February 11, 2010

Thanks to Blog, Antisemetic Douchebag Gets Arrested

The blog who's readers recognized the assailant in the tape: Five Feet of Fury. Which just goes to show that the power of the blogosphere is very real. Jewish Tribute:

An arrest has been made after freelance Jewish Tribune reporter Joanne Hill claimed that she had been accosted and spat upon while on assignment at the Gaza Freedom March in Toronto on Dec. 27.

“I videotaped the speeches that were given at the corner of Bloor Street and Avenue Road without any trouble,” Hill told the Jewish Tribune. “I then followed the marchers on their route to Dundas Square. According to Hill, “On Yonge Street, a stranger approached me from out of nowhere, behaved in an aggressive manner and spat in my face.”

Later at home, Hill discovered that she had captured most of the incident on videotape and it was then that she discovered the power of internet blogs. She uploaded her video to the internet and asked for help in identifying the man shown in the tape.

Good work to Cathy and all her readers.

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