February 10, 2010

Was Obama Admin Responsible for Fort Hood Massacre?

And by "responsible" I don't mean the-buck-stops-here vague type of claim of responsibility. By it I mean, did the Obama administration do something different than the Bush Administration that led to investigative errors which cascaded and eventually allowed the terrorist attack at Fort Hood to happen?

I still say no. I think the attack can be attributed to an atmosphere of political correctness and naive equivocation between all political and religious viewpoints within the higher echelons at the Justice Department which were just as much on display during the Bush years as after Obama was elected.

This was a systematic failure, not an administrative failure. A systematic failure, I might add, that I still don't think has been fully absorbed by the defense establishment.

But AJ Strata makes the case that changes in the way the FBI interprets FISA rules led to dropping the investigation into Nidal Hasan which could have prevented the attacks. Go read it. It's plausible, I guess. And in private conversations AJ has convinced me that the time line I constructed in my head of Hasan being investigated under the Bush administration was wrong.

So, perhaps he's on to something? But I still think the alternative narrative I've described above has more explanatory power.

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