mr Ahmed had admitted during his interrogation that he worked with those backed by Ethiopia.

This, he said, was the basis for the court's opinion that he had changed his religion.

At his "trial" Ahmed wasn't allowed a lawyer. Justice, Islamist style.

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Tom Hanks Unaware that Gay Marriage Isn't Legal in 49 States

Yet Mormons are the only ones who are un-American for their opposition to gay marriage.

Also un-American by this definition? Americans.

H/T: Link thingy.


As opposed to all of those patriots gathering black lists and compiling maps of people ... in opposition to Tinseltown orthodox.

UPDATE II: AllahP asks this important question:

Anything “un-American” about Jerry Brown’s attempt to have a constitutional amendment declared unconstitutional?
I once had this same argument with a liberal professor back as an undergrad. He claimed that a Constitutional amendment banning flag burning would be "unconstitutional".

When I pointed out that something couldn't be unconstitutional if it was, ya know, in the Constitution he scoffed at me.

I think his logic went something like this: So's your face!

When liberals say something is "unconstitutional" they really mean it's not fair. To them, the Constitution is just a symbol and a metaphor for justice. If something feels unjust to them it is, by their definition, "unconstitutional".

Unfortunately this particular college professor's wife was in the class with me. After class she got in my face -- literally -- and asked how I could dare to question her husband's authoreetay! He had a Ph.D. and therefore he must be right. Really.

A couple of years back I applied for a job at my alma mater. This particular professor was leading the search committee. Needless to say, I didn't even get an interview.

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U.S. Traitors Plead Guilty to Terror Charges

Two Ohio residents have pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists. They plotted to kill American soldiers in Iraq. Why isn't this a treason case?

One of the two, Zubair Ahmed, was born in Chicago. The other, his cousin Khaleel Ahmed, was born in India but is a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Robert Spencer reprints this:

The two were part of a plot organized by three men living in Toledo who were convicted last year of recruiting terrorists and raising money to fund their plans to wage a holy war against U.S. troops, prosecutors said.

The two cousins received training in firearms and counter-surveillance so they could join the insurgency, prosecutors said....

Prosecutors also said that the cousins had traveled to Egypt in 2004 with plans to kill U.S. troops, but they were stopped and returned to the U.S.

So, two American citizens plot to join the "resistance" in Iraq and kill American soldiers. Apparently if you're bad at treason it doesn't count.

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Another bin Laden Designated a Terrorist [UPDATED]


Treasury's OFAC department has added another bin Laden to the designated terrorist list:

BIN LADEN, Sa'ad (a.k.a. ABBUD, Bin Muhammad Awad; a.k.a. ABUD, Sa'ad Muhammad Awad; a.k.a. ADBUD, Muhammad 'Awad; a.k.a. AWAD, Muhammad; a.k.a. BAABOOD, Sa'ad Muhammad; a.k.a. BIN LADEN, Sad; a.k.a. "AL-KAHTANE, Abdul Rahman"); DOB 1982; POB Saudi Arabia; nationality Saudi Arabia; Passport 520951 (Sudan); alt. Passport 530951 (Sudan) (individual) [SDGT]
No surprise there. But does any one know what is up with the two Taiwanese nationals and companies added to the list today?

Andrew Cochran says he'll have updates on the bin Laden addition.

UPDATE: Marcus Soprano notes that the Taiwanese were added for providing material support to North Korea.

UPDATE II: Ah, this is making a whole lot more sense. In the update over at CT blog, we learn that most of those on the list today (with the exception of the two aforementioned Taiwanese] are all al Qaeda members living in .... Iran. Roggio, over at LWJ, takes a crack at explaining what's going on here:

Osama bin Laden’s' son and three other senior al Qaeda members living in Iran have been designated as terrorists by the US Department of the Treasury....

Many al Qaeda operative fled to Iran after the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. Iran claims the al Qaeda operatives are in detention, however the government refuses to extradite the terrorists to their home countries for prosecution....The leaders are said to be located in safe house run by Iran's Qods Force in Lavizan and Mashod.

Read the rest.

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The Breast Pump of Terror

Fear the breast pump!

A high profile member of B.C.'s opposition party was denied boarding at Vancouver's airport because her breast pump was deemed a security threat.
Thanks to unattributable maven.

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Reporters Watch as Plane Crash Victim Freezes

I saw the same thing last night and had the same exact thoughts as Michelle. A guy in short sleeves who just got off the sinking airplane is being interviewed by reporters, and not a one of them offers him a coat.

Our moral betters in the media.

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$3.7 Million Bid for Woman's Virginity - Feds Say It's Okay

Natalie Dylan.jpg(San Diego, California) In September 2008, a 22-year-old San Diego woman calling herself Natalie Dylan, a pseudonym for safety reasons, announced that she is auctioning her virginity on the Internet.

Natalie Dylan is offering her maidenhood to a bidder selected from entrants participating online via bunnyranch.com, the website for Nevada's infamous Moonlight Bunny Ranch.

"I'm not just looking for the highest bidder," says Dylan. "I'm looking for someone who is a genuine, overall nice person."
Interest in Dylan's virginity thus far has been brisk. Over 10,000 bidders have put a price on her precious flower with the highest, reported by the Bunny Ranch, at $3.7 million.

Understandably, some groups object to prostitution being advertised over the Internet, fearing that the immoral and indecent practice will reach beyond the borders of the bordello state. However, legal experts contend that prostitution is allowed under Nevada law and there are no federal laws which prohibit advertising legal goods and services for sale. Actual completion of the sale, of course, will have to occur in Nevada. (more)

Another pic in extended entry - probably NSFW.


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January 15, 2009

Strippers Held Hostage near Atlanta

One story says the four suspects were either from India or the Middle East. How were they in the US? On "entertainment visas". Not sure what an entertainment visa is, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't include pimping out Indian strippers.

Wait. Indian strippers? What the ... ?

The perps apparantly worked at the Mehfil Bar and Grill in Norcross, an Atlanta suburb. The website promises "live entertainment from Mumbai", "Desi music", and shows some female dancers. They also have private rooms and do bachelor parties.

I've never been to a real honest-to-goodness bachelor party, but if Tom Hanks has taught me anything they usually include donkeys. And Tawney Kittan.

Anyway, since Laura sent this link in I don't feel half as bad throwing up the pics.

Anyway, she noted the names which aren't nearly as interesting as, um, the pics. They're Muslim names, but I'm not sure that has anything to do with anything.

Maybe we should deport the lot of them, but to Pakistan instead of India. You know, loosen the uptight SOBs up a little bit. The Pakistanis, not the Indians.

On to the story:

Lilburn police on Thursday announced the arrests of Shifiqat Muhammad Ali, 26, of Birmingham; Lilburn residents Vijay Kamal Bannerjee, 26, and Govino K Vishwa, 42; and Farrukh Khan of Hoover, Ala., whose age was not listed...

The captives, all of whom were from India, could not leave the house without a guard. That includes six women who worked as exotic dancers at a Norcross bar. Their captors held their passports, money and return airline tickets.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:08 PM | Comments |

Is Islam Compatible With Freedom?

If the data is to be believed: no.

In fact, check out the just released 2008 Freedom House map of Asia and North Africa. Purple is not free, yellow is partly free, and green is free. Of majority Muslim countries, only a couple are free. And that's arguable.

Indonesia, for instance, is considered "free", but it's illegal in that country to openly try to convert Muslims. As in: you will go to jail. "Free". Right. Ditto that in Pakistan, listed as "partly free".

Mali? I've no idea. Either it's the last best hope for the entire Muslim world, or it's the exception that proves the rule. I'd love to believe former, but am inclined to believe the latter.


Anyway, the tables are here.

A few years back a friend and I had a back and forth about this. In the end we decided to do a simple regression analysis with "freedom" being the dependent variable (as operationalized by Freedom House) and % of a nation that is Muslim (as reported by the CIA Factbook) as the predictive (independent) variable. The result? The higher the % of Muslims in a country, the less free it is. Even when controlling for things like poverty, the results hold up.

And those most likely to be oppressed in these Muslim countries? Muslims.

Which kinda sucks, doesn't it? Because, if true, then the best we can hope for in the Muslim world are allies of necessity. But you would be hard pressed to find true partners in spreading freedom.

The only real caveat here is on potentiality. Perhaps, potentially, there is some strain of Islam that could spread like wildfire. Muslims of this new strain could reject sharia, or adopt a new "sharia" which is sharia in name only or something like that. Maybe Mali could start sending missionaries to Saudi Arabia?

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AWESOME Video: IDF Uses Hamas as Human Shield

A video so awesomely awesome, that one must recalibrate the awesomeness scale after seeing it! Here's the synopsis:

IDF officers get attacked by Hamas. One Hamas bad guy gets popped right off the bat. The other Hamas guy throws a grenade. He must have thrown it like a girl, because it's way off. IDF now aware of second Hamas guy who prepares to throw second grenade.

Instead of running away, the Charles Atlas of the IDF runs toward the Hamas guy, picks him up, and shields himself from the blast with the unlucky 90 pound wimp's body.

The score? Two Hamas terrorists dead, one bad ass mo-fo from the IDF slightly wounded.

Worth watching over and over again and sending to your friends. Thanks to Matt.

UPDATE: Kafir tells me that these might actually be members of Hizbollah being used as a meat shield.

UPDATE II: The juice tells me that this is Hamas, but it's from Dec. 21, 2007.

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Rangel to Propose Reinstituting the Draft? Again.

So what to make of Rangel's promise to reintroduce a bill he proposed calling for the draft? I'm willing to bet Rangel doesn't reintroduce his bill.

When asked specifically by a reporter from The Hill if he was going to do it, what choice did he have but to say yes? But with Bushitler gone and The One ascendent, what would be the point?

The real reason for his calls for a draft was to "expose" the "backdoor draft" of the Bushilter era. In other words, no one, not even Rangel, was ever serious about the draft. It was PR, plain and simple. The idea being that if the rich had to sacrifice their sons for "Bush's war" then the administration would be forced to end it.

To the Left, the draft isn't about supplying the military with the resources it needs to win its wars. It's about political maneuvering to end those wars.

So, I'd put the odds of Rangel actually going ahead with this at 2:1.

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Economy in Tank: Hollywood Liberals Disproportionally Affected

Iowahawk now blogging for Andrew Brietbart? The apocalypse cometh:

As a professional filmmaker, I have to say I was as stunned as you when I read that the film industry suffered through another lackluster box office year in 2008. The chief reasons for this appear to be the economy and Internet pirates, or possibly that Raisinette ebola scare. Whatever the cause it’s safe to say that it had nothing to do with the screen product, because 2008 was also a landmark year for the kind of ponderous, preachy, high-quality cinema that Americans from Santa Monica to Silverlake are clamoring for. Don’t take my word for it — just look at the record 5,362 awards Hollywood earned from itself last year, up nearly 35% from 2003. Suck on that, stupid box office!
What follows is a list of Hollywood "hits" imagined by Iowahawk. Go read it. You'll be glad you did. My favorite?
Fearful Silence: Courageous ‘What’s My Line?’ contestant (Leonardo DiCaprio) refuses to answer panelist questions in this game show drama set against the McCarthy-blacklist era. With Ralph Fiennes as Bennett Cerf and Keith Olbermann as Kitty Carlisle.

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Muslim Country Invades, Occupies Other Muslim Country: World Ignores

No Jews or Americans involved, so don't expect "spontaneous" protests and street riots in Europe's capitol cities. Nor should we expect to see St. Cindy Sheehan leading GLBT vegetarians for peace in a San Francisco vigil.

For those out of the loop, Eritrea is a state sponsor of terror and was listed by Reporters Without Borders as having the least free press of any country on earth. Yes, worse than North Korea. They also are suspected of sponsoring the al Qaeda linked Islamic Courts Union and al Shebaab Youth Mujahideen Movement in Somalia.

If all this wasn't enough, Djibouti is firmly in the U.S. ally camp. We have a significant number of regular forces from CENTCOM's Combined Task Force Horn of Africa based at Camp Lemonier in the small Horn of Africa country.

So, you know which side we're rooting for. Which is exactly why you won't see any outrage over the continued occupation by Eritrean forces of land that belongs to Djibouti.


The U.N. Security Council on Wednesday unanimously demanded that Eritrea quickly pull its troops back from the Djibouti border and acknowledge the dispute with its Horn of Africa neighbor in an important area overlooking critical Red Sea shipping lanes.

In June, the Security Council condemned Eritrea for launching an attack against the tiny port nation of Djibouti, a key U.S. ally in the war on terrorism, which the U.S. said left 44 Djiboutian soldiers dead and many more missing. The council had called for a cease-fire and urged the two countries to withdraw their forces from the border. Djibouti did, but Eritrea did not.

The council's resolution Wednesday expressed "deep concern" that Eritrea has not withdrawn its forces and has refused to engage in dialogue with Djibouti or accept the offers of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the African Union and others to help resolve the dispute. The council demanded that Eritrea "comply immediately" with its order to pull back its troops and start talking to resolve the conflict. It gave Eritrea five weeks to take action.

Juice out of Djibouti!

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Swedish Government Fires Blogger for Supporting Israel

Near complete dhimmification in Sweden:

The Swedish Government hold that same positions: Israel have a right to exist. Hamas is a terror organisation.

My employer did not, however, find it appropriate for me to hold these opinions and to express them publicly. I have, because of my opinions, been forced to leave my employment.

This employment was with the Swedish Migration Board, a governmental agency which as one of its major tasks has to protect foreigners from persecusion by granting them asylum in Sweden, for instance because they have expressed their political opinions publicly.

Ironic and sad. Thanks to Brian.

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Osama bin Laden Needs a Bailout

Howie notes in an e-mail that in his latest message Osama bin Laden begs for money. Laura Mansfield translates it this way:

I have the expertise of Jihad all thanks to God and I know the financial expenses so one businessman's donation is sufficient to help in any of these fronts.
So, while the vast majority of the message is a rant about how the U.S. economy is in dire straights -- caused, in his view, by our wars against Islamists like bin Laden -- its ironic that he ends his message with leave the fighting to us, just send in your cash.

Sounds to me that bin Laden is looking for a bailout himself.

Let me also demystify something bin Laden mentions and which is part of the popular narrative in Muslims circles: that it was the mujahideen that defeated the Soviets in Afghanistan. Again, Laura's translation:

I want to remind you of two pieces of evidence that prove that you can defeat our enemy with very limited resources. The first is the major defeat of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and its subsequent fall with the permission of Allah and with the help of the masses without any help from your governments' armies. Since then, the flag of the Soviet Union was snatched from the world, and has been trashed in the basket of forgetfulness, thanks be to God.
Ameen to the part about thanking God for the end to the Soviet Union. However, let's be very clear about history as it happened and not as many Muslims imagined that it happened.

The Soviets were winning in Afghanistan in the early 1980s. Or, at least, they showed no inclination to leave because the mujhadeen weren't really doing much damage. It was not until the U.S. began supplying the the resistance with more sophisticated weapons (like the Stinger) and intelligence (often overlooked was our on the ground logistical support) that the tide turned.

So, let's be clear: it was the United States that defeated the Soviets in Afghanistan. Thanks for being a proxy army for us, but that's all you were. A proxy army. Without us, you would have failed. Miserably.

As you failed in Afghanistan when we fought you head on. It took us how long for us to take the entire country?

As you failed in Iraq. Where is the so-called Islamic State of Iraq, now?

As you failed in Somalia. When the Ethiopians -- the Ethiopians!! --- successfully topple one of your governments in a few weeks, you might be a bunch of losers.

I'll grant bin Laden and al Qaeda that controlling the territory failed states such as Afghanistan, Somalia, and Iraq is not an easy task.

But its a two way street: when al Qaeda or its Salafi Islamist allies tried to govern them they failed miserably, with a far higher price in the blood of their fighters, and were toppled with nearly no effort on our part.

Losers, indeed.

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Red Cross Team Kidnapped in Philippines

(Jolo Island, Philippines) Sen. Richard Gordon of the Philippine National Red Cross reported that three Red Cross workers have been kidnapped by the al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf terrorist group.

The three are identified as Andreas Notter, a 38-year-old Swiss national; Eugenio Vagni, a 62-year-old Italian and Mary Jean Lacaba, a 37-year-old citizen of the Philippines.

Reportedly, while traveling in a Red Cross vehicle they were stopped by armed men on motorbikes and taken away. Three Filipinos riding with the Red Cross workers were robbed and released.

Brigadier General Eugene Clemen, commander of the 3rd Marine Brigade, said they believed an Abu Sayyaf group under Albader Parad is responsible for the kidnappings.

Sulu Governor Abdusakur Tan said all available military and police forces have been mobilized to go after the scum vermin and their victims.

By at 10:57 AM | Comments |

Thanks From Project Valour IT

The blogosphere helping our wounded soldiers.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:53 AM | Comments |

January 14, 2009

Interview With The Wives Of Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos

Tonight at 10 p.m. EST, 9 p.m. CST, on the Annie & Burl Live Blogtalkradio show.

An archive of the show will be available at the link above.

By Vinnie at 09:38 PM | Comments |

Eric Holder's Call for a National Gun Registry

holderclintonreno.jpgUnfortunately, and for reasons known only to them, the National Rifle Association has decided not to fight against Obama's nomination of Eric Holder for Attorney General. I really wish they would. If you're a gun owner and you're not sure what to think of Mr. Holder, I direct you to the following statements set forth in an op-ed by Eric Holder:

"We can no longer allow the purchase of firearms through the Internet or a newspaper ad, at a gun show or a flea market, or in any other type of sale from an unlicensed seller, without any background check or other record of purchase."

"Congress should also pass legislation that would give the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms a record of every firearm sale."

This is the guy who will be handling background checks and regulating gun sales. This is the guy who will be policing compliance with the tens of thousands of regulations covering firearms. This is the guy who will be entrusted with proper handling of information transmitted for federal background checks, as required by the law.

Can Eric Holder be trusted to faithfully execute the law as written, or will he inject his own biased view into the performance of his job?

I fully inderstand that Barack Obama is not going to nominate Wayne LaPierre or Fred Thompson to be his Attorney General, but is it really too much to ask that we not have yet another anti-gun zealot?

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 05:47 PM | Comments |

Ricardo Montalban Dies


Shown here with some hot Super Chicks playing the superman Khan Noonien Singh. Leading man and vile villain, actor Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán Merino has passed away.

As Hetz Shahor just commented in email, Corinthian Leather will never be the same.

By Howie at 04:59 PM | Comments |

International Terrorist Registry

A tongue-in-cheek idea? Maybe, but it might actually be worth doing.

H/T: Michelle.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:01 PM | Comments |

FLASHBACK: Liberal Hack Was OUTRAGED at Cost of Bush Inauguration, Not So Much About Obama's

Media Splatters blowhard Eric Boehlert, who never misses a chance to blame Bush, the Republicans, conservatives and the "right-wing mainstream media" for each and every problem in the world, is OUTRAGED at the cost of the inaugural celebration and that reporters didn't ask "harder questions" about it:

This week's inauguration story came ready with two interesting news angles: the huge cost (in contrast with the dire situation in Iraq) and the unprecedented security. And in both cases, the political press corps, as has been its habit under the Obama administration, showed little interest in prying. In the days and weeks leading up to the event, the press has largely treated inauguration criticism as partisan and silly, making sure to give Obama backers lots of time and room to defend the unmatched pomp and circumstance.
Oh, wait. I accidentally substituted OBAMA for BUSH. Boehlert wrote that in 2005 upon witnessing Bush's second inauguration.

A complimentary column matching the levels of OUTRAGE at the inaugural costs for Obama's upcoming celebration - which are dwarfing any before them in US history and climbing into the $100 millions - could not be located at Media Matters, Slate or anywhere else.

Where's the outrage, Eric? You have the chance to criticize a truly ostentatious, waste-filled, service-crippling, inconvenient inauguration with unprecedented security and at unprecedented costs - in the midst of the worst economy in 100 million millenia and "dire situations" all around the world - and I just can't seem to find your column condemning this show of ostentaciousness or the press's lack of interest in asking "hard questions" about it.

Funny, that. Let us know when you get around to it, mkay?

By Good Lt. at 01:09 PM | Comments |

sabbah.biz: source of Palestinian campaign targeting Israeli officials' communications

A list of Israeli officials, their email addresses, phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, and fax machine numbers has been developed and put into broad circulation for the expressed purpose of "bombarding" those targeted with unsolicited messages, thus rendering their phones, email addresses and fax lines unusable. This is an act of information warfare. The source of the list is the Sabbah Blog:


Sabbah.biz is operated by and registered to:

Haitham Sabbah
Zain Bahrain
P.O. Box 266
Bahrain (BH)

Mr. Sabbbah says "If you know or come across any mobile number* of any Israeli war criminal, please send it to (haitham.sabbah@gmail.com) so that I can update the list here."

Alas, there is no fax number available for Haitham.

Sabbah.biz is hosted on a server in Dallas, Texas, along with 9 other domains, all associated with Mr. Sabbah - some are active sites, some are not.[1]

Network access to for the site is provided by 1-800-HOSTING, Inc. The use of their services to organize an attack on the communications capabilities of a sovereign nation (Israel) is likely a violation of one or more of their abuse policies. Guidelines for contacting their abuse department will be found here.


[1] 3rees.com,gatherus.com,palestineactivism.com, palestineblogs.net, palestineblogs.org, palestinediary.com, palestinethinktank.com, palestinevine.com. yallapalestine.com

By Hetz Shahor at 12:55 PM | Comments |

1,000 Words: Israel Starving Gaza!


No. Food. In. Gaza.

Thanks to No One You Know.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:34 PM | Comments |

"Innocent": I do not think that word means what you think it means

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on Gitmo detainees that many in the world seem to think are "innocent" and who were "just in the wrong place at the wrong time":

When America invaded Afghanistan, they just arrive in Afghanistan cause the[y] hear there enemy. They don’t know what it means al-Qaeda or Osama bin Laden or Taliban. They don’t care about these things. They heard they were enemy in Afghanistan. They just arrived. As they heard first time Russian invade Afghanistan. … [T]hey don’t know what is going on. They just hear they are fighting and they help Muslim in Afghanistan.
So, they weren't necessarily members of the Taliban or al Qaeda but they were in Afghanistan to fight America. This makes them "innocent bystanders" because .......... ??

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:12 PM | Comments |

Senior Saudi Cleric Okays Pedophilia

Muhammad molested a nine year old, so why shouldn't Saudi men be able to have their way with 10 year olds?

A pan-Arab newspaper quotes Saudi Arabia's most senior Muslim cleric as saying it is OK for 10-year-old girls to marry.
Just to be clear, what Sheik Abdul-Aziz bin Baz is saying is that its okay to have sex with your ten year old wife. Often Westerners and others are under the misimpression that Muslim child marriage is akin to arranged marriages in other countries -- like India -- where child marriage is often nothing more than a formal arranged betrothal.

Muhammad, the great exemplar, married Aisha when she was six. But he didn't begin molesting her until she was nine.

The good news in the story is that some Saudi Arabians are trying to ban the practice. The bad news is that it remains illegal to criticize Muhammad.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:39 AM | Comments |

Family Sentenced to Life in Prison

(Diyarbakir, Turkey) Sixteen-year-old Naile Erdas became pregnant because of a rape and her family colluded to murder her to preserve the family honor. As a consequence, five members of the same family have been sentenced to life in prison.

In its verdict Friday, a court in the eastern city of Van sentenced the murder victim's brother to life in jail for the 2006 murder said to have been committed to cleanse the family honor, the Van Women's Association said.

The girl's father, mother and two uncles were also given life sentences for instigating the murder, while a third uncle was jailed for 16 years and eight months for failing to report the murder in one of the heaviest sentences handed down in Turkey for such a killing.

"We can say this verdict is a first in terms of the harshness of the sentences and the fact that the entire family was convicted," Mazlum Ba?l?, a researcher into honor killings at Dicle University in Diyarbak?r....

Sadly, one week after giving birth, the prosecutor sent Naile Erdas home after the father promised she wouldn't be harmed but, within mere hours, her brother fatally shot her.

In summary, the daughter is dead and the family is in prison for life. Some honor, eh?

By at 10:41 AM | Comments |

Defining Torture Down

The new definition of "torture:"

"For 160 days his only contact was with the interrogators," said Crawford, who personally reviewed Qahtani's interrogation records and other military documents. "Forty-eight of 54 consecutive days of 18-to-20-hour interrogations. Standing naked in front of a female agent. Subject to strip searches. And insults to his mother and sister."

At one point he was threatened with a military working dog named Zeus, according to a military report. Qahtani "was forced to wear a woman's bra and had a thong placed on his head during the course of his interrogation" and "was told that his mother and sister were whores." With a leash tied to his chains, he was led around the room "and forced to perform a series of dog tricks," the report shows.

That's it? Where's the torture?

I got news for ya. My fraternity did worse than this every night of Hell Week. This is not torture. Torture is plucking out fingernails or hooking up testicles to car batteries. Torture is breaking bones on a rack or shoving a screwdriver through somebody's hand. Torture is having your throat-slit and being beheaded while your murderers euphorically chant to Allah and send the videotape to CNN. Torture is what is done to people that are captured by the associates and friends of Qahtani.

This sounds more like hazing, and wimpy hazing at that. This guy was the 20th hijacker? Anything he got was too good for him.

By Good Lt. at 09:34 AM | Comments |

A Jawa Sing-Along

Lyrics below the fold. Fatwa?

Hat Tip: Herroyalwhyness.

The Black Cloud Of Islam - Roy Harper


Well I'm sick to the teeth of the news on the screen
of the Hezbollah scum and Jihad the obscene
whose men plant the bombs and then live feeling free
to watch women and children be killed on TV.

Which Satan delivers a child a death curse
in the name of a worn out collection of verse?
I've not read the book so I cannot recite
but I'd b More..et Salman Rushdie is just about right
underneath the black cloud of Islam

What kind of publicity needs so much blood
that's not for some sad diabolical god
selling himself as a two-bit Macbeth
as the expert in sentencing cousins to death

And what kind of god can this be anyway
that you have to prostrate to it five times a day
with hate in your heart and a gun in your hand
is force the only thing to understand
underneath the black cloud of Islam?

And the butchers who've got all this blood on their hands
are the ones who need god to be stood where he stands
blessing this kidnapping, murder and war
with books written hundreds of ages before

And women in veils walking paces behind
doesn't sit easy in my kind of mind
it speaks of oppression and no other choice
than rigid compliance with the loudest voice
underneath the black cloud of Islam

And you can put a lead bullet clean through this guitar
'cos I'm not overjoyed with the story so far
sharing a world with the nutters of god
is as good as being six feet under the sod

And words that are written are all here to stay
and these are the latest there are anyway
and I am the prophet so don't believe me
I'm the same as the old ones expect that I'm free
to give you a piece of my mind which is this
you're the worst of Jehova's blind witlessnesses
with your feet in the door of the deepest abyss
which is underneath, which is underneath,
which is underneath the Black Cloud Of Islam

By Howie at 09:21 AM | Comments |

New bin-Laden Tape On Gaza & Obama


Via CBS News:

Al Qaeda boss Osama bin Laden says the decline of America's dominance on the world stage was one of the main factors which prompted Israel to launch its offensive in Gaza....

...Bin Laden says Bush has left President-elect Barack Obama with "two bitter choices," and wonders aloud whether the next American leader will be able to keep up the fight against al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

"Can America keep up the war with us for more decades to come? All reports and analysis indicate that this is not possible. In fact, 75 percent of American people are happy with the departure of the president who got them into wars they could not possibly win."

Bin Laden goes on to say President Bush "drowned" the American people in economic woes and "left his successor a difficult legacy, and left him one of two bitter choices… The worst heritage is when a man inherits a long guerrilla warfare with a persevering, patient enemy - a war that is funded by usury. If he (Obama) withdraws from the war, that would be a military defeat, and if he goes on with it, he'll drown in economic crisis."

What UBL declaring al-Qaeda the winner, calling the Obama;s choices defeat and/or drowning? I have to say this.....TOLD. YOU. SO!

Anyway, we have the tape. Its is bin-Laden's voice over a still image. All in Arabic with no subtitles. So really there's no point in uploading it.

Anyway if you need/want a copy, email Howie. When a full translation becomes available, we'll run it here.

Update: Obama has vowed to find and kill UBL and the al-Qaeda leadership that attacked us on 9/11/2001. That's one goal he's set that I can support. Well, Go get him kid.

Update 01/15/09 09:am CST: Full transcript courtesy of Laura Mansfield below the fold. Surprise, no reference to Zionist Crusaders, he got all original on us and says instead, "Crusader-Zionist alliance".

What Crusader-Zionist alliance? Where.? LOL. ;)

Update III: 01/15/09 11:22 cst. Obama totally wusses out already!

Barack Obama suggested last night that removing Osama bin Laden from the battlefield was no longer essential and that America's security goals could be achieved merely by keeping al-Qaeda "on the run"....

...As recently as October 7, in a presidential debate, Mr Obama said: "We will kill bin Laden. We will crush al-Qaeda. That has to be our biggest national security priority."...

..."I think that we have to so weaken [bin Laden's] infrastructure that, whether he is technically alive or not, he is so pinned down that he cannot function," he said. "And I'm confident that we can keep them on the run and ensure that they cannot train terrorists to attack our homeland."

So wonderboy, you are developing doubts about your ability to kill bin-Laden? You criticized President Bush for not catching bin-Laden during your campaign. Now don't wuss out on us Obamamessiah, deliver bin-Laden's head on a pike or I will forever remember you as a lying politician who pussed out on his own promises. While that was entirely predictable, you're still a wuss.

Maybe you should assign that to your wife Michelle? She at least looks like maybe she has the determination to get it done?

Call to Jihad to stop the aggression against Gaza

A message from Sheikh Osama Bin Laden, may God protect him, to the Nation of Islam.

My dear Muslim nation, I am not the one who will stand in front of you these difficult days to announce words of denunciation or condemnation to what is going on to our people in Gaza as a curtain I hide behind but I stand in front of you today so I can say a righteous word that will help us with God's permission to restore the rights that were robbed from us.

These deceptions continue even though the faces and the names have changed. In every capital today, there is a new Bremer, either openly or behind closed doors, and with him there is an Alawi who is following his orders, and another Sistani or Tantawi backed up by scholars and intellectuals who promote their agendas. All of these elements are enemies to our nation and I warn you about them because they are well known. What makes them different from the others is that the ruler allows them access to media outlets so they can speak to the masses and regularly deceive them while the true scholars are not allowed to conduct a Friday sermon in a small forgotten village. There is only one powerful means to restore Palestine and that is Jihad in the path of God, as we have said before.

My Muslim nation, you are capable of defeating the Zionist entity with your masses and your enormous resources that do not depend on the support of your rulers, and in spite of the fact that the majority of them are in collaboration with the Zionist Crusader alliance. I want to assure you, my nation, that this will be easy for you to do is we work on this seriously.

I want to remind you of two pieces of evidence that prove that you can defeat our enemy with very limited resources. The first is the major defeat of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and its subsequent fall with the permission of Allah and with the help of the masses without any help from your governments' armies. Since then, the flag of the Soviet Union was snatched from the world, and has been trashed in the basket of forgetfulness, thanks be to God.

The second evidence is that after the fall of the Soviet Union, the American regime took advantage of the moment and tried to force its dominance and policies all over the world. The leaders of our region surrendered to them more and more despite its tyranny and its full support of the Zionist entity. Right then, a few of your own sons decided to wage Jihad against this sole power and confront the Hitler of the century, the rhinoceros of his time but we broke its horn even though he claims that he will bring the leaders of Jihad dead or alive so he can restore the pride of America and make them an example to follow but we have drawn his limit, killed his soldiers and targeted his people with God's permission

America is faltering under the strikes of the Mujaheideen. They are bleeding manpower, politically and also financially. They are now drowning in the financial crisis so much that they are even begging from smaller nations in addition to bigger nations and therefore America is no longer feared by its enemies and not respected by its allies.

The biggest loser when it comes to this American decline is the Zionist entity because they will lose the vital veins that support its life.

This quick and tremendous decline of the American might is one of the main reasons that the Israelis rushed their barbaric aggression on Gaza in a desperate attempt to take advantage of the last days of the Bush's term and the Neo-conservatives, this phase where they received more support than ever to attack Muslims everywhere and press on the American dominance in the region.

The forces of the White House are being smashed on the rock of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and are drowning in the swamps of Iraq. That is why the Israelis are rushing to annihilate their opponents in Gaza and replace them with Abbas and his so called authority so that he can protect their backs. That is why they carried out this horrible massacre before the end of Bush's term and before the American weakness becomes more apparent and the veto regime falls

Here is Biden, the vice president elect saying that the crisis is bigger that they expected and that the American economy, all of it, is open to collapse

Even Alan Greenspan said that the Great Depression will look like a nice picnic when comparing it to the current situation.

The world will never go back to the way it was before and the United States will lose its stature as a super power when it comes to the financial system

My Muslim nation, the Jihad of your sons against the Crusader-Zionist alliance is one of the main factors after the blessing of God, of the destructive results to our enemy and that is now showing after the seven years war. I would like to assure you, my dear nation that God had bestowed us with endurance that will allow us to keep on the course of Jihad for seven more years and another seven and another seven. Know that patience is the best weapon and faith is the best ammunition and the flag of Jihad will never fall down until Judgment Day

The question here is, will American be able to continue its war against us for more coming decades. The reports and the signs show us otherwise. There are reports that 75% of the American people are happy that the current president is leaving office because he dragged them in wars that they had nothing to do with and drowned them in a financial abyss that reached their ears. He has left his successor with a heavy inheritance. He has left him between two issues, the sweetest of them is still bitter. It is like someone swallowing a dagger with double edges. No matter how he moves, it will cut him.

The worst inheritance is when someone inherits a long guerilla war with a tough and patient enemy that is financed by divine loans so if he withdraws from the war, it would be a military defeat and if he continues the war, he will drown in the financial crisis. It is even worse when he inherited him two wars and not just one and he is incompetent in continuing them.

We are on the course of opening more fronts, with God's permission, so what would be better my dear nation than putting your hand in the hands of your sons the Mujahideen so we can continue Jihad against the enemies of the faith so we can continue bleeding them out in these two wars, these two open fronts in front of you against the crusader Zionist alliance and their agents in the region in Palestine Iraq, Afghanistan, and Waziristan and Islamic North Africa and in Somalia. Your duty is to support them in all means. I have the expertise of Jihad all thanks to God and I know the financial expenses so one businessman's donation is sufficient to help in any of these fronts.

By Howie at 08:18 AM | Comments |

January 13, 2009

A Kafir Free Internet

Muslim Google*. It's like Gaza, only on the internet. What could possibly go wrong?

Hat tip: Robert Spencer.

(*Before you ask, that would be Turkish)

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:14 PM | Comments |

Pentagon: 61 Released Gitmo Detainees Returned to Jihad

I don't mind closing Gitmo. House the SOBs somewhere else. Better yet, hang them for violating the Geneva Conventions. I really don't care.

But please -- I'm on my knees begging you -- don't suffer any illusions about who these guys are:

The Pentagon said on Tuesday that 61 former detainees from its military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, appear to have returned to terrorism since their release from custody.
Gateway Pundit has more as I seem to be unable to write any further due to a debilitating head injury suffered from repeated forehead banging against my office wall.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:26 PM | Comments |

The War Victims the Media Forgot

10 forgotten conflicts: Colombia, Sri Lanka, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, DR Congo, Zimbabwe, Sudan (Darfur), Somalia, East Timor, and Chechnya.

And that's just noting 10, a nice round number. That's not counting the Philippines, Indonesia, India (Kashmir), Morocco, Turkey, and Thailand. The list really goes on, but I came up with those in 15 seconds.

Civilians die every day in armed conflilcts around the world, yet the U.N. yawns, the media ignores, and protesters don't seem to have it in them to scream "fascist".

Why is it that its only when Americans or Jews are involved that the world becomes outraged?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:20 PM | Comments |

ACLU Defense Department "Fear Mongering" Over Dangerous Gitmo Detainees

Via IHT:

The Pentagon said on Tuesday that 61 former detainees from its military prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, appear to have returned to terrorism since their release from custody.

Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said 18 former detainees are confirmed as "returning to the fight" and 43 are suspected of having done in a report issued late in December by the Defence Intelligence Agency.

But the ACLU and Human Rights Watch argue that the pentagon did not release enough "evidence" or that that the detainees are considered active in the fight for "speaking out".
"Until enough information is provided to allow the press and the public to verify these claims, they need to be viewed with a healthy degree of scepticism," said Jennifer Daskal, a Washington-based lawyer for Human Rights Watch.

Rights advocates contend that many Guantanamo detainees have never taken up arms against the United States and say the Defence Department in the past has described former detainees as rejoining "the fight" because they spoke out against the U.S. government.

"The Defence Department sees that the Guantanamo detention operation has failed and they are trying to launch another fear mongering campaign to justify the indefinite detention of detainees there," said Jamil Dakwar, human rights director at the American Civil Liberties Union.

Consider the case of Abdullah Salih al Ajmi, he was just making al-Qaeda propaganda in Iraq after his release from Gitmo. In fact, he was the star player in an al-Qaeda in Iraq video . In the video he blows up himself, the truck he was driving and 13 Iraqi soldiers. Another 42 Iraqi soldiers and civilians were injured as he made his "propaganda".

Bill Roggio has the background and the video here.

I guess he was just "speaking out"? Maybe the ALCU has become so busy protecting the rights of foreign terrorists that they just forgot about the Iraqis right to, you know, breathe?

By Howie at 04:09 PM | Comments |

Weaponized Mosque

What? You mean mosques don't come with AA cannons as standard equipment?

By Howie at 02:22 PM | Comments |

Yemeni Government Slaughters Protesters in Aden

Five seriously injured from gunfire, dozens ill from tear gas and over 50 arrested.

IHT: Riot police in Yemen wounded five demonstrators in the southern city of Aden when they opened fire to disperse a crowd of thousands of army veterans demanding their old jobs back, said Yemeni hospital officials....After Yemen's 1994 civil war, many soldiers from the southern part of the country fled to neighboring Saudi Arabia, returning only when the government issued an amnesty and promised to readmit them to the army — a promise southern Yemenese say has not been kept.

That's not actually what's going on. Since the civil war, southerners allege they have been treated like a vanquished enemy. Protests in the south broke out a year ago calling for an end to the discrimination and theft of property. The Yemeni regime, dominated by President Saleh's family and northern tribal allies, responded with violence and arrests, further inflaming tensions. Public opinion developed a strong separatist sentiment in light of the fact that the government is unable and unwilling to reform. Yemen is in the bottom five for poverty globally, largely a result of massive corruption, and child hunger is at a critical level. The following video shows people being shot in the street earlier today and is graphic. This happens at nearly every protest.

By Jane at 12:18 PM | Comments |

New York Times Kills Four in Iran

Do you think it's coincidence that the NY Times revealed last week that the U.S. had authorized covert operations in Iran and then today Iran arrested four men said to be involved in a "coup" attempt? You'd have to be a fool to think so. "Leaks" have consequences. In this case, those consequences will no doubt be the death of four individuals in Iran.

It's highly doubtful in my mind that the four are guilty as charged. It's far more likely that the Times leak sent the Mullahs scampering to find someone -- anyone -- to accuse. And no doubt there is a long list of suspected enemies of the Islamic Republic who could be arrested on any flimsy pretext.

Thank you New York Times! How many more will die because of your lack of self-restraint?


Iran has arrested four Iranians accused of involvement in a U.S.-financed plot aimed at toppling its Islamic system of government, the judiciary said on Tuesday....

"The news whose details which will be announced either tomorrow or the day after is in connection to a soft network whose intent was to topple (the Islamic system), with U.S. government funding," Jamshidi told a news conference.

"One of the goals these individuals were pursuing in Iran was to set up a network to topple the Islamic establishment, all of whose operators have been arrested," he said....

amshidi said the group, whom he did not identify, had tried to recruit other people in Iran and train them both in and outside the country in techniques for undermining the system. He did not provide details.

The official IRNA news agency also quoted him as saying the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had been involved in establishing and guiding the network.

"Unfortunately we have witnessed in the past years crimes guided or led by this (U.S.) government," Jamshidi said.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:07 AM | Comments |

An American Jihadi in Somalia and His Washington Friends in al Qaeda

We reported last month that Washington state jihadi Ruben Shumpert (a.k.a. Amir Abdul Muhaimeen) was recently killed in Somalia fighting for the al Qaeda linked al Shebaab. You'll recall that Shumpert actually called the FBI from Somalia mocking their efforts to capture him. All's well that ends well, eh?

The group has now released a "biography" of Shumpert which recounts his childhood in a rough neighborhood, how he converted to Islam in jail, and how he eventually went to Somalia for the jihad. You can read the entire bio here.

But perhaps the most important piece of the story is an admission that Shumpert turned to the Salafi strand of Islam after he met with some Muslims in Washington who had recently returned from fighting the jihad in Chechnya:

Allah guided him to the path of righteousness, when he met some brothers who had returned from Chechnya. He became acquainted with them, and they provided him with some educational and jihadi video recordings. Our knight was very fond of Shaykh Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, may Allah have mercy on him, and he hoped to join [Zarqawi] in Mesopotamia.
In the bio we learn that these friends were not the Somalians who later convinced Shumpert to heed the call of Zawahiri and join the jihad in Somalia.

So, who are Ruben Shumpert's friends who had been to Chechnya and are they still on the loose in Washington?

Related: FBI Raids Somalian Travel Agency, Guns Drawn
Seattle Jihad Barber Killed in Somalia fighting for al Qaeda

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:58 AM | Comments |

JPost: Hamas Raids Hunmanitarian Aid Trucks from Israel, Sells Contents

Poor little guys. All Hamas wants are supplies and blood money. Why can't Israel just die already?

Does this surprise anyone except for Nour?

Hamas on Monday raided some 100 aid trucks that Israel had allowed into Gaza, stole their contents and sold them to the highest bidders.

The IDF said that since terminal activity is coordinated with UNRWA and the Red Cross, Israel could do nothing to prevent such raids, Israel Radio reported.

Boy, it's a good thing the UN and Red Cross are there - otherwise humanitarian aid might get to the Palestinian civilians for free. Thank God for international diplomatic organizations! They're the only hope for peace!

By Good Lt. at 07:56 AM | Comments |

Sirius Star Pirates Drowned Avoiding Other Pirates

Oh this story just keeps getting better. Apparently other pirates on shore were waiting for those coming ashore and wanted a "tip"?

Via CNN: NAIROBI, Kenya (CNN) -- One of the pirates who held a Saudi oil supertanker off Somalia before releasing it for ransom has told CNN how five in his group drowned when the boat in which they left the ship capsized as they tried to evade rival pirates seeking a cut of the money.

..."Other pirates on the shore wanted a tip from the pirates on the Sirius Star, so they started to fire in the air as our people approached the land," Libaan Jaama told CNN. "When our pirates heard the shots, they thought they would be robbed, so they tried to return to the tanker. In that quick turn the boat capsized."

Are tips some kind of Pirate rule that I'm not aware of? I tried to ask Jawa's Special Pirate Correspondent, The Dread Pundit Bluto, but he refused comment. Saying instead something about, "Har! No time for ye scallywags, I be countin all me treasure. Aye?"

By Howie at 07:35 AM | Comments |

January 12, 2009

Good News: Top Jew Hating Sunni Cleric Has Buddies in .... OHIO


Above: Sunni Islam's top scholar Yusuf al-Qaradawi (left), who this week called for the killing of all Jews in Israel, with Ohio imam Salah Sultan (right).

Central Ohians Against Terrorism has more exclusive photos and much more information.

Hooray for giving religious worker visas to Muslims from countries that outlaw non-Muslim proselytizing!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:04 PM | Comments |

Yemeni Civil Society Demands Protection of Yemeni Jews

As you may recall, a Yemeni Jewish rabbi, father of nine, was slaughtered last month in Yemen in cold blood after demands to convert to Islam. Yemeni human rights organizations are demanding protection of the Jewish community's rights. Of course, this stance comes at considerable risk due to agitation by extremists within and out of the government.

The killer's family is harassing and threatening the victim's family in court, and Jewish residents have been abused and physically injured since the rabbi's murder. Plans are afoot to relocate the Jewish community to a secure complex in the capital, but when Jewish families were relocated from Sa'ada to Sana'a, they received no monetary compensation for their property left behind. Also the HR orgs make the valid point the Jews should be able to live anywhere in Yemen that they choose.

The harassment and targeting of Jews in Yemen is new and a result of the continuing Talabanization of Yemen fostered in part by that lunatic President, Ali Abdullah Saleh, who promotes and legitimizes the jihaddist ideology.

Sahwa Net: The National Committee for Defending Rights and Freedoms (HOOD) has demanded the Justice Minister to render the killer of a Yemeni Jew, Masha Yaish, from Amran province into the Capital , Sana'a , in order to have a just trial. HOOD said that relatives of the killer had threatened Yaish's family, provoked confusion inside the court and assaulted a soldier inside the courtroom.

HOOD Online: The Yemen Human Rights Observatory (YHRO)... said that tens of students at Al-Zahra School in Raida assaulted members of the Jewish minority during a random demonstration in protest against the ongoing Israeli attacks in Gaza.

They verbally assaulted Jews, threw stones at their houses, and intimidated their women and children. According to the statement, Jew Zaher Gafri sustained critical injuries, his face swelled up, and his appearance was stained with blood. Other Jewish citizens were subject to various injuries while on the street. The protestors hurled stones at houses of Jews Haim Yaeesh, Shakr Sulaiman, Salem Shaghdari, and Yahya Jaradi, and the houses’ occupants were intimidated.

The human rights organization held the security authorities responsible for what happened to the Jewish citizens in Raida, accusing them of being indifferent toward Jewish minorities. It continued that the authorities only asked Jews to move to Sana’a, which is another violation against their right to settle wherever they want.

HOOD, the YHRO and the others taking this stand are being vilified and threatened in the media and in the courtroom. Public sentiment has become more heated and volatile since the Israel incursion into Gaza; however, the organizations continue to press the ruling authorities and courts for some semblance of justice.

By Jane at 09:44 PM | Comments |

AP Cites Imaginary Anti-Muslim Attacks

This AP story on the firebombing of a Jewish synagogue in France cites a "new wave of anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim attacks" in France. Yet I can find no news items about attacks on Mosques or Muslims in France since Israel started its offensive against Hamas in Gaza?

But the reporter states that Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said there have been

Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said France has faced a "very clear increase" in anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim attacks since Israel started an offensive against the militant group Hamas in Gaza on Dec. 27.
Note the actual quote of the interior Minister is just the three words. The Anti-Muslim statement seems to be the reporters work.

Does the AP reporter Nathalie Genatz just have an active imagination, or is this just more of the same PC Associated Press bull trying to excuse the raging anti-Jewish violence of Muslims?

By Howie at 07:06 PM | Comments |

Top Ansar al-Sunnah Terrorist Captured

Good news if it pans out. Ansar al-Sunnah (alt spelling: Ansar al-Sunna) was the chief rival of al Qaeda in Iraq for sheer brutality. Both groups were on the cutting edge of beheading hostages. While AQI focused on high profile foreigners, Ansar al-Sunna specialized in capturing truck drivers and other civilians and then brutally beheading them, with the occasional dozen or two off duty cops thrown in for good measure.

Not surprising, since both AQI and Ansar are both offshoots of Ansar al-Islam which once sheltered Abu Musab al-Zaraqawi in the long forgotten days when Saddam Hussein was in power. After Hussein fell, Zarqawi went out on his own and the rest, as they say, is history.

A side note here is that over the past year Ansar al-Sunnah began to call itself Ansar al-Islam once again. Significance? None that I can find, but worth noting nonetheless for those that follow the ins and outs of Salafi terror organization in Iraq.

Let's hope Tha'ir Kadhim Sraiwi gets what he deserves.


Iraqi security forces say they have captured leading Sunni militant Tha'ir Kadhim Sraiwi.

Mr Sraiwi is thought to be the leader of militant group Ansar al Sunna, believed to be behind a Baghdad market bombing in 2008 which killed 40 people.

Mr Sraiwi is also wanted for the killing of 17 off-duty policemen in 2006, authorities said.

On a related note MEMRI reports that several Iraqi politicians have been tied to Sraiwi.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 06:45 PM | Comments |

Salim Hamdan Released, US Military Tribunals Work And Yemeni Justice Doesn't

Bin Laden's driver, Salim Hamdan, was released in Yemen this week, Yemeni authorities confirm. The US Military Tribunal sentenced Hamdan to five years, including time served, and returned him to Yemen in November. He served the next and last month of his sentence in jail and is now free.

Follow up measures by the Yemeni government are likely to be lax, considering even terrorists convicted of murder in Yemen get amnesty. (I am referencing the perpetrators of the 2000 USS Cole terror attack that killed 17 US sailors. The terrorists, according to the WaPo, are all free.) Like the terrorists Yemen has already freed, Hamdan gave a pledge to refrain from violence. Yemen's rehabilitation program strives to convince the jihaddists that President Saleh is not an apostate. The program is widely understood to be a mechanism of expedited release.

The sentence meted out to Hamdan is in stark contrast to that given to that given to Ali Hamza Bahlul, who was sentenced to life in prison for solicitation to commit murder. Bahlul created jihaddist recruiting videos for bin Laden. The reasoning behind his conviction is very similar to that used by the International Criminal Court to convict Rwandan radio station operators of incitement to murder for broadcasting calls to kill Tutsis's duing the Rwandan genocide. Bahlul is both clearly guilty and clearly a continuing threat. Next up for the Military Commissions is al-Nashiri, allegedly a major figure in the USS Cole bombing along with several other terror attacks and plots. If there is another trial.

Focusing on the Military Commissions themselves, its clear they have been conducted with a high degree of professionalism. As one of the victims' family members told us, "Thank God we have individuals who are willing to see that justice is served... We are extremely proud of the prosecutions professionalism, dedication and their diligence in their work."

In Yemen, the same backwards farce continues. The latest outrage by that psychotic mafia is the attempted assassination of a blogger and the imprisonment and torture of several others. Torture in Yemen is real torture. See our earlier report, Witness Testimony From the Dungeons of Yemeni Prisons and note some of these victims are 10 and 12 year old children. What is the Obamamessiah to do?

Not only does Yemen torture its children, but it has been documented to be committing crimes against humanity by withholding food and medicine from the civilian population in the war torn Sa'ada region, while bombing them. Tom Joscelyn of the Long War Journal sent me a breakdown of the remaining Yemeni detainees by "red flags". And the vast majority have three of more indicators. Some of them are bad dudes (and some not), and recidivism rates are high for committed jihaddists.

News today from the Obama camp is Gitmo will be closed within weeks of his ascention to power. What the plan is after that is unclear. If they come onto US soil, and are found not guilty, they will be able to apply for political asylum to remain in the US according to current law. If they are relased to Yemen, they will be freed to operate in an environment that lacks of counter-terror restraints and encourages jihaddists mentality.

Update from Wyatt in the comments: President-elect Barack Obama is preparing to issue an executive order his first week in office—and perhaps his first day—to close the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, according to two presidential transition team advisers.

By Jane at 04:57 PM | Comments |

The Family that Hates Together....

....stays together.


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:44 PM | Comments |

Red on Red: Somali Islamists Kill Other Somali Islamists

Perhaps we are seeing the emergence of a new strategy to fight al Qaeda's Somali affiliate, the al-Shabaab, and their on-again off-again allies of the Somali Taliban, the Islamic Courts Union? Since it appears that our strategy of funding an Ethiopian proxy to do our fighting for us has failed, I can't help but wonder to what extent groups like Ahlu-sunah Wal-jamea, who fashion themselves as more "moderate" Islamists, are getting our help? Democracy certainly hasn't worked out so great in Somalia, neither did our return to proxy interventionism.

If we are now backing certain Islamist and tribal factions over others in Somalia, I can't help but worry about what "moderate" means? Some may recall that just a few short years ago many were calling for the U.S. to recognize the Islamic Courts Union government since they appeared to have many "moderates" in the group.

I'd adopt the it's none of our damn business attitude that is so appealing in the face of a country which seems intent on cannibalizing itself. But it was that same attitude that gave us the Taliban in Afghanistan. Any of you willing to risk that again?

UPDATE: Let me throw in Brian's thoughts from the comments since they're a) worth the read; and b) probably will get overlooked if they don't get moved to the actual post:

I don't think that our use of Ethiopia as a proxy was a failure. It was actually very successful - if short lived. I do not think we expected the Ethiopians to control the country long term. But, we did not have to expend much blood or treasure, we bought a few years and killed a lot of bad guys. The islamists also know we can do it again if we want to (which might "moderate" the islamist's behavior in the future).

I think it is becoming very evident that civilized nations can only hold the line or delay the advance of islamists at this point. None of the civilized nations (even Israel) has the will do mete-out the kind of violence that would be required to beat back the islamists long term.

Given that the goal has now been reduced to "hold the line" or "delay the advance", I think the realpolitic treatment calls for us to divide our enemies. That will require us to get into bed with some of the islamists.
So, if we must get in bed with at least some Islamists, what is the line? It's a serious question.

Now back to the story.......


The fighting in the town of Guriel between the hardline al-Shabab militia and a local Islamist militia coincides with the gradual evacuation of Ethiopian forces loyal to Somalia's tottering UN-backed government. Somali officials have warned that a power vacuum would spark intensified fighting...

"We killed dozens of the attackers, including their commander, we have also seized most of their weapons that they abandoned in fear," said Sheik Abdullahi Abu Yusuf, spokesman for the Islamist group Ahlu-sunah Wal-jamea.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:18 PM | Comments |

Good News: Pakistanis Make Another Ceasefire Deal with Taliban

What strikes me about these "peace talks" between the Pakistan army and Taliban leader Maulana Fazlullah is that if they met with him doesn't that kind of imply that they knew where he was? I mean, this is the same Maulana Fazlullah who's followers kidnapped and beheaded 13 Pakistanis a couple of years ago, including some members of the Pakistani military, so you'd think they'd be out for revenge.

Typical of the Pakistanis: never let the opportunity to let the Taliban regroup and resupply pass.


Militants in northern Pakistan's Swat Valley have announced a week-long ceasefire. Pakistani news network, Geo News, said on Monday members of a peace committee met Maulana Fazlullah, powerful chief of the banned Islamist militant group, Tehrik-i-Taliban, at an undisclosed location and discussed peace proposals with him.

Related: Pakistani Police Officers Kidnapped, Beheaded
Pakistan Troops Shut Down 3 Illegal FM Radio Stations

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:59 PM | Comments |

Taliban Murder Two Muslims

The two brothers, Rehman Rauf and Asfandyar Khattak, were murdered by the Taliban for "spying" for the U.S. I get the distinct feeling that "spies" in Pakistan's "tribal" areas are much like "witches" were in pre-Enlightenment Europe: just kill whoever is unpopular to placate the paranoid population. No doubt the "trials" in the two cases would be eerily similar as well.

More evidence the far greatest killer of Muslims around the world are other Muslims.


He said the two brothers had been kidnapped a week ago from Miranshah, the main town in North Waziristan.

"The killers left a note with the bodies saying, "The two men were spying for the US," the official said.

He added that 10-rupee notes had been stuffed into the mouths of the two men, apparently to "tell residents of Mir Ali that they were spying for money."

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:36 PM | Comments |

Always a Bridesmaid: Best Original Reporting

The Jawa Report has been voted #3 for " Best Original Reporting By A Blog" and #9 for "The Best Blog Overall" at Right Wing News' 7th annual Conservative Blog Awards* . I didn't even know we were nominated but thanks for the accolades!

*Actually, we tied with Patterico but apparently tie goes to the Jawa or something like that.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:16 PM | Comments |

Incredibly Shrinking Gaza

Gaza is about 41 kilometers (25 miles) long, and between 6 and 12 kilometers (4–7.5 miles) wide, Professor Rashid Khalidi. Not "ten or eleven miles by two."

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:01 PM | Comments |

British Hacker Trying to Avoid Extradition to U.S.

Gary McKinnon.jpg(UK) A 42-year-old British computer geek, Gary McKinnon, who illegally accessed and damaged 97 U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, Pentagon and NASA computers, is seeking to avoid being sent to the United States by confessing to a non-extraditable crime.

The U.S. military also accuses McKinnon of disabling 300 U.S. Naval weapons systems computers immediately after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. He faces up to 70 years in prison if convicted in the U.S.

McKinnon hopes his signed confession to a charge under the Misuse of Computers Act will preclude being extradited. Analogously, it appears McKinnon is willing to admit culpability to vehicular homicide while only pleading guilty to speeding.

Just from a criminality perspective, prosecution to less than the full extent of the law doesn't make a lick of sense to me. I contend that McKinnon should be put on a plane and face his accusers in America. In any event, the case will be heard before the British High Court on January 20. (more)

By at 11:49 AM | Comments |

A blogger's dream job


$103 000 for blogging about living on Hamilton Island, sailing, snorkling, feeding some fish and collecting mail. Sounds a million times better then blogging about shoveling my driveway of snow two times a day. Fuck it I'm applying, hopefully by February I'll be blogging about how horrible it is spending the day on the beach in Hamilton Island. BBC

Tourism officials in Australia are describing it as "the best job in the world".

They want someone to work on a tropical island off the Queensland coast.

No formal qualifications are needed but candidates must be willing to swim, snorkel, dive and sail.

In return, the successful applicant will receive a salary of A$150,000 ($103,000, £69,000) for six months and get to live rent-free in a three-bedroom villa, complete with pool.

By at 11:48 AM | Comments |

Wear Clean Underwear and Smile

A couple weeks ago, a Google spycam caught the image of a woman urinating behind a parked car on a street in Madrid, Spain. Obviously, virtually anywhere in this day and age, there should be no expectation of privacy. Surveillance cameras are everywhere.

Story and pic here and here. Caution: possibly NSFW!

By at 11:44 AM | Comments |

Karma, Meet Yousef al-Khattab

Here's Yousef al-Khattab of Revolutionmulsim.com laughing at one of our veterans, a former POW.


Here's Yousef al-Khattab laughing at the death of Jews in Israel caused by a Hamas Suicide bomber.


Here's Yousef al-Khattab smiling at the thought of Korean hostages being murdered/beheaded by the Taliban.

Here's quote from Yousef on Hamas' murder of 8 Jewish students.

Sorry Howie, I am to busy celebrating yesterdays blessed events in al-Quds, subhanallah!!

Where do you think he got those ideas? :-)

His only criticism of Hamas at the time was that they were not killing enough Jews to suit him.

Here's Yousef al-Khattab dancing and singing about the Murder of these same Jewish students. (note the news report that al-Khattab linked was from Iran)

Now, all the sudden Yousef is sad and serious about the death of Palestinians in Gaza. Pleading for "action" to stop the fighting and death of his "Bothers and Sisters in Gaza".

Karma is a tough thing is it not Joosef. You have supported Hamas's murder of Israeli civilians and children, even smiling and celebrating their death.

You and the voters of Gaza have supported the occupation of of Gaza by Iran's proxy Hamas. In fact Iran is forbidding Hamas from making any agreement to end the fighting. Iran feels it owns the lives of Hamas and the other terrorists it supports in Gaza. Iran is not about to let these Palestinians to keep the lives that Iran's money has bought and paid for. Yes Iran is more that willing to spend the blood of the Palestinians in its proxy war against Israel, but has forbid its people from spilling any of theirs for the cause.

Ironic is it not?

The blood of these civilians is the hands Yousef al-Khattab and those like him who support the terrorist murder of Israeli citizens. Why do you not dance and sing for these shaheeds Yousef? Why are you now so serious and outraged at the deaths you have worked so hard to help create?

By Howie at 10:33 AM | Comments |

January 11, 2009

Advance Peek at Spiderman/Obama Comic

Did you hear that Marvel just went sloppy for Obama?


I think Uncle Ben just turned over in his grave.

More insights from Greg Gutfeld here.

By Gordo at 05:29 PM | Comments |

Third-Hand Smoke Study

(Boston, Massachusetts) Prefacing a study led by Dr. Jonathan Winickoff of Harvard Medical School is that babies and young children are harmed by "third-hand smoke" which is defined as toxins left on surfaces after the smoke has cleared. The danger of the toxins, or clinging pollutants, was not addressed by the study, rather the study polled the public to determine how many people agree with Dr. Winickoff.

Therefore, the Winickoff study is a focus group-type effort to collect baseline data ostensibly for future socio-political initiatives. The medical study was simply a public opinion poll.

In a nutshell, I gather that people were asked if they thought it was more harmful for children to lick table surfaces in rooms where someone had smoked vs. licking table surfaces in rooms where there was no smoking. Results varied depending on who was asked.

Frankly, I believe it's a bad idea for kids to lick tables in the first place but, if never-say-no parents want to allow it, the licking tables should always be sponged clean first. Also, I'd suggest that the risks associated with ingesting harmful bacteria during table-licking far outweigh the supposed danger from dusty smoke residue.

In any event, the Winickoff public opinion study is being reported by the mainstream media as finding that third-hand smoke is harmful. Every article I've read says that researchers found third-hand smoke to be harmful.

On the contrary, the study assumes that third-hand smoke is harmful without supporting the assertion and then people are asked what they think. Realistically, the study found nothing about third-hand smoke. It merely collected opinions. (more)

By at 11:07 AM | Comments |

Save the Last Bulb for Me

(UK) The oppressive hand of the British government will assure that incandescent bulbs will soon disappear from the United Kingdom.

Britain has signed up to an European Union decision to replace conventional 100-watt bulbs with supposedly greener, low-energy alternatives.

It means that the staple household item is vanishing from the high street after 120 years.

Leading supermarkets and DIY chains, including Sainsbury's, Asda and Homebase, have already sold all their final stocks of the bulbs.

Other stores have reported that the only have enough to last until the end of next week.

The European Union will officially classify incandescent bulbs as contraband, effective September 2009. Sales will be illegal.

And the global warming fantasy train chugs along.

Meanwhile, the parliamentary putty-brains in London have not bothered to check the weather. Forget global warming. Data indicate it's getting colder. Of course, data become moot when public opinion is deemed an acceptable alternative to science.

By at 10:01 AM | Comments |

Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: Royal Insult Edition

File photo of Prince Harry (R) as he passes a donkey while on patrol in Afghanistan. The prince has apologised for using racist language after a Sunday newspaper reported he had filmed himself calling an army colleague a "Paki" and telling another he looked like a "raghead".

So Prince Harry is apparently Republican? Or just on the right I guess? Maybe they just thought you may confuse Prince Harry with the other bowl head on the Donkey?

Both those bowls are kinda neat, you can wear em or eat your Cheerios out of em. Cool!

Anyway, you know the game. Fatwas will be issued.

Fatwas issued!...

The "i will cut ur neck" fatwa issued against US Beast for

Nice ass.

The "devil will do meetballs from your bodies" fatwa issued against FishFearMe for

Look! That donkey has an extra asshole!

The "why u insult holly quoran" fatwa issued against Anonymous for

Blimey Abdul, is that dynamite in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

By Howie at 09:12 AM | Comments |

Ohio State Assistant Professor Defends Hamas

Cross-posted from Shots on the House, originally authored by OSU student Justin Higgins:

Welcome to the world of Academia, right? A friend of mine contacted me and tipped me off that an Ohio State Assistant Professor was interviewed during an anti-Israel rally in downtown Columbus and staunchly defended Hamas, a radical Islamic terrorist organization. He also railed against what he called a "colonial occupier" in Israel. Hourglass 1941 has a pretty in-depth online report, including this video which features the OSU staff member, Pranav Jani:

The most interesting parts come when the interviewer questions Pranav Jani about the rocket attacks into Israel launched by Hamas. He calls the rocket attacks, which were not retaliatory in nature, "an act of self-defense." He goes on to say that "any resistance to the colonial occupier is justified." Later he calls for a secular Democratic state, which is not what Hamas is pushing for as an organization at all. Most interesting to me however, was his defense that he may not "agree with a particular tactic a group uses", just as he calls unprovoked rocket attacks self-defense. Does he agree or disagree with the tactic of using children as human shields?

Pranav Jani, Ohio State Assistant ProfessorFor some background, Pranav Jani is an Assistant Professor in the English Department here at The Ohio State University. His website at Ohio State includes some information about him, including the websites he visits frequently. The sites include such prestigious publications as The New York Times and The International Socialist Review. The typical slanted outlets such as Al-Jazeera and al-Ahram Weekly also make an appearance alongside anti-war sites, his personal blog [on which he calls himself a Marxist], and ESPN.

It's mildly sickening that some portion of my tuition has contributed to employing Pranav Jani, who was quoted as leading the chant "Long live the Intifada" at the rally in downtown Columbus. In his mind, Israel (which showed tremendous restraint over the past year) is the bad guy and Hamas (which uses children as human shields and wires their women with explosives to make a point) is the regional good guy. Ohio tax money, perpetrating this twisted world view.

By at 05:54 AM | Comments |

January 10, 2009

Saturday Night Drunken Irish Post

If Good Lt Kryos. can get away with that Stones post......

By Howie at 11:02 PM | Comments |

Suicide Bombers Target Suicidal Bummer

It has been frequently noted that Islamists are rather short on sophistication. Indeed, traits like humor, intelligence and irony appear to be completely missing.

Take the case of U.K. muslims targeting Amy Winehouse:

Reports have emerged today (January 7) claiming that Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson have been included on a "terror target" hit list made in reaction to the current conflict in the Gaza region.

The Sun said comments were made on the forum of Ummah.com.

Let's face it, there is nothing funny about these animals bringing their 9th century sensibilities to the modern world.

But Amy Winehouse?

She is a half-completed project in self destruction. Perhaps you can add "under-achiever" to your list of Jihadi creds.

By Gordo at 03:38 PM | Comments |

L.A. Pro-Israel, Pro-Hamas Rally

At 1:20 (1:09 starts spew) the pro-Hamas supporters voice how they love the Juice; "from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" and "long live Hitler, put Jews in ovens". Some idiot even forgets what he is suppose to say, is helped out and spews "Jews are fossil fuel". A guy ends with "Hey Jews, f**k them" and shows he has a middle finger.

Hey Hamas supporters - f**k you.

h/t Whocaresanymore in comments.

Hamas lovers rage in Londonstan

By Stable Hand at 03:12 PM | Comments |

One Down

1006youtube user1.jpg



Oh but wait, no celebrating yet....



Pick a video then go to the Super duper complaint link here. Then click contact us and enter your complaints.

Or as an alternative you could ask editor@youtube.com why he has not suspended the other two accounts that are known to be from the same user.

The same user also runs a blog on Google's blogspot (gee he seems to like google) called Ansar al-Qaida. Loosely translated that is "Aiders, or Patrons of al-Qaeda." Seems pretty clear.


By Howie at 02:25 PM | Comments |

Hamas Rockets During Cease-Fire and From Schoolyard 8 Jan. 09

Hamas launches rockets from civilian areas and rocket fire during the humanitarian cease-fire on 8 Jan. 2008. At time track 1:09 we see Hamas militants launching rockets during the humanitarian cease-fire in the afternoon. In both cases, the Israel Air Force destroyed the terrorist positions in precision strikes.

Update: Via JPost:

IDF troops in the Gaza Strip on Saturday targeted Hamas operative Amir Mansi, a senior member of Izzadin Kassam, the group's military wing.

A senior commander of IDF operations in the Strip said that Mansi was the head of the Gaza Strip rocket division, and was Mansi was previously involved in dozens of rocket attacks against Israel in recent weeks.

He was also said to be a close associate of Hizbullah, and was known to receive information from the group on a regular basis.

By Howie at 10:41 AM | Comments |

As The Weblogs Turn

It appears Stacy McCain is willing to dump Ace for Michelle "in a heartbeat!" Poor Ace, always the last to know.

By Howie at 10:25 AM | Comments |

US House Passes Resolution In Support Of Israel - Two Minnesota Reps Vote "Present"

As would be expected, Keith Ellison voted present.

The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a resolution today supporting Israel in the current violence in the Middle East. The resolution passed 390-5 with 22 voting 'present' and 16 not voting.

Six Minnesota representatives voted for the measure. Reps. Keith Ellison and Betty McCollum voted 'present'. The U.S. Senate passed the resolution yesterday by a voice vote.

Ellison did not release a statement in regards to the vote, but put out a strong statement Dec. 31[link] calling for an end to the violence. He also spoke on Al Jazeera about Gaza[link].

McCollum released a statement about the resolution today, citing concerns that it didn't order for an immediate cease fire in Gaza. Here is what she said on the House floor:

Madam Speaker, the resolution before the House today, H. Res. 34, justifies Israel's bombardment of the citizens of Gaza, sanctions the incursion of Israeli troops into Gaza to clear this occupied territory of Hamas fighters regardless of the human cost, and calls for "supporting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process" while innocent Palestinian women and children are being killed in Gaza. more...

Nays: Kucinich, Moore (WI). Paul, Rahall and Waters

Voting Present: Abercrombie, Blumenauer, DeFazio, Dingell, Edward(MD,) Ellison, Farr and Grijalva.

Complete vote count here
Related: Rep Keith Ellison's Trip to Mecca Funded by MAS of Minnesota

By Stable Hand at 08:13 AM | Comments |

Five Somali Pirates Feeding Sharks Part Of 3 Million Ransom

Most expensive shark food evah.


MOGADISHU, Somalia — Five of the Somali pirates who released a hijacked oil-laden Saudi supertanker drowned with their share of a reported $3 million ransom after their small boat capsized, a pirate and port town resident said Saturday.

Pirate Daud Nure says the boat with eight people on board overturned in a storm after dozens of pirates left the Sirius Star following a two-month standoff in the Gulf of Aden that ended Friday.

He said five people died and three people reached shore after swimming for several hours. Daud Nure was not part of the pirate operation but knew those involved.

h/t El Campeador

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January 09, 2009

The Rolling Stones - Miss You extended mix

Just found this kick ass extended version of Miss You from The Rolling Stones. Just had to share with everyone.

"I been walking in Central Park singing after dark, people think I'm craaaaaaaaazy"

By at 09:07 PM | Comments |

Functional Retards Learn To Use Teh Intarwebz

If you thought Kos, DU, and HuffPo were bad, check out this gang of mental midgets.

Shocking Report Says Israeli Troops “Stomping Heads” Of Palestinian Babies

Well, given that Hamas acts like babies every time the IDF stomps their sorry asses, that story may have some nugget of truth to it. But that's about the only tiny connection to reality I could find.

This one really makes one bust out with a belly laugh:

Israeli ‘Sound Bombs’ Reported ‘Exploding’ Wombs Of Pregnant Palestinian Woman And Girls

Of course, this happy cabal of internet psychos can't do their jobs properly unless they're allowed to operate in total secrecy:

[Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one. No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors, or their sources, to protect their safety.]

Some may think that linking this cesspool of festering tumors gives them publicity that they don't deserve. I pondered that, and decided that the positive comedy gold value of that site outweighed the negatives. So have a laugh at their expense, because I don't care who you are, that's damn funny right there.

Thanks (I think) to Monty Jack

By Vinnie at 06:24 PM | Comments |

Uh Oh, "The Juice Have Gone Crazy"



JCPA via Ace

Israel may have reached a deterrent moment in its war in Gaza against Iranian-backed Hamas. I spoke with a senior Arab diplomat last night. He told me that the Arab street is afraid that "the Jews have gone crazy." More...

Gotta love those crazy Juice

By Stable Hand at 05:13 PM | Comments |

Baltimore Mayor Shelia Dixon (D) Indicted

More Hope/Change in Maryland.

Via Yahoo: A grand jury indicted Dixon on 12 counts, including four counts of perjury and two counts of theft over $500. She was also charged with theft under $500, fraudulent misappropriation by a fiduciary and misconduct in office.

By Howie at 05:00 PM | Comments |

Iranian Cleric Shows His Ass

Via Daily Beast:

A video scandal has hit the Iranian Internet scene. Like many online scandals in the West, it involves a model. Not Paris Hilton, but a supposed model of virtue: a cleric.

In the video—for weeks voted the top story on Balatarin.com (an Iranian version of Digg.com)—a robed cleric is caught on a hidden camera in a private room. He walks to the door to let a chador-clad woman enter.

“Nobody saw you come in, did they?” he asks her lightheartedly. As she removes her chador, he continues in the same tone: “Want to do some Nasnas?”

Iranians know Nasnas as a mythological monster. What the cleric means by “do some Nasnas” is clarified by what happens next in the clip. Americans have a similar expression: the beast with two backs.

Hat Tip: Don Surber.

By Howie at 02:54 PM | Comments |

IDF Obtained Hamas Intelligence Map

Hey Hamas, where's your map?


Via IDF Spokesperson

This map, confiscated Wednesday (Jan. 7) by IDF paratroopers operating in the north of Gaza, shows how Hamas uses an entire neighborhood, rigging it with explosive devices and putting the entire civilian population at great risk.

The map shows the al-Tatraa neighborhood in Gaza City divided into three areas of operation (red, blue and green). The dots on the map indicate where Hamas operatives had planted a variety of IEDs (improvised explosive devices), with the colors indicating the type of IED. Additional marks show sniper positions next to mosques[...]

An overall study of the map demonstrates how Hamas deliberately uses civilians, using them as live targets and hiding behind them; they plant IEDs at the entrances of homes, they booby trap homes and they use places of worship, all with no regard to collateral damage or civilian lives.

Evil Zionist Juice stealing Hamas intelligence.

By Stable Hand at 02:33 PM | Comments |

Gaza: Iran's Press TV Targeted By IDF "According To Press TV"

The Iranians really need to get better actors.

Israeli forces have targeted the office of Press TV and the Iranian Arab-language satellite channel al-Alam in the Gaza Strip.

There were two people wounded in the Israeli attack, a Press TV correspondent said Friday, adding that Press TV's sister channel, Al-Alam, which was also based in the building has been affected by the attack.

According to our correspondent Hamoudi Gharib, the building was targeted even though the staff had kept light projectors working on the roof of the building 24 hours a day to mark the building.

The Press TV team said they received no warnings ahead of the Israeli strike, which only targeted journalists and news crew who were in the building.

Poor widdle peepel. Bawahahahahaha

A few comments from link below fold

The comment from "ash" is classic.

Fri, 09 Jan 2009 17:01:24 GMT
sunni,shia,wahabi whatever sect all unite NOW under the banner of ISLAM and rid the world of this zionist cancer,once its been removed u can continue fighting amongst urselves but PLZ for once stand UNITED.

Holy Christ/webau1
Fri, 09 Jan 2009 17:19:11 GMT

Fri, 09 Jan 2009 17:10:52 GMT
This is the time of unification which it will never be the same for world Islamic revolution to get rid of Zionist pigs out of the face of Earth. All wake up , Rise up, voice up , guns up, and strike the enemy by million simultaneous event where the Zionist barbarian,criminals, heinous murder to their grave yard. IT IS THE TIME NOW OR NEVER, PLEASE EVERY BODY. ISRAEL IS IN LAND LOCK FROM SOUTH, NORTH, AND EAST SO ALL NEIGHBOR ATTACK FROM ALL SIDES, THE ONLY SCAPE IS THE SEA. PLEASE USE FORCE

a human
Fri, 09 Jan 2009 17:10:15 GMT
where are the hi-res satellite photos every hour on the hour?! want to show the world the scale of the destruction?... fire up the eyes in the sky!

Mohammad - Tehran
Fri, 09 Jan 2009 17:09:15 GMT
Iran's revolutionary Guard is preparing the Shahab 3 missiles for a surprise attack on Telaviv in the next 48 hours.

ROP at work.

By Stable Hand at 01:48 PM | Comments |

Illinois House Votes to Impeach Governor Ass-Maggot (D)


The impeachment passed the committee by unanimous vote yesterday, Today CNN is reporting that the full Illinois House voted to impeach and send the matter to the Illinois Senate for trial. Governor Rods claims that he is being treated unfairly. But impeachment is not about his criminal guilt, its a question of is there enough evidence to remove Governor Ass-maggot from office.

His criminal guilt or innocence is a different matter that will be settled later.

(image credit TNOYF)

By Howie at 12:05 PM | Comments |

Israel: Humanitarian Aid Shipment Had What?


Greta Wire has been receiving Operation Cast Lead updates from Mike Tobin in Israel. This little tidbit was sent to Greta yesterday:

As for the coverage: One of my contacts with The Israeli Army called me today and said “You gotta see this.” Hidden in one of the emergency aid shipments supposed to go into the Gaza strip during the 3 hour lull in fighting, were 38 pallets of camo uniforms, green military sweaters and black fatigues.

This is one of the emergency shipments intended to bring medical supplies and food to the people who need it so badly. Half the trucks bringing the stuff in are UN. Half the trucks are private. I’m not certain which trucks were hauling the uniforms. They had been off loaded when I got there. The whole thing is under investigation.

Hmmm, who is supplying Hamas with "uniforms".

h/t Lawhawk

Update: Video below fold

h/t Israel Matzav

By Stable Hand at 10:16 AM | Comments |

Where's Rusty?

Don't worry, both Vinnie and Hetz Shahor jumped right back up!

What its probably like to be one of Rusty's kids....

Yes you will fish in that outfit young man!

By Howie at 10:02 AM | Comments |

Phyllis Chesler Interviews Nonie Darwish

On Nonie's new book Cruel and Usual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law . Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel, and the War on Terror On the dangers of the use of Sharia law in the west and elsewhere.

Via Pajamas Media: Nonie Darwish:

By writing this book, I have no desire to offend the good and peace loving Muslims, but the truth must be told. Unfortunately the majority of Muslims do not know what is in their scriptures or their divine Laws that have a huge destructive impact on their society.

PC: What do you hope to accomplish?

ND: My hope is for the West to understand the threat that Islamic Sharia law poses to their democracy, their concept of equality under the law and their human rights values. The West should never allow Sharia to be practiced in Western democracies. I am also hopeful that my book will inspire Muslims to take an honest look at their oppressive religious laws and reform.

PC: Talk to me about Gaza, your hometown. What, in your opinion, is really going on there?

ND: The world needs to understand the roots of the eternal conflict, which is the Sharia law commandment to kill all Jews. Peace can only happen if such roots are exposed and understood.

Read the rest.

Hat Tip: Instapundit.

By Howie at 09:51 AM | Comments |

Humanitarian crisis *from* Gaza

Video from the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They interview a family in Ashkelon. The interview is interrupted...

By Hetz Shahor at 09:35 AM | Comments |

Obama Camp to Legitimize Terrorist Group

Hug a terrorist time!

The incoming Obama administration is prepared to abandon George Bush's ­doctrine of isolating Hamas by establishing a channel to the Islamist (designated terrorist) organization, sources close to the transition team say.
Apart from the paper's useful idiot of a writer, who seems incapable of wrapping her fat little head around the fact that this is a colossal strategic blunder that will end up making Barry-O looking stupider than he does already, there is nothing good that will come of this.

You don't negotiate with terrorists. You kill them. What does Hamas want? They want the Jews dead and Israel destroyed. By "talking" with them, you're legitimizing their tactics of launching rockets into civilian areas (a violation of every law of war the liberals have ever screamed about). All they have to do from now on to get Barry-O's attention is kill a few Jews, launch a few rockets and issue demands. Barry-O and company will then scramble to give them what they want "to end the violence" by rewarding it.

Remember when Bill Clinton talked with Arafat? Did that lead to "peace?" Oh, wait. It led to years of suicide bombings and assaults with the Intifada. And that was the "moderate" PLO. This is f*cking HAMAS - a group designated no only by the US, but also the European Union, as a terrorist group whose bloodlust for dead Jews is rivaled only by their bloodlust for their own people.

And Barry-O wants to thrown them a cookie. Newsflash, Barry. They're not going to go away and stop doing what they'be been doing since 1988 just because you descend from Mount Olympus and give them one of your patented bullsh*t-inflated "strongly worded" statements.

"Talking" to psychotic, death-worshiping, Jew-hating child-murderers is unfortunately not going to change their minds about their reason for existence - the destruction of Israel. Go ahead. Try to tell them Israel has a right to exist. You're going to find that they're very, how you say, "inflexible."


It's been posted previously, but here are the animals BO is "prepared to talk" with. They're obviously sane, rational, negotiable folks with no hate i