February 09, 2010

"Ivy" Muslims Hold Conference

First evah!

The first ever Ivy Muslims Conference this weekend persevered despite a mid-Atlantic snowstorm Friday night. Muslims from five Ivy League schools convened at Yale Saturday and Sunday in the first conference organized by Muslim Student Association chapters across the Ivy League.

About 120 delegates from each Ivy League school attended, with 30 delegates from Yale. Attendees from the Harvard, University of Pennsylvania and Princeton chapters were absent due to the snowstorm that hit Friday night.

The conference was the "brainchild" of Omer Bajwa. Diana West, in October of 2009, had this to say about Bajwa:
Turns out, my IFPS colleagues noticed Omer Bajwa at Kurt Westergaard's Yale talk. I previously mentioned Bajwa, billed as the Muslim chaplain of the Yale Muslim Student Association, for having told an Islamabad audience that"Muslims will win the final victory in the West if they conform to their beliefs and disseminate the message of Islam with wisdom and politeness." No doubt Bajwa was conforming to and disseminating Islam's message during his display at the Westergaard talk, but he did so with neither wisdom nor politeness.

First, Bajwa, whose official title is Yale's "coordinator of Muslim life for the University," made the baseless announcement that the "well-known Islamophobes Daniel Pipes and Geert Wilders" were behind Westergaard's Yale appearance.

Well-known "Islamopobes"? Remember, this is a man of the (some) cloth speaking -- the one who co-signed a letter in that same day's Yale Daily News with Yale University Chaplain Sharon Kugler going on about achieving a community of "true religious understanding." As Rabbi Housman would later note, "Lars Hedegaard, President of the IFPS, corrected this gentleman and remarked that neither Wilders nor Pipes were involved in any of the arrangements for Westergaard's appearance and probably did not even know of his presence in the US."

Bajwa also made another baseless declaration: namely, that he had read "in the New York Times" that the son of Kurt Westergaard had converted to islam, and what did the son think of the father's cartoon? Answer: Westergaard's son has not converted to Islam and there was no such story in the New York Times.

Mainly, the Yale article caught my eye do to the comment section and decided to further check out Bajwa:

"By Ali"
Could someone attending this conference tell us what Omar Ahmed meant when he said the following:

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qu’ran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”—Omar Ahmed CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) Founding Chairman

This was a reply by "Johnson"

Good point, Ali. Oh wait... actually, you're not very intelligent. Now I know why you couldn't make the conference. My best regards to the other lowest common denominators (or "LCDs" as we call them).


Johnson (pronounced "Yon-sun")

Nice fella this Yon-sun person is...

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