February 11, 2010

Cartoon of Mohammad as a Pig Writing the Koran Causes Fear of Violence

Earlier we noted that the Islamist forums were seething at a purported "fake image of Muhammad" which was reprinted in a Norwegian newspaper. Perplexing, since all drawings and cartoons are by definition "fakes".

Do I really need to elaborate on the death threats that accompanied the news? Which are only slightly more disconcerting than usual given that the person noting said alleged blasphemy about He-who-must-not-be-drawn calls himself "Pagan Slayer".

But it turns out by "fake" they meant, well, check it out for yourself:


Apologies about the resolution of the image, but what the newspaper printed was a screenshot of a facebook page.

Esther at Islam in Europe sends along this succinct summary of events up to now:

Last week Dagbladet published a story about a link from the PST (Norwegian Security Service) Facebook page to a cartoon of Mohammed, which portrayed Mohammed as a pig writing in the Koran. There were concerns that this link could cause riots in both Norway and Pakistan. The story was illustrated with a screenshot. While the PST story was ignored, and various people are now claiming it was a non-issue all along, Muslim taxi drivers in Oslo went on strike twice to protest the Dagbladet story. Several protests are planned for tomorrow.
Islam in Europe also notes that there are pleas for calm in the streets and for Muslims not to become violent.

They had to ask Muslims not to be violent ..... over a cartoon .... on Facebook!

Much much more here from the Norwegian press at Islam in Europe.

UPDATE: Thanks to Michelle for the link. Also, Zombie sends along the original pic from his Mo pic archive. Apparently the Israeli girl who drew the image was prosecuted and went to jail. Sad that Israel isn't free, either. It's a reminder of just how rare and precious freedom is.


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