February 09, 2010

NYT OpEd: You Know What Would be Awesome? Iran With a Nuke Bomb!

With BS like this, Adam Lowther might just earn himself a Ph.D. as he looks on the bright side of a nuclear armed Iran:

Believe it or not, there are some potential benefits to the United States should Iran build a bomb.
The five benefits he claims are:

1) Defeating al Qaeda. Yes, really.
2) Breaking up OPEC. I. Kid. You. Not.
3) Peace between Israel & Palestinians. Wow.
4) More jobs because of exporting weapons. Awesome.
5) Saving the taxpayers billions & reducing the defect. Tea Partiers unite!

Hell, if this numbskull is right why don't we just give Iran a nuke or two!

This is the kind of thing I might require some senior level students to write. You know, get them to think outside the box. Force them to see the pitfalls of parroting conventional wisdom and what not.

And then you'd require them to write another paper in which they say what kind of idiot could possibly believe the inane garbage that they were forced to write about in the first paper.

If this was a paper Mr. Lowther was forced to write in some class on Grand Strategy I give it a B, mostly for creativity.

I give the New York Times and F for printing it.

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