June 30, 2008

"The Yemeni Regime and Al-Qaeda, Two Faces of the Same Coin"

The following is a statement signed by 110 Yemeni-American and Yemeni-Canadians asserting to the US and Canadian Congresses that the Yemeni government and al-Qaeda have a symbiotic relationship.

I like this line in particular: We stand in respect for the sacrifices of our American and Canadian soldiers for a better future where we live in peace and harmony. We salute the Eagle that flew one day above the skies of Iraq and Afghanistan and scared the rats and reptiles.

An Urgent Call to the American Congress and Canadian Congress

From The Yemeni-American and Canadian –American Community

Date: 06/27/2008

To: The members of the American Congress and the Canadian Congress

From: the Yemeni-American and Yemeni-Canadian Citizens

Subject: The current Regime in Yemen and the Alqaeada terrorist organization are two faces of the same coin…They live together and they die together. The collapse of the regime in Sana’a is a collapse for the Alqaeda and all other terrorist organizations

Dear Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen … our representatives in the American and Canadian Congress

We would like to send our warmest greetings and our best wishes of health, progress and progress. We have felt the obligation to write this letter to you for the following reasons:

• First.
As Americans and Canadians from Yemeni background, we are proud that we are part of these great nations as full participants through our efforts, work, and sacrifices for the security, safety and progress of our two great nations. We believe that our two great nations play a leading and a prominent role in shaping the directions of the human civilization journey in the right path toward freedom, progress, development, peaceful coexistence, rule of law and order, freedom of expression, freedom of opinion, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and political opinion. This is a source of pride for us among nations and it is the direction that we firmly believe in.

• Second
Our civic duty toward the safety and security of our two nations dictate to us that we raise our voice loud and clear…that we, again, point our fingers toward the Wicked Wahhabi source of terrorism. We demand that these swamps of terrorism be dried up. The organization of Alqaeda represent its ideology that is based on a culture of hate and hostility. The truth is that this terror was nurtured in Saudi Arabia as its incubator and moved to Yemen as its backyard due to the help and safe haven that the dictatorial and corrupt regime in Yemen provided. The terrorists have been using Yemen as a base to spread their dark culture through justifying the killing of innocents, use of car bombs, human bombs that explode in markets, restaurants, and buses. We are constantly reminded by how the terrorists transformed civilian airliners into missiles to shoot down buildings with inncocent civilians inside. That event have unmasked the actions of the terrorists in front of the whole world and have shown the extent of hate and ugliness in their actions and ideology.

It has been proven time and again that the organization of Alqaeda in Yemen is part of the ruling regime itself. The following are just examples of such evidence:

The Yemeni regime, as represented by the illegitimate dictatorship of Ali Abdullah, have absolutely refused to implement a decision by the International Security Council to arrest the terrorist Abdulmajid Alzindani and freeze his assets together with others due to their terrorist activities.
The release of 23 notorious terrorists from a jail that belongs to the Political Security in Sana’a. Among those released was Fawwaz Alrabeeie who was working in the Presidential Place serving juice for the Presient. Also, among those notorious terrorists released was Jamal Badawi, the main suspect of the attack of the destroyer USS Cole in the port city of Aden. Although Badawi handed himself to the authorities more than once he was released shortly after every time. We will be less puzzled by this once we know that Mr. Badawi is an officer in the Political Security who free to roam around the country with his armed entourage. As a high ranking security officer he could reach any target in Yemen.

The official reception of the returnees from Afghanistan such as the Alqaeda organization members and the so-called Arab Afghans. Private camps were created to house them, and they were supplied by government food rations, equipment and military training. These same terrorists were used to assassinate the political enemies of The regime and carry out the crimes of Political Security such as the assassination of Jarallah Omar in a confence for Al-Islah party and in the presence of the terrorist Abdulmajid Alzindani.

In order to cover their horrible crime, they have committed a more horrendous crime where three volunteer medical doctors for 30 years were murdered. These three American doctors were William Kohen, Kathleen Garthi and Martha Mayers. The Government claimed the first killer [of Jarallah Omar], Jarallah Assawani, and the second killer , Kamel Abed were members of a terrorist cell targeting secularists and Christian missionaries at the same time using the idea of individual Jihad that they learned in Al-Iman University. Now, this university happened to be the University that graduated the terrorist John Walker Lindh and many other terrorists arrested in Afghanistan and other areas in the war on terror. It is the same university that is glorified by the president’s media. It is the same university that was founded by Abdulmajid Alzindani, who is wanted for interrogation at international level; this is the same person who was appointed in a prominent position in the National Defense Council whose main duty would be to issue religious decrees legitimizing the killing of the president’s political opponents.just as happened in the war against the South in 1994 or as is happeining now in the war of Saada in the north of the country until today.

*The regime uses Alqaeda for political extortion where he would give the nod to the terrorists to launch attacks against tourists, foreign interests and embassies as happened recently to cry to the world that Alqaeda has strong presence in Yemen and cannot be fought without aid and financial backing by the west. For the dictator, Alqaeda is a good business idea; even if the price involved human blood.

The regime does not see any irony in its so-called “rehabilitating terrorists” approach and declarations that it is conducting dialogue with Alqaeada. The aim is to rehabilitate them into becoming “good citizens”; at the same time they are sent to some areas such as Iraq and Somalia to conduct suicide missions. DNA tests have shown that some suicide bombers came from Yemen..
We are sure you know more about Alqaeda links to the regime in Yemen.

We believe that poverty, ignorance and disease is the right environment for the terrorist organizations to flourish. Alqaeda –like organizations rely for their existence on societies that ar un-educated, bankrupt economies, unemployment and desperate young people. Terrorist organizations are able to recruit among the youth lliving Iin desperate conditions.. The regime in Yemen through its policies of neglect and military rule have deliberately created the perfect conditions for poverty, fear and disease. This has been clear since the regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh took power by force in 1978. Yemen has been living in constant war until this moment. Throughout this period, his regime has practiced war crimes, crimes against humanity, human rights violations, plundering public wealth, killing of political opponents, imprisonment of writers and journalists and artists. However, real terrorists were released.

The government neglected education, health and social services and building essential infrastructure. These are optimal conditions that terrorist organizations operate under, and thus we see how terroists are recruited to go and fight in Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and Lebanon.. etc.

Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen….our representatives in the American and Canadian congresses; We believe that the world war against terror is a war between the forces of freedom, justice, progress, peace and the forces of extremism, terrorism and darkness. We also believe that this war was launched against terror not for the sake of war but to correct misconceptions about peaceful coexistence and bring back human nature to its true nature of goodness.

Based on all of this we request our representatives in the American congress and the Canadian Congress to work on the following:

Compel the corrupt, terrorist, dictatorial regime in Yemen to stop the war in Saada and any part of Yemen immediately and to freeze the assets of Abdulmajid Alzindani as well as close the Al-Iman University for which Alzindani is a president.. Similar measures should be taken against all other known terrorists who are listed in the decision of the United Nations Security Council and are wanted by the FBI. They all should be extradited to the United States of America to receive just trials about their connections to terrorist activities since there is no independent justice system in Yemen. Also, those responsible for violations against human rights, freedom of expressions, journalistic freedoms, political and religious freedoms.

Compel the regime in Yemen to release political prisoners in view of the peaceful political protests in South Yemen. In addition, the regime should be pressured to release all prisoners of opinion, writers, journalists, and artists. All previous political trials, that clearly show that there is no independent judiciary, should be condemned. What exist in Yemen is a huge political security apparatus with different names, including the justice system. The sole purpose of this apparatus is to protect the killers, criminals and plunderers of public wealth and insure they continue in power.

Cut all aid and assistance of any kind. No poltical, economic, or military agreements or treaties should be signed with the regime because it is an illegitimate one who came to power in 1978. the regime does not represent the will, honor, conscience or dignity of the Yemeni people. Why did this regime cause all this destruction, hunger, fear and disease among the Yemenese? What the yemenese need today is liberation and freedom from this catastrophe befell him 30 years ago (30 years of dictatorship, corruption and terrorism under Ali Abdullah Saleh).

4- Monitor the land and sea borders of Yemen to stem the flow of weapons and terrorists between Yemen and other areas in the war against terror. In addition, human rights violations, war crimes and child trade with neighbouring countries should monitored and the government should be pressured to cease such violations. Officials of Yemen who commit such violations should be referred to the International Court of Justice.

Change the dictatorial regime in Yemen for its fall mean the fall of Alqaeada and other terrorist organizations.

Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen….our representatives in the American and Canadian congresses. We salute you and we salute our governments for all the measures that have been taken against the regime in Yemen and specifically the State Department and the administration of president George W. Bush.

We stand in respect for the sacrifices of our American and Canadian soldiers for a better future where we live in peace and harmony. We salute the Eagle that flew one day above the skies of Iraq and Afghanistan and scared the rats and reptiles. It liberated the people of Iraq from one of the most vicious dictatorships in the world, the regime of Saddam; It liberated the people of Afghanistan from the backward and reactionary Taliban regime.

Glory to the Heroic Warriors

Glory to the Matyrs

Victory to the Free World

Shame and Defeat for the Evil Terrorists

Submitted by

Yemeni-Americans and Yemeni-Canadians

(110 signatories below the fold)

Among them

1-Ali Muthanna Saleh

2-Abduljabbar Saleh

3-Nabeel Saleh

4-Yusuf Saleh

5-Jannin Mansur

6-Fowzi Almansur

7-Abdullah Mohammed

8-Faris Obeid

9-Abdulhakeem Rubo

10-Mohammed Alasri

11-Abdo Musleh

12-Abdulbassit Alasri

13-Saleh Oweed

14-Ibrahim Obeid

15-Abdulbassit Obeid

16-Mohammed Saleh

17-Yassir Mohammed

18-Manni Almansoob

19-Ramzi Almansoob

20-Fateh Almansoob

21-Mohamed Muhsin Hussein

22-Fadel Muhsin Hussein

23-Muhsin Abdullah Hussien

24-Khalid Mohamed Muhsin

25-Fahed Muthenna Saeed

26-Manni Aqeed

27-Bilal Ali

28-Tariq Ali

29-Abdulfattah Fadel

30-Fadel Ali

31-Mohamed Alamari

32-Musa Ali

33-Essam Ahmed

34-Marwan Ahmed

35-Ahmed Hussein Ghaleb

36-Ahmed Ali Saleh

37-Alex Saeed

38-Ahmed Musa

39-Akram Saeed

40-Burkan Alaskari

41-Aad Abaddi

42-Majdi Alshoaibi

43-Mohammed Ali

44-Abdulfattah Mihdar

45-Jalal Amr

46-Jamal Salam

47-Abd rubo Dabool

48-Zaid Aldarweesh

49-Musid Ali

50-Ahmedi Saleh

51-William Aljebri

52-Shareef Ahmed Ghaleb

53-Fatima Almaysri

54-Kathleen Ali

55-Martha Ali

56-Fenda Sharif

57-Safiya Aldarweesh

58-Aliya Aldarweesh

59-Yusra Ahmed Ghaleb

60-Asma Ali Alhori

61-Amal Ali Alhori

62-Saba Ali Alhori

63-Mazna Amir

64-Washington Ali

65-Daniel Aldarweesh

66- Majed Ahmed Ghaleb

67-Yusuf Ali

68-Mohamed Aldarweesh

69-Mazin Ahmed Ghaleb

70-Marwan Amir

71-Nasr Ahmed Ghaleb

72-Hussein Ahmed Ghaleb

73-Mejdi Sulaiman

74-Mohammed Ali Alhori

75-Saned Abdullrub Haidar

76-Abdullah Almashlami

77-Ali Mohamed Sakran

78-Yehya Mohamed Almiswahi

79-Abdullah Alajnahi

80-Ahmed Jobah

81-Dhaffir Almaysari

82-Abdullah Muthanna

83-Abdulaziz Alabadi

84-Musa Alshoaybغ

85-Amr Saleh

86-Abdullah Alrubayee

87-Muhsin Muthenna

88-Maher Ahmed Hussein

89-Fowzi Amr

90-Ali Hussein Alhuri

91-Mohamed Ali Alhuri

92-Hejaj Ali Alhuri

93-Anna Waksin

94-Ahmed Abdalah Aldakeeni

95-Abdulah Haidar

96-Abdulhakim Almaflahi

97-Burhan Mohamed Saleh

98-Naji Amir

99-Joshua James Jalab

100-Arif Albasi

101-Mohamed Muthanna Ali

102-Tofeek Saeed Amir

103-Saeed Muhsin’

104-Abdallah Hussein

105-Shalal Hussein

106-Ali Saleh

107-Naji Ali

108-Deen Hussein

109-Jack Aldalee

110-Anees Atifa

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Complaint Against Mark Steyn Dismissed

Based upon previous decisions by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, this report is a little surprising.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission has dismissed a complaint by a Muslim organization against Maclean’s, ruling that the views expressed in one of the magazine's articles were not “of an extreme nature.”

The Canadian Islamic Congress had alleged that the article written by Mark Steyn entitled "The Future Belongs to Islam" and posted on the magazine’s website in October 2006 discriminated and spread hatred against Muslims.

The article, an excerpt of a book authored by Steyn, talks about Islam being a threat to North American institutions and values.

Nevertheless, the fact that the Human Rights Commission acts as the official opinion police is extreme political correctness which serves little but injustice.

Tip: Garduneh Mehr

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Obama For Equal Pay for Women

In theory, but in practice he pays his male staffers more, Over 6K more.

In contrast top Senator McCain who actually hires more women and pays them well. He also gets more done with fewer staffers.

Amazing! Obama scolded McCain for failing to support federal legislation in this issue of equal pay. But no wonder. The more conservative McCain did not need to be forced by legislation to do the right thing.

Obama on the other hand may have wanted a law to force himself to do the right thing? Because for liberals the right thing only becomes the right thing once there is a law.

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Al-Nashiri Charged in USS Cole Bombing

The Pentagon has charged Gitmo detainee Abdelrahim al-Nashiri in the October 2000 USS Cole bombing which left 17 US service members killed and 49 wounded in the port of Aden, Yemen. Charges include:

• conspiracy to violate the law of war
• murder in violation of the law of war
• treachery or perfidy
• terrorism
• destruction of property in violation of the law of war
• intentionally causing serious bodily injury
• providing material support to terrorism
• attempted murder

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Barack Obama: "I will never question the patriotism of others..."


Host of Obama's first fundraiser, Bill Ayers, standing on the American flag.

Hat Tip: Protein Wisdom.

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What I Want to Know

Is; how in blue blazes can the Taliban cross the border into Afghanistan, kidnap two Afghans, cross the border again, Issue a call to an execution in which 5000 people including a top Taliban leader named Waliur Rehman and AP stringers show up and yet no bomb falls upon them?

WTF? How does this happen? Is someone asleep at the predator hellfire missile switch or what?

The poor men murdered by the Taliban were as good as dead already. But how we can let such a giant bulls-eye of Taliban militants and supporters go? If we aren't willing to drop a 2000 pounder on groups like these, we might as well pack up our toys and go home.


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Ahmadinejad Accuses U.S. of Assassination Plot

(Tehran, Iran) Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has accused the U.S. of attempting to assassinate him using high-intensity X-rays.

Ahmadinejad has promised to provide proof.

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European Transportation Space Requirements

In Europe, the minimum space guidance specified for transporting people and farm animals on trains is as follows. Data are in square meters per kilogram of live animal/person.

Chickens - 0.02

Goats - 0.0086

Calves - 0.008

People - 0.0062

Therefore, if people complain that they are being packed in commuter trains like farm animals, they should be corrected. Farm animals are allocated considerably more space according to European Union and British government requirements.

Some animals are simply more equal. Chickens, for example, get to enjoy more than three times the space allocated for humans.

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June 29, 2008

Amnesty is McMaverick's "Top Priority Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"

Via LGF:

“It would be my top priority yesterday, today and tomorrow,” McCain said in response to a question about whether he would pursue a comprehensive approach beyond his campaign promise to secure the border in his first 100 days in office...

And, in remarks that could inflame those Republican border hawks, the Arizona senator made clear he would not just seek to secure the border first, as he promised in the primary.

“We have to secure our borders—that’s the message,” McCain said. “But we also must proceed with a temporary worker program that is verifiable and truly temporary.”

I realize it's heresy to even suggest that our nation may not be all that secure under President McCain, but the more of this crap I read, the harder it is to "keep the faith".

Actually, that's a lie. I never HAD the faith.

What I meant to say is that the more of this stuff I read, the harder it is to pretend that the McCain boosters aren't stark raving loony.

I hear those of you who support McCain as the lesser of two evils. That's rational and understandable.

There are, however, those McCainiacs out there who have convinced themselves that a McCain administration would turn out pretty alright.

Those folks are completely delusional.

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Google's Blogspot: Anti-Obama? No Way! Pro-Osama? Free Speech

John Stephenson e-mails with the news that Google has shut down an anti-Barrack Obama website. Go read the post for an explanation on how blogspot users are probably to blame.

Meanwhile, websites like this? Google appears to have no problem with them.

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British Warn of Ambulance Bombs

Britain's FBI equivalent, MI5, has issued a warning that al-Qaeda terrorists are suspected of planning to buy used ambulances, fire trucks and police cars to launch suicide bomb attacks in Britain.

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June 28, 2008

Who is this guy? UK Terror Suspect on the Run

Yesterday a man charged with multiple terror related offenses in Britain skipped bail. That's right, in the UK they let you out on bail if you're a suspected terrorist.

The man has only been identified as a 23 (or 24, depending on which paper you read) year old who had charged with "conspiracy to cause explosions and conspiracy to murder". His bail conditions were such that he was under virtual house arrest, with one noted exception: he was allowed out of the house daily to say prayers at the local mosque.

Man suspected of being a terrorist is allowed to go to mosque. Brilliant!

He left a suicide note and is currently being hunted by the British authorities. Police deny the suicide note was a martyr's last will as is common among terrorist suicide murderers.

But it seems odd that British authorities are not naming the suspected terrorist. It's quite common in Britain for authorities to forbid newspapers from carrying the names of persons accused of crimes. But terrorism? You'd think they'd want the help of the public in finding this man. After all, what if the suicide note was just a ruse?

So, any one have any info on the identity of this guy? I've done some Googling around, but can't seem to figure out who is currently out on bail but will be tried for terrorism later this year.

And really, this deserves it's own post, but it's Saturday night and my outrage meter is already through the roof: Abu Hamza passed messages from his UK prison cell to Ayman Zawahiri.

Seriously Britain, WTF???

Thanks to Cindy

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Finally: A Candidate Other Than Anteater Worth Voting For

Brutally Honest vs. Anteater? Just watch the video. That's some pretty funny stuff right there.

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Weak Leader Silences Blog

Lt. G is ordered to stop blogging. That sucks. The Armorer isn't amused.

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Media Bias? What Media Bias??

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June 27, 2008

Hot Friday Night Good Gay Rock & Roll Action

Its kinda POP but the good gay factor overrides that.

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Today's Palestinian Islamic Jihad Sites Hosted in Texas

Another day, another round of websites run by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) hosted in Texas. Action info below.

Official newsletter of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.


http://www.alnashrah.org/ =
The Planet NOC
Houston, TX
OrgAbusePhone: 1-281-714-3560
OrgAbuseEmail: abuse@theplanet.com


Website dedicated to the late Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Fathi Shikaki and run by the PIJ.


http://www.shikaki.net/ =
SoftLayer Technologies Inc.
Dallas, TX
RAbusePhone: 1-214-442-0605
RAbuseEmail: abuse@softlayer.com

The al Quds Brigade of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.


http://www.sarayaalquds.org/ =
SoftLayer Technologies Inc.
Dalas, TX
RAbusePhone: 1-214-442-0605
RAbuseEmail: abuse@softlayer.com

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Two Indicted in Death of Marine

(Cleveland, Ohio) Last January, 21-year-old Marine Lance Cpl. Robert Crutchfield was shot point-blank in the neck during a robbery at a Cleveland bus stop. Crutchfield was kept alive until May 18 when he died of an infection. The thieves got away with $8.

Flag-Draped Coffin.jpg

Yesterday, two men were indicted by a Cuyahoga County grand jury for Corporal Crutchfield's death. Ean Farrow, 19, and Thomas Ray III, 20, of Cleveland will face charges of aggravated murder, murder, kidnapping, felonious assault, and aggravated robbery.


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Why You Should Buy The Last Patriot

Next week Brad Thor's The Last Patriot will finally be officially released. I received an advance copy of the book some time ago, read it, loved it, have said a few things about it from time to time, but have never fully reviewed the book.

Since this book needs to be on every shelf in America, it's about time I got around to giving it a more thorough review. I won't recap the novel, but direct you to watch th short promo vid at the end of this post for a teaser.

There are two kind of people who should have this book:
1) Those who will want to read it.
2) Those who need to read it.

I'm firmly in the first camp. I like the pro-America thriller genre and Brad Thor's Scott Harvath is the kind of hero I can identify with.

If you like fast paced action, a hero who kills the bad guy and gets the girl, then here's a book for you. Formulaic? Not really. The thriller generally gives you all of the above, but for some odd reason authors are almost never content letting the terrorist really be the bad guy. Instead, the final twist tends to be that the bad guy is really being controlled from behind the scenes by an apparent good guy.

In the most formulaic and uninteresting of thrillers some high powered Washington insider (the President, a Senator, or some one in the Pentagon) uses some terrorist organization as a pretext for some other political goal. In the most hacky of these thrillers the true motive all along for some act of terror is for the right-wing to sieze power and trample on your civil liberties. Wow, that's some twist. Didn't see that one coming.

It's why I don't usually read the thriller genre. Because no matter how well the action is written and no matter how fast paced the plot, the twists and intrigue presented in them are wholly and utterly unbelievable.

But I keep coming back to the Scott Harvath novels. At least once a week I get an e-mail from a publicist wishing to send me a freebie. I always decline. If I want to read a book, I'll just go buy the damn thing. In the years I've been blogging I've only made one exception to this rule. I was on vacation when I got an offer to get a copy of Brad Thor's Blowback. I've been a fan ever since.

Why am I a fan? Because Scot Harvath is the kind of alter ego I can relate to. And the twists and intrigue in a Brad Thor book may be unlikely--which is what makes any thriller interesting--but they are also believable. The twist on who was really behind this or that terrorist act? This Saudi playboy prince or that Syrian intelligence officer?

This I can relate to. This I like. Given what I know about The Jawa Report audience, I think you'll enjoy Thor's books too. The Last Patriot will not disappoint.

The second type of person who should buy The Last Patriot are those that need to read it. Why? Because of all of Thor's books, this one most directly and forcefully challenges the reader to examine the deeply rooted traditions of Islam and how those traditions directly relate to modern terrorism.

The plot of the book revolves around the search for a final revelation given to Muhammad rejecting those versus in the Quran which embrace the use of violence in spreading and enforcing Islam. In providing context for the story, Thor explains how the words of the Quran are used to justify violence, terrorism, and oppression.

Short of giving your friends Robert Spencer's A Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam, I can think of no better way to get a quick and yet accurate understanding of traditional Islam's connection to modern terror than through reading The Last Patriot.

Thor's book isn't the first to novelize and make accessible concepts which fly in the face of political correctness. I cannot help to draw a comparison between The Last Patriot and Michael Crichton's State of Fear. In the same way that State of Fear made science skeptical of global warming accessible to a wider audience, The Last Patriot will surely open the eyes of many Americans to the threat of political Islam and its apologist enablers in the US.

Islam, as it has been traditionally understood, does use violence to spread its message. Islam, as it has been traditionally understood, does justify terrorizing the nonbelievers. Islam, as it has been traditionally understood, does justify ruthless oppression of dissent.

The predictability of the death fatwa that Brad Thor is sure to get is as close to certainty one can get about future events. Any public figure declaring that violence is part of the mainstream Islamic tradition is sure to receive more than a few death threats. Irony, like math, is apparently not something taught in madrassas.

Now, let me plug the book in one final way. If you like Dan Brown, but find it laughable that militant Catholics would run around killing people in order to keep a secret, you'll love this book.

A monk who murders to keep alive traditional theology? Er, right. Or, even worse, the would-be Pope from Angels and Demons willing to do the same? Laughable, and yet parenthetically we're all still waiting for that encyclical demanding Dan Brown's head be removed from his neck.

Don't get me wrong, I like Dan Brown's novels. In fact, I've made it a point to to visit Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh & the Temple Church in London because of The DaVinci Code. But the underlying intrigue? Complete fantasy.

But the notion that Muslims would kill to keep alive traditional Islam? This isn't fantasy, it's reality. Every day people die around the world because some group of Muslims decide that it is their duty to kill in the name of Allah. And the vast majority of those victims are Muslims themselves.

But the comparison to Dan Brown goes deeper than that. Part of the intrigue of the book has to do with Thomas Jefferson's own fascination with Islamic supremacy. In The Last Patriot, Thomas Jefferson is the key to unlocking the mystery of Muhammad's final revelation just as Leonardo is to unlocking the mystery of the Holy Grail in The DaVinci Code.

In sum, if you are a Dan Brown fan, buy this book. If you are a fan of thrillers, buy this book. If you have a liberal friend who apologetically equivocates Islam with all other religions, buy this book. You'll be glad you read it and your friends may just learn a thing or two about the reason Islamic terrorists do the things they do.

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Zionist Hackers pwn Hamas

I can haz mad haqing skillz? JPOST:

A ring-wing Israeli group hacked into websites of organizations and activist groups Thursday, including those of the armed wing of Hamas, Izzadin Kassam, and left-wing Israeli organizations. The group of hackers, calling themselves the 'Extremist Zealots,' boasted that they had broken into numerous sites.

Izzadin Kassam's site displayed a blank white screen and Hebrew text notifying of a technical error...

The lyrics from the Israeli national anthem 'Hatikva' were also posted on the sites in Hebrew, as well as pictures of Palestinian babies dressed as suicide bombers with the caption, 'Murderers from Birth.'

It looks lke the cyber jihadis have responded by a ddos attack against the JPOST who's servers seem to be overloaded with information packet requests.

Thanks to Scott.

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Another Stupid Commie for Nationalizing Oil

Wow, it's so idiotic I don't even know what to say. So what if gas is cheap in dictatorial, and corrupt oil producing nations? And the price of bread in the Soviet Union was nearly free. It had nothing to do with the profit motive and everything to do with the motive of controlling the population. Hell, this goes back to Roman times. He who controls the masses controls everything.

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ATTN: Youtube User laith88


You lose!


I told you so, did I not?

Special thanks to: Revenge of the Kaizer.

This guy was running an old al-Furqan (al-Qaeda) propaganda video called "The Missing" which featured the body of Major Troy Gilbert who was killed in Iraq. The video claimed that ISI could not return or trade the body of an infidel, although we regularly return the bodies of terrorists to their families.

I've had contact with Troy's family and those he served with. It was our pleasure to take this ass hat down.

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Imprisoned Yemeni Journalist's Daughter Describes His Arrest

This is a short interview with Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani's little daughter, Eeba, via Hub. Al-Khaiwani was recently imprisoned, sentenced to six years in jail for an article about the war in northern Yemen. Eeba says the when the thugs were pounding his head into the street, al-Khaiwani motioned to her to go back inside the house.

And its still not to late to sign a letter. There's over 1500 signatures so far.

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June 26, 2008

Abu Sayyaf Terrorists Reduced to "Plain Bandits"

Good news!

(Manila, Philippines) Due to persistent pressure from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), the al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) has been reduced to "plain bandits" experiencing a leadership vacuum, says AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Alexander B. Yano.

To be realistic, though, there are still many hiding places. The Philippines is mostly mountainous islands covered with jungle.

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Long war Journal: AL Qaeda used my images in their latest tape on Iraq

Bill Roggio reports that Al Qaeda in Iraq used four of his images.

Al Furqan used footage taken by this reporter in the immediate aftermath of the suicide attack at Combat outpost Inman in its latest video. Four images from In Pictures: Suicide car bomb attacks at Combat Outpost Inman were used in the al Qaeda propaganda video to detail the aftermath of the attack
While we are on the subject of Al Qaeda's media wing what has become of Adam Gadahn. Its been six months since that missile strike on the compound that was housing al-Libi. Rumors flew at the time of the strike that one of those killed was the traitor Adam Gadahn...but still no real word on his fate. Its time we call him out ...where you at Adam? Come on Adam ....come out of hiding let the world know you survived. We know you are out there reading us and others.....send us a postcard from the cave.

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15 Years, and She Still Gets Me Hot and Bothered

The love of my life. The mother of my children. The woman who's prayers sustain me. The goddess of my household. Mrs. Rusty Shackleford.

15 years and the mystery of her goodness remains a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in another riddle. One lifetime is not enough time to unravel it.


Feel free to copy and paste the above, attributing it totally to yourself ... you heartless horny bastards.

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It Sure is Getting Crowded Under Obama's Bus

Obama bans another of his commiecrat buddies. Gee at this rate by the election Obama will be running all by himself.

Previous: Another Terrorist For Obama.

Larger Image here.

Credit Fasternu426 for the cool photo shop. Take it spread it around he says.

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Debra Lafave_small.jpgAdrienne Laflamme.jpg(Florida) Most readers remember Debra Lafave, the hot, young teacher who mixed it up with a 14-year-old male student on multiple occasions.

Now, Florida gives us Adrienne Laflamme, a 60-year-old, grandmotherly teacher who is accused of mixing it up with young male students on multiple occasions.

The boys in Florida schools have been bookended. On one side is the young beautiful teacher, luring male students. On the other side is the weathered, close-to-retirement teacher capturing the young fry as they attempt to escape.


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Canadians Against Suicide Bombings

Despite the Dorky theme song its not a bad idea to go after the networks that recruit suicide bombers AKA terrorists. You simply must go over to Dust my Broom and hear for yourself.

Note to Canadians Against Suicide Bombing: The target audience of your dorky song, al-Qaeda and the Taliban, does not listen to Music. They consider it Un-Islamic. Good thing for them, they might die laughing.

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Righteous One-Two Punch

The Fist of God, in the form of 1,000 lb. JDAM bombs, strikes down evildoers in Iraq:

And Afghanistan:

No more little boys' bums for you.

Thanks to LiveLeaker Iraqi Translator USMC.

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Supreme Court Strikes Down DC Handgun Ban

Kinda waiting on Ragnar the Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger. I'm sure he'll be along any minute now..

Via CNN: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Washington D.C.'s sweeping ban on handguns is unconstitutional.

The justices voted 5-4 against the ban with Justice Antonin Scalia writing the opinion for the majority.

At issue in District of Columbia v. Heller was whether the city's ban violated the Second Amendment right to "keep and bear arms" by preventing individuals -- as opposed to state militias -- from having guns in their homes.

District of Columbia officials argued they had the responsibility to impose "reasonable" weapons restrictions to reduce violent crime, but several Washingtonians challenged the 32-year-old law. Some said they had been constant victims of crimes and needed guns for protection.

UPDATE (RD) :The full text of the opinion is posted at SCOTUSBLOG. I won't know how pleased to be with the opinion itself until I have a chance to really break it down. (Allahpundit has a summary here.) That said, the fact that Scalia wrote the opinion definitely gives me reason for optimism, and it's hard to not be pleased with the core holding of the opinion: the Second Amendment protects an INDIVIDUAL right. The individual rights position is the only reasonable position on the issue, but having an official ruling from the Supreme Court setting it down in black and white is very big.

Update II (howie): Right on Cue Obama throws "Common Sense Laws" under the bus. Chicago's gun control laws are were the second most restrictive in the nation. Now they are the most restrictive in the nation.

Illinois gun laws are also very restrictive. So what does Obama call a "common sense restriction? Obama supports and voted, not once but twice, to outlaw the use of a firearm in an act of self-defense or defense of another.

Common sense my arse.

Update III: More on Obama's "Common Sense" here at Powerline.

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Help The Troops On The Front Lines

Today is the day of the From the Front Lines Telethon. It is an effort to send the largest care package to our men and women serving overseas...ever!

The telethon is hosted by Melanie Morgan & Michelle Malkin.

You can listen in here. and Hot Air">here at Hot Air starting at 4 PM EDT.

The link to sponsor care packages is here.

Also see Jammie Wearing Fool and Hot Air.

Embed of the show starting at 4 PM EDT below the fold.

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France Signs Nuke Agreement with Algeria

Algeria map.jpgIt appears that France wants to warm the chilled relations with its former colony by offering Algeria a nuclear plant.

France has signed a far-reaching nuclear agreement with its former colony Algeria. President Nicolas Sarkozy is committed to improving co-operation between Mediterranean countries and the European Union. However, not everyone is happy about Paris' attempts to find favour with Algeria.

'A memorandum of trust' is how French Prime Minister François Fillon described the agreement that he signed last weekend. The French prime minister was in Algiers to persuade Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to take part in the Mediterranean Union, a project that is dear to President Sarkozy's heart.

Last year, Sarkozy promised that Algeria would be the first Arab country to profit from French nuclear technology.

Frankly, giving nuclear technology to Algeria sounds like a bad idea. Al-Qaeda terrorists are there and keeping themselves busy. Earlier this month, two attacks resulted in 13 deaths.

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June 25, 2008

Chinese Missiles Deployed to Guard Olympics

From China Post:

BEIJING -- China has deployed surface-to-air missile batteries near its main Beijing Olympic venues as an apparent defence against airborne terror attacks on the Games.

An AFP reporter on Wednesday saw a pair of missile batteries in clear view under camouflage netting in a grassy area in northern Beijing about one kilometre (half a mile) south of the newly built National Stadium.

The stadium, known as the "Bird's Nest" for its design of interlacing steel beams, will play host to the opening and closing ceremonies and other major events during the Aug. 8-24 Olympics. China has embarked on a wide-ranging security crackdown ahead of the Games.

Heh. The missile batteries are hidden under camouflage netting to hide them while the media describes their locations with pinpoint accuracy.

Critics say that reported terror threats in China, primarily western Xinjiang Province, are exaggerated to provide the government with an excuse to crack down on dissent from the Chinese public.

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Gaddafi: Obama Ignorant of International Politics

Muammar Gaddafi.jpg(Libya) During a recent speech before thousands of Libyans, Dictator Moamar Gaddafi attacked Barack Obama for supporting Israel and said he was "ignorant of international politics."

If elected President of the United States, Gaddafi said, Barack Obama may behave "worse than whites" because he's black and feels inferior.


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The Irony Will Be Lost in Yemen

Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani was sentenced to six years in jail for an article that wasn't cheerful enough and "liable to undermine the morale of the military". Comedian Fahd al-Qarni is still in a Yemeni jail for singing a song that was too funny. Actually the song is so funny that when the prosecutor played it at trial as evidence, the entire courtroom burst out laughing, resulting in another trial delay.

In today's developments, journalist Mohammed al-Mokaleh, spent two months in jail for laughing during al-Khaiwani's trial. This week he was found guilty at his own trial of "attacking and defaming the judicial system" and given a six month suspended sentence.

However, the original judge refuses to respect the sentence and al-Makaleh remains in jail for defaming the judiciary. Do we get the irony here? The judge who refuses to implement the ruling is the one "attacking and defaming" the judiciary, not the guy who laughed in court. Its a zoo; even the judges treat the judiciary as subordinate to the elite shadow government that operates on vengeance not justice.

According to information before The International Press Institute (IPI), on 15 June, a Yemeni prosecutor accused Al-Mokaleh of "attacking and defaming the judicial system," for laughing out loud during the concluding moments of the trial of Abdelkarim Al-Khaiwani, former editor-in-chief of the Al-Shoura newspaper, in late April 2008. Al-Mokaleh, who is also the Secretary-General of the opposition Socialist Party, has been a vocal critic of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his policies....Despite efforts by an advisor to the President as well as several Yemeni members of parliament, the judge has refused to release Al-Mokaleh on bail
as required by the court.

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Pelosi Supports Law to Suppress Conservative Speech

Which goes by its Orwellian title, the "Fairness Doctrine":

Experts say that the “Fairness Doctrine,” which was ended under the Reagan Administration, would put a major burden on small radio stations in providing equal time to Rush Limbaugh and other conservative broadcasters, who are a potent political force. Rather than engage in the costly practice of providing that time, the experts conclude, many stations would simply not carry Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and other talk show hosts who are likely to generate demands for equal time...

...“Do you personally support revival of the ‘Fairness Doctrine?’” I asked.

“Yes,” the speaker replied, without hesitation.

Some animals really are more equal than other animals.

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Osama bin Laden Rides Triumphant at White House

An image posted by a Louisiana jihadi. If it's old, somehow I've missed it.

They still have the death sentence for traitors in LA, right?

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Two Mothers : A Profile in Contrasts (Video)

Looking at these two videos, it's quite obvious which of these two women knows what it is to live without freedom and which doesn't have a clue...

h/t : HotAir

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Make Like A Squirrel Barack

And bury those ACORNS!

Via Yahoo: If you don't know what ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is all about, you better bone up. This left-wing group takes in 40 percent of its revenues from American taxpayers -- you and me -- and has leveraged nearly four decades of government subsidies to fund affiliates that promote the welfare state and undermine capitalism and self-reliance, some of which have been implicated in perpetuating illegal immigration and encouraging voter fraud. A new whistleblower report from the Consumer Rights League claims that Chicago-based ACORN has commingled public tax dollars with political projects. Who in Washington will fight to ensure that your money isn't being spent on these radical activities?

Don't bother asking Barack Obama. He cut his ideological teeth working with ACORN as a "community organizer" and legal representative.

Hurry Obamamessiah! Throw the ACORNs under the bus now!

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John Lott to Canada : Handgun Bans Won't Cut Crime

Published in the National Post:

Everyone wants to take guns from criminals, but banning guns ends up meaning only criminals, not law-abiding citizens, have them. Just as it is extremely hard to stop illegal drugs from getting into Canada, drug gangs seem to find ways to bring in the guns. The weapons the Canadian border guards seize at the U. S. border are overwhelmingly from unwitting U. S. tourists. Few criminals smuggling guns are caught.

Possibly Toronto and Canada will somehow operate differently from the rest of the world, but gun control has become the ultimate scapegoat for politicians' failure to control crime. One hopes politicians will learn it is the law-abiding citizens, not criminals, who obey the bans.

Cross-posted at the Arsenal.

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Good News: Traitor Caught Tipping off Terror Suspect Still on D.C. Police Payroll!

Read this and then weep. I get that maybe the D.C. police have a pretty lengthy investigation and review process before formally disciplining an officer, and that during that process the officer should still be on the payroll, but what is it they're actually investigating in this instance? Muhammad Weiss Rasool admitted that he tipped off the subject of a federal terror investigation. He was convicted in a federal court. What gives?

Paul Sperry, the author of the article, suspects that Rasool's connection with CAIR is the asnwer. In this theory the D.C. police are so worried about appearing to be picking on Muslims that they are reluctant to take action against an admitted traitor.

Islamophobia, in their view, is the greater threat to life, limb, and liberty than terrorism. In the nation's capital. Where, you know, terrorists have no interest whatsoever of attacking.

Rasool, for his part, believes he will be reinstated. If he is, let's just hope the Heller opinion finally gives D.C. residents the right to own a gun. Because with people like Rasool on the force, maybe 9-11 isn't the best call you can make in a pinch.

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Saudis Detain "Hundreds" of al Qaeda Suspects

When I first heard the news this morning on Fox, it sounded like Saudi Arabia had arrested these suspects today. Nope. What Saudi Arabia is claiming is that it has detained 520 suspected al Qaeda terrorists since January. They also claim that the people rounded up were foreigners being directed by Ayman al-Zawahiri from Afghanistan.

Of course I believe that the Saudis really do have a problem with al Qaeda, what I don't get is why any one in the media would buy the way the Kingdom frames the problem as being externally directed by foreigners?

As if Saudis needed some motivation from without the Wahabbi state for acts of violence against apostates.

They also claim that al Qaeda is using theft and fraud to fund its activities on the Arabian Peninsula. Again, as if al Qaeda has ever had trouble raising funds from willing Saudi donors.

But buried in all of the Saudi spin are some interesting pieces of information. Reuters:

"They were acquiring money by any means including theft and fraud in order to fund terrorist activities inside and outside the country," the statement said. "They tried to exploit religious sentiment in the country through Internet propaganda."
Now that I can believe!

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Another Terrorist For Obama

Mike Klonsky is a former member of the Weather Underground Organization, former chairman of a Communist Party (Marxist Leninist) (CPML), and current blogger at the official Barack Obama website.

I was going to pass on this image sent to me from Bean, but suddenly it seems more relevant.

--> Image removed at request of copyright holder

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Sad News: Rusty Won't Be Emmigrating to Australia After All

Sorry Angelina and Scarlett, we'll just have to wait to legitimize this love triangle of ours. But there's always California ... there's always California: Australian AG rejects call to legalize polygamy from Muslim leaders.

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Introducing Sir Salman Rushie

sirrushdie.jpgToday Queen Elizabeth II knighted Salman Rushdie. Congratulation Sir Rushdie.

Via Yahoo: LONDON (AFP) - Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday gave the British author Salman Rushdie a knighthood which caused protests by Muslims around the world when it was announced last year.
Rushdie, 61, was knighted for his services to literature.

When the knighthood was announced in the queen's birthday honours list last June, it sparked condemnation from a number of Muslim countries and organisations.

Let the Asian Youth Riots begin!

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Life Imitates South Park Imitating Life, Again

When someone becomes a caricature of the caricature of themselves, is it still funny?

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June 24, 2008

Interview With Brad Thor At 9 EDT, 8 CDT

Dr. Blogstein will be interviewing Brad Thor about his new book, "The Last Patriot," tonight.

You can listen here.

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Muhammad: Statutory Rapist or Pedophile?

Watch the Lebanese interviewer's uncomfortable squirm as a Saudi cleric answers his question about whether Islam would allow a 12 year old boy to marry an 11 year old girl.

Guess the answer?


If you watch the whole clip it appears that the Lebanese interviewer had no idea that Muhammed married Aisha when she was only six years old and then had sex with her when she was nine.

In fact, most Muslims don't know this. It's quite uncomfortable for them to talk about. Or, if they do, they justify it on the grounds that Aisha was somehow special or that nine year old girls were early bloomers way back in the day.

Right, we believe that.

Now, I'm no prude, and as long time readers know I have a bit of a problem with equating statutory rape with rape. If a 21 year old guy has sex with a 15 year old girl it may be wrong but it's not rape. In my ideal world sex with underage girls would still be illegal, but would carry only a misdemeanor penalty.


Another problem I have is labeling such an act child molestation. Since the young person is legally still a child then the sex act is something akin to pedophilia the argument goes. It's the kind of sophistry you'd expect from activists and lawyers but not laypeople with any common sense.

Throughout the vast majority of human history post-pubescent teenagers have been considered adults. Changing the law to reflect how infantile modern man treats its young people will not change millions of years of evolutionary fact.

But just as stupid laws and the imprecise use of words do not change evolutionary biology, neither does religious dogma. There is a line at which the normal male lust for young bodies becomes unnatural. The line which crosses over into pedophilia: a lust for the prepubescent.


Pedophilia is always rape, and I don't just mean statutory rape, I mean rape. It is a vile, disgusting, unnatural, abusive act. Pedophiles should be castrated.

A lot of what gets bandied about in the media as "pedophilia" or "child molestation" just isn't. For instance, many of the Catholic Priests accused of "molesting children" were actually engaged in homosexual acts with teenage boys. Wrong? Yes. Doubly so because of the trust relationship that should exist between clergy and the laity. But "child molestation"? Uh, no. At least not when you're talking about 14 year olds.

But at some age those "kids" are really kids. Physically, biologically, evolutionarily children. The cute little things that we are instinctively supposed to want to protect.

What's the age? I don't know. 14? Probably not. 13? Probably crossed a line here buddy. 12? Dude, see that line back there. 11? 10?

But having sex with a nine year old? You're a certifiable child molesting pedophile. At this point, the Islamic punishments I normally think of as "barbaric" seem perfectly appropriate.

Which leads us back to the uncomfortable truth Muslims don't want to face about Mohammed. Why they don't want to talk about their Prophet having sex with a nine year old. Because on some basic instinctual level they know that this isn't only the sign of a person with poor judgment, but of a certifiable mentally disturbed sick pervert!

Yes, Muhammad was a pedophile. Yes, Muhammad was a sick bastard. Yes, if Muhammad was alive today he'd be serving time in a federal pound-me-in-the-ass penitentiary.

Thanks to Writer Mom. Let the hate mail begin!

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Anxiously Awaiting the Heller Opinion?

Me, too.

Based on the oral argument, a whole lot of commentators are predicting at least a majority for the proposition that the 2nd Amendment protects an individual right. Is it too much to hope for unanimity on that point? I think not. (What a sweet smackdown that would be...)

Some have conjectured that it's being written by Scalia, but who knows?

I predict a majority for the "individual right" view, along with a majority for the position that the D.C. ban is an unreasonable infringement of the citizens' individual right to keep and bear arms.

Will the Supremes set out some meaningful standard of review for similar laws? Seems like they'd have to. If so, what? Strict scrutiny (i.e., "hands off")? Rational basis (i.e., serious deference to local authority)? Some intermediate standard (i.e., "make it up as you go along")?

Feel free to share your predictions, if any, below.

Cross-posted at the Arsenal.

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Does John McCain Even Care About the Conservative Vote?

It's been said many times that McCain needs to do some "fence-mending" (or rather, "fence-building") to improve his standing with conservatives. Reconciliation ain't gonna happen on its own, and the only thing McCain's been doing to fences lately is running away from them.

Given McCain's actions since wrapping up the nomination, it's reasonable to infer that McCain thinks he can do just fine in November without the help of the disaffected conservatives. McCain seems to be much more interested in reaching out to the likes of La Raza and LULAC than he is in reaching the Republican base, as if he can make up for missing Republican votes by playing extra sweet with La Raza. Ronald Reagan pulled in 37% of the "hispanic" vote. Think the Maverick can best the Gipper? Good luck with that. In a recent letter to McCain, Tom Tancredo asks:

Senator, given your past sponsorship of amnesty legislation, [your] statements raise troubling questions. Are you planning to break a promise you made in February to postpone all other immigration reform legislation until we have first secured our borders?
I'm thinking the answer to that question is: "Si!" but I'll reserve final judgment pending a response (or lack thereof) from McCain.

For her part, Michelle is resigned to the idea that the GOP nominee pretty much sucks big time:

adding another Beltway political strategist to the McCain camp isn’t going to fix an un-fixable ... problem. It’s not fundamentally flawed messaging, it’s a fundamentally flawed candidate. The sooner Republicans reconcile themselves to that, the better.

Ace is still puzzled by the whole thing:

I don't know how the fuck we wound up with this guy.
And then there's John Hawkins of Right Wing News, who announced, not too long ago, the withdrawal of his support for McCain:
Not only is he not a conservative, he may have done more damage to the conservative movement than any other Republican over the last few years.
As near as I can tell, John McCain could pretty much give a damn what the conservatives think. He got where he is without much help from conservatives, and may not think he'll be needing much help from conservatives in the future.. McCain may really believe that a big flood of "hispanic" McCainiacs will make up for low turnout among pro-border Republicans. I really don't see that happening, but what do I know?

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Connecting the Dots

Hurry and read this at Dumb Still Looks Free. A Jacksonian is being pressured to take it down, which means he's probably on to something. Here's a taste for ya

To start out lets get on with Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) smiling his way to the nomination, if only he could shake the pesky associations with the Chicago Mob, its ties to the Democratic Machine and the relationship with one Antoin "Tony" Rezko. It is not everyday that one gets to see a Presidential candidate appear on the witness list of reputed mobster, and we might even get to hear the money exchanges between said mobster, Tony Rezko, Michelle Obama's interest in the neighbor's yard, and a bit of funding coming from the mobster's friend, Nadhmi Auchi, to help pay for the deal so that Mrs. Obama could have some 'gardening space' which would, more or less, include a whole lot next door.
Hat Tip: Larwyn.

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FBI Most Wanted Terrorist Has Had a Virginia Hosted Website

This guy:

Has Had a website:

Located here:


But now it looks like this.


A little message to Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah...

..you've been PWN3D!

Do you want to do something about this? Go here for complaint info.

Previously on falestiny.net:
FBI Most Wanted Terrorist Has a US Hosted Website!
US Companies Helping Palestinian Islamic Jihad

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US forces kill al Qaeda's leader in Mosul

Bill Roggio reports on another success:

US Special Operations Forces scored a major victory in Mosul today. US forces killed al Qaeda's emir, or leader, of the northern city during a raid on a safe house.

The emir, who has not been named, was killed after a Special Operations Forces team form Task Force 88, the hunter-killer teams assigned to take down terrorists in Iraq, stormed a building in Mosul. The commandos opened fire after one of the terrorists attempted to detonate his suicide vest was shot and another reached for a pistol. A woman with the group attempted to detonate the vest on the dead al Qaeda operative.

The takedown of al Qaeda's emir in Mosul is the latest blow to the terror network in the North. On June 20, Coalition forces detained al Qaeda's security emir in Mosul. His predecessor was captured just two months prior, and his predecessor was captured in February.

Read the rest. Good job Team America!

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A Day in the Life of a Hero

Lance Corporal Christopher Aldesperger, awared the Navy Cross posthumously for heroic actions in Fallujah, remembered:

Aldesperger rushed forward, engaging a concealed machine gun position while he helped Rogero and Sunnerville to the only cover available, the stairwell to the roof. Once secure in the realtive safety of the rooftop, Aldesperger single handed held off insurgents who tried to storm the stairway. With blood streaming down his shrapnel peppered face, he watching in silent rage while insurgents peppered the lifeless body of L/Cpl. Hodges with bullets, including two head shots. When one insurgent rushed forward to grab Hodges weapon, Aldesperger dropped him with one round.
Read the rest.

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Pigs Fly: NYT Praises Bush & Surge Strategy

David Brooks on why Bush's stubbornness has led to success in Iraq, a success that many on the Left still will not admit to. My lengthy comments follow, so I put it all below the fold.


The cocksure war supporters learned this humbling lesson during the dark days of 2006. And now the cocksure surge opponents, drunk on their own vindication, will get to enjoy their season of humility. They have already gone through the stages of intellectual denial. First, they simply disbelieved that the surge and the Petraeus strategy was doing any good. Then they accused people who noticed progress in Iraq of duplicity and derangement. Then they acknowledged military, but not political, progress. Lately they have skipped over to the argument that Iraq is progressing so well that the U.S. forces can quickly come home.

But before long, the more honest among the surge opponents will concede that Bush, that supposed dolt, actually got one right. Some brave souls might even concede that if the U.S. had withdrawn in the depths of the chaos, the world would be in worse shape today.

First the Washington Post, and now the New York Times jumping on the surge bandwagon? It's a trend folks.

Thanks to Bill Quick for pointing the article out. Let me just respond to Bill by saying this: the argument in the article is not that we shouldn't have invaded Iraq, it is that once the invasion happened those calling for our immediate pullout based on the theory that our very presence caused much of the violence have been proven wrong.

Was the invasion a mistake? I think the answer is yes. But the invasion happened. It's history. That war was to topple a regime, and it worked.

Now we fight in order to ensure Iraq does not become the next Afghanistan, ruled by either Khomeinist or Salifist jihadis. It was not the central front in the war on terror when we went in, but it became that front once the country became chaotic. Yes we helped create the conditions which led to Iraq becoming a hotbed of Islamist terror, but simply ignoring those conditions since we are partly culpable for their creation is a recipe for disaster.

It sounds very Buchananesque, doesn't it, in its reasonable and almost academic like analysis of the initial mistakes? World War I was a mistake,and since the conditions created partly by us in WWI were a mistake then, by implication, WWII was also a mistake. The premise is correct, but the conclusions drawn from the initial premise do not necessarily flow from it.

Mistakes are always made in history. But actions have consequences, and the blame game does not help us deal with those consequences as they exist now.

Had we followed Harry Reid or Barrack Obama's advice and pulled out of Iraq in 2006-2007, we would now be facing three Iraqs: A sunni Taliban-like state, a shia Iran-like state, and a secular Kurdish state.

Only one of those states would have been even marginally an ally.

Worse, the Islamist worldview as articulated by Osama bin Laden, that the US lacks the nerve to fight the long fight, would have been vindicated. This is a long war we are in. It's a civilizational war. If we retreat we will only be doing exactly what are enemies want.

Contrary to popular belief, our enemies are not particularly interested in harming the US for the sake of harming us. The point of terrorism is not to terrorize for its own sake. The point of terrorism is to terrorize us so that we will do something they wish us to do. Think the Madrid bombings.

Sure our enemies want to hurt us because they hate us, but they hate us because of our foreign policy. What they are interested in doing is getting us to withdraw from the world stage so they can focus on replacing secular regimes with Islamist ones. They hate us because they see us as the major stumbling block to that goal.

Withdrawal from Iraq would have helped them in achieving at least one short-term goal. I'm not sure if the Islamic State of Iraq with its capital in Ramadi would have been able to control all of Sunnistan, but it should be remembered that the Taliban never controlled all of Afghanistan. The day before 9/11 the Taliban assassinated their greatest enemy from the Northern Alliance. At best Sunni Iraq would have been thrown into a long term state of civil war with pockets controlled by Islamists, at worst it would have become the new world headquarters of al Qaeda.

And for those who now see Iraq as a client state of Iran, what do you make of al-Maliki's government now taking on the Iranian controlled Shia militias?

Pointing out the many flaws in the al-Maliki government is a masturbatory exercise in futility, especially for those of us who are skeptical of the democracy project in general. The Iraqi government is a deeply flawed ally, but name another ally in the Muslim world--whether they came to power through elections, through heredity, or through junta--which isn't equally flawed? Again, remembering that we are talking about allies here, and not friends.

Winning this second war in Iraq against Islamist forces is critical to U.S. national interests, even if the first war against the Baathist regime was not. We cannot afford to lose this one, and its good to see that some in the MSM are coming around.

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Good News: The Next 9/11 Could be from Bill Gates' Private Jet

The next 9/11? Think small private jets used as missiles. The report claims these jets could be hijacked since small airport security is so lax, and then used in suicide attacks Muhammad Atta style.

But think about it, why would they need to hijack anything? Doesn't King Abdullah and fam collect these things like Jay Leno does steampowered automotrons?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:41 AM | Comments |

Is Mohmammad Atta the Jessica Simpson of the Online Jihadis?

The Washington Post is doing a series of feature length articles on 'eQaeda". A number of related links and a video interview of Evan Kohlmann on the online jihad.

The money quote from the video? Muhammad Atta as the radical Islamist version of Jessica Simpson.

Here's a highlight from Craig Whitlock's story which appeared today:

The war against terrorism has evolved into a war of ideas and propaganda, a struggle for hearts and minds fought on television and the Internet. On those fronts, al-Qaeda's voice has grown much more powerful in recent years. Taking advantage of new technology and mistakes by its adversaries, al-Qaeda's core leadership has built an increasingly prolific propaganda operation, enabling it to communicate constantly, securely and in numerous languages with loyalists and potential recruits worldwide....

U.S. and European intelligence officials attribute the al-Qaeda propaganda boom in part to the network's ability to establish a secure base in the ungoverned tribal areas of western Pakistan....

"In many, many ways, the damage has already been done," said Evan F. Kohlmann, an expert on al-Qaeda's online operations who serves as a consultant to the FBI, Scotland Yard and other agencies. "It certainly would have been a lot easier if the U.S. government had taken this seriously back in 2004. Back then, these guys were looked upon as miscreants and cretins, like they were just Internet terrorists and not for real." ...

"It is clear that they are under no real pressure," said Diaa Rashwan, an analyst at al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies in Cairo. "They are very relaxed. They have plenty of time to go to their film archives and edit their productions."

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:18 AM | Comments |

Personal Note to the Taliban's Online Minions

Having trouble accessing your e-mail Murchal? Your lame attempt at tit-for-tat retaliation did not go unnoticed.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:04 AM | Comments |

ChiComs Demolish Mosque, Steal Qurans

(Xinjiang Province, China) The Chinese government tore down a mosque and stole all the Qur'ans because it didn't display signs in support of the Olympics. Islam has been insulted.

The story probably won't hit the MSM.

UPDATE by Rusty: Why not riots in the Muslim world?

By at 09:36 AM | Comments |

Palestinians in Gaza Violate Truce

Well, that didn't last long, how predictable...

Via Reuters: JERUSALEM, June 24 (Reuters) - Palestinians fired a mortar shell into Israel from the Gaza Strip, the Israeli military said on Tuesday, in the first reported violation by militants of a ceasefire along the border with the Hamas-controlled terrritory.

The attack occurred on Monday night but the army confirmed the incident only in the morning. There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Afterward Israel conducted a raid to arrest an Islamic Jihad terrorist, killing him and two other terrorists. Which prompted Islamic Jihad to fire more rockets back into Israel.

By Howie at 09:07 AM | Comments |

"Lost" Amazon Tribe Found 98 Years Ago

notsolosttribe.jpgHeh, it seems someone thought that the evil loggers harvesting wood in the Amazon were justification for making up the "lost tribe".

Via The Buzz: A few months ago, mainstream news outlets (including, ahem, Yahoo!) reported that a photographer had found a lost tribe of warriors near the Brazilian-Peruvian border. Photos of the tribe backed up his claim.

As it turns out, the story is only half true. The men in the photo are members of a tribe, but it certainly ain't "lost." In fact, as the photographer, José Carlos Meirelles, recently explained, authorities have known about this particular tribe since 1910.

Personally I find clear cutting the rain forest or and forest to be a bit nasty. But there is such a things as sustainable harvesting. The Amish pull about 60 grand in hardwood timber out of my neighbor's property every 10 years. Doesn't hurt a thing and can be done like this forever. They take the logs and he heats his home with the rest.

By Howie at 08:53 AM | Comments |

June 23, 2008

Where in the World?

If you are reading this, you are here:

Pretty neat little site here. (ht: Hot Air)

Now that you've got your bearings, the Anteater would like a word with you --->


By Good Lt. at 08:46 PM | Comments |

Obama campaign drops seal on podium

HopeChange has flipped on his seal......or is this a flop?

WASHINGTON (Map, News) - After days of media mockery, Barack Obama has decided to stop using a presidential-looking seal that his campaign designed and affixed to his podium on Friday.

Journalists said the seal, which features an eagle clutching arrows and an olive branch, smacks of arrogance. John McCain's camp had a field day, calling the seal “laughable, ridiculous, preposterous and revealing - all at the same time.”

Read more below the fold

By at 06:24 PM | Comments |

CA Homegrown Terrorist Gets 22 Years

Levar Washington pleaded guilty to terror related charges back in December, but was sentenced to 22 years today. I'll go ahead and link to Holger Awakens who reprints this:

When authorities searched Washington's apartment they found plans for attacks against military facilities, synagogues and Israeli offices.Washington told the court that the group acted out of opposition to U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and they chose gas stations to rob because oil is a political symbol.
The ringleader, Kevin James (no, not the tubby guy from King of Queens) has yet to be sentenced.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:59 PM | Comments |

Smack YouTube Bitch Up!

A new blog dedicating to smacking up the jihadis at YouTube. Don't forget the official YouTube Smackdown website.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:48 PM | Comments |

Nobody's right, if everybody's wrong

This article by Howard Altman, Do Cybersleuths Fight Terrorism or Cause Trouble?, immediately brought to mind the line from Buffalo Springfield's For What It's Worth.

If nobody's right, everybody's wrong.

On one side the professionals saying "cybersleuths" should butt out of the counter-intel/counter-agitprop game. On the other side amateur counter-jihadis saying the professionals are using an outmoded paradigm.

All of the complaints the professionals have against the amateurs have merit: they get in the way, they mess up ongoing investigations, they make unsubstantiated claims, they collect evidence in a sloppy and sometimes illegal way, websites taken down simply pop up elsewhere, etc.

All of the complaints the amateurs have against the professionals have merit: they are hamstrung by outmoded legal rules, the do not fully appreciate the role of propaganda in producing future terrorists, they treat online terrorism as a crime protected by normal evidentiary rules, they do not have the manpower necessary to do the needed work, etc.

A comprehensive strategy for dealing with the cyberjihad would combine an effort at shutting down certain jihadi websites, while closely monitoring others for intelligence.

One cannot shut down all of these websites, nor is it desirable. There is at least some intel value in keeping some of them open.

Neither can one monitor all of them. The notion that there is a giant computer deep in the salt mines of West Virginia monitoring all websites and e-mail communications is a myth. Thousands of websites require hundreds of people manning them constantly. The professionals just aren't doing this.

A comprehensive strategy would funnel ehadis from the hundreds of peripheral websites to the dozen or so websites at the heart of the online jihad. Monitoring a few websites is much more feasible.

The lesson here is that amateurs often don't know what they are doing and sometimes through their ignorance interfere with the work of the professionals. The professionals may know what they're doing, but continue to work piecemeal, with no grand strategy, and without the resources necessary to do their jobs.

Thanks to Bill Warner.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:01 PM | Comments |

More Judge Porn

Patterico has more of Judge Kozinski’s porn. Kozinski's wife claims the images and video aren't porn, and that her husband is the victim of a smear campaign. He maybe the victim of a smear campaign, but at what point did a video of a couple having sex in a baseball stadium become not porn? Or an explicit video of a woman giving a guy a handjob in a car --including the money shot-- become not porn? Or "contortionist sex"?

Porn and funny are not mutually exclusive categories.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:06 PM | Comments |

Taliban Issue Burqa Warning

Taliban in the Mohmand Agency have warned women to either wear burqas or face punishment. Code Pink not available for comment.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:38 PM | Comments |

Nine Christians Kidnapped in Pakistan by 'Militants'

With 73% of Pakistanis believing that the war in Afghanistan is really a plot by Christians & Jews against Muslims, it's surprising so few Christians in Pakistan are systematically kidnapped and murdered: Between 9-25 Christians kidnapped in Pakistan.

Demands for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from [insert Muslim country here] or the Christians will be beheaded in 4 .. 3 ... 2 ...

UPDATE: The final tally was 16 Christians taken hostage. The good news is that they were all released.

Thanks to Vicki

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:35 PM | Comments |

Roadside Bombs Down 90% In Iraq

Today's lead story on Hardball With Chris Matthews. /sarcasm

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:30 PM | Comments |

Col. Thomas McGrath on Kandahar Jailbreak

Army Col. Thomas McGrath, commander of the Afghanistan Regional Security Integration Command-South, speaks to bloggers on the Kandahar jailbreak.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:15 PM | Comments |

Political Correctness Bans Wolf-Whistling Girls, Jails Men

Wolf Howl.jpg(Tonbridge, Kent) Girls at West Kent College have been banned from wolf-whistling at male contractors at the school. They were notified by email to cease the harassment.

The email read: "It has come to the attention of the college that some female students have been making comments to, or whistling at, the builders both whilst on site and as they walk around the campus.

"Although we are sure no offence is meant, this constitutes harassment and is wholly unacceptable.

"We have asked the contractors' representative to pass on all instances of harassment to the college and we will take appropriate action which may include disciplinary action."

A spokeswoman for the contractors, Galliford Try, said: "We have no registered complaints on this issue."

So girls cannot whistle at guys. Understandably, it's probably disruptive and should be discouraged. However, if the situation is reversed, check out the criminal penalty facing a man who whistles at a girl.
Meanwhile new laws could see wolf-whistling builders placed on the sex offenders register. The Sexual Offences (Scotland) Bill will create a new offence of "communicating indecently", punishable by up to 10 years in jail.

The legislation is intended to punish sexual harassment by text, emails and letters, but ministers also aim to include sexually explicit comments to strangers.

What is wrong with the British? Islamists regularly demonstrate in the street promising to behead Jews, Christians and other infidels. No foul, no crime. A man whistles at a girl, it's jail time.


By at 12:59 PM | Comments |

The Hunt for bin Laden Hinges on Pakistan, Not Bush

An interesting note from Steve Schippert on why the hunt for Osama bin Laden is once again in earnest:

What all this means is that our ability to actively pursue and kill al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists inside their Pakistani safe havens with Pakistan’s cooperation and/or acquiescence may come to a crashing halt very soon. The window is closing. Not on the Bush presidency, but on the Musharraf presidency.
Read the rest. An Obama Presidency and the end of Musharraf could spell double trouble.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:24 AM | Comments |

A Terrorist With Deep Pockets & Short Arms

Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed buys a remote control toy car, turns it into an IED, posts the how to make an IED out of a remote control car video at YouTube for the benefit of the mujahideen in Iraq....

.... and then returns the car to WalMart to get his money back!

I believe Mohammed A. Salameh has some competition in the race for the cheapest terrorist alive award.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:19 AM | Comments |

Canadian Terror Trial Starts Today

(Ottawa) Under a brand new, post-9/11 anti-terrorism law, a Canadian federal court will try a defendant, starting today. Software designer Momin Khawaja (pic), 29, is accused of conspiring in an Islamic plot to bomb targets in Britain.

"The question is whether Canada can mount a complex anti-terrorism case," said Wesley Wark, a University of Ottawa expert in security issues.

"Not only whether it can mount a successful case, but also whether it can be a fair trial -- because that's also something Canadians are going to be concerned about."

Khawaja faces seven terrorism counts in Ontario Superior Court.

This will give everybody a chance to see whether the Canadians can do as well in prosecuting terrorists as the Brits and the U.S.


By at 11:01 AM | Comments |

Iraq: Good News = No News

The media naval gazes at it's own lack of covering success in Iraq.

Is this note from Tom related?

On the John Batchelor radio show (7:00 PM Pacific time, Sunday June 22) a bunch of liberals--including Larry Sinclair--just previewed how Obama will spin our victory in Iraq:

a) The violence has decreased because American troops have taken themselves out of the fight and are no longer "kicking down doors," enraging the population.

b) Also, Maliki is so firmly and publicly allied with Iran now, to the point of being a virtual partner-satellite, that of course the Iranians are scaling back their terrorism. They've won, after all.

c) And since Iraq is now Iran's satellite-partner in crime, there's no point in us keeping troops there. Iraq won't be our ally, so Obama will argue that we need to pull out.

Perhaps the media buys into the meme and are so patriotic that they just don't want to cover Iran's success in Iraq?


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:59 AM | Comments |

Loving the Troops Like an Abusive Husband Loves His Wife

The radical left loves the troops in the same way an abusive husband loves his wife -- to death. They love the troops so much that only they have the courage to denigrate and beat the shit out of them at every chance. It's for their own good.


Another Zombietime photo essay. After seeing this the Lefty protesters have convinced me that we should pull the troops out of Iraq. Instead, let's bomb Berkeley.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:35 AM | Comments |

Lefties on Parade at Commencement Speeches

Remember that post I did in which Craig Newmark, the founder of Craig's List, dropped a comment claiming he was a "libertarian moderate"? Guess what candidate Craig endorses as his personal Savior and Messiah?

To wit, Craig Newmark - the founder of the popular online Craigslist - couldn't refrain from gushing over Barack Obama during remarks at Case Western Reserve University. Mr. Newmark praised Mr. Obama's Philadelphia speech on race as "shocking" because it was the first time "an American politician spoke to us as if we were adults." First time? Ever? With that type of sycophantic hyperbole, Mr. Newmark is vying to outdo Chris Matthews' confession that hearing Mr. Obama sends a thrill up his leg.
People like Craig and Bill Maher keep claiming they are libertarians when it's obvious they do not really know what a libertarian is.

Go check out who else was indoctrinating your kids at graduation this year.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:22 AM | Comments |

My Anteater Can Kick Your Possum's Ass


Am I the only person offended by the rank species-ism of the Obama campaign?

I see that Obama has now adopted "Vero Possumus" as his campaign slogan, which will be noted by our students of dead languages as the Latin for "True Possum." Some commentators have identified this as an indirect swipe at his opponent's anteater heritage. Polling data has indicated that the public favors possums over anteaters by a margin of almost 12%.

When asked to comment on these developments, The Anteater replied : "Fuck you."

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 10:17 AM | Comments |

That's No Moon, It's a Space Station

Number one reason to have kids? So while playing with their Legos you look engaged in their development and not bat-shit crazy.


Flea tells me the set even comes with a trash compactor monster. I still have the original one from 1977.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:12 AM | Comments |

Lordy, What to do When the Romance Been Gone...

As Obama softens his stand on telecom immunity, it looks like MoveOn.org may be feeling the first twinges of buyer's remorse:

Last year, after phone calls from MoveOn members and others, Obama went so far as to vow to "support a filibuster of any bill that includes retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies." We need him to honor that promise.

Can you call Senator Obama today and tell him you're counting on him to keep his word?

It's not much of a stretch to infer that they're also not so pleased about Obama's massive public financing flip-flop. If they're unhappy with these relatively minor flip-flops, just wait 'til their Messiah announces he's actually talked to some "military professionals" (i.e., pollsters) and completely changed his mind on what to do in Iraq. It's coming, and when it happens, the MoveOn.org crowd ain't gonna like it one little bit.

This Messiah appareantly does things a little differently than the original.

Christ the Messiah personally sacrificed himself on the cross for the benefit of his followers, who promptly denied any knowledge of him.

Obama the Messiah, having himself benefited from the personal sacrifices of his followers, is now in the process of denying any knowledge of them.

That's a "change" you can definitely "believe in."

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 09:33 AM | Comments |

Democrat Political Guru Lays Out "The Strategy"

Left-wing political guru George Lakoff seems to believe there's nothing wrong with the American electorate that a little mass "re-education" couldn't fix:

Since voters’ opinions are neither logical nor self-made, they should be altered, not obeyed. Politicians should “not follow polls but use them to see how they can change public opinion to their moral worldview.” And since persuasion is mechanical, progressives should rely less on facts and more on images and drama, “casting progressives as heroes, and by implication, conservatives as villains.” The key is to “say things not once, but over and over. Brains change when ideas are repeatedly activated.”
I don't know whether Lakoff's wrong in a technical sense. "Mass brainwashing" techniques seem to work pretty effectively for the world's authoritarians (Kim Jong Il, the Soviets, modern Islamists). Not a particularly good argument, IMHO, for letting Lakoff or any of his left-wing acolytes anywhere near the levers of power.

UPDATE: Missed this on my first read-through, but for a supposed "expert" on politics, Lakoff certainly has a strange definition of what constitutes a "conservative:"

In Lakoff’s taxonomy, conservatives exalt “obedience to authority,” insulate leaders from accountability, oppose checks and balances against the president and rely on fear.
As Saletan points out, this a huge crock of something odorous. It has, after all, been this country's conservatives--not the leftists--who have proven the biggest thorn in the side of the national elites. Conservatives are notoriously cantankerous. Other than the occasional drunken rant at a Hollywood dinner or Code Pinko protest circle, does the left really stand up to authority in any meaningful, sustained, way? Not much. It's not the conservatives, after all, who swoon over the academic, media and political elites of the ivory tower, Hollywood and Washington. That would be the lefties. It's not the conservatives who fall all over themselves to expand Washington's power over our lives. That, again, would be lefties. All the "obedient" conservatives apparently completely forgot to be "obedient to authority" during the New Deal, in the wake of the Brown v. Board and Roe v. Wade decisions, during the years of the very anti-establishment Goldwater and Reagan, and during most of the Carter, Clinton and Bush II presidencies, to cite just a few examples. Many times, the conservatives couldn't even be persuaded to stay in formation behind Reagan! Most recently, when the Republican President nominated Harriet Miers, fast-tracked the Dubai Ports Deal and tried to shove Amnesty through the Congress, it was the conservatives--not the leftists--who stopped him. Despite the fact that these issues were about good government more than they were about left or right, the lefties were barely to be heard from. Given the realities of history, conceptualizing the conservatives as the group most "obedient to authority" is to engage in an absurd level of cognitive dissonance--but from the available evidence, the left-wing mind seems to be well-practiced at that.

h/t: HotAir.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 07:48 AM | Comments |

June 22, 2008

Brit High-Maintenance Al-Qaeda Preacher

Abu-Qatada.jpg(London, England) Osama bin Laden's right-hand man in Europe, hate preacher Abu Qatada, is living a life of luxury in London.

The terrorist-recruiter was released from prison this week and now is forced to stay in England because, if he is deported to Jordan, he might be tortured which is contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights.

In the meantime, 47-year-old Abu Qatada has a sore back so he qualifies for £150 a week incapacity benefit. That amount, of course, will be added onto £45,000 a year in child benefit, income support, housing benefit and council tax credit.

The income allows Abu to live in an £800,000 four-bedroom Edwardian house which, unfortunately, he can't leave because he's on house arrest. And, by the way, the house arrest for Qatada costs taxpayers £1million-a-year. In total, terrorist martyr-maker Abu Qatada is personally soaking the British citizenry for something around £50k ($100,000) per year plus the cost of keeping him on house arrest.

So, in the minds of the British authorities, Abu Qatada is not an al-Qaeda terrorism hate preacher deserving punishment and deportation, he's an average Brit with a bad back deserving of a taxpayer-funded annuity.

Burns my ass and I'm not British.

By at 09:58 PM | Comments |


The piece of trash in this video is well known for being a professional assmaggot and media whore, so we won't mention its name here, or post the vile video in which it seeks to justify spitting on the graves of veterans at the Atlantic County Veterans Cemetery in Estell Manor, New Jersey.

What we'd like to know from our readers is this: does anyone know what constitutes "desecration" of graves in New Jersey. If spitting fills the bill, then the aforementioned piece of trash has provided video evidence of the offense. We'd also suggest that you flag the video as "hate speech."

Periorbital melanosis, or dark circles under the eyes can be a sign of untreated viral hepatitis. Perhaps the creature in the video has been sticking dirty things in its mouth.

Hat tip: H.J.

By Bluto05:52 PM | Comments |

Obama Picks Up the Kim Jong Il Endorsement

The last supremely autocratic communist tyrant on the planet, responsible for untold numbers of human rights atrocities, concentration camps and violations of international law, has weighed in with his preference for the US election.

Guess who it is (hint: HOPECHANGE!).

Ask yourself why terrorists and tyrants all over the globe are rooting for The Lightworker.

Go ahead, Obamatrons. Ask yourself why.

ht: LGF (sorry to steal CJ's content today, but he's unearthed some gems).

By Good Lt. at 12:06 PM | Comments |

"The New Age Annoints A New Opiate"

Here's an excellent closer-to-reality-than-one-realizes piece at the People's Cube noting how the practitioners of New Age fake religions will coalesce around The Lightworker to form a new New Age religion - The Religion of The Obama.

With a rosy new dawn lightening the horizon, it seems that a New Age of aroused consciousness and spiritual evolution has arrived with the nomination of The Obama. Soon all dissent shall cease-by law, if necessary-health will abound, waters will run pure and clear, and peace shall descend. All due to the arrival of the Lightworker.
If religion is the opiate of the masses, then the Obamatrons are going to need to book some berths in a rehab facility.

By Good Lt. at 11:14 AM | Comments |

BUSTED: Obama Campaign Caught Passing Out Fake 'Homemade' Signs

With each passing day, the curtain gets lifted a more, and we begin to see what a manipulative, dishonest group of frauds the Obama campaign is. Video is at the link.

Of course, this in no way reflects negatively on the Lightworker-Demigod Himself, because He's only tangentially associated with His own campaign workers.

This is not the patron saint of the world you've been promising, Obamatrons. This more like a two-bit used car salesman who pours sawdust in to the gearbox.

ht: LGF

By Good Lt. at 10:32 AM | Comments |

June 21, 2008

ElBaradei: I'll resign if Iran attacked(Someone bomb Iran....Please!)

In this Jerusalem Post report International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Mohamad ElBaradei, will quit his position in the event of a military strike on Iran, according to a Reuters report Friday.

The report quoted him as warning that any military offensive in Iran would turn the Middle East region "into a fireball."

By at 05:52 PM | Comments |

And now a white European Qaeda?

When the next attack comes it will be a European who pulls it off....

Successful: US intelligence officials believe that Al Qaeda has successfully completed its major goal of recruiting and training Western would-be terrorists. “Al Qaeda is improving the last key aspect of its ability to attack the US: the identification, training and positioning of operatives for an attack in the homeland,” according to a February Threat Assessment report from the director of National Intelligence who said that his agency had “seen an influx of new Western recruits into the Tribal Areas since mid-2006.”

By at 04:24 PM | Comments |

Public vs. Private Health Care - Canada vs. U.S.

According to the Toronto Star, a report released this week indicates that 4.1 million Canadians aged 12 and older have no family doctor. This is astonishing! How could it be that a national health care system could deny so many people?

Simple arithmetic reveals that the 4.1 million figure equals approximately 15% of all Canadians (12 and older). With 28 million people 12 and older, extrapolated from CIA World Factbook, 4.1 divided by 28 equals 14.6%.

Canadian poor and underprivileged are affected the most, just as in the U.S.

Since it has been claimed that the U.S. also denies adequate health care to 15% of the population (45 million without health care divided by 300 million total population), it appears that a similar circumstance exists in Canada with nationalized health care as exists in the U.S. without nationalized health care.

And, compare this. In the U.S., the fact that 15% of the population do not have sufficient health care is used as justification by politicians to clamor for the need to institute a national health care system. In Canada, the same 15% figure is also used by politicians as a reason to institute more private realm incentives into the national health care system.


By at 02:30 PM | Comments |

Fat Leftist Wishes for Obama to Abuse Power, Or Something

In a typically brainless paean to presumptive President Lightworker Saint Obama, we find noted scholar, seer and eternal mind Matt Yglesias, a principled defender of democracy and accountability in government, rooting for some good ol' government abuse.

Meanwhile, I guess I hope President Obama uses his powers responsibly, but on some level I’m sort of rooting for massive abuses so the right can get what they’ve been asking for.
Yeah, I guess, dude. Like, whatever, you know?

I won't mention the irony of using "Meet the New Boss..." as the title of his post without including the rest of the line: "...same as the old boss." Oh, wait. I just did. I guess.

Oh, sure. He tries to say that he 'guesses' he hopes Msgr. Obama uses the power responsibly, but then disregards everything he previously wrote to let the mask slip, revealing a glimpse of that cute, pudgy little totalitarian we all know and love.

Many of us have known this all along - the left doesn't want power because they want to help people. They want power because they want to dominate their political opponents, abuse the private citizen, and to steal from the average American as much as they can before they get thrown out again. The only change they want to implement is switching the R to the D.

Smart, strong government. Full of rampant power grabs, corruption, abuse and revenge. If that were what they thought of the Bush Administration (which is as laughable as Yglesias's wardrobe), then what exactly would they be changing in Washington besides the letters of the serial abusers and corrupticrats?

Nothing. And that's why this whole farcical cult of personality the left has spent million$$ and months trying to erect around Obama is so amusing.

ht: LGF

By Good Lt. at 11:26 AM | Comments |

Bio of Yemen's President Ali Saleh

NYT But some critics say one of the greatest dangers is Mr. Saleh himself. His corruption and neglect, as well as his history of coddling Islamic extremists for political support, have helped fuel the uprising against him, a high-ranking Yemeni official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he feared retribution.

THE president has mastered the art of playing enemies against one another, his opponents say, leaving the country in a state of controlled chaos and doing little to address its desperate needs: water, education, development. A culture of corruption has hollowed out government ministries and damaged the army, which is struggling to put down a much smaller rebel force.

Here's a list of his relatives in government and business from 2006. It would be laughable except theres so many starving people in Yemen.

By Jane at 09:21 AM | Comments |

Barry May Be "Our First Woman President", Cass

Cassandra kills me every time I read her work. Like today:

You know for a man who is half white, ostensibly post-racial candidate raised by a white mother (mind you, this is the half of the parental equation which actually cared enough to stick around and make sure he was fed, clothed, and received an education) Barack Obama sure spends a lot of time talking about being black. It's almost as though he were trying to convince himself - or us - of his street creds.
Read it all.
By Jane at 08:31 AM | Comments |

June 20, 2008

Confirmed: Pakistani Populace Mostly Stupid, Paranoid, Evil Or Some Combination of the Three

What makes Pakistanis stupid, paranoid, or evil? According to a new poll published by the AP:

Bad: 58% want negotiations with the Taliban.
Worse: 19% wants to fight them.
Islamotards: 50% want negotiations with al Qaeda

Bad: 4% blame the Islamist violence in Pakistan on Taliban.
Worse: 8% blame al Qaeda.
Islamotards: 52% blame USA.

Bad: 12% support unilateral military action against Taliban and al Qaeda
Islamotard: 73% think real purpose of war on terror is to weaken the Muslim world and dominate Pakistan.

Good: 27% approve of dictator Musharraf.
Better: 93% want independent judiciary.
Islamotard: 34% approve of Osama bin Laden.

Some allies. It's a good thing they don't have nukes. Or if they ever acquired them that the military government is so stable that the possibility of an Islamist takeover is just downright silly.

I know there are a lot of middle class Punjabis in Karachi or Islamabad who just don't want to fess up to the fact that their fellow countrymen believe these things. Sorry, it's true. Your values have much more in common with Indian Muslims in Mumbai than Pakistani Pashtuns in Peshawar. Is it too late to go back to India or did you lose that opportunity when your grandparents fled?

This also brings up a lot of other interesting questions about why it is that the world thinks that Pakistan is a legitimate and bona fide country created when a religious minority demanded independence, but not Israel?

Thanks to HA's link thingy.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:27 PM | Comments |

A Message from Our Candidate

Today's Anteater stands strong for national security. He advocates a robust foreign policy, and will take care of business when push comes to shove.

If you thought Bush was a cowboy, whooooo doggy. ---->

Pugilist Anteater--Monteverde 1-94.jpg


By Good Lt. at 03:17 PM | Comments |

Aussies Out-Fat Americans

(Australia) According to Australian Health Minister, Ms. Nicola Roxon, a recent report named Australia's Future Fat Bomb would come as a shock to the community. Statistics indicate that 26% of adult Australians are obese while the U.S. rate is only 25%.

"These are obviously pretty staggering statistics to show that we are the fattest, or one of the fattest countries in the world," Ms Roxon told reporters in Canberra.

Obesity was a national priority and the government hoped to have an effective nation-wide strategy implemented in the next 12 months, Ms Roxon said.

As is typical, nanny-state politicians are now calling for taxes on junk food and other taxpayer-funded measures to urgently act on the crisis.

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FISA Passes, Rusty Now Reading Your E-Mails!

While I was out at lunch, the FISA bill passed 293-129! I know this only gives the government permission to once again look at e-mail communications between terrorists which happen to pass through U.S. servers, but I'll just take this as tacit approval for telecommunications companies to do the same.

The Jawa Report is a telecom, right?

You know, the Left always likes to blame atmospheres being created as the cause of so much nefarious activity. So when I get caught hacking into muji's e-mail, I'll just blame Bush and the atmosphere he created.

Now excuse me while I waste the rest of the day hacking into alemarah1@yahoo.com.

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Should We Abolish the CIA?

Douglas Feith says maybe, and that at the very least the question should be seriously asked.

Wow, is it really that bad? Thanks to Adam.

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Note on Uptick in Taliban Propaganda

Recently, the Taliban have been putting out a lot more propaganda videos than usual. This is disconcerting. In the jihad movement, the Taliban have been the worst video propagandists of all.

Something has changed. For the worse.

We know who the old crew of propagandists were [Qari Youssef Mohammed & Zabidullah Mujahid, assisted by Adil Watanmal]. Frankly, none of them were very good.

But either Adil has learned some new tricks, or he's recruited new talent. I'm guessing the latter.

Keep an eye on the Taliban. Their resurgence is being felt online. Just as Pakistan has allowed the Taliban to regroup by ignoring them, perhaps ignoring the Taliban's online presence has given them another kind of safe haven where they can regroup?

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Retarded IAI Vid: RUNAWAY!

Dumb: Throw grenade at Humvee. Miss. Run away screaming allahu akhbar!
Dumber: Record failed attack on video. Release it on internet.
Islamotard: Slow the video down so all can see how you missed, ran away like you were qualifying for 100 meter dash at Special Olympics.


More proof The Islamic Army in Iraq is recruiting the mentally challenged?

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Jihadis Wanted to 'Strangle' Mohammad Cartoonist

Spencer cites this:

Two Tunisians detained in Denmark for allegedly plotting to kill a cartoonist who satirized the Prophet Mohammed, had planned to strangle their target, according to intelligence documents cited by media Thursday.
Apparently, one of the implementers of sharia law knew kung-fu. He would do the actual strangling while the other dude stood guard. Both watched a lot of movies.

Do you know how hard it is to strangle someone to death? It takes minutes, not seconds. Even if you do manage to do it right (which is actually harder to do in practice than in theory), asphyxia is a fairly slow process. There are much quicker ways to kill a blaspheming infidel...if you know kung-fu.


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'Insurgents' Murder 3 Year Old

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. ---Matthew 18:6

I'm not inclined to believe in the kind of hell imagined by many Christian fundamentalists, but stories like this make the fire and brimstone narrative much more attractive to me.

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Brilliant: Let's Get the UN to Enrich All Uranium!

What could possibly be worse than turning the American oil industry into a U.S. government monopoly? Turning the worldwide uranium enrichment industry into a U.N. monopoly. California Democratic Congresswoman urges just that.

Has the Democratic Party invented a time machine? Because it seems like all the new proposals I've been hearing from that camp lately come straight out of 1946.

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Dilbert's Weekend Terrorist

Best Dilbert evah?

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Traffic Jams in Ramadi

Joe Honan reports from an Embedded Reconstruction Team Ramadi. Make sure to click on the PDF file which is full of pictures of what is going on in the town which was once the "capital" of al Qaeda's "Islamic State of Iraq." The money quote accompanying one of the pics:

Route Michigan traffic jam. Last year it was empty except for US soldiers trading shots with Al Qaeda."
Traffic jams as a sign of progress? I may never think of rush hour the same way again.

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Poles Playing Hardball on Missile Defense

Lithuania as an alternative to a missile defense system based in Poland? No big deal: President Messiah opposes missile defense altogether. Scroll down to the end of the post for the video.

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Search Jew Watch Pwned by Assistant Zionist Internet Spy #7

...AKA Howie, AKA Darth Odie.

The site http://searchjewwatch.wordpress.com/, a site dedicated to hating Da Joooos, has been suspended by Wordpress. They had a project against Youtube users who flag terrorist propaganda. The site also featured a "hit list" of Jewish celebrities and newscasters they disliked. Here's part of it.

Jew - CBS - Paley
Jew - NBC - Jeff -(rey) Zucker
Jew - ABC - Stuart Bloomberg and George W. Bodenheimer
Jew - ABC news - David Westin
Jew - CNN - Gerald Levin
Jew - FOX - Gail Berman
Jew - MBS - Ronnessen
Jew - Daily News - Maxwell, real name HOCH
Jew - US News - Zuckerman
Jew - New York Times - Sulzberger
Jew - Reuters - (All report from the world is from this jewish org.)
But today it looks like this....


A little message for the Jooo hating webmaster at Search Jew Watch....


....You lose!

Actually I had help from a couple more Zionist internet spies. Thanks to you know who you are.

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Hook Handed Terrorist Arriving in New York Soon

Abu Hamsa lost his legal battle against extradition to the US. wOOt!!!!

The US wants him to stand trial for allegedly attempting to set up a training camp for "violent jihad" in Bly, Oregon, in 1999. It accuses him of sending one of his followers to an al-Qaida training camp in Afghanistan.

US authorities claim he aided the taking hostage of 16 western tourists in Yemen in December 1998, which resulted in the deaths of three Britons and an Australian.

Hamza could face up to 100 years in prison for a total of 11 terrorism charges, including sending money and recruits to assist the Taliban and al-Qaida.

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China admits taking, burying US POW from Korea

Stunning admission by the Chinese they have admitted to have held then buried a US Pow captured during the Korean War. It begs the question if they took one were there others. Because AP is making a fuss with bloggers over the use of its articles I will save the boss a lawsuit and just provide you with the link.....China admits taking, burying US POW from Korea

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June 19, 2008

Great: Hindu Suicide Squads

If a Hindu becomes a suicide bomber what does he get reincarnated as?

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Terror Alerts for Canada, UAE (UPDATED)

ABC is calling it an exclusive, so I guess we'll give them credit and a link. Hizbollah, it is said, has activated sleeper cells to attack Jewish civilian targets in the West, most likely Canada.

This is ominous in its timing: On Tuesday the U.S. and U.K. both issued non-specific terror threat warnings about the possibility of attacks against American and British interests in the UAE. The threats were considered serious and credible and warned for Americans in the Middle East to be especially wary on July 4th.

Ah, summer time and the jihad is easy!


Intelligence agencies in the United States and Canada are warning of mounting signs that Hezbollah, backed by Iran, is poised to mount a terror attack against "Jewish targets" somewhere outside the Middle East.

Intelligence officials tell ABC News the group has activated suspected "sleeper cells" in Canada and key operatives have been tracked moving outside the group's Lebanon base to Canada, Europe and Africa.

There is also some concern that Hezbollah could strike in Latin America. AllahP and I are on the same wavelength here: Venezuela.

Regardless of whether or not reports that Chavez has sent his cronies to be trained by Hezbollah are true (which I am skeptical of) there is a definite Hezbollah presence in South America, and that can't be a good thing.

Since GM is both Persian and Canadian, I'm hoping he'll have something to say in the comments. We know the center of Hezbollah sympathy in the U.S. is in Dearborn, Michigan where there is a sizable Shia-Lebanese community. Does Canada have it's own version of South Beiruitisstan?

Hat tip: Newbie. In fact, I was hoping this post would have been written by our newest addition to the Jawa family, but he got a last minute call and punted it to me. Since I'm not sure what nickname he's going to use, we'll just call him Newbie for now.

UPDATE: Darcy has this background on Hezbollah activities in Canada.

Yesterday Treasury's OFAC moved against Hezbollah activities in what South American country? Bingo.

Thanks to GM.

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Dems Cave on Immunity for Warrantless Wiretapping

Well slap my butt and call me Charlie, the Democratic leadership has caved. Looks like firms will get immunity after all against lawsuits by paranoid schizophrenics who sue based on nothing more than a fear the government might hypothetically be listening in on their conversations with their cousin in the Taliban. They're calling it "conditional immunity", but since all the instances of "warrantless wiretapping" are covered by the conditional, it might as well be blanket immunity.

This is a big deal. Time to break out Hammer, sit back, and watch the nutroots freak out with Nazi Germany comparisons!

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Blogger Finally Outraged Over Strip Club Story

Finally, a story involving a strip club I can get outraged over! Nude club keeps license after hiring 12-yr-old stripper.

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Can Somebody Tell Me Why We "Liberated" Kuwait Again?

Islam and democracy may be compatible, but it's still an open question whether or not Islamic democracy is compatible with liberty. Most of the evidence seems to suggest no.


They want to outlaw Xboxes and ban Christmas, do away with the Arab world's version of "American Idol," and keep female drivers off the roads.

Kuwait is seeing a surge in conservative Islamist legislative proposals just one month after the country's Salafi Islamists and tribal candidates gained a majority in its National Assembly. With 29 out of 50 seats, this newly empowered bloc appears to be testing its political capital and could succeed in making an already conservative country even more socially strict.

Just what the world needs, another oil rich country in the hands of the Salafis!

Thanks to HA's link thingy.

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Haditha Marine May Sue Murtha, Time Reporter

Charges against Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani, for allegedly failing to investigate the Haditha "massacre," have been dismissed. The government can, though, appeal the dismissal to get charges reinstated. Colonel Chessani's lawyer is waiting for that shoe to drop or not before moving forward with a suit against Murtha and the Time reporter who wrote up what now appears to be a story wholly created by enemy insurgents for propaganda purposes:

In an interview with nationally syndicated radio talk host Michael Savage, the lead attorney for Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani said he and his client will look into suing Murtha and the Time magazine reporter, Tim McGuirk, who first published the accusations by Iraqi insurgents.
Attorney Brian Rooney believes that Murtha made his "cold blood" statement for political gain:
"In my opinion, it's clear it was done during the election cycle, it was done to bolster himself in the party," the attorney said. "He was vying for a leadership position, and if he had to throw some Marines under the bus to do so, that was the cost of power for him."
Sounds spot on. This may explain why Murtha has so far failed to make an apology for his vicious smear campaign against the accused Marines. An apology would be an admission of culpability.
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Rusty Responds to Death Sentence for Koran Desecration

A Pakistani court has sentenced a young man named Mohammad Shafeeq for "defiling the Quran" and "using derogatory language about the Prophet Muhammad".

There was a time when such a ruling would outrage me. Not any more. It's par for the course for the Religion of Tolerance.

But here's my attempt at feigning outrage.

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Zarqawi Aide to Get Death Sentence

Ziad Khalaf Raja al-Karbouly, a top aide to Abu Musab al Zarqawi, has had his death sentence confirmed by a Jordanian court. Al-Karbouly confessed to plotting the kidnapping of Moroccan embassy workers Abderrahim Boualam, a driver, and Abdelkrim el-Mouhafidi, a diplomat (shown right).

The two were judged "apostates" by a sharia (Islamic law) court set up by al Qaeda in Iraq and given the death sentence. In other words, they were murdered. Since there murder was at Zarqawi's request, it was most likely a brutal and slow death.

The death sentence in Jordan was given to al-Karbouly for his involvement in other murders perpetrated by AQI on Jordanian truck drivers in Iraq. For a period of time al Qaeda and their allies in The Army of Ansar al Sunnah murdered dozens of Jordanian, Iraqi, & Turkish civilian truck drivers--any one they could get their filthy hands on.

Good riddance to Khalaf Raja al-Karbouly and all who served Abu Musab al Zarqawi. He will not be missed.

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Foreign Court Rulings

Here are a couple interesting reports of recent rulings by foreign courts.

1) Italian paramilitary can't have lovers, court says: "Italy's highest court has ruled that the nation's paramilitary police, the Carabinieri, must not have extra-marital affairs to avoid sullying the force's name...."

2) Chinese classified as black in South Africa: "A court has issued a landmark ruling classifying Chinese South Africans as black, making them eligible for benefits for those discriminated against under the former apartheid regime...."

Remember, there have been remarks by members of the U.S. Supreme Court that American rulings should take foreign courts' rulings into consideration.

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Keep an Eye on Somalia

With all eyes focused elsewhere, don't forget that Somalia continues to be a hotbed for Islamist activity. Over the past few days dozens have been killed in the fighting between Islamist rebels and Somali government/Ethiopian forces.

Just today I see these three stories over at Rantburg:


A senior Somali police commander and two of his bodyguards were killed by a roadside bomb Wednesday shortly after the arrival of Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf backto Mogadishu, a Somali government official confirmed to reporters on Wednesday.
Witnesses said At least four people were killed in Somalia's violent capital Mogadishu on Tuesday after insurgents ambushed Somali and Ethiopian troops
Fighting between Islamist-led insurgents and allied Somali-Ethiopian troops has killed at least 17 people, residents said on Wednesday, underlining the lack of impact of a U.N.-brokered peace agreement.
The group responsible, the designated terrorists of the al Shabab Youth Movement, maintains a website in the US. This violates U.S. law. Unfortunately, neither the company nor the Treasury Department seems to care.

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British Computer Geek: The Central Node of American Terror Plots

Our good friend Younis Tsouli back in the news, once again. I've known about some of his connections to terror plots in the U.S & Canada, but this CBS report lays the whole thing out nicely.

How is it that a British kid, barely out of his teenage years, can become the central player in al Qaeda's recruitment efforts not only in Europe, but in North America as well? The internet doesn't make distance irrelevant, but it does make it less relevant. Tsouli, writing as Irhabi 007 [terrorist 007] could distribute jihadi propaganda and then connect with terrorists in Iraq on one end and like minded young men in Europe and Canada on the other---all from the comfort of his mother's basement!


The Toledo trio was in frequent contact with two Chicago men who are now charged with plotting attacks of their own.

Those Chicago suspects in turn communicated with two college-age students in Atlanta, sending e-mails asking them to "come and see our preparation..." for violent Jihad.

That preparation, the government charges, was conspiring with a Canadian terror cell to bomb Toronto landmarks.

And it all connected through the Internet, and to a shadowy al Qaeda webmaster known as Irhabi 007.

For a more detailed analysis, see this story reprinted by Bill Warner and click through the links he added.

When we first started writing about the internet jihad, we were part of a small circle of people who got it. But now, to paraphrase Evan Kohlmann, if you still don't get that the internet is front and center in the war on Islamist terror, then you are so far out of the loop that you don't even know there is a loop.

Thanks to Dr. Novaculus.

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June 18, 2008

The Commies Are Coming!

But not by land or sea, from within!

Via Hot Air:

This makes two congressional Democrats on record within the past month as supporting an overtly socialist “solution” to gas prices.

Link: sevenload.com

Well might as well start learning our new Commiecrat national anthem.

I'm not sure how it is that Vinnie knew ahead of time we'd need to be learning this tune, but he did. How prescient of him.

Also see Stop the ALCU, Protein Wisdom and Michelle Malkin.

It's like 1984 all over again! Which was probably before this stupid beotch was born.

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Qatada on Wordpress.com: Terrorize Non-Believers!

Reading this article about the re-release of Abu Qatada's book in celebration of Britain releasing "Osama bin Laden's right-hand man in Europe", something seemed familiar (hat tip: CJ's link thingy):

Suspected Al Qaeda leader Abu Qatada is celebrating his release from prison with the release of a book in which he urges Muslims to commit terrorist attacks in the West.

In the 71-page tract, published in English translation on the internet, he repeatedly claims that fighting jihad, holy war, is obligatory for all Muslims and urges them to 'terrorise' non-believers....

Referring to supporters of democracy, Qatada proclaims in his book that 'rising up against them with weapons and with force is an individual obligation upon every Muslim'.

He says Muslims should ' prepare to terrorise the enemies of Allah and incite believers to fight'.

I've followed this website for some time. It is the outlet for at Tibyan publications, a group devoted to the translation of books, sermons, fatwas, speeches, and other original source materials in support of the Salafi global jihad.

The website is here and is hosted at WordPress.com. It claims in the "About Us" section:

Your brothers who are with At-Tibyān Publications are Tullāb Al-‘Ilm (students of Islāmic knowledge), who have studied with various scholars around the world..... amongst them are those who have studied with Shaykh Abū Qatādah
The link to the book download can be found here. The post is from May of this year, but was updated either today or yesterday with this:
The website is closely associated with the English language supporters of al Qaeda and at Tibyan's works are widely distributed throughout the world.

And look who else reads at Tibyan's website:


North Carolina's most famous al Qaeda supporter, Samir Khan, aka "inshallahshaheed"!

But the plot, it thickens:

Since Tsouli was convicted, it has emerged that he also had links to British Muslims who have recently been found guilty of terrorism offences. The common link is the website At-Tibyan, which the Tsouli cell ran.
Younis Tsouli, aka "Irhabi 007", is the godfather of the internet jihad. He now rots in a British prison. His legacy lives on.

The at Tibyan website is only one of dozens of objectively pro-terrorism websites located on the servers of WordPress.com. The forces of darkness and evil using our own technology to spread their vile messages of hate and death.

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It's now ILLEGAL to Fire Illegals in California? (Plus Baby-Stomping News)

Via Michelle:

A federal appeals court ordered reinstatement Monday for 33 janitors in Los Angeles who were fired because their Social Security numbers did not match the government’s database, a ruling that could strengthen unions’ case against a Bush administration proposal to pressure employers to get rid of suspected illegal immigrants…
aguiar.jpgIn other news out of Crazy-fornia (also via Michelle), a man stomped a baby to death in full view of multiple witnesses without anyone lifting a finger to stop him:
A volunteer firefighter and at least five others saw Sergio Casian Aguiar assaulting his [two-year-old] son Saturday night on the road west of Turlock (Stanislaus County), but it wasn't until a police officer arrived in a helicopter that the attack finally ended. Aguiar refused to halt the attack and raised his middle finger at the officer, who shot him to death, authorities said....

One of the witnesses, Deborah McKain of nearby Crows Landing, said she was the first to pull up to the beating scene with her boyfriend, a volunteer fire chief who is 52, as well as her 20-year-old son, her son's wife and her son's male friend. They called 911 at 10:13 p.m., police said.

Over the next seven minutes, McKain said, Aguiar kicked his son at least 100 times as he calmly stated that he needed to "get the demons out" of the boy.

I'm not sure who I have more contempt for in this story, but I'm leaning toward the bystanders....

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An Interview With an Insurgent

Evan Kohlmann has an interview with Ahmad Said al-Hamad, a spokesperson for HAMAS in Iraq, a group that routinely posts videos on the internet of IEDs hitting U.S. and Iraqi forces. If you read the whole interview I think it becomes clear just how evasive al-Hamad was to the questions.

For instance, questions on political goals and the role of sharia within the movement are pretty vague. They claim to want something they call 'moderate sharia' but they also downplay the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in their ranks as well as of Baathists known to be part of the group.

That's quite a disconnect in philosophies there. The secular Baath nationalists are a far cry from the Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood. It's probably more likely that this is a group of former Saddam loyalists who, like the Baath party of the Iraqi regime, expropriated the terminology of jihad to support their own immediate aims.

HAMAS actually broke off of the 1920s Revolutionary Brigade when the latter group joined the Anbar Awakening and began to work with U.S. forces.

Anyway, you can read the interview here in PDF form.

UPDATE: I didn't notice before, but he also scored an interview with a spokesman for the al-Rashadeen Army. Also very elusive about goals.

I hope if Evan talks to these two douches again, that he asks them about how they feel about us PWNING both their websites?

And yes, we know about their OTHER website they jointly run. Bide your time, my precious, bide your time.

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I Spy, With My Little Eye...

...something that begins with "c."

"Crispy critters." Mmmm, smells like pork barbeque.

A Predator takes out an Iraqi insurgent mortar team after they fired mortar rounds at Balad Air Force Base.

Thanks to Liveleaker Iraqi Translator USMC.

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Seven Arrested in Yemen for Promoting Christianity

Distributing the Bible is a crime in Yemen.

Sahwa Net- Yemeni security sources in Hodiada province has arrested a missionary cell including 7 people on charges of promoting to Christianity and distributing the Bible.

Sources told Sahwa Net that the Political Security of Hodaida arrested a so-called Hadni Dohni accused of converting to Christianity and other 6 aides. The sources said that the suspects were transferred to Sana'a in order to investigate them to know who support them.

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AlQaeda.com: The Internet as Global Madrassa

Unfortunately Guido Olimpio's new book Al-Qa'idah.com doesn't look like it's going to be published in English any time soon. Olimpio is the terrorism correspondent for the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. But here are a few highlights from an English language synopsis translation.

I especially like the concept of the internet as Global Madrassa. Why bother going off to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia for Salafi jihadi indoctrination when you are only a few mouse clicks away from learning that it is the individual duty of Muslims to wage holy war against the U.S? A couple of highlights:

This was a school in subversion on the Internet - run from an Italian city, but linked to Baghdad, Kabul, and Algiers. Nobody can yet say how many jihad outposts there arein anonymous rooms in Europe, the Orient, or the United States, or at what rate they are multiplying. This is Al-Qa'idah's virtual and elusive entrenchment....

The new Al-Qa'idah has abandoned couriers and has evolved by making full use of the Internet - a "powerful, swift, universal, and accessible" medium, a vehicle for "virtual connections that can become real." ...

From a letter by Bin Laden to Mullah Omar, intercepted by the Americans in Afghanistan: 90 per cent of the battle will take place in the propaganda field. The Internet is a medium that provides the best guarantees. It is an ideological umbrella for those who will put the teachings into practice, albeit without direct contacts. A meeting place for militants and a forum for seeking recruits. A non- centralized university for indoctrination. A vehicle of "counterinformation" vis-A -vis the Western media. A means of launching threats and keeping the West in a state of constant anxiety. A forum for celebrity martyrs (there are over 3,000 books by jihadists online,) and on the operational plane Islamist hackers gather funds by means of Web scams.

The Internet is a mirror of the new Al-Qa'idah - amorphous, fragmented, and without any fixed hierarchy. The connections between the circulation of ideology and actions are variable. But on 7 April 2005 Hasan Ahmad blew himself up in a Cairo street. He had found instructions for manufacturing bombs on the Internet, followed the teachings of minor ideologues via the Web, and consulted forums devoted to the jihad. Every connection to the Al-Qa'idah galaxy was purely virtual, but four people died.

Thanks to Diego in Italy.

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Anti-Sharia Blogs Shut Down

Apparently writing against Saudi Arabia will get you banned at WordPress.com. The Sharia Finance blog has been taken offline for violating the TOS.

Not a violation of WordPress.com's TOS? An English language website devoted to a designated terrorist organization.

Thanks to Cannoneer no. 4.

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TTs & PRTs Recognized for Promotion

It's kind of technical, but the gist of it is that officers and NCOs serving on Transition Teams (TTs) and Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs)are not getting promoted in the same numbers as those in combat specific units. A new order from Gen Casey will make it easier for these men and women to get promoted through the ranks.

As John Donovan explains, this is important for future counter terrorism operations because many good officers were avoiding working in these essential roles because they saw TTs and PRTs as a career dead end. Go read the whole thing.

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"Yemeni Government Targets Civilians in Sa'ada"

A photo array at Long War Journal that reveals the destruction of civilian homes, mosques and infrastructure, as well as civilian deaths, as a result of the Yemeni government's prolonged bombing campaign. Some photos are graphic, but the most graphic were not included.

Click the photo to start the slide show.

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June 17, 2008

Ziad Mohamad: Don't Mind the Handgun on the Plane

Ziad Mohamad Jeha tries to bring a handgun on a plane from Calgary to Saskatoon. He is arrested. Police say that he, "is known to them."

Nothing to see here folks, move along. Calls from the ISNA to not jump to conclusions in 4 ... 3 ... 2 ....

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Culture of Corruption Update

What did Chris Dodd (D) know and when did he know it? (Via The Hill):

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) said he and his wife knew Countrywide Inc. was treating them as “VIP” customers when they refinanced mortgages on two homes in 2003, but that it did not cross his mind he was getting a financial perk from the sub-prime lender.

Dodd, who as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee oversees mortgage lenders, said he did not ask and Countrywide’s representatives did not say what the VIP treatment entailed.

“We knew at the time that we were being dealt with within a special section of the company,” Dodd explained. “We really just assumed it was a courtesy, because we had an existing mortgage with them — two mortgages with them.”


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What an Incredible Smell You've Discovered! Britain Releases al Qaeda's #1 Man in Europe

Abu Qatada al-Filisṭînî is out of jail. I only have a few thoughts to add to APs commentary here.

Abu Qatada is a specially designated foreign terrorist. When Mohammad Atta's apartment in Germany was searched after 9/11, police found 19 video tapes of Qatada's preaching violent jihad against the US.

We once battled Abu Qatada who's supporters ran a website for him while he was in jaill. Jawa 1, Abu Qatada 0.

But up against the pussies in the British legal system: Abu Qatada 1, pussy British judges 0.

Way to go douchebags. Way to go.

Oh, and those "control orders" have such a great track record, don't they?

Inform on Abu Hamza al-Masri, Get Screwed
US Company Hosting Specially Designated Terrorist
You Make the Call
Al Qaeda Leader Exchanged for British Hostage?
Videotape Released by Kidnappers of Alan Johnston
Cleric Sought in London Terror
New Video of Kidnapped BBC Reporter

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Sad News: No Jawa Radio Tonight

Sorry folks, due to some labor unrest, Jawa radio is shelved for tonight and no new podcast this week. Damn union thugs!

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The Post in Which Batman Laughs at the AP

The AP wants me to pay them $2.50 a word when I quote them.

As a legitimate news source, why don't I just do what the AP does when it quotes Reuters? Attributes a story to them without a link. For instance, this AP report on a Reuters and Access Hollywood report about denials that Paul Newman had cancer:

Hotchner, a longtime friend of Newman's, wavered in his public statements later Wednesday, telling "Access Hollywood" that he had no knowledge of Newman being treated for any illness. He confirmed the cancer report to the Reuters news agency, however.
How much does the AP pay Reuters when they use them as a source and vice versa? Nothing. I'll take the same deal.

This is actually part of the backstory on how The Jawa Report became the first right-of-center blog I know of to be a Google News source. I was reading an AP article which had no sources of its own, instead it was quoting the AFP (or maybe Reuters). Seriously, nearly a whole story by the AP simply saying that, "the AFP reports", etc. So I thought to myself, if this is "news" then why is it not "news" when I quote some other news source and then add a little commentary?

That combined with Google News listing some objectively pro-terrorist websites as "news" (and a dare) is how I originally applied to Google News back when there were only a few hundred sites listed, and nary a blog.

So, will we be forking over any cash to AP soon?

In fact, the AP should be paying me. From now on we'll follow the AoSHQ model and just quote the AP, citing them as a source, without a link.

UPDATE: The AP quotes from Patterico, no payment forthcoming.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 07:15 PM | Comments |

Vote for Change, F*ckers.

Come home, friends. It's time to clean up Washington.




By Good Lt. at 07:12 PM | Comments |

New York Hamas Fan Threatens Blogger

Nope, not me this time, Brian from Snapped Shot. The IP traces to New York.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 06:39 PM | Comments |

Yes We Know...

...That Muslimpad is down. We're not sure why. But that means that Samir Khan AKA Inshallahshaheed's blog is down too. We'll take what we can get. Any day Samir Khan is off-line is a good day for Jawas.


We've asked the administrator there what is going on.

It would be a shame if Sammy, caring only about his own ability to spread his terrorist propaganda, cost others their website in the process. His mommy and daddy obviously won't foot the bill for him to pay for his own platform.

We'll update as soon as we know more.

Update 06/18/08 10:41: Muslimpad has been restored including Samir Khan's blog.

By Howie at 05:32 PM | Comments |

Imprisoned Yemeni Journalist al-Khaiwani Wins Amnesty's Human Rights Media Award

This is a man who has already endured the horrors of prison because of the stand that he's taken. Despite that, he is determined to continue his work and has of course just been jailed again. That is an act of courage, and it is right that he is being honoured.'

Yes it is right. Amnesty International's Full Text Here

Its still not to late to sign a letter of support. We're almost at 1500.

By Jane at 04:26 PM | Comments |

Three USS Cole Families Demand Yemen Imprison Terrorist and Release Journalist al-Khaiwani

Families of Victims of USS Cole Bombing Join with American Islamic Congress to Call for Accountability in Yemen

The American Islamic Congress announced today that it is joining with families of sailors killed in the USS Cole bombing to demand Yemen take responsible action against terrorists and protect the basic freedoms of journalists. The ad hoc coalition has issued the following statement:

“We are a coalition of civil rights activists, the families of USS Cole sailors murdered in the Al Qaeda attack on the USS Cole, and Americans of conscience.

“We are troubled by repeated reports that the Government of Yemen has released the masterminds of the attack on the USS Cole and that these terrorists freely roam the streets of Sana’a, Yemen’s capital.

“We are concerned that at the same time the Yemeni regime has targeted several leading independent journalists, including Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani, who was just sentenced to six years in prison with hard labor.

“And we note with concern that the US administration has proposed doubling US foreign aid to Yemen, despite the regression in the Government of Yemen’s action on terrorism and civil rights.

“We therefore issue the following demands:

“1) The Government of Yemen must re-arrest the masterminds behind the USS Cole bombing and keep them behind bars to serve their initial sentences. No more pardons or reduced sentences.

“2) Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani must go free, either exonerated of all trumped-up charges or pardoned by Yemen’s president, and Yemeni journalists must be free to practice their profession without government repression.

“3) The United States Congress should urgently review foreign aid to Yemen in light of the regime’s recent actions and condition such aid on verifiable progress on combating Al Qaeda terrorists and protecting civil rights for all citizens.”


Gary G. Swenchonis, Sr., Deborah Swenchonis, and Shalala Swenchonis

Survivors of Petty Officer Gary E. Swenchonis

John Clodfelter and family

Survivors of Hull Maintenance Technician 3rd Class Kenneth E. Clodfelter

Jesse L. and Lynn D. Nieto

Survivors of Engineman 2nd Class Marc Nieto

Nasser Weddady

Civil Rights Outreach Director, American Islamic Congress

Jane Novak, writer and blogger leading campaign for Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani

The American Islamic Congress is a civil-rights organization promoting tolerance and the exchange of ideas among Muslims and between other peoples. With the motto “passionate about moderation,” the organization leads initiatives around the world and has offices in Washington, Boston, Egypt, and Iraq.

For Immediate Release

Contact: Davina AbuJudeh



This is a listing of the statements of international organizations calling for the release of al-Khaiwani

By Jane at 02:36 PM | Comments |

Charges Dismissed in Another Haditha Case

Charges against the highest ranking officer connected to the Haditha investigation have been dropped. AP:

Col. Steven Folsom dismissed charges Tuesday against Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani after defense attorneys raised concerns that a four-star general overseeing the prosecution was improperly influenced by an investigator probing the November 2005 shootings by a Marine squad in Haditha.
Any word from John Murtha yet?

UPDATE: The answer is no.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:17 PM | Comments |

Obama Supporter Calls for Attacks on U.S. Troops


An American citizen, a contributor to the Barack Obama campaign, an escaped convict, and a traitor. Aiham Alsammarae calls for continued attacks against U.S. troops in Iraq.

Huffpo has the above on Alsammarae's contributions to the Obama campaign.

It's not clear whether he supports Obama because he believes in hopeandchange (US out of Iraq!) or if he's an Obama supporter because he's seen which way the wind is blowing and as a graduate of the school of Chicago politics is trying to gain some influence in what he sees as the inevitable Obama administration. Apparently he's a friend of Rezko, so that's plausible.

Or maybe it's a little of both? He's a Sunni who seems to think that without U.S. troops in Iraq Sunnis would have more power. Which is odd, isn't it, given that U.S. troops were at one time the only thing standing between the Shia and Sunnis out to murder each other?

The same guy gave $250 to Mitt Romney, the RNC, and Bush over the past few years. Hedging his bets? It appears that his son, Ramy, gave money to the Clinton campaign. The same "unemployed" son gave even more to Barack Obama.

Gateway Pundit notes that Rezko and Alsammarae were college room-mates.

Go check out Talisman's Gate for the entire story, but here are the money quotes:

Alsammarae, an Iraqi-American Chicagoan, added during remarks carried by Radio Sawa (Arabic link) that he had contributed the maximum allowable of $2,300 to Barack Obama’s campaign....

the [insurgency] in Iraq is a legitimate resistance [movement] and it is against occupation and any resistance in the world against occupation is considered legitimate, and I hope that the [insurgency] continues and avenges the Iraqi people and I look forward to expanding its political agenda.”

Yeah, I think the "T" word is in order here. What else do you call an American citizen that supports killing U.S. troops?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:50 AM | Comments |

Honda Releases "Zero Emission" Vehicle


Via Telegraph UK:

Japanese motoring giant Honda has launched production of a new zero-emission hydrogen fuel-cell car.

The FCX Clarity, a family sized four-seater, runs on electricity and emits only water vapour.

Honda claim the car has three times the fuel efficiency of a conventional petrol engine, and twice that of existing Hybrid vehicles.

Although it's not quite clear from the article exactly what sort of drivetrain the car uses, the car sounds pretty cool in any event.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 11:47 AM | Comments |

PIJ Announces Cyber War Division, Uses Google Earth to Target


The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) has announced the formation of a cyberwarfare division which focuses on hacking Israeli servers. They call themselves the "e-media" division of the al Quds Brigades.

The division, the PIJ claims, was headed by Hassan Shakoura who was recently killed in an Israeli missile strike. The author of the article couldn't help himself, and gave into the temptation of labeling Shakoura the first "e-martyr".

But also check out the last quote below which is an admission that they use Google Earth when targeting civilians in Israel. Above is an image from a simple Google map search showing Sderot, Israel, a frequent target of PIJ rocket attacks.


"The Israeli's have worked very hard the past few years on monitoring all the Palestinian websites, especially those of Islamic Jihad and Al-Quds Brigades," Hamza told MENASSAT.

"They (Israeli hackers) hacked these websites and erased them from the electronic boards or even added indecent pictures to them," he said.

Hamza told MENASSAT that the Brigades had to establish an e-media military unit "because we had to fight the enemy in the electronic media to resist being assaulted on two fronts – physically and virtually." ...

"When the militants fire missiles on Israeli targets, they do so in collaboration with the experts of the unit who specify the military and political positions in the settlements. They also use Google Earth, which helps a lot," he told MENASSAT.

If you read the whole article you'll see that the PIJ hasn't been successful in actually hacking any Israeli military sites. What they and other Palestinian cyber-terrorists have been successful at are denial of service attacks against Israeli civilian websites such as newspapers and other media outlets. Pretty lame efforts.

Hat tip: Norseman.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:41 AM | Comments |

Anti-Tobacco Nazi Goes After Employees' Spouses

The spirit of Adolf Hitler lives on* [emphasis added]:

Weyers, owner of a health care benefits administrator in Lansing, Mich., gave his 200 employees an ultimatum in 2004: Quit smoking in 15 months or lose your job. He refused to hire smokers. Ultimately, he extended his smoking ban to employees' spouses and monitored compliance through mandatory random blood testing.
Why stop with cigarettes? Maybe Weyers could test his employees and their families for consumption of alcohol and unhealthy food. Since he's using his insurance costs to justify running their lives anyway, why not make them wear those "Special Ed" helmets whenever they leave the house, just in case?

Let's hope someone in Howard Weyers family can get him to seek psychiatric treatment.

*Adolf Hitler was the most famous anti-smoker in history.

By Bluto09:57 AM | Comments |

June 16, 2008

"Defending the American Dream" New Media Summit

Conservative bloggers--especially those of you in the Southwest--will be very interested in this conservative new media summit coming up next month in Austin, Texas:

The folks at Americans for Prosperity-Texas have really been taking the lead in supporting new media. When the Republican Party of Texas failed to provide any form of internet connectivity to bloggers and other media types attending their state convention, AFP-TX stepped in and provided a connection, router and ethernet lines at their own expense for blogger use. AFP is a huge asset to the conservative cause across the country, and nowhere moreso than in the Lone Star State.

To learn more about AFP's New Media Summit, click HERE.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 09:59 PM | Comments |

Video Shows UAE Prince Torturing Man

Is this the same UAE that I keep hearing is a 'moderate' country? Video tapes apparently show the brother of the crown prince of one of the UAE states torturing at least one person. Reason for torturing the man? Extracting terrorist information, maybe? Nope, business deal gone bad.

If you click on the link and then go to the end of the article, the accusation is that Issa taped the torture sessions so he could get off to them later.


....the tapes could become evidence in a federal lawsuit against Sheik Issa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a son of the late UAE president and brother of Abu Dhabi's crown prince.They showed a man who appeared to be Sheik Issa beating another man with lumber, firing an automatic weapon into the sand around him and forcing an apparent cattle prod into his anus. The victim also appeared to have been partly run over by a SUV and had salt poured on his wounds.

Lawyers said the video also showed the victim's genitals being lit on fire. They said the abuse began because the sheik felt he had been overcharged in a grain deal.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 06:31 PM | Comments |

5 Reasons to Read The First Commandment

I thought I had read all of Brad Thor's books, but apparently I let the last one slip by. I picked up The First Commandment, which just came out in paperback, at the Orlando airport last week and finished it in two days.

Two words: Totally. Freaking. Sweet.*

Here are 5 reasons to read The First Commandment:

5) Scot Harvath was a political science major at USC. Obviously impacted by TAs.

4) Torture? Pouring pepper spray in to an ear. Discuss.

3) Pwning a "Troll's" server: it's not just a Jawa past time anymore!

2) Come on, who doesn't think killing a terrorist is the perfect wedding gift?

1) All your fantasies about Juba the Baghdad Sniper, a frequent character at The Jawa Report, in vivid detail.

Don't forget, Brad's new book, The Last Patriot, comes out July 1st. In it, a prominent but entirely fictional American-Islamic Relations group plays a nefarious role.

Seriously, if you ever wanted to know what would happen to any one finding a yet undiscovered Quranic chapter where Muhammad renounces violent jihad, here's your chance. I fully expect the fatwas to fly after this book is published.

Brad Thor's novels are like a fictionalized version of my fantasy life. Only one thing is missing: Angelina Jolie. I'm thinking Angelina would play the perfect Tracy Hastings.......

*That's 3 words?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:16 PM | Comments |

Stupidity in the Academy: Oil Produces Misogeny, Not Islam

Perhaps the dumbest article ever published in The American Political Science Review. Making Sense our of Jihad has the abstract. Go read it. It would be good for a hearty belly laugh except that's my profession's journal of record.

I'll go dig up the article since I subscribe to the journal, but the abstract seems to indicate that the study only compares Muslim countries to other Muslim countries. Shockingly, oil rich Muslim countries have less of a female workforce than non-oil rich Muslim countries. Which says nothing about Islam as a causal factor at all. What it says is that in really poor Islamic countries, women tend to work; in relatively wealthy Islamic countries, women work less. Which kind of makes sense, doesn't it? Poor families need incomes produces by women, wealthier ones less so.

Besides, since Islamic law institutionalizes inequality of the sexes (eg, women rape victim's testimony excluded from evidence), any other data is superfluous. Other cultures, religious, and political ideologies might also inspire a high degree of sexism, but to claim Islamic cultures and institutions are not per se sexist is to spit into the hurricane force winds of reality without a pair of goggles.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:27 PM | Comments |

Now Playing at Sawt al Jihad (Voice of Jihad): Shemale Videos!

Sawt al Jihad means the voice of jihad. The English language al Qaeda support forum Sawtaljihad.org used to post dirty bomb threats like this:

Now, because they apparently forgot to pay up for domain registration, it looks like this:


Apparently, those searching for Sawt al Jihad also search for related things like, you know, shemale tranny porn.

Islamist Website Threatens Bush With "Dirty Bomb"
Email A Terrorist: Voice of Jihad Edition
Dreamhhost, A Terrorist Webmaster’s Hosting Dream

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:31 PM | Comments |

Inshallahshaheed: The Opposite of Irony

What's the opposite of irony? You know, where a word is used to mean exactly what its supposed to mean, yet nobody seems to be aware that the word really means that thing? Like Samir Khan's nickname Inshallahshaheed, which means, literally, God willing a martyr.

Go check it out over at the Rude News and then come back and tell me how the 1st Amendment protects the speech of an American citizen inciting the deaths of U.S. soldiers during an actual shooting war?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:58 PM | Comments |

WaPo: The Democrat/Sadrist Alliance

Pretty harsh words for the Democrats from WaPo. Apparently they seem to be in agreement with Muqtada al Sadr on a number of issues, including conspiratorial notions that a long-term presence in Iraq would be some sort of "occupation". I'd say more, but really Ed says it all.

The whole thing is very disturbing, especially as signs that Sadr's influence has been waining steadily in recent months.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:38 PM | Comments |

Shhhh, I'm Hunting Tawiban!

Looks like we're on the trail of some big game. Two more cross border incursions reported in Pakistani media. The reliability of the specifics in these reports can by iffy, but usually something has happened.


One person was killed as unmanned US drones fired three guided missiles at a house in the Makeen area of South Waziristan on Saturday, a private television channel reported.

According to Express News, the drones fired three missiles at a house in a bid to target the hideout of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan chief Baitullah Mehsud. Locals have recovered one dead body from the debris of the house while more casualties are feared, it said.

Two military helicopters of the US-led allied forces intruded into Khyber region on Sunday, triggering panic.

Locals said the helicopters intruded deep into the Landi Kotal area, adjacent to the Afghanistan's Nangarhar province, in the afternoon and hovered over the border town for more than 10 minutes.

The headline? I dunno, I suddenly had images of Elmer Fudd in my head.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:56 AM | Comments |

Yemen's Policy of Intentional Starvation

It is the Yemeni government's policy to starve unaffiliated civilians in order to prompt them to turn in Houthi rebels. The Yemeni government has been starving the 700,000 residents of Saada governorate for years with a blockade on food, and now they are also deliberately starving the 75,000 residents of Bani Hushaish.

The blockade is collective punishment against Yemeni citizens who happen to live in the area where the rebels decided to hide. The rebels themselves are guilty of mingling among the civilians, however a state has a responsibility not to purposefully starve its children.

Yemen Times: In an attempt to control the troubled areas of Bani Hushaish district in Sana’a governorate where a number of Houthi rebels took refuge, security authorities placed a blockade around the area on diesel and food products....By creating this siege, we are pushing the locals to understand that they must cooperate with the state against the Houthis even if they are their relatives or neighbors," said the Sana'a Governate Office source. "When they begin to starve and their source of income is interrupted, they will eventually hand over the Houthis in their area. Also, we try to prevent any ammunition or supplies from reaching the Houthis in Bani Hushaish in order to weaken them,” he added.
Withholding food to their own citizens as a tactic of war, how cruel.
By Jane at 10:36 AM | Comments |

al-ekhlaas Losers Heart Jawas

Not really, but they did er uh notice us... See this list posted on al-ekhlaas of people they dislike.

Via Internet Anthropologist:


Company C http://warintel11.wetpaint.com/
( They call us filthy pigs. )

MEMRI: The Middle East Media Research Institute

!!!!!!and mypetJEWA was once staff there....enough said...

"Laura Mansfield"

The NEFA Foundation

Jazak Allah Khair Akhi

Joseph Shahda

M. Jveritas

Hey that's some pretty good company to be listed with in our opinion. Right up there with the Doogie Howser of terror Evan Kohlman! Awesome!

And mypetJEWA? Classic. So without further delay, we bring you the newest Jawa Report satellite blog.... ...


By Howie at 10:10 AM | Comments |



Found it in a comment thread of this hilarious Onion-esque exploration of Dick Durbin's casting of the GOP into the lowest bowels of hell.

ht: People's Cube

I f*cking love People's Cube. The comment threads are teh awesome.

By Good Lt. at 12:10 AM | Comments |

June 15, 2008

Anteater Says....

This one is for Vinnie.
Filed under "Heroes".

By at 12:47 PM | Comments |

Blogger Annoys Yemeni Government

That would be me...

There's a very nice article on the front page of the Asbury Park Press today about my efforts in Yemen. "To rulers' chagrin, she backs free press, democracy"

When you read the comments keep in mind, New Jersey is among the bluest of blue states, but there's a few rational people apparently. (Beth Donovan popped in for a little smack-down. weeeeee)

It looks really good in the hard copy. The APP published a photo of one of the massive protests in South Yemen and another of the poor residents of Saada in North Yemen digging out the bodies of a woman and baby killed in one of the government bombing strikes. And there's a map! And several nice photos of al-Khaiwani, including the one where he's interviewing bin Shamlan and smiling. So thats NICE.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads!!!


By Jane at 12:25 PM | Comments |

June 14, 2008

Pete Olson at the Texas GOP Convention

peteolson.jpgPete Olson, GOP nominee for the congressional race in Texas CD-22, addressed bloggers today at the RightOnline.com booth at the Texas Republican Convention in Houston.

Olson is a former staffer for Senator Phil Gramm and Senator John Cornyn. In his comments to bloggers, Olson emphasized the importance of returning to traditional Republican principles, including traditional values, limited government, free markets and strong national defense. My only real point of contention with Olson's remarks was his expressed opinion that the GOP leadership had "gotten the message." I'm still not convinced that it has, but I given Olson's track record and Phil Gramm's enthusiastic endorsement of his candidacy, Olson has my vote.

Olson is running for the seat that was once held by Tom DeLay, but was taken by the Democrats in 2006. The district remains heavily Republican, and Olson's race represents one of the few in which there is a very good chance to flip a D to an R this time around.

Olson's campaign website is here.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 03:00 PM | Comments |

Fred Thompson on Constitutional Rights for Terrorists

I don't care what y'all say, Fred Thompson still kicks ass:

In reading the [Supreme Court's] majority opinion I am struck by the utter waste that is involved here. No, not the waste of military resources and human life, although such a result is tragically obvious. I refer to the waste of all those years these justices spent in law school studying how adherence to legal precedent is the bedrock of the rule of law, when it turns out, all they really needed was a Pew poll, a subscription to the New York Times, and the latest edition of “How to Make War for Dummies.”
h/t: HotAir.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 12:33 PM | Comments |

3 Convicted in Toledo Terror Ring

The threat of home grown terrorism? It's real. These three, like most jihad supporters in the U.S., were much more interested in going oversees to fight the U.S. or our allies. In this way they justify their support for jihad as "defensive" action.

Trust me, there are a lot of people like these three right here. Most of them never move from vocal supporters of jihad and of America's enemies abroad because they are cowards. For that I suppose we should be thankful.

You'll also notice that the trio had hours and hours of jihadi videos, an analysis of which NEFA has made available. For those who want a crash course in the Sunni jihad in Iraq, there's also tons of information about such groups as al Qaeda, Ansar al-Sunnah, Jaish al-Mujahdeen, and the Islamic Army in Iraq and the kind of propaganda they produce.

Of special note is the message posted by Marwan El-Hindi at the al-Ekhlaas forum in which he proclaims himself a terrorist, a screenshot of which can be found here.

The Toledo Blade has a very good story about the case, worth reading the whole thing, but here are some highlights:

Mohammad Amawi, Marwan El-Hindi, and Wassim Mazloum were found guilty by a jury in U.S. District Court in Toledo of conspiring to plan attacks to kill or injure U.S. troops in Iraq and other countries - a crime that carries a maximum penalty of life in prison - and providing materials and support to terrorists....

El-Hindi, 45, is a U.S. citizen who was born in Jordan; Mazloum, 27, came to the United States from Lebanon in 2000, and Amawi, 28, who was born in the United States, holds Jordanian citizenship...

Jurors were shown videos that the men had of gruesome beheadings, U.S. Marines killing Iraqis, tanks being blown up, and a Marine being killed at a checkpoint in Iraq.

In addition, two others are facing indictment for being part of the same ring.

Just to get the story straight: these three were plotting to go overseas to fight the U.S. in Iraq? Why wasn't the charge treason or conspiracy to commit treason?

The inevitable follow up story in the Blade about stereotyping of Muslims in the wake of the verdict produces this incredibly stupid quote:

"Unfortunately, right away, if it happened to be a Muslim person, they say 'Islamic terrorist,'" Mr. Shousher said...

"If they rob a bank, they don't say he's a Christian robber ... If you have an Islamic name, an Arabic heritage, they think we approve. But that's not the truth."

True, but when was the last time someone robbed a bank "in the name of Jesus" or justified the theft based upon some New Testament verse? Truly stupid.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:01 AM | Comments |

June 13, 2008

Friday Night Intermission

Have a good weekend all.. I know I will :)

Jawas Rock!

Hat Tip: 2.0 Beta.

By Howie at 10:20 PM | Comments |

WTF? Democratic Delegate Wonders Aloud Whether Obama Has Terrorist Ties

Even I don't believe Obama has ties to terrorists. Not unless by ties one counts a former mentor (Jeremiah Wright) who's newsletter once praised a terrorist organization. Or maybe Obama's distant cousin in Kenya who may have Islamist sympathies. But those are some pretty thin ties to hang around Obama's neck.

He certainly is weak on Islamic terrorism. But as far as I can see that isn't because he has terrorist sympathies, only that he comes from the Jimmy Carter school of thought which believes that if you can just keep terrorists talking long enough, they'll give up.

A pussy? Yes. A terrorist? No.

But if Obama can't convince a large contingent of Southern Democrats that he doesn't have terror sympathies, then Obama's candidacy may be a paper tiger.

Go check out the video. It's really a WTF moment.

Thanks to Larwyn.

UPDATE: Ah, Bill Ayers. Forgot about that.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:14 PM | Comments |

Jawa's Jane on NPR: NJ Mom Public Enemy #1 to Terror Supporting Regime

Our own Jane Novak continues her road to stardom with an appearance on NPR's On the Media. Jane continues her crusade against the government of Yemen, the same government that imprisons critics and that lets convicted al Qaeda terrorists go free. Listen below.

If you haven't already done so, please sign this letter to protest the jailing of Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani. In Yemen journalists go to jail, while those convicted of murdering Americans on the USS Cole walk free.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:53 PM | Comments |

Dead or Alive? US Looking for Adam Gadahn

Jimbo sends this from Jim Popkin at NBC. I'm not sure how new the 'Deep Background' blog is, but I just got turned on to it over the past few days. Keep an eye on it as it seems to be NBC's version of ABC's 'Blotter'.

The gist of Popkin's piece is that the Coalition is busy trying to smoke Adam Gadahn out. They're using radio ads calling Gadahn a traitor and a coward. They also promise a hefty reward for locals who will turn him in.

But buried in the article is a quote from Mike Darmiento, the Assistant Director of the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service, who is connected to the efforts to root out Gadahn. They're not even sure if Gadahn is alive:

He explained that, with all the rumors swirling around that Gadahn may have been killed by a Predator attack in February in North Waziristan, it was time to ferret out the truth.

"We had heard information that possibly he had been killed back in February. And we just decided it's time to really push this some more to see if we can develop some additional information and try to locate him once and for all," Darmiento said...

“It wouldn’t surprise me if he went underground. It also wouldn’t surprise me if he was killed,” he said.

The last we saw the fat ass virgin Jew* from OC he was busy ripping up his passport and renouncing his US citizenship. All fine and well on our end. Good riddance!

The State Department has also recently been distributing posters and matchbooks with Gadahn's face on them reminding the citizens of Afghanistan that there is a $1million reward on his head.**

You can buy several prepubescent wives for that kind of cash!

What's not stated in the article is the alternative to Gadahn being dead, which may be why the efforts to locate him are being ramped up: he's gone operational. Jewish kid. Grew up a Dodgers fan in suburban LA. Member of al Qaeda's inner circle. On the loose in, say, Europe. Or worse yet, back in Orange County. You do the math.

Like I've been saying for months, I believe he's dead. We know he regularly Googles his own name and in the past he's responded when we've called him out. Since pushing the intel we've been privy to that he's dead we've heard nada from Adam. That's a first.

If you're reading this Adam, the production quality over at as Sahab has really suffered. It lacks that gaywad pizzaz and subtle homo erotic undertones you always added to Zawahiri and al Libi speeches.

But maybe he's just dead? I think so. But if not he needs to be found. Right away.

*He hates being reminded he was born Jewish, hence the Jew remark.
**Oddly, the Rewards for Justice website is currently down. The domain is registered to someone with a state.gov extension. Typical. Your U.S. State Department at work!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:35 PM | Comments |

Friday Liveblogging at the Texas GOP Convention

Dan Garcia (Texas Young Republicans) proselytizes.

Greg at RhymesWithRight is blogging the convention, along with RepublicofDave.com and Will at Lone Star Report.

(More below the fold)

The Ron Paul Revolution is here, sort of:


The Republican Liberty Caucus a/k/a the "Ron Paul Republicans" are here, as well:


The Texas State Rifle Association was a few booths away:


This protester had a message for the delegates:


UPDATE: The centerpiece of the afternoon general session was the challenge to incumbent Party Chairman Tina Benkiser. The core of the coalition supporting Perry were Ron Paul supporters, but a coalition of frustrated grassroots activists coalesced around Perry's candidacy.

Incumbent Party Chairman Tina Benkiser

Challenger Paul Perry


When the votes were counted, Benkiser was re-elected by a margin of approximately 2:1 over Perry.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 03:08 PM | Comments |

Tim Russert Reported Dead

Russertbetterimage.jpgBy Both CNN and FOXNEWS.

Via CNN's red banner: Tim Russert of NBC News has died at the age of 58, the network says.
I must say that I've always enjoyed MTP. Mr. Russert did a great job of hiding his politics, playing the tough reporter on Meet The Press no matter who was on the other side of the desk.

More Via CNN:

Tim Russert, who became one of America's leading political journalists as the host of NBC's "Meet the Press," died today of a heart attack, according to the network. He was 58.
More here Via NY Post.

Via Wikipedia

to Irish American Catholic parents, he received a Jesuit education[3]. Russert was an alum of Canisius High School in Buffalo, New York and a graduate of John Carroll University and Cleveland-Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University. Although Russert was of age during the peak of the Vietnam War, he had no military service. He admitted, on Meet the Press, that he went to Woodstock "in a Buffalo Bills jersey with a case of beer." Russert was admitted to the bar in New York and the District of Columbia. Before joining NBC News, Russert served as counselor in New York Governor Mario Cuomo's office in Albany in 1983 to 1984 and was chief of staff to Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan from 1977 to 1982. An avid fan of the American Football team the Buffalo Bills, Russert usually closed Sunday broadcasts during the football season with some type of pro-Bills comment. He had also ended his show by mentioning the successes of Boston College football, baseball, and hockey.
Others blogging Malkin, and Oliver Willis, though Rusty might kill me for linking him. Just goes to show how much Mr. Russert was liked and respected by both the left and right.

Also here Via MSNBC, Tim died working on MTP.

Russert was recording voiceovers for Sunday’s “Meet the Press” program when he collapsed, the network said.
Very fitting.

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What if the Valedictorian of a Saudi Run VA School Joined al Qaeda?

Oh, right, it already happened. The school is the Islamic Saudi Academy and the valedictorian was Ahmed Abu Omar Ali, who you'll notice has his own archive category in the left hand column.

Ali left his native Virginia to go to Saudi Arabia for 'religious training' where he joined an al Qaeda cell. Ali, who admitted to plotting to kill President Bush, was called the Rosa Parks of the Muslim community by a Virginia imam. The Muslim Rosa Parks also admitted to meeting with Zubayr Al-Rimi, al Qaeda's #2 man in Saudi Arabia while studying in Mecca.

The Saudi funded school has been in the news again recently when *shock* it was revealed that they continue to use textbooks justifying violent jihad and that a local Democrat running for Congress wants the school to remain. Go read See-Dub's post and follow the links for the whole story.

What bothers me is that we allow the Saudis to spend tens of millions of dollars supporting Islamic institutions in the United States, yet the act of bringing a Bible to Saudi Arabia is considered a crime. The solution is not to ban the Saudis from funding Islam in America, it is to make the legality of that funding based on a reciprocal arrangement: we'll let your imams in to our country to preach Islam, and you let our [insert religion here] missionaries into your country to preach [insert religion here].

Of course, they'd also have to decriminalize apostasy and laws against proselytizing. Under current Saudi law, based upon sharia, both are punishable by death.

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"Quasi-liveblogging" the Texas GOP Convention - Thursday Highlights

Okay, mea culpa, mea culpa, yadda-yadda...

I pretty much suck at "live" blogging.

I fully intended to be a liveblogging machine yesterday. In case anyone noticed, I didn't manage to do that.

I'll try to make up for it today.

The Texas Republicans have been having fun in Houston. (SEE BELOW)

The highlight of Thursday was Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams, who gave a rousing, inspiring speech in which he was interrupted by applause over 30 times.

Here's an excerpt:

I know the liberals think Americans are finally coming their way… that suddenly working families are for higher taxes and bigger government. But the election of a Democrat Congress isnot an endorsement of Democrat ideas. The fact is Democrats campaign as conservatives so they can govern as liberals. The problem is Republicans started doing the same thing, so the people chose the real thing.

But the American people still believe in limited government, lower taxes and less regulation. And if our party returns to its Reagan roots, our majority will one day return to Washington as well...

My fellow Republicans, we are the party of change. We are the ones that brought reform to government, reducing regulation and lowering taxes. We brought down the Soviet wall. We are the ones that believe public education should be about the children and not the union leaders.

Our faith resides in the power of the individual and not an all-pervasive federal government. And we believe in the simple but profound idea that human life is sacred, beginning with the unborn.

Video here. Full transcript here.

Those of you outside of Texas who don't know about Michael Williams should get to know him. If the Anteater were to name Williams to be his Veep, I think that might just clinch it.


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Al Qaeda Planning Attack in Denmark

And by al Qaeda planning attack in Denmark, they don't mean from the outside: they mean that there is already a significant contingent of al Qaeda sympathizers in Denmark. These would be home grown terrorists.

Before you scoff at the notion that there is an al Qaeda presence in Denmark, consult our Terror: Scandinavia archives down the left column.


"We see now -- also in cases not yet public -- a determined steering, training and planning of a terror attack on Danish soil with management from al Qaeda," Security and Intelligence Service (PET) head Jakob Scharf said in an interview published on newspaper Nyhedsavisen's website.

Al Qaeda said earlier this month it was behind a suicide attack on Denmark's embassy in the Pakistani capital Islamabad that killed six and injured 20....

A number of Danish Muslim youths have been jailed for plotting attacks in the country over the last four years...

UPDATE: Looking through my old files, I found this logo from a jihad group in Sweden.


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"If you see a guy who is 6’4” tall and looks like [UBL], kill him.”

Fascinating story on the possible whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. Apparently no one has the foggiest idea about his location. I've speculated in the past that he's either dead or not even in the region, but really, who knows?

Another interesting point is that while the last official bin Laden sighting was in 2001, we have been able to track and target Zawahiri multiple times, the most recent of which was in 2006 in a missile attack just missed him.

The headline to this post is a quote from the story. Check it out.

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The Shared Brotherhood

An Iraqi and American pilot share a moment of silence.

For the record, my paternal grandfather was a career Air Force pilot.

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Hamas Epic Fail. The Bad Kind.

Funny: Hamas bomber prematurely splodes.

Not so funny: Hamas bomber prematurely splodes, kills four month old baby.

Thanks to Mrs. Abe Froman.

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Obama on Obama's Muslim Background

Somebody forgot to tell Malik Obama that his brother Barrack was not raised a Muslim. Maybe someone over at Fight the Smears should have a talk with the Kenyan arm of the Obama family?


For the record, I do not believe Obama was ever a practicing Muslim.

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You Stay Classy, Obamatrons

Whilst perusing one of the posts on Political Punch (An ABC blog written by Jake Tapper), I came across this comment by a rabid Obamabot. Feel the Hope, Change and a new way of living on Earth that these Obamatrons are trying to usher in:

Yes, and considering that McCain made 30 propaganda tapes for the VietCong after he surrendered speaks volumes about his character. He did it to save his pasty white butt.

McCain's confessions were played over and over again for the troops in Vietnam to hear. He called American soliders (sic) murders in the tapes.

McCain gave the VietCong the location of his ship and his next mission, endangering the lives of thousand of American soliders (sic). Just to save himself.

Don't go there, McCain is a traitor.

Then later, without a hint of irony, the same commenter named "Jane Hussein" drops this laugher (edits mine):
Why don't you talk about issues? FEAR and SMEAR wont work this time. We are smarter. This isn't 2004.

Pick a subject:

The economy (sluggish because we're not allowed to have our own energy, thanks to the policies of a certain environmentalist party)

The war (we're winning)

Gas Prices (see above, and Obama is apparently cool with this because, well, we're not sure.)

Food Prices (see above, and hilarious considering it is Democrats cheering for the conversion of corn into fuel that nobody uses)

Jobs (the unemployment rate is at 5.5%, where it was under Clinton - the most recent "spike" was that of unemployable college grads and high school grads unable to get jobs because Democrats are doing their best to make sure that doing business in the country is more expensive)

Global Warming (it's "climate change," idiot - get the memo. The earth hasn't warmed in 10 years.)

Argue on the issues. Twisting words isn't an intelligent debate. (ROTFLMFAO)

Apart from an endless stream of spittle and nonsense dutifully recited by the brainwashed minions over there, this commenter stood out as an especially poignant snapshot of where the "new" Democrat party is at this juncture in history.

Phenomenal. Keep up the FAIL, Jane Hussein.

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World Mind Sports Games

(Beijing, China) Here's a report that reminds me of when this old fart neighbor would choke down Oreos while playing checkers. I forget the guy's name but I was a little kid and he always won.

China will test bridge and chess players for performance-enhancing drugs at the first World Mind Sports Games in Beijing in October.

The games comprise four mind sports -- including checkers and Go -- and about 3,000 participants from about 100 countries will compete for 35 gold medals in the inaugural Games, Oct. 3-18, a few weeks after the Olympic Games in Beijing.

So, 35 gold medals in four games will be awarded. I'm confused. That's eight and three-quarters medals each. And by the way, how big a loser do you have to be to need performance-enhancing drugs to beat somebody at checkers?

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June 12, 2008

2nd U.S. Strike in Pakistan in 2 Days

The English isn't the best, but from what I gather it was a Predator strike. But this is a Pakistani paper so who knows. Something probably happened, what it was is any one's guess.

It's not clear to me whether we are simply sick of the Pakistanis stalling in their efforts to root out the Taliban and so we are taking matters into our own hands, or if we are sending them a more general message about our ability to strike wherever we want with or without their permission?

The Nation:

US aircrafts violated Pakistan air space and launched another air strike in the South Waziristan tribal region, witnesses said on Thursday. There was no casualty but the air raid at Angoor Ada near the Afghan border created panic among the people.

According to sources, the US planes on Wednesday night bombed Zeyub mountainous range, around 25 km west of Wana, the center of South Waziristan. The air strike uprooted trees and created deep caves in the mountainous region....

Sources said that the American spy planes were seen flying at low altitude in North Waziristan.

Thanks to Jimbo.

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Close Air Support

F-16 cleans out a nest of Taliban assmaggots with a thousand pound bomb.

Thanks to LiveLeaker Iraqi Translator USMC.

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Liveblogging the Texas GOP Convention

Blogger Joey Dauben and Peggy Venable (AFP) test out the RightOnline.com video studio.

I'm liveblogging the Texas GOP Convention this week. This one is shaping up to be more exciting than most. Republicans roll into this year's convention amidst a storm of controversy and litigation. The long and short of it is that a coalition of conservative grassroots activists, fit to be tied with the state party, are seeking to replace the existing party leadership. Background here.

No fireworks yet, but it's just getting kicked off. Stay tuned.

Huge kudos to Americans for Prosperity and RightOnline.com, btw, for generously supporting conservative bloggers at the convention with a wide variety of resources, not the least of which are reliable internet connections. They have also set up a small, but very cool, video studio in the exhibit hall, which they are making available for use by bloggers.

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Burqua Bomber Blown Away Before Going Boom!

Epic fail = no virgins!

Via Times Online:

The suicide bomb belt lies beside the body of the man shot in Lashkar Gar in Southern Helmand today.

Among the trail of clothes around him is the women's burqa with which he had disguised himself as he set out, explosives strapped to his chest, towards the police compound that was his target.

“He was shot in the forehead after he ignored warning shots and was killed on the spot,” said Hussain Andiwal, provincial police chief. “When we took off his burqa we found he was a man with a suicide vest tied around his body.”


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Angelina Jolie Might Vote McCain

Just a lame excuse to post Angelina Jolie pics? You bet. Sadly, she's also considering voting for Obama.

Which just goes to show the old saying is right: Angelina Jolie should focus on making me a sandwich!

We also learn that Atlas Shrugged is still in the works.


ANGELINA JOLIE: Actually, we don't disagree as much as you'd think. I think people assume I'm a Democrat. But I'm registered independent and I'm still undecided. So I'm looking at McCain as well as Obama....

Are you and Brad thinking about doing Atlas Shrugged together?
We've talked about that. But we've also talked about, Would that be good for the film? It would have to really work for the audience and not hurt the story. It's been 50 years of people trying to pull a movie together. If it comes together it'd be hard to say no to. The people who have the rights are itching to do it. They were itching to do it before, but [looks at her pregnant belly] I got myself in a state!

My favorite pic below the fold.

Thanks to HA's link thingy.

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Images: Judge Alex Kozinski’s Porn Pics

Patterico has the images that were on 9th Circuit Chief Justice Alex Kozinski’s server. Some offensive but SFW images in the main post, and NSFW images hidden behind links with plenty of warning.

First indication that these are the authentic Kozinski images? They were downloaded from alex.kozinski.com. What a brilliant way of "hiding" your porn!

The porn images aren't the most offensive. Not by a long shot. Who doesn't have pics of naked women painted like cows in their email's in folder? Vinnie sends me Tranny porn quizzes fortnightly. And the images of the guy giving himself a BJ? It's Bluto's screensaver.

No, the most offensive image in my mind is this one:


As a man practicing to become a Christian, I take offense. I expect Catholics would be doubly offended.

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Son of bin Laden Associate Raising Funds for Obama

It's a lengthy post by Debbie Schlussel, but worth the read. The gist of it is that a former associate of Osama bin Laden and Abdullah Azzam, the theologian who helped form al Qaeda, now lives in Michigan where he faces deportation for a second time. Mohamed Imad Al-Churbaji, claims Schlussel, not only was associated with key members of al Qaeda but also worked for a sham charity which used the money it collected to fund the global jihad.

Al-Churbaji's son, an American citizen, is a fundraiser for Barrack Obama. Go read it.

The most disturbing part of the post isn't that Al-Churbaji's son is an Obama supporter. It's not clear to what extent he sympathizes with his father's Salafi ideology. The really disturbing part of this is that even though Al-Churbaji was deported once, that he was given a visa to come back into the country from Pakistan!

He came back legally, even though he had previously faced deportation hearings? Schlussel speculates that there may have been fraud involved in getting his visa, but it could be just plain bureaucratic incompetence. In either case it's a SNAFU.

Oh, and key Democrats in Congress have lobbied ICE on his behalf. Nothing disturbing about that.

Thanks to Carl who also has related commentary.

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Video: Coalition Forces Repel Militant Attack in Afghanistan

Here is the video released by the DOD today of the incident in which coalition forces pursued elements of the Taliban back into Pakistan. Pakistan claims that eleven members of the Pakistani military were killed in the incident.

Package about Coalition forces being engaged by anti-Afghan forces in Konar province during a planned exercise with Pakistan, an unmanned aerial system identifying anti-Afghan forces firing at Coalition forces and Coalition forces using close-air support to gain fire superiority until the threat was eliminated.

There are reports that some members of the Pakistani military have been assisting Taliban terrorists in their efforts against coalition forces.

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit.

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Austrian Hostages Speak to Family Members

An encouraging sign in the case of kidnapped Austrian tourists Andrea Kloiber and Wolfgang Ebner: they have been allowed for the first time in their 4 months of captivity to call home. Via El Gosto (Google translation from French):

Abducted on February 22 by the radical Islamist movement al-Qaeda for the Maghreb, the former movement Algerian Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, the GSPC, Wolfgang Ebner, 51 years, and his companion Andrea Kloiber , 44 years, were able to speak for the first time directly on the phone with relatives on Friday. Les tentatives de médiation continuent. The mediation attempts continue.
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9th Circuit Judge Posts Porn on Web

In a story out of the LATimes, we learn that the head of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has posted porn on the Internet concurrent with presiding over an obscenity trial. Holy frikken moly!

Chief Judge Alex Kozinski said he didn't know that the public would be able to see what he considers to be personal photographs.

This is doubly disappointing from a conservative perspective. Kozinski was named to the federal bench by President Reagan and, as a high-ranking judge, Kozinski's name has been floated for a possible Supreme Court nomination.

The obscenity trial has been suspended while the 9th Circuit tries to get their ducks in a row.

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June 11, 2008

Brits Subsidize "Muslim Youth" Website Praising Beheading

Above: British hostage Kenneth Bigley shortly before he was murdered by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

The British, working under the theory that Muslim youths in the U.K. are turning to radicalism as a result of disenfranchisement and not having their voices heard, begin subsidizing a group which runs a website devoted to letting these youths vent. What could possibly go wrong? Sun:

One member wrote of suicide missions: “If you can blow dozens of people up at the same time, great, absolutely great.”

And in another vile message a member PRAISED a beheading video of British hostage Ken Bigley.

It said: “I like the beheading videos of the prisoners of war – especially the Daniel Pearl and Ken Bigley one.”

The difference between the poster and me? When I saw the Kenneth Bigley beheading video I wanted to kill people like the guy who posted this sick message, not Ken Bigley.

Thanks to Pam.

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For Wooga: Ridiculously Hot Chick Dances on Hilariously Cheesy Persian Music Vid

Wooga asks, we give. Plus GM seems like he needs a pick me up.

It reminds me of Bollywood, only you get an added smile from knowing that the Iranian regime hates this decadent garbage produced by the diaspora of creative (and even some of the not so creative) Persians that they themselves created by running off any one with even the slightest bit of talent. Anything to piss them off is worth wasting 3:33 of your life.

The hot undulating Persian chick? That's just a bonus.

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Another Obama Endorsement: Saudi Arabia

Apparently the House of Saud thinks an Obama foreign policy would be even more in line with the Islamist theocracy's interests than a McCain White House. Hard to believe given the Obama line about a McCain presidency being Bush's third term and the current President's blind spot to the Saudi threat.

MEMRI blog:

An editorial, the Saudi paper Al-Watan stated that U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is more capable than anyone else of bringing about change in U.S. policy, particularly in all things connected to the Middle East.
It's interesting to note, though, that the Saudis don't think Obama gets the threat of Iran:
The paper added that in light of Obama's intent to conduct a dialogue with Iran, the Middle East countries should launch a dialogue with him and help him better understand what is going on.
Thanks to CJ who's comment on Saudi style change is a must read.

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Chavez Recruiting and Training for Hezbollah?

chavez_ahmadinejad_iran_hug.jpgIs it true that Hugo Chavez's government is recruiting and training young men to fight the US as part of Hizbollah forces? I dunno, sounds kind of far fetched -- but not so far fetched as to dismiss it outright.

We've seen some Hizbollah related activity in Venezuela in the past. See for instance this post about Hizbollah in Venezuala's website threatening the U.S. and a two part video report on the subject at Hot Air (part 1 & part 2). But if memory serves me correctly the group got in to some trouble after they were exposed and Chavez was forced to shut them down. A ploy, perhaps?

I'd like to see some investigation into these allegations. Chavez has certainly embraced the revolutionary and anti-American agenda of the Iranians, who sponsor Hezbollah. We've also long noted the Left/Islamist convergence of agendas. Stranger bedfellows have been made in the past.

Go check out Infidels are Cool who has the original Spanish language article and Fausta who has an English translation.


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Any Excuse To Seethe, I Guess

Even over something as stupid as a "headscarf contest"

The television programme reviewed videos posted online by 46 woman wearing the veil prescribed by Islamic ideals of modesty before choosing 18-year-old Huda Falah. But there was a furious reaction from some members of the Islamic community which is already antagonised by the Scandanavian nation's role in a cartoon scandal involving the Prophet Mohammad.

"The whole point of the headscarf is that it's a symbol of chastity," said spokeswoman Bettina Meisner. "We don't wish young women to expose themselves as objects."

Entering a contest wearing a bag on your head is considered exposing women as objects now? I don't care who you are, that's funny right there. Nice way to try and explain away the misogynistic nature of Islam, lady.

As dangerous as they are, sometimes these people are just too much fun to watch.

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Pakistan Takes FUBAR & SNAFU to a Whole New Level

If you have the time, read this report by Jeffrey Imm at the CT Blog. It's long and depressing, but important.

The crux of Imm's article is that a majority of Pakistanis support Taliban-like Islamic law and that a significant minority already live under the control of the Taliban.

This is a problem because unlike the Islamic Republic of Iran which only seeks to develop nukes the Islamic Republic of Pakistan already has them.

Imm's calls for a Grand Strategy based on a more thorough understanding of how the jihad ideology is deeply rooted within traditional Islamic thought itself is interesting. I'm not sure how one operationalizes a strategy based on ideology, but it would be helpful if we could at least be honest about the relationship between Islam, Islamism, sharia, and jihad. Yet we are told that criticizing Islam is a form of bigotry, thus cutting off all debate as to the roots of the present conflict between Islamists and the world.

I can't imagine a counter factual history in which the U.S. wins the Cold War yet no one within the Beltway was willing to admit that the ideology of Marx was somehow related to the actions of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, or Ho Chi Minh.

In any event Pakistan is a screwed up country. One in which a solid majority agrees with the Taliban on the key issues.

Go read it. Prepare to be depressed.

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Propaganda Videos Show al Qaeda in Iraq Defeated

The Guardian admitting al Qaeda in Iraq defeated? File under: pigs fly.

We've been noting the incredible decline in the number of al Qaeda propaganda videos coming out of Iraq over the past six months. In fact, many of the "new" videos are simply repackaged footage of old attacks. New video did appear to be coming out of Mosul, but after the arrest of an al Qaeda propagandist there the stream of jihad videos has all but vanished.

Now The Guardian cites the drying up of propaganda as part of a larger body of evidence that al Qaeda in Iraq has been defeated:

Dia Rashwan, an Egyptian expert on radical Islamists, says recent al-Qaida propaganda footage from Iraq is old and cannot mask the crisis it is facing. “They have not got new things to say about Iraq though they are trying to give the impression that they are still alive. The material isn’t convincing.” Nigel Inkster, former deputy head of MI6, now at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, agrees: “Al-Qaida is starting to prepare their people for strategic failure in Iraq.”
There's more, including worry over the new al Qaeda hotspots that we've been warning about in Somalia, Algeria, and--- lest we leave out our newest rock star Jane from a post-- Yemen.

Go check out Ed's post for the bigger picture, but I just wanted to point out the propaganda angle by itself. Propaganda is important for victory for many reasons, especially given that people are much less inclined to fight in losing causes. As al Qaeda in Iraq's propaganda becomes less and less convincing, fewer jihadis are willing to travel to that country in a cause they now think is lost.

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Two Somali eHadis Arrested in Britain

Two Somalian eHadis have been arrested in Britain. Apparently they had quite a large collection of terrorist propaganda videos which they were distributing through a website they ran.

If any one knows the website they operated, please let me know. There are several that we have been keeping tabs on with a direct relationship to Somalia's al Qaeda affiliate, al Shabab, and their version of the Taliban, The Islamic Courts Union. But just because they are Somali does not necessarily mean they were only supporting terrorism in Somalia, it's just a guess. The jihad is global in scope and support for it knows no geographical limitations.

And once again we see the connection between the online jihad and the physical jihad: they two were raising money for terrorist organizations online.

Leicester Mercury News:

A man from Leicester will appear in a London court today charged with supporting terrorism overseas.

Musse Said Yusuf, 31, of Higgs Close, Rowlatts Hill, is accused of running a website which published terrorist literature, and of owning instructional videos for the purpose of terrorism. He was arrested when counter-terrorism police raided a family home in the street, off Coleman Road, on May 28. ,,,

Officers then searched the building and took away items including three computers. Neighbours told how they had seen officers looking under the family's cars and in the garage...

The dawn raid in Leicester was carried out alongside one at a home in East London on the same day, where a second man was detained. Police said Yusuf was charged last night - two weeks after arrest - with Ahmed Said Mohammed, of Southcott House, Devons Road, Poplar, London. The 32-year-old is accused of having money for the purpose of terrorism.

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June 10, 2008

The Jawa Report Radio Edition for June 10th

Join us tonight for another round of engaging....whatever you want to call it. 9 Eastern, 8 Central.

Tonight's show is rated R for language and is NSFW.

Archive is up.

By Vinnie at 09:00 PM | Comments |

Another One Bites the Dust...

Tancredo's in for Big Mac:

Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., has reluctantly come to the conclusion that he will have to vote for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., whose immigration reform bill Tancredo blasted as amnesty.

"Sometimes I say to myself, 'Can I really do this?'" Tancredo said of voting for McCain, according to the Rocky Mountain News. "And then you listen to Obama or Hillary and say, 'Yeah, I have to.'"

H/t: HotAir

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 07:16 PM | Comments |

[UPDATE: Zawahiri Killed?] U.S. Missile Hits Pakistani Target

I'm not nearly as optimistic as AJ Strata about what's going on in Pakistan, but I am happy to report that we've taken out another Taliban/al Qaeda target inside the territory of our "ally" in the region. Whoever designed the Predator drone should be given a medal and a big hefty bonus.

UPDATE: I've gotten a few memos from some insiders that this could be a big fish. How big?

Check out the comments section for some of the public speculation as to why this may be Zawahiri. The gist of which is a) contrary to Pakistani sources, this area is a hotbed of AQ activity b) Zawahiri is said to have married a wife from the Mohmand tribe in order to get their protection c) hence the rumors that Zawahiri is in the area and the speculation that the target was Zawahiri.

And, as long as we're talking about Zawahiri, I wasn't around when his newest audio message was released. I hope someone around here covered it in my absence and duly noted that it was not released with English subtitles, as was the custom when American Adam Gadahn was running al Qaeda's propaganda arm.

Which only leads me to further muse that Gadahn is probably dead. If not, how about some proof of life?

UPDATE 6/11/2008: Just to clarify, these are rumors based on speculation. Nothing more. On a reliability scale of 1-10 I'd give it a hope fueled two.

In fact, there are now conflicting reports as to whether there was a Predator strike at all. We'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, welcome Hugh Hewitt & LGF readers. I didn't mean to get your hopes too high. We tend to publish a lot of rumors such as this based on the idea that it's fun to imagine Zawahiri and other SOBs like him dead, and that occasionally they turn out to be true.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:23 PM | Comments |

Hybrid Car Review : The Toyota Pious

I don't care who ya are, or what ya think about hybrid cars. This is pretty cool:

Stolen from Ace--and dedicated to Vinnie.

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Help Wanted - Web Developer For Widget Design

With Rusty's generous consent, I am posting a "help wanted" advertisement below the fold. This position is not for The Jawa Report, it is for a new project I will be launching in the very near future.

I'm unable to divulge details at this time, but those who support our goals here at The Jawa Report should find this new project immensely gratifying.
More information will be made available as the launch date approaches.

So, if you are knowledgeable about widgets, APIs, Web 2.0 standards and content management systems, please take a look below the fold.
OR, if you know someone who fits the bill, please forward this along to them.
If you'd like to re-post this at your own blog or website, the additional exposure would be greatly appreciated.

For the rest of you, here's my latest video - a thank you for all of the support and encouragement I've received over the past several weeks.
Thank you!

Help Wanted Ad Below The Fold --->


We're looking for a competent web developer who has advanced knowledge of widgets, APIs and Web 2.0 standards.
This job will also require some knowledge of Adobe Flash and content management systems, in particular, "Joomla!".

The widget we are commissioning will be used as an element in a counter-terrorism and anti-jihad website, and the person commissioned for this project must be a patriotic American citizen, and MUST be on-board with the goals of our project.

As there are several widgets we will need to have created in the coming months, I am seeking to build an ongoing working relationship with someone who not only has the required skills and experience, but also understands and supports the goals of our project - educating people about the activities of jihadists on the Internet, and training them in safe, legal methods to counter those activities.

Please be aware of the following:

* This job is on a per-project basis, NOT full or part-time.
* Your fee for each project will be a negotiated flat rate, not hourly.
* First preference will go to military veterans or those involved with law enforcement.
* Liberals and conspiracy "theorists" need not apply.

Should you wish more details, or to accept this commission, please contact me via e-mail (address below). In your e-mail, please tell me a little bit about yourself, and also provide any links to your past work.
If you are able to complete this project to our satisfaction, we'll have other similar projects for you in the very near future.

Thank you for your time.

EMAIL: alalazoo@gmail.com

By at 04:04 PM | |

UNICEF Partners With Terrorists

No, really. UNICEF is partnering with the Islamic Relief Organization, listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. Treasury Department.

I'd feign outrage, but you know what, this doesn't surprise me. Not in the least.

What I really want is a statement from UN spokesperson Angelina Jolie. Preferably in the nude.

Thanks to CJ.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:04 PM | Comments |

Wild Ride

Dramatic footage as a Humvee rolls after an IED attack, apparently due to the driver overcorrecting to avoid debris. Before this video shows up at jihadi sites claiming multiple fatalities, the real story is that one Iraqi soldier was injured.

Thanks to LiveLeaker Iraqi Translator USMC.

By Bluto03:46 PM | Comments |

E-mail Apologies


I've been gone for a week and there are 500 unread messages in my inbox. This doesn't include many more in various other folders where my e-mail is diverted according to certain key words (such as "Open Source Intelligence", "Sandcrawler", "Jawa Report", and "Counteterrorism"). I'm sorry, but I doubt if I'll be able to respond to most of these. If you sent something that still needs a response, please do me a favor and resend it.


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:22 PM | Comments |

AFP Helping Terrorists


Hamas not only invites an AFP reporter to come along with them as they perpetrate acts of terror they also stage photos for him and let him use bright lights so the pictures of the terror organization attacking Israeli civilians will come out better. When a reporter has foreknowledge of a terrorist attack, and instead of reporting it to authorities rides along with the terrorists as they perpetrate acts of terror they have crossed the line.

AFP reporter Mohammed Abed is either a terrorist or the criminal enabler of terrorists.

Thanks to Snapped Shot, always vigilant in keeping up with Palliwood.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:03 PM | Comments |

Yawn: al Qaeda Encourages Attacking Christians & Jews in North Africa

Al Qaeda's North African affiliate has promised to ramp up attacks against the Moroccan government, "apostates", Christians, and Jews in the region in response to images posted at jihadi websites claiming to show Moroccan government forces beating a woman. It's an old propaganda trick perfected by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi: find images of alleged abuse of a woman and make her the cause celebre of the jihad movement. Here's part of the statement:

We have witnessed images published on several jihadi Internet websites which appear to show a deviant apostate trampling over a pure sister, along with her child, with his shoes… O’ Muslim youth of the Islamic Maghreb: we call upon you to take up arms, to prepare steeds of war, and to join hands with the mujahideen in order to cleanse the Islamic Maghreb from the stooges of the Jews and Christians who are stealing our wealth and spilling our blood. And as for those of you who are unable to reach the fronts of jihad and make preparations [for battle], you should not wait for anyone’s permission to target the Jews, the Christians, and the apostates in your own regions—for they are the cause of our pain and disasters.
NEFA has the entire statement translated here [PDF].

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:03 AM | Comments |

There's Nothing Wrong with the U.S. a Little Collectivism Can't Fix

Good Lt. sends this link in about Brian Williams' speech at Ohio State. Williams is right that America is broken, but the solution isn't more politics and more collectivism, it's less of both. Yes, less politics. The more things considered out of bounds for political discussion, the better. Politics is just the way in which the collective discusses among themselves how to further control the individuals life.

Get your government and your politics out of my freaking life!

Seriously, if I hear one more discussion about how we are going to fix [insert problem here] I might just go nuts. Who is this we I keep hearing about? The last time I checked I didn't agree to be part of your collective. If you and your buddies want to start a hippie commune somewhere, have at it. But count me out of your we.

Oh, and I'm back.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:49 AM | Comments |

June 09, 2008

Yemeni Journalist al-Khaiwani Imprisoned for Photos of Government War Crimes Like These

**** sticky ****

These photos were taken last week and and published by al-Menpar, a Yemeni newspaper. They show the graves where the Yemeni women and children killed by the government's jihad in Sa'ada are buried. In Sa'ada, the Yemeni government is waging an intensive and random bombing campaign against its own citizens as well as starving them with a food blockade. Very Sudan-like.

It was photos like these that al-Khaiwani had in his possession and which were the "evidence" in his trial. Al-Khaiwani was sentenced to six years at hard labor today for uncovering the truth about the massacre in Sa'ada. Now he's in jail.




Warning: Horrible pictures below the fold of the Yemen women and children killed by their own government in Saada Yemen.






By Jane at 11:27 PM | Comments |

Why Doesn't Everybody Know About Tiffany Hall?

Hey, she killed her friend's three young children, their pregnant mother and butchered the fetus out. Calm, cool, collected, Tiffany Hall did it to impress her overseas boyfriend.

It's a series of horrific crimes by a woman that hasn't hit the national news. Nor will she.

Tiffany Hall is a woman, therefore, politically protected, apparently.

By at 07:44 PM | Comments |

As It Turns Out, ROCKEFELLER Lied

Update: The New York Sun's editorial board notes that Rockefeller deliberately manipulated data for his committee's report to support the "Bush Lied" meme:

Mr. Rockefeller decided to exclude a handwritten note from the CIA's terrorism analyst of the Mr. Bush's 2002 speech in Cincinnati on the eve of the Congressional vote authorizing the war saying the paragraphs about Iraq and terrorism were "all-Okay." Wrote Senators Bond, Chambliss, Hatch, and Burr in an addendum to the report: "Apparently the majority did not think this was something the public needed to know since they denied our request to include it and did not allow a vote on the amendment offered to fix this shortcoming."

Fred Hiatt in the Washington Post, of all places:

But dive into Rockefeller's report, in search of where exactly President Bush lied about what his intelligence agencies were telling him about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein, and you may be surprised by what you find.

On Iraq's nuclear weapons program? The president's statements "were generally substantiated by intelligence community estimates."

On biological weapons, production capability and those infamous mobile laboratories? The president's statements "were substantiated by intelligence information."

On chemical weapons, then? "Substantiated by intelligence information."

On weapons of mass destruction overall (a separate section of the intelligence committee report)? "Generally substantiated by intelligence information." Delivery vehicles such as ballistic missiles? "Generally substantiated by available intelligence." Unmanned aerial vehicles that could be used to deliver WMDs? "Generally substantiated by intelligence information."

Hiatt also brings up Rockefeller's own inconvenient quote from October 2002:
"There has been some debate over how 'imminent' a threat Iraq poses. I do believe Iraq poses an imminent threat. I also believe after September 11, that question is increasingly outdated. . . . To insist on further evidence could put some of our fellow Americans at risk. Can we afford to take that chance? I do not think we can."
Verdict: Jay Rockefeller is a hyper-partisan weasel trying to project his own lack of character on others.

Hat tip: The Anchoress, via email.

By Bluto01:44 PM | Comments |

Pakistan Warns EU of More Embassy Bombings

Instead of apologizing for the recent car bombing that destroyed the Danish Embassy in Isalmabad, Pakistan has warned the EU that unless they crack down on blasphemy (read free speech) in their countries, "more attacks on the EU diplomatic missions abroad could not be ruled out." Via Pakistan Daily Times:

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will ask the European Union countries to amend laws regarding freedom of expression in order to prevent offensive incidents such as the printing of blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and the production of an anti-Islam film by a Dutch legislator, sources in the Interior Ministry told Daily Times on Saturday.

They said that a six-member high-level delegation comprising officials from the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Law would leave Islamabad on Sunday (today) for the EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium and explain to the EU leadership the backlash against the blasphemous campaign in the name of freedom of expression.

The delegation, headed by an additional secretary of the Interior Ministry, will meet the leaders of the EU countries in a bid to convince them that the recent attack on the Danish Embassy in Pakistan could be a reaction against the blasphemous campaign sources said.

They said that the delegation would also tell the EU that if such acts against Islam are not controlled, more attacks on the EU diplomatic missions abroad could not be ruled out.

Totally unacceptable.


By at 11:37 AM | Comments |

Global AIDS Is A Myth

With the exception of sub-Saharan Africa, HIV/AIDS is confined to gay men, drug users, hookers and their clients says Dr. De Cock, head of the World Health Organization's HIV/AIDS department.

The concession comes just months after the United Nations admitted overstating the threat of AIDS, slashing estimates of the number of people with HIV worldwide from nearly 40million to 33million.

Speaking a quarter of a century after the term AIDS was coined, Dr De Cock said large-scale heterosexual spread was unlikely to occur anywhere outside sub-Saharan Africa, where more than 11 million children have been orphaned by the disease.

He said: 'It is very unlikely there will be a heterosexual epidemic in other countries.

'Ten years ago, a lot of people were saying there would be a generalised epidemic in Asia - China was a big worry with its huge population.

'That doesn't look likely. But we have to be careful.

'As an epidemiologist, it is better to describe what we can measure. There could be small outbreaks in some areas.'

Therefore, it seems Dr. De Cock is saying it's time to be accurate rather than alarming about AIDS. Efforts to fight the disease should be targeted at high-risk groups, not populations in general.

By at 06:19 AM | Comments |


The Jawa Report is awaiting the verdict in the trumped up case against Abdulkarim al-Khawaini.

Whatever happens, this man is a true hero, we should all strive to be more like him.

Update: al-Khaiwani verdict: Six years with hard labor

Jane will have more updates later.

By Vinnie at 01:35 AM | Comments |

June 08, 2008

IC Wales Interviews Blogosphere's Expert on Hostages, Our Vicki

***sticky, scroll for new***

In an excellent report, Time to End the Silence, David James of IC Wales explores the practice of "media blackout" when Westerners are taken hostage by Islamic fanatics. Alan Johnston, Brian Keenan and Jawa co-blogger Vicki of Not Ready for My Burqua share their views in the article.

As you may know, Vicki's website is an important resource for background and up to date information on the hostages of all nationalities held around the world. As she notes in the article, Vicki's “mission (is) to let no hostage go unremembered and un-prayed for, even the ones whose names we do not know.”

Weighing in on the issue of media silence, Vicky's analysis is, of course, quite astute:

“Strategically, most of the cases that have turned out well, the Alan Johnston abduction for example, were surrounded by large-scale publicity campaigns aimed at keeping the victim’s face in the public eye.

“Publicly acknowledging hostages also allows their communities to rally around their families and give them the emotional support they need, and lets them know that their loved ones are respected for their service.

“During the Iran hostage crisis in 1979-80, or the Beirut kidnappings of the 1980s, hardly a night went by that there wasn’t some recognition of the hostages on the nightly news, or an interview with a family member, or something to remind us that our fellow citizens were in danger. The seeming obliviousness of the media to these stories now mystifies me.”

Read the entire article. Its a quite thoughtful treatment of an important issue. Kudos to IC Wales for reaching out to one of the internet's most knowledgeable researchers on the subject, our Vicks.

By Jane at 06:27 PM | Comments |

Actor Rupert Everett brands British soldiers 'pathetic, whining wimps'

Rupert Everett - A Real Man's Man

From The Daily Mail:
"The whole point of being in the Army is wanting to get killed, wanting to test yourself to the limits. Now you have to fly 15,000ft above the war zone to avoid getting hit.

“I don't think there is any point in having wars if that's how you're going to behave. It's pathetic. All this whining!"

And risking further fury from veterans, the actor who once worked as a rent boy after running away from boarding school at age 15, told the Sunday Telegraph: “The whole point of being in the Army is going to war and getting yourself blown up.

“That and p***ing on prisoners. Yet we all get shocked by Abu Ghraib.

"But that's war. If you don't like that side of it, don't do it. Of course soldiers are going to p*** on the first prisoners they take. It goes with the territory."

I think perhaps General George Patton would have disagreed, and suggested the point of joining the Army is to kill the other guys while keeping yourself alive.
Clearly Mr. Everett has got a sick fascination with urine, perhaps a byproduct of his "alternative lifestyle".

And speaking about Americans, he said: "I'm totally off the States now. The reaction to 9/11 and then George Bush - really, they've got very blobby as a nation.

"Now they are whiny victims whose language is entirely taken from two TV shows - Friends and Sex And The City - and there's nothing sexy about them any more.

“And that kind of semi-blindness about the rest of the world, which was attractive when America was exciting, is really unattractive now."

I find it somewhat amusing that such a fraction of a man has the audacity (and stupidity) to not only disparage those who defend the freedoms which allow his "alternative lifestyle", but also to simultaneously insult the American audiences who have financed it.

I find it equally amusing that he states one of his reasons for disliking today's military is that "everyone hates you when you get back"... while he does his very best to elicit and enhance this sentiment.

Perhaps Everett would have preferred to serve in Sir Richard Burton's time , a convenient excuse for his lack of service now, but it is certain the British armed forces of yesteryear would not have wanted him OR his lifestyle.

I, for one, am glad that he has spoken his mind.
As an American citizen, and one who supports the coalition forces, it will be my great pleasure to boycott any future projects which include this spectacularly insignificant excuse for a man.

Filed under "Genital Puppets".

Hat-Tip: HotAir

Note to men who do not wish to be labeled 'pathetic, whining wimps':

Be sure to use words like "blobby" when describing nations, and talk about urine a great deal.
It also helps to pose nude, while skull-f***ing a severed head.

By at 01:55 PM | Comments |

Mincing Metrosexual Milquetoasts

Why do Democrat men insist on being such prissy little bitches?

Gagdad Bob explains it all:

At the foundation of the State, writes LaBarre, “is our struggle to find both paternal power [an aspect of the vertical] and brotherly justice [the vertical prolonged into the horizontal] in the governing of men.” This is why something very psychologically noxious happens when government becomes mother. A similar thing happens when God becomes mother or mother becomes God. It interferes with the primordial basis of culture qua culture, which is to convert boys to men. If that fails to happen -- as with the left -- then civilization either cannot form or will not be able to sustain and defend itself, since there will be no men or manhood, only Democrats, or women and children.
Read the whole thing to find out why Obama is the Left's "quintessential shemale."

Hat tip: larwyn.

By Bluto11:43 AM | Comments |

June 07, 2008

Hells Angels' Drug Pipeline Pinched

(Seattle, Washington) After a three-year investigation, federal agents on Thursday took down a British Columbia to U.S. drug business operated by the Hells Angels. Dozens of dealers and smugglers have been arrested and charged.

With state and local help, officers from the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) and the Drug Enforcement Administration confiscated in excess of 1,300 pounds of cocaine, 7,000 pounds of "B.C. Bud" marijuana and about $3.5 million in cash.

Last I read, the price of wholesale cocaine was going for $5,000 to $15,000 per pound, making the ICE/DEA haul worth between $6.5 million and $19.5 million. With the going price of B.C. Bud between $3,000 and $10,000 per pound, the federal agents confiscated property with a value between $21 million and $70 million.

Oops! Someone just lost at least $30 million. Explain that to the boss.

By at 02:57 PM | Comments |

Uh-oh... Don't tell Han (or Rusty)

leia vixen.jpg

Okay, it's not like any of us thought Leia was a nun or anything, and we all knew about the Luke/Han/Leia quasi-incestuous love triangle thing, but it looks to me like we didn't know the half of it...


leia 3po 2.jpg

Sweet nothings from 3PO...??

leia chewie 2.jpg

Okay, this could be nothing, but it sure doesn't LOOK like "nothing"...

chewie grabs leia.jpg

Who's this nerfherder???

leia gammorean.jpg

Et tu, Ace???

leia ewok.jpg

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 12:25 AM | Comments |

June 06, 2008

Fox and Friends Wants to Know What You think of Jane (me)

**** sticky ****

Thanks to our Vicky for making the player below of my segment on Fox and Friends this morning:

The extremely nice and very intelligent Alisyn Camerota from Fox and Friends asks at her blog for "your thoughts on Jane Novak (pictured below), the stay-at-home, mother-of-two in suburban New Jersey, who innocently started a blog and became an enemy of the state in Yemen. She took up the cause of a Yemeni journalist named Al-Khaiwani who was critical of his government and may be sentenced to death this coming Monday."

Lets give Fox a Jawa'lanche for giving a segment to a little blogger like me. Go tell her what you think!

Sign a letter for al-Khaiwani here.

By Jane at 11:02 PM | Comments |

A Missile Shooting Down Another Missile?

It's like an eight-foot tall Wookie livin' on a planet full o' two-foot-tall Ewoks! It just don't make sense!

Or maybe it does...

What I'd love to see in the Presidential debates is for John McCain to force Hussein Obama to explain to the American people why he plans to scrap this promising research. I'm not sure McCain would be so unpleasant as to do such a thing to a fellow senator on national TV, but it'd be cool to watch Obama squirm.

Discussion of what promising, purely-defensive research programs the aspiring Commander in Chief would consign to the scrap heap is, of course, only a "distraction from the real issues." The real issues are, of course: 1. Obama is part black; 2. We've never had a part black president before; and 3. Obama is cool and hip and gives awesome speeches. Everything else in the campaign is just a distraction from these real issues. Discussion of things like real science and the real threat of nuclear war isn't, after all, helping Michelle Obama's children. (At least, it's not helping them get into the White House playroom.)

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 02:43 PM | Comments |

Sammy Emerges From His Mommy's Basement



CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In a quiet, upscale neighborhood in Charlotte, N.C., rows of custom-style homes and neatly landscaped lawns represent the American dream.

But one local resident has shattered that image, calling for the death of American troops in Iraq and supporting Al Qaeda through his Web site, which he reportedly runs from his parents' home.

Samir Khan is the man behind Revolution.Muslimpad.com — a radical Islamic site that praises Usama bin Laden and asks for Allah to “curse more American soldiers.”

The site posts videos of U.S. Humvees being blown up by roadside bombs in Iraq. It aims to inspire young Muslims to wage war against the West.

Terrorism experts say the Web site, written in English, is one of the premiere sites for Western audiences to get access to radical Islamist propaganda.

Khan, 22, declined requests for an interview, even when approached outside his home with cameras rolling. When asked if the messages on his site represent Islam, Khan would say only that “they represent Muslims.”

In an e-mail sent to FOX News, Khan lashed out at the "arrogance" of the media, saying it should focus instead on converting to Islam.

Hi Sammy, you little worm. Your day of reckoning is coming.

Hat Tip: Black Flag.

I disagree with the free speech aspect of the reports saying there is little we can do. Samir Khan has been shown to have connections to various groups aligned with al-Qaeda. He has declared his support for al-Qaeda and as an enemy of the United States. He is a major outlet for terrorist propaganda and has published thinly veiled threats against Rusty and his family. Samir Khan is an enemy propagandist in a time of war and should be treated as such.


North Carolina Muslim to Geert Wilders: Islam Will Dominate Europe, Destroy Western Civilization, Tear Out Dutch MP's Heart.
U.S. Muslim Thanks Allah for Tornadoes Killing Americans
Samir Khan Not So Tough
Al Qaeda "New" Face of Terror?
Reader Love Mail: At Least He's Honest Edition
GIMF Raising Money Online for al Qaeda
American Muslim: "Pray for al Qaeda in Iraq
Reader Love Mail: From Inshallahshaheed With Love Edition
New GIMF Video: Caravan of Martyrs in Iraq (Updated: GIMF's English Propagandist Identified?)
For Inshallahshaheed: Rot in Hell you SOB Traitor!!!
Inshallashshaheed: "Not Doing Anything Illegal"
Inshallashshaheed Outted: North Carolina Jihadi in the News (UPDATED)
Ya Ever Notice
The Web of American Bloggers and The Terrorists They Facilitate
Are Those Words Tasty?
Muslim Blogger Advises: Join, Fund, Blog, and Pray for Terrorists
Website: Soon, The Blessed Invasion of Manhattan-- "Special Gift" for 9/11

And that is just part of what TJR has on Samir Khan. It was fun to watch him run inside from the reporter. What's the matter Sammy? Scared of girls? Oh, I forgot, you are scared of girls. Especially hot reporter chicks in tight jeans with uncovered hair.

There is something you can do. You can complain to Fatimahye and Sasjamal at his host Muslimpad ...


...although its clear Sasjamal will not respond, Fatimahye may. Sasjamal and Fatimahye both moved to Jordan after one of their bloggers, Daniel Maldonado, was charged with playing a role in terrorist activities in Somalia.

...or you can look for specific terms of use violations of Mulsimpad's host, The Planet, at Sammy's blog here. And send them here...


...to get the Planet to pressure Muslimpad to remove Sammy's blog.

This can work. Sammy has been suspended by Muslimpad twice and by the Muslim who runs Haitha.com once.

By Howie at 01:18 PM | Comments |

6 June, 1944: D-Day

The largest invasion in human history still came down to small groups of men - ultimately to the individuals - making heroic choices that collectively marked a turning point in history. The liberation of France and western Europe exacted a monstrous toll of blood.

The American media of the day could have made the argument that the huge invasion, with its massive casualty list, was a concession to Stalin, who was demanding another front to relieve pressure on the Red Army, advancing on Germany from the east.

Many of the French had collaborated with their Nazi conquerors, even to the point of participating in a puppet government, Vichy France. French had even fought alongside the Nazis in North Africa, scuttling their Mediterranean fleet rather than letting it fall into Allied hands. What point in liberating such a people?

After all, the British wanted to simply continue the Italian campaign and come in through Hitler's back door, seeing the Normandy invasion as perhaps unnecessary.

But the investigative reports and editorials went unwritten and the war was won.

By Bluto12:18 PM | Comments |

The "Climate Change" Bill - Roll Call Vote

Here's the roll call on the cloture vote for the "Global Warming Climate Change" bill:

climate change vote.gif

This vote should be considered a litmus test for whether a Senator is willing to stand up against hysteria and junk science. Quite a few of the "Republicans" receive a grade of "EPIC FAIL." I see most of the usual suspects (Snowe, Collins, Warner, etc.), but I was actually disappointed to see Libby Dole on the list.

Shame on all the spineless and/or scientifically-ignorant senators, Republican and Democrat, who allowed themselves to be railroaded into voting for this pseudoscience, pork-laden crap, but especially the Republicans.

We don't really expect much intelligence from the Democrats, but the Republicans are expected to know better.


By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 12:07 PM | Comments |

Female Genital Mutilation

Girl in Pain.jpg(Oslo, Norway) The Gambian-born Norwegian parents of six daughters, ages three to 14, face prosecution under a brand new law which made female genital mutilation illegal.

Five of the six girls have been mutilated.

The father is in custody. The mother is sick and pregnant at home.

In summary, Norwegian religious tolerance and cultural diversity will soon go before a court. (more....)

By at 11:42 AM | Comments |

Rimfire Shootout Round II - Browning Buck Mark vs. Ruger Mark III

browning vs ruger - 400.gif

Posted at the Arsenal:

In my prior post, I laid out the reasons why, from everything I could determine, the Ruger Mark III and the Browning Buck Mark stood head and shoulders above the rest of the pack in the $300-$600 semi-auto rimfire pistol market. As I laid out previously, each of these two product lines enjoys a rock solid reputation for reliability and accuracy.

Both of these models are worthy contenders, but there can be only one. In this post, I'll lay out the reasons why, in my opinion, one of these two excellent product lines has the edge.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 11:38 AM | Comments |

Be On The Lookout - Florida Woman and Boy

Angela Leavitt.jpg(Pensacola, Florida) Police are seeking to know the whereabouts of Angela Leavitt, 28, and a 16-year-old boy who both disappeared when a warrant for her arrest was issued.

Leavitt is accused of unlawful sex with the 16-year-old.

A $1,000 reward has been offered for information leading to Leavitt's arrest.

Contact the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office at 983-1242 or Crime Stoppers at 437-STOP. (more ....)

By at 07:45 AM | Comments |

Al Qaeda Plotted EU HQ Attack

(Rabat, Morocco) According to security sources, an al-Qaeda cell of 11 terrorists, busted last month in Morocco, was plotting to attack the European Union headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

The information about the terrorists was allegedly gathered after the authorities interrogated Habib Bin Ali, the suspected leader of the group. It is believed that he is a young man born in 1981 in Nador, who emigrated to Belgium together with this family.

Before planning the series of attacks, he tried to go to Iraq to join other al-Qaeda fighters but he was refused entry by the authorities and for this reason he decided to return to Belgium.

Currently he is detained in the jail in Sila, near Rabat, and before he was arrested he was allegedly the point of reference for Moroccans who want to go to Iraq to fight together with al-Qaeda.

His representatives in Belgium are an Islamic Salafite group which lives in the country and includes two Moroccans and a Tunisian.

Reportedly, some of the homicidal cell members just wanted to kill foreigners while others wanted to attend al Qaeda training camps.

Interestingly, the reporting of the story fails to focus emphasis on the apparent fact that the leadership of the cell and its interconnected associates are all Belgium citizens.

By at 06:58 AM | Comments |

June 05, 2008

A Great Way to Show Them You Care

Okay, so a Seabee, a Marine, and a Soldier walk into an airport and what do they see?

Well, when they're my friends Cookie, Loren, and Leroy they see that Syracuse's Hancock International Airport is a busy transit area for servicepeople from several different area outfits, and they also see that this rather small airport's services close up around 2100 hours. That means troops in transit, who sometimes have long, even overnight, layovers don't have anywhere to get a cuppa or a donut.

That's where Cookie, Loren, and Leroy want to come in. They're asking for donations to open a serviceperson's hospitality room at Hancock. You can make a tax-deductible donation, under the auspices of the Marine Corps League, and keep these guys stocked up so they can take care of our guys and gals on their way to and from duty stations all over the world.

Here's the link to Cookie's post, with all the info you need to help brighten the journey for America's heroes.

I've worked with all three of them. They're standup guys and you can be sure your donation will be put to good use.

By Bluto11:22 PM | Comments |

WWII Medal of Honor Winner at 17, Marine Hero Dies

What a great country we are to make men like Jack Lucas! Via CNN:

JACKSON, Mississippi (AP) -- Jack Lucas, who at 14 lied his way into military service during World War II and became the youngest Marine to receive the Medal of Honor, died Thursday in a Hattiesburg, Mississippi, hospital. He was 80.

Lucas had been battling cancer. Ponda Lee at Moore Funeral Service said the funeral home was told he died before dawn.

Jacklyn "Jack" Lucas was just six days past his 17th birthday in February 1945 when his heroism at Iwo Jima earned him the nation's highest military honor. He used his body to shield three fellow squad members from two grenades, and he was nearly killed when one exploded.

"A couple of grenades rolled into the trench," Lucas said shortly before he received the medal from President Truman in October 1945. "I hollered to my pals to get out and did a Superman dive at the grenades. I wasn't a Superman after I got hit. I let out one helluva scream when that thing went off."

He was left with more than 250 pieces of shrapnel in his body and in every major organ, and he endured 26 surgeries in the months after Iwo Jima.


By at 05:44 PM | Comments |

Attn: Youtube User Hezbollah in Iraq





Hat Tip: Andrea.

Update: These two accounts were stubborn. I wonder if that email to Senator Joe helped us finally get these?

In a way its a shame it was gone. The EFP attacks were a prime example of Iranian arms being used to kill our soldiers in Iraq. I saved a few of the vids though.

Update: Oh and credit for the Sith Lord Anteater image goes to Kafir.

By Howie at 02:43 PM | Comments |

OK, So what's the problem?

ksmhowie5.jpgAP via Yahoo:

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed said he would welcome becoming a "marytr" after a judge warned Thursday that he faces the death penalty for his confessed role as mastermind of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
Soak a bullet in pigs blood and get on with it.

Also blogging, LGF and Jammie Wearing Fool.

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Saddam Kicking Down Towers

The cartoon below was sent to me by an Army major who discovered it in a copy of Al-Qadissia*, the official Saddam-era Iraqi newspaper, when the major's unit staged at the Iraqi war college in Baghdad.

The cartoon shows a giant figure identified as Saddam, kicking over skyscrapers while a soldier with "USA" on his helmet scurries away, and the world looks on with approval.


The Al-Qadissia issue with the cartoon was dated June, 2000.

*Al-Qadissia is named for the decisive 636 AD battle that brought Islam to Persia on the tips of Arab swords. Saddam called the Iran-Iraq War "Saddam's Qadissia" and commemorated it with the famous giant crossed swords sculpture.

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Sixth Haditha Marine Exonerated

From Agence France Presse:

A court martial on Wednesday acquitted a US Marine for his role in the deaths of 24 civilians in Haditha in Iraq in 2005, the sixth man to be exonerated in the affair, a military official said.
Lieutenant Andrew Grayson, 27, was declared "not guilty on all charges" by a jury, said a spokesman for the Camp Pendleton military base in southern California where the hearing started on May 28.
Another big FAIL for Time Magazine's "investigation," done without the aid of any American employees of Time, relying instead upon native "fixers" and "translators."

AFP can't quite bring itself to disown Time [emphasis added]:

A subsequent investigation by Time magazine showed that most of the dead were killed as Marines swept through three houses near the bombing, prompting a wide-ranging internal investigation.
Really? The "evidence" Time gathered from what were most likely terrorist/insurgent propagandists "showed that?" And yet there isn't enough credible evidence to support charges against the Marines Time (and Jack Murtha) insisted were guilty?

Haditha Conviction Scorecard

Truth, Justice, and the American way: 6
Time, Murtha, and other associated forces of evil: 0

Unfortunately, it's likely that military bureaucracy will ensure that, despite their exonerations, these Marines' careers will be permanently blighted.

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Fomuckers Coffee - Preferred by Anteaters

Anteater_1.jpgOkay, I'm guessing that anteaters will prefer the new product line when Smuckers buys Folgers from Proctor & Gamble. I'm also guessing that the new name of the coffee business department will be Fomuckers. Instead, it might be Smolgers or something else.

Nevertheless, it appears that the two companies are close to signing a deal estimated to come in around $2 billion.

(more ....)

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June 04, 2008

Kurt Westergaard Faces Blasphemy Charges in Jordan

What part of "free speech" doesn't the Muslim world understand? (Yes, that's a rhetorical question.) This latest episode in the Motoons flap comes from Jordan, the supposedly moderate US ally. (via Fox News):

A Danish cartoonist and ten newspaper editors have been summoned by Jordan's public prosecutor on charges of "blasphemy" for reprinting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, it is reported.

According to the Copenhagen Post, prosecutor Hassan Abdullat has subpoenaed the 11 Danes for drawing and reprinting cartoons they say offend Islam, charging them with "threatening the national peace."

Under Jordanian law, reproducing images of the Prophet Muhammad inside — or even outside the country — is illegal under the Jordanian Justice Act, the newspaper wrote.

A lawyer representing "The Prophet Unites Us," a Jordanian group angling for the prosecution, said that if the Danish journalists did not appear in Jordan for legal proceedings, the next step would be to inform Interpol and seek their arrest.


UPDATE: This calls for an anteater!

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Obama Campaign Uses Fallen Officers' Memorial as Public Toilet Site

So, where do you want the porta-potties for this here rally, sir?

Set them up over there, on that memorial, yeah, that one, with the flag at half-staff:

PORTLAND, OR – Police officers in Portland, Oregon, are still waiting for an apology from Barack Obama after campaign staffers of his recent rally in Portland, Oregon, setup porta potties directly on top of the Portland Police Memorial, which honors the agency’s 25 fallen police officers.
Obama staffers said that only that one particular open area, out of many, was suitable for wheelchair access.

Photo by Officer Thomas Brennan

Thanks to JanZ.

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“The Heroine of Yemen” (President Saleh’s Nightmare): Unica, Portugal

oh, Stupendous article in Unica, the magazine of Expresso, the largest newspaper in Portugal (published June 7). It says Yemen has been a dictarship for 27 years in the hands of President Saleh and his family. And half the Yemeni kids are malnourished. These are important facts. This is the google translation:

The heroin of Yemen

An American housewife, mother of two children, became a star in Middle East from her living room in New Jersey. Without ever going to Yemen, Jane Novak’s articles are shaking the regime.

The double life of Jane Novak plays in absolute extremes. When leaving the street in her neighborhood in New Jersey in the United States to go to shopping, no one will recognize her. If anything is, for the neighbours, Mrs Novak. Some possibly know that she is an owner of home of 46 years who decided to drop a career as a commercial manager to take care of two children, with whom she has an apparently tranquil routine.

But thousands of miles away in a land where ever was, all readers of newspapers know who is Jane. In Yemen, Jane has become a nightmare for the regime, going to be very present in national life that people have to deal only by name.

Her articles are held for President Ali Abdullah Saleh and to the relatives who were with him in administering the country under a dictatorship camouflaged there for 27 years: the brother Ali Saleh Al-Ahmar, commander of the air force, the half-brother Ali Mohsin Al - Ahmar, commander of the northern region; his son Ahmad, commander of special forces and Republican Guard, the nephew Tariq, commander of the central security, the brother of Tariq, commander of national security. The list of relatives in key posts is long and goes far beyond the military sphere.

Jane is not afraid to write unequivocally against clan Saleh in her blog (www.armiesofliberation.com). For now, because it will never be caught in the comfort of their home in New Jersey. The independent newspapers and opposition in Yemen know that, republicando the articles it without restrictions. A blonde woman and American is able to say a few truths that can be difficult to hear and an uncomfortable experience for those who are in power in an Arab country, closed and conservative, facing a war in the north, a civil uprising in the south and a widespread poverty, with half of the malnourished children.


How do you Novak of New Jersey has been making the Yemen Jane? At first, things seemed a little naive, decided to warm. The September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the Twin Towers of New York killed 3,500 people in the heart of the city and put the Americans in shock. ‘It was a very tragic event for me’, to Mrs Novak to ‘Express’, from her home. ‘It was even worse than the death of my mother. I thought it would be a good idea to start writing in English newspapers in the Middle East.” She then launched her blog, while the initial contacts made with some publications. “There are people who think that the name ‘Armies of Liberation’ is a tribute to American soldiers, but nothing was planned. Just follow your heart. ”

Lost discreetly in the Arabian Peninsula, just below Saudi Arabia, Yemen appeared to her on the way by chance. In 2004, the blogger discovered the case of Abdul Karim al-Khaiwani, a journalist arrested in Sana, the capital. “There were journalists who were beaten for writing in their own country about what was happening. For me, freedom of expression is always right. It is a simple principle on which I felt it could put all my effort. ”

The stock gained upward of Jane. She wrote five articles on al-Khaiwani and an end of the texts published in the independent press in Yemen. Thankful, the journalist sent her a letter from prison in January 2005. “It was a very beautiful letter and I decided at that time to organize a petition on my blog to ask for his release.”

The owner of house in New Jersey saltava of eight in the eighties. I (previously) had nothing in the curriculum that had to do with politics or the protection of human rights and, suddenly, was to redeem itself the freedom of an Arab in a distant country.

Al-Khaiwani left the prison, but was kidnapped soon after. Partiram it with the fingers and told him that the cut was re-write. Three years later, the threat took other proportions: is at risk of being sentenced to death, accused of trying to overthrow the government with the publication of an article. And Jane has another petition to circulate.

The Yemen quickly became the single topic of discussion of the Armies of Liberation. “As I was watching the increasingly injustices in the country, I was getting zangada and this made me work harder still ‘justified. “I never went to Yemen, but I read everything that is published daily in the last four years. And I speak with many people from there. ”

The children of Mrs Novak, a girl under 12 years and a boy of eight, shared with her the sorrows and joys of her work as a spontaneous activist. ‘Sometimes I read them the letters I get. My children know that al-Khaiwani is my friend and that I will fight for him until the end.” Gradually, the aura conquered in the Middle East arrived in New Jersey. ‘Asked for my daughter to school on a text that someone she admires and she wrote five pages about me.” Basically, to say the same as the Yemenis - that Jane is also the heroin it.

In Portugese:

A vida dupla de Jane Novak toca em extremos absolutos. Sempre que sai à rua no seu bairro em Nova Jérsia, nos Estados Unidos, para ir às compras, ninguém a reconhece. Quando muito é, para os vizinhos, a senhora Novak. Alguns saberão eventualmente que ela é uma dona de casa de 46 anos que decidiu largar uma carreira como gestora comercial para cuidar dos dois filhos, com quem tem uma rotina aparentemente tranquila.

Mas, a milhares de quilómetros de distância, numa terra onde nunca foi, todos os leitores de jornais sabem quem é Jane. No Iémene, Jane tornou-se um pesadelo para o regime, passando a estar tão presente na vida nacional que as pessoas já a tratam apenas pelo nome próprio. Os seus artigos são demolidores para o Presidente Ali Abdullah Saleh e para os familiares que, com ele, gerem o país numa ditadura camuflada há 27 anos: o irmão Ali Saleh Al-Ahmar, comandante da força aérea; o meio-irmão Ali Mohsin Al-Ahmar, comandante da região norte; o filho Ahmad, comandante das forças especiais e da guarda republicana; o sobrinho Tariq, comandante da segurança central; o irmão de Tariq, comandante da segurança nacional. A lista de parentes em lugares-chave é longa e vai muito além da esfera militar.

Jane não tem medo de escrever sem rodeios contra o clã Saleh no seu blogue (www.armiesofliberation.com). Para já, porque nunca será apanhada no conforto da sua casa de Nova Jérsia. Os jornais independentes e da oposição no Iémene sabem disso, republicando os artigos dela sem restrições. Uma mulher loira e americana capaz de dizer umas verdades difíceis de ouvir pode ser uma experiência desconfortável para quem está no poder num país árabe, fechado e conservador, a braços com uma guerra no Norte, uma sublevação civil no Sul e uma pobreza generalizada, com metade das crianças subnutridas.


O Iémene é do Presidente: o irmão chefia a força aérea, os sobrinhos comandam a segurança nacional e o filho as forças especiais

Como é que a senhora Novak de Nova Jérsia se veio a tornar a Jane do Iémene? A princípio, a coisa parecia um pouco ingénua, decidida a quente. A 11 de Setembro de 2001, o ataque terrorista às Torres Gémeas de Nova Iorque matava 3500 pessoas no coração da cidade e punha os americanos em estado de choque. «Foi um acontecimento muito dramático para mim», conta a senhora Novak ao «Expresso», a partir de sua casa. «Foi ainda pior do que a morte da minha mãe. Literalmente. Pensei que seria uma boa ideia começar a escrever nos jornais em inglês do Médio Oriente.» E então lançou o seu blogue, ao mesmo tempo que fazia os primeiros contactos com algumas publicações. «Há pessoas que pensam que o nome ‘Armies of Liberation’ é um tributo aos soldados americanos, mas nada foi planeado. Apenas segui o coração.»

Perdido discretamente na Península da Arábia, logo abaixo da Arábia Saudita, o Iémene apareceu-lhe no caminho por acaso. Em 2004, a bloguista descobriu o caso de Abdul Karim al-Khaiwani, um jornalista preso em Sana, a capital. «Havia jornalistas que eram agredidos por escreverem no seu próprio país sobre o que se passava. Para mim, a liberdade de expressão tem sempre razão. É um princípio simples sobre o qual senti que podia pôr todo o meu esforço.»

O ascendente de Jane ganhou balanço. Escreveu cinco artigos sobre al-Khaiwani e um dos textos acabaria publicado na imprensa independente do Iémene. Agradecido, o jornalista enviou-lhe uma carta da prisão em Janeiro de 2005. «Era uma carta muito bonita e decidi, nesse momento, organizar uma petição no meu blogue a pedir a sua libertação.»

Acusado de tentar derrubar o governo com a publicação de um artigo, o jornalista Al-Khaiwani poderá ser condenado à morte

A dona de casa de Nova Jérsia saltava do oito para o oitenta. Não tinha nada no currículo que tivesse a ver com política ou a defesa dos direitos humanos e, de repente, estava a resgatar sozinha a liberdade de um árabe num país longínquo.

Al-Khaiwani saiu da cadeia, mas foi raptado logo a seguir. Partiram-lhe os dedos e disseram-lhe que os cortavam se voltasse a escrever. Três anos mais tarde, a ameaça assumiu outras proporções: está em risco de ser condenado à morte, acusado de tentar derrubar o governo com a publicação de um artigo seu. E Jane tem outra petição a circular.

O Iémene tornou-se rapidamente o único assunto de discussão do «Armies of Liberation». «Como fui assistindo a cada vez mais injustiças no país, fui ficando mais zangada e isso fez-me trabalhar mais ainda», justifica. «Eu nunca fui ao Iémene, mas leio tudo o que é publicado diariamente nos últimos quatro anos. E falo com muita gente de lá.»

Os filhos da senhora Novak, uma miúda com 12 anos e um miúdo de oito, partilham com ela as tristezas e alegrias do seu trabalho espontâneo como activista. «Às vezes leio-lhes as cartas que recebo. Os meus filhos sabem que al-Khaiwani é meu amigo e que vou lutar por ele até ao fim.» Aos poucos, a aura conquistada no Médio Oriente chegou a Nova Jérsia. «Pediram à minha filha para fazer um texto na escola sobre alguém que admirasse e ela escreveu cinco páginas sobre mim.» No fundo, para dizer o mesmo que os iemenitas - que Jane também é a heroína dela.

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British Education Reform

(London, England) A professor and influential government advisor, John White, will propose today that "middle-class" curricula be deleted from schools, claiming that lessons should instead focus on personal skills.

Pupils would no longer study history, geography and science but learn skills such as energy- saving and civic responsibility through projects and themes.
So, instead of learning history, British youngsters will learn to recycle and be tolerant. On the road to serfdom, it's important that the children follow the program.

Sadly, the British people have somehow allowed themselves to become toys of the socialist elite.

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Teacher Sues Blog for $6 Million

Loretta DiAnne Cruse_1.jpg(Mountain Home, Arkansas) A 60-year-old former teacher at Norfolk Elementary School, Loretta DiAnne Cruse, has filed a $6 million civil lawsuit against a blog, Teacher Smackdown, in Baxter County Circuit Court.

Defamation causing extreme mental anguish and physical stress is claimed.

The lawsuit contends that allowing anonymous comments is malicious and, therefore, the site owner should be held liable for commenters statements. A jury trial is sought.

(More ....)

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June 03, 2008

The Jawa Report: Radio Edition Tonight

Listen in at 8 pm CDT, 9 pm EDT, for a discussion on many, many things, but most likely the total awesomeness of Anteater.

Archive is up.

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An unprecedented international coalition is rallying to protect Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani

Be part of it.

HAMSA: Hundreds Rally for Yemeni Editor Facing Death Penalty

An unprecedented international coalition is rallying to protect Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani, one of Yemen's top independent journalists, currently charged with crimes that carry the death penalty. That campaign has generated feature stories in the New York Times, BBC, and Al-Arabiya, over 1,200 letters sent to Yemeni officials, and demands from members of Congress to drop all charges against al-Khaiwani.

The campaign is spearheaded by free speech advocates in Yemen and the US, with New Jersey writer Jane Novak leading the way. Novak, profiled previously in the CRIME Report, was the subject of a recent New York Times article for her activism on behalf of al-Khaiwani. That profile, along with a statement by the AIC criticizing Yemen for being "lax on terrorists and brutal with journalists," caused Yemeni officials to delay sentencing in al-Khaiwani's case until June 9.

Now is a critical time. Yemeni activists have held rallies protesting the on-going crackdown on independent journalists. Members of Congress have sent letters to Yemen's ambassador calling for al-Khaiwani's freedom. If you have not already, do your part. Join over 1,200 others and send a letter to Yemeni officials on al-Khaiwani's behalf.

In other updates, Amnesty International short lists al-Khaiwani for 'special award for human rights journalism under threat'.

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So You Think You Can Dance

Oh, the symbolism.

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Oil Exploration in Cuba's Gulf Waters

(Havana, Cuba) Cuba has 59 blocks of deep Gulf of Mexico waters claimed in an economic exclusion zone fronting the United States. Of the 59, 28 have been reserved for exploration by seven foreign companies.

The latest to join is the Brazilian state oil company Petrobras which signed the agreement with the Cuban state oil company CUPET on Friday.

The US Geological Survey estimated the North Cuba basin could contain 4.6 billion barrels of oil, with a high-end potential of 9.3 billion barrels, and close to 1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.
PDVSA of Venezuela is already a major partner of Cuba in oil, taking out blocks in the gulf and building and modernizing refineries. Others signing agreements include Spain's Repsol-YPF, India's ONGC and Nordsk Hydro, Vietnam state oil and gas group Petrovietnam, Malaysia's state-run Petronas and Canada's Sherritt International.

So, along with Venezuela, Spain, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Canada, now Brazil will be drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Isn't it odd that the only country that can't drill in the Gulf of Mexico is the one which borders it on three sides? I think so.

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The Joys of Socialism: Big Brother Mania!

Hugo Chavez, well-known playboy of the celebrity left, has decided that the citizenry had just a little too much freedom from the government. Naomi Campbell could not be reached for comment, although she did say something about Bush or Cheney or Hope and Change...I dont know. I really wasn't listening.

President Hugo Chávez has used his decree powers to carry out a major overhaul of this country's intelligence agencies, provoking a fierce backlash here from human rights groups and legal scholars who say the measures will force citizens to inform on one another to avoid prison terms.
It's for the good of the people, comrade! Hail, the glorious revolution of progressivism in action!

Change you an believe in, and if you don't, you'll go to prison.


I can haz diktater?

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13 GOP Senators Oppose "Global Warming" Silliness

We've donated our hard-earned cash and volunteered our time to get Republican senators elected in the hope that they'll at least stand in the way of legislative stupidity. What do we get for our investment? Lately, not much. Only THIRTEEN Republican Senators voted in opposition to the Lieberman-Warner Global Warming Stupidity Bill:

Allard (CO)
Barrasso (WY)
Bunning (KY)
Coburn (OK)
Craig (ID)
DeMint (SC)
Enzi (WY)
Hatch (UT)
Inhofe (OK)
Kyl (AZ)
McConnell (KY)
Sessions (AL)
Shelby (AL)
These 13 senators deserve our sincere thanks for standing on principle. The rest of them have some serious explaining to do.

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June 02, 2008

And Now A Message For Joey Cohen From Ari

Dear Yusuck Al-Cohen, I bet it felt good yesterday to yell "Am Yisrael Die" at the passing school children who marched in the Salute to Israel Parade. I bet it felt good for a few hours to forget what a loser you are. As I watched you yell your venomous bullcrap at the passing kids, I wondered to myself what kind of loser would a 40 year old man have to be if he were to spend his time with a silly placard yelling silly slogans. Then it struck me. The kind of guy that would do that is the perfect loser. Yusuck, you're the perfect loser. Think about it. You were a loser when you moved to East Jerusalem. You were a loser in Morocco. Now, you're a loser bicycle cabbie in New York. You seem to even make enough money to buy a proper weight set. You're relegated to using water bottles and broomsticks. Its pathetic. Then again, it's always been pathetic. When you got married, you were relegated to choosing a woman whom, I can't imagine anybody else ever wanting. You're a loser for having married a woman who fell off the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down, and then fell into a tub of lard. If anybody should be "pumping water," it should be her. She could use the exercise. She, moreover, is a loser for having kept you around when you changed religions. She probably realized that with a face and body like that, she was unlikely to get married ever again. She was probably right. That's why she kept you around. I bet she doesn't even believe in that islamic nonsense that you believe in. Yusuf, in one of your videos, you called the fact that you and your family converted from orthodox Judaism to islam an "amazing fact." It's not amazing. It's entirely predictable. If you ever had the guts to read a book called "The True Believer" by Eric Hoffer, you would realized that losers such as yourself gravitate to movements such as islam. You started with orthodox Judaism. When you realized that you were still a loser after observing Judaism for all of those years, you figured that islam might represent an improvement. That somehow, you would stop being a loser. Nope, kiddo. You're still a pathetic loser. By the way, when I saw you yesterday at the parade, I yelled something to you. I yelled "Your wife is fat and ugly." Just in case you weren't completely sure what I said. Just so you know. Yusuf, I know that your religion permits you to beat your wife, but do you really have to "beat her with an ugly stick?" (Just in case your pea brain can't understand. I'm not accusing you of beating your wife. It's figurative. See: Ugly Stick. All the worst to you,


Just to be clear, I'm passing this on, on behalf of Ari to Youseff al-Khattab.

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One Million Dollar Reward for Traitor Adam Gadahn


Via FBI:


The FBI has partnered with the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security in launching a publicity campaign in Afghanistan to find Adam Gadahn, a fugitive wanted by the FBI on charges of treason and material support of terrorism, announced Salvador Hernandez, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI in Los Angeles and Gregory B. Starr, Acting Assistant Secretary of the Department of State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security. Gadahn, who is believed to be an integral part of al-Qaeda's media and recruitment branch, has endorsed terrorist activity, including calling for the murder of Americans in U.S. cities, and has implored Americans to renounce their allegiance to the United States, among other crimes alleged in the indictment.

The campaign, co-funded by the FBI, will be administered by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security as part of “Rewards for Justice (RFJ),” the Department of State’s counterterrorism rewards program, which was established by the 1984 Act to Combat International Terrorism. Under the RFJ program, the Secretary of State offers rewards for information that prevents or favorably resolves acts of international terrorism against U.S. persons or property worldwide. Rewards may also be paid for information leading to the arrest or conviction of terrorists attempting, committing, conspiring to commit, or aiding and abetting in the commission of such acts.

Hat Tip: Kafir.

Also see Hot Air.

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One-Upping Anonymous Sourcing

Larry Johnson's opening paragraph regarding the alleged existence of a "bombshell" Michelle Obama video:

I learned over the weekend why the Republicans who have seen the tape of Michelle Obama ranting about “whitey” describe it as “STUNNING.” I have not seen it but I have heard from five separate sources who have spoken directly with people who have seen the tape. It features Michelle Obama and Louis Farrakhan. They are sitting on a panel at Jeremiah Wright’s Church when Michelle makes her intemperate remarks. Whoops!! When that image comes out it will enter the politcal ads hall of fame. It will be right up there with the little girl plucking daisy petals in the famous 1964 ad LBJ used against Barry Goldwater.
Johnson has spoken to people who have spoken to people who say they saw the tape? His anonymous sources have consulted their own anonymous sources for their anonymous opinions about a video that may or may not exist, or may exist in a radically different form than what Johnson has been advertising. LJ claims that Republican operatives are trying to prevent release of the video until October (and you thought the October Surprise was a Democrat spécialité de la maison).

I'm certainly no Obama fan, but let's keep the gloves above the belt, gentlemen, please. Nobody wants to see a testicle explosion.

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Wafa Sultan : Muslims are Nuts

wafa sultan.jpgTalk about leaving a mark:

"When I examined the Koran, the Hatidhs and the Islamic books under my microscope, I came to the absolute conviction that it is impossible--impossible!--for any human being to read the biography of Muhammad and believe in it, and emerge a psychologically and mentally healthy person."
Video at MEMRI. (h/t: HotAir)

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 12:57 PM | Comments |

Medal of Honor Presented to Family of Soldier Killed in Iraq

Army Pfc. Ross McGinnis was only 19 when he saved the lives of 4 friends by smothering with his body a grenade thrown into their Humvee. Today he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, with his family and the men he saved in attendance at the White House ceremony (via AP):

"No one outside this man's family can know the true weight of their loss. But in words spoken long ago, we are told how to measure the kind of devotion that Ross McGinnis showed on his last day: 'Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.'"

The president spoke in the East Room at a ceremony attended by Vice President Dick Cheney, prior recipients of the Medal of Honor, military leaders, McGinnis' parents, Tom and Romayne, and his two sisters, Becky and Katie. The four soldiers protected by McGinnis' actions were all in attendance.

McGinnis was in the gunner's hatch of a Humvee on Dec. 4, 2006, on a patrol in Iraq, when a grenade sailed past him and into the vehicle where the four other soldiers sat. He shouted a warning, then jumped on the grenade while it was lodged near the vehicle's radio.

"By that split-second decision, Private McGinnis lost his own life, and he saved his comrades," Bush said.

RIP Pfc. McGinnis.

A video tribute to Ross by one of the men he saved (below the fold)

By at 12:09 PM | Comments |

ATTN: Youtube Users AbuMarwan23 & bodyguard235

You've been Pwned!



abumarwan23was suspended due to the efforts at Youtube Smackdown. Little Green Footballs gets to rack up the kill for bodyguard235

Nice job LGF readers, but there are still plenty of Juba and other sniper videos left on Youtube. Smack them down here at Stop Internet Terror.

Also Andrea sends us awesome totals for Youtube Smackdown in May.

25 users suspended # of vids in "users" total - 1328
Posted for smacking were 158 videos. Of those 124 were smacked down
So that's a total of 1,482 hirabi vids removed!

Andrea notes that towards the end of the month, what she calls the Lieberman effect kicked in resulting in a large total of videos removed. Although Youtube whined and moaned about it, the fact that the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee is starting to take notice of terrorist content at Youtube seems to have made a big difference.

Note Rusty thinks Youtube is, "a lost cause". Well maybe its not possible to remove all terrorist content. But to me its about not allowing the cyber Jihadi morons at youtube go un-opposed, to make them uncomfortable, to mess with their heads. Last month we certainly made the them feel the heat.

Now get out there and make June the worst month yet to be a Youtube Jihadi hirabi (terrorist).

Thanks to everyone who helped. It really is a team effort. Pat yourselves on the back.

Update: Here is a sniper video from the group Hezbollah in Iraq.


We have complained to Youtube many times about hosting Hezbollah's two youtube accounts. But they have yet to removed them.

Update II: Welcome LGF readers! I see some of you are looking for email addys for Youtube in comments.

Try: abuse@youtube.com

and the best one


I think "editor" got tired of Howie and ignores me now. But hey give him a try.

Oh, and I can't forget the efforts of the Freepers on this issue.

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Draft The Anteater

One of the reasons the "Draft the Anteater" campaign has been picking up so much steam is the Anteater's reputation for no-nonsense straight talk.

Jawa Report spies have turned up what definitely appears to be a campaign poster:


h/t : Jawa commenter "Zionist Gigolo" for the idea.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 09:42 AM | Comments |

Clinton Wins Puerto Rico, Obama Wins Germany

Senator Hillary Clinton chalked up an overwhelming win in the Puerto Rican primary election this weekend, garnering more than two-thirds of the votes cast.

Not to be deterred, however, Senator Barack Obama can also claim a lopsided victory.

In the YouGov survey for the Daily Telegraph website, 67 percent of Germans polled said Democrat Obama would get their vote, while likely Republican nominee John McCain would get just a six percent vote.

“Germans are very much taken with his multi-cultural background and particularly his air of aristocratic humility,” Constanze Stelzenmüller, director of the German Marshall Fund in Berlin, told the paper.

Aristocratic humility? I don't see it. Arrogance maybe, but not humility.

More ....

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Danish Embassy in Pakistan Car Bombed (Updated w/ Video)

Apparently making good on threats made in April by Al Qaeda's Ayman al-Zawahiri after the republication of the infamous Danish Motoons, a large car bomb blasted the Danish embassy in Islamabad, killing at least 5 people. Via AP:

The blast echoed through Islamabad and left a crater more than three feet deep in the road in front of the embassy. Shattered glass, fallen masonry and dozens of wrecked vehicles littered the area. A plume of smoke rose above the scene as people, some bloodied, ran back and forth in a state of panic.

The explosion appeared to be a car bomb, police officer Muhammad Ashraf said. Someone parked a car in front of the embassy and it exploded at around 1 p.m, he said.

Officials at two hospitals reported at least five people — including two policemen — were killed and 35 wounded in the blast.

Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller said the explosion killed a male Pakistani custodian at the embassy and seriously injured a handyman. Two office workers were also injured, Moeller said.

He condemned the attack as "totally unacceptable."

"It is terrible that terrorists do this. The embassy is there to have a cooperation between the Pakistani population and Denmark, and that means they are destroying that," Moeller told Denmark's TV2 News channel.

UPDATE: Danish Prime Minister calls embassy bombing "an attack against Denmark," says "Denmark will not be cowed by terrorists."

UPDATE II: US condemns attack on Danish Embassy

UPDATE III: Video below fold.

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British "Muslim Only" Zones

(Birmingham, England) This report is depressing. It appears that British police are allowing specific communities to be defined as "Muslim Only."

The following incident occurred in the Alum Rock area of Birmingham, a known incubator for terrorists.

Two Christian preachers were stopped from handing out Bible extracts by police because they were in a Muslim area, it was claimed yesterday.

They say they were told by a Muslim police community support officer that they could not preach there and that attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity was a hate crime.

The community officer is also said to have told the two men: 'You have been warned. If you come back here and get beat up, well, you have been warned.'

More ....

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A Revolution in Battery Technology? 20 Times the Storage Capacity?

Via engaget.com:

[An industry consortium] has developed a new kind of lithium ion battery that can supposedly store 20 times the power [sic], but is also cheap and easily mass produced. Apparently this new kind of battery drops cobalt, an expensive staple of the traditional Li-ion recipe, instead making use of nano-infused lithium with manganese.
The author of the linked post made a misstatement about the new battery, thus making it unclear what the innovation entails. In terms of the physics, one battery doesn't "store" 20 times as much power as another battery. (Countdown to some armchair physicist arguing otherwise in 3...2...) Batteries store energy and output power (and energy). If this new battery design is capable of outputting 20 times the power of a conventional battery, that would be cool, but not revolutionary. If the new battery is capable of storing 20 times the energy, that would be revolutionary.

Not a clue whether this story is legit, a ploy to drive up stock prices, or what. Only time will tell.

UPDATE: Commenter JustaDude provided a link to a story from last December on another possible battery breakthrough coming out of Stanford:

Stanford researchers have found a way to use silicon nanowires to reinvent the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that power laptops, iPods, video cameras, cell phones, and countless other devices.

The new technology, developed through research led by Yi Cui, assistant professor of materials science and engineering, produces 10 times the amount of electricity of existing lithium-ion, known as Li-ion, batteries. A laptop that now runs on battery for two hours could operate for 20 hours, a boon to ocean-hopping business travelers.

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