February 06, 2010

American Kidnapped in Iraq by Shia Islamists

hostage_issa_salomi.JPGHis name is Issa T. Salomi, a sixty year old man from El Cajon, California. He was in Iraq as a civilian contractor. He's been missing since Jan. 23rd. A video of him appeared on the internet today.

The same group announced that it had the body of another American civilian kidnapped and murdered in 2006. His name was Ahmed Qusay al-Taie.

It's a Shia group tied to the Iranian government is holding Salomi. They call themselves the League of Righteousness. They are demanding the release of members of their group from Iraqi prisons in exchange for Salomi's life. They also want Backwater employees to be prosecuted for alleged crimes and for all U.S. troops to withdraw from Iraq.

Here's the video of Salomi.

We pray for his immediate release -- and if that doesn't happen of their own volition, for U.S. Special Forces to be instruments in God's hands.

UPDATE: Long War Journal has more. Let it sink in that we've already swapped prisoners for hostages with this group in the past. A move supposed to have bought us reconciliation, but instead has only brought us .... more hostage taking.

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