February 10, 2010

Video: Nigerian Massacre Caught on Tape


A brief deviation from the usual video of Islamists murdering apostates, hostages, non-Muslims, or other Muslims who just weren't Muslim enough for them. This video shows what appears to be the Nigerian military killing unarmed prisoners alleged to be part of an Islamist movement which rebelled against the central government.

Two things to note. If the people shot in the back were actually members of Boko Haram, then I have little sympathy for them. Not no sympathy, but I have to strain to find it. Sure, they should have been given a brief trial first, but in the end dead is dead and the more dead Islamists in the world the better we all are.

But, it's not clear that these were members of Boko Haram at all. Or that at least the ones shot down in the streets weren't. The report claims that young men were rounded up at random.

This is al Jazeera, so take that for what it's worth. But still, this is Nigeria and like most of the developing world the human rights record here is abysmal. One does not have to stretch the imagination very far to envision the scenario framed in the report -- of random murders by military and government militias in the street -- as partly if not wholly believable.

In which case its sickening.

Yes, I'm glad that the Nigerians were able to take care of business and put down the rebellion which would have instituted an even harsher form of sharia law than is already practiced in Northern Nigeria -- where they still have the death penalty for adultery (by stoning!) -- but not like this. Not if it can be helped.

Our war with Islamism -- political Islam -- is a war which pits the powers of human reason based on individual rights vs. the powers of the Dark Ages based on ignorance and a disregard for the sanctity of the individual.

If the video shows what it claims to show, then those responsible should be held to account. It's nothing less than murder.

Disturbing video below. Very much not safe for work.

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