February 12, 2010

Disgusting: Muslim Woman Beheaded as The Words of Barack Obama Are Played

womanbeheadedsmall.JPGI'm not sure what her crime was supposed to be. Islamist videos of women being murdered are a rare. I remember one during the Iraq war, but that's it.

Remember our peaceful bros on the Islamist forums who enjoy watching these. Peaceful.

NSFW and extremely graphic. Please think before you watch, but if you want to see the utter brutality of our enemy then click this link.

UPDATE by Rusty
: On checking this out it appears that the words of Barrack Obama were mixed in by those trying to point out the inconsistency of supporting women's rights but also turning a blind eye to the way Muslim women are treated. So, it's a little misleading to suggest that it was the Islamist forums that juxtoposed the beheading video with Obama.

I'll go ahead and leave the link in there because I noticed that at our forum the akhi (that means brothers) just updated the beheading video thread. Yes, they actually get off to this kind of thing. Disgusting animals.

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